The Dominance Experiment

Women love to be dominated.  It is in their biology.  Yet men tend to forget this almost universal truth given we are constantly exposed to various forms of masculine women in our western culture, be it via feminism or having to listen to career women brag about their sex and the city type exploits.  Ask most girls you sleep with and a large number of them will admit they like to be dominated, they like it when a man takes control, they love it when they are thrown around in the sack.  Any reading of evolutionary biology will confirm that women enjoy being the weaker sex—that it makes them happier as a whole.  Ever heard of 50 Shades of Grey?

But let’s say you still don’t believe me.  Or if you just want to have some fun with your girl…I want you to try something.  But first, the ingredients:

HER:  A girl with whom you are past the initial “dating” phase and have had sex with her on at least two different occasions.  This can be a girlfriend or a casual fling.  The key is your comfort level with her.  She has to be comfortable getting naked in front of you, just coming over to watch a movie, and so on.  If you are still nervous around her this won’t work.  (However, it’s ok if she’s nervous around you.)  If you feel you have to still take her out and woo her to have sex, again this won’t work.

YOU:  To not have been a total pussy around her previously.  If you are always asking her what she wants to do or you are rescheduling your life to see her, again this won’t work.  She has to have been exposed to you as a true man during the course of the relationship.

The Experiment

Invite her over via phone call or text for whatever reason.  Say you are going to cook, go see a movie, go to bar — it doesn’t matter.  This can be done anytime of day from prior to a morning hike to an evening dinner.  Make sure your last communication states that the door is open and for her to just let herself inside.  If you have a roommate, expand the instruction to come into your room.  You need to be dressed in something comfortable like shorts or track pants.

When she arrives, continue doing something for about 30 seconds or so such as checking email or typing on your phone.  Let her start talking, sit down, walk around, anything.  What she’s doing is irrelevant.  Get up and walk towards her and WITHOUT SAYING A SINGLE WORD, start kissing her.  She will likely say things like “What are you doing?” or “What’s going on?” or “I thought we were doing ____, are we not?” or whatever else her now confused mind will blurt out.  The key is again to NOT SAY A SINGLE WORD DURING THE ENTIRE TIME.  Continue kissing her, then groping her, then move towards sex.  Rip off her clothing.  Be a fucking caveman.  By now she should be flowing like a waterfall.  Bang her hard and well.

When you finish for added effect get dressed and go back to checking emails for a bit, again without saying a word.  She will probably make some comments about how “that was unexpected” or something along those lines.  Be unphased for a few minutes, then get up and speak for the first time before continuing with whatever plan you had.

Now, be smart about this.  If she is asking a ton of questions as you initiate the process and it is more of an annoyance than anything else, you can stop, give her a cold “don’t be a brat” stare and then continue.  That should be sufficient.  However, if she does tell you to stop or start forcefully trying to get away, then of course stop what you are doing.  I’m not suggesting to rape a girl, merely to demonstrate their affinity for dominance.  Similarly don’t try this on a first date or with a virgin you just deflowered.

But assuming the right factors are in place with respect to the girl and yourself and you execute this correctly, then you have completely dominated her.  You did not ask permission, you did not respond to her inquiries, you took what you wanted in the most primal and raw sense.  And I bet you she responded very favorably to that.  Not only in the moment, but she will now see you in a more attractive light than she did before.

I heard about this over 10 years ago from a famed red-pill radio host named Tom Leykis, so I have to give credit where credit is due.  I have attempted it a few times and it has been beyond successful.  Give it a try and see how effective dominance can be on the female mind.

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85 thoughts on “The Dominance Experiment”

  1. Most men have no problem being dominant in bedroom (because they have to be to get to sex), but shoot themselves in the foot by not being authoritative/dominant outside the bedroom where it really matters. I can have terrible sexual performance and the bitch will still lust after my cock if I work up her emotions by being dominant/ masculine outside the bedroom in our everyday relationship. There’s too much focus on keeping a bitch around by rocking her in the bedroom, but none where it counts – outside the bedroom. I like maintaining multiple long-term relationships at once, it shows I know what I’m doing – getting her emotional investment.

    1. This is a great fucking point, man. Totally agree….it’s hard because you have to unlearn a whole set of pussified behaviors that have been ingrained in American men their whole lives. But it can be done…find a good role model (i.e., some hard-core old school Jamaican dude or something) and imitate him.

      1. 1) Pimpfeet is a great role model and his knowledge is available for free
        2) Manhood101 is another great role model and his knowledge is also free
        3) W Anton is yet another great role model, but his knowledge costs money and is not free
        Those are 3 great role models for men who don’t know how to pull of this whole dominance/authority/masculinity thing in long-term relationships keeping themselves and their woman satisfied for the long-term.
        I don’t think any of those 3 people are Jamaican

    2. My grandfather was THE man.
      True story: he was watching television, and without looking away from the t.v., he casually remarked, “some ice cream would be good right now.”
      My grandmother shouted, “well get up and get it!”
      My grandfather said calmly, “you heard me.” He didn’t say another word.
      About two minutes later, my grandmother handed him a heaping bowl of ice cream.
      This isn’t really related, but it’s funny as hell and shows how my grandfather was. He was watching the weatherman on the local news, and the weatherman said there was something like an 80% chance of rain. My grandfather exclaimed, “Bullshit! It’s always 50-50. Either it rains or it don’t!”
      I laughed my ass off.

      1. Reminds me of my grandfather, who’ll never praise my grandmother and most likely will comment about how a particular dish wasn’t made perfectly. I’ll usually protest saying the food tastes great, but he’ll just retort quietly with a chuckle “son, the reason it’s so great is cuz I’ve never told her it was.”

    3. fake guy,
      hope you will get into jail for psychologival abuse and raping of women’s feeling and psyhological balance

  2. I used to do this all the time with my girl. She loved it the first couple months of us seeing eachother, worked every time, some of the best sex I’ve ever had.
    Now, 8 months into a relationship, it doesn’t work. Unless she is in the mood to have sex already. In which case, she didn’t need me to demonstrate dominance, just be there, she already knows my dominance.
    Anyone have success with this deep into a relationship, after she already knows you’re in charge. I’m having a hard time getting sex on demand every day. Pretty much every other day only now, sometimes once every three days. Me asserting myself doesn’t really work much anymore. Sure, I’ll get the sex most of the time I try my hardest and keep pressing, but it’s shitty sex. Basically, I have to learn to wait until she wants to have sex, which I hate. But, when she does want it, it is mindblowing sex.
    Is this just part of maturing? This is my first LTR and I’m 25. Do you need to keep changing girls every 3-5 months, or do I just need to work on my LTR game?
    Or Law Dogger, is it just that it’s getting towards the end of 1L year (we’re both law students) and its just the stress?

    1. I concur with Carson Daves’ response: “Dread game.” Let her know that the current situation is unacceptable, and you WILL make other arrangements. Don’t just say it; let her see you interacting with other women, such as the waitress serving the two of you in a restaurant. Flirt with cashiers, etc. If your girlfriend doesn’t shape-up, give her the boot.
      Do you have a ring on your finger? Did you put one on hers? If not, you are a free agent. It sounds like she controls the gateway to sex, but you can control the gateway to a long-term relationship. Make her barter for it.

      1. Yep. It’s understandable for a girl to lose interest in your cock a few years into your marriage, but if you’ve only been dating for a few months and she’s already fading — something is very, very wrong.

        1. Please stop trying to speak for my entire gender, I haven’t nor will I ever keep someone around like that, and neither will most other women unless they are brain dead bimbos who enjoy being abused. My partner is exclusive, nice and smart, and not some brain dead, chest thumping weirdo who has women issues. I’ve never shut him out, yet i shut out the last person who tried to do what you’re encouraging. Why would I be turned on and open to someone who sees and sleeps around with other women while they are with me? That’s fucking nasty. Most women aren’t going to go out of their way for someone who treats them like shit. As if we need or give a fuck about people like you.

    2. A girl will do whatever you tell her to if she has enough emotional investment in you. Right now that emotional investment is running low. How do I know? She’s resisting giving you what you want when you want it. You need to fill up that emotional investment to previous levels and you do that by conveying your person to her. There’s a emotional investment+ authority/dominance dynamic (a carrot and stick dynamic) that man has to maintain to keep his relationships. How do you think pimps keep 100% of their bitches earnings and only give her what she needs (food, clothing, shelter, entertainment etc). Do you think hookers stay with pimps for years because they are scared of him? Think again. Pimps use the whole carrot/stick (emotional investment/ authority) dynamic to keep their bitches serving him for years at a time. Right now, you’re running low on the carrot/ emotional investment end of the spectrum so has no incentive to stay or do what you say.

      1. Right now, you’re running low on the carrot/ emotional investment end of
        the spectrum so she has no incentive to stay or do what you say.

        1. how do you get back up on carrot/emotional investemtn? just not give a shit? ignore her?

        2. Carrot = expressing your personality, experiences, candid emotions, the way you would talk to your friends (other men), but includes dirty talk, what you want to do to her sexually etc.
          Do a google search for “The Principles that Govern Social Interaction” and read the section on Expression/ Personality.

      2. Actually yes they do. Pimps keep women through fear and manipulation tactics. Most prostitutes are not “emotionally invested” in their pimps. They are kept there out of fear of being killed, or for reasons such as no where else to go, no other means of income, drug addiction etc. Some prostitutes, especially those in brothels or who are owned. are often kept and sold as children in underground slavehuman trafficking rings. So that’s all they know and they have no family to turn to. They don’t actually WANT to be there. Why do you think that when the Feds bust these places and arrest the pimps, that they are so eager and excited to leave? The ONLY reason they are scared afterwards is because they have no money, or when one of the men gets away.

    3. Well frankly, it doesn’t sound like you’re in charge as you state. You say how you sometimes request sex and she doesn’t give it to you…then she is in charge. I’ve been down this path before, it only gets worse. Every other day turns into a few times a week and either plateaus there or gets even worse.
      I’ve tried “fixing” this before and it was only a temporary band-aid. I’ve told LTRs that sex is not a luxury or side dish to a relationship, it is the relationship. And I was ready to walk. They would shape up for a few weeks, few months even then fall back to their ways.
      Everyone’s different so I’m not suggesting you give up, but just be advised of the likely scenario. As I’ve matured, grown older, dated more girls and practiced “game” I’ve come to realize that one thing truly and really works well with girls. Absolutely not giving one shit. Outcome independence is an aphrodisiac for them. And when I say this, I mean that if you never saw her again it would have the same effect on you as if you just ordered a sandwich and they said they were out of pickles. A minor inconvenience forgotten about an hour later.
      It’s a hard place to get to. And you deviate from it at times if the girl is insanely cool or very attractive. But it works. One of the girls I’m currently dating keeps asking me how I can not care if she fucks other guys and I just tell her I don’t. It’s driven her crazy to the point where she has brought other girls in the mix just to appease me.
      That’s an extreme example but I’m stating it to make the point. It’s a sad way of thinking of things but the more you consider them disposable and have that abundance mentality, the more they desire you. A girl would rather have a piece of an alpha than a whole beta.
      This deviates a bit from the article but the dominance exercise is a tangent to outcome independence. You are not asking permission, you don’t care if she’s horny or not, you don’t care if she just lost her cat Fluffy to feline aids or if her grandmother won the lottery. You want sex and you are communicating to her non-verbally that you are taking it.
      You mention that you “used to do this all the time” with your girl. Anything done in repetition becomes predictable, which becomes boring, which becomes unattractive. This is more of a once or twice type thing you can do to set a tone and let it always linger in the back of her mind.

      1. I get it. This totally makes sense. For the first 4 months, there was a big part of me that liked the relationship, was ‘in love’ but still didn’t give a shit in a part of my heart. somehow she must have sensed that, because i didn’t understand why relationships got such a bad rap from guys, I was happy.
        Then I really did it. I ‘fell in love’ and although on the surface she appeared really happy, her actions said otherwise. tons of fighting, lots of rejecting my moves in the bedroom.
        I guess what I’ve learned, and law dogger has confirmed, is that ‘i don’t give a fuck’ attitude isn’t something to ever lose. it’s not a tool you use to get pussy, then you can start caring, its a way of life. it’s the male-female dynamic, and come to think of it, it’s how my father interacts with my mother after 26 years of marriage. and they’re pretty happy with eachother.
        That’s something I’m cool with, and I look forward to the challenge, because frankly, the rewards are worth it to me, whether a rotation or LTR.

        1. a good follow up is googling roissy/heartistes carefree versus caring asshole game.
          if you are a caring asshole it wont work. you’re basically just there to hurt the woman
          if you’re a carefree asshole, your assholishness is a consequence of your indifference (to the woman). its attractive.
          one is from venom and the other is from indifference

        2. I need to look that up.
          I can’t even manage to hurt this one worth a damn, and she deserves it. (Since meeting her? from ~$90K in credit, $70K in the bank and investments, just bought my Harley, 3 courses / 9 credits from an MBA -> 2 years later, bankruptcy, foreclosure, repo of the Harley and her car. And five years since then, I can’t get rid of her because her name is on the mortgage of the house.)
          i’ll accept the venom side for this one, but I sure hope I can outgrow it when her @$$ gets tossed out the door.

      2. I don’t know what kind of girls you are dating, but most girls that are wanting a serious relationship would not stick around if you considered them a disposable object. Most women want someone who loves and connects with them. If my SO saw me as something disposable that he didn’t give a shit about, I would be hurt and would not stick around. If that is what you think an “alpha” is, then I’d rather have the beta. I respond kindly to people you are intelligent and nice, not a chest thumping caveman.

        1. Actually, the people that are kind and intelligent, i DO have sex with. i would never give an entitled, sexist asshole the time of day, let alone my body.

    4. its obvious you are at a turning point. the choice is quantity or quality. choose wisely, my friend.

    5. “Shitty sex” = passive-aggressive behavior. You’re forcing her to do what she doesn’t want to do and she’s making you pay.
      But the truth is that “mind-blowing sex” every day in a long-term relationship ain’t gonna happen. If you want mind-blowing sex every day you’ll have to have a secession of girlfriends or a harem which risks dry spells for you.
      Having sex every three days is “guarding sex.” Some of your sperm are blocking sperm that stay in her cervix for three or four days and can fight off another guy’s (guys’ ?) sperm. That’s why most studies of married couples with a fertile woman give a frequency of sex of ~ 2.5 times a week. Read “Sperm Wars” for the whole story.
      LTRs are trade-offs for you and for her. She doesn’t want to breed, not with you and not now. When she graduates, will she want to breed then, and with you? What are her student loans looking like?
      Bigger question – why would any man want to marry a woman lawyer?
      My diagnosis – you’re a stepping stone. Prognosis – breakup within a year of graduation, probably sooner.
      Recommendation? Enjoy what you can while you can, then graduate, sow the wild oats while making a secure career for yourself. Once secure in your own adult manhood, find a feminine woman who can cook and keep her bare foot and pregnant. Be a good dad then enjoy your grandchildren.

    6. Pal ,the second she starts refusing is the day you tell her that you will get it somewhere else. End of story.

  3. “Any reading of evolutionary biology…”
    I thought there was no science behind game?
    (This is a stab at that other idiotic writer, not you).

  4. Good post. Some women like to be told what to do, you just have to have the balls to do it. A dog, a goat, a child, and a women are all just animals….

    1. Your sincerity hurts but worth a listen. Even in the most egocentric thirst for pleasure, a woman is something much more than an animal or an object. It is the signifier of the desire, not an object of desire.
      Regarding this article, I agree: women enjoy being dominated, they prefer men with a natural dominance but not abusive.
      A real man has this natural dominance
      A real man has this natural dominance

      1. Giving a woman credit for being evolved above her Id is giving far too much credit. She is a beast. Learned that the hard way, when I realized the Red Pill applied to EVERY WOMAN I’d ever known, from my girlfriends to my sister to my aunts to the girls I knew in school to my mother and grandmother. It’s not even generational. They’re useless for anything but sex, and even then, you wish they’d STFU afterwards. Advocatus Diaboli used to write about banging hookers; said he didn’t pay them for the sex (which was good to him), but rather: HE PAID THEM TO LEAVE.
        I’ve become so jaded, I realized he’s right: No reason to keep one as a pet, there’s always fresher, newer, younger, with less baggage.
        And you don’t even NEED to pay for it…

        1. You’re a worthless piece of shit. It’s clear you have some serious issues with how you see yourself and society as a whole. Women are not to blame for your obvious lack of natural alpha qualities. You are mad at the world and at your self, and you are taking it out on them. “They’re useless for anything but sex, and even then, you wish they’d STFU afterwards.” You really are a worthless piece of shit.

        2. Men are pretty much useless as well, the lot of you so called “manly men” can’t even perform the most simplest of tasks without being told 20 times and having mommy or wifey hold your hand or do it for you. And you’re such pussys that you actually feel the need to beat down and consider women lesser than you in order to feel like you’re worth shit. Most of you don’t even know what being a “real man” is. And you instead substitute it with your own definition, which usually consists of thumping your chest, scratching your balls, and calling your girlfriend a bitch while simultaneously telling her to make you a “sammich”. When you compare an intelligent, organized, kind female, to a chest thumping dudebro such as yourself, it’s pretty clear who the real “animal” is.

  5. Extra Credit: choke her when she starts to make noise, don’t allow her to express her pleasure.

    1. Yeah that’s actually pretty dangerous and a lot of women will just take you for an abusive asshole and cut you off.

  6. I’m curious about something.
    How would you guys react if a woman tried the same experiment on you?
    Is it really an issue of dominance?
    IMO, it just feels pretty awesome when someone you like fucking is really into fucking you. 😛

  7. 1.) BE A LEADER : Don’t ask questions about what she wants to do. Make research and ask questions about what she likes, later make plans accordingly and then impose them. WE ARE DOING THIS. Essentially as Roosh says, set your value above hers.
    2.) DON’T LISTEN. Take in all her back chat and scatter and comments that try to throw you off, answer back casually without getting drawn into childish conversations and then carry on doing what you want to do, OR better what you planned for her. Don’t engage in BS. She can be with you or she can leave. I tried this with my wife and what a difference. WOW!
    3.,) CHORES : Don’t make her turn enjoyable things into demanding chores. In Marriage, women often manage to turn fun, like having sex, into a tedious chore.
    4.) DON”T EJACULATE : If you can manage not to spill the beans every time, you;ll become like an industrial kango hammer in the bedroom, and this is where her ultimately passive nature will be installed. The more you pound her, the more feminine (and satisfied) she becomes.
    5.) FLAKEY : Don’t tolerate flakey behavior, just bang her to rights, in the nicest possible way. Like a big brother does to a younger one. Put her down and be harsh if necessary.
    6.) ANGER: Women do not respond to anger well. Any kind of aggressive tone of voice, bad words, mean moods, anything that insinuates violence etc. It’s like a school teacher can command authority, a Lion commands authority, but an angry emotional man, is just scarey. Don’t be that guy. Firm and with Authority.
    7.) HER FRIENDS : You either have to be so nice to her friends they like you more than she does, even have them hitting on you, or such an asshole they dislike her and you drive the friends away. Black and White. No middle ground for bitching space for her friends, that will back her up in a coffee shop bitch session.

      I agree but for different reason. Ejaculation is the payoff for BOTH sexes – the transfer of precious bodily fluids is the whole point of fucking! No matter what she says, her body WANTS YOUR SEED.
      When you don’t blast, it both feels incomplete to her and she gets worried that you’re saving it to give to another woman.
      Not saying that you should make a practice of holding back, but not blasting has its female behavioral shaping functions.

    2. cannot disagree more, girls get really offended if you don’t ejaculate. they think you don’t like them. some told me that they would rated see me cumming in 1 min that having me hitting the wall for long time because they start feeling insecure.

    3. pretty sure 5 and 7 are abusive. And 2 is ridiculous. if you can’t converse with your partner and consider childish, then stay single.

  8. This is good. Another thing you can do is open the door, smiling like all is normal, then just grab her throw her up against the wall making out and groping, move to fingering and removing clothes, then fuck her from the back while she is pressed up against the wall.

  9. Feminists don’t believe in science, especially when it flies against their treasured sociological beliefs. They’ll always find a way to weasel out of the facts.

    1. Because the claim “ALL women enjoy rough sex” is scientifically acirate, especially if women, and feminist object to that idea. Are you too dense to realize that maybe you are fucking assaulting someone by doing this shit? Especially when real women, like myself tell you this is fucking creepy?
      Jesus christ this whole website is full of men verging on rape. You disgust me.

      1. This turns on most women. A lot of women will agree to that. Are you sure you’re a real woman?

      2. “Are you too dense to realize that maybe you are fucking assaulting someone by doing this shit?”
        How can you “assault” someone when you had sex with them several times? How can you “assault” someone, if they clearly go along with it? Are you mentally ill?
        Go back to Jezebel you cunt.

      3. Yet you had to say something to get our attention. If you were genuinely offended you would have left anonymously. Face it you get off from the attention you receive here.

  10. The majority of women love to be told what to do. They love it when you make plans. They hate to choose themselves.
    You do not need to say much when you want to fuck her. Just something like…
    “Go to the bedroom, get dressed up for me, give me a text when you are ready”
    Then wait next door/downstairs/wherever. Maybe have a swift whiskey while you wait. Then go upstairs, tell her she looks nice, tell her to give her a twirl and then to get her panties off (assuming she is wearing any). Then go for it. Women love being told what to do.

  11. A physical and silent way to dominate is to pick her up off the ground. Put your arms under her butt and lift her up in a hug.
    She’ll start saying something like “You’ll hurt yourself” or “You’re going to drop me!” She’s using her words to challenge you – ignore them.
    Then toss her up and down a bit, twirl her around. Watch for the twinkle in her eyes.
    Carry her to bed or a couch and do with her what you will.
    If she gives you grief about it later, do it again – that was just a shit test.
    Repeat as desired.

  12. I’m a huge fan of Tom Leykis, and a paid-in-full P1 subscriber.
    But that dude is probably one of the most miserable people I’ve ever heard.
    It takes a special kind of misery to spend fifteen hours a week trying to justify your life choices to thousands of people on the internet/radio. And if he hated marriage as much as he says he does, then why did he get married FOUR TIMES?
    The real truth about Tom Leykis is that he’s still heart broken over half a dozen girls, and he does his radio show to convince himself that he’s made the right choices. If Tom Leykis had any willpower he would do one of two things:
    1) Find a woman that loves him for his personality, not his money. (He seems to chase after a long line of hot latinas that are only interested in his money.)
    2) Lose three hundred pounds, THEN find a woman that’s actually attracted to him.
    He claims that he only has sex with tens, and tens don’t date a man that weighs five hundred pounds unless they’re in it for the cash.

  13. Late to the party, but:
    What do you do if she always resists, it’s always the wrong time, etc; yet, when she decides she wants some, you’d better already be “up” to the occasion?
    (Rhetorical question – she should be out the door in 5 seconds flat. Once, OK; twice or more, you’re wasting your time with a ball-busting c*nt.)

  14. This is creepy and rape like. You don’t seduce a girl by becoming a total douche who disregards her emotions and just wants to dominate her. What the hell is wrong with you?
    If you ever did this to me, I’d smash your teeth in.

    1. No you wouldn’t. Girls crave dominance and social performance from guys the way guys like a pretty face and nice breasts.

  15. as far as grandparents go my GRANDMOTHER was the prophet her always quote to my grandfather was “why go out for hamburgers when you can stay at home for prime rib ” take care of whatever woman you are with and she will give as much in return

  16. this is abusive, arrogant, sexist, humiliating, heartbreaking tactics. becasue you advise this to men, they would do it to the women, that you call”just to use as toilets” casual flings, who actually are human beings with their right, sorrows, feelings, hopes, and ability to love and need for care.

  17. This is the one of the most digusting things I have read in a long time. All the guys on here should stop reading these derogatory “articles” and go have real social interactions with girls they know. Try being nice and normal for a change and be honest, instead of trying to mindgame every single “slut” you know. Good luck.

  18. Im a women and i COMPLETELY agree with this article. I seriously love a man who’s in charge and knows what he’s doing, its sexy. And I’ve been in a long distance relationship for 4 years now and so if he were to just come onto me like that i wouldn’t consider it rape, just unexpected. My boyfriend is still a gentleman to me but he can still show confidence and dominance. Just because the guy is dominate doesn’t mean he’s abusive!

  19. lol… I didn’t even know that was considered “dominance”. I thought that was just a quickie.

  20. You are so right! i would love to be dominated like that. That article was like porn for me.

  21. This is all fine and dandy for a game. But if you do this all the time it will be abuse. Plain and simple. Taking away someone’s rights, be it man or woman based on the thought that you’re the stronger sex is wrong. Now for a game once and a while there is some fun. I will say this, any man whom tries this will lose a fucking ear. Of course, I am the dominate one.

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