Take Back The Sidewalk And Stop Street Harassment With These Simple Dos And Don’ts

Though the Islamic State is waging war in the Middle East and the Ebola crisis is raging in West Africa, it’s clear that the biggest threat to affluent white women in America is Street Harassment™. White women with money and good jobs have been subjected to countless low-status men saying things like “hi” or “have a nice day.”

Street Harassment™ is the most important issue of our time because anything that affects middle and upper class white women is a national concern. We at ROK want to put a stop this rampant violation of women’s rights. I’ve outlined a few simple DOs and DON’Ts (for both men and women) that will help to keep our streets safe for everyone.


DON’T be poor

Men, if you are going to speak to a white woman of means, it is critical that you not be poor or a minority. There is nothing that makes a white woman’s skin crawl more than being talked at by a man she feels is beneath her station. This is for several reasons: first – you are wasting her time (remember, you don’t have a chance with her, so you’re just an annoying distraction from her smartphone.) Second – being hollered at by low status men is an acute reminder of all of the HIGH STATUS men who ignore her.

What you see as a compliment is actually a painful reminder that she only gets attention from “losers.” This will stir a range of emotions in her: she begins to pulsate with bitterness and envy towards women who attract powerful men. She will hate you for bringing out this superficial side of her, because deep down she fancies herself the supreme arbiter of tolerance and social justice. Even though she make s 2 or 3 times your salary and enjoys a higher standard of living than you do, you are an oppressor because making a white woman feel even slight discomfort is unacceptable.


DO be rich

Men, if you would like to talk to white women on the street, simply be rich (and preferably white). If you are a construction worker, consider instead a career in finance. If you are currently unemployed, consider inheriting lots of money and investing in real estate. If actually becoming rich is too much effort, you can do things to project higher status like wearing a suit and an expensive watch. Or driving a sports car. Get creative: if you are a poor Hispanic restaurant worker, practice your Italian accent and pretend to be a famous Italian chef who’s in New York to open a new vegan cronut shop.


DON’T have a phat ass

Ladies, we all know that nothing grabs the attention of minority men (especially black men) as the sight of a well-apportioned, juicy booty. If you want to avoid stares or comments from these men, consider trying ways to flatten your posterior, or at least wear clothing that makes your butt look smaller.


DO stay in lower Manhattan

Ladies, if you would like to avoid being talked at by pesky minorities, we recommend that you not walk on streets outside of lower Manhattan (and perhaps the upper west side in a pinch). This may seem restricting, but when you think about it, lower Manhattan has everything you could possibly need: lattes, Apple stores, and bottomless brunch spots. By staying in lower Manhattan, you are also more likely to run into that investment banker you’ve been dreaming of.


DO be more attractive

Ladies, this may seem counter-intuitive at first (how would becoming more attractive prevent cat-calls?) Allow me to explain. We can all agree that the woman in “Hollaback” viral video is truly nothing to write home about in terms of her looks. Would she be catcalled in a city like Moscow that’s teeming with super-model quality women? Doubtful. She’d barely get a second glance.

So it stands to reason that if all American women collectively raise their level of attractiveness, fewer women will stand out and men will be able to take more of a relaxed attitude toward female beauty. When you have a sea of unattractive, unfeminine, undesirable women this creates extreme thirst in men and even a slightly-above-average girl is bound to get inordinate attention.

If all women suddenly made themselves more attractive by doing things like losing weight, avoiding trashy tattoos, being more feminine, and putting a little effort into their appearance, male thirst would go down. So ladies, do your part. Remember: we are all in this together.

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96 thoughts on “Take Back The Sidewalk And Stop Street Harassment With These Simple Dos And Don’ts”

  1. Print out this image and harass women on street with it (or anywhere really). It’s straight and to the point.

        1. I’m good, perfesser. Sometimes men need direction(s). Could you get some Birkenstocks for my clodhoppers next time you’re out? And some foot shaving cream, please.

        2. They don’t make Birkenstocks that large.
          Maybe you could strap on (I said “strap on.”) shoe boxes to your hoofs and sort of glide around town.

        1. Nah, it’s because I don’t like feeling two steps closer to premature arthritis each time I text.

        2. No, it’s because no one calls you.
          Now make us a sammich and be quick about it.
          What is your major? If it’s Lesbo (because women with mustaches and flannel are so cool) Studies, or Women’s (’cause everyone needs to major in nothing) Studies, we will have lost all respect. And, you being a femigoober, we didn’t have much to begin with.
          But we have noticed that our constant teasing and insulting you and your Sisters of the Moonpieface, and our not even blinking when you start acting wise, have rendered you docile and respectful, which is at it should be. You were so easy. That means that you are not demented or psychopathological. Maybe you will find a real man. Then you can, as a real women, instead of a caricature, make your sacred contribution to the natural order of things—make a home, have kids, be a loving wife.
          Now get out there and bring us some cold ones.

        3. I want to major in molecular biology or something similar(with pre-med requirements). I’ve never found men that attractive as a group; the only ones I do tend to be more androgynous looking. Having kids and being a housewife both sound shitty to me. Everyone’s different; get used to it =D

        4. “the only ones I do tend to be more androgynous looking…”
          Revolting! In other words, pasty-faced dweebs with pipe-stem arms. You can do each other’s hair.
          “Having kids and being a housewife both sound shitty to me.”
          Don’t make choices that have life-long consequences when you have all the wisdom of a 20 year old. Ask the 45 year old women who thought career was more important. bwaha. Now they are alone and make out with their cats.
          “Give Mommy a big kiss, Mr. Cuddles.”
          “My eggs. My eggs! They’re all dead.”
          end of lecture.

        5. “pasty-faced dweebs with pipe-stem arms.”
          Yeah, there is no middle ground between that and some steroid-pumping macho man that obeys red pill dogma like the bible. No grey area allowed.
          “Don’t make choices that have life-long consequences when you have all the wisdom of a 20 year old. Ask the 45 year old women who thought career was more important. bwaha. Now they are alone and make out with their cats.”
          I know plenty of middle-aged domestic moms/wives who seem less than content or amused with their lives. Sorry, but changing diapers, losing sleep over wailing infants, and dealing with angsty teens doesn’t sound like a fulfilling lifetime job to me. Try to accept the fact that some women find more fulfillment in their careers, inventions, and achievements than they ever could popping out a newborn.

        6. I’m no fan of giving a woman a means to gouge a full time wage from a man via child support, so I’m no supporter of children,parenthood or the fucked up family system here in America.
          But I’m by no means a supporter of feminism or their trolls.
          Go away, She-Man.
          And take your androgyny and unwarranted commentary with you.

        7. Does making other men less, and insulting them because they are different than you help you deal with the fact that the the girls you want choose someone else time and time again? I suspect it does.
          Hey, no harm in trying to boost your self esteem by being a faceless twat.

        8. She isn’t trying to be a woman who gets pregnant and makes a man pay child support, stupid. Please read all her comments before making an assumption.

    1. So I read the article twice now, I guess it’s tongue and cheek aimed at white women? Either way it made me laugh.
      “if you are a poor Hispanic restaurant worker, practice your Italian accent and pretend to be a famous Italian chef who’s in New York to open a new vegan cronut shop”
      “lower Manhattan has everything you could possibly need: lattes, Apple stores, and bottomless brunch spots. By staying in lower Manhattan, you are also more likely to run into that investment banker you’ve been dreaming of.”

    2. Summary: If you’re male, only catcall if you’re a Ryan Gosling clone with twice his net worth. Fixed.

  2. As far as I can tell bitches are open to catcalling on social media. When they get a good look at all the thirsty dudes they entertain all day online in real life, it’s a different story. Western women need to be brought back to reality.

  3. I would love to see these femicunts in the ME or Africa for a period of time just to gain desperately needed perspective.

      1. …they will when the mass influx of Latino immigrants starts to have an influence on the society as a whole. The left apparently never heard the term “unintended consequences.”

        1. Also Middle-Eastern men. Oh that’s going to be fun watching them impose their will on these skanks!

  4. There’s nothing with black or latinos guys catcalling, it just means they’re not metrosexual faggots. Everybody should do it if they feel like it.
    And besides, the average feminist is too ugly to receive catcalls anyway.

    1. The real problem is that there are few to no women walking around where I live that are worthy of even a sharp inhalation, much less a catcall. I find that having been in SE Asia, my standards have gone up to the point where in the US I might as well be asexual. The attraction to land whales is curable; get out of the US.

  5. This is soooo hilarious. Well done! (For those who are confused, this is called satire – try it some time, preferably on feminists!)

  6. Downside of game, too many women feels like being “harassed”. Well they don’t really think so but love to cry about it anyway. Every time a woman claims she was “harassed” it’s just another way of saying “look at me, I’m so hot that no man can resist me”. Do they feel bad about it ? no way. they love it. But that’s no enough, you can only claim total victory when you’re openly mocking the poor bastards as well.
    Thirst in the west is getting bigger, women gets bitchier, thirst gets even bigger..its a downward spiral, should be interesting to see how it all ends.
    Someone wrote in another thread that in another 20 years, only way you can pull would be through super game, being rich, being in perfect shape AND having at least some sort of fame. Well, I think that might be closer to 4-5 years from now really.

    1. That link article is hilarious. White women are shunned in Japan socially, but not because they are as intimidating as movie stars. lol Totally delusional attempt at ego saving by ignored white women to make that assumption.
      The ugliest Japanese female in my office was nicknamed “Betty” because she was so undesirable she need a nickname that sounded American. lol True story.
      White women look like livestock in high heels when surrounded by Japanese women, not to mention the extreme abrasive bitch personality. There is no benefit whatsoever to spending time with an american woman given other social options.

      1. Indeed. I watched a documentary about working class black American men that made frequent trips to Brazil because women there loved them. They should add a Do to this list which would be for the average american dude to go abroad.

        1. Various and numerous surveys and studies make us say this. Let me admit that in an European study the question was asked as to which nationality of men women found most desirable for a boyfriend, and the response was French. When asked about husbands they said Italien. I think the implication was a strictly intra-European question. When the surveys are world wide, then yes, American men are widely desired as husbands (not necessarily BFs) by most women, and American women are pretty much wanted by nobody for anything. I take no pride in this as the reason that world women want American men for husbands is because we are such pussy whipped doormats that they can walk all over. There, does that make it all better?

        2. No need to get defensive, I was just asking a question.
          My experience is European and just speaking anecdotely Americans are at best tolerated.

      2. If American women are so terrible, then maybe just leave them alone? I don’t get all the hysteria over this Hollaback video and the MRAs. If you hate them so much, ignore them. The same way they ignore you. It’s not that hard.

        1. The reason is that women are using the small minority (in many respects) of men making these catcalls, if you can catrorize saying hello, have a nice day, and good evening as catcalls, as a means to oppress all men. Ignoring there efforts for the past 40 + years has not been effective in preserving our freedom. Now that there is little freedom left ot us men in the US we are finally waking up to the fact that you have to fight back or go under.

      3. Sorry, but that is complete wishful thinking. Every culture has men like you who place any foreign women on a pedestal. Even the country with the world’s most beautiful women (Russia). I am an attractive American woman who gave no thought to dating when I embarked on my traveling adventures, and was taken aback by the number of Russian men who were fascinated by me as an American female. I actually had to remind them: Russian women are physically stunning! In every country, being beautiful but also “new” and “different” worked in my favor. In a way, the fact that I wasn’t what they expected from an American worked doubly in my favor. I had all the benefits that drive sex tourism, without ever even looking for them. It’s pretty funny seeing sad little men try to claim that the pretty American women who rejected them are somehow at a disadvantage in the rest of the world.

        1. So in other words you benefited from thirsty men in another country, thus proving Red Pill theory. Congratulations. And protip: if you have to say you’re “attractive”, you generally aren’t.

    2. Thanks for the share. The bitter misandry reeking from that article is just telling. The comment section on her article is gold.
      Good to see a number of people (men & the odd woman) calling her out on her conceited entitlement & nerd shaming.

      1. Yes, imagine the arrogance—the stunning high opinion she has of herself—to insult guys who haven’t done a thing to her. Meanwhile, she’s about as attractive as slab of cheese. And the way she tilts her head—as if to say, “I’m so pretty.” You only get that way after years of approbation from like-minded femiskanks.

  7. I have noticed something.
    A lot of guys have to resort to asshole game to get that “painted 5”. You know what I mean, the typical mediocre office troll puts on heels and 2 lbs of makeup and then goes clubbing with her friends and they all dance together throwing dirty looks at any men they catch looking at them while they attention whore.
    (In countries where prostitution is legal you don’t see that much – I wonder why?)
    But, having had to deal with these painted cunted up 5s, I see a lot of pure 7+ get a dose of the asshole game and it’s not as effective.
    In other words, asshole game is best for the fakes, the women who are also assholes. But the women who are better than that naturally (no 2 lbs of makeup) AND KNOW IT can see right through asshole game.
    I use public transportation to get about during the week and I work next to a modelling agency and I see occasionally some fellows go right into the asshole game mode that they are used to having to do on these women (who stand out in the crowd for simple things like being the only one woman out of hundreds you see in a day who is actually dressed like a woman, has long hair, high heels, etc) and these women just roll their eyes.
    Remember, if you see a natural beauty she has way more confidence than a painted 3-5 cuntasaurus pretending to be a 6 until the clock strikes midnight. The naturals know they are beautiful and have some respect for the respect they get from that.

    1. “In countries where prostitution is legal you don’t see that much ”
      In Denmark its legal. And it makes no difference.

  8. These same White Womyn (WW) that want “laws” to “protect” them from unwanted attention from men (particularly men of color) and want POLICE and the JUDICIAL branch to enforce it, are the same WW out protesting against cops who are ACTUALLY DEFENDING THEIR LIVES from ACTUAL HARRASSMENT (ASSAULT). I fucking hate white women. For the last several decades, I’ve watched them just about single-handily ruin America.

      1. What to Do When a Deranged Femigoober Gets in Your Face, Daring You to Punch Her Teeth In
        1. Maintain strong eye contact. Slowly turn your head and squint (as Clint E. would do) as if studying a bug.
        2. “Do you have shit in your mouth? Bad breath. BAAAD breath.”
        3. “Jesus! Do you EVER brush your teeth?”
        4. “Wow, your deodorant….. NOT working. Not working at ALL.”
        5. “You have A LOT of facial hair, huh?”
        6. “Nice pimples. Your look like a pizza.”
        7. “Mustache face!”
        8. “It’s your period, isn’t it?”
        9. “You’re so cute when you get mad. Just like a tiny little girl.”
        10. “Did you know that you have a lot of dandruff on your shoulders? Nasty.”

  9. I’d like to see Operation Fatcall.
    If they wanted to show them what street harassment really is, men could call fat women out on the streets, and see how quickly they beg for the return of the “oppressive” compliments and pleasantries currently being labelled as “street harassment”.

  10. Loving the satire. Reminds me of that black & white Saturday Night Live sketch years ago about dealing with office harassment. Turned out to be more of a sly dig at double standards instead.

    1. “Street Harassment™ is the most important issue of our time because anything that affects middle and upper class white women is a national concern.”
      Yep this totally sounds legit man.

  11. Great satire.
    But I have heard in the works fat/unattractive women going to start approaching guys on the street.
    They’ve heard your protest about the shit-test Brad Pit, so they raise you fat woman approaching us.
    Just lovely.

    1. Fat women already approach me. They’re attracted to me because – I’m not fat. Go figure.
      It never occurs to them that I won’t slow down for them, and I can assure you they sure as shit can’t keep up with me.

  12. You missed one:
    DON’T film yourself for TEN HOURS through shitty areas of New York and compile it into a one minute video.
    This might give you and others the impression that a once every 30 minute event is actually common.

    1. Also, don’t claim that video represents a cross-section of various areas in New York when 60% of the scenes in the video come from one street in Harlem.

        1. I might well have given her props for having walked from Canal to 129th, but it looks like she couldn’t be arsed and took the train from Times Square.
          That might explain the size of her arse.

  13. You know things have got bad when an article that is mean’t to be tongue-in-cheek can be interpreted as sound and serous advice.

    1. Without a blatant display of humor, it is impossible to create a parody of extremism or fundamentalism that someone won’t mistake for the real thing.
      Poe’s Law

      1. “Poe’s Law” hinges on the widespread postmodern philosophy that all of reality is surreal, everything is ironic, and all values and norms are nonsense. This is why hipsters, the quintessential post modernists, can wear a melange of styles from the victorian era to japanese Heian to 90s grunge, and fill their homes with an equally contentious array of stylistic decor.
        When all truth is relative and all values are transitory then any statement of truth or value (aka culture, extremism, fundamentalism) is absurd, mockable, a parody- even while the postmodernist himself adapts these very values and styles as the lastest fashion. They call this “being ironic.”

  14. ” If you are currently unemployed, consider inheriting lots of money and investing in real estate.”
    Gold star for you, sir.

  15. Don’t forget, you “must” be tall, too. Who cares if there’s an actual human being, A MAN, underneath that exterior and that he works hard, stays healthy, is well-educated and loyal, honest, reliable, and trustworthy? Just look at all the bitchwads on Tinder saying “You must be at least 5′ 11″ to ride this ride!” Well bitch, “You must be UNDER 140 pounds to ride this ride!” And guess which “shortcoming” you can actually control and fix? Yep, it ain’t height! You want to be petty and shallow and disrespectful all at the same time? We we can play that game too, only better!

    1. You sound like someone who is hurt by superficiality. Maybe don’t be superficial yourself and you’ll find someone who loves you even though you’re short.

      1. Did I say I’m “short”, cuntsmear? No, I’m 5′ fucking 9″ and built like a tank, so you cuntrags who go shopping for men only because they’re tall or black or have a British accent or whatever else inconsequential bullshit someone was born with and didn’t work for need to remind yourselves that you will turn 30 which is rough and then 40 which is where you’re practically hopeless so if you think you have ANY entitlement to be petty and shallow, well, then get ready for a looooong life pf disappointment, and you deserve it!

  16. just in the u.s.a where sex starved, males act like manginas,white knights ,just ignore these bitches ,h

  17. As a former New Yorker let me say that the woman in the video does not look like a Caucasian, Jewish or otherwise.
    She looks Latina or even biracial, but definitely racially ambiguous, and my first guess would be Latina. Anyway from my experience, white girls and I’m talking about the traditional blonde blue eyed/brunette/redhead student, actress, or slumming hipster hanging out or living in non white neighborhoods rarely get cat called by black or Latino men. Sure they get stares but for the most part there is very little interaction between these white women and the”native” men.
    The reason for this is that it’s really waste of time to try to game these women cause its very rare to see them with a local. Once in a while you will see one frolicking with some black or Dominican semi thug, but for the rest of the 99.999% they have absolutely no interest in these men,and most of them know it so they give them a harmless gawk and move on.
    This girl in the video looks like the kind of this women you see in those streets and more to their liking and they would most likely make the same mistake I would in assuming she’s Latina, and here’s my point.
    Why not use a “real” white girl to make her statement of all the evil minority trolls out to greet them in a less than platonic manner? Because they they would come up with practically nothing. And since its mostly white women bitching they need a white guinea pig but not too white as even they know what bait to use. So by innocuously alluding to its audience that it is indeed a white girl being harassed by the “rabble” that this is indeed a problem for your average Becky from Wisconsin so something must be done about this.. And quickly!

  18. I am a 26 year old white female. I have to say, I don’t always agree with everything on this site (a male friend turned me on to it a few months ago), this article is spot-friggin’-on. I was absolutely infuriated by the amount of press this “Hollaback” video got as soon as it was released.
    There was only one man who took things too far: the man who PHYSICALLY tried to intimidate the woman by following her.
    A “hello,” how ya’ doing,” and even a “damn baby” is NOT harassment. Saying something derogatory, like “I just imagined myself inside you” is. The others, as far as any sane person is concerned, are just greetings.
    The majority of women were absolutely pissed off by the social standings of those giving the greetings. And yes–those pissed off women cannot connect the dots between their own classism and their feminist fervor.
    Thank you for this.

  19. Female here. Yes, catcalling kind of is a first-world problem, but sometimes it’s legitimately scary. Black men catcall way, way more than any other race of men, and on more than one occasion I’ve been afraid for my life. If I don’t smile at them, they start to yell at me and call me a bitch. And these are scary looking men, if you know what I mean. It also makes me feel legitimately violated when they undress me with their eyes. I’m frequently afraid they’d sexually assault me if no one else was around.
    Just some food for thought…

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