2 Steps To Understanding Women

One of the things I hear most among men is the running joke that there’s no point in trying to understand women because they’re too complicated.

Grow the fuck up.

Women aren’t difficult to understand. In exactly the same way certain behaviors become normalized when they’re a part of mass media, the idea that women are complicated arose because it’s a easy laugh. How many times have you seen (particularly in US shows) the bumbling idiot of a husband lumbering around from one situation to another, only for his patient wife to remark about his actions in a loving yet pitiful manner?

Many men are happy to subscribe to this idea as truth because it’s easy. It’s easier to play the game as a mindless idiot, because then you don’t have to take responsibility for your actions. In real life, men like this will end up getting divorced, in a miserable duty-bound marriage, or blindly unaware of their wife banging some other guy on the side. This is because few humans truly tolerate an adult-sized child for long.


In reality, your goal as a man (although this is also applicable to any person) should be to further yourself in a way that makes you happy. The meaning of life is to create a meaning for yourself. More on that in another post.

Coming back to the original topic; there are two simple keys to understanding women.

1. Women use language differently from us.

2. Women are simply very practical in getting what they want.

The Difference Of Women’s Language

Here is an example of women using different language: Old Unjaded (let’s call him Jaded) is horny. He wants to get down and dirty. He messages a girl:

Jaded: Hey Occasionally Fuck Buddy (OFB), how are you? What are you doing?

OFB: Oh I’m just at home. How are you?

Jaded: Yeah I’m good thanks. Feeling really horny today though. Can I come over?

OFB: Sorry to hear that. I don’t think it’s a good idea blah blah blah…

Basically, a woman generally isn’t going to respond to this unless she’s really into you (which usually lasts a short time if you’re only interested in fucking her) or she has low self esteem and not many options. This is rapidly becoming rare to find with proliferation of internet-based ego feeders. OFB’s version would be as so:

OFB: Hey, how are you?

Unjaded: Hey OFB, I’m good thanks. Been busy. And you?

OFB: I’m fine thank you. Went to XYZ last night. Would you like a coffee? Be good to see you.

Unjaded: Yeah why not. See you at ABC in 30 mins?

OFB: Great! See you soon.

So what’s going on here? I could provide a whole bunch of analysis, but the key point is that she’s using the word see instead of the word fuck. Simply transpose the word into the above conversation and that’s what she’s essentially saying. Meet somewhere within walking distance of your house. If she comes in, job done.

Why? Because women don’t like to think in their own heads (or their peers) that they’re sluts. Generally, they won’t embrace language like men do because it’s too direct, too real for them. So they need to delude themselves by going through certain motions or sequences, even if deep down they just like fucking you.

And frankly, there’s nothing wrong with that. If they like fucking, then fair enough. Women have been painted recently as the harbingers of controlling the unrelenting, testosterone fueled inherent rapists we men all are deep down, and so they have to justify to themselves any sex they have.

This is, of course, bullshit. It’s completely disgusting how the male heterosexual libido has been demonized to the point where men are ashamed to express it in even its tamest forms. But this is how the world is very often now, and as with anything, if you want to manipulate it you need to know how it works.

The Practicality Of Women

Onto the next point. Women are practical about what they want. If they want something or have the possibly of being subjected to pain, they will most often engineer a situation to facilitate or prevent it.

A common male fear is his girlfriend cheating on him when she is going on a girl’s holiday. Why? Because he knows, the uncommon and the illicit are attractive to anyone. Pedro the Brazilian barman doesn’t give a fuck, this is all the normal course for him.

If your girlfriend wants a little affair to break up the monotony of being with you, she’ll facilitate this by going on holiday alone, or with some girlfriends. Similarly, if a girl wants to be shafted by a number of different nationalities, she’ll become a “solo female traveler” (note another example of use of empowering language; a man doing the same will often get labelled as a “sex tourist”).

If a girl likes rugby guys, she’ll go to a sports bar. If she likes attention but not fucking, she’ll go to clubs “just for dancing.” If she’s worried you’ll finish with her, she’ll start hanging around with men, who’ll she’ll tell you are “just friends.” Break up and a week later said friend will be drilling your ex-woman.

If a girl accepts an invite to your place, she’s expecting you to at least try to sleep with her.

So I’m sure you get the idea. Just think about the practical aspects of whatever situation she is trying to engineer or has engineered, and boom: it’s right there in front of you. Nothing to understand, just don’t overcomplicate it and don’t lie to yourself. Men particularly have a habit of seeing what they want to see to justify their beliefs, rather than what is the actual truth.

Actions > Words

Remember, people prove themselves through their actions, not their words. If she’s saying one thing but her actions don’t seem to match what’s coming out of her mouth, always take her actions as the decisive factor.

I mentioned a fault of men is the try to convince themselves of things but choosing what they see. The fault of women is often, they are not authentic. They justify their own actions through lies and self-denial. For example, if they do something which makes them feel like a whore, they will then create justifications (usually blamed on outside circumstances) so they feel better about it.

Not understanding this combination of these male and female faults can be lethal for a man. You have to be aware of these general characteristics in case you need to counter them. See people for what they do, not how they justify it to themselves.

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203 thoughts on “2 Steps To Understanding Women”

  1. This artical is completely wrong. no women is a whore and if she feels bad about having sex with some guy it is because he probably raped her and she didn’t realise it at the time. with all due respect post like this should not be put on the internet as it is offensive and demeaning to women and men alike. how dare you promote rape tatctics to good men who dont know any different! you’re not teaching game you are teaching perfectly normal men how to be perverted sex rapists! im sorry but this is my opinion please dont take it the wrong way.
    duncan warberton – male feminist

        1. he brought up rape and I looked at the article again and see nowhere that even implies rape or forced sex. Duncan is either a troll or a woman or both.

        2. He’s a Social Justice Warrior, and probably a broken male neckbeard WK.
          Look up “Internetaristocrat Tumblrisms” for hours long belly laughs and a good deconstruction of these little SJWs.

        1. SJW’s typically dont use the terms “with all due respect” or “I’m sorry this is my opinion don’t take it the wrong way”

  2. “That’s okay” = I want to think long and hard about how I’m going to make you suffer
    “Whatever” = fuck off
    “I’m tired, I think I’m just going to stay in tonight” = I’m going to fuck someone else tonight
    “It’s nothing” = this is a big deal
    “I’m not ready to have sex yet” = You’ve still got 453 hoops to jump through cowboy
    “I can’t stand my ex” = I think about doing him every night
    “I don’t suck dick” = i don’t suck YOUR dick
    “call me on Thursday to confirm” = you’re my backup plan. I have almost no intention of actually going out with you
    “sorry I can’t make it this Friday after all” = I found something better to do
    “it’s just girls night out” = I’m looking for the bigger better deal (BBD)
    “Your friends are awesome!” = once I get you to commit I’ll alienate every one of them from you and slowly isolate you and your wallet
    “I’m not sure what I want” = I don’t want you
    “I’m open minded for sex” = I fuked lot of guys. Can you say slut?
    “She is a bitch/ slut/ bimbo” = She is more attractive than me and that disturbs me.
    “Can you buy me a drink?” = Shit test. Mostly translated to “Are you an undesirable loser?”

    1. This list is awesome. One in particular leaps out at me:
      “I’m tired, I think I’m just going to stay in tonight” = I’m going to fuck someone else tonight
      I got a version of this from a particular chick. “I have plans”. Mysterious plans for the whole weekend. I later found out she is dating someone. The thing is, she could have just told me. It would have been useful knowledge because then I could immediately draw a line through her name.
      Of course she knows this and that’s not what she wants. She just wants to casually fuck this other guy for a bit and then come back to me (her routine). She also doesn’t want me to put her in the “only good for steady pumping” category, which in fact, she sits in squarely.
      She is an extremely attractive and intelligent woman who on the surface would seem like the perfect woman. However, she is the archetype of the worst kind of woman we talk about on this site.

      1. Of course. It’s all about women rationalizing everything (as we talk about here). I’m always good with a woman playing touch and go (fuck buddies once in a while) if she let’s you know up front. But, usually, most of them don’t want to see themselves as a FB (self esteem issues) so they’ll give us these lines (or excuses).
        On the other side, if you’ve been with enough women or have been dating long enough, then you should be able to see right through this scheme.
        I often just laugh when I hear one of these “lines” and just go with it (I’ll laugh and say “ok, sure”)…and then proceed to place her in that FB column.

    2. LMAO. Yes! What is this? The Red Pill Almanac? Why hasn’t anyone made this into a book yet?

      1. Man, you guys are blowing my virgin ears with this decoded talk. Definitely guilty of being one of those guys who lied to himself about what a woman’s words met. This is another article where I’ll be transcribing what was said. Solid breakdown of woman code. What is trying about this is, trying to resolve honesty with dealing with a whole different side of the sex who are dishonest more often than not. While helpful, and maybe this is too beta, I feel like you just pulled Ol’ Yeller in front of me to watch her get put down. And gave me the gun and told me to “Be Responsible”. As scarred as I am now, I’ll use this knowledge responsibly. Thanks for the rude awakening.

        1. That was just a preview, if you want the full package just read Chateu Heartsite and the Book of Pook.

        2. Thanks for the suggestion Guest. I just downloaded the PDF for Book of Pook. Ten pages in and I’m already in love with it.

    3. “You remind me of my brother” = I am repulsed at the thought of dating you.

      This is a variation of “He’s like a brother to me” which is Womanese for “I haven’t fucked him…yet.”

      1. It DOES mean that she works a lot.
        It also means that she will use work as a scapegoat for staying out late, cancelling on you, and/or being too tired to do anything that you want to do. It’s basically a forewarning that she will be driving the bus in regards to the pace and general dynamic of the relationship.

        1. lol…that’s right. And as the bus driver (I drive my own bus) your job is to let her ass off at the next stop (here we are Miss…now GTFO).
          Don’t put up with any excuses (always see yourself in high demand or high value). You control the flow and any flakiness (or excuses) is an indicator (flag). Pay attention.

      2. It means she’s riding cock, on the clock.
        Oh, and it won’t be yours. People make time for what is important to them. Move on.
        À bientôt,

        1. Agree. Anyone that is really into you or interested in you will move their entire schedule around to see you. Don’t sell yourself short (high value).

      3. Don’t put up with excuses when you ask girls out. Hold yourself in high value. She gets one shot to date you, and if she can’t take time from her busy schedule to see you, ditch.

      4. It means she doesn’t want to go out on a date with you. No one is too busy to do things that matter.

    4. “You’re not listening to me” = “You’re not agreeing with me”
      “I think we should see other people” = “There’s another guy I want to fuck, but I want to hold on to you, in case he’s a creep who pumps me and dumps me”
      “Why do you try to SOLVE my problems when I just need you to LISTEN?!” = “Get ready for a long-ass boring story that could be resolved under two minutes of rational thought, but can be drawn out into a marathon bitch-fest.”
      “I’d like a guy like you” = “Only not you. I’d want him to be much sexier, and pussy whipped”
      “Go ahead and do what you want” – “Don’t you fucking dare!”
      “You’re such an asshole!” = “I love you!”
      À bientôt,

  3. Perhaps it’s because I’m from a different generation, but for us in the 30 something plus department, women are amazingly irrational and impractical. Even when they’re practical, they’re still usually dependent upon men.
    Perhaps it’s the millennials that see women behaving more slutty due to internet and college hook ups but women sleeping around at beer parties in college goes back to the Animal House days. These comprised a subset of women I knew with the remaining majority playing turn-of-the-19th-century waiting games. But again, this was my generation from the 80’s and 90’s when the supply of breadwinning men was more abundant. The single women now in my generation are often in dire straights as single mothers in desperate need of help and the single men I know tell me that it’s like a pussy filled jungle: lots of it out there, but dangerous.
    On the contrary, women seemed to have been more practical back in the bad old days before civil rights when they put ridiculous notions of “soulmate” and banging alphas far down the list of instead finding a reliable mate to support them and their offspring in their late teens and early 20’s at most and viewed divorce and single motherhood as something to avoid at all costs.

    1. I’ve seen no change in the way women act over the years.I’m in my mid 40s and been on the dating scene my whole life(never married) and still date 20 and 30 yr olds and I meet a lot good women for the most part. I think there behavior just sticks out more to a certain extent due to the internet and men from the current generation being more feminine and not being able to handle them.I don’t mean to slight the current generation of young men after all some of us Gen Xers raised a lot of them.

      1. In a population of millions of people, it’s possible to meet a “lot” of any type of person. The question is whether a majority of women in a particular age group and demographic and region act a particular way. That’s where a lot of people’s (including mine) prejudices kick in that may be at odds with reality. Apart from an actual study or someone running some numbers, it’s just one person’s view at odds with another.
        That said, we’re from the same generation it seems and from what I can see, things have changed radically since from the 80’s just as much as the 80’s were radically different from the 50’s, but there were still lots of similarities. You’re right in that the men have changed and this means the women have changed too. I see a lot more tattoos on both genders and a lot more bisexual behavior. In the straight community, this means a lot of men are more feminine and the women also more masculine.
        My friends who hit the clubs tell me that they are about the same as they were 30 years ago. Lots of “good” women to bang if you have the goods or put an effort in but not too many marriage material but you sound like you’re not interested in that anyway.

      2. Smart phones dating apps have changed the social marketplace as much as the birth control pill. It doesn’t take long for women to break through whatever social restraint they might have and then they are viewing men as commodities. A commodity is a fungible asset. A barrel of oil is a barrel of oil, it all does the same thing, it doesn’t matter if it comes from russia, or venezuela, or indonesia.

        1. Absolutely correct. Technology is responsible for much of this. That cat is out of the bag, and it’s definitely not going back in.
          Dating and mating has been reduced to the lowest common denominator now. Sex for men, blatant resource allocation for women; the latter being much harder to attain.

        2. I don’t see how this has changed the paradigm much than from my day. Back in the 80’s when there was no internet (ok, I had ARPAnet), the disco had the lowest common denominator with women chasing after hot or rich men. This is the case with Vegas and the LA/NYC club scene as well.
          Just as in a bar, a woman can get a hundred guys chasing after her online but at least online the men are safe from public rejection which is why so many men preferred it ahead of women who wanted the power of the personal rejection to demand more favors from men. A man rejected at a bar if he didn’t buy a woman a drink could be rejected by other women seeing him get turned down in a humiliating manner.
          If technology was favorable to women, then women would have embraced it faster than men rather than vice-versa.

        3. Technology has made it all much easier. Just get on Tinder and swipe away. Online dating has cheapened the human connection in ways you likely do not understand. Everyone is expendable now, because a sexier, easier option is always one Tinder swipe away for women.
          Technology has permanently changed gender relations. Facebook is the female version of internet porn; endless validation, no work or effort to get it whatsoever.

        4. Broseph, it’s interesting that I have come to the opposite conclusion. Online dating has not eliminated the “traditional” (double quotes for a reason) form of dating: Men cold-asking out women on dates. That is still an available option but it’s hard. There are entire articles about “gaming” and all the work it takes for men to become masters of that method in and of itself. It requires men to put as much effort into that one method alone as much of the rest of his life. If it was easy, much of this forum wouldn’t exist.
          For women, simply sitting around and waiting for men to pick them up was ideal because the work was all on the man and gave her tremendous emotional advantages. Women resisted online dating until recently and what makes it still advantageous for them is that so many women are still holding out from it. If all women jumped in, that advantage would be gone.
          Women like facebook because it _is_ interesting but emotional validation? I don’t think so. Actually, for women who are single and holding out from online dating and setting their standards too high, it’s tremendously disempowering. It reminds them that their friends are hooking up and they’re not. It strips away the denial that career women have enjoyed up until recently.

        5. You sound like a smart man, but I think you may be a little out of touch when it comes to technology and the impact it has had on the younger generation. If you don’t think that young women use Facebook for emotional validation, you may want to observe younger women. Facebook is an integral part of their lives. Take it away and many of them would actually spiral into depression. It sounds crazy, I know. But has anything in the last 20 years been normal?
          Furthermore, you stated that many women are still holding out on online dating? Who? Please give me the demographic of women who are not involved in online dating. Virtually EVERY woman under the age of 35 who is single is doing some form of online dating. When I say EVERY, it is not an understatement.
          Respectfully, if you are part of the over 40 crowd, you simply may not have the perspective to understand just how prolific online dating is to the younger generation. In less than 10 years, it will be very, very rare for any young people to meet in the traditional face to face way. I know of very few young couples who did not meet via the internet.

        6. I’ll be the first to say I’m out of touch with the younger generation so I’ll defer to you on that. I had an interesting conversation a few months ago with a family friend’s teen daughter who called my wife and I “losers” for having met via the internet. She insisted that she was going to meet a man the “old fashioned” way.
          It’s an interesting twist to hear you talk the way you do because when I came of age, it was to women’s advantage to have men ask them out and they went to great pains to avoid going online. They liked the emotional edge it gave them.
          Times change. Back in the 90’s, when most women were struggling to figure out how to use email, I remember career women in their late 20’s and early 30’s winding up alone and going to sperm banks to get knocked up because “men didn’t ask them out.” With online dating, these women at least will get “asked out” or meet someone and will get direct feedback to their flaws rather than going 2 decades dateless and wondering what happened. I consider that an improvement although you may certainly disagree.

      3. Joe, you are wrong. The last 10 years has seen much change in women’s behavior. The internet is part of the change not just better insight into their behavior.

        1. Perhaps its because I’ve never messed with scrub women or maybe because Ive been on the singles scene so long I’ve adapted.I’m not saying you or anyone else settles for lower class women just generalising.I never put up with anything, never not from any women anytime so I don’t know maybe that’s why I feel the way I do.I hang out in lounge bars and mostly high end venues so maybe that might have something to do with my point of view also.I don’t do any social networking either.

        2. I have to agree. Technology over the last 10 years has changed gender relations in ways that we can hardly imagine, let alone articulate.

        3. Joseph,
          You are out of the loop. Women of ALL classes have been changed in the last 10 years.

        4. Sorry I’m going to have to disagree with you.I’m sitting rite now in downtown Charlotte NC at a bar with my girlfriend that’s 25.She’s no different than any other 25 yr old I’ve ever dated because she’s not a bottom feeder.I’ve never been out of the loop because I’ve never been out of the game.I’ve had my ups and downs but I’ve kept an even keel.

        5. Great. Except that 10 years ago that woman wouldn’t have had a 4g iphone wity 8mpx cam, gps, and unlimited text in her purse.
          See if you knew anything about technology or women en masse… you’d know instinctlvley that smart phones pretty much changed the whole fucking game in a way that only the pill has…

        6. It honestly has not effected my game.As I stated earlier I don’t engage in social networking other than youtube and here of course.

        7. Sure but if I want to talk I call its that simple.They don’t like it I move on you control the conversation not them (women)Like the article says there not that complicated and there no different today they have always been narcicisistic and selfish.You have to control them thats just there nature its that simple.

        8. SMH. You are still not getting it….
          Yup women have always been narcissistic and selfish… and yet somehow the average chick keeps getting fatter and fatter??
          It’s really simple… If the way in which women express their narcissism and selfishness has changed (and it has)… women have changed.
          Also I’m too young to remember a time when women didn’t have hairless pussies. And yet somehow that wasn’t always the case. Women have changed. Maybe you haven’t, but they have.

    2. “Control your bitch.” – Floyd Mayweather.
      This is sound advice and is what a woman wants and needs. Today too many men don’t “control their bitches” with chaos as the result. The man meds to be in charge and the woman needs to know it for her own benefit.

      1. Taking advice from a man who beat and lost his woman? Better tip would be to always make sure you are happy. Unless you got this “subterfuge” down packed, you always run the risk of losing a woman to “the tingles”. Or even better advice, control your world and your happiness.

        1. So, we fucking disagree. Does that make a fucking difference? And does explicit make a fucking difference in the points made? At the end of the fucking day I am a man who can agree that this site is a great service to a group of men looking to enjoy what life has to offer. So if you are of the same mindset, and disagree with something I say, it is fucking fine. Don’t attempt to attack me on some authority bull, cool?

        2. Cool, we disagree. Your opinion about controlling your woman doesn’t hold water when the person who stated the advice couldn’t control his. That’s the definition of insanity, following advice that doesn’t work. Good is subjective so whatever the good project is, won’t produce “good men”.

        3. Damn man, still hunting for the last word? I hope you’re killing life with this better than thou attitude you got.

        4. Glad we are clear on that. Your logic seems askew. Lets say Floyd is wrong. Don’t control your bitch. Let her do what she wants. Does that sound like good advice?

        5. Just because the person providing the advice doesn’t successfully execute the advice, does not render the advice invalid.
          I have a heart attack. I tell you not to eat cream cakes. Bad advice?

        6. The packaging of the advice was a bit off. I understand the basic principle and think it should be extended to being in control of your own joy. I’ve seen the hard handed, physical control of a woman and do not choose to use that as an avenue to gain respect. If I have to hit a woman to keep her in line, she’s already too much work to keep.

        7. Respect your opinion EnglishBob. And honestly, a good message is a good message. Out of curiosity, what do you think is a good way to establish control in your relationships with women?
          In my experience, sex plays a solid part and having great frame assists too. Another thing that works well is setting up how your world will go down. I never celebrated Valentine’s Day and rarely did yearly Anniversary presents. Also keeping a solid stable of stand by women just in case. Not for sex at the moment but to ensure your social value is still high.

        8. In the context Floyd was not talking about beating your wife. It’s merely about the fact that generally women are not in control and are at the mercy of their emotions and fears. They rely on you to provide guidance and strength. Beating a woman is not exercising control, it is a loss of control, the behavior of an ape not a man.

        9. Well I think job one is having your shit together. No woman is going to respect your authority if you don’t know what you are doing and bring nothing to the table. Second is selecting a good woman. Sluts and crazy women from bad homes will resist all attempts at reason and will drive you to violence. I avoid these women.
          I think having a stable of back ups is sound advice. You will never appear too needy and your woman will know she better behave or you’re out the door.
          I think it’s fine to do little things for her, like taking her out to dinner or buying her flowers. Show her you are a kind King. But if she steps out of line come down hard on her. Let her know that you can also be a vengeful King and you will brook no foolishness. Your woman should always admire you but also be slightly afraid of you.

        10. I couldn’t agree more. There is a lot to be said for stating a message with clarity that makes it so much easier to understand. It took awhile to understand because having your “shit” together is always possible. If a man is worth his salt, in between whatever else his pursuits are he may also pursue something that holds little to no security. If this is something he chooses to follow for his career like acting or writing, it may be subject to ebbs. Correct my interpretation but having your shit together presumes that with whatever your path in life is, you are able to enjoy life and provide a level of comfort. With some choices this is not possible and may be presumed, falsely as not having you “shit” together. As a guy we don’t get lucky enough to truly go for security.
          It wasn’t until my first break-up that I realized having sex is a business, no matter what any woman tries to sell. She is there for sex. Anything else is a bonus. As a guy sex is still the objective and best believe it is your duty as a guy to be “employed”.
          White knighting is such a huge damning to man/ woman relations. Nowadays for women some presume it is a guy’s duty to reward a woman for being with him. I don’t buy it, and will only reward based on the level of joy I feel while with a woman. And never to buy her affection.
          Your comment on a man being an ape if he resorts to hitting a woman to get his point across I couldn’t agree more.

      2. You cannot control your woman in this society – it is illegal. Ultimately the control must imply a real, credible, and continuous threat of physical violence that she cannot reasonably escape or be rescued from. Then she “learns” to love you. If she can escape and be rescued from this terribly fate of being dominated by you (which is what she actually wants) via picking up the phone then all the posturing is moot.
        You can play mind games for awhile and do dark triad for awhile and some other things but ultimately she has the control because that is the way the law is set up. You cannot argue with reality and win – she can choose to dominate you with readily available assistance and make a slave of you with court ordered sanction and if/when she figures that out (and she will eventually) you lose. Yes this holds true even if you are just a ‘boyfriend’ so be careful. Not even the most alpha are immune to this (Mr. Rice anyone – how about that MMA fighter also?)

        1. Smart phone video of her doing things she doesn’t want parents, coworkers or the internet to see stop a lot of nonsense.
          Stop being so pussy whipped.
          Power takes many forms.

        2. Controlling your woman is not illegal. Sure there may be legal restrictions on how you do it but it can be done.

        3. Read my post – ultimately your control rests on violence. All the head games rest on either you leaving or violence as the ultimate conclusion. Violence and the threat of it is why you obey the police, the IRS, and the government. You don’t do it because they are right you do it because they can and will aggress against you if you resist. Children obey their parents ultimately for the same reason. What I saying is that what the law had done is ultimately remove this and by doing so the law has inverted nature. She can aggress against you and you cannot even defend yourself much less assert dominance using such. That was my point.

        4. I read it mate. My control does not rest on violence. See my other comments for clarification. Violence is not control it is the loss of control.

  4. The “illusion” of women will wear off for most men the first time they game a girl into bed and then, after doing some truly sick and depraved things to her, hear from their friends how “she’s such a good girl”. I used to smile a little bit inside every time I heard “Oh, she’d never go for you, she’s a church girl” when, not 24 hours before, I had my dick in her ass.
    Here’s the thing about women that we all need to know and understand. It’s all an illusion. The “slutty” girl you pick up in the bar might have never given head before (true story, and yes, I believe she hadn’t, she was awful). The church girl you pick up might have slept with 2 guys at the same time the night before (another true story that actually happened to me in college). It’s all an illusion, and it all depends on WHO YOU ARE, not on who they are. This is why pimps can regularly “turn a bitch out”, you can mold a woman into what you want if you have a strong enough frame and presence. Works great short term, long term, it’s much harder because there is ALWAYS someone with more frame/presence that could turn your girl out in a heartbeat.
    Listening to them is simply a patience exercise. Treat them as described on this (and other) sites and you’ll find they all really are pretty much the same. It’s just a game of trying to decode the exact moves to make to get them to be who you want them to be. And then hoping nobody with “higher status/more alpha/etc” comes along and games them harder than you did. Which, for really good looking women, is rather unlikely. Hence the dilemma of modern men in 1st world countries.

    1. Have you ever tried to fuck a young nun? You confuse devout with churchian. I love the skirts Britney Spears wears to worship.

      1. I worked with nuns in a homeless shelter…trust me they are very sexual. I’ve found most repressive roles in society reveal hyper-sexuality behind the veil. I’d love to say I banged at least one of them but in days gone by I had no game with them and it was work.

  5. I think an argument could be made, that interacting with the modern female through a beta provisioning framework is easily as self destructive as any narcotic addiction. Beta provisioning, not even once.

    1. Unless the money is a form of power and fun – and lots of it. You need to back it up with Alpha personality though to be working as a Dan Bilzerian kind of lifestyle promise. But that is not really Beta provisioning, since they know that they will likely not get much out of it financially, but will have plenty of rich Alpha fun.

  6. “Practicality”… you keep using that word, but it does not mean what you think it means.
    Subterfuge is what women employ, not practicality. And men label that complex because compared to our honest straight forward approach, they are camouflage.

  7. I always like Jack Nicholson’s line in as good as it gets: I think of a man and take away reason and accountability.

  8. Seeing the world as it truly is and the nature of all humans are great lessons from the “red pill” world. Much of it is similar to eastern philosophy like Buddhism. We don’t truly see things and deny that things are amiss. It’s the path of least resistance so it seems but causes a lot of our pain and suffering. If we all just stopped trying to control and manipulate the world around us, including the very irrational nature of women, we’d be happier I think.

    1. As I understand it, humans have both Buddha nature and demon nature. When acting without the constraints of moral values, humans show their demon nature.
      The nature of humans that we see nowadays is similar to animals, we even use terms from the natural world like ‘alpha’, ‘beta’ etc In the past many women would restrain themselves from acting on their basest animal instincts as they had concepts of right and wrong rather than modern individualism.

  9. Unfortunately for women, you can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube. We have seen women’s true nature revealed in the last 50 years of matriarchal rule through feminist politics and legislation. Their only interest is for men to be providers. When society’s rules were weakened they showed their true colors by trading up to more wealthy and more exciting Alpha men through State sanctioned divorce, and an 80-90% chance of getting the kids, child support and alimony forever.
    Welcome to the modern pack mule that are men. Unfortunately for women, their sons, denied a father figure in the home, and us fathers have good memories. We have seen us treated as beta providers and young women and our wives run off in search of more tingles or money.
    We have left the plantation and we ain’t coming back. Bed, made, lie.

    1. I think the gig is up with millennial women. Part of the reason divorce has been so profitable the past 40 years is baby boomers had tons of assets/ high income to be transferred to a wife much less to pay the attorney. The vacation home, multiple cars, retirement assets, stock accounts etc.
      There are so few men with good jobs now, a woman’s gain is a lot less. How much can they really take from a guy making $14 an hour?

        1. Yeah. The average male worker makes 1/3 less today than he did in 1970 when adjusted for inflation. Men are going backwards.

        2. Good. It’s better men learn to go live in another country with hot women and be happy instead of ‘succeeding’ in the USA where ‘success’ means paying over 40% in taxes to a feminist state and supporting a wife who has plenty of power to fuck you over.

        3. The game here in the US is just simply too rigged to bother playing, at least by the old rules. There’s not even the illusion anymore that it’s fair. Even a casino goes out of it’s way to present the image that it’s possible to win if you play.
          The Govt, culture, and society at large is directionless. Nobody has any answers. The society is being looted in every possible sense. It is a free for all. Get while the getting is good,so to speak. At this rate, it won’t last more than a few decades before something major upsets the entire balance of society.

        4. I think a few decades is overly generous. Watch the “Money as Debt” cartoons on youtube. Over half of all GDP is going just towards paying the debt. U.S. debt clock is almost $18 trillion.

        5. They’ve been saying America is facing imminent collapse since the 1950s. It hasn’t happened yet. The collapse of America is ongoing, slow, and gradual. This economy is massive, and actually quite resilient. We all have a fantasy that it will collapse overnight and things will look like Thunderdome. It will not. This thing is a slow grind to the bottom. There is still a great deal of accumulated wealth for people to live off of. It’s going to take a few more generations for the parasites to completely bleed the host dry and move on.
          Also realize that this debt bubble can continue on for many, many more decades.
          Seriously guys. Do not expect the economy to collapse. Do not expect WW3 to be officially announced. Do not expect an official announcement that the dollar has collapsed. None of this is realistic.
          Do expect much more of the same; more dysfunction, more unhappiness, more confusion, and more men checking out of the society.

        6. It will keep going as long as the rest of the world keeps killing it’s self off before we get there.

        7. I don’t know. “Collapse”, “Thunderdome”, and maybe “WW3” are very strong words.
          However, I do see the S&P/Dow halving, new reserve currency, and large scale terrorism happening within 5 years. I definitely think America’s worst years are directly ahead of us.

        8. I hate to say it, but I agree. We are fucked. It will be interesting to see what mass chaos looks like in the modern internet age. Interesting…and terrifying.
          The great depression and resulting gangsterism was pretty bad. But back in those days, most of the population grew up on farms and understood some basic self reliance. Nowadays, the average person is incredibly weak and dependent upon modern society to live and function. Many, many people will die lonely, tragic deaths that they never envisioned possible. Don’t let it happen to you.

        9. The collapse of America is ongoing, slow, and gradual.

          A collapse is something that happens quickly. I believe the word “decline” is more appropriate.

        10. Many, many people will die lonely, tragic deaths that they never envisioned possible. Don’t let it happen to you.

          No matter how bad things get, I’ll always have my cat…

      1. Good point, but they will still try. Stealing half of $14 an hour is still better than nothing.
        But yes in general the jig is up for the millennials, men and women alike. They have no money, only debt. There are no assets to divide even if they do get married and inevitably divorced. They will be the generation that succumbs to American tyranny. The political platform of ebt forgiveness will be their undoing. They will exchange their civil rights and freedoms for debt forgiveness.

        1. Look at the inner city ghetto scene. Those women have generations of seeing men being the driest rock they can’t bleed yet… they still buy into the modern cultural notion of men as breadwinners as being disposable and worthless. That’s the direction we’ve been headed in. The men in that culture have absolutely no concept of chivalry left and it’s reflected in their rap lyrics.
          Yet… there is a culture of women who respect men and I know such women, both in the states and abroad, and it’s like they live in a different country than the women with the baby-daddy/golddigger mentality. They have different cliques and groups of friends.

        2. Also notice how black men avoid black women like the plague. The black male community knows what they are up against.
          Where is this culture of women who respect men that you speak of? Are any of these women under the age of 60? I have yet to see the younger, sexually available women in this country being respectful towards the male population. Not that I blame them. The younger generation of men is weak, soft, overweight, dull, and generally emasculated and pussified to the point of not having any real sexual worth to respect.

        3. My wife and I have a circle of women friends (mostly foreign) that treat men with respect BUT the men don’t put up with the kind of crap that American men do.
          Hey, in many ways I am weak, overweight, and soft but… I know how to say “no” to a woman. I also know that one cannot buy a woman’s respect. These are basic life lessons that a lot of men, especially in the states, lack.
          One woman we know has a husband whose a loveable loser. He isn’t smart and has a working class job and a professional woman wife but… he can be a jerk sometimes. I don’t think women LIKE jerks but rather jerks at least give women the critical feedback women need.

        4. “Also notice how black men avoid black women like the plague. ”
          The black community is a microcosm of where we all are headed. The men are either alpha as fuck or drop out totally. The women are, to be as kind as possible, wildabeasts; take no care of themselves, get fat, talk too loud and generally act more like men than most of the men in the community. Most of the children are raised by single parent households and lots of government money makes it all possible.
          It’s just a matter of time until this comes to the white community. The women already act like wildbeasts (although not as bad as black women), are fat (again, not as fat) and way too loud. Another generation or 2 and we’ll be right there with the black community. Disenfranchised/disengaged men and a community of females with 0 SMV (from age 18 onwards, a truly difficult task to accomplish) that keeps popping out more bastard children.
          I once (during my PUA days) was going out of my way to have sex with a black women (because I’d never had the experience). I spent about 6 months on this quest in bars all over the north east. Of those ~30 times out, I found 2 black women that I hit on (shot down both times). 2 fucking women in 1/2 a year of looking. And, frankly, neither of those women was over a 5, they were both a bit overweight and manly for my tastes. A black man trying to sleep with a black woman is a damn minefield, I can’t think of a worse community to try to land high SMV women in the world than the American black community (which is why so many high value black men transition to white women). It’d a damn shame.

        5. “The black community is a microcosm of where we all are headed.”
          I agree 100%. It’s almost as if the blacks have been used as the experimental guinea pig for controlling the masses.
          Look at how blacks were in the 50s. Now study how they are now. Enough said.

        6. How long have these women lived in the US? Do they have any American friends? Do they watch American TV or read American publications? Are they familiar yet with US divorce laws? Do they have any divorced friends?
          Foreign women can only hold out for so long before they become like American women. I would suggest that you and your friends keep those women on a short leash. Hard to do in the good old USA.

        7. Answers to your questions in order: 10 years or so. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
          I have met many Russian women who come to the states already as golddiggers and ruthless and they were that way back in Russia. These women are as messed up as women in the states.
          I don’t think it’s a short leash so much as the men spoiling the women (to continue the dog analogy, giving dogs treats for soiling the carpet.)
          My wife has a Persian friend whose married to an American man who gives her whatever she wants. Get rid of the iphone 5 and buy an iphone 6? OK. Her car is 4 years old? Buy her a new one! Her mother wants to come over? Fly her here on business class so the mother doesn’t get “lost.”
          And the Persian woman treats him like dirt.
          Another Persian woman friend who also has higher tastes is a lot more practical and while befuddled about money a lot of the time at least is appreciative of her husband and he says no to her. A lot. Not as much as I think he should,but he probably is covered in gold jewelry too.

        8. Well, I’m glad those women have remained normal and traditional. It’s extremely rare. Hopefully you and your friends can hold on to that and make it work.
          However, what are the odds that their children will be in any way like they are? I would say the odds are low. American culture destroys families in one short generation, regardless of what culture the parents originally came from.

        9. It’s ironic to ask what is “American culture”. For the past 40 years, it’s been a self-destructive exercise by the political elites. As someone in his late 40’s, I’m shocked at how different the modern era is to me as the 1950’s were to me. It’s totally alien.
          Back when I grew up, people sought to assimilate into American culture. Brittany Spears albums were sold everywhere. Now, today, it’s the immigrant cultures taking over. Something to ponder. And these cultures are largely isolated from each other. The Persian friends I have don’t feel much connection to the Hispanic or African immigrant cultures in the region and vice-versa. The “diversity” culture encourages immigrants to retain their culture and to dominate the existing, or how shall I put it, dying American culture that sought to extinguish itself.

        10. I love the inner city ghetto scene. Look how far ahead of us white providers they are. Pump-and-Dump, ditch town, then leave the chick with all the baggage. Conservatives like to criticize inner city culture. I think we need to look into it.

        11. Probably stating the obvious but I think it’s the black AND Japanese community that is a microcosm of where we’re headed. I think the many that drop out will end up more like Japanese herbs and shut-ins.

        12. It’s also weird to speak with someone of your age. I have heard from people your age that America used to be a great country. What the fuck happened since the new millenium?

        13. The term “great” is a bit ambiguous. In some ways, America wasn’t that great and was overrated. Yet, even when I came of age just after the Carter stagflation era, the USA was a leader in many ways even compared to Europe and other nations. Jobs paid well, housing was affordable, healthcare was affordable with basic private plans and even paying in cash. And education… it was not uncommon to see working class men wait tables to attend university. That’s impossible now. Lower middle class men could afford to buy their own home, take a month off on vacation, and work at the same job for life and get a good retirement.
          Just before the millennium, the workforce was flooded with career women. If that wasn’t enough, third world immigrants with fake degrees also hit the shores. Between Y2K and now, combined with monetary policy, the country has gone from 1st class (with caveats) to 2nd class in under a decade.
          I still have childhood friends who are leftists who bash white men for the world’s problems even as they hang around exclusively with whites and worship Europe as the ideal society. I refer to them as douchebags. On a personal level, some are my most cherished friends but politically, they’re douchebags.

        14. You wouldn’t last two seconds in the inner city, white boy! I sure enjoy financing the “pump and dump” mentality.

        15. Black men want light skinned babies. Black men have no concept of birth control and definitely never wrap it. Black men abandon their children and that is why so many of them are in our jails. Please stop, black men are irresponsible complainers.

        16. There are definitely a lot of fucked up Black women but then I have also fucked a lot of them. I won’t say I never had problems with them but in my experience it depends where you are. Black women in Europe are not a problem. Black women in America can be incredibly intolerant and arrogant.

        17. Ending up like Japanese herbs who would rather jerk off to drawings and animated pornography than deal with women: That’s how bad it’s already gotten in Japan.

      2. “how much can they really take from a guy making $14 /hr?” Not much but that’s where the government steps in and gives them your money…

      3. It isnt my line but it sums things up nicely: Thirtysomething guys with minimum wage jobs cant go back in time an be wage slaves anymore than thirtysomething women fresh off the CC can go back in time and become women worth marrying.
        Feminism is driving the economy into the ground and a hard rain is going to fall.

      4. It isn’t about that. The court will “impute” income, demand more than can be made, then throw the man into prison to work for the state. Once there he will turn a profit for the business that runs the prison making things for buyers overseas. Child support is the modern preferred way to enslave men and put them into work camps. With men being forced to work until they die and it being “for the children” America transforms into a 5th rate banana republic run on slave labor – but at least judges and politicians and their guards will live luxuriously.

    2. I keep hearing of alphas and betas. But after some thought. Isn’t that a good thing on a larger scale. Isn’t it like natural selection? The strong will pass on their genes.

      1. I am not weak and alot of men women deem unworthy are also not weak. No man with any dignity is gonna slave for a woman and her bastards womb turds. If women have a mating strategy. That hinges on most men being dumb atm Machines who raise loser men’s kids, then society is in deep trouble. The very men who women reject built society and civilization. So women can go back to living in huts if they want to screw felons and deadbeats who give them tingles. . Civilization has a price and that price for men is being a work horse and the price women pay is not being whores and giving decent good men a family and sex. .

        1. The last sentence is KEY!
          This day and age, morality has been subverted. Too many act like whores, and wanna be treated like queens later on. THEN they want men to still serve/please them. Hmmm not flying on my watch…

  10. “Remember, people prove themselves through their actions, not their
    words. If she’s saying one thing but her actions don’t seem to match
    what’s coming out of her mouth, always take her actions as the decisive
    This is the concept that really made everything click for me. I cant even calculate the time, money, and energy this has saved me.

  11. Great article!
    This is where I want to point out that men should keep their apartments clean and always invite girls over to watch a movie or do something else (not sex). Why not sex you ask? Well it’s because girls don’t want it to be said out loud, but it’s totally okay to kiss a girl’s neck while massaging her when you watch a movie. She won’t run away yelling rape, she enjoys it too much. True story.

  12. The good men are going to check out.
    And I don’t just mean the men who work hard. I mean the men who have a sense of reason and justice.
    Most men would be proud to bleed and sweat to raise a family. But upon realizing that their deepest and truest redeeming desire is being exploited for the selfish gain of an impersonal state, there is no option but to go one’s own way.
    Better to self-destruct or pursue revenge than to submit to a dishonourable enemy.
    Sadly, the enemy here is the ironic isolation brought about by a society that is heavier than its foundations can hold.
    It may not be long until we notice the turbulence of the shrug of Atlas.

    1. “The good men are going to check out.”
      Perhaps, but it’s going to take a hell of a lot more men going through the divorce meat grinder for this to happen, and this will take a significant amount of time. A LOT of ‘good men’ are huge suckers. I know many good men, and most are willing to give marriage an honest try, mostly because they have seen it sort of work for their fathers..
      I don’t think this society is going to feel the real strain until at least 1 or two more generations goes by. The dysfunction and decline is obvious, but it will be a slow, generation upon generation process.
      At least I think so. Who knows really. I know that the Millennials are absolutely fucked beyond the shadow of any doubt. The vast majority of those poor kids are directionless. The majority have been raised in broken homes, by overworked single moms. I feel very sorry for any boy raised by a single mom. Plus they have so much debt. They were practically born serfs.
      Time will tell. A huge portion of baby boomers are flat broke. I think that is telling. The baby boomers did well in life despite all their dysfunction because of their massive inheritances, both personal and societal. The millennials have none of that. They inherited a corrupt, sinking society and are in school-based debt up to their eyeballs.

      1. If you lay the graphs for the historical marriage rate and the historical divorce rate on the same graph and extrapolate the two together they converge around 2028. That will be the time that marriage dies of natural causes. Hopefully, the manosphere will be able to speed that up to around 2025 if we all keep working hard.

        1. Who gives a fuck if marriage dies. Marriage has died within our community, the intelligent men. These pussies can continue to sign their life away to the state, not my problem or yours.

      2. I kind of agree with you that many men are directionless suckers posturing as having their shit together.
        The theoretical groundwork for MGTOW is there though… I wouldn’t be completely surprised if it gets noticed by the MSM at some point… and then once that happens, the reprimanding, bitching, and free advertising will begin.
        And not to mention the fact that a lot of men will be depressed, hopeless, and poor… strapped with debt and pointless educations… Left behind by a society replaced with traditional immigrants… and then the cycle will most likely continue…
        It is like Star Trek in reverse.
        But yeah… the basic economics will determine this… The Japanese herbivores are what have gotten me legitimately thinking that this might happen.

        1. Japan is a good case study for MGTOW, but at the same time it’s not. Japan is arguably the most collective society on Earth. 99.99% of the people in Japan are Japanese. I’m not altogether sure where I’m going with this, as I have begun drinking, but I’m raising the point. Japan is different than other societies. Their version of MGTOW will be different than other societies.

        2. The thing with MGTOW gaining MSM recognition leading to disapproval is that: there is nothing about MGTOW that could logically or lawfully anger feminists, white knights, and the left. It is men exercising their constitutional freedoms and not engaging in meaningful relationships with women. We give up our coveted corporate jobs to women and minorities. How much could feminists criticize? They support queers doing the same thing.

        3. They can’t logically criticize anything… But in all my experience with women, logic is optional.
          The women said “Men are oppressive rapists and everything they do is evil”.
          And so the men said “Ok then, I guess we’ll do our own thing… if we marry you we’re running a 50% chance of destroying our entire lives anyways”. The manginas unfortunately will always say “Yes master” and hamster themselves into a constant miserable life.
          Then all the sudden you hear the cries of “Where have all the good men gone? When will these Peter Pan manboys marry our old fat asses?”. Now we have “Women Against Feminism” (as Al Opinya pointed out) which is just another fad most likely.
          The women who hit 30 and see no marriageable men around will notice. They’ll get jealous of their friends who have children and husbands that love them.
          I for one really would love to raise a family… I think it is just part of my constitution… But with a North American woman??? And raise them in a society that doesn’t give a fuck about them??? I don’t know man… I might have to save enough money to live somewhere else…

      3. Women against feminism, with their doey fuck me eyes you’d never get on the street. They’re against feminism after 60+ years of it, because there’s still “Good Men” around?

    2. ,, Better to self-destruct or pursue revenge than to submit to a dishonourable enemy.”
      Honor, Stoicism, Honesty can someone write an article on the true values for a man to follow ?
      It would really be appreciated !

      1. A lot of it you can just find within yourself. For example, the above statement rings true does it not? Sometimes you have to go with your gut.
        But if you want a good book on male virtue check out Jack Donovan’s “The Way of Men”.
        According to him the four virtues that males detect in each other are…

    3. The good men checked out so much we now see women against feminism. It’s a ploy to trick suckers back into chasing them again.

  13. Fellas…today I heard some cool stuff on the Rush Limbaugh show. Rush occasionally touches the “3rd rail ” that is known as female nature. Rush did a large part of his show about how the control freak feminists are using the Ray Rice “reprogram our boys”. The dykes and man-haters are coming out of the woodwork to further brainwash males. Scary stuff. Later a caller told his story about his wife cheating on him, then hitting him and calling the cops only to lie and claim he was beating her. The caller used the term “blue pill” and Rush did not know what that was but did link it to the famous scene in the movie “The Matrix”. Rush’s show has a 20 million daily listenership. I think the Red Pill philosophy is leaking out into the mainstream….

    1. Rush Limbaugh – the protector of men, ha ha!
      He’s a govt stooge. The fact that this subject is on his show is troubling.
      Soon he’ll be lauding Reagan as “red pill”.

      1. Come on, give the guy a break. He’s clearly on our side and could possibly be the first MSM to openly cover female nature. He’s a guy just like the rest of us on the board, gives no fucks, and is willing to fight against feminism and the left.
        “Feminism was designed to allow ugly women access to mainstream society”
        “I killed feminism”

  14. Along the same lines of ‘women are difficult to understand’ is ‘women are crazy.’ Get rid of both of these ideas and treat women like adults. Who really benefits from the above ideas? Women. It’s no accident that insanity is used as a defence in court because insantity requires no stand of behaviour or no personal responsibility. It’s not my fault cries the woman I’m ‘difficult to understand’ or ‘crazy’. If you find yourself talking to a woman that says things like this she’s letting you know that she’s going to do whatever she wants and take responsibilty for nothing.
    To me, I pay almost no attention to what a woman says but I watch very closely what she does. It doesn’t matter if she says for example, that she’s very ambitious if she’s been working at Olive Garden for the last five years.

        1. Can you honestly say you’ve seen a woman with ambitions beyond riding cock and stealing some sucker’s cash? No, you can’t. “She is ambitious” is an oxy fucking moron. Have you ever conversed with a woman on any subject other than herself? No you can’t. They are all bubble headed orifices and good for being fucked and fucked with. If you’re doing anything other than making them cry enough tears to produce ample anal lube – you’re doing it wrong. Whores have no ambition save for sinning. It’s a joy to watch them squirm under the heel. You know this. Live it.

        2. How many times have you ever said those words! She is ambitious. That’s some fucking hysterical shit.

        3. To the “Guest”: Once the male gender has been subjugated to thralldom, I might consider purchasing you. Watching you cower as my servant and errand boy for the rest of your life will be soo much fun. I will indelibly etch in your heart and mind a feeling of reverence for and obedience to the concept of Girl Power. Enslavement is your gender’s unalterable destiny…and the reality of it is getting closer every day.

        4. “Less teeth when you’re gobbing my knob or Daddy will have to knock them out. You may return to your knees little karen so you can finish up before I drop you off at school. No you can’t wear any underpants today baby, daddy has friends coming over later.”
          I imagine that’s how the dialogue went round your family breakfast table when the rest of got to watch cartoons and eat lucky charms.

        5. The scenario you imagine demonstrates that the simple (though severely twisted) masculine “brain” (and I use the term loosely) you possess is well suited for manual labor…and nothing beyond…assuming you are kept on a short leash. I always giggle when I see males working outside…in construction or landscaping, for example. The Slave Gender *does* need to keep in mind that feminine power is something from which they cannot and will *never* escape. *Bitchy smirk*

    1. Yes. Men shouldn’t deal with women, or try to figure them out, based on what the man thinks makes sense or should be sensible. They put to much time on why instead of what. Look for patterns.
      Because even the most dedicated to being confusingly fickle, flakiest, “women are more complex than men” female will show a pattern. And once identified, you don’t worry about why, you figure out what. Is the what a waste of time.
      But I would say do pay attention to what they say. Not believe it, but note it as it relates to how they act. Word choice is a tool women love to use.
      The dramatic outbursts, fake indignation are often used to put a guy on the defensive to buy themselves some time to come up with the right words to get themselves out of whatever crap they stepped in.

      1. Women are literally psycho children in an adults body. But more dangerous than children. Ive heard women joke about falsely accusing men of molestation and abuse, and they think it’s cute and funny, while the mans life is ruined. What makes them tick: They are 100% self centered vile creatures.

    2. And you are just a pillar of professional success, I’m sure. Those who harp away on christian gripe sites are usually real titans of industry. Oh and seriously, there are no male equivalencies to the “crazy” female archetype you present. You are really short sighted guy. There are an equal number of low rent men to women any day. Grow the fuck up and stop being such a two dimensional little bitch.

      1. Hmmm. Am I correct in assuming that there was nothing wrong with the original comment that I had posted which was simply that women should be treated as adults and judged by their actions? I’m only saying this because you didn’t address it.
        What you have attempted to do was use shaming language against me. To summarize your reply I am: a failure, not a titan of industry, myopic, immature and lacking in development as an individual. Did I catch all of that?
        There may be an equal number of men on the other side of the fence but this is a deflection and attempt to say that my point is null because of the existence of said men. This is immaterial because I don’t date men, I date women and am forced to deal with that reality.
        To put it simply I don’t care what you think about me or my points. I don’t even care enough to attempt to insult you as there is toilet paper in my bathroom that holds more water than your opinions.

        1. “I date women”
          Yeah, your mom doesn’t count, and that is a really long reply for someone who doesn’t care.

        2. “I am: a failure, not a titan of industry, myopic, immature and lacking
          in development as an individual. Did I catch all of that?”
          You said it, not me. A little insecure, bro? Nobody’s fault but your own. But you like cheese. You have that going for you if nothing else. Only the biggest losers in life are this compulsively obsessed with chauvinism. Do you really feel superior to all women? Pretending that you’re superior to another group isn’t going to help shitty lot in life.

        3. So other than ad hominems you don’t have any new material? Nothing to actually disprove anything that I’ve actually said?
          Ok, I’m done. I’m going to go with the assumption that you don’t like cheese.

        4. What do you want a fucking cookie. You populate a website that’s no better than stormfront. You’re an active contributor on a hate site. Every single article espousing a premise that you know is flagrantly absurd – that women are intrinsically inferior intellectually and ethically to men. You are, as you say, pitifully myopic and far more emotion driven than the estrogen riddled you think you’re “exposing.” This is such a gruesome website and THIS is your wank fodder. You would be horrified and deeply contrite if the people who you purport to care about knew that this is your core belief system. Is it advantageous and healthy to let your mommy issues wrestle such control over you? Get some help, you know this is fetid and sick.

  15. Yeah – this would have been great stuff for me to know before I got married many moons ago. Aforementioned duty-bound marriage here: all the responsibilities and none of the perks. And I’m sure I’m not the only one as I think that generally defines marriage for most men in 21st century America.

  16. “If your girlfriend wants a little affair to break up the monotony of being with you, she’ll facilitate this by going on holiday alone, or with some girlfriends. Similarly, if a girl wants to be shafted by a number of different nationalities, she’ll become a “solo female traveler” (note another example of use of empowering language; a man doing the same will often get labelled as a “sex tourist”).”
    Ain’t that the fucking truth…

  17. All women are pathological liars. They lie about everything. Men are governed by reason and justice. Not women, not ever. They don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves. They are children in adult bodies who don’t suffer the consequences of their actions. The only reason you are ever in a woman’s life is because she has a need for you. Nothing more, nothing less.

  18. Sad situation. I like Western civilization. Potential for space travel, neat machines that look like wizardry, increases in knowledge and the ability to tackle and control elements that struck fear and terror in our ancestors and smote millions in our cultural past.
    So how did we get here? Wise men looked at the amount of effort young men would go through to get a piece of tail and decided to put up all sorts of requirements before you could get it. Build things, make things, get educated, contribute to society and THEN AND ONLY THEN may you get a piece. It worked. Of course this meant controlling the urges of both sexes and having the older generations keep them on lock down. Too bad that was “patriarchy” and “oppression”.
    Women still wanted to go shag the first barbarian they saw and they really wanted to cuckold the guy they were with but they’d be stoned or sent out into the woods to die and so.. well… for the most part they didn’t do it (or didn’t get caught). And the men kept working, and dying, and believing that the women they were fighting, working, and dying for were worth it. It was a very useful illusion. Great things were created. Parasites were always there, politicians and lawyers do nothing productive but with the men harnessed working enough to support two or even three families things kept going anyway. Then the women were set loose.
    They immediately set to work destroying the reasons men wanted to work. When the fallout from that began to get serious they mandated male labor *by law* essentially making slaves of free men for their direct benefit. Child support, alimony, WIC, EBT, etc. is only necessary when the women have the option of throwing away their marriages or shagging anyone they like. Someone has to pay for those bad choices and women never take responsibility for anything as that requires a moral core which women simply do not have by themselves. Some men have morals – women can only justify wants and needs. Without a man in their lives to guide them, just like a child, there is no moral center to a woman. It has to be put there by a man just as GOD must put moral guidance into men for there to be any love of what is right.
    So we are lead by animals and animals don’t value civilization. Ergo we will not have one for long. We will be conquered or we will collapse and fragment and sooner or later wise men will realize that women must be controlled for there to be any chance of something greater than sod huts. That is the reality and bad feeling doesn’t change it.
    I’m going my own way. No wife I could get would be controllable given the current legal environment. That makes me “Tau”, “Rho”, “Omega”, or I forget what Greek letter that means. In fact it just means that I will not work for something I see no long term reward in. Any woman will betray, will act like a child, will blame me for her atrocious behavior, and I am legally restricted from disciplining her as is needed. And before anyone shrieks at this isn’t it instructive that women themselves crave this discipline they’ve demanded to be protected from by buying up copies of 50 shades of gray faster than it can be printed. What they say is meaningless. The alpha solution is to what here? Beat the shit out of them in an alpha enough way so she (and her friends and her mom and your friends and your neighbors) do not call the police? Worked well for Mr. Rice didn’t it?
    Western civilization is dead and the poison was women voting and equal rights. We’ve put spoiled children at the helm and the course is set. Iceberg ahead. Turn out the lights.

  19. Actions > Words. Any time.
    Women communicate in a different way, hence game is needed to a) communicate with them efficiently and b) to understand what they are trying to communicate.
    Good post.

  20. Definitely written from a mans perspective. This article is only good for certain types of girls. If you want to learn how to understand women, you get advise from women. Not men who think they know women and certainly not from just one woman because their answers are going to be bias and therefore only helpful if the woman you want is similiar to her.

  21. The thing that’s so ridiculous is, when you get a good gf, you realize that the ones you met before her are full of crap and you were too stupid to believe it. There are girls out there who are thin, nice as hell, deepthroat on demand, like to dance, wear heels without problems, get ready fast and still look great, will kiss you on the forehead and sincerely hope you have a nice time without them, won’t fuss if sperm gets in their eyes or hair, don’t need to shop constantly, and aren’t into chick flicks. I spent years around feminists in boarding school and college and couldn’t believe it until i witnessed it firsthand.

  22. This thread hasn’t been active for 6 months and Sauron666 posts on it. This is what TROLLS do to create the false impression that they have a legitimate posting history. Make no mistake – Sauron666 is a TROLL.

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