Why Wasn’t Elizabeth Sandlin Charged With Rape If The Man She Had Sex With Was “Blind Drunk”?

My colleague Theodore Gumbril wrote an excellent piece recently about the assault conviction of Samuel Price for biting Elizabeth Sandlin’s buttocks during a rough sex session. The conviction itself was a farce, but another significant issue escaped the attention of the courts and society at large: why wasn’t Sandlin charged with rape?

She herself said that Price “was very drunk, blind drunk” and large numbers of men, including Welsh soccer player Ched Evans, have been convicted for having sex with women deemed too drunk to consent.

The failure to reprimand Sandlin for an act that would have landed a man in jail for rape represents another victory for female privilege. Our Western court systems, designed to act as the series of checks and balances that prevent witch hunts or selective prosecutions, are in an undeniably parlous state.

For the moment, as hard as it is, I want you to separate Samuel Price’s ludicrous assault conviction from this case. Theodore covered this aspect most ably only weeks ago. What we will focus on here is Sandlin’s pussy pass for what is otherwise rape when committed by men.

Some questions to get us started:

  • How could Elizabeth Sandlin presume that Samuel Price was consenting if he was blind drunk? Having had sex before is not consent, surely?
  • Why did Elizabeth Sandlin engage in sex with Samuel Price if he was physically picking her up in the excited, manic state she described to the court?
  • Why was this behavior not interpreted as the sign of someone who was not only blind drunk but whose judgment and cognition was manifestly impacted by his intoxication?

Alcohol is not consent… unless you’re a woman having sex with a drunk male

The supposedly two-way street has always been one-way.

Many of you will remember my piece about the epidemic of drunk men being raped by fat females. Ched Evans, to my straight eyes a good-looking male specimen, gets controversially convicted for “raping” a drunk female but no one in the judiciary or legal fraternity seemingly bats an eyelid about the tens of thousands of British or American men every week who bed large mammals after 20 beverages.

Beyond human replicas of dirigibles, and when the genders are reversed, plenty of normal-sized women have alleged rape after consuming a handful of drinks. It doesn’t matter in these cases whether their (male) sexual partner drank four times as much.

The common theme with all these cases is that men are never the victims. It’s a job description filled only by females. We live in a society where feminists and others tell us that women want sex as much as men.

When it comes to alcohol, however, consent is always presumed for men, both by the partners and the legal system. The inherent dichotomy between the genders in this regard is astounding. Women like Elizabeth Sandlin, in the context of a court case, can say they fornicated with a “blind drunk” male. A man saying the same thing about a woman is interpreted as a confession of rape.

Enter feminist crusader Alison Saunders

It is not a crime to drink, but it is a crime for a rapist to target someone who is no longer capable of consenting to sex though drink.

– Alison Saunders, England and Wales’ Director of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). She uses gender neutral language here but the history of alcohol-related rape prosecutions makes it clear that this only applies to female “victims”.

She wants to end the culture of “blaming” drunk women who have sex and allege rape. So how many times has her CPS prosecuted women for having sex with drunk men?

Since entering the role, England and Wales’ highest-ranking public prosecutor, Alison Saunders, has started a crusade to redefine what rape is. Men must now prove to police investigators that a woman consented (How exactly? A notarized document? An “audio consent” MP3? A secret and therefore illegal sex tape video?).

She wants to, she says, dismantle the culture that prevents “victims” from coming forward and being “heard” when they’ve taken drugs or consumed alcohol before sex.

If women have been held down by a culture that prevents so-called accountability for rape, what about men? And if this culture of denial exists, as Saunders says, how can we explain that women have never been convicted for taking advantage of drunk men or men incapacitated by narcotics?

Presuming that her vague and tendentious reading were accurate, it seems that this culture precludes substance-affected men from reporting women substantially more than the opposite dynamic. Saunders, unsurprisingly, has precious little to say about the impunity with which an Elizabeth Sandlin can say that she slept with a blind drunk man. It’s simply not on her radar.

Women have been taught for years, regardless of what “reformers” say, to treat drunken sex they regret later as rape. Alison Saunders’ arrival to the top job only signals an acceleration of this phenomenon. Typically, feminists and government activists will claim that “patriarchy” socializes women in ways that prevent them from going to the authorities after being raped whilst intoxicated.

On the other hand, no such discount is applied to men, who, it is presumed, have full, unimpeded access to the criminal complaints system, despite the paucity or non-existence of men claiming to have been raped following drinking. Their outlook, so the narrative goes, has not in any sense been undermined by the gender social status quo. In fact, as men they are the beneficiaries of a gargantuan marketplace of “male privilege”. But is that really so?

No amount of pinching will end this dream

Why isn’t the person on the right regarded as a rapist?

Those who sniff glue and claim the legal system allows anyone to make a complaint are kidding themselves. Men like Samuel Price, if they regarded themselves as victims, would never be given the opportunity to be taken seriously. Male incapacitation during sex is institutionally not considered to be rape. The letter of the law may say otherwise, using gender-neutral language, but the spirit is what matters here.

Any time you hear about another Ched Evans being convicted for rape over a drunken girl (assuming her alcohol levels were actually measured and the complaint didn’t come weeks, months or years later), conjure up the memory of Elizabeth Sandlin talking about “sleeping” with a “blind drunk” Samuel Price.

If we were talking about an Elijah Sandlin and a Samantha Price, the end of the last sentence would instead read “Elijah Sandlin talking about about raping a blind drunk Samantha Price.”

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78 thoughts on “Why Wasn’t Elizabeth Sandlin Charged With Rape If The Man She Had Sex With Was “Blind Drunk”?”

  1. If the woman is drunk, its also very like her male partner will be drunk as well. Most couples, or those involved in a sexual relationship drink together, at home, or in on a night out.

    1. “[Spear] Chukku Umnamma” sides with the feminists. It’ll be fun when lefties or forced to choose sides on a minority versus womyn issue. Where will Chukku side?
      Dried up feminist : “He’s a Fat Slob”. Ohhh what happened to the “Fit at any Size”, “Love your body” sentiment?

      1. Feminist: men and women are different and I want to be treated like a traditional lady
        What happened to women and men are equal?

        1. According to this site, women are less than men and are only good for sex, cooking, and following the command of men – which, weirdly enough, isn’t the definition of equality.
          Equality is treating every human the same regardless of gender (mental identification), sex (physical identification), race, finances, etc. More or less it’s a dream that will never happen – if only because too many people (like feminists, red pill followers, white extremists, black extremists, etc.) hold on to so much hate that has been garnered by a few people and then direct all of that onto everyone else that vaguely fits the profile of the ones who wronged him/her.
          As for your taking of the feminist, pretty sure they don’t want to be treated like traditional ladies. That’s kinda their whole philosophy – we don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen now. Instead we would very much like to enslave all the men like they have enslaved us for the past hundreds of years.
          Jeah, life is never going to be fair.

        2. I think there are women who are happy to do their job well, wear a nice dress, treat people kindly and not enslave all men. Not enough, but a few potentially good capable women unspoiled by extremist feminist sarcasm.

        3. Yes, but we can agree those that do aren’t extreme feminists. Though that is not to say that chilled feminists can’t ever do those things as I pretty much fit all those things and am still all for gender equality.
          However, the real question is: do you want a woman for a partner or just a prostitute/slave you can marry and have kids with?

        4. How about a helpmeet? Not exactly equal, but not a sex slave either. The Bible actually makes all of this very clear.

        5. A quick google search shows nothing about her sexual preference so I also highly doubt you’d know that…unless of course you were her strapon partner. But hey, if you’re into using a strapon instead of your own dick (assuming you’re a man) that’s your own business. Otherwise, I highly doubt you’d know what she would or would not like in a partner.
          Just because you do not agree with someone’s views or actions doesn’t mean you automatically what they like during sex.

        6. The Bible makes nothing clear, especially when one takes into account the number of times it’s been falsely translated due to people making the wrong assumptions about certain words’ meanings. Take for instance, the sentence: The Angels visited the stars. Now, to someone just learning English they will automatically think that actual angels visited the stars and this is about some fairytale/whatever. However, to someone who is aware of the Angels baseball team and that we call celebrities ‘stars’ then that will read: The baseball team met up with say Brad Pitt and George Clooney. Given that the bible was translated from Hebrew to Greek to Latin to loads more before English, there are definitely mistakes within the English version. For anyone who’s even just tried to learn another language, they’ll know that there are some things that just don’t translate.
          As for the helpmeet specifically, it is argued that Eve was created equal to Adam. God could not put every qualification inside of Adam (for that would make him a god), so he put half in Adam and half in Eve. Which is why you cannot make children without inputs from both a man and a woman. Is it not godlike to create something from ‘nothing’? One cannot do it without the other even with the help of science. If you want to read how the Hebrew translation backs this: http://www.womeninthescriptures.com/2010/11/real-meaning-of-term-help-meet.html
          Though out of curiosity, why are you so against having an equal partner? Despite only having had two sexual partners I have found that having one that finds himself equal to me is a hell of a lot better in bed. Because we are equal, we take the time to learn each other intimately and more specifically, what the other likes and dislikes. And outside of sex, you’re getting a best friend that likes doing things you do and gets it when you’re upset. It takes a hell of a lot of practice to get there, different people, lots of fights, but it is possible.

        7. She’s ugly and mannish, yet somewhat intelligent looking in an unpleasant way (ie, smartass).
          You insult her intelligence by thinking she’s dense enough to expect some romance unless she forces it out of her victim. Therefore, my hypothesis is feasible, doll.

        8. If it’s the glasses that make her look intelligent, sorry to burst your bubble, but I’ve met some really dumb people wearing glasses cuz guess what? Glasses are for poor eyesight not for increasing one’s intelligence.
          Who’s intelligence am I insulting again? And where did the romance come from? And why can’t strapon sodomy (assuming we’re still talking about that – I can’t really tell given the liquidity of your mind) be romantic?
          And your so-called hypothesis is just as feasible as me saying that based on your chosen profile picture of a man at work you like sucking cock.
          But thanks for calling me a doll; everyone normally calls me ugly. 😀

        9. 1. It’s not the glasses, it’s her face particularly the set of her lips.
          2. Ugliness is preclusive to romance unless it’s forced/faked – that’s an axiom. Anuses are for feces and homosexuals, not romance (unless you love shit).
          3. The problem is, you say more about yourself in that last attempted analogy – you give the impression that you like sucking cock and/or watching men suck cocks.
          Hope that clears things up sister. Does your husband think you’re ugly, too?

        10. 1. Wow, I can only imagine what your lips look like then. So just out of curiosity, what do you think of this person: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/258b4b44784c0db83d58a6ac174b4ce1269707d9cfa7391e3132beaa2ccd884f.png
          2. The thing about ugliness is it’s a personal preference. A few hundred years ago and the fatter one was the prettier they were seen due to being fat = financially well off = high class and it’s the people in such a class that sets the terms of beauty. Which is why Chinese women bound their feet for centuries – all because of a single emperor’s preference. And though I agree with you on the whole anus being for feces thing, some can still find it romantic and better sexually than vaginal intercourse if only because it’s normally tighter – which is why lube is a must.
          3. Jeah, given that my analogy has more ‘evidence (women aren’t worthy enough to have sex with – the view of historic manly men; I manly man look at my profile picture)’ to back it up than a pair of lips, your comment only works if you in turn agree that your analogy means you give the impression that you would like a partner who consents to strapon sodomy. So sure let’s agree you like a partner to stick it up your ass and I like to suck cock.
          If he did, he wouldn’t have married me as I can’t cook, clean, or come from money, so I guess there’s your answer.

        11. 1. You can’t imagine my lips, if you could you’d be wringing your knickers out. Not enough info in that pic, sorry, except either in pain or trying to intimidate.
          2. Ugliness is objective, studies with babies of many races and cultures prove it repeatedly, sorry.
          Morbid obesity is different from ‘rubinesque’, obviously. Just like anorexia-thin is ugly and off-putting, objectively, due to health reasons.
          Chinese or other fetishes are perversity, even if enforced by the emperor.
          Pathological misfits can find coprophagy ‘romantic’ – oh well. Tightness problems – kegel exercises fix it.
          Lube? Natural lubrication in vagina = healthy woman.
          3. No need to stick anything up anyone’s ass, you seem fixated…
          Regarding your marital relationship that’s between you and him, good luck.

        12. I am perfectly happy with the one I have, but thank you for your generous and flexible offer.

        13. 1. Are you saying you drool so much, I would have felt so sorry for you and let you use my spare pair of knickers (though you’re wringing those out yourself)? Cuz I can’t imagine anything else that would cause me to wring out a pair of underwear just by looking at your lips – physical attraction doesn’t turn me on. And lols, I gave you loads of skin around the lips as well. Thought you didn’t need anything more than that? But no, that’s a smile.
          2. I don’t think you know what that word (objective) means either. Objective is something that can be pretty much taken as fact. Ugliness and beauty are not objective – that’s how a 10 for one person is not a 10 for the other. That’s personal preference.
          Morbid obesity has just as many health problems as being anorexic and seriously, is that the only reason anorexics aren’t pretty? Cuz of their health?
          Oh, the emperor didn’t force them to tie their feet up; their mothers did because the emperor thought a clown whom had done it in a show was funny. That latter caught on like wildfire and people began to see that as beautiful to the point where a woman could not wed if she had feet bigger than a hoof (exaggeration, but not by much). But just so I get this clear, what your saying is anyone who doesn’t agree with your definitions of cute or ugly is perverse? In that case, I’d say good luck finding a partner, but that’d be like telling a slave good luck in your imprisonment so…
          3. Says the guy who brought it up based on the ‘intelligence’ of a woman’s lips… You must think about it a lot.

    2. That was painful to watch, but every single guy who spoke in those 14 minutes, was a simpering white knight. Not a single guy backed up Katie when she was trying to speak in the defence of feminist hypocrisy.

      1. I appreciate Katie Hopkins, for speaking the truth. She’s one of the few women to do so, and she’s an exception. I don’t expect much from most women, but I do expect men to back other men, when they are right. Unfortunately, most men are pathetic white knights, and are afraid to speak the truth. It’s also worth nothing, that Katie Hopkins, as a woman, can still say something “sexist” and get away with it. If a man said so, he would be hounded and castrated by the society. Conditions wouldn’t be so bad, if these pathetic white knights grew a pair of balls. Men like them, makes me wish, that one day I may see them destroyed by the manhating feminism that they helped propagating. Seriously, these guys deserve it.

        1. Agree. You won’t hear too many women claim to be better or compete with men if they want the job (no, they’ll want to lower the standards so they can compete).
          Next, we will have retards asking for lower standards to become CEOs of companies.
          Don’t wish it was easier; wish you were better (or work on it).

        2. Problem is, that it’s not in the nature of women to work, compete and achieve something. Women are evolutionarily wired to use their sexuality to receive favors and resources from men. That’s why they don’t feel any shame when white knights do them favors, like lowering standards. If a man would be subjected to such a treatment, he would, feel shame. Again, that’s because, he’s evolutionarily wired to compete, with other men, and then achieve.
          So I would, say that these men and women are just behaving like they are supposed to be. However, what is wrong is that, the society doesn’t accepts it, although everyone knows deep down that it’s true. In the past relationships, and the society functioned, because people realized and accepted the differences between both sexes, (because they were so obvious) and thus there was no pretending, and no lowering of standards to keep the boogeyman of their pretentiousness alive.

        3. Agree. I would be ok if society would just own up to it but they don’t. They continue to give some excuse as to why women are allowed to be one way and men are supposed to be another way (while we’re all supposed to be equal, mind you). I will continue to call women out on their bullshit (and the bullshit behind the FI) while women continue to screech about how things are just unfair (for women).

        4. Woman are physically and intellectually inferior to men, and are more prone to take decisions based on emotions. And everyone knows this. It’s not some rocket science, it’s so obvious to everyone with a beating heart, unless they are living under a rock. Yet the society will never own it, because, they have been indoctrinated since the age of infancy that men and women are identical. They’ve heard the lies over and over again, to the point, that their brains have been dulled, and despite subconsciously realizing the truth they will never speak it openly, or even accept it to themselves. I’d say the modern society needs a psychologist! I’ve have said it somewhere before, that if you tell people a lie too much, eventually they’ll believe it, and that’s what has happened with the modern world. They’ve been lied since childhood. They need a psychologist to snap them out of their trance of lies, and I’m not joking.

        5. I’m saying this from years of experience. But yes, I agree. I may never know how deeply true it is.

      2. Every reason in that video was a reason for making everything “equal” or “fair” ….but not necessarily better. That’s the whole problem if you ask me. You should want to improve (as a man or woman) and be better…not lower the bar so that you fit.
        Woman want the bar lowered in all areas so that they fit or so they are equal to a man. It’s not going to happen no matter how hard they try to squeeze that square peg into a round whole.

        1. Fair means state violence and coercion to achieve an equal outcome for those wanting it.
          The superior will pay. It is a demand for a bully to get them what they want, all under the guise of a morally laudable ‘equality’.
          Really contemptible.

        2. Standard drama pattern again.
          The day I realised self serving asses were using me and would then gossip or claim victim status when I said no, or disagreed, is the day I stopped being a nice guy.
          Then I noticed the ones who caused me the most trouble are the pussies who seem angry when they whine about how unfair life is, but never fix themselves up to suceed in an honest way.
          I’m still a stand up guy, but I don’t give anything away on good will anymore. I earn my own shit, and I share it with who I choose to.

    3. Its as if a lone sexist remark defines a person, especially as if its a man uttering these words, females have far more leeway. The important criteria is, has what the man said or done define him, for example white supremacists are defined by their racism.
      My father, for example, has some very racist views towards blacks, he btw has worked in various African countries for decades, but he, after a double heart bypass wanted African children to receive the same quality medical care he received, he set up a successful charity that ensures 10-15 poor African children every year get completely free high quality medical treatment for congenital heart defects every year.
      Which of these define him? He is not a racist, but holds racist views that he garnered from experience, there is a difference. Neither really define him, he is just a guy, some good in him some bad, its as if in modern society people cannot be people anymore, they have to be bland colourless drones in order to be allowed to be part of society. Who the hell do SJWs they think they are?

      1. Your father sounds like a very admirable man in his regard to helping poor African children. In giving them access to high quality medical treatment, he isn’t just saving those that he physically reaches, but countless others in their community by reducing their chances of a devastating outbreak. To risk his own health like that is a very selfless act.
        But like you said, the world is not black and white and you can’t judge an entire person on one act or another. If your father is actually racist and not just mistrusting/acting because of previous encounters, then that’s wrong, but he as a person is not.

    1. You’re right, but report it to who? The white knight enforcers known as policemen? who will throw away your statement and laugh at you as soon as they get back to the station.

      1. If they are white knights, they would follow the process and take you seriously.
        The ones who laugh you off are the same ones who would have dismissed a womans claim of rape.
        You want to have rights like you are a woman, so you must report the rape. After a generation or so they will stop laughing at your claims. Or you could be a man about it and come back with 2 friends and a baseball bat.
        Surely you do realise that your kind of victim talk is actually achieving their goal of equality?
        (Sometimes I think I am alone in my lack of desire to deny the obvious.Young lads here are becoming embarrasingly rediculous)

        1. So are you saying you’d rather have your fellow men not find justice because that would put them on par with women who’ve found the same justice? Does this include everything or just this particular thing? Like, should men report being robbed? Cuz women get robbed too, you know.
          Or do you think real men are never victims? Because news flash, being manipulated by a woman makes you a victim and given that clearly everyone on here has at one point…

        2. Being a victim is about submitting to all the drama. Claiming victim status because someone did it to you is childish.
          I said nothing about not having justice, but crying rape because women do it, and then complaining there is no point because all the policemen are on their side or would laugh at them can not possibly be any valid definition of manliness, nor does it have any possibility of achieving justice.
          Now, I said nowt about getting robbed, you presented a stupid example there. In the original statement I never said not to report it, you just make sure you do something instead of whine about it.
          If you want some reality to my perspective here, I do know someone who was, what I would descibe as, non-violently raped by an older woman. He did not speak up about it, he let it ruin his life.
          But he does not rage about hating all women because of one manipulative cunt.
          If I had known about it at the time I would have knocked seven shades of shit out of her and not cared if I got arrested for it, because when it comes to treating people like shit, the law has nothing to do with what is right or wrong.
          You want justice, you make it happen. Whatever your choice, learning from your mistakes and not allowing it to happen again is what you should be doing. Not moaning about the police.

        3. I get where you’re coming from and it seems I misunderstood a bit from your first post. However, surely violence can never help this cause? Yes, it might bring satisfaction from that person then and there, but in the end nothing is fixed. She walks away by being able to play the victim even more, your side will never be heard because you have just reduced yourself to a ‘crazed monster’ (not my opinion, but how the media will portray it), and you’ll have charges of assault brought up against you with the high chance of going to prison.
          Where is the justice and manliness there given all that causes is more mess? Or is your definition just the show of power? Because that’s where men differ the most from women. Women are forced to think because they do not have the strength to fight combatants head on and despite all their other flaws, they are masters at this. Look at how they react to sexual assault. Instead of taking that rage from being made a victim, they are channelling it into real change. Why can men not do the same? How is it not manly to put yourself out there and risk the deniers and the laughing and all the other bullshit that comes with a man reporting a sexual assault? That speaks of not just courage, but of future thinking and real change. What is more manlier than one who takes meaningful charge?

        4. Pretty much yes. I think you missed a bit of sarcasm in my original post.
          If someone chooses not to report a rape it is their choice. If they don’t report it because they thought they would be laughed at, no that is not manly.
          What I am saying is having made your choice you should not whine about it or the system for years later. Doing *something* about it, is what being a mature person is about.
          I am not a violent person, but In this example, she would be a victim of my fists yes, she would have learned there are consequences to taking sexual advantage of a boy who was not able to defend himself adequately.
          Like I said, I would have no problem paying the price for dealing out my own justice. Besides, I would be telling the jury why I beat her up and she would get arrested then.

        5. Would she really though? Even in these times women are still ripped apart by the police, attorneys, and jury when they make claim to a rape crime. These recent extreme cases of stupid-ass behaviour definitely doesn’t help those that have actually been assaulted to be taken seriously. Now reverse the roles of man vs woman…and we’re still way too far away from a man getting taken seriously about being sexually assaulted. For heaven’s sake they still refuse to say a man can legally be raped. He can be sodomized, but not raped.
          The courts will rip apart any excuse you might make about your reasoning; they’ll belittle you and twist every action you’ve ever done in your entire life. Attorneys are vicious bastards and as unfortunate as it is, no jury is going to arrest a woman accused of sexual assault over an adult male after she just got assaulted – regardless of whether it’s true or not. She’ll be the victim and will walk free while you pay the price.
          Your want to take action is admirable and I whole-heartedly agree that one should not just sit by and complain. However, I still think a more calculated action is needed than a simple beating. For instance, the web is a powerful thing these days. Bringing awareness and creating an ACTIVE support group for sexually assaulted males would bring about more change in my opinion. Slower change, yes. But more efficient – IF they stay active and push for change.

        6. Its is statutory rape.
          My beating the crap out of her for doing it is what would make it a big enough story to make it a current issue. My actions and my penalties would be my choice.
          Besides, this was one example and I was never disagreeing with you. I told someone to stop whining and do something about it. Then you jumped in because I mentioned a baseball bat as one alternative to being a victim about it.
          A support group counts as doing something about it so long as it is not a group of victims sitting in a circle feeling sorry for themselves.
          Perhaps you should be having this conversation with a victim.

        7. Unfortunately, no. Statutory rape is if one person is a minor. The age is different for different places, but roughly the 16 years old mark. As of yet, there is no legal word for male rape. I mean, how can they be? A woman can be forced inside, but man has to be hard. So how could he not possibly be into it? <- says all the morons. Like seriously, have they never slept next to a guy?
          I just jumped in because I really think that men should be able to report a sexual assault and not be laughed at and shamed. And I really don’t think physical violence would help the overall mission. A group of people picketing her house and trashing her reputation on the other hand (like with the dentist who killed Cecil the lion)…
          But you’re completely right in that action needs to be taken. Most people would just sit around and complain so even though I don’t agree with your exact methods, you have my admiration and respect in that regard.
          As for conversing with a male that’s been sexually assaulted, I don’t know any; otherwise I would.

        8. Actually, yes《Statutory rape is if one person is a minor. 》In the situation to which I was referring, he was a minor. My use of the word statutory was correct. I do not think you have the knowledge of the situation to be correcting me on the details of this or doubting my accuracy.

        9. My apologies. I was not aware that he was a minor; just that it was a man and a woman. I guess I should have made that assumption when you mentioned statuary rape as you never came across as a dimwit, but it was like 5am and though that’s a horrible excuse, it’s true. And I definitely do not have any knowledge of the situation outside of what you’ve told me, but I have come across many people who do not have the correct definitions of the words they use and in my ignorance and tiredness, I made a false assumption. Again, my apologies.
          And even though we disagree about the necessary violence of this situation, there is no doubt that your heart’s in the right place. Unfortunately there’s not many people who feel such passion about a wrong anymore. The guy’s lucky to have you as a friend.

        10. Having to play your role in removing someone’s freedom from them is being “ripped apart”. Take a look at the Gomeshi trial, they basically only had a problem once their bitterness reached a boiling point and are being coddled after telling lie after lie.

  2. They banged up some female head of a paedo gang today so with regard to actually serious crime the justice can sometimes to do its job (because there would have been an outcry otherwise), There’s a lot of anger and cynicism in the comments of most mainstream news outlets amongst both men and women when it comes to double standards on crime including with regard to sex assault cases, so at some point the law is going to have to catch up – or at least you would think so. What’s extraordinary is that ‘the system’ seems somehow to be able to absorb this kind of open recognition of the unfairness of it all: the people up above – including literally dog-faced feminists such as Saunders (how does she still have a job after the Greville Janner fiasco?) seem to be able to impose their will upon a disaffected public with no consequences beyond some grumbly comments. We talk of the pussy pass, but its now got to the stage where it is systemic – a form of structural discrimination (to appropriate with whatever irony the lexicon of feminism) – gender neutral legislation, egalitarian policy etc will always be interpreted so as to advantage and disadvantage women and men respectively – it is an unwritten meta-law. Its as though the legal system is literally somehow referencing theory that defines men and women as oppressors and oppressed, and interpreting supposedly gender neutral legislation accordingly. There is in other words an entire paradigm at stake here. Men oppress, women are oppressed; men are violent, women are victims of violence; and above all men rape and women get raped and must be protected from rape. Of course that paradigm is bunk, and its constantly being punctured, but until ripped to pieces as it will be its going to be continuously reinforced. So target both the inconsistency / hypocrisy, and the basis upon which it operates – the underlying assumptions, or rather Marxist / feminist ideology society is currently beholden to

  3. bc she’s a woman living in a feminist double standard society and is protected by beta-male white knights..

    1. The beta white knights rarely get any sex, so when a man gets raped, they think that the guy simply won the lottery and should be congratulated as a winner, not be treated as a victim.

  4. Somebody needs to start a change.org petition to put this rapist Elizabeth Sandlin in prison. I call upon Return of Kings to do this and restore justice to our society.

  5. Thank you for this article. I want to identify myself as a feminist here, and tell you all that I completely agree with the point the author makes. I don’t imagine the readership of this site spends a lot of time exploring the ‘other side’ of the debate, but actually a lot of feminist conversations that I’ve been exposed to have centred around this very issue – the fact that it’s even MORE difficult for male rape victims to come forward, and that even before that, it’s more difficult for men to identify rape when it happens to them.
    I think part of the reason that more attention is paid to female rape victims is that it appears there are far more of them. That doesn’t mean that female-on-male rape doesn’t happen, or that it doesn’t matter.
    If you guys could present these issues almost exactly like this article, but without some of the contentious language (“large mammals”, “pussy pass” etc.) then you might find feminists agreeing with you more than they disagree. We probably have a lot more in common than you realize. We’re against gender inequality and for fairness, not against men and for women. Just a thought 🙂

    1. Men are 4x likely to commit suicide. It’s reassuring to know that you, as a feminist, are advocating making society as difficult for women as it is for men, so that 4x more women commit suicide, instead of focusing on the fallacious ‘wage gap’.

      1. I don’t really see your point, but 4x less women surely means less feminists as well, so I’m all for it. @disqus_ipKSS5K61t:disqus, we don’t care about your feminist discussions. We also don’t care about your opinion or your “peace offering”. We have absolutely no desire to take part in a movement that is nothing but the utter manifestation of the female imperative, i.e. inherently misandrist and incapable of being anything else. Imho the point of the article was not to just point out double standards and even less about male rape victims. It’s about the legal power that women unjustly possess, basically putting a metaphorical gun into every deluded female’s hand.

        1. That’s too bad that you think that. It’s not a peace offering, just a comment on a message board. Obviously you’ve stated that you don’t care, but for anyone else who’s reading this: I don’t think that’s entirely accurate. Holding rapists accountable for rape is not the equivalent of a ‘metaphorical gun’. But it is unfortunate that both men and women seem to be blind to legal cases of rape when it happens to men.
          Part of the reason that this all happens is because the women’s issues have become much more visible. We actually NEED people to point out the issues that men are facing as a result. But when you cloud it out with irrational hatred, no one wants to listen to you anymore, even though these could totally become mainstream issues. If you really want to fix the problem, stop sabotaging yourselves! lol.

        2. “That’s too bad that you think that. It’s not a peace offering, just a comment on a message board.”
          Well, compared to the usual “small dick/sexually frustrated/neckbeard” etc. “argument”, it does come across as a peace offering.
          I don’t care, because I’m nowhere near the Anglosphere/western world. Doesn’t mean I won’t ever be in the future or that the cancer that is feminism won’t spread.
          “Holding rapists accountable for rape is not the equivalent of a
          ‘metaphorical gun’. But it is unfortunate that both men and women seem
          to be blind to legal cases of rape when it happens to men.”
          Well, first of all: YOUR words, not mine. I never gave rapists a rapist pass, that is what women/SJW/White Knights do towards women (handing out a pussy pass). I said that ultimately a woman can accuse some unlucky guy of rape whenever she wants to do so because she has been legally empowered to do so. Said circumstance being the metaphorical gun.
          As things are standing, the “unfortunate” (borrowing your word) accused will face life changing and possibly deadly/ruinous circumstances. Even if he gets proven innocent later on, there are no legal repercussions against the accuser (i.e. the woman). That is not unfortunate, that is simply unjust.
          There are many more things to be said, but considering that I didn’t even want to bother to reply in the first place, I’ve already written too much.

      2. Women are 4x more likely to be on anti-depressants.
        It is also commonly known by all that men are less likely to admit depression or seek help from a doctor.
        Remarkably, men who do go to the doctor are less likely to be dismissed as hypochondriac and would recive proper treatment sooner, so all the stubborn ones who grit their teeth and brave on, are making a choice towards suicide rather than a fix.
        That your interpretation requires balance by means of further deaths indicates an extremely negative outlook. You should see a doctor and cheer up.
        Conclusion: Requoting a frequently used single statistic is usually so chosen to prove a point by one who is not willing to see the whole truth.
        In this case the point appears to be a competition for sympathy by a victim, or talking oneself into suicide.
        Life is shit for everyone. Equally, but for different reasons. Relax.

        1. No,the point is that it’s clear that women are coddled by society, possessing perks, benefits and legal favour that are beyond what males could ever hope for. Look at the amount of male homeless, suicide, and numbers killed while working. You should go to an eye doctor, so you can see this clearly. The idea of feminism campaigning for equality is ludicrous, when females aren’t willing to suffer to the same extent as males are. It’s an insult to humanity to promote favourable conditions for one gender, while ignoring the plight of those you’re attacking. The afterlife will be shit for many, but for different reasons.Panic!

        2. Swings and roundabouts. Same shit different shovel.
          My point is that its not clear, certainly not from your statistics. But I am not arguing the data, just your limited angle.
          I think the reason everyone is complaining is because they feel that somehow they are at a disadvantage. Guess what, life is shit because people are selfish and that includes yourself.
          I see people throwing blame everywhere and never looking at what they can do about it.
          The people who have the nouse to do something about their failures have a significant advantage over all the complainers. It just so happens in this war on life, maybe, women seem ahead right now. It has very little effect on my life and I am not currently angry at any, but it has been a long time since I was in my hormonal 20s.
          If I were actually to start making categorical accusations about whos fault my less than perfect life is, I’d say it was the idiots narcissists and lazy. They all seem to get by on a whole set of unearned advantages. I’m entirely non sexist or racist or theist on the distribution of these qualities throughout the population.
          This overhaul of society will blow over, but what will remain is a distinction between people who make a big fuss and noise about things that dont really matter, and those that get their balls out and own their own life. Which one are you?

      3. Lol I’m not trying to make society more difficult for women. Reading one article and posting one comment on it does not define it as my focus. Believe me – there are much more important issues that you probably will never find in this website or in any English speaking country that are far greater and worthy of more time than either this or even the wage gap (which I understand – like most statistics – is not as simple as it sounds). However, I do think that people who disobey the law should be held to justice appropriately.
        I know that it’s easy to paint us all with one brush, but not all feminists agree on the same details. For many it’s only on the same principles. I do think there are major inequalities in the way that the work force functions – ones that I’ve experienced personally – but nothing I’ve ever done has had anything to do with facing the wage gap, and again there are a lot of things that are more important to me. Please don’t assume that just because I believe in equality and identify myself with a word that literally means believing in and acting towards equality, that I necessarily take the same actions as someone who does the same thing. One of the biggest issues with the whole fucked up gender picture that we’re seeing today is that people readily generalize each other based on one thing they have in common. I’m trying not to do it for you guys. I’d appreciate it if you don’t do it for me.

  6. Sorry to say , but it’s just plain dumb to compare the “rape” of a male to a female and cite it as a double standard. I would go as far as saying that you are no better than a feminist who thinks a woman who has slept with 100 men is the same as a man who has slept with a 100 women, when in reality, due to differences in biology, it is a completely different situation. It annoys us when we hear woman complain of it not being fair that they are considered sluts when they sleep around, while men are heralded as players. And yet here we are behaving in very much the same manner. Of course men get completely screwed in the legal system and women constantly file false rape reports, but men crying rape is probably not the answer.

    1. i partially agree, but i am not sure that crying rape is actually the tone of the article. i understand it more as pointing out a double standard for those who need more convincing to see it.

      1. The double standard must be pointed out in court and in the media… the only way to get that done is to do exactly what they do: cry rape.

        1. Then you need to have a valid case to do that. This one is rediculous.
          If this particular guy cried rape, he would look guilty, as it stands he was overzealous when drunk, stopped when she said stop and should never have been convicted.
          Stick to one clear argument at a time.

    2. My concern is where does it stop (with women and accountability). Next, they’ll drive off in a car drunk, wreck into someone (and kill them) and a man somewhere will be blamed and jailed for it.
      The trend is what worries me.

      1. “Next, they’ll drive off in a car drunk, wreck into someone (and kill them) and a man somewhere will be blamed and jailed for it.”
        The bar tender that sold them the drink will be blamed:
        “Sir, couldn’t you tell that she had had enough? Why’d you keep bringing her alcohol?”
        or even the other driver that she hit:
        “Sir, couldn’t you tell by the erratic swerving that the plaintiff was drunk? It was your responsibility to pull over to the side of the road and let her pass.”

  7. A former co worker of my mine, good looking Asian guy, kinda alpha, got drunk raped by this massive, hideous, humongous obese mammoth after a work party. She had also tried to drag me to her house to “drink and chat” a while back.
    She pushed herself on him and somehow managed to get his dick hard. He told us her pussy was too stinky and smelled like a pound of rotten squid forgotten in an unplugged chest freezer. He kept complaining why we didn’t save him. lol
    Did he sue the hippo? Nope. Her though, she kept making fun of his small tool(result of years of having sex with eggplants)
    Were their roles reversed, the Asian man would be rocking his orange suit now.

    1. He’s right if a woman leads a guy on to this level and says no the guy should have walked out and never went near her again

  8. Because she (marginally) passes the (drunk) boner test. We acknowledge this fact, but women deserve to fuck whom they want AND get that juicy lawsuit. Lord knows how it got this way.

    1. When looking at a glass of milk the overriding thought needs to be ‘somebody better drink that up before it turns into rotten, disgusting slop’

  9. The double standards in regards to treatment of women in the eyes of the law reminds me of the case recently brought to court in the Australian state of Queensland where a young boy was charged for breaching the under age sex laws – bringing the charges in the first place is a joke boy / girl were dating and having sex both under the legal age, boy dumps girl who gets upset then tells mother who goes to police they of course following the standard line charge only the boy which goes to preliminary trial surprising to all the judge asks the police why hasn’t the girl been charged – case has been adjourned. Havent heard any update yet and that’s assuming the bias media actually report it.

      1. Wish I had kept a link when you read an article you don’t realise that a similar issue will be posted on this website.

  10. I hope he presses rape charges against her. She didn’t, but the point would be to watch the authorities squirm as they try to explain why this case is different.

      1. Clearly aroused, but women get aroused/wet and still say no. So if a ho is wet and gets raped, she clearly could not have been raped, according to you.

        1. Whilst you have a small point the fact remains a male has the physical advantage here. He can easily fend off said female rapist if he’s not up for sex- a woman can’t . Yes, a female may get wet during a make out session- that doesn’t mean she wants to be taken against her will.l

  11. Every college in America has “that girl” who preys on extremely drunk guys.

  12. What led to this guys downfall was his profuse apology following the night of rough debauchery. At that point he entered her frame and there was no turning back. She knew she had him by the balls.
    I once had a FWB with a girl who, ironically enough, looked just like Elizabeth. One afternoon I fucked her outside in the woods ( we had gone on a quick hike). During the act she’s begging me to pound her harder. She was clearly loving it. The next day she sent me a pleasant email , but at the end she made the comment she had bruises on her back from being pounded so hard on the ground. In my follow up email I responded by agreeing and amplifying in a playful manner. Not once did I apologize for what was obviously a consensual enjoyable experience for the two of us. After that email, I dropped her and never fucked her again. I could see where things were headed by the comment in that email.
    Women of her type, deeply want a relationship with a high value guy. When they can’t get that commitment they settle for FWB with said guy instead. The FWB is a covert way for them to try and make you commit .When the commitment doesn’t happen, they will become vindictive towards you. The key is to avoid her type all together or if you want to play with fire ( after all her type can be cute and very dirty in bed) , bang her just long enough to get your rocks off but not so long she thinks there is a small chance you might commit to her.

  13. That Saunders bitch was the one who refused to prosecute Jew Janner for rummaging the lower bowel of children and teens. Face like a bulldog chewing a wasp

  14. It’s always some ugly ass dyke bitch that is making these laws. Allison Saunders please take your lesbian man hating ways to the grave soon. The sad part is men are just eventually going to either go to hookers or just go gay to avoid all this shit, and the losers will be hetero women who will live their lives single and die single. So be it.

    1. Your logic is seriously flawed.
      1. Even if a feminist is over the top gorgeous that doesn’t make her point any more valid. Seriously, what is with you guys and claiming every feminist is fat and ugly and more than likely insane? That is just straight up playing into their palms of their hands; thought people on here didn’t want to be manipulated by women and yet… Call them what they really are: hypocritical, man-hating jerks. Don’t make them seem more like the victim in the eyes of society; that’s not helping the case at all.
      2. If Allison Saunders is a lesbian then she’s not really going to be impacted by men going to hookers and gays.
      3. Would you be going to female hookers or…?
      4. Why does being single make one a loser? I get it on an evolutionary scale, but personally?

  15. Why are men knowtowing to this feminist trash, time to take back the fucking command center and get our own going, how about Mens rights movements?…walk around with a sign that says, I was raped by a 200lb whale and my rights were abused

  16. Check the relevant legislation. By definition of the crime, rape can only be committed with a penis and therefore 100% of rapists must be men. Use a dildo and the crime becomes “assault by penetration” which can be committed by women as well as men. If a guy gets drunk and fucks a fattie, it isn’t a crime. (Fattie-fucking should be a crime, but that’s not likely to happen, so all we can do in the meantime is to shun the guys who do it.) It’s not a crime to fuck a drunk person. If it was, the entire English race would die out in a generation. It is a crime to fuck someone who is basically insensible with drink. They can’t consent, as they can’t if you slip them a roofie.
    What you’re trying to do is define sex as enclosure rather than penetration. If sex was enclosure (of the penis by the vagina) then there could be involuntary enclosure, which could be defined as a crime. A few feminists tried to define sex as enclosure, but they couldn’t sell it to the rest of the sisters, who carry on with the conventional definition of sex as penetration.
    As for the consent thing? Read the guidance to the legislation. It does not say that men must get a notarised statement (which would be only good for the moment it was notarised and useless thereafter). The guidance is about men who are in positions of authority over the women. It’s aimed at doctors, teachers and social workers exploiting vulnerable patients. It’s there to make it look like the Government are doing something about the scandals in Rotherham and other places. This legislation is not intended to protect and privilege hard-faced career girls earning in the higher salary deciles. That’s what Family Law is for.
    This stuff is YAST (Yet Another Shit Test). Keep Calm and Carry on Seducing.

  17. Because society gives women a free pass for something that they would pit a man in jail for.
    It’s about time MEN AND BOYS START TO USE THE YES MEANS YES LAW to accuse women who force them or coerce them into having sex . As shown below, it happens incredibly often. It’s time for men to now start charging women with rape if
    forced or coerced into sex.
    “43% of high school boys and young college
    men reported they had an unwanted sexual experience and of those, 95% said a
    female acquaintance was the aggressor.”
    Nearly Half of Young Men Say They’ve Had Unwanted Sex. New study says
    it’s possible for women to rape men: 18% of surveyed guys say women used physical force to make them have sex against their will
    Men often coerced into sex: study
    Many Young Males Report Unwanted Sex
    Female acquaintance was the aggressor in majority of cases, U.S. study finds
    Female sex offenders: A growing threat?
    The startling facts on female sexual aggression
    Female teachers: The sex offenders no one suspects
    Additional lists of female teacher sexual predators:
    Sexual Victimization by Women in Juvenile Facilities Reported by Youth, 2008-09
    A study was released by the D.O.J on the 2008-2009 reporting period showed that children incarcerated in juvenile facilities were sexually molested by women slightly more than 95% of the time while male staff accounted for only 4.6% of the sexual molestation of the minors incarcerated who reported sexual abuse. http://bjs.gov/content/pub/pdf/svjfry09.pdf
    Here is an updated survey

    1. Bottom line.. They had the physical strength to push the female rapist off them..
      What a load of bullshit.. What a bunch of sociopathic pansies.. I fear for this country, I really do..

      1. There are 2 incompatibe issues afoot here.
        You have a point in that the case of a young man of drinking age having sex when he did not want to can barely be considered rape. The particular example case in question, to my mind is no one raped anyone. The idea that this particular man was raped is rediculous. The situation seems to be joining on the victim bandwaggon.
        However the article is using the case to inspire discussion on what does count as rape. Which is a valid discussion, if it were not mostly populated by people jumping on the victim bandwaggon.
        The incompatibility is in that this site is simultaneously about mens rights, while it is also about how society has been ruined by feminism.
        As each pussy cries victim at the hands of a woman, he literally becomes a victim and behaves exactly as the feminists do. He lets himself and his fellow men down and also validates the feminist angle both in mens stupidity and the need for an accurate legal description of rape, which in this case would result in a lot more date rape charges brought against men.
        Every man who thinks that ‘alcohol is not consent’ must choose to
        a) man up, drink less, take charge of his life and say no assertively and not put himself in situations where he might be used by an agressive woman (set an example of correct behaviour to the women) , or,
        b) respect that a drunk woman is not fair game and go catch someone who is able to say yes or no with clarity.(be responsible, as the superior sex)
        While both of these responses validates a womans claim of rape in the same circumstance, having started with the pussy victim behaviour, the young lads have now forced a resolution on this path.
        The result for us is that women may also take responsibility for their lives and there will be fewer cases of debatable rape being pressed.
        Failure to take either of these actions regarding sex simply allows society to degenarate further in to a nation of pussy whipped immature idiots who cry victim whenever they fail to take control of their own life. I think truly mature individuals are already aware of this and behave accordingly.
        God forbid a man here should start complaining he was nagged into sex when he didnt want to, as one of the recent linked articles implies. If women reciprocate this victim behavior when waking up after a regretful one night stand, a man using his verbal game skills in a bar will be considered rape and there will be no more game.

  18. Unless he is below legal age or held down and penetrated by a person stronger than himself- a male cannot be raped. If he has a hard on he’s ready end of story.. Stop fishing for pity -whiners. I call bullshit here..

  19. The most fundamental inequity in all of this is consistency in the use of double standards by gender and with a straight face

  20. “If women have been held down by a culture that prevents so-called accountability for rape, what about men? And if this culture of denial exists, as Saunders says, how can we explain that women have never been convicted for taking advantage of drunk men or men incapacitated by narcotics?”
    If you expect to get anywhere with Feminists, you’ll need to stop using facts and logic, or using common sense.

  21. So unfair – at least Brock Turner only served 3 months for his non-crime of not being drunk enough. People are beginning to see the light.

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