The Limits Of A Man’s Responsibility

“A man should take responsibility for his actions” is an often-heard maxim that rings true. It is a decree that a mature red pill man should live up to, though one that often comes up in difficult times of failure and hardship. If a man shies from his responsibility he can be considered a coward, and is often judged as one. But how far does our responsibility reach? What are the things in our life and the world we live in that we should be responsible for?

In our modern society legislation and tradition give us freedoms and responsibilities. There are never-ending lists of things that we do or have not done that we can be held responsible for. However, I am going to leave those to the lawyers and discuss the idea of responsibility by using the one thing we all want in our life, happiness, as a framework. And most importantly I’m going to discuss the limits of a man’s responsibility in terms of his own and other people’s happiness.

Let us consider these two sentences:

“Egoistic, Selfish, Narcissistic and Self-centered are words used to describe a person who does not care about other people and only thinks of himself.”

“Egoistic, Selfish, Narcissistic and Self-centered are words used to describe a person who puts his own happiness before other people.”

Notice the importance in the wording of the latter sentence: “A person who puts his own happiness before other people”

In truth, every red piller should put their own happiness before other people. The reason for this is that you yourself are the only person of whose happiness you are fully responsible for. If you take on the responsibility of other people’s happiness, especially women’s happiness, you will lead an unhappy life no matter how happy everyone else around you is. You might even have a successful career with a good income, a family, a house and kids. In other words, you might have the whole American dream but you yourself will be unhappy if your own happiness is not your prime priority. The Golden Rule does not apply in the real world. If you maximize and prioritize the happiness of others, they will never fully reciprocate.

Despite emphasizing the importance of focusing on one’s own happiness, I believe that a life that gives the greatest fulfillment is one in which your life’s mission benefits mankind. It is not simply a naïve quest, but a noble goal and one that should be pursued. A man should have a fulfilling mission, ideally one that benefits the cause he believes in and improves the quality of life and happiness of other people. Despite the nature of the noble cause, he must remember that he is not responsible for the happiness of others.

Think of what many of the writers in here are doing. Publishing books on self-development and masculinity is a noble cause, and many of them do it even without a product to sell. You do not need to be a cancer-fighting Ph.D to have a mission that is benefiting humanity. Still, no matter how noble his cause, if others accuse the man with a noble mission of not putting more effort in helping others, even if he has the means, he must not sacrifice his own plans for others if it does not increase his own fulfillment.


 A man should lead a life that increases the quality of life and happiness of as many people as possible, but he can, and should, only be responsible for his own happiness

There is one exception to this rule. Offspring. Until their adulthood, a man as a father is responsible for the well-being and happiness of his children, and he is hopefully sharing the burden of responsibility with a loyal wife. But a time comes when this responsibility, too, ends. For children must eventually be responsible for their own lives.

When making decisions in life a man should aim for an increase in his own happiness and in the fulfillment of his own mission. Companions and advisers in these decision-making situations include your gut, your moral code, and your intellect. Listen to all three and ignore none. While you must prioritize yourself, remember that a never-ending indulgence of selfish desires usually leads to a purely hedonistic life devoid of true happiness.

Remember the quotation in the beginning. Take responsibility for your own life and actions, and remember that taking responsibility of yourself requires giving up responsibility on others. The ultimate form of narcissism is martyrdom in which a person sacrifices himself for everyone else and then complains why no one helps him. As the Greeks put it, “Gods help those, who help themselves.” Live your life to yourself and focus on your mission. Then suddenly others will help you—because by helping you will they help themselves, as they too are living their lives for themselves.

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  1. Well written piece. Alphas will put themselves first over others including women while betas will try to make everyone around them happy at the detriment of their own well being.

    1. I think an alpha would be able to objectively observe what is the best way to reach their goal and will temporarily sacrifice IF it is necessarily. Even that is only if they have subordinates (kind of only applies to work type stuff).
      Example: a well accomplished man may wish to create a community project on something that interests him. The first few weeks may be endured by stress and commitment wish may temporarily decrease his happiness. But once the project is up and running the happiness sacrifice would have been worth it.
      But I guess that is due to the forward planning of what will bring in happiness which helps as a motivator.

  2. Like the great Patrice Oneal said, happiness is a trickle down effect, it comes from the man and it makes it’s way over to the woman. Why should a naturally selfish creature make it their priority to help someone to the point that it no longer becomes a favor that you’re doing, but an obligation. If you allow yourself to be used, pimped, manipulated and turned into a workhorse, especially a good and efficient one, then you’ve only yourself to blame. Great piece.

    1. a cynical understanding of progressivism would be that its primary purpose is to get other groups (particularly men) to put their own interests aside in favour of ‘deserving’ types / groups / classes.
      The recommendations of the article could be compatible with a society which basically sought some kind of equality (e.g. equality of opportunity, a basic absence from discrimination etc.) but would be completely incompatible with any notion of equality / egalitarianism which involved the sacrifice of basic self-interest in favour of some other group on account of their claiming unequal status etc.
      Arguably this sense of responsibility for the happiness of others’ happiness even before your own happiness is responsible for a great deal of the schizophrenia in western societies.

    2. the black phillips show and his segments with anthony on O&A should be goddamn recommended listening to any young man growing up

      1. Do you happen to know the exact title for the recordings? Is it possible to find it on youtube, I’d greatly appreciate it !

  3. Epictetus spoke about this concept. He said that a man should do all he can to make another happy, so long as it does not interfere with your own happiness. Once your happiness threshold has been crossed, leave them on their own. You simply cannot MAKE someone else happy is the bottom line, gentlemen

  4. Is it fair to say this applies to women too? Especially the part of aiming for something greater than the cock carousel.

    1. Point well taken but today’s other article on masturbation reminds us that they can’t keep their minds off pussy long enough to care.

      1. All the more reason to devote their lives to finding a man. Something worthwhile.

  5. A responsible man DOES NOT go around spoiling virgins. If you want a disposable fucksack, well you know where to look. Unspoiled YOUNG virgins are one of the most precious and rare resources remaining in the west. When I see a near perfect 10 stripper or hooker, I say DAMN! I’d like to thrash the bastards ass that spoiled and tossed her way back when. Why do I feel this way? Because naturally I would want to breed AND PRIMARILY BREED with the best. Every race should watch after its own. Every race should police its own women. Can anyone out there say ”PERFECT WORLD”? Ha.

    1. The only virgins in the West are in high school nowadays. I doubt anyone here is running day game at their local HS. I could be wrong.

        1. I know some alpha high schoolers who are literally conducting orgies with freshmen girls. No fucking joke!

  6. I feel betrayed by my Catholic upbringing. I went to catholic schools and was a good, kind, caring, meek boy for way too fucking long. I was confused when girls -especially educated ‘quality’ ones from good families – would use me as a doormat.
    It’s all good now, Im a player and I know their real nature and I laugh at all the suckers getting married.
    But still, i think its cruel to teach a young boy to make others happy. Women will just take advantage of you without thinking twice about it. All the ‘white knights’ are just very naive about womens’ real nature.
    Your own life and priorities come before everyone else. Religion and women will just fleece you. If I want to donate to charity, I do it on my own terms.

    1. I don’t think they had bad intentions, they were just “behind the times” if you will. The world is changing so quick that what worked in the past doesn’t work anymore.

      1. Yea. I realize everything they teach is under the assumption that men are in charge and some gender roles are enforced. With men in charge, it is okay to be nice and helpful.
        But when you give women free reign and youre still teaching ‘turn the other cheek’ and unending niceness….youre just leading young men to the slaughter and they dont understand why.
        I can’t believe priests havent connected the dots between womens ‘rights’ and the destruction of the family unit

        1. They connected the dots already 100 years ago, but have given up the fight.
          Every conservative politician defending family values gets ridiculed nowadays, and people don’t see the true value behind those values.
          Some piece-of-shit bands like Korn (the “I know better”- esque Family values- album) don’t for sure help the cause.

        2. Correct. The cathlic teachings allow men to be loving providing family men and the women must submit. The husband is to provide, but he is not responsible for her happiness. I’m not Catholic but I tell my wife that exact quote when she’s unhappy. I tell her “your happiness is not my responsibility.” I do what I am ethically called to do and she does too and we have a wonderful loving passionate marriage. If she doesn’t do what she’s ethically called to do (marital fidelity) then she knows I kill her, the kids and all cops until I run out of ammo. See how that works? Everyone is happy.

        3. If they really have connected the dots and are still willfully and knowingly leading the young men to be slaughtered then they should be found guilty of treason against their flock and unceremoniously disrobed and excommunicated. It is literally a crime what they are doing here, and it most definitely does not make for the creation of good, God-fearing, healthy families, that much is evident.

        4. Agree. The problem today is that we are all supposed to be equal but I hear (and see) so many women who are miserable.
          They have more of everything versus any other time in history yet they are so miserable, now. They have positions and roles (formerly filled by men) that they wanted (moaned and bitched about for years) but now they don’t know what to do with them.
          Men have been paying for years (they made the most money so naturally they covered the bills) but ask women to do the same today and they bitch about having to fill that role. It’s hilarious.

    2. Yes, it is especially harsh to realize that even your own mother screws you.
      She can condone self-defense, and push you to please others, in the name of the “face” of the family or herself.
      Mothers are supremely the most overrated people in the world, and most of men would be better without them.

      1. I agree, Motherhood is sneered upon by other women. Simply going to the store is proof of this. Most men that encounter my toddler smile or speak to her. It is the most surprising and awesome things I’ve encountered. All ages, races, ”types”- Men truly love children! Older men will take time to show me pictures of their grandbabies, talk about them and share advice! I have little support from women, and even some mothers don’t find it as rewarding or contribute near as much to their development than even a mother in a third world country. I know what I’m doing though.

    3. Back in the day your kindness would have been met with rather similar levels of reciprocation on the part of the various members of society you became acquainted with. Then things suddenly changed, and you did not get the memo along the way. I don’t think you were really raised to be a servile chump as much as those who raised you very much did operate in a different paradigm compared to the reality on the ground nowadays. I should know because I had an experience very much similar to your own.

      1. This is true. But despite showing evidence, they didn’t change the paradigms, and thus bear some kind of responsibility.

        1. Some of them existed in a kind of “momentum bubble” of like-minded peers and remained artificially isolated from the social trends occurring just outside of it. Even so, they should have exercised greater degrees of perceptiveness and adaptation with regards to what is really going on out there, as opposed to collectively sticking their heads in the sand and pretending that the “big bad world” simply does not exist. They did had a very real responsibility in properly bringing up the next generation with the tools needed to face the world head on as it really is, after all.
          Unfortunately, people of real strength of character and conviction who can truly do what’s right are, and always have been, rather few and far in-between. We can only do what’s best based on our knowledge, experience, and accumulated wisdom over the years.

  7. I believe that man should live for an goal/purpose that is greater than himself (Family,Nation,God,..ect). But that doesn’t mean being a beta bootlicker for western feminazi cunts.

  8. I’d have to say this is right. Interesting that he attacks the golden rule & may also be subtly criticising the christian notion of sacrifice. This doesn’t have to be the case perhaps – Christ didn’t complain (except momentarily) but as a mindset that has followed on from the golden rule, and as Nietsczhe alleged, its possible for this mindset to develop into resentment, something which isn’t healthy at all.
    Not so long ago I made some personal sacrifices for family, which I ended up resenting profoundly because they stopped me doing what I wanted to do. This ‘sacrifice’, which effectively involved putting the needs of others – albeit family – above my own, ,at least in some respect – was a huge mistake, and benefited no-one. Things only went back to normal when I made a volte-face and decided to do exactly what I wanted to do.
    I’d still defend a limited version of the golden rule perhaps but one which was in accordance with the type of utilitarianism advised here. Some kind of principle of utility or ‘general happiness principle’ is probably the best grounding for developing an enlightened sense and practice of ones own self-interest.
    I imagine thought the main target the author has in mind though is the Kantian tradition of duty based ethics – deontology – whereby one seeks to some kind of rational concept of moral duty, a ‘categorical imperative’ that somehow everyone could and should subscribe to. Kantian thought, as a more sophisticated re-formulation of the golden rule – has been hugely influential in ethical philosophy and in forming the modern mind, but in its potential for suppressing the authentic self and the acknowledgement of that self’s basic self interest it has probably caused a lot of dissonance between what people feel they want to do and what they feel they really ought to do.
    Karen Horney came up with the concept of the “The Tyranny of the Should” in respect to the neurotic idealised self which supplants the self-actualising ‘real’ and authentic self, and that analysis is probably not inapt to describe the wider problems of inter-group psychology / relations we have today.
    I’m not against duty-ethics but they need to be grounded in a duty to the self and one’s own authentic needs

    1. I would agree.
      My ex was in a bad spot in life, I decided to start the ungrateful job of kicking her ass. I succeeded, but she was with another man on her graduation day.
      What I learned is that don’t coach or push other people forward, because if they do succeed, they will be happy, and you will be alone. Be selfish in relationships, and ignore things that don’t affect the parts of the relationship that you care about.

      1. I know, it’s super fucked up. Help someone reach their “next level” and they will just straight up LEAVE you
        it’s soooo fucked up!!!!!
        Girls do it way more than guys, but assholes will do it to their friends in a heartbeat.
        My girl – I helped her get comfortable with her ethnicity (minority, very beautiful). Specifically, I wanted her to let her hair be natural as a symbol of self acceptance.
        I helped her get there. Fucked her hard. Spoiled her rotten. Took her places, alpha-d her, spun plates..
        she was in love with me! Yet somehow I didn’t give her enough attention for the span of a week or two..
        and she found someone else with more free time (I run a business, this girl thinks she can have fun while I make the $$$, then once I’m rich I’ll still be there for her “in that way” – fuckin LOOOOOL!!!! bitch I love you but please, good luck with your retail jobs for life)
        Now she tells me that I’m bad at communicating LOL
        That she just wants to explore herself LOOOOOL I helped her get over all her stupid hangups about herself!!
        And funniest of all, that now she needs to date within her own ethnicity for a while. FUCKING LOL
        Not that I take any of these reasons/excuses literally. I doubt she even understands exactly why she wants to break up. I probably got too beta or neglectful for a few bad days or a week and she lost interest.
        Anyway, it’s been years since I trusted a single fucking word out a girl’s mouth other than “I’m hungry”

        1. I have gotten ridiculous love letters from relationships that ended. It’s all like “i wanna marry you”, “i love you more than anything”, Mentions about some “future” and all the “sweet” little things they”love” about you. I actually find it repulsive knowing the real red-pill psychology and intentions behind this.
          These are tests to see if you will “beta”, then they discard you for being a gullible chump and showing weakness. It turns women off when you get soft with them, they don’t like being with a man who can be emotionally manipulated by them , *or a man who is emotionally responsive in any way, they like a man who seems indifferent to them. But none of that guarantees an ounce of loyalty folks.
          A man of value doesn’t give away his respect easily, I think it’s a tribal instinct in women to want to earn respect by getting you gifts and showing affection .
          Just don’t be a sucker, know that women are sensationalist creatures, and will say that to anyone.
          The difference between sensation, and emotion, is that sensation aims just for a feeling, whereas emotion needs to be triggered by hard-logic so emotion is real, whereas sensation is meaningless theater. Women are just sensational then what happens is men take it seriously and become betas, and than get fucked over.
          ………Sometimes the only way one comes to know the red-pill,
          is to taste it’s bitterness.

  9. If you give away all your money to charity, to the point where you no longer have the means to earn an income, you’re not helping anybody in the long-run.

  10. Here’s the difference between a man and woman’s happiness. Men are strategic with their happiness, real men like the readers of ROK constantly 5 years into the future with a purpose for everything they do. Women are tactical with their happiness, only the immediate self-gratification is what they care about, and they don’t have to think about more because any weak man will make her happy by asking her out, telling her she looks nice, and buying her gifts, and they think it will last forever. But, when women hit their expiration date like a carton of milk they have nothing left, they realize just how fragile their happiness really was and how dependent on their beauty it is, and then she learns the harsh truth men had to learn from day one, that you need to be responsible for your own happiness or no one else will care.

    1. Happiness is peace, a calm, a contentment that who you are and what you have is enough. Ive never met a woman that is content with who she is. Women are looking for external things to bring them happiness and since thats impossible they always want more. Self improvement and virtue is the path to peace and happiness.
      Plus, most of them love drama which is the complete opposite of calm.

      1. Women don’t get much satisfaction from , money, sex, or self-improvement missions. They are creatures of leisure, socialization, theatre, materialism, vanity, and luxury. This is the essence of a woman. It does not go well in the modern society when they are working like a man as you can see 1 in 4 of them are mental health sufferers in modern days
        “one in four takes mental health meds” (it’s an uptrend with strong momentum) Soon it will be 2 in 4.
        A man can have a satisfying life in a shitty apartment with a piece of shit car, men like a challenge which is really the only reason men bother with the sex market, they simply like a challenge out of boredom because it makes 0 practical sense to pursue a woman. Even a rich man is attracted to the challenge of a shitty life as luxury is too easy and boring, not only is being a male a physical advantage, but the fact that we are rigged to enjoy a challenge makes us happier even if the economy is shit, hell, doom and gloom gives us excitement! All the things which make life difficult, provide men with a deep sense of philosophical meaning, whereas women, get no benefit.
        A man has no problem being frugal and saving his money to invest, while cutting expenses, living below his means, but women can’t do that, they spend it all so they can have “life style”
        Women have an entirely different reason for living
        Depression is actually quite serious, it is a dis-ease in which one hates life, and feels as it is a mistake, and 25% of women with these symptoms is really making a statement as to their “empowerment”. Who do they blame? lol
        They are twice as likely to be depressed as men, despite currently being in a gynarchy and having increasing social control ,none of it has led to happiness,
        when women don’t have the strong alpha archetype in their consciousness, they suffer misery as a side-effect, their own medicine “feminism” is poisoning them.

        1. Is there anything more puzzling than a depressed rich, hot, young American white female? She has the whole world at her feet, resolved of all personal responsibility but she hates her life.
          Ive been meeting more and more women in therapy and taking antidepressants and I was beginning to think that I was just attracted to crazy women. This explains alot. You’re right about feminism poisoning them because the women that resist a man’s dominance are usually the most unhappy. They know they need an alpha man to “complete” them, but their feminist conditioning makes her want to compete with him and it drives him away. The worst women on earth to be around are the types that try to out-alpha the men around them.

        2. Ugh….you can’t swing a dead cat with out hitting one of these entitled crazies in my area. They have so much, yet, they are so unhappy and they can’t figure out exactly why they are so unhappy.
          It’s like watching someone with so much potential constantly fucking it up.

        3. Great comment, I always noticed this to growing up when my father used to be frugal and my mother always snickered and made fun of it. My father was a self made man, who had nothing when he started and owns a database administration company now (helping oracle, sabre, etc…) He taught me how important it is to be challenged by life or else you slowly start to die slowly inside.

    2. I like your breakdown on the difference between tactical thinking & strategic thinking. Too many people tend to confuse the two.

  11. “A woman should take responsibility for her actions.” A maxim never uttered in western society which SHOULD ring true.

  12. Erik,
    This was refreshing – this in particular:
    “Companions and advisers in these decision-making situations include your gut, your moral code, and your intellect. Listen to all three and ignore none.”
    These are words to stand by.
    Thank you.
    Your man,
    Mike Chagares

  13. A dangerous ideology to be selfish and fuck everyone else. Happiness only comes through living for others and the problem with anyone under 40 is they have been part of the great self experience. Where you are on your own and your psychic health trumps all other virtues. This has led to the most horrible generation of females in all of human history and a sense of even greater alienation for young men who constantly feel not worthy of our society.

    1. I, for one most, definitely do not attempt to live life completely isolated with the delusional simplistic idea that I gots mine and everyone else can simply go fuck themselves. That said, I will not hesitate to push back hard against anybody who really does attempt to fuck me over whenever I recognize it as such.
      I think it’s a good balance.

      1. Thats the problem though….8/10 people you meet in your life are selfish and greedy as fuck. I thought it was just women but you cant trust men anymore. Everyone has traded virtue for vanity. Your wingman would rather you both go home empty-handed if he strikes out.
        I hate being selfish but until I meet some trustworthy humans Im just looking out for myself. The evil puppet masters of this society are winning.

        1. Unfortunately you are very much correct. It really has become a dog eat dog World. Divide and conquer eh?

        2. I’m with you guys on this one.
          An unhealthy generation says “What can life do for me?”.
          A healthy generation says “What can we do for life?”

        3. I don’t trust ANYONE besides my little brother who loves me
          and my two oldest friends and band mates from high school (friends for 15+ years and traveled together multiple countries)
          I don’t trust my dad (sweet but incompetent and weak and lazy)
          I don’t trust my mom (well-intentioned but useless and stupid, spendthrift)
          I don’t trust my professors (wasted my money and life energy and time and didn’t give me any REAL advice that helped, just exercises and rote learning)
          I don’t trust my acquaintances –
          I DON’T trust my girls – GOD, it’s unimaginable at this point – I’ve had too many relationships/hookups to trust a single fucking word
          I don’t trust my government
          Everything is shit
          Dog eat dog, and I’m doing alright
          WAY too nihilistic, though
          Gives me panic/anxiety attacks that the whole world is just a bunch of stupid apes competing for berries and territory

    2. That makes zero sense. If you are living “only for others” to obtain your happiness you will end up perpetually angry, bitter and disappointed with the world. Eventually, if you aren’t already, you’ll become a Leftist in order to convince yourself that your cause wasn’t wrong but rather that others are not elevated enough to appreciate your benevolent actions, which then begets, well, forcing others to accept your “benevolence”.
      I’ve never seen an unhappier lot of people in my life but those who depend on others to make them happy.
      Be nice to others that deserve it, yes, fine, no worries. Living to make unappreciative ingrates and miscreants nod to you in approval however is a formula for suicide by age 40.

      1. Yeah I get what you’re saying. But there are things greater than self interest in life and if you ignore them it won’t lead down a good road. I’m not saying any man should take shit. Also leave the left/right nonsense out of it, fodder for the masses as far as I’m concerned.

      2. “I’ve never seen an unhappier lot of people in my life but those who depend on others to make them happy.”
        …so what you’re saying is that you’ve never seen an unhappier lot of people in your life than those who are already unhappy? Ground-breaking!

  14. Responsibility. I have a confession to make; like the Beta I was (not saying that I’m still not), I married a woman with a very young child. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Fast forward ten years and I’m forced to divorce the bitch because she mistook my easy-goingness for obedience. It didn’t take her long to replace me, as she’s still somewhat hot for her age (though she hooked up with somebody even older than myself, and half as good looking….poor girl….heh heh). As soon as she started fucking another man, I decided that I would look after and love only my blood child, and I told her that her new cock can take over as Daddio for her Russian heroin-addict ex’s kid.
    Indeed, an asshole move, as the child always thought I was her real Dad, but what the fuck, sometimes life sucks. She’ll be clingy and have abandonment issues, but hey, that’s good for the young fellers out there.
    Still Beta, but asshole Beta. 😀

    1. Fast forward ten years and I’m forced to divorce the bitch because she mistook my easy-goingness for obedience. It didn’t take her long to replace me, as she’s still somewhat hot for her age…

      Heh, isn’t that so often the case. Once they get you on lockdown, they somehow believe that you just magically transformed into their very own private butler right then and there, forever destined to do their bidding with no more gratitude nor affection to go. If only they pulled back and gave us the space we need, most of these separations would simply not occur (if not significantly later at the very least).
      Can’t say I exactly agree with what you’re doing with her kid, as I do believe one should simply not leave such young wreckage in one’s wake once taken on. But then again she (your ex) did find new cock rather quickly, so it’s not like you have that much say in the matter after all.
      It’s kinda sad, really. Many men would be willing to take on and keep a woman with child if they did not eventually make them feel like nothing more than a walking ATM in such a crude and ungrateful manner. Wonder why the first guy left, eh? Oh well, guess they’ll never learn…

      1. The first guy left her for heroin; can’t say as I blame him; he was Russian airborne and served in Chechnya, which I’m sure initially impressed her father as he was once a marine in Afghanistan. The thing with Russian men is that they’re crazy as fuck and think they can defeat any enemy including their addictions, but they learn the sad way that they’re just weak humans like the rest of us. Russians live life to the extreme, which sadly turns many of them into hardcore drunks or heroin addicts. Is it any wonder krokodil originated from Russia?
        Meh. The bitch was lucky to find a man who would marry her and play Daddio to another man’s child; however, she was not lucky enough to find somebody who would continue playing Daddio after a divorce. I’m financially obligated when it comes to her child support, but it ends there.
        ATM…tell me about it. I used to pay for the ex and the girls to go to Russia every couple of years….$6000 including some spending money. Now I can spend that money on other things such as transcendent $500 encounters (Hey, a man’s gotta have a hobby. Heh heh. I live a fucking frugal life otherwise, so fuck it).
        Oh well, no regrets as I have a (so far) incredible, bright, and cheery young daughter who loves the fuck out of me.

        1. Ain’t that the truth about Russian men. At first you just love their no-holds barred, balls to the wall, take no prisoners approach to life (sure beats the great majority of pathetic sackless wimps passing for “males” out here in the West). They make for great friends and allow for true, no-BS, mano a mano bonding of the kind that has simply been exterminated in most feminist countries. But then you realize that they are still mortal (usually before they themselves do). Oh well, sometimes I truly do wonder whether it is not better to live like a lion for a day than a worm you whole life – or, more extremely, whether it is not better to die on you feet than live on your knees.
          As for Canada being a woman’s world, tell me about it. The females here have become so haughty and arrogant as of late that it completely boggles the mind. They literally act like they own the place, and treat any male they come across like a lowly servant whose sole purpose in life is to automatically and without any hesitation do their bidding. I actually feel bad for the immigrants coming here. They have no idea what kind of a world they are really entering beyond the clean streets, nice(ish) houses and cars, and general levels of wealth, stability, and peace. Guess it’s still much better than some shit hole where you simply die in the gutter like a rat, but still…for a red-blooded man it can really start to get your goat after a while – especially when you have seen that this state of affairs is by no means generalized around the world.
          Guess it really must be something in the water, as even the “bearded brigade” (Muslims, Sikhs) eventually tend to mellow out and calm down after a while. Practically all men here tend to become more passive, while all women conversely tend to become more “empowered”, given enough time. It really does become rather difficult to function in such an environment when you actually see through the brainwashing and refuse to fold. They always keep pushing you to join the collective, and the lone drone will always be seen with some degree of suspicion, fear, and avoidance.
          Oh well, c’est la vie (and thank God for RoK and the internet in general).

        2. Me, I got an Old Man whose wife has stayed at home and cooked him three square meals a day for 50 years. He was a crazy ass little bastard who in his day was fucking amazing: building successful businesses from scratch with nothing but sheer willpower. I remember being a ten year old riding around with him collecting rents from his (admittedly slumlord) properties; I remember him opening the trunk, grabbing a tire iron, and forcing delinquent tenants to fucking leave….NOW (no tenancy boards back then)! Pretty crazy for a little 5’7″ man. Hillbilly old school! Gotta love it!
          I also remember going with him one day to demolish an old house; I followed him around as he splashed gasoline throughout it, then he lit a match and tossed it in. Eventually the fire marshal came to ask him what the fuck he was doing. He said it was his own property and he’ll do whatever the fuck he wants with it. Then they drank some beer and laughed as it burned.
          Canada (or at least this part) was different 35 years ago.
          Now you can’t fucking fart without getting a permit first.

        3. Oh boy, don’t even start me on the tenancy boards. Back in the days when a tenant fell behind you could simply grab him by the shirt collar and throw him right out on the street. Now it all must pass through the courts, and if you so much as touch him, the police will throw YOU off your very own property. And that goes without even getting into the various stunts they pull in order to pay less and stick around (though in their defence some of these holes-in-the-wall that pass for “apartments” really are unfit for human habitation, so some of the reasons for creating these boards were not all without merit – notwithstanding the profound and rather to be expected abuse it has naturally lead to).
          Montréal, what a great city eh? One of the most corrupt, dilapidated, mob-run, collapsing, grungy and trashy greater metropolises in NA (still rather cheap to live in at least). It does give it quite the “charm”, amirite? Not to mention that literally half of the city (the east) lives on permanent “assistance” (aka, lifelong welfare), while the other (the west) readily supports it (mainly the corridor along the 40 where all of the pharmaceuticals, aerospace, robotics, and other money-making firms reside). Add to that the whole separatism issue and an ongoing healthy helping of fresh immigrants to continuously antagonize the “conservative” locals who simply “do not want to see things change”, and you have quite the lovely show on your hands. Good times people, good times indeed (LoL).

      1. Only a woman would say that, or a Betaboy orbiter; since I’m not sure which, I guess it’s permitted to reply.
        I’m as charming as they come on the outside, a real ‘nice guy’; but on the inside, yeah you’re right, just an asshole mad man. Thanks! I guess I had everyone fooled. Heh heh.
        To make matters worse for my ex, her parents back in Russia are probably not in a position to ‘help her out’ with modest bank transfers anymore. Silly bitch should have recognized her place and kept well within it; she’d be living pretty well by now. I guess that’s going to force her to marry a man (for the third time….AHEM) she simply ain’t gonna love as much as me!

        1. I’m a man and I 100% agree with the previous poster. You sound like a insecure child. It also sounds like you might have some issues with young girls since what you said about your ex-partners child is pretty ominous.
          Sounds like you might have gotten a Russian bride, which is typical, its the classic fallback for non-real men who are afraid of real women. Get a non-threatening one from overseas who will make you feel “like a man”.
          I wish your ex-partner well and I’m glad the ex-daughter is away from you and safe.

        2. That’s harsh, man. If you see such issues then it is your own mind that is twisted.

      1. Ha ha. Being the Beta I am, I was indeed hurt. But I was forced to divorce her.
        This was one of the 1 out of 10 divorces initiated by the man. I guess I was Beta for years until I got pissed off. Hot bitches rule many men, but they don’t rule me.
        Anyway, Asshole Beta from now on! 😀

  15. I have read the virtue of selfishness by Ayn Rand,
    Now, The attitude/approach, is to have a selfish interest in “aiding others”. We must make someone happy out of a selfish desire to benefit ourselves. This is virtue, the “self-interest” approach, vs the “self-sacrifice” destruction. Two attitudes which create extremely different societies, and results.
    Altruism, is weakness and self-sacrifice, To desire a strong civilization as a selfish alpha-male interest in survival and advancement is the proper attitude vs the BETA slave approach.
    Ayn Rand pointed out the differences between altruism, and selfish empowerment, and also the damage that altruism causes, She would always refer to advancing “mankind” and such, pretty exceptional brain , We have a lot to learn about in the manosphere from Ayn Rand, including the virtues of capitalism, how it motivates individuals, and also the anti-altruist approach. Once you develop the self-interest mentality, you will find it’s really you who is in control of your interactions and you aren’t giving up mental energy to act a certain way “just because you have to” . You are simply investing using “personality cues”, “tonality”, and exercising tolerance for a self-interested reputation benefit.
    So rather than feel like you are screwing yourself being commanded to work, commanded to pay tax, commanded to act on cue, commanded to sit in traffic, obey obey obey, the self-interest-advantage, puts you in control, try it out. Give it 30 days , take my advice, and see how the quality of your interactions change via my “psychosomatic medicine” approach. You will benefit from this health wise as well from improved neuro-immunology reflexes by feeling like less of a trapped chump with mean-world syndrome. You can always go back to being your old altruist minded self after the 30 days, but i think you will like the new mentality. This proves how destructive altruism is, it’s a pile of lies! when we think we are doing things for others rather than feel like we are the one’s benefiting, it regresses society and turns everything into shizar.
    Altruism makes us feel like tools, like victims, it creates a loser mentality, because we go around with the attitude where everything has to be a sacrifice, rather than everything is actually a GAIN. If you want to be more effective in your life, learn how you have been brainwashed by altruism, and meditate upon the damage it may have caused you.
    Shit, think of all the self-esteem problems, people hating themselves because the cultural”socio sexual ideal” is not met, It’s you hating yourself for people you’ll never meet, an illusion. So you lost money, made some dumb choices, maybe knocked up some twat, feel trapped in your career, beating yourself up for feeling stuck, wish you were taller, wish you had more wit, these are “altruist” mechanisms. The man with a good relationship with himself is self-interested and this was the goal of ayn rand, to instill selfishness in mankind to fix society. Its altruism that has us all exhausted.
    The self-interest approach is very freeing, and i suggest you free up the mental energy if you want to achieve your goals, and forget women they are a terrible mental drain, only a very altruistic man who hates himself will go through the work to court a modern woman in today’s market conditions. I know it is easier and cultural and traditional to THINK you can develop inner richness through a “relationship” with a female, but it never works out and always ends up in more grief in the end. You must fall in love with your mission!
    Stop punishing yourself because of altruist brainwashing, stop beating yourself up. It’s all born from the weakness of altruism and be self-interested folks.
    Engineer a proper attitude to take on your mission

    1. The problem is that the left has managed to brainwash most people into thinking that self-interest is pure, unadulterated evil – no exceptions. Sure it could go too far, but even then, self-interest is the engine of human civilization. Charity, compassion, and all those feel good liberal values ain’t shit compared to what has been accomplished in the name of selfishness, greed, competition, etc.

      1. At the end of highschool during the prom party me and a group of dudes sat around in a hotel room drinking whiskey, reminiscing, and thinking about our futures.
        I asked Khan, a teenage Asian-American punk “Who do you think is the best person you could be? The best version of yourself?”
        He sat and thought about it for a second… had a swig of whiskey… and with Moon-crescent eyes and a James Franco grin replied “A happy person”.
        Its been ten years since he said that and somehow it stuck. What better person can you be than yourself as a happy person? When I’m feeling good about life I have no malice, no jealousy, no anxiety… I’m content.
        When I myself am happy I truly find pleasure in the happiness of others. I am not waiting to see them fail so I can gain some superficial temporary positioning.
        I find (from people I’ve known personally) those who claim to be “altruistic”, those who believe in “social justice issues”, seem to absolutely abhor those people who live for self-improvement and independence.

        1. Very true. Avowed social justice warriors are the worst. Just dissatisfied personalities, self loathing and envying everyone around them. What they really want is the equal distribution of misery and mediocrity.

    2. Would this be the same mentality as stating, “I am here/I am doing this activity because i chose to be here/do this activity?

    3. Good comment. If you can’t act in your own interest in your own affairs, how can you do so for those close to you? If you don’t understand your own wants, desires and needs, how can you understand anyone else’s?

  16. After I dump my load down a girl’s throat, I no longer have any responsibility for anything related to her.

  17. Good post, reminds me of a quote from Robert Glover’s book No More Mr. Nice Guy, “No one was put on this planet to meet your needs”. Really recommend that book btw.

  18. Ayn Rand would agree with all but your first point. Selfish…totally. Egoist, Narcissistic and Self-centered, absolutely not.
    To NOT be rationally selfish is to be self loathing or just not straight thinking.
    One should always act in one’s owe best self interest but that is not the same as being self-involved, a narcissist or an egoist.
    No man (or person) is an island. People that are self-involved, a narcissist or an egoist will have no real friends and few prospects.

  19. I have yet to meet many people that have appreciated good deeds or favors.All my close friends are married or a shell of themselves.I have nothing in common with younger men and men my age for the most part are losers in life,at least the ones I’m surrounded by unable to change,evolve and adapt and pretty much mutated into mere shadow of what they were with no interest of self improvement.What was this article again?LOL

  20. Compassion is the basis of ethics. Moral behavior consists of an intuitive recognition that we are all manifestations of the will to live.

  21. If you occupy your life with many talents and hobbies, and you excel at them, then no HB10 can ruin your happiness and satisfaction with your own work. I have a plethora of my own activities that keep me busy, and I’ve lost sight of beautiful women before, and usually to a lesser quality male, but you know what the funny thing is, I just find another woman out there. That’s the only beautiful thing about being outnumbered by women, there’s always another one, no matter what lol.
    Keep yourself happy, and women who desire a piece of that happiness will see it in you and come after you. If you’re still gaming and sarging, don’t wait for them, go have fun, but if your in the mood for a relationship, just remember to make your priorities number one, NO MATTER WHAT.

      1. Agreed. The good thing is that “but take no shit” kind of negates their influence in your life, or at least reduces their impact as much as possible.

  22. “The Golden Rule does not apply in the real world.”
    One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.
    Why does this not apply to real life and what does it have to do with the limits of your responsibility?

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