How To Avoid False Rape And Assault Accusations

The nightmare scenario for men in the current culture wars is the dreaded false accusation.  Whether a ploy for attention, deflection from a disturbed female’s own misdeeds, weaponized political assassination, or a shameless attempt at a shakedown, much has been written at ROK on this topic. So I will discuss common methods I use for prevention and screening these women out before they ruin my life.

Approach And Assessment

We all like to think we are a great judge of character, but even corporations that spend millions on recruiting will still hire bad apples. You simply cannot catch them all, but like companies, one way to improve accuracy is to prolong the “interview” process.

The much maligned social media platforms can be powerful tools for this. Typically I try to get a girl I meet in a social setting or online to add me on a social media platform like Facebook. Then I wait, either not approaching at all or keeping it light and noncommital.  It’s a great way to watch the unhinged hang themselves, so you can reject them before they hang you.

Red flags include daily whining and complaining for attention, posts that are excessively negative or outright bizarre, trashing exes, former friends, or business entities, screen captures of text messages from guys who simply said “hello” with no texting game, radical political views, being very attractive but perpetually single (especially with daily dating “advice” and trashing other “bitchZ”), a social circle of high risk personalities (see below), or outright admitting to being a hot mess.

High Risk Personalities

While Axis II personality disorders make for poor wives and can ruin your life, some can be quite good and even preferable in steamy short-term relationships. Borderlines, narcissists, and histrionics can sometimes make for great lovers and romantic nights because they bond to you very strongly, though their bonds are short-lived before they move on to the next fix (“narcissistic supply”).

However, the one to consistently watch out for is APD (antisocial personality disorder). It is a broader term than the high IQ “dark triad,” as APDs can be smart or stupid. A near universal sign of someone with APD is that they will be devoid of any romanticism, intimacy, or pair bonding.

For a variety of reasons, they are most likely to file false charges, extort you with compromising photos or threats of filing charges, or simply trash you online, which can cost thousands in legal fees and online reputation management. If employed, they generally cluster in occupations that view others as disposable and expendable. While there are wonderful exceptions to anything, and I have certainly enjoyed some, proceed with great caution or avoid women with the following qualities:

  • Full length tattoo sleeve(s), any skull or scorpion tattoo
  • Four or more tattoos or any single tattoo covering more than ten percent of the body
  • Large tattoo(s) on quadriceps, bowtie tattoos on hind legs
  • Tattoos on fingers
  • Full or part time dominitrix/financial dominator
  • Photographs flipping the bird
  • Obsessions with horror movies
  • Professional porn star and/or “Suicide Girl”
  • Feminist stripper (other strippers can be ok)
  • Circus performer, burlesque dancer, roller derby girl, boxer/UFC fighter
  • Radical leftist lawyer, ambulance chaser, real or imagined SJW activist
  • Known affiliation with drug dealers & “pill punters”
  • Escort (past or present)
  • Professional traveler (when photographed alone by someone [their Jons!] not in the picture)
  • Excessively whitened teeth, “craftsmanship” smile (Joel Osteen)

  • Club or music promoter, casting agent, tabloid journalist
  • Actresses, particularly if in horror movies or playing sociopathic characters
  • Internet/multi-level marketers
  • Day trader/foreclosure house flipper
  • Real estate broker (if previously in the nightclub business)
  • Poker player, pro gambler
  • NLP newbie, Tony Robbins groupie
  • Hypnotists, Satanists, Wiccans, Witches, Occultists, or senior level Scientologists
  • Pharmaceutical rep (if previously in the nightclub business)
  • Handles such as “daddyslittlemonster,” references to Marilyn Monroe/Harley Quinn
  • Wack profile headlines such as “Killing it Better Than Elizabeth Bathory”
  • Braggarts who proudly boast about “blocking” and “ghosting”
  • Sharply pointed acrylic nail tips
  • Postings about taking men’s money (“I’m a great housekeeper, whenever I divorce a man I keep the house” — Zsa Zsa Gabor)
  • Nightclub bartender (early close restaurant bartenders can be ok)
  • Strong affiliation with any on this list

A dangerous mix occurs when a borderline/narcissist pairs up with someone with APD. The extreme of this is the Manson and Jim Jones Cults.

More typically, your semi-innocent borderline starts running in party circles with hustling escorts. As the former is easily influenced, your hot and steamy consensual relationship with her gets spun by the antisocial into something “abusive,” and now you become the accused. History is thus re-imagined, similar to the “repressed memories” molestation craze of the 1990s that destroyed lives but was thoroughly discredited in the end.

Your best prevention in this area is to stay on very good terms with all your exes and flings, no matter how bad the relationship ended. A good strategy that avoids making you appear weak (which Axis II types feed upon) is to contact them every six months such as Christmas or birthdays leaving good cheer, focusing only on the good times (never the bad) and getting them to say something nice about you, thus leaving a consistent digital trail.

Hotel California

While “rape culture” hyper-exaggeration is the norm on college campuses, this is not the case in entertainment. Having dated many beautiful women, including legitimate rape victims, all are vigilant about being date raped and for good reason. Often they will ask bartenders to watch their glasses and there will be secret hand signs shared if their drink has been touched or drugged.

As we have seen recently, a common theme is for men who otherwise have no game to use drugs and promises of fame that in other settings would end careers. In some EDM and especially rap music environments, it is quietly or even openly bragged about with impunity.

“Put Molly in her champagne, she ain’t even know it, I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it.” — Rick Ross (U.O.E.N.O.)

This is where you can get into lots of trouble. Avoid any “after hours” situation where this is likely to occur, and if these scenes are your thing, make sure that the women involved love to get high and know the deal. If anyone is present whom you don’t know well, who may have gotten invited to these “black out” Sodom and Gomorrah soirees by mistake and who do not understand what they are getting into, you should leave and give the unsuspecting girl a subtle heads up.

I’ve watched from afar as many guilty predators went to jail along with others who got caught in the crossfire for participating, attending or simply being complicit. You should avoid any “pickup” model that requires women to be unconscious or intoxicated to the point that they do not remember what happened the morning after or details are fuzzy.

This is the perfect storm for a legal “swearing contest,” and given the current climate, guilt by association in this industry all but assures you are guilty until proven innocent. Both the Rolling Stone hoax and the Duke lacrosse cases, for example, involved an antisocial personality and a party environment.

What A Nice Surprise, Bring Your Alibis

On the flip side is a secret world that is almost never talked about. Female “sharks” will exploit the roofie party culture as cover in a variety of ways. They will go on “cash and carry” or “free drugs” adventures such as an afterparty that goes on way too long, then they lose track of time and it turns into a three-day coke and orgy bender at some high rise penthouse or mansion party.

Meanwhile, their clueless, cucked boyfriend is at home frantic after the “girls’ night out” and has filed missing person reports. To save face with her beta provider and avoid being outed, a straight-up club slut now claims rape.


Another common tactic with high value male “targets” is to have sex with them, then when they think no one is looking, they roofie their own drinks, knock themselves unconscious, then threaten rape charges the next day as a shakedown for cash.

Thus, most celebrities (especially sports teams) take some form of risk reduction course, and the girls are searched by security with no cell phones allowed. 24/7 video surveillance backstage, on tour buses, and at prestigious residences is now the industry standard, which is how these women are usually caught. Gene Simmons has topless photos of every woman he’s had sex with… and now you know why.

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Deceived

Other ROK authors have noted that alpha males are rarely accused. Context is everything and I would add one word: deception. If you start out as a “friend,” then try to switch to “lover,” you often become neither as a woman often feels violated because she very likely shared things she would not have told a man who wants to date her.

Taking this further, if you invite a woman to your room or office for “business,” then flash her, you’re Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer, she feels tricked, and no matter how many movie/TV roles and hush money is offered, a woman who may have gone out with you straight up if asked honestly will one day turn on you.

It’s important to note that this isn’t a woman thing: it’s a human thing. There’s a well known case where Madonna illegally sampled a male artist. He specifically stated that he would have cleared it for $5,000 in advance but that since she tried to steal it, he sued, went public, and now the price is $250,000. Sooner or later, all “predators” pay the price.

If you’re a photographer who openly states that you only do free shoots with women you are dating, you’ll be fine, but if you offer to shoot a girl for free, then start touching her inappropriately during the shoot, she might rightly go to the police or put you on blast.

If a woman already wants to bang you anyway and you party together, it’s a great night for all and she will be back. If on the other hand, you offer a woman a drink, then she wakes up ten hours later sore, you’re Bill Cosby and you can kiss your legacy goodbye. You should never emulate this “no game” model when trying to score, as you too will pay the price.

Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes made three mistakes: deception, targeting antisocial females, and most of all, selecting ones who were ruthless, grandstanding opportunists. Notice how O’Reilly pays out $32 million in settlements and still loses his job, while Vivid Entertainment pays $300-$3,000 a scene for hotter women who will do almost anything for the asking right on camera.

The difference is honesty, transparency, choosing wisely, and making those women feel safe. With porn companies, it’s made very clear up front exactly what will happen and what is expected. This is a drastic oversimplification of the lurid, shady adult business, but quite useful for this discussion.

Cultural References

These timeless classics from a bygone era are mostly free of the insufferable Marxist/feminist indoctrination in current cinema. They are well worth your time and are case studies in Antisocial Axis II pathologies:

  • The Last Seduction (Linda Fiorentino)
  • Basic Instinct (Sharon Stone)
  • Total Recall (Sharon Stone)
  • To Die For (Nicole Kidman)
  • Body of Evidence (Madonna)
  • Damage (Juliette Binoche, Jeremy Irons)
  • Malice (Nicole Kidman, Alec Baldwin)

Lastly, for a glimpse into a world of lively characters, visit The Dirty and click on different cities. You will learn a great deal about how not to get stung by bottom dwellers, male and female alike.

Summary: The Five Pillars Of Prevention

Mastery in these five areas will greatly reduce your likelihood of any false accusation charges.  Stay on good terms with unstable exes, use lengthy stealth “interviews” by leveraging social media, vet or pass on high-risk personalities, avoid “after hours” environments that are notorious for date rape, and be honest with a woman about your intentions.

Aside from obvious moral and legal grounds, deception is simply not necessary with proper alpha framing that makes a woman actually want to be with you. Caveat Emptor!

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56 thoughts on “How To Avoid False Rape And Assault Accusations”

    1. “Having dated many beautiful women, including legitimate rape victims”
      Never date anyone claiming any form of past sexual abuse, unless you like hanging out with the police.

      1. Au contraire Obi John, I must finally disagree with you on something. Most very beautiful women have had negative experiences with men which they will eagerly share once they trust you. Fake charges are exceedingly rare with the hottest women who love alpha men, however past rape or molestation is quite common in my experiences with them. They love a man who makes them feel safe and I would not rule these out, as for whatever reason, often they are good women with very high libidos.

    1. You can still be accused of sexual harassment or criminal harassment which what those Slut walkers do in their spare time, unless you’re a 5-year-old estrogen and bisexual male, then accusations don’t happen because when a feminist shows her nudity to minors, it’s considered sexual education. When it’s an 18+ it’s considered the male gaze of stare rape.

      1. Well that mite explain y so many female teachers are fucking their underage students. The US dollar is collapsing every time a female teacher gets fucked in her poon by a 5-year-old student. Buy Gold. Buy Silver and Buy Ammo, buy my latest book, buy my wife, and buy my company.

  1. As a man who likes to stick his dick in crazy (for some reason, I like the weirdos), I have come up with a method that doesn’t require prescreening: Take a snapshot of the “thank you” text she sends me the next morning, upload it to a dedicated folder on Google Drive, public to anyone who has the link, memorize the link. That way, should I get arrested, my attorney can easily access proofs of my innocence.
    If I suspect there might be no “morning after thank you” text (for example, one time I stopped in the middle of the act and kicked the girl out because she kept telling me how I should fuck her), towards the end of the encounter I turn on audio recording in my phone.
    This all defends me from false rape accusations coming from girls who were at any point in my apartment. I don’t bother with girls with whom I was never alone, hoping that any charges would be dropped if they cannot even prove we were one-on-one at any point. That might be a bit naive, and might bite me in the future.
    Also, where I live prostitution is legal, so that’s a safe way to fuck someone. I always use a burner phone, so that they cannot find out my name, work, etc.

    1. The Globalists and the Jihadists are trying to spread terrorism to destroy our Western civilization’s values of homosexuality, feminism, transgenderism and bio-intersexism.

  2. 1. Avoid company social events to all extents practical. When you must go bring a spouse/GF/or female friend you can trust. Keep her within ear shot at all times.
    2. I prefer a few stiff cocktails when on the company dime but keep it to one, if there is a need to look social, or better, none. “Club soda with a splash of lemon….you know I have to drive a few people home tonight….” is your line.
    3. Travel on business solo if at all possible. Book your own flights, trains, cars, hotels, etc. Gone are the days where you can pile into the same accommodations with your co-workers and use an overnight as an excuse to raid the company expense account. Get in and get out. I used to be the guy who wanted to hang out at night, now I am the guy trying to get out that night. “Gees Jeff you aren’t going to fly out tomorrow and go grab that nice steak dinner with us???…..No have things to do going to take a half day tomorrow see you in the afternoon”. And get the F- out. Since this whole #metoo shit started we have lost a total of six guys who from best I can tell either just had one too made, made an offensive joke, and one unmarried guy made one solicitation for sex (which, unless repeated, is usually not in on itself sexual harassment). These all happened on business trips.
    4. Don’t interact with female colleagues on a one-on-one basis when it can be avoided. My main method has been email, secondary text. If you have to meet find at least one third party to be in the room even if it isn’t necessary.
    5. Any after work events that need to be organized are done by word of mouth only and it is made known that 1) it is not an official work function and 2) women are not be invited unless absolutely necessary.
    And you Alphas out there – don’t think you are exempt of the #metoo false accusations because you are a “smooth operator”, etc. They are out there for you too. Their schemes are just slightly more sophisticated such a slipping you into bed during a business trip then crying bloody rape to HR a few weeks later.
    The Beta boys are low hanging fruit and ladies already know how to get them. Tease them in date requests. Get them one more drink at happy hour in hopes they say something “creepy”. Or hope for some unexplained flowers to show up on their desk on a day like today then throw a hissy fit.
    Guys and even seasoned players it is CYA time in corporate America. Don’t think because you used to be in good with the office ladies or “have it all going for you” that it still can’t come and ruin your career

    1. All guys have to do this. Take elaborate, showy and well publicized precautions – so every one knows what you are doing and WHY. Make doing business little harder, more bureaucratic and more expensive. This aim of this push back should be to negatively affect the bottom-line and morale.

      1. It is really just another way to push back against this multi-culti BS. Women want their “safe space”. Sure I’ll take another flight and stay in the hotel across the street. Also, BTW, you aren’t invited to our private happy hour where we are probably going to discuss the newest account. Remember when that would happen at “women’s night” that the company would pay for? Well sucks now the scrip is flipped. Feel left out? You should. How many men have your gender hectored HR into firing without cause over say the last 4-5 years since the “dongle joke” incident out in a CA tech conference? Not so funny now, eh?

  3. 16 years ago, my girlfriend at the time (she was 18, I was 22)went to the cops and said I raped her. I did no such thing. I was arrested, prosecuted (I plead guilty to 6 years, as they were looking to give me 22 years to bring it to trial). Had a paid attorney, my Father and I gave him 30K total (he eventually got disbarred for all sorts of problems, one being he was caught doing cocaine in a government center parking lot during a recess). So here’s the twist. The whole time I was out on bail, we were together: hanging out, having sex, as if nothing was going wrong. I was attempting to lure my attorney into wiring me up, attempting to get evidence to the contrary, he wouldn’t help me. After I entered prison, she visited me, wrote me letters, sent me nude photos (which actually got passed the guards), and told me we would be together after I got out. My broken self considered this for about 1 year. After my father passed away while I was in (which was 7 months into my sentence)the tightening on my sanity really clamped down. That summer, nearly one year in, I told her never to visit or talk to me again, move on. She didn’t like that. About 3 months later, I was served papers, now being sued by her for emotional battery and trauma. Mind you, she now had the knowledge acquired from a the last few times we saw each other, that I would be getting an inheritance when I was released from prison. Strangely enough, the amount she was suing for was the equivalent to my inheritance. With no money, no support, and in prison, I fought it. I filed pro se, representing myself, studied the law for next two years. Eventually, I submitted the letters and visitation records as evidence with the judge, along with my writs. 2 and half years went by. Right before I was released from prison in 2006, I received a letter with the judge’s decision, dated 6-6-6 he found in my favor and dismissed the civil case. Great victory, I won the battle, but the war continues. Being out now for nearly 12 years, it might as well be 2002. I can’t get work anywhere; I’ve applied for over 3000 jobs in that time. I’ve self-taught myself computer engineering (design, front-end, back-end, and now working on blockchain) and have to brute force my way into contract work. Thankfully, the internet has allowed me to find business. No one will touch my case: ACLU, lawyers, legal professors from universities. I’m no celebrity, no wealthy person of power with connections – the system doesn’t care. I would say that this article is fairly spot on, outside of the technological observations (which didn’t exist back then), the narcissism, caprice rage, and levels of pathology fit perfectly. I tell my story here to warn all out there – stay away from people, I suppose, many in our case here specifically, women like described above. Abstinence is a treasure compared to the risk you would be taking otherwise. But also, return to social dynamic of men thinking thoughts with other men, not about people. Build things, have a cigar together, be social, have your own pack (have witnesses), document your life – in this era where men are the noun of choice in our modern Malleus Malificarum, it might just save it.

    1. Ah, tough story to read. I have to ask though; how the hell were you two still hanging out? I might be wrong on this but after being raped, usually the victim wants nothing to do with the perpetrator. Was she right in the head?

      1. dude was stupid, thinking with his dick and nothing else…karma is a bitch when you are too stupid to listen to common sense. took him a lot of pain to learn what a little bit of self control would have prevented. oh well. what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

      2. Not right in the head is an understatement. She me contacted through e.mails after I got out, wanted to see how I was doing. I told her to leave me alone. It took a few years, but I haven’t heard from her since 2011.

        1. Have to ask. Why did you take the plea?
          Did she have any physical evidence of violence? Bruise, cuts, etc..?
          Or just a “he said / she said” case?
          Man, 6 years in the klink…that’s a long time. And for nothing. Why not fight it out? I remember someone telling me once, if you are guilty you want trial by jury, but if you are innocent you want a bench trial. So just the judge and no moron jury to be persuaded by your girlfriend. Did you look into that?

        2. There at least one case where a guy found guilty earlier was retroactively judged innocent because he filmed his ex girlfriend telling she lied during a conversation

    2. Convicted murderers only get at most 25 years in prison, and less than 20 if it’s a first offence and released on good behaviour.

    3. Matt,
      Never plead guilty, my brief always told me …… “say you weren’t there and it wasn’t you”, hard to prove you were there, but once you admit being there. they are half way to a conviction.

    1. @ MM
      On Second thought, you are mostly correct.
      Been there, done that on the second one. More than once. Would have been better off sticking to the business model…

  4. I have no reason to either believe or disbelieve this story. But just got a long email from a consultant who logged on to a conference call about ten minutes early. He was having technical troubles so didn’t want to be late. After successfully connecting just placed his call on mute. unidentified women enter the room (call was supposed to have 5-6 total). Here is what he overheard:
    A: Hey Girls you ready for XYZ conference in Las Vegas in three weeks?
    B: Oh yeah. Did you book the extra night so we can use the pool?
    A: Hell yes even told my husband it was a required mandatory conference session?
    C: X (man’s name) isn’t going to be there right?
    B: Oh my God NO. He is a creep.
    A (maybe C): You know what we need to do with him right?
    B: I am not going to tease and blow him like Y it is one of your turns.
    A: B, just do it and report it to HR. Z there isn’t going to tolerate that kind of stuff from that creep.
    B: It worked before. (inaudible for next 10-15 seconds).
    Caller cuts in and says “hey it is M…anyone one”. Quiet for a few minutes. A,B,C chime in. Comments go to smatterings about weather.
    From the source is came from I believe it, but no reason to suspect something different.

  5. 1. Avoid feminists
    2. Avoid obviously crazy girls
    3. Be clear, and always kept a strong lead.
    4. Keep you txts and emails. Always send a mail the day after to say she was great and avoid buyers remorse. Keep her response, too.
    5. ABR . always being recording. Kept an audio track of the whole sequence, and save it on the cloud. It might not be a legal proof, but chances are it will prevent any investigations to go further (and the timecode on the cloud would give a good indication than this was recorded on the ‘date’. Even if a record is illegal where you live, it is not as bad as a rape accusation.
    6. If needed, lawyer up.
    7. Keep you mouth shut until you lawyer is there.

    1. Nearly every woman in the Greater Toronto Area is a feminist. Over 50% of women in Montreal identify as 2nd wave feminists. Over 35% of women in Canada identify as feminists, and 100% of women who consume Canadian media are covertly feminists even if they identify as Alt-Right damsel in distress help me fellow white men for I am your feminist snowflake.

  6. How to avoid rape accusations: don’t have sex till your married! Sluts and whores are some of the lowest forms of life on this planet. If they are worth your time, that says more about you then them!

    1. Why did God enable sexual changes from puberty if we have to wait until marriage? When I was 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20, I wanted to have sex with the opposite gender. My female classmates in Grade 7 to Grade 10 at a high school in the Forest Hill area were having sex with wealthy Jowish businessmen who would offer them rides home after asking permission from their parents.
      I’ve heard from my male peers at that time that the very attractive Veronica would have sex with a certain billionaire Jowish CEO when she started growth changes at 11. When she tried to complain, her parents would tell their family doctor that she is clinically insane.

      1. As a patriotic American Christian fundamentalist who is also a J3W lover, I will not let you call my show to spread your NaziGermany Jihadist comments on my show of Israel firsters. We must support Israel by fighting against Saudi Arabia even if Israel is friends with the House of Saud and Moslems don’t refer to the kingdom as Saudi Arabia but the straight of Hijaz.

    2. “How to avoid rape accusations: don’t have sex till your married!”
      In 50% of US divorce cases the woman accuses her husband of rape and/or child abuse. Being married is no protection. I was accused of both during my divorce ….. (Judge told her to shut up).

      1. Don’t get married, and you can’t get divorced. Absolutely cannot happen.
        Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intellect.
        Second marriages are the triumph of hope over experience.
        -Oscar Wilde
        And for third, forth, and fifth marriages?:
        Insanity is repeating the same act and expecting a different result.
        -Albert Einstein
        Sad, but there it is.
        Just a thought.

  7. Bill O”Reilly case stated the one that got 32 million was an ex-gf…..who the fuck pays an ex-gf 32 million? I don’t care what dirt that bitch had. She claimed he lied to force her into a relationship which is rape???

  8. To be fair, if your “pickup model” involves spiking drinks and her waking up 10 hours later with a sore cunny, it’s not really a “false accusation”. In that case you only bring disrepute onto the rest of us males and you should consider killing yourself. And the author is spot on in avoiding those situations where you could find yourself in the company of guys who do that sort of thing.. prison is full of people found “guilty by association”.

  9. I’ve noticed an interesting pattern with many articles on this website, a website devoted, apparently, to advising young men on how to be a real man, or even better, an alpha man. This pattern is acceptance, accept the shitty way way the world is going, don’t bother with looking for the man behind the curtain. Look here’s ten ways you can get a 10 into bed, here’s ten signs she’s a nut that’s going to scream rape. All seems a bit beta to me, after all, wouldn’t a real alpha just fuck it regardless of the consequences? If a real alpha was not happy with a situation, wouldn’t he change it? Isn’t it all a bit like sticking a plaster on a cancerous growth?

  10. What a litany of horrors! From the altogether sensible (yet paranoid) advice of @Jeff telling you to keep dealings with females on the business front to a bare and well documented minimum, to the false rape tale of @MattyGulag, to the overheard and horrific conversation by @Jeff again, to @SOXMIS, above, noting a pattern, to….
    What’s being described is a psycho-sexual and legally-enabled minefield with constantly shifting and unpredictable traps, traps that no matter how cunning you are, how Alpha you are (or think that you are), will eventually do you in with that one misstep. It’s a game with the odds, ultimately, not in your favour.
    What has modern society become? Really?! It’s as if we – all of us – are living the Behavioral Sink/Mouse Crowding Experiment in real time. (Look it up!) And that includes the MGTOW folks taking off to hike in the Andes or someplace. They, and the guys who live at the gym, or who just stay home and read a good history book* with a nice glass of red wine – try 19 Crimes the Banished BTW – are the functional equivalent of the “Beautiful Ones” in the experiment.
    Are we simply just too crowded up and, thus, fucked up for our own good?
    The Behavioral Sink experiment ended with the collapse and extinction of the mouse population. Are we headed in the same direction?
    All these stories – here and elsewhere – sure make me wonder if that is indeed what’s happening.
    Just a thought.
    *Ring of Steel: Germany and Austria-Hungary at War, 1914-1918 Alexander Watson

    1. @VICB3 that’s a thought, but my point still stands, I noticed a what in your post, but no whys or who. I know Roosh has put up some articles that explore the whys, I know a few writers have tried to show young men a better path. But if you can’t see whats happening, if you can’t question why it’s happening and who is responsible, then you have no balls as far as I’m concerned. Just because you can swim through the swamp, doesn’t excuse you from trying to drain the swamp! All I see on this site is devide and conquer. It’s another “anti’ site, the comments another mother’s meeting trying to right the wrongs in a hate wank kinda of way. The readership seems made up on middle aged men (fucked over muliple times), old farts (fucked over immeasurable times), or young men (including many writers), who haven’t got a clue. There’s some sound advice, true. But mostly it’s shite.I truely feel for any young man today, they’re fucked. But I can’t just through women out, they’re fucked too. We (as a collective) have fucked each over, rich to the poor, men to the women, advanced to the retarded, women to the men. We’ve been played like a banjo, by inbreds to boot!

      1. Pretty much agree. (Mid-thirties BTW.) Said it before – got flamed – and I’ll say it again: Sometimes I feel like I’ve wandered into a meeting of The He-Man Woman Haters Club from the Little Rascals/Our Gang Comedy shorts. (Where’s Darla when you need her?) A lot of good advice and wisdom leavened with copious buckets full of bile.* That, and an attitude towards the sex and relationships that is oftentimes positively straight out of the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East.
        But if you consider that a goodly number of the younger readers were raised by single mothers and/or without a father figure, and are now at wits end both with student loan, limited job prospects regardless – I know and know of plenty of STEM graduates working at Starbucks – and hammered and hamstrung by Corporate and Media PC posturing and feminist victimhood memes, then this site provides both a counterbalance and window into alternative masculine lifestyle strategies. (OK, that was a run on sentence. Sorry.) That makes it a valuable resource for the reader – probably not too well educated overall – crap public education, no historical knowledge and all that -who’s trying to figure out exactly what is going on around him.
        In short, ROK is not at all perfect, sometimes contradictory and too frequently puerile, but for the inexperienced male it is at least a resource that can provide an alternative to the Blue Pill lockstep. And in the same vein, for those older readers who’ve been through the mill more than a few times, it probably provides a good deal of reassurance that they, in fact, have plenty of company. That, and it provides a forum, directed at the the younger readers, so that they might possibly learn from their experiences and mistakes of their elders.
        Hope this helps.
        Just a thought.
        *And what’s this thing with Kratom? Christ, just pop a few Advils.

  11. “red flags include daily whining and complaining for attention, posts that are excessively negative or outright bizarre, trashing exes,”
    I can confirm thats a red flag undoubtedly! I was with a girl for 2 years and She told me
    about how some of her exes raped her and I was too naive to realize she had to be bullshitting.
    I guess When youre dating someone and chemistry is there you overlook shit like a dummie.
    Well after we split , a few months afterwards i get a DM from some white knight saying “Hey
    I heard you Liked to rape my friend Haleigh” and after i told him to eat my dust, i got a call
    2 days later from my ex and she said she was sorry for lying and she didnt mean to tell ppl
    i raped her. I just said aight and realized her confession was confusing as women in general lol.
    ‘She didnt mean to tell ppl I raped her’ even though we were always consensual. Idk why
    some chicks do that shit
    also btw i love how you added the rap culture and how young idiots listen to that pussy boy
    music. if u listen to that shit youre a cuck. your grandfather would probably beat your ass
    if he found out you were listening to fucking thug marxist ooga booga look at my chain and gun-type
    “music”. its fucking soulless, vapid, destructive garbage.

  12. Very high quality comments on this thread. I worked really hard on this one so thank you all for weighing in. Wish my other articles got comments like this. Cheers!

  13. That’s why I record the encounter. I also have a paper for the whores to sign. Also have a lawyer on retainer Incase shit hits the fan.

  14. Had a close friend go through this experience. The only reason he’s not in prison is because he refused to be interviewed or answer any questions when contacted by the police. If he had even admitted to having sex with the spurned psycho, he’d be in prison, life ruined, instead of in law school. You CANNOT help your case by giving ANY information to the police. If they have a case, they will arrest you and try you. If they don’t, they’ll hound you and try to trick you into an interview which they will use to build their case against you. Memorize this: “I have nothing to say”
    After over a year of harassment, phone calls, showing up at his apt asking questions, the cops and the psycho finally gave up and left him alone.

  15. Having read matty’s story just in this year many police in GB at least go over social media.
    More than one woman has found herself arrested for false police reports.
    American men need to understand the laws not only in their state. One hire a competent atty one who specializes in these cases. Next do copy all correspondence and use it. Work to end “shield” laws(shield laws keep prior legal issues off the table). Any person can have buyer’s remorse! There are emotional,hormonal reasons. Women have had decades of say no indoctrination that is why many give off mixed signals :plausible deniability. That is why it is in your best interest to not give in to teaching your children the no indoctrination(remember you too have been exposed).
    Support other men! One issue with men is that they tend to get off track and onto tangents. Dealing with false accusations has a lot of “legs” most people hate lies. Beware of the police and DA so say nothing! Keeping your mouth shut is the best thing until you have your lawyer do the talking.

  16. Un-frigin’-believable!
    With this sort of games going on, suddenly sex dolls don’t just start to look “yummy”, but may become a hard reality….
    Screw these bitches with all their satanic intentions and desires to ruin men’s lives.
    To the silly joke about “relatives and police are the best when kept as far away as possible” one might now add “women”.
    Sad, sad time we live in today.

  17. The only way you would find someone under 30 NOT on this list would be a Unicorn at the end of the Rainbow in an alternate reality – in other words, not gonna happen. Your next option is to seek strange is places like Southeast Asia, Latin America or Eastern Europe where there is usually less cock mileage.

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