The Establishment Is Giving “Black Lives Matter” A Free Pass To Incite Violence

Black Lives Matter “advocates for justice, dignity, and respect.” At least, that’s the Kool-Aid they distribute on their web site as they come up with such dignified and respectful chants during protests as Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon! after committing terrorist acts on U.S. soil like assassinating police while getting a press pass from Marxist media and encouragement to continue with sophistry from our President.

Meanwhile, showing their contempt for non-Marxists and non-self loathing whites, social media majors like Facebook, and tech majors like Google, Microsoft, and even Pandora came out in unified support of the radical BLM hate group right after five Dallas police officers were murdered by a BLM supporter, before the families even had time to put them in caskets.

In the meantime, legacy media manipulates facts and stories to keep white people and police on the defense against Marxist narratives in a crusade against reality and common sense. (It also makes one wonder if ethnic cleansing, i.e. of white populations, is a globalist agenda item. More on that another time.)

Micah Xavier Johnson, the Dallas terrorist and murderer, was driven by the same divisive left wing politics as Black Lives Matter. However, an examination of his motives has been intentionally left out by the media as it would connect obvious ties to the rhetoric of Obama and his heir apparent, Queen Hillary. Hillary even went so far as to double down on Marxist rhetoric over the weekend, blaming whites and cops for murders that occurred at the hands of a black racist.

I will call for white people, like myself, to put ourselves in the shoes of those African-American  families who fear every time their children go somewhere, who have to have ‘The Talk,’ about, you now, how to really protect themselves [from police], when they’re the ones who should be expecting protection from encounters with police.

The motives of Micah Johnson are "very hard to understand" according to Obama

The motives of Micah Johnson are “very hard to untangle” according to Obama

Black Lives Matter, which was formed by three homosexual women, has enjoyed a seat at the right hand of Obama (BLM leader Aislinn Pulley is pictured with the Messiah above) and even recently spent 90 minutes meeting with him in the White House. After the tragedy in Dallas, Obama laughably said it was “very hard to untangle” the motives of the shooter even though Johnson openly said he hated white people, he wanted to kill white people, and he especially wanted to kill white police officers.

It’s hard to imagine the motives would have been “very hard to untangle” if the shooter was white and the victims black, especially since mass hysteria led to a historical symbol being torn down after a nut named Dylan Roof went on a rampage. It took no time at all to “untangle” the motive for Roof, which was clearly the rebel battle flag to the morons in the media and Racial Bolshevists on the left.

The evil genius Obama never lets a tragedy go to waste, and never misses and opportunity to figuratively stick a shiv in the white people of the U.S. he seemingly hates so much. Contrary to the left’s rhetoric, it is not the white, heterosexual, Christian male doing the oppressing, he is being oppressed and is being targeted for destruction in the 21st century socialist revolution in America.

BLM’s False Premises

BLM is "hell bent on inciting riots" according to a Breitbart report

BLM is “hell bent on inciting riots” according to a Breitbart report

The narrative that black men are being targeted by police is nothing more than political rhetoric designed to steam people up. It steams the left up because they feel they carry the banner of Betrand Russell’s Superior Virtue of the Oppressed, and it steams the right up because they have to be shamed and retreat no matter if they have been wronged. Here are some facts that destroy the BLM narrative, exposing it as a Marxist propaganda ploy.

Blacks are more likely to kill other blacks than cops are to kill blacks. Nearly 5,000 blacks killed other blacks in recent years. 90% of black homicides are committed by other blacks, according to FBI data. Other numbers: 732 white people and 381 black people were killed by police last year, according to the liberal Chicago Tribune. It would take cops nearly 14 years to catch up with the number of blacks killed by other blacks just last year alone.

Black men are more likely to kill cops than cops are to kill black men. The FBI reports 40% of cop killers are black. Statistically, police officers are 18 times more likely to be killed by a black man than they are to kill a black suspect. This statistic supports the fact that blacks are killed by police in self-defense, not because of racism.

Cops killed twice as many white people as black people last year. In 2015, 50% of the victims of deadly police shootings were white, and 26% were black. Some claim this is racism since blacks only make up 13% of the U.S. population, but the FBI reports 62% of robberies, 57% of murders, and 45% of assaults are conducted by blacks in the most populated areas of the country. So, blacks are statistically proven to be far more likely to commit crimes which put them in the crosshairs of police.

Black and Hispanic officers are more likely to shoot at blacks than white officers. The Department of Justice confirms black cops are 3.3 times more likely to fire at a suspect than white officers. Similarly, Hispanic officers are more likely to fire at a suspect than a white officer.

These four facts alone logically destroy any justification of Black Lives Matter’s attacks upon police and white people. Black on black violence is a far greater problem for them to worry about. Apparently, black lives don’t matter to black people, using BLM’s own rhetoric and faulty reasoning. Blacks also murder at a far higher rate than their white counterparts and are involved in more criminal activity, which means they will have more run-ins with the police.

This twisting of facts to support a Communist agenda also illustrates why I grew to despise the American media before quitting and running away from a career I had aspired to since childhood. This type is disinformation is wrong, and it is evil. Rather than making Black Lives Matter justify its existence and its violence, the media continue to hunt down the Evil White Man™ as the reason for civil unrest. The media feed on emotional propaganda that has no basis in reality and twist reality it to fit a Marxist narrative. The media is as much to blame for the hatred and division in the United States as the “community organizer” President. The media is also once again shamelessly providing cover for far left demagogues Obama and Hillary as reported by Daily Wire.

Left-wing media is attempting to exonerate President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and itself from complicity in the deadly consequences of racial agitation. Five more police officers have now been sacrificed on the altar of protection for the left’s political sacred cow. State of the Union‘s Jake Tapper likewise refused to examine ideological connections between the Dallas murderer and the broader left. Instead, time was dedicated to presenting Trump as racially divisive and incapable of mending racial divisions. Left-wing racial agitation as a driving force of the Dallas mass murder was ignored.

So, there you have it. The left has been given carte blanche by your government and your media to march through the streets terrorizing police officers, Trump supporters, and anyone who tries to provide a modicum of reason to the totally one-sided, politically motivated, fraudulent narrative. Since the Dallas case proves the media and politicians will continue to blame white people and police no matter if the groups stoking racial division like Black Lives Matter are operating under completely false premises, one can expect they will blame white people for defending themselves or taking action to stop Communist agitators from destroying another city like Baltimore or Ferguson.

BLM has been given carte blanche to destroy cities and attack police, like they did in this scene in Baltimore

“Riots are the voices of the unheard” according to one BLM member; BLM has been given carte blanche to destroy cities and attack police, like they did in this scene in Baltimore

As stated in my previous articles, this is Racial Bolshevism at its finest.

Contemporary Progressivism should really be called Racial Bolshevism. The psycho-political profile is identical: whereas the original Bolsheviks believed that the Communist utopia could not be achieved without the elimination of the bourgeois class, the contemporary Racial Bolsheviks believe that the multi-cultural utopia cannot be achieved without the elimination of white people – especially white men.

What is the end goal? Pushing white people until they break in a thinly veiled effort to bring about Martial Law and discard the Constitution? Hillary said we need even more “justice, dignity and respect” Black Lives Matter style. Her poll numbers quickly took a dump after she spouted this pablum and her acquittal last week.

There is so much more to be done… we can’t be engaging in hateful rhetoric or incitement of violence, we need to be bringing people together…we need more love and kindness.

Apparently, love and kindness Hillary style means loving the very people who are assassinating police officers, attacking conservatives and telling white people how evil they are. Things are only going to get worse as the left continues an agenda of ethnic cleansing and racial scapegoating in America. The Communist revolution is here. Dallas was only the opening salvo. The Black Panthers have already said they intend to be armed under the guise of “self-defense” at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland next week. That’s a powder keg waiting for BLM to ignite it.

We must not let the left’s and the media’s appeals to racial division, disguised as progress win out. United, we can stop the fall of the U.S. government. Divided, as they clearly want us to be, we are putty in the hands of social engineers and elite puppet masters financing these mobs. We cannot heal racial wounds by pouring Marxist salt into them.

The first step in fighting back is untwisting the twisted narratives of hateful and degenerate leftist demogogues, a treasonous President, a treasonous Presidential candidate, and a Marxist media, exposing them as the inciters of violence they are. Once the public knows who is fomenting the violence and division, the next steps in refreshing the tree of liberty can be taken.

If you like this article and are concerned about the future of the Western world, check out Roosh’s book Free Speech Isn’t Free. It gives an inside look to how the globalist establishment is attempting to marginalize masculine men with a leftist agenda that promotes censorship, feminism, and sterility. It also shares key knowledge and tools that you can use to defend yourself against social justice attacks. Click here to learn more about the book. Your support will help maintain our operation.

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223 thoughts on “The Establishment Is Giving “Black Lives Matter” A Free Pass To Incite Violence”

    1. If corporate, Crooked Hillary is in on it, and she is, along with the entire Democratic party, and to a somewhat lesser extent the gelded Republicans who only reinforce the narrative of the left (i.e. Paul Ryan, Obama’s bitch), it’s the Establishment.

  1. What I wonder is when the white men reach the breaking point.
    Historically white men have been tolerant and permissive beyond other groups, but when they had enough and take to violence, they are unmatched in their efficiency of perpetrating violence.
    So I think if this crap continues or escalates, we will soon see blood on a scale unseen since Vietnam or maybe even WW2.

    1. White men will reach their breaking point when, and only when, that breaking point is more profitable than the permissiveness.

        1. awww it ain’t so bad unabashed. There is sunshine, good food, plenty of women and booze and after the storm the sun also rises.
          Nihilism: A happy philosophy.

        2. Those guys are faggots. Their response to nothing being ready made is to give up rather than build something to enjoy

        1. they won’t have an easy time in Times Square tonight. Trust me on that

        2. Columbus: 7:00PM (GOODALE PARK, Columbus, Ohio 43215)
          LOL! Yeah, they’ll go real far. A group will approach a white male walking down the street, start threatening and then there’s a 40% chance the white male will calmly draw his firearm and say “I’m ready”.
          Armed gun friendly states aren’t the place to get all tough with Whitey in.

        3. Indeed. Don’t try that shit in Virginia, either. The police will be called but only to come ID and pick up the dead bodies.
          Proudly open carry (and or conceal). Keep your loved ones safe at all cost.

    2. I don’t know, Corkscrew. In America I think there’s a chance of there being a breaking point (but hopefully we’ll be able to avoid that, so long as the hag is not elected). But I don’t think there will be a breaking point in western Europe. I think Europeans will just continue to take more and more abuse until it’s simply too late. This will definitely be the case in Sweden, and possibly in Germany, France, and Britain. We’ll see.

      1. Sweden I would tend to agree about, they haven’t had a war in 200+ years and have low T. Germany probably too due to WW2 guilt.
        The rest? Not likely, keep in mind even if only 15% of the population are white men, and only a third of them get active, it will be a bigger war than WW2.
        But yes, we will see indeed.

        1. Britain definitely has a fighting chance, but they MUST make sure that the Brexit referendum is followed through. As for France, if they continue to do nothing but post hashtags and hold candlelight vigils after this most recent terror attack, I’m convinced that they will suffer the same fate as Sweden and Germany.
          You’re Finnish, right? Do Finland and other Scandinavian countries have issues with migrants, or is it mainly a Sweden thing?

        2. All in the same boat but to a differing degree. Finland is a bit culturally distinct from the others and not welcoming or inclusive or particularly tolerant, but there were very few migrants until last year, most can’t take he long cold dark winter and fuck off back to Iraq or wherever they came from. Thousands of the ones who came paid for their own tickets back to Iraq even lol.
          Don’t know much about the feeling on the ground since I haven’t been back in 20+ yrs.

        3. Winter is a great defense.
          I know many a people who think new York is fun to live in in the spring, then the humid summer but then it turns to fall and then all of a sudden they find out what a 4 mile long wind tunnel every 1/8th of a mile in the snow on an island feels like and all of a sudden going home seems like a damn good idea.
          When it is physically painful to inhale you find out who is who and what is what.

        4. exactly. I had 3 feet of snow last winter and was angry that my mango didn’t get delivered with the rest of my groceries.
          By the way, watching someone who has never driven in snow drive in snow is one of the great things in this world

        5. I was stationed in Texas in the mid 1980’s. It snowed there, once, during my time there. It was at *most* an inch. Locked up the entire area. I drove around in my pick’em up truck and “rescued” cute Texas chicks who wrecked in ditches on the side of the road. Note the plural. Those people are *horrible* in the snow.
          By the next morning it had melted and the temp was around 82 I believe. What a strange state.

        6. lol. they aren’t prepared for it. They think nothing of driving their tires bald, they don’t know not to jam their brakes. It is so great. I remember driving home from Stony Brook Long Island to Brooklyn in 16 inches of snow at 65 mph annoyed that traffic wasn’t moving better.

        7. it’s not your fault. How often do you check the tread on your tired in Tennessee? Really? And driving in snow is like anything else. It takes practice. I sucked at it when I was 16. Now I am 200 years old and I don’t even think twice unless there is 2 feet.

        8. It’s easy to learn to drive in the snow when you use wooden wheels and a team of horses.

        9. I am not a team player.
          It is also easy when your grandfather says “sure you can use the car but if you get a scratch on it I will kill you”

        10. Is that going to be your mane joke today that you’re resting your Friday joke score on?

        11. It’s kinda annoying, because they go all slow and timid-like.
          Amusingly, the dead-end dirt road I live on is better plowed than the major uban roads. Even so I once had my van do a 180 just as I was pulling out of the driveway. When even your car wants to go home, I tend to call it a day.

        12. NYC is pretty good with the plowing mostly because the one time they fucked up the fall out was outrageous. By day two in a big enough city enough cars and trucks have hit the snow that it barely makes a difference.
          But yes, watching them drive is fun. ANother fun thing, my next door neighbor years ago dated a girl from long island. He used to call me and say “look out the window! she is parallel parking! its hilarious!”

        13. You should get a ATV to get around during blizzards, nobody will be able to catch you in the snow! Plus, you can join the Ruff Ryders.

        14. I’ve done that upstate NY where my family lives. Take snow mobiles straight down 9W to the bar

    3. With the exception of some lily-white uber liberal hold outs, most white people are on to the game and are more than fed up with this nonsense, including the ridiculous notion that relentless, white racism against poor, defenseless black victims is the be-all and end-all explanation for everything.
      All you really need to do is look at the astronomical stats regarding black mob violence and the obscene numbers of other forms of black criminality to realize what an incredible fucking joke the liberal racism narrative is.

    4. I tend to agree with this sentiment. I know several guys that are what they call “slow to anger,” (they” let you call them every name in the book, push on them, prod them and stay completely stoic) but when the brawl does break out you want to be on their side.
      And I think some of our older commenters would agree that their age won’t prevent them from being more than effective if push comes to shove:
      It would be extremely terrifying for most people (I would guess) to watch determined, committed, calm, cool, calculating, experienced men decide to go that way because what we’ve been seeing so far are folks driven mad by the constant pressure we’re all being forced to feel. I honestly hope it never does get to that breaking point.

      1. Hehe, usually people go white with fear and shit their pants.
        I’m like that and people usually have time to realize they just fucked with the wrong guy, when I have had enough and do something about it. I don’t scream or flail or jump up and down or dance around, I was calmly towards the guy and put him down as if he was a plastic mannequin.

        1. I really like the very young Catrall. I loathe the “cougar” old Catrall. Such a pity.

  2. Black men are providing the terrorist muscle of the BLM organization but it is despicable and envious men (and women) of various ethnicities who are providing the logistic, technological, media, and bureaucratic support.
    I contend that envy of White men and envy of women of any color who manage to appeal to them is being driven by their very scarcity. From the archetypical Clint Eastwood to the “Captain of Industry” in Donald Trump, and the attractive female wife or consort who doesn’t subscribe to grievance politics a.k.a. Feminism, these are minority factions in urban and exurban areas where the media focuses its lens. In other words those driven by success and ambition are in the crosshairs of the envious.
    The dirtiest trick in their arsenal is to see to it through uneven enforcement of laws and supposed protection of outcome in women alone that no man can trust a woman. However, attractive women are slowly discovering that when they approach the apparatus for protection or redress, the hardened minority bitter lesbian bureaucrats are unsympathetic unless there is a Clint Eastwood or Donald Trump who can be politically or economically destroyed in exchange.
    Meanwhile, those White male-led couples with something to lose are slowly being manipulated to accept a police state that will supposedly protect their privilege.
    I don’t have the answers but hope that illumination of the issues will assist those who do.

    1. This is very interesting. And while I think Trump is a dog and pony show, I agree with much of the sentiment here, if not all of it.
      Also, fair warning, I am not sure if you coined or have taken from elsewhere the term “grievance politics” but I give you my notice of intent right now to use it frequently.
      Nice post.

      1. you think that situation is bad. You better stock up on whisky. After today’s chess game you are really going to be “hacked” HAR!

  3. Black political activism has become little more than theater performance, or what I refer to as the “oppression olympics.”
    Bringing an end racism is not part of their plan—that would be impossible. It is instead the perpetuation of a vicious cycle of blame, scapegoating and victimology. Until the black community takes responsibility for its own failures, there simply is no incentive to even attempt to muster a sense of empathy for any of the savages.
    The greatest part of my white privilege—something I take advantage of daily—is the fact that I can turn a blind eye to these idiotic “movements” and live my comfortable life in my safe white neighborhood that I have worked hard to afford to live in.
    I have no more sympathy. None.

    1. Bringing an end to racism would put race hustlers out of business. And there is big business in race hustling – with everyone from the media to the schools to the gun shops taking a cut. People who buy into race politics are just useful idiots for this poisonous economy. Any man, of any color, who truly wants to get past racism has to do nothing more than just get past it. Stop saying racism is why you don’t succeed and focus on how you can succeed anyway, even in spite of racism. That’s the only way out.

        1. Oh Lordy, I just noticed that it changed. Wow. Not enough coffee.
          But still, how did get the check mark and the funny ninja letters. Did you just put them there yourself? Maybe it’s a mobile vs desktop thing.
          (Remember, I’m a virgin…a Disqus virgin)

        2. My husband is a biometric engineer (not the software development side tho) and a massive Star Trek fan.
          I’m use to it.

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          See if you cant buoy his spirits

        4. The United Nations In Space!
          TNG bored me to tears most of the time. The only good story line was the original Borg episodes.
          Give me Cowboys In Space! any day of the week.

        5. I never really watched Dr. Who much, at least not enough to really pay attention. That curly haired dude from the 1970’s with gummy bears, a weird ass telephone booth and a friendly looking dark haired young assistant are all I can accurately recall from that show.

        6. I usually don’t. Our games usually last a good long while and come down to one decisive mistake on either his side or mine. However, in this particular instance, yes….all his base are belong to me

        7. Really?
          My wife considers Telly Savalas as hot, especially in roles like he had in Kelly’s Heroes, but Picard? Eh. To each her own of course. It is of note that apparently you like authoritative older men, so you have that going for you.

        8. That’s a given, especially if alternated with melting ice cubes. Contrasting sensations bolster the female body’s receptiveness to further pleasure.

        9. I need to start perfecting my own fried chicken.
          I was horrified when I saw KFC was bought up by some hospitality coalition, and changed their original recipe. The breading falls off the chicken now.

        10. My friend, look no further than Alton Brown’s fried chicken recipe. Just google it. There is even a video of him making it. It is the best thing in the world.

        11. And Unabashed vouched for me, and I have my tits up on my profile. What more do you want for proof that I’m female? Lol

        12. He was great in ON Her Majesty’s Secret Service and Lazenby, though he only made 1 bond film, is my second favorite bond.

        13. That’s not too bad. If they don’t consider them hot enough you should be worried.

        14. I’m…familiar with girls like you then. So basically your husband is in his, what, late 40’s I assume?

        15. Just your curiosity? Boy…these fellas are going to have to work harder.

        16. I actually don’t know, I was just throwing out a guess. A man in his late 40’s could easily be your father, as I assume that you’re around 25-28-ish.

        17. And it’s really awkward (for others) when they think he’s my dad, call him such, but then we kiss or something. People get super confused lol

        18. So you were born the year I graduated high school and joined the military. It was a good year, 1985. Everybody was happy, optimistic and life really seemed like it was going forward towards some idyllic libertarian-conservative utopia.

        19. I can’t find that old AOL voice thing with “You’ve got mail”.

        20. My Husband was a Minute man in the Air Force. He wanted to be a rocket man (ha) so badly, but he got hurt, wasn’t allowed to fly to space. Poor thing.

        21. My Husband was a Minute man
          I’m more of an Hour Plus man, personally.

        22. do it. I mean it. If you just follow Alton on this one, step by step, do everything 100% you will be rewarded in a very big way.

        23. Kojak was one suave SOB- I think he might be the world’s first rapper…wish I could find those shows on tv

        24. This is the crap unabashed and others have brough on themselves by enabling this broad.
          Shes fake.

        25. I assure you, I’m not fake.
          Unabashed can assure you as well. Not that I care if you think I’m fake, and not to speak for Unabashed, but I doubt he cares what you believe either.

        26. I’m just one. One bitch. One non feminist, submissive respectful bitch who shares most (if not all) the same veiws as others on here.
          I promise, I’m not here to overrun or troll.

        27. You don’t have to promise anything to me, darling. It’s not my website. If it were, I would not allow women on principle – has nothing to do with whether they are submissive and respectful or not. It affects the climate.

        28. That was a quality show, no question. Throw in Beretta and The Rockford Files afterward and you have your television providing a higher testosterone level in one night than your average Millenial Hipster will ever achieve in his lifetime.

        29. “They got flies that’ll kill your ass”
          He could have just said that and it would have been enough.

        30. Gee! That isn’t the way I remember 1985. It was three years after I got out of 9 years in the Navy. Most of us working stiffs were under threat of downsizing, and the corporate axe wielders were in every company. Everyone and their brother was off shoring and out sourcing. Yes, we had finally gotten rid of inflation by a painfully deep and sharp recession engineered by Paul Volcker and Reagan. The stage was set for a great recovery and taxes had just been lowered. The problem was it was all temporary and most of the pain was still rolling downhill. Was it better than today? Yup. But that is a ridiculously low bar.

        31. Not n to speak for someone, then you speak for someone
          Yoy think that stupid pic proves anything?
          Tiny tits on a blocky body could easily be a male.

        32. If dumbasses enable it.

          How many times on this site has thay exact subject came up?
          Yet, these dudes are letting it happen right here.
          “She” just took over a whole thread.
          Are they blind?

        33. There were more pics sent to Unabashed than just the one on my profile my dear.
          My tits are actually quite large. DD-DDD cup. At least that’s large to me, I guess maybe not to everyone tho.
          I’m not male. I know you really want me to be (….wonder why?) but I’m not.

        34. I dont want you to be male. I just suspect you are a troll here to waste peoples time. And you have succeded. Look at the crap you got people to talk about instead of the article.
          If you are not a troll, why are you even here?
          Go do wifewoman stuff.
          This place is not for you.

        35. I am not a troll. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time. I have made a bunch of comment on the articles. And even when I don’t comment, I still read every one that comes out.
          Everyone here tangents off from the articles from time to time, and why not? If some one asks me something (like in this one) I will answer.
          The gentlemen here will talk about whatever they want to talk about. If they feel I am wasting their time, then I am confident they will choose to not waste their time, with me or anything else they don’t wish to talk about.
          I am here to learn and talk with likeminded people.
          If I bother you, then don’t converse with me.

        36. Chicken place in Kansas City MO called “Strouds” and it is the best fried chicken I’ve ever eaten… their motto “we choke our own chickens”..Go out of your way to eat there whenever in Kansas City…

        37. I loathe Alton Brown. I wish he would move his sorry ass back to California. He had the gall to say that White Southern women cannot cook because the slaves did it for them, thus they have no cultural history to do so. He said that on an Anthony Bourdain show. They are both idiots.

        38. Ha. I’m sure they are all idiots but brown has good recipes and Bourdain seems fun. People are tools. Use them for what they are good for. I don’t expect my hammer to be a good lightbulb and I don’t expect brown or Bourdain to be good people

        39. You dont bother me. As far as i can tell, if youre not a dedicated troll, you seem like a reasonable lady.

          However, your presence bothers me.
 matter what you say or think, you being on this site is not good for anyone.
          End of discussion. You should go join a knitting group, or learn a new cooking style, thai perhaps, or any other of a number of pursuits that would improve your wife skills.

        40. Thank you…I am pretty reasonable (for a female anyway).
          And I am sorry my presence bothers you. I’m sorry because it is certainly not my goal to have my presence bother you or anyone else.
          This site does help my overall skills on being a wife and mother…a lot more than cooking Thai food would (that would help out no one in my house).
          Besides, I learn more from you and the other gentlemen here than I could ever learn from ladies in a knitting group.

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        42. I used to date “girls” much younger than myself, and got tired of the “is this your father” or “I thought that he was your father” that was always stated in an almost judgmental way, especially in bars. So I always thought the thing to do was “agree and amplify” by taking the insinuation even farther by saying that I used to be her step father but we decided that we liked each other more than I liked her mother… Then the fun ensued…

        43. “I’m not even a huge fried chicken fan, but “”
          Next you’ll tell us you don’t even take Kratom!!!!!

    2. The truth of the matter is that after all of theses years and all of the strides we’ve made as a country some White Americans are still absolutely petrified by Black Americans. Theses police are shaking in their boots. George Zimmerman was absolutely terrified of a 16 year old boy. I know I’m an outlier but I’m ok with being considered a savage. I’m done trying to convince people otherwise. I no longer want understanding.

      1. Y’all really don’t bother me one way or the other. The non-racist blacks, who are a slim minority, get along with me just fine and vice versa. The racist blacks, it’s split. Generally I’ve found no reason to fear any minority. It helps being a tall scary looking white male I suspect, but still, y’all ain’t got anything that naturally compels me to fear. Most of the time, just the opposite.
        I do get what you’re saying though. The worst are the Leftists with their nervous laughter and forced “inclusion” of a black dude into a conversation while mimicking the supposed “black handshake” to show how hip they are. They couldn’t be more scared of you than if they ran directly away from you when you walk by.

        1. I’m glad to you as an individual arent subscriping to group think but the same cant be said for the rest of White Americans. All I’m saying is as Black American I am done begging for inclusion. When I read articles like this it is so abundantly clear that the majority of White Americas truly fear Black Americans. Like KZOO so elegantly illustrated we’re percieved as savages and I’m done trying to change that perception. I would say White Superemacy is dead but it’s always been a front for the real issue White Fear. Go read Dylan Roofs manifesto. Go read Zimmermans testimony.

    3. The one thing that black leaders of the past used to say is that people in the black community need to be responsible for their actions (take ownership, accountability and personal responsibility).
      You no longer hear that, today, and we have a black President with many other high level black professionals – meaning black people (like everyone else) can “make it”. The ceiling was shattered a long time ago, but some how the “struggle” has to continue…because no one is holding people in the black community responsible for failing. There always has to be a scapegoat (usually white people or the system).
      Well, the system (today) is run by a black man.

      1. A black president that road the “nigga” gravy train his entire life. But hates the whitey that drove it.

    4. Remember that to a Racist someone who
      is Black makes them an agent of BLM (the new boogie man for racist whites). A
      Black gangbanger in L.A. who shoots someone during a drug deal is the same
      as BLM being against unjust police shootings by lying racist cops according to
      those morons. The racists hate BLM for calling out their racist bs.
      Believing all Black people are the same is a
      basic tenet of Racism.
      Look, white folks stop preaching to us when
      we know you are the kings of double standards. We see it every day in every
      situation in America. Tell blacks to go to school then promote or hire your friends
      and family over them. White man from Stanford rapes gets six months, black man
      from Vanderbilt gets 15 yrs. My credit score is the same as a white person, you
      give them a better rate than me. You want to have interracial sex in foreign
      countries and tell the natives not to have sex with us (the military white
      males experts at this). White vandal defaces property you take him home to his
      parents but takes black kid to jail.

      1. Lol. This shit is becoming pathetic. You’re a member of the only race of people that fights to integrate into a system with a history of oppressing them; The only race of people who have never raised their own standards but look for others to raise it for them.
        Stop begging white people to let you be apart of things they have created and make your own you miserable, brainwashed simpleton.

  4. Nothing will change unless our society stops tip-toeing around that particular issue that dare not speak its name. If we don’t, BLM and the whole PoC industry have a point: blacks are shot by police proportionally more than whites. Why? Blacks are incarcerated more frequently – why? Blacks do poorly at school compared to whites and have lower average incomes – why? And for that matter, why do north Asians and Ashkenazi Jews get shot less than Gentile whites, get locked up less and do much better, on average, at school? Why do they have higher mean incomes? So long as we keep tip-toeing around impolite facts, the only answers available are the ones supplied by the Racial Bolsheviks: prejudice, privilege and discrimination.
    Of course, some of these people suspect the truth but would prefer to keep it hidden, or even better, unresearched. They fear that grudgingly accepting any average outcomes that have their roots in predisposition, no matter how much they may vary according to each individual, will take us all straight back to twentieth-century, mechanized genocide.
    Relax, everybody. The time has come. We’re mature enough to consider other factors without discriminating against individuals, and without fear that, for example, ethnic Koreans might conclude that Whitey belongs in the gas chamber.

    1. I understand your sentiment but the numbers show blacks are NOT shot proportionally more than whites. Now cops DO lay their hands more on blacks, but blacks also resist arrest more often than whites do so that could balance out.
      I think the real questions the black community needs to address is why are crime rates so high among their community? What causes it and what/who creates the environment that fosters this toxic situation? Many of us already know the answer but they need to accept it themselves before things can change.

      1. Actually yes they are. But not if you factor in criminality rate.
        Blacks make up what, 18% of total population but 28% of the shot by police.
        But if you factor in criminality the bias flips the other way and they should be getting shot more like 50%.

        1. if pop culture was the mississippi river, you would be the gulf of mexico. and I say that will all due respect

        2. Thanks.
          Really I just have that kind of mind. If I’ve seen or heard it before I can recall it. I don’t watch TV anymore or most modern movies (mainly the Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes movies is it), but I listen to music almost constantly.
          I’m not very knowledgeable when it comes to more modern references though, but that’s what DuckDuckGo is for. 🙂

      2. I largely agree with you. Rejecting racism as the cause of all ills will encourage disadvantaged groups to have a good, hard look at themselves and consider how they might improve their own situation. Predisposition is not destiny, especially at the level of the individual.

      3. Hey what’s with this using logic and reason to change things in society that we don’t like? That’s not very Murican of you.
        Of course we should stop the civil war in Syria to eliminate the problem of Syrian refugees, look at root causes why 10% of the black population is in the prison system, and use common sense, but who’se going to actually do that? It involves using your brain and stuff and that’s icky.

      4. My answer – institutionalized poverty and perverse incentives created by the welfare state.

      5. Their leaders know the negative stereotype that exist and need to question themselves why it exist. Assume it is true, then do the opposite so other people change their preception. Say, “I am not like that. I will show you.”

    2. Lol, and you didn’t mention it by name still.
      The thing is, intelligence is not the only mental difference between the races. Even comparing equal IQ whites and blacks the blacks still have much lower ability to control impulses and defer gratification, both of which are cornerstones of a civilized population.

  5. “The Talk.”
    Is that what that means? That has to be a bundle of the problems right there. When my dad sat me down for “The Talk” it went:
    “Son, whatever you do, don’t get any of these girls pregnant.”

      1. Hmm, my talk was more like “you have to understand sex is not like the porno movies”… But that was mom.
        Dads wisdoms were mostly about motor racing and mechanics hehe.

        1. I can only conjecture on the status of your parent’s martial relationship if that’s what your mom believed.

        2. My mom just handed me the Funk & Wagnells turned to “the female reproductive system” where she had highlighted “clitoris” and said: “That’s all you need to know, good luck…”
          (true story)

        3. Damn! That’s funny as hell!
          I learned by the age old method of going through a string of girls in High School. Didn’t take long to figure out the P’s & Q’s, definitely didn’t need to continue to receive instruction, but it was pretty damned fun so I figured “eh, why stop?”

        4. yes, this was the knee mans route as well. I disappointed many a young high school girls before I became the god I am today.

        5. I am assuming this happened while you were in high school as well and not, ya know, like a few months ago.

        6. I had my biker uncle and his literal rotating harem of chicks to ask questions to, so that really helped speed up the learning curve for me.

        7. On advise of counsel I invoke my Fifth Amendment right of silence.

        8. yes. I had nothing to go on and, as you recall, porn was just nat geo and occasional playboy. So basically I went in blind and hoped for the best. Kept what worked and discarded what didn’t.

        9. That’s actually my second amendment right to silencers.

        10. The divorce was final on the day before my 2nd birthday. Dad was remarried to a cute brunette about a year or two later, and proceeded on unperturbed to have 2 more sons and they stayed married until he passed away.
          Mom on the other hand… Lol!

        11. That’s sort of how I stumbled upon checking for orgasm by resting a finger on the taint, wasn’t my original intent, but hey, there’s groping blindly and then there’s testing the water. Besides, most notable discoveries have been accidental, historically speaking.

        12. That sounds like your dad dodged a bullet and recovered quite nicely then. Not trying to come down on your mom, I’m just familiar with women who hold that kind of attitude and they generally are nearly sexless and boring.

        13. Now I take kratom. I look them in the eyes and they immediately cum so hard that I need to hook them up to fluids.

        14. You can come down on her as much as you like, she moved to Italy when I was 7 or 8 leaving me with a foster family in Sweden. We don’t exactly get along heh.

        1. My favorite one was when the old lady says she finds him disgusting and he just grins and says, “But you do find me.”

  6. Whites should adopt an attitude about blacks “I dont care about you, your feelings and your welfare, my white self-interests come first”. There will be major chimp-outs, and they need to be dealt with an iron fist. Blacks only understand a brutal force.

  7. I think we all know, from BLM to what happened in Nice, is all by design. I remember reading a comment (in the WSJ no less) from a Dubya advisor or cabinet member, who essentially stated to the journalist “you are living in our past, we are already shaping the future; we will leave it to you people to make sense of it at a later date…”

  8. I have been hoping against hope that republicans would find a wedge issue to break up imcompatible groups. Such as Muslims aand feminazis. But I guess the HATRED OF WHITEY keeps that coalition from fraying.
    Just read that Ebody Herald editor sad that there was no such thing as a hate crime committed against white people or police.

    1. From what I understand there is enough of intermixing to have bumped the African American average IQ to 80-85, still well below Europeans but not nothing.

    1. I would like to feel sorry, but really she shouldn’t have been speaking out about anything.

  9. I fucking hate BLM, but:
    “Black men are more likely to kill cops than cops are to kill black men. The FBI reports 40% of cop killers are black. Statistically, police officers are 18 times more likely to be killed by a black man than they are to kill a black suspect. This statistic supports the fact that blacks are killed by police in self-defense, not because of racism.”
    I think this may be a little tricky statistical slang. Compare: Is a black man more likely to be killed by a cop than to kill a cop? You gotta consider the amount of cops and blacks, too.

    1. How about blacks are 18% of population but responsible for 40% of cop killings?
      That’s the rate 2005-2014. And since blacks commit roughly 50% of violent crimes, it would stand to reason that actually they should also be 50% of those killed by cops, right? Well the bias is opposite, only 26% of the people killed by cops are black.

      1. Actually 13%. Most of the crimes are committed by males, so that drops to 6.5%. The age range of the criminals is usually 15-40, which drops it to maybe 4% or less, tops.
        Really puts into perspective “responsible for 50% of the violent crimes in the nation” thing, doesn’t it?

      2. Yeah, I knew that. I just wanted to point out that this particular statistic in itself was not really convincing. It may just be a personal habit of mine, but I like to criticize even the things I agree with – oftentimes more than those I don’t, because there is no point in criticizing total nonsense.

  10. Follow the money.
    There is a reason Black Lives Matter is suddenly the darling protest group of the Obama administration and the media.
    Follow the money.

    1. Because Soros is directly and openly funding it, perhaps?

      1. I’m going to throw such a huge party when that miserable cocksucker keels over and fucking dies choking on his evil.

  11. Those white Southern segregationists like George Wallace, Orval Faubus and Bull Connor don’t look so bad now, do they?
    BTW, my maternal grandfather claimed he knew Faubus and that they grew up together as buddies in the Ozarks.

  12. give them all they want. pull the police out of black neighborhoods where blacks are a supermajority of 2/3

  13. Big O is a pro at trying to play both sides, he fans the flames with a wink and a nod, then he’s the one that’s going to fix everything. Community agitator.

  14. I’ve always been fairly inclusive and tolerant where black folk are concerned. There are more than a few out there that are decent, honest people. However, since they started up with this BLM crap I’ve noticed a shift in the other direction! The fact is, I don’t really want to hate anyone but the “BLM ghetto rangers” deserve nothing but hate and disregard. You reap what you sow…

  15. Systematic oppression like what these morons talk about does not exist in the anymore. Sure there are instances of racism by cops and even racist government officials in the US still but the fact is they are individuals. This isn’t 1890 anymore, the moment a black man got elected president of the US twice by (well meaning but misguided) white people all the Al Sharptom’s of the world lost their legitimacy. Now they are just doing anything to can to keep their positions of respect and relevancy in society by preventing the country’s and their own communities wounds from healing. It’s high time the black community realizes what’s going on, boot these scumbags to the curb, stop glamorizing criminals and gangsters, and start working to fix their own problems instead of blaming whitey for all their remaining issues. They want to punish actually racist individuals for actual hate crimes they got my support, but this looting and shooting innocent white people and cops has got to stop, otherwise we actually will have a race war like all those skinhead douchebags are always rambling on about.

  16. I’m struggling not to start seeing things through a racial lens, but I know it’s just globalist programming seeping into my brain.
    To all the black men on here or say it’s up to you to get a control of your people just like it’s up to us white men to get a grip on ours.
    The key divides of our time aren’t racial, we won’t win if we think they are.

  17. Of course ethnic cleansing of white people is a globalist agenda item. That’s why our sisters and daughters are taught to consider infanticide a human right, while we are being systematically expropriated and blacklisted from the formal economy.

  18. BLM is a communist organization being used by Imam Obama and big government supporters to federalize police forces. Big cities like NYC, SF, LA, etc. all pass draconian law after law but have made it so expensive to live there they can’t hire enough Police to enforce them. They want to force normal states to pay for their stupidity because they are going broke. So fire up BLM, claim all cops are racist, have the so called media hype any police shooting that forwards the narrative. Then send in the Justice Department to take over.

  19. This is an excellent column. I have been baffled at what is going on in this country with race, gender, etc. It’s the mainstream acceptance of insanity.

  20. BLM = People who can’t hack it in the real world.
    In a way, I can’t blame them — in their minds, the fantasy and the lie is much better than their reality. But the outcome is that there’s just no real power in this movement…except for the power to irritate, and that’s not a “win.”

  21. The LGBT community gives them a free pass as well as BLM blocked a Gay Pride parade in Toronto but the leaders of the event tiptoed around BLM. It is amusing to see the ball of political correctness start to unwind.

  22. So many facts that show blacks don’t face discriminatory police persecution-just the opposite. And so much cognitive dissonance. Police arrest suspects of crimes when they have good reason. They shoot them when they respond with lethal menace. Often they are too late. Most of the people, if not all, are no loss in any case. They are lucky they don’t live under Recip Erdogan.

  23. “You see, African Americans watch black people get shot and
    killed on camera on the regular, and we’re supposed to suspend our intelligence
    and believe that it was just a bunch of “bad apple” cops who were making all
    the “good cops” look bad. Bad cops who’d go on paid administrative leave after
    killing black people. Bad cops who’d have the full support of their police
    unions. Bad cops who’d have the so-called good cops walk out in offense when
    athletes wore a T-shirt affirming the lives of dead black people. Black folks
    were just supposed to take it.”
    son. It’s a sham. And black folks know it’s a sham

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