Why Western Men Travel To Asia For More Than Just Sex

Asian women are the most feminine in the world, both in terms of their beauty and family value. This encourages thousands of men to travel to Asia looking for qualities that have been lost in the west.

Feminine asian woman

Have you ever wondered what it is that makes a man fall head over heels with a woman? Is it her sex appeal? Her heart-stopping body? Her explosive femininity? If you find one of these attributes in a woman, it is highly likely you will fall for her, even for a while. A woman with all three of them can guarantee long nights of passion with a girl that skyrockets your libido by just watching her unbutton her shirt.

This is, of course, intriguing to us. But, the thing is, you can find plenty of women to sleep around and spice up your bed. What happens when you want to end your life as a bachelor and get more serious with a woman? Can you imagine yourself living under the same roof with a western woman and sharing an entire house instead of just a bedroom?

You will probably need to go by her rules to be living “harmoniously.” Where does that leave you? Castrated. Even worse, a western woman will want to fool around much before she settles down, making her beloved feminist movement proud by being liberal and independent in her sexual choices. Plus, most western women smoke like a chimney, eat like a pig, drink alcohol like a sponge, and swear like truck drivers.

Would you marry such a woman? Hell no.

And, let’s suppose you have found your dream woman and married her. You can kiss her femininity goodbye as soon as she has kids. She will get fatter and fatter, stop paying attention to herself (and probably you) and you will see her become more mannish day in day out.

But there is still a place on earth that western travelers cross thousands of miles for erotic vacations, or simply to find the lost femininity of women: Asia. Here are nine killer attributes that Western men find in Asian women:

1. Feminine

Asian women have held close all the family values passed on from their mothers and grandmothers before them. Values that tell women to respect their man and be submissive to them. Being feminine is an ancestral cultural characteristic that most Asian women have, one that most western women wrongly interpret as slavery. Asian women have learned to talk softly to their husbands and be submissive to them; they actually HEAR what you have to say, not just pretend and then do what they want.

2. Traditional values

You can expect to eat a meal from the hands of your lovely Asian lady every single day, even if she also has a full-time job and works hard at it. Your house will be spotlessly clean and well-taken care of. Try asking a western woman to cook for you on a daily basis and you’ll probably end up with a bump on your head from the flying ashtray, or with a dreadful sex-starvation week!

3. They willingly play the “wife” role

why men travel to Asia 2

Asian women are the pillars of the family, managing and organizing the household perfectly, but are smart enough to let you lead and have the reigns of the family. They take care of their children and love helping their husbands any way they can. They do the same for their partners, so even if you have an Asian woman as a girlfriend, you can still taste a slice of heaven in your everyday life. Generally speaking, an Asian woman has been taught she needs to make her husband happy and proud, with his relatives and friends, to have her as his wife, so she does her best to not let you down. 

4. Sexy

Most Asian women are not only family-oriented and respectful towards others. They are also caring and love themselves, too. They will make sacrifices to have a good shape (and maintain it no matter what) and please their man with it. As for their beauty, it seems that western men are particularly attracted by their slender figures (as opposed to the overweight body shapes of the west), shiny black hair, and appealing eyes.

5. Financially responsible

They are usually great money handlers, which is a huge plus when looking for a woman to start a family with. Your Asian wife will ask you each and every time she wants to spend shared money on the house. Try asking an American or European woman to do the same—Her voice will rise to the stratosphere if you try to reign in her shopping. 

6. They behave

Cheating is not an option for an Asian woman. Marriage is too sacred to them to dishonor it like that.

7. They never refuse to have sex

They never give the cold shoulder to their feeling-horny hubbies. They will still make love with you, even if they are not in the greatest mood for 1000+1 Arabian nights.

sexy asian girl

8. They adapt quickly

They can act like a Western lady in particular ways without losing their subservient nature.

9. They avoid direct confrontations

They avoid conflicts and arguments with their other half and pursue a harmonious relationship, first and foremost. 

In Closing

Asian women have proven that being feminine does not make them weak or a slave, unlike what most women of the west tend to believe. The women’s movement is not severely damaged by women that love their husbands and their families. Additionally, Asian women are smart and strong, while knowing what is means to care for their loved ones. Their beauty is definitely a sight for sore eyes and their behavior a balsam to the soul. Who can compete with that?

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263 thoughts on “Why Western Men Travel To Asia For More Than Just Sex”

  1. All I have to do to be an Alpha man is abandon the West and everything the White man has built, forever and ever.

  2. Having a wife, from any predominantly Anglo country, is like having a pet rattlesnake. The vibe they give off is one if hostility and hiss if they don’t get their way. The fact that you have to Game your own wife constantly to keep her from leaving is another reason why Western women suck.
    Personally, I don’t think I will be getting married at all. I can’t leave the US any l time in the foreseeable future, and it would be insane to try to get married here.

    1. Part of that is the betrayal from the people in power. Thy cause it to be so expensive. The divorce laws are to keep the man in a inferior position by brainwashing and financial straight jacket. The women know that they can walk and have more money by divorcing.

    2. Dude, you gotta game your wife no matter where she’s from if you don’t want her to turn into a soul stomping 7 headed hydra after the honeymoon. Ir’s just the responses and severity that change really, but you still will get shit tested even if you find an alien woman, women are women are all women ;).

  3. Keep in mind that asian cultures are generally group centric, as opposed to western cultures that put the individual first. This is part of what makes asian women attractive as wives, they will put others interests before their own. The problem is when they relocate to a western culture they start to conform to the western culture around them.

    1. ” . . .they will put others interests before their own.”
      And expect men to do the same. Enjoy your karōshi.

      1. The common wisdom of those of us that have married Filipinas, and this is probably true with any Asian woman, is that you don’t just marry the woman, you marry her whole family.

    2. What year are you guys living in? It’s all about the individual now, even in Asia. Stop treating Asia like it’s on another planet completely.

  4. Seems a little too good to be true. But what do I know. So long as they aren’t the submissive doll-like doormats my weeaboo friends think they are I can’t say it’s out of the question.

  5. Speaking from personal experience as a Filipino, Asian women are just as messed up as their western counterparts. What they do lack is the decadent feminism and sexual promiscuity rampant in the West but most of the other qualities listed in the article don’t conform to my experience. Putting someone on a pedestal, as is done with this article should be a no no.

    1. As an American male married to a Filipina I have to agree. The submissive Asian woman is a total western myth. They want what they want and they intend to get it. They just go about getting it in a much better way. I don’t mind being manipulated by affection and sex nearly as much as I do by threats and violence. Also, my experience is that yes they will ask before spending money but they are no better money managers than western women. You have to say no a lot, and very forcefully. They do occasionally refuse sex, but it is not common, and sexless marriages are practically non-existent. They are taught by their mothers, just as western women used to be taught, that wife is a job with actual obligations; one of which is to take care of your husband’s sexual needs. My mother in law advised my wife that if she didn’t’ take care of me in the bedroom than a woman down the street would, and that she would deserve that for failing in her duties. You will never hear a western woman admit that wife comes with duties.
      As stated above the women of Asia have missed out on becoming sluts. Practically the first words out of my wife’s mouth when we met were that she was a virgin and would be on her wedding night. If I didn’t like that I should leave now. All our dating, two years, was chaperoned. Two weeks before our wedding she told me that I was the first boy she had ever kissed. This was accomplished by teaching her that sex was great, but highly addictive, the warning was once tried always wanted, so wait until you are married. Then they assumed girls were just as horny as boys and made sure she was escorted by a male family member everywhere she went.
      All in all I would agree that all men should marry an Asian woman before a western woman. That isn’t saying much, as I think all men should contemplate suicide before marrying a western woman.

    2. Bullshit.
      Decadent feminism and sexual promiscuity are the 3 biggest traits (you forgot fat) that make western women intolerable.
      You sir are a whiner.

        1. Asian women .
          Slant eyed American women.
          Thought I’d fix that for you.
          There is a big difference. You should know that.

        2. I do know that and as a first generation Filipino with most of my extended family still across the pacific, I am not speaking of westernized Asians.

    3. Women are women. Certain shades and cultures have different quirks for the better or worse, but some things are just universal. I’m not one of those “muh hypergamy!” types, I can see positive and negative traits unique to both men and women. Men can smash up a woman’s body and face with ease, but in turn women can smash up a man’s heart and soul much more easily. I think women from non-Anglo cultures do have more positives habits and views overall, that work to bring about the positives of both men and women, but black widows still lurk inside them, much like raging beasts sit in men.

      1. Hey, asshole, don’t ruin the tenor of this discussion by pulling out the, “calm, reasonable and logical” card. I want wild-eyed hysteria, combined with slavish adherence to stereotypes.

  6. I dunno man… I’ve seen friends of mine married to Asian women who were born there and came here, and they run into similar issues.

      1. To a great extent true, but culture can modify how their nature is expressed. Social controls worked to produce reasonable women in the west for thousands of years. It is only recently where the train has gone off the rails.

      2. Funny, I cant see they have absolutely anything at all in common..its like the Asian women are from a different planet. Women might be women, but what you see here, is not women. U cant use them as the template of all women.

    1. If a beta marries a great woman or bad woman, his end result will be a bad woman. I suspect that a woman raised to look to the husband to be the strong decision maker will come to hold a weakling herbivore pastel wearing beta in strong contempt in time.

      1. This is a reply both to you and to Bill the Butcher (nice reference to Gangs of New York). Being married to a Filipina, I have become part of a large social circle of American men with Filipina wives, which are much more numerous in my area than I thought prior to bringing one back. There are two things I have noted that explain Bill’s experience and also yours. First you can’t make a house wife out of a whore. If she was a whore in the Philippines she will be a whore in the US. Change of location will not change the person. I have seen more than one American man I knew marry a Filipina where he met here through her “work”. This never turned out well. Secondly you are correct, they expect alpha male, and you better be ready to bring it and keep on bringing it. If you are the typical western/American “equal partnership” husband they will walk all over you and despise you for it.

        1. Interesting comment.
          It is important for men considering foreign wives that this applies not just to asian women, but most certainly latinas as well.
          A man can’t go into another culture which expects a man to lead/be a less passive man and then later be surprised when there are issues when he isn’t a strong enough man.
          I’ve noticed that some men who go overseas are those who aren’t really very confident or might not have the right “frame” for those women. Not all men, but I’ve definitely seen it.
          Learned a few things, myself, as well!

        2. Yea there are hopeless betas of course they will always suffer. But most are somewhere in between and will do alright.

      2. Bingo.
        If I had a dollar for every case I know of where some American beta hooked up with a foreign woman and got eaten alive, I could but a round trip ticket to where some of those women are.
        Foreign women expect a man, not a boy or pastel wearing mangina fag. It’s the big leagues. Hook up with a foreign woman and kiss the video games and flip flops and being a fat lazy slob goodbye.

  7. My brother is dating a nice filipina girl.. going strong for like 5+ years.
    She is sweet, feminine, takes care of her figure, is nice to me and our extended family, hard-working (getting her masters), laughs, smiles, is content with a chillin lifestyle, sticks with him through hard times… Bottom line is they make each other happy.
    She is a delightful woman and I hope they stay together.
    I really don’t know how a western woman can compete with that… Every western gf I’ve had has bailed every time I have to deal with real life problems (i.e. family, financial, etc.). Then all the sudden they show up again when I’m back on my feet and killing it. Fuck these whores is all I gotta say…

    1. Shovels, Clark, shovels.
      Stock up on them. When the collapse comes, every woman should get one, and nothing more. No food, no shelter, no protection.
      The shovel is to bury her with you see it would take time to go find one but if one is there right next to the body that’s convenient. Surely western women can appreciate convenience.

    2. I went to college in norther cali. Being from a certain section of the Mid Atlantic I had never run into a large population of Asian women. All I can say is wow. They are absolutely incredible as long as they are first generation. They are smart, slim, family oriented, and know how to take care of their man in bed.
      And of course white women (especially feminist ones) can’t stand them as you as is evident from all the “Tiger mom” and “Fit mom” media hate.

        1. Been there. The issue with Latinas is education. When a latina goes to college she turns into a bitch… relative to Asians.

        2. Filipinas are mostly Asian culturally and ethnically, but they were ruled by Spain for over 400 years (mostly through Mexico) and absorbed a lot of Latina characteristics and genes. In my experience you can find a lot of Filipinas with Latina asses, and I am an ass man and a Latina lover from way back.

        3. I would agree with that. Educated latinas are big snobs. They aren’t much different to Northern American women.
          Educated Asian women, on the other hand, are ok, unless they are from Japan, Korea or Singapore.

        4. When I desire to marry into immediate castration, and paying for everything but not be allowed to enjoy it, I will move there. Or, I could just try to marry an American, and cut down on the travel costs. Or ship her fat ass there, and wait for them to at least kick my son out.
          Whoot, whoot!

        5. I’ve also noticed this, but for some reason a Latina with a MBA still can’t shack their dumbness. It’s like a educated dumbass!

        6. Meh, my experience in those three particular countries is thus – if they turn into snobs, they were already snobs not yet fully transformed.

    3. During my twenty years in Asia, I’ve slept with girls from every country. The “best” depends on you as “one man’s meat is another man’s poison.”
      But a few things are true:
      1. Every Asian nationality is superior to the ball busting I got in the USA from every race. It’s got to be the fucked up American psyche. I prefer Thais and an Indo did get an extended run.
      2. They are accomidating sexually and great when you play your role properly. Beta pussies confuse them.
      3. They will turn a blind eye as long as you are discrete and they don’t lose face in their community and culture. If so then, like all women, watch out – and make your escape fast.
      I can’t see myself ever returning to the USA – not unless I do a Michael Douglas and find my Asian Catherine Zeta Jones who’s 20-25 years younger.

        1. Definitely but I wasn’t referring to the pay-to-play market. That too in Asia is superior to the USA if that’s what you want. But I think you become lazy and are fooling yourself as to your prowess if you take that route.

        2. If you have no game to even get legitmately pissed at Western womyn’s mentality, you stand no chance in Asia without paying somehow.

      1. As a second-generation Asian American who wishes she could be as ball-busting as her grandmother from China, I am laughing hysterically at point #1.
        My darling, they treat you nicely because they perceive all Westerners as privileged and loaded and capable of giving them nice shit. Nowhere in the world will you find your ideal woman, so loving and feminine that she is automatically blown away to be in the presence of your dick. I say this with native pride–they are good to you because to them, you’re filled with shiny, money-filled possibilities. You are a McMansion, you are the American school system. You are their ticket out. She does not–will not–love you, or respect you. She is eager to do whatever it takes. Oh, this is so good. I can’t wait to share this with my female relatives in Asia.

        1. >second generation Asian-American
          Westernization has long destroyed your view of real people.

        2. Bitch! How DARE you take away my racist, stereotype-fueled fantasies from me? They’re all TRUE, I tell you! TRUE!

        3. Did you not read my comment about my grandmother? In fact, my mother and her mother are both East Asian–not American. So are my female relatives, and I–the tragic Western–am probably the shyest, quietest girl of the lot. If you shared this article with them, they would look at you in absolute disbelief and then beat you with a stick or their fists.
          “Destroyed your view of real people.” Yes because the racist, baseless visions you have of docile Asian women from a continent you’re probably completely unfamiliar with, are “real.” You, who probably never looked at a woman in her life without imagining her as a sexual object that exists solely to serve your puerile needs. What you imagine to be women are definitely “real.” 100% empirical, bona-fide, fact-checked reality.

        4. I live in Asia too, and they certainly seem to love me. If not I can’t tell the difference. I don’t care if they do or not anyway. I mostly care about her cooking and cleaning and being allowed to savagely penetrate all her orifices. I enjoy having women 20 years younger and if she leaves I can get another one within a week. And here’s the best part: I don’t lose my assets. What’s not to like? Inexpensive younger Asian women, my favorite!

    4. Not to spout conspiracy (singular) but I truly believe that there’s a reason why ,,american diseased culture” has not reached it’s tentacles into the asian continent. Wherever ,,american culture” touches a country, it changes said people at a very sub-concious level. Now, when I say ,,american culture” I’m referring towards the closely calculated influences, of unity, religion and sanity destruction. It’s becoming more and more obvious now. What can be done ?

      1. What do you mean exactly?
        Are you asking how the American marketing machine targets new groups? Or do you mean how does the western cultural “ideal” spread around internationally???
        The first thing that comes to mind… Hollywood.

        1. and to add something there, the only reason for which the american culture has not yet touched asian land (Thailand excluded) from my point, I think it’s war.

        2. By ‘touch’ you mean sending them propaganda (aka Hollywood culture indoctrination) or do you mean actually placing installations there?
          And yeah… what I gather from Asia and Russia is that they ain’t fuckin around.

        3. Hollywood culture indoctrination is the most visible and obvious step taken to ensnare a populus, there are steps they take against each and every identity factor of said populus i.e. patriotism, national values, family values – they create the perfect and most eficient methods of culture destruction and uphold it through tv, movies & music, holding it up high like that’s the new pattern we should function upon. What’s most desturbing when I found out about this, was not my suspicious view about it, but that the most morons that adhere to these new TV spawned mentalities are the women.,, Who are the women and what impact do they have ? ” people ask – well the women are the culture propagation factor. They decide (based on alpha factors) who gets to multiply and who does not. Now that my friends is but just one fracture of a description of the hole we find ourselves in today.

    5. There was this female I knew in Vancouver, Canada (a solid beginning to a horror story; I know…). Her then-boyfriend (fucking awesome guy: deeply respectful toward everybody who demonstrated themselves to be respect-worthy, well-educated, chill, has goals in life) went through some rather nasty situations where family members of his had crises to deal with and he was there for them to tough it out, he got fired from his then-job (due to “exhaustion”, as his boss put it) and was jittered with anxiety for a couple months. This particular female dumped him because (the reason she told me) she “couldn’t deal with the stress”. It was at that moment that I lost all respect for her. The man toughed it through, and, last I heard, he’s on his way to running and operating his own high-end restaurant. I have no idea what she’s up to.

      1. Fuck her man, glad to hear your friend has landed on his feet.
        I’ve seen this exact thing play out quite a few times in my life and it makes my blood boil. This has happened to me as well as to really good friends.
        An anecdote, last year, one of my closest friends (same age as me, 27) had the most horrific fucking year. His dad was diagnosed with cancer and died within 10 months. My buddy was in the middle of a demanding Masters program in information science at University of Toronto and was already going through a ton of stress. He has few assets to be passed down to him as his sister and mother are both obese and refuse to work… living in an apartment. His mom and sister left to a small town to live off his father’s life insurance money and abandoned him in the city of Toronto to finish school.
        At this time, my buddy was living with his girlfriend of 4 years in an apartment that was being rented to them by her rich parents. When all this shit hit the fan for him guess what happened… she dumped him because “she couldn’t handle the stress”. So now on top of all these burdens this guy is having to go through, he has to organize moving out of his gf’s place into his own apartment and deal with the fact that this girl he truly cared for just stopped giving a shit about him.
        Anyways… he managed to pull through this, finish his degree, and is now making a liveable income living on his own… He plays music in bands and is dating new girls… He is dealing with this shit like a champ and I’ve told him how much I’ve come to respect him seeing him pull through that and come out on top… Don’t get me wrong though… You can see that this left him with some grief that is going to take years to fully process.
        Guess who is now sending him coy emails again??? You guessed it… his ex girlfriend who wants back some of the benefits of a loving boyfriend who took care of her through thick and thin. Fuck her… I used to be good friends with her but she lost my respect… if he dumped her because she was going through a hard time like that I’d lose respect for him too… But who does that??? Oh yeah the fucked up spoilt bitches of Toronto… Fuck these hoes.. I could go on and on with more stories but yeh basically I hear you man I understand.

        1. Harsh story. She needs to be taught a lesson. Ideally one that would crush her ego and shame her before a great number of people. There is little more painful that true humiliation.

    6. A western woman can produce a son that looks like your sorry white, western ass. Competition over. Most white men want a white woman and only seek out foreigners after they realize that Fox News Bimbo blonde they really want is unattainable.

  8. many things, people, places, jobs, etc are sunshine and roses at first glance. time has a way of changing that.

  9. I don’t know about this. From reading this article, it seems to be the perfect woman.
    Women all over world are influenced heavily by feminist propoganda.
    Like the saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

    1. Asian cultures are much less exposed to feminist dogma for whatever reason, many openly reject it. Some more than others. That’s real.

        1. I agree.
          Nobody is going to be perfect.. None of us are perfect.
          The issue is that western women seem to bring practically nothing of true value to the relationship.
          I don’t mind to be nagged or annoyed sometimes by my woman if the other half of the time she is supportive and adds to a good life to come home to.

  10. I once worked for a Japanese company in Florida and I gotta say that Japanese women look 10 years younger than they actually are and are the prettiest you can find.
    There are downsides though. First, if you got a woman who is say 22, she looks like she’s 12. If you’re a perv into that sort of thing well I can’t help you there.
    Second, she might become a “dragon lady” when she ages. What I mean by this is, they do get old, and they tend to be a little jaded when they hit 40. Most of them do not get hit with the Fatocalypse but she might take up smoking and if you don’t stand up for yourself she will become a little dominant. Overall they age much much better than western women.

  11. Oh please, Asian women are becoming more westernized every day. Sure, in general they are still better than western women but don’t make them out to be perfect saints. And jesus christ, don’t put the pussy on a pedestal. Women are still women, the problem with western women is their rampant and uncontrolled hypergamy. Asian women have a more controlled hypergamy, that’s really it.

    1. No, they have becoming more Westernized because they now dye their hair and to lesser extent use contact lenses, but otherwise they remain Asian 🙂

      1. Sure western men are perfect. Bad hygiene, poor dressers, dirty fingernails, bad teeth, hair growing out of your nose and ears. Asian women only want you when you pay.

  12. We need to be careful not to put women on a pedestal, and to realize that in their own ways, that AWALT. However, in my experience and observation, Asian women do tend to be more feminine, more refined, and better looking in general (in the latter case, that is probably my yellow fever talking), but aren’t necessarily “submissive”. I have heard many horror stories of guys having a blast as a single guy bustin’ all kinds of nuts on all of the “gaijin groupies” and “kokujin krazies” (those are Japan-specific terms, but apply to just about all of East Asia, just too lazy to come up with alliterations for each language), only to wind up in a lackluster, sexless marriage where the wife takes all of the money (not because the traditional culture says that women control household finances and make proper decisions for the family, mind you, but to buy Prada bags or whatever).
    That said, I had a great time dating in Guangzhou and other places in China.
    PS: LOL about number 6. I, and just about every foreigner that I know has pounded out the püh of a sexually frustrated married woman in East Asia.

  13. Doesn’t seem like that in Singapore. The country is turning into a mini version of America culturally where the women are turning more and more aggressive, less homely and more independent. The Sarong Party Girls, SPGs, exclusively go after white expatriates here but even the white expats are starting to treat them as pump and dump material when they realize that they aren’t the nice and sweet submissive Asian women that they thought. More and more local Singaporean men are turning to Thailand, Vietnam and China to find foreign wives. Very similar to the situation in the US.
    And interestingly, it’s not just Singaporean women in the same category. As a real estate agent, I attended to two couples. One was a German and the other was a British man. Both are married to China women. In less than 10 min of conversation, I could tell that their wives were the ones dominating them and really making the buying decisions. My take in all this is that women everywhere tend to be the same. They’ll look for ways to dominate the men especially in marriage. It’s just that in developed countries like Singapore and the US, the situation is getting even more extreme.

    1. Since Singapore is a former British colony, that should had been a foregone conclusion.
      In real life, I even met a Chinese girl from China who openly agreed with me that HKers are “too British”, in context pertaining to this conversation.
      After all, British society is so warped, to the point that instead of holding Gwenhwyfar (Guinevere) accountable, Church of England is on its way to ordain her as its first-ever SAINT and simultaneously playing the blame game with its usual targets (Jews, Muslims, Germans, Asians, immigrants, men, to name a few).

      1. Just reminded me of my friend from London working here in Singapore. He doesn’t like the local chicks here and actually prefers the Indonesian and philippino women when he travels outside. Much easier to handle and have sex with than local Singaporean women. Can’t say I blame him…

  14. I’ve seen to many men bring back Filipino wives who ran off on them once they got to the states this is after they banged half their friends. I cannot recommend marrying a Filipino the risks are too high.

  15. Well, marriage is a compromise, regardless whether a wife is from the East or the West. A guy gives up on being a dog and trades for sexual security, health, and children. (Married men live longer) Eastern women are just as domineering as their western counterparts, IF their husbands allow them to be. It’s up to the man to maintain dominance. If he doesn’t there’s no one else to blame but himself.

    1. Studies have shown that it is not being married that results in longer life, but rather not living alone. When controlled for having someone to call 911 when you have that heart attack, all correlation to being married disappears.

      1. That’s interesting, can you cite a URL or link for that? It would be nice to be able to throw that out in real life conversations with some level of confidence.

        1. Sorry, I thought I had saved the reference but I have not. I can cite 93 studies that show that women initiate IPV more often than men, I know, off topic.

        2. So in other words educated women because of their hypergamy were more likely to give ass to white collar alphas than construction workers.

        3. So in other words educated women because of their hypergamy were more likely to give ass to white collar alphas than construction workers.

        4. One of the many faults with the studies noted above is selection bias. The other principle fault is conflating correlation with causation. The honest studies, one of which is cited above, give these as caveats which almost wipe out any useful ability to interpret the results. If you include the life expectancy decrease in the case of divorced men then the net longevity impact is strongly negative. Most of these studies include divorced men in with single men and only count married men as the ones that got to the grave still married. Since about 50% of marriages end in divorce this taints all the studies.
          You have to know what you are about to be able to evaluate the validity of these studies and to judge what conclusions can be drawn from them. Often you have to check the methodology and the raw data. These are never given in the newspaper reports of the results. I do these kinds of studies for a living, so I know what to look for.

        5. Well. Most of the “studies” are from feminist propaganda factories… which
          1. Don’t pass the bullshit test, cause feminists aren’t good at common sense.
          2. Have political motivation to spin the outcomes.

        6. This is exactly true. One university where I taught came out with a study that showed that 80% of the female and 60% of the male campus population had been sexually assaulted. I was able to get access to the methodology and raw data. The study was typical feminist propaganda. Students were asked many questions, then the authors interpreted what they wanted to as sexual assault. One telling interpretation was any yes response to the question, have you ever been looked at on the intercampus bus, was equal to sexual assault. That is the type of “study” coming out of academia today.

      2. Sorry, but your “facts” suffer from a lack of evidence. Studies are EASILY available regarding the health of men and marriage, but hey, you believe what you want, I’m not going to condemn you over this! If you want to stay single, or unmarried, go for it. Please make sure that I don’t have to pay for your kids, is that too much to request?

        1. I have 6 children. All of them are adults. They are all productive members of society who will be paying for your social security. If you want to thank me please PM me and I will give you information on where you can send the money.

        2. Sorry but women do not add years to your life…. And unlike Lionesses they do not pick the weakest males to sink their teeth into, but rather the strongest.

        3. Well, the scientific facts do not bear out your opinion. As for the “lionesses” I do know that a strong man should be able to “handle” a strong woman. I’ve got one, myself.

        4. Excuse my rhetoric. I wasn’t saying your children as a pejorative term. I meant it as a generic term for everyone who decides that marriage isn’t for them, while fatherhood remains an option. (I don’t want your children to pay for “my” social security, thanks, I don’t need it…) However, I stand by my statement, that the science shows men live longer with a woman, preferably a spouse. Like I said, you can believe what you want, but your “facts” just don’t fit the science. Oh, and congratulations on six successful kids! Please, that’s a compliment.

        5. The article you cite does not disprove my contention. Read my explanation below of how the studies such as this one are flawed. BTW this one is more honest than most. The problem with the general public consuming such studies is that they don’t have the training which would enable them to evaluate the results. I do these studies for a living and know what to look for and how they fail.

    2. Sorry dude, but Asian women don’t fight over who should be making dinner.
      Define domineering.

    3. Tiger moms are proof of that.
      My brother had a Chinese friend whose mom was a god damn battleaxe.

  16. But the real winners are the black women. Their own kind reject them, of course, so there’s plenty to go around. Realizing their extreme lack of options, black women easily choose to be fit, hygienic, and submissive to make a man like them. You won’t find a better class of traditional femininity than black women.

    1. Yeah if you define femininity as finger wagging and rotating one’s head like it was on an orbital sander.
      No thanks. They are the meanest fattest women around and they are the model for where the white women are headed too. (already headed)

      1. “Orbital sander”. That’s the truth. Black women have such a sense of social entitlement. Work in a grocery store and tell me which race/sex has the worst customers.

  17. It is easy to get laid in Phillipines as a white man. A bald overweight guy i know with a busted face was hooking up with women 15 years his junior quite regularly.
    The main reason men run into problems with S.E Asian women is because they hook up with scammers, bar girls or they are just too beta. You don’t need to be really ‘alpha’ to display dominance to these women. Compared to western women they are easy t handle. They do sulk like children when they don’t get their way though.

      1. Yeah a lot of Western men don’t get that because they spend too much time hanging out with bar girls. Places like Thailand, Vietnam etc are full of young cute educated women who wouldn’t mind dating a slightly older foreigner. Ok, perhaps they wouldn’t be crazy about a 20 year age gap but 10 years certainly doable; and you don’t have to be rich either.

  18. There’s also the case to be made that a white guy dating Asians is sort of like playing DOOM on “I’m Too Young to Die” mode. Sure, it’s smooth sailing, but also a bit boring, and designed for those whose Game sucks and who don’t want to improve.

    1. Going with the Doom analogy, American women are like Revenants. Stay away from them at all costs! xD

  19. Stop putting pussy on a pedestal. ALL women on this planet are programmed with a hamster regardless of what culture she lives in.
    One might get lucky with a foreigner in a LTR, however one must move there and totally embrace her culture. The minute you expose her to western culture you’ve got a problem.
    If getting laid is the only goal, there are much cheaper alternatives. A good brothel for example.

      1. Actually, I think Terance Popp has worked out the numbers, and yes prostitution usually is a long term cost savings. My experience supports that. If all you are interested in a woman for is sex, then why not just go to prostitutes. Personally I found it not fulfilling and wanted a whole and full spectrum relationship. I bear the costs of that decision, and I am satisfied with the cost benefits. That does not mean I am blind to the costs over and above that for sex with a prostitute. Nor does it make me look down on those that decide to go another way.

        1. I think self-abuse would be better than any prostitute/stripper/porn star that is available in the US. If you want quality service with a decent woman at a price within reason you have to leave the country. But the kernel of my point is that you may be able to get a 7 and bang her relatively cheaply (free pussy never is) but eventually as you get older that free pussy gets pretty rare. Also, you have to include your time and the many wasted efforts into the cost of that one 7 you score. I am assuming you are a young fit man. I hate to be the first to inform you that this is not a permanent situation. I am approaching 60, and the free pussy available to me in this area is not worth having. You will find that women in their 30s, and later, start wanting commitment and that damn quick.

        2. I do not doubt that for an older man that hookers are cheaper than dating… but I’m not an older man.

        3. Let me add that the Terrance Popp calculation was hookers versus marriage. My other points still apply. I did choose marriage to a slim young Filipina over all other choices. Once that choice is made you don’t stray. Thailand has the largest number of penis reattachment surgeries in the world. Some doctors specialize in nothing else. The Philippines can’t be far behind based on my wife. You cheat and you and your penis will be going in opposite directions.

        4. Western or Eastern, street walker or call girl,mistress or FWB: all bring something different to the table.

  20. Obviously no woman here can compete with that. So instead, they shame men going there, calling them sex-traffickers and sex-tourist, losers who cant get laid etc etc.
    And sadly, it works.

    1. What is the difference between a woman traveling to the Middle East or Caribbean for “romance” and a man traveling to the Far East for sex? Not much, but one is much more deluded and socially acceptable; guess which one

      1. One deserves a movie script and conjures up “feelings.”
        The other will be criminalized, ridiculed, and treated like the worst thing since the Black Plague.

    2. I see what you’re saying, but let’s be honest. A lot of men are far too complacent and simply don’t have the internal strength to get outside Boringville, USA and get on an airplane and meet a more flavorful variety of women.
      You have to step outside your comfort zone to progress in life. So, so many men are far too afraid or lazy to do so.

      1. I think they are afraid of being shamed when they return with their Asian beauty. But perhaps they are lazy as well, hoping against all odds things will get better.

        1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that come up, but interesting thought.
          I do remember some men here mentioning how they got treated when they were with their younger (coincidentally) asian wife.
          On the other hand, since I plan to be with a younger women, it has already entered my thought processes.
          I concluded that the same people who (if it does happen) would try to give me problems would be the same people who would not give a damn if I was otherwise alone in front of them. They count for nothing, and I will not tolerate bullshit or and pettiness from others, especially jealous older fat women.
          You have to be prepared for such things, I suppose, deal with it like a man.

        2. Yes my lovely Filipina wife is considerably younger than me and I catch shit about it from many sources close and far. A youngish guy came up and asked me how I handled that aspect of my choice. I told him it was a good thing that I stopped giving a shit what other people thought a very long time ago.

        3. Agree. I think you’re always going to have that shaming (any younger woman versus older woman). But, in particular, yes…any woman from outside the U.S..
          The women here hate the competition so they’ll attempt to shame a man. But, if they go on that singles cock cruise then it’s deemed “acceptable”.
          You have to love the equality.

        4. Yeah, bringing the rice burner to bubbaville probably won’t work. Then you wake up one morning and your Asian honey has taken off to NY, LA, Chicago…….

        5. I now have a wide social group of Filipina women of all ages that I know. I can show you multiple women in their late 40s that are totally hot. I know some women in their 50s that are not hot but still very slim and attractive. I show pictures at work of my wife and her friends taken at the local disco and the guys refuse to believe the ages of the women. My experience is that Asian women tend to age very well.

        6. I didn’t read any comments here from men wanting to go to Asia to hook up with children. You’re the only one talking about it, so it’s clearly on your mind. See a psychiatrist.

    3. I’ve even heard Australian women refer to men dating Asian women as ‘pedophiles’. Since when is a 35 year old man dating a 25 year old woman a pedophile? This a weird form of racism if they believe a grown Asian woman is a ‘child’. There’s nothing more amusing than a Western woman scorned by competition. They don’t know how to handle it.

  21. All women are the same everywhere. These foreign girls become as bad if not worse that feminist American shanks quickly.

      1. Many. All woman are genetically the same. All hypergamous gold diggers. They will turn on you as soon as a bbd comes along.

        1. But then you assume that women are, per default, as Western women. If thats the truth then everything is OK then, why should we not allow people to be who they are ?

        2. I know one has to be very careful, but no, not all women are the same. On the other hand, I don’t test the waters (don’t ever want to put things in the position where a women has that temptation).

    1. Dont think so. Could imagine Russians becoming that way but thats because their culture is a bit more like ours

    2. American women are so vile because of all the feminist evil in which they are raised. Foreign girls can never be as bad if they come here as adults. They might get worse than in their home country. But they will never be as bad as women born her.
      When woman internalizes that being a good wife and mother as a young girl is the epitome of womanhood you have a much easier time than what we deal with.

    3. No. Because not all women have been raised as Gods on Earth like Anglo women have. Accountability is gone in Western women by the time they are 5 years old these days. There are actual elements of humanity in non-Anglo women. Shame, humility, appreciation, reality. 300 pounds monsters in the West are walking around with this, “You know you want some of this. You can’t have any!” fog of delusion. But when tens of millions of delusional slobs band together then it never occurs to them how insane they’ve become.

  22. It’s amazing that any man on planet earth would even consider even consider dating a western women considering the absolutely poor quality of them. Not only are they unattractive, they are extremely bitchy and narcissistic and way too expressive for what you get in return. In fact, you are better off single then dating one of them. Sometimes nothing is better than something.
    I would rather go out with a polish girl.

  23. I don’t have “Yellow Fever” but I do like that thing that Asian girls can do with their mouths…
    …You know: shut it and keep it closed and not constantly bitch about how everything isn’t “good enough” for them.
    À bientôt,

    1. Agree. Feminism has turned into nothing but a bitch fest, now. Once women get one thing, then the bitch about the next thing (that they don’t have).
      Women are holding other women back (for example on the equal pay issue: not men). That bullshit is getting old and many are not buying into it any longer.
      Western women are terrible for LTRs….who the hell wants to listen to nonstop, 24 hr bitching about shit she doesn’t have?

    2. Tbh, that’s how people outside of the west generally act
      You gotta have a rather spoiled upbringing to believe that anything that offends you is some kind of oppression

      1. Tbh, that’s how people outside of the west generally act
        Right, but it was funnier the way I phrased it. 😀

  24. I lived in China for 6 years, just got back recently ( I also travelled to neighbouring countries as well, vietnam, japan, korea, cambodia…)
    I can 100% say for certain there are many women I met there who fit the above description perfectly. Girls what would blow your mind
    Kind, polite, educated, easy going, aware of whats going on in the world politically, think before they speak, self control, happy, great outlook on life…. I wouldn’t say subservient, I prefer to say non ball busting , I think western girls view not being ball busting as “subservient” the list REALLY goes on.
    I even met a “white” girl in a local pub who tried to chart me up, despite me turning her down very politely, she snapped at me, screeched and went on and on about how white guys think we are king in china. I told her we dont think we are kings, its just we are sick of ball busting, entitled westernised bitches like you and we now avoid you like the plague
    Though I must also say, China is cut throat, Thrive or die, and as a result, there are many opportunistic women as well…. especially in big cities like Beijing
    Though I definitely met girls over there that blow my mind and living my whole life in Canada, none of them were a fraction of asian women.
    And before the predictable claims come out of them simply wanting to come to a western country… many of those girls were of wealthy families and wanted me to marry and live there…..

    1. Cool.
      I have a super-beta (but super fucking smart) friend who just came back to North America from Singapore and he said the exact same thing.
      Lol he told me I’d be a rock-star if I went there
      If he could score pussy in Singapore… a giant squid could score pussy in Singapore. xD

    2. I think western girls view not being ball busting as “subservient” the list REALLY goes on.
      Indeed. Although I prefer (and seem to attract) submissive girls, there is a difference b/w a girl being submissive, and a girl who Isn’t A Cunt.
      End Transmission,

    1. You must be referring to having one of the better-looking Mexicanas.
      I just turned down a short, slightly chubby one this weekend. Not a lot of fine Mexicanas here in the USA, in my experience.
      No me gusto las rellenitas (I don’t like the chubbies).

  25. I don’t know where this stereotypes come from. The middle/upper class urban chinese women (the ones that actually look the hot) have spoiled princess syndrome owing to the 107 male to 100 female ratio. Sure they are thinner, but they bring out the daggers just as quickly. It is probably just lost in the cultural translation. The passive aggressiveness of Chinese women is second to none.
    Japan and Korea. Same thing.
    Now if you are running through rural China or SE Asian, yes you are going to find women who will act like women but then again they live in the 3rd world, and landing a 1st world beta provider is like hitting the lottery.

  26. Asian women still shit-test. I know this from dating a Taiwanese girl. Still sweet as can be though.

  27. Just remember that girls that chase white guys are practicing their own form of hypergamy. You’d be using your AWALT knowledge to fuck women and screw a lot of decent men just struggling to get by.
    My own mother was a hypergamous whore who cared about one things, height and blue eyes, and she got her alpha fucks that way, but as soon as her asian good digger incentives kicked in, she realized my dad’s 40k a year salary wasn’t enough and she went nuts and killed herself. Asian women aren’t angels, especially if they’re chasing outside of their race. It’s just honest talk. My mother destroyed her kids… She did that tiger mom shit with my brother and then when she died he was completely helpless and eventually was institutionalized, now he can’t even utter a sentence because his mind has been destroyed by drugs and schizophrenia. He goes out in public with crumbs and shit all over his shirt. Then there’s the issue of looking nothing like dad.
    Every day I think why my mother didn’t like asian guys. That’s when it dawned on me that appearance and race and physical factors are all women care about for fucking and reproduction. Even my own mother did this, so I’ve been red pill since day one. Of course then there’s me, not white enough for white girls and not white enough for asian girls. At least if I were asian I could have the delusions of thinking that it’s my “character” that is important. We all know it’s not. I could ask my mom and she would tell me to be a nice guy, but instead I see a mom who paraded her tall white guy around and thought she was too good for asian men, even the ones wig supported her and were kind to her her whole life.
    I’ve been thinking rationally about suicide since it’s the only way out of this literal hell on earth. If you guys think Asia is better for you at least be dignified about it and please, I beg you, don’t get involved with asian women that hate asian men. They only give birth to people like me, who feel worthless and suicidal to the core and have been through more horrible experiences than anyone else on this board. Seeing my own father and brother reduced to stuttering homeless shells is one, but realizing my own mother was the worst kind of whore really takes the cake as to the number one reason I have no qualms with shooting myself other than destroying my pretty face.

    1. I would like to show your post to all the hardcore Sarong Party Girls (SPGs) here in Singapore. It would serve as a cautionary warning when their own racial hypergamic instincts run amuck. Probably wouldn’t change things but would still be glad to see them squirm and get mad. Lol

    2. Get some money, get some escorts going and move on from the ‘identity’ stuff. You need to get some momentum going Johnny. Look up the Joe Rogan ‘Hero in your own movie’ clip on youtube.

  28. They travel because America has been over saturated with Bullshit!
    E.g. goodlookingloserexposed.wordpress.com

  29. Holy fuck, this is a timely article. At least for me. I just booked a flight to Asia earlier today.
    This is not a new thing for, since I mostly live outside the US already, though not in Asia. I’ve been to Asia many times, but always on business, with the incumbent stress and schedule. This time, I am going only to meet two different girls I met on line.
    Meeting them on line was a bit of a process. Took about 6 months to sift through a fairly large numbers you have to work through. But it was worth the effort. These two have college educations, but yet are humble, soft spoken, eager to please, and just come right out and say that they want to be submissive in a relationship.
    One thing I learned in the search is not to go for the 10’s. Well, maybe you can while there, but not on line. Like others have said, stay away from the bar scene if you go there solo without something lined up. On line – Go for the 8’s, with tight, thin bodies. They are the sweetest things you can imagine. But, meanwhile, really very horny. You don’t even need to push on that – just show interest, talk to them for a few weeks on Skype, and they start coyly hinting about sex. It goes from there.
    Talking to them is a totally different experience. They are quite intelligent. They think before they talk. They think logically, and speak coherently. These are girls that can solve problems, get things in order, get shit done, and not even break out a sweat. No drama.
    If more men had the balls to search outside the US, and especially in parts of Asia, white women would completely lose options in the US. And, it’s true that white women know this, and so the White Knights set up all sorts of obstacles to bringing an Asian woman home. I have seen it done, so know it’s possible, but also heard about all the ridiculous hoops US immigration puts you through, including the expense. Meanwhile, the White Knights are quite happy to let squatty beaners walk right into the country, travel freely, settle down, and start popping out kids.
    These will not be my first two Asians. But they were carefully chosen and I am really very much looking forward to it.
    Before, I was totally into Latinas. They are great. But now it’s time to explore Asia and the submissive pussy there.

  30. Stop churning out these same articles. They’ve been done to death. Plus they’re not true. No woman is perfect. They all bitch and moan. They all start to withhold sex after the honeymoon phase has run it’s course. Asian women and Western women are not different. Women everywhere are still just that… hoes.
    That being said, I still prefer Asian women (I am an ABC living in Asia) but as a default. Drop the pussy from the pedestal, my man.

  31. Wow! Great article! As a man who has traveled the world and dated plenty of Asian women, I have to say this article couldn’t be more accurate. Any man who has experience dating Asian women knows that in general, the points in this article are all 100% accurate.

  32. i think ill pass on this whole “white guys marrying asians women” thing. im not even attracted to them. small breasts, a child like figure, borders on closet paedophilia. id rather take a trip to eastern europe or go into a small country town if i was to go seek a wife of my own race (im european/white). why the fuck would i have these disgusting half breed children (as if the world doesnt have enough of these half breed biracial bastards. cough.. OBAMA.. cough. ) that look NOTHING like me.
    sorry but i see cross racial breeding as nothing more than treachery. Id rather honour my ancestors for their sacrifices by continuing my races line. do as you wish. you may see asian women as more feminine and obedient, but in reality in a patriarchal society ALL women are like that. its only western societys illness that is feminism that women have become unfeminine, lazy, fat, tattood, and slutty. and if feminism ever manages to worm its worm its way into eastern asian cultures youll see the women turn out the exact same way.

    1. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to see a young Asian boy and call him ‘son’. It would be a bit strange. Especially if I raised him in Asia and watched him grow up to be like so many of them here; video game obsessed, comically latent. It might not be the thing to do.
      Your whole ‘small breast, child-like figure, paedophilia’ stance is extraordinarily inaccurate, btw. That is Western gynocentric shaming being channelled straight through you, like you’re not even there. You’re just a mouthpiece being used on that point.

  33. I will never understand this glorification of asians. From my experience with asians who live here they are easily the most unattractive and obnoxious folks in the area, they never speak at a normal volume, have no idea what a line is or how to wait in one and dont even get me started on those weird eyes, misshapen faces and horrid fashion sense.

  34. As I’ve said elsewhere, as a man who loves America with all his heart, it pains me that I can’t say that I’m as proud of our women as the rest of it.

  35. Aww come on. The grass can’t be that much greener with an Asian chick. There’s got to be a catch somewhere down the line. I kind of want to think of an acronym to coin like ERSP (Elliott Roger syndrome prevention). Naah, I won’t go there. But I’ve got to admit, the pixie photos of the 9-10 chingas are pretty credit card pocket sized two dimentional eye candy. I look down at my writing, the dim lightbulb swinging above, I look down at lil’ Napoleon. What the hell, I’ll pop his ass before I pop the rest of these beers. Wait ! I thought of a better acronym. STFRAR (save this Frenchman, ride a Russian). C’mon bonerpar, we goin’ to Georgetown tonight. RUSSIAN BITCHES, HERE WE COME !
    hey napoleon, what do you get when you cross a pilot with origami?
    – I know boss, you get an Air Force of paper airplanes, right?
    – shut up wise guy, do what you’re told.

  36. The best women I ever knew came from Asia. I married one of them and all the good qualities mentioned in the article exist in her. Some guys think Asian women are flat chested, but many are not. Large breasts on a thin frame is my body type preference and I found them in abundance in China particularly in Sichuan province and Chongqing. The best thing I ever did was go overseas. The funniest thing is to watch the experience of Western women in Asia. They are completely ignored and outclassed and are quite indignant about it. They don’t handle it well at all.

    1. I have great memories of watching American women in Asia and S. America just go into full-blown tantrums when they are forced to realize where they rate internationally. Just like that, and their ‘just friends’ beta-male travelling/exchange student male buddies who presumably had begged unsuccessfully for them stateside are now completely out of reach. They can’t handle it.

    2. Thanks for the tip about Sichuan/China.
      I read other places regarding foreign women being ignored in Asian countries. As I recall one wrote a blog post/article lamenting her lack of attention there.
      I find it hilarious.

        1. I believe so, or at least one of a few I’ve seen.
          At any rate, I wasn’t to be dissappointed: the “article” & comments were full of smug, insulting remarks towards men being treated well with foreign women.
          As expected, of course.

    3. I completely disagree. I am a not particularly attractive and rather curvy half western woman. I was convinced I would be considered “fat and ugly” in Asia… but when I returned to Japan recently after living exclusively in the west for many years I was shocked. For the most part I wore a size s in Japanese sizing. Despite being unattractive, people assumed I was a model,.high school boys would want my photo and act like they were about to have a heart attack, I was scouted multiple times…. it was crazy!Like I said, I am NOT attractive so I’m certain that people acted this way simply because I look somewhat western. I cannot even imagine the amount of attention and compliments I would have gotten if I were a “fully” white girl.

  37. Another reason western men travel to asia is for pedophilia purposes. Bang a 12yo. over here and you will end up in jail. “Hey Mister, you want sucky, sucky?” Buyer beware, you could pick up an STD that you really can’t get rid of. My friend fell in love with an Asian honey. Oh yeah, soon as she got over here the claws came out, she cleaned out the house and bank account and buggered off with the kid and her green card. Have a nice day sucker!!!!!!

    1. You really only play one note don’t you? You have drunk the western feminist Kool-aide that says all men are pedophiles. There is the same very small percentage of male pedophiles; traveling to Asia for sex or staying home. In all my travels in Asia over a few decades I have never met a pedophile, and have experience universal contempt by all western male travelers for the male pedophile. It does happen but the numbers are highly inflated by feminists trying to tar all men with the pedophile brush.
      Then let us emphasize that female pedophiles are rampant in the west and pretty much get a pussy pass when caught. I have met actual female pedophiles; and I met them I the west. They had little concern about letting people know their preference, since they knew they were invulnerable to any social criticism because of ….you know, vagina.

      1. Yes. I haven’t seen or met or even heard talk of pedophilia and I’ve been goofing around in Asia for over 10 years total. I do remember some of my more studly friends getting obviously hit on by 40 year old females when they were about 14 years old themselves. I also have heard from a female cousin who teaches that there is a full-blown epidemic in our country right now concerning female teachers preying on middle school and high school boys. The numbers are staggering. The media is predictably quiet, except when it’s a real hottie so that they can peddle wanking material in the guise of media concern.

    2. When I was 13 in middle school many of my female classmates started losing their virginities. I knew a 14yo that lost it to a 21yo drug dealer. Very few men lost thiers till high school (most of my buddies did). Studies have shown that girls lose their virginities in middle school while boys tend to lose theirs in high school. Personally the age of consent in America should be lowered to 15.

  38. There’s a paradox here. If Asians are superior to us white folks, if they know it and are proud of it.. then why would they leave their glorious culture to live in a degenerate society on the brink of collapse?
    I can think of 2 reasons. 1, Asia isn’t a glorious bastion of patriarchal harmony where people live in perfect harmony. 2, those women who sign up on dating sites are mostly prostitutes, slum dwellers, single moms and generally the bottom of the barrel who are not accepted in their culture.

    1. There may be some truth to number two. According to my research, oftentimes, a lot of the Asian women that go for foreigners or that the average foreigner would end up with are women that are somehow undesirable by the locals. My observation says differently, however, and many times these “undesirables” are still in much better shape than “desirable” Western women.

      1. Undesirable often is a matter of local class prejudice. For instance the Thais don’t understand why white men want those ugly girls from the north. For them the darker skin is a totally unacceptable sign of low socioeconomic class. That most of the white men coming from America could give a rat’s ass about Thai social status is a mystery to them.

    2. I mostly know China more than the others, but there many men are not as desirable because of bad manners, hard drinking and multiple women. So we look better by default. Who thinks its a glorious culture? Nobody who has lived there. The women are the best thing about Asia and many things are inferior to the west. But it’s more laid back and it is easy for a foreigner with a college education to make money. I didn’t have to work very hard and I had significantly younger girlfriends.

    3. The Philippines is an exception to what I found to be the general rule in Asia; Asian women much prefer to remain in their home countries and cultures.

      1. That is true these days, as most Asian countries are becoming more developed, and women are more comfortable in their countries. you will still meet women that want to live in America or Europe, and I met my share of them in China, but my current “girlfriend” wants me to learn Chinese and come back to live with her.

        1. My wife and her family looked at the move to America as a temporary move until my retirement, after which we would move to the Philippines. I agreed to that because it had been my intention long before meeting my wife. Now that my wife has long years in the US, and has become used to her privacy and independence (independence in this case means lack of interference from her family), she is backing off from wanting to retire to the Philippines. I told her that as long as she can support herself, she is welcome to remain in the US while I retire to the Philippines. She then sees the light. I now have several friends that have retired to the Philippines and the overwhelming report of the men is that once they adapt to the slower more relaxed culture it is so much better for men than the US that they would never go back.

  39. Sometimes I wonder how western White, Black and Latina girls turn out at age 18 if raised entirely in Asian cultures…>.>

  40. Eh, many Asian women are very conservative when it comes to sex
    Regardless, it’s not accurate to say Asian women are submissive, or docile, etc. I actually find Asian girls more ambitious, just ambitious about important things, not retarded activist shit like white girls. If it seems like you get along better, it’s because Asians in general don’t believe strongly in any kind of dogma, and thus we rarely engage in bitter, meaningless discussions about identity issues, pretend oppression, or whatnot

    1. > Asian girls more ambitious, just ambitious about important things, not retarded activist shit like white girls.
      This is a huge plus in Asian women’s favor though.

  41. Tragically, the ONE thing oriental chicks tend to lack (as far as I have seen) is a good pair of hips.

  42. not true. lots of asian women are gold digging bitches willing to put out to get a white dude with money(so they think). a lot of them actually put out as early as 14 especially in the poorer neighborhoods.

    1. Usually with one of their own kind though. Squeeze out a kid, or two, by the time she’s 16/17, struggle since the douche who knocked her up is a flake.
      May be forced by her own poor choices and no skills that don’t include sex acts, she goes to work in a bar, finds a white tourist with a few bucks to take care of her, her kids, her family and sometimes even the dude who got her pregnant – who is still her boyfriend and will still be fucking her.
      Not an uncommon scenario amongst poorer asian countries.

  43. Asian women are just as bad as white women imo. Theyre just better at hiding the demon inside of them.

  44. White men breeding with Asian women shouldnt be promoted because it creates thugspawn like Elliot Rodgers.

  45. I’m not quite sure which extra solar asian planet you’re going to, but in my experience these are all yellow fever obsessed white boy myths. I live here and the females are nothing like you say. The only trait I see is that they are slim. So slim they lack feminine curves, so I don’t really see the feminine aspect you mention. Unless of course you consider pretentious giggling with hand over the mouth as feminine. However, most of the younger females are getting chunky yet still lack any semblance of a well rounded ass.
    Cook? LOL
    The only thing they now how to cook nowadays is an instant ramen. Hell, most of them hardly look asian nowadays…at least where I’m at. The get that eyelid surgery so their eyes look like a grey alien from beta reticuli. They die their hair all shades of shitty blonde and get those hideous colored contacts. Btich you can’t tell me your eyes are naturally green. Fuck outta here.
    I just can’t understand how a site of “red pillers” still worship the dogma of the asian woman that is somehow unlike other women. The red pill must sill be stuck in their throat, yet to be fully digested and assimilate. I’d recommend taking it as a suppository, may be more effective. Asian females are just as hypergamous, just as shallow and materilastic(even more so) and just as slutty and adulterous as any other red blooded woman.
    I will say this however, the dress code here is feminine. I dig the mini skirts and high heels, even in the freezing winter 🙂

    1. ” the dress code here is feminine.”
      Shit, that’s more than we got over here. Consider yourself lucky in that aspect at least.

  46. When I took my 1st Filipina wife to the US for a visit, my Sister and Mom were flabbergasted that she woke up before me to ensure my coffee was ready when I got up. Now this wasn’t normal for her, she had to make an effort to do this, and it did emerge later on she had a bit of a feminist streak in her. Anyway, back to the coffee thing, it came up amongst American women gathered at a family party/get together and one in the cellulite gaggle shrieked at the top of her lungs that my wife shouldn’t do such a thing, and that I could make my own dam_n coffee! While that may be true, I just looked, smiled and said, and that didn’t go down so well. My shi_t eating grin pissed them off even more. LOL.
    I ended up divorcing that Filipina a couple years later as she couldn’t keep the facade going. Now I have a Thai wife. Smart as a whip and after nearly 10 years together, still is EXACTLY the same as she was at the start and hasn’t slipped a bit, not even 1 inch in the “take care” department.

  47. are all of you singing the praises of Asian women okay with your children not resembling you and recieving potential abuse because of it?
    I have always disliked myself because I don’t resemble my parents.I don’t understand why it affects me so much….I feel like it has affected my relationship with my father greatly, like he is secretly resentful that I can’t pass as his child. some of my extended family on my father’s side have made comments about it being a shame that his children don’t have blonde hair or blue eyes. I feel they are entitled to their opinion. Still, it stings a little. It’s very embarrassing when I am out somewhere with my father. Men often “congratulate” my father for ending up with young “tail”. Women are usually incredibly rude and cold to me when I am with my father. People gossip and stare. they think I’m my father’s young asian (or latina) whore….
    My mother’s side of the family is convinced I look like a white girl. They like to show me off to their friends and they think I am being honourable because I like traditional foods and can speak Japanese (even though it was my first language….so it is nothing impressive).. Even though they love me I feel a lot of separation from them because of the way I look.
    I am very privileged in many ways, and I don’t mean to whine or complain….but I just thought what I have to say might serve as a warning to those who think having a biracial baby with an Asian woman will be something idealistic and wonderful.
    i also wanted to add that a fair number of non westernized asian women can be quite mean. Perhaps they are nice to you because you are white men, but I think asian men and eurasian women are usually better gauges of an asian woman’s true character then are white men. I used to work with a woman who turned into a sweet lamb whenever white men were present , but she treated Asian male coworkers, myself, and a beautiful Japanese coworker like shit. I am convinced she was hatefully jealous of my Japanese coworker as she made her cry and I witnessed her once try to pour hot liquid on her.

  48. Check out the movie “Teddy Bear”. It’s about how one man found his love in Thailand in an unusual way, It’s very sweet and funny, and portrays western women in a particularly nasty way. It’s on Netflix.

    1. awww, the little girl thinks anyone cares about her offended sensibilities… do you need a trigger warning or a diaper change?

  49. A few months ago, I saw a PBS doc on the last days before the fall of Saigon. Seeing so many American men try to take their Vietnamese wives and kids out before the NVA took over was an eye opener. They probably went from having a good time to falling in love with the women to falling in love with the place ad a whole.

  50. There is one catch. All man who go there, goes happy ready and with the money. Try to go without that and you will hate Asians. It is very simple: you dominate there and you get what you want. Sure you like it and you will promote it. Things will change there in 20 years. Westerns taking over and it will be same as at home.

  51. I have lived in Thailand since September 2015.
    I will never date a Western women again. After living in Thailand for almost a year I look at Western women as men.
    They are not feminine, they are loud, they dress like shit, they smell and they have no idea how to make a man happy.
    I’m happy with my Thai girls, and it will stay like that. 😀

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