5 Reasons All Young Women Should Be Beach Body Ready

Sadiq Khan, the pushover Muslim mayor of Londonistan, recently banned all “Are You Beach Body Ready?” advertising campaigns from public transit vehicles within the British capital, including the walls of the London Underground itself. This follows more than a year of on-and-off controversy over the advertisements from Protein World, which crybaby fatties complained about because it makes them feel physically inferior.

These ads experienced a similar backlash when they first arrived in the United States, but thankfully they have not been entirely banned from butt hurt eyes. Nevertheless, why do we live in Bizarro world, where what’s desirable is scorned and what’s slovenly and mediocre is tolerated?

This article will illustrate five very good reasons why all young women should be “beach body ready,” no matter where they reside around the globe.

1. Competitive Advantage In The Sexual Marketplace

Young women who have a very agreeable weight and overall aesthetic figure (along with their youth and a decent set of teeth) have the best competitive advantage in the sexual marketplace for attracting the highest quality male suitors.

Men of power, wealth, social prestige, confidence, fitness, etc. will not be chubby chasers unless literally no other options are available to them at a geographic location (mining towns, Toronto, etc). Most importantly, chubby women can largely forget about these high-status men wanting to put a ring around their finger and sire children with them.

amal clooney white bikini

Even women in their 30s can snag a wealthy silver fox like George Clooney if they keep themselves in shape

2. Health And Mental Well Being

Being overweight or obese takes years off everyone’s life expectancy, reduces their energy levels, diminishes their sporting and sexual performance, and greatly increases the risk of depression and other mental disorders.

Women who are physically active and have a healthy beach body weight, generally have much higher levels of self-esteem and have a far more positive and enjoyable outlook towards life. It’s the “winner’s outlook” if you will.

Women who enjoy life and have good self-esteem are highly unlikely candidates to become militant feminists (losers). Additionally, they are also less likely (but not immune) to destroy their bodies with massive amounts of gawd-awful tattoos or piercings, which greatly diminishes their sexual market value and marriageability.

Ad Lib Coach Translation (0:10 – 0:20): “You know why there are so many empty seats here? You know why you are losing? It’s because some of you girls are too damn chunky! It boggles the mind and it’s a disgrace to Argentina!”

3. Increased Access To High-Income (Or Easy) Job Opportunities

Women who have very fit and attractive beach bodies have much greater access to lucrative job opportunities in their prime years (18-26) than women who have chubby or overall dumpy looking aesthetics. It doesn’t necessarily matter how “nice” they are, or where their education and skills set lies.

In the United States, female bartenders who work in busy and popular nightclubs and saloons are often fit as hell (in stark contrast to the general female population), and could routinely be pulling $300-500 a shift from thirsty customers, in more ways than one. Models, product promoters, and Youtubers are also all at a great competitive advantage to make more money while they are young.

Even while seeking jobs which don’t necessarily correlate to directly flaunting their bodies (secretary, receptionist, etc.), fit women stand a very good chance at being on the short-list for employment opportunities compared to their fatter compatriots.

fit bikini chicks

We got this job because like, we’re really smart and stuff!

4. Increased Social Capital

C’mon. When in the course of human history was the fat chick ever the most popular girl in school? When was the fat chick ever a top priority to invite over to parties, or be accepted into the most sought-after sororities? Moving up exclusively to the modern era, when was a young fat chick ever the most followed girl on Instagram or Snapchat?

When it comes to social opportunities and popularity contests, and the frequent discharges of serotonin and dopamine they will bring, fit women have everything to gain while overweight women have everything to lose.


Probably is home alone on a Saturday night, wondering why nobody is calling

5. National Pride And Prestige

Finally, it should be a great source of pride for all people (men and women) in countries like Poland, Colombia, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Japan, etc. when men around the world are often very complimentary of the overall state of female waistlines when they visit these nations.

On the other spectrum, it is a source of shame and disgust for men in countries like the United States, Mexico, Australia, and many others where the nation is overflowing with obese and aesthetically horrendous looking women.

When you compare the average talent on a beach in the “redneck riviera” of the United States, with just about anywhere in Brazil, the Brazilians should pat themselves on the back while the Americans should just consider burying their heads in the sand.


“Man returns to Mississippi coast after holiday in Rio de Janeiro”


Fox News commentator Andrea Tantaros is absolutely correct. The only people who would be truly offended by the “Beach Body Ready” ads are people who have dumpy looking aesthetics and higher than average jealousy issues.

Our feminist society wants women to accept collective mediocrity in regards to excess body fat, and to tear down advertisements which encourage health, beauty, and self improvement. However, I’m sure they would be perfectly fine with an advertisement for bull rings and blue hair dye though.

So to hell with the feminist haters, and ladies (we know you’re there), get started with a gym routine if you haven’t already. Your quality of life will improve tremendously. Do it for America, more than anywhere else. 

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337 thoughts on “5 Reasons All Young Women Should Be Beach Body Ready”

    1. Asians aren’t really beach body material IMO. They can stay slim, but don’t quite have the figure for it. Also showing much skin at the beach is kind of in contradiction with the 1st commandment of Asian beauty that thou shalt remain pale.

        1. Try YouTube search AKB48 beach, you should have it as first hit I think, the song is silly but it has a bunch of Japanese girls dancing in bikinis hehe.
          These girls are famous but they are picked because they are just ordinary girls who want to do this hehe, and they are like a sample of all girls in Japan.
          Last time I was there, was for 2 weeks and in total I counted 2 fat girls in total except for tourists. And outside of temples and tourist areas in Kyoto I saw only 8 westerners, 2 in Kobe, 6 in Osaka, that was it.

        2. Must… go…. Japan…
          BangMany… women…
          plug ears…. and Bang
          and then Bang… More…

        3. As the great Peter Griffin once so deftly noted after binge-watching anime:
          “I don’t get it. Everyone in Japan is either a ten-year-old girl or a monster!”

        4. Hehe for a quick lay go to Roppongi gaijin bars 🙂 in Tokyo. Talk to a girl 5 minutes and go bang her without catching her name, wipe off your dick and go to next bar, repeat,
          Thank me later lol.
          The music is bad, the culture is cool but alien, but the girls… I’m betting if you do go, you will wife one up because you can’t go back to western girls after that.
          At least if you are ok with a girl being noisy hehe, not sure if it’s the bigger dick but they all make a lot of noise in my experience. Or you can plug your ears indeed.

        5. Cursory research leads me to question any tips on places to stay, spots to investigate and those to avoid (‘Kuza and Nigerians?)

        6. That’s what Tor Browser is good for. Most times the anonymous IP will be outside the USA.
          It’s the typical sort of strangeness one expects from Japanese television. This video has beaches, wholesome looking japanese girls and dogs put to music.

        7. Hehe as a honorary Japanese I have to say I’m still some distance from understanding it all but I can say the fabric of life is very intricate and part of how they were able to pull that off and the supermassive industrial rebound after WW2.
          A lot of it is like planting rice I think, you do your best and pour all your resources into something that doesn’t really move in the first month or so… My in laws still grow their own rice and live in a beautiful traditional house right next to their paddies.

        8. Oh, I was referring to their westernization from Commodore Perry’s little incident. But that too.
          Sounds a bit more like the bog-standard rural atmosphere: away from the distractions of the city, one can focus on the things that matter.
          Should I visit Japan, I’m rather tempted to learn a rural dialect. I already had to learn some of the moon-runes for a “diversity” requirement in college.

        9. Wow, I saw both the ones mentioned in the Umeda station in Osaka.
          Still beats the heck out of 3 in 5 fatties here in NL though.

        10. Okayama prefecture for example is what you could call the heartland of traditional Japan, if you know the story of Momotaro, it’s from Okayama. So is my wife ;-).
          I understand Kansai and Okayama dialects best, north of Tokyo or south like Fukuoka not much I catch in terms of understanding.
          But yes, when I stay with my in laws in Okayama I wake up around 5-5:30 every morning to go out and watch the sunrise over the hills and when the golden light spills into the valley below and the rice paddies etc. I can well understand where Zen came from…

    2. I wonder about that as too many Japanese gals have this childlike, curveless body that creeps me out a bit to be honest.
      That they’re all obsessed with cuteness culturally (as opposed to, say, sultriness) doesn’t help.

      1. What do you mean curveless? Most have a nice hip to waist ratio.
        But yes on average they stay a bit childlike until they get old, but that’s natural. A girl is mostly ripe at 13-14, so that’s what Japanese girls look like and for a large part act like.
        My wife is my wife obviously but in general most Japanese girls are interchangeable, they act, look and feel the same for 99%. My wife is asleep but she would agree I’m sure.
        I don’t know how to explain it well but they have a way of submitting without words the moment they enter the room, or decide you are worthy. I have only met one Japanese girl who didn’t and she gave red alert on my dyke radar so not so strange.

        1. To me they have weird, winsome child-like look by and large and that’s the opposite of appealing to me.

        2. Well, as a western guy I would say it’s kind of an acquired taste lol. Virtually all of them are pigeon toed also, and they have a distinctive way of walking that many don’t really like.
          Plus lack of boobage of course, and sort of slightly cartoon like proportions with a big head compared to the body.
          But that said, I like em just fine hehe. The only girls I would say are prettier would be Kazakh and some Chinese. To me now euro girls are just too big and tall and hairy for the most part.

        3. I’ve noticed that Western women when I’m with a Japanese girl generally advert their eyes and pretend not to notice my existence.

        4. Hehe it’s either that or an angry gaze for me. But more than anything they seem to ignore her presence than mine tbh.
          I have literally had women come and try to chat me up while I’m waiting for a bus holding hands with a Japanese girl. I couldn’t believe it at first but it’s happened more than once in similar fashion.
          Doesn’t bother me much.

        5. That’s interesting, it’s almost like you said they feel so threatened that they’re sidestepping your wife to try to give you attention.
          I noticed that guys generally don’t really mind, most of them seem really pleased when they see you with a Japanese girl and usually smile.
          I guess there is more of a consensus now in the West that Western women suck.

        6. Hehe yes indeed, that’s part of the reason for the constant bullshit line “only guys who are losers and can’t get European/US girls go for Asians”. I should have a friend video me going into a bar and picking up whatever random euro chick he picks, I did it as a bet once but no video of it…
          Well, I have a Swedish girl as a side, but I’d never ever marry her or something like that even if I was single. They are starting to catch on that they are just temporary cumdumpsters for men with game and brains and value.
          I’m releasing the swede very soon, the only thing I really like about her is her figure and rack, she’s about a 9 but is a tattooed cock carousel rider with fake boobs, but I’m tired of listening to her incessant yapping about parties and drinking and just irrelevant shit.
          I’m going to have to find a Japanese side dish I think because western girls are starting to really annoy the shit out of me, and I can’t stand EE girls – the feminine ones have this idiotic way of speaking that is like sandpaper to my eardrums. And they have the blowfish effect also, touch them and they balloon in no time…

        7. I love it when Western men talk about how much of a “challenge” white women are which basically comes down to psychological dysfunction.
          Also Western women are like you said, blowfishes. They look best at around 20 then deteriorate from there. Of course they waste this time cock teasing and screwing around with unobtainable guys for novelty then hit their 30’s and are basically haggard(But of course expect marriage at this age along with being more entitled, jaded and bitter, ugh). Unlike Japanese girls who actually look good into their 40’s.

        8. Also I’m sure that somewhere in the West is a wife material, white woman. . . perhaps. . .? ah, probably not.

        9. Biggest problem with that is you get no guarantee… If you find a chaste well raised European or US 20yo, 2years down the line she will have Facebook and Instagram and start getting the wrong kind of attention, and a girl will come along and tell her she needs to get out and have fun… And your investment goes to zero and then negative when she gets bigger tingles from some pierced drug dealing Arab or African thug, and leaves you.
          To me, if a culture is like the western culture is, the women are negative in worth, and God forbid you have daughters with her, they will take after mommy.
          I would not even consider marrying a western girl no matter how good it seems. I have been proposed to by a 22yo Dutch model I lived with when I was 27, she was actually a virgin before me too, but fucking hell I’m happy I didn’t go for it and left her instead a some time after that. It was all set up, her parents were in on it and I’d met the whole extended family and lived with her and been a good provider for 2yrs paying her way through school etc.
          I don’t have a single regret about any of the bitches I dumped for pressing me for a ring without being close to worth it.
          That was my last eurogirl except Scandinavians and EE… And EE I only had a half polish half Indonesian I think she was, don’t remember anymore. Something like that.
          I know you don’t like “cheating” but I’ve never been monogamous and every girl I’ve been with knew it or OK’d it. It’s not natural for men.
          Hihi I should add I met the Dutch model when she was jailbait… But I didn’t go for it then, only like 4 yrs later when she contacted me again saying she couldn’t get me out of her mind.

        10. Yeah, you’re probably right. I get oneitis really quickly then wonder why things go to hell. I find that if I have options even if the other woman has no idea it helps keep things relaxed and things seem to go better. It’s almost like girls can sense if you’re desperate or not. I am not sure if practice would help though as if I am talking to too many girls I tend to get a little confused and mix them up a bit or neglect one or the other.
          Not really sure what to do about that but you’re right in that life isn’t a beta fairy tale. It’s brutal and the only people that are eternal optimists are women because in their younger years they can afford to be without facing the harsh realities of life.

        11. You have to shake the oneitis it’s what women smell and that makes them stray.
          I am always chatting up girls, loosely and playfully mostly, but I never stop it. I think I average between 2-4 girls I could fuck by just asking them out for a few drinks and taking them home. For me 3-4 is max, more and I lose track and fuck up and lose em.
          Try balancing two or so, see if you find your zone for it.
          You don’t have to sleep with both per se but keep that open always and watch how you behave. Random declarations of love or undying devotion etc are for books written for women not real life, and anything going that way the same.
          It’s only harsh if you don’t play the game the right way. If you play like a pro it becomes the most natural thing there is. And girls know how to pick the winners, it’s built into them from birth I think. Be that winner, and all the bad feelings will fade and sooner than you’d think you will be laughing about your old ideas.
          Girls don’t want you to devote yourself to them, they know deep down that’s the mark of a loser… And when you have one locked, don’t feel like you can relax, a man never can. You have to be the apex predator always ready for your prey, so stay sharp, in shape, dress well, keep chatting women up, and for the one you lock down always have a backup plan and assume you will need it.
          It sounds corny but women sell their souls for one night of passion with a winner.

        12. Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind. I’ve noticed that women are often more receptive towards me when I back off them a bit and am a little colder. You’re probably right it’s the defacto form of behaviour for men really. Anything else is just supplication which isn’t attractive at all. I’ll start with two like you said and just see how it goes.

      1. Hehe the fact that even if they speak English you still don’t understand them in my opinion adds mystique to them lol. I have no clue what goes on in their heads but I know when it’s safe to fuck them… Which in general is anytime if she lets you in up close without serious protest. The one main thing is they don’t really have a will of their own, so you as a man have to give them a purpose and a will.

  1. It takes discipline and perseverance to stay lean when food is plentiful and readily available. Fat on men and women spells lazy to me, save for those very rare few with genuine genetic metabolic disorders.

    1. You’re right, and I fully subscribe to life long fitness. It improves your energy levels, ability to handle stress, confidence, and aesthetic appeal. Who doesn’t want to be regarded as attractive? That said, I don’t exercise for the sole purpose of “snagging/keeping” my “high quality” man. And I certainly don’t exercise so that some horny tourists will think highly of my country. What rubbish!

      1. “I don’t exercise for the sole purpose of “snagging/keeping” my “high quality” man.”
        That should be one of many reasons for a woman to maintain a healthy weight.

    2. The elephant in the room here is exactly that — food. Specifically PROCESSED food, which is the devil incarnate. I keep myself lean and mean by eating all organic whole foods, that I cook myself, with coconut oil, olive oil, butter, etc. With that diet, it’s embarrassing how little exercise I need to maintain four-pack abs. BTW I’m forty, so it’s not a young man’s game either. It’s for life.
      tl;dr Good health is made in the kitchen first.

      1. Right! My grandpa died at 80, but he ate well and had a lean, strong physique with decent biceps for an old guy. He was always busy every day fixing stuff even if it wasn’t broken. That’s the key. Eat well and MOVE YOUR BODY!

      1. Goodish body but shitty taste, extremely ill fitting shoes, but I prefer ribs showing over abs to be honest. A girl shouldn’t look like a fucking marathon runner.

        1. It’s inevitable in a time where many women have huge jaws, large hands and feet, a baritone voice putting James Earl Jones to shame, and backs as wide as a barn door.

  2. The cure for this is only date women who are fit. Reject others who aren’t and nature will sort it out for us.

      1. It breeds more competition in men and women a fatty gets rejected enough, they’ll either keel over or get fit.
        Both answers are win win

      2. The fatter the women, the more men compete and the more spoiled women become. Then the fatter they become and the men are called on to be even more competitive. Now men must be motorcycle bad boy convicts yet also accountants while taking in about 300 grams of protein a day to be 210 with 7% bf, all for women who don’t even go for walks. Go to Latin America and bikini model females are walking around with slobs who work as butchers or something and go around with shit stained boxer shorts. It’s the opposite down there. Asia has incredible women for the guys who are 5’9 135 with about 65% bf and less testosterone than their girlfriends. Anglo men are so screwed. If an Anglo doesn’t know that by now then he’s rightfully being shafted by this world.

    1. While I agree totally, it’s also a recipe for celibacy.
      Not that celibacy is a bad thing when whales overrun the sexual seas.

      1. Why put your self in the loosing bracket already?
        Men are born out of competition, you get no price for just participating. We should not think like girls or children. Competition breeds greatness!
        My first rule is anything above 50kg I just won’t talk to, let alone fuck.

        1. Do you have a height bracket for your weight limit? I only ask because 110lbs on a 5’10 5’11 frame can end up looking mannish and sickly on some.

        2. Proportions are important! Even fun things like a great big bust or butt can look odd if they don’t match the rest of your body.

        3. I don’t go for girls taller than I guess maybe 5’4″ max or so. My wife is 5′ even, I’m 6′ even. My wife is currently pregnant and still just below 50kg, but she will go above it I suppose for a while.
          I know a lot of the media hype now is for Kim K types but to me she is fat and looks like a freak, would not bang. Likewise with the fashion models, some of them look like spiders with those bone only legs.
          The thing is I started with the 50kg rule just because it is a bit bordering ridiculous, just to see if I could score with that rule also, and I can. Current interest on the side is 5’1″ and 45kg…

        4. I thought a big set of boobs was the holy grail when I was younger, but after being with a girl who was very big chested, like FF specially made bras etc I have to say it’s not all that cool.
          Now to me it’s mostly about how a girl holds herself and hips to waist to shoulders ratio to height. I have to say I’m not too big of a fan of long legged girls either, I’m living in NL so I see a lot of them around.
          There is like a magical formula that is “right”, at least for me, and girls who fit that formula are also a fit in bed from a mechanical standpoint.
          I see these couples where both are balloon shaped and can’t help but wonder how they manage in the bedroom.

        5. Thanks for your answer! I figured there were some height requirements as well, since most guys don’t prefer the “near death model” look. You like petite, fuck media. Likr what you like, you have to fuck it after all.
          And congratulations!

        6. Wow sorry to hear that. I can see why he’s ex… But I can imagine it doesn’t work in the bedroom.
          My go to joke for fat guys is asking when they last saw their dick and if they are sure they still have one without being able to look.
          They don’t appreciate it needless to say but usually make a face that makes me laugh and chuckle for a good 10min.

        7. For that and lots of other reasons.
          Your joke is the truth. He use to have to lift up his stomach for me to suck his dick.
          You can’t make this shit up.

        8. Fucking hell! Hahahahagahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
          I’m not laughing at you but your ex… How the hell does he look at himself in the mirror and think that’s OK?
          I’m unable to understand this thing… I’m the same weight at 38yo as I was at 16yo when I reached my adult height.

        9. He’s a narcissist. He thinks everything he does is “ok”. That none of the rules apply to him. He was always sick in the head, I was just young and dumb and didn’t see it until it was too late.
          Live and learn 😊

        10. Yep, I always kept this in mind while dating and mention as much to the nephew when he talks about girls. Besides, he needs to get off the gaming and hit the gym.

        11. I stay away from fat people because of one simple reason:
          If someone cannot take care and pay attention to their own health, they will do the same with their business and interpersonal relationships.

        12. Haven’t banged Croatian pussy yet, but what I have seen looks good but I can’t understand a word they are saying lol.
          You gotta be pretty tall to easily maneuver a 5’11” girl in bed I’d think, I haven’t actually banged anyone that tall because it is a turn off for me. Tallest would be 5’7″ as far as I can remember.

        13. Ah, you should make a go for it! There’s nothing like longdicking a tall Croatian on a Dubrovnik hotel balcony.

        14. I was married to a narcissist too. Like you, I didn’t see it until it was too late. There should be a national narcissist registry the same way there’s a national sex offender registry.

      2. The way I see it is that she has to be worth my time and money. I’m not really doing one nighters, as they’re too risky to me, and short term fuck fests inevitably result in too much grief at the end from them. So, I don’t date anyone who I can’t see a good chance of being the one I end up with, because it’s just not worth my evenings, or my money.
        Sure, I’d love to have a great woman as mine, but a lesser woman is actually worth less than being single. I can eat what I want, do what I want when I want, buy what I want (and only what I want), and no one can disagree with me because no one is fucking there. I have some friends, but always could use more, but a significant relationship needs to give me at least as much as I put in, otherwise it’s not worth my effort.
        Women HATE this reasoning because it’s a reflection of the power dynamic shifting from hot girls (15-30) to powerful men (25-40).

        1. Ah, but this will change once you lock down the one for breeding lol.
          Then you will still want to stick your dick into something other than “old faithful” but your criteria won’t include sifting for wife material, maybe like me even the opposite.

        2. Not me. Any girl I’d take for mine would have to be absolutely loyal (which is why I won’t find one; nawalt, but all the ones who were not married by 21 ARE like that), but, if I DID find her, I’d have to be that way, too; it’s a question of moral standing.

        3. I’m not for equality, so I require 100% fidelity from my wife but do not offer it in return, but also my wife doesn’t want it. She prefers that I stay competitive and hunting and get my kicks outside of home.
          So I get my freak on with tattooed pierced cock carousel riding sluts but have my wife at home as nature made her, she doesn’t even have earlobe piercings.
          Different philosophy about marriage I suppose 😉

        4. If you understood how this works it would make sense to you but I suppose you don’t.
          I am not your average guy, and that is quite clear to anyone who sees me in person.
          And actually no girl except I think maybe the first girlfriend I had expected me to be 100% faithful. Most, like my wife, tell me what they expect, like don’t bring it home etc.
          My wife doesn’t want me to feel caged or limited, because she loves me for the way I am when unrestricted.

        5. Ok. Means your wife also can cheat on you but not to bring at home?
          Anyway if she is ok with it why not.

        6. I’m not for equality lol, if she so much as meets another man without me saying OK I will kick her out, and she knows that.
          We don’t have or need to have the same rules for eachother. That would just be stupid.
          And actually she is the one who wanted me to never promise to be faithful. She literally told me very clearly she didn’t want that. She knows I would be capable of it but she prefers me to not be and keep my game good with other girls.
          My wife gains from it a husband who is always high T, always well dressed and groomed, and always top game and frame.

        7. You may, I’m not sure exactly how to answer it however, I was born in Sweden but I’ve never held Swedish nationality, and I left when I was about 10 or 11.

        8. Haven’t found a European woman worth the investment, and I figured I should get started on a family before 40, and I always liked Japanese girls. In Japan I had no trouble finding a girl with no sexual history from a traditional home, who had siblings growing up and has her parents still married.
          All the European girls I meet are fine for casual girlfriend but not remotely close to wife material. Not for me or anyone else.

        9. Nope, very wealthy family, her dad drives a big Jaguar and her mom a brand new VW golf or polo, they own a bunch of land and their house is very big and nice, air conditioning separately for each room which I think is a bit overkill but it’s their business. Her father is an engineer and her mother is in local government health care sector, she was trained as a nurse I think. Why are you asking?

        10. Hardly, I know why you ask, I was just wondering if you knew or were honest enough to admit why, but you weren’t.
          I’m guessing you are from somewhere in Europe, and to you all guys who get wives from abroad must be poaching really poor girls from shitty countries who get married just to get out but that’s so far from reality it is stupid to even entertain that kind of ideas.
          European girls are absolutely worthless scum for the most part, and no self respecting guy would take them for a wife. My cousins wife is Vietnamese, his fathers wife is mainland Chinese. If you want to marry for keeps, you marry an Asian girl.

        11. Ok . Be happy.
          What for to criticize all?. If all European and American women are so bad how they get married, have children and are happy…
          Can get woman from anywhere. Your choice.

        12. American and European women do not get married much, even few have children and from what I hear very very very few are happy.
          They are stupid enough to think we are equal, they are stupid enough to think they can and should have a career and children at the same time etc etc.
          the Western European civilization was the greatest on earth until we men being stupid and thinking with our dicks gave in to women voting. Then women blew it all up of course and now white men are the scourge of the earth somehow.

        13. In Japan women do not vote?
          In my environment married couples I know are happy. If you see other examples it doesn’t mean that all are so bad and are not happy.

        14. I look beyond people I know personally and look at statistics of scale.
          In Japan right now women can vote but generally vote what their male custodian says to vote for, so my wife has voted for LDP only. Before me because of her father, then because of me.
          This party intends to have the constitution changed and to slowly roll back rights for women to where they again become property of their husbands like it used to be in Japan. I had a long talk with my wife about it since the LDP just won the election and she doesn’t mind it even close to as much as I thought she might.
          To her, if that’s what men think is best then it must be so.

        15. My current girl told me that the important thing is that she doesn’t know about outside girls. High-value males hear this a lot. I know it sounds impossible to most guys, who are shamed into monogamy, but there really are two different rulebooks — one for alpha and one for beta.
          Example: My current girl found a pair of crusty panties in my bedroom in December. I held frame, stayed relaxed, and explained that was left by a girl I slept with in July. (That’s true.)
          “But we were seeing each other in July!” she said.
          I explained that I was finished with outside women (mostly true) and that I had selected her over all the others (also true). My girl was upset that she’d found out about another plate but then got over it. It took about a day.
          This is only possible with frame and alphatude.

        16. Do you think if women don’t vote it will solve all problems?
          Personally me, I don’t vote at all. Most of my friends girls also don’t do it or support their husbands. Not a big deal.
          I don’t care about politics because most of them are bastards.
          But I care about other values.
          I would not live with a man who cheats on me or lies. This is my choice.
          For some women cheating is not a big deal. Even there are men who don’t care if their wives cheat on them.
          We make our choice.
          More than that , we always get payback for all our actions or our children will pay.
          We all have our own persuasions and live like we want.

        17. I don’t know anymore, one Japanese girl came to NZ but didn’t want to meet me on the weekend so I deleted her off LINE then another that I was going to visit in Kagoshima was extremely spotty in talking to me but wanted me to do all manner of things for her.
          I just deleted my LINE account, I’m not going to bother to get a Japanese girl anymore as miscegenation is odd anyway and the girls are just as much gold diggers as white girls.
          If I don’t find a decent white woman, I’ll just stay single. I don’t really care.

        18. Hahahahahahaha you say you don’t want to live with a man who cheats and next line says for some women cheating is not a big deal…?
          I am going to stop fucking talking to women because you are simply too stupid to uphold a goddam conversation with.
          The kind of men who don’t care if their woman is fucked by someone else has a name, it’s called pimp, you know like the rap song?
          You make your choice on to lie left or right side down in the mud, yeah, cool, payback actions, sounds progressive now.. FUCK OFF!

        19. fundamentalist Christian then huh?
          Explain to me how I’m cheating when my wife likes me interacting and flirting with many girls and has told me she wants me to stay sharp and even offered to pay for a “massage” that was clearly a sex service…

        20. Your choice, but there are good Japanese girls out there.
          Chatting they often have long delays in answering but like everything else ask for their number and call.
          Realistic is going amount to about 50:1 ratio or close, meaning 50 shitty flakes before a good one.
          That’s a lot better than Europe or USA which is 150.000flakes to a good on…

        21. Yeah, but the Japanese are so goddamn weird. I think I’ll just forgo dating altogether and do something interesting with my life.
          On LINE you can make calls via data. Just about everyone in Japan who I talked to seems to be using it. I just don’t really want to be involved with any of this anymore.

        22. Again it’s your choice. My baby is going to be born around the 15th of December and my wife is doing what I expected of her, except she decided she is not getting a part time job at all hehe. I’m not very surprised of that.
          I never said Japanese girls are for everyone, and yes they are weird, They are wired differently than westerners are, but to me that is an advantage.
          In my case I hit jackpot,because I knew a lot about Japanese culture before I went there I had a rather easy time

        23. Well, I went on a date with one of them and when she found out I wasn’t basically a millionaire with a huge house she just wanted to be friends with me. She did change her mind later but by then I was talking to the 24 year old from Kagoshima.
          The 24 year old started out well enough, she was calling me and video chatting every other night but her communication became more and more infrequent and her demands got worse and worse. She kept accusing me of all kinds of things as well.
          The other woman, who came to visit NZ was from Tokyo, she was old, 37. First she was going to visit my city and then she couldn’t make it so wanted me to go and see her but didn’t want to meet on the weekend as she was meeting friends so only the work week which I declined.
          To me the women seem just like Westerners except more neotonous like children. The 24 year old was so strange, I couldn’t get a conversation out of her but she wanted to live with me and kept going on about kissing me. So super strange.

        24. Sorry, didn’t mean to attack you personally either. I guess I just became frustrated and I’ve got the flu. Not really an excuse though, I apologise.
          A lot of white guys I know talk about how sneaky East Asian women are and there’s a lot of anti-Chinese sentiment at the moment due to collapsing trade deals. So this could fuel a fair amount of animosity I guess.

        25. If my wife leaves me I can replace her within 4 weeks lol.
          Having a sort of standardized wife has advantages lol. My wife knows damn well I can more or less pick any girl I meet in Japan to replace her.
          But she also knows there would be a cost to doing so, both to her and to me, and she has never made any leaving kind of noises.

        26. First: Hehe don’t tell how much you are worth man, ever to a girl, not a Jap or any other girl for that matter.

        27. To be fair, I remember you did say it took you around 30 girls to find the right one. I only really spoke with 4 or 5 so far.

        28. Third, when you talk to girls you are the fucking king of the universe and nothing less, if a girl flakes on you call a curse on her bloodline

        29. Question is if you wanna be “a lot of guys” or a winner for your own sake.
          Politics are bullshit, if you can’t handle that then forget about a foreign bride. That’s granit hard right there.
          Don’t listen to cocksucking whiners, I bet none of those guys would be able to stand up for 60sec with me in the ring. Pussies, wankers, wannabees and pussies all of them.
          If you can’t find a girl good enough to marry you just done failed at this big game called life. That’s it. No excuses or second chances.

        30. Don’t sweat it, took me almost a year to find my wife, and a lot of careful tinkering hehe.
          The thing is if a Japanese girl is sorta not there or slow after a week of chatting, move on.
          The market is filled with girls who want English lessons more or less in return for attention and naughty pictures

        31. Haha, I’ll stay away from girls with dogs too. They’re really suspect. And you’re right, there I was getting all worried when basically I had too many already messaging me. I have to move away from the beta type thinking of monogamy. I don’t owe any of them anything until they prove themselves.

        32. Good, yeah stop thinking like a beta lol. I get a bad rap for sleeping around but it’s because I’m the only one who admits it

        33. Hehehe, if you want a Japanese girl, strange shit will somehow come out of her even 20yrs later…
          But basically the same principles apply, if she makes you work for it too much she’s a flake. If you can make a Japanese woman sing like an instrument when you fuck her properly she will never leave you. She is yours to keep.
          I went down the much less trodden path, which meant a lot of temples and a lot of prayer, and then I went to her parents home and then I married her and finally give the full legit right to her body hehe and less than 2months after the wedding she became pregnant with our firing child,

        34. Haha, I’m going to look around OKCupid and the local dating sites and see if I can find a few here first. That’s how I met あすか . If I have to go further afield they had better damn work for it.
          The girl in Kagoshima was also taking a mysterious trip to France that she wasn’t really telling me about so she was suspect from day 1 really. Like everything it’s practice really but the important thing is to realise your value and not let them dictate the rules of the relationship or the engagement. There’s a few around for sure.

        35. Double standards.
          Do you have a daughter?
          If yes. Tell me if her husband would cheat on her you as a father would be ok with it?
          I guess the answer will be “yes”.

        36. Men who cheat on their wives are persuaded they are Alpha males.
          Every woman is somebody’s daughter, wife, mother. Would they be so brave If their fathers did it to their mothers or husbands of their daughters . Usually cheat weak people or who is sluts by the nature.
          I read some comments and I wonder how people who are very far from being perfect want religious wives. Maybe they don’t know that in this topic men and women are equal.
          Cheating is a mortal sin that God doesn’t forgive.
          For every bad thing we do to other people we will get a payback or our children.

        37. Think if people will not vote it will solve all problems? LOL
          In my country doesn’t matter if we vote or not. Government is very corrupted.

        38. Heh good riddance to Kagoshima girl I would say.
          The thing is few average people in Japan date online so you get a large proportion of freak shit.
          A random trip to France for me would be a nogo where I wouldn’t even bother ever writing her back.
          But yes you should define what the rules are, any girl trying to is shit testing you or an idiot you don’t want anything to do with.
          Hold frame and don’t be swayed by cute girls lol 🙂 there are enough good ones out there still.

        39. I spoke with the first girl last night, she has two jobs now and seems proud of it pulling 60 hour weeks. I guess she needs the money or something. 10 hours a day is a lot of hours working in kitchens etc.
          But yeah, the girl from Kagoshima was sketchy at best. Particularly with her demands. I suspect she’s just spoiled, maybe had a few other guys she was talking to and wanted to see who she liked best. By the time I deleted her off LINE, she basically was just reading my messages and not replying unless I threatened to remove her. She was very odd though even for someone who couldn’t speak English well. Varying from overly affectionate to extremely closed and cold in a manner of minutes. I didn’t understand her at all.
          Currently I am just looking at getting a better job, working in software development like you are. I don’t really earn a lot at the moment so hopefully I can get something more stable and worthwhile. I’ll just keep trying with dating and you’re right, a week is a good rule of thumb really and if they start playing up they’re out the door.

        40. Naah, next her. She must need money badly and that’s a big ass red flag if I ever saw one. Look for a simple girl, :-). Remember your home should be your stable point.
          My wife made just beautiful curry for dinner, I went to the office and then worked from home remote until about 21:45 and my wife waited until I was done. She is a simple girl, she has very high IQ but she doesn’t have a real way to apply it to anything but her school studies, she was class no1 always lol.

        41. You don’t really owe them anything even if they prove themselves, you have to change your view of the market. Think of it this way, you are up in a high tower and looking down on a field of nothing but hairy Asian pussies. You can pick any of them, but strongly urge to pick very carefully and remember what I’ve said and Roosh and others too. Get a virgin or as close to it as you can…
          Seriously a slightly chubby virgin is much much better than a toned bartender with 20notches.
          Most men in the west have lost this sense, but we need to get it back ready rigidly fucking tick of we will en up a fart in the pages of a history book no one reads any more…

        42. Sounds great, I am at home with the flu but will probably apply for a few jobs and work on my personal projects.
          Yeah, you’re right, I think too much travelling is a red flag as well like the girl in Auckland that is working. Apparently last year she lived in Australia in some type of boarding/party house so that’s another red flag for her.
          The 37 year old was pretty nice looking for her age but she told me she had a lot of family issues growing up, also she always had problems either with family or her ex fiance, no father etc so she was extremely suspect. The fact that she didn’t put any time into meeting me either but wanted me to chase her around was another red flag, it did make me wonder. Too old as well.
          Kagoshima girl basically wanted me to spend over $3000 to go and see her and she would give me basically nothing in return except the fact she “liked” me. Well any girl can say that and I don’t have to spend $3000.
          I’ll just be patient and keep trying. The right girl will come along at some point.

        43. Hehe well, I spent a few months vetting and talking to my now wife before I visited her.
          Also I knew she would be a bang if nothing else hehe, but When I met her and saw everything she said was true I decided she was better than that and didn’t bang her, and instead had a series of fancy dates and just cuddling and sleeping together in the same bed. But for her also she kind of upgraded her expectations of me, because until me she had never met a foreigner who knew more than most Japanese about the culture and traditions etc, and I’m better with chopsticks than she is or her parents hehe.
          Upgraded expectation in the sense that I wanted to marry her, no bulkshit cohabitation. And I was prepared to and did meet and stay with her parents, something even her sisters husband never did.
          And every morning at 6:15 her dad got out to check for the newspaper and was greeted by me sitting on a big rock they have in the garden…
          Because of how I act and what I know I am sort of samurai class in Japan. I don’t know how it works but it does.

        44. I think I’ll have to improve my Japanese skills. Particularly with Kanji and Katakana.
          Just got another chat request from a Chinese girl on world friends, lol. I just ignore them now but it’s interesting.
          I’ll probably work on my profile a bit, fix it up as it’s not very good at the moment. And put some decent pictures on it.

        45. If you want to improve something meaningful you should be studying verbal stuff.
          That’s what I do all the time, and my wife usually doesn’t even notice but we often go hours with just Japanese.
          You need to train your ears for some parts of it, as well as how you pronounce things…

        46. There’s a NATURAL transition from the 20’s to the 30’s for men…when you’re in your late teens and early 20’s, you’re figuring out shit…especially HOW to get laid…women are in control. However, there’s this power shift, as you become more successful, and they age, the men are suddenly in control. It lasts for decades!

        47. So I met two new Japanese girls on World friends last night.
          I am back on LINE(seems to be a requirement) and both seem fairly sane and normal. I’m putting Kagoshima girl down to one of those strange quiet but passive-aggressive people, they seem to exist in the West as well and are not indicative of the personalities of most of Japan.
          Both girls are a little older around about my age but that doesn’t seem to be necessarily a bad thing rather than getting a little girl. So yeah for now I’ll just play it by ear and see what happens but thanks for the encouragement.

        48. Unmarried by21 doesn’t guarantee slut. One in a million is a reclusive research scientist with no time for love. Also many married by 21 were sluts and remain so.

    1. Once upon a time it was wrong to poke fun at asians, blacks, fat people, retards, geeks with glasses, etc.etc. and that was a noble and human way of thinking…. we don’t need unpleasant school bully types….. then it morphed into an anti version of the same thing…..
      Now if you are ugly, black, asian, fat…. etc…. you almost have an advatnage which is absurd…..

      1. Almost? They do, no doubt.
        Well, not so much Asians as they’ve lost much of their Affirmative Action advantage in school admissions.

    2. everyone keeps saying women aren’t logical and are guided by emotions. How about women using strategy and manipulation to land a guy? That requires logic. I’ve seen women do this with controlled skill like a con artist. It’s how gold diggers operate. I worked with a gold digger whose favorite saying was ‘no emotional investment’ she targeted nerdy older men who she knew she would never be interested in so she could do what she had to do (pretend to like them, sleep with them) so she could get whatever she could out of them and not be hurt if they moved on. She was a self absorbed bitch but she wasn’t swayed by her emotions and in fact repressed them to get what she wanted.

      1. That poses an interesting question: Does the suppression of emotion necessarily mean you’re thinking logically? I’m not saying women can never act logically, but rather their knee jerk reaction is typically an emotional one. In the case of this article, try logically explaining to a woman why they should consider losing weight. Most will get offended and blow up at you (after all, the two things you’re never supposed to ask a woman is their age and their weight).

      2. Logic is just the method of a system. As Godel proved, all logic systems are ultimately conflicted. There is something more than logic. We all select timeframe and foundational rules (axioms) that we use logic from. Women’s logic, as I gather from this site, is applied with a basis of solipsism … subjective and inward facing. Men’s logic is applied to idealism … objective and outward facing.

  3. Do your part and shame a fat fuck today.
    The only way to change the status quo, especially for women is to viciously mock and relentlessly shame.
    If you aren’t doin this shit YOU ARE PART OF THE FUCKING PROBLEM.
    Point fingers, laugh, abusively mock. These are the only things that cause women to change their behavior.

    1. I wish some lawmaker would sponsor a bill that would allow the nutrition police to raid people’s homes and broadcast the contents of their refrigerators on a website for public shaming.
      That would be followed by mandatory remedial cooking classes.

    2. Hey man, I used to shame fat chicks, especially those that gave attitude and cock blocked me. I’d tell them in front of their friends that they could use to lose 40 lbs. The result: fat fuglies are still invading my spaces and I’m now considered a major league asshole by the staff.
      I can’t say the hogs I shamed ever lost a pound, but I”m sure they’ll remember the asshole who shattered their fragile self esteem built on the foundation of hundreds of stupid facebook comments telling her how beautiful her fat rolls are.

        1. Nah.
          I accept that in a PC world I’m an asshole, a villain, as another RoK article referred to. Hell, I’m proud that I’m the asshole in the kingdom of the Americunt and beta-boy white knight.
          And, I’ve got game!

      1. Maybe you should troll them with irony.
        You carry that weight really well?
        That double chin suits you?

        1. I endorse thos message.
          Kill em with kindness. Sharp ironic kindness.
          That stuff hits a woman so hard.

    3. Thoughts: the best thing to do as a lady is just give a nasty look to a fatty. Women don’t even need to say mean things to other women to make them cry. On #3 in this article being an attractive woman will not help you as a lot of HR are women and hambeasts and don’t want competition for any office D. It truly baffles me when women just eat whatever they want all the time. You can eat your fast food if it’s the only thing you’re eating in an entire day. I don’t get how someone can have like a stack of pancakes + latte for breakfast, some office birthday cake at 11 am, a full big ass sandwich and chips for lunch, a granola bar at 3 pm, and then like a goddamn half a frozen pizza and ice cream all in the same day? How are you not doubled over in pain? And this is considered normal eating here and if you refuse that cake in the morning you’re “anorexic” and have problems. The food pyramid here is also a joke, who the hell needs 6-11 servings of carbs in a fucking day!!! That’s 600-1100 calories from things people totally overlook and add other food onto. It’s gross. It’s not like these ladies are training for the marathon or even hitting the gym to do more than huff and puff on the elliptical for 10 minutes then take a selfie for instagram to pretend they’re in shape.

      1. Perhaps a look will do among women but this is not just for women. It’s for the betterment of society as a whole. You should tell them just exactly how you feel just like you did here.
        But I know that is not the nature of women and my advice is primarily for males who are the creators and builders of civilization. Instead of creating and growing that civilization women give birth to it.

      2. Much female aggression is intrasexual competition. IE if you are too pretty and especially if your dress too pretty or sexy you can earn the ire of other women who fear your effectiveness. (I won’t say what stupid things men do),
        I wonder what the pay of is in fat shaming a fatty for a woman? Is it altruism toward the fatty, to get her to shape up or is it a bonding exercise or a final crushing or saying I have the power?
        Having Beauty around is its own reward. I don’t like flabby, uncouth or poorly dressed men.
        Incidentally food pyramid is dead, died long ago. Governments food advice was completely wrong, they’ve abandoned it themselves.

      3. When I see fat people at least jogging or something I feel that they are doing something about their weight. It’s when I see fat people inhaling entire buffet counters with this self righteous look almost daring someone to say something, that really irks me. We’re not all going to look like models but this body acceptance of a 750lb person who can’t get out of bed and needs someone to wipe their ass is going too far with what we should be accepting. If firemen have to cut out the front wall of a house so paramedics can get someone to the hospital are we supposed to accept that? ‘Love your body’means take fucking care of it.

    1. A company named Blue Q makes magnets amon other things and has that pic on a magnet with the caption
      “How to spot a rich guy”.

    1. Unfortunately the No Excuse mom sucked so bad on that American Grit show. She was actually willing to leave her kids behind just to stay on the show. Personally, while she is fit, she’s better off just staying home and actually watch over her kids.
      Also, Bethenny is a neurotic PMS freak. Glad her show went off the air. I just wanted to punch her in the face.

  4. LMAO!!!!
    Much like a billionaire assessing the worthiness of a prized racing stallion, I will absolutely have to get a clear view of a girl’s teeth before sealing the deal.
    Idunno what the problem seems to be with dental hygiene… maybe its drugs, but either way its entirely indicative of a multitude of underlying issues.

    1. I had my wife do a full medical etc before meeting her in person even. It’s common sense to do so, you have to understand that the reality of wifing up a girl is an investment in her potential to bring you healthy children.
      The way I approached it was to do one myself and tell her about it, she got the hint and did the same. When you marry you have an obligation to your future children to pick your wife well in every sense that affects your future children.

      1. While I have my future wife already in mind, I would still consider a healthy set of teeth entirely vital to even just casual banging.
        For the same reason I’ve never understood the “just put a bag over it” mentality, I cannot and will not look past a nasty decrepit bear trap.
        Plus I like jamming my damn dick in there!!! No fckin way.

        1. Ever have a BJ from a girl with a ornamented gob?
          Lol! I had one from a girl with lip and tongue piercings plus even a golden heart grafted onto her front tooth.
          Can’t say it did anything other than increase the freak factor of it haha.

        2. Piercings yes, gold tooth? Not a keeper but sure, why not?
          I’m a fan of visual variety myself.
          The strangest thing to me has been the multitude of women I’ve come across who seem to have this entirely baffling notion that a tongue piercing would feel better on a dude’s dick.
          Dumb turkeys…

        3. Hehe I never really got that either, I have tried but I can’t say I feel any real difference between an un pierced girl and one with a tongue stud even with the rubber stimulator thing on the stud.
          Anyway she didn’t have a gold tooth, she had a golden heart grafted onto her tooth, her parents were dentists. I have never seen it before or after her. It was like a small gold 3mm or so golden heart that was bonded somehow to her front tooth.
          She was too chubby for a keeper anyway, but well, free BJ is just winning…

        4. I knew what you meant lol.
          I’ve seen one, it was a skull.
          That aside, I’ve even had girls with vibrating tongue rings.
          Dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of. Dicks don’t work that way.

        5. Haha drunk as fuck, could barely walk. She was my cousins ex, he dumped her that evening lol. But actually if looked through the lens of feminist rape views yeah, I was raped, I actually wanted just to crash and sleep but she kept trying to have sex with me and then blow me and trying to have sex again.
          But me being me I don’t really mind, haha, it was just awkward to wake up etc since I brought her to a room I rented from her exes mother… Who didn’t know she and my cousin had broken up lol!

        6. AGREED!
          But I shit you not, I’ve had multiple partners get the brilliant idea that they were…

      2. Can you explain how you had your wife get a full medical exam before even meeting her? Did you meet her online? And told her to get the medical exam before you would meet her?

        1. As I said “Much like a billionaire assessing the worthiness of a prized racing stallion.”

        2. Yes I met her online, and yes I got her to do a full medical before meeting her.
          The understanding was that we will marry from the start, not some hookup thing. I didn’t even have sex with her until after we were married. I was looking for a wife, and she was looking for a husband.
          We exchanged academic and work history, health information, general background and family background etc, and she printed it all to show her parents even before I visited to seal it.
          Nothing beats teaching a girl from the ground up what you like and how you want to have it 😀 and knowing she is only yours.

        3. Hat tip to the strong frame. Well done. What you did was extreme but it will pay off in the long run.

        4. It’s already paying off, less than 2 months after we got married she became pregnant, and she is incredibly healthy and so is our baby.
          I have zero tolerance or respect for people who roll the dice on this kind of things, I may sometimes play fast and loose but never about my family.

        5. Yeah, I rolled the dice and lost, but have learned my lesson. (No kids fortunately.) I’m not inclined to be married again but would follow your lead if I ever wanted to try a second time.
          In addition to your requirements, I would also add that she would need to have less than three total prior sexual partners, be under age 25, and submit to a psychological exam to find any potential mental illnesses.

        6. I would say 1 to zero sexual partners should be a hard requirement. The age I would relax unless you plan on 10 children or so.
          I’m dead serious, if you have granite level frame you can get a Chinese 9-10 looks girl who is 27-28yo and virgin, I did but I found the constant attention craving a bit too much.

        7. As Rick Ross insisted in his Play Your Part single, even just
          “To love a Bitch is to roll the dice.”
          A wise man would plan accordingly and afford such minimal opportunity for disappointment when choosing a mate.

    2. Teeth health is, for the most part, very hereditary. So it would make sense that it is important to you. Especially if you were going to breed with her.

      1. More importantly, I don’t want to engage in ‘close contact’ with someone whose lovely face sports a rotten, infested cavern.
        But yes, all the more important a standard for the future luckiest-woman-alive.

  5. After not caving in to the slimebucket’s mewling, Protein World’s sales shot up by a million dollars. Excellent way to stand your ground and reap the whirlwind!

    1. Africa has more genetic diversity than any other continent in the world. They’ve got taller giants, shorter shawties, fatter blimps, skinnier twigs, etc.

      1. If you breed like rats, otherwise low-probability genetic defects are much more likely to show up in the population.

      2. They still have many regions where famine is widespread. There are no fatties in those regions. That was my point.

    2. Liberals and folks afraid of personal responsibility have given genetics a “boy who cried wolf” problem with all the bogus traits/calamities they’ve attributed to it.

  6. Once you match with a girl, you will never succeed to make that girl lose weight. That is, the weight at which you match her, is the best weight she’ll ever be. Unless you increase your SMV and she feels threatened of losing you (you must not be married in this case).

    1. This is true. I get so much “oh, well she can lose weight.” Yeah, right. I spent my 20s being fat, and I think I went on 3 dates the entire fucking decade. Women have no use for the “oh, maybe he’ll get in shape” argument, so neither should you.

    1. <<o. ✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤:::::::!be357p:….,.

  7. “Giant Thighs”
    (A musical parody by Bob Smith, based on the song, “Lyin’ Eyes”, by The Eagles.)
    Shitty girls just seem to pork out early
    They dress like sluts and prowl the grocery aisle
    A ghetto man and she won’t have to worry
    He’d bang it if her ass measured a mile
    Late at night, her big old gut gets lonely
    I guess all forms of self-loathing have a price
    And it breaks her heart to think her love is only
    Given to a glass of Diet Coke and ice
    So she tells him she must go out for the evening
    To comfort a fat friend who’s feeling down
    But he knows where she’s going as she’s leavin’
    She is headin’ for the fast-food side of town
    You can’t hide your giant thighs
    And your smile is blubberized
    I thought by now you’d realize
    There ain’t no way to hide your giant thighs
    On the other side of town a burger’s waiting
    With chili sauce and cheese – oh, so congealed
    She drives on through the night anticipating
    ’cause it makes her squeal like piglets at a meal
    She rushes to the food, they fall together
    She whispers that it’s only for a while
    She swears that soon she’ll be dieting forever
    She pulls away – and pukes up yellow bile
    You can’t hide your giant thighs
    And your smile is blubberized
    I thought by now you’d realize
    There ain’t no way to hide your giant thighs
    She gets up, and pours herself some A-1
    She stares down at her cottage cheesy thighs
    Another night, it’s gonna be a long one
    She draws the shade and wolfs down curly fries
    She dreams about warm donuts, soft and glazy
    She thinks about a chocolate swimming pool
    Did she buy cheese? – her memory is hazy
    She’s so far gone, she belches while she drools
    My, oh my – you sure ’nuff are a deranged thing
    You still have room for spare ribs and Hi-C
    Ain’t it funny how that half-rack didn’t change things
    You’re still the same fat slob you used to be
    You can’t hide your giant thighs
    And your smile is blubberized
    I thought by now you’d realize
    There ain’t no way to hide your giant thighs

  8. Those Argentine girls in the second video don’t know what fat is. Their waists were at least all concave and not convex. 30%+ concavity is what I see. Now let’s zoom way up north to the nutella capitol of the world. Mamma jamma Alabama.

    If this clan mama can also
    2).put the babies to bed with lullabys
    3).have absolutely zero jealousy when you bring a few hot dixie queens into the camp
    – then she has on the inside what counts

  9. Fit girls are nice to watch but often suck in bed. It applies for men too – it’s a well known fact that athletes are not great sex performers. Plus, since these women get a lot of attention they usually have awful attitude problems – they think the stars revolve around them (see the three girls in the top picture). That’s not to say that fat women are better. They are simply not attractive.
    For me, the way they dress it’s far more important than their figure underneath. Girls nowadays dress like trumps. I hate women in trousers and even more in yoga pants. They way girls dressed in the fifties was the sexiest.

        1. No and no.
          But there is literally a whole big section of the Internet out there with free naked tits just for people like you who can’t see them in person.

      1. Everyone knows that too little exercise can lower sex drive, but too much can, too. Excessive exercise puts your body into a negative, catabolic-like state.

        1. Then you would also know that catabolism, to the point of harm, is extremely rare. Eat extra protein, and rest. Problem solved.

        2. I don’t even know what to say other than if you rest enough and eat more protein the issue won’t happen in the first place. It’s very rare, most normal athletes who workout properly and safely will never experience these issues. I’m sure they fuck just fine.

    1. “Fit girls are nice to watch but often suck in bed.”
      Good in the sack depends on a woman’s level of self-absorption (you want low), not on her muscle tone.
      “it’s a well known fact that athletes are not great sex performers.”
      I smell troll.

      1. I don’t know if he’s a troll, I think he believes what he says. But he does say some odd things (look at his comment history in profile).

    2. I’m fairly athletic, and the women I bed always love playing the Texas Earth to my Oil Drill.

    3. What the fuck are you smoking?
      I have never seen a woman dressed like a trump other than in pictures.
      That said I decide what my wife wears when we go out in public, but around the house I like her yoga pants hehe, but she seems to have dialed it down due to the amount of me grabbing her ass.
      The figure underneath is what you are marrying and fucking and what’s going to deliver your babies so it is the A-Z of everything. You can keep the the well dressed freaks of nature and fatties to be honest, but I really don’t understand your position on this.

        1. As I have gotten older, I find those worn, tattered jeans distasteful. Girls actually pay to have jeans look like that.

        2. It’s one of the proofs that women are not very intelligent and we’re heading for a disaster as they occupy more and more jobs and leading positions in society.

        3. What I find disturbing is that 50+ year old women dressing like this. Their ass and thighs are already out of proportion to their feet and then…

      1. A lot of “healthy” and fit looking women are not actually very healthy. It all depends on the current beauty ideas which at the moment favour the skinny ones.
        Woman’s body to be healthy needs to have more fat compared to man’s.

        1. Yes it should have a bit more fat than a man’s, but for fucks sake she shouldn’t be chubby or approaching land whale status.
          A healthy woman will be fit and look fit and if you are smart as a man you have her inspected and checked up before you marry her,
          To be honest all the out of home girls I’m into now wear stretch jeans, and tbh I don’t really mind, I can see how shapely or not their ass is.

      2. He’s right. Back when jobs paid properly for hard work, the alpha patriarch looked after his flock of union tribes and women cooked, cleaned, nurtured and drained balls when needed.

        1. My wife does all that and more anno 2016 but not forcing her to wear some specific style around the house. She could wear nothing but an apron and the world would not be the wiser. In fact at times she does but in her book because it’s easier to take a shower than wash your whole outfit. Whatever the reason I am good with it.

    4. Those four are dressed like grannies. I bet the one on the right has some Werther’s Originals in her hand bag and they all are rocking big ol beige or floral pattern granny panties/bloomers. Ankle cleavage only turns on geezers and muslims.

  10. Protein World if not let advertise in traditional mediums should use other more guerrilla tactics….. like the guys who power wash outlines on the sides of dirty buildings….. they could do a “from this” to “this” kinda thing with a ham planet and a skinny chick profile…. maybe have a fun run with hundreds of hotties in yellow bikinis through the streets of London….I should apply for the marketing job….😉

  11. Reverse gender roles created by feminism in society. Women are praised for their brains and careers/accomplishments , and a womans body should not determine her worth , according to feminism. Men have to look pretty and be in shape and support womens goals. Reverse gender roles.

        1. It must be tough for you if you are in the U.S. the second most communist country in the world. Please tell me (for your own well-being) that you don’t live in California.

        2. Hahaha…”don’t like it, leave” isn’t a real argument. While “second most communist country in the world” may be a bit hyperbolic, you telling me to leave isn’t a counter point to my assertion that the American Federal Government is communist.
          If anything, that is the kind of thing Communists would do in Russia.
          Thank you for illustrating my point.

      1. Speak for yourself.
        Just because thats how feminazis and their ilk wish things to be, does not mean it truly is that way

        In fact, no matter how hard they try, nature will win.

        1. I don’t speak for myself. I speak according to how women allow themselves to live by controlling law and politics. And yes, we men have been relegated to play their game, that is, being clowns. Think about it.

    1. Men are expected to be rich on top of that. I’m not for keeping women from getting educated or having a career, I think they should aim for that if they want, but I think it’s bullshit that we are supposed to place that at a higher level then looks. I mean at the end of they day if you want a decent husband and most women do no matter what they say otherwise, you have to look good. I don’t have the nerve to say that to most of the females I know but it’s true.

  12. Simple math in my life goes like this:
    Fat + out of shape female = no boner. None. Whatsoever.
    And I do mean impossible. It’s like Nature’s divine intervention. The dong turns turtle, as if submersed in ice water, in the presence of sloppy undisciplined women.
    Let’s face it — opposite’s DON’T attract. Like attracts like. Thin, athletic women love athletic, strong, flexible dudes who can display their power advantage.

    1. And to add to this, unfit men can snag fit women 10x more often than vice versa. Men have more assets than physical aesthetics. When a man is also physically fit, he is now above the value of the woman.

      1. True. If some fat pig is rich attractive women will for sure fake it to get that money (and sleep with other guys on the side).

        1. Yep. Painted houses in college and was a lifeguard. Took advantage of the young hot foreign wives of rich dudes demographic.

      2. Only if they’re rich. And they will cuck their older fat husbands eventually. Their is no substitute for a young fit healthy man.

    2. “opposite’s DON’T attract”
      in fact, it only applies at one thing :
      feminity attracts masculinity … in a normal world, at least.

    3. I agree. It’s another way of saying that women don’t get to set beauty standards for men. Tess Holiday can say “F your beauty standards” all she wants, but it won’t change a thing.

    4. You are a better man than I. For some reason I have had some shameful fap sessions about this utter land whale I met at a con. Maybe it was some combination of her displaying Tsukino Usagi, being nice, claiming to be a lesbian and being in a position of authority.

    5. It’s interesting that in various parts of the world, larger women are considered more reputable than thinner women. Some are even force-fed from adolescents to obtain a large mass just to attract a male of a high social status.
      I don’t believe it’s solely based on nature – culture plays a massive part.

  13. The funniest thing is that the same woman who will say it’s wrong for a man to want a thin woman will have in her list of requirements that a man must between 6’0″ and 6’3″ tall or she won’t even consider dating him. Not a bit shorter or taller.

    1. Not a good analogy, but I get your point. A guy can not do anything about his height. A girl can do something about her obesity.

      1. It’s not an analogy. It’s a disconnect in, a hypocritical aspect of their thinking. Women have their “preferences” but men aren’t supposed to have any.

        1. Women these days take a “love me the way I am, I don’t have to change for you!” stance, yet will require men to be : tall, fit, strong, successful, good looking, rich, nice dresser, ect.
          All while wearing sweatpants and stuffing their faces while not keeping house.

        2. True and it’s distorting society immensely.
          When self improvement and hard work don’t get a man anywhere society starts to break down.

        3. Yeah. The height requirement is stupid because none of us can change that. Most women don’t seem to get that only about 7% of all men are 6’2″ or taller in the Western world. So it’s a very low percentage goal.
          Weight, hygiene, work ethic, financial status and so on can be changed so that’s where they should be concentrating.

        4. I have to say that some men also take ” love me the way I am, I am not gona change for you”.
          But simply means it is not love.
          We love people as they are, but if we really love we change for better, we compromise, try not to hurt a partner etc.

        5. They even take that stance sometimes even when they do take care of themselves. Mostly because they see other doing the same to their men or they are gullible to the messages of pretty much every song sung by a woman. Its an uphill battle for sure for a woman to stay in the mindset that is conducive of a good relationship.

  14. Interesting, men here who criticize women have attractive athletic body????
    I bet most of you have average body type.
    More than that I am quite sure most of you have belly.

        1. Bull fucking shit. Who pays the bills? He who pays gets to set the demands you know, that’s how it works.
          But that said I am 183cm/76kg and my wife is 152cm/44kg. So what’s your stats?
          Side bit is 157cm/46kg.
          Shake it shake it lets see where your at

        2. Haha your the one picking a fight saying we all are average and/or have a belly.
          So share your stats, or are you a fatty yourself? That would make sense seeing your comments…

        3. Did I say personally to you that you are fat?Read one more time.
          I didn’t say all are fat.
          Calm down. Be positive.
          If I were fat I would not say anything. Turn your logic on. I make sport 4-5 times per week.

        4. You make sport? Making sport is quite a feat, now let me guess, you’re from Eastern Europe somewhere?
          I’m laughing, but good try anyway.
          What you have to get is that one doesn’t need to be a saint to criticize people who do wrong.
          With all your “making sport” you should be able to share your weight/height without avoiding the question I think.

        5. Haha yeah sure, because of your other questions I just now asked my wife if she thought I was a good husband to her, she said “you are an excellent husband to me” direct quote.
          Just like all other girls if you met me in favorable conditions your morale and ethics would just take a time out break and you’d be handing your panties over to me.
          Just for the fun of it I ask girls how they feel about cheating guys, before I ask anything else, and they all light up in anger and show passion against it. Then I charm them up and then tell them I’m married. Guess how many tell me to get lost? None. Zero.

        6. How is it related? Oh sure if man has lot of money and is fat he can fuck young girls. But is it love?
          They use each other .

    1. I don’t mind my Husband having a little bit of a belly. At his age, it happens.
      At my age there’s no excuse.
      Besides, I want to look good for him, I want him to be proud of me.

      1. I don’t care also if my husband has a little belly. But if man had a big belly he should not demand from woman to have perfect body. In fact nobody is perfect.
        I also want to be attractive for my man but I also proud of my man if he looks nice.
        People don’t be aggressive. Be happy.

        1. A man can demand whatever he wants from is wife. That’s his right. It doesn’t work the other way around tho.
          When I took my vows, I promised to love honor and obey him, he promised to love honor and cherish. There’s a difference.

        2. Agreed. Why diet and exercise if your husband is going to let himself get fat? You will have fitter men hitting on you and you will look at your fat husband and start to wonder….
          I like when someone compliments my husband’s looks. It shows me that I’m fortunate to be with an attractive man and it keeps me motivated to look good for him. It’s also a turn on 😉

        3. That’s working for you and that’s great but not every wife feels that way. Just as pretty much every guy here simply doesn’t want a land whale for a wife, many women don’t want a land whale for a husband, guys here know this. If men and women are going to commit to only sleeping with one person via marriage, then one of them starts over eating and blimping out it’s unfair to the other person, not just because it’s disgusting to look at but because of all the health problems and related financial burden it puts on the marriage.

        4. I didn’t mean to come off harsh. But in my life, men can demand from women if the choose. But women don’t have the same rights, and are not equals. That’s all 🙂

      2. That being proud part is a big thing. It makes both parties feel good. Having a hot wife or at the least a fit wife, give most men the drive to keep in shape as well, unless he pulled the hot wife while fat of course. I’m enjoying your posts.

      3. Ideally both couples want to look good for each other and be proud of each other. Marriage isn’t an excuse to let yourself go, but so many couples do.

    2. Men have 100+ expectations, many enforced with guns on them. Womyn have ZERO enforced on them. Disagree?, name one!!! When only ONE, not looking like a pig ready for slaughter, is promoted, you whine and bitch, you spoiled, entitled brats.

        1. “Sadiq Khan, the pushover Muslim mayor of Londonistan, recently banned all “Are You Beach Body Ready?” advertising campaigns from public transit vehicles within the British capital, including the walls of the London Underground itself. “

    3. I personally have belly but that doesn’t mean I must be attracted to belly. I bring other things to the table like big arms.

  15. And also ladies, while you’re at it, don’t be a whore or attention whore either. Your smv is based on this, ours is not. But in the even you find a man who is fit and resourceful, remember he is higher status than you, NOT equal.

  16. Men of power, wealth, social prestige, confidence, fitness, etc. will not be chubby chasers unless literally no other options are available to them at a geographic location (mining towns, Toronto, etc).
    Toronto? Toronto? Is this guy kidding?

  17. meanwhile in France… (between 2 attacks)
    Those suckers. There’s no big surprise why we are always bitch slapped by muzzerfuckers since 2015 !

  18. The first pic or the not-well-endowed chick in the white bikini with the proto-washboard abs and stick-shaped torso…if you want a chick with a body like that, you’d be happier dropping the pretense just going to your local gay bar.
    Going home to Starla does make you a loser in life.

  19. Not gonna lie, I keep a viagra in my pocket some nights when I am meeting a bigger girl out. Ill hit it once, just to show her whats possible. Then I check back in periodically to see if she’s lost weight. This is happening more than it did ten years ago lol.

  20. On the happy day when the artificial uterus becomes practical and women become obsolete even as incubators, only the very fittest and most sexually desirable women stand much chance of avoiding being hauled off to the knackers’ yard. The only tasks where women will truly be necessary will be provision of sexual services, and only a tiny fraction of them (say two percent) will be needed for that. Everything else they can do can be automated or done by a man in half the time.
    THAT’S why women should be beach body ready at all times. They are quickly running out of reasons for men to put up with fat ugly cows at all.

  21. The woman who started the change[dot]org petition is young, slim and attractive so I wonder why she started the petition. I think maybe she thinks the image is promoting anorexia.

    Do you feel pressure to have the perfect body? A Sussex woman is claiming victory after more than 50 thousand people signed her petition to get this advert featuring a woman in a bikini taken down from the London Underground. Here’s why Charlotte Baring was so annoyed.
    Posted by BBC Sussex on Tuesday, April 28, 2015

  22. One with a hot bod and a couple pubes sticking out the bottom, chances are she’s relatively clean. It’s those razorburn ones with the odd stretch mark here and there that are unquestionably headaches.
    And don’t do that faggot shit crying about how hairy pussy is bad. Men have enjoyed it for thousands of years before liberal standards came along and made being fat and against nature not only acceptable, but celebrated.

    1. Actually she is competing in Rio and looks pretty damn hot right about now. I think that’s a bad pic, or not her since she went to USC not Cal.

  23. I think women of all ages should aim to be in the best shape possible for many of the reasons you described above. Keep in mind that a lot of men in the West also need to heed advice about getting in shape. There are a lot of fat men in America and Canada who don’t compare to fitter men from other countries where people actually choose to bike and walk places. Theres nothing more physically attractive than seeing fit men of any age exercise and engage in sports even if it’s frisbee on the beach.

  24. The next time you are in the checkout line at the grocery store behind an obese person, observe what’s in the cart. Invariably it is junk food. Combine gluttony with sloth and you see how these people pack it on. The worst are the ones who just give up. You wonder with some really huge people how they got to that point. Do they look in the mirror when they are 100 pounds over weight and think, hey a bit heavy, but no reason to change my habits, I’ll just keep it up until I pack on another 200 pounds, get diabetes and need my foot amputated.
    Also notice the guys with fat chicks. Only desperate losers tap that. How can they even get turned on? Disgusting.
    Hit the gym, butter balls.

    1. Show us a picture of you. I bet you’re so nasty nobody wants go near that smelly insect ridden crotchety of yours

  25. I’ve met so many fat women with “healthy” self-images it amazes me…I’ve been accused of “hitting on my wife” a few times…normally, if she is attractive, I just tell the guy, I’m expressing a compliment, maybe you should give it a try. I think women who stay in shape SHOULD be complimented; there’s NOT enough of them. I’ve also been accused of “hitting on my wife” by guys married to overweight women…to them I say, have you ever seen your wife from the back? There’s NO WAY I’d ever attempt to hit on that, I could never be drunk enough. (Funny, I’ve never had to defend myself…)

  26. Still waiting for all these women who aren’t superficial and favor fat acceptance to spearhead the short guy acceptance movement. Still. Waiting.

    1. supply and demand, if there is an overabundant supply of good looking women, some of the will have to demand shorties.

    1. What she did was idiotic not to mention creepy. Also that woman was at least at the gym clearly trying to improve her shape when some silcone bimbo thought it would be funny to snap a pic of her naked and share it. I’m not into fat acceptance but what she did was beyond mean. Imagine if some fit buff guy snapped a pic of a fat naked guy in the locker room and shared it on snapchat. That’s human garbage behaviour. Now of course if a guy did that he would get arrested and I bet she won’t be which is a double standard.

    2. Childish narcissist. Is she a 13 year old schoolgirl?
      Never shame a person in the gym. This woman made an effort to improve her live and health.

  27. there are no old morbidly obese people in nursing homes, and the few that somehow make it there are in miserable shape living out their golden years waiting to die. Being fat is not just ill to the eyes, it is a direct threat to your lifespan and quality of life.

  28. It shows something deeper in women than the reasons pointed out here. Are they the type of person who has self motivation? Aside from looks, market value, etc., there is an underlying trait of good looking women, especially if they remain good looking as they get older.
    Where I grew up, we had this neighbor lady who would always be walking up and down our road. At the time, she was in her sixties, and would do about 3 miles every day, rain or shine. I suppose if you were a compatible age you would say she was good looking. Now, she is 98 and still walks about 1/2 mile most days, even though her husband is long dead. My parents go up and help her out when needed, and she is always appreciative and kind.

  29. I am not in good shape, just average, but I always have had a “disgust point.” I will always reach a point where I think, “Ok, I am getting fat. Time to change things.” I will then eat differently and bring myself down to normal. But I have gotten to the point that I can no longer go to a buffet. Regardless of how good the food might be, I have a hard time enjoying it because of all the lard asses piling one of everything on their plate to eat all at once. Then they will go back for more, get another big pile of slop on their plate and only eat a few bites of it, wasting tons of food. It spoils my appetite every time.

  30. Some years ago I was working for a company the needed a project planner. I knew two who were looking for work as I had worked with both in the past. Both equally competent . One lady was 50 lbs over weight and the other was slender. It’s no secret who got the job.

  31. At least the “Are You Beach Body Ready?” ad shows how they get that body instead of standing around like a Victoria’s Secret ad. It at least shows them physically active and kicking ass. Not every woman has enough time every day to exercise enough to look quite like them but even half or a third as much will get them closer to it.

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  34. Pretty much spot on. The only reason child support and spousal theft exist is to ensure men stay trapped once the wife lets herself go.

  35. One time, I knew a girl who had an eating disorder, was SUPER beach-body ready from the outside, but her vagina did not secrete fluid because she was so hungry and malnourished and her reproductive organs were shutting down! It was actually totally a turn-off!

  36. Yeah Roosh except you have a new movement of women in the gym 5/7 of the week and that’s their life. I feel like I’m dating a man if all she does is workout and careerist.

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