American Women Are Only Good For One Thing

Let me get right to the point: American women are good for one thing and one thing only:


Try as I might to hamster something into existence that stateside girls can provide me that I can’t provide for myself outside of a warm, moist hole to stick my dick in, I just can’t think of anything.

The hard truth is that the “anything you can do I can do better” mantra today’s women squawk about is grossly inaccurate and they all know it. Men are better than women at just about everything and no amount of social reconditioning or media brainwashing is going to change that.

Of course you can sweetie

Let’s take a look at two things women should be better at than we are, two “qualities” women claim to have that men allegedly just can’t live without, and why we don’t need Western females for any of them.

What women should be superior to men at

Cooking and other household chores

Back in the day, men didn’t cook because women stayed home and took care of the kids while he worked on the railroad all the live long day. When his day was done, he’d be treated to well-earned home cooked meal prepared by his wife.

Things couldn’t be more different in 2015. The only two people I know who cook better than I do is my brother, who is a professional chef in Atlanta, and my mother who taught me to cook because she knew that culinary agency among females was plummeting quickly as she often verbalized as much while instructing me. Fucking pathetic.

The fact is I don’t need a woman to cook for me because I can do it myself. Don’t get me wrong, I would certainly like for a woman to cook for me because nothing’s sexier than an attractive woman slaving over a stove for her man. But if she can’t or won’t, I’d be just fine.

That’s what I’m talkin’ about

Cooking is something women could be better at than men, but because they have no interest in expanding their value outside of their sexual allure, men have become the undisputed kings of the kitchen and the margin continues to widen by the day.

Don’t believe me? The biggest, most watched, and most profitable cooking shows and competitions on televisions are hosted and run by men. Gordon Ramsay, Wolfgang Puck, Guy Fieri, Anthony Bourdain, Emeril Legasse (the list goes on and on) currently occupy majority of the cooking show market share.

Today’s woman would choose the “Kardashian/Jenner/Housewives of whatever city” route if given their choice of television shows to star in. They’re not interested in much other than shopping, riding the carousel, or bitching about how they can’t get a wi-fi signal at whatever overpriced coffee shop they’re at. Incidentally enough, they own the majority of the television market share on these subject matters.

“You continue to prove women can’t cook you donkey!”

In the same vein, we certainly don’t need women for other household duties such as laundry, ironing, and other domestic chores around the house. Again, these are tasks women used to do for their men on a regular basis, but these days chicks barely know how to iron or properly steam a dress shirt.

At this point it’s safe (and sad) to say that men are better than women in this area, effectively eliminating a man’s need for a woman to cook and clean for him.

Child Rearing

Women seem to have this crazy idea that because the court system’s default setting is to award custody to the mother 85% of the time means that they’re better parents.

This of course, is laugh out loud funny because everyone knows girls raised by single mothers usually end up as mentally ill sluts, and boys raised by single moms are much more likely run into trouble with the law.

Moms pay more attention to their phones than their children

On the flip side, it’s common knowledge that girls raised without fathers (or bad ones) are far more promiscuous than girls raised with them (hence the term “daddy issues”) and boys raised by a strong male figure are exponentially more successful in every aspect of life.

What’s more is that men are much better with money making single father homes more stable. As the more responsible sex, a man will pass his financial shrewdness to his children, whereas a woman who buys the hot new iPhone rather than pay the electric bill will undoubtedly influence the future spending habits of her young.

Obviously the ideal situation is for children to be raised in a two-parent, heterosexual household with the father acting as the disciplinarian and the mother as the nurturer. But the steep decline in traditional nuclear families is producing selfish, low quality females who have absolutely no clue about what it takes to raise children.

A couple years ago I saw a mother with her eyes glued to her phone while her daughter tugged at her pants to get her attention. I realized right then and there that just about every woman I knew or had known who was a single mother was a bad and selfish parent. The ones who weren’t were doing just enough to not be considered terrible.

An extreme example of a terrible mother

Shortly after moving west I became friends with a woman at work. Over the next few months here’s what I learned about her: She’d been pregnant three times. She aborted the first one and lost custody of the second one after getting popped for drugs. She was able to hang onto kid number three, but he’s a five-year-old boy who is attention starved because he misses his absentee father, and has been kicked out of numerous day cares for extremely disturbing behavior (even by today’s standards). He will most assuredly end up in prison not long after he turns 18 (I joke with her all the time telling her things like “get that bail money ready!”).

Believe it or not, he’s much worse than this kid

To top it off she’s pregnant again. But here’s the kicker: the father could be one of three different dudes and she’s already decided to get an abortion.

This woman just turned 30 and still has the stones to believe she deserves a good man.

Now this is an extreme example but I’m willing to bet stories like these are becoming increasingly common in today’s debaucherous sexual climate. All of that said, it’s safe to say that men no longer need women for their deplorable parenting skills taking, yet, another made up merit badge off their sashes.

Made up qualities women think men want


The definition of a “strong woman” varies from person to person but in 2015 a strong woman is basically a female who runs off at the mouth, posts memes about how strong she is as a woman, and has a jaded disposition—a direct result of being fucked and chucked on the regular.

She was likely crying because she found out she was the side piece instead of the main chick. Story of her life.

Women are mentally fragile. If someone hurts her feelings, she either cries or has a breakdown on the spot. And of course they’re the smaller, weaker sex. Any “strength” they have is because of their ability to quickly recruit white knights to defend them.

Even if women had the strength they pretend to have, it’s not what men are looking for. Girls don’t want weak men so what makes them think we want “strong” women?

As men, we have all the physical strength and cerebral brawn we need (more on this in a bit). We want women who add to our lives and bring something to the table we don’t currently have. We don’t want or need a surplus of a fraudulent commodity women claim to have that turns out to be more of a headache than an asset—especially when they’re trying to prove it to you, themselves, and everyone around them all the time.

No thanks hun…I’m good

Men want a woman’s support, deference, and sexual loyalty—not her “strength.”

“Oooohhhh you just can’t handle a strong woman can you??”

Actually I manhandle them…and never call them again. But don’t worry, they’re “strong” enough to move on from getting humped and dumped by assholes like me which will free her up to find a man who will appreciate her “inner strength.”


Men are smarter than women. Period.

Feminists are always quick to point out that females outperform males from elementary school all the way up through college, but they haven’t seemed to realize that the worlds best engineers, surgeons, scientists, etc. are men. This explains why they’re herding females by the truckload toward STEM careers.

What’s more is that the educational system is stacked against boys and skewed heavily in favor of girls. Girls excel in cushy classrooms while boys learn much better getting their hands dirty, turning a wrench, or getting under the hood.

It’s all fine and dandy until she gets out into the real world and realizes that her “A” in algebra doesn’t mean shit

After hours of sitting on his hands in a classroom, a boy gets restless. When that happens, he’s drugged to the point of being a zombie, which further puts him behind. If he manages to somehow escape the American educational abyss, his only shot at success at that point is to go to vocational school where he’ll actually learn something that will provide him with a comfortable lifestyle.

This isn’t to say that women don’t have some semblance of intelligence. Women are born with razor sharp instincts that are, at times, far superior to men. They thrive in social and hierarchical environments as a matter of survival. Women’s intuition.

If they loved and supported a man who respected her proven ability to read people, the man would stand to benefit in several different ways. But the idea that a man needs today’s woman because she’s smarter than he is or that she represents some sort of unfair advantage merely because of her very presence is silly.

Women are fed the ridiculous proverb that behind every great man is a great woman from birth. The ironic satire is that they’re too stupid to realize it isn’t true.

“Smart” women almost always end up like this….alone

Other than hiring a female divorce attorney (which is an advantage for obvious reasons), men don’t need women because of their smarts. In fact, a woman can be as dumb as a box of fucking rocks but if she’s attractive, kind, feminine, and submissive I’d bet the farm that no less than 10 out of 10 men would choose her over the ambitious super slut with her Master’s Degree sleeping her way up the corporate ladder.

“Intelligent” women don’t intimidate us…they fucking annoy us.

So…what are you sayin’?

I didn’t stutter.

American women are only good for sex. Point blank.

They’re shitty parents who can’t cook and seem unwilling and incapable of improving in either area. Then the “smart” and “strong” ones are so busy trying to compete with us and every other male out there that they not only forget how to be feminine, they don’t realize that men don’t want or need their make believe brains or white knight-powered strength.

This is an endangered species so men may as well enjoy the decline

Sure, there are exceptions (see below) but most of them are already locked down as they should be. But most of today’s women are bitchy, masculine, selfish cunts with inferiority complexes that make them think they want to dominate men.

The sad truth is that decades of feminism has reduced women to nothing more than three holes and a set of tits who are only as good as the orgasms they provide men. The feminist attempt to make women multi-dimensional in a masculine way has made them as one dimensional as they’ve ever been in human history.

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602 thoughts on “American Women Are Only Good For One Thing”

  1. I’d say a woman’s key strength used top be her emotional intelligence and sensitivity to how people were really feeling. Almost a psychic skill.
    This is why the old-fashioned matron kind of woman was impossible to bullshit.
    Now this has been trained out of them. Many modern women are crass, crude caricatures of men – or how they perceive men through the distorted lens of feminism. I’m also shocked by the foul mouths and truly horrendous attitudes I see on many young women. They now get away with things that drunken sailors or rugby players on bachelor parties never would.
    In the workplace for example, by far .. BY FAR .. the nastiest people I’ve worked with have been women. Not all women are nasty, sure – but the top 10 nastiest pieces of work have been female middle management types who thrive on bullying weaker men and prettier women.
    As for cooking, my Dad taught me that the best cooks have been and always will be men.
    Man = chef
    Woman = cook
    He was right

    1. Smartphone and tablet-based life will kill the emotional IQ and empathy of women even before they hit puberty.

      1. The thing is that with the advent of things like Myspace, Facebook andTinder but even oldschool shit like MSN Messenger or AOL thirsty simps have ruined the sexual market place.
        Used to be that a guy had time to maintain and give attention to, maybe, 10 girls at most ( writing letters, calling, meeting in person ) which meant he had to be selective about who he gave attention to. These days even the most beastly looking woman is innundated with constant, 24/7 validation from men way above her natural league simply by virtue of having a pussy. With that kind of power, why would you need to develop a personality?

      2. Not necessarily. You act like women work in a vacuum devoid of fathers. That doesn’t have to be.

      3. I disagree, don’t be fooled by the smartphone addiction, women will always have superior emotional IQ, the same way a mans’ video game addiction doesn’t compromise his logical capabilities

        1. It’s been shown that too much exposure to tablets and smartphones before the age of 6 — that is, giving little kids too many digital experiences instead of real-world, tactile, cause-effect experiences — severely hampers emotional and empathic development.

    2. Agree about the old school matron woman. I recall never being able to get a single thing by those types when I was a kid.
      Those women had a mental toughness that modern feminists lack.

  2. (North) American women – I am Canadian – tend to fall into one of three categories: fuck toys, comrades and companions. The flaw in this article is the assumption or conclusion that only the first type exists.
    Fuck toys are fun to be with but there is an event horizon you cross with ATM, heavy BDSM or getting gang banged by your buddies and the passion fades.
    Comrades are the girls you have a professional relationship with. When I was a lawyer there was a girl in the next office over who was smart, sweet, Catholic, probably a virgin etc. She was also fat and ugly so there was no tingles for me. However, we had a good friendship and professional relationship.
    The companion will not rock your world in the bedroom. You may even have to negotiate terms to get a blow job or to give her a facial. She does not have any of your interests: no sports, no politics, no D&D (uhm. . .if you are into that), no cars or monster trucks, no fishing or hiking or camping, no guns or swords or MMA or boxing or whatever. So WTF are they good for? When you come home, they are there or will come over if you have not shacked up. You can be alone together without being lonely. Maybe she cooks, maybe you cook, you do the dishes together. No stress, no drama, you can live your life and she lives hers and you do it together as companions.

    1. Very good summing up.
      The best way is to wed up a companion and try mould her into something more fun without crossing the lines.
      I think this used to called “marriage”.

      1. Absolutely. Most do not realize that marrying for love is a new phenomenon and I would say it has been an utter failure.

      1. Women get impressed by a mans success with other women, reverse roles are the opposite.

      1. And there is a joke in there about a “black hole” if one were to think about it a bit.

  3. At the office I work at there are several good, and a few excellent women. They are all married with children and it’s obvious that they’d much rather be at home.

    1. No matter how ambitious, every woman I’ve known has either wanted to drop hours of quit altogether once they’ve had kids

      1. Who the fuck doesn’t want that? Women act like they are unique; “I just want to stay home with the kids”. No fucking shit, so does every man out there. Basically, what they are saying is the same as a man saying “I want to be rich enough to never work again”.
        Join the fucking club.

        1. Heh, well I don’t know about that. I rather enjoy getting shit done. Being a stay at home dad would make me lose my mind in less than 7 days, men really aren’t cut out for that, lacking huge injections of estrogen.

        2. Hey Ghost. Do you not have a game console? 🙂 I would kill for the deal most women could get if they played the game well. I can knock down a truly clean house in 4 hours top to bottom (the first real cleaning might take a full day.) After that, I could enjoy hobbies, work on projects around the house, and get lost in cool games whatever I choose. And if I had ever wanted kids, I would have time to raise them properly. I marvel at women not taking the deal when it is offered, let alone the wailing about those that are smart enough to take it.

        3. Yeah sure, but they do this after getting a 50k education and 10 years training.

  4. One more thing is the societal pressure on women NOT to do traditional female duties. It’s pretty encompassing and understood to a degree by nearly all women out there.
    I know women (friends’ wives mostly) who basically refuse to cook or clean because it’s demeaning.
    A pal of mine now pays a cleaner to come in 6 hours a week because his Wife (who works 2 days a week in term-time and has all summer off work) refuses to.
    He works a 60 hour week and said quite simply that if he had the time he’d do it himself without hesitation.
    It’s an unbelievable scenario.
    If feminism has succeeded in anything it is squeezing every last drop of goodwill out of men. Most men are now Fathers and Mothers to their kids. The brow-beaten married man now works a 60 hour week whilst changing nappies and re-heating bottled milk. He looks like shit because he’s under or incorrectly nourished and never makes the gym or any other physical activities. He’s also increasingly stupid because his harassed schedule doesn’t permit for any expanding of the mind on worthwhile interests or pursuits
    He just exists from one monthly paycheck to the next. Trying desperately to keep up with the neighbours; looking forward to his next cheap-ass shitty tin of beer; hoping his Wife lets him mount her once a week, whilst praying she isn’t being pounded by “Jim” around the corner whilst he’s out at work or falling asleep on the sofa at 8pm on a Saturday
    I can’t see the status quo lasting another generation

      1. I don’t know.
        I see a lot of middle-status professional men, and a lot of them are deeply unhappy.

        1. I remember back in the early 90’s when a white knight mocked me for criticizing women. “You won’t get laid with that attitude!” he chuckled.
          He wound up getting a girl knocked up.
          Later on, he posted on USENET about how he was paying his “child” support and doing whatever the wife or judge told him because “that’s the way it is” and playing a passive-aggressive game. He was the woman’s b*tch.
          Other blue pill guys remained married and know their place and it’s not necessarily bad. With two incomes, they often can afford the maid and even nice trips and luxuries. But he can’t get “uppity”. Feminism portrayed women of the old days as being “stifled” by men but in the modern era, it certainly has done that to their men and what woman wants a wimpy man around?

        2. I’ve done this. and still, after reading several articles, they cannot seem to swallow the red pill. They prefer to stay plugged in to the matrix for reasons unbeknownst to me. It truly is fascinating. They think life cannot be this way, that life must be a fairy-tale and if they stick through it they’ll get their happy ending.

        3. I’ve tried it. Only a good friend of mine was able to see the light. The rest just flat out refuse it. Good luck!

        4. I’m not uncertain. Most of the reason this culture is collapsing is due to the cowardice and bad character of these men making things worse for us in a desperate attempt to get laid.

        5. From what I’ve gathered on here and other sites, most men aren’t ready to shed that nice, soft, comfy blue sleeping bag until the day they get chewed up and spat out by either the court system after divorce, or being accused of “rape” or otherwise being absolutely shat upon by some broad.

        6. For the most part that’s true, but a lot of guys know someone else that’s happened to (Brother, Cousin, friend, co-worker) and it makes them think hard.
          Sure, many will convince themselves that it won’t/can’t happen to them if they just carry on their blue pill, beta-chump existence; but many will see it for what it is.

        7. My theory is that this is down to poor education and dumbing down.
          For example, many men can’t read high-level (or even mid-level) literature because they simply weren’t educated well enough. Other, higher brow pursuits and ambitions are not followed because the system crushes their potential.
          So we have a vast reserve of drones for whom literally the only pleasure they can imagine is sticking their dick in basically anything female and aged 18+.
          This then opens the floodgates for hypergamy in all it’s non-glory.

        8. Exactly — once the court system gets a hold of men, it makes for a rude awakening.

        9. I think part of the problem is that they have this “it won’t happen to me” mentality and the all to common “NAWALT.” A coworker of mine who I am trying to get him to take the crimson capsule told me about a friend of his who was engaged and had been with this girl for 6-7 years. the girl, after spending some time in Mexico, came back and broke off the engagement. I wasn’t surprised and told my coworker to take notice. Nowadays western women regardless of race (this girl is latina) prefer to ride the carousel through out their 20’s instead of settling down with a man who is good to them and can provide.

        10. I too agree with this. I guess my “mission’ is to try to get them to see the truth without getting to that point. But I understand that we all eventually learn, it just depends if we want to learn the hard way or the easy way.

        11. I beg to disagree. There are plenty of educated men who get taken for a ride and financially wrecked by the system. In my opinion, it’s all about changing dynamics in marriage and society. Many men still harbor illusions about forming a family and raising their children in a way that reproduces the making of their own traditional families. Nowadays all bets are off though, and those goals require a lot more of hard work and care than ever before.

        12. Call me a shit bag if you will. I just walked away from a woman with a pram on the London underground stairs. She shouted excuse me to no avail. That’s the man I am beta man and woman deserve no help or sympathy from me. The same law makers that say man should be paid the same an hour as a woman should come help her lift her buggy up the stairs or mandate that all public access areas should have a lift. It felt good.

        13. Saw it happen to my dad once. Saw it happen to my cousin 3 times. Saw it happen to another cousin once. Saw it happen to my brother. Saw it happen to two male friends. Sometimes one can be fortunate to avoid ever developing Beta behavior by virtue of male birth order and being witness to how NOT to deal with women.

        14. Your observation is spot on. That’s what I’ve noticed also. It’s a harsh, reality, but unfortunately a true one. I’ve heard, stories of white knights, who wouldn’t see the truth, no matter how much red pill men they heard or the red pill material they read, only to become one of the bitterest enemies of feminism, once they were falsley accused of rape or divorce raped.
          The men who are red pill since childhood are rare, and I’m happy to be one of them. Most of these men are so because one or all of the following reasons:
          1)Their parents had a traditional marriage, and they, since childhood, saw the complementary roles between men and women.
          2) Their parents were religious, as long as they belong to any of the Abrahamic religions, and they grew up with religious values.
          3) Their parents were immigrants from a traditional country.
          4)Their mother treated their father so badly in front of them, that they began to understand the real nature of women.
          5)They grew up with two or three sisters, since childhood saw that there was something wrong with them, and not one, but all of them. They were illogical, manipulative, selfish, and entitled spoiled brats. This would help him to understand the real nature of women.
          6)His parents were hopeless white knights, who in every argument took his sister’s side, no matter what. Who would, tell him to not hit his sister back, but take the beating like a real boy. Because boys don’t hit girls, but girls are allowed to hit boys, because, after all, girls are girls. And, yes, boys and girls are equal. This, at a young age would tell the boy, that although the world says that men and woman are equal, they are actually not, because the world treats them both, in drastically different ways. It also teaches them, that while women will side with women always, they shouldn’t expect men to side with them, because most men are either hopeless white knights, or very afraid to support other men openly.

        15. Possibly. After all, when women enter formerly male dominated areas of achievement or competition, the men eventually start moving away from that area, because there is nothing to be gained from out-competing a woman or achieving things women achieve themselves.
          And what is the % of males graduating college these days? Like 40% and dropping or something?

        16. The one thing I’ve noticed that consistently turns men red pill is getting divorced rapedraped and having to fight to see their kid. But to steep a price to pay.

        17. Just because you’ve been with someone a long time doesn’t mean it’s been a great time together! If she was so quick to end the engagement it means she discovered she had options! Nothing to do with fornicating. Penis is penis! Once you’ve had one, they tend to be the same. Same with vagina. It’s a moist hole. Really nothing astounding. o.O

        18. Lol. Almost hit all with me. Although being raised in America I was fed the blue pill. Although I instinctively spit most out some got into me.
          Number 6 hits home. Living with my mom and sister for 10 plus years without a strong male role model. (Dads doing his own thing after the divorce.) You really get fucked up mentally with all the emotional bullshit, and manipulation and illogical arguments and mood swings. It has made all women untrustworthy in my eyes.. Which is sad because I found a good girl(my first ltr) and I wanted to trust her and love her with all I got but I cant, because I know what will happen if I do. This has me better prepared for the times we live in. But I might never be able to truly love a woman.

        19. Dude, it’s like you have just spoken my mind. The only difference is that I lived with three sisters! That means three times, the illogical arguments, three times the mood swings, three times the manipulation, three times all the emotional bullshit! It really fucked my mind! And I also began to feel as if I can’t trust almost all women, not matter how well they behaved, because, my sisters behaved like very decent people with their friends, and in our social circle, but when we were at home, their personality and behavior took a 180 degree turn!
          And no my parents never divorced, they’re still together, but my dad was/is a colossal white knight. He was all about protecting and pampering women. I come from Asia, and my sister wanted to study abroad, and it was expensive so he applied for a house loan, which was about a quarter of the price of our house, and sent her abroad to study with that money. At that time we were lower middle class, and were hand to mouth, living paycheck to paycheck, and he knew that it would break our backs to pay the monthly installment of the loan, but he did it anyway! And, he often says so and actually believes that women can do anything that men can do!

        20. Don’t blame you dad for what he is. He is only like that because it has been a good experience for him. You know what path you must face and you will make your decisions accordingly. Also don’t envy your sister. She just reaps the rewards that was destined for her.
          And women can be men’s equal. There’s always exception to the rules.
          The world is not black and
          white. ROK and red pill is not the endgame.
          You sound like your young like me. If so I’d say whatever you do in your life, try to be an honest man and fair and just in your decisions and life choices.
          Also remember women are still people and they also have feelings. Don’t take take revenge on them for what society or women did to you. Sluts who are pumped and dumped still feel sorrow and regret.

        21. Thanks for your advice my friend. Yes, I don’t blame my dad, and I love my sister. My father is who inspires me, and the way he has provided for us in difficult times, actually makes me think today, that he is a super man.
          And my sisters are the love of my life. Actually the Asian culture is very family oriented, and the family members go out of their way to look out for each other. Although we’ve always had fights like siblings have, we are very close to each other and I know she would do anything for me, and I for her.
          Yes dude, I know women are people, and although the modern culture poisons them against men, I always try to be nice to them, as long as I can be. My motto is that be cautious, but be nice to everyone, especially your family, because they are your blood, and will always be there for you, when things turn sour.

        22. I’m from the middle east too! Actually somewhere in between middle east and south Asia. But I don’t want to put any of my personal info online, for privacy reasons. SJW’s often hate read this site, and seek to destroy the anonymity of others. Hope you understand.

        23. I’d say not. They were taught to be blue pill in school, in the media, and even moms. If that was all you knew, it’s only after you’ve been burned in failed relationships do you realize you were lied to and change your ways.

        24. Sluts feel sorrow and regret for themselves, not what she did to all her past boyfriends and friends she used for her own gain.

        25. Let go of this mentality. You do not know the Heart and mind of anyone but yourself.

      1. If you mean society-wide – good question. Blue pill brainwashing I’d guess

      2. Many women are different when they marry, then slowly change as they tie the men up. You can try to keep them in line, but divorce is just too easy, and usually the man has a lot more to lose from it.

        1. That’s why the ‘best actress’ Oscar is so redundant…they’re almost ALL actresses. Pretending comes naturally for women.

        2. I can’t imagine a clean woman suddenly becoming an untidy one though. She must have been lazy when he met her.

        3. I grew up at a time when a woman who had a child outside wedlock or divorced was not allowed to have a white wedding. I there was a time when having a baby meant no man would want you. Now I find man fighting over baby mothers. As men we have made our own bed and now the gods demand we take a nap in it. We have ourselves to blame. Everyone who knows me knows I won’t look twice let alone date a girl with kids. I dont care why her man left, to me it means she can’t keep a man happy. If she left him then clearly there are some slut issues there. I remember a time in the UK when a woman couldn’t divorce a man.

        4. If her place is chaotic and untidy, her mind is crazy and her pussy is filthy

        5. I hear enough stories of women changing after marriage that it must be true. That woman in the story who refuses to do housework sounds like she was always a cunt though.

        6. No I don’t buy it. What you are talking about is complete personality reversal. Yes women can change but not like that. Going from a neat freak to a slob is not possible unless she suffered permanent brain damage which changed her personality.
          We haven’t heard the full story about this guy but more than likely she was a selfish and lazy bitch when he met her, he was just blinded by her pussy. I have seen this situation before. Successful hardworking guy marries the receptionist. Receptionist is pretty but like most receptionists only spends time and money (yours) on her personal appearance and nothing else. She might live with her mother (so you really don’t know how neat she is). Guy can’t believe he’s with a 10 so he marries her and then finds out what a cunt she is. He divorces her!
          I’ve seen this play out in the office time and again.

        7. This is why, for those poor fools entertaining the idea of marriage, dating 5+ years prior to getting hitched should be standard.
          You can’t trust the impression you get of a girl during the beginning of a relationship. And you can’t trust the girl who knows marriage is on the table.
          The girl who slips into her normal habits for those few years after the initial excitement of the relationship wears off and before marriage is even spoken of is the girl who you will be shacking up with if you put a ring on it.

        8. Now I find man fighting over baby mothers.

          We have to teach the next generation to embrace proper behavior once again.
          When my son gets to that age I’m going to make sure he absolutely refuses to even consider dating a single mother. As for my daughter, I’ll be teaching her that she should not even consider sex with anyone who doesn’t put a ring on her finger.
          I’ve been told that for girls this is unrealistic, and that they should have some sexual experience by the time they marry, but we’ve all see what happens when they ride the cock carousel.

        9. I don’t believe a woman can have a 100% turnaround in personality, like I said that example before she seemed like a lazy slob to begin with. But I hear it time and time again from married guys that their wives change after marriage, get fatter, more bitchy, far less sex, do less housework etc. Never been married myself so I have no first hand experience but I hear it so often.

        10. i’m on marriage #3. with the first two, yes, sex went down, weight went up immediately after marriage. this is very common, i would say it’s the rule, not the exception in the western world.
          with current wife, i made sure she understood that neither of those are acceptable before we got married and so far, so good.

        11. If your friend’s wife PAYS the maid, I see no issue in that. If she uses her OWN money to pay the maid…wait, if the work is demeaning, why is she demeaning another woman to do the work? >:I She’s a RACIST B*TCH! >:I That’s why!

        12. Oh yeah, most do. Once the ring’s on their finger a totally different person emerges. And also in most cases, she carries a resentment against the very man she lied to for her having to put on a fake act to get him to marry her. They’re not rational human beings, and it’s revealing that in only the past 80 years or so there have been woman’s rights. We need to regard it as just a failed experiment and go back to their not being able to own property or drive cars.

        13. Good point. Basic psychology. Anyone who turns their living space into an untidy, chaotic area is crazy. The outer environment is a reflection of her inner self.

        14. Yeah, many men LOVE kids. But you have to consider the person that come along with them. Single moms are single because they screwed up their own and someone else’s lives. Her kids can be great, but remember that they’re only bargaining chips for her and she can’t form normal relationships.

        15. Oh really, and of course you have researched this and not just speculating your opinion, of course.
          You men like Einstein…who was known to be terribly messy…
          But you knew that, of course.

        16. Yeah, as a matter fact it was part of my studies. And it’s the first thing a competent therapist advises his patients to change. Not all men admire or even like Einstein, and then there’s the line between insanity and genious. Which, by the way, HAS been discussed about the guy.
          You’re welcome to come here and learn how to be a better woman and improve your life. From the posts about your sons it seems that you’ve made some mistakes in rearing them, as they’re having endless problems with women and their perceptions of themselves.
          But you’re not going to get many responses to your trolling. We don’t do that here. Most women who come here flame out and leave when they don’t get the immediate gratification of anger and drama.

        17. I agree that MOST people can’t have a 100% turn around. Unless they do serious goal-setting and introspection. (My take is that few women are going to bother with this in any serious way.) But women are like chameleons and will present to you what they think will take to catch you. I’ve met women who would be one type of person 100%, and then when they catch the “man of their dreams” the real person comes out. And there’s a toll there too; because they have to suppress their real selves for the sake of short-term gain, they end up exploding in psychopathic anger at the guy. He thinks he’s got a great girl, and then when he’s committed to her he finds an evil demon who does all she can to wreck his life. Women putting up a front by appearing religious, fastidious, honest,, ect. are (many times) just re-enacting a psychopathic drama. In other words, they’re nuts.

        18. True, although a half intelligent man ought to figure that out before marriage. Crazy can only hide for so long.

        19. Um. . .I read more of your Disqus posts. You’re a female. If you’d like to contribute to the conversations here, read more of the articles, research the Men’s Rights Movement, and learn about yourself. (Sometimes it takes an outside view to see ourselves.) Otherwise, don’t just post opinions from your standpoint.

        20. When did being a woman become a negative?
          Lol. Are you serious? The point of an opinion board is to offer your opinion, which you just did. My opinion is I disagree, lol.
          Trust me I know who I am as a woman.
          No disrespect intended, but I can’t even take you seriously.

        21. Being a woman (or any type of human) isn’t a negative. It’s behavior that counts. If you know “who you are as a woman” and have any degree of rationality, you’d understand that to the greater extent you can’t disagree with what’s being said about women here. It’s based on facts and witness experiences. That’s why it’s here. If it’s not correct other men will call the author out on it.
          You don’t have to take me seriously; I don’t care and have no stake.
          If you just want to make up things to feel good about yourself, you won’t get support here. And if you want to troll and ultimately start flame wars like people do on other sites, that’s not going to happen here either. If by some chance a male user DOES engage you in this way, other men are going to kindly suggest he’s not learning anything in the MRM and to try one of the other, less mature sites filled with people willing to argue. But that’s not us- We’re not going to play anger games with you.
          Just being neighborly.

        22. lol. Are you really trying to assert that this foolishness is scientifically based and should not be challenged, lol. Are you suggesting you know every American woman well enough to state that the accusations above are true about her? lol, you are hilarious.
          This is an opinion poll, a discussion board and thats what one does here, discuss.
          And, who said I was angry? I’ve been laughing at you all since first encountering this board, lol.
          We do agree on one thing however, and thats that I do not take you seriously, and more than likely none takes you seriously anywhere with beliefs like yours.
          Fyi-I didn’t come here to make friends. So, if you guys behave like a group of catty girls and attempt to “blackball” me here, that will make my visits all the more enjoyable. I came here to discuss, not argue. Are you guys threatened by a lady who disagrees with you?
          And fyi your threatening and trying to bully me was not very neighborly.

        23. While I can’t say I know any older virgins, I know plenty of girls who didn’t have sex until their early to mid 20s, one until she married in her 30s. The culture shows promiscuous sex everywhere and there are certainly a plethora of whores with triple digit notch counts but I know 2 guys who married virgins and even the girls I dated with lower notch counts almost made it, held off fucking until age 23 or so. Point being there are still virgin girls out there, even if you never hear about them. Mostly in small towns and foreign countries.

        24. And this, my friends, is why women are not to be engaged with or allowed here. The above post contains no valuable content, just a bunch of feelings and personal comments that are of no relation to the topic at hand. Case closed.

        25. I stand by my statement. It was spot on. I addressed the post and the comment, you however attempted to draw attention away from the content of my comment and focus on my gender. Truth is you had no scientific data to refute my statement so you resorted to insults, well…
          lol…are you really trying to passively aggressively get others on your side against me, lol. Do you really need help for lil’ ol’ dainty me – the fairer sex? lol. A woman, after all, has you up in arms and calling for reinforcements.
          Let the record show – You’re weak and you have a “girl’s mouth,” notice I didn’t say woman, because mature women are not catty, petty, and/or need backup for verbal disagreements. Woman up, boy.
          Case closed and won by WGB.

        26. Number of “I / my” references = 8
          Number of “you” references = 8
          Number of fucks given = 0
          A good argument will rest on its own merits without personal ad hominems against anonymous strangers on the internet.

        27. lol. You’ve resorted to cursing. How surprising. I guess we shouldn’t even expect more from cowards like you. After all, didn’t you attempt to rally supporters against me , lol. You have no merit, integrity, or honor. You’re a bit of a clown.
          *I still don’t take you seriously 😂😆😂. I didn’t even read your entire post and will not read nor respond to your posts moving forward.

        28. Your utter arrogance, combined with your evident stupidity, has made me laugh :). You have won nothing other than your own self-regard, and that is not worth very much I am afraid.

      3. He married that bitch because she had a pussy back then, now he’s not so sure, it’s been so long since he last visited.

    1. Karma’s a bitch to the bitter. What went around had now bitten you right in the dick so Suck it up buttercup.

      1. You missed the entire point of the article. That feminism has made women complete sexual lust objects that are only good for one thing. How is that advancement?

    2. Only stupid women succumb to the pressure not to be submissive and keep good homes. Unfortunately, most American women are completely asinine sheep who follow social trends such as feminism.
      That’s why only American women with the influence of alternate patriarchal and traditional cultures make good wives. My husband does not cook, clean or wash clothing. I consider those tasks to be my domain and we are both happier for it.
      I don’t understand women who aren’t embarrassed when their husbands come home to dirty homes and no dinner on the table. Why should a man slave at work to give his wife a house if she isn’t even going to keep it clean?

      1. I know, they should be more than embarrassed! But sadly they’re not and never will.

        1. These women instead are proud of it. Then they wonder why they never have guests come over.

      1. That will turn out to be very expensive during divorce proceedings…
        You are expected to put up with it, because you are her husband. It’s that simple, and the courts will crush you for daring to have sex with another woman :p.

    3. That’s horrible. She’s suppose to be his helpmate and she should do her part to sustain the household. I’m not even sure she’s a woman. Whatever she is, it’s selfish.

    1. Don’t even bother with sex or dating anymore. If things don’t go well for them, or you reject them, they’d rather say they were raped by you than that they got dumped.

      1. Don’t even bother with sex or dating anymore.
        And with that, the feminist have claimed another victory.

      2. Gotta find the right woman… There’s a few hundred million out there at least a handful have to not be like that.
        But key rule of thumb, sluts are for fun, not for marriage or children.

        1. Exactamente.
          Math odds provides a small percentage of hope. Very small but it’s there.
          once your notch count surpasses 100, the search for Unicorn becomes the standard, providing at least 5 of those 100 were 8’s.

  5. I’ve worked in schools with special needs children in the past and I believe women do have a better nurturing nature than men in general but in that field you get alot of family type women and Christian types and not as many careerist ball busters, so mayby that clouds my view a bit. But everything else in the article is spot on.

    1. My Wife works with special needs children.
      I agree
      She actually says that the worst thing that has happened to her field is the drive to attract graduate employees

      1. Many of the women in special needs just work the job because it’s practical being school hours and often they work part time as a supplimenty income for their families. Teachers tend to be more careerist driven than their assistants though who are usually supporting their husbands.

        1. Some maybe, but it appeals to caring instincts too. It’s not a job you can breeze through and people not committed drop out quickly
          I have no problem at all in saying that in general women are better at this kind of work.
          BUT, only certain kinds of women. As you allude to

        2. Yea exactly it attracts women who are already that way inclined, hence why I said my view may be clouded because they don’t necessarily represent your average women. If I worked in an office my view may be different

        3. There have been discussions on ROK on how men are always better at women (on average) in any area. While women have a naturally nurturing spirit, when I think back to the few men teachers I had, they were all excellent. The best teacher I had was a woman, but as a whole the men were all excellent and the women were poor to average, and one great one.

    2. they can be nurturing….but there is nothing about feminism that breeds nurturing women.

  6. So glad I have a wife who is a trained chef, its the perfect compliment to a healthy dose of red pill. It took some training but now she actually feels really good about being nurturing and feminine and finds it quite fulfilling. She’s a pretty good mother and knows very well that our little nuclear family comes first, she acts accordingly and is much happier for it. A little guidance, leadership and training goes a long way to helping a woman fulfill her biological destiny.
    Good thing we’re Canadian.

  7. “Men are smarter than women. Period.”
    cannot be overstated enough. one of any societies greatest follies is to give to much counsel to it’s women.

    1. I often stop watching news shows when they become predominately women speaking their views. It’s a waste of time.
      Daily, I now pick lines at the store with a man working the register. So much faster…..

      1. theres almost no news now that isnt filled with female anchors or manginas….in retrospect it’s disgusting especially because they will all crack jokes about the male sex, but never the female sex.
        as for lines? self check out if you can…..but yeah the men usually go faster and are less likely to chat about everything under the sun. it’s one reason I always hated going out with mom because she’d answer “How was your day” by spilling her fucking life story which slows the cashier down and herself as well.
        but if you work in retail you know that scores brownie points with the boss….not ya know efficiency

        1. I have studied queuing theory, but found it pointless in real life. To minimize your wait time merely look for the line with the fewest women in it. Try this method and I will guarantee that you will agree with me very soon.

  8. Let me get right to the point: American women are good for one thing and one thing only:

    And half of them ain’t even good for that much, with obesity rates at 50% and rising…
    Western women as a whole are a lost cause, and 50 years of feminism is to blame for ALL of this.
    On a slightly unrelated note, where the hell is this man when you need him?

    1. Hey look, a disgusting, man-woman thing who’s probably skullfucked beyond belief is causing a ruckus in public. Go figure!

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    3. LOL, that look on her face. He’s got her locked in pretty good. Her vagina is probably tingling.

    4. “And half of them ain’t even good for that much, with obesity rates at 50% and rising…”
      I’m pleased to see someone pointing this out. The images shown in this article of the pretty women are simply unrealistic of what one comes across Stateside today. The majority of the common females in wasteland USA are a far cry from attractive; they chewed up and barfed out by the current zeitgeist as shown by Fataess Neguh, and I’ll include this other shot (below). Let’s also not forget that these cock carousel riders have the most diseased ridden stink boxes in the World. Some STDs are not curable and will stick with you for the rest of your life.
      Indeed that American women are good for only one thing, but do you really want ’em?

        1. Thanks for sending us your selfie…. OMG GURL…..UR LIKE…..SO HAWT!!!!

        2. I think I threw up in my mouth a little.
          Yesterday I checked some sites like “Jezabel” and such. They’re totally insane about ROK’s existence. They obviously don’t read it, because the stuff they say is so off base and irrational.
          I understand why some of these women come here. They read that inflammatory shit and then want to cause issues.
          Goes back to the concept of SJW’s and the false arguments the make in trying to keep the herd in line.

        3. It’s not my fault that you’re a puny little nitwit who can’t get laid, or even talk to women. Don’t really understand why you’re so bitter about it though since you’re clearly into men.

        4. WTF is that?!?! I was just eating breakfast too!! Is that a bruise or a disease or a meth meets fucking machines session?Jesus Christ! Funny but not what you want to see in the morning eating bacon.

        5. feminist logic : “I don’t like him, I am offended, he must be virgin and bad with women hurrdurr”
          honey, you sound really bitter, you clearly hate men. stop using tools invented by men then, since they are the scum of the earth

        6. Meninist logic : “I don’t like her. I am offended. She must hate men.”
          Sweetie, you sound really bitter. You clearly hate women. So why don’t you take a bath with a toaster so you can end the life that a woman gave you, since women are the scum of the earth.

        7. Like the parts about how women are only good for sex? Or that they are all sluts and gold diggers? I read that on this site. Its not a false argument if its posted on this site is it/?

        8. There are necessary evils in the world, like taxation and nuclear weapons. Have American become like those? Like both?

        9. No, just your average American woman.
          Don’t worry guys, you’ll pay for her treatments with your taxes.

        1. Those are some vile and disgusting bitches. I hope he tossed her into a Zyklon-B shower after!

    5. Indeed. When I saw the article title I thought ” Good for sex? With some fat cunt who might get remorse next day and have you rolled up for rape? Nope”.
      American women are good for NOTHING.
      The best I can see them being any good for is maybe in the future after they collapsed civilization I’ll put the fat ones on breast milk pumps and let the skinny ones who can’t reproduce drive my trucks.

    6. I always loved this picture. The rumor is Ukraine was standing in the space between Portugal and The U.S. and the U.S. ate her.

    7. That last picture is just terrible! He shouldn’t have done that to that nice suit!

    8. On a slightly unrelated note, where the hell is this man when you need him?
      He rides with my posse.

    9. A true warrior: His suit and tie is unmolested. Watch and ring still in proper position. Opponent with “sleepy time” face. He is, undoubtedly, calling into the crowd for a real challenger.

    10. “And half of them ain’t even good for that much, with obesity rates at 50% and rising…”
      to be entirely fair most American men are missing their foreskin as such sex would be terrible even with the latest supermodel.

    11. I’ll raise you.
      On a slightly unrelated note, where the hell are these man when you need them?

        1. No shit Scherlock!
          One thing you may not realise yet,is that there are no men in that video.

      1. Women: I use my pussy for everything from justifying my existence, exempting me from the actual standards of equality with men, and even naming my stupid band. Too bad I can’t use it what it really there for — to please my man.

        1. MRAs: I use my dick to whine about how women aren’t like they were 50+ years ago.

        2. Feminists: Hate men so much they don’t think they should be allowed a movement with exactly the same aims as Feminism…for men. When women complain…take note. When men complain…cry babies. You’d only convince a stupid person Dangerfield. That’s why left wing parties are being smashed to bits across Europe…night night libtards!

        3. Control of women is the goal of Feminism. This is why they view Islamists as allies, not enemies.

      2. “Ladies you saw there” says the female reporter…
        I didn’t see any ladies getting attention from those Cossacks.

      3. Cossacs,
        Bunch of alkies who suck Putin’s cock for a bottle vodka.

    12. I agree that American women are fat. I agree a hundred-fold (no pun intended). Guys always get away from that elemental fact once they go off into their manospherian theorizing. When red-pillers start to wax philosophical over women, it’s always based on some early twenties hottie archetype that most of us have no access to.. “Ah, women….” No one goes off into their laments/poetry/analysis with the 200 pound Radio Shack cashier in mind.

    13. Exactly. It took years of training my ex how to give good head, good sex, and everything else. She sure didn’t take the initiative to learn shit about anything about pleasing a man sexually. I gave her books to read, videos to watch, toys to experiment with. And she didn’t lift a finger to get good at sex, despite my admonition that, like everything, you have to work hard at something to get really good at it.
      When we split and I started employing game and bedding babes, I was shocked and supremely disappointed by women’s lack of sexual knowledge and skill. They didn’t even know what and where their g-spot was, and were rally surprised and please that I had done my homework and went right to the spot for them.
      It’s as if the only thing women have learned about sex was from porno vids, Sex in the City episodes, and horrible tips from Cosmopolitan. In bed, it’s all about them and never about how to please their man. I would tell women point-blank that if they did one simple thing for me it would ensure I’d be pleased. I don’t even need on hand to count how many women did that for me, because that number is zero! Women are so dull and stupid.
      I read it here before that women hate sex. They hate it because the suck at it. I agree.

      1. maybe you should branch out into EE and latin america. i haven’t seriously dated american women for over 10 years, and i’ve never run into any of what you’re describing here.

        1. I’m almost there. Just gotta few loose ends to tie up here and then I’m gone.

    14. Well then I guess you’ll have to reach under your giant hairy potbelly and help yourself.

      1. I’ll just reach down my 32 inch flat 6 pack waist thanks ;). I got it because I didn’t spend my life living up to a woman’s every fucking expectation and desire :). The only fat men I know are married. Because they don’t have any time to stay fit because they’re horrendous wives demand every second of their time.

        1. The only thing you have is narcissistic personality disorder, which you got from having no social life or friends. But if you hate women so much, then feel free to move to Saudi Arabia.

        2. No, you’re just not worth debating. If you interpret that as me not having an argument, that’s fine, I don’t have one.

        3. No, you just have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about and are running for the hills. Now go jack off to hentai before mommy gets home from pilates.

        4. Commenting on the Internet isn’t a competition to me. I actually matured beyond pre-school, and have a life.

        5. Hence you should be living that life and not wasting time arguing with strangers on the internet, duh!!

        6. No but I’m a loser right? I’m supposed to be here. You are not. So why are YOU still replying to me?

    15. I always love the irony of hot women protesting being exploited by taking their clothes off. Women pidgeon hole themselves by making themselves sex objects for quick results in what they want at the moment. And then they blame men for their “having” to do that.

      1. They just love to act like sex objects, but they don’t want to accept it, so they blame men, to clear their name.

    16. The 50 years of feminism never would have happened if 100 years of women voting had never happened.

  9. Years ago I was doing some network related stuff in a classroom filled with nursing students ( 18-22 ), one would assume the more nurturing of the female sex, given their career choice. They had a doctor over who had stacks and stacks of material and evidence showing the outright superiority of breastfeeding babies over formula.
    When the casual discussion regarding whether or not the girls there would breastfeed their offspring came up 1 ( one ) girl stated that she would most definitely do so. The vast majority would not ( for various reasons, too much work, they heard it was painful/uncomfortable or because they were worried about the effects of breastfeeding on the aesthetics of her tits ).
    Young, fertile and presumably caring women who had just been told about the medical, scientific benefits of breastfeeding and out of 40+ only a single one was willing to do what was best for her future child. Amazing.
    As a side note, whenever I take my cousins out to play in the park, playground or woods the only people I ever see actively engaged with their children are men ( of all ages ) and old women. Women under.. 60 are universally glued to their screen or babbling on about bullshit with some other woman.

    1. Beyond the scientific reasons, there are practical economic benefits to breastfeeding. It is free.
      Formula, even at its cheapest, is $15 a can for generic to $25 or more per can for the name-brand stuff. It gets even worse with the premade stuff.

  10. I’ve said it before but I don’t trust women to cook food. They either fuck up something relatively complicated or serve some cheap simple rubbish (pasta with a jar of sauce).
    That said, my grandmother cooks like a chef (she worked for a pastry chef as a teenager) and makes great meals.
    On the whole, its about division of labour and comparative advantage. Women have a comparative advantage in cooking and cleaning because they have the time whereas men do not. Since a man can earn far more money at his job than a woman can, it makes far more sense for her to cook and clean, rather than have the man work less hours so he can do it as well.

    1. My Ukrainian wife is able to clean a house from top to bottom in a day. Doing the dishes and cooking is a few hours, at most. In the 50’s, “soap operas” became popular because the evil Patriarchy had succeeded in creating leisure time for women and worse, advertisers as portrayed on “Mad Men” pumped out a number of ads trying to get these women to use their spare time to complain about how oppressed they are and needing to buy more stuff.

  11. A couple of observations.
    The schools cannot drug your son without your consent. I’ll repeat that.
    The schools…can not…drug your son…without your consent.
    My son got into fisticuffs a couple of times, and is a do’er type who has to be hands on with everything and is easily bored sitting in class being still. Never once did a drug enter his body as mandated by the school.
    If they threaten to anyway, take him out of the school and home school him or private school him. They have no way to force pills down his throat against your wishes.
    Second, if we can get enough red pill men to take their heads out of their collective asses and stop with this “hur hur, no kids for me!” meme, we can win this. When you self select out of the gene pool, you take another potential set of children who will grow up on our side away. The feminists *want* us to destroy the family, to not breed, to cede the ground to them and resign ourselves to an evolutionary dead end. Has nobody read the socialist platforms from the early 20th century where they explicitly state that they want to destroy the family?
    If you create a daughter and raise her right NONE of this article needs to apply to her. The entire mythical power of “society” is easily thwarted, the notion of “you can’t fight the education/msm” is bullshit if you know how to raise a daughter (and son) correctly to think for themselves. Defeatism is for pussies.
    AWALT applies in this day and age (generally) but it doesn’t have to IF you have a daughter and raise her correctly to *not* be like that. My daughter can out cook most of y’all on here under the table, bakes a mean traditional German cream puff, cleans the house including bathrooms and has a pleasant attitude that is not set in entitlement mode. It’s all in how you raise them. If you refuse to even participate you’re basically giving feminists the thumbs up to deconstruct everything.

    1. Totally agree with everything, but like the article points out it is hard to raise a respectable household and well versed children when the pool of prospective partners are to messed and brainwashed to even understand how to properly raise children and keep a house.

      1. That is a challenge, there is absolutely no doubt.
        This is where “go to Thailand/Phillipines/Russia to score a wife” comes in, heh. Not a guarantee, but it does help your odds quite a bit, if you get a country girl there.

        1. oh for sure, my buddy brought home a beautiful Italian girl from a small village. Super traditional and awesome. A great woman. I’m just scared that in 10 years she will become westernized and that’s the end of that. Thats my fear of the import wife.

        2. This is why if I ever find an Eastern European wife (I’m from Shitstralia), I will move to a farm in her country. Western countries are too toxic.
          The day I hear about Real Housewives of Belgrade will be a sad day.

        3. lol, “Real Housewives of Belgrade” its coming! Im first generation here in The People republic of Canada from Eastern Euro parents. I missed out on some real gems, very traditional girls I would meet from our cultural community picnics and church events etc. The former Yugo and the gypsy countries are still a strong hold for “real women” but they will be gone one day as well.

        4. The key to keeping them from being Americanized is to retain their culture. My wife doesn’t have a single American woman friend. She has non-American friends from various places including even Africa and Asia and this helps a bit to ground her in a way to think out of the American box.
          Also, not all American women are bad. We do a lot of “country” things and meet traditional American couples with strong family values. The problem is with the modern materialistic culture that is sucking the lifeforce out of the world.

        5. Im from Philippines…and the way some people here describes the culture in America, girls, feminism, obesity, hyper gamy, pump and dump,CC…is all to Apocalyptic to me….but it’s just me, and i always keep an open mind…and keep my filters clean.

        6. Yep yep.
          Australia is toxic. A EE wife won’t have much problem adapting to Aussie culture

        7. I’ve found women in rural states (Idaho/Montana/Wyoming) especially in smaller towns to be great people. If I got a foreign bride, I’d take her somewhere like that, hours away from any real city.

        8. Me too. These women are so nice I found myself enjoying being around them simply because they were so nice and sweet. Amazing.
          Even in Eastern Europe, cities tend to attract more materialistic people (including women). One guy was philosophical and observed that the cost of living is higher so women are forced to be hypergamous.

        9. The only problem to me is I find few young single women in these places. It’s still a good idea for a destination with a foreign bride, but when I hit the rural states, I can go days without seeing a cute girl 18-25. Which is fine, I’m there for other reasons, but boy would I like the opportunity. It appears to be the last refuge available in the USA. But I fear many of them are heading to the cities to work on their careers and to the colleges to party and slut around.

      2. Thus the miracle of assertive mating. It’s no accident the rich get richer, they marry each other. Pre-selection of genetic partners on the basis of the right environment is a dam good start to finding the “right” long term partner. I was lucky and grew up in an upper middle class family exposed to yacht clubs and ski clubs and private schools. If you hang out with “those types” of people, guess what, they have different “values” then people from other walks of life.
        Some of those values are “If you get married, stay the fuck married”. It’s as much a business partnership as it is a romantic one. A lot of the well off families I know actually took a pretty hard line about their kids carrying their weight around the house. It was easy to differentiate between the spoiled and the self sufficient one’s who could appreciate what they had been given in life.
        So yes I found my wife in the general environment where I grew up, e.g reasonably well off people who placed a high value on stable marriages. If you shop at Whole foods you’ll find better goods than at Walmart. I believe there are good women out there, they want to have traditional relationships, but you must develop, lead, protect and encourage them to get to that place. Protect them from pop culture values of “strong independent women” speak etc.
        Again, it’s all based on values. Perhaps I have a unicorn, but I don’t think so. The more I talk red pill values, the more I hear women, mothers, wives reflect upon how good it is to hear of “traditional” values from other people. You want to find more than a fuck toy, why not go to somewhere that only women of value might actually go, like say a cooking school? Any woman who actively wants to learn to cook either wants to be a chef, or cannot afford to eat out any longer, or actually likes the idea of caring for other people. That might make her a candidate for being a better long term partner than your average club skank.

        1. Excellent point about the whole “If you shop at Whole foods you’ll find better goods than at Walmart” analogy. I also agree that women want to be of traditional value deep down and that they want to be mothers and wives and grow old with their man. Its just that they have been lied to by modern feminism their whole lives and its hard for them not to believe the lies and do what you are mentioning above of what a woman should do. Yes, feeding them redpills is a good thing and that one day I believe they will understand, but at what cost or effort can you actually and successfully socially un-engineer a woman? Thats my dilemma in the end. I guess I just haven’t found the right project yet.

        2. Yeah good points.
          If you meet your Wife in a singles bar or nightclub, I hope you’re close friends with a good divorce lawyer

        3. Hahaha! I was just talking about a colleague about this and how I would teach a son not to go to clubs (like Roosh and others do) which are filled with whorish skanks but rather go to cooking school, traditional art school, or even go to a budget shoe shop and ask a group of women for advice on how to buy a pair of shoes and belt for an upcoming wedding (and try to beat them off with a stick.)
          There ARE good women out there but they get taken fast or they don’t hang out at the skank venues. Or they are swamped by the skanks at a ratio of 20 to 1 in those venues.
          Another factor I was considering is that a nice girl will get picked up fast when she’s young either by a guy who knows her value or she (unfortunately) gets paired with the first guy she meets and winds up getting divorced down the road with a kid and is a single mother. There are good women out there who got married young to someone they thought would be good husband material but he drank, or did drugs, etc. and now then what? A single, divorced mother, even a good one, is a challenge to court and evaluate for a single guy who would like to have his own children.

        4. Women want one thing and another thing as well that are in direct conflict with each other. Example is the bad boy type and the good/nice husband type. They are mutually exclusive and don’t exist in real life. Only a figment of her imagination.

        5. I have a number of friends who met their wives at bars and the wives are either primitive and/or the men are getting divorced.

        6. They exist but are rare. “Bad boys” are basically good looking men who know it and sleep around. But not all good looking men are necessarily bad boys but they get snapped up quickly. A friend of mine whose a good guy got married when he was 22 to a good looking woman who… cheated on him. He was fortunate to get out of that cleanly and a rich, good looking woman snapped him up. Out of perhaps 1000 men who worked at our company site, he was probably the best looking one (he was always in the company publicity photos as an employee helping build houses for the homeless, etc.)
          But there are plenty of “bad boy” good looking guys who aren’t taken just as 30 year old women who are gorgeous and single usually tend to be nutty strippers.

        7. But PUA’s ar anything alike always go for these places…lolz. Self explanatory cause and effect.

        8. your last paragraph had almost summarized the story of Young mother’s here in Philippines…sad but true.

          Don’t make the mistake of thinking that “she made a mistake but she’s really a good girl” bullshit. No one forced her to open her legs for a degenerate. It also tells of her decision making skills.
          And most likely, the bitch is lying about being abused, he drank did drugs, etc. whatever bullshit went down to break up the home is most likely her fault.

        10. If a woman you meet has to be considered a “project” to work on, run like hell in the other direction.
          You’re welcome.

        11. haha no for sure run! maybe “project” is the wrong word how about a nice piece of soft un-molded clay…

        12. Oh, absolutely. Amoral women are masters of playing false claims of abuse. That being said, what you said about women’s decision making skills applies to most women. If women were as reasonable as men, would we be having this discussion? Hmmm?
          What I’m saying is that there are “good” women out there who, to the best of their ability, when they felt ready to start a family at the age of 21 or so and at their sexual peak, chose what they thought was a good, hard working man. Not just abuse but sometimes the husband turned out to be a drinker, or unreliable, etc. Not a monster, but not someone she wanted to be around anymore either and I don’t blame such women. We argue that women shouldn’t be ruthless golddiggers yet when they are reasonable about picking men and it goes wrong, someone like you judges them. Do you see how that contributes to the problem?
          The problem for “swingers” here who reach their 30’s and 40’s is that the dating field will eventually become saturated with either used up childless single women with outrageous demands or ho’s who’ve slept around and are looking to settle down. Single mothers, both fake victims and largely likable women I describe above, are a part of the mix of what’s out there.
          Given a choice between a likable single mother versus an mean, angry career woman biological clock ticker (I dated dozens of these) or used up ho’s, I’d have taken the first choice. OF COURSE, I would recommend vetting her out, talking up with the ex to check the story, not allowing her to drag you into her problems, etc. until you are fully satisfied she is legit AND that she understands and respects your caution.
          This is just an option as compared to “pump and dump” or chasing after unspoiled teens or remote, foreign women.

    2. The schools cannot drug your son without your consent. I’ll repeat that.

      I can imagine that many leftists are working furiously to change this.

      1. Well didnt California just pass some sort of vaccination law? So now no school unless you pump your child full of poison and drugs?

        1. That’s not really the same as putting a kid on Ritlan.

        2. I can’t really argue against a mandatory vaccination law solely as a condition of public school admission because so many people don’t vaccinate these days that totally preventable diseases are making a comeback. And as @ghostofjefferson:disqus pointed out, one can always homeschool if vaccinating children is objectionable.
          As for us we homeschool but our kids are up to date on all their recommended vaccinations. Preventable lethal illnesses are not fun.

        3. What if you can’t afford home school? I don’t have children so I don’t know if homeschooling can be an option for everybody. Have you done any research on these vaccinations? I have read some interesting articles lately because of this whole California thing and just like every other illness, I am reading that proper diet and health food is enough for the body to ward off any of these illnesses. Vaccinations are just part of the pharmaceutical machine. One good point I read is that the flu kills more people a year than other infection ie. measles, mumps, hep a/b etc.? So why isn’t the hype machine making it mandatory to get the flu shot?

        4. Vaccine info in the media is not accurate. I skip or delay vaccines for my kids.

        5. What if you can’t afford home school?

          If you really want to home school you’ll find a way to do it. It is like any other major life goal.

        6. to put mercury in your brains…to dumb you down….for profit (not yours) the sole purpose of vaccination….look it up….follow the money.

    3. Keep in mind that feminism itself is a myth: It’s just an extension of western hyper-chivalry and is on the verge of economic collapse as well as replacement by a difference, non-chivalrous patriarchy (Islam.)

    4. Look. I almost always agree with your posts. But here’s the deal. I DON’T want to spend the rest of my life paying for a kid I never get to see. I DON’T want to wife up some reformed carousel rider when she hits her mid thirties. I DON’T want to dedicate my time and resources to raising another man’s children. And I DON’T want to spend my life attached to a spoiled, entitled bitch who can’t carry on an intelligent conversation or put her iphone down for more than five minutes at a time. And at this point, I really don’t see any alternative other than to refuse to get married and raise a family. I’m a blue collar guy. I’m solidly lower middle class. Maybe things are different up where you’re at. But down here, things are bleak. The ability of women to be good wives and/or mothers has been completely destroyed. I work with a whole lot of married guys. And after listening to their stories, I can honestly say that there isn’t a single one I’d trade places with. It’s depressing as hell. And I don’t like it. But at this point, it’s simply a lose-lose proposition, IMO.

      1. So don’t marry a Western American woman, if you can help it. I get what you’re saying though, I really do. If you can’t afford to take a junket to China (or wherever) then you are in a bit of a pickle, no doubt.
        Have you considered moving? I was raised lower middle class, climbed out of it in time.

        1. Yeah. That’s the thing. I always hear people talking about heading over seas and finding a foreign bride. But the reality is, that’s not very realistic for a very large portion of the population. A pickle, indeed…

        2. Short of giving up though, what choice is there?
          Pick up a transferable skill and give it a go.

        3. What about locally, if you can scrape the cash together, maybe head out to one of the Dakotas, or Wyoming, or Montana, or Idaho, look for the small towns and small town girls? They exist still out there, I ride that way every couple of years and have yet to be disappointed. Hell, I’m heading to South Dakota here in a week and a half, I’m betting I will see the same tall, long legged, long haired skinny Scandi-German chicks with pleasant smiles as I do all the other times I’ve went, heh.

        4. Foreign women have access to real housewives and kardashians- the web is everywhere now. Kim Kardashian is the 5th Horseman of the Apocalypse.

        5. So does my wife. She rejects that shit wholesale. It’s in how you convey your likes, that makes the woman shape her views. It took me a while to figure that out actually, back in the day.

        6. Yeah, but as you said, you guys met young and molded her a bit. You were advocating going overseas, but most people have smart phones and have been poisoned by these shows- how would you know that girl in Thailand isnt already a disaster?

        7. Meeting young and molding a bit from the late 1980’s is pretty much the same as finding a traditional one in, dunno, Honduras (or wherever) and doing the same kind of thing I’d think. Smart phones exist now, my daughter manages to not have her face in hers 24/7, yet oddly she was born here, raised here her whole life and is subject to the same pressures as any other girl her age.

        8. I LIVE in small town Idaho. And I can assure you, the infection has spread to here, as well. We don’t get the ball busting feminist types. But the carousel riding is out of control. Divorce is out of control. Single motherhood is out of control. Social media whoring is out of control. Adultery is out of control. The list goes on and on.

        9. Shit, well, Idaho is out then. Too bad.
          But if you’re in Idaho, I’m actually thinking of taking a ride out there on my way, if I can squeeze it in. If you’re interested in a beer, drop me a line on the email in my bio. If not, that’s cool too, we all have shit to do in life, right?
          Have you looked into North Dakota? I hear the job market there is fucking out of the world, and the pay is through the roof?

        10. Definitely. I’ll shoot you an email. Always nice to meet some guys who are on the same page.
          I have some buddies I work with who tried North Dakota. Mixed reviews. I have given it some thought, though. But last I heard, the boom was starting to dry up. Word got out, and it’s gotten a lot harder to find work out there. Plus, right now I’ve got a steady job that I don’t hate, I love the area, and I have two elderly parents and a brother that I’d hate to move too far away from. The only thing I’m really lacking is a woman worth commitment. And I’m not really convinced that it’s much better anywhere else (at least in the U.S.), at this point.

        11. It probably costs a lot of money and would be a tremendous pain in the ass. And I (still) love America.
          And you can’t import one, because it would only be a matter of time before the Feminist virus infects her.

        12. It’s not a virus, it’s a mindset. Don’t accord so much power to what is possible only through weak willed going along with the flock.

        13. Ghost you make solid points, I do agree….though I dont think the avoiding drugging your child in a public school is near as easy as you make it sound….however overall great points.
          but as has been said….how are we to get out of this mess? the solution is families, but you are wrong….this is a virus and the antibiotic to get better is in limited supply and most arent taking their medicines because doctors(Media) says they dont have too.
          to quote a random poster in the comments section finding a good one is “Finding a good woman is more like finding a piece of hay in a field of needles.”
          the whole of America is fucked, Europe is falling quickly, and places like Russia and China arent exactly great places to live that and I’d need to devote a year to learn the language, drag her back here and still hope I can even find one over there hasnt been infected by feminism just yet…..and ya know keep her that way.
          I dont expect my lot as a man to be easy….but holy fuck, it sounds like a nightmare.

        14. It wasn’t hard at all. They can’t mandate anything, hell, they can’t make you even attend conferences to “advise” you. The legal power of the school has zero authority over you, and the worse they can do is threaten to expel the kid. So….home school.
          I’m not wrong about it being a virus, it isn’t, let’s not be melodramatic. How many men here detail that it’s the far left feminists who scream louder for domination in the sack? Women, contrary to popular belief, have free will and the ability to choose. Give them something enticing to select and they’ll drop every feminist meme faster than you can say “Bob’s your brother”. It’s in fact the very foundation of Game, that they’re malleable. A virus isn’t open to manipulation, you either have it, or you don’t.
          The fight is not nearly as hard as we’re convincing ourselves that it is. The Left excels at setting memes and twisting psychology and instilling “ideas” that they know we’ll accept if they say it enough. Half of the things I hear MGTOW and some PUA types recite can be nothing more than what they heard some agitprop poster on a blog say while pretending to “be on our side”.
          The enemy is a cockroach that runs when you turn on the light. Yes, the law is awful and all that, but it’s not like changing the *culture* is some impossible task. Do it one girl at a time, and spread the word to your friends to do the same. That’s how we got here in the first place, we can use the same thing against them (them being “the left”).

        15. At least you have potatoes.
          That should ease the pain for like…twelve minutes.

        16. A pickle? As in a delicious snack that any man can scoff down in two bites? Do I need remind you that you are the crest of a wave of three and a half billion year old genes that, despite popular demand, just won’t die? Not to mention that, as an American, you are inherently desirable father material for most of the world’s females

        17. A pickle? As in a delicious snack that any man can scoff down in two crisp bites? Do I need remind you that you are the crest of a wave of three and a half billion year old genes that, despite popular demand, just won’t die? Not to mention that, as an American, you are inherently desirable father material for most of the world’s females? Having a wife and kids is a catastrophe, you got that right. But growing old without ever seeing your heart and mind grow anew inside other bodies, the only beings for whom the term undying love has any meaning, is another level of catastrophe that I’d rather not dwell on. I hope you put that pickle in its rightful place.

        18. about school power….good to know, though wouldnt one have to worry about any of those clowns sicking some child services on you if you arent careful? I’d agree one should homeschool anyway because the modern education(brainwashing) system is terrible…..also would these be a state by state variance in the schools power?
          maybe virus isnt the technically right term…..but feminism is a disease it is a sickness or to quote michael savage “liberalism is a mental disorder”. it is spreading and people arent taking their medicine to counter it.
          while i agree cultural change is possible and the task isnt entirely impossible i dont think we should kid ourselves….this isnt anything remotely easy….have you tried killing cockroaches? you kill one but 45453 more are right behind it. and some of these malleable women are beyond repair as are some of these blue pill men. most importantly the guys in charge of making laws are liberal and blue pill as possible…..this isnt just a cultural change, but we will need real legal change on top of this the whole of America is a sinking ship that I am surprised hasnt sunk yet.
          I just dont see it being that easy because of the epic wave of shit that is coming our way……we arent going to have a peaceful time of 40 years to infect the cultural. I do think some redpill things are going to default back into existence, for instance women in the work place will likely die a terrible death with the incoming american implosion. but that really isnt a culture infection and you will still have blue pill men doing a red pill job.

        19. I admire your persistence and perseverance trying to salvage Red Piller
          who have accepted everything and had chose instead to rather “enjoy with
          the decline”. I can see your “purpose” or maybe ..just one of your purpose.

        20. Ill be following you from now on. And I’m a very efficient lurker…lolz, I have this ability to see an individual amongst stereotypes. (Maybe i’m just tired of people having the same collective answers that doesn’t really make any difference)

        21. to be entirely fair the world is actually headed into a giant massive shitstorm.

        22. “Foreign women have access to real housewives and kardashians- the web is everywhere now. Kim Kardashian is the 5th Horseman of the Apocalypse.”
          There are still places where the feminism is not as bad (notice i said “as bad” not “doesn’t exist”) and it is only a matter of time until things get wrose and worse. That foreign sweetie your marry today will be a fat nagging feminist shrew within 20 years easy unless the World collapses.

        23. Man, try to leave. They’re likely all fat and if one isn’t, she’s walking around like a celebrity. Get a skill that can get you out of the states; no tax, tons of travel, REAL women.

        24. “But growing old without ever seeing your heart and mind grow anew inside other bodies, the only beings for whom the term undying love has any meaning, is another level of catastrophe that I’d rather not dwell on.”
          That’s laying on the Disney sauce a bit thick.
          How about;
          “Growing old with financial comfort, a daily Cuban, walks in the forest, golf, ocean swims, barbell work, a top shelf afternoon dram, a pair of South Asian boobs to chew on in a beachside bungalow, a cruise ship heading into the sunset and turn of the century adventure novels to read while smoking pot, all while wearing tailored linen suits, silk ties, and leather shoes.”

        25. Well that’s the ideal for sure but to get the easy access to South Asians you will have to have divorced which could kill the whole financial ease aspect of it. The kids and a divorce would be a killer for my financial state. A guy with more money could get the whole shebang and that wins the day for sure.

        26. Money eases the honey, no doubt. Dudes on this forum tend to have a bleak outlook, as though marriage & kids = 100% rate of divorce rape. I skipped the marriage part, so it’s out of my experience too, but I know several guys who took the right steps to make it serve them. All they needed was an unsentimental “my way or the highway” approach to the legal side, on top of having been selective in the first place.
          I was musing on the idea that we change so much; the ideal life we would have imagined at age 8 would not include much sex or fine liquors. The ideal life for our 23 year old player-self is unlikely to have many details in common with our 43 year old player-self’s vision of happiness. When I see how much pleasure the old champs I respect get from their children and especially grandchildren, it’s obvious that their tastes have changed: chewing on another set of young titties has lost some of its allure (and it’s not like some of those dudes have any trouble with access to them). I fear being an old man surrounded by things that no longer give me much pleasure, facing a lonely death knowing that I dropped the ancestral ball and that all my hard earned stuff will soon dissipate into the hands of people I don’t especially care for.

        27. “That foreign sweetie your marry today will be a fat nagging feminist shrew within 20 years easy unless the World collapses.”
          Roosh has even reported on how Piland has changed over just a mere 3 – 4 years. According to him, a few years back Polish women wanted both a family and a career, now they could care less about family and now they want to be power bitches in the corporate World.

        28. GOJ, you heading out to Sturgis? I agree with your above choices as some of the best places left for “good” American society… problem is I haven’t found many single young women when I go, but then I haven’t explored enough. But it appears most of them are moving away, perhaps to the cities or to go to college.

        1. I work with kids a lot: you would have to dip into the reservoir of 12-14-year olds. In my area, most of the girls are pretty unspoiled at that age.
          A couple of years later, many will have started gaining weight, an attitude and access to the carousel. Somewhere between 20 and 25 they’re beyond their “best by” date.
          Needless to say, marrying a 13-year old is quite illegal in Germany, too, but hey those Pakistani arranged marriages make a whole lot of sense to me, now.

        2. Once you go Paki, you never go back-y.

        3. That made me laugh.
          I do feel like a very dirty old man for writing what I did, but it’s the only conclusion I can draw from observing young girls’ behavorial patterns up close.
          You wouldn’t believe the sluttification among 7th graders, you get the hot pants that let everybody see half their butt cheeks, you get the t-shirts that say “are you rich? then I’m single!” and the full monty and then some.

        4. I agree. The legal age here in Michigan is 16. I’m 27 and my friends are the same age. We were talking the other day about catching a 17-18 year old out of high school and locking her down before the slut culture really gets to her. I had a FWB that just turned 20 earlier this year and the age difference felt right. She looked up to me and deferred to my authority without hesitation.

        5. Hahahaha.. Not sure if you were being serious but that was my last observation when I was in a group of mixed age people. The only ones who weren’t completely ruined were the pre-teens. If arranged marriages existed in the west, I could see reserving one now and relying on the families to make sure she didn’t get too corrupted before marrying.
          In all seriousness, I think arranged marriages are a pretty good idea.

        6. Five years ago I would have considered my statement extremely outlandish, but now I’m like… wow, you couldn’t even marry an 18-year old.
          In the larger cities here, they will have four years of carousel riding under their belt.

      2. I’ve been through it all, and if I could do it all over, I would avoid marriage like the plague, under ANY circumstances. I’m glad there seem to be at least some single guys who see the light early in their lives. Any way you slice it, modern marriage is death for men.

    5. when i was a young kid and pretty fat, i loved sitting around and playing with my computer. as i grow older, i almost can not bear it. it is driving me crazy and demands as much, if not more, discipline as two hours of intense martial arts training. maybe the estrogen in the fat made me more content sitting on my ass earlier in my life.
      i have read a few times here that men are made for small amounts of intense stress while women are made for enduring long times of low stress. sitting on their asses and doing some routine work seems to fit into that.
      i envy those who grow up as hunters.

    6. Correction: NEVER place your children in a PUBLIC school to begin with.
      I must thank my father for homeschooling me for the first six grades. It gave me an immunity to the world’s bullshit.
      P.S. My father’s wife, my mother, is a Mexican.
      P.P.S. I still say that banging sluts gives the feminists the fuel&ammo they need for their cause.
      It also makes you a man-whore, which means the few good girls out there won’t want you either.

    7. “Defeatism is for Pussies”
      I agree very well to that sir, I have seen enough people who have capabilities to contribute to change, but instead submit to complacency and self indulgence. I believe as it as a self forfeiture of being a Man…in a higher sense.

    8. My life is precious and I won’t waste it for a woman and her child. My life is now not in some brat I do not live the life of my child.
      Tell me when you know about a reincarnation or life extension program

  12. “behind every great man is a great women”
    I believe this proverb is true and this is why. The sentence is started with the word “behind”, not “beside” or “in front of”. A great woman knows her role and her place. She stands “behind” her man, nurturing him, pushing him, agreeing with him (even if its not what she would choose to do), supporting him, taking care of him, and always has his back. I believe that nothing makes you feels more like a man than when a woman treats you and lets you be a man. Instead of always emasculating you and calling you stupid, (like all modern TV shows, commercials, etc. which is propagating our society into how a modern relationship should be) and that you don’t know what your doing. The support of a woman can better a man.

  13. I laughed about the female intuition comment. If women had such superior intuition, wouldn’t few of them get involved with bad boys or get into fights with each other at work? Wouldn’t they be the leaders in social interactions rather than passively waiting for men to take the lead?
    Intuition is what intuition does.
    The best poker players are men. That should be ’nuff said but I’ll clarify: Through demand, men learn how to negotiate better salaries (one reason for the wage gap myth) Negotiating a better salary, or winning a poker hand, takes “work” in its own right. You learn how to accept and manage risk (do you walk away from a job you would love or hold out for some more cash?) Do you move to a new city where you have no friends or stick around in your comfort zone?
    Men generally are the hunters and nobody has better intuition than a hunter.
    Women’s hypergamy skills are often overrated. The primary “rule” is to reject men and deny him sex while putting her assets on display to get as much commitment out of him as possible. However, once a woman has had sex, most of that advantage vanishes. This is relevant to today’s topic since once a man has banged a woman, most of her hold over him should vanish (if _he_ has half a brain and isn’t a wimpy white knight).
    The current mess we live in is not due to feminism but rather hyper chivalry created by messed up men.

    1. Interesting points that I agree with, but women are still better manipulators of seemingly minor situations that when accumulated in large enough numbers, then create effects on a larger scale.
      How many men ask “how the hell did I get here?” when referring to a relationship gone bad.
      That’s because they didn’t cede their happiness in a handful of major decisions, but a million minor manipulations and concessions.
      It does indeed seem that eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.

      1. Most of those guys, however, tend to be “white knights” who have not been manipulated by women but rather brainwashed by their parents, leftist utopian ideology, or an insecure need to get laid.
        I see what you mean about minor situations on a large scale. Consider the almost unique modern American etiquette of career women offering to pay their way on a date but expecting the man to “insist” upon paying (or she dumps him). It’s one of the most demeaning aspects of American culture. Imagine if we lived in an Islamic culture where women “begged” to be put into burkas and clean the floors after men offered to release them. This paradigm has worked because men get the message that the pussy cartel will dump you if you take her “offer” so they pay. Men I know from my age range were trained like cats on a youtube video (with the difference being the cats seemed to at least be cognizant of their training.) Now THEY have intuition!
        But I don’t think these women came up with this formula on their own so much as it landed in their lap along with hyper chivalry from men as well as a perfect storm of American sexual pruditry causing men to be blue balled, hyper-consumerism, culture wars, etc.

        1. There’s an element of both.
          A lot of men are brow-beaten, enslaved shells who just agree to stuff “for a quiet life” – probably half in the knowledge that they’re actually just kicking the problem down the road until next week or month, by which time it’s mutated into something worse.
          Hypergamy is a lot to do with it because even a say a 7 out of 10 guy now feels he needs to bust his ass to maintain a 5/10 woman.
          Plus most men are pussies

        2. Every time your GF/wife “brow beats” you and wins, she’s one step closer to jumping on someone else’s cock. This has always been the case, however, now women have the “law” and “society” on their side to help them beat you into submission. Once they succeed, they will jump right out the relationship to someone who’s “strong” and start the process again. You CANNOT allow yourself to become a doormat if you intend to get married, or, if you intend to be happily married.

        3. Exactly. Hence my eternal vigilance comment
          I hit the local bars every Thursday evening even if I don’t want to, just because I’m visibly exercising my freedom.
          I play Golf every Sunday morning for the same reason, despite being shit at Golf.
          This stuff matters in a marriage.

        4. Exactly what I do, different day for the bar (hit bike night on Wednesdays), and do rides on Saturday (usually charity events). Independence, even in fleeting amounts, keeps the wheels a churning “What if he’s out and some girl hits on him?!?” and such, heh.

        5. There’s the psycho option. On one fight, I told my wife that if she continued to treat me badly, she better expect a real war (put me in jail or kill me) or even just poison me (I’d drink it.) She thought about it and felt that it was a better option to treat me better and work things out than to make a mess of things. An “easy divorce” wasn’t going to be an option for her so she did a “take two.”
          My friend whose a leftist, however, had a typical lousy American wife (didn’t cook, clean, earn much of a living, and spent the money as fast as earned it, he looked after the kids) and she served him with divorce papers on the first fight. He eventually beat her (she was such a lousy mother, the divorce judge had to give him shared custody) and she tried to cancel the divorce and he told her off.
          I prefer women to wake up BEFORE they mess up their lives (and those around them.)

        6. A breathing space to do some me time. Is it a two way street for your wife as well?

        7. “I prefer women to wake up BEFORE they mess up their lives (and those around them.)”
          u deserve some upvotes for this.

        8. “With boobs…” And also about 80 pounds of extra bodyfat waaaay more often than not. The default image of women being “just a pair of hot tits and ass and nothing else” Geez, don’t we wish.

    2. “Women’s hypergamy skills are often overrated. The primary “rule” is to reject men and deny him sex while putting her assets on display to get as much commitment out of him as possible. However, once a woman has had sex, most of that advantage vanishes. This is relevant to today’s topic since once a man has banged a woman, most of her hold over him should vanish (if _he_ has half a brain and isn’t a wimpy white knight).”
      This used to be true. See, back in the “bad old days”, once you were married, your wife “owed you” sex. You basically had sex on tap as a “condition” of the marriage. Her non-performance was grounds for divorce. You were, in effect, buying her pussy.
      Fast forward until today. Now, marriage in no way guarantees sex. In fact, it’s more the opposite, married people seem to have very little sex anymore. Married women are no longer obligated to give their husbands sex. Husbands are still obligated to all the other duties of marriage (including no sex outside of the marital union).
      So, yes, once you’ve married a woman, her hold over sex SHOULD vanish. But it doesn’t. It’s a constant struggle for sex, even for married men. One of the big reasons that a lot of guys are thinking “Fuck this, it’s not worth it”. Being married is just like going out for a ONS, except that you have the fuck the same woman every time. At least with a fuck/chuck system, when you strike out, you only have yourself to blame. And when you score, it’s with a new woman.
      The removal of almost all marital responsibility from women (while, of course, keeping all those for men, or, in some cases, increasing them; IE, presumptive child support) has had a huge impact on the economics of being married.
      And, BTW, some women are probably going to read this and think to themselves “oh my gawwwdd, marital rape!”. First off, go fuck yourselves and get a fucking grip. And, then, after that’s done, think about what marriage is. You do things for the other person. Do you think your husband feels like taking the trash out? Or fixing the sink? Or repainting the walls for the 3rd time in a year? Or handing over some of his salary to your stupid purchases. No, he doesn’t, but he DOES IT because it’s part of the deal. Just like you having sex when your husband feels like it is part of the deal. That’s the way it fucking goes. You’re not going to feel like it every time. So just get over it. And, even when you don’t feel like it, sex/orgasms are generally very pleasurable. The same cannot be said for contorting yourself under the sink for 2 hours to replumb the fucker because your hair fucked the whole plumbing system up. But we do it, it’s part of the deal. The sooner women understand what marriage actually is (your husband is buying your reproductive capacity, which means, access as he feels its necessary to your vagina/mouth/ass), the sooner we can right this ship.

      1. Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear. I said that once a (reasonably emotionally strong) man gets sex from a woman, her bargaining power is reduced. This isn’t the same as marriage since most couples today have sex prior to marriage.
        Whether you bang your girlfriend once, or a hundred times, you still “had” her. I count my sexual experience by the number of different women I banged and not how many times I banged one woman. At a certain point, for me at least (don’t know about common men, perhaps because I never was a typical American man), I had enough sexual experience that a woman’s sexual treat chew-toy had no power over me whatsoever.
        After that first sexual experience, a woman can’t say “You won’t know what’s in my pants if you stop giving me X”. This goes even for marriage. My wife was pestering me for an iphone 6 because “all of [her] friends have one”. I said no, it’s a waste of money. She respects me for it and doesn’t bother with a sexual threat.
        Of course, if a man is a conditioned wimp after multiple times a woman gets stuff from him (free dates) and then dumps him before getting laid, I can see how this brainwashing persists afterwards but if a man gets laid, or even just masturbates beforehand, this female “game” loses all bite.

      2. “The sooner women understand what marriage actually is (your husband is buying your reproductive capacity, which means, access as he feels its necessary to your vagina/mouth/ass), the sooner we can right this ship.”
        I love you.

      1. Mostly ‘intuition’ has just been a societal rationalization for the fact that women have no obligation to logic or rationality. Their chintzy emotional payoffs are all they are beholden to. Even when their emotional crap contradicts itself, it’s explained away as magical ‘intuition’ because otherwise it would have to be confronted as illogical. “Intuition knows no logic” or some such Vegan/Wiccan shop key chain mantra.

  14. The author echoes my sentiments to a 99% degree of correspondence; i just want to make mention on the 1% that bears further elaboration. (the “strong” reference)
    My definition of a “strong” Woman is a Woman that doesn’t behave like a child who is helpless in the face of not just adversity, but inconvenience. She is an alpha among her XX peers and therefore possesses intellectual and emotional strength, even if both are nevertheless susceptible to the emo instinctual drive and the monthly sabotage that is par for the course in being female. (It’s part of why they can’t realistically become smarter than us)
    We are all familiar with this feckless type i am alluding to: the puerile and fragile female who is frightened by rodents or other small animals, brought to tears by soap operas and so forth. She is also the type who attempts to bolster her ego through the emotional narcotic of public adulation (especially from males if she is attractive) or “empowerment” memes. (if she is unattractive)
    Needless to say, there are more females in society than actual Women, much to our misfortune.
    I don’t mind a “strong” Woman, provided that she understands she will NEVER be stronger than me. What she defines as strength makes her (mentally) stronger than the average female but it still pales in comparison to the all encompassing strength that a Man (an alpha Man) possesses in abundance. I can’t speak for other Men, but i don’t want a female who is so weak and helpless i end up resembling her parent more than her lover. That’s a turn off to me, even if it’s ideal for other Men. To each his own i suppose.
    At any rate, when females were indoctrinated to believe that they were as strong as us or stronger, society began its formal descent down the proverbial crapper and we’ve been wallowing through their shit ever since.

    1. It’s also important to note that these so called strong women of today are infinitely weak compared to women of a century ago.

      1. They aren’t strong anyway, they get all their power from big daddy government white knighting for them.

      2. Excellent point! Women of yesteryear were vastly superior to the females that pass for Women nowadays.

    2. Penis envy is a major epidemic among Western women today. They desperately want to be men. Their egos are hopelessly trying to prove how much stronger she is than a man. She tries to cuss, fuck, walk, work, dress, and live like a man.
      It is possible to be a strong female, as you stated, and this is where feminism failed. A woman can have strength and power while being a submissive, stay at home mother. They seem to associate all femininity with weakness and detest the thought of being a real woman, and since they will never be men they end up neither male or female.

      1. I’ve commented the same thing on here before, a major part of feminism is penis envy, Wester women want to be men. You can see it everyday with how Western women want to act like men and get involved with masculine activities. A strong woman is one who keeps her family together and is a good mother able to balance out a masculine father. Women nowdays associate being a strong woman with acting like a man.

      2. Eloquently stated. Yes, feminism is supposedly based on making females stronger and as strong as Men but the ironic result is just the opposite: creating a dependency mindset on the government (gender based affirmative action laws) or a victimization mentality (where every encounter with a male is a potential for sexual harassment or rape) as a result of promoting views that create an “us vs them” hostile perception of males as a whole. Females who fall prey to this (because of their emotional susceptibility and concomitant instability) tend to become misandrist, lesbian or both as a result.
        It’s a philosophy based on “penis envy” (as you stated) because when you come right down to it, what defines a female more accurately than an ABSENCE of a penis? What is the vagina but simply a glorified orifice that serves as a biological gateway to facilitate the means of reproduction? A parking spot for the penis, if you will.
        If you strip away their pedestrian accomplishments and the aesthetics of their beauty, that’s all the really are; moreso when they have spent no time whatsoever in developing their personality in order to distinguish themselves from the mediocre standard.
        Finding a good Woman nowadays is the equivalent of finding a diamond in a landfill. The trash is far too prolific.

        1. Feminism completely ignores the concept of femininity while worshipping masculinity, which is crazy because they are basically saying that men are the standard. We are the enemy to be destroyed, yet we are the standard to be imitated. What a conundrum.
          I’m convinced that an unattractive woman naturally feels less feminine. Femininity and beauty are closely related (this could actually be a societal construct), and it makes the ugly ones insecure and anxious. Find me an ugly, fat, feminine female, its very rare. Feminism preys on these women because they know they can never feel truly feminine. Feminism allows them the luxury of pursuing a new identity while also belittling and shaming the feminine ideas of beauty, kindness, motherhood, and being submissive to men. Its a great place for insecure women to hide.

        2. “We are the enemy to be destroyed, yet we are the standard to be imitated. What a conundrum.”
          This is a superb statement. May i borrow it?

  15. Men cook food, women serve food. That’s been my experience working in restaurants of various types, and it’s how women prefer it. Traditionally – real tradition, not the 50’s – cooking was a man’s profession. Men will toil thanklessly in hot, dangerous dirty conditions to perfect their art, very few women will.

  16. Makes me laugh every time I see or hear some government-siphoning single mom come up with a slaughter list of “criteria” she feels a man must meet before engaging her.
    Good luck, honey. Maybe you’ll learn how to turn water into wine as well!

    1. I know a chick who makes her rounds at bars. Cute enough little number, but sure as shit has a kid in tow, and is with a new unsuspecting man each week. Heard her talking, directly to some dude’s face, about how she was just not going to settle with any ol’ man who comes down the pike and that he’d have to “earn” her to stay, etc. From a chick who brings home a new man every week. Ridden more than the roller coaster in a amusement park and she comes off with the “you better earn me!” attitude, simply because she’s modestly attractive. Amazing stuff. I laughed when I heard her say it. She smiles at me, like we were sharing some kind of inside joke, which I assure you, we were not. Though she does know I see her every week with a new dude, so maybe? Dunno. Weird girl.

      1. “She smiles at me, like we were sharing some kind of inside joke”
        In a sense you kind of are. She’s manipulating the betas and she knows you know.
        It’s actually a kudos to you

        1. That’s exactly it. Unless they’re victim is one of your close boys, there’s no point in crossing that line.

        2. Or the “don’t cross me” look.
          They are quite confident that if you try to expose them, they can damsel their way through it and even make you look the villain

        3. They will act like strong independent women, but the moment shit gets weird, they will become a damsels in distress, and make the white knights lay down their lives for her, only to later tell other people that the white knights were creeps and just wanted to get laid!
          And even though other white knights hear this, they will never learn and look for another opportunity to defend the strong, independent, landwhale, with a thousand tattoos. It’s like the white knights, are in a race to defend these broken women. These women just need to say, “On your mark, get set, go!”

      2. Great Caesar’s Salad! And you know these schmucks sure feel “lucky” they MIGHT have a shot with a decent-looking gal for once ever, irrespective of her shortcomings. Keyword being “might”.

        1. Week after week I’m sure every one of them is thinking “Hot damn, I struck gold!”.

      3. A few years ago, my Wife’s Brother was going out with a pretty hot girl from a blue collar background who’d clearly rid the carousal.
        He (like my Wife) is from naïve middle class stock so couldn’t see what was in front of him, whilst she knew I was from her background, so we had a kind of vibe between us about it.
        Fucking predators I tell you

      4. I had a plate I let go because she wasn’t performing sexually on my terms. We did however remain friends, and she occasionally hooks me up with dates with her better-looking friends, etc.
        She’s at a similar stage, and attitude, post divorce, as the girl you describe above. She pretended like she wanted more from me than just a fuck and I nonchalantly let her know that was a no-go no matter what.
        I did however kindly give her a piece of advice, that if she’s going to ride the carousel, don’t expect anyone decent to be around for her when she’s done (if ever), who hits on all marks she’s looking for, because guys are wising up to that shit and they might know, and use her anyways when she thinks she’s worth something special.
        Apparently the weekend after I enlightened her she had a big emotional break down in front of a bunch of friends. Was that a turning point? Nope. She doubled down on carousel activity and I saw her with a total loser ass dude soon after. A real tool bag deluxe. For a girl whose a 9 in the face, and 6.5 in the body, it was funny to see her fall so far, so quick.

  17. I asked a woman why she thinks her boyfriend has to prioritize time with her. She couldn’t answer, except that they’re in a relationship.

  18. “Sure, there are exceptions (see below) but most of them are already locked down as they should be. But most of today’s women are bitchy, masculine, selfish cunts with inferiority complexes that make them think they want to dominate men.” Fucking brilliant! Great article by my favorite writer on R.O.K. Once again hit the nail right on the head. I see these examples ALL THE TIME working at a fitness club. Girls glued to their phones “working out”. Masculine women that have more muscle mass than most men. Women ignoring their kids pleas for attention at restaraunts while they’re glued to their phones and their pathetic beta bitch boyfriend/ husbands doing the same. Every day it gets worse. More people distracted with their heads in their phones and not being present. Im waiting for the day that the quacks in Psychology come up with another bullshit way to make more money when they allow smartphone addiction as part as the next volume in the D.S.M and their ever increasing number of various addictions that will eventually be treated by drugs and rehab centers.
    I was riding shotgun yesterday in early morning rush hour traffic and I took a toll of how many people were texting and driving. I had to say at least 60% were texting and driving in rush hour traffic. Fucking blows my mind! I know this is a little off topic but comes back to female behaviour and asshole entitlement at all costs, even human lives. Guys, if you claim to be red pill/ neomasculinists and you text and drive or cant put your smartphone down for more than a few minutes …then your not a man. You are a fucking BITCH. Constant contact with friends on your phone doesnt make a masculine man. Texting every where you go is chick bitch behaviour and only women and gay guys do it. Put down your fucking phone and be a real man and be present and aware of your surroundings. Only gay guys and women are glued to their phones and they are pathetic. Be a fucking man.

    1. “Texting every where you go is chick bitch behaviour and only women and
      gay guys do it. Put down your fucking phone and be a real man and be
      present and aware of your surroundings. Only gay guys and women are
      glued to their phones and they are pathetic. Be a fucking man.”

    2. Think of real masculine men (like my avatar, Clint Eastwood, Sean Connery) and how they would say as little as possible. They were not Chatty Cathys rambling on and on about every silly detail of their lives. Be masculine and dole out your words carefully and slowly to people in person, and avoiding incessant texting and blabbing.

  19. I was going to click on the link, but go distracted by your ample bosom.

  20. There is NO such thing as ‘rape’ in marriage.
    If you feel you’ve been raped in your marriage, you have one choice.
    Get divorced — leaving behind your husbands assets — and go your own way.
    There is no staying in a marriage, getting the benefits (whatever that may be
    to you) and pretending you are raped if you reject your husbands advances. The negotiation of that is part of marriage–it is telling that women want the state involved to control these interactions.
    Behind every communist, statist, terrorist, or hero– is a woman. They make no moral discernments — just gimme the stuff.

    1. Exactly. You can’t steal something you already own. And when you marry, you are “buying” a woman’s sexual capacity. The woman is “buying” your sexual capacity. You’re stealing from your wife/husband when you sleep around. In fact, rape used to be a crime against the husband (when the wife is raped) because someone else stole his “property”.
      What you can do is assault someone. Including your wife. And you should be punished for that. Similar to the way you can set your own house on fire and still be charged for unlawfully starting a fire (even though it’s your property). But you can’t be charged for arson because you own the thing your burning down.

      1. Well yes, you can assault your spouse.
        BUT, and this is a huge, if you’re assaulted by a spouse then YOU must decide to leave the marriage. PERIOD. NOT involve the state in regulating its function to satisfy you or provide for you benefits. Not: ‘well lets control your husbands money, behavior and home so you can enjoy the benefits’. NO, you are OUT and need to be responsible for the benefits and costs of the choice.
        A typical female centric conversation goes as follows, whether with a girlfriend or to a eager power hungry bureaucrat: ‘But if I leave him I don;t have a job, or where will I live, or I don;t want to move…..’
        Picture this mindset in any other relationship: friend, employer, business: ‘I don;t really feel like working for you anymore, but I think I should be paid or receive some benefits as it will hurt me otherwise.’ (And you know, hurting people is just WRONG!! OFFICER– this person is hurting my sensibilites — take him away) The mindset of a parasite– and being rewarded.

  21. I’d have to agree and I’d like to at least make the most of that, rather than end up making the mistake of getting shacked up with one of these kinds of girls. However, I’m 5’4 (early 20s) and don’t really know where to begin.

    1. Develop yourself physically and mentally. Physically means getting in shape and fit. Mentally means learning new skills, read and learn things from older men, and ditch the Xbox, video game apps, and social media. Especially social media which is a huge time waster.

  22. I know a girl from college who graduated and she is a complete idiot. Colleges cater to these girls. She even got off easy when she hacked into her boyfriend’s account and canceled all his classes and ruined his financial information. She simply cried in front of the dean and got off with no punishment. He would have been suspended for doing that same behavior. She still brags about this “revenge” that she got away with thanks to her acting.
    She now has 2 kids. The first kid has no father because she slept with over 5 guys within a two day span, and then over 5 more in the following week. She had some tested and they were not the father. He is now 5 and still wearing diapers and cannot talk. She does not find this alarming and spends time on her phone constantly looking for dates and babysitters to dump him on while she goes out to have fun. She did drugs likely while he was in the womb, but did not want to give him up for adoption or an abortion because she did not want to look like a bad mother.
    Her second child is very young, but very angry. He has no father either. She slept with around 10 guys this time during the time he was conceived, but the men were different from the previous men related to her first son. This little boy will be a criminal, and he is already showing signs of anger and frustration. I bet he grows up and beats his mother and then ends up in prison for killing some women, which will cause women to say men are violent without looking at the source of all the chaos. The mother is almost always that source.
    Girls in college now constantly tell me that a single parent house is much better for children than “two neglectful parents” or old fashioned two parent households. They were all raised by single moms so no wonder they believe this, but most of them carry pill bottles in their purses! They are all broken, and yet soon they will be in the HR positions they want to enter, and some aspire to be assistants to the HR. This means these broken women will have power over men soon enough.

    1. another story in the folder titled “God just come again and kill us all already”

    2. I had a theory about that and I’m glad someone came to the same conclusions.I can confirm this, as my mom is an incredible narcissist paired with a father who is nothing more than a spineless boring bank account. It’s pretty amazing how I haven’t acted on my anger towards women, and id attribute most of that to the fact that I only talk to them when I need something.

      1. I too have come to that conclusion, especially clearly after my dad’s death in 2007. What my mom was all along became crystal clear. What was amazing is she pulled the wool so smoothly over my eyes (and still both my older sisters – since of course they want the easy actor’s life my mom instilled in them), and did it in the guise of love and caring. How can you be a narcissistic drama queen cunt and have love for anyone? Her “love” is just damage control for the family at this point.
        I haven’t acted on my anger, but I sure as fuck use women who give one little inkling to being anything but straight up with me.. and unfortunately that’s almost ALL of them. All I’m doing is beating them at their own game and they can’t fucking stand it. Again, it’s not acting in anger, it’s straight up red pill applied.

    3. Not that I wasn’t aware of the script addictions of American women, but the way you put that, on top of the gov’t being the ad hominem patriarchy without any repercussions, and providing everything women demanded, but the government is well on its way to replace the drug dealer.

    4. I had a convo with a tatted up “mother hen” girl I’ve come to know (in an LTR), who’d be a legit 8 without her sleeve of tatts and random tatts everywhere. She was accosting her friend she claimed she’d “hook me up with,” who fell for the gym manager, whose a cool cat regardless. She said;”Not only have they already had sex but she’s at his place, cooking him meals, doing the dishes and laundry, like wtf is wrong with her? I think she’s being way to giving of herself way to early.” I said;”As long as she keeps that up, and isn’t manipulating him like I’m sure she partially is, then that’s sexy as fuck she acts that way.”
      Mother hen just couldn’t understand it, like it literally didn’t register how valuable a “traditional acting” girl can be anyways, for the time being. I can only imagine how pussy wipped mother hen’s LTR boyfriend is.

      1. Lately i’ve been noticing the correlation to how unnatractive the woman is in the relationship and how well she’s treated. It seems to me lately is the fatter the woman is, the more the beta husband waits on her and treats her like a queen. Ive been seeing this now that Im aware of it. More often than not the beta husband/ boyfriend is doing all the work that a good girlfriend usually does for these lardass land whales. For example at a restaraunt the “man” is placing the order, getting the food, getting utensils, getting extra condiments etc.. while the fatass sits there getting waited on. On the other hand its the guys that have game and have picked feminine women that have those things done for them and more without asking.

    5. Would it upset the legion of patriotards out there that maybe, just maybe, American culture itself is to blame and no amount of “swallowing the red pill” or “you don’t lift bro? Why don’t you lift bro?” mantra will help?
      America to blame; actually to blame for how messed up this world is???????Damn commies…………

    6. I was in the top 5 of my class. So when I tell people college is worthless compared to hands on training they gasp. But I am absolutely correct. Even still at university, in the labs, men outperformed the women because a research lab has a tiny bit of hands on learning, which completely removes them from their comfort zone of sweet eyeing professors and TAs to get good homework scores.
      The first job I had after college I chose because it was completely devoid of women: Hazardous waste disposal, treatment and transport. I loved it. It was like I had escaped from a hell (where my only release was hatefucking).

    7. “The first kid has no father because she slept with over 5 guys within a
      two day span, and then over 5 more in the following week. She had some tested and they were not the father.”
      should probably have LOTS of testing.
      “He is now 5 and still wearing diapers and cannot talk. She does not find this alarming..”
      Child protective services?

    8. Edit: just realized this was a year old post. My error.
      There are all sorts of morons with degrees these days. Institutionalized people only good in institutions. I call them “good at school”. It’s intentional. It’s how the schools are designed to function. What they reward. These sort of people can’t work their way out of a wet paper bag because they only know how to repeat what they’ve been told and do what they’ve been trained to do. But such is the system. Thinking people are dangerous and thus kept to a minimum or below.

  23. ROK sure likes to sing to the choir with these articles. I think its time ROK escalates the dialogue and start to think up solutions to the problems of modern day male-female dynamics.
    We already know that women have reduced themselves to nothing more than cum dumpsters.
    We already know that women have all but lost the domestic and child rearing capabilities.
    But the one thing that a lot of men here fail to realize is that we can’t blame women. They are a direct reflection of not only the men that they fuck but the environment they live in. If you are a man and you don’t lay down the law of what you expect from her your woman than its YOUR fault. Women have and will always be attracted by men that tell them what they want and men who give them direction. That’s why a woman shit-test you, she does this so she can always know she’s with a MAN(and not a spineless beta).
    The reason women are only good for one thing is because men have stopped DEMANDING anything else. We should stop expecting women to take the initiative, and start doing so ourselves. Its been said here all the time, women are like CHILDREN.

      1. Specially if the ship is too big, overcrowded and the damn steering wheel is nowhere to be seen, and you don’t know the direction to where to steer, and the climate is unpredictable.

    1. “The reason women are only good for one thing is because men have stopped DEMANDING anything else. We should stop expecting women to take the initiative, and start doing so ourselves. Its been said here all the time, women are like CHILDREN.”
      These “children” are empowered by the state. There’s not much that any one man can do to help alleviate this situation; be aware of it and act accordingly. If you’re going to marry, get a prenup and nullify some of the state’s power.
      However, this is NOT something for an individual man to fix. The fix must be made higher up in the system. What we have right now is akin to a bunch of black people talking about “how to get our masters to treat us nicely” before the fall of slavery. They could try to organize and try to get concessions from their masters, but, thing is, at the end of the day, there wasn’t much they could do because of horribly unjust laws.
      The same exists today for married men.
      And, no, I don’t intend to belittle slavery or the suffering. Men are CHOOSING to become “slaves”. And their lot in life is dramatically better than that of a typical slave. However, the analogy holds, you cannot make changes as the slave, the political climate MUST change and we must start to recognize that the laws have become so unjust that men are being destroyed daily through absolutely no fault of their own.
      Your options:
      Pump and dump
      Marry, with a prenup, follow the rules of power/keep up your alpha, make sure you’re always more desirable than you wife. And cross your fingers.

      1. The war (that’s what this is) must be fought on two fronts. Against the state and the laws that enable this.
        BUT more practically, and more powerfully, from the bottom up. From day to day interactions, demands and behavior. This puts pressure on society to react as the benefits of manipulation are withdrawn– then the politicians can’t ignore it—they are overrun.
        ‘Lean In’ and contribute to this?? NO WAY. NO. My only question: What can I do to actively STOP this involuntary subsidization of a parasitic system that is destroying my freedom and interests: economically, racially, personally?.
        WE are not on board with this, do not consent, and will not be co-operating. In the endlessly coercive, politicized environment we have, the disconnect, rejection and resistance will be subtle. It is very real. What part of NO don’t they understand?

        1. IMHO (and it’s just an opinion), leaning OUT is the way to effect change here. Starve the beast. When government sees a bunch of able bodied men sitting around on state assistance and/or working under the table, they will get scared. When they see the birth rate plummet, they will get terrified. And when they realize that the only way to reverse this slide is to re-instate some level of sanity in male/female relations, they will do it post haste.
          See, government/those in power really only care about 2 things. Money (taxes). And children (new taxpayers/members of their political party). Starve them of those 2 things, and you get their attention. Keep feeding the system; they could give 2 fucks.

        2. Agree we must starve the beast. But how to effectively??
          They have a gun at my head and every time I work to benefit my interests they can STEAL it first and use it against me.
          Step away for sure, and let them know why you;re doing it.
          ‘Can we count on you??? NO WAY, NOT without YOUR obedience first, not mine.’

        3. “They have a gun at my head and every time I work to benefit my interests they can STEAL it first and use it against me.”
          With globalisation that gun is no longer loaded. It’s only going to get easier and easier to move your economic activity to a more favorable environment.
          Put it this way, in 2004 a total of 614 people renounced their US citizienship. In 2014 that number was up to *3415*… People are waking up to the fact that they can literally just pack up and take their economic activity elsewhere.

        4. Quite so. Money and children. That’s where we can get to them. That’s where it will count.

        5. Voluntary simplicity. Reduce your tax contribution by only making what you need, and reduce/redirect your consumer spending from corporate cultural outlets to other pursuits.

        6. Children, yes, but immigrants take out far more than they put in. They have to draw the $$$ from somewhere….

        7. Bang on. I’m a long term expat myself. Another thing is that expat life just kind of funnels you into minimalism before you know it. I can’t believe the outright, actual SIZE of life when I come home. Normal people living in castles, driving around in tanks, eating meals that are three times larger than what they need. So to find some kind of income, stay child free and minimalize leaves you with all kinds of options for travel

        8. Strong post. I grow more minimalistic each year. What many wouldn’t know is that minimalism actually becomes enjoyable. It’s not just an acceptance of less joy. Minimalist produces happiness and I would be very comfortable arguing that it produces MORE happiness than what is produced by unlimited spending. Minimalism is a primal joy. Spending is a superficial one. I admit I’m a bit of a clothes horse, but outside of that I have a wristwatch and pocketknife that I like and NOTHING ELSE that is either expensive or easily replaceable. (Except for my clubs that I leave at my dad’s house). I could rent clubs too and my clothes are more or less part of my job. I have to be presentable and noticeably well-dressed.

        9. Immigrants are actually by far one of the largest sources of growth in the US economy. That, of course, is not the only factor to consider in immigration policy.

        10. I have often read that these numbers are grossly underestimating the flight from the US. Yes, it shows at least a 5 fold increase just from 2004 to today. But this is only those who intentionally give up their citizenship. Most who leave retain US citizenship, the main reasons to renounce it are for legal reasons or if you are very wealthy. The number who emmigrate but keep US citizenship is much much higher.

        11. Just a side note on the large meals in the US–this is mainly because our food is so nutrient poor. I’ve traveled to a handful of countries, and while US infrastructure and transportation is mediocre, we have the absolute worst quality of food of any nation I’ve visited (including the African continent). Therefore we need huge meals to obtain the energy and nutrients from such a poor source. The only positive is if you can afford it, there are organic options available at places like Whole Foods.

        12. I’d say Americans need to eat large portions to get the nutrients, not energy hence the obesity epidemic we have here.

        13. I had an email exchange with a good friend recently and we talked about this exact thing. He lives in Europe on the border of France and Germany. So a bit of a village life I think. I haven’t visited. He said you just eat real stuff, real bread, meat and cheese and you feel full on a third of what you need in the US. American food (like American medicine, arguably) seems specifically doctored to get you addicted to it. Even something like Gatorade is made to get you hooked, imo. I can go months without touching Gatorade and I don’t even think about it. I don’t even see the stuff on the shelf. But if I break down and grab one in a moment of summer dehydration (Asia), the very next day I’m craving it. No kidding. I just want another one, just like that. There is strategy behind American food. I’ve spent years overseas and I couldn’t agree with you more. When I’m home, I’m just HUNGRY all the time. Get back overseas, especially in a hot place, and your appetite is so weak that you start to worry about it. But I don’t know if American food is just not filling, as you say, or so doctored up with various strains of sugars, salts etc that it triggers an immediate addiction. Like how carbonated drinks have a lot of sodium (I think) to dehydrate you and get you running back for more.

        14. Well, take bread for example. The French will sometimes buy their bread twice a day, because the bread they bought in the morning isn’t fresh enough to eat in the evening (that’s a little extreme but most French buy bread at least daily). In America, you buy a loaf of bread and it lasts a week or two. This is not normal. It is done through chemicals, preservatives, and a long list of ingredients not found in real bread.
          Meats here I rarely eat anymore. I have rancher and farmer friends, and they refuse to eat any meat other than their own. Especially not the stuff in restaurants. It is all pumped full of hormones, antibiotics, and chemicals to make it grow as fast as possible to harvesting size.
          Fruits and vegetables one should try to always buy organic if possible. Otherwise you are ingesting cumulative poisons. And consume fresh foods you prepare yourself. Drink a glass of fresh squeezed OJ and then compare it to the store bought orange juice and ask yourself why they taste so different? They are like two completely different foods to me.
          But I think the biggest problem is that Americans eat few ‘whole’ foods – meats, fruits, and vegetables purchased fresh and then cooked. They buy processed foods and a good portion of their diet comes from these products (soft drinks, cookies, crackers, snacks, chips, Gatorade, etc.). When I was in Italy, I learned that the key to good food was freshness of ingredients. America lacks fresh ingredients. Most food sources are days or weeks old when they arrive, and full of antibiotics and preservatives, and in the case of meats, sometimes they spray a live virus on it to help ‘keep it fresh’ or even irradiate it!
          Finally, all the ‘low fat’ shit is horribly bad for you. I saw a documentary on this but basically a whole lot of health problems started when corporations realized people loved to buy ‘low fat’ things in the 80s and a whole bunch of new diseases cropped up (I personally believe gluten free, diabetes, Crone’s disease, etc. is all tied to this). Fat is not inherently evil. In fact food is either fat, protein or carb. The low fat diet just removes fat and replaces it with excess carbs (usually in the form of sugar, which IS bad for you). Removing the fat makes foods taste terrible, so they add sugars and salts and artificial flavorings, things that are unnatural that are not meant to be consumed as nutrients.
          Avoid margarine, anything hydrogenated, MSG, artificial coloring or flavoring, ‘no fat’ yogurt, milk, etc. If you want to eat food, eat the real, whole food. Eat butter, drink real milk (if you want it, in moderation), and try to eat a real food, whole food diet and you will be emulating what the rest of the world does with their food. It is not easy to do in America. Look up CSAs or local farm delivery services and go to local farmers markets. There was a book that came out a few years ago, something like Why French Girls are Thin and it basically said this, eat good wholesome food and you can have steaks and butter and cream and whatever, just don’t eat the artificial stuff.

        15. Most bread is made using the ‘Chorleywood Process’, created in Chorleywood, England. The loaves are baked in moments. Giving them that wet, insipid texture. As you say, entirely based upon preservatives. That’s why the bread often has a slightly vinegary smell to it. Horrible.

      2. ” However, the analogy holds, you cannot make changes as the slave, the
        political climate MUST change and we must start to recognize that the
        laws have become so unjust that men are being destroyed daily through
        absolutely no fault of their own.”
        I have to disagree here, Haiti was a french slave colony but the slaves managed to overthrow the powerful French empire(Napoleonic era) and create a new state…Spartacus made the upper echelons of the Roman empire shit themselves….If men wanna sit back ‘spread cheeks and expect deeper ramming’ than its on them. Being passive and whining about shit will never create the change you want, its either you adapt or you revolt there is no middle ground

        1. The had to pay huge compensation fees to the French so that’s why its a shithole today, but they were successful in defeating the strongest state in the world at the time

    2. I hate the “be a man” shaming ploy because it’s usually used to control men rather than liberate them. Consider the notion of women taking the initiative. In traditional cultures where women respect men, they express interest in men and family rather than playing a passive-aggressive game of demanding men make the choices and then complaining afterwards (so she escapes blame but gets what she wants.)
      I agree with laying down the law and this includes seeing through shit tests and then calling them out. Jumping through hoops is beta behavior. The main reason why this malformed matriarchy is such hell is because “feminism” literally means a world revolving around the basest, lowest behaviors of women such as shit tests, passivity, laziness, selfishness, demanding alpha behavior from men, etc. Indeed, we need to ask what we want out of life FOR OURSELVES rather than in the context of how amusing that is to a woman.

      1. If my post comes across as a ‘be a man’ shaming ploy than that was not my intention
        The difference between traditional cultures and western cultures is that in tradition cultures, bottom of the barrel women are shunned, shamed and excommunicated by the men and high SMV women. In western cultures, bottom of the barrel women are rewarded by high SMV men, government benefits etc…Why should a carousal rider change when she always has her beta bux waiting in the background?

        1. I appreciate we agree more than disagree. But how about this for an observation?
          When you or I say bottom of the barrel, we usually refer perhaps to an unattractive woman with tattoos and fat and perhaps a single mother. We’re still in “first world” thinking mode. Real bottom of the barrel, for third world cultures in the states, is an unattractive woman on welfare or homeless.
          It’s an important distinction because we’re fish-in-water mode right now not seeing how the culture is degrading around us. It can (and most likely will) get worse, but women we are familiar with aren’t there yet and that’s why the white knight wusses chase after them. They still have standards albeit pretty pathetic ones by our standards.

        2. Strong point….and Beta bux ….is a Male of course…but not necessarily a Man.

        1. In conversations I had with feminist/modern entitled women, it was like they live in this magical fantasy land that us men don’t understand either. To them, the only men they knew of were the alphas/submissive betas who gave them the goodies they wanted, “jerks” who dared to diagree with them, and the rest of men who worked at tough jobs but didn’t interact with them otherwise simply didn’t exist. This went for servicepeople too. They didn’t see “little people”. “Men” to them were either villains or ATM machines.

    3. Exactly. Men need to own up to the environment that they let happen. Like I said in last weeks article on how men have grown too attached to their sports teams. I basically commented on how American men have dropped the ball as far as having a say in the direction of the country and their lives.They’d rather be dress up like Cheeseheads or GWAR wanna be gladiators because they gave up their masculinity being men and being real warriors at home and their personal lives. I think we all need to take accountability but especially calling out the baby boomer/ hippy generation for being such sell out pussies for letting all the shit we talk about on R.O.K happen.

      1. Calling out the old won’t do any good. Hit them in the wallet. Remember, their entitlement programs have to be funded from your economic production. Reduce that, and you’ll have their attention. That’s all the older generations, the government, and the corporate elite care about……money.

    4. The only way I can see to end this hellish reality, is to starve the forces that prop-up this wicked system. Mostly, that means government, but also includes any number of churches, including the “conservative” ones, as well as to sectors like entertainment that drive this cultural rot. You can’t attack them directly, but they can be starved of funds, as much as possible. If the younger generation(s) of men adopted lives of “voluntary simplicity,” thereby reducing their tax contribution, as well as by consciously refusing to fund instruments of this cultural apostasy like Hollywood, then there’s a good chance they could be defunded out of existence. Or at least, matters would be brought to a climatic head. Hit them in the wallet, it’s the only way to effectively hurt those who support this degeneracy. The biggest difficulty here concerns all of the blue pill men who are still invested in their careers, broken families, and communities. These men are lost causes, because their love for their children and their well-being, prevents them from withdrawing to the degree necessary. The message should therefore be targeted to unmarried men in their teens, twenties, and thirties.

    5. Agreed.
      But you have to get the government out of the marriage business first. As long as she has the incentive to run to daddy gov’t none of what you said will work.

      1. I bet women do a complete 180 if they would receive nothing from the ex-husband or the government after a divorce…totally agree make marriage a spiritual or moral contract not a legal contract

    6. But….THEY are just “enjoying the decline”
      THEY know “unicorns” didn’t even exist
      (literally it doesn’t)
      THEY are tired of searching the hay on that stack
      of needles.
      ….I’m afraid of what has become of a man…
      some one has mentioned somewhere ..woman are just
      like water, they take the form of their container. It
      saddens me that the Water has been Defiled by its
      Container…or the Defiled Water has rusted or stained
      the Container, whoever goes first….the cycle continues…

  24. I actually enjoy the company of smart women.
    It’s stupid women with an education that annoy me.

  25. What is it going to take for you twats to understand?
    “Where have all the good men gone?”, “Why can’t I find a good man?”, “All men are the same!”… Cliche after cliche after cliche.
    Well, if you didn’t treat men like livestock and like a utility, if you weren’t juggling five men at once due to smartphone enabling and actually KNEW a “good” one when you saw one you wouldn’t be in this little pickle of a dilemma, now would you?
    You know what’s more impressive and boner-worthy than squawking that you’re “strong and independent” (of course, only until something goes horribly awry!) every five feet to try and posture? Actually showing it without saying it. Oh, if only you could.
    Pussy is, ultimately, only as good as we want it to be. If we want it to be fifteen seconds, it’s fifteen seconds. If we want it to be fifteen minutes (a damn long time to be thrusting and pounding if you ask me!), it’s fifteen minutes. When all you have to do is lay there if it comes down to it, it is truly only as good as we want it to be. So when that’s really all you have to offer at the end of the day, it isn’t worth all the stress, effort, and energy to get. It comes and goes, and can be had in abundance if a man has good game. Catch my drift?
    We look good until 60. You MIGHT look good until 30, if you don’t waste away your 20s imbibing an ungodly amount of drink/drug/dick. We don’t want the scraps and leftovers of other men, especially other pathetic men. No thanks. You are hardly a “catch” and the only way you are one is with your looks, which nosedive with age. Count your blessings, you will need them after 40, watch!

    1. Here is the secret to woman’s master dating plan:
      It’s called “shorting” in finance. A short sale, is when you think an asset is going to depreciate in value, what you do is borrow the asset, and sell it while it’s price is at it’s highest, so you get the maximum value for it, but since you borrowed it, you have to buy it back and return it.
      So during a short, you sell high, let the value deteriorate, and buy the asset back to return it at it’s lower price once it’s value has collapsed to pocket the difference.
      This is essentially women’s dating strategy.
      What most women do, is ride the carousel from 20-35, while they expect YOU! yes.. YOU! you reading this!:
      TO just be patient enough for them to deteriorate from aging
      What happens is around 35, the glowing energy and looks of these women falls apart very very fast, in some unlucky women it happens after they are 25, but from the age of 25-30 there is a panic and a definite decline in looks that causes women to evaluate their entire sex in the city strategy delusion of getting quality cock in their 50’s , so they realize, they have about 5 years after 35 before they are 40! and risk never securing a mate for being too old,
      they also realize, other women who are more quick witted and smarter, are snatching up all the quality males who succeeded, so there is competition for these women to act quick! before those “other bitches take all the good men off the market”
      The only reason a woman settles around 30 rather than 35 is because she was wiser and had better advice.
      it also becomes more exhausting for them to land the quality cock they all desire, even though they could continue, they lose energy
      so they assume they are going to “gift you” with a twat that probably has had literally over 1800 dicks. No joke. 1800 thats only 1 every 3 days which is too conservative
      Well one dick every 3 days for 15 years = 121 days of dick x 15 years = 1815 DICKS!!
      Women expect you to spend this 15 year period where only the top 5% of men with status have access to them while you work on becoming “established” and successful, than when they have the first grey hair on their twat, they start showing interest to lock you down and secure your wealth and dreams
      You’ll be around 35, when life just starts and you have tons of energy, so basically, you’ll be at your highest alpha in the eyes of a female, and shell still have some looks left, just enough left to sucker in an unsuspecting beta male, and pretend shes a great catch! even though in 5 more years shell be 40 oops.
      There is only one way to get a woman to work hard for you and be loyal, here is the secret:
      ……….She has to be so ugly that no other man would want her, like at least 3 notches below you, or you have to be her best option. I’m being serious, if you’re red-pill this really is the truth and you know it, or she has to think that her value is going to go downhill quick and time it properly. When it comes to this “short sell”
      it’s like women’s “slut retirement” strategy, the only reason they retire is biology, and not psychology! Psychologically they would never quit the part carousel LOl, its only because they are forced by aging and nature
      women are professionals at giving men a terrible deal and ruining men’s lives,
      find how many vital men’s futures were totally destroyed by women
      Heard all the stories about pre-marriage men
      It always sounds something like this:
      They worked hard, had their own house, nice car, were happy, could buy most things without angst, got a little bored around 30 or so and were fooled to think a relationship with a woman is a great idea and normal in life as it was what their parents did and what most of their friends seemed to be doing, they meet a cunning female who suckers them and by the time the men are 40 their life is ruined

  26. this is just presenting what has already been presented at ROK 100 times over the last few years, but with less factual examples and more generalised opinions.

    1. Yes good observation. This has been presented over thousands of years in one form or another… unfortunately the internet requires continuous articles for these sites to stay online. Having said that, new people will see the new posts… I doubt most noobs will go all the way back to read the early posts (and there’s are some great articles back there).

      1. Appreciate your point. Still, makes it hard to remain interested in this site.

  27. There is another party who is also at faul: the Rockefellers and other oligarch dynastic clans, i.e., the ones who actually run this country. They helped to lure women out of homes and into workplaces in order to TAX the other 50% of the population. They got their media system, which they also control, to call this “liberation” for females.
    See Aaron Russo, Youtube, Rockefeller. Or about 20 OUT OF PRINT books on the power of the Rockefellers, if you doubt this is at least possible.
    Only a fool scoffs at “conspiracy theories” without even researching a subject thoroughly.

    1. yeah, billionaires pretend to be married and loyal but they all have mistresses ETC.
      They know the truth that monogamy is a doomed idea and even they don’t practise it, but they sell it to the masses as a trap

  28. Emerging research supports red pill truths. Women are more sexually degenerate than men due to reptilian brain responses. Judge females by what they do not what they say. Women are far more turned on by sex with a stranger than with a man she knows. Women are just as excited by sex with a woman as with a man. Women go cold about sex with a male “friend”, the friend zone is game over, with women becoming more excited watching monkeys fuck than they do about sex with a male friend. Women have deep rooted need to feel like they are being objectified sexually. Such bits of wisdom you could have already picked up at ROK, but this research was performed by a woman so its politically correct for feminists to talk about it now.

  29. A compatible man should compliment a compatible woman, and vise-versa. This is why there are two different sexes, and why each sex was traditionally designated certain roles.
    One of the biggest myths is that a woman can be as intelligent as a man, hence why they outnumber men in colleges and outperform boys in primary school. However, male intelligence and female intelligence can’t even be compared. Men excel at logic and using their intelligence for the betterment of humankind. This is why pretty much all great inventors and scientists are men, and why women fail constantly when given the white glove treatment to enter STEM.
    But women can’t just think like men just because they went to college. Above all they’re designed to raise children and take care of things around the house. While men are designed to be altruistic, women are designed to be SELFISH. In the past this could’ve meant the difference between life and death for her and her children. This is also why women excel at emotional warfare and manipulation – They can’t excel like men at building or creating society, so they have to find ways to TAKE from those who succeed. A microcosm of this is in dating, where a woman exchanges her sexuality for resources (Food/money). In more extreme circumstances, a woman will gladly kick a man out of their home but still gladly live off his alimony payments. And if a woman does invent something, is it ever for the betterment of humanity as whole? Nope, it’s usually something for women (Usually moms) to make their lives easier.
    Long story short: Men’s intelligence is used in altruistic way, women’s intelligence is used in a selfish way. This is why, as was mentioned in the article, men would rather fuck a retard who’s a 10 than an intelligent woman who’s average-looking: We already possess the smarts, why do we need someone else who’s also smart?

    1. its also why women vote for socialism and any politician who gives them free birth control and ridiculous divorce laws which favor them. It fucking pisses me off

  30. Women are normally better at languages than men.They learn to read and write earlier and,of course they develop earlier all of which means that,up to the age of about 20,women have the edge and,in fact should take more responsibility—-but they won’t,they have to duck-shove it off on to their younger siblings.
    The world was a better place when women ruled the roost at home
    but did not engage in their husbands character demise by spreading stories.Oh yes,they are also better liars.

    1. Then why are the vast majority of poets and authors men? Hey, I loved the Harry Potter series, and read every book, but there was no great literary mind at work there, just some good storytelling.

      1. Because men catch up and surpass women around age 23.
        Harry Potter–Tolkien?It’s ok but a bit naive.

  31. It’s my dream to marry a sweet submissive housewife. I don’t think that will ever happen though. At least not in America.

    1. Advice. It is not the US – it is you.
      Here is why. A submissive housewife is a very feminine woman. The more feminine a woman is, the more masculine her man must be.
      Women adapt. When you up your manhood to the point where you are man enough to have a submissive housewife, your woman will adapt.
      You can date an educated woman and turn her into a good housewife and mother.
      The key is to be man enough. This does include things like: A man provides for his family – she does not work because she can trust that you make enough for both of you and the kids.
      This does include kids. plural. A man does not fear he may be unable to provide for kids. Expect to have one kid every 3-5 years while your woman is fertile or else you will run into trouble.
      A man and leader of his household does not share his responsibilities. Not with his wife (you decide everything, you manage the money etc) nor with the goverment. You will not rely on others to help you. You will manage on your own if need be.
      Thats the problem in modern america and europe. The women still dream to be a feminine and submissive wife and mother. Check 50shadesofgrey if you need proof. The problem is the masculine men are in short supply. Modern men often want (!) their women to work, they often need (!) a second income for get by. They often can not afford kids (plural) or find logic arguments why they cant have kids. This is all weakness. If your male energy is weak, dont expect to attract the most feminine women.

      1. Western relationships = muscular wife, feminine husband. It’s so dysfunctional and due to gay acceptance it’s more acceptable today !

      2. Bullshit.
        Do this as stated with 99% of American women and you get accused of abuse.

      3. You take women out of the workforce, then the supply of labor goes down and men would have higher wages to support the said family. Men then can control the money and not spend on worthless shit women waste money on.
        A man would pay $2 for a $1 item he needs. A woman would pay $1 on a $2 item she doesn’t need.

        1. Did you get that backward? A women would pay $1 for a $2 item? That implies frugality.

        2. Nope. This is why women go out and buy shoes, bags, and whatever useless shit on sale. She’ll justify it saying she saved $10 on a pair of socks that she’ll never wear, just because it was on sale. She got a great deal on it, but she doesn’t see that she lost $30 to save $10. She’ll never wear it.

      4. Man Up! Hilarious.
        How about this scenario;
        What if 100% of the women in the country were so obese they no longer even bothered wiping and they were all terrible, hateful cunts?
        At that point is a man to be blamed for not finding a good woman?
        No, right? So, you agree that there is a point in which it’s no longer the man’s fault for failing to find himself a unicorn.
        Then it’s just a matter of determining if we have reached that point. I think we reached it long ago.
        Fuck your “Man Up” screed. That’s what is being taken advantage of. How can you not see that?

        1. You get the benefit of the doubt. Lack of understanding.
          You do not search a “unicorn” – you mold them to your liking.
          Fat. I hate fatties, they are an abomination and hurt my eyes.
          That said, no woman was born fat. They *chose* to be a landwhale AND there was no man to stop them.
          A man and master of his household does not allow his woman to become fat. He is in charge. That includes the choice who he has sex with. If she is not sexy, why would I want to fuck her? Only reason would be lack of options. Again thats a weakness. If you are weak and have no options you deserve nothing better than an ugly landwhale. Your balls are blue and you will be such a tool just to get sex. Example.
          Wife: “Do you think I should cancel my zumba class and meet my BFF who just broke up with her hubby and needs me?”
          You: Sure honey, do whatever you think is best.
          Grown up male: Wtf? You go to your zumba class. I love your slender legs and I like to slap your ass when we fuck. Keep it that way. If your BFF needs some help, bring her over and I might consider a threesome.
          Is this example extreme? Yes it is.
          Is it spot on? Yes it is.
          You are only taken advantage of if you are weak and let it happen. Why? Most often it is lack of options and low passive mate value. Never beg for sex or make any compromise for sex. This is the first step.
          Get in shape, learn game and focus on your goals. Beeing an asshole from a position of strength will get you quality pussy. More than you can handle.

        2. You say a lot of valid things but your perspective is still that elemental “Man Up” stuff. Like no matter what, it is always, at the end of the day, the man’s fault. That’s what allows the Western female shittiness to proliferate. I think Western women are so far beyond repair that even thinking about how to change them is already a waste of time. Go MGTOWTTTW–Men Going Their Own Way To The Third World and wear your balls out. Check in periodically to see if Western women are starting to come back around in any way. If not, bail out again. The tricky part is money, though.

        3. In order to mold a woman in western society you need to start when she’s in middle school. Too long and hard a process, not to mention against societal and legal norms.

  32. Best article on ROK in ages. Best because it struck right at the core of truth.
    Of course there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of disaffected women’s studies girls reading this post and all the comments. So, this one is for you girls: How does your asshole feel? You do realize that he only fucks you in the ass because you are not even worth a vaginal fuck, right?

  33. Sadly women do not care. I have met plenty who are perfectly fine being single. They’d rather be single than be with someone who holds your opinion. Such is life.

    1. On a conscious level they say that due to being brainwashed.
      On a subconscious level and going against their genetics, they suffer from issues which they try to self medicate to on a daily basis!
      All you have to do is look into the eyes of a westernised women and all you see is darkness! Eastern women mainly have light in their eyes!

      1. Maybe this is always what they wanted, just with birth control now they can. Maybe they never wanted to be with men in the first place.

        1. They can all go off onto their own little island and live amongst themselves. They would not survive for very long. They have no skills to build an infrastructure to give them the creature comforts we enjoy today.

        2. Human beings need each other where interaction leads to good health and happiness. In the west we are taught to be independent and on our own (corporate brainwashing). Feminism in the media posions our souls daily where women believe they don’t need men when they do. It’s the same as telling a child they don’t need parents. How hard will it be for a child to be on his or her own? It’s biological. Western women are still children inside due to their narcissistic behaviour. She will never admit it cause she has to be strong and show no weakness (more feminism brainwashing).

        3. I don’t see women as narcissistic. I see them as independent and happy. Now they don’t need to rely on a man to live, they can be a partner with one.

        4. ROFL, women will ALWAYS need men. If they get into trouble, who does she call… a Police MAN! If she moves to a new house, she calls MEN to move her stuff. House is on fire, a fire MAN. Women will ALWAYS run to men when they need help with something! It’s biological where they crave the energy of a muscular man just like a child does regarding parents (to feel safe). Women are more slutty today in the west cause they give sex in order to get comfort from a man. This “be independent” only creates a huge void in women. Human beings, specially women, need human interaction. That’s why in the east (family values), they are HAPPY (just look into their eyes compare to a westernise woman = black like the devil) compare to the west they are in pain!

        5. I see a lot of happy western women. The only ones who look unhappy are in abusive relationships.. The light comes back once they leave their tormentor.. On the other hand, women in patriarchal societies, who have no choice in life, and are at the mercy of men, look miserable and beat down… Women and men do need each other, but it’s better to be single than in a relationship with a man who despises a woman’s autonomy and feels females are inferior.. Muscular or not.. Lol

        6. These ” what if”scenarios kill me. And if women did go off to a desert island, you fellas would probably go crazy from lack of sex and kill each other off- – Egalitarian societies in which women have rights are far more civilized than patriarchal ones.

        7. Yes, thank goodness we are on more equal footing. This takes the pressure off the man as well.. Funny though, so many of these clowns want a traditional submissive homemaker who is entirely dependant on a man. Then they turn around and call women parasites. Disregarding all we do. It’s disheartening. Sigh

        8. lol, for a start women in the west can’t have a successful relationship due to most of them are brain washed by feminism. All feminism has done is destroy relationships in the best (60-70% divroce rate with a westernise woman).
          second, women are inferior to men and ALWAYS will be. Men have ALOT more muscle mass and are more intelligent. Just google the smartest people on earth and only 1 out of 10 is a woman (chess player). men work on logic, women on emotions. does logic or emotions work for running a business. When her cycle comes along, she is angry and just wants everyone around her to suffer. HENCE women are inferior to men and always will be.
          it sounds like someone is brainwashed by the feminist media! The media is run by feminist these days cause they are 2 stupid to work out that they are a PAWN that WANTS to play the corporate game!

        9. Male and female are meant to compliment each other not compete. Of course men are physically stronger. That’s a male quality and it would be stupid to deny that fact. However, I could turn that around and call you physically inferior because of your inability to conceive, carry, deliver and nourish a child. But that would be counter productive…
          As far as intelligence, that is debatable. Recent studies on IQ state differently but yes there are more male geniuses- and more males with lower IQ than females.
          This being stated, the mere fact that you paint 1/2 of the population in a negative light speaks volumes of your inability to think logically. Your post wreaks of emotionalism. As do many of your male counterparts comments here on this forum.
          Nonetheless, I refuse to paint the entire male population as being bigoted sexists based on what I see here. I had the pleasure and blessing of growing up with real men who don’t view my gender as inferior, who respect my viewpoint and my feminity.
          By the way, I don’t know you personally- but, you come across as very insecure in your masculinity. Here’s a helpful hint- a true alpha male doesn’t need to demean and put down others to lift themselves up and bolster their confidence. Good Sunday to you..

        10. no i don’t in real life but this is on the internet and 1000+ of people will read this cause it will ALWAYS be on the internet. So many boys today don’t have any guidance to being a man so they turn to the internet and research. I found the manosphere for answers about myself and life.
          People like you only poison these boys in finding answers. If a dog acted like a cat and a cat acted like a dog, wouldn’t we find it to be WRONG? That’s how the rest of the world view the west. By you being “feminine” you aren’t being a man and what your biologically programmed to be and act. It’s like running away from a fight, it doesn’t feel right for some reason. Women that go back to work and not look after their newly born child, they feel bad. It’s all biological and if you go against biological, all you going to have is problems just like so many women and men in the west. They have no REAL valves of life apart from TV. Family valves are dead… The next generation is going to be way more mess up due to gays having rights and Feminsm. I’m all for gays having rights but less than 2% of the population is gay where it’s in our face daily (media/TV). What does it do to the children. It’s confuses them! Being a teenager is hard enough…
          I believe in a nature upbringing with both men and women. Anything that is against “familly valves” is a threat on our society and the human race.
          I believe we should be doing what we are biologically programmed to be doing. Men acting like men, women acting like women. Women are naturally programmed to be child bearing and emotional. Men to be muscular and strong leaders. I remember being a child and I met my first gay person. I thought he was retarded and something was wrong with him. When i met my grandpa, I knew this guy was a man and someone I wanted to be.
          Let’s keep our views to ourselves and the people that read your point and my point and make up their own decisions!
          Bottom line: i moved to the East where i feel sane now! People are human and aren’t scared to show compassion. Women in the west don’t have a fucking clue, that’s why relationships don’t work out over there anymore. You ONLY see the TRUTH when you live in the East for a while.

        11. We actually have more in common than you might think. I believe I stated that the sexes should compliment each other, not compete.
          Male and female both have their strengths and weaknesses. I agree we should be happy with our given gender and know our place. But am curious as what that entails in your opinion ( okay for women to work outside the home, vote, own property) ? Can you answer this question?
          This does not mean one is inferior or superior to the other. We rely on each other for physical, emotional and spiritual fulfillment.
          If you don’t mind me asking, were you raised in a single parent household.? Why did it take you so long to meet your grandpa? Was he from another state??

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