Progressives Use Ray Rice Scandal To Paint All Male Interests As Inherently Misogynistic

Over at the Guardian, future Nobel Prize winner Helen Lewis opines on the evolution of video games:

Evil women are coming to take away your computer games. At least, that’s the message that a group of angry young men have been articulating on the internet in the past few weeks. According to them, these games – once a haven for socially awkward teenage boys – are being ruined by the monstrous regiment.

This is a curious lead-off observation on her part, since her article features a picture of pretty white women competing a in a video game. Her article rehashes the tired, old argument that boys are born hating women and have to learn to not hate women. This “misogyny” is not treated as a moral issue at its core, but a maturity issue.

She concludes with this gem:

Games are growing up, whether gamers like it or not, and testosterone-riddled male-power fantasies are bound to fall out of favour as a result. The nerds are going to have to grow up and learn to live with the invasion.

She clearly sees the migration of females into males enclaves as positive, as it will cause the boys to become men and stop their misogynistic ways and become good men. Hence, The Good Men Project. Men don’t become good men until they are subject to female supervision, guidance and “equality.” Men can aid in this shedding of maturity-based hatred, but it can only truly be healed at the hands of women, particularly feminist women.


Across the oceanic pond, a sports organization known as the National Football League has been under intense social fire for its “handling” of one of its players—named Ray Rice—violently assaulting his then-fiancée. For our part, Athlone McGinnis has detailed the facts of the situation and Law Dogger has opined on the nature of alpha male behavior which leads to women to stay with the men who would hurt them.

What hasn’t been addressed is just why domestic violence as dealt with by the NFL is an issue now. Football players have been violently assaulting one another on the field and have been beating and killing others–including their girlfriends and wives—outside the auspices of the field since the inception of the league. Why is this an issue now?

Often, in situations such as these, one must consider the difference between what should be done and why it appears something should be done. Consider this quote from The Culture Of Narcissism:

According to Paul Hoch, Jack Scott, Dave Meggyesy and other cultural radicals, sport is a “mirror reflection” of society that indoctrinates the youth with the dominant values. In America, organized athletics teach militarism, authoritarianism, racism and sexism, thereby perpetuating the “false consciousness” of the masses.

To cultural radicals (liberals or progressives), sports exist as an expression of the ignorance of the lesser classes. At their best, radicals express displeasure with sport because it encourages inordinate levels of competition at the expense of social cooperation and sport enjoyment prevents oppressed classes from actually addressing their oppression. At their worst—like David Futrelle at his blog We Hunted The Mammoth—radicals link traditional (psychologically healthy) values of love, family, and duty to so-called patriarchal values of violence against women.

Sport—at its best—afford spectators a distraction from reality that allows them to suspend disbelief, immerse themselves in the game and admire the prowess of the athletes. Sports offers dramatic commentary on reality while giving a spectator the space to appreciate its artificiality. The awe the true fan brings to the experience is necessarily devalued by political radicals who seek to turn sport into a manifestation of their ideology.


However, modern sports has collapsed into this paradox as described by Howard Cosell:

“[S]ports are not separate from and apart from life, a special ‘Wonderland’ where everything is pure and sacred and above criticism,” but a business subject to the same standards and open to the same scrutiny as any other.

This has happened not just because progressives and radicals have linked sport and “patriarchy,” but because they have, unwittingly, been a part of capitalistic reform. As I have stated before, one of the main opponents of sport were capitalists at the turn of the century who were upset at lower class people cluttering the streets with sporting games; it inhibited their ability to move capital or product and inhibited their ability to exploit their workers, as workers “wasted” time on cultural traditions which included sports.

As Cosell observed, sports in America isn’t an endless field of fresh goldenrod and sweet roses—it is a business first. Enter Ray Rice.

As previously observed, the Ravens’ starting running back Ray Rice knocked his fiancée out in an elevator and dragged her unconscious body out of said elevator. The response from radicals has been as predictable as it has been revealing.

First off, they assume wide swaths of the population (read: poor, conservative, Republican, Christian) are at least tolerant of male-on-female abuse, if not outright fans or supporters of domestic violence. The aforementioned David Futrelle article blames social conservatism and patriarchy instead of psychopathy, personality disorders, or any mental disorder that would cause any individual to use violence on intimate partners. Like the progressive reformers before them, they associate interest in sports as inherently uneducated, lower-class and indicative of a person who refuses to “progress socially.”


That being said, this espnW article written by pictured Jane McManus has the highest up-voted comment which encapsulates what is really going on:

caucasian faggot: the most surprising thing to me, is the lack of WOMEN on ESPN being given the platform. I’m seeing a lot of men talk about football, & domestic violence…
Why Haven’t I seen or heard Jane McManus on TV vocalising this particular opinion? Hopefully, you’ve been on, & I have just missed it.

Like the push for female gamers and coders represented by the exhausting imbroglio’s of Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn, it’s not just about progressive beliefs on  ignorance, sexism or traditional values, but that women are not given enough voice (power) in male spaces. To them, this represents ignorance, backwardness and indicates is in desperate need of remedy.

It appears something should be done not just because sports like the NFL represents traditional values, but that traditional values don’t involve enough females. As observed previously, women see themselves as the civilizing force for men. To them, women civilize men by forcing them to mature.

When considering sports, women feel they are smoothing over the rough patches of immaturity that sport encourages. Not only does converting tradition into the immediacy of now decreases the power of men as a class, sports can be devalued but then revalued by women as they force their way into the male spaces, crowding out the “obvious” recesses of misogyny, sexism, and prejudice.

This push is about branding—to the men and women who agree with radicals—that acts, institutions and beliefs that don’t benefit women are inherently misogynistic. Consider this article by Jezebel’s mental fleshlight, Erin Gloria Ryan:

Every October, the NFL festoons its players and stadiums in a cloying shade of pink and slaps its TV spots and billboards with an altruistic message: the NFL cares about breast cancer awareness, and by extension, cares about women.

Why should a man’s thoughts on his team’s passing offense inform his views on said league’s views on domestic violence? Apparently, I’ve been under a heavy patriarchal rock for the past few decades, as I thought domestic violence was an issue with the courts, police and mental health professionals?

A commenter notes:

This may sound really cynical but football is notorious for being a super macho straight man’s game.

Imagine that!  A game that men have played since boys, commented on and regulated by men is…a man’s game! Somebody call TMZ, I have the newest sexist offense! Get Obama on the quick, our black president needs to get one of those “beer summits” together over the “stupidity” of this situation. Wait, Erin Gloria Ryan responds:

46% of its fans are women.

Huh. Apparently, almost half of NFL fans are women. Like Anita Sarkeesian, Ryan isn’t a fan of the institution she is critiquing. She must mean women are proxies of fans as they tolerate their husbands watching NFL games since the NFL dedicates October to “Breast Cancer Awareness?” Oh wait, Baker says if you still watch the NFL after Ray Rice knocked out his fiancee, you must hate women. A bunch of Einsteins in the comments try to parse Ryan’s puritanical piece so as to avoid calling Ryan out, but this comment stands out:

tuxedocatherine: …While Goodell’s new policy of domestic violence isn’t particularly groundbreaking, it’s a tiptoe in the right direction

Interesting, a second accusation of domestic violence against a woman (notice how nobody is talking about a gay athlete like Michael Sam stomping his life partner out) resulting in a perma-ban that could only be lifted by administrative decision is a tiptoe in the right direction. I can only surmise that any man who is accused of hurting a woman—necessarily excluding practicing homosexuals, as they are not a part of athletic culture to radicals—is permanently banned from any league is a better tiptoe. Maybe we can hang them at high noon upon accusation? Obviously, punishment of offenders matters more to radicals than anything else.


Like the newest information on Adrian Peterson. this is about fusing female moral superiority over males with radical sensibility on sports. To progressives and radicals, sports represents an indoctrination into the violent aspects of racism, sexism, and homophobia. Sports represents a refuge of the violent and necessarily socialized attributes of humanity that prevent humans from true equality.

It goes further than that, as the feminist commentary evinces the idea that institutions that primarily serve men are inherently anti-woman or misogynistic. This is a product of the modern American woman’s inability to separate the self from others. Unable to understand or appreciate anything that doesn’t benefit the self, American women react with disgust when presented with organizations like the NFL who don’t exist to at least indirectly help women.

The desire for women to invade male spaces in order to better socialize men has a few causes, but with respects to the NFL, it represents female moral superiority over men. It is a modern representation of June Cleaver (women) parenting her son Theodore Beaver (men). The finger-wagging superiority is indicative of women who think it is up to them to drag the boy-men of Misogyny Lane into adulthood. The usage of radical politics is nothing new to attack sports, but is used now to further feminine interests in redirecting male’s time and money.

This swirling mass of seemingly conflicting media—for media’s sake—serves one, true purpose, regardless of sex: to redirect clicks, likes, and retweets on the web. Don’t click on ESPN links, click on Jezebel ones! It certainly involves serious issues that predate those clicks or tweets, but it ultimately is about inflaming long-standing passions and fires that might change your mind. Oops, I mean your homepage.

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241 thoughts on “Progressives Use Ray Rice Scandal To Paint All Male Interests As Inherently Misogynistic”

  1. I’ll say this:
    Ray Rice shouldn’t have hit her as hard as he did, nor should she have initiated it. The reaction to the Ray Rice incident is really a societal wide recognition that the male’s natural powers/abilities need to be restricted to an extent – namely aggression and physical force – in order to have decency, civility, and stability throughout our society. I’m all for this, I don’t want to live in a Darwinian hell hole. That being said, what is not addressed is the fact that women can exact the same damage to society through the abuse of their own powers/abilites, which entail the sexual world mostly and the psychological and emotional damage that this can cause (suicides, broken homes, discouraging many men to want to participate in society, etc.). Power abuse from either side needs to be checked. The current state of things seems to be overreaching on the checks in place for male power and the excessive loosening of restraints on female power. Both sides need to be held accountable

    1. Truth be told, Ray Rice’s best form of retaliation would’ve been to walk away and not marry her ass.

      1. No. Rice’s best form of retaliation would be to go on the offensive and scream “racism” against women’s groups and the media. Could you imagine if he had opened a press conference with this?
        “It is sad that we all live in an America where it’s okay for Both cops and women to beat black men with immunity…. and somehow they are the victims if black men respond.”

        1. Well if we actually had equality you could have claimed “battered man syndrome” and shot her.

        2. It is indeed scary how they can bring out the worst in a man by deliberately pushing our buttons with their smug, sadistic grin. It is a woman’s nature to test the limits with each of us. Unfortunately for those women not all men remain civil when they are being shit tested.

        3. At the same time, these women aren’t being civil themselves when they test the limits to such an extent. That was the point I was trying to make in my post that I think got lost. Civility needs to be on both sides.

        4. I have too. And the look of surprise is just priceless when you crack them in the jaw. Like you just defied God or something.

        5. Yeah it’s scary because they are acting like 150-250 pound animals at that point. So many people seem to think that just because a man is stronger than a woman that all of a sudden women are pixie fairies formed of sugar dust or something. A 160 pound human being throwing their fist through the air can damage anyone’s brittle eyeballs or tiny nose bones. Men don’t all of a sudden have eyeballs cast from blue-twisted steel just because it’s a woman’s fist. If a woman with a gemstone ring throws a fist at your eyes she can split your eyeball open. Guys act like they can just tap a woman with their fingertip and the women will collapse into a pile of sugar powder on the ground. Imagine the beating Rice would have taken if he just stood there. And other guys have said things like, “He’s twice her size.” Oh, a colloquiallism they say. So a guy two inches shorter than his wife who’s within 30 pounds is ‘twice her size’ to fit the gyno-narrative.

        6. Who knows if he has taken some beatings from her before? She showed a lot of confidence before the jab, like she was very comfortable fucking him up. Maybe he’d been taking beatings regularly and finally snapped.

        7. Good comment. What if Ray’s wife (fiancee) had been a white woman and this all happened? Would have been interesting to see the results, huh?
          We all know that black women hate to see a black man with a white woman in the first place. I would have loved to see how that narrative would have played out in the media and on the social networks.
          Feminism is great for women – until we hit certain subjects – then it can divide them like a plague.

        8. You already know the answer…
          The feminist media outcry would actually have been worse because they would have seen Janay Palmer as one of their own rather than a convenient pawn for the cause. And instead of Ray’s head, they would have been calling for his balls.
          Janay would have had a charity set up on her behalf. Her mom would have been interviewed in a TV special… etc. etc.
          And because black women that side with men or blacks on feminist issues don’t get employed by the mainstream media – the exception is Whoopie Goldberg – there would be no counter to the shrieking harpies.
          However, I’m sure that the sentiment among women in the hood would be the same as the one that had them declare OJ innocent of murder.

    2. In other words you are OK with the current imbalance where men are stripped of their power and women are sexually “empowered” to do whatever the fuck they want???
      Well I’m not.
      Feminists will never do anything to check women’s abuse of men emotionally, financially, nor sexually so you are basically a sucker….

        1. No. You re-read your post.
          Did you not write “Rice shouldn’t have hit her as hard as he did”
          Well that’s what a feminist would say. I don’t care how hard he hit her… she initiated it. And by the way he hit her with his left hand and he’s right handed, but you and other feminists never noticed that.

        2. I’m by no means a feminist. You’re focusing on the one part of one sentence and not the entire post. My whole point is that the society writ large is only concerned with keeping male primal behavior in check and not women as well. PS a left hook is considered a power shot even for a right-handed boxer. A stiff jab or a hard shove would’ve sufficed. After that point, if she continued, then all bets are off.

        3. Yes. I am only focusing on one sentence… because it’s the most important part of your entire comment. You have a problem with what he did.. just like a feminist.
          I don’t have a problem with what I saw in the full video. At all!!!

        4. I gotta agree. You don’t put my hand through the bars and then bitch that the bear shouldn’t have bit you so hard.

        5. He backed off to the far side of the elevator as soon as it got physical and she came after him. All bets are fucking OFF at that point, bitches have to learn to respect horsepower.

        6. Notice I said “as hard”. I don’t have a problem with him responding physically, nor do I have a problem with the guy in cleveland uppercutting that chick on the bus. Nor do I think he should be suspended from the league. If a smaller, weaker, 10 year old hits me, I’ll get him back but I’m not gonna hit him the same as someone who’s shots legitimately threaten my safety. That’s all I’m getting at with that.

        7. I have to agree with young on this one. Lessons I’ve learned growing up….if I fuck with a dog and he bites me he’s not going to worry about ‘how hard’ he bites me…he’ll just bite me.
          She knows (probably from the past) that it’s likely he wasn’t going to hit her (or as hard) and her behavior was acceptable.
          Now, she’ll know that if she starts shit with him “remember last time?”. Lessons learned.

  2. The most disturbing aspect of this whole thing for me is the Orwellian nature of the media and public response.
    It is one thing to show a video of a dude beating a woman over and over again until the world’s eyes bleed… such is politics. But it is quite another to show a video of a woman spitting on, hitting, and charging a man and then “journalists” writing, speaking, emoting and broadcasting as if the video we all just saw was of him smacking her… rather than him smacking her back.

      1. With a whole lot of Animal Farm thrown in too
        “All citizens are equal, but some (women) are more equal than others. “

      2. Orwell warned people this was where society was heading.
        People laughed at him and said he was crazy.
        Guess he wasn’t so crazy after all…

      1. I’ve lost lots of friends over their interpretation of the video…. but I’ve also picked up some new ones….and several phone numbers

        1. Were they really ever friends?
          I would say his response was excessive but then if I poked a lion with a stick I would expect an excessive response.
          It’s not really what I would call abuse but he certainly could have handled it better.

        2. Being in the NFL, his strength & reflexes are in the top of the top 1%. When she slapped him at the first of the video, she did it like she’d gotten by with it many times before. When he did finally retaliate in the elevator, it looked more like a swat to me, not a full on punch. Banging her head against the handrail after loosing her footing is what knocked her out. I’ve had similar experiences…one does reach a breaking point, especially if one has had a few drinks. I tell my children to make sure physical aggression, by either party in a relationship, is an automatic deal breaker. Whether they bring it out in you, or you bring it out in them, that’s just NOT a match & it likely won’t get better.

        3. Yes. They were friends….unfortunately they got sucked up in the undertow of political correctness even though they were strong swimmers.
          And no Bob, HE couldn’t have handled it better. THEY could have handled it better.
          Be careful. The undertow has your foot.

        4. Relax mate. And women can’t handle anything. He’s the man. Men handle women. Not the other way round.

        5. Yeah I get all that about his athleticism. I throw a harder punch than him. That is the reason why I am very careful with my hands. I don’t want to be responsible for causing my woman serious damage. Not only that, I am careful about the women I associate with. I don’t associate with violent women. That was his mistake. Second, you always lose when you hit a woman. No one who matters (i.e. police, courts, press) will back you. You have to be smart. He wasn’t.
          He could get up there in court, saying “but judge, she came at me” and he will get laughed at right into a jail cell.
          Is it her fault she got slapped? Yeah I think she deserved it. But “deserved” won’t keep you out of jail.

        6. I have to say, I have viewed the video again and it looks to me that Ray Rice punched her twice. Once to initiate the fight and once again to know her out. I can’t see clearly but from his movement and her reaction it looks like a left hook (a punch and a hard one at that) that was the KO blow. Even if was a slap, it was clearly the blow that caused her to lose her balance (and not a banana skin or an oil slick). My summation is that she was knocked out by the punch. Secondly, my conclusion is that he was the aggressor and committed an act of battery.
          I don’t think this is a good example to use to justify men hitting women.

        7. Absolutely right englishbob, in court or the court of public opinion, it really doesn’t matter how provocative she was.

        8. In court it does matter… Just depends on the state. But yes the media will be against you.

        9. It doesn’t matter in a court of law. Provocation doesn’t excuse any response you like.
          I learned a long time ago not to let provocations control me. I control me. And yes I’ve almost been arrested because of a crazy woman. But I didn’t knock her out.

        10. You are dreaming. The video is blurry and unclear. There is a certain level of interpretation required to form a conclusion from the video. I have formed my conclusion based on how the incident appears to me and also on a reasonable lawyers interpretation.
          I think that Ray Rice hit his woman twice but even if she hit him first, legally speaking his response was excessive. Unfortunately, the juvenile “she hit me first” argument gets you nowhere in a court of law. Adult legal concepts such as “reasonableness” and proportionality” apply.
          I have no dog in this fight. I care neither for Ray Rice or his woman. I am just saying it how it looks. You on the other hand seem to have an agenda.

        11. She clearly back hands him in the mouth at the beginning of the video.
          Yea. I do have an agenda…. to actually have the truth be told.

        12. Englishbob: You are absolutely correct. His response was totally out of line with the situation. I am sure she was no Angel but he could have easily just grabbed her and subdued her without throwing that serious second punch. I believe that men should be able to defend themselves if a woman is attacking them, but you have to use your head. The defense should be proportional to the attack. He went way too far.

    1. That’s whats been blowing my mind the whole time. You can’t hear anything being said by either of them, but what you can make out for certain is that she appears to shove him and/or catch him in the face with her arm, and then she actually comes after him after he backs up to the other side of the elevator.
      If this guy is the evil violent brute people are making him out to be, she should have probably not done what she did.

      1. Yup. It is easy to see that she back hands him in the mouth at the beginning of the video. It’s also easy so see him retreating in the elevator.
        She does not have the demeanor of an abuse woman, man or animal… he does….
        Right down to his apology.

        1. Great point. I suspect that she has been tearing into Ray for a long time. Trouble now is, he went out and married her. Once your patience with a woman’s bullshit has run out (which his obviously has) it’s best to move on.

    2. One angle I didn’t consider at the time is this: Feminists love to bleat on about how video games and sports glorify violence by giving it a media presence.
      Yet, they have no problem whatsoever with sharing with anybody who would watch the video of Ray Rice smacking his then fiancee.

      1. Agree….because they are twisting that video to fit their (feminist) narrative.
        I do love that fact that it’s being shared and hopefully more men will speak out.
        I saw an exchange between two people…not Ray beating his wife (fiancee). That’s what needs to be addressed about the video.

      2. The first thing I wanted to do after watching the video was smack my fiancee. I have no idea what came over me.

    3. Good point. Yes, it’s disturbing to see men in the media not standing up (or at least taking a devil’s advocate stance) to others when this discussion pops up.
      You can clearly see that this was an “exchange” of blows…not Ray simply beating his wife – like many women want you to believe. She started it and then he hit back.
      If I fuck with a dog and he bites me, then lesson learned. It’s that simple (things I learned growing up) but not today. Now, it’s the dog’s fault for biting me?
      None of this shit makes any sense and it’s going to be up to us to speak out.

        1. It’s a great analogy. She fucked with the dog long enough….he bit her.
          Do you think she’ll pull that shit again with him? Nope.
          And in this particular case….the stupid woman may have just lost her ‘meal ticket’ as well.

      1. Odd thing about that analogy, that’s exactly what it is today. Kid throws rocks at the dog, dog goes nuts, bites the kid, dog gets put to sleep while everybody feels sympathy for the kid throwing the rocks.
        simply editing the video has become a backhanded media tactic to swing the audience in their favor for whatever political agenda that they have. And whenever somebody points out the fact that she started it first, they always pull out the argument “Oh, he’s bigger and stronger than her! she’s so strong and independent, but nobody can hit her!” It goes right back to your argument. It makes no fucking sense.
        if these dumb fucks actually looked up the definition of equality in the dictionary, they know that despite your physical handicap, an eye for an eye is equal.

    4. A female co-worker stated that it was good thing that they finally released the full video because it shed light on the “lie” that Janay hit Ray first. I was just flabbergasted. Even in the light of clear video evidence to the contrary, women will tell blatant falsehoods in the hope that if enough people agree with her the lie will become truth.

      1. I just met a girl at lunch today who was worth the trouble… her quote.
        “if you hit a man, like you are one. You deserve to be hit back like a man”
        I got her #
        Your coworker is a cunt.

    5. Yeah it is really weird that they have the full video but pretend like they only have partial footage

  3. For women every all male place is automatically misogynistic. They will only be satisfied if they can join the NFL. All male schools and country-clubs had to go, but all-female yoga centers, beauty parlors, fitness centers and many others are fine. We have to understand that women always want to butt their asses in, just for the sake of being the first woman there and having a good supervision on the men there. Their NFL dream would likely consist of a bunch of female trainers and owners who can boss those men around as they like.
    It is part of their current deluded psychological makeup and feminist indoctrination that wants to establish at least some participation and supremacy by a woman. Facts, logical arguments and meritocracy do not matter. All male spaces have go, while all female spaces are being erected

    1. Everything men have done for fun, which women initially would describe as stupid things men like to do, women have followed men into when they realized men wouldn’t stop doing the activity the women disapproved of.
      Tattoos-now hard to find one without one
      Strip clubs-now women go to strip clubs with women strippers
      Football-well covered
      Back up dancers in videos-Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, Madonna are enpowered
      Cigar smoking
      Lyrics in music-never ending uploads of twerking videos
      Sex in media-the clothes they wear going out or just when the weather gets warm.

        1. Did you think it was a harem starter kit or did you want to experience college hook-up life, mixed gender office politics, feminized campus atmosphere, intra gender competition, feminist hypocrisy, extreme plausible deniability, Rollo Tomassi’s smv graph and his scale for the other thing about party years to epiphany phase, and the good girl fallacy all at the same time?

        2. I’m going to follow through with it anyway. It is either this or have no friends at all. I commute to a state university and am very shy, so it is hard for me to meet people. I need to get involved in the community and start making connections, so I think this is a good way to do it.

        3. I’m doing another club that is like another honor society. Again, predominantly female. I don’t really mind, but us men need to pick it up. It seems that anything other than club sports are overrun by women.
          Philip Zimbardo put it perfectly.

        4. STOP! NOW! Fraternities are one of the last bastions of male greatness. I’m sure your state school has great fraternities. Do they have Sigma Nu, Sig Chi, TKE, PIKE, or Sig Ep? if you’re going to do Greek life, do it with a real deal 150+ yr fraternity, not some modern co-ed bullshit.

    2. It almost makes me want the chaos of anarchy, so women will learn the hard way just how useless they are outside the making of babies. They create nothing of value, or beauty, or worth. They just bitch and complain because they’ve had such good, sheltered lives. Idiots

      1. I would not discount some super-smart women who actually produce something worthwhile, but usually men have no problem accepting meritocratic achievements of women. But on average women simply cannot compete with the dimorphic genetic make-up of our species where men were endowed with by far more skills and mental predispositions to succeed.
        Apart from that both sexes should have their own private spaces. Feminism just feeds them welcome lies – in the end they will reap the bitter rewards. Though men in general are guilty too for letting the plutocracy fool them on all matters – not only attraction patterns and female “empowerment”. In a way we are all guilty for not revolting. But at least some men are now waking up and walking out on the raw deal of marriage and choosing instead to become the very men the deluded princesses desire for their gina-tingle-carousel-riding. The day of reckoning only comes as those men don’t turn to docile Betas in their 30s ready for the marriage-trap.

  4. “[ ] the modern American woman’s inability to separate the self from others. Unable to understand or appreciate anything that doesn’t benefit the self.”
    This is part of the nature of *all* women. This reality may lie dormant behind the veils of specific cultural norms or it may rear its head overtly like in this case, but it’s there. It’s not some “glitch” specific to American women.

    1. Young men can’t conceive how selfish and narcissistic these vile creatures really are. The female must be ruled by the male, as the scripture sayeth, if not then they will destroy themselves and take down society with them.

    2. Femininity at its core is integration. Masculinity is at its core differentiation from the feminine.

  5. The National Association of Women is now calling for Roger Goodell’s head:
    “The NFL has lost its way. It doesn’t have a Ray Rice problem; it has a violence against women problem…The only workable solution is for Roger Goodell to resign and for his successor to appoint an independent investigator with full authority to gather factual data about domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking within the NFL community and to recommend real and lasting reforms.”
    –NOW President Terry O’Neill
    Wrong. This is NOW jumping on the Ray Rice scandal to push its own Agenda, and to demand a human sacrifice (Goodell) accompanied by show trials (the “investigation” in which everyone is guilty and lives will be destroyed). They are hating on ALL MEN because of the acts of a few individual men.
    Welcome to Fourth Wave Feminism, where All Men are Abusers, All Women are Victims, and anyone who disagrees Must Be Destroyed.
    À bientôt,

    1. Well Goodell cut Ray’s finger and fed the blood to the feminist sharks… but being sharks they were not satisfied. I hope Goodell gets eaten by the very same sharks he was so quick to appease.

      1. It does demonstrate why one cannot give into the demands of the Cathedral, even a little bit. There was a time when this sort of thing would have been handled by law enforcement, which is better equipped to do so then letting the Red Queens of NOW shriek “OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!”
        À bientôt,

        1. I’m tapped out. I no longer have the patience to deal with these evil, psychotic, narcissistic creatures. Best advice is just stay away from them.

        2. The next phase of this PC Dystopia that is being instituted in America will be to use all Corporations as a secondary form of “justice” system. The NFL is their biggest test case so far.

        3. Goodall would have been better served if he had said or done the following:
          “Ray Rice will be fully reinstated after his suspension assuming that he follows the rulings imposed by the appropriate law enforcement agencies that have investigated and adjudicated this matter. Based on statements and actions made by both Ray Rice and his wife, both individuals seem eager to put this incident behind them and we wish to do the same.
          Those persons who feel that the law enforcement response to this incident was not sufficient are free to take those complaints to that agency. The NFL is neither a private detective agency nor is it a law enforcement agency, and is not equipped in any way, shape or form to investigate criminal violations of the law.”

        4. Absolutely true. Rice is apparently in a “diversion” program and will not serve any jail time if he completes it successfully. That would have been the better move by the NFL, but it is how it is.
          Nixon was right about this: Never apologize, never explain. You’re just going to get yourself into more and worse trouble.
          À bientôt,

        5. Yep, and be careful. They were trying to sneak that through with the latest trade deal (TPP) in our government until someone let on about it (the secret meetings).
          That trade deal has more to do with law enforcement (corporations having a right to go after people in foreign countries) versus actual “trade policy”.

    2. I do want Goodell to step down too, but for entirely different reasons. I don’t give a shit about the Rice thing.

    3. Agree…and what are we doing on the other side (to the other person who was involved)? The woman.
      Is she going to trial, any new leads on how we’re handling her behavior (because, at the very least, she needs to see a counselor)?
      Any women (or men) in the media asking this tough question – what are we going to do about her behavior?

      1. exactly. wonder what the happy couple will look like in 15 years when rice can only eat rice pudding out of a straw and can’t remember his own name. then we will see the real power of a woman

  6. If feminists want to point the finger, then point it at Ray Rice’s wife, the greatest enabler and apologist. Oh yeah I forgot she’s a victim suffering from stockholm syndrome and has been brain washed (sarcasm).

      1. And ten years of relationship going back to high school before money was a factor. She knows this man better than anyone and she choose him, case closed.

  7. Well, since we keep being called misogynist by so called ‘progressives’ we might as be misogynist anyway since we will always be viewed such. We can’t convince them otherwise so in the end what is the difference? Why is misogyny so wrong,bad, and evil anyway? Women aren’t all that special or great and not even worth liking or trying to please anyhow.

    1. I had a friend tell me, after he went through a divorce, that you may as well be a piece of shit, cause that’s what women think of you anyway and that’s what they’re gonna tell everybody about you! And he went on and said, besides it’s more fun anyway!

    2. Good points. I always speak out and I make sure people understand that I live in the U.S. and the first amendment gives me that right….freedom of speech.
      I don’t care if a woman’s delicate ears can’t handle it. She shouldn’t listen in on my fucking conversations, anyways.

      1. Yep.. Women can’t handle the true brutality of life, so they want everything to change to suit them and their ‘delicate nature’. As if they’ve done anything to make the world a better place, other than bitching incessantly about whatever other girls are bitching about in that moment

  8. Ten years ago, tired of reading and hearing the word “misogyny” bandied around, I asked a number of friends, who were writers and journalists what the word was for a woman who hates men. I even asked a family councilor. NOT ONE, male or female, had an answer. In their minds the condition doesn’t exist.
    Try it.

    1. It’s Misandry. Microsoft Word doesn’t even recognize it. It won’t offer it as an option for spell check.

      1. And it’s funny that this word is just now being recognized.
        No one, here, has probably even seen it, read about it or even heard about it until they hit ROK.
        We’ve been “pre-programmed” to not use that word, to strike it from language because it doesn’t fit into the feminist narrative.
        But how many of us have heard the word misogynist used over a life time? Exactly.

    2. The word that you are looking for is basically “feminist”. Feminists hate men more than they’re pro anything feminine so there you have it.

    3. That’s because that word is not part of the feminist narrative.
      It’s funny, women only want to discuss “equality” when it has to do with the positive (benefits) aspects…they don’t want any of the negatives.
      You don’t see women lining up or having parades to change laws in our court system or Selective Service. That’s because they don’t benefit in any way from changing those laws.
      It’s all about power and control, today. It has nothing to do with feminism (equal rights) that was in play 100 years ago (right to vote).

      1. The women want equality with powerful men, but those men (and all of us, by attriton) have been granted power thanks to the sacrifices of millions of men throughout history

  9. It’s amazing really, when men automatically assume a woman can be good for nothing more than just sex or at least sex objects by default, we are called everything negative under the sun including misogynists.
    Yet women can refer to men as rapists and we have to accept that constant because yes all men, which is way worse than someone thinking you’re a whore.

    1. You will go to jail for being a rapist… you wont go to jail for being a whore… actually you’ll get paid.

  10. So I discovered this guy named Charles Murray… part-author of The Bell Curve if you’ve heard of it.
    His more recent work from his more recent (2012) book Coming Apart is focusing primarily on the disintegrating social cohesion of modern life, the rising division of the upper/middle classes, how the decline of marriage signifies the decline of the west, how our education system is screwing over the people born here, and the effects of traditional minded immigrants.
    I’m all about collecting useful reference material. If interested check out this lecture I thought it was good. And he has a sense of humor.

  11. Back in early elementary school, before puberty, guys mostly wanted to keep to themselves and didn’t want to have anything to do with girls. They wanted to joke around, be mischievous and crack jokes, in order to stop that and it’s disruption (since most schools are/were against having a male presence in the school), the schooling system encourages policies around the world, for young girls to be the c-blockers of male energy and vitality, by putting them together (until puberty hits and it’s too easy for a guy to put his finger in between a girls legs). This is actually what causes a lot of the hostility (feminists call it misogyny, but we all know it’s not that serious) that males have for females on a basic level: girls, and even when they grow into adults, believe that their purpose in a man’s life is to rob him of his liberty, for his own good.
    Only girls who didn’t apply to that archetype back then, were girls who we would consider tomboys. They wanted to play the same games, compete against the guys and wanted to be cool and funny too and they did, at that time get some respect. Yet once puberty hit, the guys mostly abandoned them and started hollering at all the girls they used to ignore, because they’re developing breasts and butts. The tomboy girl loses all that attention and either adapts and tries to become more girly, and if she’s successful she can be one of those cool women that men actually enjoy her company; if she doesn’t make the transition, she either becomes a lesbian or a feminist (sometimes both) and tries to muddle the waters of what it means to be a male or female in society. As for the women getting the new attention, there is some undercover resentment from knowing that if it wasn’t for “looks” boys would probably still ignore them, so they take that resentment out on every beta male from childhood all the way into adulthood, who comes to try and get with them.
    In the end, the dynamic remains the same: women from elementary even to adulthood are taught that they are meant to be the c-blockers of a man’s liberty for his own betterment, and her looks and her body are meant to be the salvation of every man she gets involved with. It’s the attitude behind a lot of things, including the desire to push female agendas in male-spaces, they actually think that getting involved in the things guys use to take a break from women, will actually improve men better, it would just be better if they just accepted that men don’t like them because they’re cool, they like them when they let men be men and know how to back off and let him lead by having a clear and free mind.

    1. Amen to that
      Modern women don’t act much differently from elementary school girls. These are the types that went around complaining about what is or isn’t “nice”. In more rational times, most people grow out of that phase. In our times, “nice” appears to trump everything.

      1. Women never actually mature. Some woman told me that she thought that men don’t mature until they’re 40, and asked me when I thought women mature. I said never. If there’s a mature women, she was likely fairly mature at a younger age, albeit naive. But a girl at 17 is likely the same at 50, just more tired.

  12. Americans should know that their national pastimes are thoroughly corrupted, and no not by PEDs. More men every year, die of prostate cancer than women die of breast cancer, but are their any awareness months for men in the NFL? No. To see these huge specimens decked out in pink cleats, pink gloves, pink towels and pink facemasks is a sign of the times. The increasingly soft nature of American men who at every turn pander to the ridiculous whimsical proclivities of women has becoming infuriating.
    I believe soon in the future, the definition for being a good American male citizen, may be to allow your wife to dominate the marriage, support someone else’s bastards, be sensitive to the ‘needs’ of women, work to see a bitch blow it all, and never raise your voice to criticise it (unless you want to branded a misogynist… the ‘horror’). This Orwellian nightmare is only might possible by America’s geographical isolation away from more hostile peripheral nations and America’s military technological superiority (read: not the quality of soldier but technology).
    Take these two vital things away, and stronger males from a neighbouring society would have extirpated 98% of the male population and bred out the remaining fertile female population. Because America had the benefit of the brains of some Jews and German engineers from the Reich who invented these technologies and geographical isolationism, ‘we’ can be a soft nation of simps, queers, and feminists.

    1. “I believe soon in the future, the definition for being a good American male citizen, may be to allow your wife to dominate the marriage, support someone else’s bastards, be sensitive to the ‘needs’ of women, work to see a bitch blow it all, and never raise your voice to criticise it (unless you want to be branded a misogynist… oh the ‘horror’). This Orwellian nightmare is only made possible by America’s geographical isolation away from more hostile peripheral nations and America’s military technological superiority (read: not the quality of soldier but technology).”
      I thought this was what it was already?

    2. “i believe soon in the future, the definition for being a good American male citizen, may be to allow your wife to dominate the marriage, support someone else’s bastards, be sensitive to the ‘needs’ of women, work to see a bitch blow it all, and never raise your voice to criticise it (unless you want to be branded a misogynist… oh the ‘horror’).”
      That’s the female imperative. .

    3. I think we need to take the first step and get used to being “misogynists”. American guys are too polite, too kind, and care too much about being called this or that. Remember that feminist accusations of bigotry are usually never anything important. I aim at being openly “misogynistic” just so the victim types can get used to it and deal with me on that level. And it works.

      1. Agree. I try to speak my mind as often as possible – without a filter. I believe if I’m talking to a person and someone else hears that conversation then it’s their problem for listening in on my conversation.
        We had a saying when I was growing up – “mind your fucking business”. It works, today, people just need to dust it off and try it. I learned that saying from my elders.

      1. Oh true but European men for the longest in their history were extraordinarily merciless towards each other with each member state of Europe being virtual rivals. There is a theory that posits the reason Germany became so good at fighting was because it was surrounded on all peripheries, East, West, South etc by enemies. When you’re surrounded by enemies with no natural barriers such as the English Channel or the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, then in the street terms, ‘shit gets real’. Either expand or die, no prisoners. Europe’s (read Western Europe) recent inculcation into effeminacy, is due to its long standing post-1945/1989 weighted ties to the US instead of Russia. Russia and the US battled for a long time for the heart of Europe, first under Soviet pretenses for the Russians and now under a renewed Putin order.

        1. Yes, Jared Diamond’s “Guns, Germs, and Steel” illuminates those points as advantages in the development, and eventually supremacy, of Caucasian civilizations.

        2. Rock solid Lance, as always. It’s like a seminar reading your posts. American men (and then the nation) will get what we deserve. Islam WILL dominate here one day. Sometimes, things come out of nowhere, so I will make my prediction: French Speaking Canadians, and France, will, oddly enough, be the only white men left to actually fight–due to their natural ethnocentrism that is a bit more unabashed than the otherwise helpless (Irish and even Scots to degree, stuck on an Island). France was ONCE a great nation full of warriors, who as Thomas Sewell noted, fought and died in WW1, only to be bashed mercilessly by Liberals in France prior to WW2, when they basically handed over their nation.

        3. Slavic men in general and Russian in particular are the only ones who adhere to the old take no prisoners attitude that typified the white tribes of Europe, as is so aptly described by Lance. There are still traces of this in some French, German, British, etc men, but for the most part it has been beaten out by the shock troops of the elites,

    4. Good thoughts, Lance.
      But, I believe this has more to do with money (profit) above all in sports. The main religion, now, in the U.S. is the religion of ATM (money). It becomes before all – even though many politicians talk about education and other bullshit coming first we do everything for profit..everything else is a distance second.
      I don’t have a problem with any company making money – it’s what they do. It’s just the sheer amount of profit and the fact that we’re letting our values “slide” to justify that profit – that’s the real problem.

    5. Hell women don’t even use their breasts for their intended purpose. I’ve always said ”USE ‘EM OR LOSE ‘EM.” Many women opt NOT to breastfeed because it’s inconvenient. What happens then is that they lactate only slightly but they never empty out their glands. So they end up with a 10 year old piece of CHEESE curing in their gland. Breast cancer IS GLANDULAR. What makes the ‘cheese’? That would be the diet intake of fatty oils. Unfortunately a junk food diet of preserved hydrogenated oils and trans fats become the fatty acids trapped in her mams FOR YEARS AND YEARS. . . USE ‘EM OR YOU LOSE ‘EM – GET IT? Empty them babies out. TIT FEED – THAT’S AN ORDER !
      Breast cancer is glandular. Similarly, if anyone visits an old folk’s home you see something else that is GLANDULAR. You notice a few people with a big RED GROWTH coming out the side of their neck, right behind their ear. Yes, there is a very large sweat gland behind the ear. The big ‘zit’ that never gets popped. And it contains the same chemically preserved oils that get trapped in womens mammary glands as well. The impacted gland then turns tumorous over time.
      QUIT PLAYING AROUND BITCHES. USE ‘EM OR LOSE ‘EM. The babies are hongry . .
      I think It’s also wise for a MAN to keep his balls emptied . .

    6. We should go further. Once men have provided their function by impregnating the woman sufficient times (or by freezing sperm), the men should be castrated. This will be beneficial as it will make them more even-tempered and less likely to leave in search of other women. They can then work to support the woman and additionally do the housework and change nappies when they get home.

    7. Take away the over watch from Uncle Sugar and there would not be a black left in America…and you know it.

  13. Women are ruining sports. The NBA has a female PA rep. The spurs hired a female coach. Pink ribbons in football, concussion hysteria, men losing jobs due to domestic violence and now men can’t even spank their kids. You can’t even play defense in the NFL like they did pre Goodell. Congratulations. Feminists have removed all male authority in society. Women create nothing. They seek to move in and change male institutions so they can be used to control male behavior. I’m sick of it. They are doing it to video games now too.

    1. Young men learn competitiveness, ambition, and teamwork through sports. This is what the progressives mean when they slander it as “militarism, authoritarianism, and bigotry”. They have to characterize virtues as evils because when placed in direct competition, leftists are usually losers. It’s a fear combined with self interest manifested in ideology.

      1. I just ha a scary thought, guys. What do you think would happen if the same thing that happened to all sports end up the same way in the military? God forbid we go to war with all women commanders. shit, now I understand everybody’s fear of Hillary Clinton getting into the White House.

    2. Many little leagues across the country have given up actually keeping score, because losing “damages them emotionally”. I learned life lessons as a kid from losing at sports. It teaches kids about life.

      1. Right. Everyone is now “special” and they all get a trophy.
        See what we are dealing with, now? All of these new 20 years olds who thinking their fucking specials once they are out in the real world.
        I just shake my head…at work – yeah, you’re special…now clean up that mess and get back to work.

  14. “Football players have been violently assaulting one another on the field and have been beating and killing others–including their girlfriends and wives—outside the auspices of the field since the inception of the league. Why is this an issue now?”
    It’s an issue now because the west is now a peaceful enough place for minor acts of violence (that would be trifles even decades ago) to be frowned upon.
    Imagine if everyone drove exactly the speed limit?
    If that were the case then speeding would become a war crime.
    Everything is relative.
    We jail men for the slightest outbursts these days.
    Jail time is time kept from breeding.
    Leaving all the pussies to proliferate.
    This is the ultimate reason why we have feminism and multiculturalism.
    Why pets and farm animals now seem to have more rights than men.
    Gun control.
    The list is endless.

    1. Lol ”pets and farm animals”.
      I once heard a radio preacher talk of this. He said the EXTREME animal rights activists really want to ‘exhalt’ the animal above man himself, wagering for the most extreme punishments to be imposed against animal neglect and abuse.
      He described how the deep end animal lovers will actually GRIEVE and psychologically go through a full borne grieving process when their beloved pet dies – as if it were an actual loved one or family member.
      In the sermon he said something to the effect of ”when people worship their pets in this way – these people when they themselves pass away – all they end up with is . . A SHAGGY GOD ! ! ” . . LOL . . LOL . . ‘a shaggy god’ . . ha . man I laughed .

  15. Every penny that is not spent on women is a penny wasted. Forget saving, forget your own needs, forget your own interests… If it isn’t blown on a woman it’s a crime against women.

    1. That is the most succinct and accurate description of contemporary culture and politics as I have ever seen.

    2. And if our every thought isn’t centered on women, its a crime against women. And wanting to live without women’s influence is a crime against women.
      Being male is a crime against women

    1. You can be a ‘real man’ today as long as it fits their (feminist) narrative.
      Otherwise, you’re not considered a ‘real man’….lol.
      I laugh when I read (and hear) this shit. It’s just another shit test and that’s how you deal with it when talking to a woman…laugh…and walk away.

  16. Between this kind of shit (Rice, Greg Hardy, Adrian Peterson, and all the falsely accused 49ers) and the non-guaranteed contracts no one’s going to want to play football professionally in 5-10 years.

    1. Already happening. I’ve heard parents say the don’t want their young kids to play football.

        1. Why don’t they just. Make it flag football so no one gets hurt. That’s where it’s going. It’s ruining the game. . Men played football for decades. It’s a masculine sport.

        2. Im not too worried. Most AA parents rarely know what their kids are doing and the only thing their culture strives for is success in for the form of entertainment (music or sports). Im sure there will be plenty of willing participants.

      1. That’s already a known danger for the players. From the players’ standpoint, the orwellian behavioral control may be a tipping point.
        Then again, the non-guaranteed contract issue was previously known as well.

  17. “According to Paul Hoch, Jack Scott, Dave Meggyesy and other cultural radicals, sport is a “mirror reflection” of society that indoctrinates the youth with the dominant values. In America, organized athletics teach militarism, authoritarianism, racism and sexism, thereby perpetuating the “false consciousness” of the masses.”
    So if we become emasculated feminists, we wont be teaching any of these assumptions.
    I totally get it. I mean cmon children. All of us men are little brained spermwads who just need to be glad they are allowed to worship the princesses who choose to walk nearby. If only we can do that in our arenas of sport.
    Here is my response to that:
    I hope I wasnt too quaint about it.
    Ray Rice needs to be dealt with in the courts. Its interesting if you choose to go against the grain and aren’t a member of an aggrieved group (Um…the Baltimore Ravens vs Floyd Marriweather) you cannot gain protection.

  18. Women and video games just don’t mix. It’s like oil and water. Probably why they get so pissed about it. I personally think that it’s a haven that they won’t ever be able to break into because the stupid crap they produce won’t sell. Who gives a fuck about sexism and social justice in video games? Hot tip. NO ONE. It’ll never sell. You can hurl whatever insults at us about being teenage whatever the fucks but guess what? The bottom line never lies. Nice try though!

  19. “This swirling mass of seemingly conflicting media—for media’s sake—serves one, true purpose, regardless of sex: to redirect clicks, likes, and retweets on the web. Don’t click on ESPN links, click on Jezebel ones! It certainly involves serious issues that predate those clicks or tweets, but it ultimately is about inflaming long-standing passions and fires that might change your mind. Oops, I mean your homepage.”
    This is what all of this bullshit is about.

  20. White men ought to stop watch/spending cash on the NFL.
    Women are beside the point here. Transferring wealth to these Felons in waiting and the team owners is just stupidity.

    1. All men ought to stop supporting professional sports. At best it is a way to feel a part of the tribal gang. A feeling that is sold to you – and false.
      At worst they are Jerry Springer for guys.
      Find an athletic activity you like and spend the time you used to spend watching other people play sports doing something of your own.
      I’m not much for football. I’m a cyclist. While others where sitting on a sofa watching the Tour de France, perhaps wearing the jersey of a team or rider they “support,” I was out setting course records and making my jersey stand for something; myself.

      1. Agree 100%. I’d rather do something than watch others do it.
        Drag racing and mountain biking now. Back when I had knee cartilage I played a lot of basketball, flag football, and softball.
        Doing is always better than watching IMHO.
        Just like sex.

  21. ” it’s not just about progressive beliefs on ignorance, sexism or traditional values, but that women are not given enough voice (power) in male spaces. To them, this represents ignorance, backwardness and indicates is in desperate need of remedy.”
    Am I the only one that sees parallels with “understanding” women who post here and at other men’s sites?

  22. -JayZ Gets Smacked up by Beyonce’s Irrelevant Sister: National Joke
    -Ray Rice Smacked up his Irrelevant Wife: National Crisis
    Ahh the Blatant Double Standards are real!

    1. Add to the Ray Rice incident that he was being attacked. He defended himself. No one is talking about that at all.

      1. And that’s the real crime (and double standard), today. A woman does it to a man and it’s seen as ‘he’s stronger’ or ‘he probably deserved it’.
        But, don’t try to apply that same rule (or logic) to anything else….like our court system. Feminists don’t want real “equality”…only control and power.

  23. The only true male spaces nowadays where men can be free are in the 12 step world. I myself am in recovery and almost exclusively attend men’s only 12 step meetings.
    I have seen political correctness take hold in mixed meetings especially in larger cities.

    1. i have had similar experiences. mixed meetings turn into a massive passive aggressive game of pussy begging. best recovery I’ve gotten has been going to mens only meetings. even still, i can tell a lot of men censor themselves for fear of being labeled a woman hater or not ‘dealing with their resentments’….i understand anger is not healthy but any man with an iq over 80 has every right to be upset about the state of affairs in society, and in doses anger can be a catalyst to self discovery and self improvement. I’m rambling.

      1. But in the end the best answer is “that’s your opinion..and you’re entitled to it”.
        I don’t believe in that bullshit so I’ll tell them “I disagree”, I’ll hold strong on my stance and in the end we’ll just disagree.
        I don’t give a fuck about “the fear or backlash” of people labeling me…fuck them. I just don’t care.

    2. I disagree. You can freely speak anywhere (at least here in the U.S..) and just stand strong – you have the freedom of speech (as an American). No person (not even women) can take it from you.
      Stand there…speak your mind and hold strong. Don’t shout it but if you believe in it then you should say it.
      Things aren’t going to change until more men speak up (or out).

  24. I have never seen the appeal of spectator sports. I played them in high school halfheartedly. I am thoroughly athletic and do crossfit at least 3-4 times per week and have a six pack. However, the appeal of sitting around with a bunch of fat drunk men and women yelling at a TV screen has never appealed to me.
    Most of the guys I know that are obsessed with fantasy sports have beta tendencies and are not men that I would care to emulate.

    1. For me, it was a good time of the “gathering of men” away from work….a social thing (never really had to do with the game).
      Men, today, need to get back to those gatherings…but in a different way…to share ideas and stories.

  25. Remember that progressives in the US — and presumably worldwide — are utterly united in their efforts and do nothing out of accident. The rest of us look at each other and wonder about the timing or intent, but they never do. When it’s time to latch onto a topic, they ALL do so, from politicians, to media, to useless bloggers and hacks on various chat fora. Once you recognize that liberals/communists/progressives/socialists are systematic in their methods and unshakable in their backwards beliefs, you begin to realize the threat.

  26. I mostly tuned out on the NFL last year when every game was full of pink. Wasn’t sudden, as I had been losing interest in the NFL for years. Just the final straw.
    Yeah, I watched the Superbowl, but that’s it. Have not watched a single game so far this season. I will probably only watch the Superbowl, unless I find myself in a friend or family member’s home and unable to escape.
    The NFL is going to slip back into being a second rate professional sports. It already peaked. I’m sure they are now hiring all manner of feminist “advisers,” fresh with their VAWA training and Womens Studies degrees. More pink. More female refs. More rules. More “parity.” More “fairness.” More “social justice” nonsense. All of that crap will sink the NFL.

    1. Agree…and it’s all for the sake of capturing more consumers (female)…but at the same time losing other consumers (male).
      I have to say that I haven’t watched a game at all this year and only caught parts of a game last year. The increasing stupid shit in the NFL between the pink, the rule changes and off the field shit has turned me away from it.
      Plus I’m spending that time on me (personal growth). Time is too valuable.

  27. Don’t they regularly deny that girl gamers are invaders? Guess we can’t expect consistency from the feminist crowd.
    Keep in mind that most progressives equate “being nice” with social progress, so the very notion that this progress is desirable should be put into question.
    Regardless, the problem stems from caring what feminists think. Their attempts at policing masculinity is borne almost entirely out of fear of men. If you understand this, then their positions start to appear kind of silly and hysterical.

    1. Yep, agree. I love to use their language and thinking on them. You can see the wheels turning in their head when you fire the same nonsense back at them.
      I’ll ask them “shouldn’t a man have to consent to sex if we’re truly going for equality here?” or “couldn’t a man be raped as well if he didn’t give consent to sex?”.
      Why is it that only women have to agree on things (and not the man)?
      Those points alone are priceless when you ask a woman.
      Try it some time…you’ll probably just laugh based on the look on a woman’s face.

  28. I’m conflicted. Either rousing support should be given to the NFL as perhaps the last bastion of masculinity in mainstream culture, or we should rescind our support of the NFL for basically cowering and bowing to political correctness.
    Is it too much to ask that the NFL have a backbone and refuse to be bullied by a bunch of female ESPN anchors and social justice warriors? This is a league that absolutely prints money, and relies upon NBC, ESPN, and others for television contract money. As our television networks are some of the most powerful marxist strongholds in our culture, we should expect that they will put pressure on the NFL to emasculate themselves to please the Gods of political correctness (i.e. breast cancer month, domestic violence awareness, etc.).

    1. For the owners and players, this is about money. The big money comes from the TV deals. So what you have is a situation where the TV networks call the shots. Now, the owners may or may not care about political agendas, but TV was created for precisely that purpose, so the networks are in a perfect position to put pressure on pro sports leagues to do some extra agenda pushing for them. After all, they’re paying the leagues for the service. Goodell has his hands tied whether he likes it or not; his job is to make the owners money, and if the networks tells him he needs to push beast cancer awareness to do it, he will.

    2. I think people are just afraid of bad press. I see this a lot with white guys, although I admit many men of color just go along with liberalism because we think it benefits us all-round.
      I’ve been getting used to saying “So what?” whenever accused of bigotry. After a while they realize they can’t affect you, and that their accusations don’t mean anything so they’re forced to accommodate you.

    3. and there lies the conflict. Values versus money (ratings).
      We sacrifice our values (daily) to the almighty dollar. This all has to do with the NFL losing the female consumer base – even if it means sacrificing good values (that everyone should share). That’s the real crime.
      Goodell may lose his job because that female consumer base is worth (potential) billions. That money has to come in…so Roger may need to go.

  29. Sports like football, lacrosse, and MMA are great because they are inherently unequal. There are no women in the NFL because there are no women who go 5’9″ 195 and aren’t morbidly obese. That aint misogyny, that is human physiology. Ray Rice isn’t a monster for dropping an out of control bitch. He was -until recently, a man who made his money colliding with other tremendously muscular and powerful men.
    He worked hard, he sweat, he bled, he worked his ass off to make it into the NFL. Something that is a statistical improbability for even good college players and a distant wish of every little boy brave enough to throw on some shoulder pads. Now, due to bullshit feminist pressure a man’s livelihood is in jeopardy. This is a clear cut case for misandry of there ever was one.
    Caving in to women like this sets a precedent that jeopardizes every mans ability to support himself. Ray Rice is being punished for being male more than having poor judgement and a great right cross. It benefits us all when those in positions of power tell feminists everywhere: “Shut your fucking mouth you stupid cunt!” Albeit more tactfully.

    1. The only thing wrong about this post, is that Ray Rice had a great left cross. However, yes you’re right, the way people in our feminised nation, derided Ray Rice was alarming. What was alarming, was that Ray Rice’s mea culpa was good enough for his wife, who wanted Ray Rice to continue playing. In addition to this, the authorities didn’t even seek to press charges against Ray Rice. The situation was such that both parties were drunk, and although Ray Rice may have slapped her up once or twice in their marriage but probably not close to what we saw on the footage. However with that said, I’m sure being in a casino with more than a few downed spirits would cause the best amongst us to act somewhat irrationally.
      This was never discussed in the media, instead, we got a black beast who struck a woman (God forbid if she had been white!), and as ‘we all know, women can do no wrong’. It’s a shame that America has been turnt into a wasteland of envious beta simps who’d mentally castrate themselves for the remotest opportunity to join the Animal Farm of PC and to have a woman’s stiletto firmly planted over testicles. Ray Rice’s behaviour wasn’t as disgusting as the behaviour witnessed by the tonnes of men who kept beating a dead horse, so much as wishing permanent unemployment and prison upon this man. These people are not your friends. Our types are few amongst the fray.

      1. Preaching to the choir brother! Can’t save the thirsty betas unwilling to drink from the cup of game. Now, there’s even less competition and more abundance. In the brutal elegance of nature one badass lion gets 9 females who follow him around and bring him food. Feminism is truly against the natural order of the universe. 600lbs of muscle and fur doesn’t entertain the notion of it. Why do we?

      2. True. The real shame is the men on TV (media) who don’t even play a devil’s advocate role…they automatically side with the woman.
        No one really called her out on her actions…it was quickly glossed over to get to him. He’s a man (bigger and stronger) so he shouldn’t do this or that.
        It thought we were all equal (lol). I guess only “sometimes”…when it fits the feminist agenda or narrative.

      3. Hear that. At this point, I’m taking pleasure in pissing off the women around me by pointing out that the bitch deserved it, even if I probably wouldn’t have hit her myself. I’d just shake the shit outta her

    2. Just about anything GOOD is inherently inequal. That’s the very definition of worthiness. To be better than others. It’s exactly why inequality isn’t nearly the evil feminists and their ilk think it is.

      1. Yes, but women are dimly aware that they are, for the most part, unworthy in the most important arenas of life; they can’t reason, they can’t fight, they can’t plan, they can’t create art. So they must derag everything down to their wormlike level.
        Raising themselves up is too hard; its easier to demand a lamer world so they can feel good about themselves

    3. I wonder what set her off in the first place? Maybe the difficulty of her life…it can’t be easy doing nothing but spreading your legs and being rich because your man is a professional football player. I’m sure she had a plethora of reasons to hit and spit at him, with a life that trying

      1. You’re a ROK reader, pick any humorously inane reason that exists. Guarantee that it aint far off!
        My guess, it’s a sexual thing. Getting knocked out gives her the tingles

  30. Nice phat truthbomb. The objectives of our ‘superiors’, unfortunately, extend far beyond mere monetary gain. If that were the case, the pathology could be contained.
    Thanks, cheers.

  31. The NFL is dead. I am not watching this years game (maybe the superbowl but thats it.). I advise everyone on this blog to do the same.

  32. Sorry guys, but I disagree with the majority of you hard-liners here. Just because we live in a society that preaches equality as the status quo, doesn’t make it so. Barring some extreme circumstance, a man should never strike a woman with the type of force that Rice used on his wife. He should be banned for at least a year. Goodell should resign for attempting to cover up the severity of the incident as well. If you feel otherwise, it’s most likely due to some psychological issues relating to your subconscious feelings of inferiority and diminished masculinity. All of you that have come out for beating women, are the readers who are most likely, basement-dwelling, keyboard jockeys who would feel lucky to even catch a whiff of pussy from a used tampon that you found in a gas station bathroom.

    1. “Just because we live in a society that preaches equality as the status quo, doesn’t make it so.”
      Yeah, we know. That is the problem. Either make it a true equality or accept the fact that there are biological differences between the sexes. What none of us red pill men are willing to accept is this preferential treatment women have now where women can be “ladies” when it suits them and act like men when it doesn’t.
      No one is seriously condoning beating a woman. The issue is that media scrutiny is so severe that players are guilty until proven innocent and NONE of these media outlets will ever admit to any wrongdoing through social engineering or sensationalization after the damage is done to the player. They will be guilty until proven innocent at which time they will receive ZERO retribution for the punishment they prematurely received. Don’t believe me, look at the Greg Hardy case.

    2. ‘Beating women’ and ‘self-defense’ are two different things. And your command of gynocentric boilerplate is impressive.

    3. Women DO need spanked at times, lovingly of course. USE YOUR JUDGEMENT no doubt. Ever got a whooping from your dad when you were a child? Ever screamed bloody murder while being disciplined? But you learned your lesson right? The funny thing is Janay never screamed like she was unfairly being murdered or like a kid getting a whooping exaggerates death gurgles like I DID when my dad caught me doing some unmentionable shit. I learned my lesson still. It is sad to see udisciplined women who become like undisciplined children. They grow wild like weeds AND THEN SELF DESTRUCT.
      Women of feminist mindset will say ”never ever ever under any circumstances hit a woman” or ”never touch a woman” and they scream it even. I then say to them ”Well what about Susan Smith or Andrea Yates?”. They usually agree then that SOME women need a shitstomping. Janay didn’t get stomped but she got a reset pretty quick. Maybe she has a little hood rat in her. She rolls with it and pops back spunky as ever. It’s cultural thats all. The white knights try to force her hand against her man. I would never white knight an Italian couple for screaming at each other. I would be assaulting their culture. I enjoy their pizza.

      1. Blacks whoop and sucker punch and skree and skraw far too much.
        Demented violent bio weapons.

    4. The problem is the fact that the media has glossed over her behavior and the focus is “how hard he hit her”.
      This is the feminist narrative coming back to bite it on it’s own ass. Women want to be equal with men…but only sometimes and only for the good stuff (benefits). They don’t want to be held accountable or seen as equals when it comes to this kind of shit (her behavior).
      Women, back when, were reprimanded by other women for their behavior in public. Today, no problem, because feminism gives them a pass to do whatever.
      That is the real problem….and you’re not getting it.

    5. Sorry, but you are wrong.
      A woman hits a man with the belief she won’t get hit back. She expects that man to be conditioned to withhold any response, in effects hitting a disarmed person. It is akin to hitting someone in a wheelchair, and the ultimate sign of cowardice.
      This situation has come about not because we hit women too much, but because women aren’t getting hit enough.
      To condition someone that your violence may be retaliated with more violence curbs this shit, and its a conditioning women don’t have.
      For Rice, it is not OK for someone to hit him, particularly his spouse. Your sexism in creating a special, exalted class of people, immune from their actions due to their gender is appalling,
      His wife deserves and needs to feel what getting belted back is, because that’s what equality feels like.

    6. Believe me. I will use force on a woman if she attacks me violently without provocation. I’ll use appropriate force to restrain her. But I assure you that I will not let myself get attacked. I invite you and your fellow manginas or feminazis to stop me.

      1. Feel free to do that, but there are many other options to cause physical pain that don’t entail a vicious left hook, while also being less likely to lead to lead to a felony conviction

    7. Sorry buddies, but I hold to this belief. If y’all are intent on hitting a women, you don’t need to use severe force like that to defend yourself, or get your point across. An arm bar or some other form of joint lock would do just as well in terms of getting your point across, and defending yourself. Rice should have left his woman long ago, that’s where he fucked up.

    8. Get bent nerd. So what would we hear if it was Ray Rice in an elevator with a 130-lb man who ran his mouth, spit on him, then charged across the elevator at him?
      I’ll tell you what we’d hear, not a damn thing. There will never be hands-across-America for a lippy little man who tried his luck with someone twice his size. Every journalist would say well, Ray Rice wrecked this little guy, but the guy hit him first, spit on him, then came running at him; he had it coming.
      But it was a woman, so we get a whole song-and-dance.
      This story is about one thing: the bullshit story that women are equal, yet somehow protected and special and you can never get physical with one no matter what kinda shit she pulls.
      You damned hillbillies need to start living in the real world; your life isn’t a country music video.

  33. “Games are growing up, whether gamers like it or not, and
    testosterone-riddled male-power fantasies are bound to fall out of
    favour as a result. The nerds are going to have to grow up and learn to
    live with the invasion.”
    Herein lies the reason men are upset about the “invasion”.
    Because it is not “let’s make games that also cater to women” or “let’s make also games that cater to women”;
    It is “If a game does not feed the everchanging eversensitive and ever intolerant feewongs of womyn, it shall not be put to the market”
    It is not a plea to live together in harmony, it is an attempt to utter annihilation.
    It should also provide for a good example of what has happened to other spaces that were “invaded”.

    1. They don’t want the male space to put them to market because to put the space invaders game to market next to the games that people have already voiced they want would mean facing up to the low sales of the space invaders games.
      And I believe that might be one of the basic things they teach about marketing. Try to eliminate the competition.

  34. Who ever is running the NFL must have a vagina to dress football players pink and be so scared of the media to lie about what he knew and when he knew it. Zero people who are true football fans are going to stop watching football because some guy hit his girlfriend when she provoked him.

  35. Christy Mack’s ex who is a UFC athlete and professionally trained fighter beat her. She suffered from 18 broken bones, a broken nose, missing teeth, a fractured rib and a ruptured liver not to mentioned he tried to rape her but never did TMZ, CNN, ESPN nor FOX Sports report this for four days straight however they decided to make Ray Rice the face of domestic violence and his wife did not suffer any injuries. War Machine should be charged with attempted murder since his feet and hands are registered weapons.

    1. You tube has tons of examples of people trying to label a group as “this is all they do.” What they do is put together clips of anybody who’s part of that group, doing whatever it is you want people to believe they do. Usually it’s crime and violence.
      If you wanted to convince people that, and also sensationalize, that Adidas shoes causes hostile behavior in girls, then you gather up clips of only girls who happen to be wearing Adidas shoes while doing something hostile like fighting, string them together and say “See!”.
      Meaningless if the time frame between the actual occurrence of the isolated events is spread out over a decade.
      Plus, you have football’s popularity and familiarity.

  36. On a related note, this incident happened in the UK in August:
    Look at the terrible injury suffered by this poor guy. If this incident happened in the US, would the liberal media go about reporting it and having discussions on female on male violence and misandry? I highly doubt it. Worse still, there will no doubt be manginas and feminazis all explaining it away and saying shit like NAWALT but when a man becomes violent, they immediately take up arms against all men. This is the kind of double standards that we face in society and we cannot negotiate or back away from this kind of shit.

    1. Yasmin Thomas is a groid. This is probably why Afleets like to date white women. Yasmin is a baboon full of testosterone. Probably with a typical black chip on her shoulders. Perhaps she and OJ Simpson would be a match.

  37. I have an idea to bring equality to the NFL. Let women compete alongside men. Since 46% of fans are women, then 46% of team members should be female. The women will be treated exactly the same as the men by the officials, rules and defensive linesmen. I am sure that at the end of one year of this “experiment” we will all be much clearer how well equality works.

  38. Fuck the Fem-F-L.
    Do not want. Do not watch.
    And fuck their advertisers too.
    Was trying to watch a college game Saturday and all that kept scrolling across the bottom of the screen was the Peterson story, and some other story about the Atlanta Falcons apologizing for their racial insensitivity.

    1. Just listened to it. Need to look if there’s anything about how they came to a conviction.

  39. There is no way women make up 46% of NFL fans. Has anybody ever fact checked that number?
    Sounds like women are trying to give themselves more weight in the discussion.

  40. American sports have been vehicles for integration on race since the 1940s. So er um…now you shit for brains are complaining?

  41. It seems to me that this recent incident will cause feminists (if they haven’t already) to further demonize male interests as inherently sexist and misogynist and in dire need of “change” (feminization), to me why pay attention to this incident where there have been incidents in the past with football players where nobody gave a flying fuck?

  42. The sad part is they only focus on the negative aspects. What about the Ex-Ravens Player who cut his playing time to donate a Kidney to his brother? Or any other good things Players do? No one is perfect but come on, is it so hard to look for the positive first?

  43. You’re missing the fact that the NFL is a tax-exempt organization. The NFL defends its right to retain that status on the grounds that its activities are beneficial to society. But a tax exempt organization that tries to cover up or minimize domestic violence in order to protect its its bottom line is not really acting in the interests of society. It is acting like a business, which is all the NFL really is.

  44. It’s all so absurd. If a plumber hits a woman, every plumber in the world isn’t placed under scrutiny. If a movie star hits a woman, we don’t stop making movies. If a rock star hits a woman, music doesn’t come top a screeching halt. If a cumputer scientist hits a woman, we don’t stop going online. If a fisherman hits a woman, we don’t stop eating oysters, and if a farmer hits a woman we don’t give up beef. If a vegetarian hits a woman we don’t give up fiber. If a politican hits a woman we don’t demand anarchy. If a man hits a woman, every man isn’t called to account. At least, he shouldn’t be.
    yet if any woman in any organization hits a man…well, thats par for the course, justice in action

  45. “testosterone-riddled male-power fantasies are bound to fall out of favour”
    yep, just like liberals are going to be on the ‘right side of history’, and america is ‘bound to become an enlightened femocracy when women rule’
    Nope, nope nope. never in history, and history repeats itself. After you put women in power, your civilization collapses almost immediately, followed by a period of barbarian warlordism… male-dominated barbaric warlordism. ‘fempower’ is always followed by complete and unquestioning female bondage.

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