10 Ways Men Are Horribly Oppressing Women

Lately I’ve had a change of heart when it comes to feminism. I’ve started to notice the kind of everyday sexism and misogyny that women go through. I’m thinking, if I had daughters, would I want them to put up with all of the horrible stuff white cisgender men do on a regular basis?

Of course women need feminism. Yet there are some of them who still don’t know that. They can’t see how they themselves are oppressed, and make fun of feminists who call it like it is. That’s NOT okay. If you are one of those girls who do this, I’m talking to you. I want you to know about how sexism affects you every day, around the clock. So I’ve made a list of oppressive actions you probably encounter regularly.

Below are ten signs of how oppressed you actually are in your everyday life. Things you might not have noticed until now, but make your life miserable. Go through the list and check how many of them happened to you in the last 24 hours. Keep score, and at the end you’ll see to which degree you face oppression in a normal day.

1. A male stranger flirted with you and gave you compliments


Disgusting, isn’t it? Why men feel they have the right to give you attention and compliment your appearance is beyond me. Of course, they should get your consent to even speak to you in the first place, as one brave feminist has pointed out.

2. A man sitting next to you spread his legs

The problem of manspreading cannot be exaggerated. When a man sits next to you with his legs apart, he’s taking up the space you need to be a strong independent woman and spread your own legs to show your amazing vagina to the world.


This manspreading sadist should go to jail.

3. You felt cold at your workplace


I stand with you, cold woman.

The reason is that the air conditioning is set to make your male colleagues comfortable. How sexist. Women need to stand up for themselves and make the temperature better suited for them and their bodies.

4. The store you shop at has special products marketed for women


It’s hateful to women when companies make products specifically tailored for their needs. Women and men are exactly the same.

5. A male coworker stayed behind after you went home for the day

That means he will be making more money than you in the end. What a jerk! Women still earn less than men over a lifetime, and it doesn’t matter that it’s because men work harder, take more dangerous jobs, and so forth. It’s still sexist!



6. A man commented on a woman’s body or women’s bodies in general

That men like certain body types more than others is sexist and makes plus sized women feel bad about themselves. The truth is that ALL bodies are beautiful, ALL bodies are beach bodies.


Gorgeous, amiright?

7. You saw a commercial featuring a woman with a slim body

beach body poster

Does this woman look healthy to you? Didn’t think so.

Again, this makes plus sized women feel bad for not looking like the women they see in commercials. Thankfully, London’s Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan has decided to ban ads with sexy women from the city’s transport network. While I did say that all bodies are beautiful and great, slim bodies are clearly unnatural and must be the result of the model starving herself.

8. A man assumed your gender

male female gender issues

Just because you look, talk and act like a woman, doesn’t mean you’re a woman. It’s science (feminist science). For all he knows, you could be a cat. If my future daughters would tell me they’re actually boys, I would accept it in a heartbeat. (But then I guess they wouldn’t be my daughters anymore, rather my sons. Which would mean that they wouldn’t be oppressed anymore, I guess. But they would still have female bodies, and I guess that counts as them being oppressed, maybe… This is all a bit confusing.)

9. A man tried to explain something to you that you already knew


Mens’ habit of bringing bullhorns to work has to stop!

How dare this mansplaining man assume that he knows something you don’t. How are you supposed to have a meaningful conversation with someone who insists on passing on information to you in a friendly way? It’s gross!

10. You encountered a Trump supporter

This one is self-explanatory. Trump is LITERALLY Hitler.


Adolf Hitler.

Finally, let’s check your oppression

I hoped you kept score. Now it’s time to see how bad your oppression really is.

1-3: While this might not seem so awful, and you could have it worse, it’s still outrageously misogynist.

4-6: I can only imagine the terror you must be feeling right now. Run to your safe space and don’t look back!

7-10: You need to call the police, now!

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174 thoughts on “10 Ways Men Are Horribly Oppressing Women”

  1. Hahahahahahaha this made me laugh so hard…
    John, get the fuck out of Scandinavia as soon as you can, middle Europe except for Germany is still sorta livable, but then make plans to move a lot further…

    1. Even Germany with its problems is an improvement over Scandinavia, though you’re right he should go elsewhere if possible.

      1. I’m in NL but very close to the border, we have many Germans working in the company I’m at. From what I understand it seems marginally better than Scandinavia.
        I was born in Sweden heh, and most of the people I grew up with are still there.

        1. Honest question: as a half Danish American who grew up in DC during the really bad old days, it can be hard sometimes for me to understand what is going on with the migrants. Are they simply acting in the way their sub Saharan cousins in America do, and Europeans just aren’t used to it, or are we talking open war in the streets, or something in between?

        2. Something in between I would say for the most part, in some areas it does get damn close to urban warfare.

    2. Scandinavian nations are just a surreal nightmare when it comes to marxism out of control. What a shit-hole of a mess.

      1. I still remember the Sweden of the 80ties, ABBA and new Volvos and Saabs and everything was great…
        But now it should almost be called Swedenistan…

        1. They pass the idea of being such pussies…I mean, if sjw ever tried to defeat Isis with free hugs in Mosul or Raqa, they will be the first to volunteer.

  2. 11. After divorcing some poor fucker, the judge ONLY awarded you the house and half his salary, stopping marginally short of having him dance on tables for food.

    1. 12 Some men are having fun in a club for men without bothering anybody.
      13 People whose life has been ruined by false rape accusations think that they have the right to protest.
      14 Women get harassed in internet as anybody else does.
      15 Men living in the street oppose to check their privilege.
      16 Some men who are not rapist neither criminals say which areas in the city are dangerous to go alone in the night.

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    2. Sad Dick Khan actually claimed that the bodies in the “Beach Body Ready” ad were unhealthy. Huh?!
      And they had 378 complaints. Out of 8.5m Londoners? I thought we lived in a democracy. Instead we must inconvenience the many for the benefit of the few. That is exactly how socialism works.
      And I heard this morning that they want to stop teachers at girls schools referring to the girls as… girls.
      Why? Because of the off-chance that someone there might be confused about their gender and be offended.
      I’m offended by all of this stupidity.

      1. Why? Because of the off-chance that someone there might be confused about their gender and be offended.
        Why? Because of the off-chance that someone there might be confused about HER gender and be offended.
        Someone – singular, not plural.
        Sorry, a pet peeve of mine. Feminists did a big language switch and eliminated a lot of writing with correct pronouns around the late 1970’s. Now we (and I sometimes do it too accidentally) use “their” when we should use he or she. It makes no grammatical sense whatsoever.
        Agree with your post, what’s going on is lunacy, the tyranny of the minority over the majority, no matter the identity of said minority.

        1. Dude did you really just “go grammatical” on me in a comment on the Internet? LOL!
          Actually my usage is perfectly correct and predates feminism Mister Grammar Nazi! 🙂
          Not only that, its feminists that insist we use “her” in place of “his” or “their”.

        2. There is an exception for this case. Don’t go to the mat with me on this one Ghost, I’ll make you tap out.

        1. It’s not ridiculous because it’s not just about correcting a grammatical error, it’s about fighting back against the queer BLTs who want to make language less precise just to further their genderless agenda.

        1. Yes they are sexless pupils now. We can’t take the chance that we may offend a girl who identifies as a FUCKING IDIOT!

  3. For a second there I thought “Holy shit! The Scandinavian Marxists finally got to John!”

  4. I was hooking up with an older women briefly who had a teen age daughter, it was scary how indoctrinated she was about ‘wolf whistles are the epitome of sexist’, and proceed to start swearing at some guy who did it to the women I was with once.

  5. On a serious note, Trump espouses a LOT of good things, but I have become wary of his team he is assembling, I wonder if the right is going to get ‘obama-ed’ like the left did.

    1. For all I care, he fills his ranks with tentacled aliens. As long as they’re not globalists.

      1. but so far that’s the direction he’s been going with his team. Status-quo establishment folks. Now Ronnie hired some outright “kooks” (I mean that in a good way) but they were largely abandoned after the bullet.

    2. I just want to see Obama’s, Hilary’s, and Michelle’s expressions when trump gets sworn in.
      If he only uses his presidency to shine a light on how corrupt the executive branch has become I will consider him a success.

  6. The first one is the one, i believe, most men hear nowadays. Ho dont you dare say anything nice to a woman regarding her looks! She does not like it, except for the bad boy that fucked her last night…Any way…i recall this feminist girl that detested being praised (she has severe confidence problems) and went bananas every time i did it. I always slipped the table saying “ok, dont want to stare and compliment you? Then stop staring at my ass”. Ho God, how i love to tease these feminist bitches.

    1. Hehe be the bad boy girls like that kind of talk from instead.
      I sometimes at the office use the good old “you look particularly fuckable today” line hehe, and girls giggle away while feigning outrage….

      1. Never tried that line before. 😀 but yes, if we present a challenge to them, biology will take over culture and they will get their vagina wet in no time.

        1. Best response to that is “what time this evening should I expect you and do you want dinner?” Which I’ve had more than once – and followed through on of course hehehe.
          Feminists like my mom say that no proper girl would like me or should like me even hihihi, and it pisses her off to no end that women try to chat me up even when I’m with her.
          I don’t give a shit what that old dingbat says or thinks, but I have to sometimes spend time with her.

    2. I dunno man. I don’t even remember the last time I thought of anything nice to say to a woman I came across, let alone actually opening my mouth to pay her a compliment.
      Its just some sort of learned behavior I exhibit where I just can’t pay a compliment to any female other than my mama (or maybe older coworkers whom I’d never sleep with – even on penalty of death).
      But maaaa-aaa-aaan! That #6….
      Somethin’ about a woman whale that resembles a colossal coil of dog shit that really makes me want to walk up and “holla-atcha.”

        1. lol Wayyyyyy deeepppp. I dont think that scene of Jurassic Park will prepare you for the horrors of finding the true inner beauty of that sperm whale ( no offense to sperm whales).

  7. You hit your boyfriend, and he looks at you as though he’d like to hit you back.
    Call the police immediately and have him arrested

    1. “Strong and innipendint and doneeno man!”
      Then calls the boys in blue over the most trifling argument with someone she claims she loves.

    2. You don’t hit your boyfriend but his nonstop cockblocking everywhere you go together is making you tense, so you call the police and say he beat you down and buttraped you, only to be frustrated a few days after his brutal arrest and incarceration when you find the damned rape-shield laws deny you the attention you crave.

        1. Hello.
          Im wilfrid brimley.
          And i have diabeetus.
          And n i want to talk to you…

  8. I think white men are just so cucked,they get cucked by women so much,why are white men such wimps,women hav risen above them n rule over them,young sweet white girls are now leaders in west,d men just look on .women hav completely taken over in d west.

    1. Its not like they took it by force and they certainly didn’t take the West alone. Powers much greater than little white girls have corrupted men to hand over their power without a fight. As long as men think their girlfriends and wives are precious snowflakes, they are at high risk of being cucked.

  9. Jokes aside, Adolf Hitler is portrayed as the most evil man of the 20th century by the establishment… I once believed that myself but because of the rise of the internet they cannot suppress the truth forever…So to anyone curious about adolf hitler’s views on women just watch “Adolf Hitler’s speech on women” in youtube.

      1. According to whom? Based on popular opinion no one is more evil than hitler. Personally, i do not think hitler was evil at all. What’s your opinion?

        1. Hard to know after all most documentaries take the hitler the most evil person everrrrrr approach

        2. Exactly! I too had my doubts because after all it is common knowledge that hitler is the synonym of “evil” and “terrible” right?… After examining the facts (It is really easy with the internet), i have concluded that we have been massively brainwashed about this …and unfortunately about most other things too. And this make sense because after all if the “good guys” won the second world war how come that most of the (western) nations are in such a terrible situation?

        3. (((documentaries))) He was the greatest hero white people have ever known, unfortunately he was too soft (animal lover, vegetarian, attempted deportation instead of the final solution as the first option) which caused him to lose the war and prevented him from saving western civilization.

        4. I Agree that he was too soft for our own good….I believe that there wasn’t any “final solution”…He just wanted to deport the jews from germany. He tried also many times to have peace with the allies (except the marxists and bolsevicks of russia) even when he had the upper hand (see Battle of Dunkirk)…That was his greatest mistake. WIth these phycopaths who rule the world you have to be equally or more ruthless and brutal to succeed… He understood well how the system worked and created a movement that was (and still is) a successfull formula to free a society from the slavery of the elite. Offcourse, the elite used every weapon they had to put him down and silence him because they were afraid of an inevitable global awakening if national socialist germany continued to thrive when other nations where in a deep depression. After the war, they used the power of propaganda to stigmatiaze national socialism as “racist”, “supremacist” hate ideology and created all these neonazi movements as controlled opposition that have nothing to do with the original National Socialist Movement. Because of that, now it is impossible to create a movement that is associated with the National Socialist movement and be successfull…there is too much hate and fear.

    1. Comparing Trump to Hitler is insulting to uncle Adolf. Trump’s daughter is married to a heeb and Donald is an agent of ZOG being used to get the majority of the population (who were no longer voting) out to the polls so the nwo could pretend America is a democracy even though anybody with half a brain knows elections are all rigged and ballot boxes are stuffed with the names of people in the cemetary. That’s how Bush got in when his brother was in charge of polling stations. Electronic voting machines are easier to hack into than a pinball machine. When he got busted doing it the guy running against Bush didn’t even want a recount and then pictures surfaced that proved him and Bush were best buddies in the same skull and bones society at the Ivy league school they both attended.

  10. Even though gender is a social construct, as a “man” I’ve attempted to get in touch with my “feminine” side.
    As a cisgendered “male” I feel that my “feminine” side has been victimized by these sexist infractions listed above. It’s time for us “men” to stand up and be heard! Our “feminine” sides are just as oppressed by sexism as any “female.”
    And since “women” have a corresponding “masculine” side, it must be “women’s” “masculine” side that is oppressing me.

  11. Muslim mayor decides to ban sexy ads in London… how progressive! Maybe next he’ll just decide to ban infidels altogether…

    1. If this continues one day he might be banned himself in a more permanent way.
      Aka thrown the hell out of the country which is not his and has nothing to do with him. England might be leaving EU soon so perhaps there will be a day of reckoning.

      1. The Brexit is going to happen this year whether it is decided in June or decided by the people fed up with these socialist laws.
        The EU will cave in shortly thereafter, no doubt.

        1. Even if the leave vote would win it will lose. The idea that they would ask the people and actually listen is to me quite funny. They never have before.

        2. Yep. They’ll just make it close and how will anyone know? Anyone who asks any questions or uncovers irregularities will be branded a conspiracy theorist and that will be that.

    2. The feminists who support the muslim mayors decision, have another thing coming… Next, all female clothing deemed sexy by the muslim mayor will be banned , and Burkas will be the New clothing considered appropriate and modest for women.

      1. That’s exactly it. Whether or not the UK leaves in the Brexit, they will leave ultimately when the Islam bullshit backfires, which will be very, very soon.

        1. To be fair, she did say “outlaw the draft”, which is a consistent position. Don’t know what the rest of her politics is but as long as she’s wearing a bikini I’m happy.

        2. Apparently, according to her Twitter feed, she claims not to be a feminist and does believe in traditional marriage. I call b.s.

      1. I’ve been wondering how feminists would deal with the draft subject. I’ve wondered where the shitstorm on drafting women has been and the media must be rather quiet about it. My guess is they don’t know how to handle it. Putting obligations on women is the direct opposite of what feminism is about, but if they complain they have to explain why they aren’t an equality movement. Rock and a hard place, hence silence.

        1. This is an ego project by grayhaired harpies who will never be required to put on a uniform and be put through a shit storm. That horror is passed on to other unsuspecting young women who most probably want nothing to do with it. This “equality” signalling will come to an end the moment the first draft notice goes in the mail. Bet on it.

        2. The easy answer would be to get rid of the draft for everyone, as she said (to be fair).
          But of course feminists won’t want that because they want men to fight for them. What if they gave a war and nobody came?

        3. Good point, I was going to say the same thing. The draft IS wrong on so many levels.

        4. If it’s a time of declared war, then you might be able to sell it to me as a necessary and temporary policy. When it’s peace time, it is institutionalized slavery.

        5. A society for which an insufficient number of its citizens will voluntarily fight to defend deserves to cease to exist. I posit that for men this society is no longer deserving of the men fighting to defend it.

        6. It is always slavery. Just because I desperately need a slave in order for my survival does not justify my making someone my slave.

        7. If you are in a sitaution where the country needs a draft because you are in a “no-kidding” war, then keep in mind having women in the military will get a lot of innocent men killed.

        8. They shame men into it. Like they did in WW1.
          There is a very good scene in the “Americanization of Emily” on how women keep wars going. It’s too bad the longer segment where he talks about his ex-wife and such is no longer on youtube.

        9. The military doesn’t defend this society. It fights for the aims of those running and influencing the federal government. I offer General Butler’s “War is a Racket”. It is just as valid today as it was in the 1930s.

      2. That is funny indeed. I saw absolutely no feminist celebrations over this latest step towards equality 🙂

    1. Must be so hard being a woman in the first world these days, eh? Get a job based on your only marketable skill of being cute, get away with butchering your own children because you were “depressed” they got in the way of your bad boy-cock riding, divorce raping some poor schmuck knowingly and willingly, not going to prison for, well, anything and everything… Gee, rough life there, cupcake!

    2. Don’t worry they will draft women but they still won’t be sent to war it’s just a written formality, we’ll just write somewhere in small letters women aren’t required to go

        1. Brienne of Tarth vs the Hound. When I stopped watchin GoT, and then series all together.

        2. Good point, but notice how Brienne is masculine in her traits and thoughts and therefore is unattractive to men…And still, cant find herself immune to falling in love by one of the bad boys of the show, Jaime, the sister fucker. Brienne would give a terrific post on how women behave and how modern society addresses femininity.

        3. Not just feminists. I just had to explain to a fairly submissive chick why this nonsense (tiny women beating up big men) is so damn annoying. She said “but surely if they train…”
          No. The average man is three times stronger than the average woman. That’s like you fighting three of yourself. How would you like those odds?
          Even if she trained she is still getting her ass kicked. I told her that the most potent weapon a woman has is her scream. Use that and lots of big men will come running to her aid.
          Or she can try fighting off a maniac, her choice.

      1. That sounds like what Israel does… they draft women but in spite of what the left likes to say, they still restrict them from most combat roles.

      1. Or draft them to shut up and grill steaks-assuming they don’t mess that up being insufferably idiotic as they are.

  12. Wear damn-near-nothing out in public even in the presence of children and complain about “stare rape” if anything short of a millionaire dare glance in your general direction.

  13. It’s actually pretty funny how few women realize the simple truth that women can’t be equal to men, because their “equality” requires male compliance. In a natural state without societal protections, man is always dominant over woman. There’s never been nor could ever be a true matriarchy.
    So any time a woman insists on being treated as equal, make sure they know you’re perfectly happy to treat them “as if they are” equal. They love that clarification even more

    1. “…their ‘equality’ requires male compliance.”
      This is the major flaw of the progressive liberal idea that a woman is equal to a man summed up perfectly. This is the common sense that leftists are not wired to accept.

    2. “male compliance” is an interesting tangent to go down. With the state the women only need to get the compliance of the men who run it or at least carry out the orders. The men who run the state are more than happy to create new laws to dominate the other men in the society.

      1. whoops, meant to write ‘complicity’ not compliance, but I think the point is the same either way. Absolutely the complicity of statist males is the most immediate example

  14. Let’s face it, most “feminists” are comfortable, middle-class white women in western countries. In other words, they have had an easier ride than any other major demographic in the history of mankind (I love using this word, drives feminists nuts – a uni professor used to mark me down for using it instead of “humanity”, but it was worth it!). All here at ROK can see that, but the current generation of young men have been brainwashed into thinking otherwise. Do feminists realise how out of their way men will go for a remotely attractive young woman? Women are massively privileged over men! Even if the mythical gender “pay gap” was real, it would be justified. They love compiling stats about how much more men earn over a lifetime. Imagine if they calculated how much more men spend on women than women spend on men, or how much alimony men pay compared with women?

      1. I agree. Millennial women act like men, and the millennial men I see are feminine, timid, snarky, and lacking in confidence. RE the maintenance figures, they are about what I expected, but the laws will not be changed because the WOMYNS vote is too powerful… we need a strong male to “take” power, as Borat would say!

    1. Of the 400,000 people in the United States receiving post-divorce spousal maintenance, just 3 percent were men, according to Census figures. Yet 40 percent of households are headed by female breadwinners —

      1. Obvioulsy. It’s the same even before the divorce. If her husband makes more money a bitch will make him waste most of it on ridiculously overpriced useless shit that he doesn’t even want for her highly perishable ass, but when a “modern man” makes less or becomes the domestic home maker who stays home, performs domestic duties and child rearing, his wife still spends all “her” money on her own selfish ass and he doesn’t get shit. Women are a capitalist’s dream customer, they “stimulate” the economy, that’s one reason why feminism was invented and chicken heads were given rights.

      1. Never mind that Mother’s Day gets most of the media attention, not to mention the bigger share of capitalist dollars. Plus, most of the fathers I know don’t really seem to care about the day anyways. As long as their families are clothed and fed, and they get to sip on a cold beer and grub on a juicy steak, it’s all good.

        1. Beer and steak is all I cared about yesterday. No fucking doubt. who cares about presents, give me a mid-Sunday afternoon beer nap and a steak on the other side of that nap, screw the rest.

        2. When you are the bread winner, gifts mean very little. So she spent some of my money to get me something that I may like, but not enough to pay for it myself.
          However, I did get a BJ and a steak dinner (that I grilled myself). She put together the salad anyway.

        3. Now I have to yet again cite the dad from the book Shit My Dad Says:
          If it’s not Bourbon or sweatpants, it’s going in the trash…..No it’s not creative time. It’s Bourbon and sweatpants time.

  15. “A man assumed your gender”
    >>>you should have written “A man assumed you’re a woman… because you have breasts and a vagina.” Makes them look even more ridiculous in their complaining.

  16. That damn air conditioning, how insensitive they turn it on when women need to dress like sluts at work so they can distract male colleagues from making more money!

    1. It’s odd too, because when you consider that women have an overall higher body fat level than men (even healthy women compared to healthy men) you’d think that they’d be warmer, generally.

      1. I’ve personally never seen a man to blame for freezing workplace temperatures… It’s usually the woman who weighs 200 pounds to blame for the freezing temperatures or the menopausal. I’m not talking about the one who keeps it 70-72 degrees, I’m talking about the person who sets the thermostat to 60.

    2. Yep, it reminds me off a female colleague i used to work whit, that used to come to the work place, sometimes, with a super mega mini skirt. When i was watching the goods, i was warned not to look and that “she was a men to me” meaning, no vagina for me…I once replied that “if she was a men to me, then i could go full gay on her”. Result? A “threat” of physical violence with a smile and the end of that shit test.

      1. Also, so you don’t stare at her puffy nipples. Mind you, nobody cares about my nipples either even if they get perky.

      2. Wear a speedo to the office, free ball it, let one dangle out, walk up to her desk to dicuss something work related and “accidentally” tea bag her coffee so she actually has something to be triggered about. Bonus points if it is “too hot” like Mcdonald’s cofffee and you scald your sack (time off, worker’s comp disability payments, civil suit with precedent) If anybody complains about the way you are dressed make a complaint to HR about double standards and gender bias/discrimination. If you are in the states, hope they fire you so you can file a wrongful dismissal suit and make enough $ to retire to the caribbean.

  17. 11. The real oppressors never get the blame
    You would think the feminists would attack the Plutocrats directly, since a majority of them are indeed men. But you never see this, do you? You never see them attacking the men that really are controlling them and limiting their freedoms and mentally and physically abusing them. Why? Because those men really are controlling them.
    In other words, those women are being paid to attack punks in the manosphere as “haters”, not to attack the billionaire fascist paying their salaries. In the same way, those on the other side [insert your favorite manosphere author here] also never let on that there is an unseen level of control beneath the waters they sail on. They always keep your eyes on the little eddies and never admit there is a great tide driving them all.

    1. I can’t recall ever receiving a paycheque. They must have my address wrong or something.
      What great tide, pray tell, are you referring to? Are you suggesting that we’re a bought and paid for movement, and if so, by whom?

        1. You were mentioning that there was some kind of control under the feet of the manosphere.

        2. The destruction of the family is the main agenda of the elite as it encourages consumerism. It’s clear to see how the manosphere plays its role in the process. Many posters here declare that they do not want to start a family and as you remember there was even an article about the problem – Can The Player Lifestyle Damage Your Ability To Have Long-Term Relationships?

          Can The Player Lifestyle Damage Your Ability To Have Long-Term Relationships?

  18. Feminism 101
    Thin woman on TV: Sexism! Misogynism! Oppression!
    George Clooney on TV: Oooooh he’s sooooooooo handsome!
    Ugly (short & bald) man looking at a girl: Creep! Perv! Rapist! Paedo!

  19. It is true that men and women have different rights, specifically reproductive rights. Men have a right to impregnate, women have a right to be pregnant.

  20. I feel like the most fun thing ever would be to be a “terrorist” who targets feminists. Not a real terrorist that blows people up, but one who just does little stuff in this article to annoy them.

  21. #3 – My female boss had enough thermal protection to have the office cold enough that everyone had to wear their coats in July. I’m not sure how cooler offices popped up on the feminist radar since most have enough fat layers and body hair to offset any air conditioning.

  22. Just ordered my new plastic bubble, should be arriving in 2 weeks. It comes with free ear muffs, ball gag and blindfold. Cynderblock shoes, shackles and handcuffs sold separately. I’m excited to go the whole 9 on this one, I don’t want to make women uncomfortable anymore. They’ve suffered enough.

  23. I understand this is satire, but #5 is patently false. Companies now hand-select uneducated, unqualified women to fill high-end IT and management positions, to meet quotas. Many men earn less than women, these days. So, what do you do, as a productive man? Work exactly 8 hours and leave. Fuck ’em.

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