FEC Filing: Mitt Romney And The Republican Establishment Ready To Steal Trump’s Nomination

An explosive filing with the FEC dated January 31, 2016 suggests that Mitt Romney will perform a coup d’etat for the party nomination during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this July. The Republican establishment is in a panic that Donald Trump has a commanding delegate lead over their preferred candidate Marco Rubio, and is crafting a plot to make sure Trump is excluded from the Presidential election.

The election filing in question was released on the FEC’s web site in early March (the first public mention of it was on March 3). Called a Statement Of Organization, it is required to start a campaign committee that leads to a Presidential run (PDF). Paul Ryan is listed as Romney’s running mate. Here is a screenshot from the FEC:

Romney For President Filing

The names and organizations within the filing have had prior relationships with Mitt Romney, such as Red Curve Solutions, a consulting firm that worked with him in one of his previous losing campaigns:

Red Curve was founded during the 2008 election cycle by Bradley Crate, the Deputy CFO of the Romney for President campaign. He recognized the need for a more structured approach to campaign compliance and treasury management.

Darrell Crate, the signer of the filing, has worked with Romney in both of his losing campaigns:

Mr. Crate served as Treasurer and Executive Committee Member of the Romney for President campaign in 2012, a role that he also held during the 2008 cycle. From 2003 to 2007, Darrell served as the Chairman of the Massachusetts Republican Party.

You would think that Romney would find a new team that is capable of putting him in the White House, but for a man who hasn’t been involved in politics in years, winning is not at all his goal.

The Republican establishment will thwart Trump to guarantee a Hillary Clinton presidency

It doesn’t take a political strategist to see what’s going to happen when the Republican establishment is divulging its plan to the public:

In order to defeat Donald Trump, The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol admits he is prepared to hand Hillary Clinton the Oval Office. On Wednesday’s “Morning Joe,” the Republican Establishment leader laid out his plot to deprive Trump of the 50% of delegates necessary to secure the nomination. From there, the idea is to go into a brokered convention and cut a kamikaze deal that awards enough delegates to an “acceptable” candidate (who will have won far fewer votes, states, and delegates than Trump).

The problem with the Establishment brokering a behind-closed-door deal that hands the nomination to a Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is that the backlash against the Republican Party is almost certain to hand Hillary Clinton the presidency.

Based on the FEC filing above, it’s clear that the plan involves skipping the nomination over Little Rubio and handing it to Romney, who is guaranteed to lose in an election against Hillary Clinton. The Republican establishment, led by neoconservative Bill Kristol, is now acting as an ally to Hillary in order to subvert the will of the American people and their Constitutional right to vote for President.

Even more appalling, establishment cuckservatives are meeting right now in a secret Georgia retreat to finalize their plans for giving the nomination to anyone but Trump:

In a last-ditch effort to stop Donald Trump from trampling all over their presidential primary, billionaires, tech leaders, and establishment Republicans met last weekend on a private resort on Sea Island, Georgia, to come up with a plan.

The Huffington Post reports that attendees of the American Enterprise Institute’s World Forum included Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, political operative Karl Rove, House Speaker Paul Ryan, several members of Congress, and business luminaries like Apple’s Tim Cook, Google’s Larry Page, Napster creator Sean Parker, New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger, and Tesla founder and libertarian clean energy advocate Elon Musk, who really, really hates Donald Trump. Bill Kristol, editor of the conservative Weekly Standard, was also in attendance at the off-the-record meeting, and he reportedly wrote in an email that “A specter was haunting the World Forum — the specter of Donald Trump.”

The above list of names is a who’s who of the richest Trump haters in America. It’s safe to assume that they have called this emergency meeting to finalize their plans for Romney’s strategem in July. Since Romney has shown he’s incapable of winning, we can only guess as to the monetary benefits he could receive for participating in the hijacking of the 2016 Presidential election.

What is a brokered convention?

A brokered convention occurs when a candidate does not receive the required number of delegates by the time of his party’s convention. For the Republican race, a candidate must receive 1,237 delegates. Donald Trump currently has 458 and Ted Cruz has 359, with 1,435 delegates remaining.

The Republican establishment will likely try to split the vote as much as possible between Trump and Cruz until the time of the convention to ensure that neither anti-establishment candidate secures 1,237 delegates. If that happens, there will be a “brokered” convention in July where “democracy” is put into action and delegates can vote for whomever they wish. It is becoming clear that their man will be Mitt Romney, a beloved cuckservative whose main mission in life so far is ensuring that Democrats remain in the White House.

“If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.”

Trump 2

All the passion and energy into Donald Trump’s unexpectedly meteoric campaign will be for nothing when the elites remind us in the proceeding months who’s really in charge. The fact that Trump has the support of millions of patriotic Americans who want to make American great again will not matter when the masters of the United States exert control over their impotent slaves. Perhaps it was naivety on the part of Trump supporters to think that a man with immeasurable will, strength, and high energy could fight the establishment and usher in a new age of genuine American conservatism.

Or maybe he will be able to fight it.

Trump faces a battle with tough odds, but if he can’t usher in this peaceful political revolution, who can? Either we see the rightful candidacy of Donald Trump this fall or the destruction of a Republican party that is blatantly selling out its own constituents for their pro-Israel and moneyed interests. We won’t have to wait long to find out what happens.

Postscript: Twitchy claims that the form is just an address change. We’ll see soon enough who the establishment wants to replace Trump with.

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239 thoughts on “FEC Filing: Mitt Romney And The Republican Establishment Ready To Steal Trump’s Nomination”

    1. Wall/Congress Required – Forever
      It’s all bluster. He can’t build a wall without Congress. And he can’t “order” them to do anything. But he CAN nominate a new SCOTUS judge, and he’s always been a hardcore Leftist. Ponder that for a bit.

      1. There is actually a “wall” that covers 1/3 of the border. But yes, you can be right. I have mixed feelings about Trump.

        1. Existed before, covered by Congress (or built by Mexico, who knows).

        1. Heh, supporting George H.W. Bush! Comedy gold.
          I miss the 1980’s.

        2. Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose.

      2. “he’s always been a hardcore Leftist”. Methinks you’ve over-invested in hyperbole.

      3. I agree congress is needed and he has been a leftist and now is not. I think that shows a fecund mind (as our monk friend would say) to be able to shift positions as one grows older and wiser.

    1. It needs to be burned to the ground so that something capable of opposing the left can be built on it’s ashes.

    1. So he’s changing his address for a presidential run that he’s *NOT* going to make? If I’m no longer interested in being a member in the Kiwanis club, I don’t tell them my new address after I move. That makes no sense.

      1. Except when the government is concerned. Seriously, read the link and google search. it’s not that hard.

  1. Trump is a nationalist, and a simple one. Just borders, jobs, and making America great.
    Trump is as hardcore as you are going to get when people are just pissed off that their country is being cucked.
    But nobody’s kids are being starved yet.
    Not everybody is completely jobless with a foreigner working their job.
    And those foreigners voting everybody’s rights away and even cuckservatives still pretending that “well the people passing the law were voted in therefire it’s constitutional!”. All the while more and more people getting tripped up in this evil gotcha game.
    Eventually everybody will know somebody, if not themselves, who ended in in jail for a victimless crime, a technical foul, a t not crossed or an i not dotted.
    And everybody (except the aliens and the SJWs working their tech jobs and living it up in their gentrified urban hoods) will ruefully look back on the days when their lives were better, and look upon their hopeless children.
    And then?
    Well, then you will have ultra-nationalism.
    And it won’t be nice. Trump will look like Jesus compared to what comes next.

    1. He hires H1-B’s all the time and is for legalizing all of these illegals, as long as he has a process. Dude is a far leftist by his actions over many years. Believe him at your own peril.

      1. At least he speaks the right lies and has all the right enemies.
        I look at it like this. Imagine a lonely housewife married to a sleazy gutless piece of shit who bangs his fat ugly secretary at work. The cheap bastard doesnt even have the decency to fuck a high class call girl. now imagine this housewife is actually a decent woman (I know), she cooks, cleans, she keeps herself fit, for religious reasons she thinks divorce is evil so doesnt kick the bastard to the curb and suffers in silence. Even the sex is boring and greasy because the husband is utterly contemptible in every possible way.
        One day this woman gets hit on by some lothario. I dont mean a PUA, I mean an old school loverboy. Shes not stupid, she knows the guy is full of shit. But heres the thing: at least he says all the right lies, at least he has some balls. At least he puts out some effort before fucking her.
        Same thing with Trump. Yes, he is probably full of shit, but at least he says the lies we wish someone would say.

        1. “At least he speaks the right lies and has all the right enemies.”
          Well said. It would be fucking idiotic to squander all of the energy and momentum Trump has created. Right now it would piss more people off if Trump was denied the nomination by the establishment than if Cruz just lost it fair and square. And I would bet more of Trump’s supporters would be more apt to boycott the election altogether out of protest. Trump’s whole campaign has shown that one man with balls can go against this political correctness colossus and knock it back on its heels. And he’s already changed how people think about the Republican party, by restructuring it in a more nationalistic form, which it needs to be to be if it has any hope of winning future elections.

        2. “At least he speaks the right lies and has all the right enemies.”
          In interesting insight.
          Perhaps you can judge a man by the enemies he has.
          I believe that Trump said that Romney’s self deportation plan was cruel. I do think Trump changed after he read Ann Coulters gutsy book adios America which pretty much shows that a Republican government will be impossible given current demographic trends soon.
          A one party state, where only one party can ever be in power due to demographics as in Mexico will be a disaster for the united states.

      2. And? Cruz wanted to double legal immigration, raise H-1B visas by 500% and give legal status to undocumented illegal aliens in the US. In 2013, the guy was calling for legalizing basically all illegals on the senate floor. Glenn Beck and Ted Cruz will have another concession stand at the border with Teddy Bears & Soccer balls.

        1. Cruz’s stand on immigration is shaky, I have no illusions about that. Everything else though he is a committed and demonstrated hard right fellow.
          So on one hand we have a man who is a Leftist on everything throughout his life, who now tells us different.
          On the other we have a man who is demonstrated far right except for one thing, and has demonstrated an ability to think through things.
          Who to chose?

        2. Cruz’s campaign uses too many dirty tricks, that Cruz takes no personal responsibility for, and Cruz himself invokes the Deity far too often in a manner that makes one think he believes himself to be an anointed prophet.
          No, thanks.
          P.S. The Dems would crush him.

        3. This. Immigration is the root cause of most of the other problems in this country. You fix the immigration and many of the other problems fix themselves naturally.

        4. I think we choose the person who can bring people together. I don’t know if Cruze can change the minds of people who don’t already think like him.

      3. It’s a win-win either way. Either Trump follows through on his rhetoric and America becomes great again; or, he reneges on all his promises and you have a fired up, angry populace ready to start shit in absolute frustration and the system changes in a more forceful way.
        With Cruz and the other candidates, it will just be business as usual.
        And, if you ask me, the unending media onslaught against him is a true indication of his character and intent. You saw the same thing with Ron Paul. That alone speaks volumes – whoever the globalist elites are fighting against is probably your guy.

      4. Dammit jeff, I was hoping I wouldn’t have to see “H1-B” until work Monday.
        On a serious note, if illegal folks put in the effort to be legal and productive citizens, I’m okay with it. But give ’em a punishment like community service. It lets people know we’re flexible and understanding, while at the same time enforcing the law.

    2. Funny thing is that most of ROK and the greater alt right at this moment won’t be the ultras. It will consist of the angry and hungry hearts they have cast aside who don’t read or improve and don’t give a fuck anymore. Their irrational arguments will lead to the great number of claudes knocking teeth out with a rifle butt. I am not going to stop their insanity if it means justice

      1. Exactly. Many people don’t understand that fanatic movements, real fanatic movements are not made up of reasonable men but of sheep that are being guided by another pastor, as simple as that.

        1. Have you read the book “the true believer” by Eric Hoffer? He has incredible insights about this subject and are similar to what you are saying.

        2. I will certainly check it out. Looks like an excellent read. I appreciate your suggestion

        3. I have a feeling that SJWs will turncoat when we get there. After all they are always on the “strong” side and what is popular to believe in right now. They never think by themselves, because their brains are not advanced enough for that. They are similar to the population of Germany who supported Hitler.

        4. “Revolution is a spectators sport. The majority will sit in the stands and watch the factions fight. At the end they will choose side with the team that is winning.” – George Lincoln Rockwell

        5. Sheep like the Germans? Really?
          I mean, first they practically win WW1 and offer peace. Then the US comes in and destroy it. Then the winers enforce the Versailles peace treaty based on a lie. Then the catastrophe with the Weimar Republic in the 1920. And then you call the Germans sheep when they vote for the angry man who said he just would not accept this type of treatment? Careful!

        6. I’m sure my history books are all written from our PoV, but what you said would make sense as it’s happening now but on a smaller scale.

        7. No I mean the “thought police” mentality. Snitching on anyone who is not “political correct”.

        8. The Germans never “practically won ww1”, they knew they were losing the battle of attrition, they saw the writing on the wall, and Americans only participated in last 2 years losing 65,000 men in battle compared to 1 million British and 1 million French in battle (USA lost 45,000 soldiers in flu pandemic)

    3. Agreed. Trump is prelude to something far worse ten or fifteen years down the road: a bit of the old ultraviolence.
      GOP can stop Trump now, but if working-class white America continues its decline, watch out.
      Prediction: The next demagogue comes out of YouTube/social media and starts a new far-right white nationalist party. It wins local and state offices in the Pacific Northwest.

      1. Your prediction is quite possible, in fact, very much so.

      2. What troubles me about this idea is the fact that anti-federalism and libertarian ideals will once again be package-dealed and smeared with ideals of those who are so marginalized they have nothing to lose.

    4. This 100%. My thoughts exactly. The white working-class has been continuously shit on for the last several decades, and they’ve had it. Trump is something of a safety valve for them. Will Trump follow through on his promises? I don’t know. What I do know is that every other candidate, including Ted Cruz and John Kasich, will simply maintain the status quo or (in the case of Bernie Sanders) accelerate the decline. Trump MUST win. The shitlibs are screaming that Trump is the next Hitler. No, the next Hitler will arise if Trump does not take office, and the white working class continues to be shit on. Adolf himself will seem like an angel in comparison, and the race war that WILL happen if a nationalist isn’t elected now will make WWII look like a schoolyard brawl.

      1. And the rednecks are mean, mean, mean and many of them think nothing–it’s almost routine–of spending the weekend in jail for a drunken barroom fight.
        Note to elites: provoke such patriotic, singleminded folks at your own peril. Stop Trump, and you WON’T like the result.

        1. True. Vermont’s “Founding Father” Ethan Allan (my handle’s heritage) is famous for taking a supposedly impossible to take fort after a night at a pub. Stood in the middle of a British fort yelling “Get out here!”.
          Real Vermonters, not that Beanie Baby Bernie, are tough as balls. The Vermont Governor Schumlin is famous for confronting a Bear at night not even wearing boxer shorts. There are neighborhood watch signs out in my neck of the woods -the middle of nowhere, mind you- effectively saying “cops don’t come out this far, so watch your ass”.

      2. Even if Trump is lying about most of his platform positions, I’d support him just for his anti-pc attitude and plain talk. We have to end political correctness and everyone getting “offended” and “outraged.” Worst case, his policies are no better or worse than the status quo. Best case: He’s actually going to change things.

      3. I don’t really care for Trump, but anything that has the “shitlibs” up in arms is something I need to vote for. 🙂

    5. Trump more than likely won’t be President but he has exposed the cracks in the System. The fears they have towards a masse revolt against the globalist agenda.As in Europe with the EU zones and countries wanting to Exit their multi-state. They will Gerrymander the lines with immigration and political tricks but the longer they wait to cap the impending change the bigger the fault lines and eventually the dam wall will break.

    6. Love it, “SJWs working their tech jobs and living it up in their gentrified urban hoods.” So true. Suburban hoods as well. They’re living in communities gated by a moat of credit worthiness working their $7K paycheck to $7K paycheck in their 4000 square foot aluminum siding home 40 miles up the interstate from their office.

    7. If a brokered convention doesn’t nominate Trump that means he wasn’t treated fairly and then will run as a third party candidate. If Romney is anointed then the Cruze, Carson, and Paul supporters vote Trump and HRC becomes Queen. I’m sure the GOP understands this and so does Trump.
      What can we do? I think the DNC appeals to SJWs. Many of whom are not opened minded and are never going to consider an alternative. For the rest of them if we can change the message to appeal to them by simply telling the truth then we can help our cause. The bigoted position is to offer people welfare because they are not capable of more (which is what the Bern camp did to the NAACP in SC). The good position is to offer people jobs because they are capable. It’s bad for people to enter the country illegally and be exposed to the black market. It’s better to let people in legally so they can be full participants in the American system.
      I also hear people say Trump is like Hitler (tiresome). I just say Hitler was an atheist Socialist. The closest candidate to that is Bernie. Trump is a Christian Capitalist and that’s the opposite of Hitler.
      Another thing I hear, if Trump is elected will have a nuclear war. I just say HRC is the biggest war hawk candidate. Trump is the most non war candidate. Plus who is Putin, the Iran patriarchy, and Kim (what’s his face) going to respect more a sick old lady, a wimp old geezer, or Trump? It’s better to be friends with Russia than enemies.
      When people say Trump said, “she was bleeding out of her wherever.” I just say, “lets be adult.” No body has been able to take care of our Vets. I think Trump could do this. Our infrastructure is in disrepair. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a builder as President.
      I think it’s important for us not to get butt hurt when SJWs don’t see it our way. Just stay positive and repeat the obvious.

  2. “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”
    Get angry, get skilled, get aware. It just might happen in our lifetime.

    1. Born too late to explore the world.
      Born too soon to explore space.
      Born just in time for the Great War.

  3. pro israel agenda
    Israel would do herself a world of good if she would stop basing her entire foreign policy on US good will. Unfortunately, the Israelis simply dont have the confidence for that, and it is a major problem. I think most of their foreign and domestic problems would resolve themselves in the long run if they would rely on their own God given abilities.
    For starters, the other regional players would take her a great deal more seriously, the reality is that when push comes to shove, it is DC which decides what Israel will do, and everyone knows it. As a result it is impossible for anyone in the region to rely on Israeli interests. Because the top Israeli interest is to keep on uncle Sam’s good side.
    Second, removing the welfare would force the government and the people to make hard decisions that would be unpopular in yhe short run, but very healthy in the long term. The west bank should have been made a part of the country 30 years ago, and the region should never have been under miilitary rule which in itself caused tremendous domestic problems, especially corruption. Instead all terrorist or criminal activities should have been dealt by the civilian courts and the police. This would have removed a lot of enmity.
    And this plays out on the international arena as well. Would Iran dare to threaten a nuclear armed Israel if the Israels knew full well that there was no cavalry to come over the hill? More to the point – would the Iranians even want to?
    Third, in cases where the popuations simply would not have gotten along, the Israelis would hsve then been forced to stop fucking around and simply throw out those villages that refused to play ball. There would have been a lot of outcry but becausr Israel would have been more than just a US proxy, foreign governments would have kept it down to a dull roar because they would have wanted to keep the option of research and business alliances open.
    In addition, because the Israelis would know they cannot rely on anyone else, they would have been forced to shut down and throw out any and all of the some dozen or so foreign funded NGOs that have wrecked so much havoc in the country. Right now, they wont because they want that money to keep rolling in.
    Fourth, the Israelis would have been forced to build up their manufacturing base and to drop the socialist garbage as they would not have been able to afford to indulge in that sick depravity, given that they would have needed to fund their own defense budget without the option to rely on freebies.
    Fifth, they would have also been forced to work harder to get along. While the Israelis are very good at integrating, they could be a lot better. When you can only rely on your own people, you will stop playing bulshit culture war games just to please some faggot globalists in Paris.
    The good news is, that whether my fellow Israelis like it or not, you fine people will see to it that the teat of international welfare will eventually stop being made available to them.

  4. We’ve been discussing this over at Breitbart for a few days now. The Illuminati are real. They are cackling over prime cut steaks of endangered species, petting their hairless cats and twirling their mustaches. Their total panic over Trump exposing the matrix has forced the puppet masters to boldly step out in the open, not even attempting to cloak their sinister intentions.

    1. I dont know if its really that bold a move. Justice Scalia was for all practical purposes openly murdered not a month ago and absolutely no one gave a shit. That man was a hero, plain and simple. God bless that holy man, I wouldve been willing to risk my life for him.
      Some fitlhy thug gets jsutly shot in the head for trying to murder an armed police officer in soem random shithole nobody cares about and its #blacklivesmatter for a year, riots, outrage, etc.
      But when a national treasure, arguably one of the greatest men in the history of the republic gets murdered, NO ONE CARES. That man did more for liberty than anyone else, and where is the outrage? Where is the anger? You want to know why? Becaue the people on the right are gutless selfish cowards. Fuck them all. They dont deserve to be saved because they have no gratitude at all.

      1. It’s hard to believe that people think that Scalia’s death was of natural causes. How blind can people be. Well very obviously. Also agree the right is worse than the left. The left are enemies but they never pretended to be our friend unlike the right.

        1. They are simply cowards. They dont see it because they dont want to.
          If they saw it, it means they would have to do something about it. Scala was not some piece of shit thug, he was a man that single handedly kept us free. We owe him. By “we” I mean anyone that benfits from a free America where religious peopel who believe in God can practice their religion.
          Also empty people tend to have huge egos to compensate for how worthless they are as human beings. The more worthless someone is the bigger the ego. As a result, these ego maniacs cannot accept that they are selfish gutless bastards, so they pretend that there is a logical reason why the Justice was dead with a pillow case on his face after spending the night in a notoriously corrupt town which was run by hard core democrats.
          Its becuase they are corrupt, not because they are stupid.

        2. Yeah that makes sense. Sad but true. Damn “if they saw it, it means they would have to do something about it”. So true. People don’t want to take responsibility for stopping this stuff from happening they’d rather just go back to sleep, its easier. Eventually though someone has to deal with everything that’s just swept under the rug. It can only hold so much.

      2. Dude, take a deep breath. Scalia was an obese 79-year-old man with a recent history of declining health. His doctor even made a statement to that effect.
        Besides, why would a supposedly leftist assassin (lol at that idea) murder a judge when a liberal president is in office with the power to appoint the judge’s successor? Especially when that judge’s biggest decisions were already behind him? Does. not. compute.

        1. Ha ha hahaahahahahahahahhahahaahHahah
          ::deep breath:::

        2. Oh stop it. Youve ignored all the red flags out there regarding this murder and you expect me to take your argument seriously?
          If you had been serious you would have addressed those issues directly before raising the point that he was a 79 year old obese man.

        3. Scalia family didn’t want the autopsy, and the U.S. Marshals Service concluded no foul play. Any more questions?

        4. What I wrote to you before was silly and stupid and I apologize for it.
          That said, the autopsy was a basic requirement by Texas law. The man was a high profile figure who happened to have been in the middle of case that could have hamstrung the unions, at the tail end of a notoriously corrupt Leftist administration who had plenty of cause to want him dead so as to replace him, after having consistently been a thorn in the side of politically powerful activists for years.
          Any one of those above reasons was good enough to demand an autopsy.
          It was refused by a judge who made her determination after a phone conversation contrary to basic practice. I know its contrary to basic practice, because from the articles Ive read defending her decision the reporters consistently say this is “not unprecedented” which means it is unusual. And in this case, with this man, under these circumstances that is not OK.
          So in answer to your question, “any questions?” Yes, I have one question, “what is the autopsy report”.
          As for the wishes of the family, with all due respect its irrelevant. When dealing with a potential murder case, the wishes of the family get put aside. This is a man with plenty of reason to suspect murder.
          With regard to the word of the US Marshals, again, irrelevant. Can the US Marshals determine by sight alone if a man was poisoned? No? Then their opinion does not substitute for an autopsy.
          Now take note of this please.
          Art. 49.04. DEATHS REQUIRING AN INQUEST. (a) A justice of the peace shall conduct an inquest into the death of a person who dies in the county served by the justice if:
          (6) the person dies without having been attended by a physician;
          (Thanks to anonymousconservative.com for doing all the legwork)
          Do you understand? That is the law. There is simply no way around this.
          We are now dealing with a high profile figure, with plenty of cause for people to kill him, dead with a pillow case on his face (and I would love to hear the explanation for that), in a county run by his ideological opponents. And on top of everything else, there is a legal requirement to give him an autopsy.
          You can say anything you like. You can give me any argument you wish. But that is the law, and you have to ask yourself how did a low ranking nobody have the guts to make a decision that
          A) overturns the law
          B) of a high profile person
          C) who has cause to be murdered
          D) the overturning of which law would cause tremendous mistrust of a large section of the populace, which in itself undermines the social good.
          Women are notorious cowards, leftists doubly so. Corrupt beauracrats in out of the way small towns are not known for their enthusiasm in pissing off half the country either.
          Im going to be blunt. This was clearly a hit.
          Now Im gong to say something else. I live in a country which is not favorably looked on by the people on this blog, for that reason, Im going to skip saying where and make a point based on my personal observations thst can apply to anyone anywhere becsusr it is an observation of human nature. Becsuse of where I live, I am surrounded by people that would dearly love to sweep uncomfortable problems under the rug. I don’t blame them. Maybe if I wasn’t a social misfit and had a wife and kids and everything going for me, I also would want problems to just magically disappear by ignoring them.
          But they don’t. They just get worse. And this is not just a simple murder, this is much worse. This was message. And the fact that no one is raising hell over it only confirms that message, which is simple: your life is worthless. You can be killed and if the right people called for the hit then no one will even question it.
          There is a thing in new york called the “broken windows” theory. Giuliani observed that if you saw a single window broken in abandoned building, about a week later, youd see a second window broken in that same building, and then a third and so on. When you allow chaos to exist without response or consequence you get more and worse chaos.
          This was a very bad murder, because if this guy can get taken out, then any of us can get taken out, because none of us were as valuable as he was. Now you may think Im a big joke, and good for you if you do, but I don’t live in the States right now, you do. If I ever get married and have kids, they wont live in the States either, but yours will. And that joke? Its not going to be on me. Its going to be on you.

        5. Nice to see sanity here. Some of the “theories” I’ve seen regarding Scalia’s demise remind me of postings I’ve seen on YouTube opining that Vince McMahon murdered Roddy Piper, Ultimate Warrior and Chris Benoit! But the first line of your second paragraph is the rationale for the theories. Knock off Scalia, and O gets to nominate a liberal. I don’t believe that’s what happened, of course.

      3. Nationwide deficiency in amygdala. The general population today consists of rabbits. They don’t care when someone better than them gets murdered, because it raises their relative social rank. They do care when some scumbag gets shot, justly or not, because it means they are now relatively lower on the social totem pole.
        Rabbits are all about winning. And “winning”, to them, means dragging those who do better down to their level and keeping those less than them down where they belong.

        1. Hah! You also read anonymous conservative! I love that guy, he gave me good advice when I asked him for help

  5. are there any other Cruz supporters here? He’s just as anti-establishment as Trump if not more so.

    1. He isn’t too bad. But it’s hard to see him rallying the troops or undecided wafflers against Hillary. He looks and sounds too evangelical, while this country is too secular. As Trump and others point out, Trump has gotten a lot of crossover support, meaning former Dems. Trump is a phenomenon, Cruz isn’t really. And forget rationality, this is all out war. Liberals must be routed.

    2. I do not like Cruz at all. He is a Walmart republican to most non fox news conservatives in the northern states. He would be an absolute disaster for America

        1. I don’t like his waffling on immigration, which is key to me, but his record on everything else is tight.

        2. The guy reeks of endless war and corporate cronyism. The evangelical thing is creepy too. I personally knew Trump and he is a piece of shit no doubt but at least he will mix it up a little. Cruz is 100% establishment

        3. I know that when New Yorkers like myself went to Albany to protest the NY SAFE act, Donald Trump showed up to the Protest and gave support to our cause, Lying Cruz didn’t show, neither did Little Marco, or Johnny Jitters.

        4. Where do you get “endless war”?
          Keep in mind, I’m not monolithic or an ideologue.

        5. I get “endless war” from his speeches and followers. Honestly the guy scares me much like Bush jr did. America needs to rewind to 1900 in terms of foreign engagements and aid. I am all for sending a few LGM-118 Peacekeepers to North Korea but the random proxy wars and policing has to stop. Cruz gives me a very bad vibe even if he is good for my business

        6. I hear you on that. As a little “L” libertarian, who is not in the least in support of open borders, I’m down with ending the world police bullshit.

        7. So why not mix it up a little? Trump is not a great candidate but he is certainly better than a Cruz type.

        8. Would you be willing to go into more detail about why you think his record is “tight”? To me he seems like just another cucked politician owned by his donors.
          He’s only been in the senate since 2012 for pete’s sake, and he wasn’t even around to vote for the audit the fed bill or the CISA bill, two of the most important bills in recent memory.
          And then there was his disgusting speech where he was booed off the stage for his blind support for Israel: “If you will not stand with Israel and the Jews, then I will not stand with you.” Any American who is critical of Israel on the geopolitical scale is thus apparently outside of Cruz’s level of concern.
          I just don’t see it

        9. Wow, I hadn’t seen or heard that. He basically tells his fellow Christians to go fuck themselves if they don’t put Israel first and walks off the stage!

    3. Cruz’s doomsday preacher act won’t play well in most of the country.
      BTW, I wonder if I Love Lucy in the 1950’s had something to do with making Americans accept Cubans as white. Did anyone who watched that show during its original broadcast foresee that 60 years later their grandchildren would witness two Cubans running for President?

      1. His problem is that he targeted the evangelicals to the expense of everybody else. Big mistake. He should have targeted them, but also brought along the rest of the electorate, imho.

        1. +1 Most Americans associate any type of religiosity with fanaticism. I don’t feel the same but I understand. Also, it doesn’t really help Ted’s case when, in an commercial, he claims “Not a day goes by that my mom is not lifting me up in prayer.”

        2. I dont understand how he is even a candidate. Hes not a natural born citizen. Just because Obama broke the law, does that mean the law no longer exists?

        3. Evangelicals tend to not fare well in Presidential primaries. Pat Robertson, Alan Keyes and Rick Santorum (a Catholic “evangelical”) come to mind.

        4. It’s hard to figure out what makes the evangelicals tick. Especially the absolutism of their foetus fetish.
          If someone rapes my daughter you want that little alien terminated or if its going to wreck her or your wife’s physical health. Otherwise you don’t really want much of society stuck in doing cock carousel backed up by abortion for when it goes wrong.

        5. “Especially the absolutism of their foetus fetish.
          If someone rapes my daughter you want that little alien terminated or if its going to wreck her or your wife’s physical health.”
          The chance of your daughter being raped in a country that completely bans baby murder would be effectively nil. Meanwhile an epidemic of daughters claiming rape would be break out if a rape exception was made. Guess who your wife and daughter might be willingly to throw under the bus if an incest exception existed? You and your wife could always just advise your daughter to murder your grandchild by “tripping” down the stairs. Making abortion illegal just prevents feminism and whoredom from getting out of control. Baby butchers could still murder babies, they just couldn’t be openly proud and boastful of their crimes, only the very stupid or very unlucky would get caught (good for making examples of).

    4. I like Cruz and he is who I wanted back in the first half of 2015 before Trump came on the scene in June and identified himself as a shitlord. But I don’t like the idea that Cruz could lose on a technicality. If he gets the nomination, I bet any amount of money that it will go to the SCOTUS and decide everything, like Bush v Gore.

  6. the question is what do you do if they do steal it? ….Its the end of what? Life goes on. That’s the Romney play – to create chaos as the business of conflict is good, Money comes in for the next election…. that’s where all these others don’t like Trump. I don’t think anything has to do with policy as would all like to believe. The red pill of politics is a tough swallow.

  7. The Republican establishment will thwart Trump

    Correction. The Republican establishment IN COOPERATION WITH TRUMP, will hand Hillary the election. They are all on the same, fucking, team.
    This shit is so transparent and scripted it couldn’t even get past the sniff test for a Police Academy movie, realism wise.

      1. I like a lot of his points, until I examine his actual record even recently. He’s a used car salesman, and brags about that kind of thing. No thanks.

        1. True. It may actually not be a billionaire as he claims, just a millionaire. A charlatan at least.

        2. I’m also concerned about his policies, support for torture, and the fact that he may be saying anything to get elected, but that certainly doesn’t mean he’s part of the establishment script.
          Either way, we know that Democrats and Republicans want Hillary to win. Trump is the only person who could put that outcome in danger. Cruz, Rubio, and Romney would get crushed by her.

        3. I appreciate your thoughts. My view is that using Trump *means* that Hillary gets elected. He doesn’t even have to know about it to be a Perot.
          As far as I know, Cruz actually polls at beating Hillary, but I really don’t trust polls much any longer.

        4. The great thing about a system of checks and balances is that you cant just do whatever you want, there must be consensus.
          If the people dont want torture, then it will not be legally possible. Bush II had to convince the public that it was OK, this process also involved smashing the public over the head with that idiotic show “24” as part of that effort to convine everyone that torture was necessary.
          If trump is not part of the elite then he simply wont be able to do it. Even if he is, it will require blowing up another sizeable amount of American territory before anyone will be traumatized enough to go along with it.

        5. Actually checks and balances have nothing to do with fundamental rights. We’re not a democracy. The Bill of Rights is very explicit on what can and cannot be done, and torture is right out, regardless of vote.
          On the other hand, I recognize your “perception is reality” point as valid.

        6. I didnt know that argument. But I can already see a flaw. The Bill of Rights only applies to Americna citizens, not to foreigners. As such, it has no bearing.
          You can say torture is morally wrong, or its bad policy, or you can find another law that applies. But the 8th doesnt apply.

        7. Actually the BOR applies to all men. The Enlightenment inspiration didn’t recognize borders when it came to rights. Hence “All Men are…”.

        8. The support for torture is scary. A slippery slope. We use it on suspected ISIS types and eventually it gets used against the anti-abortion and patriot movements too.

        9. Im sorry, but your argument is wrong on the face of it. To say the Bill of Rights applies to anyone other than an American citizen is not just to obligate the American legal system to the welfare of foreigners and foreign consideration but to obligate foreigners to American law. Its not just an impractical idea, its a concept completely disconnected from legal, material, or political reality.
          You have used as an example of your argument a rhetorical device which itself was only used as an opening rhetorical justification for declaring independence from the government of England, it has no legal basis for American law other than as a form of moral encouragement to the legislative branch. There is no actual legally binding principle of “men being equal” outside of a emotional assertion. Slaves were clearly not “equal” as treated by the same author of that statement.
          I am not a lawyer, so if you were to show me I was wrong I would be open to hearing so. I would be utterly horrified if you did manage to prove it because of what I wrote above, but I would want to know.

        10. A SCOTUS decision some years ago stated the rights granted to US citizens by the Constitution apply to non-citizens as well, at least if they are within US jurisdiction.

        11. Almeida-Sanchez v. US (1973); Zadvydas v. Davis (2001) for example (due process, rights of criminal defendants)

        12. Actually, Bush just lied and said “we don’t torture” and did it anyway. The same way Clapper lied and said “We don’t monitor American’s phone calls” but did it anyway. When the lies are revealed, nothing happens, nothing changes. There are no checks and balances.

        13. The bill of rights applies to the government; not to people. For example, the first Amendment: “Congress shall make no law.. respecting religion… freedom of speech”
          It’s a restriction imposed upon the government, nothing more.

        14. Why should there be two classes of laws for people? Why should a government be able to apply a law to someone differently based on geography? I would oppose this on these principles alone, but clearly the real danger is that then we start creating certain classes of people or “citizens” and then revoking citizenship of people we don’t want to treat under our laws…

        15. It is not based on geography but on citizenship. As for applying the law, obviously a government only has the right to apply force in support of laws over territory it controls or where agreements are in place with other governments (ie extradition treaties)
          Would you be OK with N. Korea subjecting you to their laws even if yiu have nothing to do woth them and live nowhere near them?

        16. It is a restriction imposed on the government in relation to those citizens on whose behalf they govern. If yiu are not a citizen, it does not, or rsther should not, apply.
          That is not to say there is no universal code of conduct. but that is different from force supported law.

        17. But citizenship is really just geography. Born on this side of the line? You’re American (or French, or Russian or whatever). Born over there? You’re something different. Hell, your parents can be Vietnamese not speaking a word of English and if you pop out in Chinatown, you are 100% American. Because of geography.
          I fully accept that if I visit N Korea I am fully subject to their laws, which is one reason I do not visit there.. remember that Richard Gere movie? What I do not accept is that America try to control my behaviors once I have left its territory (and it is one of only a couple of despotic governments that asserts this power).

        18. So you’re saying the US government SHOULD be able to pass laws restricting the firearms of say, the Chinese or the Eskimo? The US government SHOULD be able to pass laws restricting the free speech of those in Bangladesh? By what authority?

        19. If the Chinese or the Eskimo is not a citizen inside the borders of US jurisdiction, then obviously they should be able to do that.
          If the Chinese is in China, then obviously not.

        20. If someone is inside the borders of the US, then the government has authority to pass laws against them regardless of their nationality. You’ve actually just made an argument *against* multiple laws and jurisdictions. Laws apply to everyone within a country’s jurisdiction. No subdivision of classes or tiers of legality is needed (and indeed, I don’t think this exists anywhere outside Saudi Arabia, where the royal family is a protected class).
          Are you saying that people transiting through the US should be subject to its punishments, but not assisted by its legal protections and freedoms? I can’t imagine anyone would ever visit the USA if that were the case. Not even North Korea has separate laws for non-north Koreans.

        21. I am not saying they shouldn’t be, but that they don’t have to be. A country has to have the right to decide which of it’s laws apply to it’s citizens and how it will treat it’s non citizens.
          Your reasoning is what is currently being used, and it is disastrous. We can see in front of us masses of migrants with a completely incompatible thinking to the laws of Western civilization and a total breakdown of the application of the laws and freedoms in those Western countries as a result.
          That is how you end up with an 89 year old nun being treated like a criminal at an airport, it’s how you have a 10 year old child screaming in terror when he is forced to subject to a pat down in the same way a Muslim non-citizen is.

        22. Rights are only upheld if you enforce them.
          Most of this went wrong when suffrage was enacted as the right of voting (and thus by extension the foundation of all other rights) were given to a class of people, women, who have no responsibility or even the ability to enforce their existence.
          This is also why you want to be careful about what laws you pass, and keep them as few and simple as possible. Because you are going to be expected to be willing to risk your life to make sure that law is obeyed. Do you feel like killing someone over a traffic ticket? Well, that’s where it goes.

        23. Also, you don’t have to have two sets of laws. You are welcome to have one if that’s what you want. My point is, you don’t have to, and that is also clearly not the intention of the Bill of Rights, regardless of what the maniacs on the supreme court said.

        24. I don’t get the whole issue with torturing enemies.
          These people want you dead, who gives a fuck about what measures are taken to gather intelligence.
          You think the guy that blew your buddies guts all over the ground should be treated humanely?

    1. Your hate/fear for Donald trump is very evident. Trump wants power like must politicians, but he is not a politician. His success and leadership in business is what America needs.

      1. I have a hard time believing that a billionaire highly connected in Democrat circles is “not a politician”.

    2. Respectfully disagree. He has created politically incorrect narratives and devastating media humiliations that the establishment did not want or need. Their response to him is genuine fear.
      He is singlehandedly destroying the Republican party. That is not part of any establishment plan.
      I’m an cynical as the rest of them, and can see NWO plans from a good distance, but any way I look at it, Trump is not part of their plan.

      1. Let me ask then, if he destroys the GOP, who wins?
        The man is forefront a Leftist and never hid it, until about 4 years ago.
        So yes, he’s destroying the GOP. I don’t mind that the “establishment” goes down, but if the GOP goes down where goes the base? With Trump? Sure, until his first policy meeting.
        Meanwhile the Left stays whole and continues to offer *freaking socialists* as legit candidates.
        My thought is that the “establishment” GOP is nothing more than Democrats who like war. If the GOP goes away as we know it, they simply revert back to the Dems.
        Then we get to debate which form of slavery is better.

        1. The establishment still wins if he destroys the GOP because the the Democratic party is firmly under their control. Bill Kristol himself said he prefers Hillary.
          Neocons will attempt to properly harness conservative anger like they did for the tea party. My guess is they see Trump’s rise as a temporary setback. They’ll incorporate some of his talking points in the future but make sure no real change happens. I don’t think it will work, however, and so the Republican party is lost for good. Perhaps they’ll try to start a new one.

        2. Americans are just getting sick and tired of Politicians, Trump offers something new, and he’s full of Passion, he says it like it is, and Americans Like that.

        3. Tea party was a bunch of BS. The end kibitzing of the GOP establishment probably doubled the ADL and SPLC ledgers

        4. So we agree that the Dems win in short term. Fair?
          Neocons and tea party, eh, risky business there. I think that they co-opted a lot of stuff and assumed the mantel. But…say that’s all correct. The GOP fails…then…third party? Against not only a solidified party BUT a party in control of the education establishment and the media. We have what to do, besides a call to arms?
          It’s late and I’m a bit tired, but I’ve seen a 10% minority take over the country in my short life. We’re at the gates philosophically. I say we charge forward, but there aren’t many in our ranks who aren’t beaten down.

        5. I don’t think so. I showed up of my own volition, and found others there. At the beginning, it was solid.

        6. I think the problem is you still view this as a Dem v. Gop spat. In reality, this is a nationalist v. globalist scenario.
          Both the Democratic and Republican party have been working (together) towards an open border and international controlled US, where labor and manufacturing can travel freely for the cheapest cost. Meanwhile, the only guy speaking against this is Trump. Who may not be 100% Conservative but we do know every other candidate is flat out on board with that agenda.
          So, do we vote to continue that? or do we vote for the only guy who is against that agenda?

        7. The Tea Party started out as a genuine movement but was eventually co-opted by the GOP and lunatics like Glenn Beck. Which is a shame but it still got a lot of great ideas out there.

        8. I’m neither party, I’m just taking it within their framework.
          Trump has spoken out a bit against the border fiasco, but it was the media that made it big, not him. He only got hardcore *after* the medial got on his ass. Follow the timeline.
          I really don’t know man. Every election I’m told “vote for X or Y will destroy the world”. And while Y will destroy the world in this case, well, so will X. He’s not really anti-immigrant.
          Shit man, I just don’t know.
          If it came down to it would I vote for him? I suppose so. I’d just like to vote FOR something instead of against it.

        9. I was there as well. People forgot what it stood for in the first place. It should speak volumes that it is mainstream now

        10. Honestly, democracy is bullshit to begin with. but in mind, getting someone as distasteful and unapologetic as Trump elected is more of a symbolic victory than anything else. This is the moment I knew I would vote for Trump:

        11. That third party would be pretty rough. It would probably consist of all the people who say no and those who say leave me alone. It is difficult to judge numbers but I would bet that a great number of non poor Democrats would jump ship immediately. My guess is we would see brown shirts and civil war (urban vs rural) as a result.

        12. I agree 100%. Imagine if the founding fathers could get instant mob action via mass communication. They would have probably forbidden it as they copied Rome. People are to common to be or vote great so Rome used the ancient Greek, Phoenician lessons when they designed their Republic. Plus they liked winning

        13. The USA is essentially a one-party state. This “Demopublican” party has two wings (“Democratic” and “GOP”). They differ primarily over what the great Ralph Nader calls “gonadal politics”; abortion, homosexual rights etc. But on the big things, like foreign and economic policy they are pretty much on the same page overall. And this party does a wonderful job of strangling real third parties in their cradles, via draconian ballot access laws, access to debates, and worst of all a winner takes all electoral college. If the GOP goes the way of the Whigs because of Trump, that’s not the end of the world, is it? As for Mrs. Clinton, she is as war-loving as any rock-ribbed Republican.

        14. Bill Kristol is clearly dishonest and can never be trusted again, he has completely betrayed anyone who made the mistake of trusting in his integrity to his claimed principles.
          In no world is his current statement compatible with any of the principles he has espoused over the past 20 years.
          The man is either utterly corrupt, or he has been compromised, Either way he has demontrated his treacherous nature and should be held to account for it. Anyone who takes him seriously from this point on is either profoundly stupid or equally corrupt.
          Thats probably the only value he will hve from this point going forward, as a means of determining the lack of character of anyone who reads or listens to him.

        15. The Tea Party may have started off as a grass roots movement but soon became “astroturfed” by powerful organizations. And it’s demographics are its Achilles heel; too old and too white. That dooms its long-term prospects.

        16. Trump was hard core on the border right from his announcement speech (take a look at it on youtube). Thought experiment: without Trump, where would things be? Jeb! would be not only still in the race, but winning, with Cruz as an outside shot, and no one would be talking about immigration. Trump flat out moved the Overton window to the right on immigration. Was any major political figure talking about deportation or a wall last year? The year before?
          Could it all be some kind of scam? Sure. You never know how deep it goes with this political stuff. It’s hard to see what the Uniparty would get out of it, though, since he brought up so many things that they don’t usually want mentioned, and they already had a pretty complicated plan in place for ensuring Bush v Clinton.
          theconservativetreehouse has what looks like the most plausible explanation of the GOP’s original plan, and what the race would look like without Trump, if you’re interested.

        17. He’s a businessman, he does whatever it takes to turn a profit. The profit he is chasing this turn around are votes.
          I think the relevant question is if he is a rabbit like the rest, or K-selected. Looking at his family and personal achievements, I’d say he is our best bet for any kind of change in our direction.

        18. Kristol stinks. I stopped reading the Weekly Standard years ago when he turned into a big-government war monger.

        19. “If the GOP goes away as we know it, they simply revert back to the Dems.”
          There hasn’t been much of a difference, policy-wise, between the two for decades anyway.

        20. But is the GOP worth preserving? Honestly after the two Bushes I don’t care if it disappears like the Whigs (no offense to Whigs).

        21. Yep, other guy who talks about this a lot is Craig B Hulet. The two parties only disagree on the stuff that doesn’t matter.

        22. At some point profit no longer matters. He’s a billionaire. Once you get to the point where you have as much money as you need and never would have to work again a day in your life, it becomes a competition of ego and fame. Trump is a narcissist and loves the attention. That’s what’s fueling him.

        23. I hear this a lot, but honestly think most Americans are too lazy and weak for a civil war.

        24. It is time for a new party that actually wants to fight against the democrat party rather than get along with it.

        25. Little miss Tough chick had the hands on the Hips and even gave the “You better watch it Mr.” look, and Trump replied completely unintimidated by her. This is why Trump has to be the Next President, He’s a Man, and says it like it is, the other candidates would have choked a little , and not wanting to be seen as “old white sexist patriarchy”, would have gave a wet noodle response to her , a real weak response….Trump says it like it is, and Trumps not intimidated.

      2. I watched his Press Conference Last night. The Man is the Media’s Master, 1hr free airtime across all news stations, completely Brilliant.

      3. Are you aware that Trump’s daughter is married to the son of one of the most powerful families/land developers in Manhattan and New Jersey? … an orthodox Jew whose neocon Likudnik views make Dick Cheney look like Ghandi. Red flags should go up when it’s clear that all the venom and invective directed at Trump seem a tad bit **too** co-ordinated and … wait for it … scripted! Given how these secret societies operate, it’s highly conceivable that it’s all an act.
        Look at, for example, Noam Chomsky: for how many years did he fool people as being some kind of a legitimate voice for Truth, when he was a sly and douchey shill all along? I highly recommend Prof. Carroll Quigley’s “Tragedy and Hope” for the most penetrating and brilliant analysis of how these networks operate. Quigley was a true intellectual heavy weight who exposed much of the farce we live and experience today.

        1. I’ve heard of Quigley’s book for years. Would love to see someone review it here.

        2. It’s a heavy read, and though I wouldn’t mind doing a review of it, I would have to re-read it to refreshen on the key concepts, in order to do the astounding work of scholarship the justice it deserves.
          (Curiously, Quigley, even though he exposes, with extraordinarily thorough and vast amount of evidence, the networks of secret societies that are the real power behind all that we see and experience, he actually believed it was all for the best. He was given access to the archives and meetings of the most “elite” secret organizations (Tavistock, CFR, RAND, etc) for his book, and his ultimate conclusion, somewhat naively, is that these “secret” societies contribute immensely to the well-being and progress of modern Western societies).

        3. I can certainly see where he’s coming from (without necessarily agreeing with him). After all, patriarchy can be seen as an “elite” organization, in that men are elite vis a vis women, and patriarchy is a system where the superior men set about controls over the others. The secret societies may very well have controlled things well for several centuries. Perhaps something has broken down; perhaps they have become corrupted; perhaps they are no longer effective. Something appears to have changed. I think this would be a fascinating topic.

        4. The current Yale article seems very a propos to the idea of elitists ruling. Yale used to be a system of elites, for better or for worse. Look at the garbage they are letting in to Yale now. It’s like they took this powerful institution and trashed its entire history, turning it over to a diverse group of feminists, pajama boys and ghettho thugs.

        5. Not just Yale, but all “elite” schools. I don’t know if it’s intentional, and part of the dumbing down process, or as you suggest in your other comment, these secret networks have really lost control of the situation. I don’t know.
          One thing is for sure: they plan long in advance and are not prone to impulsive actions. Thus, one gets the impression that the complete elimination of critical thinking is a deliberate act, but it also affects their own kids and offspring in that they become retarded like the rest. So, it leaves one confused as to the end goal.

    3. Excellent and highly perceptive comment. I must say, I’m pleasantly surprised. I had pegged you as a “9/11 was carried out by bin Laden” type of a person, but it seems you’re fully aware of the artificial reality that we live in. Almost everything we consume through the mass media is a giant lie and a disgusting deception.

    4. I think this argument is BS because there was never anyone in the Republican party besides Trump who could have beaten Hillary, so Trump can’t really “give” an election to Hillary she already got, he can only do nothing or take it away.
      The republicans have had a serious lack of viable presidential candidates for a while, which has been a large part of why Obama got two terms. Trump is the first guy they’ve had in ages who could win.

    5. I am probably mistaken, but I think Trump has actually made statements, in the not so distant past, that he could step in and take over the republican party. The statement implied that body of the GOP is so stupid thhat they wouldn’t even know what he was doing.
      For me, since the Bush1 and the failure of Newt revolution, the GOP has lost its purpose. Trump is just the necessary final nail in the coffin.

  8. My grandfather died from cancer recently. He was going to vote for Trump. We had the funeral today. He was given a military funeral with many great men and women honoring his life. Just remember, we have fallen comrades.

    1. Your grandfather and those before him have given us the world through their sacrifices. I am sure he would be proud that you listened and shared your thoughts like any decent American would. Thank you

      1. Thank you for your words. He was a Vietnam vet from the age of 18. We were always close.

    2. I will honor him by voting for Trump. You are lucky to have had such a wise patriarch.

      1. I will also vote Trump. I am with you, man. Thanks for the honor. We really are comrades on this site.

  9. Newt Gingrich did a very telling interview where he said the establishment will fight tooth and nail to keep Donald Trump from being elected because he had not gone through the initiation ritual and is not part of a secret society like them.

    A friend of mine who is in the 1% (and not biased towards Trump) told me she went to a private dinner back when Jeb Bush was running and a high ranking congressman stated Jeb would be the nominee. When she asked a joke what if trump won, the guy had a mini-heart attack and said that won’t happen no matter what, because if he won, we’d lose our jobs/the racket we have.
    She also stated brother worked directly with donald trump for a few years and had enormous respect for him, both for his talent and how he treated his workers.
    Given how our system is run, it’s a given that the republicans are going to jump ship to supporting Hillary, BUT it’s interesting to see how Trump is giving space for people like Gingrich Huckabee and Christie who are a bit disgusted with the process to jump ship and that they’re actually a lot more disorganized than you’d think, because the establishment has done a terrible job of countering Trump’s threat. The original plan was for Jeb who couldn’t win normally (like Romney) to win by default because all the other candidates weren’t electable/worse, and when Trump messed that up by relentlessly going after Jeb, they couldn’t adapt to the new situation quickly enough.
    I am reallly hoping trump can do magic! If he can’t…..I honestly don’t know who can : /

    1. By initiation, you mean the Bohemian Grove, or as Dick Nixon said, the most faggy goddamned thing you could ever imagine.

        1. I believe that’s a large part of why Nixon is so universally demonized in American history.

    2. Wow, actually said “he’s not part of the secret society”… I’m starting to think there’s some truth to all the elite secret society stuff.

  10. You had to drop in that swipe about Israel.
    This isn’t about Israel or some global Jewish conspiracy. It’s about the “elites,” most of whom are mediocrities-at-best who would be none-too-successful cable-TV boiler-room order-takers or starving third-rate ambulance chasers were it not for politics, keeping themselves in perpetual oligarchical power and their hands permanently in the public till.

    1. Whats wrong with taking swipes at Israel? It comes up at every debate after all

    2. Only when Israel stops spying on Americans and using money to influence our democratic process, will it get a pass.

      1. If you genuinely care agout that subject because of a moral sense of outrage. Then I suggest you google “us embassy in tel aviv” under google images. Take a nte of the giant antennae and the geodesic dome object. Those are surveilance apparatus in the heart of tel aviv, in a building with barely any windows which is the size of a large fortress.
        The americna consulate in Jeruslaem is currently guarded primarily by West Bank arabs. Who have been armed and trained by the US gov, in a time when Israel, an ally, is in a state of high tension with the government representing those Arabs. The equivalent would be staffing the Israeli embassy in DC with Iranian mercenaries. And giving those mercenaries full access to all the advanced technology that Israel has.
        There are currently a number of foreign funded NGOs that do nothin but undermine Israeli elections and society, bills have been tried to get passed to reign them in, but because Israel has chained itself to American aid, those bills get squashed.
        In the last election, US campaign experts and US gov money was flooded into the country with the express purpose of influnecing who became prime minister. This was not done secretly, it was done openly. Im not bothering to list links, because a quick google search will do better, and if you are uninterested I have no desire to annoy you with links you dont care about.
        Maybe that matter to you, maybe it doesnt. If it does, you might want to consider toning down the outrage a notch. If not, well, tats your call.

        1. Turnabout is fair play :
          Obama and Israel (and AIPAC), Together at Last
          Is the NSA Outsourcing its Domestic Spying to Israel?
          Israel’s Mossad ‘Working Closely’ with NSA Over Spying
          Shady Companies With Ties to Israel Wiretap the U.S. for the NSA
          Two Secretive Israeli Companies Reportedly Bugged the U.S. Telecommunications Grid for the NSA

        2. Correct. You are getting closer to the truth of things. The relationship between DC and Jerusalem, or at lesdt certain elements of both is that of corrupt lapdog and corrupt master. This is why that fucking building can have all those damn antennas sitting out in the open. You mistake is in thinking of one group as composed of scum. So when “your team” acts corrupt you seem to think its some good thing. It is not. This is not about one evil group and a msguided group of naive white people. This is about the corrupt and the vicious working with the corrupt and the vicious.
          As for the Mossad and the NSA, I am utterly disgusted with both. The only decent advantage to the NSA is that as far as I know they are not a completely politicized organization. It has recently come out in Israel that the Mossad has been for years dominated by leftists. According to one Mossad chief, he proudly stated that it was 99% leftist. Israel is around 60% right wing. Which means that organization is not of the Israeli public but is beholden to a separate minority group of the financial elite. some 10-18 families who dominated the economy through dominating the early socialist economy. Which they ahd achieved via the hard core backing of outside countries in the early days of the State. They were rewarded for subverting Israeli domestic and foreign interests with money and favors from certain Western countries, which is how they were able to gain and maintain power for so long even tho these same people have been known to have had no part in driving out the British.
          I encourage you to read “perfidy” by Ben Hecht. A man who was killed in a freak truck driving accident on a sidewalk in new york some few years after he published the book.
          To deal with one you must deal with the other. If you think otherwise, I can only inform you that a large number of financially connected parasites in my country will be laughing at us both as you do so.

        3. I was probably too harsh on both countries. If I was, it is only because I feel more pain at corruption when I see it in the US and Israel.

        4. You are getting closer to the truth of things, but you are missing the point of the same articles you linked to. (And thank you for them btw). There is no “turnabout” here, but clearly collaboration. The relationship between DC and Jerusalem is sometimes master and lapdog and sometimes genuine friendship, and sometimes antagonistic. It is complicated because of the nature of the situation in Israel itself. Different players have different mindsets and motives.
          I don’t want to dump the whole story on you. But in a nutshell, there are two Israel’s. The Israel that is composed of 60% right wing voters, and the Israel made up of foreign backed socialists that have a calcified death grip on the countries centers of power. Who themselves have concentrated most of the wealth and power in the country to around 10-18 socialist families.
          For example, it has recently come out that the Mossad is composed nearly completely of leftists. A chief was recently bragging about how they are so effective in filtering out anyone with the wrong opinions, that it is 99% leftist. To get an idea of what that means, imagine if the CIA chief George Tenet started bragging about how they are 99% democrat.
          This is why the US embassy can openly display its surveillance and no one says a word. Its why Israeli companies are used as mercenaries for your elite interests, its also why your spy agencies are able to openly recruit traitors against Israel and no one is held accountable. It is why the Ford foundation openly fund the entire gay rights movement in Israel and is known to use political pressure to destroy the careers of people that oppose it. There are elements in both the US and Israel who are patriotic and seek the welfare of their countries, and elements that are corrupt. Usually the size of the bank account can say which is which.
          If you want a better understanding then I recommend you read Ben Hechts book “perfidy”. After that, I encourage you to read Edwin Blacks book “IBM and the holocaust”. I am not recommending the second book because I want you to feel sorry for the Jews. I am recommending it because you need to understand HOW THINGS GET DONE. The book is long and hard and difficult to work through, because the tricks being played by the corporate and political interests are long and hard and difficult to work through. But you would have to read Perfidy first otherwise you will get an incomplete picture.
          And you should read it. Because these things are all tied together.

        5. The Israel that is composed of 60% right wing voters, and the Israel made up of foreign backed socialists that have a calcified death grip on the countries centers of power. Who themselves have concentrated most of the wealth and power in the country to around 10-18 socialist families.

          Who are these people? I’m glad I took the time to read this but I find it hard to believe that this is a left wing collaboration. Israel is deeply conservative, viciously ethnocentric and entirely committed to remaining an ethno-nationalist state; With closed borders, forced deportations of undesirable foreigners and forced sterilization of immigrants. Given the circumstances, your theory seems rather dubious.

        6. I’m not sure what “viciously ethnocentric” is compared to just plain old “ethnocentric”.
          However, the ethnic and cultural makeup of Israel is very diverse. Probably more so than most Western countries, given that we are talking about a country made up of people that come from every genetic and cultural background imaginable. The Jewish disapora lasted 2000 years spread out as far as eastern India.
          But even if that weren’t the case, what exactly do you want? Do you want a white country for Christians, or do you want a multicultural experience? If you want the former, you have no business criticizing someone for not wanting the latter.
          I have no problem with a Germany for Germans even with partiality to their own traditional co-religionists. Or a Russia for Russians (which is a bit tougher as Russia is very large and includes a lot of native ethnic subgroups), or a Catholic-centered France for the French. If that makes me “viciously ethnocentric” so what?

        7. Forced deportations of undesirable foreigners is something that we fight over a great deal. We currently have 40,000 plus Sudanese migrants in Tel Aviv that more than half of us never asked for and very much want to throw out. You have to ask yourself who were the assholes that brought those 40,000 plus Sudanese into the country. It wasn’t me, I can tell you that right now. It was the same people that have been shoving a million plus Muslims down the throats of European nationalists.
          The country is “deeply conservative” in that the treacherous leftist faggots have a harder time fooling everyone after handing over half of the country to people that actively agitate for our collective destruction on their childrens television shows. If we on the right had the control you think we had, do you think we would have allowed that? More than half of the country opposed it, and the leftist traitors pushed it through with the aid of their globalist allies in Europe and America. Just like Ireland or England is in the EU against the will of the people. There are powerful interests at work forcing these things on all of us. They hate me as much as they hate you.
          Actually, they hate me even more than they hate you, because I represent the essence of nationalism to a degree others can’t. I represent the person that so held on to his idea of nationhood that he fought and clawed his way to take back a barren desert surrounded by a enemies only because his ancestors lived on it sometime in the dim past. It doesn’t get more pro-nationalist than that.
          As for sterilization of immigrants, that is the classic racism of the leftist hypocrites at work. When all is said and done, the Leftist is really about one thing – acquiring power for himself. He will accept power going to his family if not to him, and to his race if not to his family. Leftism is nothing more than the ideology of envy and theft. When he sees that he is losing power, then he will even betray his race and family so long as he can maintain power.
          The original communists and socialists in the country were racist to a level that would have made the German national socialists proud. One of the turning points in Menahem Begins career was when he went into a televised rage after a leading leftist politicians effectively called all the middle eastern Jews “niggers” on television during a knesset debate.
          They also had nearly nothing to do with driving the British out in the first place. It is a dirty little secret in the country, but Ben Gurion did not want a State. He wanted to be part of a British Protectorate. he was a good little lapdog and helped the British hunt down the revolutionaries, as is well known. Look it up, the evidence is so extensive that even the Leftists can’t deny it, they can only not talk about it and hope no one else looks into it. When the revolution was in full swing, the mainstream big mouths had to join in because they were about to lose the fiction that they represented the will of the people.
          This is why so many people are confused about what actually goes on here. You do not realize we are in the middle of a cultural war that has been going on for 60+ years now.
          I am trying to tell you that these things are complicated. The books I recommended to you are not just good for understanding Israel, but for understanding the mindset of the globalists in general and the games they play.

        8. They also had nearly nothing to do with driving the British out in the first place. It is a dirty little secret in the country, but Ben Gurion did not want a State.

          Do you know where I can learn more about this?

        9. Start with the books I recommended, also pick up “The First Tithe” by Israel Eldad

    3. It’s not a conspiracy by any means. Our government and elites are overrepresented by Israel-first groups who wield disproportionate power and influence. They’re a big problem and they’re dragging this country down.
      Notably, they’re one of the reasons Republicans are so cucked in the first place. Some of the Republican party’s biggest donors (Sheldon Adelson, Paul Singer, etc) have “the safety of Israel” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sheldon_Adelson#Politics) as their #1 priority, and in a country that’s NOT Israel, that leads to all kinds of problems. Most of these donors are also insanely socially liberal (supporting illegal immigrants, abortion, etc). The Neoconservative movement started from former Democrats/liberals and has been closely intertwined with many Jewish thinkers. Then there’s AIPAC, and how they’re exempt from lawful registration as a foreign lobby (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foreign_Agents_Registration_Act#Selective_enforcement), and more and more that I won’t get into now.
      Hell, look no further than Ted “if you will not stand with Israel and the Jews, then I will not stand with you” Cruz to see how pervasive their influence has become.
      It’s not a “swipe” or a “conspiracy”, it’s just history that’s hidden away from the masses.

  11. The fool Romney would do well to recall what happened in Taft’s second Presidential election – which would most likely occur again if he persists in his idiocy.

  12. ” establishment cuckservatives are meeting right now in a secret Georgia retreat”
    Jekyll Island right?

  13. No mention, shockingly, of the elites’ real ace in the hole—the feral Africans and the women of all races who are expected to thrust America’s most notorious lesbian and her Muslim honeypot into the White House.
    Were the franchise limited to the white males who built everything in America worth preserving, we could look forward to Michelle Robinson’s speedy replacement by a classy, feminine First Lady. Melania Trump would serve as a fine example to the women of an America where sanity in gender relations was restored.
    Hillary, meanwhile, wouldn’t be going anywhere in January 2017 but the nearest lethal injection chamber with her babygirl Huma right behind her, because the FBI would finally release more than enough evidence to convict her on dozens of capital murder charges.
    As it is, those white males who voted in the Democratic primaries preferred the bloody-minded communist Jew-in-name-only to Hillary Clinton. That’s how little support Hillary has among people who have to work for a living—which doesn’t include many women or blacks.
    It seems many of the Anyone but Trump voters in Michigan were actually ghetto trash so convinced Hillary would beat Sanders that they didn’t bother to actually vote for her, preferring to try to rig the (open) GOP primary instead. Of course, it didn’t work.

    1. “The bloody-minded communist Jew” (and are you Sinead McCarthy posting under a pseudonym?) is the only person in the campaign who understands the internal contradictions that are destroying our economic system. That’s why he has such broad working class support, especially with younger voters, male and female alike, who were hurt the most by what the “banksters” did to the economy in 2008.

  14. The American people could still vote for Trump, the right to vote doesn’t compel the parties in their primary processes at all. Trump could likely get on the ballot as an independent, and the election would still go to Hillary, but no one would have been deprived of their voting rights

  15. This is like some kind of Creature from Jekyll Island scenario, only far more clumsy. Whichever way it goes, things are gonna blow up.

  16. There’s a British historian named Roger Griffin (a leftist) who clearly observed that the rise of nationalism is always preceded by the downfall of conservatism
    He’s right. Time to bring about that downfall

  17. In another article, I asked: Why does Trump not run as independent? He pays for everything himself anyway.
    The experts informed me: Because that way he can exploit the party machine.
    So I said: What if the part machine crashes him?
    Trump’s candidacy is fake. He is controlled opposition, pressure relief valve.
    He has no idea why illegal immigration has become such a problem. He totally fails to understand (I don’t know if it is deliberate) that it is the banksters that ruined the economies of the 3rd world and they are the same ones that are destroying the world’s economy and pushing for WWIII. Millions fled Mexico and Central America because their families are starving. Now the tide is turning and they are returning home because they too can’t find work.
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but they played the same trick on Ron Paul, didn’t they? In another elections they used Peron as a fake candidate. We all know their tricks. So once again, why didn’t Trump run as an independent candidate? How come he didn’t know they would trick him?
    The Republican establishment will thwart Trump to guarantee a Hillary Clinton presidency
    I said that months ago and even got banned in RooshV forum for saying it. Ha!
    What a shamble!

    1. Trump has put in very little of his own cash. It is questionable whether he could actually self-fund.

      1. For both Trump and Sanders the vast bulk of their funding has come from small grassroots contributions.

  18. So the turncoat GOP establishment reveals itself. They would rather hand the presidency to Hillary and let her finish wrecking this Republic than see Trump nominated.

  19. Hillary Clinton, Next POTUS?
    March 7th, 2016
    Don’t be surprised if Hillary Clinton becomes the next President of the United States.
    The reasons are quite simple:
    1. Trump is a narcissist and an abhorrent racist. A joker to boot. His authoritative brand of maliciousness may be popular with the racist core of the US, but it will be no match against the liberal, come-and-suck-at-the-teats-of-the-federal-government brand of the HILLARYous.
    2. Trump’s my-way-or-the-highway style would not jive well with Congress. No matter what the TRUMPeteer says, nothing can get done if he doesn’t work with Congress – not even his stupid, racist border wall, which no Congressman would ever vote for and which, if it were to ever be constructed, could easily be bypassed by the people smugglers. Remember the Haitian and Cuban boat people? There are 4 million of them (and their children) now in Florida. So with a Trump’s Apartheid-style wall, instead of crossing the border on land, those who would want to come to the US from Mexico could just do it by boat while the drug dealers could utterly dig more tunnels. Simple as that. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. See Why we have an immigration problem.
    3. During the abysmal last year of George W Bush’s catastrophic warmongering reign, they marketed Obama as the HOPE dude, the first Black to have a chance at being President. Everybody bought it. Now, during the abysmal last year of the catastrophic warmongering reign of the first Black President, it’s a woman’s turn. HOPE part deux – the catastrophic (warmongering?) adventure continues with the first woman to have a chance at being President of the US. It will soon get the juices of the jingoists flowing. “USA! USA! USA! Only in the USA!” they will chant, oblivious to the fact that many women all over the world – including Muslim Pakistan – have already been elected Presidents and Prime Ministers.
    4. The powers that be really wanted Jeb. That’s why when the primaries started they mercilessly hounded Hillary. But the people were in no mood to have another Bush shoved down their throats. So now they have to implement plan B, Hillary. Besides, most people have fun memory of her husband Bill. At least times were good then. So the Clintons are not as stigmatized as the Bushes.
    5. Hillary is of the establishment. And the establishment always wins. They will never let anyone they do not trust sit in the oval office, especially a man like Trump who’s so entwined with the Zionist Jews (aka Jewish neocons) who are destroying America. That’s why Trump talks like a Zionist: border wall like the Israeli Apartheid wall, kill Muslims, more wars, racist jingoism, etc. See Post Below. The TRUMPeteer seems to forget that the Presidency was stolen from Al Gore because the GOREan thought it smart to attach himself at the hip with the Jewish neocon Joe Lieberman.
    6. Hillary vs Trump would be a tight race. Thus chances for shenanigans would be 100%. If it were to become expedient to steal the election, it would have to be a close one where shaving off a few points wouldn’t be as noticeable. That’s how W won. And that’s how Hillary would win, if necessary. It would be Corruptus Hillaryous time.
    But as always, time will tell.

  20. Trump said abortion is ok for rape cases. That’s cuckservative.
    That would see every guy who fucked a bitch who later wants an abortion labelled a rapist.
    A conservative says abortion is out for every case (see Cruz).

        1. Then just have abortion on demand. Why are rape and incest any different?
          The rape justification for abortion is just gold for feminists. They get abortions (woman’s choice) plus false rape allegations/convictions. “Your a rapist I’m killing your baby” when the poor guy wanted to start a family. It will happen all the time if it’s the only way to get an abortion. “A bit dominant in bed” will suffice for “rape”. Perfect for feminism!
          1. Just drop in to your local clinic,
          2. say “rape”,
          3. kill the bastard.
          Over time the outrage due to the increase in “rape” will mean reporting these “rapes” to police will become policy then a legal obligation. Convictions will follow, on a woman’s word and the clinics records, and innocent men punished. As if having their unborn child terminated against their will is not bad enough.
          Trump is still a sucker if he still believes in rape abortions. He used to be pro woman’s choice! He’s come along way but not quite there.
          His transition from the dark side will not be complete until he dumps rape abortion ideas.

    1. Trump doesn’t give a fuck who gets an abortion. Seriously. He might say something to get people to vote for him, but he really, honestly, couldn’t care less what you do with your feteus.

      1. At this point why should any of us. I believe it is murder and a moral issue. However, I see no way it is going to change except one person at a time rejecting it as immoral. Tilting a windmills is how the conservatives in this country have handed power to the left.

        1. Exactly, plus it’s white knighting of the worst kind–trying to white knight for anonymous girls you don’t even know. Plus the things these single moms will do to their sons is horrible. Best they not be brought into this world if that’s how they are going to live.

      2. If I impregnate a woman I believe the fetus is my property. The woman is my property too by the way.
        I recently had a girlfriend and I explained to her the following. You owns things. But, because I own you, and because ownership is transitive, I own those things. She was very impressed. She became quite obsessed with me actually. I have found that women love that kind of talk.
        Opinions may vary on the morality of abortion. But the problem is that, in our society, it is the WOMANS choice! The man is the decision maker by nature. So the law, making it the woman’s choice, opposes nature. So fucked up!
        If you want to leave it to everyone to have their own morals about their fetus, then it must be the father’s choice. The father decides. Pro choice.

  21. When Hillary “Men are Scum” Clinton gets in as President, it will be the worst 4 years of all your lives, as she implements one after another policy ruinous to every American male and the economy alike. But look on the bright side.. at the end, we’ll have an extra 160 million Americans who will have swallowed the Red Pill.

    1. If Hillary gets in it is all over, end of story. America will be too far gone to turn around, and there will be nowhere to run.

  22. They definitely don’t like Trump, but the establishment isn’t crazy about Cruz either. The closest cuck is Rubio, someone so far behind and clearly unwanted by the voters that advancing him to the front of the line would be so pathetically staged as to ensure GOP voter turnout in the general election would be halved, guaranteeing a Hillary win. The cucks at the establishment have no options that will not reveal exactly what’s going on, secret meetings notwithstanding. Attempt to fire Trump and there will be mass abandonment of the “opposition” party, the GOP.
    The only twist will be if Hillary finally gets indicted for blatant federal crimes befitting her actions. The Dems would then have to come up with a shill pretty quickly. But judging by the numbers of big time Democrat donors at that meeting, they either are not worried about Hillary being indicted or are making plans to have the most cuck-like alternative waiting in the wings, just in case.

  23. Add another reason why I hope Donald Trump wins the presidency.
    Today The NY Daily News, in another stunning display of arrogance by the liberal media, ran the headline “Boys of Dumber” as they made the “news” of ex-major league baseball player Johnny Damon’s endorsement of the GOP front runner the front cover of today’s paper. His endorsement comes on the heels of another Trump endorsement from another ex-major leaguer, Paul O’Neill – much to the chagrin of the liberal propaganda ministers at The Daily News.
    The fact that these endorsements would even be mentioned in the paper, let alone make the front cover also speaks volumes about the decline of journalistic integrity in this country. Why are the presidential endorsements of a couple of ex-pro athletes seen as newsworthy? Who honestly cares if O’Neill and Damon support Trump, Ted Cruz, Hilary Clinton or Bernie Sanders? The Daily News apparently, and it’s because the opinions of a couple of high profile personalities don’t mesh with what the Liberal Elite want. Let’s be honest with each other: would O’Neill and Damon even be news if they endorsed Clinton or Sanders? No they wouldn’t, because they would be in tow with the status quo that the Elite wants to maintain. The fact that these two men dared to venture outside the socialist groupthink that has gripped this country is why their names are back in the news.
    The headline for the story (“Boys of Dumber”) speaks for itself. Just because they decided to think for themselves and not let the media dictate their opinions apparently means that Paul O’Neill and Johnny Damon are “dumb”. Why does their endorsement of Donald Trump make them dumb, because they say so? This is not a referendum on whether or not Trump would be a great president, but rather a referendum on the condescending nature of today’s “journalism” if you can even call it that. Whether you agree with O’Neill or Damon does not dictate their level of intelligence.
    Despite the best efforts of Liberals in recent years, the United States still has the first amendment and that means that anybody, including highly visible individuals, are entitled to their opinions whether you agree with them or not. I’m on board for Trump to be our next president, but that doesn’t make anybody who supports any other candidate “dumb”. Regardless of who you support, whether it be Trump, Cruz, Clinton or Sanders, your endorsement is not an indictment on your level of intelligence and you’re free to make whatever decision you feel is in the best interest of our country. It’s your right as an American citizen.
    Don’t let anybody, including the liberal elite, belittle you for the decisions you make at the polls in November. You are your own person and you should be in control of the decisions you make. Think for yourselves and make those decisions based on your own judgments, not the judgments of an elite few.

  24. I personally don’t like Trump but would not vote for an asshole like Romney emerging from a brokered convention.
    Get Rubio and Kasich out of the race and let Trump and Cruz go one-on-one. The winner gets the nomination and the party support.
    Any other strategy = President Clinton.

  25. Mitt Romney? America keeps saying “No”; the neocons (socialists, really) keep saying “yes.”
    Maybe peaceful revolution really is impossible.

    1. I was actually for Cain (9-9-9) last election and Romney landed the slot, got to the debates (where Obama about refused to go on stage the first night) and promptly folded like a cheap suit. I watched all 3 debates.
      Romney will be a speedbump if he is stupid enough to raise his head. He blew it.

  26. I kind of hope Romney runs. Just to awaken more people to the red pill and realize that no, you don’t have a fucking voice, and when we say you are free cause democracy, that only means we give you a choice of two Commissars to select from.
    Besides, I think America has jumped the Shark. Look at the last president who tried to reform the system and do things his way–JFK. I’m not implying that violence against President Trump would happen–no I think the president no longer has a real ability to really change things. The Dark State continues, no matter who is occupying the White House. In other words, a Trump victory, while it could turn back a lot of the rhetoric, end political correctness, etc. would not mean a whole much in the grand scheme of things. America is a sinking ship. All Trump could do is restore some order to the chaos as we flee to the deck which is grievously short of lifeboats.

  27. I never quite understood why some people though Donald Trump was a worse choice than “Clinton part II” or “Bush part III”, even Sanders is better choice than “Clinton part II” for that matter.
    People are finally seeing that Trump is running a Presidential Campaign and a company with 22,000+ employees, whom are mostly AMERICAN citizen, with billions of dollars in real estate holdings to maintain, ALL AT THE SAME TIME. People are finally starting to giving the guy some credit. In contrast, what other outside organization, WITH EMPLOYED STAFF, was Obama “running” during his initial Presidential campaign? NONE, just his Presidential campaign, with some skeleton crew staffers left behind, to autopilot his Senate duties, same goes for “Bush part II” (just replace “Senator” with “Governor”).
    Its also easy to understand Trumps popularity with younger women. Here is a hint, in the eyes of female instinct, he is a real Alpha Male, when compared to the other Betas trying to run for office. In a way, “Bush I” and “Bush II” were also Alphas, when judged by female instinct, Jeb Bush however, is not and it shows.
    Also, minorities are for most part still tapped into their primal instincts and teach their kids the same. While most Anglo’s, on the other hand, try to deny instincts and teach their boys to become Manginas that answer directly to feminine desire.
    Trump is none of these things, hence the current wave of female adoration, which in reality, is a type of physical attraction that none of these women know how to articulate when question and surveyed in the polls.
    Although Trump did grow up rich, inheriting money and property from his fathers businesses, the Trump Family is self-made for the most part and do not seem to be directly connected with NWO & Old-Money types (all the Trumps are Tax Dodgers BTW). Trumps grandfather did not process properly through Ellis Island, in the late 1800’s and had left behind many unpaid debt in Europe by the time he came to America and started his new businesses. However, what regular people don’t seem to understand is that folks like Donald Trump and Ross Perot are considered “trash” by the standards of the Romney and Bush clans types, with family members having held political offices, in the Untied States, as far back as the 1850’s. Note, Reagan, Bill Clinton, and Obama also had no direct family ties to the Old-Money types, however, they were not nearly as wealthy, nor as independently bold, as Trump or Perot and eventually all of them did “toe the line”, following the orders of the NWO & Old-Money types.
    The reality is that Trump will NEVER be accepted as part of the true “Owners of Capital” club because he is the decedent of regular working class immigrants from Germany, that came to the USA via Ellis Island. Whether voters believe it or not, people like Donald Trump and Ross Perot before him, are truly, the best chance, regular people have to being represented by someone in office who’s family is not beholden to or part of the NWO & Old-Money types. Although I have not thoroughly checked, it does not appear that Donald Trump, nor Ross Perot, were ever invited to or attended the Bilderberg Conference. That’s a GOOD sign, not a bad one (Both Clinton’s have however).
    There are some other things to consider, if, Trump has a REAL chance at winning the republican nomination or somehow gets huge backing as an Independent, the “Owners of Capital” will simply do what they did to Ross Perot and once that process unfolds he will eventually decide to “willingly withdraw” from the race.
    Do people really believe, that if someone like Donald Trump wins the election, that he will be able to do what he wants, as apposed to, what the “Military Industrial Complex” wants him to do?
    Anyone who becomes President of the United States has to “cow tow” to the “Military Industrial Complex” and even Donald Trump is not immune to a guaranteed “CIA visit” once in office.
    Be assured they will pay him a visit, if he ever wins, and like Ross Perot, Jessie Ventura, Arnold Schwarzenegger and even Obama, he too will be told to “toe the line” and “play ball”, as they dictate.
    For example, why in the world did Arnold Schwarzenegger need to do ANYTHING along party lines? His fame and popularity COMPLETELY transcended political parties, yet somehow he was still “answering” to politicians who “in theory” should have had no affect on his personal life, political career or personal fortune, all of which existed prior to being elected and was held COMPLETELY outside of the confines or influence of the “Military Industrial Complex”.
    Also consider this angle, there is a huge assets difference between someone like Mitt Romney, who has a $250 million net worth and Ross Perot with a $5 billion net worth (Donald Trump has a net worth of $4 Billion). Yet, someone like Romney was and still is a shoe in for party nominations. As I alluded to above, its NOT the money, nor the popular vote that matters, people like Mitt and Jeb Bush are government insiders and both come from families that always have been government insiders. That was not the case at all with Perot and the same goes for Trump, hence neither of them can be elected regardless of the popular vote or the public’s desires or how much money they spend.
    Ross Perot dropping out of the 1992 election was not happenstance either, nor simply about his daughters wedding:
    Both Trump and Sanders, in my opinion, are the least likely, currently “visible candidates”, to be heavily affiliated with NWO & Old-Money types. Trump and Sanders weren’t “born into” the “right kind” of political families, in fact their ancestors were immigrants from the lower classes of Europe. Its actually really too bad they can’t be on the same independent ticket, running as Independents, with Trump as President and Sanders as VP, with people like Ralph Nader, Jessie Ventura and Ron Paul filling the various cabinet positions (actually pooling campaign resources, with the intention of trying to win, as a team and not the usual solo campaigns).
    But if they tried to pull a “hat trick” like that, I’m sure quite a few of them would QUICKLY find themselves at risk of being in a “plane crash” or on the wrong end of a “car accident”.
    In hindsight, I truly believe that Ross Perot would have done a much better job than ANY of the “good ol’ boys” that we’ve gotten as Presidents since then. Trump is the nations second chance to get that type of leadership. Again, Perot dropping out of the 1992 election was not happenstance, nor was it simply about his daughters wedding. He was likely threatened in some way, that none of us can imagine. Think about it, why has he been so quiet, for the last 20+ years?
    Donald Trump will be no different, but, if he decides to run for President and he somehow wins, best case scenario, it will be Arnold Schwarzenegger or Ronald Reagan all over again.

    1. That was a very insightful analysis. The president is surrounded by the Secret Service 24/7, and is legally required to use them. It’s illegal for him to use his own bodyguards even if he wants to and has the money to. The Secret Service was created by the Federal Reserve, to investigate counterfeiting (read: competition), and only later took on the role of protecting public officials. In all likelihood, the head of the Secret Service still reports, in some “under the table” way, to the Fed Board. And the president is prohibited from dismissing them, or venturing outside of their presence, for the entire time he’s in office, from inauguration to departure. Do the math….

  28. This just confirms to me that Jeb, Rubio, and Romney were just placeholders for Hillary and had no intention of wining. If the GOPe steals this election for Hillary this polite non violent revolution could turn hot.

    1. Wait, you’re seriously suggesting the American people would actually REVOLT?
      You’re dreaming!

  29. >In order to defeat Donald Trump, The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol admits he is prepared to hand Hillary Clinton the Oval Office.
    The GOPe needs to be hung from the gallows under the charge of treason.
    The “Republican party…” does not care if this “destroys them…” because they don’t exist. They’re puppets that are controlled by the same masters as Hillary. There are no longer two political parties in America. There is one party: The party of the elite. The party of the Jew. And they don’t even pretend to hide it any more.

  30. Well, then we better may sure that the Don get the 1,237 delegates, and takes control of the party.

  31. After I have read a couple of articles about the West and all the pc crap, feminazis, false rape accusations and the horrible road where the US is headed(now Europe too, splendid). Few weeks ago I was like: IF this mentality spreads among brainwashed people and also IF some people pull the strings to create a society in which women can absolutely abuse men while being legally invincible, what do they need to do to take it to the next level ? Elect a politically correct president, even “better” if it will be a woman.
    And now I read this article… especially this “Mitt Romney could be handed the nomination by Republican cuckservatives to allow a Hillary presidency” and this “The Republican establishment will thwart Trump to guarantee a Hillary Clinton presidency”
    Right after Obama calmly says to the press that “Donald Trump won’t be president…”

  32. If a brokered convention doesn’t nominate Trump that means he wasn’t treated fairly and then will run as a third party candidate. If Romney is anointed then the Cruze, Carson, and Paul supporters vote Trump and HRC becomes Queen. I’m sure the GOP understands this and so does Trump.

  33. There is only one way that has ever stopped tyranny – and it sure as hell ain’t peaceful.

  34. I hope they succeed in blocking him. Not looking forward to a Hillary presidency, but at least she doesn’t tell her supporters to beat the shit out of protesters.
    You guys really wanna lose your right to protest? Really?
    The Trumpinator also says he’s going to start filing frivolous lawsuits against media outlets, and individual reporters, who say things about him that he doesn’t like.
    You really wanna lose your right to freedom of the press?
    This guy threatens dissenters with physical violence. Who the hell does he think he is, Robert Mugabe? This crap has NO place in a free society. There are times when strings have to be pulled to stop a totalitarian demagogue, and this is one of those times.
    Go Mitt.
    If the election gets thrown to the Hildabeast, then you Trumplings have no one to blame but yourselves, for losing your shit and trying to get an authoritarian thug elected. Think twice next time.

    1. Oh, and if you’re looking for a working-class uprising, then Bernie Sanders is your guy. He’s been denouncing backstabbing trade-deals, like TPP, and the growing gap between rich and poor, for decades. If your main issue is the inability to pay your bills because a bunch of oligarchs shipped your job overseas, then you’re crying out for socialism. It’s funny how that word makes your ears bleed, but it shouldn’t.
      If Pedro the Mexican comes across the border and steals your job, and you can’t pay your bills anymore, then logically, a governing system that provides you with a social safety net while you’re looking for another job, SHOULD be music to your ears. Unless, of course, it’s not really about money.. and you just hate Mexicans, because.
      That’s why a lot of people think supporting Trump is inherently racist. If you weren’t racist, you’d be supporting Bernie, because he is exactly the same kind of anti-establishment populist as Trump, minus the racism and demagoguery.
      I mean, why do you think the lamestream media had a near-total blackout on Bernie, and tried to get Hillary coronated without a fight, all while blanketing the airwaves with non-stop Trump for 9 months straight?
      The “elites” you despise so much… they’re more afraid of Bernie than they are of Trump.

    2. Nobody is losing their right to protest, you retard. When Trump holds a rally, he becomes the tenant of a leasehold estate for the period the rally takes place. It’s legally his private property to kick anyone he wants out.
      Get the fuck outta here with that SJW logic.
      Those Bernie losers can protest on public thoroughfares.

      1. Oh I get it, so he’s only doing it cuz it’s private. I see. That makes it all ok.
        If he becomes president, you don’t think he’s gonna find a workaround for that? By holding his speeches at more “private” venues?
        You’re nitpicking. The bottom line is, when people protest him, he gives encouragement (and soon to be direct orders, no doubt) to physically assault and batter them.
        That’s not a threat to the right to protest?
        Oh but he’s yoooour guy, so it’s all fine and dandy. It’s fine if YOUR guy does it.
        Imagine if Obama told his supporters to assault Tea Party protesters, and the bots went and did it. Got that image in your head?
        Because it can go both ways. Those who don’t respect a particular right in others tend to eventually lose that right themselves.
        Oh and by the way, lobbing an ad hominem personal attack (calling me a “retard”) in your very first sentence, is very SJW of you. Did you learn that over at Jezebel?

  35. I believe they’re secretly holding out hope that Kasich or Rubio will win their States, so that they can throw their brokered convention support to them instead of Donald Trump.
    Even though they have thrown their support to Trump (he even bragged about it) i believe it’s a false gesture designed to stroke his ego and make him complacent. They are preparing for something big at the RNC in order to screw SOMEONE over for their establishment pick, the way they did for Romney against conservatives and libertarians the last time out.
    I’m a Ted Cruz guy regardless, no matter who ends up with the nod i’m voting my conscience; to hell with watering down my vote.
    I don’t water down my liquor and i DAMN SURE aren’t going to to filter my vote through the buffer of what the Rinos consider appropriate presidential material!

      1. Thanks brother. That homosexual is the latest to feel my wrath.
        I’ve been rather busy as of late but i should be able to spend more time here now. Glad to see you being implacably sarcastic with the sorry lot you deal with as well 🙂

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