Even Norway Isn’t Immune To The Red Pill

Norway is the most gender neutral, egalitarian, and feminist country in the world. The culture has been telling the women for decades that they can be anything, but in 2013, here’s what you’ll find:

  • 90% of nurses are female
  • 90% of engineers are male

This is in spite of the government’s best efforts to recruit males in nursing and females in engineering. Norway’s brightest minds have ruled out discrimination as a reason for this problem, and they’re so befuddled that they’re calling it a “paradox.” Readers of this blog, however, may have a different name for it: human nature.

A Norwegian red pill comedian, if you can believe it, has created a 3 hour documentary where he wonders if males and females are different (you can watch part one above). Of course this was a gigantic controversy in Norway. The series almost didn’t get aired in spite of the fact that he gives kid-glove treatment to the zany feminists he interviews on camera.

Here are a couple things I noticed or realized from the first installment:

  • Most of the “studies” that “prove” feminist arguments are based on self-reporting surveys that end up proving nothing.
  • A reporter from the publication Dagbladet makes no effort at a neutral point-of-view. This isn’t a surprise since I was trashed in it.
  • One study showed that children have a clear gender toy preference starting at nine months. Another study showed a difference from day one, obviously before environmental influence.
  • An influential Norwegian gender thinker said, “There’s no room in biology for me.”
  • Another Norwegian scientist wonders, “Why are some so concerned with finding biological differences?” I guess we know what he’s concerned with finding.

The highlight was seeing a Norwegian scientist get smacked down by a British female scientist for saying that the only difference between men and women are genitalia. Apparently hormonal differences are inconsequential to the Scandinavian elite.

The fact that red pill thinking is seeping into Norway, the most blue pill country on Earth, tells me only one thing: feminist ideology has peaked. Prepare for red pill domination.

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48 thoughts on “Even Norway Isn’t Immune To The Red Pill”

  1. Let’s hope so… Norway has brought us the wymmyn quota for Boardrooms and other fine accomplishments. I believe they would be insolvent by now with their inefficient female-coddling had they not found oil. The fact that Norway is the most feminist country in the world indicates that feminism is a disease of affluence and can only thrive if there are windfalls of money like natural resources. Once the free lunches run out feminist utopias will have a hard time competing with societies that run a model that encourages procreation, families and rewarding actual productivity…

  2. Don’t be surprised when feminist eventually insist on manipulating the amount of testosterone boys receive in the womb in order to “fix” them.

  3. What I want to know is what Norweigan dudes think about all of this. Their ancestors were the most feared men in history, and did more ruggedly masculine stuff than most civilizations thrice their size. Now that they are being institutionally castrated by Norweigan society, how are they responding?
    Maybe it’s time to break out the axes and dragonships. The feminists can run the country, the men can start raiding the coastlines for loot.

    1. We’re angry, but the reality is that beyond individuals waking up we have a snowballs chance in hell of actually doing anything. Every debate consists of nothing but shaming language and a total refusal to discuss any argument in a rational manner (Shocking, I know.).

    2. During the viking era, the men left to raid the rest of Europe. Meanwhile the women had to control and take care of the house, the slaves, the animals and the kids, while the man was gone. Therefore women in the Nordic countries had more equality than other women in the rest of Europe. They were important for more than just procreation.
      Also, institutionally castrated by the government is something that only could come from someone who are ignorant. All men must join the military (easy to avoid, but most join). In the military they learn how to survive in nature, handle firearms, combat, riding tanks and other military cars. They are hardened and made to be a man. There is no response because there is very little actually affecting the common man. Nobody knew these retarded “scientists” existed except for a few elite liberal people in Oslo. And as you can see, 90% of nurses are still women and 90% of engineers are men. That is because all this feminist bullshit is happening in very tight bubbles were only a few over educated “professors” discuss their Marxist theories while the rest of society is working, raising families and enjoy life in Norway.

      1. So your women were always “Tomboys” how nice. By the way I’ve known a few of you and even though your culture has good things to learn from, your men for the most part are subjugated up there, I guess the Norwegian experience must be similar to the Danish one (the country I could briefly visit).
        “Niemand ist hoffnungsloser versklavt als der, der fälschlicher weise glaubt frei zu sein.”

    3. Dejected, mostly. I’m still an AFC/beta but I’m starting to get pissed whenever I hear PC bullshit being uttered and I actually call people out on it now. Of course I can’t be too loud – I’d be shamed by absolutely everyone within earshot and probably end up on the front page of Dagbladet the day later as an abusive misogynist.
      As for Norwegian women’s attitude, it really isn’t much of a problem. They’re not nearly as entitled as Roosh has made American girls out to be. Day-game is non-existant over here and the men only approach after at least 3 beers and only on the weekends, so girls can be extremly attention-starved. 8s have the confidence of 6s. Past that I don’t have enough experience in the social scene to comment.

      1. Way back in the 90s, before any “red pill” talk, the first thing I noticed upon arriving in Norway, was that everyone, men and women alike, would look down and away if I did so much as nod my head to acknowledge their existence. And the second was that absolutely everyone dressed exactly the same, in what was probably the exact outfit worn by the first-amputee-to-walk-backwards-across-the-antarctic-while-whistling-singing-Leonard-Cohen-tunes-in-Western-Norwegian-dialect or something. The latter only changed with the arrival of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. Then everyone, in unison, started dressing and getting haircuts to look like Hobbits.
        The megawealth resulting from the 4-5 doubling of oil prices has probably rendered the place somewhat less insular, and it’s people less overtly shy and suspicious of anyone not exactly like them (even Swedes were suspect, I learned), but I’d be surprised if it’s not still a place of tight social groups where some are included, and then there are those ‘others…..’

    4. What’s the problem? The women are still women both in the workplace, in the bars and in bed. As long as you know what YOU want and don’t buy into BS, they’ll be women for you in Norway too. I’d say life is pretty good.

  4. Best comment under that video:
    “Progressive Europe has led the world in rejecting religious nonsense in favour of logic and reason.The next step is to now is to reject Marxist quasi-religious nonsense such as “gender studies” in favour of logic and reason, or we will fall into a new dark age.”

  5. “There are none so blind as those who will not see.”
    I love this type of thing – the mark of a scientist is someone that asks a question and writes about what is found irrefutably, with no stake in the outcome other than to report the truth. Unfortunately, today there is no science – everything is run through the politically correct filter of what can be said, or not… You cannot find the truth that way – had brave men limited themselves to that, we would still be cowering in caves at the sound of thunder. Of course that is the ultimate goal of the liberal – to get us back into caves cowering in fear since that is “natural.” No thank you – I’ll state the truth, and I relish and love that Women are soft in all the right places, and I am hard just where she wants and needs me to be…
    I will be masculine and male till the day I die, and enjoy as many sweet young things as I can. The ladies enjoy, although I’m their dirty secret… That is fine with me. They can spout whatever non-sense they want, as long as they spread their legs for me, and wrap them around tight. That is all that matters to me. 🙂

  6. Norwegians? Who cares about a 2.5 milion people or 1/3000 of world population?
    They won’t reproduce, unless males will fuck asians. Or horny spaniards will dominate their land.

  7. Doesn’t mean much if there are still in places laws that favor women. Yes it can be tonic to show that there are differences and to demonstrate publicly that feminism is a sham, but it dont mean nothing until laws and attitudes change for the greater good of men.

  8. Are you aware that there are certain women who sincerely believe that men and women are biologically the same and that men are only stronger because society steers boys toward more physical activities?
    yes. I heard this come out of the lips of a fembot in class.
    Fucking hormones. How do they work?

  9. Hello, Roosh. I’ve just recently discovered your existence. We might have a Red Pill ally in Nassim Nicholas Taleb, who writes:
    >Now let’s take the idea beyond technology for a moment. If there’s something in the culture – say, a practice or a religion that you don’t understand – yet has been done for a long time – don’t call it “irrational.” And: Don’t expect the practice to discontinue.
    If Taleb’s observation doesn’t apply to the perennial wisdom of patriarchy, I don’t know what does.

  10. This is a hint for all the anti-Feminists who support a strong welfare state:
    A strong welfare state leads to a feminist society. Period. End of story.
    Pick a strong welfare state, or a post-Feminist society. Can’t have both.

      1. WTF? And just what do you base that on?
        50 million Americans are on food stamps! Medicaid guarantees universal healthcare. The government is the largest employer in the country.

  11. From wikipedia, for your bemusement:
    An early printed reference to “testosterone poisoning” came in 1975 from actor Alan Alda He said:
    “Everyone knows that testosterone, the so-called male hormone, is found in both men and women. What is not so well known, is that men have an overdose… Until recently it has been thought that the level of testosterone in men is normal simply because they have it. But if you consider how abnormal their behavior is, then you are led to the hypothesis that almost all men are suffering from testosterone poisoning.”
    Ten years later, that same sentence from Alda’s article was quoted in the 1985 book A Feminist Dictionary
    Carl Sagan gave the phrase more publicity when he praised Moondance magazine writer Daniela Gioseffi’s American Book Award winner Women on War:
    A book of searing analysis and cries from the heart on the madness of war. Why is the half of humanity with a special sensitivity to the preciousness of life, the half untainted by testosterone poisoning, almost wholly unrepresented in defense establishments and peace negotiations worldwide?
    Some took offense at this phrase. A Los Angeles Times op-ed piece referred to Professor Sagan’s use directly:
    Carl Sagan even pompously informs us that the whole planet is imminently endangered by “testosterone poisoning.”

      1. Yes he most certainly did. The man may know great lengths about the stars and skies, but he has no realistic bearing on what’s been going on on the ground of planet Earth. Shame he was so weak in those regards.

    1. Of course! It’s been the chorus behind my entire education. Male is Bad. Female is Good.
      What are little boys made of? Snips and snails and puppy dog tails, so feed them Ritalin and Cylert.
      Girls? Sugar and spice and everything nice. That’s what little girls are made of.
      Amazing that a society would base its entire educational treatment of 50% of its children on a nursery rhyhme, but they did!

  12. I wouldn’t be so optimistic. When you are raised in a culture all your life, it is very hard to remove that ideology from someone. Simply because contraindications exist doesn’t mean the people will recognize them. Look at race. The elite loves not being racist, but look where they live. While they love “inclusion,” it isn’t going to happen to their precious children. Still, they vote for Obama and love immigration. There is a word for this: double-think.

  13. Islam is the way to go. Feminism is stupid. However, if it undermines Western civilisation, which is the world’s most barbaric, this is good.

    1. Muhammadans such as yourself wouldn’t be posting tosh on computers if it weren’t for that most barbaric civilization, nor would they be fleeing to barbaric Western countries in droves and asking the natives to let them clean their toilets for some loose change.

    2. The only think Islam has to offer the world is the option to marry 4 women.
      Otherwise Islam is quite anti men as well. Can’t get laid without getting married? Fuck off!

    3. If you <3 Islam, then why don’t you go back to where you came from.
      And when you do, be sure and leave every Christian and Jewish invention behind. Wouldn’t want you to pollute yourself with the products of infidels.
      Enjoy the eighth century, barbarian!

  14. If you guys don’t have time to watch this documentary I suggest watching the last part on youtube. As a scientist its shocking to see professionals who claim to be ‘scientists’ ie. social scientists who refuse to investigate contradictory evidence claiming that “it is not interesting”. Its funny seeing them freeze up and refuse to consider data that challenges their life’s work.

  15. You should see their neighbors, Sweden, where last year’s debate was changing the word “han” (he) and “hon” (she) into one unique word “hen” to avoid gender discrimination.
    2013 has started in a similar way where gender equality has to be shown changing the word “man” (one as in “one should be able to …”) for “en” (one). Why changing “man”? Well you can guess it (in Swedish: http://www.dn.se/kultur-noje/ordet-man-blir-en-i-kampen-for-jamlikhet)

  16. I spent some time in Norway a few years back for work and vacation, really loved it, great people (except the imports in Oslo, sad bunch), so kind. I spent most of my time outside of Oslo in small places though.
    I wasn’t consciously “Red Pill” when I went, but I noticed right away a) the strong feminist, theoretical aspect but also b) the women were way, way nicer and more feminine than American girls. What you’d typically see would be a girl doing a man’s job, but being dressed to the nines, all barbie. I remember eating in this one coastal town and seeing a girl out the window that was city utility crew, cleaning the street. Super hot, pink sweater, hair and makeup. Not uncommon. Typically when I’d notice something like this the girl would be really young; I think maybe a girl power feminist thing?
    With time feminism will rot it all away of course; but still my sense was that many people didn’t get what feminism was all about, its still new, cool, religious.
    I remember one time I was pulling into the main Oslo station, making a train transfer that wasn’t going to make. This brunette setting on the other side of the train jumped in and helped me try to make the transfer once she realized I didn’t speak Norwegian well enough to find my next train in the rush. This girl was honestly a 9.5, hot even by the local standards. No American girl in that situation would have been that helpful.

  17. Brilliant doc. Very enlightening. It’s amazing how arrogant the equalist ‘scientists’ are in their denial of basic biological facts.

  18. notice how when the leftists are presented with irrefutable evidence, their go-to tactic is to then turn the issue into a question of motive. sure, maybe the evidence is correct, but these people are evil sexist racists, therefore we must disregard their “old fashioned” research. “old fashioned”? what the hell does that have to do with anything? who cares what “most people” think if they are all fucking wrong! assholes like that really get under my skin. how can a man of that age be so logically inconsistent and willfully ignorant?

    1. It’s like the church of old trying to keep the world flat and center of the solar system.

  19. 2013: the Year of the Red Pill? It may very well be, if this is any indication.
    On the subject of so-called scientists denying gender out of ideological correctness, it really is beyond the pale, a truly inexplicable type of delusion. Future generations will look back on this and wonder how anyone, let alone so many “scientists”, could so resolutely refuse to recognize something right in front of their noses, even as all the evidence for gender differences continues to pile up. Oh well, the fiction can’t last forever….

  20. Does anyone have the name of the documentary or filmmaker? I just got home eager to watch this video, and it’s been removed from YouTube.

    1. Here:
      The program is called “Hjernevask” (Brainwash) and was made by Norwegian sociologist and comedian Harald Eia.
      I`ve found a version with english subtitles for your conveniance:

  21. “Prepare for red pill domination.”
    We are preparing; most of us who know that this marxist feminist bullshit has an expiration date.
    However, the only way for red pill domination to truly come about is for the matriarchy itself to collapse and its defenders tarred and feathered publicly for their involvement in one of the biggest lies perpetrated on the minds of the average unassuming male.
    Once that happens, expect the formal ascension of the prototype Man to take his rightful place among the upper echelons of the new patriarch society; since it will be US tarring and feathering them. (maybe worse)
    The matriarchy is at critical mass; it can’t sustain itself no matter how hard SJC and SJmanginas in media, politics and academia try to support it. The more you marginalize the essential Man, the more you doom what passes for society to a dark age perspective where true progress and diversity takes a bitch seat behind Orwellian laws that promote fecklessness and mediocrity.
    That being said, these people have worked too long and too hard to get the kind of society we exist in now. They won’t go down without a fight since they’ve been too effectively programmed to defend it. They don’t care if their carefully constructed politically correct world crumbles around them; the ones that profit or otherwise benefit from feminism will fight (have others fight, actually) to the end to defend their philosophical ponzi scheme because it’s the only philosophy their blue pill minds have ever accepted as truth. Regardless of their resistance however, it will ultimately prove futile.
    You can only shit in the same river that you drink from for so long before you meet your end while talking shit about the prototype Man.
    For their part, some of the manginas will wake up from the intellectually drunken stupor they’ve been in all their lives the moment they realize they’ve been lied to by the feminist philosophy for years…and they will be quite upset by that realization.
    When the world burns, expect some of these males to be doing the burning, because their minds won’t be able to handle the fact that for the first time in their lives, they will be expected to provide for their own means rather than depending on society to feed, clothe and even think for them.
    All these perks that technology has granted us; all these can taken away by a random toss of the dice of chaos (see hurricane Katrina as an ex) or by the order of public government (see the rest of the world.)
    Very few manginas would survive the inevitable collapse in society, because these hipster douchebags think that a degree in some leftist pablum obtained in the nearest social justice programming school qualifies them as prepared for the world, when all evidence indicates the contrary.
    These useful idiots can’t even find jobs in the yeast infected vaginified society we find ourselves in because of the sheer uselessness of their liberal degrees; how much more demonstrably prevalent would their worthless nature be when formal society collapses?
    This is why i keep stressing to the real Men lurking amongst this asphyxiated cervix subservient society and those seeking escape from it: forge yourselves into the prototype Man by making yourselves truly indispensable before the collapse happens.
    Take up a skill, craft etc and learn it enough to become effective in it, and teach it to your children.
    Just a few suggestions that will come in extremely handy once the curse of prometheus takes effect:
    Firearm proficiency, carpentry, wilderness survival, survival botany, shelter building, crude weaponry skills, hunting skills (including carving up the carcass for a meal) water extraction from nature, etc.
    These are not just talents, they are life essentials that Men of the ages would teach to their male progeny in order to pass on the legacy of strength and leadership that their females, families and all of society benefited from.
    Is it any coincidence then, that the less Men became skilled in these arts, the more females rose to power over us?
    The ridicule of the Father was certainly no coincidence.

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