6 Reasons Why You Should Not Rape A Girl

If you were raised in a society of humans, you possess a basic moral code not to cause harm to others. This includes rape, whereby a man has sex with a woman who rather not have sex with him at that moment in time. But let’s say you’re a feral man who was raised by wolves. You enter society with the belief that it’s quite normal to force yourself upon a woman. To this man, I would like to share a few reasons why that’s a bad idea…

1. It hurts your penis


Sex requires a lot of lubrication. Some girls, due to sexual dysfunction, are unable to produce a bountiful amount of lubrication even during consensual sex. In the case of rape, there’s a large chance that the girl will not secrete the needed amount of lubrication since she doesn’t want to have sex with you. Unless you’re uncircumsized, dry sex is going to be painful and may even cause lesions.

Hypothetical reversal: If your victim digests a steady diet of 50 Shades Of Gray, she may very well have a rape fantasy. The lubrication she secretes could be higher than the previous beta male she consensually had sex with.

2. You dangerously expose yourself to STD’s


The modern woman is quite impulsive in her willingness to sleep with random men without using condoms. I’ve personally engaged in this behavior more times than I remember, and what continues to surprise me is how an educated girl with apparently good hygiene is so quick to take in my naked penis without asking for proof of its sterility. While most STD’s are quite manageable, why expose yourself to the risk? Since it’s just about impossible for rape to proceed on a conscious girl with condoms, it’s not a smart move from a health standpoint.

Hypothetical reversal: If you know she’s a virgin.

3. You can go to jail for a long time


If you’re caught raping a girl, you can be convicted in court and remain locked up for at least 10 years. During this time, you have no personal freedoms to work, go to the coffee shop, or take in a nice evening stroll. You also increase the chance that you will get raped yourself by other men who want to teach you a lesson for forcing yourself upon a woman who did not want you inside her. With ubiquitous surveillance and the invention of DNA testing, it’s a near certainty you will be caught.

Hypothetical reversal: Your life is so boring that going to prison would be a step up.

4. You may get her pregnant and have to pay child support


At the sexual climax of your rape, you will probably not have the forethought to pull out of your victim. Therefore you can cause a pregnancy whereby your victim chooses to carry your rape spawn to term. Congratulations, you are now legally obligated to support that child until it’s 18, even if you’re sent to prison. Are you ready for this responsibility? While most Western women are on the pill, there is no way to know this before you commence the rape.

Hypothetical reversal: You’ve always wanted to be a dad.

5. It’s less violent to seek out a prostitute


Having sex with a prostitute is a misdemeanor instead of a felony like in the case of rape. Many prostitutes are hard-up for money and will allow you to perform your rape fantasy on them for a modest bonus. You get all the sexual rewards without the rape risk. The fact that prostitution is a more available option for men is one reason why rape in America is at the lowest in 30 years (it has decreased by over 20% since 1992). You have to pretty stupid to rape these days instead of getting serviced by a hooker.

Hypothetical reversal: You want to experience the rush that comes from committing a felony.

6. It’s harder than just going to a club and finding a slut


If you think about what a real rape entails (and not the fake rape of a girl changing her mind the morning after because she feels guilt), it’s actually pretty hard to successfully execute one. You have to find a girl, physically overpower her, tear off her clothing, and somehow have pleasurable sex, all without being disturbed by eyewitnesses. It’s much easier to just go to a club, chat with ten homely girls, and invite them for some cocaine or alcohol at your place. Why rape when girls are giving it up so easily these days?

Hypothetical reversal: You are underage and can not go to a club.

If you’re reading this right now, it’s safe to assume you already have the morals that prevent you from becoming physically violent against a woman, but for the man who has been raised by lions, I hope this list helps him understand the self-harm of committing such a horrible act. As long as you don’t confuse violent rape with the legal act of sleeping with a promiscuous girl that’s as intoxicated as you, you should be okay.

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196 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why You Should Not Rape A Girl”

    1. If you want to be controversial you can mention that without rape none of us would exist.
      After all, someone in our family tree must have had some uncalled for cock if you go back far enough.

      1. Yes! Of course! Because, the women who “got raped” would’ve never, ever, ever, gotten laid if that hypothetical rape didn’t happen.
        Humanity would’ve died out because of “lack of rape”. I mean, not at first. But one by one, females would become unfuckable due to “lack of rape” and one day; there would be no more consensual fucking at all.
        You aint smart, you’re just the level of stupid in where you don’t realize that you’re stupid.

        1. “You aint smart, you’re just the level of stupid in where you don’t realize that you’re stupid.”
          If one of your ancestors was removed from your family tree, you wouldn’t exist. As it happens, the family tree would look entirely different from that point down. Hope you get your money back for that degree.

    1. There is so much truth in this quote from ‘The Life of Brian’;
      He was a Roman, Brian. He was a centurion in the Roman army.
      You mean you were raped?
      Well, at first, yes.
      Who was it ?
      Naughtius Maximus, his name was. Promised me the known world, he did.

  1. Roosh doesn’t know what the fuck to write anymore..
    ..resorts to trolling the 17 years old that swarm this website

  2. It’s official – Roosh now cares more about winding up feminists and causing controversy than he does about trying to provide quality articles containing information men can actually use. Or was that all he cared about in the first place?

    1. Controversy around the “5 reasons to date anorexics” is what brought me here in the first place. The more traffic, the more people will read all the other articles. It’s the only way to combat feminism.

    2. RoK has always been a mix of self improvement articles, social/cultural commentary, philosophy, and humor. I enjoy the variety of subjects discussed here.

  3. An excellent article.
    There really needs to be a change in the law. In some countries there is no specific law against rape but men are often prosecuted for kidnap, abduction or false imprisonment.
    This would weed out the silly rape claims and focus attention on the real bad guys.

    1. What about rapists who rape without kidnapping or abducting (aka the vast majority of rapists?

      1. Kidnapping in most countries can simply mean forcing a person to remain in a room or a vehicle against their will.

        1. So this would include putting rohypnol in someone’s drink or a similar scenario where there wasn’t force or violence because there didn’t need to be, the person was already unconscious?

        2. That is also a crime. The crime of drugging a person.
          Possession of drugs like Rohypnol should carry significant sentences.

        3. Possession? The drug is used in other countries and is like valium or xanax. I’ve taken it myself. For some reason it just wasn’t marketed in the US, I guess that you already had enough drugs of this type.

    2. When they say, “do not rape” what kind of ‘rape’ are they talking about? A woman’s ‘I was drunk last night and now I regret it’ rape? A woman’s ‘you didn’t call me today’ rape? A feminist’s ‘you looked at me in a way I don’t like’ rape? A woman’s ‘you asked me out when I think you’re a creep’ rape?
      It’s getting to the point that a guy is better off leaving women alone and Going His Own Way.

  4. Funny satire of the sanctimonious Upworthy bullshit where they try to convince men not to do things 99.99999 percent of them don’t do anyway. All we need now is one of those annoying headline likes “5 Reasons You Won’t Believe Rape is Horrible” and robots reposting it on FB.

    1. Laurie Penny has been noticed to ‘adjust’ her adventures where convenient to the point she’s trying to make at that particular time, even going so far as to edit old articles which featured the adventure previously, so that they don’t contradict what she’s saying now.

      1. More importantly if there really was a man behaving in this way then she should name him just to get him off the streets.
        So she is either a liar or someone who is prepared to let other women be ‘raped’ by this same ‘ordinary’ guy.

        1. Definitely liar. Anyone who updates their past stories so they don’t contradict whatever message they’re pushing today is hardly someone with a fondness for the truth.

    2. This Woman was full of shit! Highlights from her article:
      In the morning I got up, feeling sick and hurting inside, and took a long shower in the hotel’s fancy bathroom. The man who had fucked me without my consent was awake when I came out. He tried to push me down on the bed for oral, but I stood up quickly and put on my dress and shoes. I asked him if he had used a condom. He told me that he “wasn’t into latex”, and asked if I was on the Pill. THIS IS NOT RAPE! THIS IS A POST COITAL CONVERSATION. RAPISTS DON’T ASK IF YOU ARE ON THE PILL. RAPISTS DON’T TRY TO GIVE YOU ORAL SEX!!
      I don’t remember thinking “I have just been raped”. BECAUSE YOU WERE’NT! After all, this guy wasn’t behaving in the manner I had learnt to associate with rapists. Rapists are evil people. They’re not nice blokes whom everybody respects who simply happen to think it’s OK to stick your dick in a teenager who’s sleeping in the same bed as you, without a condom. YOU WERE 19…SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD IDEA TO MOST MEN! This guy seemed, if anything, confused as to why I was scrabbling for my things and bolting out the door. He even sent me an email a few days later, chiding me for being rude. RAPISTS DON’T SEND EMAILS TO CHIDE THERE VICTIMS FOR RUDENESS
      When I walked home, it didn’t occur to me that I had been raped. BECAUSE YOU WERE’NT RAPED! The next day, when I told a mutual friend what had happened, the girl who had introduced me to the man in question, I didn’t use that word. BECAUSE YOU WEREN’T RAPED! By that time, I was in some pain between my legs, a different sort of pain, and I was terrified that I had Aids. I had to wait two weeks for test results which showed that the man who raped me had given me a curable infection. SO YOU WERE PISSED AT HIM BECAUSE HE GAVE YOU AN STD! I told my friend that I felt dirty and ashamed of myself. LOL YOU SHOULD! She said she was sorry I felt that way. Everybody else in that circle seemed to agree that by going to that hotel room and taking off my dress I had asked for whatever happened next, and so I dropped the issue. DUH!!! YOU GOT WHAT YOU ASKED FOR! Did I go to the police? Did I hell. I thought it was my fault. SOUNDS ABOUT RIGHT!
      My experience was common enough, and it was also years ago. Looking back, being raped wasn’t the worst thing that ever happened to me, although the experience of speaking out and not being believed, the experience of feeling so ashamed and alone, stayed with me for a long time, and changed how I relate to other humans. But I got over it. I rarely think about it. For some people, though, experiencing rape is a life-changing trauma. YOU GOT DRUNK IN A HOTEL ROOM WITH A MAN YOU LIKED, GOT FUCKED, CAUGHT AN STD AND WAS PISSED.
      Yes, even when it’s not “legitimate” rape. IS THERE ANY OTHER KIND OF RAPE OTHER THAN LEGITIMATE?!?? Being raped by a man who you liked, trusted, even loved – 30 per cent of rape victims are attacked by a boyfriend or husband – HUSBANDS CAN’T RAPE THEIR WIVES! is an entirely different experience from being raped by a stranger in an alley, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less damaging. Particularly not if others imply you are a lying bitch. Sorry if that hurts to hear. YOU ARE A LYING BITCH!
      The idea that fucking a woman in her sleep, without a condom, or holding a woman down and shoving your cock inside her after a previous instance of consensual sex, is just “bad bedroom etiquette” HUSBANDS AND BOYFRIENDS ROLL OVER IN BED AND FUCK THEIR WIVES AND GIRLFRIENDS…..IF THE WIVES OR GIRLFRIENDS SAY NO, THEY STOP! IF THEY ARE HOLDING YOU DOWN AND YOU ARE NOT SAYING NO, YOU ARE NOT BEING RAPED! – thanks again, George – the idea that good guys don’t rape, GOOD GUYS DON’T RAPE! that idea has two effects. One: it fosters the fantasy that there’s only one kind of rape, and it happens in the proverbial alley with the perennial knife and certainly not to anyone you know. That’s what is most disturbing about the discussion going on right now. There are many young men, most of them extremely well-meaning, trying to figure out a way to negotiate boundaries without hurting themselves or others, and those men are being told that sometimes women say things are rape when they aren’t really. Two: it makes any man or woman who has ever been raped by a nice guy suspect, yet again, that it’s all their fault. It makes rape victims less likely to come forward and report. I didn’t report my rape. It took me months even to understand it as rape. BECAUSE IT WASN’T RAPE!!

      1. Yes, husbands can rape their wives. If the wife says she doesn’t want to have sex and the husband holds her down and forces her, that is rape. And yes, this has happened to people before. Don’t be naive.

        1. Biblically….they can’t. Until recently in rape culture, they couldn’t. its a ridiculous notion.

        2. I always want to ask guys who don’t believe in marital rape:
          So, when your SO waits until you fall asleep and ties you face-down to the bed and violates you anally with the biggest marital aid she can find, just because she’s been dying to try it but you indicated you weren’t really into it–rapey, or not rapey?
          And will there be a post-coital conversation involving divorce lawyers?

        3. No, there will be the husband killing his wife. A husband should not deny his wife sex and the wife cannot deny her husband sex save for that time of the month. Biblically. Shoving a foreign object up a man’s ass is not sex. it has nothing to do with denying his wife sex. Sex between a man and a woman is coitus…penis in vagina. A wife cannot deny her husband coitus..i.e. penis in vagina sex.

        4. For eons, successful societies had a concept which today we call marriage. It was deemed necessary to build the society on the two parent family. Women to keep the home; men to bring in the food that was not obtainable in the immediate area.
          Women as part of the marriage ceremony gave blanket consent to sex. This was still the case in the 1950’s. Women well knew when they got married that their husband was going to be needing sex, and that it was their part of the marriage contract to provide it. If they didn’t want to do it, the solution was not to marry.
          If a woman did not want to have sex (well, first when that happened the marriage soon collapsed) and the man forced her, that was viewed as violent assault, and not the same as rape. The assault was punished. But, to toss a man in jail for 30 days is a far different thing from ten or twenty years in prison, then sleeping under a bridge the rest of his life which is what the man-haters want.
          Also, if a woman did not want to have sex with her husband (so why did she marry him?) she could apply for separate maintenance, which meant he still had to support her, but she could live elsewhere and was no longer obliged to have sex with him. This was also on a fault basis, not just boredom.
          Let me add that in those days a certain amount of time without sex, when there was no separate maintenance order by a court, was fault grounds for divorce by the husband.
          Today, women are so mentally ill that they imagine a man will take on the tremendous financial responsibility of marriage with no actual benefits. In older times people understood that agreeing to support a family was a big chore. And, they understood that to use a promise (repeat, promise) of sex would convince men to marry. They were correct.
          Today, even suggesting the concept of blanket consent to sex during the wedding ceremony makes me a rape apologist, I guess.
          Does anyone remember spreadsheet man? The man who sent his wife a spreadsheet showing all the reasons she turned him down for sex over a couple months? And, she put it on-line, then all the dearies blamed him for putting it on-line? A lot of stupid women commented he should not expect sex in marriage. One stupid fiend said right out a woman is not obliged to have sex with her husband. Just hold her close to make her feel loved.
          And, stupid women wonder why men aren’t willing to make a commitment to women like this? Which seems to be most women.

  5. How many legions? Roman legions or other types of legions? How many citizens would this legion require?

    1. The female will become lubricated in the presence of violent or aggressive men. So apparently this is sort of a natural response to how a lot of sex took place in the past million years of human evolution.Just because we’ve made up some laws in modern times does not change the nature of men and females. The problem with feminists is that they live on some alien planet and think they can change human nature. During almost all of human existence the female stayed close to home and under the protection of the Patriarch or had a chaperone with her if she had to go somewhere.A female who would wander in some lonely distant field alone or went to town and drank at the tavern was really asking for it. And subconsciously she was.

      1. There might be a little truth to that statement. It would defy logic to go out into a hostile environment without protection. or to go into a hostile environment at all. Most men through the recent ages have been there to protect women. Why do you think a woman won’t stay with a man (for the long term) who doesn’t make her feel safe or secure.

        1. When it comes to basic things and in this case procreation (sex) the most important thing in life, or they’d be no life, we are a lot more primitive than we believe.So to enforce some lunatic standard on what constitutes “proper” sex by a bunch of crazy feminists is just plain crazy. There will be, and already is, a backlash against this insanity.It happens everytime people become too extreme go against nature. It’s actually only been this crazy beginning in the 90’s so don’t be surprised to see a different world soon, a more normal one.

  6. Women only orgasm during rape.
    Actually, women LOVE getting raped. It’s a fact, bro.

    1. A former girlfriend of mine could only get aroused if a man was either taking charge of her or was forcing her to have sex.
      Because I was young and naive it didn’t cross my mind that I was putting my liberty at risk by giving her what she wanted.
      She was as smart as hell and called herself a feminist.

      1. Next week the police will show up at your door and arrest you for her past “rape”. You’ll get a female judge, with female lawyers and an all female jury. You’ll be convicted on just her word and go to pound me in the ass prison where they will arrange for you to get “what you deserve”. Then…years later, that same girl that you “raped” will feel guilty and confess that you never really raped her just as you are finishing a 7 year sentence. Feminists call that “justice”.

        1. It also coming here, too — thanks to the feminist Vaginazis, their “Useful Idiots” of the female population, the mangina judges, and our weak-kneed politicians here.

    2. I remember a japanese mangaka (woman btw) told in an interview that one of the favorite fantasy/theme for a lot of her female readers was Rape.
      Well, this same artist said that doesn’t mean they want to be literally raped for some random strange but for example; some features or resemblances of this act being used during the sex encounter for the guy a woman is horny on.
      Pretty much, women want to be fucked roughly.

  7. Haha.. this article is goin to cause a storm. Which is why the author wrote it I guess..

    1. “We need to tell men to stop raping women.” However, men raping men in prison is A-OK!!!
      Serenity now; insanity later.

      1. No doubt sympathy cannnot be had for the men who meet that fate and committed the most heinous of crimes (like the evil scumbag that killed his own mother for money). but what of the men who are innocent and/or go in for absolutely no good reason (the man who may be going to jail over child support-and he PAID IT)

        1. unfortunately…if he’s not a top….he’s gonna be somebody’s bottom. Damn that baby mama!!!

        2. I know. She’s even trying to tell “her side of the story.” That man does not belong in jail.

        3. http://theboxhouston.com/9472685/pay-child-support-go-straight-to-jail-wth/
          Scroll down and you’ll hear the baby’s mother. Now a long time ago I said I don’t like to use “the c word” except for the most extreme cases. This is one of them. The rundown;
          A. She’s pissed because the father picks his kid up from school without her knowledge.
          B. She claims he is “behind” on his child support, but fails to give an amount as she hasn’t “figured it in yet.”
          C. She claims he’s been to jail behind child support before, and he deserves to go back.
          D. She has a husband. SHE HAS A HUSBAND and the father still has to pay child support. SHE HAS A HUSBAND AND THE FATHER STILL HAS TO PAY CHILD SUPPORT!

        4. She ain’t shit and the husband is a little bitch. How are you gonna let your wife send your step son’s father, another man, to jail or even let him pay child support. If you are a man and that is your family and your house, you don’t want another man putting in money for anything. That is your responsibility that you took on when you married her. If he were a man, he would go and talk to the other man and tell him, you don’t need to pay anything here. I am not trying to keep you from your son. you can see him whenever you like just as long as we all work it out. He would not ALLOW his wife to put that man in jail. He should be stepping in and using logic and reason to fix the situation. But we can see who has the power in that relationship….it aint him. And your’e right sir, she is a fucking cunt.

        5. Best thing we can do is vote the judge out. Change.org won’t do a damn thing here…

        6. Yeah, more than likely not. Might make more people pay attention to the situation, but that”s about it. Dumb bitch needs to go.

        7. Thank you. If you’re gonna beta and marry a woman with another man’s child, at least go full beta! Or something like that.

        8. I knew his (evil scumbag’s) sister. She came home, walked in the door and found their mother’s mutilated corpse lying in blood everywhere. He had emptied a .22 rifle into her, then beat her dying body with the rifle, breaking it into pieces. He then went to the kitchen, broke the cabinet open, robbed the cookie jar and went to his buddy’s and bought the minibike.
          Guess he was “misunderstood?” Liberals were torn:
          • a man (boy)(enemy)
          • murdered a Woman (!)
          • who betrayed Womanhood by not aborting him
          • robbed her (should she have had more than he?)
          • was arrested (police brutality)
          • tried, convicted (kangaroo court of course)
          • sent to adult prison rather than kiddie reform school
          What a dilemma.

      2. It’s funny how you MRA’s like to talk about the double standards with domestic abuse and male rape, yet the macho, patriarchal mentality many of you seem to have is the same mentality people use to trivialize these issues.

      3. I’ve yet to read of a feminist making jokes about men being raped, it’s usually other guys who do that. There are actually organizations trying to combat rape culture within prisons, if you’re interested? No one deserves to get raped, not even rapists.

      4. Nobody wants men in prison to be raped. Only Paul Elam and his crew make jokes like that. Maybe you should educate yourself about feminism instead of blowing it up into a straw boogeyman onto which you project all of your insecurities and fears.

        1. It’s just like you and a lot of other feminists to blame MRAs and Paul Elam for everything; how dare someone care about guys? I mean, it’s all about you!

    2. could you imagine being her son. Gets him ready for school, ties his shoes n shit and lets him run off and calls “bye son, have fun in school, dont be raping”
      her son: “I know mom”
      could be parenting of the future?

  8. #2 and therefore #4 are solved by blood-choking the chick, like with a rear naked choke, an ezekiel choke, etc BJJ or Judo stuff. Then you put your condom as she breathes back into full awareness and you start raping her tho.
    This strategy would make #5 no more violent than a simple self-defense event, and, of course, #6 wayy easier than finding a proper slut.
    I’d take a chance for a #1 reversal, but I don’t have a solution to #3.

    1. If you get the carotid arteries with just the right amount of pressure there’s no time to fight it. Good night, sweet dreams, just like that.

  9. WOW
    This is just too much. I mean I’ve always assumed #4 to be an old wives tale. I guess that’s why I read ROK on a weekly basis

  10. Give this one a day to brew Roosh. You are going to have all of the chicks who like a good rape tracking you down on twitter to disagree with your points.

  11. As someone who was raised by wolves, I found this article very informative and enlightening. A+

  12. The biggest disagreement I have with this article is that you used the
    term “uncircumcised” when the proper nomenclature is “intact.”

    1. I believe it’s an American norm. Here in Europe being circumcised would be the weird thing.

  13. I avoid many of these issues by cutting a clean hole in their corpses, but this convinced me that I’m wasting too much time. Kids must be easier.

  14. I guess this is what feminists mean when they say men can teach men not to rape.
    If I hadn’t read this, I would have just raped someone on my way home. Thanks for the reminder not to rape anyone, I would have forgotten otherwise.

    1. Personally, I was just going to wait until the impending financial collapse breaks down into total lawlessness and WROL (Without rule of law) situation. It will be kind of amusing seeing all the superior and arrogant females being raped by the gorillas, then their entrails torn out and scattered in front of their mangina hubbies and snot-nosed kids.

      1. Exactly. Every time some idiot feminazi says “I don’t need a man” I point out to them that without civilised society they would be raped, murdered or enslaved.
        Given that civilisation is protected by armed men in uniform they do need men, actually.

        1. Yep, welcome to South Africa post apartheid rape rate 90%. That’s 9-10 women. You might hate the guards who watch over you while you sleep but that’s better than not sleeping for fear of being raped and murdered.

        2. Exactly! They need men, to be protected. If there we’re no men there, they would be raped by… Wait a second…
          Who would rape them?
          Or could it just be that you, like most anti-feminist misogynist fucks are so stupid that you can’t even make a logical fallacy hold for more than a second, actually?

        3. Yeah, I wondered about that. If all the men suddenly disappeared, who would rape and murder all the feminists? Mutant cats maybe?

        4. Who would rape them?

          If the Vagina Monologues are anything to go by, other women. Though I understand there’s been much ado about classifying the featured lesbian molestation as a ‘good rape’.
          Of course rape is frequently legally defined in many nations so that only someone who has a penis can commit it, with those forcibly penetrating someone against their will with something other than a penis having committed sexual assault. (And as far as I’m aware there is little consideration of forced envelopment either) Which of course helps perpetuate the notion that only men rape, given that in those jurisdictions only men as legally defined can rape.

        5. So, we’re looking a manless world terrorized by roaming gangs of rapey lesbians? Thing is, while women come in all shapes and sizes, there’s less disparity in physical strength, chances are women would be able to defend each other from the unwanted sexual attentions of predatory females.

        6. able to defend each other

          There’s plenty of men (if not in fact the overwhelming majority) who will defend others from rape too, generally however rapes occur in places where there ain’t no one to help you out, and you’re on your own.

        7. Well yes of course the majority of men would help defend a woman, or a fellow man, from being sexually assaulted. But we’re talking some post-man, post-apocalyse world where’s there’s no one to defend the weak and helpless ladies. I thought that’s what your quote about The Vagina Monologues was about?

        8. You’re talking about some post-man, post-apocalypse world, course in such a world it wouldn’t really matter since humanity would be extinct once the current generation died off, so being raped would be the least of your troubles.
          I was merely pointing out that women do indeed also carry out rapes, or ‘sexual assaults’ depending on which area you happen to find yourself in.

        9. Without a man, they would not even have been born!
          Guess how planet of the apes happened? Not nuclear war but a feminazi society relying too much on apes with artifically increased intelligence.

        10. South Africa, where babies are raped because the rapists believes a virgin will cure AIDS.

        11. Well, and animals. You might not know this, but other animals like raping human women, especially primates. Of course, rape would be the least of your worries, as without the technology provided by men, or the strength of men, hunting would be really hard, and big animals like lions, gorillas, and bears would just maul you to death.

        12. Hey asshole, guess who carried you in their stomach for nine fucking months…Was it a man? Did you come out your dad’s penis? Fuck no! A woman gave birth to you prick. True a man helps make a baby but the woman does all the work by taking care of herself when pregnant then giving birth. I’m sad that your poor mother gave birth to a retarded little piece of chicken shit like you instead of someone who is respectable and has half a brain.

        13. WRONG! Women need ‘Good’ men to protect them from the depredations of ‘Bad’ men. But since Vaginazis and feminasties think that the unattractive men who are ‘beneath’ them are ‘Bad’, there’s no longer any reason for us men to concern ourselves to protecting any women outside of our families and friends.
          Modern society’s snotty, unappreciative women of today are on their own. And remember, “when seconds count, the police are only minutes away”.

        14. “…apes with artifically increased intelligence.”
          Do you mean the ‘romantic”, “exciting” ‘Bad Boys’ that ‘strong’, ‘independent’ women want when they’re pre-Wall?

        15. Time of the month? Get a group of men together and what do you get? Solvay conference on Quantum mechanics: A fundamental progression of human understanding. Get a group of women together and what do you get? Feminism: They burn their bras and talk nonsense.

      2. I guess that means that all women should carry guns and shoot any man that looks at them funny, huh?

      3. Sounds like you have some sick masturbatory fantasies, there. Have fun waiting with your fleshlight, loser.

      4. “Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split, as a general thing.” – Robert E Howard

    2. You too! Man, I was just about to rape this girl and her sister when I stopped to read this article. You mean I’ve been going about this wrong the whole time???! I though girls were enjoying them selves when I had an orgasm inside them against their will. I always wondered why they cried afterwards. Oh well, now I know, and knowing a half the battle. Yo Joe!!! You just saved two sisters from a good…I mean bad time. I have to spread the word about this don’t rape thing.

        1. Today, Real Men not only do not rape, we also shun all contact with man-hating feminists and Go Our Own Way.

    1. Oh my goodness. That woman is nuts, and her thoughts about “PIV” sex are disgusting. How exactly did women like her come up with this crap?

      1. The really disturbing part is the women agreeing with her in the comments. Personally I’ve bookmarked her blog and shoved it into a folder called ‘evidence’. Should come in handy next time I need to demonstrate that rad fems are indeed trying to redefine all sex as rape.

        1. “Should come in handy next time I need to demonstrate that rad fems are indeed trying to redefine all sex as rape.
          I will say that not all rad fems would do that; while they will condemn PIV sex, they will accept other forms (like lesbianism, transvestisism, and other things).
          I haven’t read the entire post (I will take the time to do so when I can), but from what I saw, it was crap. She (the author) equated the initiation of violent force with PIV sex. While it is true that there is such a thing as rape (which does not mean a woman starting to regret her sex encounter and calling foul on the man), PIV sex per se does not equal rape.

        2. https://witchwind.wordpress.com/2014/10/07/utopia-what-would-a-womens-society-look-like/
          Read this to see what her Utopia would be like. No ploughing fields. No hunting wild animals or fishing. No ownership of land. No killing farm animals. No male doctors. Most men living in huts, alone, not allowed to congregate. No weapons except enough to keep men from taking over again.
          A correction. Actually most men would be killed.
          She also says when not required to take care of men, the life expectancy of men would drop to 40, and of women would rise to 130.
          Not just mentally ill, this fiend is stupid.
          We already know the life expectancy when women are in charge. Average life at death runs down around 8 or 10 years of age.
          But. that short life expectancy would be long compared to no ploughing; no hunting; no fishing; no male doctors; no eating farm animals.
          Google the Shakers. They lasted one generation.

      2. From her comment below: “i’m not publishing any comments which include the following: “PIV as rape trivialises real rape victims”
        and “but, but, I like sex and you’re insulting women or men who like sex”; and “you’re just doing sex the wrong way”
        It was a bad day for the country when the Supreme court prohibited keeping crazy people in the asylums, indefinitely.
        200 pounds overweight?

    2. note the “ok?” in the title.
      despite all the bitching, she’s still a woman seeking approval from her master.

  15. Love it!!! The definition of rape amongst feminists is now a joke, so a comic article about rape is what’s required.

  16. I always felt “don’t rape” to be unproductive. Not only does the concept reduce all men to animals, but people who use it tend to stop there. There’s no further action.
    The overwhelming majority of men know to not rape and have no desire to, though the two word directive (which is irrelevant for the first group) fails to seek understanding in the motivations of those who do. Figuring out why certain men rape will go a lot further in reducing the behavior than telling all men not to rape.
    Rapists simply do not give a fuck, so the message is lost on them.

      1. All I’m saying is, if women are worried about rape then they’d concentrate their efforts.
        By the way, nice contribution. You dumb fuck.

    1. I always felt “don’t rape” to be unproductive. Not only does the concept reduce all men to animals,
      You think “dont rape” advice from Feminists is unproductive? If the point was to actually reduce rape you might have something there, because it certainly doesnt do that. Everyone already knows not to rape, and the ones who do so anyway are already rule breakers who wont listen to the advice.
      Maybe there is some other goal Feminists are trying to achieve by this though….

  17. oh now i get ……. phew ……. i was about to go out and start ravaging vaginas

  18. Oh shit Roosh, get ready for a media firestorm on this one! Woo, kick the tires and light the fires!!!

  19. I’m invoking my right under the equal time doctrine to rebut this article which is full of misinformation.
    1. It hurts your penis
    Not at all, and in fact “dry sex” is very popular especially in Africa.
    2. You dangerously expose yourself to STD’s
    This is nonsense. You pussy whipped pyjama boys worry too much about things that will never happen. No one in my day ever used a condom and I’ve never known of anyone contracting a disease
    3. You can go to jail for a long time
    You’re assuming that she can remember what happened or even realises she’s had sex. Use scopalimine. It’s easy. Just blow some of the powder into your soon to be girlfriend’s face and it will turn her into a conscious zombie who do whatever she’s told and then won’t remember any of it :o)
    4. You may get her pregnant and have to pay child support
    Just slip a morning after pill into her drink
    5. It’s less violent to seek out a prostitute
    Unless the Ho blows some scopalimine into your face and robs you and you wake up holding your dick lol
    6. It’s harder than just going to a club and finding a slut
    Why waste time and money? Pussy is free and commonly available like water.
    Roosh, for a so called pickup artist you’re really lame.Put on your pyjamas and go to sleep because you know nothing about how to get a girlfriend.

    1. Bravo.
      They should combine your reply and mine and make a counter-article.
      And an extra article talking the benefits of the burundanga.

  20. Finally, someone telling it how it is! Dont know how I ever made it to this age without knowing this stuff.
    I finally understand what those Feminists were getting at when they say “Teach men not to rape”. If Im not wrong about them, you’re going to be getting a lot of “Thank Yous!” from those Feminists for this public service very soon Roosh!

  21. so circumcizing your son is the first step to perventing rape. thats new. wait till that becomes law in sweden.

  22. Quick Spelling correction: “lesions”
    Not “legions” in the second paragraph
    Otherwise, brilliant

  23. Louis CK has the best line on the subject matter: there is no reason to rape a woman… Unless of course she won’t have sex with you.

    1. Unfortunately for you, “pussy” is attached to a woman, who is also a person. So fuck off.

  24. ROFL. Great article! (and yes, I’m a woman. Highly enjoyed reading this!)
    Could you do another one on the topic of “why not to get so drunk you pass out” or “why you shouldn’t piss on veterans’ graves on Memorial Day”?

  25. I can’t wait until the feminists get hold of this.
    Come on Jezebel, do a special feature, you know you want it. 😉

    1. Lol, do you see the irony of your offense at the ‘teach men not to rape’ given that this is an article that focuses on not to rape women because it doesn’t serve men, rather than saying don’t rape because it is an awful disgusting crime. Like literally, this article is the reason why men need to be taught about rape.

      1. Actually, the true irony here is you lack comprehension. It’s called satire. Now you feminists are always “Teach men not to rape, teach men not to rape!” So the author decided “Ok, but only on my terms.” In short, this is what you get. On the other hand, while we’re teaching men not to rape maybe we should start teaching women not to drink to the point where they pass out around people whether they know them or not. Oh wait, that would be sexist.
        “Like literally, this article is the reason why men need to be taught about rape.”
        Your comment is also why people don’t take you feminazis seriously. What man needs to be taught not to commit a crime? A crime is a crime, and criminals commit crimes. Telling a criminal not to do something won’t stop it. There is nothing you can teach men about rape, men already know what rape is and that rape is a crime.

        1. OH no the irony here is that you think women need to be taught not to drink, rather than men being taught about consent.

        2. Because not raping is common fucking sense, and yet somehow not getting blackout drunk is not. Because you insist on treating women like children, where I insist the opposite and I don’t treat men like they’re predators just for being men. Consent is easy. But apparently, responsibility is hard.
          I don’t actually think women need to be taught not to drink, because they ought to know better (as well as men). But if we’re going to assume all men are rapists that need to be taught otherwise, then it’s only fair to assume all women are children incapable of handling responsibility and who don’t know to not push their limits with alcohol.

        3. “You only have those rights which you can personally defend” – Nietzsche
          I am staunchly against the sexual abuse of children… As a parent there is only one sure fire way to keep them safe; never let them out of your sight. If you do, don’t just assume they will be “OK” in the hands of flabby semi-humans. Make better choices on their behalf.
          I’ve heard this odd phrase about “not blaming the victim” numerous times. As an adult, every time I have been the target of an attempted crime in my presence, I have been able to thwart it directly. A few times in my absence I failed to take enough precautions and paid the price (theft, fraud). But if I made such a mistake, I took responsibility for that error, and with the appropriate changes in my own behavior it would be less likely such a thing would happen to me again.
          I am happy to help others and I prefer to be of assistance rather then harm as a form of self esteem. I act with restraint, but I’VE MADE MYSELF INTO AN EXTREMELY DANGEROUS HUMAN BEING. This is my adult choice, power, and it is an awesome responsibility never to abuse it. I know something of the true nature of the world! Do you?
          So when women say that they are allowed to flirt, dress in an arbitrarily provocative way, send mixed messages, accept gifts under false pretenses, get inebriated into semi-consciousness, and make no provision in their lives to be both sober AND sufficiently dangerous, and then whine they are in no way at fault when they are “victimized”?
          I say FUCK YOU A LOT.
          In reality you live in a dangerous world. No one owes you ANYTHING, NOT EVEN YOUR LIFE. If you create a circle of trust and love and cooperation in your personal life by wholesome treatment of others, you can increase your safety. But in the end, it is ALWAYS YOUR FAULT, as much as the perpetrator, for being the weakest member of the herd, a target of opportunity, a SOFT TARGET.
          Do you know why you will be confused, hurt, angry at my comment? Because you are so infantile, so childish, so perverse in your irresponsibility, that you believe you can go for a walk alone in the dark of night and that you will simply be “AUTOMATICALLY SAFE” simply because you “WISH IT TO BE THAT WAY” like a vapid little princess.
          Nature is a harsh mistress. Some people can be even worse. Ignore that fact at your peril…

    2. How about “teaching women not to rob their ex-husband’s futures with Alimony and inequitable child support while implying they were long-term whores the entire marriage”?
      The raping should stop on both sides.

    1. Feminist logic:
      * Decry talk of violence
      * Read article by author giving reasons to not commit violence
      * Call for deadly and painful violence against author
      Ahh, feminism

      1. Idiot MRA/PUA logic:
        1. Assume everyone who disagrees with them must be a feminist.
        2. Look like an asshole on the internet.
        3. Repeat ad naseum.

        1. Feminist logic:
          1. Assume everyone who disagrees with them must be a misogynistic rapist.
          2. Look like an asshole on the internet.
          3. Repeat ad naseum.

        2. A moronic mangina assumed I was an MRA simply for disagreeing with him. It goes both ways.

      2. Since almost every woman in the Anglosphere is a feminist, this is simple logic.

  26. a bit entertaining i guess, but quite poorly written. “a man has sex with a woman who rather not have sex”? You have to pretty stupid to rape? pretty slack stuff mr v.

  27. LOL… and I’d implore you, not to seek the same act with goats.
    (Is this guy a feminist? Weak clause from a hairy desert dweller. End.)
    If you get close enough to the truth you will realize this goes against all that is good for society and the biological will of the females themselves. It is either time to reinstate natural order despite fictional consequences and feminist protesting the very backlash that they have enabled, OR, keep pandering to the most delusional and base desires of the not-so-fair sex, as this schmuck has made a living doing…

    1. You may also ignore my posting completely if you come from an inferior race to the women you desire. That is not rightful action, it is a form of jealousy.
      Soon the white_genocide will be exposed for what it is, and there will be Hell to pay… From the first and greatest civilization builders of this blue planet.

  28. Never thought I’d say this but roosh you’ve crossed the line. You deserve to be expelled from an expensive private university

  29. A great reason not to rape someone: I will rip your balls off and shove them down your throat. At least that’s what I’m going to do to the man who raped me if I ever see him again.

  30. A great reason not to rape someone: I will hit you over the head with a fucking heavy lamp and punch you until you’re unconscious, just like I did to my last one.

  31. I find it disgusting how none of these actually mention the fact that women are human beings and that assault is, y’know, WRONG. Dude, men are supposed to protect women. My first reaction to hearing about a rape is a powerful urge to beat the offender with a blunt object, and this seems to be the norm. Do you know why prisons often try not to tell the inmates which of their number are rapists? It’s because rapists are the #1 target for prison rape. Even murderers hate them.

  32. I don’t think any average man in his right mind would consider raping a girl in 2014 (as in forceful rape, not regret rape). Men know in this feminist society, if they even think of stealing the cooch theyre gonna end up doing a million years in prison

  33. or. or or or. you can listen to what the girl is saying and think about her side of the consequences and not just about your poor dick hurting. AND LISTEN TO THEM AND UNDERSTAND THAT WOMEN ARE PEOPLE TOO. NO SEXUAL OBJECTS

    1. Women being the equal of men in all things should simply be able to fight them off with their 19th degree black belt.
      I’ve recently been repeatedly left with the impression no woman of any kind needs a good man to defend her. In my youth I would have bravely stepped in, risking my own safety for a lady. I still might. But after the last decades, another part of me would rather walk away to prove how equal we are.
      If you aren’t ever really going to be my friend, then I am left with being your enemy in self defense.

  34. Of course, you know, there is kind of a seventh reason too.
    The whole, “It permanently damages women” bit. Are you gonna address that at all in any way, shape or form? No? Okay, just checking.

  35. I recognise this article as Swiftian satire….for the confused, reread the first sentence. It’s supposedly aimed at sub-Neanderthals with no socialisation and the inability to recognise women as human.
    However, this site should come with bigger warnings for the young and dumb, and more genuinely helpful articles about masculinity.

  36. Do you men really have to be told why you shouldn’t rape a woman? Misogynistic pigs.

  37. Wow…The bullshit I just read. Hey asshole instead of talking about how ‘bad’ raping can be for the guy why don’t you think about the women getting raped. Not every woman in the world is a slut and it’s not just women getting raped but teenage girls and children. Women are the ones that suffer when being raped. So you should shut your fucking mouth and stop your bullshit and think about something other than your dick. Men should not rape anyone. Keep it in your pants assholes and try treating a woman with respect for a change.

  38. this artcle is discusting , i agree rape is wrong, but the things said in this article are gross

  39. Ooooooorrrrrrr we could just not rape people because it’s WRONG? There’s nothing beautiful about sex if two parties aren’t on-board with it. And think of the poor person on the receiving end of the rape! Years – maybe a lifetime – of insecurity, mental illness, self-harm, suicide attempts, drug addiction, victim-blame, self-blame. People need to be taught not to rape, but not for the reasons given in this article.

  40. In the interest of “Equal Time”, are there any articles where Feminists tell women why they should not make false rape accusations?

  41. why is there any fighting on this subject? No. No one should rape. It’s wrong. This article makes it seem like rape is only bad because it might hurt the rapist. No concern about the victim. Rape is morally reprehensible, not inconvenient.

    1. There are people who are intellectually incapable of understanding ironic writing.
      An article like this is clearly in response to the stupid claims by certain man-hating feminists that men are supposed to teach other men not to rape.
      All sane men know not to rape. So, telling men to teach other men not to rape is insane.
      Yet, when Roosh ironically writes an article which as requested teaches men not to rape morons like you come on here pontificating like blooming idiots. Reach down. Grab ears. Pull.

  42. I sincerely hope this is meant in jest, Roosh.
    A real Man doesn’t need instructions on how not to violate a female.
    That being said, i’ll assume it is in jest and add #7: Because masturbation is free and your hand won’t finger you in a police line up 😀

  43. not defending actual rape….but concerning point number 1……it is only the mutilated aka circumcised penis that has an issue with lubrication. if a penis is LEFT ALONE AT BIRTH and not mutilated and raped it will have ample lubrication as provided by the foreskin.
    you also wont have suffered brain damage at birth nor will you yourself have been raped, and as such your very first sexual experience wont have been rape….and people that are raped, usually reenact it as adults.

  44. All of these are worthless reasons. You are too conditioned to be a good little sheep. Sometimes you gotta kill someone, someonetimes you gotta rape a bitch.

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