5 Reasons She Is That Type Of Girl

Every guy wants to meet their definition of success with women, whether that be sleeping with a ton of girls, finding a high-quality girlfriend, or just feeling like and overall BOSS around the opposite sex.

But all too often, guys don’t reach their definition of success. Why? One of the biggest reasons has to do with their limiting beliefs about women.

Here’s the tough part, though—most times, guys don’t even recognize these limiting beliefs. They float under the surface, and become underlying assumptions that affect the majority of their interactions.

Limiting beliefs like:

  • “She won’t sleep with me on the first date or same night.”
  • “She’s not the type of girl to just give out her number.”
  • “She probably has a boyfriend, she won’t be interested.”
  • “She’s too innocent. She wouldn’t want to grab a drink with a random guy at a bar.”

The list goes on and on. They’re harmful, because they prevent guys from taking action and pushing the interaction further.Most of these limiting beliefs can be narrowed down to one thing:

“She’s not ‘that type’ of girl.”

If you’ve ever caught yourself in the midst of a limiting thought, you might know what I’m talking about. You realize that you’ve created a story about the girl in your head based on lofty assumptions, and you’re allowing this “story” to direct the interaction.

But here’s the thing: odds are, she probably IS “that type” of girl. If you do the right things and exude the qualities of an attractive man, there’s no reason why she won’t give you her phone number, sleep with you the first night, grab a drink with you, or go home with you.

However, if you’re stuck believing that she’s not “that type” of girl, you probably won’t even go for it. So, let’s crush those limiting beliefs with sound logic, so you can start pushing interactions, and reach your definition of success with women. Here are five reasons why she probably is that type of girl:

1. She’s probably had a one-night stand

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 3.55.45 PM

A study by The Daily Mail found that nearly half of all women in their 20s have had a one-night stand, and the figure for those in their 30s and 40s was nearly as high. Furthering this point, a study by MissTravel.com of over 30,000 women showed that over 40% of women admitted to having a one-night stand on vacation (and think of how short those 1-2 week vacations usually last).

So, no matter how innocent she might seem, there’s at least a 50/50 shot she’s slept with a guy the first night of meeting him…and honestly, since these are self-report surveys, it’s probably even a bit higher than that.

And even if she hasn’t had a one-night stand yet, that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s opposed to the idea—she just hasn’t met a dude with the boldness to go for it and the social intelligence to not screw it up.

2. She likes sex as much as (or more than) you


Women enjoy sex, watch porn, and have a high sex drive. The idea that men crave sex more than women is a myth.

In a study of over 1500 women, 88.4% said they are easily sexually aroused, nearly 75% said they like to have sex once a day, over 80% said they enjoy masturbating to orgasm, and over 90% don’t feel guilty about it afterward.

Add to that the recent popularity of 50 Shades of Grey, and it’s clear—women enjoy sex (and think about it) A LOT.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. Sex is awesome. You enjoy it, and even if you convince yourself she “seems too innocent,” she definitely enjoys it just as much.

3. She just got out of a relationship (or she’s not looking for one)

While this doesn’t include all women, there is a chance she’s on the rebound, or she’s just not looking for a relationship in the first place. She’s in the “have fun and be free” phase of her life, and is very open to meeting a cool new guy if he comes along. 

There are many women like this, especially in their 20s, especially very intelligent women who are focused on their careers. Some of the most promiscuous women I’ve met are Ivy League students and those in high-paying and demanding jobs. 

You might think these types of women would not be “that type” of girl, but you’d be sorely mistaken. These types of women feel like they don’t have the time to commit to an exclusive relationship, but they do need that “release” and to have a little fun. You just need to step up and bring them into your awesome night.

4. She wants to prove to herself that she’s worthy of men

At some point in your process of “getting good” with women, you’ll probably get quite a bit of validation from sleeping around (maybe you’re in this stage now, and that’s okay). I know for me, this lasted for a few years in my early twenties. Sleeping with women gave me a sense of false wholeness, like “Okay, I can do this. Now, I’m a man. Now I’m cool.”

Eventually, you get past that point and realize that external validation is fleeting and unfulfilling, and internal validation is key (accepting and loving yourself). But it lurks its ugly head once in awhile, even if you feel like you’re “past it”—it’s a part of human nature.

Women experience the same need for validation from men, especially those on the more insecure end of the spectrum.

5. Because you assume it

Confident Men

This one is more based on what you do than anything she does. Instead of assuming she’s “not that type of girl” when asking for her phone number, trying to bring her home, etc., assume the opposite. Assume she is exactly the type of girl to do that, and she’s just waiting on (and hoping for) you to make the move.

There’s some truth to the idea that “what you focus on expands.” You’ll have a much better chance at reaching success with women when you assume the best, instead of vice versa.

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148 thoughts on “5 Reasons She Is That Type Of Girl”

  1. ROK maxim #1: every article that includes a list comes with at least one picture of Jon Hamm as Don Draper from “Mad Men”.

    1. Conrad, I got buddies who died face down in the muck so that
      you and I could enjoy this website!

  2. “A study by The Daily Mail found that nearly half of all women in their 20’s have had a one-night stand”
    I would say for women in UK and Western women in general in their 20’s, it’s much higher than just half!

      1. yep, women are full of shit.
        I cant remember the name of the book, but the femmes put up a stink about it- one chapter dedicated to people’s reactions to porn in particular. Straight men like straight porn, lesbo to a lesser degree. Women claimed they only liked straight porn, but they were being monitored for pulse rate and pupil dilation.
        So, even being involved in a study where their names would never be publicly divulged, they lied about what turned them on.
        Straight, gay, and lesbo turned them on….still had to lie about it…

        1. Women are turned on by a much wider range of things than men, some of it bordering, if not downright entering, the world of extreme, perverse and somewhat sick forms of sex. They have a very fluid sexuality, which, under the right circumstances, is not necessarily gender specific.

        2. Although obviously creative and reaching new heights of depravity, I’ll think I’ll pass on that one.
          I just don’t understand anything involving shit.

        3. honestly, Im just glad the researchers didnt show any of the subjects any bestiality porn. I dont want to know the answer to that question

  3. I enjoyed the article. However, one significant variable that drives male and female sex drives, respectively, is testosterone. Males have 3-5 more than women, therefore, it is biologically impossible for women to want sex as much as men, of course there are outliers. The feminist imperative will have us believe that women are as horny as men. This is clearly a ploy to hide the nature of slut behavior in our society and culture. I welcome others to elaborate on this point.

      1. Correct, by way of our testosterone. It is indeed what drive us to spread our seed/mate with as many females as possible; it’s our biological imperative.

      1. I Just read the same thing. it is completely logical for men to have that much more testosterone for a variety of different reasons. A woman would have to inject herself with testosterone to reach the same levels.

    1. You’re right but women want sex for more than just sexual reasons. Competing with other women, self-esteem validation, stress relief, revenge, mental disorders, ego boost, etc. Men crave sex for the act of sex and testosterone drives that. A woman doesnt need testosterone to want to fuck a guy to prove to her friends that she can pull a guy every weekend.

      1. Women think about nothing BUT sex. They are focused on dick like a laser. When there are no men around, they talk about men, sex, and sex. Maybe clothes and makeup, the weapons they deploy to get sex.
        Men mihht at least talk about fishing or motorcycles, at least part of the time. Women are 100 percent focused on sex 24 7 .

  4. The real question for number one shouldn’t be how many have had a one night stand, but rather how many have fucked on the first date. Ask the right question, and I’ll bet that the answer is significantly higher than 50% because you’ll get all the ones who ended up in longer relationships afterward, or the ones who interpret one night stand literally, and so are not counting the dude that only fucked them five times over the course of a one week fling so they can lower their slut score.

    1. I had probably 8 girlfriends in a 3 year period in my early 20s and fucked nearly all of them the first night we hooked up or went on a date

      1. It’s my experience they may give you the run around for a little while, but when they accept the first date, they are down to fuck. You are correct, happened to me 90% of the time.

    2. No the real question for me is “will I wake up missing a kidney?”
      (I’ve not had the best life you see)

  5. I wonder what percentage of western women actually believe, if they are completely honest, “one up the bum no harm done”.

    1. Getting bott-focked is apparently some bizarre trend now that women indulge. Goddamn, they’re nasty little creatures!

  6. “The idea that men crave sex more than women is a myth.”
    Until male prostitutes become as in demand as female ones, I’ll have to politely disagree.
    EDIT: Women want sex. Men need sex.
    I read some article on XoJane today where some women went without sex for 10 years!!!!
    Name a man who could do that. We’ll even throw in masturbation.

    1. I tend to agree here. Men have much higher sex drives due to having 12-17 times more testosterone than women, simple biology. Women only “crave” sex when they feel some emotional bond with a guy. They can actually go very long periods of time without it, whereas men cannot.

        1. Which is all of the time, hence the worship of male celebrities. Do you think men are buying all those magazines and watching those entertainment shows? (Maybe the gay ones are)

        2. And this is why ancient socities limited their exposure to men. Their tingles are non-stop from puberty to menopause and beyond….

        3. Women ‘crave’ sex when you’re:
          1. good looking/hot
          2. good looking/hot
          3. good looking/hot
          4. all of her friends think (or would think, if they are not around), that you are good looking/hot
          5. you have a fucktonne of money, and………..are good looking/hot.

    2. In the up is down and left is right cuntocratic social Marxist state we live in, flipping everything over is PRIORITY.
      And the deep dark secret is that women cannot control their tingles but man can control their drive.
      How do I know? Just look at what “their system” pushes.
      They use the media to push the idea that men have no control and are the ones who constantly think of sex. Where does this come from? It comes from THEIR academics, THEIR media, THEIR entertainment.
      It’s THEIR system telling us that all men are a step away from being like a monkey and hence the need for women’s shelters everywhere and laws that for the most part has an army of cops, lawyers, and corrections officers behind her ready to pounce on any man at any moment. This is why if the cops come during an argument with a women you are getting arrested.
      But THEIR system says NOTHING of “the tingles” or the hamster. Nothing at all.
      When in fact everything I have seen in the real world speaks the opposite, of men constantly in control of or seeking to practice control of their urges and women getting a pussy pass to do what they want whenever they want and getting away with it.
      Simple. If men knew how much control they had, they would not be putting up with these hordes of worthless cunts. But instead men are also conditioned by THEIR system to put the pussy on a pedestal and act like their are nothing without it, or think they will “go gay” if they don’t actively pursue it ready to sacrifice everything over it. When no man has ever rolled over and died from lack of sex, or “went gay” because he had other priorities.
      The reason why you see more female prostitutes is because of the system that has men being simps thinking they NEED it and at the same time the reality that a woman without a brains has nothing else to offer (if that subject comes up, the “wife and mother” roles start to haunt the debate and the feminists won’t have any of that).

      1. “the reality that a woman without a brain has nothing else to offer ”
        I’m not particularly positive of those with a brain, either. Say, the “educated” variety.

        1. I was thinking of brains in terms of street smarts and not so much in educational smarts. Like if a woman realizes her roles as a female and what she could do for a man and finding and supporting the right man would be using her head.
          Many of the office trolls if their attack on everything from science to civilization comes to fruition will find their degrees worthless and they are too fat to pole dance. It won’t end well.

      2. The “system” eh? Forced upon us by alien beings? Prostitution was around a long time before your “system”.

    3. Not a good argument, a woman can walk up to almost any guy, ask him for sex, and he will agree. No need for transactions, no need for male prostitution.

        1. Except for some of them, there is no amount they could possibly pay that would be enough.
          Last year some hag offered to buy me a Porsche if I would move in with her. I turned her down. The hamster burnt out the bearings on its wheel, I instantly became a gay pindick basement dweller.

      1. Bullshit. First thing I do is look around and make sure my pocket is not being picked. Though I would call BS on this story, I would think something was up.
        (BTW the comments, though hilarious, remind me that if someone was going about stealing ovaries out of women we would be the ones never hearing the end of it from the feminists as they clamor for a whole host of new man-blaming laws)

      2. Not every woman, and not every guy, and therein lies the massive female demand for male prostitutes.

    4. Like it or not, the current condition of society has made all men into prostitutes. We sell ourselves, our dignity, and our bank accounts for the currency of sex.

      1. I was thinking this today, have we as Men ever been so focused on sex like we are now? Maybe in the days of Rome, but in modern society? Men are worrying about scoring pussy and they are forgetting about all the other things in life there is to conquer. There is more to life than Pussy.

        1. Valid point.
          However, back in the days of Rome, a free man could get laid very easily. Now, the effects of feminized men are starting to take a toll in that many women don’t want to sleep with them.
          It’s as Fight Club pointed out, “We are generation of men raised by women,” and its fucking things up.
          Sex however is part of our biology. When you aren’t getting laid, it hurts. It’s why masturbation and porn often become an alternative means of a release.
          Put simply, you have to “release” at some point before you can’t take anymore.

        2. Ovid didn’t write the Ars Amoratia because Roman women were falling out of their shifts for the average puer in the streets.

    5. Makes sense except your average woman can get sex much easier than your average man so male prostitutes are less in demand.

        1. Not really means just a few guys dominating the sexual market an banging lots of women, meaning lots of guys not getting sex an visiting prostitutes.

    6. No way brother. See my comment above. Demand for prostitutes has nothing to do with their sexuality. Sexuality varies from person to person, not gender to gender. There are hornball broads and men. There are prude broads and men.

      1. Either all these hornball broads are sleeping with extremely high value SMV men and myself occasionally, or the ratio of hornball broads to men is very skewed.

        1. I’m with you Armenia. I think this is one of the most basic problems. Yes women are looser and sluttier than in generations past but the depressing dynamic tension is still there. Men want it, need it, crave it more than women and with women it’s a means to an end, and they dole it out as they damn well please. Think of all the hot no holds barred sex you have at the beginning of a relationship and how badly it tails off as time goes by. Often rather quickly. This place is all over the map lately.

        2. It is the first one. Sorry but as someone who actually had a woman beg me to raw dog her in a target parking lot, I will have to say it has to do with your value. It all comes down to having a mission, being attractive, and pushing boudaries. Well and of course status helps too.

        3. I’ve got the second one down, and am working on the other two.
          You are right about pushing boundaries. I conquered a “I’m not a first date type of girl” and turned her into a plate for a bit.
          Just got to have the guts to go in for it.

        4. Even with women who have a high sex drive end up playing these weird games when you want to have sex all of a sudden.
          Shit tests.
          At least the ancients didn’t have to deal with this stuff. Wives didn’t exactly tell their husbands no.

        5. Funship, what happened to the photo updates of chicks you are boning/used to bone? I felt those revealing updates had mileage.

    7. Male prostitutes are useless because there are too many men willing to fuck for free. The reverse doesn’t happen.

      1. Happens all the time. There is a ton of female demand for male prostitutes. Legalization would flush many more out of the woodwork as well.

        1. A male prostitute has to be an alpha male and fit each woman’s individual preference. He still must be smooth, confident, and very good in bed. Female prostitutes can be the trashiest, dirtiest slut in town and guys would at least get a BJ in his car. Oppositely, slutty women are far less discriminate on their clients; if hes paying he can be a fat slob, she’ll still do her job. A male escort probably wont want to service fat or older women.
          This is actually a good example of how enormously different our sexualities are.

        1. Or old women too. Some old women might want some company boy, not only sex…
          Plus, a rich ugly or old lady might afford a better looking man that she can physically attract!

    8. It’s about “offers,” not about “drive.”
      Women… get a constant stream of offers. So they don’t really need to pay for it. I bet this matches your experience.
      Men… don’t regularly get offers. And when they do, they tend to be subtle. Thus, they are much more likely to pay for it.
      This… has never changed and never will change.

    9. Men go to backpage for a hooker, women go on OKCupid and Tinder for an easy lay. A woman would feel really, really bad about herself if she had to pay for sex. The ability to seduce even the omega males is a huge sense of pride for all women. Women that hire male escorts are usually over 40, divorced, desperate, and masculine.

        1. thx for putting that image of him sucking those giant toes in my head. bastard!

    10. The lack of male prostitutes in not tied to the fact that women aren’t as horny as men. Women are the gate Keepers of sex and therefore don’t have to work very hard to get sex when they desire it.
      Almost any woman can find a man that will have sex with her when she is horny. For a man its more of a challenge hence the usefulness of prostitutes for some.
      Women hide it much better but, they crave sex just as much as men and often times more.

    11. yeah bro….the article is written by a dating coach. women are emotional nutcases, it is quite clear. One month they can have sex with 20 guys then they claim they are born again virgins for the following 3 years.

    12. In most ancient cultures it was pretty much agreed that women are just as lascivious as men. Examples: Helen of Sparta, Dido of Carthage, Queen Maeve of Connacht, Phaedra, Medea.
      The only control women exert in their appetites is in the process of a power play. This is also the dynamic behind prostitution.
      And you should know as well as anyone men can control their sexual appetites moreso than women, in fact there are whole communities of them: monasteries.

    13. Women don’t need male prostitutes because they can seduce a man whenever they want. If not a high quality one they can get some desperate guy. All they have to do is take their clothes off and the guy will handle the rest.
      Men, however, need game if they want a woman to give it up or they can pay. As it has often been said “women are the gatekeepers of sex”. Women don’t need to pay or have game to get dick.
      Male prostitutes not being as high in demand as female prostitutes does not necessarily mean women crave sex less than men.

      1. youre kidding yourself if you think women have the same sex drive as men. Maybe 16-24 but it drops off at every point in a relationship its the woman saying no. Its much easier for women to go a long time without sex

    14. Correct. Even during a woman’s horniest time (ovulation), a man will have on average 17 times more testosterone coursing through his body. The “women want it just as badly as men” idea is a feminist myth. (But the rest of this piece was solid.)

    15. “I read some article on XoJane…”
      Refusing to believe a population does something is effectively refusing to hold them accountable for doing so. And I have never met a group of people who didn’t do something they had a drive to do en masse when there were little to no social consequences.

    16. Your analysis is faulty. Females would be more bashful to go to a male hooker but that is understandable. They are more “shy” to initiate but they are thinking about it all the time. Any look at the corporate and business world proves that women will sleep around very quickly if the guy is attractive to them (a winner, muscular, rising star, etc). They kind of cant control themselves.

    17. yea that’s complete bullshit, that’s a PUA gimmick
      ‘you need to realize women want sex MORE than you!!!’
      No they don’t. No fucking way. Yea, they want it and think about it, but its not comparable to a man’s sex drive.
      Relationships and marriages its the woman who stops wanting sex. It’s very dumb to think women, long term, would sustain their sex drive like a man. It’s a lie.

    18. Trust me man. Women need sex as much as men. Don’t believe me? Withhold sex from your woman one night and see what happens.
      Lots of guys go without sex for the period you mention.

    19. Well 2015 marks 7 years without it, and I am and was a hornbag, probably more so than most here.
      Hard to be in this position when I was highly sexual with GFs before that point…

    20. “Until male prostitutes become as in demand as female ones, I’ll have to politely disagree.”
      But females have a much easier time getting laid, hence no demand for gigolos. We’ve all seen fugly women tart themselves up, walk into a club and get hit on (usually by thirsty betas), without doing anything.

  7. Back in the MySpace and early POF days I easily met up with chicks and had ONS with them. You would be foolish to think that ONLY 50% of chicks have ONLY HAD 1 ONS. Realistically 98% of them have had much more than just one ONS. Girls today give it up so easily.
    Sometimes when I was done with them I would just sit back and think how easy it was for me to get her to come over to “watch a movie”. And if it was this easy for me, how many other guys was it also easy for?

    1. True it’s way more than 50% more like 95%. Girls on POF and other dating sites always make out they are “good girls” and they are “not like other girls”, it makes you chuckle.

      1. I always love the ones that say “don’t message me if you’re looking for a hookup”….those are always the ones down to hookup

    2. There is a Reason our For Fathers made women wear chastity belts and sexually repressed them till marriage , because under the right circumstances women just can’t control themselves.

      1. Have a look at drunk women, when their inhibitions are down and they know they can cut loose without being judged, or held accountable (eg. holiday far away). They go beyond ‘animalistic’.

        1. Another good comment! Women who get “raped” when they are drunk don’t get raped BECAUSE they are drunk, they get drunk so they will get “raped.” Then they can keep their uh “self respect”, retain Victim status AND have their cake and eat it too. I dated a girl once who many years later let it slip that she was “raped” by 4 or 5 guys. As her story unfolded I could tell it was all bullshit. She was just looking for an excuse to cut loose and be the gang bang whore that she always was. Dodged a bullet there!

        2. ” I dated a girl once who many years later let it slip that she was “raped” by 4 or 5 guys.”
          This is such horseshit. “Real rape” (what you see on Law and Order SVU, for example) is a terrible crime, but, it’s also incredibly rare. It’s a crime of violence and, IMHO, men are by far more likely to suffer it than women are (prison population).
          Being “real raped” 4-5 times is about as likely as getting hit by a comet 4-5 times throughout your lifetime. Maybe if you’re a prostitute and work for years with very shady clients you could get there. But a normal citizen being raped that many times by different guys? Yeah, right.
          Problem is there’s now 2 definitions of rape. “Real rape”, a violent act most often committed by predators against those they do not know. Typically includes severe beating and gross physical injury.
          And then “new rape” (which account for about 95% of those crying “rape”), a crime which is not committed until after the fact. Typically drunken sex, no violence between 2 people who know each other intimately. No outward signs of trauma.
          “Real rape” is an awful crime and should be punished severely (and we should start in prisons where men are being raped every damn day). “New rape” is a crime of the mind; if you can’t tell your committing a crime until the next morning, it’s not really a crime at all. Problem is, we’ve somehow decided that the 2 are the same crime and deserve the same punishment. Which is about as nonsensical as charging a 5 year old child with attempted murder for shooting you with a water gun.

        3. You’re preaching to the choir. You told me nothing I don’t already know. A lot of anger on your part. Have you served some time and got passed around like a peace pipe or a bag of Oreo cookies?

      2. I wish I could up-vote this comment 1000 times! Even Lycurgus who reformed Sparta did not try to set up too many rules for women because in his wisdom he understood that it was pointless, they will not follow them. The REAL weapon that we possess is to stop working for someone else. especially corporations/government. But that will never happen because most men are not extremely bright, they are average and their combined weight socially will always repress the geniuses among them who have the solutions to their problems. There is nothing in the whole world more fragile than a mans ego…

  8. I’ve said it forever: Sexuality varies from person to person, not gender to gender. There are hornball broads and men. There are prude broads and men. Good article.

    1. This one made me laugh:

      “She’s not the type of girl to just give out her number.”

      I pity the fool who ever thinks that.

  9. ‘Some of the most promiscuous women I’ve met are Ivy League students and those in high-paying and demanding jobs. ‘
    Sounds like they are just looking for random penis to beat the anxiety out of them.

    1. Women just go to college to find a future husband, Just like women going into the military, it’s to find a man, the problem with college broads, is that they have all the latest SJW stuff in their heads, and also a heftily priced college degree “Mr. Right” will get stuck paying for.

      1. Alot of them actually make substantial salaries and THAT is the problem. Women will never be servile unless they have to be out of financial necessity. They want agency, autonomy and power and they become reckless cunts when they get it. Many of them can pay for their own degrees, but therin lies the rub – they stop being women when they have the financial wherewithal to do so.

    2. So? If they want to run the best physical years of their lives out on the hamster wheel, the least you can do is offer them some water when they’re thirsty 🙂

    3. I’ll never understand how a woman WANTS to be spanked, smacked around and have her hair pulled in the bedroom but finds it degrading in the living room. Bitches be crazy!!!

  10. 3 examples of “in my mind” limitations:
    I was at a club, met a girl, escalated… she was slapping my hand away, but wanted me to stay. I eventually said I was leaving, thinking it was a dead end. So she took our her phone, pretending to get my number, and typed out, “I want to go home w/ you but I don’t want my friends to know… meet me at XYZ at 3;30.” I thought she was a “good girl” (limiting belief) but she surprised me that night. Sex’d her. We’re still friends.
    Dated a girl last week, boring date, almost didn’t followup thinking it was “over” (limiting belief). I pinged her a couple days later (to challenge my limiting belief), she took two more days to reply, but she was being fun. I asked her out again for this week (challenging myself to put in the effort) — fucking great date this week, made it back to my house. What a difference (some effort) and a week makes!
    Met this girl in Japan in Jan at a coffee place. Her English was terrible, but she was soooooo my type… but super young/innocent, or so I thought. I took her info, but figured she was a “good girl,” falsely classifying her in my mind. Later that same night, at some big club in Tokyo… there she was, pimping guys for drinks, looking like a “pro.” Complete transformation. Like the song says, “Goes to show you never can tell…”
    My current rule of thumb as a Daygamer… ask for the number, get her out, escalate, learn, and NEVER ASSUME ANYTHING.

    1. Yeah, never assume the best about them.
      But you can assume the worst, and wait to be proved wrong.
      I met a nice, adorable young beauty from Mexico last spring. She was considering moving up to the states (I met her through her family and she could live with them in my city) and just as a test I decided to treat her super nice and respectful. I didn’t escalate, didn’t push for sex, just had a great time and great dates with her, lots of making out and fun. I figured I’d try to make myself different and stand out a little bit, and not try to stick my dick in her the first opportunity possible.. actually thought she would make good LTR material and also just wanted to see if it would make a difference if I treated her good, the way women claim they want to be treated, because she was actually one who deserved that kind of treatment. Well, fast forward a few months and she stopped texting me, didn’t move up here last summer, now lives in a dangerous warzone and married a beta in Mexico and popped out a kid, this is 1 year later.
      It was a good test, and proved to me that even the nicest, sweetest girls don’t want a nice guy. Unless she is a virgin, always escalate, always push, always be aggressive. I don’t believe any of them respect you if you treat them well.

      1. One other point is that women crave feeling desired. You can to a degree play on that by not selling out too much sometimes (being aloof and make her want to work for it a bit), but on the other hand if you don’t show in any way that you want her once you built some rapport, she’ll feel that something’s amiss. She *expects* you to want to get into her pants. This is the case even if she’s a real sweety. She won’t make an overt move herself cos that’s not appropriate, and expects you to move things along. You are the salesman and closing the sale or not is on you.
        To paraphrase a maxim by master Funakoshi on Karate, it’s like cooking food on a stove. Too much heat and you might burn it, too little heat and it gets cold and never gets cooked.

  11. Women are overrated. I’ve moved on to butthole penising with men. What’s more manly than exerting sexual dominance over another man?

    1. “Women are overrated. I’ve moved on to butthole penising with men. What’s
      more manly than exerting sexual dominance over another man?”
      You may commit sodomy with another male, but you’ll never have consensual “sexual dominance over another man,” because a sodomite isn’t a (real) man.
      a man or boy who shows the qualities (such as strength and courage) that men are traditionally supposed to have

        1. “Getting a BJ from your wife is sodomy too.”
          That’s would be the Roman Catholic “expanded definition.” After they fell away from Orthodoxy in 1054, they developed lots of weird innovations like that. People always wonder where did “Western civilization” go wrong? Well, there you go, 1054. Of course there were several centuries of build up to it, when the Latin clerics started to do effeminate things like shave their beards off, but the nail in the coffin: 1054. America and the EU were doomed to become Mystery Babylon on that date.

        2. That’s exactly the response I have come to expect out of the christian faithful.
          “But that’s not us.”

  12. Is it just me, or does the blonde in the article header have a herpes sore on her bottom lip? Any rate, she definitely is that type of girl.
    Selling your looks in a photo, selling your body, giving it away for free – not much difference in any of those things.

  13. Every girl has the capacity to be that kind of girl, and she probably is. I needed reminding after I started uni a few weeks ago. I took a gap year in which I didn’t interact with many hotties, so I was honestly a bit overwhelmed.
    As of now there are 3 or 4 girls I’m going after, but there’s one I prefer over the others. I was starting to catch oneitis. And as we all know with oneitis comes bad game, pedestalization, and the belief that this girl seems too smart and wary to have anything but nice guy game used on her.
    I was starting to think to myself things like “I have to be nicer and get closer to her, because she seems too clever to go for the more Alpha asshole-ish kind of guy”.
    Then I remembered something. It was actually watching PORN that brought the re-realization out of me: she’s EXACTLY the kind of girl who goes for the Alpha. She’s NOT different. She’s just as dirty, sexual, filthy, and depraved as the girls I’m watching getting railed on camera.
    I could literally picture it in my head a future when I’m holding back/being a nice guy but her attention is focused on an Alpha who’s been doing what I otherwise do. It’s been the story of my life, and I REFUSE to be that guy. If I fail, I want it be because of incompatibility or her bitchiness, no because I was Alpha’d due to pussying out.
    Those thoughts KILLED my oneitis and the momentary pedestalizing. Now that I’ve snapped back to my usual Alpha self and I’m working on other girls, things are moving along much, much better.
    MORAL OF THE SOTRY: don’t let yourself think she couldn’t be a filthy whore if the right guy came along and brought it out of her.

  14. Point 5 is spot on. Always assume you can push as far as possible. Realize that you have a 50/50 shot, and don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t happen, but realize you have a pretty good chance of it happening. Also, the 50% stat includes a lot of girls who don’t drink, don’t party, and aren’t making out with a guy they just met. If you get a couple of drinks in her, she’s having fun, and you get a little physical contact going, your chances are quite high that you can get the bang. You can basically always pop the boobs out and finger her, in my experience.

  15. Whenever I see an article written by a “dating coach” I think of all those guys who setup all the PUA pep talks and amassed followers in the big cities. Fast forward a couple years and they start charging to “hang out” and “coach” you.

      1. since you’re in Dallas, look up PUA Lair or Dallas PUA. There is a guy named Triumvirate who runs the show. I met him and attended one of his “seminars” about 10 years ago. Now he charges $$$ for it. When I sarged with him and his crew over 2 years, he took home a cougar, one stripper, and a few okay looking women. Granted it is better than most men do, but I wasn’t wow’ed by the experience to pay for it.
        the equivalent of these guys are megachurch pastors who expect your weekly donation to pay for their Gulfstream G650 or whatever.

        1. Dude you sound like a high school kid. Reply back with something logical as soon as you mature with these childish responses.

  16. Valuable article. I still have to remind myself that women do not think like men, they act out privately in different ways than they show publicly. They do this because they admire good social status and try to get their slutting in while appearing virginal to observers.

  17. Often if you treat her like a princess and she becomes a princess and you treat her like a slut and she becomes a slut. This is probably true for a good 80 percent of the women. You will only learn by pushing the boundries.

  18. The biggest mistake men make, and I was making for a very long time even after learning game is that they wait too long before making a serious move. Most girls encounter men who aren’t trying to fuck them. Even the few trying to game them, aren’t really pushing hard to fuck them. THe guy waits, hesistates, not sure if he likes her, before he makes his move. Girls want you to fuck them quickly from first meeting them. The faster you try to fuck them, the more successful you’ll be. You’ll lose far more girls from waiting or getting numbers than anything else.
    When you get a girls number, she is often thinking, well if he won’t kiss, or fuck me now, what is the point of the number.

  19. Great article. But women and men have different sex drives. Its biology. Women burn out in their 40s. Men keep it going much longer. Also women aren’t “in the mood” on a monthly basis. Half the time women don’t climax during intercourse. But women still want casual fun.

    1. Sex is just another area where modern women simply copy men’s behaviour. Feminism as a whole is women wanting to be men.

      1. The article is mostly true, first date sex happens. But women aren’t as driven as men. If a male could bang a couple different hotties every week, he’d feel good about himself and think he was a stud at the top of his game. If a woman was humping two different men every week she’d worry she was a sex addict who was trying fill an emotional void.

      2. Try to resist the urge to speak on behalf of huge groups of people that you don’t understand. It never does anyone credit.

  20. Sex, sex and sex. Looks like there’s nothing more in mens life than this mechanical job. No dreams, no hopes or clarity. Nowadays to be a real men you just have to master the game and you get a dose of validation from other men. Putting sex on highest throne wont do anything in your deathbed. When looking into death eyes do you remember scoring an drunk ONS or the time when you fullfiled your deepest desire to achieve something you could be proud of?

    1. Enough said.
      Are we seeking to be remembered after our time is past, or, scoring enough “wins” on a magical scoreboard that will mean nothing in the end?
      In a 100 years, will that cutie you pulled in a club last week be something that people remember? Or, will it seem like you was never even here on earth to begin with?
      More questions than answers it seems.
      No scary movie can write something more dark and frightening than that.

  21. A really important one is simply that she fucking can. Like when you get new gun. It feels great in your hand. You enjoy picking up and handling it. Considering the different loads it’ll take. Just burning up to take it out in the woods and experience it’s full working potential. Girls are the same way with their sexuality. They might come accross as “holding on to it” or wanting to not be sluts. But in the end, they have this phenomenal “thing” that makes them feel powerful and want to experience the expression of it. As well as it feeling physically great to them. That’s the kinda the way I think about it. As an aside, I’ve got a theory about that and their eating disorders. But maybe for a different post.

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