Women Are To Blame For Aggressive Texting

While pumping iron at the gym a couple of weeks ago, I heard a public service announcement on the radio that cautioned against “relentless, aggressive texting” as a form of abuse. You can read the full transcript of the commercial here.

My first reaction was to chuckle. As a species, we evolved to hunt deadly game with sharpened tools, smash in our neighbors’ skulls for chances at more land and mating opportunities, and murder the offspring of our enemies so that their genes would not be preferentially passed on over ours. Society works to control these impulses for the most part, but the idea that writing innocuous words on a computer screen can be compared with any real “aggression” is laughable.

All humor aside, though, this commercial being broadcast to millions of people reflects growing issues in our society—namely, female victim mentality, lack of ownership of one’s actions, and the expectation for others (white knights? society? the police?) to solve personal problems of a girl’s own creation. Even the name of the website is a joke — “that’s not cool,” a slang quasi-shaming term rather than anything reflecting a legitimate legal or societal problem.

The commercial in the gym was clearly geared toward women who are receiving “creepy” texts from men. Here’s an example of a “textual harrassment” scenario they have on their website (emphasis mine):

I started texting this guy I met a few weeks ago. At first it was good, but lately he’s been sending me messages ALL the time. If I don’t text back right away, he totally freaks out. When I’m out with my friends, he texts asking what I’m doing and what I’m wearing. We’re not even dating, and it’s like he thinks he can control me. I like the guy when we hang out in person but he just cannot stop with the texting. What should I do?

Notice the bolded points. The girl freely initiated texting. She responds sometimes, and continues to see the guy despite texts that make her uncomfortable. Then she complains about not being able to solve her own problem. Over the past decade clueless men have been inundated with a wealth of technology that gives them perceived access to women, but they are unaided in the set of invisible social rules and responses that must be adhered to, lest we incur the wrath of the Creepiness Police.

It’s true that men bear some responsibility for being socially adept enough to take a subtle “no” for an answer, but our society conditions them that dating should have to be an American Gladiator obstacle course where they triumph over numerous obstacles and perceived lack of interest to finally win the girl. Those of us with social awareness can see through the pretty lies of this paradigm, but the vast masses still see dating success stemming from overcoming external, rather than internal, obstacles. Men are told they should fight to for a woman’s attention, encouraged to do so by women, and are then punished for it by campaigns such as this one.

Women in our society enjoy the dynamic described above because it gives them the best of both worlds. They are painted as the prize to be achieved while basking in the ego-affirming attention of thirsty simps, but are simultaneously shielded from any downside of their carelessness with the feelings of other humans. Instead of having to deal with problems of their own creation, they can pull the “creepy” lever and report him to law enforcement or publicly shame him for his indiscretions. The worst thing is that other women will applaud them for eviscerating beta males, as in the case of this unfortunate basement-dweller.

Ladies, do you really want to stop “textual abuse”? I present to you a simple action plan. Instead of visiting notcool.org and asking the government, law enforcement, or the mob mentality of the thirsty masses to solve your problems, here is how you can be an independent, empowered woman and refuse to create a problem:

1. Stop giving out your number

It’s been well established that modern-day girls give out their numbers even to men they are not interested in. Perhaps this is because they know they’ll be bailed out if some “creep” doesn’t play the texting game exactly the right way. The first step to making your phone a “safe place” is limiting access to it. Women supposedly have better social feel and perception of non-verbal cues than men do. Time to put it to use for things other than manipulation.

2.Don’t lead men on

If you’re a girl, you’ve undoubtedly given out your number to a guy you’re only lukewarm about, texted him a bit, and decided you weren’t interested. Of course he texts you three times for every pithy one-liner you lob his way, but hey—it’s kind of fun! This guy is interested in you, and you weild a certain amount of power. Cut it out. Keeping a man’s hope alive after you’ve decided he’s not a romantic prospect directly produces the kind of harassment you purport to dislike.

3. Be upfront about your lack of interest

If a man insists on sending what you consider to be harassing texts, even after he obtained your number some other way and you didn’t respond lukewarmly or positively to his initial volley, send this exact message: “Hey — I’m really not interested. Please stop texting me.”

I guarantee that these simple steps will eliminate 98% of the “aggressive texting” cases, most of which stem from a harmless but socially-unaware man who has been led on for the girl’s attention and enjoyment. In the rare cases where it fits a pattern of actual abuse or stalking, it will inevitably manifest itself in other actions that are actual grounds to be reported to authorities.

Ladies, it’s time to stop soliciting attention from all angles and then following it by playing “let’s you and him fight” between thirsty simps and the government, media, and law enforcement. In the world of “textual abuse,” you are victims only because of your own actions.

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159 thoughts on “Women Are To Blame For Aggressive Texting”

  1. Agressive texting is just another result of men seeing that the long game is punished, and you have to go for the fuck, yes ladies, not ‘sex’ anymore, as fast as possible, as aggressively as possible.
    Just women making choices and then getting bitten in the ass by them.

    1. Exactly. Women, the law, and mainstream culture are doing literally just about everything they possibly could be doing to disincentivise men from pursuing LTRs, and yet they complain and act befuddled that men are not pursuing LTRs.

      1. They complain about men not being interested in LTRs when they start declining in value. Until their options start to become more limited they just want to live it up.

        1. You see that trend in almost every female dating profiles.
          The real good girls in their 20s look ALWAYS look for a relationship while the whores explicitly says they aren’t looking for anything serious.
          Now think about this.
          What kind of girl biologically wants to be used?
          In human history such girls were the village sluts to be used by many males as entertainment.
          The ones who aren’t looking for anything serious usually have lots of tattoos, piercings, EDM party girls basically.
          When the club slut gets old then her “intentions” changes but only superficially….if she could still party all the time she would and that’s why there’s so many divorces.
          Men are marrying more club whores than ever before.

        2. Sometimes the hard way is the only way a blue pill man can learn, and even then that’s not always a guarantee.

  2. Though I still fault females for being worse than men, the prevalence of social media and cell phones has created an environment that makes everyone more comfortable with information transparency. When I think back just 10+ years ago I remember girls being much more selective in giving out their number. Now half of them post everything online on some public forum and can text and block people with ease.

    1. When I was a youngster the women I approached freely gave out their telephone number. It usually wasn’t theirs though.

      1. That were the old days. Now you get an entitled bitch face. Unless you look like a roided-up Brad Pitt.

  3. The Paradox of the Modern Woman.
    The stronger and more independent she is, the more of a victim she is and needs more laws to protect her.

    1. Why would any modern self-aggrandizing woman want to turn away attention? She wants the tacit acknowledgement of her value from as many beta-orbiters as she can get, but because she’s lazy and childish she needs law enforcement to keep them in-line.
      Women are so addicted to attention that many of them would literally send a man to jail for not giving it to them.

    2. Totally agree!
      And for all of their chattering and bragging about how much more intelligent, smart, and intuitive they are than men, Modern Womyn don’t seem to understand the simple Law of Cause and Effect at all. They increasingly criminalize men’s ‘unwanted’ interactions with them, and then later (when they approach their 30th birthday and see The Wall making it’s own approach) are so surprised at the lack of male interest shown towards them.

      1. By the time a normal man reaches his 30s, he’s been blown away by so many “good” girls that when commitment time starts for a woman (hit the wall) he simply doesn’t have the energy or patience to “educate” a delusional woman to live in harmony with him.

        1. Why are we obligated to educate anyone to do anything? Other people don’t seem to feel the need to help men, so why are men obliged at all? Did we get some magical loan that no one told us about? Did we all sign an agreement to save and protect all pussy?
          If so, let’s see this magical fairie agreement. Let’s see the contract we actually signed.

    3. They blame men for everything even for their problems. We need to fix ourselves to fix them they believe. Instead of saying “No” they call those men creeps, they love the attention because they are all attention fame whores. But when the wall comes in I’ll be there not to give them support but to laugh at their faces and date other young women from other countries.

  4. I like it in theory, but it’s based on logic and reason, and as such, do you expect women to grasp these points?
    Here’s the problem, listed in order of the solutions offered.
    1. “But….me me me me me me me!”
    2. “But….me me me me me me me!”
    3. “But….me me me me me me me!”
    They won’t follow the advice because it would mean less of the approval ego-game cum electronics that they’re addicted to. And so are men, let’s be frank.
    No guys, if you want to stop women from this bullshit, you need to personally give up on the hand held electro-crack first, and refuse to use it. And I know thousands of guys will protest to the skies and gnash their teeth against this notion and do everything possible to tell how it is impossible to live without electro-crack. But they’re wrong. Make it something cool, something dark and brooding and bad boy even, to not go along with the electro-crack. Make her work for your attention, refuse to be a part of the thousands of beta orbiter schlubs. You’ll stand out.
    Chicks are good for following trends, keep that in mind. If we make it cool to eschew this horror story electro-crack, they’ll follow.
    And yes, I game and have girls basically throwing themselves at me, and I do not bring a cell phone with me anywhere. It works. But you have to learn how to make it seem cool and mysterious.

  5. This is what they call aggressive? I thought it would be verbal abuse and threats, not merely being persistent.
    In the UK they run a commercial entitled “domestic abuse is not just physical”. The man’s crime? Telling his wife he doesn’t think her dress is appropriate for a night out with her friends. I guess any utterance of a criticism of your wife/girlfriend can now be considered domestic abuse. So be quiet and let her do whatever she wants.

    1. The UK is the ultimate Left-Wing, Cultural Marxism nightmare. I herd stories off people getting jailed for what they post on Facebook there.

      1. This joke:
        My PC takes so long to shut down I’ve decided to call it Nelson Mandela.’
        got a guy,living in Stafforshire England, held in police custody for 8 hours,his comp confiscated and his DNA taken.
        How’s Liberal paradise treating you today?

        1. If this is true then the UK is totally lost.
          Silly shit like this goes on in the US everyday but it is government/george soros backed media groups AND the IRS doing the shaming and punishing. The attack has not made the leap to criminal investigation yet but it is very close.
          Make a video critical of the liberal lord and savior? Get arrested for bundling 20K for a republican politician while demonrat political bundlers are able to bundle millions upon millions without scrutiny.

      2. Yeah, it’s more to do with a Malicious communications bill that with how technology has since advanced is now somewhat anachronistic, to put it mildly.

      3. No such thing as cultural Marxism. is the invention of the mentally ill.
        The Frankfurt school doesn’t control society. Society is right wing and capitalist, stop projecting blame onto things on to a conspiracy theory.

        1. Race is just a social construct.
          Freedom is slavery.
          War is peace.
          Ignorance is strength.
          There is no such thing as cultural Marxism.
          There are no communists, but there are evil nazis everywhere.

    2. Please, Bob….please…. please please please pretty please with a cherry on top…. PLEASE tell me you’re trolling here. I swear to every deity that man has ever made up…. if this is true…. if this is real life….I…. I….I….

        1. Taking a look at it I could see where they were coming from. He was going through her phone, telling her how to dress, and otherwise being controlling wrapping it up as “love.”
          Of course, she’s stupid for putting up with it. Any chick going through my phone dictating how I present myself would kick rocks immediately.

        2. I agree although I would be more inclined to call this “assholary” rather than domestic abuse.

        3. Um, no. Abuse is something you go to jail for. This is not abuse. Unless the meaning of abuse has been diluted to the level of ‘being a douchebag and making your wife uncomfortable’, much like rape has now been diluted to the level of ‘I had willing sex with that guy and it was a lot of fun but I regretted it later’

    3. >Telling his wife he doesn’t think her dress is appropriate for a night out
      >domestic abuse
      The end is nigh.

  6. Apart from the usual “all women” approach, I am delighted to say: yes, I like that article. Very much. Clear, honest communication and a wee bit of media hygiene solves most cases. And the guys who simply cannot take a “no” can text me as much as they like, since I simply delete their texts and don’t answer. Easy solution, no laws needed, case closed.

    1. Texting is slow drip torture. Recently just had my run-in lately trying to win over a new girl i just met on POF, back-fired right in my face. Told her straight out towards the end, ‘i fscking hate texting’ .. ‘i’m your cellphone txt husband’ .. ‘i’m dating a cellphone’ .. so that pretty much sums it up. You get tired of it, and learn the hardway. Set messages to silent, leave the cellphone in your car, make any excuse you can to stop receiving and responding to those txts, its god-awful modern day distraction.

        1. Hmmm. I’ve seen this ballroom dancing suggestion from you more than once. Effective, is it? If so, how so?

        2. Ballroom has it’s advantages,but not that many.All the lard tubs have read the same articles promoting ballroom and they now pollute the dancefloors and dance classes. Salsa will get you some quality poon. But you got to already have decent skills to get to them since they all gravitate towards the advanced male dancers.

        3. Effective in what way? As a bromide for meeting charming dames or evoking paroxysms of rage from fellow trolls?

        4. Its funny that you mention that because I have since deleted that POF account, and I’m seriously considering going down to the drum and bass, club at the casino. I’m almost 100% guaranteed to have more luck there, just getting drunk dancing with women.

    2. No disrespect,but don’t you think you’ve overused this punchline?
      What’s a ‘Facebook’? What’s a ‘Twitter’? What’s a ‘Tumblr’?What’s ‘texting’?

      1. I am running out of material. The internet is looking like an overused twat.

        1. It’s an electronic umbilical cord that gives one a sense of fulfillment and longing at the same time.

      2. I think it is pretty funny.
        Now you must excuse me while I go send my daily text messages to bitches begging for pussy.

    3. Texting is failure. It’s what you fall back on you didn’t close and bang her on the first encounter. Texting is what you do to coordinate a 2nd “date” becuase you think she’s worth the effort when you should just work on your first night bang technique. Texting is a near complete waste of time in 2014 Texting is so 2008, so 2000-and-late.
      However, texting is is useful for coordinating subsequent bangs and asking for free lodging, food, drinks, entertainment, etc.

      1. Back in the day we used to have this weird, archaic technology called “speech.”
        We even had an entire branch of technology for transmitting it over distance

      2. because every single girl you meet and didn’t same night lay is a “failure” and you had to “fall back” on texting to meet up with her again.
        Come the fuck on.

  7. Wow, like just wow. You totally justified text rape, or “trape” as we call it down at the fat dyke’s club where I study Womyn’s Studies.

  8. Your 3 directives, while effective, require a woman to be responsible. Ain’t gonna happen.
    It’s ALWAYS the man’s problem, and always the man’s fault.

    1. “Ain’t gonna happen” is putting it mildly! Modern Womyn are only interested in feminism or “equality” as long as it means that they have rights and privileges with NO responsibilities; as far as they’re concerned, “responsibility” is so ‘icky’ and is the burden of men.

  9. Yeah, women’s dating blogs always advise their readers to play hard-to-get– never call him first, and only occasionally return his calls.
    So I’ve adopted a strict “one strike you’re out” policy. If she doesn’t answer her phone, or return a VM or text within 30 minutes, she’s history. There are just too many women out there to bother with this type of prima donna BS.

    1. Ain’t that a bit harsh? On one hand, women who are addicted to their phone and cannot live 10 minutes without checking it are out, on the other hand they have to check it constantly not to become history? Several hours without even a short “sorry, I’m busy, calling tomorrow” is impolite, but 30 minutes? That’s a very strict deadline.

      1. I’m assuming that I had called at a time that she said she was free, or when I knew she wasn’t at work or something.
        And by “history”, I mean that I’m mentally on to the next pursuit or activity, and if she wants to revive the interaction later, the burden is on her to do so. I am not going to keep calling and texting and wondering what the hell’s going on.

        1. Ah, I see. Yes, that is absolutely understandable. Sorry for nagging for a clarification 🙂

        2. Well said my friend…
          We should have levels:
          Level 1 – Fuck buddy
          Level 2 – Potential GF (some weekends together)
          Level 3 – GF (weekends together)
          Level 4 – Serious GF (living together)
          Level 5 – Wife (just kidding)
          When a girl ignores my text I put her back mentally in Level 1.

      2. Nothing harsh about it, the only reason why this website even exists is because of the bullshit games women play 24/7, 365 days a day (366 if it’s a leap year).

  10. Let’s use slow and simple words: block the damn number! It’s that easy, ladies.

    1. iPhones which they are so keen on have made it painfully easy too to block numbers. It can be done in 10 seconds.
      They’d rather castrate and drive the losers into the dirt though, rejection is not enough for modern woman.

  11. Many a time I have been screwed over by the ol “if you love her, fight for her” programming. What a lie and waste of time those times were…

  12. This is bullshit. It’s not womens’ fault that some guys are hopeful losers.

    1. It’s their fault if they don’t handle their business like a woman, then drag it out, and then finally villify the guy in question.
      Playing games with a guy and stringing him along is not being without fault!

    2. Just like it’s not men’s fault that some girls are hope-giving cunts.

    3. But it is their fault (and their White knights) for criminalizing said hopeful losers.

  13. Enjoyed the article. Good points.
    Seems like women want to have their cake and eat it too when it comes to texting.

    1. “Seems like women want to have their cake and eat it too when it comes to texting.”
      Seems like women want to have their cake and eat it too when it comes to everything in life.
      Fixed that for you. heh

    1. they write you off as disinterested.
      It’s a very one-way street playing the text waiting game where the girl almost always wins…
      unless A) you are extremely high value(none of us here) or B) she is in deeply love with you
      Any other case you are “too uninterested / hard to read” (I LOVE that one, “hard to read”) or you are too clingy/desperate.
      The only way to win is not to play. But you don’t GET play, haha.

      1. With what these Modern Womyn have to offer (false accusations of all kinds, deniability of interest when it suits them, STDs, faithlessness, etc.), is “not getting to play” such a loss? If you are a smart man and GYOW, you won’t let yourself be trapped by Modern Womyn and their only power (sex) – you can live a very good life and you’ll be able to do whatever you want and go wherever you want. Get a hobby, develop an interest, become a leading figure in some kind of specialty you like (if that’s what you want); do something, just exclude women from your life – by their own words and actions, women have shown that this is what they also want (at least up until the time when both their 30th birthday and ‘The Wall’ are approaching, of course).
        I know, “that’s easy to say”, and much harder to do (I know that from painful experience).
        But consider all of the above: today’s misandric women have the Guns of Government at their beck and call. Anything you may do or say WILL be used against you – without mercy, without justice, and without any concern for honesty or scruples whatsoever.
        Go Your Own Way – let them cuddle their cats and snuggle up to their career.

  14. My hate toward these bitches grows exponentially day by day. I’m a true misogynist now.

    1. I don’t hate the women any more. I am just sick of their shit. I basically am not supporting them by witholding resources from them, so their house of cards collapses. Suffering is something that these wenches are unfortunately going to have to learn the meaning of in future.

    2. They want you to hate them. Well, not actively want, the social mass of womEN want, not individual womAN.
      Does this make sense?

  15. My best text message rejection was from a pudgy 5.5 girl that I was going to give a pity pump and dump. I texted “do you want to get a drink later” she replied “Ima not intrstd, ima n to tats and stuff, ur 2 clean cut for me”.
    I don’t mind rejection from girls equal or better looking than I am but the random rejection from a woman that I would not be seen with in public still rubs me the wrong way.
    These off the wall rejections NEVER happened to me in pre-text message days.

    1. You may have dodged a skank bullet. She probably did you a favor!
      But you should expect her to try to contact you when she is in her 30’s — when she is likely obese, covered in tats and piercings, has a ton of debt, and probably has a thugspawn or two in tow — wanting to “get together for old time’s sake”.
      Or she could just be “wanting to know why there aren’t any good men anymore”!

      1. “But you should expect her to try to contact you when she is in her 30’s.”
        Could someone write an article about this phenomenon? It seems like every woman I dated, slept with, or was rejected by suddenly contacts me out of the blue after she has turned 30. More than a decade could have past, but somehow they still find me.

  16. I fucking hate texting. All real men hate texting. Text game is a slow, arduous, battle of attrition. Nowadays, merely calling a girl can be considered too needy or creepy. Women have taken such a simple fucking thing as making a 30 second phone call to set up plans and turned it into a tortuous cat-and-mouse process that can take hours or even days. Its absolutely fucking brutal, and they fucking wonder why some men are so frustrated and impatient when texting. All men know that you incorrigible broads are glued to your phones and you know when you get text messages and respond to them immediately unless you don’t give a shit or are trying to play some aloof/hard-to-get game. All you’re doing is driving beta men up the wall and making alpha men lose interest because the don’t have the patience or motivation to put up with your snail’s pace text-game horse shit. Pick up the phone or tell a guy you aren’t interested.

    1. The Man of Steel has spoken the truth.
      As I mentioned below, get out of texting entirely. Divorce yourself from the iCrap culture and make it the new trend, the new “hot, cool, bad boy” thing to be seen doing. Girls are followers, they will follow the trends without fail, in giant massive Ugg boot wearing herds.

    2. I hate texting too. So I use the following templates:
      To make sure the message is reinforced I leave at least 24 hours before I respond to any text. After a while the texts stop and the phone rings.

    3. Stalin, is that you? I always secretly thought you were kind of a hottie.

    4. I don’t text. You are feeding a bitches ego, if you text her. You come across as desperate if you text her too.

      1. These days you basically have to text if you want to get laid and/or maintain some kind of harem of regular fuckbuddy relationship. Young girls today simply don’t talk on the phone.
        You may get a number from a girl. You call – she doesn’t answer – she texts you right after “hey whats up ?” – you going to try calling her again or not respond to her text? We live in an age where you can meet a girl and likely may never heard her voice on the other end of a phone. American girls text. If you don’t text too, then you are limiting yourself to only girls that will freely talk on the phone.

        1. Never managed to maintain a harem. Most men are not able to do it.
          I am just a sexual scavenger. I pick signals and then go for that woman. I fuck them once and never see them again.
          I am sure I lose out on a lot of sex by not playing female games but it is not worth it to me.

        2. Touche, and I appreciate your honesty. From the typical commenters that frequent this site I would have expected you to come back with something along the lines of “I just game them hard on the approach and make them call me and pick up the phone when I call them and show I’m high value so they always answer when I call. I maintain a huge harem and just make a 5 second phone call at odd hours of the night and they always answer and drive over. Alpha fux Beta bux *chest bump*”
          Same-night ONS’s require no texting. My last two bangs happened this way. Met a girl through a get together with friends and ended up banging her that night. The last bang I got texting a girl and setting up a date was fucking torture. I commend your reserve.

        3. I just got shamed on another page here, for admitting I struggled with women in my 20’s
          I was called a Beta loser.
          I was sharing my story so the young bucks would not make the same mistakes I made. (I used to take what women said at face value. So I used to get messed about a lot.)
          If we shame unsuccessful men, it means they get shamed into trying harder and the price of pussy goes up. Also a lot of shamed men will take the first relationship they can find and end up with a dysfunctional bitch. (I am anti relationship, I grew up in a single mother culture, so I have learned the pitfalls.)
          I believe in a stripped down game, with just the bare mechanics.
          Reading up game advice got me from no lays per year, to single digit amount of lays per year. I know that is not impressive but I don’t get validation from getting loads of chicks.
          I don’t strive to be ultra successful with women. Maybe I am not able to anyway, I am not prepared to put the effort in to find out. I honestly can’t bring myself to fake interest in women as human beings.
          Some men are so unattractive that game will not help them anyway. We need to be honest about that and not shame these guys.

        4. I definitely can appreciate that. Total cynic, misanthropic, MGTOW kind of outlook. You’re fulfilling your physical need to ejaculate via a warm female body. As long as you’re living your life on your terms for yourself and free of inhibitions, insecurities, and codependency then you’re doing it right.

        5. This is exactly why I am keeping it solo right now. Having recently ended a relationship every girl looks like Hassle with a capital “H”. I need a break from all the nonsense. As you say, just organizing a date requires more energy than I am currently willing to part with.

        6. A real man fully secure within himself feels no need to shame another. In fact, he will take steps to prevent another man from losing face.

        7. I got some rinsing horror stories I could share.
          Like the women on facebook who liked me and wanted to fuck. (She knew me in real life.)
          Suddenly she wasn’t attracted to me at the end of the date and wanted to be friends. She was shocked when I called her a worthless teasing cunt to her face! lol
          This was the last women I ever opened up too. Ironically I wasn’t looking to shag her, so I told her about my sexual frustration. (This was 4 years ago now. I was going through my longest ever dry spell.)
          She offered me sympathy, told me what a great person I am blah blah blah.
          She was really good looking, I was pleased when she offered to meet up. The anticipation was so intense! She was talking about how horny she was etc….
          She used the date to emotionally dump on me instead of fucking. She knew I was sexually frustrated and she wasted my time like that! That level of contempt is not uncommon with women, even ones that like you! (Women tend to like me a lot. They feel comfortable around me. Not that I care as I can count on one hand the number of women I respect.)
          Anyway her fucking me about was the last straw. I never heard of the red pill but I knew there was a pattern with women, I couldn’t rationalize it away as bad luck, there was a pattern with women.
          Women think nothing of fucking a man over, wasting his time and energy, basically stealing his life force. I think women are solipsistic creatures. Once you learn that truth, it is hard to fall in love with them. I haven’t fallen for a women in over 2 years.
          Ironically I am only starting to get sex now that I feel unable to develop any affection for females.
          I am thankful for how things have worked out. I am glad I never got trapped in a relationship. (I’ve had one really close call with a women. Thankfully someone warned me how nuts she was.)

        8. Its a common story and quite bizarre. Sometimes I think women don’t see men as real people (complete with emotions, desires and aspirations) or even worse, the world as a real place. They shut their eyes and the world goes away. When they open their eyes the world is a place created especially for them. For that reason, it doesn’t matter how they treat other people in the world since they are as real as characters in a computer game. Every so often you meet a real psychopath. Not the violent kind but the kind who has no problem lying to your face about how much she wants you and then utterly dicks you around. I met a girl like that just recently. Fortunately, I realised early on what kind of person she was and a line went through her name immediately.
          Some of these girls are like strippers. Always promising more, the next time you come to the club but never delivering.

        9. I have given up on considering women as human beings. If they dehumanize me, I will dehumanize them return.
          The constant gaslighting, bitch logic lack of straight forwardness and clear communication does my head in.
          Never been to a stripper in my life. I don’t believe in giving female resources. I advise all men to follow the same route. Only support women you are in a long term relationship with. (I wouldn’t get into a long term relationship in the UK full stop.)

        10. Well try not to lose faith in all of womanhood. There are some good ones out there – its just important to be ruthless in ruling out the trash, no matter how good they may first appear.

  17. Is this real life? Oh Lawd, I don’t even….
    …..this is one of the few times in my life where I actually can’t think of anything worth saying about an ROK article (other than mentioning how dumbstruck I am at this moment)

  18. These silly little girls just want to tell their friends that somebody is stalking them, “like omg he won’t stop texting me.”
    The advice you have given will clearly work, and even a child could figure it out….but oh no that would be way too simple for these idiots, and then they wouldn’t be able to scream “omg he won’t stop texting me.”
    They are fucking obsessed with validation.

    1. Yeah, it’s totally about validation and about seeing themselves as “so perfect guys sexually harass/stalk me.” When this girl tried to falsely accuse me of sexually harassing her two years ago and I confronted her about it, she kept threatening to go to the dean. I told her to go because I didn’t do anything and she just kept running her mouth. But it wasn’t until I told her that I had no reason to take secret pictures of her what with her jacked up teeth and big ears, that she went to the dean. It was because I attacked her insecurities, and I didn’t even say anything about her belly fat.

      1. A couple of 9’s thought they deserved the bar table we slid-into just before they could get there. Buddy says to the bombshell cackler, “whatever, fat bitch.. we got here first”. Fricken eyes rolled back in her head and walked-off in a mute frozen fury. Point is, even the insane hotties with zero fat are KO’d by any comment pertaining to their looks. Insecure much? Hehe.

  19. “Hey… I’m not really interested. Please stop texting me.” I would like to add that you might have wanted to also say to never be sorry for saying this. Girls need to be more honest with men. When you say “I’m sorry.” After saying something like this it proves that you aren’t even upfront with people, and to these types of men they can’t take you seriously because you aren’t even real with yourself.

    1. Right… We need girls to be more abrasive than they already are. Less apologetic. Less demure.
      That is exactly what we need. /s

      1. So I take it you would rather them lie to you? Or lead you on and then finally after a fucking week tell you that they aren’t interested?

  20. Women have completely lost the ability to interact with men on any personal or adult level. They are fucking little children. They can’t even initiate a conversation without a man’s help…. but “feel powerful” when they text the toddler equivalent of “don’t text me again”.
    Don’t text you again???
    Fuck you , I will text you as much as I fucking please. OR NOT.
    Now what. Bitch.
    EVERY – ALL – of these women want to be able to feel like they are “rejecting” someone to try and elevate their desirability.
    • “Men should make an active effort to ask us out on a date”.
    • “What happened to being asked out for a date? Where did all the gentlemen go?’
    • “I like a guy who enjoys the chase”
    Any chick who plays like that is 100% fucking retarded.
    You know when a woman says “I’m not interested” she’s not really “not interested’… she hasn’t even made a single shred of effort to find out if she COULD be interested.
    But more importantly, if a woman ever communicates “I’m not interested”, you tell her “What??? I haven’t even determined yet whether or not I am interested. ” Until YOU have established that YOU are interested in her….. she doesn’t get to behave like “she is not interested”. REFUSE to let her get away with that. LAUGH at her. She’s a fucking drama-addicted little child.

    1. Well said….western women just play drama queen all the time.
      Next to “DONT TEXT ME AGAIN” you could put “YOU HATE ALL WOMEN”.
      I have written extensively about my fav#1 and how she helped me out back in 2008. I have praised her so much even a russian woman friend of mine told me I was overdoing the praise. And yet what do I get from western women? “YOU HATE ALL WOMEN”.
      And then they ask “Where did all the good men go?”. This one went to germany….which is a damn site better than living in the “west”.

    2. Don’t knock “don’t text me again” too much. It’s what prodded me into quitting thirsty beta simp-dom.

      1. at least beta simps get the courtesy of “don’t text me again”
        greater beta / lesser alphas don’t get that because the girls find it empowering to have a guy with decent shred of value texting them.

  21. If AOL was still around like way back when, instant messages would by known as “INSTANT MISOGYNY”.

  22. If only thirsty beta’s knew that going quiet and ignoring women makes them want you even more…

  23. Based on the title, I thought this article was going to be about how women love to make accusations through text and force men to be defensive. How they want answers through text, and will not wait to talk in person or will not pick up for a phone conversation.
    I was wrong, and got a good chuckle out of the ridiculousness of this article. I can’t believe that this subject exists.

  24. The funniest thing is that these women would be more offended if the relentless texter stopped texting. These are the same women who get group texts, and after coming out of a movie, pull out their phones to discover they’ve got 100 missed texts. That’s no exaggeration. Women group text the shit out of each other.
    Women won’t change their number, because that would mean there would be no story for them to share. Likewise, they won’t opt out of any group chat, because they have to be sure the other girls aren’t texting about how fat they are.
    I overheard a woman once talk about how a guy’s shortcoming was he “texted back too fast”. That’s the society we’re dealing with. Men should deplore texting. Go Jack Reacher on her ass and don’t even use a phone.

    1. Thank you someone finally gets it. Strange being ROK which usually has insights coming in on all sides.

  25. Real men don’t “hate” woman. When you “hate” someone you are giving them power or acknowledging them as superior and more powerful and they are better than you. You may hate someone who is making more money or can shoot a jumper over you regardless how well you cover them or whatever, the point is that it’s not really hate it’s respect and they are doing something better than you.
    I can’t hate any woman because honestly I’d have to respect them first. Do you hate a little child? Of course not and saying so would make you look like a loser. Majority of women are children lets be honest. They never have to be held accountable so why would they ever be adults?
    Laugh at them and always play by YOUR rules. I never text back when asked a question, never fall into their game. Keep it short and only text when you want to meet up. It drives them CRAZY but works every time. They will call you an asshole, they will say you don’t reply back so they are moving on but the facts are they don’t.

    1. Very true, in my experience. I hate texting and I refuse to do it for anything other than setting something up.
      You want to chirp at someone electronically, ladies? Text your fucking girlfriends.

    2. I hate women in the same way I hate crying babies, they get in the way of my positive vibes and I don’t really how “powerless” that makes me appear to you.

  26. Typical female social passive aggressive shit. This is the sort of gaslighting double standards from females that has made me lose respect for them.
    Men are creepy for texting once too often, meanwhile you will get obsessive females endlessly texting you again and again.
    Also it is females who keep tabs on their partners all the time via text.

    1. I still occasionally get obsessive texts from a former FWB that I stopped seeing two years ago. She aggressively texts me and I aggressively ignore her.

  27. I would have put bold on different text.
    That quote from the commercial is just standard Women’s Study feminism boilerplate that the apply to everything. The basic message is: Men exert patriarchal control and oppression via text messages.
    I am sure the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) will soon be amended to include $10 Billion dollars to help stop “Text Message Rape.”

  28. Men, take que, if a girl isn’t responding and flaking and most importantly trying to make you her Orbiter…. NEXT her.

  29. I remember the days before cell phones where a woman gave you her number and it meant something because it was her home number. Also texts do not allow you to convey and hear tone, which is just as important as words. I deleted my Facebook, Instagram and tell women if you want to talk call me because I am constantly driving for work, it has helped my game a lot when you set the stage for interaction.

  30. This article makes no sense. Obviously when she gives out a number to a guy she isn’t interested in, it means that there is some interest, albeit low. There is a chance the nervous moron she gave her number to is actually worthwhile. Because if nothing else, he had the guts to approach her.
    I think all the problems with women are traced to one thing, the environment of men they live in. When daddy turns her into a princess, the judge thinks divorce is obligatory debt slavery, the cop can’t wait to beat and taser the shit out of some poor bastard who tries to discipline his son, his “buddies” live to tear each other down in front of other girls so they can get some, the corporate leaders prefer him soft and estrogen filled, his politicians use him as a punching bag, the damn professors at school promote feminism so they can fuck up other men, etc etc etc..
    Well what woman would act otherwise? The problem isn’t the women, it’s us. Aside from a few sites like this one, in this society we men hate each other. We have zero loyalty and no respect or consideration for one another.

    1. Are you kidding me – there is no interest. Do you really think women act on “low” levels of interest? Do you really think women “give chances”? That’s pedestalizing and it’s what they WANT you to think to keep you groveling.
      IF she had only a meager level of interest in this new guy, she would just fuck her ex. Why work for something that’s not there? Come on now.

  31. You really expect females to take on responsibility for their own behavior? They’d rather pretend they do and be controlled, however subtly, and bitch about it.

  32. I completely agree with this.
    I’ve been seeing this over and over again with the women i’ve been approaching during my approach challenge. They’re usually in 2 camps:
    1) They give you their number as a way to keep you in limbo, dangling carrots on a string to give you false hope that you’ll meet up on dates. When really it’s a ploy to use you for her validation purposes.
    2) They give you their number to get rid of you.
    Aside from being annoyed by it. I have to show them some sympathy in that they’re simply too nice to straight up tell a guy that they’re not interested and would rather give out their number in order to avoid conflict.
    From a female’s perspective, I suppose that makes sense because there’s always a danger of not knowing how a man would react if she said point blank that she wasn’t interested. Would he turn out to be aggressive or dangerous?
    Being a stranger to her, there’s simply no way for her to tell. So the safest play would be to just give out the number anyway.
    Other than that, the first point is straight up evil and manipulative. If you ever encounter a girl like that. Nip it in the bud straight away.
    Other than that. The best way to know when to go for the number is simply infield experience. The more of it you do, the better calibrated you’ll become to knowing whether going for the number is worth it or not.

    1. No the safest play is clearly give out a fake number if that’s your logic.
      When a woman gives you her real number and is uninterested, she is manipulating you. That’s it. It is what it is and that’s what it is.
      you are still buying into the feminine imperative that women’s actions can be excused by any of their lies. This is not right for a rational male. A rational male holds both men and women accountable for their actions.
      There is no logical explanation for giving out your number to a person who sees you as a romantic prospect whom you are not interested in, other than for selfish or malicious reasons, male OR female

  33. Very simple rules that women somehow still can’t live by.
    And society tells me IM deficient.

    1. I actively tell women I don’t send the first message. Increases success rate as interested girls will reach out, but you STILL can’t avoid uninterested women who still start the conversation and have no interested.
      They’re just begging to be harassed at this point.

  34. Its a lot more fun doing woman shit to women when texting. Like never responding, short responses, waiting days to respond. If they were even remotely interested, they suddenly become very interested because they wonder why you arent texting them back. Hamster goes “Im a girl. Im pretty. Why doesnt he like me?”
    I am doing it right now actually. A girl flaked on me and is now pleading for forgiveness. I think Im going wait to respond tomorrow or maybe this weekend.

  35. I knew a girl who kept getting pursued by this short guy. He annoyed her every which way, and she complained often. He worked as a salesman and would never take no for an answer. She married him.

  36. I recently had an incident that involves some of the principles addressed in this article. Some of the things women do are absurd and are bloody annoying.
    I had a class with a girl at my uni. One of the activities we did involved 10 mins of trying to direct to other, blindfolded partner towards a certain tree. We had some fun. However, when I told her to have another go, she said that she would rather draw (the second activity). I told her that she was a bit boring, and by her reaction, I could tell it stung her. I felt like I didn’t smile enough when I said it. Oh well, I thought. Note the mistake and move onto the next girl.
    Next week, I sat away from her for the entire lesson, and by the end, she approached me asking for my Facebook. She was surprisingly emotional and averted eye-contact when I looked at her — she liked me. I told her that I don’t have Facebook, and she responded with disbelief, before eventually walking away. I then smoothly moved behind her and told her “but I do have a mobile”. Then she told me to put my number in her phone. I was in a good social mood at the time, but I’m annoyed writing about consecutive fucking shit-test. I told her “I’m a man, shouldn’t I lead? I’ll call you”. She responded with “I don’t know, are you?” I mean come on. 3 shit-tests within 1 minute.
    Anyway, I got her number in the end, and ended up texting her 2 days later (thank you, Roosh). I’ll type verbatim the conversation:
    Me: “hey ****** its ******. how are you”
    Girl: “Hey what’s up! I’m good… Tired but good. Wbu”
    Me: “good good. do you want to hang out later in the week
    Girl: “The next couple of weeks are pretty full on for me, not sure I’ll be able to :/ But I’ll let you know if something frees up!”
    As I started reading, I thought it was another rejection, so I accepted that and was about to move on. But as I read the second part, again, she tries to flip the script and control me with another shit-test. By now, I’d had enough of her shit, and turned my phone off.
    Later, I checked my phone, not even to see if she had said anything else, but I noticed she had, so I checked anyway:
    Girl: ” I hope you don’t get the wrong idea. I’m used to just being friends with people on Facebook, texting seems too serious haha!”
    Me: “alright. tell me if you decide to grow up. until then, goodbye”
    Girl: “Holy shit, alright!”
    I don’t even know if I’ve responded correctly. I thought negging her might eliminate any thoughts of her trying to force me into the friendzone, and at the same time increase attraction, yet I’m not sure negging works over the phone (so it becomes an insult; I thought I would give a go just to see what happens). Either way, I’d never had such resistance at every point in trying to game a girl. She lead me on, she gave out her number and she at no point was upfront about her interests (not that I want to whinge about it, but this amount is unprecedented for me).
    Even with red-pill in my bloodstream, I am still baffled by this episode. I’ll see her in my class 2 weeks from now. I am going to wink at her and then pretend that I’m not interested. I will be fascinated to see what she does. My guess is that it’ll be another shit-test.

  37. And if you actually do that weird thing and CALL a girl these days, they answer the phone like “Helloooo?” with this askance tone in their voice basically saying “Why the fuck are you calling me? Can’t you just text me?” Straight to Hell, bitch! Get ready for a LONG life of disappointment after 30! You all wished for it!

  38. I give them hell through texts and I don’t give a fuck. You get what you give. Fuck ’em literally and figuratively, it’s all they’re worth.

  39. “Oh my god, why won’t this guy stop texting me?” Maybe because you sucked his dick in the bar parking lot last night.

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