3 Reasons Broken Western Women Secretly Want You To Cheat On Them

Western females today simply do not respond well to good treatment from their significant others. Call her beautiful, she gets big headed, stops trying to look good for you, and starts packing on the pounds. Be attentive to her needs, she calls you clingy. Send her good morning texts every day, and her responses become less frequent and further apart. The list goes on and on but you get the idea.


Today’s female responds poorly to attentiveness.

On the flip side, telling her she’s looks “alright”, being completely selfish by ignoring her needs in favor of your own, and texting every few hours (or whenever the hell you feel like it) will make her vagina buzz like a bee hive while eliciting the kind of loyal behavior we used to dream about as sexless beta boys. What a messed up society we live in.

Infidelity is the ultimate slap in the face to men and women alike. However, the effect is very different between the sexes. Most of us here know and understand how a cheating woman affects us as men. But females are affected very differently by infidelity. The truth is, the fallout for a cheating male actually works in his favor more often than he realizes. Below are the three most advantageous reasons for a man to step out on a low-quality woman.

1. She needs to know you have balls

...or backbone

…or backbone

Most men in this part of the world won’t so much as verbally disagree with his female or even raise his voice at her. Men like this are fearful of the proverbial shit storm they’re sure will ensue if they upset the applecart. For this reason they live in a perpetual state of discontentment caused by this fear.

A man in a relationship where he’s afraid to check his woman for any reason will lose the single most important element in in keeping her loyal: respect. A woman cannot love a man she does not respect. It can’t be done. And if a man doesn’t have any backbone, his woman can’t respect him let alone love him.

According to women, two of the worst things a man can do to a woman within the context of a sexual relationship is physical abuse, and infidelity. But knowing what we know about women tells us that that these two ‘crimes’ keep them around a hell of a lot longer than the opposites. I’ve addressed the effects of physical abuse towards women in a previous post:

…the adrenaline rush that comes with the unpredictability of her lover’s volatile mood keeps her on her toes and for better or worse it keeps her around.

Nobody here condones hitting women, but the hard truth is that battered women respect their abusers more than any man in their lives and it’s as simple as that. A man who won’t put his hands on a female won’t get as much respect from said female as a man who does. Sad but true.

Before you get your panties in a bunch, nobody here condones this behavior.

Before you get your panties in a bunch, nobody here condones this behavior.

Infidelity works exactly the same way. If your woman doesn’t think you’ll cheat on her, or worse, doesn’t think you could cheat on her she loses respect and attraction for you. Similar to raising your voice at her or being physically abusive, it shows her that you have the ability to grab your Y chromosome, show some testicular fortitude and won’t hesitate to do so if the situation warrants.

No, she’s not gonna like it when she finds out you were balls deep in your side chick last night. Yes, she’ll cry and scream and throw a tantrum. But she’ll be infinitely more loyal to you than her ex who told her he’d never dream of cheating on her because he loved her ‘more than life itself.’

2. “Post-selection”

Men who frequent this and other sites like it are familiar with the concept of pre-selection. We’re all aware that if a woman sees that you have the respect and adoration of attractive women, she’ll become more attracted to you because she sees that high value women have signed off on you.

I’ve written about the concept of ‘post-selection’ and how it can sometimes hinder a man’s endeavors with the second sex. Including my own:

Pre-selection works wonders before you hook up, but “post-selection” can and will burn you if you don’t take the necessary measures to avoid your current stable from witnessing your exploits with other girls.

Even the best relationships get a little stale at some point. It could be because of weight gain from either or both parties, being around each other too much, general boredom, or any number of reasons. One such reason that sticks out is that her attraction to you has dwindled because she hasn’t seen any glimpses of that pre-selection that drew her to you in the first place.

You’ve been so focused on her and only her you don’t take to flirting with other girls or exhibiting the domineering persona that grabs and holds the attention of attractive females. At some point her hamster starts to spin and subconsciously puts thoughts into her head like: “Is he really the best I can do right now?” or “Is he really as attractive as I thought he was?”

She needs to see more of this...before, during, and after your tryst.

She needs to see more of this…before, during, and after your tryst.

Sticking your dick in another chick indirectly makes both of those answers emphatic yes’s. Your girl finding out you’ve been humping around will remind her that she’s not the only woman who finds you attractive enough to sleep with. And if your side chick is attractive it solidifies the fact that you are the best she can do.

Again, she’ll cry, she’ll scream, she’ll call you names, and she may even break up with you. But you can bet your bottom dollar that as she’s crying in her beta orbiter’s arms she’s wishing his arms were yours. And if you’re a high value male with game and in good shape, you can just about guarantee she’ll be back with a hell of a lot more loyalty and appreciation for you than before you stepped out on her.

3. Drama and dread

Wet eyes means wet vagina.

Wet eyes means wet vagina.

Drama and dread should be two of the lures you use the most in your player tackle box. Any man who regularly sleeps with beautiful women knows that if there’s no drama, she’s bored. He also knows that if she’s feels ‘secure’ in the relationship, she gets complacent.

Boredom and complacency is a recipe for all sorts of shenanigans. Weight gain, bitchiness, granny panties, cheating, etc. are always floating at or near the surface anyway. But if your relationship becomes mundane she’ll find a way to change that by any means possible with the aforementioned behaviors.

Engaging in debauchery with another girl is sure to create both drama and dread. When she finds out about your affair there will be plenty of fireworks like I’ve discussed before. In addition, she’ll tell anyone who’ll listen to her drone on and on about her “scumbag boyfriend who cheated on me with that slut!” and she’ll tell the tale as dramatically as a broadway actress.

Cheating also activates dread. In my personal experience nothing, and I mean nothing has been more effective in keeping my female(s) in line than good old fashioned dread game and there are a few levels to it:

Level 1: Flirting with other chicks in front of your girl. When she sees this behavior she may call you out on it, she may not. But she’ll be motivated to step up her game because she sees that you can and will replace her if she doesn’t keep her shit together.

Level 2: Texting or talking (on the phone) to other girls in front of your girl. This is a bold move but again, if she ain’t actin’ right she needs to be reminded that you could skate at any time. Just use the age old ‘She’s just a friend’ or ‘Relax, it’s not like I’m fucking her.’ Pause after that second one and say ‘yet’ while looking her right in the eye with a slight smirk and I can guarantee she’ll suck the soul out of you that night.

Level 3: Cheating. This is maximum level dread game. It’s one thing to flirt with or text other chicks. It’s quite another to actually do the dirty with one of them. The former just sends a message…the latter confirms it.

I’ve said it twice and I’ll say it again. Your girl willl cry, she will scream, she will call you names, she will dump you, she will throw things at you, and she will rue the day she met you. But when the smoke clears (and that could take few days) she’ll love and respect you tenfold.

The reality of infidelity is…

…that it could end your relationship in a hurry. Sure, you’ll earn her respect and adoration for having the balls to step out on her but the fact of the matter is that it could still blow up in your face…at least initially. You may want to save it for a normal, broken, Western woman.

The shenanigans that are sure to follow when she learns of your treachery will test your mettle. But as I’ve stated in this column multiple times, and in a previous post, don’t give in and apologize lest you lose the respect you’ve acquired:

When the smoke clears you may have a headache but you’ll definitely have her respect, which is probably the single most important element to keep your woman from running around on you.

We’ve all heard stories about this girl or that who stays with ‘that cheating bastard’ despite her friends telling her to leave him. One of the many reasons she won’t is because he’s exhibiting the kind of masculinity and fearlessness only a small percentage of men can show these days.

“Why don’t you leave him already??”

I’m not going to tell you that your woman will never leave you or that she won’t go and sleep with someone else because of your adultery. Cheating on your girl could result in some unintended consequences to be sure. But at the end of the day females respect, admire, and obsess over men who show that they are unafraid of them and don’t sweat it if the so-called relationship ends in a whirlwind of drama and tears because of infidelity and/or abuse.

If nothing else, we know they’re a hell of a lot more loyal to those men than betas who end things amicably, wouldn’t lay a hand on them, or ‘even dream about so much as looking at another woman!’

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343 thoughts on “3 Reasons Broken Western Women Secretly Want You To Cheat On Them”

  1. Absolute truth. The unfortunate (or not) thing I did was do these things to my beloved Korean girls. But women are women are women.

  2. Donovon, whats your take on married women who split with hubbi and the kids due to “I was borrrreeedddddd?” Neighbor’s wife just ran off with an unemployed bum and the have a 2 year-old at home. It’s nuts. To the husband’s credit, he didn’t get angry about it. Just said “see yah” (and now she is pleading with him to take her back). This is one instance of a few of late.
    I assume it relates (1) hitting the wall, (2) craving drama and (3) potential divorce rape for the cash and prizes. I just cannot phantom these chicks having no comprehension of what their future is going to look like.

    1. I think it’s all three myself. The fact is women have a poor attitude about consequences (he’ll never leave me, I can get out of this parking ticket, etc.) and are poor at planning for the future. From my wife to ex-girlfriends to cousins and even my own mother, none have ever displayed any foresight about anything. They’ll let their daydreams rule their decisions for that brief feel good moment then turn around and wonder “What happened? This isn’t the Hollywood ending I was expecting!”

      1. I’de agree. I find women are also poor judges of character (like running off with the unemployed Chad-thundercock) and have a really desperate time surveying the landscape before making big decisions. The seem to not grasp the fundamentals of basic finance either. i once asked an female acquiantance who made decent money, “how do you plan to retire as you spend it as fast as you get it.” She said she didn’t know.

        1. It’s no secret they can’t manage finances. They complain about a lack of funds but if they did something as simple as sit down and set a budget they’d be surprised at how easy it is to save money. I have yet to meet a woman who can set a budget.

        2. I can’t agree with that. I know women who do a good job setting and keeping reasonable budgets.

        3. My current gf is director of financial analysis for the American branch of an international corporation. She can read the *hell* out of a budget.
          Funny thing is, she can’t organize the cash in her wallet. She just stuffs it all in there like tissues.
          Maybe you ought to hang around a different type of woman.

      2. When I read the company reviews I notice that even the female employees describe the female supervisors in one word: unaccountable. Not that these complaining women are much different, it’s like how they call each other bitch. You are spot on about their attitude regarding consequences, this is where we see the child in them.

    2. DON’T GET MARRIED. There is no benefit for men to get married, only risks. Go MGTOW. Fùck em and chuck em.

      1. yes, but careful with MGTOW. I like to call it MGTOW+ There is still pussy and even some fun companionship on a disposable level. Let’s not go getting all chinbearded here.

        1. Most MGTOW still date and have sex. They just aren’t stupid enough to impregnate or get married. Don’t let the haters fool you.

        2. No I get it. This is exactly where I find myself. MGTOW who dates. I just started calling it MGTOW+ in order to distinguish from the people who actually do conform to the haters. Sterotypes are born in truths and those guys are in fact out there. I find the addition of a “+” makes things a little easier.

        3. I dunno, dude. You might confuse people. There was a thing called Atheism+ that wanted to set themselves apart from the atheist community. The “+” stood for plus feminism and social justice, lol. Needless to say, it failed miserably.

        4. Ha! I didn’t know that. Never heard of it. I only meant MGTOW plus having fun fucking and dating women with no real emotional connection (which is what I take you mean simply by mgtow). I used to just say mgtow too but I started noticing the confusion. In truth, we are ideologically paired in this. I just think we need a better name that separates us from the losers.

        5. Typically, what you are referring to is purple pill I believe. As long as you don’t marry, impregnate, or cohabitate, you’re all good. I’d wrap it up though, bìtches will give you herpes if you let em’.

        6. WTF are you talking about? Only “losers” DON’T have herpes and HPV caused cancers later in life. You must be new here. Do you even lift bro? LMFAO

      2. Legit question: I’m a 40-something professional, previously divorced, and 6 months removed from a soul-draining LTR. I moved to S. America with my dog and prefer to bang 19-25-year-old hotties via Pay-for-Play. I actually insist they take some money even if some don’t consider themselves pros. I now find I have zero tolerance and patience for typical female behavior in the context of “relationships.” The thought of ever living with another woman, even a super hot one, absolutely turns my stomach and gives my serious trepidation. As such, would I be considered MGTOW???

        1. I was MGTOW before I knew what it was. I’m good looking, funny, and in shape, and I’d still get cheated on, deal with female bullshit and get dragged to events and hang out with people I fucking hated. Every time I broke up with a girl, I’d stay single for twice as long. It’s been over 3 years since my last LTR. Your reaction to modern female behavior is completely normal for an intelligent man. To answer your question, yes, you are MGTOW. You are a MGTOW god. You live in a beautiful place, have a dog (who is more loyal than any woman and cares more about you), and you bang hotties without impregnating, cohabitating, or marrying them. You are doing it right. My compliments, good man 🙂

        2. Thank you good sir for your kind words. Although I’ve never had a girl cheat on me (out of a pool of about 30 significant others) — to the best of my knowledge that is — I just couldn’t handle their pettiness, banality, childishness, contrarianism and general lack of loyalty. I too am considered very attractive, in shape, relatively well off and a natural leader / extrovert among men and women, but my ability to “mind meld” with a woman has proven an absolute failure over the years. I had to come to the conclusion they simple are not as advertised a few years ago and was drawn to sites such as this for further validation of my experiences.
          The irony is that I wish all of my current ideology on women / relationships was DEAD WRONG — but it’s actually BANG ON and proven to me almost on a daily basis. I still sometimes daydream about the “romantic idealism” of having a nice feminine GF to laugh with and “make love” to, but then I remember all the insufferable female creatures I’ve been intimate with and was desperate to run away from — often within 6 months. As such, I now insist on paying young, pretty girls for sex and make sure they understand our arrangement clearly. The greater irony is that I get far more honesty, effort, sexiness and consideration from these “whores” than I ever got from “civilians”.

        3. You are right on. It’s funny that their mask usually comes off within 3 to 6 months. I’ve read things about biological theories that believe that women can keep their fake bullshit up for about that time period. This would usually be the length of time they would be at their first or second trimester if you got them pregnant. However, if you haven’t dropped that seed, their brain starts signaling their shit testing and bullshit because their biology is telling them they should be pregnant by then. Fascinating really. But, yes, men need to stop buying into the Hollywood bullshit of romance. Women are not capable of the same type of love as men. Again, I’ve seen biological theories that believe it might be due to men taking more risks to provide for women and children, thereby having a greater chance to die. Women would have needed to evolve to not have the same attachment so they could move on and get knocked up by the next cave man that came along. Their shelf life is much shorter than a man’s as you well know. Modern society has basically equipped women to take advantage of men’s biology with zero consequences and they give zero fucks. Intelligent men really have no other logical option other than MGTOW.

        4. Why pay for their pussies when you can actually make money off them? This is their only real value for a man who is truely red pill. If you think hookers treat john’s better than civilians treat their boyfriends you should see how whore’s worship their pimp. Turning down a slut who is attracted to you puts you in complete control.

        5. Good points and likely true, but I suppose I’m not yet inclined to achieve that level of red-pill-edness. But never say never…

        6. Yes, biological / evolutionary theories explain us (men and women) to a tee, but the truth just can’t be handled by the vast majority of the population. At my age I’ve realized that men are generally more capable than I was indoctrinated to believe, and women are far less so — much to my vast disappointment as I was raised by a “strong, single Mom.” Yes, men are more romantic and able to love deeper and give more loyalty — but who would know that by watching movies / TV??? Yes, men improve their worth with age generally (ie. fine wine), while women age like cow’s milk. Logical, intelligent men who aren’t afraid to be thought of as the “black sheep” or “odd ball” really have no other option but enjoying some form of MGTOW — a form that obviously involves sexual relations with the opposite gender…

        7. “Logical, intelligent men…”
          That is the problem right there. Schools are trying to reeducate men to think with their feelings, like girls. Then they act puzzled and “journalists” (bloggers) write about men falling behind in work and eduaction. MGTOW is spreading though. Men were always good at taking care of themselves. Once free from the idea of marriage being necessary, they are on easy street.

  3. This is unsustainable for a long range society. I’ve noticed that many popular pickup artists, (Roosh, Heartiste, Krauser) have been the first to notice that.
    Unfortunately, the Western male is going to have to face a terrible choice. Either get up and establish order, or die.

    1. Relax, artificial wombs, bro. They are coming. Women can finally serve the sole purpose that they were born for…getting bent over and pounded. Then you can kick them to the curb and go about your business.

      1. this guy is a rockstar and has probably smashed more girls than everyone on this site combined. He’s the bassist for Paramore…but I get your point

        1. Some things even being a rock star can’t fix. If he’s smashing anything I strongly suspect it has little to do with girls and more to do with “other dudes”.

        2. To be fair, rock music from it’s earliest days has been somewhat pedophilic if you really think about it.
          I mean, come on. You had guys like Chuck Berry and Bill Haley, two grown men in their late 20s-early 30s, singing about teenage girls.

        3. Wasn’t really a comment on pedophilia actually. More to do with him showing 8 out of the 10 warning signs of being a flaming faggot.

        4. Still applies, actually. Androgyny has long played a role in rock music. Elvis and his hip gyrations, the vocal style of Neil Sedaka… For God’s sake, have you seen Little Richard?

        5. Fairly normal, I would say. After all, historically speaking, the legalities involving age of consent are new. Post-puberty and able to bear children were the major qualifiers for most all of our ancestors.

        6. Elvis’ gyrations were for women’s consumption, and they were originally an effect of him being extremely nervous since he was extremely shy in real life (it’s true!). Thrusting your hips like you’re fucking a chip is hardly androgynous.
          I don’t disagree with some of your premise, but that doesn’t alter the fact that butt boy that I originally commented on isn’t just emoting a few androgynous signals, he’s a walking advertisement for turd burgling.

        7. Oh yeah. Elvis was an omega male in his private life.
          I know what you’re saying, but I just got off a screaming match with some of the resident mental midgets on another thread, so I need some kind of intellectual discourse right now.

        8. Oh, he was fucking broads. He was just the kind of shy that would have made him omega if he hadn’t become a rock star of the century. In his case, fame and good looks actually helped, combined with “being the biggest rock star in human history” basically guaranteeing him access to every broad on the planet.

        9. I saw a documentary about Elvis’s friends/body-guards.
          He said he counted the girls in the mansion one night.
          About 250 IIRC.
          And probably all hand selected for beauty…
          That’s rock star!

        10. Sounds about right. Then he tagged his wife whom he’d dated since she was 14 (good job Elvis!) and created one hell of a beautiful daughter (in her prime and time).

        11. OK…cupid.
          Yep, you must be right, because things have always been the same throughout history and nothing, not societal norms or public opinion or even peer pressure ever changes.
          And sites wherein people fabricate everything from their age to weight to personality is certainly an infallible source.
          The main thing in play here as a modern deciding factor on it should be the law, not the denial of history.

        12. There is a difference between when they start to be attractive and what the preferred age is. If I had to choose a woman for a relationship, I certainly wouldn’t go for a teenager. But if it wasn’t illegal and I had a shot for having some fun, hell yeah.
          Also, let’s consider two factors in that ‘study’:
          – You are almost certainly unable to choose a preferred age under 18 on OKCupid.
          – Men are brainwashed and don’t want to creep away girls from their profiles, so they adjust their settings a little.

        13. Problem being we’ve gone from a culture where 12 and 13 year olds were officers in training, and 16 year olds were running technical businesses like printing and surveying, to one where 22 year olds still can’t do anything worth shit if they haven’t stepped out of the college/eduational SJWfeelz pipeline at some point of their life

        14. My theory about why men find 15-yr-olds attractive is that we want to lock down what will be an attractive woman BEFORE her reproductive prime.
          Anecdotally, I have worked closely with teenage girls for over a decade, well over a thousand of them. Yet I can count on the fingers of one hand the ones who I found attractive. Even then, it was with the thought,”Man, this girl’s going to be super hot in about five years.” YMMV.

        15. I thought that too–why didn’t men choose 18 or 19 if it was a legal option in on anonymous online survey? Because 22 looks better to our grown eyes.
          I feel the same way. At 18, there’s something still childish about a woman. I slept with a 19 yr old and a 22 yr old last year, and the difference was stark, at least to me.

        16. Which shows you are most likely a person shaped primarily by his contemporary environment (on this topic anyway) or that you in particular simply have a different inclination (which says nothing of universality or even majority).
          Nothing wrong with either per se, but the former falls into what I term “now bias,” to try and project who you are individually in this time onto the expectations and acceptability for previous eras. Your ” your mileage may vary” observation is a great point, as it obviously does. The main gist here is that it isn’t an unnatural thing, more likely part of our collective reproductive drive as a species, one that we can contain in accord with the law or personal objection, but not one that is any more shameful or abnormal than feeling an urge to achieve orgasm.
          For my part, I’ve noticed that when I was young (12-18) my range in women ran from closely aligned to my age at the time, to a year or two younger and as much as four years older, those margins have shifted, so it’s more of a : “Man, I wish I was a bit younger.”
          I still appreciate the feminine form in younger ages, but prefer to see more of it present than I did when I was age 12. And it is rarer these days that I see girls younger than 17 that have that figure or type of sexual appeal.
          However, I can’t say with any conviction that were I raised prior to, say, the 1900s, that I would not have procreated with someone much younger than is acceptable by today’s standards. Of course, I would likely have had to have worked for my own bread since age 13 and expected to stand on my own two feet at the drop of a hat.
          I also thought Tom Arrow’s comment was spot on.

        17. A friend of mine is in a band that opened for Paramore in Atlanta a few years ago. After the show all the members of Paramore except Hayley were outside by the buses and the guy in the pic above had groupies around him like Justin Bieber. There were about twenty 12-16 year old girls crying and screaming.

        18. Maybe a form of virtue signalling. It’s not easy to admit you like teens without being flamed publicly.

      2. this is a common look in NYC.
        No wander women are looking at me…
        A rock-star like a bartender/Bouncer/Personal-trainer/Life-guard/DJ (which are literally rock-stars), can have groupies without effort, or physically attractive features…

        1. That guy would get his ass kicked if he wandered into my neck of the woods. He wouldn’t even have to say anything, just walk down the street.

        2. That’s the problem. These little snots have no feedback loop to instruct them on the error of their life choices.

        3. God I hate that. Trying to emulate a retro look, formality, etc. without any understanding that it’s less the clothes (though I WILL give them credit for dressing better than a t-shirt and shorts/jeans) than the attitude.
          It’s cargo cult fashion. yes, part of it is to ‘fake” it until you make it, but it’s not just the clothes, it’s the attitude that goes WITH not being a slob…..

        4. I have trouble buying clothes I like these days. 80% of the sortiment is hipster trash that always seems to me like it is composed completely without taste. Which is kinda the heart of it, even if you ask one of them…
          Just try to buy a normal ordinary jeans in Munich these days – not in some V-shape or with artificial tears or bleached out to look worn or something.
          I do however own one slightly hipsterish ‘suit’ that I love. Like a normal suit, but in a dark blue with a tiny bit of red mixed in at a handful of places. Got a lot of positive feedback with it too.

        5. lol, just looked at Google images :-s…you are right….but not all of their clothes. I must have filtered out that in the shop!

        6. Zara, H&M, those are kinda the go-to places for cheap clothes. (Can’t and don’t want to afford any Boss bullshit or the likes) They are full of hipster shit. Yes, they have normal stuff, but you have to search a lot.
          Hah, wait. Jeans were actually possible to find, if troublesome. What I couldn’t find was a normal-ass t-shirt that wasn’t thin like toilet paper and either oversized-baggy or totally tight with those flex-materials. Gah.

        7. I know little to nothing about Munich other than it is a city in Germany. Are there any rural areas with farm supply style stores? I live in Oregon which is fairly rural, and we stores here that sell everything from diesel tanks, tractors, bbq’s… etc to women’s boots and hats.

        8. You have it right. Individually the clothes are fine, its just the combination and homo posture. I have a friend who wears those clothes but he makes it look alpha rather than gay. But he’s a fighter so go figure.

        9. They got great t-shirts in Zara. They are super slim for girly boys but on a man with a chest and shoulders they look great.

        10. Internet, son. Get your stuff on-line. Plenty of masculine, traditional wear available. Takes a little thought on actual sizing which can be a challenge but a lot of these items are also on sale. Good luck. Always dress like a real man and you’ll have no regrets.

        1. Snogging on the Metro in Madrid. Hot? No it was fucking disgusting watching them go at it. The biggest surprise was that they didn’t get locked together with their nose rings…

        2. Haha… you gotta wash your eyes with bleach. Lesbian sex is soooo overrated imo. If anything, they look gross. Lesbo sex that you see in porn? No, they’re not real lesbians. They’re just actresses paid to play lesbian. There’s got to be ONE that has the androgynous look in most lesbian couple I’ve seen. Man, they look like a 13 y.o BOY and they ALWAYS….ALWAYS…try to lower their voice to appear manly. I thought “giiiirll… you ain’t foolin’ nobody…”

    2. It is, and the article is about “western women”. I’d say non western girls need similar game, but much much less extreme. In fact, in many other nations you have value just by being a normal man with a good job (so no game is needed to prove your worth), whereas your default status as man in the west is creepy scumbag loser.

    3. Nothing that goes on in the West is sustainable. Just dont get into a relationship with broken Western women. If she craves the excitement of cheating or abuse she has the emotional and nervous system of a crack addict and should be avoided for anything but easy sex. I cringe every time I hear the words “relationship” or “boyfriend” or even “cheating”. Nothing has any meaning in the West anymore. Save your time, energy and money and live a happy life.

      1. Great, except I want children and a family, and I’m willing to do literally anything to get that. And I’m not the only one either.

    4. The old order is pretty much dead. Any new order will only arise out of pure will. The Old Order is pure terminal cancer.
      Rome is about to collapsed with Goths having Rome surrounded and under siege. So you are either going to be a cucked Roman who can’t even tell if his children are legitimately his, or you are going to be the Goth.

    5. “Unfortunately, the Western male is going to have to face a terrible choice. Either get up and establish order, or die.”
      Although the assertions in this article are true, indeed the long term of this means society eventually collapses.
      A tight rein on the females is what is needed in any successful long term culture.

    6. Keeping your woman in line isn’t sustainable? How’d you figure that?
      On this subject I finally broke my duck last night. Took me nearly 10 months. I have to say, when you’re on a dry spell it affects your perspective. I suspect that a dry patch would cause you to miss the overall message of the article. My prescription? Get laid.

  4. #4 – It gives her an excuse/justification, in her own mind, for cheating on you in return (rather she already has or has now decided to in the future). This is dangerous and gives her the wiggle room she really craves.
    And of course if you allow it…
    #5 – It gives her something to try and hold over your head and a chorus-full of supportive voices to back her. In today’s society, the man who backs down gets crushed, the moment you allow this to have any semblance of traction in a power struggle, it’s already over as it ties back into the respect aspect, you’re only losing the rest of your dignity from then on.
    First ground rule for any “relationship” with a woman has to be – “you mess around on me, don’t even tell me just pack your stuff and get gone by the time I come home.” Either that, or “my stuff is mine now and will still be mine if we split.”

    1. I agree. No matter the Society wide push to whore.
      She still knows its wrong, and she must be perceived as good.
      Therefore, she may actively condone cheating, and then use it as the excuse for her future or past behavior, and cast blame on “the bad guy”,
      and leave as an angel…

  5. in 2016? a woman who is cheated on will get up and leave, if you’re a CHUMP. that means if you don’t look like david beckham, if you don’t have status like leo dicaprio, or if you don’t have money like donald trump. this is especially true of beautiful women. i think back in the day this advice would’ve worked fine. but now? the world is a beautiful woman’s personal room service menu.
    solution is to get as close to your zenith as possible. problem is, even then you’ll probably be just above average at best, which still won’t cut it. my fiance who broke it off w me was fucking sexy (9/10), and that was the issue. she beats me in the looks and status department, real talk. i realize now the woman i need to settle w has to be within the 6-7 range. that means she’ll be more compassionate & humble than her model counterpart.

    1. If looks, money and social status (even assumed by association with somebody else) was all it takes to get or keep a woman, well, we wouldn’t know who Eliot Rogers was. I do think that these factors count, but two of them (money, looks) are secondary, while status ranks a bit higher. My wife was easily a 9 in her prime, and thus far we’ve been married 25 years. At the time we met I was not even vaguely close to wealthy (in fact, I was working in a factory) and I had zero status (because, you know, factory worker). What I did have was outrageous confidence, focus on the goals in my life and a bad boy “devil may care” attitude.

      1. yessir 100%
        Can’t deny it. Money and looks help. But they have never been nor will they ever be the quality that wins. I have taken women from men with better looks and from men with more money and, on occasion, men with both.

      2. Men with both money and looks. We forget that often the drive and life energy of that good looking man. The drive that made him earn that money. That driving energy has its own attraction. And it was there before the money was earned by it

        1. That’s very true. Although there are some real masters of industry who are gimps around women. Robin Williams was amazingly creative, energetic, not bad looking and rich as fuck one time, but was an absolute pussywhipped beta who got fleeced by all kinds of broads.

        2. Yes he did. My sister and her friends ran around in the same circle he did. back before he was particularly well known. The way he was when he got in a relationship was surprising. The truth is when he was just running around free. He got more ass than a toilet seat. And that was before he was well known at all

    2. Dude pull your head out of your ass. The average person man or woman is a boring sack of shit. Don’t be average, have a personality, be intelligent and well informed, be interesting. Be curious about everything but obsess on nothing. Game the world, not just woman. Follow me, you will never be bored, because I’m not bored and I’m not boring.
      You may not want her to leave, but that is the price you pay for walking the edge. You can’t care and if you do seem to care. She will get bored with you. Your fatalism, it is boring. It is also self-fulfilling. You see it as accurate and it is accurate for you. But only because you make it so.

    3. actually, it sounds to me more likely that the issue was that she was a 9 and you were insecure about it. If she peaced out it wasn’t because you weren’t a 9 it was the insecurity. Insecurity in a man will dry a cunt up quicker than a hot sun in the desert

      1. In a group of couples who were mostly Christians. The I married over my head topic came up. The one some men use to complement their wife as better than they are. My ex always has looked like one of the youngest woman in the room. She is a good looking woman so if anyone had a reason to say they married up it was I. After more than few men said they were lucky I said.
        No its not luck. God put us together and God does not make mistakes. I do not believe that God hates my wife and I do not argue with God.

        1. That is actually the decent human being version of what I do when I am with a girl and her friends and I ask her, so everyone can hear, “so what is it like dating out of your league”

        2. I like that one … I respect a woman who I would date enough to believe, that she would never date below herself.

        3. That “out of your league” thing pisses me off. It is projection and loser talk at its’ most corrosive.
          If somebody ever asked me the question you got asked, I’d say “What are you talking about ‘out of your league’? I’m a guy, she’s a girl. She likes me and I like her. The end”.

      2. good insight. i still think that when a woman is at 9, 10 level, even for the guy to be at that level isn’t enough. in that case you hvae to be a 12 or 13. but you make a good insight

  6. Never, ever, ever cheat on a woman. Learn from the kneeman. Don’t commit. If you don’t commit you can’t cheat.

    1. Exactly you can’t cheat if you don’t make commitments. Commitment has its place. But that place should not be found while just dating.

      1. Correct. I tell women all the time, I have never cheated. The one time I was committed I stayed that way. All other times I was fucking other women but I never said I wouldn’t. I am not responsible for the dreams and assumptions that go on in a girl’s mind…..I am only responsible to keep my word.

        1. You know, you now own your own philosophy, just in time for the big upheaval: “Responsible Nihilism”, kind of the anti-matter to the bs “sustainable [any-old-shite]”.

    2. “Below are the three most advantageous reasons for a man to step out on a low-quality woman.”
      This quote right here sums it up. Why the fuck would I commit to a low quality woman?

  7. One thing that keeps me from speaking up to women at occasions is a weird secret belief of mine that goes like: “Women secretly rule the world and men just have big egos to deny it and it would be best for all if men just surrendered. If men got over their egos and just did what women want them to do, women would work their feminine goddess magic and everybody would live happily ever after. The reason why females are bitches is because men have big egos and hurt women all the time and that’s why they deserve being treated like shit.”
    I actually hate this idea. It haunts me like a nightmare. It makes me feel powerless. Sometimes it’s there, sometimes it ain’t.

    1. Sounds to me like you are just able to articulate the indoctrination efforts pushed by external stimuli against your subconscious and then introspectively analyze it properly.
      Probably good that you can do so, since those who do not, tend to skew male feminist.

      1. I used to be what you could call a male feminist, until I met my dad. That’s when the whole internal conflict started. It was the first time when I actually felt like I could lend an ear to those other voices in my head that tell my I should and want to be a masculine man.
        But that shit is still in me. This is actually the first time I’m brave enough to really admit it to myself.

        1. The thing is, you need to look past this. This is what women are SAYING is going on. That said, as we know, what comes out of a woman’s mouth is about as valid as what comes out of her asshole. In the end, the entire line is one enormous shit test. As soon as you put your foot down and pull out your cock you will find them purring like kittens.

        2. I know it, man. I know it. I did that on occasions and it worked like magic. I know that what the red pill says is true … but this shit keeps repeating itself in my head: You are evil for doing that. And it only works because women are oppressed etc etc.

        3. There is a section of Thus Spoke Zarathustra which I prescribe for this. I will find it and send it to you. I assume you read german right? Most of the translations are shit. It is essentially Zarathustra climbing a mountain with a dwarf on his shoulder pouring lead in his ear and eventually Zarathustra has to put his foot down and tell the dwarf to scram. Give me a few minutes I will post it for you in the German unless you need the English in which case I’ll hunt down the Kaufmann.

        4. Good on you, honest assessment is good so long as it doesn’t wrap you up exclusively becoming all-consuming, else that r gets all twisted with the a and turns into warp.
          Truth is you may never fully overcome the conditioning without active conscious opposition every time it rears up, like deciding whether to take that one drink too many or not.
          Sure, it might seem easier to give in at times, but at this point you would only be pretending obliviousness and the lie would eat away at you much harder and deeper than the truth.

        5. You are on the right road. But you have so much unlearning to do. Keep your eyes on the results of feminist ideas. Failure and unhappiness is the result of getting what they thought they wanted

        6. Yeah, it would be a pretense. Problem is, at this point, I can’t shut up either of the two voices. I don’t know how to choose. How to tell truth from lies.

        7. What makes a man? And what makes him free?
          That’s the best I can lend you.
          It’s just something every man comes to at some point. Those that can handle it become the best of who we are and those that can’t tend to require substances and other reality-altering methods to try and get back to sleep by means of artificial stupor.

        8. Tom, below is the link for the entire book which is worth reading. The section you want to read, however, wrt this particular issue is called Vom Gesicht und Räthsel sections 1-9 I would just post the English but his use of the german language is just fucking amazing. So just do a find and search for the chapter name and it will come right up. I can say, without too much hyperbole, that this is one of the things that really needs to be sublimated into the mind of all men.

        9. This book and specifically that section were very important to me. I’ve read it hundreds of times. Nietzsche is rough. I would say that about 1% of the people I’ve met who ever mention him aren’t total fucking idiots who haven’t the slightest clue what they are talking about. It is an unfortunate symptom of a larger syndrome — one that FN himself was antagonistic to. I can only imagine that absolute bile to the point of burning all his writings that the man would feel if he were reborn and met 99% of the people who talk about it. Nietzsche is deeply personal and takes a long time to understand but this particular bit I believe is something that might speak to you. I am glad you can read it in german he truly was a word smith

        10. I read a part of Genealogy of Morals in German. Was quite cool.
          Do you read German or how do you judge his writing to be excellent?
          What would you say are the misconceptions of most people who mention him?
          All I can think of is the prologue of Genealogy of Morals, which came in front of the book by some (my guess) wussy college professor, basically saying ‘You cant take this too seriously and consider the time it was written in etc etc blah blah’

        11. I love Nietzsche and feel that he did a great job playing for the Patriots last season.

        12. I read german slowly but with pretty good levels of proficiency. Back when I graduated college I read and spoke fluently. I did a fellowship in Berlin and was there taking grad classes for a year. Of course, this was over 20 years ago and age, lack of use and apathy have seen my speaking ability go to shit and my reading proficiency turn sour.
          His writing, when he is having fun with words, like in Zarathustra or in the will to power (unfinished notes) and the absolute wonder that is The Gay Science is beyond compare. He is more similar to Heinrich Heine than he is to other philosophers.
          His relationship with professors is tricky because he advocated for a different type of philosophy. One that harkened back to Heraclitus and Parmenides. But Aristotle did his best to cover up a lot of this shit and it stayed that way for a very, very long time. Nietzsche bringing it back scared a lot of his contemporaries.
          The Academy almost universally lambasted him because he didn’t tow the good academic line and he was mocking of much of it. On top of this, because his work is poetic and can be interpreted in a lot of different ways, Nazi’s really fucked his writings in the ass and made them out to be something that would have, frankly, sickened the man. He was fiercely unpatriotic, he hated any concept of nationalism, he abhorred anti Semitism, he had nothing but disdain for Germany and the popular art that was praised over what eventually became known as degenerate art. He was furious at Wagner for being a total fuck ass sell out and thought german pride was about 2 notches lower on the totem pole from child molestation. But to this day you will see the fucking morons talking about him like he was leading the academic vanguard of the reich. So on top of the academy maligning him for bringing back an intentionally lost pre-Socratic form of philosophy the was twisted and mangled by morons in the party for their own personal reason. Add those two to the fact that there was a resurgence of his work in the 1960’s in the US and all the hippies were pretending to understand this crap and basically fagged it all up and he got fucked to death over time. There are paths back to what he said but they are long…and I mean this….they are filled with danger. There are some ideas that are still dangerous to think.

        13. “To go over, you must go under.”
          His best quote ever from Zarathustra. Still, I outgrew him, he was just too nihilis– erm, never mind.

    2. Sounds like mommy issues. Women dont rule anything, they cant even rule their own minds. Did you have a domineering control freak for a mother?

      1. I don’t know what my mother was … she was mentally ill, diagnosed schizophrenia, for whatever that means. It’s like she had two faces. A very caring and almost suffocatingly loving one if I was ‘a good boy’ and a guilt-tripping shaming one (which my grandma supported) when I was not.

    3. that’s tough.
      I have something similar which is disabling.
      I believe that picking up women is “tricking” them. So even when I implement an effective/unique tactic, I cannot repeat it as it is an old trick…
      fucking some weird brainwashing…

      1. It is. But I don’t trust anyone to help me, mate. Especially not after my experiences with psychology and psychiatry. It’s like … if I go there and ask for help – they will just make it worse.

    4. Everybody would live happily ever after alright…in the ruins of the accomplishments of men with no clean water, electricity, or food.

        1. Yeah, a fun retort to that is “and now men aren’t oppressing you out of your creativity, so where are the woman created skyscrapers and space ships?”

        2. I always find pleasure in it when a girl on Facebook is honest enough to say that she really likes to be a feminine woman more often than not. Typically gets called ‘sexist’ and ‘traitor of her “gender”‘.

  8. I’ve recently returned to NYC.
    Amazing, beautiful women everywhere, many early 20’s –
    staring at me top to bottom — and laser-beam at my junk…
    I’m 50. And amazed…And too slow(I have a girlfriend), lost my speed. I reckon you must act in under a second…
    In any case. Don’t get married, improve yourself…
    Women get older and cattier..you get better with age,

    1. I’m not a shy man and I grew up in the second largest city in the USA. But those folks in NYC. They are fast, everything is fast

      1. Marriage is fine and even optimal for having kids. Children do best raised in two parent households, that’s a simple and demonstrable fact by countless studies. One parent households, even ones where the father has custody, spurt out dysfunctional children more often than not.

        1. In fact, I believe some studies I’ve read reference precisely that.

        2. The stats I’ve seen show outcomes for single father children are only slightly worse than married parents, and both are galaxies above single mother. This is likely because in a rigged system only the most loving and determined men who also have the financial resources are able to fight back the feminist judges and claw out a decent custody arrangement.

        3. I worked previously as a Los Angeles County Sheriff in the prison system. Working in the visitor control section where the dependents got to visit their jail bird relatives opened my eyes to how fucked up kids get not only when their dad is not around but more so when their dad is in prison and they are reminded on a routine basis that he’s a fuckup!!

      2. great question.
        I want more. I can admit it to others now. I want a harem, with many children…
        But, I don’t have the answer. An LTR is so toxic and kids make it worse. Divorce rape etc…
        However, I’m doing great with my kid and her uber-wealthy mom…

        1. nope.
          met her when we were early 20’s. broke living with roaches and rats inside the apartment, and crack dealers outside.
          Now she has a private jet…
          However, I don’t have income or health insurance…
          Divorce didn’t start out nice. Money buys a lot of ex cop private detective full time harassers…An plenty of teams of lawyers…
          not fun…

        2. Yes.
          Or not committed – doesn’t matter.
          Either like the local hoodlum, or the local Billionaire (plenty of both in NYC).
          If you can handle the every Wednesday, and alternating weekends, and child support payments – is perfect.
          So either have no money and don’t care, or plenty of money and doesn’t matter…In between not so easy…

  9. Just dont get into a relationship with broken Western women. If she craves the excitement of cheating or abuse she has the emotional and nervous system of a crack addict and should be avoided for anything but easy sex. I cringe every time I hear the words “relationship” or “boyfriend” or even “cheating”. Nothing has any meaning the West anymore. Save your time, energy and money and live a happy life.

  10. It never stops either.
    Even if you get her pussy wet and jealous in one situation with other girls, if chicks in another arena aren’t into you it all starts over.

  11. No man, you’re off the mark.
    Level 1: Flirting with other chicks
    That’s disrespectful
    Level 3: Cheating.
    That’s stupid
    Only beta female would accept this kind of treatment

    1. Oh please.
      That girl you want men to show respect to, isn’t worthy of it these days. You give men a time machine and send them back to 1830 then yeah, but otherwise, you’re completely out of touch.

    2. Sorry man I wish you were right. I wish all this crap did not work and that woman were exactly the way I was trained to believe. I wish they were naturally noble and good.
      But they are not and this stuff works

      1. Have to train them, or dump them 😉
        But not by being inconsistent.
        If a man demands loyalty from a woman, well, the same should be true in reverse, right?

    3. all females are beta. That is their job. An alpha female is like a beta male: disgusting and inappropriate

      1. They all look like pricks. Also…
        @6:50 “I have no doubt that Hillary is going to laugh quite a bit tonight, sometimes even at an appropriate moment” –> Hillary responds with her usual fake laugh and smile.

        1. WB that chick with her boobs out at the Catholic Charity Event.
          I think she really made the video actually… While the rest of the room is squirming of awkwardness she’s just sitting there blushing like “Donald!!! You didn’t!!!”

    1. this was really bad form on his part. I think he did a lot of irreparable damage to himself.

      1. Yeah, people keep saying that, but it never seems to pan out. Dude is hitting an entirely new set of triggers that I think most who don’t “get” him have no idea even existed in America.

        1. Maybe man maybe. But I never thought those other things were bad. I thought they were smart tactical strikes that were effective. This one just seemed smarmy and in bad taste.

        2. If Trump could have, for just one night, pulled something even close to this off he would have sewn the election up

        3. There are roasts and there are roasts. Say what you want, when I saw this I felt ashamed to even be watching it. Really, really bad taste—and that is coming from me.

        4. Holy shit, I never even knew about this.
          Yeah, that was damn uncomfortable to watch. But on the other hand, it was also extremely satisfying. Seeing a man with the balls to break about every rule of politeness, in a real non-fictional event. Damn, that’s something.
          If it’s not frame to keep talking like that while people cry boo and are shocked at your inappropriateness, I don’t know what is.
          And I liked the joke about Michelle.

        5. If he chums up to Hillary even once, it will do a thousand times more damage than being inappropriate in front of a bunch people nearly all Trump supporters see as The Enemy.

        6. all the jokes were funny. He should have had a fundraising dinner and made them and maybe leaked some video. However, a bipartisean catholic charity dinner which has historically been light hearted a few weeks before the election was not “ballsy” it was stupid, uncouth and probably very damaging to his campaign. If he keeps making mistakes like this Hilary won’t even need to steal this election.

        7. I like this. It is honest. It tells me: No, you don’t have to play by the stupid rules, no matter how grave those rules seem.
          I loved it. I am surprised loknee didn’t, given his love for trolling cities with giant dildos.

        8. Isn’t that what frame is about? To dictate the rules? To change the rules?
          It is something that was never seen before.
          How it is interpreted – depends on those who do the interpreting. And those, in the end, decide by who they think holds frame. I fucking loved it.

        9. the options aren’t to go nuclear or to chum up. There is also the option of taking 10 minutes to be likeable and simply dismissive. I really do defer to you on matters of politics as I know you are far more versed in this stuff. But as a matter of basic humanity I think he failed in a very big way. I am not going to enjoy being right on this one.

        10. I’m not a Trump fanatic, but I’m around them everywhere. This is just how they think. When I hint on other threads about Pinochet, this isn’t an idle wish, the level of anger out here is red hot. I half suspect that if Trump mentioned “Hey, let’s line up Leftists against a wall be done with them”, it would happen on a national scale. Showing even politeness in her company and the company of globalists would be suicide.

        11. I don’t think he was maintaining frame. I just think he was being an utter jackass. You can maintain frame without being a cunt. I think that this just showed a fundamental lack of intelligence on the part of whomever conceived of going at things this way and, once again, showed his fundamental lack of character. And if I feel that way, I imagine other people feel much more strongly. Undecided voters (whoever those morons are) are more likely than not undecided because they can’t figure out which one of these two shitheads is worse. No sense in running out and trying to prove it is you.

        12. Yes. But he doesn’t need to win over the trump fanatics. He needs those idiots that haven’t made up their mind which one of these two cunts they like less and being an abrasive douche bag at a charity event will do nothing other than make people who are going to vote for him anyway cheer while, simultaneously, holding up a big sign to people who are still undecided that says “yes, yes I am a fucking douchebag”
          I am not saying he should have played nicely. But being less abrasive, more likeable and maybe dismissive instead of aggressive would have helped him a shit load more amongst people who hate Hilary but also hate him. Getting booed at a charity event did not do him any favors other than jerking off the people who are going to vote for him regardless.

        13. Well, sometimes it’s not about winning. Sometimes I just like seeing people being jackasses. And yeah, he was one. But I loved it.
          If I was him and had the balls, I think I would have done the same. I would think: Those idiots have done so much damage. There is so much hypocrisy. Fuck their comfort. Fuck them all. Let them see the beast. I have shaken their foundations and now I’ll show them.

        14. He doesn’t have to win them over, but he has to keep them. Being nice to Hillary would be the end of his campaign. The charity event was full of Leftist globalists. He made no new enemies by doing what he did, however uncomfortable.

        15. In the end, what he actually does is not even that which changes people’s minds. It’s the opinions they hear about what he does. What they hear from the media, their friends, colleagues etc.
          Then again, this feels to me like a wake up. Like a: You don’t need to care what others think. This is your world.
          Well, I think you both have solid points. I for one like he did it. Will this have a positive or negative influence? I’m too ignorant to judge that and I know from experience that the way I feel about things is a very bad indicator about how most people feel about them, so there’s that.

        16. Right but none of that will be any better in three weeks when president elect Clinton is giving speeches and trump is totally ruined politically

        17. You don’t follow “entertainment” trends? The genres are of being a mangina or a hard jackass.
          “You’re fired!”, who invented that and how popular was it….

        18. Point proven, and that’s in your favour.
          “Mangina” theme: Everyone loves Raymond, Friends, Sienfeld, etc.
          Hard jackass: The Apprentice (can’t think of any other examples).

      2. In terms of his candidacy, or in terms of his personal life?
        I think he must be aware that he’s ended his “friendship” with a lot of these people, but he’s doing it anyways.
        He exchanged the love of these talking heads for the love of the people, who want nothing more than to see someone tell these fuckers off.

      3. I imagine comparable, but less so, than the damage done to those who had to stifle their laughter and feign offense so as to not be demonized.
        It was a roast and they were all wienies.

        1. Of course they are all wienies….It was a roast held to raise money for the catholic church. The room was filled with donors, priests and bishops. Sometimes you just have to put the axe down for a night, put on your tuxedo and let the world see you having fun. Ask Ronald Reagan how to properly do a Roast. Poke some gentle fun at others, poke some fun at yourself, make the whole room love you, smile and sit your ass back down. He did dozens of them. Hell, he had Don Rickles do the introductions after the inauguration. There is a time and place to say the things he said (and they were true and funny I will give him that) but this wasn’t the right time nor the right place. I think he lit his own ass on fire there.

        2. In your honor, I will refrain from asking a snarky question using an altered form of bird species, primarily because I’m mostly apathetic on this topic besides getting in a cheap one-two pun.

        1. What’s irreparable. If he doesn’t become president, he’ll go back to being the business man he always was. He is not a career politician. He has not that much to lose.

        2. He’s damaged his business beyond repair. His brand equity is dropping. I know a couple who moved out of one of his buildings simply because they were embarrassed to be living there.

        3. Hm. Im sure that for everyone that goes, someone else is going to come. And hell, even if it takes a little nosedive, I’m sure he can build it back up.

        4. Young and Rubicam study found the following:
          Consumers who say Trump is distinctive — down 10%
          — Fun — down 13%
          — Trendy — down 17%
          — Stylish — down 21%
          The property values of his real estate are falling as well. Not to mention all his cancelled contracts.
          At his newest hotel, in a former post office on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. New York Magazine reports bookings have been so poor that room rates are being reduced.

        5. 20%, oh well. I would have thought it’d be more. Hell, even if it goes down 50%… it’s a loss, but it’s not like he will become a beggar. But correct me if I’m being shortsighted or missing things.

  12. Why deal with western women (who are not even real women at all) when there’s foreign women that are way better??? Sure they are not perfect but still

    1. I think most of us know that but also most of us live in the west. I actually only hook up with western women, never LTR anymore, but a lot of guys haven’t fully accepted that yet. But I totally agree–first time I was with a foreign woman it was like losing my virginity–had never experienced anything so feminine/exciting/passionate.

      1. That’s true but another point I’m trying to make is that Western Men put up with a lot of shit women put us through instead of trying put our foot down we instead adapt. Me personally game in the states is very stupid with all the games and competitive between a man and woman weather if it’s sex or relationships. I’m all for Self improvement, it’s a must but it’s getting to a point that you have to work extra hard to get Western GIrls that are mediocre. PPL can talk all day about nature in females all they want but its our fault that the shit is the way it is. What separate men from non western countries to western is that they don’t tolerate BS with that hypergamy works in men favors. As far as flakes, attitude, shit test being women nature, imagine cave women shit testing, flaking and giving attitude to cavemen? they would of been done with. A lot of times it’s just females and guys too being socially retarded difference is the system rewards females for it.

        1. The difference between western and non–western women is night and day. Many times I simply do not have the energy involved to game western chicks. There was a hot Asian girl with a smoking body — 9.5 body and 7 face — today at lunch, late teens or early 20s, but she had Resting Bitch Face and was self absorbed with her phone for the entire hour I was eating–I knew it would be disaster and didn’t even bother approaching. Westernized Asian American girls are the most degenerate in my experience. Maybe I missed a bang but I am just so much happier and satisfied after interacting with a feminine 6 or 7 abroad than a cuntish 8 or 9 in the west.
          But probably the majority of people, perhaps even the majority of ROK readers, haven’t been abroad and don’t know what we’re talking about. Yeah, it should be stressed over and over. But realistically some guys are left to either take the garbage here that we call females or go incel, hence articles such as this.

        2. I can relate to you on not approaching her, a lot of ROK readers would most likely think your beta or some shit. Me personally I only traveled to one place outside the US, Barbados (my family from their). however seeing foreign born and americanized you could see the difference. websites like ExpatKings and MaverickTRaveler opened my eyes. IMO Black women or Nigga Bitches I called them are the worst in Western culture in fact they are the icing on the cake LOL. With gaming here youll end up resenting women even worst when you don’t get pussy with no purpose in life. Do you know how my players US background feel empty from fucking girls? I rarely hearing a Latin guy from his country feel empty (especially when they have healthy relationships).

        3. Part of me says I need to stop hesitating and jump right in and approach more (and I probably do, in general). But the other part says, spicy, this is your Subconscious speaking. Give me time to observe and judge that woman and I will save you a world of pain and frustration. She is garbage.

        4. Understand where you’re coming from my friend, I was like this for few weeks. I remember appraching a girl just so she could tell me girls don’t like that, I laugh in her face saying that sucks for her and whoever don’t like that. But at the end of the day we are men. Despite living in this country, I know what I want so therefore I can weed out a lot of shitty girls ( alot to weed out haha) but USA esp in my area (I live in North Jersey and work in NYC) is a melting pot, I’m for sure there’s a good share of women who are still women and/or who have healthy opinion on sex

  13. Very good article. A couple of points:
    1) Interesting you touch on how RESPECT is vital for a woman to treat the man well. Not coincidentally, RESPECT is the #1 thing I look for in a LTR. Think about what a woman can offer you: sex (but any female can do that, and the percentage of time you spend having sex in a LTR is below 1%). Cooking / household duties: yes these are important, but can be taught if the girl doesn’t do them. And RESPECT. Respect is the most valuable of these to me. Sex will get old, and will become less fun with time. But a woman can respect you her whole life, bringing you happiness and fulfillment. If a girl doesn’t respect me, her only use is to pump and dump.
    2) There is a real danger that guys who follow PUA lifestyle with the plan on later settling down with a virginal conservative foreign woman will become terrible fathers/husbands, because so many of the things that give you success with western degenerate sluts are the literal Hitler opposite of how you should treat a good woman. We are all creatures of habit, and if you become so good with game that your default reaction to women is dark triad stuff, it can be pretty hard to shut that down later.

    1. “We are all creatures of habit, and if you become so good with game that your default reaction to women is dark triad stuff, it can be pretty hard to shut that down later.”
      Don’t you think some of this is required for LTR control/success?

      1. Yeah, I do. Especially regarding #3. I don’t usually have much side action when in LTR, (except during travel, vacation, etc.) but the wet tears = wet vagina thing is definitely true. The problem is, I don’t like having to create drama. It’s boring and pointless and pisses me off. But I agree that some of it is necessary. Maybe I’m just not cut out for LTRs.
        But yeah, some of the older married guys around here say that even with a good traditional wife, they need to use some dread game to keep the marriage working. However, if I ever do settle down and marry, I would definitely ENJOY some light flirting with girls on the side so maybe that would all work out…

        1. Take it from an old married dude with lots of kids, the good broads admit that they like their guy to be able to flirt (but when the strange doll starts it), especially when they can watch the whole act.
          Their thermometer rises, you just better be able to give the old lady a vigorous number asap when she gets you alone.

  14. Anecdote: 30 years ago my now deceased dad bashes my mom’s face and he goes to jail for a few days. Two weeks later I visit my split-lip, raccoon eyed mom in the hospital. A divorce is in the works and all ma can say to me is “I’ll never forgive your Dad for divorcing me…” Again and again.
    It took a year to digest that Red Pill truth.
    Early in college I thought the bedroom rough stuff was fun-n-games with the girls. Hell to the no. Again, more or less, they really want, no need, and covertly demand, domination in sex and otherwise as a psychological comfort of attention and security.
    If their pubis isn’t sore afterwards your doing it wrong.
    Seriously friends, women desire more or less to be dominated. Don’t be fooled, brothers. They want the sex to be memorably rough.

    1. I think we take it too far though, personally. Especially those who mimic what they see in porn.
      Women like dominance, no doubt, but that doesn’t have to mean rough. I’ve done some rough stuff during sex but it’s completely spontaneous and doesn’t involve much or any pain at all. It’s more a control thing.
      I stay away from porn because it becomes addicting, however the stuff that’s out there today is too much. You never see a skillful blow job anymore, it’s all about gagging.
      Subtlety is completely gone and everything has to be over-the-top to arouse people. It’s off-putting.

      1. A “skillful” blow job consists solely of females not resisting being face fucked and the complete lack of any gag reflex. So being completely submissive and being gifted with an anatomical attribute, no skill required. This is how it has always been, once again men do all the work and the best a female can do is to not complain. It’s like being a passenger in a car, women drive for shit, the least they can do is stfu and not be a backseat driver when you are behind the wheel but the vast majority can’t even manage that just like how they can’t take a decent throat reaming

    1. Yah. But I mean, keep dreaming. Can you even imagine the backlash of a prof who shows this to his students and doesn’t do so in a manner that is meant to ‘warn them of the evil patriarchs’?

      1. People are taking note of how “the worse” Trump behaves the more popular he gets (at least amongst some demographics). There are future Professor Trumps who are going to pioneer Trigger studies and they are literally going to stuff articles like this up the little unicorns safe spaces. And they will get away with it.
        Still there’s a bit of wrecking work to be done before that can happen

        1. Nietzsche predicted and explained all this over a century ago in Thus Spake Zarathustra and Beyond Good and Evil.
          Trump is Nietzsche’s “ubermensch” – the Superman. What we consider an Alpha Male.

        2. Agreed. One day it will be like that. But that day is not coming in the next 10 years or so, I think.
          And even then, I think the education concepts need to be rethought. For instance, if I was a professor or teacher, I wouldn’t take this article and just tell my students ‘this is truth’. I think I’d like to show them both the feminist perspective and this one and basically say: It’s on you to make up your own damn mind.

        3. Trump is a lot of things and he’s got my vote, God willing he will win. But ubermensch he is not. Ubermensch rises above his human condition and in turn becomes a god, as the Greeks and Romans would say.

        4. Nietzsche wasn’t talking about a literal god. And the human condition that he rises above is his control of his destiny and his will to power. The common libshit lacks any will of his own and instead seeks, and exists for, the approval of others. The one characteristic of the ubermensch is that he doesn’t feel shame. No regret.

        5. Ubermensch is perfect God, perfect Man. You could make a case that Trump may be the latter but the former he is not.
          He is a far shot ahead of most men, this I will agree. But let’s have a higher standard here, which he clearly does not meet.
          To quote Nietzsche, Trump is ” human, all too human.”

        6. Begrudgingly I’d agree, at least to the extent that it involve examining the issues: but then that would be an anti-feminist position in itself given that – and it took me a long time to realise this – feminists simply don’t debate

        7. Exactly. I mean, just let those kids find out that there’s the people who allow them to think for themselves – and those who don’t. Freedom is an aphrodisiac for the mind.

        8. He would be more than wise to declare it, as long as he used the whole quote:
          “God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him.

    2. It might be doable in the right context. No way around “woman respect men who beat them” though. Women fear men who beat them. And sometimes they beat back. Many examples could be cited of men killed by women who suffered under their long term physical abuse.

      1. The article clear isn’t about advocating that men beat or threaten to beat women so that women respect them & there is a clear disclaimer to that effect below one of the pictures. Very few people actually enjoy being physically beaten (even if some do get off on either the idea or the reality of pain and physicality in a relationship – 50 shades etc). What we are talking about here is the generally unexplored issue of the dynamics that may accompany what women describe as abusive relationships: namely, the drama, bragging/ story and victim rights of being in a such a relationship, not to mention the fact that violence may be (wrongly I’m sure) interpreted as love / affection in comparison to the actual love and respect shown to women by men who have made it clear they would never be abusive towards them.
        I think what the article does is throw some responsibility back into womens’ half of the court, with respect to their and particularly feminism’s complete failure to acknowledge the real dynamics that drive abusive relationship. This isn’t about letting violent men off the hook, but about everyone who contributes to a bad situation taking responsibility. If you read the top comment for instance it should be clear that many men despair of the reality of a situation where behaving like a decent human being may actually be a sure-fire way of disqualifying oneself as a potential mate.
        The above can be re-phrased as the question: to what extent do women create the conditions for abusive relationships? This isn’t to deny that some men may be insecure control freaks, bullies or just nasty pieces of work, but that merely focussing on male behaviour and the modification of male behaviour – the almost exclusive focus of feminism with respect to domestic violence – is probably something that is perpetuating the likelihood of abuse because ensures women don’t take a hard look in the mirror at themselves but merely project the problem outwards.

        1. Watch the movie on netflix “Leap Year” about this women who I think wants to kill herself and she fucks a couple of random guys and then she hooks up with a dude who is into some serious S&M and she loves getting whacked and wants the dude to off her, he says no!

        2. probably based on a true story. Actually it does sound familiar, though I might be thinking of Martin Amis’ London Fields – can’t be sure as I didn’t finish it and I don’t think there was an S&M aspect

  15. One of the problems with how women respond to “dread” is if you truly wanted them to go away at some point, sometimes they don’t. They will randomly show up out of the blue on the doorstep in a huff wanting serviced, sometimes months later… “Why didn’t you call you asshole?” … ‘Um I didn’t want you around’ … “What? I don’t believe that, you know I’m the one”.
    At this point you can do one of two things, engage in an hour or more long verbal back and forth, or you can fuck her. She will go home after either choice regardless. Fucking her means she will likely come back for more, arguing and sending her on her way means in her head “he’s just stubborn, I am the one” in which she will likely try again. heh

    1. One thing I wonder about is whether women truly believe all the shit they spew or whether they just say it to push buttons and play games. If the latter is true, it would mean that women at their deepest core simply are this: Players. You couldn’t really call them out on it and get ‘an honest admission’, because this line of thinking is not compatible with them. When they are presented with an attack, they do not think whether they did something wrong, but instead think: How do I maneuver cleverly now?

      1. Yes, a woman will perform all kinds of mental gymnastics rather than admit she just has the tingles. At times though I do think they start believing their own bullshit deep into their maneuvering, or at least the super crazy seem to anyway heh.

        1. That’s the problem with psychology, isn’t it. We can never truly see into others. We can only really see into ourselves and then make the assumption that others act the way they do because of the things that we imagine would make us act that way. A lot of the classical psychological theory is very introspective in nature, in fact I dare say those are the roots of psychology. Modern psychology sometimes uses statistics and ‘science’, but fails to provide any insight into the inner workings as well. The least reliable common form of research are questionnaires where you rely on people being honest – no, in fact, you rely on people even knowing whether they are being honest.

        2. “To know your enemy is to know yourself” … I think this rings true in a lot of ways. I agree with you on the psychology, we really can only know ourselves and coupled with our experiences of how others have reacted in the past, to how we think another might behave in the present. Sometimes we’re right, sometimes we’re thrown a curve ball. I’ve certainly learned a lot from the curve balls heh

  16. If you’re a truly desirable male (in a woman’s eyes), you’ll get all the flirting action you can handle from your girlfriends’ friends. That alone will be enough to keep your girlfriend in line. I can’t count the number of times my girlfriends’ friends have opened their legs for me and pointed. I’ll relate one quick story here (out of at least 50 that I could relate). So I was living with this girl, she made about $150,000 a year and I snapped her up for a while and rode the gravy train. Her best friend came over to our house one day. My girlfriend was gone. She’s crying. I ask her what’s wrong. She says she got in a fight with her husband (who was a judge). She’s afraid he’s going to divorce her. She is crying and going crazy. So I put my arms around her. She’s hugging me, crying into my chest. Then, she looks up. The tears stop. She presses against me and grabs my crotch…and my girlfriend walks in the door. Heh.
    I’ve had so many “best friends” of my girlfriends try to fuck me, that it makes me disgusted with women in general. They don’t have friends, they have competition. It’s pretty sickening but if you are good in bed, and desirable in general, women will brag about the sex you have to every woman they know and your problems will be over. Because they know – women know – that you can fuck their friends in a heartbeat. And that makes them wet. And they won’t cheat because the last thing they want is for you to break up with them and start banging their friends. No, you can’t just be straightforward, and tell the truth, and be a nice guy. How messed up is that? You have to not want them – any of them. Then all of them will want you. To get women, you have to abhor all women and treat them like disposable pleasures…which proves this world is hopelessly screwed up, but there it is.

    1. Maybe it’s just screwed up to our male senses. Maybe that’s just what they really enjoy in a way, because they are, on a spiritual level our exact opposites. I mean, the simplest way to make this clear is to try to empathize with the pleasure of sucking or taking a cock up the ass … an abhorrent idea for pretty much any man. But women love it.

      1. That’s a really good point. It IS how they are…I still can’t wrap my mind around it and accept it. I mean, in one way I have accepted it. But what I hate is the fact they never say what they really mean. You have to somehow use tea leaves and a crystal ball to figure out what they are all about. They can’t just come out and tell it like it is.
        That girl I mentioned, she told me one night while I was banging her, “I love how you control me with your cock. It’s what I need.” I think it was probably the only time a woman ever told me the truth about anything. If they ever create female robots that are pretty close to being human, I am going to order about 10 of them and never look back.

        1. Yeah, exactly. The opposite. A man feels most comfortable speaking his mind – a woman usually loves doing the opposite. Men like to be strong and respected, women like to be adorable and owned. Etc. Endless examples, really.
          I suppose one way to approach it is to just focus on one’s own experience as a man and stopping to try to understand the other side. To be content with being one part of the puzzle that fits together with the other one.
          If one puts oneself into her shoes to much, you basically get feminism. Men thinking ‘Well I’d certainly hate to be dominated and fucked brainless, so she must hate it as well. But if I didn’t think she hates it, I’d actually love doing the active part in that. But she must hate it, because I would’

        2. So true. That’s how I roll now. I don’t even try to understand them. They tell their lies, I just look at them like they’re something I scraped off my shoe. And they respect that. But to be in an LTR these days, well, I pity guys who are. I call them and fuck them and kick them out. I can’t even handle listening to them as they try to act intelligent (because everything they do is an act, calculated to elicit a desired response from a male). And of course by acting this way, I pull even more women. They are intrigued by the guy who genuinely doesn’t give a fuck. If you stop for a single moment, and lose frame, and you act considerate – it’s over. So the only recourse a man has is to realize they are all little children. Don’t take anything they say or do, seriously. Every girl I’ve lived with in the past 30 years, they all knew that if they gave me one scintilla of bullshit, I was out the door. So they stayed in line. I wanted to be open, honest, and have a classic relationship. But that isn’t possible. The world is frustrating, that’s just how it is. I don’t think there is a person alive who is genuinely satisfied. And that’s both sad and comforting, somehow…we’re all in the same boat.

        3. Well, for everything that a woman doesn’t give a man, there’s male friendship. I think that in the end, the world does give us all we need. Just not in a single person.

        4. Yeah I agree. We get camaraderie elsewhere – via male friends, etc. Women are icebergs. Icebergs without a soul. They aren’t human, I don’t think. They have no clue what they want, or who they are. They are whatever is in front of their faces at any given moment (a TV show, a cock, whatever). Bizarre. Sometimes I think it’s possible that the whole thing was set up as a trap, to keep our souls tethered to this existence. And other times, I have zero doubt that this is true (heh).

        5. I sometimes feel the same way.
          I do think they have souls. But as said, their soul works reversed to our own and is not comparable. They don’t have the same kind of soul we have. They have the kind of soul that we need as a balance to our own.

        6. I don’t know about balance. I think women thrive on creating confusion and drama and they love it when everything is dangling by a thread. The bigwigs in the Catholic Church allegedly took a vote a few centuries ago, regarding whether or not women had souls. They determined that women did have souls – but it only became a consensus by one vote. And I think they got it wrong.

        7. True. Ordo ab chao. Order from chaos. I guess the deeper meaning is you have to create order out of a woman’s chaos. Order them around. Chaotically. Wow, I’m having acid flashbacks…

        8. This is pretty sick but I can’t resist. Avert your eyes if you don’t want long-term damage. So I was living with this girl for a while. She was hotter than shit. Guys got in car wrecks when she walked down the street. So one night she tells me that I am the best fuck she ever had (I’m like, yeah, bullshit, you tell that to every guy you are with). But then she goes on and on about the subtleties of my sexual game. How she loves this, and this, and that makes me better than anybody she’d ever fucked. However…(drum roll)…I didn’t give her the most intense orgasms she ever had. Really? So I asked her who did. And she said her stepdad did. When she was nine years old. The relationship ended shortly thereafter. I don’t think she’s much different than most hot females, that’s the sad part. If you can get them to open up about their true sexual nature, you’ll find that this girl is pretty much the norm, I’m afraid.

        9. Which reminds me of that book about forensic medicine I have here. Which I still want to send you those pictures from, but can’t get around to. Some of the other stuff in there … man. Makes your story sound vanilla as hell.

        10. A good point. Now here’s something even sicker. She told me that her stepfather was getting out of prison (he was locked up for child molesting, go figure!). And she wasn’t sure how she felt about it. She said part of her hated him…but part of her wanted more of his action. Heh. Women. Twisted to the core.

        11. It’s weird with rape. There is the part that hates it and the part that enjoys it, because you can not really shut off your body from responding sexually. Also, when you’re a child, you may feel loved when you’re putting out, so you may be craving that feeling and blending out the pain.
          This guy who has the blog about abused men wrote something similar as well. What’s the name … Toy soldiers or something.
          I also read it in regards to men who experience prison rape. Apparently one of the really shitty things is that even if you don’t want it, it can make you cum, and then you feel ashamed as hell and wonder if you’re gay etc. Makes sense, considering that the male anus, when stimulated, can give quite a pleasurable experience. Although you certainly don’t want it stimulated by a dick.

        12. Sexuality is pretty bizarre, period, don’t you think. When I’m in a line at the grocery, I sometimes try to imagine what the people in line would look like, and act like, while having sex. And I laugh out loud. I mean, people do things during sex that they just don’t do at any other time. For another laugh, I like to watch a rock band on stage, while the band members are gyrating and rocking out…and I turn the sound down and watch them make asses out of themselves. Ha. Crazy shit.

        13. I met one once who after a couple drinks told me she liked to get fucked by her brother. Then invited me over to watch… um no thanks lol.

        14. Haha. That’s fun.
          Yeah. Reminds me of this girl who seemed like your naive nice secretary bookworm. About 35 years, but still fresh and tight. She kept telling me about how her husband was jealous because she was on vacation somewhere. And how she on her vacation (because shes a nudist) ran around topless or bottomless and flirted with the men. And some people thought that she wanted something from those men. And she said to me: I just can’t believe people associate nakedness with sex always!
          Later, when I knew her better, she told me she had a one night stand on that vacation. And how she had a threesome with some guys from the university. Heh.
          Once she visited me at home and we talked about this stuff and she was like: Yeah well, sexuality is not really politically correct.
          I was still kind of a wuss though and did nothing even though I kinda had the chance.

        15. Why “pretty sick” and “gruesome” though? Incestuous sexual relationships with young girls are fairly common and would be even more so if some men didn’t refrain due to the possibility of criminal and social ramifications. How many fathers here can say they haven’t been sexually tempted by their daughter/stepdaughter/niece? If they’re honest, probably not too many. It was once perfectly acceptable, even preferable. Not to say I support this but my observation and experience tell me it’s a common, if not normal (whatever that means) male desire.

        16. Oh man. A buddy of mine swears the following story is true. He was banging this chick once. And she was great in bed. So he was obviously planning repeat performances with her. Until she blurted out, “You’re almost as good as my dad…”

        17. You know what…I tend to agree with you on many levels. Especially when it comes to age of consent laws. If I banged all the teen girls (13-17) who wanted me to fuck them, I’d be in jail. I saw this girl once, in a bikini, French cut. She had scratch marks on her ass and was flaunting her fuck scars while roller-blading on the sidewalk. I pulled over to the side of the road, she was so hot. I never even thought about her age, she looked to be 21, 22. I was closing the deal a minute or so later, and suddenly I thought to ask her age. “I’m thirteen,” she said proudly. So much for that one. Another dream dashed. A few generations ago it was common for men to marry young women who were 12, 13 years old. The legislation of sexuality is a slippery slope…

        18. There you go. Funny you mention France because, and to be fair based completely on anecdotal evidence, I find this sort of thing more common in Europe than the States. I went to school with a Polish girl whose mother sent her to live with her grandmother when she was 11 or 12. Reason being she was beautiful and the mother assumed the father would be unduly tempted. No excessive pearl grasping, or feigned horror on the mother’s part, either … just common sense to her mind. Why did you stop though? If you don’t mind my prying. Personal line crossed or wary of a rape charge?

        19. I was afraid of a statutory rape charge. Girls have used that, maliciously, throughout history and I’ve always been wary of that – probably to my own sexual detriment (heh). I’ve been tempted many times to create flash cards with photos of an underage woman, who is fully clothed. Maybe wearing a swimsuit. And I would pull out a card and ask a guy if he would bang the girl. And he’d say, “Hell yes”, or something like that. And then I’d flip the card over, and she’s like 14 years old. Heh. The point being, something is amiss.
          When we were teenagers, we all knew underage girls who were hotter than hell and were getting banged left and right. It’s fine, in the eyes of the law, if they get fucked by a fumbling teenager in the backseat of a car – even impregnated, no problem. But if you are one second over the age of 18, it’s criminal to have sex with that girl. To me, the legislation itself is criminal. You can bet the elite are banging whomever they want.
          To my way of thinking, if a girl is old enough to bear children (biologically capable), that would be a much saner modifier. Religious nuts who thought differently, well, I would say god made them capable of bearing children and gave them their sexual impulses…who are you to say they shouldn’t act on those impulses. I brought this up with a girlfriend of mine once and she had a shit-fit. I didn’t care. I pointed out she had a pedo in her own family tree, based on her standards. Her great-grandfather probably married a 14-year-old girl. The whole thing’s ridiculous. If men acted on their true impulses, they would be fucking underage teen girls all day long. They were attractive when we were teens. They are still attractive, because we’re men, and we respond to hotness, period. It seems to me the objective is psychological and sexual hamstringing – create frustrated people from all walks of life, via ridiculously stringent sexual legislation…
          Mexican fathers used to take their sons to a bordello as soon as they started getting sexual impulses. Makes sense to me. Put them in the hands of a professional. I’m sure it cuts down on neuroses, and the myriad sexual frustrations, which Western men seem to have. Part of the plan, I think. No doubt about it, really. Making everybody as miserable as they possibly can make them…

        20. It’s an legit fear, no doubt. Even if the girl did not scream foul, just as likely the parents would. The “not my little girl!” stance is alive and well.
          Biologically capable of children is an interesting standard. The question being earlier menstruation in modern females than in our ancestors? The acceptable medical norm today is 8-13. I don’t know the public would accept the reality of a 30 year old male engaging in a sexual relationship with a 10 year old girl. Plus, once you’ve moved past the ewww factor there’s the issue of emotional maturity and consent. If dominance is your preeminent goal, then yes it’s easier to dominant a 13 year old girl then it is to control a 30 year old woman, after all. Otherwise it’s a hard sell.
          The Mexican brothel …. a good friend’s thesis was centered around this topic believe it or not. Male sex initiation rituals in primitive societies. I was shocked to find the lengths early cultures went to guiding and satisfying this male energy; and saddened upon realizing how little is done to help young men today. Not only are these young boys left to fend for themselves in a world increasingly antagonistic to their development but that world seems to go out of its way to thwart and pervert the natural process. It was an eye opener! When you think of it, modern western culture has made a real mess of traditional male rites of passage. I’m certain banging on drums in the woods doesn’t adequately speak to the problem. And to everyone’s detriment in my opinion.

        21. “Those thinkers in whom the stars move in cyclic orbits are not the most profound. He who looks into himself as into vast space and carries Milky Ways in himself, also knows how irregular Milky Ways are; they lead into the chaos and the labyrinth of existence.” Nietzsche, The Gay Science

        22. Obviously you know well what was meant by that comment, but you like being a smart ass. I guess thats what will “keep her around.”

        23. I don’t know that it’s fair to say deranged. Again, I don’t necessarily support these things because I’ve seen firsthand how they can permanently damage a girl’s psyche. At the same time, I can acknowledge that men are attracted to very young girls.

        24. Yah its called being a paedophile. Just like I was a fourth grader walking home from school and a middle aged man stopped his car, got out, blew kisses at me, and was calling me to his car. Men like that are not normal. Sexuality and sexual immorality and perversion are two different things. Boundaries need to be drawn.

    2. Makes me think women are basically cats. You try to get ones attention, it hisses at you. You ignore them, then one seeks you out to be petted, then they all want your attention.
      I spent alot of time on my grandparents farm in my youth and it was something I noticed even as a boy.

    3. “So I was living with this girl, she made about $150,000 a year and I snapped her up for a while and rode the gravy train.”
      Pardon my ignorance, but are you saying you were allowing a female to financially support you? I can’t even imagine something like that.

      1. In my early 20s after being burned by a couple of women in seriously brutal fashion, I went mercenary and I either had a harem, or I allowed a woman to finance my existence in return for sexual exclusivity. In the case of the girl I mentioned, I had a job and worked. She just paid for everything. Never had a whimper of complaint. Long story, but I wound up starting a company while living with this girl, and I didn’t see any point in keeping her around, so I jumped to another girl and basically found a better deal. If you knew the back story about the two women who burned me, you would understand it better. Basically I went hypergamous, minus the marriage part. I just started looking at the whole thing like most women look at it. Fight fire with fire. Parlay the SMV into whatever you can get.

        1. Growing up in the 70s and 80s,
          I suppose this “male provider” stuff if so ingrained into my head, the situation you describe is just incredibly foreign to me.
          But hey, if you can do it, more power to you.
          Ha ha, “SMV”. Never heard that acronym until I started coming to this site a few months ago.
          You guys here have a very different way of thinking that what I am used to. To me, a high “SMV” would be something you are born with or not. I am very Genetic/DNA centric. You’re either born muscular/athletic/attractive or not. And I have always been on the bottom rung as far as that goes — except financially (which is how I get laid). You guys seem to feel it is possible to go from omega/gamma/beta to alpha with hard work, practice, and mental discipline. I am not so sure. Very difficult for me to see how “game” would work without the prerequisite physicality.

    4. Interesting. Recently going out with a girl. She went on and on about her “best friend,” talking her up. The time eventually came where she would introduce me to her. I introduced myself, engaged in some small talk. She smiled, nothing unusual, just another girl trying to look and act cute in front of a guy. Pretty standard. We get in the car and unexpectedly, my girlfriend starts shrieking, “did you see the way she was looking at you?!?!” Me: “What? What are you talking about?” Her: “Oh trust me, I know, she was flirting with you, that fucking bitch.” Me: trying not to smile. Afterwards, it was clear, she wanted to continue regarding this girl as her “best friend,” but it was really a constant battle of suppressing jealousy, fake smiles, fake laughs and Jesus Christ what a fucking way to live.

  17. With the understanding that all men are emotionally and biologically compelled to cheat, and knowing that most reasonable woman, particularly non American women, are aware of this and hold no real hope of any man being faithful, why seek validation for your infidelity? Sky is blue, grass is green, men cheat.

  18. I always remember reading my first book about game, and one of the advice’s was to create, every single time, some emotion in order to create impact on a women. It can be positive or negative, but, as it is said in this post, if a men does not create drama or something to make her wet, she will get bored and will fuck the alpha asshole that tells her to fuck off if needed.

  19. Dread game works kids-I’ve seen it in action. I got busted fooling around with another woman by an ex. After all her drama, yelling and fits, she ended up fucking my brains out a few weeks after the event. Can’t make this shit up.

  20. Excellent article. Men weren’t meant to placate the egos of women. Socially acceptable propaganda like, “You make me a better man.”, “You’re the only woman I’ll ever need.”, or “I don’t know what I’d do without you” are things that should never be uttered to your girl, unless they’re said sarcastically. WE need to introduce options into the minds of women who mistakenly think we can’t do better than them (as most entitled bitches assume). Using a woman’s emotions against her by giving off charm to other women (in her presence) is a tried and true way to keep her acting right. There should NEVER be a time where your woman thinks she can’t be replaced by someone better.

  21. I recomend the follow: If the requirement to have a lasting romantic relationship is cheating, it is better to not have a lasting relationship. Don’t compromise yourself, don’t marry.
    It is very, very sad that western civilization came to such an extent of degeneration that cheating would raise respect on your woman. Why would you want such a dirty relationship?
    If you are married, you made a vow to be loyal. A man must not break his word. This alone should be reason enough for you to not cheat, regardless of circumstances. So in order to remain honorable it is better to not marry at all than to marry and cheat.
    For purposes of comparison, lets bring the situation in a traditional christian country:
    Where I live women wants to know that they can trust in their men. Yes, they still wants you to be attractive to other women, they still unconsciously want to know that you could be with other women if you wanted, but they would never want you to cheat on them.
    They value the vows and the word of their men, I see this everyday. An honorable man is respected by society and gives pride to his wife.
    I assume, however, that this article recognizes that healthy women don’t want their men to cheat on them, since it is emphatic to point out that it refer to “Broken Western Women”.
    But my point with this comment is that I think you should not live as a degenerated person, even if your society is degenerated. You should aspire to a healthy society and live according to it. You should not shape yourself as a degenerated society would require, even if this becomes necessary to certain gains.
    On the contrary, If you live in a degenerated society, that’s exactly when you should be the contrary. Be the pinnacle of morality. Bring change, not conformism.
    I’m sure that there’s another forms to gain your women’s respect regardless of how much degenerated your society is, so you should not gain her respect by granting her her insane degenerated desires.

    1. Well said, however be strong as you will face a shit storm from the majority of said denigerate society. Your honor reminds them they have none. And they will hate you for it.

  22. Some of the shit said in that article is sobering but true.
    I don’t quote Chris Brown often but he’s right here:
    “These hoes ain’t loyal”
    And you have to treat them like such.

  23. “But she’ll be infinitely more loyal to you than HER EX who told her he’d never dream of cheating on her because he loved her ‘more than life itself.”
    Maybe it’s just me, but the fact that she even has an ex would probably be a deal-breaker. At the very least, I would begrudgingly accept that there are no virgins out there and that my only chance to pass on my genes is to wife up a girl with an ex (or exes). But I would not be happy about it, and I would not truly love her. It’s just not something I could get over.
    I would hate to have a girlfriend or wife and every time I’m fucking her I’m thinking about the fact that I’m sticking my dick in the same place where another man jizzed multiple times.
    Would you wear a condom that another man had used? What if the condom had been washed and sterilized with rubbing alcohol? You still wouldn’t use it? Well, that’s basically what you’re getting with a girl who’s been fucked raw. Furthermore, part of a girl’s body actually ruptures and breaks forever the first time she’s fucked. So it would actually be like putting a used, BROKEN condom on your dick.

  24. An advice from an old woman married happily for over 50 years…
    Keep you man stomach full & his balls empty !

  25. Not politically correct but true. The concept of what makes a man alpha to a woman is often debated, however, the litmus test of whether or not a woman considers a man to be alpha is quite simple: does she give him a pass for bad behaviors that she would not tolerate in another man?
    An example: Three acquaintances Woman A, Woman B, Man C
    Woman A will really have nothing more to do with Man C if he raises a hand to her she will, depending on upbringing, call the cops or, if from the class of people that don’t ‘tell’ on others, just play hell with him because he does not arouse her- because in her eyes, he is beta and he doesn’t get away with shit.
    Should he raise a hand to Woman B, however, she will make all kinds of excuses for the guy because in HER eyes, he is alpha. I’ve seen it with my own eyes: Man C slapped Woman B but weeks later when he kissed another woman on the cheek goodbye but ignored her she asked ‘Where’s MY kiss?’
    Those deemed to be alpha inspire this level of blind loyalty.
    So all this ‘I don’t know how you can speak to him again! There is NO excuses for what he did’ only comes from other men and Woman A types who don’t find him attractive and is bullshit hypocrisy on Woman A’s part.
    Believe me, if a man is alpha enough, he can push the boundaries of what is acceptable behaviour. I’m not saying ALL behaviour will be forgiven, of course, but what is deemed mostly to be unacceptable is surprisingly acceptable if the man is deemed to be alpha.

  26. I agree with the ‘dread game’ and ‘always have other options’ portions of this article; well-written, and thanks for sharing them Donovan.
    But I must caution the enthusiastic King about using a heavy hand or infidelity as ways to deal with Western women. Yes, the vast majority of them are broken and may respond to these actions, but due to that same being broken, are also dangerously mentally unstable. ‘Getting revenge’ will become her top priority and she will stop at nothing to hurt you in some way (egged on by her fair-weather girlfriends no doubt) – women are ruled by their emotions after all, and are unable to consider the consequences of their actions when in this agitated state.
    You can either luck out in this and watch her self-destruct with no cost to you, or she has the ability to do serious damage to you or your material possessions. You have to do some serious cost-risk analysis before you consider doing these things. Ye be warned.

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