9 Languages Men Should Consider Learning

Knowing how to speak a foreign language or two is becoming increasingly important and beneficial these days. Whether you want to do some extensive travels, look for new opportunities, meet women from different cultures, or leave the dying West for good, there are many reasons to start picking up a language now. With daily dedication, even if you just manage to squeeze in 30 minutes of study a day, you’ll see results in the future which you’ll be thankful for. If you’re hesitating or think that you don’t have the time, know that they’re just excuses. In few years time, you might regret not starting sooner—I’ve heard the same story from many other people and I myself regret that I didn’t take language learning seriously when I was younger.

Unless there is one culture or country that you are fascinated with or currently live in, you might feel lost as to choosing which language to tackle. Based on my own experience, I think it’s important to pick a language that will come handy and that you’ll stick to for years to come. Picking up a language just because you feel like it would be cool to speak it is not a good reason and you’ll likely end up quitting early on. Without further ado, here are some major languages to consider if you haven’t decided on one yet.

1. Spanish

Difficulty: Easy

If you are fluent in English or other Romance languages, you’ll find many similarities in Spanish to get you going. It is actually one of the more (if not the most) simple European languages.

Practicality: Very High

Of all the languages listed here, you’ll get the highest ROI. Spain and the entire Americas (minus Brazil and few smaller countries) are yours once you know English and Spanish.

Cultural Value: High

Latin American cultures are rich and colorful; there won’t be any regrets.

Business/Political Value: High

Quality of women who speak the language: High

One word: Latinas.

2. Portuguese

Difficulty: Average

Little more difficult than Spanish.

Practicality: Average

Portuguese is affected by diglossia, making Brazilian Portuguese distinguishable from the one spoken in Portugal. Those two are also the only countries that speak the language that are worth visiting.

Cultural Value: Average

Brazil in an amazing place, but it’s only one place.

Business/Political Value: Average

Quality of women who speak the language: High

Two words: Brazilian women

3. French

Difficulty: Average

Relatively easy, but not as easy as Spanish.

Practicality: High

If you live in Canada, you already know how useful it is in helping you get a job (public sector job).

Cultural Value: High

Business/Political Value: High

There’s a reason why French was the original lingua franca. It is still a language that is sought after in many positions.

Quality of women who speak the language: Average

Still better than Anglo women.

4. German

Difficulty: Above Average

Three genders and confusing amount of endings are enough to cause a headache.

Practicality: Low

Most Germans (and other German speaking Europeans) already speak a good deal of English.

Cultural Value: High

If you fancy old European culture, German will appeal to you. Wagner and Nietzsche anyone?

Business/Political Value: High

If you do lot of business in Europe it will come handy.

Quality of women who speak the language: Low to Average

Don’t some say that they’re the ugliest in Europe after English women?

5. Russian

Difficulty: Hard

Cyrillic is only the beginning…

Practicality: Above Average

If you plan on going to Ukraine, Belarus, or Russia for any period of time you should learn the language.

Cultural Value: High

Business/Political Value: High

Will be very useful if you plan on working for certain section of the US government.

Quality of women who speak the language: Very High

Nothing more needs to be said.

6. Arabic

Difficulty: Very Hard

First thing you need to learn about Arabic is that it is not a single language. The Modern Standard Arabic (or simply MSA) is not spoken by the average person and is considered a high language spoken only by diplomats, the media, academics, and officials. The dialects that are spoken in everyday life are divided into regions (sometimes within the same country) and must be learned separately.

Practicality: Low

Unless you plan to live in the Arab world for an extended period of time, your Arabic won’t come handy. Many nations (especially the Gulf states) already speak good enough English.

Cultural Value: Above Average

Arabic will open the door to rich and exotic cultures.

Business/Political Value: High

Same as Russian. Arabic is highly valued in the military and is expected to remain in high demand for the foreseeable future.

Quality of women who speak the language: Depends on the region

Depending on where you go, the women can look anything from this to this.

7. Mandarin

Difficulty: Very Hard

Your biggest obstacles will the tones and the thousands of characters that you have to memorize. But, personally, I think the overall difficulty is highly exaggerated. The grammar is actually very basic and straightforward.

Practicality: Slightly Below Average

In spite of the number of people who speak it, including those who are spread all over the world, the practicality suffers due to regionalism. I know a man who spent more than ten years living in China who couldn’t utilize the standard version he had learned outside the city center he lived in.

Cultural Value: High

China is the oldest living civilization. A Chinese person today can still read Sun Tzu’s original Art of War that was published in 5th century BC.

Business/Political Value: High

China is growing and growing. It will soon be the most important language after English for business and diplomacy if not already.

Quality of women who speak the language: Above Average

Not the most attractive (unless you have a thing for Asian women), but far better for long-term relationship than the average Western women.

8. Korean

Difficulty: Very Hard

The written language is actually one of the easiest in the world (you can learn it in less than an hour), but the grammar will be a pain with all its formalities.

Practicality: Low

You’ll only be able to speak this language with Korean immigrants and half of a peninsula. On the other hand, if you plan to live in Korea (as an English teacher or whatever), you’ll be treated like a rock star in the country.

Cultural Value: Average

Korean culture is rich and exotic, but limited by size. The rising popularity of Korean culture in the region and beyond might change that in the future though.

Business/Political Value: Low

Quality of women who speak the language: Above Average

Somewhat superficial and materialistic (like the Chinese) but overall, traditional and feminine.

9. Japanese

Difficulty: Very Hard

Japanese use a hybrid writing system that incorporate Chinese characters. Think of the whole language as something between Chinese and Korean.

Practicality: Low

Only people who speak Japanese are in the country. Unlike Chinese or Korean, you won’t find as much immigrants to interact with either.

Cultural Value: Above Average

Truth be told, Japan is a declining nation. Unless you’re obsessed with everything Japan and plan to live there for the rest of your life, I don’t see too many reasons to learn Japanese. It still has a great cultural value if you’re looking to immerse yourself to an exotic culture.

Business/Political Value: Somewhat Low

Unless you work in a company that has connections Japan, it’s rather low.

Quality of women who speak the language: Above Average

Nearly identical to Koreans. If you’re white, you have a strong advantage with almost no competition. Their women are not as pretty as people imagine them to be though.


I’m sure I missed few or several languages that would also be useful to learn, but it really all comes down to your personal preference depending on what you’re looking for. Along with game, learning a language is one of the most important thing you can do to improve yourself. The crucial thing to remember is to stick to your studies no matter what and to commit yourself to it. And unless you’re only learning it for academic value, it is essential that you actually go to the country and live in the culture with the people to master the language; no amount of books and courses will replicate real-life interactions.

Start now and don’t regret later.

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407 thoughts on “9 Languages Men Should Consider Learning”

    1. It’s very common for Indians to know at least 3 languages. There’s 28 different official languages here. Hindi isn’t that tough, has a similar grammar structure as other Germanic language. In fact, you don’t need to learn Hindi, almost every educated Indian are well versed in English.
      I’m an Assamese Indian, and can speak Hindi and English besides my mother tongue. I’m currently learning German ( can understand most of it’s written form ) and I’m gonna relearn French.

  1. I’d be starting in the order of Mandarin, Russian, Arabic. These are your three dominants of the 21st century, they are what that will yield opportunity.

    1. These are the most difficult languages on the planet (together with Japanese, Korean and Hungarian) – it’s a pain int he ass to learn all of them. Will probably take you at least 20 years.
      I speak german and english and consider to make spanish or russian my third language.

      1. Spanish is really, really easy. Russian isn’t that hard either (despite the author’s claims).

        1. Yeah, I will probably start with spanish.
          I have been to Spain fourteen times during my childhood but I dont speak ten words of spanish – thanks to my parents who are totally ignorant to any type of culture (they are germans but behave like murican stereotypes while making jokes about muricans…)

        2. Americans aren’t culturally illiterate. Some are, some aren’t, it’s not as bad as the stereotype would have you believe. Yeah, if you hit Appalachia or the inner city thug zones, you’re going to find totally retarded people in regard to culture, but your average American has had several years in high school (and even earlier) learning foreign language(s) and cultures. During my time in high school I took French and Spanish, then in college I more or less minored in French and had quite a bit of Russian as well.
          You won’t regret Spanish, it’s very portable and very easy. I think of it as the language you learn first in order to prepare to learn a real foreign language.

        3. Seriously, what the hell is that all about anyway? And deck chairs on boat cruises as well. It’s so prevalent that it’s not even a stereotype, it rather seems to be a Teutonic fetish of sorts.

        4. I have no idea where this desire to claim stuff comes from but it’s anoying as hell.

        5. I had a good laugh 😀
          Well, we were always renting a nice Villa with a private pool but our favourite location for vacation was Empuriabrava – a city that was designed to copy Miami with the biggest Marina of europe, so it’s not a real spanish city. It’s like London – an arabic city in the UK. Empuriabrava is a german/russian/french vacation city in Catalunya.

  2. Portuguese women are also very attractive, so you dont have to go to Brazil to get a nice piece of ass. Also, stop addressing latin american women/men as Latinos. We, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Italian are the real Latinos. Latin-america is a portuguese and spanish creation, so they are our cultural and genetic descendants, not the “original” stuff.

      1. I agree. Hispanic-americans would be a much better term for spanish speaking people in the Americas.

  3. If you are fluent in English or other Romance languages
    English is a West Germanic language, not a Romance language.
    Russian is not hard at all, in fact, it’s rather logical. Once you get past the Cyrillic alphabet, which honestly folks you can learn in a day or two, the rest makes good sense. It, like English, is an Indo-European language so it shares many traits with all the other Indo-European languages. It’s really not that hard at all.
    China is the oldest living civilization.
    The Egyptians might have something to say about that.

    1. I have to contact this girl, I will teach her german, she will teach me russian and then we can teach each other our body language at nighttime:

    2. The Egyptians are long time dead, same as the Carthaginians. What you have now in Egypt are arabs, same in Lybia.
      Ancient Egypt had blond and redhair people. Carthaginians (Lybia) were blond. You don’t see them there now very often, do you?

      1. No, they’re still Egyptians, their language was put down by Islam, but it still exists as Coptic. The red hair people in Egypt were the Greeks who came to rule over them. Cleopatra was likely Greek.

        1. They’re still Egyptians (and you’re thinking of the Coptic Christians, not Egyptians). The Arabs didn’t displace the native population of Egypt, they culturally assimilated them via Islam. Kind of like how the Picts were assimilated into the dominant Scottish culture over time, such that now you’d think “they no longer exist” when in fact, they’re still there, just speaking Gaelic or English and they have no real memory of ever being anything other than Scottish.

        2. Right? Also, whenever two people would fall in love, they’d walk around telling everybody “I sure Pict a nice spouse!”

        3. Cleopatra wasn’t likely Greek, she was Greek. This has been well documented. Her father was descended from one of Alexander the Great’s generals.

      2. That’s why most of english people have some DNS match with ancient egyptians while modern egyptians don’t.

      3. “Ancient Egypt had blond and redhair people.”
        Interesting. Any reading recommendations in that regard? I was in Southern Egypt and they are largely black (Sudanese Islamic).

      4. I knew the high class of Egypt were redheads, but Carthaginians? Last time I checked they were Semites…

    3. I don’t think he meant english = a romance language, but rather english or romance languages, with the “other” used to separate the spanish language in question from other romance languages

      1. Yeah, that’s probably so. I was just ensuring that the distinction was clear.

    4. Off topic, but it looks like they pulled some bum off the street to replace you:

      1. There will always be pretenders to the throne, but as we all know, there can be only one!

        1. At least they’re subtly enforcing masculine values in these commercials; in shape, masculine features and full non-ironic beard, sharply dressed, adventurous, witty and charming. It’s a stark contrast from the generic American piss beers *coughcoughBudLightcough*

    5. I disagree only on your postitioning about Russian being an easy language. Having masterd a B2 diploma and aiming for a C1 (I am a completionist) I can say that in the 5 years of study during the 3rd I managed to understand how to use their verb system. That system might appear easy at first to the point of it being incomplete, but it counterracts the problem of the 3 tenses with perfect versions and imperfect versions with its prefixxes.
      In short most people will have a difficulty learning that language but when one becomes fluent I can guarantee that he will be very gratified as it will be a very satisfying experience.
      Plus the only countries that geopolitcally count on a global scale are Russia, the USA and Germany (being the strongest country in the EU, right now). China is not added due to seclusiveness.
      So, by having access to Russian news and sources in general it will be of important accumen, no need to add the literature and even its philosophical school: a sprout of the German Conservative Revolution (the first alt-right). By far the most influential and important thinker of it being Ivan Ilyin, as he is promoted in the country right now.
      A brief note on Egypt: the Egyptian civilization is to great sadness… DEAD from the time that arabs conquered Egypt and the indegenous population now being an endanered minority in their own land (the Copts) and with the language dead only a crusade could help it rise from the dead. China on the other hand still exists, and is populated be Chinese. But on the other hand Egyptian was the oldest advanced language (mubmblings of primitive tribes should not be considered important enough to be studied for anything but linguistics).

      1. I really don’t see Russian as that terribly difficult. The verb conjugations are not unfamiliar to other Indo-European languages, although yes, they are more complex on some levels (and not so much on others). If you’re doing it for reasons of entirely absorbing the entire language and becoming more literate in Russian than your average Russian, then sure, that could be a point. But for the average person learning it to get by and around in Russia it seems easy enough to me.
        When did the Arabs conquer Egypt?
        EDIT: They did, I missed it, but only formally, they didn’t displace the population with Arabs.

        1. If I remember Correctly they were conquered by Mohamad during the early islamic conquests it was the time when the Byzantine empire lost most of its lands in the middle east. Also something that I noted, Copts have a distinct look from the rest Egyptians who appear more araboid with rounder faces, while they have more angles (think Omar Shariff). i might be mistaken though so I will check again. It does not change though the fact that the Copts cannot freely develop their culture anymore sadly.
          I checked through that link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Early_Muslim_conquests#Conquest_of_Egypt:_639.E2.80.93642
          Albeit the capitulation of Alexandria the conquest was fast due to us Greeks scratching our backsides in Constanople and not intervening due to the emperor’s death.
          Also Islam rarely spreads mostly it conquers, slaughters all the men, remarries all the women and voilla it continues.
          I do not want to be more fluent than the average russian I want to be as fluent as him or a little better I suppose, the verbs might have been a problem because I litterally had to forget everything about the Greek system which comes naturally. Or you are much better at learning languages, than me!

        2. I’m good friends with a man who majored in Russian language at a very competitive university–
          –and he said that unlike other languages, the further you go, the harder it gets. It’s a totally different grammar, with different case endings. Even five years of immersion isn’t really enough to achieve fluency.

        3. The first year 3 years were relatively easy (when I took the A2) but the 4rth (B1) and the 5th (B2) were a hell. The fifth though could have been due to my studying experiences in the university. Anyway I study any language to be fluent, so my last diploma would be a C1, the only language I studied to be more articulate than a native was the English, as having a proficiency in English (took it when I was 18) is mandatory here.
          Probably the Arabification in Egypt was a slow progress with Arab-Egyptian marriages that took time to develop, in the end the Copts where the ones that did not do it.
          In the end we were both correct, though!

        4. As I recall (and it’s been a while) we have nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, instrumental, prepositional…and…I think that’s it? Latin (and Sanskrit and some other Indo-European languages past and present) also deals with noun cases as does, I believe, German (although German only has a few, or am I thinking of something else)?

        5. I grew up as a polyglot, unlike the experience of most resident Americans. Languages just come easy to me.

        6. If you grow up in a household of Scot Gaelic, all other languages seem easy. Heh.

        7. Just made a fast scanning of Gaelic for the basics of their rules. Truly fascinating, especially the the three numbers! But yes very difficult. Also, I think that Celtic phonetics are quite interesting.

        8. German only has four: Nominative, dative, accusative and genitive. I didn’t know Russian had that many.

        9. Yes. Sadly that’s what happened. The Arabs took over and the ones who refused conversion became 5th class citizens (today’s Copts). The cowards and other Christians who saw the conversion as an advantage made the jump and were assimilated into the Arab pool.

        10. It’s a strange nearly alien language to hear spoken, but a woman singing in Scot Gaelic transforms the language into a type of beautiful magic.

        11. She’s playing the same make and model of one of the Feadógs that I own.
          How beautiful is that? I’m falling fast into nostalgia for my childhood.

        12. Julie Fowlis is wonderful.
          This one has subtitles to compare what you hear with what it means in English.

        13. She has a wildflower kind of beauty, yes. (Thank you George Orwell for that apt analogy).

        14. In ancient times, she’d have been the bean chaointe, or “Keener” in English. The woman who sings beautiful songs at the grave site of the newly dead (keening means “wail”, more or less)
          Curious, is this (today) the first time you’ve investigated Gaelic and found these songs?

        15. Yes, although I have seen some videos where Gaelic where spoken. Also if I post a video I always watch it before to avoid… misunderstandings.
          Most people with half a functioning brain would want one like her to accompany them to their last residence, with her voice.

      2. Oh, watching Russian politicians, philosophers or just bloggers is amazing. The kind of stuff they say…you’d be surprised

      3. Yeah ancient Egyptian civilization was very different than the current “civil”ization.

      4. Whew…anybody who’s learning Slavic languages, high five to you.
        It IS difficult to learn, because you have to mold the word endings to fit into the sentence (you have to adjust for numbers, tenses, etc.)

      1. Persians, yes, because I believe that Farsi is still actually used and spoken, although as a civilization I think that they stopped being “all that” after the Arabs forced them to Islam. Might be wrong though, my only interest in Persia is its language, which is also part of the Indo-European language tree. Iranians are closer related to Europeans than people realize, at least here in the States, most here see them as Ay-rabs.

        1. A Persian friend says Farsi is still widely spoken outside of Iran, across the pan-Persian world, places like southwestern Pakistan, Tajikstan, etc.
          He can read Arabic because its letters are similar to Farsi but cannot understand the spoken Arabic. Arabic comes from the throat, but Farsi comes from the mouth.
          Urdu is the national language of Pakistan, about 60% speak it.

        2. Yeah, I don’t know why I went with Urdu, I think I got it mixed up in my head. Corrected.

        3. They used to be related to European peoples but they were not Western. Since antiquity their mindset was completely different from that of the Romans and other western peoples, hence our history would be completely different had the Spartans lost the battle at Thermopile (and no, I know Snyder’s depiction of persians is terribly wrong). Today they are mixed with Arabs and other ethnicities.

        4. Were you thinking of the variety of Persian called Dari? I don’t know if those speakers are ethnically related to Persians, though.

        5. I thought Dari IS Farsi, just called something different in Afghanistan?

        6. I dated a Persian chick during the height of US involvement in Afghanistan. Now, as any guy with decent game knows, nothing will get those panties off faster than a televised congressional inquiry into the misappropriation of funds intended for infrastructure rebuilding efforts in Kandahar. So naturally, I had C-SPAN on the television. A local politician out of Kandahar was testifying through a Dari translator, and the girl I was with remarked how she could understand most everything that was being said and that it didn’t even sound wrong, just a bit non-standard.
          Anyway, I was left with the impression that it was almost kinda sort of more or less the same, for the most part but not literally (Hitler) identical.

        7. I had some mates in the military who went to DLI at the same time I did for Farsi (they were taking it, not me, to be clear). I can swear that one of them told me Dari was just another name for Farsi, but this was the mid 1980’s and my memory from that time period regarding specific conversations is rather clouded.

        8. Sure their culture may be different than Hellenic or Roman culture, but i’d believe Achaemenid culture actually has many things post-medieval westerns could appreciate, such as:
          Universal Emancipation
          Mercy during wartime towards enemies
          Truthfulness was considered of the uppermost importance Freedom of Speech
          Freedom of Religion
          Self Determination and home rule rather than forced assimilation for minority groups
          Too be honest, living in Ancient Persia would have by far the highest quality of life of any Pre-Roman civilization.

    6. English is a bastard West Germanic language that benefited from a massive three-hundred-year-long injection of Romance syntax and diction. Thank you, Battle of Hastings.

      1. I don’t see it as a benefit, to be honest. We’d done much better if William would have held off for a year and the English had time to recover from the constant viking raids. I love the French language (and, by and large, French culture), but their linguistic intrusion has cost us a lot of the native beauty that was the Saxon tongue.

        1. Old English can sound quite guttural and harsh at times. Besides that injection of old French from the Normans makes it easier for modern English speakers to learn Spanish/French etc. on one hand and Dutch/German on the other.

    7. What would the Egyptians say then? Especially as they left ”their” antiquities to rot for centuries only to be rediscovered by us Europeans…if it wasn’t for tourism they wouldn’t bother with them now.

      1. Neither here nor there, just noting that they’re still around, more or less.

    8. English can be classified as the “least” Germanic of the Germanic languages. The Norman invasion changed it all. Were it not for that event in history English would be very similar to modern German or Dutch. Even its Syntaxis and grammar underwent radical changes. It wasn’t just a Loan of a few tens of thousands of Latin and french words.

      1. I’m aware. German however went through some shifts that Dutch/Frisian (to an extent) didn’t as well. I’ve always held that we should have stuck with the original Saxon tongue(s) instead of sucking up to those faux Frenchman vikings. Aelfred did his best to give us writing to adhere to, but alas, we have lost so much of what was once a proud, beautiful language to the flowery-sounding French.

    9. “Russian is not hard at all, in fact, it’s rather logical. Once you get past the Cyrillic alphabet, which honestly folks you can learn in a day or two, the rest makes good sense”
      I agree – in fact I would wager russian would be easier to learn than german – the reason being: german has a ton of grammar rules, plus a ton of gramnar exceptions – wheras at least the grammar rules for russian stay pretty congruent.

    10. Utter tripe. Russian is difficult – we speak it at home in Latvia along with my native language (English), as my wife is Russian (making our kids half Russian). The Cyrillic alphabet is the easy part as it’s largely a phonetic language, unlike English.

      1. Not really. Maybe it’s hard for you, you speak a Baltic language. It didn’t seem particularly difficult to me. Finnish, that’s difficult. Mandarin, that’s difficult. Russian – it’s an IE language and most of the rules apply as do other IE languages. Keep in mind that I was a linguist in the military and am a polyglot, I have a good feel on what is hard and easy to learn for somebody keen on learning languages from an IE language base.

        1. Mate, that’s wonderful for you, but Russian (with other Slavic languages and oddities like Latvian and Finnish) is rated by the US government’s Foreign Service Institute as a category 4 language, in a band just below Chinese, Arabic, Korean and Japanese (which are cat 5 languages): http://www.effectivelanguagelearning.com/language-guide/language-difficulty
          My point being, there is a fairly broad consensus out there that Russian is hard to learn.
          German is my second language, way ahead of my Russian, and it’s a breeze compared to Russian. In turn, although easier than Russian to learn, it’s considerably harder than French (which I am qualified in, but have largely lost).
          If the aim of your “Russian is easy” quip is to big yourself up, then catch a grip, this is a Red Pill site, we’re all mostly blokes on here so there aren’t any hot chicks to impress. Not that I am accusing you of that per se!!!

        2. The DoD doesn’t, they use a synthetic language (basically Esperanto) to check unknown language-learning ability -You didn’t take the DLPT???

    11. Also of note regarding the Egyptians is that the civilization was founded by whites and King Tut had the red nordid genetic phenotype based on DNA tests.
      Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble but whitey is the only one who can say…

      1. Well, I don’t know about that. The Greeks came way after a couple of thousand year dynasties.

      2. Modern Egyptians are still Caucasian, they just have a very different culture than their past, and the only think they have in common with ancient Egypt now is FGM, which I would say really is one part of their culture they should have left in the past…

    12. Russian is logical until you start getting into slang and colloquialisms. Its difficulty is definitely overstated though, probably has to do with the “Russians are scary slave-like drunks with hawt ice queens” trope.

    13. Egypt has basically been sucked into Islamic Culture, the modern nation has very little in common with the old civilization. China on the other hand still has many cultural ties to its past.

    14. And concerning the cyrillic, the common letters with roman alphabet are K A T O M.
      Sounds familiar ?

    15. The people who inhabit modern Egypt are NOT the people whose ancestors built the pyramids.

  4. Spanish is definitely worth learning. Very easy and as stated – practical. Imagine being able to live – and communicate – in a whole continent of Latinas.
    The key to success however is using this language a lot. Either by speaking with natives or – as i did – consuming media in the foreign language aswell as writing short stories about your everyday life. There are a lot of mistakes first but you will eventually get better.

    1. The Latina fetish is kind of funny to me. There are plenty of beautiful Latinas, sure, but the average girl in central and south America is butt ugly. Meztizo women are, well, nasty. The upper class/caste women in that region though can be quite delectable, IMO. Whenever you visit, try to stay near or in the gated off rich people areas.

      1. That’s why I still consider learning russian before spanish. The girls are just so delicious *.*

        1. When I took Czech in the military (Defense Language Institute) I was literally (Hitler) surrounded by Slavic women. Acquired quite a taste for them (heh) as a result.

        2. Not really any longer, it’s been nearly 30 years. There is almost zero practicality in the language outside of the military so my ability to use it in real life (which helps retention) is null.

        3. still picking up even a little is a challenge. I’m still trying to learn it, but you’re right it isn’t very useful outside of the country. Languages can be interesting to learn in and for themselves though

        4. There isn’t even a Czech diaspora here in Ohio that I can locate where Czech is still spoken. I dated a girl in high school whose grandparents were from Czechoslovakia, but she couldn’t speak three words of the language in a sentence if you held a gun to her head.

        5. it’s a tricky language for sure. Not sure where the Czechs migrate to, beyond the surrounding countries

        6. If you want a really scary language, try Scot or Irish Gaelic. Give up all hope regarding the concept of “phonetic spelling” if you do though.
          Ciamar a tha thu is “How are you”. Now looking at it you’d think “Hey, that’s pronounced Key-a-mar ah thah thoo” but you’d be wrong. It’s “Key-a-mar a hah oo”. Right? And that’s minor, because at least Ciamar is phonetic.
          It gets much worse, and seems like it’s wholly unrelated to the entire rest of the Indo-European tree. I mean, goodness, this “Dè an t-ainm a th’ort” means “What’s your name”. And don’t even think you can pronounce it by reading the letters. Heh.

        7. I like to compare it to Afrikaans. Only useful as long as you live in the bubble.
          I remember shagging one South African broad who, although was born and raised in SA, her mum was Czech, and her dad Afrikaans-speaking Saffa. This used to be my favourite ball-busting, when telling her that she spoke 2 of the most useless languages in the world. She truly cringed.

        8. I’m still curious why there is a differentiation between Dutch and Afrikaans. By all accounts I’ve read they’re basically mutually intelligible. Seems more like the Dutch version of Ebonics to me.

        9. It is. One of the greatest compliments I recieved while stationed in Germany was when an old man said I spoke good German for an American. Which was a phrase I memorized: “Ich est an American, mein Deutsche est scheisse.”

        10. Next time try:
          “Ich bin ein Amerikaner, mein Deutsch ist beschissen.”
          You’ll get even more compliments.

        11. Don’t forget the most crucial phrase in German that any American male must memorize before taking a journey there.
          Ist seine tochter achtzehn bitte?”

        12. They effectively are. Afrikaans is basically the archaic Dutch (same as the French dialects in Québec) that stay isolated and didn’t eveolve. Although, Afrikaans speakers are Dutch speakers by default, Dutch people only manage with the language as passive speakers, so I’ve been told.

        13. can’t see myself trying either of those, but Gaelic does sound quite poetic I did once think about welsh for about 30 seconds. To be honest I’m more interested in european languages. I might have a stab at Hungarian although some think it’s harder than Czech in some respects

        14. that made me laugh. Actually I think the Czechs like the fact that very few speak their language. They pretty much designed it that way

        15. Gaelic is a European language, it’s a Celtic language, distinct from Welsh and Cornish and Breton (France), due to the p/q split the languages did way way back forever ago.
          Funnily enough, Hungarian is NOT an Indo-European language. It, Finnish and Estonian and Lap are all related, but not of the same tree as the rest of the European languages.

        16. I don’t speak German, but scheisse is pretty internationally recognised. I like the sound of the language though and might have a go some day

        17. that’s part of it’s appeal. I thought there was some Turk in there as well. They say if you can learn hungarian you end up thinking quite differently. True of all languages perhaps, but more so with hungarian

        18. Es ist Zeit für unser neues Reich. Im vierten Reich werden wir die Juden endgültig ausrotten und Israel dem Erdboden gleich machen. Willst du uns dabei helfen, so lerne unverzüglich die deutsche Sprache, mein arischer Kamerad.

        19. It’s nasty. Finnish, it’s cousin, is also hard to learn. I believe that there are 16 (?) ways to conjugate a verb in Finnish that are actually used and not just academic. Crikey!

        20. This isn’t article isn’t about genocide
          Boy, you can say that twice! Heh

        21. I’ve heard that too. Hungarian has loads of cases too I believe, but depending on who you speak to / read, it’s not as big a challenge as it seems. It’s mainly about sticking bits on the end and bits at the front, at the risk of getting a bit technical

        22. I just found your sentence to be humorous. Because I’m a grammar Nazi (literally) (Hitler).

        23. to be honest I don’t whether you’re for real or not. If you are you need to sort yourself out

  5. Goddamn it, I can consider myself lucky. Spanish, English, French, Czech, German. Two of them as native speaker level. The rest, upper intermediate.
    Spanish = gateway to mumble portuguese.
    Czech = gateway to start Russian. (Although Russian girls love to speak to me in all the above)

    1. Czech seems like the brutish cousin to Russian. Russian seems like nearly the “Romance Language” of the Slavic group to me in that it is easy on the ears and tongue. Czech just seems like somebody invented it as a prank parody of Russian, heh.

      1. I always thought dutch is a prank parody version of german.
        Dutch sounds like someone threw Deutsch and english in a blender.

        1. We’re all in the same West Germanic branch of the Indo-European language tree, so the similarities between the three languages (and Frisian) are remarkable. Old Saxon from the time period 400-800AD in England is nearly indistinguishable from Frisian and probably was fairly mutually intelligible in the extant Dutch as well.

        2. The northern Germanic tongue seems remarkably close to English as well. My state is dominated by ethnic Norwegians and it’s surprisingly easy to pick up on the language.

        3. Norweigian/Danish/Swedish seem particularly easy to earn, bested only by Dutch in the “easiest to learn for an English speaker” category.

      2. john huss, the reformer invented a lot of it. They burnt him at the stake. Not necessarily connected though

      3. That’s exactly how it is. During the late 18th to 19th century the language existed in the form of Bohemian Dialect, as it was a language of peasants during the Hapsburgs’ reign. What some nationalist intellectuals did was a a “revival” of the language by artificially re-constructing it with new artificial grammatical rules.

      4. For some reason with my Russian I can understand easily Ukrainian, Polish, Belorussian, Serbian/Croatian and Bulgarian, but Czech, big no-no. Although reading them I do understand a lot of it, but no close to the rest.

  6. Funny enough, I have a neighbor from Central America who’s trying to learn English when I should be practicing my Spanish. Think I’ll make it a game where we start drinking until we understand each other.

    1. That is actually a great idea and it will make you leanr spanish faster than any kind of software or course.
      I will probably study in Gießen next year which is a small german city with 80,000 inhabitants of which around 30,000 are students (highest percentage in germany) and while that means there will be lots of SJWs, there will also be a lot of foreign students who can teach me spanish, russian or japanese.
      You have to make the best out of your destiny 😉

    2. Drinking and laguage learning go hand in hand.. Once you can go to bar and keep up with locals in a reasonable fashion you’ve arrived..

  7. Why do you classify Russian as “hard”- I thought it was a romance language? Is it bc of the Cyrillic alphabet?

    1. I don’t speak any russian but learned the alphabet in two days. The alphabet is a joke compared to mandarin or the three different alphabets of japanese.

    2. No, it’s a Slavic language. Romance languages derive from Latin.

        1. Romanian is Latin based with slavic loanwords.

    3. If you learn Russian cyrillic, then you can relatively easily read all other cyrillic letters, like in Serbia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Macedonia and many more Slavic countries.
      When you can read it, you can easily translate them to English or other language because not many dictionaries have latin to cyrillic alphabet translation.

      1. It’s well worth learning the Cyrillic alphabet, even if that’s as far as you go. Then written Russian becomes just another foreign European language-you can pick out word similarities, etc.

        1. Exactly, that is the point. If you know their alphabet you can easily look up similar words written in latin alphabet.
          I learned it, but I cannot write it fast. Helps a lot reading Serbian in cyrillic. I am from Croatia and we write in latin alphabet, Serbian is almost same as Croatian language, but they prefer cyrillic and that slows communication.

    1. Oh, (((George Soros))) father liked Esperanto so much that he teached his son.
      When globalists think of Esperanto, they cum in their pants.

      1. The word Soros itself is Esperanto, means ‘will soar’, family name used to be Schwartz.

  8. Japanese is pretty tricky. I tried learning it years ago. Part of the problem is there are three writing systems for Japanese; kanji, hiragana, and katakana. Not only that, but it’s not related to English at all so the structure and sounds are all completely different.
    Might have to relearn Spanish.

    1. In fact, Japanese is not related to any other existing language, it’s a language isolate.

        1. They’re not even vaguely related. The Japanese did take the Chinese alphabet (such as it is) of course, and obviously due to trade and proximity there are likely some loan words to be found in each from the other, but they are utterly alien languages to each other otherwise.

        2. Well after a few months of studying Japanese, I got fed up with it and abandoned that plan. A lot of frustration for essentially no benefits other than knowing Japanese…like I’d ever use it.

        3. It’s incredible, since they are genetic cousins (belong to the same family genetically speaking). However their languages are farther away from each other than German and Spanish or English and Portuguese.

        4. I suspect a case could be made that Chinese and Japanese also have a close genetic link, yet, they have entirely different languages by any estimation.
          There are no languages related to Japanese in the world, currently spoken. None. It’s an isolate.

        5. Genetically, there are about four lines running through the Japanese. There are the Koreans, the Chinese, the Polynesians, and a native tribe not dissimilar to the Inuit.
          Linguistically, it’s radically different from Chinese (though less different from Korean, possibly because their line entered Japan earliest). They use the kanji (the “Chinese Letters”) because China and Japan have occupied each other a few times throughout the centuries and transferred cultural elements during those occupations.

        6. We’re talking languages here, right?
          It’s a language isolate. Any related languages that may have at one time been, are no more. It is a rock in the linguistic ocean, a singularity of languages.
          I’ve heard all kinds of fun theories and seen some amazingly humorous “proof” about a lot of languages. Some doof who used to come to ROK tried to tell me that Gaelic was actually some Asian language, to which I laughed heartily (like this, and I quote “ha ha ha ha ha!” end quote).
          From here: http://web.mit.edu/jpnet/articles/JapaneseLanguage.html#history

          Through painstaking research, we now have conclusive evidence for the genetic relationships of the major languages of the world. English, along with a host of languages spoken in Europe, Russia, and India, belong to the Indo-European family of languages. In contrast, there is no conclusive evidence relating Japanese to a single family of languages. The most prominent hypothesis places Japanese in the Altaic family, which includes Turkish, Tungusic, Mongolian, and Korean, with the closest relationship to Korean. According to Roy Andrew Miller, the original Altaic language was spoken in the Transcaspian steppe country, and the speakers of this language undertook massive migrations before 2,000 B.C., spreading this language family from Turkey in the west to Japan in the east. However, this hypothesis is inconsistent with some major features of Japanese, leading some scholars to turn to the languages of the South Pacific in the Austronesian family for clues of genetic relationship.
          A hypothesis that has currency among a number of Japanese historical linguists is a “hybrid” theory that accepts the relationship to the Altaic family, but also hypothesizes influence from Austronesian languages possibly through heavy lexical borrowing. It is also important to note that in the northern island of Hokkaido, the Ainu people, who are physically and culturally different from the rest of the Japanese, speak a language that has even more successfully escaped attempts to relate it to a single language family.

        7. I know that we are talking about linguistics. My point is that such a gap between the Chinese and Japanese languages is amazing considering the genetic closeness and geographic proximity. Normally one of the prime tests to determine how close one nation is to another is to examine its language roots (spaniards and portuguese, Germans and Dutch,, etc.). However an apt comparison to explain the relationship between Chinese and Japanese would the relationships between Bantu and French. The latter is to be expected but the former is just…fascinating.

        8. Oh, I see where you were going now, my bad, I was thinking you were arguing something else.
          Yes, it is strange.

        9. When Chinese monks introduced writing in the 4th century the Chinese phonetic sounds were Japan-ized, some stayed close, a lot changed. This is why there are oniomi and kuniomi readings of the same character

        10. When it comes to the actual workings of the Asian languages, I’m at a loss. Never learned any, just know some history. I mean sure I can say “Ni hau!” to a Chinese dude or “Shay shay” (however its spelled) to the waiter, but that’s the extent of my Asian language experience outside of pronouncing things on the menu when I go out to eat.

        11. I’ve studied Japanese at an academic level, lived there and even married into culture once. Not trying to say my lingual dick is bigger, just the life I’ve lead. On the other hand, my French is complete shit, despite enough years in the Canadian public school system, and now when I try to speak it just turns to japanese mid sentence

        12. About 60% of the nouns in both Korean and Japanese are loan words from Chinese. These loan words (and verbs created by combining a Chinese loan word and a Korean/Japanese verb) are the only aspects of the Chinese language that affected the languages of Korea and Japan.

        13. Japanese is not a language isolate. It is too similar to Korean to be considered a language isolate. There are way too many unique similarities in Japanese and Korean for them to not be related. It would be almost like saying Portuguese is a language isolate…while ignoring Spanish. (Not a perfect analogy because the sounds of Korean and Japanese are quite different). Perhaps the idea of Japanese as a language isolate came from Japanese nationalists (who don’t like to admit the Japanese royal family are direct descendants of Koreans).

      1. One scholar I dated for a while had an interesting theory. Lapps/Sami people in Finland are somewhat related to a certain level (close or distant, cannot tell) to Japanese. Considering how close the words Sami and Suomi sound to Japanese language.

        1. I’ve heard that theory but have seen zero actual proof of it that is taken seriously by linguists.
          Laps speak a Finno based language actually, it’s related to Finnish, Estonian and Hungarian.

      2. Not exactly. It shares a lot with Korean, some grammar and even some vocabulary. Kasa, umbrella is the same for instance or kaban, bag, is kabang in Korean. My old Japanese professor, a linguist himself spoke Hungarian and said its structure is eerily similar to Japanese. Supposed to come from the Ural-Altaic family of languages, likely originating with proto-mongolians over 20000 years ago

        1. That’s due to Korea and Japan being at each other’s throats for a long time and spending no small amount of time fighting and occupying places. English, for example, has numerous Norse loanwords due to, well, Vikings being assholes and invading England nonstop and setting shit on fire.
          Sharing a similar structure does not necessarily imply relationships in linguistics. There are only so many structures, you’re going to have overlap, even accidental overlap.

        2. Could be a major factor, yes. I suspect it also has something to do with the migratory path of the original settlers of Japan, pre-Jomon (10k BC) period.

        3. Japanese and Korean do not share a “similar structure”. They share virtually identical grammatical structures. I could describe even more features more than I did in the comment above of unique features that both languages share that other languages do not have. One more example: Both Japanese and Korean allow for verbs to be combined using a particular vowel in the middle of the two verbs (according to set rules of vowel harmony). Koreans and Japanese can learn each others languages with ease. The Koreans have the advantage though because many Korean sounds are difficult for the Japanese to pronounce. I know many Koreans who after living in Japan as university students speak Japanese in a way that even the Japanese think that they are Japanese. There is a preponderance of evidence that Korean and Japanese are closely related languages…not just a few similar structures that other languages share.

      3. Not true. Japanese and Korean are absolutely related languages.
        They share grammatical features that no other languages have such as the differences between the topic markers (は in Japanese, 은/는 in Korean) versus the subject markers (が in Japanese, 이/가 in Korean) at the end of nouns . Also, the direct objects of the verbs in the sentence both take a special marker.
        (を in Japanese, 은/는 in Korean).

  9. Nice article. Although I’m going to disagree a little with the business value of Spanish and German
    Spanish actually isn’t that valuable from a business perspective, because, frankly the market is flooded with English and Spanish speakers.
    Just for example, when I tell someone I’m bilingual, they always assume I speak Spanish. (I’m sure other Americans have run into this same scenario)
    Also, German is quite valuable from a business perspective. Offering one of the highest boosts in salary of any languages, far more than Spanish.
    Language study is a great use of time, just don’t expect to get rich from learning Spanish.

    1. One should pursue a high command of German only to achieve profitable business / trade relationships or a highly-paid job. In Frankfurt or Zurich they’d shower you in gold in the banking or IT sector, or as a plant Engineer anywhere in Germany.

        1. 中文很難,想要學的好、學得流利最好要娶中國人。而且學普通話跟北方人學比較明智,南方人若教育程度不高容易口音很重或者語法有問題。

        2. 育程度不高容 是 跟北最好要娶中國人
          And you can take that to the bank!

        3. See, now you’re just being silly.
          I have no idea what I posted, I basically grabbed characters at random from y’alls posts. I’m hoping it means something really lewd and humorous, possibly involving eels.

        4. Yeah, but I could read it. Basically it said “It’s more important to know to marry Northern Chinese girls.”
          It was a bit wonky, I’ll grant you, but it worked well enough for a novice like me.

        5. You mean the jibberish I posted actually meant “”It’s more important to know to marry Northern Chinese girls.” ??
          Fuck, that’s cool, it’s like I’m a Chaos Prophet or something. I’ll rearrange symbols and y’all can find hidden wisdom in my ignorance. How neat is that?

        6. 我以前也只会看简体字,后来发现正体字并没有人们说的那么难。

        7. 正体字不太难,可是我从来没有学会阅读。我绝地学中文很有意思,可是我没有一位老师。你知道不知道一个很好课程?

        8. 我个人不知道有什么特别好的方法,因为我完全是靠家里或者工作环境学的。但是我学其他语言的过程中发现听和看是最重要的。

        9. 我觉得你从集中学口语开始最好,因为报纸、书上的书面语有很多缩写结构(有点儿像1984年里的Newspeak),还没掌握基本白话的人很难看懂。

      1. And all the White Cucks will obediently keep on being uber tolerant untill they will tolerate themselves out of existance

        1. Waiting for Putin to wreck his economy to the point where he has to sell immigration rights to the Chinese.

        2. Him? Wreck his economy? I am sorry, but statistically speaking, he is pretty much the best fucking thing to happen to the Russian economy in 100 years. From 1989-1999 Russia basically had none stop economic shrinking. From 1999-2008 Russia had none stop economic growth. In 8 years, the GDP grew by a factor of 9. That is fucking amazing economic growth.

    1. Throwing mandarins at them to show who’s the top dog should work. Those danm Chinese only listen to fruit

  10. I’m surprised Mandarin’s grammar is listed as ‘basic’. Grammar rules in Mandarin can get to a point where the equivalent of saying “the third blue dog on the left looks happy” becomes “the blue dog left third is happy look” (this is just an example just as a brief idea, not that the placement of words above is how it is in chinese, but nevertheless the point is that the grammar in Chinese can get hella complicated).
    Also, most people who grow up speaking Indo european, germanic (e.g. danish) and romance languages will have an initial hard time with the pronunciation with things like tone and tongue curls, especially with the subtle differences between sounds of the pinying characters ‘z’, ‘zh’, ‘j’, ‘q’ and ‘c’, to name but a few.

    1. Indo european
      That’s all you need to say, including Germanic and romance languages is redundant, they both fall under Indo-European.

        1. Oh clearly, I can’t dispute that at all. Chinese ranks in the “scary” category for me, and I love languages.

        2. I’m very familiar with that channel actually, I enjoy his reviews and takes on languages.

    2. It is definitely a language you want to learn from real Chinese people. If you dedicate yourself to mimicking them, the tones will eventually come.
      As to grammar, I never found the rules particularly difficult (except for the magic word ‘le’ – it has some 17 distinct uses). The trick was to imagine my sentence like a Chinese immigrant would say it, then translate that to Chinese. That’s right, folks – stereotyping taught me Chinese.

    3. Q and C were fairly easy, but speaking and distinguishing between spoken J and Zh gives me fits.

      1. The trick is in the vowels that follow. Because of the tongue placement that differentiates the two consonant sounds, the vowels sound either more gutteral or more head-tonal.
        I’m just happy I had a very small class (~4 people) and a hard-assed Beijing teacher. She’d teach a few words each day and correct us constantly until it sounded right to her.

    4. Native American languages are tough as hell. My neighbor is a linguist, and he told me over drinks a few weeks ago that most N.A. languages are “evidentiary”.
      What’s that mean? I asked.
      “It means that you have to choose from three different verbs depending on how you learned the information that you’re about to impart.”
      IOW, if you learned something
      directly, from personal experience — use verb A
      indirectly, from someone known to tribe — use verb B
      indirectly, from someone NOT known to tribe — use verb C
      Damn. I guess I won’t be chatting with the Tuyuca people of the Amazon rainforest anytime soon.

      1. It was a brilliant move on our government’s part to use the Navajo code talkers during WWII. Navajo was unlike anything the Japanese and German linguists could’ve ever studied for.

      1. Whats the thing with that Oktoberfest boom?
        Even every little german village has it’s own Oktoberfest now.
        The only true Oktoberfest in Munich ends today – and I will move to Munich tomorrow – goddamn.

        1. Its really not that big here. Just another excuse to get trashed really.
          Im more of a Fasching kinda guy anyway…

        2. Eh, around my neck of the woods it’s been happening for a heck of a long time. Large German descended population here, hell, a small town to the north of me gave up German as the language of government and community only in 1947, and you can still hear lots of German words mixed with English in that area.

        3. Well, I read that there are 49 million people with german ancestors in the north of the USA. Maybe I will go there once germany is named the Holy Caliphate of Germanistan

        1. Yeah. Bigger German population than where Im at too. White culture was historically Italian and Poles

        2. Central Ohio specifically, yes. As I say, if you like the Viking Princess look, hit central Ohio.
          If you stray into Southern Ohio however, prepare to be assaulted by the looks of the people there. Southern Ohio is basically “Northern Kentucky” and features 0.0% pretty girls (or even people in general).

        3. Hahahaha.
          Ive met a ton of travelers from that area.
          The part of Ohio nobody wants to talk about…

        4. My daughter is in high school band and they went to a band event down in Logan Ohio this last Saturday. This is where the border is between “hot people” and “Wallmart Scary Looking People” occurs. So we show up. The southern Ohio bands are all, well, kinda tubby and gross looking, meanwhile, we’re all these lithe blonde kids, the kind you normally associate in movies with the Ubermenschen Bad Guys (because bad people are all attractive, white, blonde and blue eyed). The contrast was staggering.

        5. Logan.
          Yeah thats got a very boonie ring to it.
          And why is it having all of your teeth automatically makes you the bad guy in this country?

        6. Because the MSM has taken a special interest in casting all decency, beauty and goodness in a horrible light.

        1. I can walk down OSU campus or my daughter’s high school football games (she’s in the band) and see hordes of ladies who more or less approximate that little girl, looks wise. I’m not going to say that she’s “average, an HB 5” because clearly she’s pretty, but she’s just not that unusual here.

        2. I love that type. I think im going to have to find a way to visit that area sometime in the not too distant future.

        3. Please do. You won’t be disappointed. Most of Columbus (except where the Diversity are huddled) and the area north of Columbus (Delaware county) are chock full of pretty girls.
          A radio DJ named Greggo came here to DJ at the local hard rock station (99.7 The Blitz! bitches!) from, I think, Baltimore or some east coast state. More than once he marveled on the air “Good God, it’s like I’ve moved to Der Vaterland!” in regards to the copious amount of blonde babes we have.
          If you do come, drop me a line and we can meet up for a beer or three. If it’s on a weekend I can take you to the one stop shop for hot chicks on the weekend in Delaware county, Tequila Cowboy.

        4. Thats sounds great.
          I cant say exactly when, but it is a when , not if, ill be up that way, but ill make it there and definitely give you a shout.

    1. I can top that. I went to a local Oktoberfest a few years ago. After a few hours of drinking and enjoying ourselves, a friend and I went to use the head. Well, the bathrooms were a long row of the Port-o-Potties and there was quite a line. After standing there a few minutes, we heard some murmuring going on and a few people telling a guy not to do it.
      Apparently some chick dropped her cell phone into the toilet and the guy was going to go fish it out. Talk about white knighting to the extreme. Me and my friend were alternating between shouting “Don’t do it!” and “Be sure to roll up your sleeves!”

      1. No fucking way.
        If not already bricked by water damage, the bitch would’ve really ever put that up to her fucking face again???
        I mean, no one was wearing a keffiyeh and handing her a roll of benjamins, so why would she???
        You shouldve cut in front of the dude and pissed on it one more good time.
        Then fucked his girlfriend.

        1. Hah, nah. I was already married and I was more entertained to see if this chump was going to actually do it.
          I yelled the exact same thing during the debacle; even if he pulled it out, she’d never use it again anyways.

    2. That’s why they serve beer in those large steins. Each one you down increases her 1 to 10 scale by an equal number.

  11. English
    Difficulty: Quite easy
    Practicality: High
    Cultural Value: Average
    Business/Political Value: High
    Quality of women who speak the language: Low
    One sentence: Useful for banging American sluts.

    1. English
      Difficulty: Easy as fuck
      Practicality: High (especially if you want to fuck east asian girls and you’re too lazy learning their shitty languages)
      Cultural Value: Recommended to understand Shakespeare, burgers and guns.
      Business/Political Value: They will invade your country sooner or later, so you should start learning it today
      Quality of women who speak the language: Feminists – nuff said.
      One sentence: Ho, ho, ho – western culture got to go.

      1. You’re right. We’ll learn English anyway, since the good ol’ USA will invade other countries one day, including mine.
        Speaking on invasions, I guess Americans will have to learn Spanish anyway, no matter if our women are beautiful or not

      2. Hey, we’re a warrior culture at our core. It may not be right, but it
        is what it is. Saxons just like to kill people and burn shit down.
        Pray to your gods that oil is not discovered in your nation, is all I’m
        saying, ok?

        1. Apart from common sense oil is what Germany lacked in the past. It won’t be easy this time Ghost

    2. English? Easy? Pure Bollocks. Like French is has a shit tonne of contextual grammar. As for the women, there are 400 million native English speakers, I assure you that plenty of them are good, though certainly not when you, like the typical “alpha” reader of ROK seems to think bars of all places are the best place to find women…

  12. Found Russian a bit hasty, Finnish? Done it, Dutch? Skipped it, French? I’m toast, Spanish is fly, Danish? Delicious, Basque? Got one on my head already. Czech, yeah I’ve got a mate, Hungary? I’m full, Romanian? Left me wondering, Thai, me love you long thai(m), Gaelic? Don’t swing that way, MontreNEGRO? TRIGGERED!!!!!!!!!

  13. “If you’re white, you have a strong advantage with almost no competition”
    white guys (especially canadian & american) who go to asia are usually exrtemely low on the SMV continuum. and they end up getting bottom of the barrel asian girls as a result. thats my observation in the 4 yrs i spent in asia. super hot ass asian girls from asia wont even give white guys a 1st glance – theres no reason for them to. so to say that theres no competition is a little misleading. youll def get pussy just by being white, but the quality of the woman is going to be ridiculously low.

    1. That’s what I heared and read about, too. You can get lots of low and maybe middle class Thais but the high class Thai girls wont look at you.
      But actually this rule is true in every society. Just think about all those trashy and fat white girls in the States and Europe who fuck with Google thugs while a highly educated german woman would never touch such a piece of scum.

      1. yup. think about it – why would men who do amazing in their home country ever leave for a shittier/poorer country? they won’t. wall street guys stay in manhattan and kill life there. its only losers or those that dont fit in w the defined version of success in their home country that go off elsewhere. and the women in these new countries know that very well

        1. You may have a point. However, how many men do you think do amazing in their home country? Maybe 1%. Almost all men would improve their prospects by self improvement, increasing their life experiences and changing their environment, including travelling or working abroad. This would not only make them more attractive to foreign women, but also to western women. And dont think that western women are just staying at home. Your prospects of getting a US or Euro girl go up when you travel, as there are so many British, French, German and American young girls travelling all over the World.
          At any rate, good luck to you, killing it in Manhattan. Mere mortal that I am, I am going to book my next plane ticket.

    2. White caucasoidal features represent power and beauty in Asian culture. The women purposely put white cream on their skin to look pale, dying their hair blonde, and putting in blue and green eye contacts.
      In advertisement and entertainment, companies use the most caucasoidal looking men to push represent their brands. Saying “hot ass Asian girls won’t even give white guys a 1st glance” is farcical, at best.

      1. have you spent any significant time in an Asian country?
        The girls you are referring to (dying their hair blonde, blue/green contacts) are few and far in between. Those specifically might be trying to court a white guy, but the regular hot asian girl does not. I have quite a few friends with asian girlfriends/wives (I’m former military – lived a few years in Japan, short tour in Singapore and have seen plenty in between) and the majority of those men are black or latino.
        The whole “getting play with almost no competition” does not apply to white guys nearly as much as you think it does.

        1. It seems to be true in Central America (and Mexico), at least in my personal experience.

        2. I wouldn’t have spoken had I not lived in Asia. SE Asia (PI, Vietnam, Malaysia) the girls go out of their way to appear causcasoidal and court white men.
          Living on a military base surrounded by thousands of other Americans is not the same as living on your own amongst the locals in another country. Phillipinos, Viets, and Malays are pretty clear of what they think of men of color.

        3. First off, I never lived on base. I’m an officer, and by all means, a gentleman. Officers don’t live on base, which is why we got basic housing allowance.
          Second, with the time you spent in the area, you know there’s a stark difference between Pacific Islander and mainline Asian. What you say about white guys is true for the Philippines, Guam, Vietnam, and Malaysia. But it’s definitely not true in Japan, China, or Korea.

        4. White features are king in every country that was colonized by the Spanish crown.
          Just like SE Asia, Latin American advertisement and entertainment reflect this fact.

        5. You live in proximity to a military base. Racially integrated, guaranteed paycheck, high security, and populated by thousands of other Americans to weather culture shock. If you think your views are indicative of life in Asia, you are in for a rude awakening.

        6. You’re still military though, which was his point. If you live in the village near the military base, you’re seen as just another soldier.

        7. His larger point was that white guys have their choice of Asian girls (Japanese, Chinese, Korean – the article said nothing about the South Pacific nations), and he is sorely mistaken.
          He is right that in less well-off, Asian-hybrid countries, a white guy is seen as a way to escape. Malaysian, Filipina, Chamorro, and Viet women are looking to get off the island.

        8. I’m going to have to evaluate then what is meant by middle to low quality. All of the white guys I know who are married to Asian broads have some really knockout wives.

        9. “less well-off” as a country doesn’t mean you still won’t find hotties there. I was just pointing out that there is a definite draw to women finding a white guy in more Western-centered Asian countries, like in the South Pacific. There’s a stark difference in their cultures. As soon as Tony mentioned skin-lightening, hair bleaching, and contacts, I was sure he wasn’t talking about mainline Asian cultures.

        10. I lived in yokosuka. Everyone is in proximity to the base.
          I didnt live on base. I had the same security as the rest of my japanese neighbors.
          You speak of living in the philippines, And compare the culture shock there to what i received, but your opening argument was about how western their advertisement is. Which is it… A totally separate asian experience, or a western-tinted version of an island nation?
          And yes, i had a guaranteed paycheck. One of the perks of thr military.
          Finally, i said you were right about the south pacific. Youre still wrong when it comes to mainline asia, whatever your argument is. White guys are at the bottom of the dating pool in thr countries mentioned in this article.

        11. I was in the U.S. Marines and did several tours to Korea. White men did VERY WELL with Korean women. I don’t say that out of Pride. Considering I find Northeast Asians to be the least attractive females out of all the major races. It is just what I saw. If anything, I would say that White males had the cream of the crop when it pertained to Korean women I am not gonna argue with you. But I know what I saw.

        12. Bottom of the dating pool??? LOL!!!! I am White, and travelled the world when I was in the U.S. Marines. I can assure you that a White maleis rarely the “Bottom of the barrell” when it comes to the dating game.
          Yousound like a bitter Black dude who doesn’t feel as though he gets the respect he deserves, so he decides to troll mens rights forums trying todenigrate White males. Everything you posted is loaded with bitterness,and envy. I can spot a dude like that from a mile away. It istypical Black hate. LOL!!!
          I have had Korean women tell me that they actually feel dirty when their skin touches the skin of Africans. Iam not making that up. I was actually told that by a chick from Korea.LOL
          These are from the 2010 Census:
          It shows that in the USA 57.7 percent of Korean American women marry White men. 57.7%. That Stat alone is astounding. While only 1.9% of Korean American marry Black dudes. That is a RIDICULOUS difference. Whites make
          up 70% of the USA, and Blacks 12%. But STILL, those numbers are still HEAVY in favor of Korean women choosing White men over Black men (and over anyone else as well LOL) Korean American women marry White men
          nearly TWENTY NINE TIMES MORE than they marry Black dudes.
          For Vietnamese women, the DIFFERENCES are even GREATER when it comes to them choosing White men over Blacks. 41.3% of Vietnamese American women have
          White husbands, while only 0.5% have black husbands. LOL!!! Youread that right. LOL!! 0.5%. Vietnamese women marry White men EIGHTY TWO TIMES more than they marry Black dudes.
          Japanese American women marry White men 49.3% of the time. That means almost HALF OF ALL Japanese American women have White husbands. Conversely, only 0.8% of
          Japanese American women are married to blacks. LOL!!! 0.8%. Japanese American women marry White men SIXTY ONE TIMES MORE than they marry Black dudes. That is SIXTY ONE TIMES MORE.
          Chinese American women marryWhitemen46.1% of the time. Again, that means just under HALF of all Chinese American women have White husbands. Only 0.7% of Chinese American women have Black husbands. Chinese American women marry White men SIXTY FIVE TIMES MORE than they marry Black dudes.
          Even Indian women choose White men for husbands in ridiculous proportion than that of Black men. 52% of Indian women born and raised in the USA have White husbands.
          Conversely, only 2.8% choose Blacks dudes. And even
          Indian women (many of whom are darker than many African Americans) marry White men almost NINETEEN TIMES MORE than they marry Blacks.
          Now I understand that there are about 5 times more White males than there are Black males in the USA. However, these stats reveal that Asian women marry White men in many cases FIFTY TIMES, SIXTY TIMES, and in the case
          of Vietnamese women, in excess of EIGHTY TIMES more than they marry Blacks.
          Keep in mind, all these stats I posted were directly from
          the2010 census. And I decided to use the Category in which females sampledwere born and raised in the USA. Now if 40 and 50 % of Chinese, Korean,Japanese, and Asian Indian women who were BORN IN THE USA are marrying
          White males, then what does that tell you? These Asian women are marrying these White men out of PREFERENCE. NOT for a better life as your bitter posts would have us believe. By most indications, Asian Indians, Korean, Chinese, etc, actually OUT EARN Whites per capita. Yet even though they out earn Whites, they still Marry White males at rates
          as high as 52%.
          Don’tlet going to a few Black R and B clubs in Korea and Japan give you any delusions as to whom Asian women prefer when it comes to Whites or Blacks. Again, I don’t say that out of some misplaced Pride. Even thoughI am very proud to be a White European-American. However when you write shit like “White males are the bottom of the barrel in Asia” which is clearly false, then I am gonna put my two cents in.
          I know these stats are from the USA. But take a peak at this:

        13. Bottom of the dating pool??? LOL!!!! I am White, and traveled the world when I was in the U.S. Marines. I can assure you that a White male is rarely the “Bottom of the barrel” when it comes to the dating game.
          You sound like a bitter Black dude who doesn’t feel as though he gets the respect he deserves, so he decides to troll mens rights forums trying to denigrate White males. Everything you posted is loaded with bitterness, and envy. I can spot a dude like that from a mile away. It is typical Black hate. LOL!!!
          I have had Korean women tell me that they actually feel dirty when their skin touches the skin of Africans. I am not making that up. I was actually told that by a chick from Korea. LOL
          These are from the 2010 Census:
          It shows that in the USA 57.7 percent of Korean American women marry White men. 57.7%. That Stat alone is astounding. While only 1.9% of Korean American marry Black dudes. That is a RIDICULOUS difference. Whites make
          up 70% of the USA, and Blacks 12%. But STILL, those numbers are still HEAVY in favor of Korean women choosing White men over Black men (and over anyone else as well LOL) Korean American women marry White men
          nearly TWENTY NINE TIMES MORE than they marry Black dudes.
          For Vietnamese women, the DIFFERENCES are even GREATER when it comes to them choosing White men over Blacks. 41.3% of Vietnamese American women have
          White husbands, while only 0.5% have black husbands. LOL!!! You read that right. LOL!! 0.5%. Vietnamese women marry White men EIGHTY TWO TIMES more than they marry Black dudes.
          Japanese American women marry White men 49.3% of the time. That means almost HALF OF ALL Japanese American women have White husbands. Conversely, only 0.8% of
          Japanese American women are married to blacks. LOL!!! 0.8%. Japanese American women marry White men SIXTY ONE TIMES MORE than they marry Black dudes.
          That is SIXTY ONE TIMES MORE.
          Chinese American women marry White men 46.1% of the time. Again, that means just under HALF of all Chinese
          American women have White husbands. Only 0.7% of Chinese American women have Black husbands. Chinese American women marry White men SIXTY FIVE TIMES MORE than they marry Black dudes.
          Even Indian women choose White men for husbands in ridiculous proportion than that of Black men. 52% of Indian women born and raised in the USA have White husbands.
          Conversely, only 2.8% choose Blacks dudes. And even
          Indian women (many of whom are darker than many African Americans) marry White men almost NINETEEN TIMES MORE than they marry Blacks.
          Now I understand that there are about 5 times more White males than there are Black males in the USA. However, these stats reveal that Asian women marry White men in many cases FIFTY TIMES, SIXTY TIMES, and in the case
          of Vietnamese women, in excess of EIGHTY TIMES more than they marry Blacks.
          Keep in mind, all these stats I posted were directly from
          the2010 census. And I decided to use the Category in which females sampled were born and raised in the USA. Now if 40 and 50 % of Chinese, Korean,Japanese, and Asian Indian women who were BORN IN THE USA are marrying
          White males, then what does that tell you? These Asian women are marrying these White men out of PREFERENCE. NOT for a better life as your bitter posts would have us believe. By most indications, Asian Indians, Korean, Chinese, etc, actually OUT EARN Whites per capita. Yet even though they out earn Whites, they still Marry White males at rates
          as high as 52%.
          Don’t let going to a few Black R and B clubs in Korea and Japan give you any delusions as to whom Asian women prefer when it comes to Whites or Blacks. Again, I don’t say that out of some misplaced Pride. Even though
          I am very proud to be a White European-American. However when you write shit like “White males are the bottom of the barrel in Asia” which is clearly false, then I am gonna put my two cents in.
          I know these stats are from the USA. But take a peak at this:

        14. There’s no point in arguing, Ghost. Military spousal benefits raise the SMV of blacks and latinos in Asia tenfold. In doing business in multiple mainland and island Asian countries, the only time I saw non military blacks and latinos with a girl was when they were participating in P4P. The most pro white male continent on earth is Asia, followed by latin America in SMV.

        15. He’s either a self hating white, or a minority with an axe to grind. Living in the sphere of a military base that offers military spousal benefits skews SMV. Any veteran knows this.

      2. in my 4 years of observation in asia, i didnt see a american or canadian with a hot asian girl once. no joke. however, that changed w europeans. lots of european guys w beautiful asian women. my conclusion is that at least in the countries i stayed, only the lowest of the low american/canadian men were interested in going there. makes sense since mostly its white guys who cant succeed in their homeland are the first to expat to foreign countries to take advantage of the relative ease of life/women there.

        1. You and I had two entirely different experiences. European men are hardly anything to hold in value, considering the rate you allow Muslims to rape your women.

      3. btw thats a fallacy that asian women try to look white. they dont try to imitate white people beauty– its just that everywhere in the world, light is better than dark. look at old chinese drawings depicting the emperor’s women in white makeup. that was thousands of years before anyone ever came across an actual white girl to imitate. i cant stand when people in the west think that the east is always trying to take their standards of beauty. its simply not true.

        1. Women wore Blue and green eyed contacts. Dying the hair blonde. These are caucasoidal features. You and I had two entirely different experiences in Asia.

  14. I love these articles from this website, but this one…? Not so much.
    First, as someone who has spent time learning both German and Japanese (to some degree of success – more so with German, admittedly, and I’ll explain why), just the mental growth required is immense. Multiple studies show that people who know 2 or more languages, generally, have higher IQs. So as far as the practicality side is concerned, that is enough right there.
    2nd – German and French are the business languages of Europe. Want to make money in Europe? Learn those.
    3rd – the author teases guys who go for asians (generally considered petite, have a great deal of femininity, are submissive, etc…all traits a red pill man desires) while repeatedly reminding us of his fascination with latinas.
    There is a reason I dated latinas, but married my girl from germany. And have been married for going on ten years now.
    Just saying.

      1. That’s true. I love these guys, and understand their philosophy and where they are coming from as far as the desire to “breed” comes from, but truly nothing beats marriage to a well adjusted, smart, and loving woman.

  15. I would add arabic to the list. The benefits that comes up with it range from financial gains to the pickup realm.

  16. 10. Mathematics
    Difficulty: Variable, depends on your talent, but most importantly: discipline and ability to work hard
    Practicality: YUUUGE
    Cultural Value: High
    Business/Political Value: High
    Quality of women who speak the language: — HORRENDOUS —

      1. I’ve seen one ( just one in my life ) who was a hot. Guys in my former engineering school used to hit on her.

      1. Khan Academy only offers the bare minimum, the basics. If you want to learn math, or physics, you can’t get around books and doing the problems. Rigor is part of the game. Relying only on Khan Academy will get you destroyed at any decent mathematics or physics test.

    1. Horrendous? Women (and humans in general) who can understand this language are typical of high intellect, which thus means more intelligent children and it means better mothering…

      1. And even more powerful rationalization hamsters hence even more irrational. No man is looking for a genius to marry.

        1. Leave this guy. Must be a canadian mangina who has felt on this page by mistake. They’re all act like this, they’re brainwashed with feminism since they got in school. I work in IT and believe me, the ugliest women work here.

        2. “And even more powerful rationalization hamsters hence even more irrational.” You don’t understand what intelligence is.
          “No man is looking for a genius to marry.” Well you just found one.

        3. You don’t understand what intelligence is.

          Yes I do. And there is a reason no man has ever required “extraordinary” intelligence when looking for a mate:
          All your writing is basically a projection of what women want. Women want overachievers (when it comes to serious relationships) social men, men experienced in the romantic area however no man wants a traveled woman or a woman with 100 previous partners. Neither does he want a girl smarter than him or even as smart as him because he knows what sort of problems he is setting himself to: eternal arguments, eternal shittesting etc.
          In a nutshell, no I don’t advocate dating retards but I am not looking for Phds, partners in some firm etc. I need someone who makes me (and a future family) her priority not a cantankerous bitch.

        4. “And there is a reason no man has ever required “extraordinary” intelligence” Why should I take your stupid fucking blog post when I have dozens of studies that back up the idea that intelligence is a desirable trait?
          By the way, why don’t you understand the difference between intelligence and arseholry?

        5. Please fuck off, I’ve been on this site longer than you have even had a disqus profile. By the way, no, I am not a mangina, I can’t stand most women, most of them are borderline retarded. I am willing to openly call females out on their bullshit to their faces, something most of you “alphas” could never do.
          “They’re all act like this” What is this supposed to mean?
          “I work in IT and believe me, the ugliest women work here.” I don’t care. If a girl displays a lack of cognition, then any sexual attraction I had is dead, and they are then just as ugly to me as the IT lady.

        6. I ‘ll take that as proof that you didn’t even bother to read the fucking blog, or didn’t understand his point. No one said intelligence per se was not a desirable trait you twit. My point was that in women high intelligence just fuels the rationalization engine. Humans are rationalizing animals, not rational ones and women take this trait to the extreme, they are not interested in truth. I’ve meet some intelligent women but never someone you could make a conversation that was not on trivial matters (or even an intelligent one). Most never seemed to have common sense or be able to apply that beyond their specialization fields.
          Our ancestors solved that problem sending all the women (clever and halfwits) to the kitchen and educated them int he art of the femininity. Such a common sense is gone now.

        7. “No one said intelligence per se was not a desirable trait you twit.”I’ll take a direct exert from his post: “Research suggests that when it comes to choosing a romantic partner, men are actively turned off by intelligence” and later he says “Even the highly intelligent man is likely to disfavor smart women, because smart women are constantly trying to demonstrate their intelligence, often by adopting a cantankerous and contrarian stance, constantly contradicting everything everyone around them says.” Have you ever heard of the Dunning-Kruger effect? It pretty much dictates the exact opposite to be true.
          “Most never seemed to have common sense” “Common sense” has nothing to do with intelligence, “common sense” is irrational. Common sense is actually a sign of low cognitive ability, people who have lots of it do so because they don’t question things. “Common sense” is quite often bullshit.
          “I’ve meet some intelligent women but never someone you could make a conversation that was not on trivial matters (or even an intelligent one).” Then what basis do you have for their intelligence?
          “Our ancestors solved that problem sending all the women (clever and halfwits) to the kitchen and educated them int he art of the femininity.” Men are better at making Cuisine then women, and femininity and intellect are not mutually exclusive.

        8. I guess your post deserves a humble response:

          “No one said intelligence per se was not a desirable trait you twit.”I’ll take a direct exert from his post: “Research suggests that
          when it comes to choosing a romantic partner, men are actively turned
          off by intelligence” and later he says “Even the highly intelligent man
          is likely to disfavor smart women, because smart women are constantly
          trying to demonstrate their intelligence, often by adopting a
          cantankerous and contrarian stance, constantly contradicting everything everyone around them says.” Have you ever heard of the Dunning-Kruger effect? It pretty much dictates the exact opposite to be true.

          My bad, I should have stated that I didn’t say intelligence was an undesirable trait. However, like most things, intelligence in women is bad in our modern context, where women are taught to show men how “awesome” they are. Just as most men know that a woman with more money for them is a no go for anything serious unless they have model looks or the charm of a superstar/comedian/artist, most men know instinctively that a woman way smarter than him will show him no respect in no time and will shittest him to death unless he can compensate in looks or charm. That’s the reality of life.

          Then what basis do you have for their intelligence?

          Because they are able to perform in their fields (engineering,business) but normally that’s it. They have good memory and good “emotional intelligence” when it comes to solve problems and overcome their limitations…at work. Forget about solutions in any other technical realm or about history or politics, or even chess. And no, I am not supersmart but I am not so limited intellectually as they are. But things improve notably down south, here smart women don’t brag about their smarts…so much.
          Common sense…maybe understanding the guns don’t kill but people do. That would be a start. Or stop believing everything the media says…

    2. As a guy in the field of mathematics, it’s true. The most beautiful ladies in this field quickly opt out.

      1. Most love coasting on their looks. The ones that don’t have nothing in their way.

    1. I think he meant English OR other Romance languages besides Spanish.

  17. I want to learn that weird central American aboriginal language where you click your tongue a lot. When you speak with clicks, you get the chicks!

    1. I knew a girl from S Africa that spoke !Kung, she also knew Zulu, French and English. Pretty cute for a black girl…she was a missionary in Ireland the same time I was there. Last time I heard, she ending up marrying a British guy.

      1. A missionary in Ireland? What the hell? Heh. What, not enough Roman Catholicism going on, wot?

        1. No, a lot of missionaries don’t consider Catholics to be Christian.

        2. Well to be honest the last time I checked Ireland stopped being Catholic many years ago. It’s not even Christian.

        3. Yup, there is not enough Roman Catholicism there. Like anywhere in Western Civilization that is in decline, people are abandoning Christianity at an alarming rate. We would try to concentrate our effort on the agnostic. If they were Catholic, we would still encourage them to go to church, even if it wasn’t ours.

  18. So I have a fair reading ability in French, German and Classic Greek. I have learned, however, that rather than learning languages….unlearning the ones you already know would be better. I already communicate with way too many fucking people.

  19. I approve most of these languages except Portuguese, French, Arabic, Korean and Japanese.
    Unless you are doing it for business reason, I wouldn’t even bother learning a language just to fuck a girl of that culture. All you need is a big cock and they will automatically get on their knees and start sucking.

    1. So…what do you do? Stand on the sidewalks of Munich with your dick hanging out of your pants? Or what?

      1. I just speak English. Some girls would not understand and some people do. The girls who do not understand, I try to flirt with subtle body languages. If that doesn’t work, I just dip and try on girls who do speak English. And to girls who do speak English, I try to use sexual innuendos on big penises and always mention the word “BIG”. Some girls will get it and some will not. And then I try to play into their fantasies by story telling and make them feel “good” by telling them about relaxing bath, swimming in waterfall, and anything to get them to travel in their fantasy world and then I try to make my move there. For me, it has 50% percent chance and then I put my hands on their hands and have them touch my dick and from there, it’s easy.
        English is becoming global language so I found it no need for me to try to learn language of other countries.
        Some girls from these countries know English. They have some accent and butcher but anyone who has done business with foreigners will most likely understand broken English.

  20. A Chinese person today can still read Sun Tzu’s original Art of War that was published in 5th century BC.
    I think I get the sentiment behind this sentence, but it’s oversimplified to the point of being untrue. Most Chinese today struggle with the Kangxi Dictionary – a dictionary that nominally covers the time period between merely three hundred and one hundred years ago – unless they have some formal training in classical Chinese literature. Now consider we’re talking about something written 1600 years ago.
    Comparing to English, I’d say Chinese suffers from a larger amount of semantic drift, but a lower amount of (what would be the equivalent of) orthographic drift. So, as best I can put this at the moment, a modern Chinese might be able to recognize the characters and terms as being valid, but having little sense of what they are supposed to mean in context.

    1. You cannot count an ideographic system of writing against an alphabet. A modern Chinese may speak different chinese from the ones that Sun Tzu used to speak, but the characters transfer meaning not sound, so there is no problem regarding orthophony, nor orthography BUT there is a serious problem regarding caligraphy!
      What I mean to say is that a modern Chinese read the same characters in their modern forms but probably would struggle severely with the ancient ones. The things Chinese say about semantics being so important to the point that no translation of these works can ever be complete I consider mere dust in the eyes.
      No person may know one culture SO WELL that he might be having a problem with slight changes in semantics (like that character looks like the one for horse and right now it looks the one for computer and cow).

  21. I speak fluent Spanish and decent French as well as some Korean, Portuguese and Russian. Definitely worth the investment! Travel is way more fun and useful.

  22. Duolingo is a great little app to you on your phone. I’ve been working on my french lessons for over a year and have a pretty solid understanding of the language. Reading is fine, but speaking I could probably use a real life tutor.

  23. Ive been learning Dutch for a while.
    …hocked a ton of loogies.

    Its fun to learn and most dutchies are happy to help.
    They all know english ad well, so they can help easily.
    Sometimes theyngo superfast and it all blends together.
    Progress is consistent
    I studied spanish years ago. Im not fluent but know enough to do most things.

    1. Dutch is on my list of “must do” languages. It’s nearly useless if you don’t live in the Netherlands or South Africa, however, as a linguist and somebody highly interested in the etymology of words and also history, it fascinates me how easy it is (from what little I’ve looked at thus far).

      1. Its only somewhat easy of you have one or more native dutchies to speak with.
        Lots of strange noises need to be processed and understood.
        While the dutch are a stubborn people, they are also helpful and excitable towards someone learning the language.
        Plus, plenty of pretty blondes

      2. I knew there was a reason we got along so well, lol.
        Yeah, etymology fascinates me as well. I’m just so damn lazy when it comes to learning to actually speak other languages.

  24. Quick question: What about Italian? I speak a little Italian and I wanna know if my time was wasted. I’m trying to learn French and Russian as well, and Russian is harder than a shit that makes your balls go numb, but the upsides: Vladimir Putin and Russian Women.

    1. Italian is only useful in Italy, but that’s still 60 million people. Plus, it’s more like Latin than the other Romance languages, so it might make the other Romance languages easier to learn in a way that, say, French would not.
      Plus, I think it’s actually more like Tolkien’s High Elvish than Finnish is.

  25. Arabic – well bear in mind that it is not a language to learn if you want to meet arabic women. Just open up the Koran – it is forbidden for an arabic female to even associate with an infidel. So do yourself the favor and forget those romantic thoughts of getting any sharia ass.

    1. It is “forbidden”.
      And I know of Arabs who drink alcohol too.

        1. There may be some extra hurdles, but Muslim girls aren’t any less attracted to a given man than other girls.

  26. There’s one universal language that all women appreciate, and that’s the language of money. It may be a sad testament to the state of humanity, true, but that’s just how it is…getting mad at it is like getting mad at the sun for coming up. Make bank. Make piles of it. Give your eyes no rest until you have the process down. Magically, once you accomplish the goal, you will look like a combination of Hercules and Einstein to just about any woman; or, better put, they will try their damnedest to make you believe that they really think of you that way…

      1. Well there must be a hidden reason why you see young hot girls fucking fat old fucks then.

  27. Brazil is basically 50% of South America. Why should it be less important than the other 50%?

  28. Hungarian
    Difficulty: “I am the alpha and the omega”. Good luck with all the affixes that have different forms for the same meaning because of vowel harmony.
    Practicality: Low, only about 10 million speak it, a few more million outside Hungary. Although most young people there can speak English or German, you will get more respect if you talk to them in Hungarian.
    Cultural Value: Moderate. You will be able to watch The Flintstones as it was meant to be. There is a lot of excellent literature that takes full advantage of the language’s expressiveness.
    Business/Political Value: Low
    Quality of women who speak the language: High, but decreasing.

  29. Learning french only for the quebecers here in Canada ? Didn’t you see what happened when Roosh put a foot here for his tour in 2015 ? Have been living here in Quebec province from 2009 ( quebec city & montreal ) and planning to leave next year. Worst and coldest people ever. Quebecers girls generally speaking don’t mix with immigrants. Even though I had more better experiences with a couple of girls comming from Ontario. And Quebec accent is horrible, even frenchs have problems trying to understand it when they arrive for the first time. And then you put the image of of the Chateau Frontenac, Quebec’s City symbol ? That is the city with worst social environment here in Quebec, and I dare to say even in Canada. Why don’t you chose France instead ?

    1. “Quebecers girls generally speaking don’t mix with immigrants.” Well at least they have a sense of pride and (communal) self worth…
      Besides that, I think this article is trying to capture Americans and Canadians as its audience, so France isn’t super relevant…

      1. ” Well at least they have a sense of pride and (communal) self worth…” That by the way quebecer men don’t have then, because they chose many times immigrant girls over their own. Why is that happening ?
        This article is about “spoken language” and it mentions in each proposed language some advantages. Encourage to learn french mentioning Quebec as advantage ? Over France and the french girls ( real feminine girls) and french culture ? To chose the poutine that is french fries with gravy over the real french gastronomical cuisine ?
        Don’t make me laugh…

  30. I know English, German and Arabic so I basically can talk to more than half the planet

  31. I am a japanese second language speaker, not fluent but close (at my best I could go to a doctor’s office, tell them what is wrong and understand their diagnosis), and I can speak some different dialects, mainly Kansai-ben. Speaking is actually pretty easy, the grammar rules are fairly formulaic with not many exceptions. Proper pronunciation comes with practice, but if you have good pronunciation, Japanese people will be impressed, it’s the key. The vocabulary is massive though, there is a lot to learn. Where I had trouble was with the different levels of etiquette and language that go hand in hand, when to use which form, takes some nuance.
    Learning Kanji is not as difficult as it first seems, because the more complicated are made from the same basic structures or radicals, and if you understand enough of the radicals you can piece together the meaning of a character you do not know. The tricky part is knowing which pronunciation to use, oniomi or kuniomi. One is based on the original Chinese, the other purely Japanese.
    If you are a martial artist and want to go very deep in the study, you will need to know Japanese. Many books are simply not translated, you need to understand the Zen poetry that is used to describe philosophy, and so on.
    The best way to learn is to immerse yourself. Really make the attempt to not speak your own language. I tried not to make too many gaijin friends, and if i learned a new word, I would write it down and make sure I used it in a sentence that same day. My Japanese was really good after about 7 or 8 months living there (I had taken some universe level Japanese before), and I didn’t start until I was 18.
    Funny story: I’m riding the train between Osaka and Kyoto, two women are across from me. I have big feet by Western standards. In Japan I can’t even buy shoes at a big and tall store. So these two women start talking about my feet. How big do you think they are? Got to be 30 centimeters said the other, and it goes back and forth like this. There’s a lull in their conversation, so I smile and say, actually they’re 33. They got red faced and hurried off the train at the next station. Felt like I scored one for all the times Japanese people clapped their hands and squealed that the Gaijin San can do some circus tricks like speak their language, why almost like I was a human and not a trained seal.

  32. Japanese is less than Korean? Wow, just. . .no.
    Agreed, the difficulty is about the same. However, Japanese is far more practical for use, both in business and on women. 1st of all, Korea was formerly owned by the Japanese — meaning that Korean will die out first (in 100 years or so, presuming Kim Jon Un nukes himself along with the Northern half of the country). You find a lot more Koreans looking for jobs in Japan than you see vic versa. Also, there is far more American influence in Korea than Japan, contrary to popular belief. This can be seen easily in their attitudes and the way they carry themselves. Japanese still carry a sense of honor about them.
    Women – my goodness Japanese women are way better than Koreans, and this is strictly based on the fact that plastic surgery is far more pervasive in Korea than Japan. I mean, it has the author fooled after all (I don’t blame you, I was fooled too for the longest time till I found out this tid bit). Japanese women will appear “less attractive” because of this. Now, with that said, you do find a nice supply of quality women in Japan. The trick is, they typically are only interested in marrying Japanese men. Find a way around that, and you’re good to go.
    Japan is not without it’s faults. Learning the language for use outside of Japan is probably not a good investment. However, it definitely ranks at least 1 notch above learning Korean.

    1. Koreans think of themselves as white for some reason.
      And no, I don’t why. I’ve been told this by both Koreans and… Chinese. It does explain why a lot of the Korean advertisements feature white looking human caricatures.
      For myself, I can’t stand Korean girls. Japanese is another story. 🙂
      Or that’s how I thought until encountering Eastern Europe. Whoa boy, no going back after that!! 🙂

      1. Korea has always been more open to European influence (Christianity etc.) than Japan or China.

    2. I look at it this way. If a girl is prettier with plastic surgery, then she is still prettier. I suppose if you want kids it might matter, but if you don’t, then who cares?

    3. Northeast Asian women (Japanese and Korean women) are some of the ugliest women I have EVER come into contact with. NO personality, NO sensuality. They are friendly people, good natured, and kind hearted for the most part. But ugly as shit on average if you judge them on looks alone.

      1. That’s not objective, nor true, you just don’t like NE Asian features.
        As for sensuality they have plenty in the right moment, but don’t behave the same way eurotrash do.
        To me, having a fair bit of exposure to different parts of Europe as well as Japan, I’m going with Japan, at least I could find a wife who wants to be a wife, and isn’t an ex slut. Try finding that in Europe or the west in general – not gonna happen.
        If all you little ok for is a ONS then go for whatever look you like, sluts come in all sizes and colors, but wife material do not.

  33. This is a great article. If you learn two new languages, you’re a stud. Spanish then Portuguese is a good way to go. duolingo is free and has taught me everything to become multilingual.

  34. Regarding Arabic girls, I met one who was born and raised in Sweden on a tram back in April. She looked exactly like a Greek or Eastern European girl.
    Back on topic, I speak bits and pieces of Russian, Bulgarian/Macedonian and may learn French, Spanish or Portuguese at some point.

  35. Mostly because of the plastic surgery, the Koreans girls are prettier than the Japanese. Both are prettier on average than the Chinese, though.
    Spot on regarding Hangul. Very easy to learn the alphabet and sound out written words. Korean is an extremely difficult language though. Even if you think you know a few words, when you say them to a Korean they will often not understand your pronunciation. And you will not even begin to understand them.

  36. Portuguese is also spoken in Angola, Moçambique, Guiné-Bissau and other countries. While these are of course let downs from Brazil and Portugal, they can be home to quite interesting people and good bussiness opportunities. There’s a portuguese-speaking country or area in pretty much every continent except Oceania, not to mention creoles and such.
    I would rate many languages above Korean: Swahili, Farsi, Malay, Ancient Greek or Latin. Korean is some itty-bitty language, putting it on a list with juggernaults like English, Arab, French and Portuguese is bizarre.
    About German: You can also speak German in Switzerland and Luxembourg. Probably parts of other countries too – there are many a german-speaker in southern Brazil, for example.

  37. Personally, my plans for language learning are:
    – Portuguese (my first language, but I want to become a master)
    – English (master it)
    – French
    – Swahili
    – A few portuguese related languages – Galician and african creoles related to portuguese. Maybe Mirandense.
    Also, Latin, Ancient Greek and Tupi-Guarani for my dead language interests, mainly from writing.

      1. I find Africa a interesting place and a potential expanding market in the future. Also I already Portuguese and English so that’s a good part covered, Swahili is quite big over there too. Also I want to expand my horizons in teh future.

      1. Hey, I didn’t realize the language link! Huh, how about that. That said, Tupi-Guarani is not the same language as Guarani. In fact, Tupi-Guarani is a language family. Brazilian Portuguese has a lot of tupi-guarani in general. Here in the north we use a lot of amerindian words too.

      2. Tupi-Guarani is a language group, so its a bit like telling someone to learn Nilotic or Indo-European heheheheheh.
        Tupi is a BIG influencer in brazilian portuguese – in fact, until the 1700s, the main language of Brazil wans’t portuguese, but the General Language AKA Nheengatu, a Tupi/Portuguese creole.
        Its what sets brazilian portuguese apart from the european and african varieties.

  38. Español is easier than Français which is easier than Deutsch? No fucking way. The author points out that Deutsch has 3 genders, but for most everything that isn’t obviously gendered, you will use the neutral gender. In Français, EVERYTHING is assigned one of the two genders, and its pretty much completely arbitrary. Both German and French though have it going for them that they have very similar vocabulary to English, as almost the entire English vocabulary is either actual Deutsch or Français words or modified versions of Deutsch or Français words.

    1. Spanish is highly phonetic, the irregular verbs are distinct and easy to learn, no noun cases and basically you can learn it in a month. So yeah, Spanish is easy mode.

    2. “but for most everything that isn’t obviously gendered, you will use the neutral gender”
      that is absolutely not true. For example:
      table is male
      spoon is male
      garden is male
      shoe is male
      door is female
      fork is female
      street is female
      jacket is female
      I don’t see where this is “obviously gendered”
      well kitchen is female, that’s probably why you think genders in German make sense

        1. I’m not arguing against that, just pointed out that you’re wrong about genders in German.

    3. No, I can confirm that German is harder. There’s no way to tell if a noun is masculine or neuter by looking at it, although feminine nouns do seem to follow some patterns.
      French gender is solvable if you know Spanish or Italian, because the gender will almost always be the same in all three languages.

      1. “French gender is solvable if you know Spanish or Italian” Well then your gonna have to know one in the first place, which means you are just back at square one. This article is written for English speakers, your point is like saying that Russian will be easier if you know Serbo-Croatian. No shit.

  39. I recommend Turkish. Amazing Eurasian hybrid, much like Russia herself, but with a Mediterranean twist. Awesome country going through some disturbances at the moment.

    1. Turkish also helps in Azerbaijan and to a lesser extent Central Asian countries (although they also know Russian there)

  40. Don’t Mainland Chinese only use Simplified Mandarin now? That means they can’t read Traditional texts like Art of War. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    1. The set of characters used in traditional mandarin is not completely separate from that of simplified chinese, in fact there are many overlaps, and you can expect 60% of a sentence to contain these overlapping words. Obviously this is not adequate to fully comprehend traditional chinese. I suspect historians, those of the older generations … and the likes would be knowledgeable enough to be able to read and understand both.

    2. Actually, educated mainland Chinese are taught the traditional characters, I guess in case they have to read Chinese-language material from Hong Kong or Taiwan. I work with mainland Chinese and they told me that.

  41. I took 3 semesters of Spanish. Then lived in Guatemala for 1 month. That was enough to help me on my next trip to Colombia, where I got my first flag. I wasn’t super smooth, but I knew how to ask her out for a bite, make some jokes and build just enough attraction.

  42. Encourage your American woman to learn one or more and take her out of this degenerate country to teach English in another.

  43. French is my mother tongue and I think my English is not that bad.
    I worked as a teacher on Native Reservations in Québec and I put lots of efforts on learning Cree and Montagnais, two languages spoken by a few thousands people.
    If I had to do it all over, I’d put my efforts on learning Spanish. I took two courses of that language in College, however, it’s quite hard to learn another tongue when you cannot practice it with native speakers outside of a class.

  44. I speak mandarin but have since lost the ability to fully write or read it; either blame my more lax than average Asian parents or my laziness. For business and ordering take out purposes – It is invaluable to relearn.
    Otherwise Asian women suck.
    *Stick* to the Russian, Ukrainian and Latin. I sure did. 😉

  45. If you learn Russian to a good level then you can get by in all countries which speak slavian languages, because these languages are similar to russian, but you will need some common sense. That means most of Eastern Europe like Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Serbija, Croatia, Slovakia … except Romania, Albania and Hungary.
    Same ist true for Roman languages, if you speak Spanish it will be possible to “get by”
    in Italy, France, Portugal, Brazil, but also here you will need some common sense and
    practice in non verbal communication.
    Bottom line : Learn Russian and Spanish it can bring you a long way, learn the other languages if you plan to stay in the respective country longterm.

  46. The difficulty depends on what your mother tongue is, mine is German but I also speak Polish fluently, so for me Russian is very easy, since it is similar to Polish,
    I personally found chinese easy too, except for handwriting and the tones.
    Although I find chinese not difficult, I still feel much more comfortable speaking languages like Spanish, French or Portuguese which are closer to my mo tongue.
    Most difficult in my opinion is arabic and hebrew, mainly because of the writing
    i am more of a speaker than of a writer or reader. CHEERS

  47. spanish (and not necesarly spanish) has an interesting feauture. It’s a passpartout to all neo-latin languages. Learn one and you have, potetntially, all the rest in the bag.

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