The Path Men Took To Trump

Every man who supports Donald Trump came to it from a different path. Some of you support him because of economic impoverishment or because you have seen your neighborhoods degrade from illegal immigrants. Or maybe you support him because you were attacked for being politically incorrect. For me and many other men, we came to support Trump because we shared truths about sex and the true nature of women.

The fight began in 2012 with the Southern Poverty Law Center


In March 2012, after years of teaching men how to improve their sex lives through books and web sites, I was put on a list by the Jewish-operated Southern Poverty Law Center for being a misogynist. I was shaken up by this because I knew that my desire to enjoy sex with beautiful women and share the truths I’ve learned from it put me on a path of no return. Either I close down shop immediately or accept that the mob would one day come pounding on my door.

I decided to keep going. I responded to the SPLC designation with an article titled My Existence Is Becoming Illegal, where I described how heterosexual sex was now a defiant political act if the male received any benefit from it.

It is clear that gender hate is now a one-way street. Men can hate women but not the other way around. Men can rape, women can’t. Men can be abusive, both physically and emotionally, but women can’t. Men can be misogynist, but women can’t be misandrist, a word that is unknown to most of the American population. Men can be described as lazy slobs who play video games all day, but women are perfect as-is in a country where there are organizations trying to convince you that being fat is both healthy and beautiful. Male teachers get sent to pound-me-in-the-ass prison if they have sex with a student, but female teachers only get a slap on the wrist. If you’re a man, you’re likely a perpetrator of hate, violence, and abuse to innocent American women, even if you don’t yet realize your thought crime, but never the other way around.

Fast forward two years to October 2014. Witch hunts by leftists were in force. Rage mobs were crawling through social networking looking for racists, homophobes, and sexists with the aim of getting them fired. I studied the people who were participating in these witch hunts and wrote one of the most important articles I’ve ever published: What Is A Social Justice Warrior (SJW)?

The article was widely shared, influencing how people viewed the useful idiot layer of individuals who were guided and controlled by establishment forces consisting of academia, the corporate news media, Hollywood, Fortune 500 companies, Silicon Valley, and the billionaire owners of our politicians. Scratch a feminist SJW and you’ll find the reptilian skin of a billionaire who created the narrative she believes.

I was pessimistic when I wrote the SJW article, thinking we’d need a full generation (25+ years) to even begin defeating such a powerful anti-American entity. I focused on teaching men self-defense and avoidance instead of ways to defeat them. Little did I know that I was defining them at their absolute peak, and barely two years later a candidate who stood for the diametric opposite of social justice would win the presidency. The social justice warriors haven’t gone away, and they are rushing to fulfill the will of George Soros by refusing to accept the results of a fair election, but the power they have to force people to bend to their demands has been reduced, along with the power of the institutions that support them.

Though SJWism peaked in 2014, I had to face the full brunt of their attacks in the summer of 2015 during the Canadian stops of my lecture tour and again in February 2016 during the international meetups. I survived those attacks, and the fact that I’m still here right now and able to exercise my free speech on all my platforms—while you’re still here participating—shows clearly how little power they really had to stop us. They bruised me during the meetup outrage, but I healed quickly enough to weaponize my sites to spread my support of an even bigger enemy of theirs, Donald Trump.

Donald Trump ground zero


I’m a pessimist by nature, so I didn’t have much hope that the establishment would allow Trump to win in the primaries, even though I was confident his ideas resonated with most Americans. But then I noticed that he simply couldn’t be knocked out, no matter what his enemies did. I saw him humiliate Jeb Bush, out-compete a resurgent Ted Cruz, and smack down any attempt by the media to force him to display weakness. By the time I attended the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, I started to believe.

The ground zero for Donald Trump within the manosphere was The Donald Trump thread on the forum, created in June 2015 by veteran member and ROK contributor Samseau. This is where the battle unfolded for thosuands of men. Over 2,000 pages long, the thread has been viewed nearly 6 million times. Ideas within it have filtered out into mainstream discourse, as described here, to men with bullhorns larger than I have.

After significant battles in a real war, medals are awarded but soldiers don’t nitpick on who was the “best” soldier. They all worked as a team to ensure victory, from the General (Donald Trump), the Colonels (his advisers), the Captains (major media influencers like Alex Jones, Matt Drudge, Paul Joseph Watson, and Mike Cernovich), the Sergeants (men like myself), the Specialists (men like Samseau), and on down to the Private, a regular commenter who contributes the occasional meme or argument in his spare time.

The ego cares about how impactful one is, how influential its ideas are, but the team player only cares about victory for the whole. Whether I am a Private or a Sergeant, I fought side by side with men in that thread and on this web site to what amounts to a modern fourth-generational informational war that will be studied by historians in the future. Who would have guessed that public internet sites operating on free open-source software would have such a positive effect on not just the result of the election, but on the lives of so many men who participated in it.

Approaching the date of the election


Two months before the election, I did a Youtube video urging men to vote for Trump, and it resulted in nearly 150 unsubscribes within a day, surprising even me since I thought my audience was mostly men who would automatically support a Trump presidency. The video echoed a lot of sentiments I shared in the article If Donald Trump Doesn’t Win, We’re Screwed, where I tried to convey the danger of a Hillary presidency.

Obama was the “race” president, and look how badly he has damaged race relations in only eight years. Hillary will be the “gender” president. The future we have in store should be absolutely clear to you if she happens to defeat Trump.

Not only will she move to establish a techno-matriarchy where men are second-class citizens to any female, but she will ensure that no movement or organization will be able to challenge her or her establishment cronies ever again. This isn’t a trivial matter of getting banned from a web site like Twitter or Youtube—many of you will be forced to escape the country for no other reason than you happening to be a man who found himself on the wrong side of the establishment.

For the next month, I stared at the calendar, waiting for the election to happen, doing what I could to push back against the narrative on Twitter. Then in early October, an old tape was released of Trump saying he grabs girls by the pussy because they “let” him. My sister called me, confused, and asked if he really was a bad man. I told her that the media is distorting his comments just like they distorted mine a few months earlier when their proclaimed me as a “pro-rape advocate.” I told her not to believe the media and to judge Trump by his actions and his policies, not a gotcha moment that was being spun out of control to help Hillary’s failing campaign.

I spoke to her with confidence, but inside I was concerned: in a politically correct world, would this be the blow to sink Trump’s candidacy? Is the majority of Americans actually ready to defeat political correctness? Thankfully, Trump responded strongly, ignoring calls by the traitors in the Republican party to step down.

The first poll to come in after pussygate suggested that Trump’s support didn’t decline. The fake controversy didn’t work. I held my breath for the next few days to see if another tape would come out, maybe of him saying the n-word, but none did, and I knew the establishment had no more bullets. This was the moment where I finally believed. I felt a rush of energy on that day as my subconscious accepted that Trump was going to win. I did a Periscope that night as if I was amped up on methamphetamine, but I took no drug.

From that point on it was just a matter of hanging on, until finally on November 8 when he was elected President. I was in disbelief after he won because it was only four years prior when I was attacked by the same forces that were aligned against Trump. I didn’t have to wait long until my personal enemies were dealt a monstrous defeat by another man whom I consider on the same team as us. If I made any miscalculation, it was that it would take a generation or longer for us to begin pushing back against establishment forces. I underestimated our own power, and those of our allies in the alternative internet space.

Human control is a foolhardy endeavor


The most important lesson I learned from Trump’s victory is how pointless it is to control human beings, both their behaviors and their minds. Every single major institution in the United States, represented by billions of dollars of economic activity and influence, could not stop a populist candidate, in spite of trying everything short of assassination.

George Soros and his billions weren’t effective. Obama and his allies weren’t effective. The mainstream media and their dozens of outlets weren’t effective. CEOs of the biggest companies in the United States weren’t effective. Hollywood and it’s superstars weren’t effective. Academia and it’s thousands of professors weren’t effective. Social media and its censorship efforts weren’t effective. The FBI allowing Hillary to skate from real crimes wasn’t effective. Even Donald Trump’s own party wasn’t effective in stopping him. It’s absolutely incredible that all these forces couldn’t stop one man and his believers. What a disgrace to the fields of scientific management and modern propaganda for them all to fail so miserably!

Think right now of how much effort the anti-Trump forces put into stopping him from winning. Think of how much money they spent to guarantee their desired outcome. And now think how it was all for nothing. They accomplished the very opposite of what they moved mountains to accomplish, after decades of cementing their control within the country by sucking the truth and life blood from the American public.

Whatever term you use to describe the force that governs our existence—nature, God, Tao, or so on—it is clear that humans cannot control it all, and that the pendulum will swing when it wants to swing, that the wheel of history will turn when it wants to turn, and your billions of dollars and your propaganda and your institutions can do nothing to stop it. Imagine how impotent George Soros and his friends must feel after their limitless money and influence was all for nothing.

Now they have to perfect their control methods even more, open their pocket books further, and try to force their will upon a population as if pushing food into the mouth of someone who is already full. Their desire to control you is nothing but their own psychological failings of trying to alleviate their crippling fears, of trying to prove to themselves and to the world that they are a somebody, that they are powerful, that the world must be shaped into their image, that they are gods among men, but it should be clear to you by now that they are not gods but sociopaths who gamed an economic system to amass huge amounts of capital and money. Much of that will be flushed down the drain as they continue to fight and grasp their way to unequivocal defeat, or attempting to control those who do not want to be controlled.

You can control human beings, but only temporarily and only some of them. At the end of the day, humans want to do what they want to do, and if you don’t possess what they wish to buy, they will go to someone who does, no matter how much money you spend on your mechanisms of control. The more you control what does not want to be controlled, the more tension is created and then released in the great unraveling, of which we are currently living through. In previous eras, that tension resulted in victorious parades on the streets, but in our modern era, it is in the form of online celebrations with the use of tweets and memes.

If you want to be a true leader of society, create an environment where humans can associate with whom they want, can freely engage in commerce, can create families, can live in safety, can search for the truth without interference, and can work and play and live according to their nature. Put stone walls blocking their righteous will and watch them be torn down. It may take a decade, it may take 100 years, but it will happen, and the contraptions you used to control them will reveal not your strength but your own pathetic weakness.


We are tired of being controlled. Leave us alone. We are tired of institutions that are obsessed with controlling us, of forcing us to believe in falsehoods, of programming us to hate our country, of pitting woman against man and black against white. Leave us alone! Let men be men, and from that a new American renaissance will come forth. Men who are strong and good must be allowed to live their lives, and if you prevent us from doing so, we won’t allow you to live yours. We will humiliate your useful idiots, we will destroy your institutions, we will lash out with more than just memes.

I’m afraid that those who stand against us are gearing up for even greater authoritarian control over us, but at least now we have our man in the White House who can join us in a fight that we have already been battling for many years. I can’t wait to see where this fight takes us next.

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223 thoughts on “The Path Men Took To Trump”

  1. Great work, man. People like you and Bernard Chapin never gave in to defeatism. As we know, the Lena Dunham wing of the Democratic Party openly despises the white male population, and she and her father recently recorded an extinction-wishing video directed at white men. There was no organized campaign from the DNC denouncing this hate speech. So now everyone can stop wondering why so many white men voted against the Democratic Party this year, after so many of them voted for Obama in the past. I know I voted for Bill Clinton in 1992 but hadn’t voted for POTUS until this year. For Trump. For peace with Russia and a chance for my 4 year old blond-haired and blue-eyed nephew to avoid the extermination that Lena Dunham wishes upon him and his father and me.

    1. Wonder if Lena Dunham will be the first female president of the united states. Storywise it would be like an update of The Omen

        1. That’s why there would have to be a large tub of lard on standby to take her place should she be taken ill

  2. Aaand another Trump article.
    Hey, you know, maybe historians will write about the internet. But just wait 20 more years. I think we are right now enjoying the peak of freedom and versatility on the internet. From a purely technical standpoint, nothing keeps the authorities from censoring and perfectly controlling the internet. But they won’t do that yet, because they first need us to become dependent on the internet entirely. ROK is a great example. Yes, we profit from this possibility. But, we also become dependent on a global system that can be taken away from us with the snap of a finger. Let’s face it; everyone who is making their money through the internet is at the mercy of the governments/elites/whatever. And they will use that power sooner or later, take my word for it.

      1. Ironically the EU represented the best opportunity to defend rights to privacy. May needs to be held to account for pushing that through.
        Actually zerohedge though completely pro trump remains very wary of the games our elites play

        1. certainly in the UK the nanny state is alive and well and nothing is going to change because of Brexit – a completely hollow victory – if anything an engineered victory for the elites… nothing more than a public distraction campaign and a disrupt the EU job.
          question is whether that wave of sentiment has now spilled over into something real in the US.
          Will Trump indict Hillary – I seriously doubt it.
          Will Trump dismantle the NSA monitoring – doubt it.
          Will Trump ease up on huge military pork – i doubt it.
          DHS, TSA, DEA, FBI, CIA police state ? – nothing will change – probably more black ops and more black sites than ever before.
          A few little simpering suggestions and a few percentage points of tax cuts and the deep state blossoms like a field of corn.

        2. I think Cameron and Osborne were genuinely caught out, and Boris & co. as well probably – there is certainly some suggestion that Boris didn’t actually expect to win and was positioning himself to benefit from having run a successful but ultimately losing campaign (c.f. Mr Garrison / Trumps campaign in South Park) . I do think that some weren’t unhappy with the result. I voted against it for reasons of self-interest (I was expat at the time) although in principle I remain highly sympathetic (and against globalism / uncontrolled immigration). What I noticed was that Brexit worked really well for some of the elites, if not certainly all of them – the BoE got away with not having to follow through with the promised increase in interest rates, and the stock market soared (c.f. post-Trump’s win) as the currency became massively devalued. That’s not proof of anything but it’s not beyond possibility that the media, banks and corporate powers may have worked to get exactly the result they wanted, bamboozling the politicians (or at least some of them) along the way. At the moment, there’s every reason to think they might want us to suffer some of the consequences of ‘rebelling’ against them, and to look to reverse the situation if desired at a later date.
          The above is probably more conspiratorial than I would like though: I actually think both Brexit and Trump is about managing popular dissent / disaffection. Both involve the elites trying to ride the crest of popular feeling re. issues like immigration, perceptions of top-down control etc. I think what that means is that the elites both in UK, US and elsewhere are improvising somewhat – the puppet-masters are still playing the game but the strings are tangled and their performances aren’t quite going off as planned. The opportunity here is not to overthrow the elites as such, but to recognise that they aren’t necessarily monolithic (allowing for the theatrical shows they put on) and can be influenced from below. They manage us, but we can also manage and influence them. Part of that may mean being realistic and red-pill about who Trump is and what he can actually do, but also not being passive and defeatist because we ‘can’t change anything’. Will Hillary get indicted / go to prison. I doubt it, but there is some seriously dodgy stuff going on with Podesta etc – I didn’t credit it at first, but I think some of the claims about his group may be accurate – Trump may have to prosecute or at least investigate. Having said that his CIA appointee appears to be a continuation of the same. I can’t see him doing anything about the NSA or the deep state (beyond certain parts of it) although presumably Snowden and Wikileaks will no longer be quite as ‘out in the cold’ as they were (it would be telling if wikileaks really did turn out to be an intelligence op….I’d still support it)
          All in all I don’t see great likelihood of root and branch change. One thing of interest though will be how things pan out between the US and the brics nations. We were told to expect a migration of power and influence to the east. A successful Trump presidency might well challenge that ‘inevitability’ – particularly if Russia is pacified somewhat. What this means for globalism and the NWO is something that’s hard to tell right now. All I know for certain is that there are games afoot, and that it might not be such a bad time to join in

        3. Interesting thoughts…. back in the days of Kings, the Kings were always mindful because if they over stepped the mark, too many taxes or wars, too rough with the population there could always be a revolt. So this is probably similar. A easing of direction. But do bankers and elite really want NWO ? Nixon was chummies with the Chinese decades ago. Isn’t it more convenient and lucrative to keep the chaos going, while telling everyone that the NWO is coming. Probably one world Govt and one currency would be incredible for people and terrible for power brokers and bankers. How would they profit ? How would they keep control ? If you control the US and EU and lose the US, well you still have the EU. If you control the world and get booted out of power you’re just another citizen. Much harder, much more accountability.

        4. Sadly Trump and his boys Giuliani, “TPPence” and Jeff Sessions are all yuge statists, so I share your lack of optimism for the police state decreasing.

        5. “But do bankers and elite really want NWO ? Nixon was chummies with the Chinese decades ago. Isn’t it more convenient and lucrative to keep the chaos going, while telling everyone that the NWO is coming. Probably one world Govt and one currency would be incredible for people and terrible for power brokers and bankers. How would they profit ? How would they keep control?”
          The Trump result, and its immediate unexpected consequences with respect to markets, including the negative effect on emerging economies, seems to have wrong-footed a lot of people. That in itself is probably more of a continuity than a discontinuity. We are told that markets like stability – which of course they do – but speculators, like uncertainty and they like and profit from surprises, at least to the extent that they are prepared (and / or primed) to do so. Misdirection is always the game, and Trump’s triumph was no different in that respect. I expected him to win, but I didn’t expect his win to give a fillip to stocks etc – exactly the opposite of what the media (I guess we never learn) told us would be the case.
          Re. the NWO I don’t think we should dismiss it as an idea. If misdirection is the method, then the apparent end of globalism / rise of nationalism may well be a ruse. Globalism / NWO arose historically (at least in mainstream politics) as an answer to endless war and nationalism. If we are now presented with a scenario in which the nationalist politics of the early to mid 20th century is reproduced (Trump in US, Brexit in Uk, Marine Le Pen in France etc moving on to 2017) with the added possibility of east – west conflict as the a unitary superpower has to vie with an emerging bloc centring on china (and Russia presumably?) then the stage will be set for a re-run of the conditions that led to the call for global government (the NWO). This stuff goes back a long way. Back to the Cecil Rhodes, the Round table, and all the conspiracy fact that the likes of Carroll Quigley (Bill Clinton’s tutor) let us in on. It’s worth noting that NWO supremo Joseph Kissinger just praised Trump – note the detail that “Kissinger and Trump previously met to discuss foreign policy and international affairs in May.” So I fully expect that a NWO might only temporarily be off the shelves. I’m not saying the whole thing is theatre. The power elite are puppet-masters in good times (for them), and improvisers when required, but the agenda does seem to be an old one. I don’t think loss of freedom, privacy and self-determination can ever be good for ordinary people, but yes, if they are faced with war and insecurity they can no doubt in time – and if the fear of God is put into them – be persuaded to beg for global government and for the elites to take away whatever freedoms remain to them. The collectivist programme is in my opinion deep ideology and not something that is going to disappear over night because some wide-boy decided to run against the establishment (as we both know he is at least in part a member of the establishment). As for speculators not being able to make money, I don’t believe that would occur. NWO, one world government if it were to be implemented, (or if it exists), could potentially contain all the ups and downs, international and domestic strife that we see on a daily basis in the real world – it would reproduce what is real, through simulation, but perhaps with certain safety parameters: the creation of drama, highs and lows, poverty and riches would all be part of how we would be governed – but it would be a work in progress, rather than a necessary return to something like soviet russia). I’m getting ahead of myself though, for the time being I think we are seeing a shake-up of the world order on whatever basis – the clash between east and west seems real enough for me. It’s difficult right now to anticipate how things are going to pan out.

        6. I’m heard it said that the election of 2016 was a war between factions of the elites: those who believe in megadeaths (Hillary, Ted Cruz, and the neocons) and those who like indoor plumbing (Trump and Co.).
          It should be noted that Trump’s CIA pick supported NSA surveillance.

        7. Its difficult to say for sure yet, but I’m inclined to agree there. The worst war-mongering neo-cons seem to be out, although there are still quite a few of them kicking around – John Bolton springs to mind. It’s probably not regime change, but those who were committing the US / West to wars of aggression and regime change (iraq, libya syria, ukraine etc) have (I hope) been shown the door). Things were getting dangerous – Putin stood up to the HIllary, Nuland, Kerry and Obama – and the only alternative would have been war of some kind. The elites have pulled back from that, to re-focus on the US while maintaining a strong Israel connexion (the Breitbart connexion here is significant).

        8. Yes, it seems more like the pragmatic old school Thatcher Reagan crowd are back at the helm and the newbies from Clinton Bush II and Obama got the boot.
          I doubt it will be any better though… maybe more of a yuppie type, male go-getter, get rich and have fun atmosphere….while the poor classes suffer and complain because they haven’t got the nouse to go earn…… but still the police state keeps growing it’s tentacles just the same… this will only end with a huge insurrection, Trump is NOT IT. He’s the emotional tampon for the insurrection. Whether he won by popular movement or by design is not important….
          The elites benefit from a democratic victory because it placates the people… if Hillary got in we wouldn’t have seen such riots and protests because the white trump voters would have headed home… polished the AR15 and bought another 10,000 rounds of ammo ready for 2017-2018…..
          Another 8 years of Obama Hillary type crap and you’d have home grow terrorists blowing shit up

        9. I agree that the result benefits the elites – endless nutty progressivism probably irked some of them too, but the main benefit to them is to channel the conspiracy theories, the anti-fed feeling, and give the general populace the impression that democracy really works, even if (as in the case of the dems who believe they lost despite winning the pop vote) it works in a quirky way. I think it does matter whether the ‘victory’ was by design or on account of popular feeling etc. but ultimately we’re not going to get certainty on that . There is no doubt in my mind the elites have protested too much to be believed. They’re not in danger, even if they may dislike the nods to nationalism etc.
          I do think Trump is a good result in other senses, not necessarily because of what he will do – he may as you suggest just provide more of the same, serve the elites interests, shore up big government and the police state – he’s not exactly a libertarian. But the fact is that Trump’s victory has exploded the speech codes and political correctness which were an important part of the ‘governmentalism’ whereby we were persuaded to govern ourselves. Trump’s victory may or may not provide legitimacy to challenges to orthodoxy and political correctness. I think the main target here is probably going to be muslims, and the terrorist threat, so it will be interesting if Trump pulls back on the rest of the demagoguery and conspiracy theory. It will be particularly interesting to see what he does with the Fed. I think he will change personnel, make it more protestant or something, and perhaps influence the Fed’s monetary policy – QE especially. If he acts effectively to raise interest rates in any kind of substantial way (i.e. to benefit the little guy / savers rather than the stock market) which is what is anticipated one might wonder what the consequences would be.

        10. UK just bought a billion worth of Modified Reaper drones for it’s defense.
          The age of the drone is upon us. Obama was the first Master Blaster and now as the drone networks end up airborne 24/7 we will see where that path takes us.

        11. You can be sure the Russians see how this is all going to play out if the globalists keep pushing too hard and do not like it one bit. Not that they are any more righteous in their actions than the rest of the world.

    1. The internet represents the free flow of information and is like a double-edged sword.
      Trying to censor or control the internet will only result other parallel, anonymized internets sprouting, just like is growing rapidly and twitter is in decline, as the desire to know the Truth is inherent in human beings and is an unquenchable thirst.
      In fact, such alternets already exist and there’s even experimentation of other forms that utilize blockchains; they just aren’t popular yet because there’s no real need for them.
      Governments slowly poisoning the minds of people through media propaganda will become increasingly more difficult and frustrating to the point that it may not even be possible within an election cycle.
      Decentralization is the future.

  3. My own path was this:
    I’m a pretty middle of the road conservative by nature. But middle of the road conservatives like me have been turned into fucking pariahs by the liberal omega clusterfuck establishment over the last decade.
    Apparently, if you believe abortion to be unpleasant in the extreme and should be tightly regulated … if you believe in managing national debt prudently … if you believe girls and women should not behave and fuck around like drunk sailors … if you believe nations should put themselves and their own first…. well you’re a fucking fascist nutcase worse than (literally) Hitler.
    Middle of the road conservatives have been butchered. For years we played by the Queensbury Rules whilst our opponents dropped arsenic into our tea.
    I supported Trump (albeit from the UK) as a giant fuck you to the libs.
    Call me a Bastard, then I’ll be a BASTARD. For years we collectively brought our boxing gloves to a gunfight. Trump is a metaphorical semi-automatic weapon.

      1. It’s not a problem if money gets spent on good things…. who is worse off… the guy with a $1M mortgage on a $2M home, or a guy with a 100k in credit card debt and a pile of 2-3 year old junk and some good memories of his last vacation in Cabo ?

        1. but even more to the point, most money the past 30 years has been poured into all things LIBERAL. Imagine if you take that entire stash of money and actually invest in value-add activity. the west will see abundance unimaginable to any living generation.

        2. most of the damage was done by Bush invading Iraq and subsequent military jaunts…. i don’t call any of that liberal… and trump can always go full Nixon Vietnam and start bombing everything….

        3. apologies…should have said “neo-liberalism” which is becoming synonymous with cuckservative. Bush years fell squarely in these ideologies as they reported directly to the globalists.

        4. Are you implying the guy with credit card debt is better off than the guy owing $1,000,000? I wouldn’t want to be in the shoes of either. At least I could buck it up and pay off $100,000 if I really needed to.

        5. Trump seems to be against of any un-necessary War or Destruction, in the interest and well being of PEOPLE of his Country.

      2. I hope that he isn’t going to spend, all his PR material stated that he wouldn’t.
        If he gets rid of 0bama’s “stimulus”, which has been recurring every year since inception, he’ll have cut annual federal spending by just shy of 1 trillion dollars (!986 billion USD).

        1. Based on what’s he’s said recently there’s a feeling that that is exactly what he will have to do, which is why the markets went crazy the day after he won the election:
          “Republican lawmakers have spent the past eight years bashing President Barack Obama as fiscally irresponsible, but investors are now betting that Donald Trump could run much bigger budget deficits than Democratic rival Hillary Clinton had planned.”

        2. He’s a real estate develop so he knows how to use debt, but it doesn’t work the same in Govt which has no real productive income ….

        3. Yeah, that’s very dangerous. Debt with real estate just allows you to buy a larger asset than you otherwise could. IE I can buy a 40 unit apartment with debt or a 4 plex with cash.
          Debt with government spending is a completely different thing. I’m not sure Trump understands that.

        4. How is it any different? GOV debt only exist at the rate it does because the GOV simply says “we’ll get back to ya”, or “man, were the US GOV, ya know we’re good for it”, yet never pays, or just shuffles money around.
          The secret to ending GOV debt is to stop rewarding GOV institutions for spending more than they were alotted each year. When there is no incentive to spend every fucking cent you’ve been given so you can recieve MORE next year, most of the GOV over spending mentality will be eliminated.
          Next they need to eliminate the ludicrous GOV bidding process. Its currupt from top to bottem, and there’s no real competition.

        5. It’s different because the more debt a bank gives me, the larger, wealthier asset a bank can allow me to buy. If a bank loaned me as much money as they loaned Trump, I could buy a casino tomorrow. Of course, there are reasons why banks limit how much money they loan you; for one, they want an investor to have skin in the game so they typically require 20% down minimum for investments.
          Imagine two scenarios. Imagine a bank loans me 100 times greater than normal for a real estate purchase. So I can now borrow not $100,000 but $100,000,000 (one hundred million dollars). I could go could buy a huge skyrise tomorrow, and it would make me a very wealthy man. My annual income from rents would be in the millions, and I would never have to work again.
          On the other hand, if the Chinese lend America 100 times more money than they are currently lending, it does not create massive wealth for America. Government has a few basic functions like paving roads and building airports, that does generate economic wealth over time, but it’s not like giving the government more funds would create more wealth in a society. That is only true under the theory of communism, and in practice, government planners were found to be quite inefficient.

    1. I can’t wait for the faculty lounge administration to be over and actual adults to be back in charge…it’s been a long time coming.

    2. Trumps a Nuclear Bomb. The shit-for-brains libs have so far only seen the flash,.. the pressure wave, heat, and blast is still yet to come. If Trump does it right, the only memory of the past 8 yrs of SJW policy will be the remains of it’s baked shadow.

      1. That’s what I’m going to tell the libs at Christmas dinner. You called us racist sexist idiots for 15 years. So we tried apeasement. That didn’t work. Now we don’t care and you’ve cried wolf until no one cares. Keep it up and the next step will be euthanasia for nutters going around calling every thing “racist”

        1. After 5 years I decided to leave my old work and it changed my life… I started doing work from home, for a company I stumbled upon online, several hrs every day, and I make much more than i did on my old work… My pay-check for last month was for Nine thousand dollars… Superb thing about it is the more free time i got for my kids…

        2. yep, we won, they lost. we need to crush them like a mongrel victory under genghis khan. erase the social justice, cultural marxist mindset from the history books forever. then come back a week later and finish off any survivors.

      2. *’It’s’ is a contraction of ‘it is’. What you’re looking for is “its” which is possessive. Can see why you were confused as you started off on the wrong foot with ‘Trumps’. Try reading a book bruh.

        1. Ok. I misspelled a word(s). Is that your argument to try and discredit what i said in my initial comment? Do you have an actual counter argument, or are you only capable of grammar nitpicking ?

    3. yep its called moving the overton window so far left as to make complete normal views appear outrageous. thank god we are moving the window back towards normalcy.

    4. My path was similar. I have always leaned towards conservatism “by nature.” However, I strayed along the way. I lived a full-on globalist lifestyle from my mid 20’s until my mid 30’s. My work required me to travel the world non-stop, and I made a good deal of money in the process. It was a prestigious job with a million perks. However, I ended up burned out to the bone and feeling extremely empty, physically and metaphysically exhausted, and rootless. In 2008 I decided to quit and settle down in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I met a woman I am now happily married with. I started to explore alternative voices on the internet. And slowly, but surely, I woke up to the reality of what the globalist movement is all about. I clearly saw the root cause of the personal crisis I went through. And when Trump erupted into the political scene, all I learned during those years came together with a vengeance. I guess it helped that I had recently become a father. It was almost as if fatherhood opened up a perceptual channel in me that allowed me to tune in to the energy that was being unleashed with the Trump candidacy. And I can’t help being optimistic about the whole thing.

    5. I will never forget the day I circled Donald Trumps name on the ballot. For The last 10 years it became more and more apparent to me that certain people take very little responsibility for their actions, blame others, have a sense of entitlement, educate themselves by watching TV, hold petty grudges, talk behind people’s backs and think they know it all when it is painfully obvious they know very little. This type of person is an emotional reactor who does not does not embrace life’s challenges by choosing to grow and overcome. This type of person chooses to hate successful people rather than learn from them. Like my mother used to say, “people will cut you down because they are too big of a loser to build themselves up.” This type of person is pretentious and demands your respect without earning it in present time, nor do they plan on earning it in the future. This type of person craves authority so they can abuse it by tormenting those who are better than him/her or harass those who impose a possible threat to their fragile feelings. Like my dad used to say, “Just give them an orange vest and a flashlight.” These people are crafty with their words. They can turn a positive into a negative by using symbols. They will call a beautiful woman a “bitch,” a physically fit man a, “meathead,” a wealthy man, “greedy,” an educated man, “lucky,” a disciplined person, “dull.” They cringe at the words, “hard work” and “leadership.” They are the ultimate hypocrites. When they don’t get what they want, they criticize those who do have it. True masculinity and beautiful femininity is not achievable for them. When they fail, they immediately look for sympathisers. Their friendships are based on shared inadequacies. They live a life filled with jealousy, backstabbing, trite philosophy and they are lemmings who cannot think for themselves. They are the anti-leader. This is the definition of a loser. This is the liberal disease.

  4. I was up all night on election night, trading the market moves. It was a momentous and historical night no doubt. I’d vowed to myself to go full rouge off the grid if Hillary won. I was looking forward to it, but no, we got a surprise.
    In the following 2-3 days, I felt a change in the air akin to the days post 9/11. A stunned shocked peace had come over all the planet really.
    I recall when the Berlin Wall came down, it was a similar moment with 9/11 being the pinnacle of the opposite side and now we are back to a moment of real hope. A real actual change. I really want to think and I do really think that Trump is for real. I feel it.
    However, on the downside it is possible either that a.) he won’t be able to achieve very much or b.) it’s just a pressure release public distraction campaign and deep state gets back to business as usual.
    Then I watched the 60 minutes post election interview, and the press conference with Obama at the Whitehouse and Trump seems genuine. He lacks that shifty, snaked eyed, dodgy lawyer / politician gait that just about every political figure back to 1960 has had. He’s a smart businessman, he knows how to get things done. He’s NOT another career politician / lawyer. He’s also wealthy and doesn’t need to graft.
    So let’s hope… let’s pray and lets take every possible action we can… because the danger here is that if Trump fails OMG, we’ll have Sheryl Sandberg for president and a communist nightmare in 4 years time !
    Then i found this…. while the Brits voted for Brexit and their freedom, their own government was putting through legislation that was only a fantasy for the KGB. So I have to carry on wondering… be careful, because if Trump is fake, OR fails…. it’s all bets off for men everywhere. !!!!

    1. I was at TRUMP rally in Manchester, NH on Election Eve. 10,000-12,000 people there. It was incredible. Fog machines, light show, & great music.
      I wanted to be completely alone on Election Day (I did an absentee). I drove up to the White Mountains n was at hotel all to myself. No one else was there. The drive up was surreal. It was in the 60’s with abundant sun. I had this feeling it was going to happen.
      I was up all night. As he took key states n then Wisconsin, I knew it was really going to happen. The emotion finally came out of me. I wept when TRUMP, PENCE n their families came on stage. I got behind TRUMP shortly after he announced. Seeing it finalized was one of those moments I’ll never forget.

      1. I was pretty emotional too. Hillary reminds me of my evil abusive mother, and Trump of my alpha dad. I called my dad that night and we laughed about sending them both to jail together.

    1. Yes, it seems like it’s for real. 1-0 to team men.
      But damn if we win the battle but lose the war- game over. We’ll have a 100 years of communist nightmare that makes the USSR look like a holiday camp and all within the decade.
      This is our last chance….
      WE need to make sure it’s D-Day – not Custer’s last stand.

      1. Yup!!!
        Trump is the Hail Mary pass.
        It is do or die time now.
        We have to build the wall, start deporting the illegals, ban the muslims. Hopefully this will lead to more etho-nationalism, and eventually we will re-find our common sense and
        – ban ALL 3rd workd immigration
        – end welfare, food stamps, public housing, public school, medicaid, head start, and all “great society” social programs
        – put a cap on SS & Medicare. You get what you paid in + 5% interest but not one penny more
        – end all govt employee unions.
        – put a cap on civil servant salaries, benefits and pensions. Don’t let cops, firemen, etc, collect their pension until they are 65.
        – end all AA programs
        – repeal the 64 & 68 civil rights acts, the 65 voting act, and most importantly the 65 immigration act.

        1. Do you know what an ethnicity is?
          I see a lot of people throwing around the word “ethnonationalism,” but I don’t think many of you really know what that means.

        2. OK, I see your point.
          Yes, Europeans and their descendants in the Americas are of many different ethnicities.
          So in my above comment, replace ethno-nationalism with tradtional American Euro-Centric nationalism. But somehow, I think you already knew that.
          Now there you go. I teed it up for you. Tell us all how different we Europeans are…

        3. Only certain European ethnicities are Americans. English, Scots-Irish, Germans and Dutch. That’s it.

        4. No that’s not true…. most people even the latins coming to the US become American of sorts… Italians, Mexicans, Cubans, they do become American. It’s the groups don’t integrate at all that are the problem.

        5. I’m talking the “historic America” which the alt-right/white nationalists/paleoconservatives speak of.
          I do agree with your sentiment, however. The problem is there is simply too many people coming in. We don’t need all these people, and frankly, there just isn’t enough of everything to go around.

    2. Get Putin, Duterte, Wilders, and the Hungarian leader in there too. What a team that would be!

      1. I don’t think that’s a good idea. A Trump and Putin meeting might cause a rupture in the space-time continuum. The laws of physics may not allow that much alpha at a single place at a single time.

      2. Unfortunately Duterte is a total crazed cuck who is doing everything in his power to sell out the Philippines to the Chinese.
        His pro-China cuckery has gotten so bad that his Supreme Court has threatened to impeach his craven carcass if he doesn’t stop being China’s catamite.
        Likewise, the Philippines’ envoy to China-appointed by Duterte himself-has quit because he is disgusted by Duterte kissing China’s ass.

  5. You’re well on your way to being a captain Roosh. In fact it wouldn’t surprise me if trump was a secret reader and borrowed the philosophy of anti fragile from you and ROK.
    Still lets not go too nuts about Trump. Its a great and timely result but things could still go many different ways. Red pill means saying alert and not attaching ourselves to anything uncritically. Time to consolidate and stay focused. Trump is still part of the elites and there may or may not be a need from time to time to remind ‘him’ that we know that. We also need to discover if anything has changed at a deeper level: is this is a sea change; a genuine change in the zeitgeist? I think it might be but we’re far from there yet. There’s also the question of what trumps ‘ role’ will be vis a vis the economy and foreign policy. Is he being set up to succeed or fail? It should be an interesting ride whatever

    1. This is what Ron Paul questioned. And based on the people Trump appointed, it seems like a return to the same old. The swamp is here to stay.

  6. Roosh – you need to start some serious activism – not just writing and talking – but some serious campaigns against some of the liberal outlets. Let’s take out facebook, let’s take down some of the organizations that seemed out of reach in the last 2-3 years. If we don’t take on some of the SJW type tactics and use this opportunity to pull them apart, like weeds they will just re-seed and re-grow and come 4-8 years time it will be a nightmare and we will have lost.

  7. I happen to be one of the anomalies in our social order. A pretty serious criminal record and a conviction that isn’t politically correct at all (a sex offense not involving a minor) BUT I own my own business and have cornered the market and become quite successful and exceptionally well networked. I’m a raging convicted felon who wears $2k power suits while I cart my 9 around in a mid-2000s kia hatchback. I get a lot of weird looks these days…
    I recently stepped out of my politically correct shell especially after taking some time to learn game and re-solidify my understanding and pursuit of masculinity. I have ruffled a whole lot of feathers in this politically corrupted liberal stronghold of Allentown, PA.
    I have never felt so exposed, vulnerable, and perhaps even a little afraid because I’m going against the flow so strongly.
    Simultaneously, I have never felt so powerful. Let’s see what the next few months and years of this man’s presidency have in store for our culture.
    One thing is for sure…his victory may symbolize a complete cultural power shift. Taking it away from the “capable” and putting it into the hands of the foolish. I surely hope so.

      1. Man some of these memes are priceless. I was laughing my ass off over that RoK article which had the affirmative action feminist pilot. The planes going down ’cause she didn’t like the “patriarchal tone” from air traffic control.
        But on serious note. Is it not amazing how feminists and liberal media never complain about lack of female pilots? When it comes down to situations where their life is on the line … these womyns libers want a MAN in control.

        1. It’s true. When shit hits the fan, all of a sudden they need some ‘strong’ man to take charge.
          Thankfully, I’ve had the recent pleasant experience of encountering a few young women who recognize different strengths in men & women & don’t mind being submissive to a man who knows what he’s doing. They know the deal about the myth of equality.

        2. There’s a few of them out there. When I lived in Seattle, I popped into my neighborhood bar one night n met one of ’em. Chick had great body. Wearing black Yoga Pants. Had amazing attitude too. Fully despised feminism and acknowledged their sheer hypocrisy.

  8. Good work men, and thank God the Manosphere was here during the election cycle.
    There is still much work to be done. About half of my friends and family are walking around with serious butthurt right now, a bunch of cucked neoconservatives with FB accounts.
    Two of my own brothers were recently divorce raped by wives that, after cranking out a few children, decided they just wanted to have fun. I am trying to help them find the red pill, but they both work in big corporate, and the programming runs deep. I think I’m seeing something akin to Stockholm Syndrome in one of them who, having been cucked, still refuses to say anything bad about his ex.
    Yes, there is still much work to be done by and for men. Don’t take off your armor or lay down your sword for a moment. Personally, I’m excited as fuck to see what happens in the next year.

    1. I’m on Seacoast NH right now. Was at bar last night in Portsmouth (presently dealing with brutal hangover) and shot shit with older guy. You could tell he’d been holding back on expressing his $.02 regarding election. Well he met a fellow DEPLORABLE and therefore let loose. What a great convo. Heavy on the absurd divorce laws raping men now a days.
      Man when you think about it … it really is insane a woman can demand a divorce then take the house, kids yet legally get the dude to pay for it.

        1. Yes it is. Married with Children (and Al Bundy’s anti feminist NO MAAM org) was one of the best sitcoms ever to run on TV.

        2. Remember the one when Kelly had to dance in the school recital? Man, she was hot back then.

        3. I think Al scored 4 TDs for Polk High in the city champioship game. Dont quote me on it tho

        4. Don’t recall that particular episode. But how that show and the regulars to RoK demonstrate what great sense of humor masculine men have. Unlike liberals & feminists. Weeks ago I glanced at the Huffing n Puffington Post. They had entire article on ‘racist’ Halloween Costumes. Man … what rational person would ever want to live in their humorless world?

        5. I saw a story where Hilary Duff (of all people) caught some flack for a “racist” costume she wore…of a Pilgrim!

        6. Never was huge fan of womens 80’s look in all honesty. Chicks that take care of themselves now a days have mastered hotness.
          I’m a native of Maine, lived on West Coast for several years. Moved back to East Coast less than 2 years ago. Trying to settle in neighboring NH. Far better economy with 0 income nor sales tax.
          Any RoK travelers out there: check out Portsmouth, New Hampshire. It’s an awesome seaside town dripping with incredibly HOT chicks.

        7. This Huffing n Puffington Post was finding racism in harmless costumes. Fuck These Degenerates.

      1. Happened to my dad twice. My mom now lives alone and none of us talk to her. Big winner! American women dont understand they will spend the last three decades of their lives alone for what they do to men.
        The men are ecstatic to be alone during those years hahaha.

  9. Unfortunately Roosh, as a fellow pessimist I think you’re wrong. I correctly predicted that Donald Trump will win the Presidential election, however I am hesitant to think that his victory will be a setback for the New World Order.
    The hysteria exhibited by the elite and Wall Street only gave Trump credibility. The Illuminati bankers have a record of pretending to be against their own agents. In 1932, they organized a coup just to give FDR credibility. In 1912, they pretended to be against the legislation that established the Federal Reserve.
    Look who’s supporting Trump? Alex Jones whose credibility has been questioned. Breitbart, a Jewish neo con group. Newt Gingrich?
    Jeb Bush called him “the chaos candidate” as in order out of chaos?
    The bankers could use his election as an excuse to precipitate an economic crisis and depression to punish the Americans and blame Trump and everything he represents.

    1. The chaos candidate. Order out of chaos. NWO. Exactly.
      All throughout this election, many Republicans refused to give Trump their support. And that is still the case. Now why do you suppose that is. Because when Trump tries to enact some of the ideas he proposed during his campaign (stop immigration, build a wall, dismantle Obamacare, etc.), he won’t be able to do so – because of “a hostile Congress”. The liberal media will just continue to paint Trump as an evil white-privileged demon. This will whip the libs up and it will vindicate them. All while Rome burns, just as planned. I hope like hell I’m wrong. I want this to be legit, too. But I also wanted Santa to be real when I was a kid, and that didn’t work out so well.
      Trump’s a Trojan Horse. If you want change, you have to forge it yourselves. Nobody else is going to upset the status quo and do it for you. The mere fact that Trump is going to be president means he sold his soul to not upset the applecart. That’s how it works. Thinking that your vote matters is even more naive than thinking NAWALT. The outcome of presidential elections are decided long beforehand. I know this for a fact. Like I said, I want Trump to be the real deal. But I know he isn’t. And I’d rather be right than popular. So I’ll be taking a screen shot of this post, in about six months or so. At which time, I’ll repost it, and say, “Toldja.” (And it won’t be the first time that has happened.)

        1. Pence sure looks happy though.
          From obscurity to perhaps the most powerful position in the world in 8 years if all goes right.

        2. the last thing you want in power is some do gooder, ladder climber like Obama and Hillary – that’s all excited about winning. He’s tired, it’s late, he’s thinking fuck me we actually did it. It’s the come down on the otherside of the trip is all.

        3. Hopefully not, POTUS Pence would be the “second coming” of GHWB, what a disaster that was.
          I wish that Pence actually were the “fire and brimstone” Puritanical crusader that the left has convinced themselves that Pence is, because that’d be far better than the milquetoast centrist “squish” that he actually is.

      1. I think you are wrong. I think Hillary was always meant to lose… if she won it was OK, but she was the throw away candidate for Jeb to win. Trump gate crashed the whole thing. It can happen. Nothing is that mechanical and perfect. No plan ever works 100%, 100% of the time. It’s impossible to manipulate everything. People mistake resignation for tiredness. Different thing.
        Probably one of the reasons Trump won is because he doesn’t really want it. He’s 70 years old, he’s been at it tooth and nail for 6 months straight like a 40 year old would be shattered – of course he looks exhausted.
        I think he’s genuine and the real deal – what he manages to accomplish is another matter. But he didn’t have to do any of this crap. He’s old enough and rich enough not to give a damn. Even if he owes huge favors it’s pretty easy to get out of anything at 70. Pay a doctor “heart attack” presidential bid finished.
        Trump cares, he’s smart, he’s a family guy, he loves America and he’s fed up like most of his voters. He has passion and drive and smarts. Whether that will be enough remains to be seen, but you don’t own huge buildings in NYC unless you are able to navigate murky waters and put people in their place.

        1. It was mainly the joos mob in NY he was connected with. As for Kennedy I have a special view on his “assassination” but let’s not go there.

        2. I’ve posted this before, but I’ll post it again. My father is a high-level intelligence asset. His cover is being a professor of economics at a major southern university in the USA. Back in 1991, in the early part of the year (February), I went to a college basketball game with him. This was about 21 months before the presidential election in 1992. At the time, George Bush Sr. had the highest approval rating of any president since FDR. So I told my dad, while we were watching the ball go up and down the court, that it looked like Bush was a shoo-in for reelection. My dad never looked at me, he just said, “Bush is out.” (Again, this was 21 months before the election.) Being naive as hell back then, I proceeded to rail about how he couldn’t possibly know that, because we hadn’t voted yet, blah-blah, etc. He just grunted and listened to me rant and rave.
          So finally, after I was done with my screed, he said he had met with a guy from the Defense Department earlier that day, and the Army contractors had lost billions of dollars in weapons manufacturing contracts, because Bush Sr. had called the first Gulf War off, shortly after the Army hit the ground to show off their weaponry. He then told me that a guy named Bill Clinton would be the next president. Outside of Arkansas, nobody had heard of Clinton up to that point in time.
          That’s just one experience of many that I have had, which make me know (rather than in your case, “I think…”) that this is all predetermined beforehand. Nobody “gate-crashes”. The NWO writes the script for this stuff. And my father is NWO, as are most of the males in my family dating way, way back. But if you want to hold on to the belief that it’s all on the level, and there are gate-crashers, who am I to deprive you of that fantasy. I’ll just go on making money off people’s ignorance, like I always do. (But seriously…I hope some of you guys swallow this red pill eventually and wake up. If you don’t, you’ll get blindsided for the rest of your lives, due to believing in fairy tales.)

        3. Back then you maybe correct, but there was no celebrity culture, no twitter, facebook etc and the media was 100% in the bag and widespread access made it omnipotent…. unlike back in the 60s when Kennedy managed to shoe horn his way in… the 90s were a very specific moment in history…. media and communications were very expensive and totally controlled but also widely available at high quality….. the Kennedys show that clearly gatecrashing does happen, because clearly they had to wack him and his brother…. the 60s was a time when TV was very basic, and grassroots movements could still sprout up at a community level beyond the reach of the MSM.
          Look at the end of the day, not even the Catholic Church with GOD on it’s side could keep power over human factions for very long… nothing in the human sphere is that controlled and that preplanned. it’s just not possible….. history shows that even the most omnipotent dictators like Mao and Stalin eventually had their regimes die out.

    2. I am keeping my eyes wide open, but a comment I made below talks about why I am positive Trump is the real deal. We have to remember their are two Jews. Real Jews who adhere to God’s word, and those you go against God. I have a feeling the Jews who are backing Trump are the former. It still worries me, but you if you are Jew living in Israel today, your life and country was a LOT safer with Gadaffi, Mubarak, Saddam and Assad in power. Israel may be in for the very fight of its life because there are “Jews” out there who have no problem with Israel being wiped from the earth if it serves “the greater plan” of global domination.

      1. I don’t think smart money men want global domination… it’s so much easier to make money in chaos and war. Why would they want a global currency and global government that would actually be great for the people and terrible for the bankers… probably the biggest hoax is that the power brokers want NWO. They DO NOT. The banks make a fortune from currency exchange, wars, disputes, problems, schisms. They love it. You’re told NWO order is coming and there’s this huge plot, but in reality the plot is to constantly disrupt everything and keep it chaotic.

        1. The NWO is the constant effort towards centralization of power at the top. At the bottom it’s “wars, disputes, problems, schisms”.
          The pyramid.

        2. you may be right BUT in this current disruption, it is the Conservatives and masculine men that will be in the driver’s seat and the liberals/feminists that are getting shown the door. fine by me.

  10. The media, and women folk of their ilk, have rightly portrayed us as monsters. We are the bad guys. We are the criminal-like men, who enjoy society in the manner which pleases us, and we snicker when women want us to be nice……
    With our feet propped up on the table, waiting for the little woman to bring us some dinner while we consider taking them for dessert.

    1. I’m optimistic he has bit of Ron Paul somewhere in him.

      1. Rand had a great opportunity and he blew it big time.
        He had one great moment, when he RIGHTLY questioned the constitutionality of the 64 and 68 (un) civil rights acts. But then, he blew it. He backtracked and bowed down to the leftists. Those acts being their golden calf.

    2. Fascinating to me because all those counties cobbled together might, MIGHT, equal the size of California. Somehow, some people think about 10% of the continental US should dominate the rest.

      1. Not sure about this, but I have a feeling Jerry Brown was not so vigilant about making sure only AMERICAN CITIZENS were allowed to vote. Take away the 3 million vote swing in CA., many of which may have been illegals, and Trump romps in the popular vote as well. I mostly hate federal laws, but one would support would be a federal voter ID law.

        1. You may be right. I read the fraudulent voter tally was around 3 mil, it would be even more scandalous if most of it was limited to one state.

    3. Hmmm. It looks like there is a correlation between the crime rate and the 2016 electoral map. It must be a social construct. There’s just no way it’s a reflection of reality. Right?

    4. If Trump gets assassinated it will create a martyr for this movement and we’ll go ballistic…… they can’t do it….. Kennedy was a long time ago when the media was 100% in the bag.

  11. A great manifesto, Roosh. GamerGate, which was happening at the very time you published your SJW article, was the tipping point to me, the first crack. Recall I said at the time that it was this generation’s Marathon, the moment when the SJW’s and their globalist overlords were proven to not be invincible.
    When that myth shatters, it never comes back. Look what’s happened since.

    1. 100% Gamergate. Feminists/SJW’s went after gamers… GAMERS! Totally insane. Everything culturally that Roosh talks about, especially with young men, began to change with Gamergate because EVERY guy has fired up a Playstation or Nintendo and still does once in a awhile. You literally went over guys who play at being war heros and God’s Of War. What else other than complete destruction did feminists think was in their future once they turned their sights on male gamers?

  12. QUOTE ROOSH: “I underestimated our own power, and those of our allies in the alternative internet space.”
    The underestimation in truth was the sheer raw power of Man, capital M. Full blown, heterosexual, raw masculinity.
    Trump’s win for me was going to be a landslide, or it would be stolen. All I could do the entire election was marvel, absolutely marvel, at the reaction America and the world had to a Man, capital M, standing up and opening his mouth. Trump’s win need not go any deeper than this. It is that simple. But if you want to, Steven Bannon described the Trump win the best.
    Quote: “He [Bannon] absolutely — mockingly — rejects the idea that this is a racial line. “I’m not a white nationalist, I’m a nationalist. I’m an economic nationalist,” he tells me. “The globalists gutted the American working class and created a middle class in Asia. The issue now is about Americans looking to not get f—ed over. If we deliver” — by “we” he means the Trump White House — “we’ll get 60 percent of the white vote, and 40 percent of the black and Hispanic vote and we’ll govern for 50 years. That’s what the Democrats missed. They were talking to these people with companies with a $9 billion market cap employing nine people. It’s not reality. They lost sight of what the world is about.” ~ Hollywood Reporter – Ringside With Steve Bannon at Trump Tower as the President-Elect’s Strategist Plots “An Entirely New Political Movement” (Exclusive)
    Trump was nothing more than pure truth being spoken in an environment of out right lies and blindness to reality… when… America and the world had access to alternative “fake” news sources. Only an ideologue – a liberal/feminist/sjw – could not see what was happening or coming on Nov 8th. To live in their (feminist/liberal) world today requires one to completely remove one’ eyes and lobotomize oneself. So their reaction to a Trump win is predictable – a bitch slap to the face of cold, hard, masculine reality.
    The silent majority… the heterosexual majority (men AND women)… are dropping the gloves and saying enough is enough. While I am watching Trump closely for follow through, the little bit of research I have done to date is showing me he is the real deal.
    The swamp of lobbyists are in complete panic because they have NO connections in their Black Berries to the Trump transition team to just know, forget influence, appointments. Thus, their $$$ days are over.
    His chief strategist is none other than Breitbart’s Steve Bannon (quoted above) who has vowed to start an entire new political movement with Trump. And it will be global. Le Pen in France is now polling to WIN in 2017, not just be competitive. Brexit, now Trump, has made the impossible possible. A complete rout and kicking out of the corrupt elite class of psychopaths is on the horizon, and it will be swift.
    General Michael Flynn is now going to be Trump’s National Security advisor and his biggest smear attempt by the media is that he wants to share intel with other countries (cough Russia) to help fight ISIS and terrorism.
    Mike Pompeo is now director of the CIA.
    “Mr. Pompeo, who has an impressive academic, military and business record, is known as one of the more fanatical purveyors of conspiracy theories about the 2011 terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya, and Hillary Clinton’s alleged responsibility. ” ~ Washington Post – Trump has made some dangerous appointments
    And we have Jeff Sessions for Attorney General.
    “The fundamental thing is you cannot be secretary of state of the United States of America and use that position to extort or seek contributions to your private foundation,” Sessions said on CNN. “That is a fundamental violation of law and that does appear to have happened.” ~ Washington Post – Jeff Sessions as attorney general could mean trouble for Hillary Clinton and her family’s foundation
    And if you believe Zerohedge, anything published by WaPo IS the official elite cabal communicating with its world domination and destroy America minions.
    And yes… this is HOW FAST it can happen when you put a Man, capital M, in charge. No surprise to me at all.

    1. You over estimate what you can achieve in a year and underestimate what can be done in 3 years. I think it’s the real deal too…. it’s been hard to decide, having been so plugged into watching the manipulations of the matrix. The question is what they do with the power… time will tell…. Hillary and Bill should go to jail… even if it’s fake then they should still go to jail to be put up as scape goats. If nothing happens to Hillary, then we know it’s all closed doors, back slapping and cock sucking as usual.

      1. Didn’t you hear what Trump said about Clinton in his acceptance speech?
        I can bet you good money that she won’t go to jail – fake or otherwise.

        1. It wouldn’t be wise with riots going on to carry on the pre election rhetoric. that doesn’t mean that Sessions won’t take a cold hard look at the Clinton slush fund…..

  13. Sometimes it’s the little things that matter to me.
    I don’t remember which debate it was. Ben Carson made a mistake and came out on the stage before his name was called. He stopped before getting to the podium. He was clearly very embarrassed and stood there alone.
    Little Marco’s name was called. As he walked by Carson he laughed at him. I thought ” Fuck you Marco.”
    Ted Cruz walks out. He does one of those smiling sneers of his at Carson. I thought ” You have just proved my instincts about you are correct.”
    So what did Trump do? He did exactly what a man who was raised in the 50’s and 60’s would do. He shows good manners. He comes out early and stands with Carson. They stand and chat like everything is normal, His actions took the negative attention away from Carson.
    My wife did not like Trump. She liked Carson. When she saw what Trump did she said ” There’s a lot more to that man than what the media have been reporting.” She became an ardent Trump supporter that very moment.

    1. Carson’s a good man, and I hope he remains an active part of Trump’s presidency, but he’s not a leader, or at the very least the person America needs now. We needed someone like Trump, and I’m glad Carson realized that.

    2. Trump publicly said he has a lot of respect for Carson. It’s clear that he doesn’t have respect much for Rubio or Cruz.

  14. Mine wasn’t so much a path, it was more of a line that was crossed with this:
    I might have tolerated the presence of illegals in the country, and the status quo probably would have gone on indefinitely. But they got bold and arrogant and drew unnecessary attention to themselves.
    Suddenly you want me to pay for your higher education and medical care? No thanks, I think I’ll take a look at the guy promising to throw your butt out and build a wall, instead.

  15. I supported him for the following reasons in order of importance:
    1) Build the wall and start to deport the illegals.
    2) Banning Muslims
    3) Lower taxes
    4) Anti-PC attitude
    I only hope he can follow through on 1-3. Even if he deports just the criminals at first, it would still be a good start.

    1. …all illegals are criminals, even if it is (inexplicably) only a misdemeanor.
      With the way we treat illegals today, I’m half-surprised that TPTB haven’t felt obligated to give reparations to the families of the invading Japs whom we kicked out of Alaska during WW2.

      1. “..all illegals are criminals, even if it is (inexplicably) only a misdemeanor.”
        100% agree.
        But we have to start somewhere.
        Get the felons out first, and then concentrate on the rest.

    2. Deporting criminals seems feasible. Building the wall, tbh, is simply an impractical solution. There are other ways to go about illegal immigration that aren’t as logistically difficult and which will probably yield better results. An actual ban on muslims will never happen nor would it really be effective. We have learned from 9-11 and other terror incidents that the guys coming into this country to commit terrorism don’t show up wearing death to America buttons on their big pajamas. Terrorists will just say they are Christian or jewish or atheists. And even if we were able to keep all muslims out, radicalizing native born us citizens, both arabs and even white people, is about as difficult as tying shoes. Again, making decisions on a federal level to restrict immigration on the basis of religion is not only an incredibly slipper slope leading to places we really don’t want to go, not only is it almost impossible to enforce but in the end we would be paying a whole lot for something that really wouldn’t be that effective.
      Some lower taxes I think should be expected with corresponding reduction on spending (hopefully). Then again, ya never know. I am glad that Hilary won’t be around to create the federal success tax or punishment for success where there will be extra taxes on people who make 250k or more.
      THe anti pc attitude is already happening but I am worried about it a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I am incredibly anti PC. That said, PC rules have been in effect for quite a bit of time. A group with new freedom (think college kids who move away and live on their own for the first time) often fuck things up. The ability to have an anti-pc attitude needs to be treated like power and dispensed in a way that doesn’t create a backlash. If people just go full tilt boogie at being shitlords it will create the kind of counter reaction that has historically lead to a doubling down of the problem in the first place.

      1. Soon there will be 24/7 full drone coverage of America thanks to DARPA and alphabet agencies…great for national security but not so much for personal privacy.
        Fences are useful to slow incursions though and it would make more sense to use massive hempen hesco barriers (cheap and stackable) with sensors and the drone network to the benefit of border control especially.

  16. After over a year of commenting, I get banned? And you do not even have the decency to tell me why? Fuck you, Roosh, or whomever banned me. You’re a cunt.

    1. That’s really surprising.
      You seem like a good guy. You even gave me some advice a couple of weeks ago. That really sucks.

      1. Thanks.
        Maybe it was a mistake. If it wasn’t, I’m done here though. I’m not the kind of guy who doesn’t know when he’s not welcome.

        1. don’t let all this love go to your head. You still aren’t a good guy 🙂

    2. That’s a regular practice around here, they ban their regular commentators without a a proper reason. Talking about acting like the enemy we hate.

      1. I have seen it happen once or twice, I think, but if it was more regular I simply didn’t notice.

        1. I got banned for a bit for pointing out certain facts about sensitive people. I emailed roosh. He seemed decent enough a fellow and wound up lifting ban. I suggest you do same.

      1. That is why I wrote this comment, to give a chance to the possibility it was an error. I did not receive any info from anyone about being banned, I just was. If it was an error, I am ready to apologize for my rudeness.

  17. I hope Trump isn’t being affected by the never-ending shitwaves of hate coming from the left the last week (or year?).
    I hope he understands that the people that supported him weren’t just choosing between “the lesser of two evils”, but that there are people the world over that truly love him for having the guts to stand up to the whole fucking system.

    1. Trump really is a master of holding frame. I recall during the entire process from when he first announced his candidacy right up to the final few days he never wavered no matter what they threw at him even if it was on live television.

  18. The emergence of mass communication tech in the 20th century was what inspired the elites.
    At the time such technology was too expensive for all but the elites to own and control.
    And so they did just that. And they used it for their purposes.
    Now we’re entering an age when such technology is in the hands of everyone.
    The elites simply no longer control the message.
    So I guess, in hindsight, should we really have been surprised at this outcome?

    1. yes, the internet and the smart phone is a bit like gunpowder was to the castle…… kaboom…. game over….

    2. i agree. lot of debby downers around saying that there is still no hope, even with the Trump victory, saying we are all getting played by the NWO. but the truth will win in the long run, i believe that. a lot of men (and women) are waking up, and they are pissed. liberals haven’t spent much time in the gym or the library, just ranting on FB. SAD! they lost.

  19. “Daddy, where were you during the great Trumpening?”
    “I was on the Atlantic, reminding everyone that all whites are racist.”
    “Why, daddy?”
    “Because we are. Because we all are.”

    1. If I were there, and being such a cynical asshole, I would have ‘consoled’ the decent looking albeit misguided girlies there and gave them something to smile about that Election night notwithstanding how their Satan lost and the great Trump triumphed. A schlonging could have pepped them up :p

      1. that’s a lot of words to use to say you would have grabbed them by the pussy

  20. There should be an article about Pizzagate on ROK. It’s of much higher importance compared to just another Trump-admiring-cuck-article.

    1. Yes that Pizzagate stuff is interesting. Somebody wrote an article not long ago and mentioned some of the connections there. I’m looking forward to a follow-up; hope somebody writes one.

      1. I was reading about that yesterday. I was fairly sceptical when an allegation of a paedo ring came up in relation to Hillary’s campaign chief a matter of days before the election, but there is a definite connection between podesta and abramovic (the occult link) as well as this pizza ping pong establishment. Some of it is a bit tentative – is the ping motif really the same as the child-lover symbol? – but the sheer number of allusions to paedo-themed stuff seems difficult to explain –
        Vigilant citizen is pretty much a conspiracy site, but the article linked to below is fairly well evidenced. Not proof, but at the very least these guys have a paedo themed sense of humour and I suspect it is more than that

        1. Abramovic was just on a Vice show that is free to watch on youtube.
          She looks like a freaky-deaky-witchy woman with some serious issues in the head.
          Speaking of Vice check out the articles they do a lot of shaming of men and manosphere while promoting sluts, feminism, and all kinds of shamefully stupid shit like their Broadly column of shite writings that is awful lame by anyone’s standards.
          The most telling thing is that they permanently disable the comments for the feministic drivel posted on Broadly.

        2. I’ve only read Vice a couple of times, and generally avoid it. I also avoid any media organ that prevents free commenting – for example the telegraph which has disallowed any comments whatsoever, presumably because the commenters were routinely rubbishing their articles and the editorial shift towards leftist globalist propaganda instead. People aren’t supposed to be noticing the subtle shifts to the left, but of course they do. Same is true of the times which is now full of feminism, lgbtq stuff and the like. People need to vote with their feet: no comments, no sale

  21. The election of Trump as President was the final straw that liberated my soul as a man. Since then I started going out and started gaming girls. And I am not even an American…

  22. Good article. Just be wary about talking about “real war” unless you’ve actually been in one. The internet is full of idiots from across the political spectrum who love to comment on what a “real war” looks like. Very few have any practical experience to base those assertions upon.

    1. I see lots of mental masturbation in ROK. Americans live in a parallel dimension when it comes to war and misery.

  23. I’m happy with Trump’s election, but it will take much more than voting that guy to revert 100 years of feminism. It will take men’s asses to move and change stuff, get out of the keyboard and make sacrifices. If we really want patriarchy back, we’ll have to give up all the benefits of feminism (sluts, easy pussy, etc.) and I don’t see most of men taking masculine responsibilities back to their lives.

    1. To quibble, are sluts & easy women really benefits of feminism? Seems to me that “ladies of lubricity” and brothels were around before feminism.

      1. Yes, they are. Brothels are a complete different story than sluts and promiscuity, especially in the US, in which women forbid men from their use. The first thing that the suffragettes did… was to forbid prostitution! It is a very interesting story, I may write an article once I have time.
        PS: “benefits” only for those who can access it, of course. For the rest of beta males is total kaputt.

        1. Yes, it correct….. loose women have always been around but they made their choice and took their chances and good wives were also available on the other side of the fence… there was a moral boundary and realistic expectation on both sides of it…. now everyone wants to have the cake and eat it too and it proves to be a horrid tasteless compromise.

  24. When Obama was elected in 2008, I feared there would never be another republican president in my lifetime. I had friends (who are no longer my friends) who took to social media who were so proud and happy to have voted in the first black President ever. I responded to that by saying you shouldn’t be proud if that is the only reason you’re voting for a candidate.
    Fast forward 8 years later to see that not much had really changed for those people. Now they are confident that they will make “history” again and vote in the first woman President of the United States of America. Clinton’s campaign was so smug and living in Wisconsin and going to a super liberal institution such as the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, the smugness was on full display. Tons of anti trump stuff and rhetoric from students and even professors.
    This time Republicans had a real winner to vote for. It took me a long time to get on board with Trump and actually vote for him (honestly, til I was in the booth), but I voted for him. The stakes were really high this time and as someone who studies Philosophy, it was super important for me to exhaust every piece of information I had before I decided to cast a vote.
    The deciding factor for me was how smug Hillary Clinton and basically all liberals were in regards to not only this election, but their standing in the world. They have taken so much for granted and on November 8th, they got their ASSES handed to them. It was poetic justice and I could not get enough of the election night coverage. My only regret was that I chose to watch it on Fox News instead of MSNBC.
    We have a lot of work to do and maybe Trump isnt the complete answer to all of our problems. But he’s certainly a step in the right direction and a significantly better option for us real men than if Hillary won.

    1. I would’ve voted for anyone to keep Hillary Clinton out of the Oval Office. But then, I ALWAYS vote against the Democratic candidate. Watch Dinesh D’souza’s Hillary’s America if you want to know why that is…their platform, almost in total, is in complete opposition to all I believe in. Trump’s election makes me feel like I live in America again.

      1. I typically do vote against democrats, or did, but then I realized there is an error in that line of thinking. I voted for McCain in 2008 because he was republican, not because he was a good candidate. Same in 2012 I voted for Romney who was a better candidate than McCain, but not a good candidate by any means.
        This time around I came to the realization that Trump was actually a candidate that I could vote for and back as someone I believed was good enough to beat the democrats. The main reason for that is because when all of the “controversies” came out about what Trump “said”, Donald owned and even apologized for pussygrabbing comment and other things he’s said. Or in other instances where he didnt apologize and reinforced what he had previously said. Hillary Clinton did the exact opposite. She refused to own the email scandal, refused to apologize for the fact that she kept classified information on a private server that got hacked and easily hacked.
        Basically it came down to accountability and Trump proved he could be held accountable for issues and work them out instead of hiding from them or acting like they are trivial and using the woman card to get out of having to answer to problematic situations.

    2. Good comment. Trump is the result of a movement. That collective movement of people who found common ground to support Trump ultimately hold the solutions to the problems the West faces. He is definitely a step in the right direction if he follows through with the correct actions. Think of the all the untapped potential people out there have who have been stifled by the left. Potential and creativity to change the world for the better who now have some breathing room, boosted morale, and the damaging ideology that was at odds with them circling the drain. My hope is that people keep focus on the cause over the man. Faith in fallible man is always a slippery slope.

  25. When you vote, you do so for a candidate, not against a candidate. I have no doubt that if Bernie Sanders was the Democratic nominee, Trump wouldn’t be President-Elect. Hillary offered no changes, because saying things are not the way they should be would be saying that eight years of President Obama was not what the country needed.
    The Tea Party died when Boehner and Cantor left, but remember this, when one party dies, the other does not take over, something simply grows in its place. Whether this was the Alt Right, the New Right, or something else, it has its chance to make an influence on the West. Let’s hope that it sticks this time.

    1. I can only think of four Presidential candidates that I’ve ever voted for & I’ve voted in every election since 1980. I’m usually voting AGAINST the Democratic Party.

      1. But doesn’t if feel so much better to vote FOR somebody, rather than against the possibility for more corruption and ill will towards the hard working American just trying to make a living? Wouldn’t you say the democrats felt so during this election? To be enthusiastic towards their nominee would be saying they loved a person who for all intents committed treason and silenced rape victims?
        I haven’t been voting as long as you, only since 2000, but for once I feel there is a candidate who can bring prosperity and hope for the honest American who just wants a better life for their wife and kids. I have confidence, but he had better hope that he delivers on his promises.

        1. Does it ever feel good. I’ve waited my whole adult life to vote for someone who’d done something in life not just another inbred from the Ivy League puppy mill who’d become a career politician. Want to know the presidential candidates I’ve voted for? Ronald Reagan, Ross Perot, Pat Buchanan, & now the magnificent Donald Trump. I’ve voted in every election but the rest of them I was voting against the Democratic Party candidate.

        2. Pat Buchanan!
          I voted for him in the ’96 Primary and every other time he ran. The only candidate that would have been better than Trump (as great as he is) would have been Mr. B!

        3. I backed him every time he ran as well. America would’ve taken a much wiser path had he won. I read a lot of his articles & books so I was really confident in & familiar with his viewpoints. I also believed him to be honest & patriotic. I hope President Trump will consult him.

    2. “I have no doubt that if Bernie Sanders was the Democratic nominee, Trump wouldn’t be President-Elect.”
      Do you think America would want a crusty old lefty as Potus?
      And what did he offer that you liked?
      “Free” college tuition and letting people off the hook for their loans? Bernie was worse than witchie-poo and he would have been trounced by Trump.

      1. Hillary promoted the same stuff, free college tuition and all (I really wish she would just call it taxpayer funded, being that is what it really is).
        He offered nothing that I liked, but he would have motivated the left like we have never seen before. The only reason Hillary couldn’t was because of the corruption she left in her wake. It’s very hard for even the Left to get behind her when she practically committed treason and her supporters had to go high and low to defend her actions. All she ever had was the possibility of being the first female president.
        I’m not a leftist, in case you didn’t catch that. But the reason we won this was because the liberal media had to go so far to defend or hide her actions, whereas Bernie only had his own motivations to run on and didn’t have to defend any criminal actions such as leaking confidential info to potential threats or silencing the victims of real sexual assault.
        So many Americans want free shit, but the malfeasance of her campaign resulted in a less than enthused crowd on election day.

        1. I agree. Bernie is a weak man and would have been a terrible president, but there is no doubt in my mind that he would have beaten Trump in the general.
          Free shit buys votes. It’s as simple as that.

    3. “Bernie” is a jizz-guzzling old “man” with more skeletons in his closet than a big-city paupers’ graveyard.
      The old cock-goblin had to be sucked in (so easily) by the DNC and kept from running 3rd party (600K beachhouse?), to keep Clitler’s anus from feeling the “bern” after the wrinkled red-fag wouldv’e helped her lose by 30 million millenial votes.

      1. Not forgetting also the old fart’s wife who committed federal; bank fraud to the tune of some $1.2 million; I would bet dollars for donuts that there was a pay-off there to keep it going further.

        1. Right on brother.
          Lots of awake people on ROK.
          The assclowns who speak of Trump as if he’s evil incarnate – let’s say he is, still, how da phuque can he be as bad as or worse than all of these dirtbags (all the way back to stinkin lyin Lincoln)?

        2. Indeed-the Left are terrified of Trump because he is the first President perhaps in history not beholden to any special interests and without political baggage; he cannot be bought off because he is already fabulously wealthy. I have high hopes and with that the hope of the last 8 years of insanity are consigned to the toilet of ignominy forever.

  26. ok that’s great. i’m happy that Trump won just like anyone else. now is there a path to start respecting the readers of this site and disable the Dufus Vomit popup?

  27. They’ve been around for months now but if you haven’t already check out the You Can’t Stump the Trump video series on YouTube. It never gets old.

  28. I call a prediction – I sense an impeachment in the offing. Despite MSM trying to accept Trump’s win, they can’t swallow the bitter pill of defeat and their so-called reporting is peppered with sarcastic nastiness and put-downs. Trump’s battle is just beginning.

      1. JHue. They are cooking something up. Just listen to MSM (if you can stomach it). The SJW’s are not satisfied to just go away. Their immature minds won’t allow to realize they did not win and therefore there will be a pissy pants attempt to criminalize Trump. My prediction stands, your opinion Sir may differ.

  29. Great column, Roosh. I first took Trump very serious fairly early in the campaign. I had always seen Trump as a vaguely disgusting character, a celebrity rich guy (?) who had that rancid show, The Apprentice. But in a sense I was hating the player, not the game. He was a businessman and he liked to win, but there was a parallel thread in Trump’s life, a businessman’s genuine frustration with the course his country was on. When Trump made his comment to “build a wall” I realized we were dealing with something very noteworthy.
    I went to a private, libertarian gathering many years ago and saw the late conservative columnist Robert Novak give what was essentially an off-the-record speech, wherein he said that in his entire life of covering GOP inside baseball, the Republican nominee was always chosen “in paneled rooms in Washington D.C. over cigars and good scotch” BEFORE the primary even started, except in one case–McCain. And he attributed this to McCain’s then maverick stance on immigration reform, which aroused the will of the people to such an extent that the establishment could not dictate to them. At least that is how I remember Novak’s speech going. Anyway, when Trump said “build a wall” I realized we were in for a wild ride, and that I was Team Trump. And, frankly, the vast majority of what he said in addition to that one line was music to my ears. I’ll admit to being somewhat of an agnostic on trade. I support free trade in theory, but trade agreements are not synonymous with free trade. And I also had to admit to myself that “the economy” was not the alpha and omega for me, and that, perhaps, at heart, I was something of a nationalist.
    A very pleasing development during Trump’s run was the intersection/cross pollination of the sites I personally chose to read every day–ROK, Takismag, Prison Planet, Street Carnage, etc. I was actually quite pleased to see that my individual tastes and obsessions were part of a trend–perhaps even a zeitgeist movement. I was inspired to write what must have been hundreds of thousands of words in comments sections all over the net, so, with all due respect, I insist that my rank be raised to Private First Class, or even the next step up in our Army: SPECIALIST.

  30. I had completely forgotten, but the SPLC was how I found ROK. Thanks SPLC! I knew they were good for something other than florid five-syllable leftoid hysterics.

  31. I was with Cruz, Cruz fucked it up in March when he said Trump was to blame for protests against his followers in Chicago. I went to Trump, read his polices more closely, noticed the great disparity of news spin to actual reality, knew he must of been doing something right

  32. Trump stated what he must do, what must be done and the reasons why it must be done whereas Hillary/Obama and the other assorted noids whined and negged as the billionaires did as they pleased. It’s about stating your intentions and stating why a course must be pursued and sticking with it. Take Ford for example. Ford began scrambling for a favorable standing with the coming TRUMPNATION because they realize it’s already here. Trump is already coming in like a wind. He has a way of initiating a course, tackling a project without rendering to naysayers. Where bought politicians would bow and fold to their banksters and billionaires, Trump disregards the elite controllers with the insensitivity of a truly focused man, his agenda coming first. Trump dismisses the elite controllers simply because he can with the enormous weight and force of the people behind him. If Ford was ever a battle, it was like the Grenada conflict, over before it began. Bigger coteries of swamp sludge are undoubtedly lining up to shit test the iron of the TRUMPNATION and the steam powered sledgeforces of we the people. And we’re getting more warmed up by the day. Anti male, anti patriarchal, anti family laws too iwill require that they be taken down with sledgehammers. The same whining and tears will be nothing new but it is a necessity and the reasons have been clearly stated. It’s about stating your intentions and explaining the why’s that neutralize your obstacles as you declare rightful eminant domain and plow a straight path through them.

  33. Even though I only skimmed the article I noticed something worthy of bringing to your attention:
    ,,If you want to be a great leader, you must learn to follow the Tao. Stop trying to control. Let go of fixed plans and concepts, and the world will govern itself. The more prohibitions you have, the less virtuous people will be. The more weapons you have, the less secure people will be. The more subsidies you have, the less self-reliant people will be. Therefore the Master says: I let go of the law, and people become honest. I let go of economics, and people become prosperous. I let go of religion, and people become serene. I let go of all desire for the common good, and the good becomes common as grass.” – Laozi.
    I am in no position to judge a great mind, but I am in position to judge from my tribe’s perspective and disagree with Laozi.
    From my perspective, If I were to conquer a nation by infiltrating it’s government and offices, for certain I would want those people to follow the above advice ad literam.
    But that is not case if you want vigilant and aware citizens.
    The lack of the two above virtues, has led the European people to be invaded by many nations who will eventually destroy their very way of life and this is already happening. There is no reason to say now is the time that we need to be vigilant because we already are being attacked and conquered. We already have 10 knives inside our backs.
    Awareness is long overdue.
    The only way you can impose and defend your culture is not by ,,democratic debate” but by violence.
    If you even try to defend your culture, you will be labeled a racist and xenofobe and you will face violence under different forms ( loss of job, threats, legal charges ).
    Violence is being applied unto us right now to become compliant towards our future murderers yet we are talked down about being tolerant and – ,,the world will govern itself”.
    Sure it will govern itself, exactly the way the arabs infiltrated the Oval Office durring Obama’s administrations and worked a pro-muslim politicy, while people were paying attention somewhere else. It’s the exact same thing happening in Europe now.
    We lay with knives in our backs, talking about being tolerant.
    This kind of behaviour of intellectual and ethnic blindness will eventually lead to the death of major ethnic european populations.
    This Death is already taking place by:
    – convincing families to break-up;
    – convincing females to become whores;
    – convincing populations to be tolerant towards sexual deviants;
    – convincing females to stop reproducing and working on their careers instead;
    – convincing the males they have no virtues;
    – convincing females to judge the males instead of helping them become mature;
    Odds are stacked against us, folks.
    I believe, we are cloak-wise, islamicaly, intellectualy, economically, financially being fucked.

  34. I’m actually happy to wake up now in a western world. It was always felt like waking up to a nightmare before Nov 8th 2016!

  35. Well that’s it, if something can’t go on forever it will stop, and as we always said, we had and continue to have the truth on our side. Just like gender is real, not a construct, race is real, not a construct. Really, we don’t want nazism or apartheid but if all positive discrimination which tried to compensate for the natural variation of abilities between the (2) genders and races were snuffed out it would go along way to restoring the natural order of things. No more excessive favours for minorities. Merkel is running for election again, that was announced yesterday, and it shows that these liberals are like a monster which will keep fighting back until they are totally outnumbered, we must truly not forget our duty to continue to #draintheswamp

  36. I am a strong Social Conservative and Economic Libertarian who strongly believes in limited government and what little power it should have should be used to establish Order and Stability and promote Virtue. Leave us to say Democrats are totally opposite to that and so are many RINOs so I held my nose and voted for McCain and Romney because they were the lesser evil while Trump who is completely outside the box is far better than what democrats had to offer. Another reason I voted for him is because of the people around him, I don’t trust Scott or Ghouliani but Sessions and the others are good people. Nobody good was in the wings of the Clintons. Trump has some flaws but

  37. Here-here! The future is indeed bright! I’m naturally averse to seeking things outside of myself to lift my spirits, but I can’t help but get excited about the Trumpening and the changes it will bring about.

  38. “Stop trying to control. Let go of fixed plans and concepts, and the world will govern itself” – Laozi
    One of the best quotes I heard in a long time. SO many busy bodies out there trying to shape people into their vision. I reckon I do that with my kids, but when they become adults, let them be adults.

  39. Roosh I still dont think you properly apreciate being a minority helps and helped you. Just as Milo is unassailable because he is gay. You need to use the race card-its their achilles heal. “Rape blogger? Do you think all Muslims are rapists?” Maybe you do need to become the Muslim rapist blogger. Step 1 find a park…step 2 buy a ski mask.. step 3 pray to Allah for a sexy infidel…

    1. He has said before his writings on a patriarchal family are based on his Muslim culture. But yeah, any minority streak I possessed I would be milking to whatever advantage I could. I happen to be, tall, white, male, Christian, straight.

  40. Just change the name of your site to Faggot ass self-hating scumbag.

  41. While Trump’s victory was a turning point in the culture war, our fight is only beginning.The damage done by marxist elites is too great to right overnight; besides, as masculine as Trump is, he will be repeatedly forced by certain people – such as Hollywood elites (whom you’re not allowed to question or criticize) – to “soften up” on some positions.
    Trump will be surrounded by Washington elites – there aren’t enough Bannons to go around. They will keep trying to keep forcing their destructive agenda while he isn’t watching. Therefore, Trump administration should be treated with a healthy degree of vigilance. As Reagan said “Trust, but verify.”
    Trump must be watched and held accountable. The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.

  42. Looks like Roosh has already become Trump`s personal assistant.
    Go to 4:32 in this video:)

  43. Forget a war with a foreign country. When blacks, latinos, and maybe even muslims unite, whitey won’t even stand a chance against us in the civil war Trump and his band of shitkickers will start.
    The rest of the world will sit back and laugh. Enjoy the decline fuckers.

      1. While you’re cleaning your weapons your wives and daughters will become our concubines.

  44. So much of what men in the west took for granted with their identities a century ago was taken away gradually. Each right and liberty was lost little by little and the globalist strategy was to infiltrate every last institution and boobey trap our speech and discourse by infecting public educated minds with femstupidthink. Meaning they inject their femstupidthink into wide eyed children who then mature into the culturewiped shitlib spewing horns and sirens in the family, in the social cliques and clubs. Even many loners become radar eyed snitch patrols reporting to the sjw culture cops and their bitch judiciary officials in skirts.
    By delegating the snitching empowerment onto young kids, the elitists by proxy can do their policing of private speech and thought. They’ve BROKEN INTO OUR HOMES.
    The elitists did a big SNITCH FACE MAKEOVER upon the faces of our women and children and weaker minded of our men were moulded into the wayward mangina detractors to our culture. The elite engineered shitlib revolution was a big over-write of the very character of our culture. They knock young minds to the floor and then wipe them clean of critical thought. Then they offer the only redemption through snitching and ratting out traditional thinkers. They ‘rat-face’ scarred our kid’s faces. THAT’S ASSAULT goddammit!
    And now the grown rat faced snitch shits are so numerous in a shitlib community that it’s a gamble chatting up a random person with red pill talk. Take a look around you and evaluate the people in your vicinity and immediate community. How many tattletale shitsquealing snitches can you personally name? One snitch out of three is the average now for a western community. We’re becoming a snitch socitey in a gitmo nation on a prison planet.
    Numerous people have been implanted with ‘call 911’ reflex, programmed with instructs to keep an open line of ready accesss to be able to snitch to the SHITLIB goon squads at any moment and at the drop of a hat. I was walking with a chick, blonde, tongue pierced and we came upon a guy and his gf screaming at each other. The girl with me tries to call 911 on the two arguing. She exclaims “no man talks to a woman like that” and tried to rat pig on the guy so I had to bump her phone to the ground. The battery flew out and I told her “It ain’t our business and FYI no one rat snitches a dude out to the shitlib pigs over some domestic shit when I’m around, comprende?” The arguing couple was hugging within a few munites and they had a baby stroller nearby. God forbid if the pigs had been called, cuffed the guy and then the kiddie snatcher auxillary had been called out. Likely I saved some family by knocking the bitches phone out of her hand. That girl I was with had some bad breath to boot. Probably from the tongue piercing. Shit had pus coming out the hole.
    It’s been a few years since I’ve come across a person so ready to shitsnitch for the bitch establishment. Roosh is right in that the shitlib bitchface shitsnitchery peaked in 2014. Cultures can flip for the better or for the worse very quickly. The ratbitchshitwipecuntfacesnitchlibbery I forecast will take a deeep nosedive into oblivion very soon.
    Everybody TRUMPDANCE

  45. Yup. You white guys are soooo oppressed, 43 white male presidents, 1 AA, suddenly white males are oppressed.
    You wouldn’t have lasted a day if you had to live as black person in this country, stop blaming other people for your problems.

  46. The nail in the coffin will be voiding all same sex marriages and banning male pregnancy and female impregnation. And then suing the shit out of Harvard University and the Kochs and other rich people that pushed gay marriage and transgenderism on us.

  47. To who it may concern and hopefully someone will read and write an article about this. I hope someone does.
    Fresh from the Romanian front:
    The Romanian Family Coalition :
    ,,Did you know that…the very first ,,homosexual parade” ( today’s equivalent of ,,GAY PRIDE” ) took place in…Soviet Russia, in 1918 ? Yes, you read that correctly. In the city of Petrograd, on the 19th of December 1918, there was a lesbian march which celebrated one year of Lenin’s decree off ,,Abolition of Marriage”. Trotski noted in his memories, that Lenin gladly stated after hearing this news with ,,Keep it up, comrads!”
    One fragment from the Trotski-Lenin corespondence from 1911 :
    Trotski : ,,Without any doubt, sexual oppression is the main mean of human submission. So long as this oppression will exist, there can not be true freedom. Family, as an burgeois institution, has lived it’s course.”
    Lenin : ,,Not just family. All interdictions(restrictions) that oversee(concern) sexuality should be eliminated”.
    Here you have just one fragment of history and a possible answer to those that make the mistake of assimilating ,,same sex marriage” [ A ] with Modern Western Civilisation [ B ].”
    Please fucking read the above message until it hurts your skull.
    This is not my creation, I just translated this.
    Felt like you guys all around the world should understand that your enemy is taking shape.

  48. Beware of too generalized conclusions. Control as such is not a bad thing as long as it is aligned with deep understanding of human nature and people being governed. For example there are nations like Russia which are best governed by strong centralized authorities. Generally the more homogenous and cohere the group is the more efficient are governing representatives.

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