How 4Chan Discredited A Culture Of Outrage

There has been a lot of feminist outrage online recently with regard to topics relating to body image. The thigh gap trend was one such topic. Its emphasis on the female maintenance of a gap between the thighs quickly prompted outrage from women who claimed that such a trend would encourage eating disorders and undermine young women’s self-esteem.


The thigh gap trend itself may have been a product of “thinspiration”, an online movement led by a host of tumblr blogs that grew to promote images of thin women and “inspire” females to get closer to a trim ideal. This trend too attracted plenty of female rage with predictable critiques: it would allegedly encourage eating disorders and undermine young women’s self-esteem.

A new trend promoting the “bikini bridge” promises to follow closely in the footsteps of these predecessors. The “bikini bridge” trend focuses on “the graceful space created by a woman’s hip bones suspending bikini bottoms from their abdomens”, and promotes it with a host of images designed to inspire young women to obtain this physical ideal.


This new contender, however, is unique. Unlike its predecessors, it was not created or promoted by young women and has no basis in reality. The bikini bridge is, in fact, an elaborate prank designed by the creative male denizens of 4Chan:



4Chan’s operation (which involved a number of fake social media accounts, photoshopped tweets, and a host of other clever ruses) was a rousing success. The DailyMail fell for it along with a host of other prominent internet personalities and websites. So effective was the hoax that mainsteam media outlets from the Huffington Post to were forced to address the topic. The entirety of the internet was trolled, and successfully so.


4Chan’s efforts have done more than generate a few hearty laughs across the internet. Rather, they’ve exposed and discredited an increasingly pervasive culture of outrage. What is that culture? It is one where an increasingly large portion of the populace becomes intellectually invested and tied to the idea of their being the victims of persistent oppression, so much so that they see oppression in places where its existence is, at best, tenuous and, at worst, downright improbable.

Such individuals are remarkably easy to troll and by doing so, 4Chan has essentially undermined their credibility. After all, of what value are the complaints of these people if their outrage can be so simply and methodically coaxed with photoshop and fake social media? Of what value can the complaints of people who appear so easily offended actually hold?


The culture of outrage has, essentially, become a joke. It has become so predictable and incredible as to be easily co-opted for the amusement of those it claims to be against (4Chan and feminism have a long, antagonistic history) .


The feminist ideologues who drive this culture need to be careful of this development lest they cease to be taken seriously by a broader society whose acquiescence is needed in order to accomplish their political aims. Their privilege is already becoming obvious to many and receiving increasing scrutiny given their insistence of adopting the mantle of the oppressed victim. If these trends continue, expect the word “feminism” to become a dirty one sooner rather than later.

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130 thoughts on “How 4Chan Discredited A Culture Of Outrage”

  1. Love it, but notice anyone wearing them is a slut so there is your identifier Miami.

  2. Thing is, it is women who promote the body image initiatives that get the outrage crowd stoked up on a routine basis. Heterosexual men have nothing at all to do with the fashion or celebrity industries.
    When I see an image of a guy in great shape it inspires me to work out, not search for a global body shaming conspiracy to rage over.

    1. Even if the female bodies and looks being propagated in the media were some malicious conspiracy by promulgated exclusively by men, and the fat acceptance crowd somehow managed to scrub all traces of it from venues of mass consumption, would men’s tastes in women alter in any way? No. Ladies sporting a bikini bridge would still garner more attention than those foisting their gunts upon the public. And since this alleged assault on women’s body images and the claim that such things are unattainable for most hasn’t been countered by the critics via encouraging women to work on their personalities, behavior, and abilities to hold men’s attention through engaging conversation, I think it’s safe to say the disingenuous outrage is worthy of mockery followed by smirking dismissal.

      1. ” And since this alleged assault on women’s body images and the claim
        that such things are unattainable for most hasn’t been countered by the
        critics via encouraging women to work on their personalities, behavior,
        and abilities to hold men’s attention through engaging conversation,”
        You’ve got to be joking. Far from being pressured to lose weight, chubby gals are currenlty being encouraged to GAIN MORE in order to attract FA’s who fly them all over the world, all expenses paid. And if they lose weight, FA’s lose attraction and cease to pay for them.

    2. You should be ashamed of yourself for promoting such a ablelist, muscular ideal to easily swayed young men! ;___;
      am a gender queer horse dragon kin and have fought against your
      cisco-male white power privilege all my life. I feel sick. You should
      have put a trigger warning you sicko! I hope you feel ashamed of
      yourself. :'(

        1. I am currently a gender fluid otherkin. But currently the fascist republitards insist on calling me ‘male’ and Ifhajhfkjhjkhkahfjkahfkajf,.
          Nah. I can’t do this with a straight face. 😀 lololololololol lotsacockaasssksksksksksflsosloslsosl

    3. True. Its women (and maybe gay men) who get worked up about body image, size, etc. When a straight man manages to get a woman naked, he thinks he’s won the jack pot and is not minutely dissecting her every flaw. This is all drummed up by the female dominated media. In the “real world” plus size women between 25 and 50 pounds overweight are EATING MORE so they can GAIN WEIGHT to appeal to FAs.

      1. “is not minutely dissecting her every flaw”
        i may be the sicko here, but i do do that..hell at this point i don’t think i can even get it up for anything weighing more than 55kg/120lbs.

    4. Working out is hard, it takes multiple hours a week, it requires discipline, caution, perseverance, knowledge, etc.
      To stay thin most women just have to stop eating oreos and nutella and they still complain about “unrealistic beauty standards”…

      1. to be fair, most women are not genetically thin. as such, the unfortunate ones have to take up gym to keep in shape or get slimmer. the real outrage is that they don’t.

        1. It may be because I live in europe but here most women I know are thin without doing any sport (they hate it and refuse to do any), when they take a kilo or two they just stop eating crap for a few weeks.

        2. Just keeping yourself from NOT being fat is easily 90% diet. Actually wanting to get fit is another thing, it requires actual physical training, but just keeping yourself from being corpulent requires little more than just eating right. By and large, most people are not “naturally” fat. Anyone who says otherwise is full of shit. It’s amazing how much your body can change by altering your diet.

        3. Like my dad always said, no one came out of Aushwitz complaining they tried everything and they just can’t lose weight.

    5. that’s cause you are a man. the default behaviour for an ugly woman is not to strive for beauty, but rather to try to make everyone else uglier, so that she does not stand out as much. those fucking bitches and their race to the bottom..

  3. Fantastic read, and great job conveying the message of hoax media and the incredible propagation of such media by pop-news outlets. Everything is a joke.
    “The world is like a ride in an amusement park. And when you choose to go on it you think it’s real because that’s how powerful our minds are. And the ride goes up and down and round and round. It has thrills and chills and it’s very brightly coloured and it’s very loud and it’s fun, for a while. Some people have been on the ride for a long time and they begin to question: “Is this real, or is this just a ride?” And other people have remembered, and they come back to us, they say, “Hey, don’t worry, don’t be afraid, ever, because this is just a ride.” And we kill those people.” ~Bill Hicks

    1. Also, cheers to 4chan. Pointing out the absurdity of the world and social media one social experiment at a time.

    1. It’s getting pretty damn annoying. I thought RoK had a rule that “women and homosexuals would be banned immediately”. And yet the site continues to get flooded with retarded betas and women.
      I mean, does RoK make money from page views or something? Is that why they are not banning all these trolls, because the trolls generate more page views?

      1. RoK make money from ad revenue, so yes it’s based on page views. They can’t however ‘ban’ people from the site, only from the comments. IP bans work only until someone changes their IP address and disqus, the system of comments being used on RoK is easy enough to make a new account for, or even post as a guest.

        1. Right, but I think they ban the IP address or a range, so they can post as a guest or have as many Disqus accounts as they want but still wont be able to post unless they use a different computer on a different ISP etc, At least thats how I thought it worked.
          But yeah, females that bring down the threads with many multiple harassing posts ( as we have seen an uptick as of late) should def be banned.

  4. The problem is “broader society” is so mindless they just follow the voice that screams the loudest, which in most cases happens to be the feminazis. Even though feminazis take extreme and illogical views on pretty much every position most this country is filled with morons that take no position at all.

  5. this is just so alpha.. 4chan is the epitome of modern masculinity.. unapologetic.. alpha.. anti-feminist.. high testosterone oozes from every pore of it.. in the end, the nerds win again: they managed to create the manosphere and rejoice in finding a new community were girls are banned and only fellow alpha males are admitted.. here we conspire against the feminine imperative ruling today’s society and we plan to take back our world of masculinity and male work supremacy, where women are relegated to their places and conservative values finally take over again. There is no need to hide behind a fake mask anymore, we can all finally uncover our true nerdish celibate nature roleplaying the man loved by women, while really, all we do is lurk manosphere blogs and be general nerds on our home, 4chan, and birth new theories on how one should live life and fantasizing about old values and old dead societies (thank you, Quintus Curtius for your wisdom and your knoweledge of all fantasy novels and medieval history, matter that has always helped everyone in approaching women and demonstrating value by telling the deeds of Julius Caesar, and talking about our holy bibles: the 48 laws of power, and all the other books marketed thanks to the manosphere). Get a life fucking faggots.

      1. lol retarded faggot, using the anon mask as avatar… and playing the alpha male… and buying into all the bullshit created to suck your money.
        Life and relationship are simple, cunt. By the way I’m a man and I’ve been waaaay longer than you wannabe MGTOW faggot into this shit.
        And I get laid with hotties without believing into retarded-ass conspiracy bullshit reserved for no-lifer ugly slack-jawed nerds like you with no college experience whatsoever, obliged to google shit like: “How to attract beautiful women” hoping to escape the virgindom, that still haunts you at old age

        1. I can tell you’re either a Brit or an Aussie. Either way, what you call “hotties” are mediocre chicks anywhere else in the world. Even the USA.

        2. Listen, Manginagoogling “how to attract beautiful women” is no different to women googling “how to attract alpha/rich/famous guys”
          Its got nothing to do with ‘virgindom’.

        3. I know, that’s because you need to settle for ugly chicks, since hotties won’t fuck your ugly nerdy face/brain

        4. lol, retard. You seriously think hot women are googling that shit.
          The only women googling shit like that are the equivalent of virgins like you = Obese or deformed women, the ones that you people are told to despise and yet bang since no other option

        5. yeah dude, non reactive, yeah mate.
          Remember: Looks Money Status
          All other bullshit just keep it to yourself, instead of using fake retarded personas thinking they are getting you laid

        6. ahhhahhahahahahahahah
          here’s the cancer of the manosphere: Young guys are told which emotions they should feel, and actively try to oppress their own emotional brain.
          Way to go, mate. You are gonna get laid yeah dude.
          Meanwhile some true masculine guy doesn’t give a shit to force himself on that bullshit and probably goes crazy / mad anytime he wants and still gets respect… while you are obliging yourself to *feel* other stuff

        7. What’s with all the venom, I mean this article is controversial? Is that what you guys are saying now?
          Get over it. You got trolled, it happens to everybody. My god the amount of burhurt from you people.

        8. You can sense Trolls are pissed when their troll comments are such low value and low quality trolling.
          All I can say is…

        9. talks about validity of emotions
          references all experiences of worth to someone fucking them
          you are either a woman or a really shitty troll, step your game up either way

        10. you are not a man, you are some sort of cisgendered trisexual, if I had to guess, judging from your comments
          buy a bigger dildo and some new batteries, then choke to death on it

      2. That pic is hilarious on so many levels. /b/, the place where nothing is sacred. some woman comes on there crying about her dead daughter and threatening to call the cops on /b/, and what is the response? “tits or GTFO”.
        will RoK become the new /pol/?

        1. “Will ROK turn into another nerd cove?”
          Yeah, it’s fucking already happened
          One year ago this place was ok, before the swarm of fucking nerds like you : “LET’S DO A NEW /POL/”. Why the fuck one who seeks dating advice needs to understand all your nerdy 4chan / forum blabbering by the way…

        2. Inb4 you take your nerdy slang outside in real life too.
          Hilarious to imagine the scene: A girl asking you something and you answer: “Tits or GTFO!” Laughing like an asperger autist you are. My fucking god so awkward.

        1. also, fucking idiot, one can say you are a virgin because you believe in medieval roleplaying shit like: “All people having an opinion against my favorite website are obviously women”
          Come to the misc or on puahate, fag, where we talk about reality and how society works for real, instead of living bullshit dreams in the basement

        2. yeah mate, be like this lol, be non-reactive alpha pal
          Now recite the commandments of poon against the feminist demon, mate

        3. Is she plus size, BBW or SSBBW? Are you an FA? If not, then why promote it with this photo?

        4. “misc or on puahate”
          Now the truth slips out
          Spoken like a guy who has only ever seen a naked woman in a porn movie, never in real life. Or some 400 lb landwhale female trying to pretend he/she/it is a man.
          Take your /pol/ and stick it where the sun don’t shine. Fucking losers.

  6. About the Bikini Bridge, one fat girl committed suicide in the UK over it. I’d expect that soon a media shitstorm will start brewing, and they’ll directly name places like 4chan and RoK as the cause of that chick’s death. Soon we will have such a massive influx of trolls, it won’t even be funny. Here’s the news story screen cap

    1. if you think anybody / the media actually gives a shit in real life you are wrong.
      Or you really believe in all the bullshit conspiracies “The Feminist Matrix vs The Manosphere” LOL
      Beta incel fantasies from MMOs as teen are transferred into adult life…

    2. Hmm I think everything about that piece screams satire, what with the ‘heavy lifting equipment’ and not being able to distinguish her corpse from a whale .. lolz. It’s definitely not a true story bro.

        1. Obviously it’s not the real BBC who published that. Doesn’t take much to copy and paste a logo 🙂

    3. The chubby girl in the green and white bikini pictured above just has to gain about 60 more pounds to cross the threshold from plus size to BBW. Then another 100 to cross from BBW to SSBBW. This is what chubby girls are now doing. Instead of losing an easy 25 pounds (which takes only 6 weeks), they are opting to GAIN WEIGHT via the process of gradually increasing food intake over time to reach BBW status in order to get flow all over the world, all expenses paid, by FAs. Dudes, I’m not joking.

    4. “Heavy lifting equipment” – someone is being trolled. This story is itself part of operation Bikini Bridge.

    5. good riddance. if a woman is so goddamn stupid as to commit suicide instead of starting to work out, she deserves to be eliminated from the gene pool. i have no sympathy for stupid people. zero.

    6. haaaaaaaaaaa i just read the entire paragraph. check it out: “[…] are on alert WITH HEAVY LIFTING EQUIPMENT” hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

      1. Her name being Janet Rumbelow was also a pun on being too fat and causing the ground to shake as she walks

  7. This article is hysterical on so many levels. And the whole prank is hysterical on so many levels. I think “job well done” by the 4channers. I have been over there a bit myself of late and they are a bit of a scream. Many of them are not very smart but some of the men I have talked to there are quite genuine in wanting to learn about what is going on.
    I was talking today to another man over 50 (I hit the big FIVE-OH on Saturday) and he was lamenting how so very few young men actually listen to us older men when we give you good advice.
    John Doe got 1,500 downloads of my book via mentioning on 4chan. My books got 500 downloads last month so that is good. 500 more lads know what the hell is happening.
    The address of my books just changed by the way….we are re-skinning A-MAN-ZON today and that is changing the urls for all the pages because the new skin does not have so much room for menu buttons.

      1. Thank you Phantom. I had over 50 people wish me well for the big FIVE-OH. Out of all those 50 only ONE was someone from my previous life and she happened to be a woman.
        How about that? When a man stands up for his rights and denounces an adulteress, prostitute, criminal, child abusing woman his “friends” (of which I had thousands) and “relatives” will attempt to “punish” him for doing so by being so petty they will not wish him happy birthday.
        How disgusting are western men now? Pretty disgusting.

  8. “women who claimed that such a trend would encourage eating disorders and undermine young women’s self-esteem.”
    Does anyone other than me notice that such a claim would indicate that women are so stupid and so shallow and so unable to deal with life that as little as women promoting being thin would somehow undermine the young womans self esteem?
    I mean stop and think about that for a minute. This is in and of itself worthy of debate because that is exactly what women claim. That women are so moronic that they need to be “protected” from images of thin women.
    To say that images of thin women might cause a woman to have an eating disorder or damage her self esteem is similar to saying images of Arnold Schwarzenegger at his peak might cause men to overindulge in steroids and have poor self esteem because we can not all be like Arnie. We don’t have the genetic materials to be so.
    Indeed? Young men are bombarded with images and stories of accomplished sports stars and athletes and we have for a long time, right? When I was a lad my heroes were sporting heroes because there are no “academic heroes”, right?
    But by the time I was 15 and I had injuries because I grew 8 inches in one year and this damaged my hips and my back to the extent I would collapse under my own weight occasionally it was clear I was not going to make it out of small town Wagga Wagga on the back of what little sporting prowess I might have had.
    Did that cause me to have an “eating disorder” or “low self esteem”? No. What it caused me to do was to re-think. I was not good enough to be a sportsman given the competition so the other alternative was to knuckle down and do my schoolwork and see if I could get a job that took advantage of my considerable intelligence which had been remarkably well hidden behind the fascade of “class clown” until then.
    And so I did. I worked very hard on my studies when I was 15, 16, 17 and graduated top of my area (to lose on a recount months later but that was old news by then). I got a job as a trainee programmer at BHP in 1982….and I went on from there to rise rapidly through IBM via the twin drivers of being one lucky SOB in the DNA lottery affecting intelligence and plain hard work.
    Many people who see my resume and look at what I have accomplished dismiss me as a “liar” out of hand believing what I have done was not possible for anyone. Well I worked my arse off for 25 years to get where I got to at the end of 25 years. 60, 70 sometimes even 80 hour weeks. My longest ever stint at working was 47 days straight and many of those days were 36 hour days.
    So…to argue that “women who claimed that such a trend would encourage eating disorders and undermine young women’s self-esteem.” would indicate the vast inferiority of the adult female….and it is being argued by females…
    Feel free to discuss.

  9. Haha, what should be discussed is fat cows making skinny women who are healthy to feel bad about that.

    1. NO. Its not fat cows making skinny, healthy women feel bad, its FA’s who are making chubby chicks who are just slightly over weight GAIN MORE WEIGHT. And don’t think for a second they will stop at just chubby women, soon they will go after the skinny ones too. Its men like this who enable and encourage the rising rates of morbid obesity in this country with their fetishes. Previously it may have just been obese male 2’s who were into this stuff, but with guys like the one in this video who are clearly fit and clearly above an average 5 in looks, do you think chubby chicks will lose or gain weight now?

  10. I visited that 4Chan-site once, came to the fact that their were too many nerds and realised i’ve got better things to do in life.

    1. Maybe so, but any and I mean any site that can piss off femcunts and their mangina cheer squad is doing Gods work.

    1. I’m not a fan of the current push for soft genocide on gentiles either but i wonder if posts like this one from FAUSA are from jizzball type chicks/lefties trying to garner even more hate for ROK?
      A leftard shill if you will.

      1. Not at all. I recently just discovered this phenomena. Previously I only heard of chubby chasers, not FAs. BBW and SSBBW were terms I had not heard of before yesterday. I had seen BBW used online and didn’t know what it meant. In this fetish sub-culture (which is going mainstream) there are various stages of fat and fetishists for each stage. I’ve scoured the blogs and youtube videos and the women are saying “we had no idea there were so many men out there who admired fat so now we’re going to cater to them”. To each their own but it gets really unhealthy (google “feeder” and “funnel feeder” if you dare. Those are sub-fetishes in this this particular culture (and growing).
        At least pressure to lose weight is healthier than this crap.

      2. That was meant to say BenGarrison btw , not FAUSA. No idea why FAUSA’s name showed up in a post he didn’t make.

      1. That fucking post. Holy christ, I’m dying of laughter. /pol/, /fit/ and the rest of 4chan led me from the Marxist mainstream into the Manosphere et al. They also provided me with grade A humor for years.

        1. /pol/ is the shit, man. It’s where all the cool people hang out.
          /b/ is where the faggots hang out.
          /ck/ is cool too, lots of nice food recipes there.

    2. Hey Ben!
      Still ripping-off A Wyatt Mann cartoons and claiming it was all your own work? Or are you writing a libertarian version of the Turner Diaries?

  11. Topkek. I really didn’t think it would work this well, just trying to troll some SRS Tumblr crazies and what d’ya know? It turns out all Feminists are nuts.

  12. Oh my God, Roosh is so fucking sexy, I want to ride his cock and I want him to blast his semen into me and impregnate me with his golden babies!!

  13. Clearly 4chan can be a force for good in this world.
    Also, I demand more thigh gap in today’s women

  14. You know what turns me on about both thigh gaps and bikini bridges?
    They both seem to invite one’s hand to massage her crotch! 😀

  15. On the culture of outrage:
    It must be exhausting to go through life with a big chip on one’s shoulder, the need to be offended constant. Why go through life like that? Is it the only way they can feel alive, they need something to get angry about? Is your cucumber bitter? Then throw it away.

  16. I’m afraid that most men have standards that are too low when judging a female. It’s not enough for a female to just be the correct weight for her height, she must pass other tests as well.
    You’d have to be chubby, or have a body that’s unappealing to men,if you don’t have a thigh gap. If a female doesn’t have at least some sort of gap it means that her thighs are rubbing together as she walks. There’s an easy test to see if a girl is too fat. I call it the corduroy test. If you can hear that typical wsss wsss sound when she’s wearing corduroy pants then she’s too fat. The bikini bridge makes sense too because if there is not some space there it means that her lower abdomen is too fat.
    Another fat test that appears to be overlooked here is what I call the arsecrease test. One thing that I find disgusting is that even if a girl is the correct weight she has a crease between her butt and upper thigh. A female should have a rounded butt that just sort of curves into her upper thigh. It should be slim and firm with no crease where these body sections meet. I noticed that a lot of Russian girls who generally have slimmer thighs have this feature (must be genetic or something).I’ll post some pics of a few of my Russian girls after I erase the faces out for privacy.
    I’ll go on about how a female’s boobs,face, eyes, clothes etc. should look in Pt.2 , but remember that I’m talking here about girls who are the correct weight to begin with. As I said, just being the correct weight should be a given and that alone will never get the attention of an Alpha like myself. There’s an entire checklist just for looks alone. Then we judge personality traits and defects and intelligence.

    1. “I’m afraid that most men have standards that are too low when judging a female. ”
      It is impossible to set standards too low for western women. Western women can not even make it to the bar of honest. That is the lowest bar that is acceptable to me.
      If a woman will not be honest with me? She does not make the cut. Sadly that included my wife. Any man who dates or gets involved with a western woman has to remember that she does not even make the lowest of low bars….namely, honest.
      About 4 years ago I was asked on Spearhead why I had such low expectations of western women…I replied that I have the expectations of western women that they live up to. That they are liars, hypocrites who openly condone and support women committing crimes against men.
      Now that it is FOUR YEARS LATER and there is still not ONE woman of note in the west who demands women are held accountable for their crimes and is willing to say so in her own name and sit on a jury to make it so?
      Don’t tell me about men having standards in women that are too low….no matter how low we go western women will find a way to slither under that bar.

        1. Hi Mike,
          I told men the truth on the spearhead for three years. They refused to listen. They are mostly an older crowd over there. And they betrayed the young men by refusing to listen and refusing to act.
          So now I am talking to the younger men and letting them know the older men betrayed them. I am advising the younger men that if they want to live in a world worth living in then it is up to them to create it. I am 50 and I have had a great life. Few men get to live the life I have lived. If I died tomorrow I would go to my creator happy I have lived a full and good life.
          But the young men here? They are going to live in abject slavery if they do not take my advice….and a part of that is that the older men, who were asked to help me fix these issues as long ago as 2009, refused to do so. The young men are well advised to understand it is not only women who betrayed them……the older men betrayed their futures too.

  17. A short story for those of you who are interested. This is what women are like when they are honest.
    So my mate and I were out getting drunk on Saturday night in honour of the big FIVE-OH. We were having a good time and this young hot chick walked passed. I commented how she was hot enough to be a younger version of my fav#1. I was pretty well baked at the time and we were just fooling around.
    So the young hottie hears that I made a comment and turns on her heel to come over and ask “What did you say about me”? So I told her that I had met this woman about 6 years ago who was the most beautiful woman I had ever met, and that we had dated for a while before ending that three years ago. I told her that in walking past I noticed she might even be as beautiful as this woman and I was pretty impressed.
    She was all “Oh, really?” And I said “Sure, really”. So she asked us what we were doing. I told her I was celebrating my 50th birthday and having fun. She asked me where my wife was which brought roars of laughter from us both. I explained that I was one of the most happily divorced men she had ever met. And no, my ex was NOT a hottie…that she was an overweight, middle aged woman when we divorced.
    Now she started to get serious and eyeing me up. She asked me about whether I would ever consider marrying again. I told her sure, to the right woman, but they were so rare that I really did not expect to be married ever again…I told her there were too many gold diggers out there who just want to use men for money.
    You will never believe what she went on with next…this shows you how honest women born of russian heritage are. She was russian/italian and 28 as I found out later. She says, paraphrased.
    “All women are gold diggers. There is no point looking for a woman who is not a gold digger, they don’t exist. They are always after something from the man. If not money then status or something else. Women always use men. That is how it is.
    I was married for 5 years and I am a gold digger. My husband worked hard to make enough money for us and I just spent money like water. I wasted money. The only time I would call him was to say “sweetie, my credit card has run out, could you send me some money please”? I treated him like an ATM. I guess that is why he divorced me in the end. He got sick of how I treated him.”
    I commented “One of the things I really like about you russian women is how honest you can be.” I give her that big alpha grin.
    So we chatted for a bit longer….and then she starts the conversation towards how an older man can be pretty interesting for a young woman like her. I laugh and asked her “Now sweetie, you just got through telling me how you are a gold digger and treated your husband like an ATM. Why would you imagine I might have the slightest interest in you?”
    And she shoots right back with “Because I am a very beautiful woman and I really know how to please a man! I am worth the money!”
    I just laughed at how up front she was. So I asked her what she was out and about looking for. She said, and I quote as near as I can remember being pretty baked: “Well, now I am divorced I need to find another man to pay for me. I really hate working and paying for myself.”
    I mean to say…this whole discussion took less than 15 minutes. I just laughed at the whole thing. But she is right. The way she looks? Some beta will marry her and pay for her. That beta might very well be a man about 50 with money. So she is perfectly correct in her approach.
    She will close that deal and I think we all know she will close it. It will not be until she hits her 40s like my fav#1 that the interest of men will wane. She has 12 years before she gets there. And THAT gentlemen is what an honest woman looks like.

    1. Not only can I respect that woman, I wouldn’t mind dating and banging her for a while if she is that hot. I have no problem treating a woman who is honest and direct well….for a small time of course. I’m a renter, not a buyer lol.

    2. It’s pretty common for dishonest people to insist that everyone else is as bad as they. It makes it easier to look in the mirror in the morning.

  18. Feminism has obviously been a man-hating movement for years and this has been observed even going back a century ago. When the Titanic sunk and a suffragist proudly took a lifeboat seat from a young man, suffragists argued that men were disposable and women were more valuable than men.
    So why is feminism taken seriously? Answer: It’s not really feminism is taken seriously so much as it’s a useful tool for chivalrous right winger politicians to pander to women and please mommy and for man hating left wingers to cement their insecure single women electorate. In Virginia, anti-Cuccinelli ads were run with women saying, I’m not kidding, how “scared” they were of Cuccinelli. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!
    To an educated man, feminism is a joke. Women cannot achieve equality via being handheld as helpless victims.
    It’s tough to take the position that women shouldn’t be allowed to vote or earn as much as men because it comes across as oppressing women. However, the adult, big-picture observation is that for men to live up to the role of a man that most heterosexual women crave, it’s necessary to do so. It’s like telling a young man he has to put his video games away and go to the gym and study to earn a good living to support a family. It seems oppressive, but that’s life. The world doesn’t owe us a living. Even if feminism were reversed, women wouldn’t be entitled to a protector and provider, but they’d have a better chance than they do now to have one. The world makes no guarantees.

  19. “If these trends continue, expect the word “feminism” to become a dirty one sooner rather than later.”
    Feminism has always been a dirty word.

  20. If you get an eating disorder and low self esteem from a few images and words on the internet or T.V. you are a weak willed person and deserve whatever “disorder” you choose to develop for yourself. Let Darwinism take effect. Those that starve themselves do grow up to have kids that starve themselves…..problem solved.

    1. nasty. look at those fat fingers.
      Jesus effin fuck man, that is fucking disgusting

      1. What you don’t realise us that picture was also created at the behest of ‘Operation Bikini Bridge’ that is how deep the rabbit hole goes

  21. As one of the instigators of this epic raid on butthurt feminists it’s refreshing that there are people out there who actually understand why we did it.

        1. LOL!! I would never have guessed. I am 50.
          The vast majority of men on 4chan are younger so my apologies for my mistake in thinking you were are young man. Obviously my mistake and no dis-respect intended.
          But given that you were one of the instigators of this? I would like to talk to you privately on what we can do in the future. I am well connected to large numbers of men and I believe that we could use co-operation and collaboration to shame women much more effectively than we are currently doing.
          I would be very interested in talking to the best and brightest of men about how we might go about such. You can get me on [email protected].

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