Why It’s Important To Develop An Insane Degree Of Self-Love


Too many men walk around thinking that the women they desire are superior to them. In the unlikely event one of them accepts him for sex or a relationship, he assumes she must be doing him a favour, that there must be something “special” about their relationship. Beware, for this is how pedestalization, obsession, and heartbreak breed.

Women, we are told from a young age, are attracted to “cool” guys. The problem for those of us who are not naturals is figuring out what “cool” actually means and how to embody it. The most powerful piece of advice about meeting women I have ever been given, one that changed my whole paradigm of thinking and levels of success, was that I should assume an insane degree of self-love. Now, the truth is there were probably already things I liked about myself, but social conditioning had taught me to be humble, not to brag, to keep my head below the parapet, and be a nice guy. None of these behaviours helped me with women.

What did help was when I started communicating an irrational, almost absurd sense of self-confidence to the world through every element of my behaviour, from the way I walked to the way I spoke, to the way I dressed. This isn’t about being bigheaded. It’s more about recognising what’s unique and amazing about you and being proud of it. Once I had achieved congruence in this and carried myself as though I were a big deal, suddenly and mysteriously my world changed as women previously out of my reach started to make themselves available to me, and men began to defer to me. Very quickly, a truth that I had never been aware of before was revealed to me: the individual, not society decides what “cool” is for him: each man gives himself permission to be cool.

James dean

What does “cool” mean?

I remember looking at the popular kids at school and wondering, when you broke it down, what was so great about them. Many weren’t particularly good-looking or intelligent. They didn’t have good taste in clothes or music, yet they still carried themselves as though they were something special. I often wondered why this was so and who had “given them permission” to do so. I imagined it impossible that someone like me, someone so inherently uncool, could ever behave with such entitlement. For a while, I actually believed that somehow I wasn’t allowed to dress fashionably, because those cool clothes were for other people who were already cool.

Utter nonsense.

In fact, “cool” is a self-designation: no one else gives you the permission to be cool, and no one is magically endowed with the quality of coolness from birth. It is a mantle that you assume for yourself, and you can do so today.

Remember, there is no such thing as consensus. Even if every single person in your immediate circle says you’re a loser or acts as though they think so:

  • You don’t know that’s what they’re thinking for real.
  • There is no empirically correct measure.
  • There’s a big world out there, and others will think differently.

Understand this now: It is you who makes the decision to dress cool, act cool, and be cool. You give yourself permission, and you should never seek it from anyone else. Become the embodiment of that ideal image of yourself you hold inside.



As you start to make changes to yourself, you may experience social pressure from other people. If you buy new clothes, for example, then people used to the “old you” may complain or criticize. Ignore them. Their thoughts are irrelevant. They don’t really care what you wear or what you are doing with your life. They are merely trying to push you down to your former position in the hierarchy so that they can feel better about themselves. Remember, a wise man once said: what other people think of you is none of their business.

Deluded self-belief

Your ultimate goal, though, is not mere coolness. You should aim beyond that for a deluded degree of self-belief. Your aim should be to walk around as though you are the most exceptional guy on the planet. If you accept the principle of the non-existence of consensus, you will see that no one can either give you permission to act this way or refute that you have a right to—you are free to do whatever you want.  So how do you achieve this almost delusional state of self-regard?

  • Give yourself permission to do so.
  • Seek role models relevant to you and mirror them.
  • Fake it to make it.
  • Don’t allow any contrary evidence to enter your reality.

The first step is to make a decision, and you must make it absolutely. The second step is really important and helped me a great deal. Pick out celebrities and other people that you admire for their charisma, cool image, and behaviour—and copy them. Think about how they dress, their mannerisms, and how they talk, walk, and act, and find ways to copy them without appearing incongruent. Read interviews with them or better still meet them if you can to suss out how they think, their attitudes to life, and how they handle common situations with a view to adopting their mindsets for yourself.

Celebrities I have channelled include Robbie Williams (when he was younger) with his alpha body language, complete conviction in his own attractiveness, and cheeky humour, and Russell Brand, whose idiosyncratic dress sense, florid verbal style, and laser eye contact I admire very much. Both display dominant male characteristics and have very tangible self-belief. I would also add Jay Z to that list, as his grace, warmth, and humour are a welcome sheen on his ultimate alpha male persona. On the other side of the spectrum, you might consider someone like Harry Styles, who is boyish, scruffy, and relatively unconventional in looks but who has genuine charisma and great style. The people that resonate most with you and have the most congruence with your personal style are the ones to model.

Also, try to ensure that all the influences you are receiving are positive—music, movies, books. Don’t watch too much television. Listen to unsentimental music that will get you fired up and hungry, like rap and techno. Don’t wallow in sad love songs, soap operas, reality shows, and other beta frivolities.


Why Should You Adopt Deluded Self-Belief?

  • Because in order to be truly attractive to a wide range of women, you have to be prepared to stand beyond what “polite society” regards as normal social conduct.
  • Entitlement is attractive.
  • People will believe a narrative that is presented to them strongly and consistently.

The important thing is that your self-esteem should be excessive, and this needn’t necessarily be based on anything tangible other than the decision you’ve made for it to be so. That is all you require.

The third point is particularly significant. People are essentially gullible, tending to accept what they are told. If you continually relate to them in a way that suggests you are cool, in the end, they will believe it (assuming you have your fundamentals down). This is why advertising works. Consistency is the key. Soon enough, people will accept the cool persona you present. Those that don’t you should simply ignore or phase out of your reality. And the best way to appear consistently cool?

Have a primary mission or passion that has nothing to do with women.

Real men are doers, not passive consumers.

Choose something that you love doing, whether it is music, sports, photography, writing, or art, an activity where you produce—put something out into the world. Make that your number one focus and you will find yourself impassioned and full of vital energy, which will communicate itself to those around you. Having a passion will make you less vulnerable to the negative emotions of others and will make you cooler in their eyes.

Finally, make sure that you have a group of other men that you can talk to—male friends are valuable to you. Centre yourself by catching up with them once a week and talking through your problems and successes. Male influence will keep you balanced and on your alpha path. Make sure they are men who understand and are encouraging of your mission, who are actively working to improve themselves too. Stick with the winners.

This is an excerpt from my book The Seven Laws of Seduction. You can learn more by clicking here.

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244 thoughts on “Why It’s Important To Develop An Insane Degree Of Self-Love”

  1. There are a downside to this kind of thinking, and I believe it doesn’t apply everywhere in this world.
    What if society doesn’t respond to your ‘coolness’ the way you wanted it to be? This might happen in a less individualistic society such as those in Japan, although they’re on their way to become more ‘western’, individualistic thinking still brings resentment from people around you.

    1. If they don’t respond well it doesn’t matter, fuck them. We’re looking at the microcosm, your group of friends. Only women seek to be liked by everyone. Men want to be loved by a few, hated by a few, and the rest can do whatever. The yakuza aren’t liked but they’re certainly respected. If you own it you may not be liked but you’ll be respected.

  2. For me, the fundamental truth of the red pill was realizing that my love for a woman will ALWAYS be greater than a woman’s love for me … thus, now I direct the “excess” love that I am capable of giving inwards for my own benefit rather than just squandering it on another hoe …

  3. Women love quiet confidence but loathe narcissism. It’s a fine line that one walks trying to attain quiet confidence as it usually requires one to acknowledge their faults while the requirement to being a narcissist is to be born with sociopathic tendencies.

      1. In men they sure do. Point in case Elliot Rodgers. He had a high degree of narcissism and women pick up on that pretty quickly. The guys that do well have a style of confidence but are rarely overtly narcissistic. Men with sociopathic tendencies which manifests as clinical narcissism do well when they hide it -which many men find themselves doing but when coupled with say mild autism or developmental problems really restricts their Emotional communication which women find as a huge barrier.Point in case(anecdotally speaking ) many women are with ugly men but less men are with ugly women.

        1. I have a very narcissistic personality. It works well for me as I don’t need to prove to women that I’m great. It makes it easy to maintain frame as I am not trying to be confident. Women always tell me things like “you think you’re so great, hot, smart, et cetera” I respond with “yeah” or “so do you” or “I’m confident in my (fill in the blank)” drives them nuts. Hampster runs, they’re turned on and a little offended. That’s a combination I enjoy.

        2. Women love narcissists the same way men love pussy. We might talk shit about about it but we allow it to do whatever the fuck they wants.

        3. Elliot Rodger had no looks to attract a blonde.
          If he had looks, his narcissism would make him even more desirable to women. Looks play a big factor.
          Would Obama get laid if he goes to the bar with narcissism?

    1. The term ‘narcissism’ may be interpreted differently by different folks. However, without question women love a man who puts himself first AND women are more attracted to a man who puts himself first. Women are more attracted to a man who puts himself and his needs before her and her needs.
      Women are creeped out by antisocial psychos (like ER).
      But if your a highly-social, well-adjusted, generally kind man (e.g. to your family, elderly people, service industry folks) but with an asshole streak of unapologetic self-concern – that’s the sweet spot.

    2. Yes but there is a difference between weird narcissism and good humour.
      If a woman says to you “haha you know what you’re really funny!”
      Its better to say “You just realized?” in a semi-joking manner than to say “Really!? You really think I’m funny? No one has ever told me that before. Thank you so much”.
      Its one thing to be utterly-delusional obsessed with yourself and another to think you’re the shit.

      1. Many men who have sociopathic arrogance and narcissism fall on their sword. Jordan Belfort was not a stand up kinda guy. He was a thief who if their was any justice would have served 25 years in the pen. He also use to spray cleaning products on his food as to not get fat. He lost his kids and wife and had a serious drug addiction that would financially ruin most people or kill them. It’s strange so many people want to defend arrogance when arrogance is most men’s downfall.

        1. Yes and as I mentioned in a previous comment… the “ego” and “arrogance” is the men’s downfall. But it is – EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY – the reason we went into space, built the great wall, the pyramids, can wirelessly send each other files and information through thin air….. and it is the reason why we are the only mammals who can’t fly –>> who CAN fly.
          We must ignore, laugh at and refuse to tolerate those who would attempt to shame men and count the “downfalls” ….. when there are infinitely more reasons to CELEBRATE the male inclination to be BIGGER than what we actually are.
          The concept of “Personal responsibility” will separate the great ones from the evil crazy bastards. But there are far more of us who are NOT evil crazy bastards.

        2. “arrogance” – is what makes men real men. Bitches – on the other hand all want to be accepted and fit in with the “herd”. They dont want to rock the boat. Thats why they all look the dame in their Ugg boots, holding their smartphones and Starbucks. Men on the other hand want to be the best, better than the “other guy” – not necessarily to outdo him, but to push ourselves to greater things.
          Bitches – on the other hand are quite happy being mediocre and obtaining their “greatness” from either beta mangina faggot orbiters and bootlickers, or the “everyone gets a gold sticky-star” LBGT diverse inclusive HRcentric MSM PC society we live in.

      2. Nothing but demands and nothing offered beyond their existence is pretty damn narcissistic, you’re right.

    3. I think by narcissism you actually mean narcissistic insecurities showing themselves – they love narcissists that act secure with themselves, this is what they mean when saying they are attracted to confidence. Basically, women love successful narcissists.

      1. That’s true the success helps being a narcissistic prick in and of itself is not the ticket to success. You can’t have the cart before the horse in this matter. (IMO.)

  4. When orthodox jewish men wake up every day we say – Thank you God, I am not a woman. Yet, we all come out from a woman.

    1. And woman came out of man. Their very existence is based on taking things from wen. Our ribs, then they move onto wallets, our happiness, our livelihood, they even take our masculinity and our sons masculinity by undermining us every step of the way, circumcision, shit tests, complaining about friends, wanting to keep up with the Jones’, I’m thankful we have something to put our weiner in, but sometimes I wish I could just be a big burly spartan homo and be attracted to other big strong homos. I wish I could remember but there was a Greek letter referring to how much better the glistening thighs of a boy is than the stinking gaping maw between a woman’s legs. I guess it’s referring to interfemoral sex. I just haven’t been able to make myself choose to be gay yet though. Part of the fun is it dominating or hurting the girl. That just wouldn’t work with a guy the same way. I think I like the dominance factor more than the actual orgasm anyway. It’s like you’re conquering someone and putting a lesser being in their place. If women knew even half the shit guys think of them during sex there would only be lesbians.

      1. I think I like the dominance factor more than the actual orgasm anyway. It’s like you’re conquering someone and putting a lesser being in their place.
        Absolutely. EJACULATION IS STUPID AND MAKES YOU STUPID. Just look yourself in the mirror when you do it.
        Semen retention and dry orgasms are the new sexual revolution for men. The more you preserve your semen the more dominant you get.
        But ultimately being sexualy dependant on another person is slavery for a man. Woman chooses to be sexually dependant as it her only real asset

  5. James Dean?….Robbie Williams?… Russell Brand?
    That is the problem here….Cool is NOT something that I would associate with these three characters…For me being Cool means being comfortable with yourself and your masculinity (something questionable to ALL three guys mentioned above)….and most important not giving a shit of what other people think….
    This IS a cool guy….and he knows it.

      1. I always suspected George to be a little bit on the camp side of things. That would be the standard irony of Hollywood Sell a man as the most desirable man on earth yet ironically have him be not interested in them in the very least.

      2. Fair point….
        However “getting married” is not the same as being married…not only that but it may be other unknown factors here….political ambitions perhaps?

      3. I think he’s doing it as an “in” to international politics, much likewhen Arnold Schwarzenegger married that Shriver thing. I think Clowny has long-term ambitions of being one of our communist overlords. Fuck him.

        1. Agreed!
          Obama >>>> Clinton >>>>> Clooney….
          Bloody hell! You Americans may as well give up and emigrate as soon as possible!

        2. Well when you think about it… it’s strongly advised for men to have a “long term mission / plan”, right? Well, with George at the very top of the money/power/fame pyramid…… what the hell ELSE would he aspire to?? Seems like an obvious move.
          Fuck him and his leftist progressive shit though. He lost all of his his man points and turned in his card when he announced that wedding. It’s all downhill from here.

        3. Quote: “I think he’s doing it as an “in” to international politics.”
          Agreed. Every mainstream actor has to publicly suck the cock of the Hollywierd elite.

        4. good, this country is better of without men who make generalizations about every single woman

      4. Yeah I also suspect that Clooney is eyeing a political career (his father also ran for Congress a few years ago) … he’s apparently tight with Obama and the President’s top political operatives have probably told him that he needs to wife up someone “respectable” before he runs for office … my guess is that old Jewish cunt Dianne Feinstein will not seek re-election in 2018 (she’ll be 85 by then) and of course a California Senate seat would be the perfect fit for Clooney …

        1. So if he is single he can´t run for office?, is being single less “respectable” than being married?…what a load of crap.

        2. Lol, you’re on ROK, yet you haven’t understood that the western world is a quasi-matriarchy? Besides, you don’t even need to know that, just listen to society’s bullcrap: “Behind every strong man, there’s a strong woman” or presidents/CEOs/whatever claiming “I couldn’t have done it without my BETTER half”. Yeah, right …

      5. Wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Clowny was a closeted fag, or at least bi. I don’t copy any Hollywood turds because all of them are more fucked up than you can even imagine.

        1. yeah…. this guy is an actor… so whatever is on the outside is bullshit… and what is on the inside is some psycho liberal communist shitbag faggot….. he looks like a Rock Hudson style cock sucker to me…

      6. He got a vasectomy done himself, didn’t he? He made that choice years back. Wouldn’t make a difference if he got married to a fertile woman.

      7. Somebody really needs to write an article on how americans put actors on a pedestal. Its embarrassing. I haven’t watched tv in 4 years and I was amazed when on my lunch break i saw a news anchor take time to mention a celebrity’s tweet about an issue. Like Clooneys opinion on “x” issue fucking matters. He plays make believe for a living.

        1. It comes with mass appeal. Its why they make so much money. Even those who claim not to worship them, how often can they resist not clicking on an article to read about their personal lives?

      8. If he was going to marry, the least he could have done was marry a 19 year old Vietnamese girl with 8 years of plow experience.
        I would have enjoyed watching the women of the Western world hit Defcon 5.

        1. Lol. That’s what Borat told a woman from an American dating service. “Looking for woman with plow experience.”
          Pretty good advice, actually.

      9. maybe because he’s an OLD MAN. Old men don’t deserve young, beautiful women only so they can suck their life and youth out of them. Please, ageists are pathetic.

    1. I think you missed the point about deciding for yourself what cool is and neglecting what other people think.

    2. Doesn’t matter if you or I think they’re cool or not. They get/got tons of top quality pussy.

    3. I guarantee, he doesn’t give a fuck what anyone thinks of him, his choices or his actions. He does whatever he chooses. He is the embodiment of quintessential coolness.

      1. He plays by the rules of Hollywood and is a complete pussified yes-man to all the Jews above him in that psychotic pyramid. As such, he gives an enormous fuck what they think of him, but not in regards to people like us.

        1. Or Blacks, plus a whole bunch of whining from people who haven’t accomplished a damn thing in life

        2. Would it kill you faggots if you actually came up with some originality?
          If you’re a shitlib that gets weak knees when PC lines get broached, fuck off to a different site.

      2. So a man that doesn’t give a damn what others think when he is having tea parties with stuffed animals and having a hentai pillow as a bedmate is cool?
        Masculinity is objective. But what happens if what a man considers masculine is actually effeminate. Yet doesn’t give too shits about what other’s think?

        1. @robertsadler:disqus
          Bronies the ones that dress up especially. And dance to the my little pony song.

      1. Quote: “James Dean is renowned for his coolness.”
        I suspect the definition of coolness varies because back in the 1950’s James Dean was cool. But place that same 1950’s version of Dean in society today and he would not have the same impact.
        Someone else had brought up the notion of what about the girly guy who doesn’t care what people think and he has tea parties while wearing a butt plug in his ass?
        No doubt the feminists are attempting to seriously warp what masculinity is and as a result women across the board don’t really know what is masculinity is and can’t identify true classic masculinity.
        This is why I see many females in the USA who marry effeminate fag boys (these fag boys are completely straight but there mannerisms have been made effeminate due to their upbringing) because it is the effemi docile schmuck that the media advocates, and women saddle with these guys, yet these same women don’t know why they have the urge to blow the UPS guy.

    4. It’s more important that you know how to be cool yourself more than trying to armchair QB other people’s lives.

  6. This is the kind of stuff I realized after eating shrooms. Drugs by the way are very cool, unfortunately in my position I could get a lot of shit for even knowing about them so I have to tone it down to more socially acceptable drugs like tobacco and alcohol. It’s good to be seen as an expert though. When people come to you for advice or help than means you’ve gained their respect and appreciation. You have to know when to tell them to fuck themselves though. I’ll point others in the right direction to teach themselves, maybe even spoon feed them if it’s something I genuinely love and they seem to have put effort towards, but I’ve had a couple people frat out ask me to write a paper before, even offering money and I let out a little righteous anger. Being productive is key to masculinity, but that product is not always a physical good, sometimes it’s a more intangible contribution, such as editing wikipedia or something similar. I like wikipedia because someone has to balance the extreme liberal and sjw bullshit they try to push. Years bark when they realized it was all white college men writing for it they pushed hard to get women and minorities writing too. Naturally the quality and neutrality took a hit because only the psycho liberal women and minorities care about diversity, and they do it only for diversity, not for a love of the material. I see it as my holy war. When you walk with spiritual conviction nothing may stop you.

  7. When I was growing up there was an older boy who when he was sixteen started dating a twelve year old girl. I was thirteen and started a calling him child molester and said his girlfriend was a sex crime victim. He said ” one more thing about my girlfriend , she exists” everyone had a good laugh at my expense. When I turned fourteen I had lost my virginity and had a few girls I was banging. The older boy was now seventeen and chasing middle school girls. He was with a group of boys talking shit and wanted to score points about my ” make believe girlfriend” and I roasted his ass with a slew of child molester jokes. He thought my social standing was stagnant and was taken aback by my advancement with women, I could tell he wished desperately that I was still a virgin. He tried to counter with ” she exists” I countered with ” that was last years insult, and is no longer relevant, however you will be relevant to law enforcement come your birthday in a few months.” I shut him down.
    Remember when you change the more people want you to stay the same, fuck them keep improving.

    1. Having a 12 year old gf is pretty alpha. Isn’t aoc 14 in Greece though? She’d be legal when he comes of age. You’re very right about people reacting negatively when you change. Like the bucket of crabs analogy. If you put a pot of crabs on the stove any crabs trying to escape will be pulled down by the others. They’d rather go down with everyone else than see even a single person succeed. It’s a more woman like attitude, but it exists in mere than a few men as well.

    2. 16-12 sounds still within the norm, its fairly common here in central Europe. It sounds like you were an epic mangina to call her a “sex crime victim”. I mean it is the females who choose.

      1. The point was not her age it was socially to him I was beneath him and he did not want that to change, as I changed and improved he stayed the same an was ultimately surpassed.

      2. Seems like they’re no better than their American slutty sisters.
        Not the marrying type then, Central European, East European women. Nice wake up call.

        1. There is no religion in most of Europe. One good thing about East European women is that there is no feminism and women do not expect “much”, the sense of entitlement is much lower, probably still the mentality left over from Communism, in terms of slutiness I would argue that they are more slutty than what you can observe in America.

        2. I too agree. European women are more slutty than American women. American women are hypergamous sluts. European women are just plain sluts who’ll fuck anything and everything.

        3. I would not say anything and everything, in my experience girls tend to be really into looks. Even on the US dating sites even young girls say they want a “confident and wealthy” man, whereas on the Czech sites most girls write they want a “nice and ‘pretty’ “. (of course older women ~30 will start reminding you of the American post wall woman except for she can’t fuck you over your money at a court)
          Of course the general tendencies are gonna be same but I do not see as many gold diggers here. I like the women here but if you are looking for a ‘traditional’ marriage you won’t find it in Europe, in fact you are better off finding it in the US.

    3. “I was thirteen and started a calling him child molester and said his girlfriend was a sex crime victim.”
      This is feminist brainwashing talking:
      Its the same bullshit as rape culture. Somehow despite the consent and agency of the female she is still considered the victim of male sexual subjugation. The treat those young women like children not considering the changes in brain chemistry those people go through as a result of puberty that cause maturity:

    4. “We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.” – Vonnegut, Mother Night.

  8. Spot on. Ditch the humility when you’re gaming girls. You’re doing yourself a disservice if you dont inflate your accomplishments.

    1. In southern Europe it’s the opposite, everyone is such a loud mouth that being quiet and somewhat disciplined gets more interest. In a way, self restraint is a way of demonstrating superiority over the yapping try-hards. I guess it always comes down to some status symbol, if wearing a toilet seat around your neck signaled high status, it would get you female attention.

      1. That was definitely my experience when living in Greece. I had minimal ‘game’ back then but stood out by being assertive without being a loud mouth. The guys there are way too forward with women and boast too much.
        Restraint can go a long way.

  9. To sum it up – this piece is all about how to fake it as fake celebrities do.

  10. “Pick out celebrities and other people that you admire for their charisma, cool image, and behavior—and copy them.”
    All the people dubbed “cool” didn’t copy anyone else. They might have taken a page out of someone else’s book but ultimately made it their own and didn’t give two shits about what anyone else thought. If you copy someone else’s behavior, even if its successful, your still just a copy. Develop your own image how you see fit.

    1. Actually nearly all ‘cool’ or successful men have mentors at some stage along the way. Read Robert Greene’s Mastery for bios of Einstein, Mozart and Darwin among others that substantiate this. What I’m proposing is merely a remote form of mentoring – in this case to help with social poise. Of course you also need to do your own thing – once you’ve outgrown the training wheels you discard them.

      1. I will check them out. I am familiar with Darwin. Always looking for something else to read. I got you now, I agree with you about having something to go off of like a mentor to get you started and then “discarding the training wheels”, I just wanted to put it out there that originality and being your own person shows strength of character. This strength of character I feel is why men become successful/respected and some dubbed “cool” and also helps set the frame for your interactions with women.

  11. You know who’s fucking cool? Genghis Khan, Frederick the Great, Tamerlane, Alexander the Great, Caesar Augustus, Hannibal, Issac Newton, Nicola Tesla, Steve Jobs, and even lesser demigods such as Michael Wittmann or Otto Skorzeny. Since when do we start pedestalizing thespians and circus entertainers that shout “yo yo”? I mean don’t get me wrong, I have a list of favorite actors and even actresses but by no means will these people ever be a model for my elan for life or self-love. These people entertain us, they do not change the world we live in, they are not game changers. You know what keeps me going in the morning with my coffee, during the pain of Crossfit or the taking of another man’s woman? This…
    “A man’s greatest pleasure is to defeat his enemies, to drive them before him, to take from them that which they possessed, to see those whom they cherished in tears, to ride their horses, and to hold their wives and daughters in his arms.” -Genghis Khan
    Save your ghetto rap stars and faggoty James Dean thespians for the masses.

    1. You’ve touched on one of the major reasons our society is so fucked up. It turns entertainers into deities, while the average schmuck couldn’t tell you anything substantive about the great men you mentioned. But they know the stats of this year’s foosball player by heart.

      1. The men of our generation are a disgrace. Most men have never even heard of the genius of Hannibal at Cannae, that one pincer movement set the tactic for all future pincer movements in the future. That an army of 40,000 men slaughtered an army of nearly 100,000 men an act that can only be described as genius. Most men will never know of Frederick the Great’s oblique order, or his famous “Preussen Soldaten” taking on Russia, France, Austria and lesser German states and crushing them all. This is not popular. What’s popular is turning yourself into a clown for women, buying things you can’t afford, buying dinners you can’t afford, and all this to impress them. To talk about shitty third world causes, to be monogamous, to hold hands, to smooch in public, to be a vegan, and most disgustingly to be a fucking victim. Were you a slave, professional protester or even serial dick-sucker? Oh my god, you’re my hero!!! When the worthless James Deans are elevated over the Frederick the Greats then what forebodes is not good. Decadence always precedes the fall.

        1. Ah that was when Hannibal put his men in a long line against the Roman phalanx formation, and let the centre give in to the advance until the enemy was surrounded, right? One of the very few who ever gave the Romans an ass beating. When you achieve a big result with something so simple and obvious in hindsight, that’s genius.
          Regarding your disgust at modern frivolity, I think by definition those who are leaders and aspire to greater things, will always be the minority. Although nowadays the amount of silly distractions is far higher and more accessible. Obviously the cathedral benefits from having a population of morons.

        2. Seriously man, put pen to paper and write an article. You could certainly count on my readership.

        3. The Romans perfected a much better machine. They could absorb defeat after defeat in the field but send in another 70,000 with out having to worry.
          Hannibal was greasy Semitic loser who got stabbed by an assassin in Anatolia. His people were holocausted by the Romans. Hail Caesar! Or in this case hail Scipio!

      2. Good point. Ancient Greece had their Gods, while contemporary Western World has it’s movie and tv celebrities.

        1. Even celebrities want people to leave them alone. No human is made to be worshipped like gods.

        2. I suspect the opposite because the minute the paparozzi or the public stops giving a shit is the day the celebrity’s career is over

    2. I have a few more name for you. How about Otto Von Bismark, Napoleon Bonaparte, Theodore Roosevelt, Henry Ford, Hugh Herr, Buzz Aldrin, and Elon Musk?
      I remember I was once reading an article and it pointed out how empires fall. When empires first start off the people that tend to be valued and looked up to the most are pioneers, explorers, inventors, scientist, etc.
      When an empire falls the people that get valued the most are actors, entertainers, music artist, etc. They tend to be exposed the most because it distracts us from what is coming.

    3. “These people entertain us, they do not change the world we live in, they are not game changers.”…
      Ronald Reagan?

      1. Reagan did start the whole gun control movement and war on dcugs. He may have changed the world, but for the worse as he was acting as an agent of feminism seeking to ban everything men like and usher in a nanny state where feelings trump facts.

        1. Also Ronald Reagan signed into law the “no-fault divorce” setting into motion the mass epidemic of serial gold-digging and divorce. Ronald Reagan should have stayed an actor.

        2. To be fair, Reagan introduced gun control and war on drugs because his conservative economic policies combined with the crack epidemic in low-income communities spawned a ton of violence-which his administration still takes a lot of heat for. Those policies suck, but they were a knee-jerk reaction to his better policies.
          I am extremely disappointed to discover that he signed no-fault divorce laws. Absolutely shameful. I do believe that we will see this whole bullshit divorce court go away within our lifetime. If marriage has to die with it, so be it.

    4. Also take note gentlemen, this list of men from Genghis to Newton share a common theme of behavior, they absolutely minimized the company of women to a tee outside of sex. You think Genghis Khan could have conquered most of Asia had he been worrying about the silly whims of some stupid bitch? You think Newton could have brought about the simplification of the complexities of calculus, motion, change, or optics if some nagging bitch was in his hear? No. ROMANCE AND LOVE IS THE DEATH OF AMBITION AND MASCULINITY.

      1. From what I know about Khan, his genes are present in a sizeable percentage of the world population. The dude obviously banged out a lot of tail, but just as any man should do, obviously just saw women as the sex objects they are and didn’t let them interfere with his conquests. And from what I’ve learned about women since taking the Red Pill, the bitches probably LOVED being treated like Khan’s useless cum dumpsters.

        1. I think it’s calculated that around 2% of the world population is descended from Genghis .. which is mind boggling when you think about it.

        2. Genghis Khan is the true alpha of them all. He is the only man to have commanded the largest contiguous empire in human history. Yet he lived a simple nomadic life. No ostentation, nothing extraordinary. But most of his sexual conquests were from the slave women acquired in the spoils of war. Doesn’t take credibility away from the fact that male polygamy or promiscuity is indeed a sign of alphadom. Betas are the ones who live in faithful monogamy.

        3. Does the collapse of an empire after a king’s death affect his alphadom? LOL
          Louis XIV was the true alpha king. If his successors fucked up his legacy after his death, does it make him less of an alpha?

        4. No, women are not sex objects. One day, you will learn this. Men who sleep around are also bitches 😉

        5. “Doesn’t take credibility away from the fact that male polygamy or
          promiscuity is indeed a sign of alphadom.”
          No, it isn’t. It’s a sign that you are incapable of being faithful and live with single partner, because you are controlled by your hormones and cock to such an extent that you can think nothing else but fucking.
          Ergo, you are an failure as an individual and a human being.
          “Betas are the ones who live in
          faithful monogamy.”
          Not true. Being faithful to only one partner and even eschewing sex all together is the sign of true “alphadom”.
          But what do you know, being a pussy-crazed, cock controlled maniac. I laugh at you and all other “alpha men” in this pathetic site.

        6. Because Genghis Khan was a stupid cunt.
          Pretty much like most “men” in this site.

        7. I agree. It’s hilarious and sad how so many men -or wretched creatures identifying themselves as one- in this pitiful site think that sleeping around and being promiscuous is somehow synonymous with masculinity.
          True masculinity is taking responsibility and being faithful.

      2. Quote: “Also take note gentlemen, this list of men from Genghis to Newton share a common theme of behavior, they absolutely minimized the company of women to a tee outside of sex. You think Genghis Khan could have conquered most of Asia had he been worrying about the silly whims of some stupid bitch? ”
        So true, Lance.
        This is also true of inventors and artists (visual artists). One can’t get much done if “cupcake” is deciding to go antiquing with her hubby.

        A love towards a female, yes. You can love a woman but she will NEVER love you back. She will love your money and property, but she despises you as an individual and especially as an male.
        Nevertheless, you make me sick.

    5. “You may just get one day as a lion, to leave this world as you entered it, kicking and screaming in some one else’s blood …”

    6. I am a musician. And my model for self-love would be Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven. I think you personally idolize warriors and scientists. But artists and musicians have also done great things alongside with the great warriors all throughout history. You cannot just dismiss music as something that clowns do, it is just that the modern world has corrupted music, and do not also neglect the fact that modern warfare and modern soldiers have become bitches too – it is the current social climate that is the problem.

      1. Artists and musicians have done “great” things that matter very little in scope compared to warriors and scientists.

        1. I disagree. Music and the arts are absolutely fundamental not only to the shaping of our cultures, but also to our experience and perception of life. This is why totalitarian governments seek to control and suppress them when they gain power.

        2. This is where I must disagree. While scientist have indeed made us more effiecent in doing what we want, warriors are actually counterproductive to progress. How much knowledge has been lost over nothing more then large scale pissing contest and man’s ego saying that their solutary life is of more importance than those of those they killed. Land conquered and reconquered does not affect the happening of most men day to day lifes and if it does it is in the negative. Those of the traditional Warrior caste is more asshole than alpha, with only those fighting for the benefit of more then just the interest of their selves/race/culture/religion/assets being someone I would deem worthy of any form of admiration.

        3. The arts have a place in making the world more colorful. However, when it comes down to survival and actual progress… art falls short.
          If you were starving would you rather hear a song or eat from your garden (agriculture). If your life was in possible danger would you rather have a gun or a paintbrush? If you need to travel 1000 miles, a car or a flute? How about a broken leg, modern medicine or a book of poems?
          Is there anything PRACTICAL that arts have over science / technology?
          Governments seek to control and suppress as art is merely cultural propaganda. It is what is, it tells a story or gives a particular feeling. Beyond an emo tingle or assimilating past events it’s usefulness is limited.

        4. Not so. Art makes us human. Symbolic objects and images: abstractions define and distinguish us from apes. Possibly cargo cult Africans too. you start seeing figurines and cave drawings when you get fully modern humans in Europe and Asia.

      2. Music is to build morale. A society without music is as good as dead. Music is used in wars, churches, social gatherings, etc. Its purpose is to tighten bonds, to lift the souls of the disheartened, and to help you dream at night. Music is the epitome of our intellectual dominance over all the other animals. Real musicians are rare; real entertainers are rare.

        1. The article mentioned avoiding pop and love songs for their simp-ness.
          He mentioned rap and techno. While I really cant stand most nigger music, the genre of Hands Up Techno is one that gives me great mood and energy. Check it out.

        1. Wagner, one of if not the greatest composer. During the debut of “Tristan und Isolde” men and women were so moved they were literally passing out, two men died of heart attacks.

    7. I totally agree. But this piece is about becoming cool socially. Look, one of my heroes is TS Eliot, one of the greatest poets of the twentieth century, if not the greatest. But modelling myself on him socially is not going to do me any favours, particularly with women. What I’m saying is develop your social confidence while simultaneously working on your mission.

      1. I enjoyed your article. It sends a positive message to men and we need more articles like this.
        Unfortunately you can be as cool as possible but women still ignore you because they are trapped in their own vanity. We must strive to be cool for ourselves, not to impress a human with a slimy hole between her legs that thinks she is “cool”.

        1. Somehow I don’t think you will strive to be cool in the long run if you fail to dip your dick in a slimy hole between a woman’s legs.

    8. Read this:
      Societies in decline always go this route of firstly warrior virtues and honour as well as chastity then entertainers as heroes, bread and circuses.
      “Save your slave religion proclivities, ghetto rap stars and faggoty James Dean thespians for the masses.”
      If you are referring to Christianity when you talk about slave religions. Don’t worry. Christianity has a history of constantly reinventing itself. Every time it gets killed it always rises from the dead in history.

    9. You ought to suffer the depredation of a JEB Stuart or a Chevauche before spouting off about Genghis. It would also be funny if you were ever disturbed by a well armed Cuckold.
      I’d pay to see the footage on World Star Hip Hop of you getting your arsed kicked.

    10. Genghis Khan was a fucking cunt. So were all those other pukes you mentioned. Alexander the Great was not that great either…in fact, he was pretty much a beta bitch outside of the battlefield. And yes, he was also a cunt.
      By quoting that disgusting, outright satanic quote from Khan you just proved you are very much like the Satan worshipping scum who runs the world. And Lucifer is a whiny beta faggot too.
      I hope you burn in hell you fuck.

    11. How can you be “cool” if you must fall into the frame of “cool” from another man. Be your own brand of “cool” in your own time/space.

  12. You can only feel, look and act cool if your private life (the stuff you do when nobody is watching) is freaking kick-ass. Mere pretense won´t hold. Self-confidence, for those who don´t have it, is a by-product of you doing what´s best for you (mentally, physical and spiritually), of you overcoming your addictions, of you challenging yourself in every single level and not looking for validation anywhere. Copying celebrities or faking it is rubbish. Try acting like you are the shit while in your private life you eat cheetos, smoke pot and jerk it to porn…see the results of that. Now if you consistently hit the gym, eat clean, stay clear from mainstream entertainment, shun weak-minded people, read books, spend time alone in nature…then you are already cool. No need for threatrics. Your actions speak for yourself. You have the aura, the edge.

    1. I’m pretty sure most of us her on RoK do that.
      The Cuntresses however are attracted to shiny fake things. Thats the problem.
      When I see men attached to them, I do not see cool men. I see pussybeggars.
      Those that wife and child them up are even more uncool. Wifing and childing them up pedastalizes them and makes you a beta douche. Dont get me that gay bullshit about “extending your lineage” either. There are 7.3 BILLION people on this fucking rock. Trust me, nobody gives a fuck about your “lineage” other than YOU.

  13. If we define alpha as a man who does what he wants and is not concerned so much with what the rest of the world thinks, then there is a guy named Les Visible who is ultra-fucking alpha. He runs a blog called Smoking Mirrors and the guy has a notch count of over 200. He is basically using spirituality game to get women but he actually believes what he is doing. He believes that he actually is an enlightened soul and is pouring out his compassion to others through his writings and teachings. He’s also a pretty down to earth guy, though too. He’s not doing what he’s doing to “get women”. He’s doing what he is doing in order to try to enlighten people. That is his primary mission. The over 200 women he has banged is just a side result.
    He’s basically a spiritual alpha. Joe Rogan is also approaching that level.

  14. You got it all wrong. Cool is yin (feminine). You’ve got to be HOT (yang).
    All sexual activity with orgasms and ejaculation tends to make a person much more yin. Sex play without orgasms and ejaculation is not a problem, however. No sexual activity tends to preserve a certain yang energy in the body.
    Sex with orgasm and ejaculation more than once weekly is excessive for most people. It definitely makes the body more yin, as it depletes zinc, selenium and other vital minerals. Women reabsorb some of their sexual fluids, and they obtain some minerals from the men’s sexual fluids, so it may affect them less, but not necessarily because woman’s orgasm is quite different from a man’s and it opens her up, which is a yin condition. Orgasm for a man, however, is quite depleting of yang energy.

    1. I friend of mine went 108 days without orgasm/ejaculation and he said he could lift cars. Keeping the semen within makes one realize a major truth on the reality of sex: it is weakening.

      1. On the other hand tests were carried out on athletes showing that their testosterone increased around 20% after having sex, and their performance increased appreciably as well. So that seems to belie the idea that sex weakens you. Now I don’t know what difference there would be when considering sex with or without ejaculation however.

        1. Don’t believe everything you read – try it.
          If you don’t have sex, the test levels will go down naturally but we are not talking about that here – It’s sex, plenty of it BUT without ejaculation.
          Ejaculation is an act of surrender to the female’s sexual power.

      2. The Japanese males are the longest lived in the world, they also have the LEAST amount of sex, coincidence?

        1. If you never nut, you may live 100 years, but it will seem like 1000.
          What kind of shitty advice is that anyway? So the dude who gets laid every night and gets to crusie through life in a relaxed haze with a smile on his face is the loser?
          Try again.

        2. Exactly. A wasted youth without sex can never be made up for by a ‘happy’ old age with ‘companionship.’

        3. I wish you and the Japanese people well but methinks Fukushima is going to put a nice dent in the longest living attribute.

        4. Why do you assume it will seem like a 1000 years?, you see, you are also under the spell that nothing in life is better than sex. I never called anybody a loser, if that guy wants to squander his vitality like that, more power to him (actually…less power to him).

    2. You hit the nail on the head, except on the point of female orgasm.
      More sex does makes a man yin. While more sex does makes a woman yang.
      You can see it in all male species, when they are in heat. The males get aggressive (when they seek sexual release). Once they’ve achieved that, they cool down. On the other hand, women gain the yang elements of a male’s semen which harmonizes their bodies. Women engaging more in unnatural sex (anal or oral) tend to become masculinized by becoming more aggressive and risk taking (both masculine qualities) over a period of time, due to the direct absorption of semen in their digestive tracts. Same thing happens to women who have the most frequent and most promiscuous sex on a frequent basis.
      Too much sex depletes men. You can see the premature aging effects on male pornstars.

      1. I must admit you have a point. Anal sex was part of the culture for the Moche people. They believed that substance that is transmitted from the man’s body into the woman’s as seminal fluid is the same substance that passes through her nipple into the baby’s mouth.
        Fellatio and anal sex are ways of passing along the ancestral line. If you have to ejaculated always make the bitches swallow it or shoot it up the arse … and then make them pay for the medicine. LOL

    3. I myself strive to rid myself of semen multiple times daily.
      Semen is a known carcinogenic substance and the “yang” you think your are “retaining” will lead to a very painful and agonizing prostate enlargement and you will need surgery, regular visits to a urologist and, oh – by the way? Um, yeah – you will no longer get erections or feel horny ever again after that surgery. So yeah, you can “retain” all the “yang” ya want ya fucking ying-yang douchebag lol.

      1. LOL
        Prostate problems can also be caused due to overuse or hypersexuality, not to also mention racial factors.
        Buddhist monks practice celibacy for years without masturbation, and they don’t experience prostate problems like Western men do. And they live to a ripe old age without urinary problems.
        I think prostate problems due to lack of sex are a debatable issue. If semen was carcinogenic, then women who have frequent sex with one partner would too get uterine cancer. In fact women who don’t have sex at all are the ones who get the most problems with their ovaries, along with women who are promiscuous. The key to a healthy female reproductive system is frequent sex within a loyal sexual arrangement, where the woman has only one partner.

      2. Listen cancer is dead cells inside the body, that is not oxygenated, these bad cells become carcinogenic due to factors caused by chemicals & products which we use in our everyday lives, such as: Smoking, pollution, certain foods, insecticides, the water & so on…But no…The human body doesn’t naturally produce cancer…Cancer is caused, because of a multitude of things, which we are exposed to, or by what we consume, which is harmful to our bodies…Thus semen by itself isn’t to blame.

  15. “Early in my life I made a choice between humility and arrogance.
    I chose arrogance. And I have seen no reason to change.”

    – Architect Frank Lloyd Wright
    Personally, I was raised as a kid to be far too humble, apologetic and insecure. But as soon as I adopted an air of “over-confidence” in work, general attitude, and view of the world …. everything improved dramatically. The beauty is, the existence of personal responsibility stops overly-confident men from being STUPID about it.
    A man drives his motorcycle too fast? He will pay for it when he crashes. He gets married without a prenup because he’s so sure of himself? He’s gonna pay handsomely for that too. He thinks something belongs to him because he deserves it and so he steals it? Personal responsibility makes sure he pays.
    But it also makes sure he collects the REWARDS when he does something RIGHT.
    Eventually, ALL overly-confident men (from normal guys to professional thieves to Hitler) will pay when their egos get out of line – or when they do something WRONG with it. But when you do something RIGHT with it…. over-confidence leads men to greatness, achieving the impossible, and accomplishing miracles in every facet of human endeavor. It’s SO important. Over confidence will make a man roll up his sleeves and build an armada of ships to cross the world’s most tempestuous Oceans at enormous risk and cost to himself – just to find out if the world is – indeed, ROUND.
    Women have no such lesson(s) in humility to stop them from being SO GODDAM full of themselves when their egos get out of line. They don’t get the same smack-downs, punishments, sentences or harsh lessons.
    That’s why “ego” in men in AWESOME.
    But in women… it’s repugnant and embarrassing.
    When men are over confident, we build rockets, invent the internet, break the sound barrier, split the atom, and go into outer space. When a woman is over-confident it’s: “Men are intimidated by strong successful woman.”
    So don’t ever apologize or question having an overly-confident view of yourself.
    It’s a REQUIREMENT. Most men these days could afford to dial it up a few notches.

    1. I agree with your tenets. I made a lot of negative choices with my arrogance when I was younger; yet, clever execution of intellect I was able to get away with everything with mere slaps on the wrist. These days I use my arrogance to lead others along better paths, mentorship and to aid my boss in better decision making. Maturity brings great things.

    2. It would be tolerable in women if they followed troy’s advice and stuck to what is actually unique about themselves. But that would require honesty.

  16. When you are as perfect as I am, there is absolutely no need for useless false modesty.
    I’m not self-centered, I’ve heard other people exist. I just don’t care.

  17. Thanks to Churchianity, most people think being humble means being a sissy beta male doormat. Traditional humility means seeing yourself as you truly are. For Christians, this means recognizing that we are but dust and ashes before Almighty God and whatever talents we have are gifts from him. Whatever good we do is because of his grace.
    That doesn’t mean we’re supposed to be passive. Remember the parable Christ told about the lazy servant: one dude was give ten talents, he got out there and hustled, made ten more talents, and the master praised him. Another dude was given one talent, buried it in the ground, and the master condemned him. The moral of the story: whatever talents you have, get out there and use them to create.

  18. It’s simple: decide what kind of man you want to be, and don’t let anything stop you.

  19. Deluding oneself and this toxic ‘entitlement’ mindset belong to women and beta bitch boys. You’re only entitled to something you prove yourself worthy of.
    Slash is entitled to think he’s a bloody amazing guitarist because he actually IS one.
    All this ‘fake it till you make it’ ‘think your way to XYZ’ bullshit is so pervasive that nearly everyone from Tony Robbins and just about every other ‘guru’ who blogs about self-confidence has the same thing to say.
    Trying to ‘be cool’ is for losers who want to impress others at school. We aren’t kids, we’re FUCKING MEN!
    BUILD an interesting lifestyle. That’s what we advocate here. Pick up an instrument and get good at it, get good at a sport, achieve mastery in some field, travel the world, face your fears, educate yourself and become a smarter person, learn game etc. etc. Only dumb sluts fall for the fake confident guy and even this is temporary.
    An interesting lifestyle will automatically give you consistently high levels of self-confidence without the need to resort to this petty facade.
    Ofcourse the above is much harder to do which is why most self improvement gurus would rather have you think, dream and affirm your way to success rather than craft your way there from scratch.

    1. Agree about building an interesting lifestyle. Which is why I say you should work on your own mission. The article is really about being socially cool, though. The problem is that you can achieve mastery in science or a sport and still suck at interacting with people. You have to work on both.

      1. That would hold true if all of us were in areas where there were other “cool” people (ie cool females) to “interact” with.
        Unfortunately living in the USA, I am not one that does. Bitches in my state are not cool at all. They are cunts, and a King does not associate socially with arrogant shady boring and fugly cunts.
        Its important to have self-confidence and respect yourself. But a man must maintain his dignity as well.

  20. The problem society has is called “circumstantial sadism” punishing yourself unconsciously for not being the ideal, as an excerpt from Nietzsche stated in the following:
    Nihilism as a psychological state will have to be reached, First, When we have sought meaning in all events that is not there. Eventually the seeker becomes discouraged. Nihilism than, Is the recognition of this long waste of strength, the agony of being ashamed infront of one’s self, as if one had deceived oneself all too long while in pursuit of any goal which constituted some meaning for the individual. In awakening to the abyss, The nihil, Now one realizes, that “being” aims at nothing, and achieves nothing.
    If we are disappointed, than, it is at least not regarding life, rather, we are now facing all kinds of desiderata, and with scornful wrath we contemplate what are called “ideals”. We despise ourselves only because there are moments when we cannot subdue that absurd impulse that is called “idealism”.

  21. The Bible says “Seek Ye First The Kingdom Of
    Heaven, and all these things will be added on.”
    Could it be that when a man believes that the
    Kingdom of Heaven is between a woman’s legs,
    he is placing the cart before the horse?
    “Be a tough guy so you can get the girl.”
    Maybe the real answer is to have a total life purpose
    and women will fit somewhere within that purpose.
    If you have sex only a handful of times in your life,
    so be it. If you NEVER have sex in your life like Jesus
    never did, so be that too.

    1. There is zero scriptural support for the notion that Christ was celibate.

        1. Indirectly. For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin. How could he have been tempted with adultery, spousal murder, …etc without having a spouse?

    2. I´d say “be a tough guy…so you fulfill your life purpose” Women are less than essential.

  22. Lol at this stupid b.s. Women are attracted to good looks and just being normal. Maximize your looks and learn to do basic approaches – articles like this show how stupid “game” is. They think women are somehow magically different then me – no they are not – they like good looks, style and don’t give a huge shit about whether you are introverted or extroverted – just look good and approach

    1. You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. Very good looking men, without confidence, either end up alone and “we’re just like sister and brothers!” or with fat ugly 3’s. Without confidence looks has a limited range. Clearly you view women as responding to the same sexual cues as men respond to, which is why you’re success rate is, I’m betting, rather dismal.

  23. Lol at all this baloney. An attractive women has more power then any man with any kind of status, money or whatever kind of “self-love” you have. The moment she walks into a place, all eyes are on her. She has 100 guys at her call, she has friends that look up to her because of her looks, she gets positive attention from everyone and life is breeze. Her biggest challenge in life is not looking like a 9/10 after going out and sleeping only 4 hours before work. Game is fraud. A girl does not know how much “confidence” or “self-‘love” you have before you step into a room. You may act all confident and cocky, but your looks is what determines whether the girl will be attracted. The sight needs to promote increase your looks – plastic surgery, teeth whitening, dress well, tanning, slight make up touches and gym – not stupid word and game tactics. LOOKS RULE

    1. If this is true, then who could possibly blame the Muslims for putting their bitches in burkas. That’s a solution. 🙂

      1. The funny part is both Americans as well as Slavs hate Muslims for their conservatism.
        So you’d know that women in both these parts are not the marrying type.

        1. we don’t hate muslims for their conservatism
          We hate them for screaming ‘allahu akbar’ and killing hundreds and thousands of us.
          It’s not political, it’s simply self-preservation. Islam is the most antagonistic religion on earth. It and Christianity or, for that matter, any sort of western civilization, cannot co-exist. For our survival, it and every one of it’s adherents must be rooted out and destroyed, utterly.

        2. LOL
          Arab speaking Christians also say “Allahu Akbar”. Allah is the arabic name for the word God, and is used by arabic speaking christians and muslims alike.
          secondly, muslims don’t kill christians. they might have fought wars against each other. western civilization owes its growth to the muslim arab inventions in the medieval ages. christians have always been given rights (read about the charter of mount sinai to the christian bishops during the prophetic times, plus the rights of christians and priveleges christians enjoyed in medieval muslim rule). Christian hatred of muslims is primarily motivated out of envy, hatred for muslim defense of conservatism (which was also a part of christianity, which Christianity failed to uphold leading to the present social and moral decline of Christian women worldwide), the corrupt Church and clergy (crusades), and
          today’s muslim-christian war is a propaganda of zionists and politicians in US who want to control the middle east for Israel. It’s a case of sour grapes.
          Historically, within the last 200 years, muslims have not interfered with western interests, but the west has meddled in the middle east, north africa, and afghanistan using a propaganda of lies to further vested interests, which the American buffoon and naive public has believed and supported (9/11, libya, etc). Mostly for oil and petroleum, uranium and natural gas.
          Interfering into someone else’s internal affairs is going to be result in eventual backlash. And unfortunately America has chosen to take on the role of the World’s policeman (and it hypocritically chooses to distance itself from that role when it suits American interests), while forgetting to monitor it’s own culture. That’s why Americans are isolated, hated and viewed with suspicion by the world (and not only muslims). America has lost its credibility and political clout because of years and years of dubious self-serving politics on the world front. The American political debacle in Syria, Afghanistan, and Ukraine are all examples of that. Years and years of lies.
          Hatred against muslims is a propaganda waged primarily by the homosexuality promoting clergy and the Zionist bureaucrats within the West. Whereas Christians living in muslim middle east enjoy more priveleges (especially if you’re White), than another muslim. People passing comments that islam us the most antagonistic religion on earth are pulling statements outside of a rat’s ass. And for that matter, the west today does not have a ‘civilization’ – what you’re living right now is moral decadence and putrid values which have led to a wasteland of civilization. No wonder you want to return to patriarchal values. Which will be stopped by your own feminist churches who elect females as bishops. muslims have enough problems of their own thanks to the creation of these problems by the west who’ve poisoned the culture of muslim countries with western decadent values of feminism. They wouldn’t even bother about the west. For the west has and will continue to decline itself for its own demonic decadent values. And for our ‘survival’ – another lie purported by zionists that the west needs to survive against muslim ‘onslaught’ – we need to first root out the corrupt decadent values of feminism and interference of world affairs, trying to act like a fucking policeman. Because America is not a responsible policeman, and we have lost credibility because of that – for which the average American gets treated with indifference abroad. The typical American today is a bum who knows nothing about the world, except his own stupid world of self delusion involving women, video games and partying – resulting in the blue pill beta society of America, which will destroy itself, unless the west stops blaming islam for its problems and starts looking within itself to solve its own problems.

        3. http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/pages/christianattacks.htm
          or even:
          which is an islamic site.
          Just stop. Stop spreading your brainwashed propaganda. Christians are do being slayed and massacred in muslim countries. You can watch videos how priests in Syria and Iraq are being beheaded (one example out of millions).
          They are being chased in Syria, Iraq, Egypt etc. The only place in the middle east where they can live peacefully is in Israel. The only place in the middle east where muslim arabs live peacefully is in Israel. Trust me. I live here. I have many beduin friends and they have more rights than I do. They see how bad is in Syria and Egypt (in fact in every muslim country) and they know this is the best place for them. Yes, in your so called “Zionist evilness”. You have never been in Israel. You are probably muslim (and that explains a lot) or a typical american who is basing his opinions on channels like BBC or CNN.
          We have a cultural gap because most of the muslims live in the middle ages. Just look at what happens in Europe. For example, there are many neighbourhoods in Paris where even police is not allowed to enter.
          Can you explain why? Is this zionist plan? Who is to blame?

        4. TL:DR version “I am a raghead with a poor grasp of history that honestly thinks that the star trek prime directive is not one of the dumbest policies ever invented’
          I would believe your bullshit if one of my best friends wasn’t an american contractor executed by ragheads on video five years ago.

        5. LOL
          Are Christians being massacred in Dubai?
          I thought then the entire team of Mission:Impossible Ghost Protocol would have been massacred shooting there.
          There are so many Russian Orthodox christians living in places like Dubai, Doha and Bahrain. Are they being massacred?
          I’m an American who’s lived 10 years there. And I haven’t seen any kind of ill-treatment of Christians around me. I was treated with respect and kindness.
          I don’t think it’s a point arguing with prejudice. CNN itself has a base in Abu Dhabi from where it relays TV. Are they being massacred there?
          The founder of Blackwater himself lives in Abu Dhabi, who is an american contractor
          If you hate muslims that’s your matter.that’s your problem.
          We must look at what our interference has resulted in those countries. They didn’t come to us, we went to them – for oil, petroleum.
          And I’m assuming you are a Russian Jew. Your name sounds very much like that.
          Iraq and Syria are the product of American interference. We first armed them, used them to further our cause, and then detonated them. It’s because of years of corrupt international political selfishness of our leaders before, that the average American is viewed with distrust. If we could stop sending our troops abroad, and rather use tax payers money to save our own society, we would be more respected outside.

        6. The one thing that Anglo historians got wrong was to bash Spain and big up Islam.
          All the core texts of Greek and Roman thought were preserved by the Latin and Greek churches inspite, not because of illiterate Muslim conquerors and overlords.
          Who do you boneheads think wrote the Koran down for the pig ignorant Desert Pirates? Greek Monks. Islam very nearly destroyed the Mare Nostrom built by the Romans and Greeks. Has anyone actually looked at the long term destruction of North Africa after the Arabs swept in? Demographics? Fiscal tax base destroyed? Agricultural abundance vanished?
          Once the Spanish booted out the Arabs and the Jews they were free to begin the age of Discovery.

    2. This simply doesn’t square with reality, I’m afraid. Yeah, looks are important. Do all that stuff you mention – gym, teeth whitening etc. Sure. But every time I step outside my front door I see ugly guys with women. Often, I see them with hot women. I’m interested in why you are taking a deliberately extreme position, because let’s be honest here: we all know (really) that ugly dudes get laid. Now, you might argue it’s because they have money, or some other external value, but still – it happens. So it’s not intellectually rigorous to deny it.
      I split up with a girl a few months ago. Afterwards, she kept texting me, trying to get back together. But she would also send these snarky messages as well. In one of them she said ‘You know, if you hadn’t approached me like you did I wouldn’t have looked twice at you. You’re not my type.’ I bowled up to her outside a tube station during daygame and pulled her like that. I’m an average-looking guy. Looks had less to do with it than social poise and dominance.

      1. You serious? The guys with No girls at bars and clubs are average and ugly guys. I used to be average but now am fairly attractive. I put in much less effort and get way more results. I Literally go up to a girl, say hi and she is receptive. All I need to do is carry the conversation and escalate. And I doubt you are average and pulling hot girls. Yu are either under rating yourself or over rating the girls. Average guys have to work much harder then someone like me just to get half the girls attention

        1. Glad you’re getting better results. I’m not saying looks have no value at all — of course they do. I’m just saying there’s more to it than that. I’m average to middling, not particularly tall, go to the gym regularly but not jacked,well-dressed. But I’ve been in situations when my game hasn’t been on point and friends less good looking than me have commandeered the girls’ attention. Alternatively, there have also been occasions when I’ve been on fire and I’ve pulled chicks in front of better looking guys. It’s not a simple equation.

    3. What woman is as “attractive” as Justin Bieber?
      You are full of shit.

    4. Lol at this baloney (meaning Your comment). Yes, Your looks will get You attention from women and Its gonna be easier for You to date/sleep with them (when it comes to one night stands it`s probably the most deciding factor), same goes with money and not having those things will make things a lot harder for You in the beginning. But almost every woman values confidence more that looks/money. She will date guys with money/looks even marry them but she might never truly respect them and without that she is never Theirs. And You are totally wrong, woman will know how much confidence you have when You walk into the room. But its not about acting cocky but FEELING confident, because women are masterful body language readers (unconsciously) and They will spot any weakness in You. Even If You try Your best to hide it, Your body will tell them. On the flip side If You`re truly confident They will know this too. Don`t really want to get too deep into this but Your post is just a prime example of looking for an easy fix for a deeper problem, which is so common in this world, but the paradox is that It wont get You to anything meaningful . Its like a medicine that will make You happy for a while but in the end You will get addicted to It and Its gonna be impossible for You to feel happy without it.

  24. That’s why women very often isolate a man from his bro’s because they ensure that the man has balls.

    1. Absolutely accurate observation. It’s like a primary mission for women after an official relationship is established, to wean him from his male friends. Don’t ever let that happen.

  25. I thought like this when I came back from a 6 month exchange in Europe. Definitely got more attention and looks from women, not like I was interested in NA trash. Anyway the sad part is a year later this mentality has faded, alot… Don’t really know how to get it back at this point.

  26. Not to go as far as delusion, but a healthy sense of pride in yourself (and your identity) usually prevents the individual from turning into bizarre, self-loathing, equalist failures.

    1. yes, but many men have done nothing worth having pride in themselves, and often, not to put the cart before the horse, you nedd to develop that pride in yourself BEFORE you can do something worth that pride.

  27. “I would also add Jay Z to that list, as his grace, warmth, and humour are a welcome sheen on his ultimate alpha male persona.”
    Solange disagrees.

  28. This article reminds me of a conversation I had with a hot chick recently. It went like this:
    Hot Chick: You’re unbelievably arrogant!
    Me: So you’re in to arrogant guys?
    Hot Chick (frowning): Why do you say that?
    Me: You’re still here aren’t you?
    She had to smile at that one…

  29. Harry Styles?…
    Gotta find new writers for this site if this is who they’re talking about. Otherwise good article.

  30. Those who carry themselves with bearing and quiet confidence have an aura.
    No approval needed from women or men.
    No arrogance to hide the real deal. Tough yet fair and respectful.
    Don’t need to show off to compensate for the lack they feel.
    No self-pity, just keep going no matter how messy things get.
    Many historic sociopaths and psychopaths are held up on the pedestal.
    We get more of the same on this earthly plane death, destruction and suffering….

  31. Good article. I would not agree with your choices of role model all that much but this and the standing your ground one were relevant and actionable

  32. You should feel this way on the inside, but keep it to yourself. At the same time, don’t be self-deprecating or overly humble. I self-deprecate too much, but to me, it’s a sign of my confidence that I can make fun of my faults, but people don’t care. It’s better to keep self deprecation to a minimum, maybe only after some major life victory or such, when it would be appropriate to play down your otherwise obvious win with a bit of humor.

  33. What is “cool” is dictated by society. The cool kids in highschool were usually the ones with a lot of money and were very in tune with what was trending at that moment. Knowing the ebs and flows of popular culture is what makes you cool.
    Thing is, that’s the absolute worst way of doing things if you desire success. More often than not, society is very wrong in its advice and reinforces certain behaviours and mindsets that contradict actual, real-world experience. This is why people often end up with absolutely no results from their actions.
    “This isn’t about being bigheaded.”
    It is but since the majority of people – both men and women – are so idiotic this can be faked. Create a character in your head, which possesses the qualities you want or are trending right now, and start playing him when needed. This is how you ace job interviews and get laid. If you are naturally humble, kind, caring and considerate do not change – I won’t since there do exist humans that deserve kindness and compassion – but play and act.

  34. Every seducer I know is little narcis. Self love is “must have”.

    1. Narcissus did not fall in love with himself. He fell in love with his reflection.
      A clinical narcissist is not in love with himself. Quite the opposite. He is someone so lacking in self love that he requires outside reinforcement of his internal state, perhaps to even feel that he even exists at all. He feels love for the reflection of himself shown by the reactions of other people.
      Excessive self love is Egotism.
      Whereas the prevailing thought on Narcissism is that their egos are damaged, in the extreme to the point of non-existence. It is the dark side of “self love.”
      Be a bit of an egotist, then back it up with real accomplishment to justify it.
      “That guy is so full of himself that it irritates the hell out of me. The thing is I can’t say anything about it because he really is as good as he thinks he is.”
      That is the state this article is driving at.

      1. In love with his own reflected image.
        Echo is female version of this syndrome.

  35. Like the theme of the article. Hate the examples. Get that picture of jay z the racist off the screen.

  36. Listen to rap? Yeah…if you want to hamstring your brain activity and lower your iq.

  37. A man who spent his life without confidence, cannot just suddenly inflate his ego like this without copious amounts of external validation. Taking some loser who has never had a single bit of external validation and tell him to just think of himself as some kind of cool dude is a joke. It doesn’t work.
    The reason that naturals are confident is because they spent their entire young lives growing up receiving external validation, be it by parents, peers, teachers, etc. being told how great they are, cute they are, etc.
    Many men on the scene got the exact opposite of that their young lives. They were externally invalidated by being made fun of, called losers, geeks, nerds, etc.
    I don’t care how much you fake it, inner game is not all about individual control, there is most certainly a necessary amount of external validation by peers to having confidence.

    1. Exactly. You must be master of something. Your skills will give you power in society. Of course, society is toxic for self-love.

  38. One should also remember that a properly calibrated degree of self love (i.e., one that does not degenerate into hubris and subsequent downfall) is an essential constitutive component of the personal “stand your ground” doctrine that all redpill individuals ought to adopt with regards to their persona in the face of the multifaceted psychological onslaught waged against their identity by present members of the cathedral. It will help them to forge a very robust sense of self that will become highly immune to the siren calls of current and future charlatans and snake oil salesmen engaged in grandiose projects of social engineering.

    1. That’s a great point. Often I’ve caught myself realizing the very things I used to do, or almost do now, are for exactly those reasons.
      It’s like starting over again and rewriting your programming but with sensible, great confidence comes clarity on a lot of things. Honestly, when you know are different, you are different. And should be unshakable in your confidence.
      No need to apologize to others for being awesome!

  39. You’re onto,something,here, I’m very happy to read it.. I am going to meditate on this concept for a while.. Why am I so humble? Have a long list of a achievements, medium-good looks, good body.. I think this could have been a limiting factor in my game. I know a few very successful pick up artists and most of them have a high degree of self love.. I used to say I want to be more narcissistic, but this is a better way of phrasing it..
    “you have to be prepared to stand beyond what “polite society” regards as normal social conduct”
    …this really was the key, still can’t properly adjust to the idea… Bloody polite society, the enemy of getting laid promiscuously… Had never quite connected the James Dean / John Travolta cool to being brushing against polite society but yes, I think it is a statement against numerous small implicit pressures to not stand out etc

  40. Good points, but deluded self belief can also be a pathway to a gamma type personality.

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