Why Fat Women Should Be Sent To Prison

According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, obese children and adolescents reported significantly lower health-related quality of life in all domains studied. Their lowered quality of life was “similar to children and adolescents diagnosed as having cancer.”

From sleep apnea to diabetes and heart conditions (not to mention being a fucking fat ass), the lowered quality of life and greatly increased health risks for Tubby Tim and Jiggly Jane should be of primary concern. Fat permeates every aspect of these children’s lives, and their bloated BMI is “significantly inversely correlated to their total health scores” including physical functioning, social functioning, and psychosocial functioning.

The Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics reports that “Maternal obesity [is] the most significant predictor of childhood obesity.” The same report also concludes that children born to fat chicks “have significantly elevated risks of developing obesity, independent of other demographic and socioeconomic factors.”

Tell me how fat chicks aren’t among the worst human beings on the planet.  Look me straight in my god-given eyeball and tell me with a straight face how these seacows aren’t a threat to our society and our way of life.

I dare you.

If I were to walk around town with a syringe injecting unsuspecting children with a solution that would severely retard their physical, social, and psychological health leading to a low quality of life and premature death, there’s not a person reading this article who wouldn’t recommend I get the electric chair. I would be a monster – a subhuman social pariah – and you wouldn’t lose a wink of sleep as my rights were stripped away and I was hauled off to jail.

But what if I didn’t use a syringe? What if I used a fork instead? What if I didn’t sneak around to perpetrate my evil plan, but used a double Whopper with cheese instead? What if my main line of defense was that I was “too busy” to not slowly kill children? What if I shamed you for even mentioning what a useless piece of shit I am? What if I said I needed your support and understanding while I continued to slowly degrade the lives of the next generation?

Would you buy it? Would you back off on the insults? Would you make excuses for me? Would you support me as I continued slowly killing our children simply because I don’t have the human decency to say “No dessert for me please.”  If all I had to do to save a child’s life was put down the fork and take a 30-minute walk three times a week but I refused to do so – would you rally around in support of my “disease” while I waddled on my merry way? Early indications are that you would *if* I had a vagina and feeeelings.

It’s time to take action. Here are my recommendations:

1. Do not speak to fat chicks

Fat chicks are worse than Jesus when it comes to the destructive force they unleash on the world. Ignore them, and let them know they will not be welcomed into polite society until they reduce their weight to a point to where they are no longer lethal to the next generation. They should be sent straight to prison, and since they’re nothing but animals, we should ignore them like a stray cat.

2. Remind fat chicks that they are (or will become) shitty mothers

This may sound cruel, but you’re really just telling them something they already know. You can do this directly or indirectly as your style dictates, but make sure you get the word out. If you’d warn people about letting their children play in a dangerous construction zone, you are equally morally obligated to warn them about letting their children be birthed and raised by a two-ton tub of Crisco with legs.

3. Always be ready to fat shame (and to defend your fat shaming)

Every man should have this post by Bronan saved in their favorites. Post it on one fat chick’s facebook profile per week for maximum man points. Defending your fat shaming is easy; simply smile and say “Aint it great!” Of course, you need to be ready to run like the wind because some fat chicks are “healthy” and run half-marathons like twice per year lozlzolzolzlzolzlzlzozllzollolzozlzlzol.

But perhaps the second biggest (heh) reason to shame fat chicks – next to doing it for the children – is because according to the American Journal of Thatch’s Musings, fat chicks are 100% likelier to become ardent feminists. Come to think of it, that hurts children too, so shame away.

fat 2

4. Praise fat chicks after they lose weight

Two weeks ago I saw a coworker who I hadn’t seen in almost a year. She had to have lost 45 lbs or more – which is a massive amount for her tiny frame. Without embarrassing her, I made a pretty big deal of it, and even told her (in a very playful, indirect way and in front of witnesses) that she should call me if things don’t work out with her husband.  It made her happy, reinforced her positive behavior change, and got me the evil eye from the two fat chicks who were also in the room. Two birds, one stone: healthy praising and fat shaming are a dynamic duo.

5. Get over your own fat family members, and let the shaming begin

I’m fortunate in that none of my immediate family members are obese. I do have a couple of fat ass chick cousins though, but I don’t let that stop me from calling it like I see it.  If you’re reading this and getting pissed because your mom or your sister is fat, let it go man.  If this article pisses you off because your wife is fat, then hahahahah…… hahaahah… lozlzollzozlzlzozolzolMcRiblulzlolzoizlzklzlzzl.

Seriously though, if your wife is fat, you suck at life.

Anyway, that’s my thoughts on the subject. For those of you who follow me on twitter, I’ll write up a post about my recent stroke of game luck for next week. Until then, remember that fat shaming is a powerful tool and you should do it for the chrrrrrrldren. Every time you shame a fat chick, you save a child and that makes you a red pill superhero.

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438 thoughts on “Why Fat Women Should Be Sent To Prison”

  1. Watch these two vids:

    I remember one ‘spherian saying making the analogy: what porn and video games are to men, attention-whoring and sweets are to women. Both give the dopamine rush. Many Americhicks are certainly sugar-addicted, fueling the obesity. Kick the sugar habit, and you lose weight, as the first vid shows.
    The second vid is much more frightening. The research is showing that, if the mother is obese at the time of pregnancy, the baby will be that much more likely to be born overweight and develop obesity and obesity-related diseases as it grows up and well into its adult years. The cautionary tale, gentleman is that, if you mate with a she-whale and she spawns, your kids (especially your daughters) will likely become fatties. Is that what you want?

  2. Best article EVER!!!!!! I want to sue fat people (not just chicks, but all fat people) for putting me off my food whenever I eat out. Who’s with me? Would never win the case but would be amusing seeing all the fatties getting their sweat and shit stained panties in a knot.

    1. I think you say the smart things. Yesterday in my country, I go to the Taco Bell, and I say “I wana getting a churro! Si!” And when I wait, this man of the whale, he come into the store, and he get six churros and a Fanta! Si! When I eat my churro, he sit down in front of my table, and he put three of the churros in his nariz at once! Si! Then I no my churro no more and go home. Was disgusting! Si!

  3. My words will sound harsh but I’ll say it. Americans have a stupid motto: “I have to learn to accept myself” rather than “ how can I better myself?” And it’s not only the physical aspect, it’s about every aspect of their life. Americans seem caught in a scheme, they learn to indulge in a form of life who become permanent and that’s the death of the real person. The real person doesn’t stop at any scheme or petrified form of life. Most Americans have become slaves of the scheme even before they recognize their
    duty to fight with it.

    1. No no no, “accepting myself” is only half of it. Most people forget the second half, “do something about it.” Listen people, if you are fat, accept that you are fat and do something about it. Don’t just accept that you are fat. Geez.

      1. I’m fat? Damnit, my anorexia means I won’t eat for a week now. Thanks internet 🙁

    2. Totally agree. I’d take it a step farther and say what most Americans really need is to come to terms with the idea that they are a complete fucking train wreck. Eating too much crap, sitting too long on their ass, spending money they don’t have from jobs they don’t like to buy shit they don’t need. …no trophy for you.

      1. I know all these people who stupid stuff ALL THE TIME and then it’s always a crises over being broke.

      2. Its understandable that other countries are jealous of Americans, we do have the. Bigger dck, unlike other countries who wish they could be us. But you cannt because u sck azz lol

    3. In order to better yourself, you MUST accept yourself. . First step in finding a destination is establishing your current location in relation to where you want to be. As with life. Accept self, as you are, to improve self. Got to have that measurable contrast to see if you’ve made any progress.

      1. True, you have to find the little arrow labeled “U is here!” before taking a single step.

      2. Ah, semantics. You have to accept your current position (ie realize what it is), not just accept it as a fixed parameter. You can’t just go like ‘I’m fat, it’s okay’. You go like ‘I’m fat- I weigh 215 lbs at 30% body fat- time to hit the gym. Let’s see how much I can lose this month.’

    4. Thankyou for saying American’s, and not just women. Anyone who is medically classified as obese should not be put up on a pedestal. It is fact that obese people have more health problems. People should always be trying to better themselves and create a better place to live in.

  4. Looking at that woman holding the “This is what a disney princess looks like sign”, just looking at the face she is so big if you told me that was really a guy I may actually stop and consider it. To get so big to the point of androgyny is sad. Which when i saw the statement “according to the American Journal of Thatch’s Musings, fat chicks are 100% likelier to become ardent feminists.” Makes sense. Too big to tell if you are a man or woman? Join a movement promoting this ideal.

  5. “Every time you shame a fat chick, you save a child and that makes you a red
    pill superhero”.
    Everyone can shame a person, but you’ll be a superhero if you can change that person A kind word works better than sarcasm or mockery, if you ask me. A person or a love
    always change us for the better, if shows he/she cares about us. But for this you need to be smart and this is another aspect neglected by many people.

    1. @Edward Thatch: choose a fat chick from your town (relative,friend, colegue, stranger) and try to change her if you think you are an alpha. Beside banging girls, this would be an extra homework, a variation from usual monotony. You’ll be a superhero 😉

      1. Awesome idea.
        My Fair Lady for Fatties!
        Who wants to work on a screenplay?
        We could really change the world with propaganda like that!

      2. I helped a chick get skinny once. Never again… she left me for a guy with a job almost immediately.

    2. The Fat Acceptance movement could be seen as being “kind” to fat people, yet it doesnt seem to be doing a damn thing to bring the obesity rate down.
      You’re just being naive.

    3. firstly, this is not our responsibility. and second, historically obesity was socially unacceptable and the obesity rate was low. in the modern age with though like your idea floating around the obesity rate is high. and with the recent advent of ferociously defending fat peoples emotions, the obesity rate is climbing faster than ever.
      hate to blow a hole in your theory. but facts are facts. shaming bad behavior and rewarding good behavior socially will limit the bad and stimulate the good.

      1. as long as you’ll have the cheapest food in the world and promote plus-size models you’ll have a problem with obsesity.

      2. I’m sure it’s more to do with cultural norms than the general lack of adequate caloric intake.

    4. Shame leads to anorexia. Give it to ’em!
      If I have to listen to one more fat person tell me how JEALOUS they are of how skinny I am I’m gonna flip.

  6. That is what a Disney princess could look like?
    Let me offer some insight in this. This fantasy of being a disney princess is evidence that Moby Chick here has the same hypergamic fantasies that thin chicks do. Underneath all that blubber is the same id that powers the brains of hotter girls, and she wants to be swept off her feet just like her hotter friends (you’ll need one of these: http://tinyurl.com/ctqyc3s ).
    What if a bunch pencil-necked dorks with zits and no social skills went parading around with signs that said “This is what a Hollywood leading man could look like”.
    There will be no “creeper acceptance” movement, of that you can be certain.

    1. True. Blubber Acceptors are bad enough that they’ll loudly proclaim (usually in nasty shrieks and hyperbitchy snark) how their fabulous triple chins and quadruple hanging belly rolls are sexy, beautiful and awesomely awesome supersexyful. But what makes them worse is that they’ll *still* think they deserve the kind of flawless-bodied super alphas usually reserved for hard 9 and 10s. And of course, they’ll hate “nice guys” with a vengeance. It’s like they’re actively working on becoming more and more unforgivable and unworthy of human compassion.

      1. I know a couple of these. One of them says she “deserves a younger Adonis,” because she has a master’s degree and a house. That makes her a catch. Yeah, she’s single.

    2. Michael Cera, Steve Buscemi, John C. Reilly, Mike Myers, Rowan Atkinson…
      Can I also mention Dirty Harry and Ron Jeremy?

      1. a womans attractiveness is directly attached to her appearance and fertility. a mans attractiveness is directly attached to his resources and capability.

        1. No, it’s really not. I would never date a man with an appearance I didn’t find appealing. Nor would I date a woman who wasn’t capable of taking care of herself.

        2. yeah im sure your sample size of one negates the obvious fact that you yourself seem to have noticed – ugly guys with high status and proven capability can pull in the ladies. Ugly chicks do not attract men, irrespective of status.

        3. Have you seen Hugh Jackman’s wife? Proof right there that a powerful, attractive man can find an ugly woman attractive.

        4. Are you playing lesbian on here with that comment, thinking we will somehow find that “alluring” like pathetic Beta schmucks? Yeah, maybe in 1999, BEFORE it was trendy!

        5. And nobody gives a fuck. We all know what he meant. What are you, ten years old?

  7. Mix scold with hope.
    It’s tough, but possible to be beautiful and healthy..
    No reason to give up hope!
    They aren’t condemned to be the way they are forever.
    Fat acceptance is just resignation.
    Numbness via Ben & Jerry’s until death.

  8. Why are any men impregnating these women? And to you Thatch: am surprised you weren’t reported to HR for making that comment to your co-worker; if any of my obese co-workers lose weight, I ain’t sayin’ nothin’…I will shame fat women and chubby chasers just the same…

  9. I’m not sure shaming works as well as a lot of guys think it does. I’m definitely on board with 1, 4 and 5 though.

    1. “works”
      Nah… just tired of hearing fat chicks rant about how I’m supposed to find them prettier.

  10. Whenever I see fat kids (under 10) in tow with their fat moms i think how is this parent allowed to get away with this? Where is the societal shaming for moms who allow their kids to live off a diet of junk food and sugary drinks?

    1. i look at them and think of them as easy pickings for my offspring.
      obese people are weaklings. they are mentally, emotionally and physically weak. it may take hard work to be in you best possible shape, but it doesnt take much to maintain a human looking, menially capable fitness level. anyone who cannot do that is a weakling.
      and its sad, they do it to their kids too, but thats just the way it is. if only they didnt have a vote…

      1. plenty of mafia killers were fat dudes, good way to get your offspring fucked up. how strong you got to be to pull a trigger

    2. They have fathers too, don’t they? What is their role in this? It’s a bit much to blame the mother: usually the parent who stayed. Sometimes those mums are working 3 jobs to pay for child-care because the man just took off in all his man awesomeness (let’s remember the definition of a Man is not He who chases skirt all day, but He Who Takes Care Of Others, and that’s not paying the bills, it means Being There). Sometimes those mothers are just flat-out exhausted. I notice none of you so-called awesome men are helping out with even basic childcare, but I bet you have very high household demands.
      And there is definitely something new. Pay attention. I live in Asia, where the diet is fabulously healthy and it’s still all green vegetables, fish, the rest, daily. Kids are absolutely not allowed sweets and in fact nobody really has a taste for them (they’ll keep a box of chocs til they turn white …and then give it to the tutor, cheapskates). They snack on seaweed (hence the high IQs, iodine builds the brain like nothing else). No fizzy pop, at all. Soy milk, water, juice, only. And everyone can get fresh food and so everyone does. MacD is a treat. Everyone exercises. They really use those home treadmills. Gyms are packed, joggers everywhere. Kids play basketball, soccer, do fencing: amazing in a high-rise world. You cannot fault them. No laziness and no stupidity.
      And yet. When I first came here, the men were shorter than me (5’5″) and slender, feminine looking. As were the girls and the women. Now: the boys tower over me. They are as big as Westerners and all shoulder and muscle. They duck under the lintels and turn sideways through the doorframes. I tell you, Chinese is the new hot. But the girls, although they work out just as much as the boys and eat the same stuff, they are fattening and look softer. I saw a couple on the bus today: huge young fellow, easily 6’4″ shockingly handsome (their features have changed too) and his girlfriend, whom he was clearly mad about by the way, was, not fat, but plump, certainly. These couples are all over the place. Many girls are also tall and muscular, but it’s more common to see them widening. That classic dainty uber-feminine Asian look is becoming a rarity, this goes for the visiting mainlanders too: the new generation also are as big as any American or German. I stress, there is no laziness or greed here. I just taught a young woman today whose breasts were so vast I wanted to advise her to restrain them severely in interviews. Where has it all come from? Thailand too…even Laos…Something is in the food, people. There isn’t enough food in the world to explain the size people are. I know Americans eat unbelievably enormous portions and drink gallons of pop, but people who are so fat crematoria won’t take their bodies when they die, because the fat leaks out and fires the building? The fattening, burgeoning Asian is proof. Hormones? GMO?

      1. Being fat IS a personal choice… I’m 29, a mother of 3 boys,…and guess what….I’m FAT! But there’s also something you can do about it! I’ve changed my diet, added exercise to my routine 4 days a week and I’ve made the decision that being fit and healthy so I can play with my kids is more important than a fucking cookie!
        Having 3 kids in 4 years takes a toll on your body…I went up 60lbs since my first one making me a whopping 220lbs! *yikes* ….But I’ve made the CHOICE to be healthy. FAT is a choice. There is always something you can do about it. get off the fucking couch, put down the pringles, & go take a walk!

        1. Wow…I’ve never heard more ignorant bullshit spoken. You are a total asshole Jen1234

        2. Look, I’m not an American (thank God, thank god, thank all the gods…) so this issue doesn’t really affect me, but I know that my closest friend, while being very active, no eater of sweets and cakes, always at work in her allotment…medication has ballooned her up 5 stone. It’s done something so sugars are storing as fats (remember most things have sugar…vegetables, wheat, etc, hence you can make booze from them). Polycystic ovary syndrome, for example, does this sugars to fat thing completely: a person with PCOS would be fat in Auschwitz. There are many women who have been raped or sexually abused who let themselves get fat in the hope no man will ever look their way again. Next you guys are ‘fat-shaming’ just remember the woman you are violently screaming abuse at and twisting your face at may have been a terrified little girl hoping the footsteps would go past the bedroom door. You seemed to miss my point, anyway. I am saying there is something in the food. If Asian men are growing muscular and the girls are growing fat, then what is happening, given they are all very active and not lazy? And point 2, what about the men?

        3. Sorry but that’s horseshit. Pregnancy doesn’t make you a whale, you shovelling McDonalds in your mouth makes you fat. I had my son in 2009, guess what, I wasn’t overweight pregnant. I ate as I usually did and did my usual exercises. It’s not rocket science!

        4. Not always is it a choice.
          One has to remember that there are eleven base reasons on why a person is fat. most folks who are overweight have at least two if not more of the reasons why.
          For example that Health one. They could have a bad skeleton. LIke a bad back and bad joints. Which leads to being too painful to be able to move and thus to be able to exercise.
          As for medicine. Some do have the side effect of weight gain. And I’m talking about doctor prescribed stuff.
          Lack of Energy Balance
          An Inactive Lifestyle
          Genes and Family History
          Health Conditions
          Emotional Factors
          Lack of Sleep

        5. Or was that super skinny gal who got picked on in school by fellow classmates for being either too thin, poor income, wrong type of clothing for that year, etc…..

  11. There needs to be a better measure than BMI. Plenty of people have body types that are just not suited to it. The girl I’m with is built to be a farm wife and pop out little football players (broad shoulders, broader hips), when she pushed herself into anorexia (and probably did more damage to her health than ‘obestiy’ ever did) to the point where she did not have a period, and you could count all her ribs, she was still 20lbs over where the BMI chart said she ought to be.
    I like her a lot, and keep her eating healthy food, but before we start shaming fatties, we need a better system for defining them, or it’s the innocent who really can’t help it who will endure the most pain.

    1. A better measurement is body fat analysis, which can be done with calipers, the little electronic gizmos, or MRIs. I agree that BMI has its limits since there are many different shapes and sizes.
      But, when the chick is stuffing her mouth full of unhealthy food, and then blames everyone else for her fattitude, we have a serious problem. A problem for her in that she’s well on the way to weight-related problems. A problem for us in that we have a she-whale that will put a burden on social services that we taxpayers pay for.

    2. The only measuring system a man should need is his eyes. It is pretty easy to distinguish between a woman with a bigger frame (something she can’t control) and an out and out fatty. I’ve known several bigger framed women who kept themselves in better shape than their chubby co-horts with more “traditional” female frames. Maybe because they were self conscious of their appearance from an earlier age. If I had to choose, I’d rather have a bigger framed woman who is thin for her frame, toned but still soft in the right places instead of a “normal” sized girl carrying around 20 extra pounds of Bud Light and Pizza Hut.

    3. Also, waist-to-hip ratio. If she’s shaped like a deflating hot-air balloon, something’s wrong.

    4. Who uses BMI? lol
      I use the slap test… slap that belly and time the jiggle.

    5. Anyone with a brain cell should know BMI is not a good overall indicator of health. Generally any woman with a waist of around 28 inches or above is starting to be getting on the chubby side.

  12. Great fucking article, brah. I suggested that someone should create a website called “boycottfatchicks.com” or “nofatgirls.com or something like that, and every day, post a picture of a fat american/western woman, and then right next to it, post a picture of a hot, young feminine skinny and sexy foreign woman.
    A picture’s worth a thousand words, right? Maybe a website like the one I suggested above might go a long way towards shaming fat bitches into EXERCISING, losing weight, and STOP eating the fucking McDonalds/junk food bullshit.
    Anyone down with such an idea? Anyone want to create such a website? Let me know

    1. It’s too late. You could make an analogy to climate change, Global Fatting. A tipping point has already been passed, coupled with the dearth, lack, of babies born to attractive women. There is no turning back without some extreme event that causes some sort of die-off or dramatic changes in economics, coupled with government programs.
      Data shows 66% of women are overweight or obese including 36% obese, 8% extremely obese.
      For a 5’6″ woman, those thresholds are 148 pounds for overweight (which is already fat), 188 to enter obese, and 250 for extremely obese.
      Genetics are the prime indicator of potential for obesity. So even if normal weight women had children as early and as often as overweight and obese women, inevitably the majority would still be overweight or obese.
      But the reality is that overweight and obese women have children earlier, and more often and attractive thin women abstain, delay, wait, until the last moment. You can see the results in looking at the growth of childhood obesity. It is growing, not because more and more mothers are idiots about the diet of children, that are ignoring school’s advice, the information in the media. It is growing because a larger and larger percentage of the children born are born to mothers and fathers with the predisposition to it.
      Some can eat an American diet, and not gain weight, but these people cannot. They have what is called the “thrifty” constitution, it saves whatever it eats in fat. Yes, there are diets and interdiction that can help, but it requires severe discipline and life long commitment to behaviors that other people would not have to undergo because there genetics allow them to require it. Yes, some people surrender, and give in to it. The have a hungry disposition that is beyond what you might experience and their constitution craves food like you do not.
      So it’s over. Whatever you do, ignore them, shame them, shame other men that fuck them, all it takes is one guy, one desperate guy whether through his social ineptness, momentary idiocy, or his own obesity, to fuck them. And those women will “seize the day” and use the situation to extract resources, gain some modicum of social meaning, some reason to live.
      The only thing you can do is move, leave, emigrate, slip out the back jack. Or buy stock in Cheetos.

      1. Yea man, the only real option now is to expat. I thank God every single day I am in Southeast Asia, the women here are so fucking awesome, so simple and submissive and humble people. And very beautiful and petite too.
        Come to Southeast Asia, boys. It will cure all of your problems.

        1. SE Asians are tipping the scales bigtime. Thank you McDonalds. Need a reality check Rambo.

  13. Fuck yeah! Fat-shaming needs to become mainstream. Obesity is an aberration and should never be tolerated. Fatties have the discipline of animals. They literally are eating themselves to death and I am supposed to treat them like people?!?! I have never seen obesity levels anywhere else in the world that even approach what we have in the US. I personally make every effort to ridicule my father in an attempt to guilt him into losing weight. Now that we have Obamacare and we all have to share the burden of paying for you animals so I take that as justification to fat guilt people.

    1. People like you have the social skills of animals. They literally are attacking people for doing something that has absolutely no effect on their daily life and we’re supposed to treat them like people?!?! You are a complete asshole towards your own family and you still act like you’re the victim here.
      Why don’t you attack the food companies who are providing the options that increase obesity? Taking away the bad food choices is like taking away the fuel from a fire. Go ahead and petition against McDonald’s or Taco Bell. Suggest that they have the same rules as a bar– if a bar can’t serve to someone who is already drunk, suggest that restaurants can’t sell certain items to severely overweight or obese people.
      Or if you really want to attack the obese community, then attack the ones who are proud of their weight to the extent of flaunting it for money or the ones who have goals to get heavier and heavier.

      1. 1. My social skills are quite good. I am very capable and confident in presenting, as part of my job, in front of large groups of people. And I have refined my approach methods for fucking dumb American cunts like yourself. Though if you are fat, I wouldn’t approach you as I don’t really consider fat people deserving of my attention.
        2. Do you know how ObamaCare works dumbcunt? No, let me explain how the basic economics of it will work. Because worthless fat fuckers that should be shot in the head are now going to be guaranteed coverage, the baseline of health costs, you know like unclogging their cholosterol–filled arteries, will be pushed onto EVERY consumer. Including ones who aren’t worthless human beings like myself. So no, they officially are hurting me now. But I understand how basic economics can sometimes be beyond a femicunt’s comprehension.
        3. I like the choices in life and food is no different. I think there should be more choice. Choice is good. Why would I petition McDonald’s (love those .99 cent cones during the summer) or Taco Bell (who doesn’t love polishing off a grande meal after a night of drinking?). I know it is a foreign concept to femicunts like you but I believe everyone should have maximum freedom and maximum personal responsibility. Shocking that someone should be responsible for themselves right? If only we could all be victims…
        4. Anyone that thinks getting as fat as possible is a positive attribute should be hunted and killed like the animal that they are.

        1. You assume that i’m a feminist based on what evidence?
          I never said I agreed with Obamacare. I don’t like it at all, just as I don’t like Obama.
          Now after reading your hateful words towards anyone female, I can only assume that you’ve never had a long-term relationship with a woman. I pity any woman who has had to put up with you in their lives for any reason at all.

  14. CNN posted a pro-fat shaming article at the end of last week. People got mad so I told them to read this. Man your battle stations?

    1. Because obviously a woman’s only purpose in life is to be sexy for men. lozlozlzozlzozlzozlzolzozlzosexistlozlzozlzozl

        1. It may be old, but it never fails to piss off uptight feminists, which is as good a reason as any to keep it in rotation.

      1. if she wants to have healthy children and raise them into healthy productive and strong adults, yes it should be high on her priority list to maintain decent health and attract a mate with positive characteristics.

        1. Not needed in Western countries. Even the fat, ugly ones get male attention like Beyonce. Why even bother ? I understand them, they problem is not with them, but with us.
          Until men learn how to not give massive attention to everything with a cunt between her legs, things won’t change.

      2. Lol all you like, 3hen you hit 35 or so, you’ll kick yourself that you didn’t make it your number one priority to be attractive. Fuck it, why am I even bothering? Enjoy your spinsterhood.

        1. Why should it be their number one priority? There are so many more important things than being found attractive by douche bags like you. For all you know, they could have already been married for ten years or more by the time they reach 35 to someone who finds them to be the best-looking person they have ever seen. That person’s definition of attractive certainly doesn’t have to match yours.

  15. Well, well what do you know? I just stumbled across another nest of pencil dicked fat girl haters who probably couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse even if they had a fist full of hundreds. The net is a good place for dickheads and pithy little toads like all of you so stay here and just continue to hate on people you don’t even know. It’s for your own good that you hang out in places like this because if you had the guts to express this kind of vomitus disrespect in real-life, you probably wouldn’t like the end result.
    You may all now go back to your little hate filled circle jerk while the rest of the world laughs at your idiocy.

  16. Thin-Skinned Masta-Beta
    “My Fair Lady for Fatties”
    (First Draft)
    (A Refained Chelsea Drawing-Room)
    wan’ extra f***ing fries an’ a double whopper an’ cake (MORE CAKE) an’ a
    64oz Scumjoose an’ a triple-whipped double-bastard sundae an’ MORE
    NO ELIZA….No….like this…
    “I would like the small salad, a Perrier water and a lemon sorbet. Thankyou”
    Now try again….
    wan’….I would laike…..a big fu….a…a small (sniff) salad
    (sob)…an’..a..a..Perrier waugher’…an’…an’…a lemon
    “By George…..I think she’s got it….SHE’S REALLY GOT IT!
    (Exit right. Rex Harrison bursts into off-tune song).

    1. Serious: that is gold. Get some friends and record that skit and chuck it on youtube. Do it properly, though, don’t just fuck around. It’s gonna be a hit.

      1. Thanks, but sadly I’m a 400lb dickhead and pithy little toad who lives in his Mom’s basement with a pencil dick, neck-beard and bacne.
        All my friends are members of the Big Bad Wulf (BBW) fan-club and wouldn’t want to help me (being imaginary an’ all).

  17. So basically all the stuff we’ve been doing to fat boys since the dawn of time.
    In before some feminist scum tries to make fat girls sound like extra special victims.

  18. The real problem here isn’t fat chicks at all. It’s blogs like this, and the fucking idiots that support this kind of garbage. You are all a prime example of what happens when cousins marry cousins.
    People have been obese throughout history. Some of our presidents were obese (William Howard Taft was well over 300 lbs, and Teddy Roosevelt was fat). Contemporary research is proving that genetics plays a much larger role in obesity than you clowns think. Just today, a report from the University of Louisville concluded that genetics was a large contributor to obesity in people with African ancestry. Of course, you won’t read the report, since you’re all hell bent on spreading the fat hate.
    Live in your anti fat bubble. Eventually the fatties will find you………….AND EAT YOU.
    Flame me for this post all you want, I don’t give a rat’s ass about what any of you mutants think, just want the world to know that not all people feel this way. Now GFY.

    1. Obesity is far higher now than it ever was in history, dumbfuck. You may like porking fat chicks, but 95% of guys don’t.

    2. “Live in your anti fat bubble”
      Can you give me directions to this bubble? I would gladly take up residence there.

    3. I read it. Your take on that study totally ignores the huge role choice plays. That’s like saying that because I’m descended from rapists it’s okay if I end up a rapist because it’s genetic anyway.

  19. I don’t quite understand this. Being fat is personal choice. It should carry no value judgement. Obviously some people are dating these women and marrying them. just because your fat doesn’t change you as the person. Also in our day and age fat people can still be productive members of society because most jobs and value is created with intelligence and information. To shame another person because of there looks? I understand if you want to criticize ideas and peoples views wether it be feminism or leftism. I think those are terrible ideologies, but come on. Shaming people because there fat? Just don’t date or fuck them if you don’t like the way they look.

    1. “Obviously some people are dating these women and marrying them.”
      Because the men are losers and the fat broads are super-easy. And may I remind you that only about 5% of men are chubby-chasers? Yet another idiot who doesn’t understand basic statistics.

      1. but there’s a shitton of fatties for every individual in that 5%!

      2. This isn’t even a study for our Fat men in America…In a recent British survey, forty-three percent of adult males said they hadn’t seen their penises in the last two years without looking in a mirror or bending over, while another 16 percent were unable to remember the last time they saw it at all. – See more at: http://singlemindedwomen.com/womens-health/will-women-date-a-fat-man/#sthash.4r4eXEIm.dpuf So don’t sit here and judge women about size..

    2. “Being fat is personal choice.”
      Sure. Tell that to a fat woman, and see how long it takes her to fly into a rage of self-justifying excuses for why she “can’t help it” and it’s “not my fault”, and berates you with her tales of endless failed diet and exercise programs.
      (Then point out that she *can* lose weight with a few simple life changes, and she’ll argue that she is happy and self-accepting of…her personal choice to be fat.)

      1. Being fat is a personal choice. I’m chubby, and I did this to my body. I know. Telling someone to change their appearance is still a shitty thing to do.

        1. telling someone to change their facial structure is a shitty thing to do. telling someone to change their dietary habits for their own betterment and the betterment of their children is a benevolent thing, a gift freely given, and should be worthy of praise. take it as constructive criticism. like telling people they need to quit smoking cigarettes.
          obesity is not a permanent aspect of someones appearance. it is an evident consequence of undisciplined, unhealthy behavior.

        2. If you’re chubby (female code-word for Jabba the Hut), then unchubby. Once you’ve unchubbied go and get laid with an unchubby and be happy. Right now (you being chubby) I, and most guys couldn’t give a fuck what you think.

        3. True. But lots of unhealthy people aren’t fat. I, for example, am not so healthy. I just ate a huge burger with cheese and onion rings. And no body shamed me about it. That could be because I’m thin, or because the restaurant I’m in is devoid of any self proclaimed alpha male do-gooders who could have saved me from the cholesterol that – despite my good metabolism – is probably still fucking with my arteries. But it was tasty. I have no regrets 🙂

        4. No offense but…One unhealthy meal is not a great example. A consistent daily pattern of unhealthy food choices, and a sedentary lifestyle is a bigger factor. You may simply employ a lifestyle that is active enough to compensate for an occasional unhealthy meal despite your awareness of it. You can eat crappy food 3 meals a day and not gain weight right away. Often it takes years. As an example: Drink a soda a day for a year and you just drank 7 extra lbs in calories. Now you may burn that off, but for someone who does not, they just gained 7 lbs. Do that for 5 years, (about the length of time a person spends in college) you just gained 35 lbs and have nothing to show for it. And excess weight is a slow death that crushes your joints, and then there’s the obvious #1 killer of women specifically…heart disease.

        5. Yeah.. that’s true. Now that I ate this huge burger, I will be turned off from greasy food for the next couple days. I´ll probably have a light dinner. This isn’t hard work, though. It’s just like biological instinct. It seems like people who systematically eat badly lack this instinct. They eat a burger for lunch, and another one for dinner, and feel totally fine about it. I don’t know why their body doesn’t reject that second burger and tell the brain to choose a salad instead.

        6. it’s true that just because a person is skinny doesn’t necessarily mean they’re healthy.
          however, name one known disease for which being of a normal weight is a risk factor.

        7. I agree it’s not. It takes some willpower and discipline that is easy to maintain.Oh how I miss the younger days of eating whatever I want and never gaining any weight at all. But I was so active as a teen.

        8. madame….being chubby is not what this article is about. Rubenesque, “thick” , plus sized are all ok. The size of the lady above is in the “danger zone”. Diabetes, sleep apnea, metabolic syndrome, polycystic ovarian syndrome, premature degenerative arthritis of the knees and back, yeast infections, blood clots of the legs and lungs, certain cancers ALL are caused by obesity. Conversely when weight is lost these conditions disappear. It is not to be minimized…

        9. I know several obese people in my family. My mother, my grandmother, my grandfather, my uncle, and several cousins and none of them have diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or any of the things people always say obesity causes. I, however, have always been thin and have high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, rheumatoid arthritis, and a couple of other things. I am not even 40 years old yet and yet there are obese people in my family in their 80s who are in better shape than I am. Sure obesity may contribute to those things, but obesity by itself usually doesn’t cause them. The person has to have a few other risk factors going on. For example, the biggest risk factors for blood clots include having a clotting disorder like Leiden Factor 5 deficiency, smoking, and taking birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy.

        10. but in 90% of fatties if they cleaned up or hadn’t been fat the problems wouldn’t develop.

        11. And i have read, don’t know if it is true, that people like you and me, actually do have a brain switch that balances food choices, as you just said. I will do that too. Eat something sweet and instantly feel that the next food will be vegetables: it feels like an instinct. Also, I read that there is a gene for how you store fat. Not just metabolic rate. In skinny people, skinny easily I mean, the body clicks this switch to burn excess away, but the ones who struggle lifelong, the switch isnt there. I have always been slim, easily, but my sister, same diet and far far more sporty, rock-climber lacrosse player: she is dumpy. (but man, she is the one scored a lovely husband, gorgeous and funny and smart and adores the kids and looks after them while she lawyers. So much for all that look after a man stuff. Never again).

        12. but its not like you give a fuck about their life or kids… be real. you just don’t like it and if your bmi was tested someone could say the same. telling somebody hey lose weight and you don’t know shit about them is being a dick.. seeing a chick with kids when she takes them to soccer practice and saying she is a bad mom is being a dick you don’t know that bitch life just like she don’t know you…. she could assume that you are a pedophile if you looked to hard at her kids but that would be her being and assuming dick.. somebody could see your car and tell you , you need to work harder and make more money and call you poor fuck mcpoorness they would be a dick like you.

        13. Actually polycystic syndrome and metabolic disorders cause weight gain. They do not disappear when one loses weight, it just means that the person has found the proper tools to manage it.
          And please… really? Cancer is caused by being overweight? *smh*

        14. Correlation does not equal causation. Science 101. There are studies that show that overweight and even obese people who exercise on a regular basis have the same morbidity/mortality rates as a person in a normal weight range that does not exercise. Underweight people actually have higher mortality rates than overweight people. Women who are overweight in their elder years actually live longer than those who aren’t If one really cared about health and disease, then the most effective tool would be encouraging ALL people to exercise regularly regardless of body type.

        15. Actually it’s wrong. Have your opinion, offer suggestions (when suggestions are asked for) for healthy changes – but to TELL someone to do something just because it would be good for them is a form of control. Requiring someone do something simply because you think it would be good for them isn’t being free. It isn’t your life to control, worry about perfecting yourself first before you go a’douching to other people. Nobody else’s weight or appearance is your concern, just like nobody’s job, earnings, lifestyle, sexuality, or religion is your concern unless they use one of those things to actually control or oppress someone else.

        16. Wow…what an ignorant dumbass….are you from the back woods or something, get an education would you!!!

        17. Uhh… Anorexia? Bulimia?..
          You guys are all ignorant asshats – Stop nosing into other peoples lives and let people make their own choices. It’s a free country, if you don’t like it go somewhere else.

        18. Remarkable you people don’t think being overweight causes health problems. Truly remarkable. And you call ME ignorant.

        19. Problem is not only that, but also prices in supermakets. I mean. “Eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day”. Alright. I agree. But have you ever seen prices ? How can a family with not much money be able to buy enough fruits and vegetables ? So they buy other stuffs, cheaper food (ex : cheaper meat, that contains more fats, or cooked vegetables, that contains salt, sugar, etc) only because they have no other choice if they wanna be able to pay bills, school, and end the month not being completely ruined. But that kinda food, that is cheaper, are not really healthy, and then they become fat with time. That’s what happened to my cousin, and no, she didn’t go eat McD, Burger King, pizzas or whatever. They actually didn’t have enough money to go to such places.
          So, no, being fat is not a choice, it’s not even a matter of instinct. It can be, of course. But not always. And I don’t even mention women that gain weight because of hormonal treatments or medication. And metabolism. Some people eat a lot and don’t gain weight. Others try to have a healthy way of life, but still gain weight. Who are you to judge them ?

        20. @Lidwine I know there are many legit reasons for being overweight, however what you just posted makes no sense. Cooked vegetables are not cheaper than raw vegetables! For example: Bag of cooked spinach: usually about $2. Bag of fresh spinach (with more quantity): usually about $1 or $1.50. And even the cheapest cuts of meat are way more expensive than produce. Meat and cheese are generally the most expensive items at the super market. A pound of apples (around 3 apples) is around $1, a pound of ground beef is usually more than $3. It’s possible to eat heathily and cheaply if you base your diet on fruits, vegetables and grains (rice, bread, etc). When it comes to meat, poultry (chicken, and turkey) are leaner and healthier and generally as cheap or cheaper than pork and low grade beef. Packaged foods are not cheaper than fresh foods, they are just more convenient. Some information about food prices for you: http://www.ers.usda.gov/media/133287/eib71.pdf

    3. Being fat doesnt just affect your looks, it affects your health, emotions and energy levels as well, and that can and does impact on productivity, as well as creating a number of other costs to society. There are any number of “personal choices” which can have negative impacts on society and the individual making them, and shaming, as it turns out, can be a very effective way of disincentivising those choices.
      So give shaming a chance. 😉

      1. pumping and dumping has costs to society as well.. STDs.. unwanted pregnancy. should we shame man whores too?

        1. I like your thinking, however I think your idea needs some tweaking.
          Women are the gatekeepers to sex, so if your premise that pumping and dumping has costs to society holds true (and its actually a reasonable position) then shaming “woman whores” (or just “whores” if you prefer) would actually be more effective.
          So get to it with the slut shaming, and save society Sally!

        2. Good point. Well being a insensitive prick has to have some costs to society, too. (psychiatrist bills?) FEEL THE SHAME!

        3. Im too much of an insensitive prick to feel shame about being an insensitive prick. Get it? Insensitive…. so I cant feel…
          Anyway, you all out of ideas how to save society already? Let me help. How about we start shaming Feminists for ugly-ing up the place with their ugliness?

        4. Being insensitive towards others’ feelings doesn’t mean you can’t feel anything yourself. Anyway, the insensitive prick thing was more aimed at the author of the article, not you per se. You can shame feminists, fat people and sluts all you want. Doesn’t bother me. I was just bringing up a logical fallacy in the “cost to society” argument.

        5. Assumption failure. Have you never heard of condoms? But go ahead, shame man whores all you like. I’ll help you. Set up a website showing pictures of guys who are good in bed and have had sex with tonnes of women – I’m sure all of them will be shamed into getting married and only fucking one woman for the rest of their lives. Lol.

        6. It isnt a logical fallacy to claim that obesity is associated with a cost to society. Its not even an exaggerated or baseless claim. In fact the Public Health departments of many Western nations are concerned about the obesity epidemic precisely because of this reason.

        7. Hey Apollo, just because it’s true doesn’t make it right.
          That’s chick logic 101,man. You’ll never convince Sally of anything that doesn’t rub her feelings the right way. There is no truth, no facts, no evidence in the world that can combat how a woman feels about something.
          Best not try to argue when a little snark will do just fine. Just call her fat and move on. In the words of one of my dear friends, no need to use a diamond to prop a door open when a rock will do just fine.
          Save your intellect for men.

        8. It’s true that fat people create costs to society. My point was that so do a lot of other things. Anyway, I was being sarcastic about the man whore thing. Sorry you didn’t find it funny.

        9. And PS, it was an interesting point to make. That´s why I was even inclined to comment on it at all.

        10. Yeah, you’re not wrong.
          Keep up the good work by the way, your stuff is hilarious.

        11. Lots of the comments were deleted. I, for the record, was joking… as I explained later.

        12. The comments reappeared. So weird. And now Marcel’s comment appears at the bottom… ( his was the first reply to mine). What’s going on here?!

        13. PS, Edward, don’t try those nice guy tactics on me! As soon as I think of another out-of-my-ass argument or insult, you’re gonna get it!

        14. Yes it should, and in a rational society both female whores and male insensitive pricks would be boycotted and perhaps jailed. If female whoring is accepted, men will naturally be incentivized to become insensitive players. Slut shaming begins at home, so start telling your ho friends how skanky they are. You will thank me for this advice when you are fifty and your husband is not stolen from you by some firm-titted twenty-two year old.

        15. Someone is knocking up these women. And that someone isnt helping out enough. he’s too much of a man, of course, the lazy, useless whining ‘alpha’. Don’t any of you guys notice ‘alpha’ is now a term of abuse?
          and btw, that whole chump who buys drinks and goes home unlaid thing…its not that the women love the ‘alpha’. It’s about sincerity. The ‘alpha’ is sincerely a bastard and will be easy to get rid of and no danger to fall in love with, except for damaged women with daddy issues. No balanced woman will ever breed with a dinosaur like this but, to take home, ok maybe. The chump guy doesnt get laid because he is PRETENDING to be a nice guy. It’s like the Friendzone. If you use that word, you’re not a friend. You’re a creep, pretending to be nice and whining when it doesn’t pay. Both are creeps. But one is a creep who makes your skin crawl and the other may well be funny at least. (Maybe. Lot of the alphas are such boastful bores). There is a 3rd type of man, who is genuinely interested in people as people, as well as sex, a happy kind of man with no bitterness and hatred, who really loves life and will think of women as real friends. If he hits on a girl and she knocks him back, he will shrug and carry on befriending her. And he means it. He isn’t just pretending, his sincerity shines through like his happiness. He also cares nothing at all for what a gang of other males think. Nothing. His confidence is that complete. He would never write ‘field reports’ and never take advantage of a drunk woman or even try to manipulate her. Girl is usually so taken aback that she gets totally interested, because he is a rare bird indeed. And this kind of guy gets laid all the time, and afterwards, has a new friend. He gets laid because he gets a great reputation very fast and he is so so lovable. It hardly matters what he looks like and nothing about his status registers. One guy I knew like this was sleeping in his car. It was a Lada. (I know this is all off topic but cant be arsed to explain).

        16. By that logic YES. Men should be held EQUALLY responsible for their choices as women are. By this standard of trying to control society through hatred, men should be shamed for EVERYTHING they do if it does not fit some stereo-typical view of what is “male.” No Beard? SHAME. Long hair? SHAME. Unfamiliar with power tools? SHAME. Can’t do basic work on an motor-vehicle? SHAME. Fat? SHAME. Unhealthy? SHAME. Sleeping around? SHAME. Wearing androgynous/feminine clothes? SHAME. Eating something pink that isn’t meat or pussy? SHAME.
          If you’re going to hate, sorry, I mean shame – you had best shame equally.

    4. if you are too stupid to know the difference between their and there, you are too stupid to participate in this forum.

      1. If you’re going to get hung up on grammar then you don’t belong on the internet.

    5. When people starve and fatties fat it’s more than personal choice. When they get on medicaid for their 100% preventable diabetes it is more than personal choice. When they raise their kids with all the same sick eating habits it’s not a choice.

    6. Being fat absolutely does change the person. Your mind isn’t just remote controlling your body, the two are inextricably linked – diabetic people can have violent mood swings as a result of a physical health problem, for instance. There’s a reason obesity overwhelmingly correlates with mental health problems, and it’s certainly not because of the “value judgements” of healthy people.
      And why shouldn’t something carry value judgement simply because it’s a “personal choice”? The fact obesity is a CHOICE is what MAKES people judge the obese. Becoming a crack addict is a personal choice, and I will absolutely judge you for it. So is blowing your inheritance at Ladbrokes. The bottom line is, negative lifestyle choices are a reflection of your character.

      1. Actually ocelot in many cases it is NOT a choice. There are ELEVEN base reasons why a person may be obese. Most folks it is at least three if not more reasons. Very few folks have only one reason why.
        The 11 base reasons/causes of obesity
        Lack of Energy Balance
        An Inactive Lifestyle
        Genes and Family History
        Health Conditions
        Emotional Factors
        Lack of Sleep

  20. Excellent article, However you should hold fat men accountable as well. Why be sexist about it? Fat men and women are both equally worthless and disgusting. Nothing worse than a fat body walking around crowding everyone’s space.

  21. Dude, you hit the nail right on its double-chinned face. If you walked around injecting kids with something to fuck up their life, you sure would be called a monster and hung by your heels….UNLESS you had a pussy and sold everyone on the idea that anyone calling you out on it was a hater who was pressuring you to conform….fuckin fat fucks…

    1. Fat dudes already get shamed AND it takes inches off their dick length.

  22. WHOOPS. Someone got rejected by a fat chick. I may not like fat girls, but MAN… the sheer amount of resentment stemming from loneliness and rejection) is pungent on this article. Dude, see a therapist.

    1. See? That would be an effective argument if I wrote an article about hot chicks needing to go to jail. I get shot down by hot chicks all the time.
      But fat chicks? There’s not a man within 1,000 e-Miles of this website trying to bang a fat chick.
      Try again. Sheesh.

        1. all scammers. I’m a chubby chaser with a perfect body who oozes charm and I can only bag the hot and trim women.

  23. Yo man what the hell. I love big women!
    Actually you jus doin me a favor cause these fat bitches come crying straight back to my dick.

    1. Well you’re not white and I assume your fat bitches aren’t either. Doesn’t count. Black guys have waaaay lower standards.

        1. Uh, American average white dick is 5 1/2 to 5 3/4 inches (depending on the study). Average black dick 6 inches. Me, 7 3/4 inches. So I got the looks, wealth, intelligence AND a bigger dick than most black guys. Hahahaha. Burn.

        2. Uh, American average white dick is 5 1/2 to 5 3/4 inches (depending on the study). Average black dick 6 inches. Me, 7 3/4 inches. So I got the looks, wealth, intelligence AND a bigger dick than most black guys. Hahahaha. Burn.

        3. Uh, American average white dick is 5 1/2 to 5 3/4 inches (depending on the study). Average black dick 6 inches. Me, 7 3/4 inches. So I got the looks, wealth, intelligence AND a bigger dick than most black guys. Hahahaha. Burn.

        4. Uh, American average white dick is 5 1/2 to 5 3/4 inches (depending on the study). Average black dick 6 inches. Me, 7 3/4 inches. So I got the looks, wealth, intelligence AND a bigger dick than most black guys. Hahahaha. Burn.

        5. Uh, American average white dick is 5 1/2 to 5 3/4 inches (depending on the study). Average black dick 6 inches. Me, 7 3/4 inches. So I got the looks, wealth, intelligence AND a bigger dick than most black guys. Hahahaha. Burn.

        6. So how many American Dicks have you sucked ass hole??? And how many black…Cuz you are WAYYYYYY off! Your 7 3/4 baby dick is TINY!!! See a doctor right away dude…for your mental illness and your teensy little prick!

  24. It’s immoral to be obese when there are people starving to death every day. The shit they crap (or the crap they shit – take your pick) is more nutritious than the “food” many in this world is struggling to scrape together. To become obese (not to mention being “proud” of it and promoting it) is crime against humanity.

  25. It’s immoral to be obese when there are people starving to death every day. The shit they crap (or the crap they shit – take your pick) is more nutritious than the “food” many in this world is struggling to scrape together. To become obese (not to mention being “proud” of it and promoting it) is crime against humanity.

  26. The medical terms for fatness is obesity. There is a spectrum of obesity…from morbid obesity to super morbid obesity based on BMI calculations. I can spot any gal 50 pounds but the poor soul pictured above is morbidly obese which is a serious health condition. She is at least 150-200 pounds overweight. Her life will be cut short by the obesity and obesity related conditions ( the term “diabesity” is being used now). She will have sleep apnea, hypertension, diabetes and all the spectrum of complications of those diseases. We are not talking about being “thick” or “full figured” that’s cool .I’m not promoting being a bony ass anorexic either. Feminism/liberalism is all about removing ALL social stigma. There is a role of shame in a society. Shame ( stigma) can coerce a person to change. We need some shame. The lack of shame is why we have all the other social pathologies too e.g single moms, out-of-wedlock births, generational welfare , sluttiness…..on and on…

  27. Quick poll. You’re at a club . You’re the wingman. You’re bro can hook up with an 8 but has a cockblocking fattie pictured above. How many of you guys would jump on the grenade/lay across the barbed wire and bang the gal pictured up top??

    1. To help a friend. Yeah, sure; as long as he’ll repay the favour in return if I’m ever cock-blocked by a mountain of lard.

    2. I’d fuck her just for kicks. *shrug* Likely she can’t get pregnant with all that fats, just nut all up in it!

  28. How much $$$ money would it take to for you guys to bang AND do 5 minutes of oral on the gal pictured up top???

  29. This article is pure gold, and I hope OP is pleased with himself. This would’ve gotten awards if there ever were awards of who could be the biggest douche. He’d even win over John Edwards. http://www.southparkstudios.com/clips/153799/there-he-is
    Being fat doesn’t necessarily mean being unhealthy, just as being skinny don’t mean being healthy. http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1066937,00.html
    Most people who are overweight are painfully aware of it themselves, and while I agree that this is a growing problem (both for our bellies and our society), I don’t think this is the way to deal with the problem.
    If we really want to do something about this (and we do), we can ban fatty foods, or make them more expensive. Either that or make healthy foods more available, and also less expensive. But this is unthinkable, because all of you hypocrites probably enjoy a slice of pizza every now an then as well, don’t you?
    We could also use some school time on educating the children on the health benefits of exercising. A very usual problem with this, is that they don’t really like exercise. I personally don’t like exercising. It’s boring, and because of the size of me boobs, both my chest and back hurts. Not because I get tired, but because of the, hm, bouncing.
    I’ll admit, fair and square, that I am female, and I am chubby. If it weren’t for society, I probably wouldn’t mind packing a few pounds extra. But I do. So I diet. All of these are facts about who I am, my persona and an impact on my life.
    They do not measure my worth as a human being (guess what, women are humans omfg http://www.goodreads.com/work/quotes/529133-are-women-human).
    I agree that obesity is a problem. http://www.obesity-info.com/2012/04/10-reasons-why-obesity-is-bad-problem.html
    However, shaming and bullying fat people won’t do any good. Have neither of you ever heard about comfort food?
    Oh. I almost forgot. Go fuck yourself.

      1. No thanks, I lost my appetite after eating out yo mama.
        But seriously though, you don’t agree that healthy foods and a positive view on exercise probably works better than shaming people into hating them selves?

        1. Why not both? Negative reinforcement such as shaming can be an effective motivator to eat right and exercise. After all, exercising and eating good food is not “easy”…
          Plus, and this might be a more important benefit, its a reminder that reality doesnt give a crap about your (or my) feelings. Youll be able to cope much better in life if youre not expecting things to be “fair”. Because they often arent.

        2. Good self-esteem will increase the chances of working out as well. Exercise and eating healthy isn’t easy, because of people like you. I don’t work out in front of other people. Part because of an eating disorder, part because the judgement others give me is killing my motivation.
          Self awareness is restricting the “fatties” from doing what we actually want to do, assuming the weight gain wasn’t intentional.

        3. Oh please. Its not “people like me” who make eating right and exercising difficult. When compared with the alternative of eating tasty crap and lieing around on your ass, living healthy is just too much like hard work. Its just easier not to exercise, and trying to blame others for your lack of motivation is just passing the buck. Take responsibility.
          Excuses that other peoples “judgement” are the cause for your lack of physical activity are just that – excuses. If you cant work out in front of others work out at home alone.

        4. Someone’s in need of a heart attack. Quit whining, quit making excuses and quit being a pathetic human being. Do something about yourself. Get slim, get attractive then re-read your posts. You’ll slap your forehead, I guarantee.

        5. “Chubby” ( as you call yourself) or “thick” is not what we are talking about. Everyone can get a bit heavy. The article is referring to the morbidly obese like that gal picture above. Airlines having to make seats bigger. Hospitals spending millions on special beds and equipment for huge people. I’m not promoting “Lord of the Flies” type shaming behavior but shame and stigma have a role in society….

        6. Excuse you. You know nothing of my exercise or food habits. I exercise and eat as healthy as my eating disorder will allow me to do. Meaning some days I don’t eat, other days I binge, and then throw up.
          And quite frankly, no. No matter how thin or heavy I have been during my lifespan, I have never measured a persons worth in how much they weight. You wishing a heart attack upon me is a bigger indicator of you being a pathetic human being, than me being attractive or not. I have a boyfriend, I’ve had multiple sexual partners and I am an attractive, young woman. No matter what you personally think. This is the beauty of beauty. It all comes down to who you ask.

        7. No, no, no. Excuse you. Beauty can be scientifically measured. If an ugly or fat chick gets a compliment about her beauty, it’s just because the BETA thinks she looks like an easy fuck.

    1. what is ” fat” in US is considered ” obese” in other parts of the world and what is
      ‘ normal/average” there is considered ” slim” in US.

    2. first you say ‘being fat doesn’t necessarily mean being unhealthy’, then you say ‘i agree that obesity is a problem.’ so which is it?
      and then…’if it weren’t for society, i probably wouldn’t mind packing a few pounds extra. but i do. so i diet’. but then you later write ‘shaming and bullying fat people won’t do any good’. if shaming doesn’t work, why again exactly are you dieting?
      and no, enjoying a slice of pizza every once in a while doesn’t make us hypocrites. an occasional indulgence doesn’t make one obese – a bit of self control goes a long way. it’s eating that junk like that day in and day out and being sedentary that will cause one to gain weight over time.

      1. Fat does not equal obese. The first argument is simply to imply that not all who are “fat” are unhealthy. Many people are quick to judge fatties as being unhealthy. I’m just saying that a fat person can be healthier than a skinny person.
        If it weren’t for society, I would mind, no. I shouldn’t have used the word diet, what I have is more like bulimia, actually. If the main goal of this article is to make women more healthy as individuals and mothers, then surely you can’t fail to see why this isn’t an ideal goal. By praising weight loss, as suggested by OP, we reduce the risk of this happening. I would’ve been more comfortable at the gym, and the workouts could’ve been more effective than now, when I work out alone.
        Shaming makes overweight people want to hide, get sick or maybe even kill themselves. Which, hopefully, you all understand is not the answer to this problem.
        With a positive attitude, we can help a lot more than by shaming a bullying.

    3. first you say ‘being fat doesn’t necessarily mean being unhealthy’, then you say ‘i agree that obesity is a problem.’ so which is it?
      and then…’if it weren’t for society, i probably wouldn’t mind packing a few pounds extra. but i do. so i diet’. but then you later write ‘shaming and bullying fat people won’t do any good’. if shaming doesn’t work, why again exactly are you dieting?
      and no, enjoying a slice of pizza every once in a while doesn’t make us hypocrites. an occasional indulgence doesn’t make one obese – a bit of self control goes a long way. it’s eating that junk like that day in and day out and being sedentary that will cause one to gain weight over time.

    4. “Being fat doesn’t necessarily mean being unhealthy” ..patently untrue. There is not one positive thing about obesity except if you are a bear and need to hibernate. I’m not talking all your girly shit like self image, blah blah but SCIENCE and HEALTH. Name the good thing about being overweight…( crickets chirping…) See you can’t….

        1. I don’t trust any study that claims that there’s anything that “lowers risk of death.”

        2. Did you get past the headline? They’re not saying what you think they’re saying.
          “but they really should not be too surprised because in our categories of 97 studies, 80 percent of them showed that there was lower mortality in overweight than in normal weight people,” Dr. Flegal explained. That does not apply not if you’re BMI is in the obese category.
          The website doesn’t know the difference between you’re and your.

      1. I happen to have breasts who are larger than the average size of breast. There’s really not much more to say.

        1. When did I ever say that the size of my breasts “counts” as attractive or not? The only reason I mentioned them, was to point out the fact that a larger set of breasts will make exercise more painful. And also humiliating.

        2. European 75 G? Is that the metric system?? Give us your measurements in American e.g 36-24 -36. Start with your cup size please. Also if you are getting pummeled by your boobies during exercise can’t you do a different exercise routine?? Avoid jumping jacks etc. Are there sport bras for you???

    5. Shaming cigarette smokers has worked. No people didn’t suddenly realize that it was unhealthy. That was clear all along. It’s the taboo society created that has resulted in all time lows for cigarette smoking in the U.S. Shaming binge eating and habits that lead to obesity will work too. Both are unhealthy habits that can be controlled. Ps. go fuck yourself and lay off the late night pizza.

  30. Funny that pro-lard internet crusaders will mobilize to attack an article like this, but you couldn’t pay the same fatass enough money to put down the Dorito bag and hit the gym.

  31. Seriously though, if your wife is fat, you suck at life.

    I tell my readers all the time that a woman’s appearance reflects on her husband and that she should take care not to let herself go. It’s disrespectful to your man if you gain lots of weight.

    1. What is the wife it fit and her husband lets himself go? Is it then disrespectful to the woman?

      1. Absolutely, but not on the same level… just like it’s not as “disrespectful” for a girl to quit her job during a relationship than for a man.

  32. It must suck big fat dick (like mine bro) to be a flaming gay and have to keep it all inside. You must have a really small penis, right? Which is why you like to take it up the ass? And that girl you raped last week isn’t calling you back? Stop taking your rage out on fattys, when clearly you just want to kill yourself, and you probably should.

    1. shut up fat lardass dyke cunt. your pathetic fat-accepting, shaming feminoid lingo clearly shows you’re no “bro” and you’re mistaking your hyena-like clit for a “big fat dick”. stop pretending you’re anything other than a repulsive smelly 600 lb carpetmuncher. good luck trying to find a girlfriend willing to risk her life navigating the yeasty abyss of your fat folds with her tongue so you can scream goooooddddddddessssssssssssss paaaaaaatriarchyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! for two seconds.

    2. You just revealed so much about yourself in one small paragraph. You are obese, unhappy, unintelligent, and are on the verge of discovering your latent homosexuality.

    3. Let me guess you’re ghetto trash who likes fat white women. Oh, the irony.

  33. hahaha! I love how being a bad mother is the ultimate insult. Like I give a shit about having some snot nosed kids. Also, let’s not mention the fat guys that raise fat kids. Or crack whores that have crack babies. NOPE!
    Seriously, sorry you got rejected by a fat girl son. And that your parents are probably siblings, and that your dad most likely left your mom. Go back to playing dungeons sweet cheeks.

  34. Wow just when you think America has sunk as low as it can go, it outshines the world in cruelty and idiocy. Good job America at least you are still number one at something. Being the biggest bullies and pricks in the world I guess counts for something.

  35. Fat chicks aren’t among the worst human beings on the planet, but you sure as hell are. Can we build a special prison for smug, ugly dickheads?

    1. Why are you so full of hate? You should really be tolerant of my opinions and feelings. Set an example, and be the change you want to see in the world et. al.

  36. I know plenty of fat women who have children that aren’t even remotely overweight or obese. Most cases of childhood obesity relate to the diet that the child grows up with, yes the child might have higher risk of becoming obese if the mother is obese.. but if she feeds that child a proper diet it won’t matter. If you take your child to McDonald’s all the time or you don’t take them places to run around and play then they will get fat. Anyone can cause their child to become overweight or obese.. not just fat women. This article is ignorant and completely demoralizing to women who do have weight issues. I also don’t know how it would be a good idea in any way, shape, or form to decide to ignore someone because they are fat. With all of the bullying related suicides in the news lately you would think someone would have more sense than to suggest ostracizing someone in such a careless manner. Why not, instead, suggest boycotting fast food chains? Oh wait.. you probably still want YOUR large fries with that big mac just like everyone else.
    Furthermore, a fat man is just as unappealing to look at as a fat woman.

  37. I’m not fat and I find this article pointless, poorly written, and you just sound like an idiot. If that was what you were going for, then carry on. Otherwise, stop hating yourself for being an ugly small pricked little man. When you learn to stop hating yourself for your inadequecies, you might become less obsessed with the bodies of other people. Seriously, grow up, get a hobby, move on. Not being lame feels awesome. Try it sometime?

    1. Read the first paragraph again, fatty.
      “When you learn to stop hating yourself for your inadequacies…”
      Coping with unhappiness by overeating *is* self-hate.

      1. Oh wow, I am so insulted by you calling me fat 🙁 especially when I have a healthy BMI, and an amazing body that I keep trim by going to the gym everyday. Lol, I guess you and the author know each other, ARE each other, or are romantically/sexually involved? I mean come on, you really had to come to his rescue when no one other this Earth was talking to you? That’s pretty lame bro, I gotta tell ya. Well, okay, don’t cry anymore, I won’t pick on you or your lover/friend/person you’re obsessed with anymore.
        Also, not all people who overeat are unhappy. Some heavy people that I have tried to help lose weight just eat unhealthily due to their hectic, busy lifestyles. I know some successful financial professionals who make more in a year than you could ever hope to make in your entire pathetic life (and I know this since you make your money giving blowjobs out of your mom’s basement), and these professionals are very happy and wealthy, they just happen to eat foods that are bad for them.
        Well, enough of this, I’m happy with the verbal execution that I just performed here. If I were you, I wouldn’t even bother replying, I’m not going to even read the reply, and you’ll probably just make yourself sound more lame and homosexual, but if that is what you were going for, you did a fantastic job, fat ass. 🙂

        1. Thanks for confirming you’re a fat slob. Good to know. 29 is not healthy BMI bertha.

        2. BMI isn’t an accurate representation of health or fitness. Body builders can have BMIs far over 30 and they’re still perfectly healthy. It depends on the person, you idiot.

        3. Always the fat slobs who make these baseless claims. You are clueless and fat.

        4. What gives you the grounds to make that assumption? You’ve never seen me in person.

        5. Honey, you’re here, ergo you’re a fat slob. It’s a fait accompli. I HATE FAT CHICKS. They stink, they’re delusional, they have no discipline of self-control.

    2. His penis is probably not small and you just made every man with a small dick feel insecure.

      1. Well this is ironic. You’re trying to convince me to pity someone who’s making overweight people feel insecure, because someone in the comments insulted him, making him feel insecure. Hmm….

        1. No, I was pointing out that using “small dicked” as an insult doesn’t do the small dicked guys any good. Also, generally speaking, assholes like this are have package to work with or they’d be nicer, hence my initial claim that the writer likely wasn’t small dicked.

        2. Not at all. Lol, just pointing out that in an article about shaming and stigma throwing that insult around seems incredibly retarded.

  38. In this case, and I’m going by your argument here that fat women should be imprisoned because their offspring are more likely to be diseased and unhappy and whatnot, then should we imprison those who have diseases such as cancer, lupus or schizophrenia? After all, studies show that those who have those diseases are very likely to pass it on to their children. I’m not saying being fat is a good thing, but you have to realize your argument is flawed.
    If you want to disagree that being fat is a lifestyle choice rather than a disease and therefore my argument, too, is flawed? Okay. My argument still stands in that, for example, maybe we should imprison other people for their lifestyle choices such as drug addiction (yes I know most of these are already imprisoned), alcoholism, smoking, atheism, Christianity . . . there is whole list of lifestyle choices that most people don’t realize are learned from their parents and many of these individuals suffer from them in one way or another. Let’s take smoking for example. If a child’s parents smoke, studies show they are twice as likely to smoke as well. Smoking brings with it a whole slew of health problems not unlike the ones you mentioned above in your argument against fat people. So . . . rather than risk those children being born, let’s just imprison all smokers so that their unhealthy children will never have to deal with living as an unhealthy individual.
    Hell, while we’re at it, let’s just imprison all poor people. After all, they aren’t happy. Perhaps they’d be better off dead or never having been born at all. If they can’t reproduce, then they will never have unhappy poor children. (And poverty is certainly one sure-fire thing passed on from parent to child.)
    My point is, everyone on this fucking planet has one health problem or is unhappy with their lives for one reason or another. To ostracize one group over another is simply narrow-minded and immature.
    If you would like to continue this conversation, I do love a good debate. ([email protected])
    Good day to you, Sir.

    1. And don’t even get me started on the sexism in this article. Fat men are just as likely to produce fat children as fat women. Would it hurt you to pick up a genetics textbook once in a while?

      1. Dani, fat guys don’t go around thinking hot chicks want to fuck them. Fat women actually think guys find it appealing. DISGUSTING.

        1. He actually has a point. No joke I know a girl who is a UK size 16 – 18 (at least) so what’s that, an american size 20 at least? She’s huge. But she says she is “average” size and “hot in real life” she insists on wearing ill fitting corsets and mentions her huge rack all the time when she is just a fattie. She thinks guys want her and she always will as there is always some desperate loser willing to fuck her.

  39. Obesity , and the diseases it causes is THE major health issue of western countries. The obesity epidemic requires the person to lose weight. Repeat -the individual is responsible for losing weight. Shame/guilt/remorse is critical to coerce people (and societies) to change. Due to PC societies change to accomodate the fatties instead of folks losing weight. Hospitals have to buy “big boy” beds, new CT scanners all at huge expense. Airlines have to build bigger seats etc. On and on….

  40. What makes you think these women should even care if you find them appealing or not? I’m betting the opinion of one man, in comparison to so many who say the opposite: that heavy women are attractive, isn’t worth as much as you might like to think.

  41. AHAHAHAHA WOW. everyone here is so obsessed with looks, they’re ignoring the fact that their own personalities have withered away. When you’re old, you’re both going to look like every other old person, and you’ll be a boring as shit old dude with a relationship that has no purpose. And don’t play the “oh I’ll just get rich and have a hot younger wife lolz” card. You’re not going to get any money by being internet douches and circle jerking each other off with all your vapid agreements that the real problem isn’t your quickly obsolescing MRA mentality, it’s just everyone else who can’t take a joke.

    1. I’m not only a total asshole but also in perfect shape. As to the circle jerk comment… what else is there to do when you setup a gangbang and the chick leaves after you all drop the Viagra and Ecstacy?

  42. OK, I’ll say it. Fat women are in no way a threat to our society and our way of life. You know what is a threat to our society and our way of life? People like you who think it’s perfectly acceptable to attack someone because YOU don’t approve of the way that she looks. There is no defense whatsoever for fat shaming, and if you do it, you don’t even deserve the label of human being.
    This really is one of the most pathetic things I’ve ever read. Some of my best friends are fat women, and some of them have children and are wonderful mothers. My girlfriend is also fat, and she happens to be the most beautiful and perfect woman in the world to me. I honestly feel sorry for you that your life is that sad that you feel the need to attack others.

    1. Odds are, she’ll die before you do of heart disease and diabetes, but not before negatively impacting your health by overfeeding you and your children unhealthy meals, and being unable to take part in anything but a sedentary existence with you and them.
      Enjoy spending the final 30 years of your life alone.

  43. Two points:
    1. I think men overestimate how effective shaming obese women would be because they don’t have the benefit of growing up female and understanding the emotional connection women have to their weight. Someone above said that this is the same thing you’ve been doing to fat boys for years. But generally, men’s self-value is not so tied up in their appearance, and they don’t have the emotional response a woman does. Shaming a fat man might motivate him to lose weight because (I imagine) he sees the embarrassment as directly connected to his eating and exercise habits. A woman connects that embarrassment with the shamer’s hatred of her, her personal failure at making the shamer like her enough to be nice to her, the hopelessness of trying to change, etc. It’s a totally different thought process, I suspect. And the female response is just not to immediately put a plan into action. The manosphere seems to think that women are getting the message that fat is OK, but I think you’d be hard pressed to find any middle school girl who is confused about whether boys like skinny or fat girls. Trust us, we know.
    2. If you want to follow through on your injecting children analogy, the people who should be in jail are the food conglomerates (and their government supporters) that purposely design addictive, cheap, and unhealthy food. And to argue that Nestle and ConAgra aren’t holding a gun to your head is to misunderstand the power of market control, marketing, and habit. They effectively are holding guns to all our heads.

    1. It’s not that they lie to themselves about the truth, it’s that instead of accepting that fat people are less attractive they decide to rant against society and claim victim status when the only victims are the people starving to death so these fat fucks can have a nice buffet laid out.

  44. Anybody who encourages a pack of men to pick on fat women lacks character and is in no way an alpha male. If you truly feel superior to somebody you pity them, unless you are a sociopath. You don’t mock them. Only bullies mock, and bullies are beneath contempt.
    It’s bad to be fat. It’s good to try to not be fat. It’s good to help a fat person not to be fat, if they ask. If not, it’s good to mind your own damn business. That’s alpha.
    This thing where people say “and if you _____ I’m laughing at you!!!!” comes from feminists. I think they invented it. You’re the only MRA I’ve ever seen use it. It’s bitchy.

      1. I look forward to it! I don’t understand why people are putting the z in now. Nobody laughs like that. When women at work say “lulz” I want to self-harm.
        Seriously, this philosophy of playing the playground bully doesn’t make you feel base? I can’t stand myself when I do it.

  45. It is clear that your mother did not cram enough cream filled twinkies down your pathetic throat. But then again I suppose that wouldn’t stop you from speaking such garbage now would it? You disgust me, and the only threat to society are motherfuckers like you. Yup, I must be a fat bitch right, thats the only way I would be defending something like this right? I am fat and I do not bother anyone else being so. I don’t harm you, your more inclined to be harmed by a smoker than me. Just because you tried getting with fat chick back in the day and she rejected your sexist ass doesn’t mean you have to come here and bag on fat women. Maybe you should try getting laid once in a while, and that blow up doll you sleep with every night doesn’t count. Hell, she probably doesn’t even want you touching her.
    Before you try to dictate the lives of fat women maybe you should get yours under control. POS

    1. Stopped reading at “I must be a fat bitch”. As if I didn’t know beforehand.

    2. It’s clear that you had so many twinkies jammed into your yapper that it has impeded your sense of humor. STFU

  46. When I was a child, I used to walk behind fat people at school and make “boom, boom, boom” noises in sync with their footsteps. They got visibly embarassed.

  47. Why do you give a fuck? I have nothing to argue. Why, do YOU, give a net fuck that results in >0?
    Sounds like someone had a fat mother, a fat childhood, and a shitty time changing it; which resulted in an unhealthy phobia of cellulite and back boob. Now you want everyone to fuel your rage and bigotry. I bet you jack off to the comments you receive on stupid articles like this.
    Grow up and stop caring about what others do / look like.

  48. What it looks like here is the beginning of a career in spousal abuse.
    Good luck finding a woman who will actually take your sorry, pathetic, piece of shit ass.

    1. Fatso, only losers, tools and fat fetishists will sleep with a land whale like you.

    2. Women like a sense of humor and lots of skinny chicks are fat haters too. You’re ignoring the simple fact that 90% of beautiful people are total elitists about some things. And by “elitists” I mean “have some basic standards”

  49. . Men are fat too but it obv doesn’t count for meen because so many in this group are overweight men. I’m so glad that you wont date fat chicks because we deserve better. You repulse me too so why not just leave alone. That’s why you don’t have a girlfriend. You don’t seem to get that we do not want you. We are like most women except those in abusive relationships we wouldn’t want you. We are also not your property. I don’t think you understand that on a basic level.
    I think this is a way for the fat men in this group to overcome their self hate. But you aren’t disgusting because you’re fat, you should love your body, and see a therapist so you can quit the hate, because you need to see that we don’t like you because you are acting like a parody of an evil movie antagonist. You are using some weird theory of women to explain why we reject you.Saying that all western women are evil is refusing to look it in the eye. They don’t want you. You have been rejected. that hurts. But you keep being rejected based on something you can change Like your hateful dangerous personality. No woman in her right mind would date anyone here because we recognize that you would abuse us mentally, physically or sexually. Just try to deal with your anger and hurt in a constructive way. If you’re angry with a specific woman why not adress that and feel the pain and self hate.
    Many men on here are sociopaths and cannot be reasoned with but some men here are so scared of being worthless that they project it onto women. Guess what? If all the women in the world rejected you for sex you still would be excatly as valuable a person as before. Just try to forget the hate of women and look at how stupid it is. Women have no power over you, what you are interpreting as power over you is really power over themselves. If a woman refuses sex with you she is not opressin you just as if you refused sex with her you weren’t opressing he.

    1. I used to be fat, then I was shamed into losing weight. Now I only fuck fat chicks because they recognize my genetic superiority.

    2. Cupcake (I know you like cupcakes, pizza, pies, burgers, etc.), it’s relatively simple to LOSE SOME WEIGHT. You take in less calories than you expend and you will lose weight. All fat slobs Overestimate the physical activity they get and grossly UNDERESTIMATE the volume of food they eat. You fucking loser.

  50. “Tell me how fat chicks aren’t among the worst human beings on the planet.”
    As a man writing that I can completely understand the callous nature of your rhetorical question so I logically assume that you wouldn’t mind reading a woman’s alternative view as:
    “Tell me how poor men are among the worst human beings on the planet.”
    Women can be overweight for a number of reasons just like men, for a number of reasons, can have a weak earning power throughout their life-time. Such individuals, I imagine, are already aware of how significantly damaging their lifestyle choice is to their sexual market value through the media (magazines, TV, social networking websites etc.), friends and family so why not be mature about it and put your alpha/beta bullshit aside and focus on real pressing issues in the world.

    1. Poor ignorant fat people are the worst on earth because they’re eating WAY more than their fair share while also failing to contribute in any real way.

      1. Why do you assume that everyone who opposes you is overweight? There are plenty of people of a healthy weight who also think that you’re a worthless asshole.

        1. You don’t have any other form of an argument other than calling people a “fat slob”? Wow, you must be great at winning verbal fights. I know I’m not the best-looking person in the world but at least I have more value to me than someone like you.

        2. You’re funny. Let’s be friends. I imagine for entertainment there will be lots of verbal fights ending in “You’re a fat slob.” It’s very creative, the way you use your limited vocabulary to construct arguments which almost entirely involve complete non sequiturs. Google that, you fat slob. I would suggest that you get up and get a dictionary, but I’m guessing you’re way too fat to stand up. I can read the amount of your ugly through your shows of projection. It’s off the charts. I’m sorry that something in the world caused you to be this way.

      1. Well I must say you are not exactly intelligent. Try proofreading before you call someone else ignorant. You type stupid.

  51. This article is disgusting, not the “fat chicks”. Absolutely fucking abhorrent.

  52. I hope all you fat hating Nazis get exactly what you deserve … and you will. It’s called karma. But of course you wouldn’t know what that is, because you don’t have an inkling of decency in you. Fucking pieces of shit.

    1. Blow me you fat slob. Just order another XL pizza and another bucket of chicken and feed the grease that you sweat from your fat glands.

  53. My name says it all. I hate fat chicks. They’re disgusting. It took them years to get obese. They smell. They wash with a rag on a stick. They can’t wipe themselves.

  54. to those who agree with this waste of space: youre an awful human being and i wish the absolute worst for you and your meaningless lives. people like you should be thrown in prison, not someone over their looks. wow grow the fuck up and learn some tolerance

  55. Well, you certainly are a big fucking asshole.. Thanks for the bummer, dude.
    I’m a white man in great shape and I absolutely LOVE big, floppy, fat rolls of blubber, I LOVE getting lost in acres of flab, and I am absolutely PROUD to be seen in public with a nice wide-load lady, hopefully one who will wear a bare midriff so a roll of jello will be visible in order to drive men like you into conniptions of pinched, white-boy angst. When you’ve had a fat girl’s pudgy little fingers holding your hand or you’ve climbed aboard her generous frame and known the volcanic pleasure of sex with a larger-than-life female, you’ve known true heaven.
    Long live fat chicks, and fuck you and your mother!

    1. We’ll let you fuck the fat, stinky wide load slobs. They truly are more your speed, jethro. 🙂

    2. Fagbutter, you’re not fit. You’re another WOW gamer faggot who can only get laid by a fat slob.

  56. Roflmfao ! Thank You for providing my morning with some belly aching laughs.
    Gravy is not a beverage. Being fat is a choice. Whens the last time you saw hot women chasing down fat men and telling them hot sexy they are? If shes shaped like a deflating hot air balloon, something is terribly wrong. You could give Joey Chestnut a run for his money on July 4th. You need to pay for 2 airline seats. You are the reason people in shape pay zillions for health insurance (subsidizing your fat ass)
    Spend more time at the gym and less time at the table/drive thru.

  57. come on idiots, I would not fuck a fattie, but sending them ‘to prison’ is just plain shithead talk

  58. I was wondering what kind of website would host such a chauvinistic rant of an ‘article’ and a quick scroll through the homepage revealed it all. I don’t quite understand why you take it upon yourselves to take responsibility for other people’s kids. You see yourself as some moral do-gooder when in fact, you sound like a fat 14 year old boy pissed off with his mother for ‘making him fat’. You are the ones the world ‘shame’ and you no doubt will be shitty parents for raising your children with this terrible morality. I’m a 110lbs 16 YEAR OLD girl (just throwing that out there) and I am absolutely disgusted that grown adults can be this immature- although I’m still convinced that this must’ve been written by a little boy. Absolutely disgusting!

  59. I thoroughly enjoyed this. Can you please repost the link for the Bronan article? It doesn’t direct me to the right page.

  60. This is possibly the worst thing I have ever read. The author deserves to die a slow, torturous death with his family onlooking.

  61. I remember a few years ago seeing a short fat chick get married to a tall slimmish bloke. Within a few months of getting married he must have packed on about an extra 50% in weight. It was so bad that I observed stretch marks in some places on his body.
    Over time I’ve come to notice that fat guys will hang out with fat chicks and often if he was slim at the start he won’t be for long. My brother married a fat chick and after she walked out on him he proceeded to lose in the order of around 20kg.
    So guys if you like your current body weight then stay away from fat chick.

  62. lol … look i don’t get this fat acceptance stuff and this fat shaming
    stuff is for asshole dudes that wear white dad sneakers and for the ones
    that fuck fat girls but scared to tell their friends… i get that you
    don’t “do” or hate fat girls but that’s your business. i have been big
    all my life.. heard “pretty for a big girl” alot playing softball i was
    fat field hockey i was fat prom i was fat and fucking your friend while
    you were jealous I’m fat and it wont change til i work harder than i
    already do.. i’m fat because i’m fat. i’m not jealous of skinny chicks..
    and its not in my job description to make people accept my fatness.
    INTERNALIZE IT cause nobody give a shit. mind your own business its not
    like you are concerned about my health or my kids’ health you just
    wanna be a dick… thing is people don’t have boundaries and forgot what
    it was like to have a confrontational 5’9 223 woman spit in your face
    and fuck you up for crossing those polite American societal boundaries.
    hate fat chicks all you want but when you go too far there are
    repercussions physical or verbal. it won’t be good for your male or
    female ego to fuck with me on the street. i can cry and gain girly
    sympathy, whup your ass, or verbally embarrass and abuse you but hey
    that’s just me. … TIP: Start living by the slogan “Don’t fuck with
    people that don’t fuck with you” … TRUE the number of of people
    overweight is getting outta control but how the fuck are they gonna fix
    it when every time they go to the gym or go walking or just leave the
    house you do shit to be a dickface or fuck with em…hmmmmm? you may
    just be part of the problem.. so i guess you gotta sit at the beach
    grimiacing at a fat girl in a bathing suit seething saying out loud “why
    cant she be thin?!?!?JESUS the fat whore” …..cause you fucking with her and
    cake is good.. thats why… so remember from your friendly neighborhood fat
    girl…. mind your fucking business ugly and go fornicate yourself.

  63. You are a piece of shit wasting air. Please do yourself a favor and kill yourself before my fat ass seats on you

  64. It should be unacceptable for this much stupidity to be in one thread of comments.. You guys talk about fat people, like they are less human than you.. Instead of worrying about something that doesn’t even directly affect any of you, why don’t you guys go work on becoming better people?

    1. Please. You’d be doing the world a favor, which you seem to be big fans of promoting when it doesn’t force you to alter your lifestyle.

  65. I must post something. I am not super fat honestly. I am chunky and do legitly have a medical condition that prevents me from losing weight so easily. I have hypothyroidism, and yes I even get sickened when I see the big big people that use the electric carts in stores when the handicap people need them, but have you ever thought about how expensive the healthy stuff is? It is way more expensive than the junk food. And no they will not always become shitty mothers because of them learn from their mistakes and will get their kids to eat right. But seriously, the healthy stuff is more expensive and MAYBE they never had anyone to motivate them and your shit sure in the hell isn’t helping. Moviation is a big thing for weight loss even if it’s just 20 to 30 lbs. Jeez people are so stupid.

  66. You and everyone that agrees with you should kill themselves you cunt whore. Go lay down in traffic. All of you. Right now.

  67. I’m a tiny woman, and I weight 44kg, and I’m laughing big time at your article.
    I don’t think you are aware of how stupid you are making your nation look like in this article. Thank goodness, it’s just you. Because this article is based on some false and misguided assumptions.
    First of all, you know “fat” people live all over the world, don’t you? I mean, you are aware that there are other people living on other countries, and that the United States (which you call America, meaning therefore 2 continents) are not the only country on the planet. I just want you to show how bad you express yourself.
    Let’s move on.
    Of course you are also aware that being “fat” has not always something to do with diet. Of course you are, you are so smart! You said yourself so. Excellent.
    Also, don’t use big words you clearly don’t know how to use- feminist. Uh. You are thinking of men- haters dear, not feminist. Feminist is someone who wants equal rights- I go to school, you go to school, I decide over my body, You decide over your body ecc ecc. Now, I assume you believe in this, and you will pass it on to your future generations, won’t you? Good boy.
    What else. Ah! Human Psychology. Now, again, I’m trying here to change your mind. Of course, I won’t be able to make you understand how messed up what you wrote is. Agreeing with me, aren’t ya? Well, some thing goes with people and their physical appearance. I know, it’s shocking, but fat shaming, and all kinds of shaming, kinda don’t work. Human mind does not work like that. I won’t change my habits because you say I’m fat. I’ll change my habits because I want to do it for myself. Shaming brings humiliation, bad feelings and makes you look like a jerk, but also like somebody who is quite inexperienced.
    So, if you want to help people, do it right. Or give up, and don’t let it bother you. Don’t date fat women, don’t talk to them, and believe me, they’ll be happy. Everybody wins.
    Ah, also, almost forgot- you know there are fat men too? Course you do. Just checking.
    So have a great day, and don’t forget to eat your veggies!
    Many greetings from Europe!

  68. Someone should high five you in the fucking face with a mack truck. your shaming is nothing shy of bullying. you are a small mind tiny dicked little boy without the brains to even realize that you are a worthless sack of puke. I truly hope someone bashes your head in or that you fall in front of a bus.

  69. This is how genocide occurs. Replace any group of people with ‘fat chick’ and there you have the same hate that has been spewed across the world for centuries allowing atrocious things occur. You represent the worst of humanity. Congratulations.

    1. That’s exactly what it is. It’s meant to rile people up and it sure worked!

  70. How dare you? What about “fat” men? Are they wrong and disgusting and should they be sent to prison? Besides, are you a doctor? Are you someone that can give health advice knowing that it will work and that it is for the best?
    As for feminism, I do agree with some points. Women (And yes, I am a woman) say “Lolz omg treat us all equallly!!!1!” then say “Lol, dont hit meh ima gurl!” or “U pay 4 the bill, ure the mahnn!” That bloody sucks

  71. Awwww, what is the matter buddy? Did a big girl turn you down? Are you lacking a little down there? Are you mad and trying to turn focus because you got a little ass hurt? Or are you really just that ignorant? This entire article and everyone agreeing with it needs to be punched in the mouth. Be fair if you are actually going to think this way. There are fat men also! What about them? Are they better because they have a dick? Saying big women are the worst human being on the planet, no, people who are shallow minded like you, are the worst human beings on the planet. You do not know every story behind someone who is bigger. There ARE medical reasons why some people are bigger. Genetics, thyroid issues, etc. Yes, some people CHOOSE to be that way, but not everyone. A cousin of mine is a rail. She eats NOTHING but junk food and has type 2 diabetes as a result. She just does not gain weight. She could teach bad eating habits. I am a bigger woman and I eat healthy and I exercise. I have a complete bill of health. So because I am bigger than her, I should not have children? I should be sent to prison? You do realize the BMI system does not take muscle mass into account right? Obesity is obscured when you take it to a chart. Shut the hell up! I will take my bigger size, intelligence, and personality, over your “better than everyone” mentality any day. Saying bigger women are disgusting and can never be found attractive. My man loves the hell outta me! He does not like skinny chicks. He is 6’3, 220 lbs and skinny because of his height. According to the chart, HE is considered obese. He thinks everything about me is beautiful. Yeah, yeah, say what you want but I am a gorgeous woman, Personality will get you farther than beauty in the long run. Eventually, everyone gets old, everyone sags, everyone wrinkles, metabolisms slow down. You will not look that way forever. Who knows, maybe someday something will happen to you and cause you to be disfigured. Or maybe you will gain weight because you can’t walk etc. Maybe when you reach middle age the metabolism you have now will stop, and no matter how hard you try, you gain weight. Just as you are looking down at others and “shaming” them. The same will happen to you. Then we will see how funny you think it is. Grow up!

  72. Awwww, what is the matter buddy? Did a big girl turn you down? Are you lacking a little down there? Are you mad and trying to turn focus because you got a little ass hurt? Or are you really just that ignorant? This entire article and everyone agreeing with it needs to be punched in the mouth. Be fair if you are actually going to think this way. There are fat men also! What about them? Are they better because they have a dick? Saying big women are the worst human being on the planet, no, people who are shallow minded like you, are the worst human beings on the planet. You do not know every story behind someone who is bigger. There ARE medical reasons why some people are bigger. Genetics, thyroid issues, etc. Yes, some people CHOOSE to be that way, but not everyone. A cousin of mine is a rail. She eats NOTHING but junk food and has type 2 diabetes as a result. She just does not gain weight. She could teach bad eating habits. I am a bigger woman and I eat healthy and I exercise. I have a complete bill of health. So because I am bigger than her, I should not have children? I should be sent to prison? You do realize the BMI system does not take muscle mass into account right? Obesity is obscured when you take it to a chart. Shut the hell up! I will take my bigger size, intelligence, and personality, over your “better than everyone” mentality any day. Saying bigger women are disgusting and can never be found attractive. My man loves the hell outta me! He does not like skinny chicks. He is 6’3, 220 lbs and skinny because of his height. According to the chart, HE is considered obese. He thinks everything about me is beautiful. Yeah, yeah, say what you want but I am a gorgeous woman, Personality will get you farther than beauty in the long run. Eventually, everyone gets old, everyone sags, everyone wrinkles, metabolisms slow down. You will not look that way forever. Who knows, maybe someday something will happen to you and cause you to be disfigured. Or maybe you will gain weight because you can’t walk etc. Maybe when you reach middle age the metabolism you have now will stop, and no matter how hard you try, you gain weight. Just as you are looking down at others and “shaming” them. The same will happen to you. Then we will see how funny you think it is. Grow up!

    1. Fat losers like you aren’t healthy. You’re disgusting and huge and nobody wants to fuck an obese slob who washes with a rag on a stick, you fat cunt.

  73. You all should look in the damn mirror! I’m 100% positive that most of you pieces of shit are probably fat ugly computer geeks that couldn’t even get a girl if they tried so your taking it out on others because your a loser and hate yourself so you write this bullshit! You should all be lined up and shot or burned at the stake whichever you choose or wait lets let the fat people choose for you. I’m pretty sure you will suffer greatly soon enough. I hope you all get some sort of horrible disease and die slow painful deaths because you all deserve it….Have a nice day you pieces of shit!

  74. I think stupid people should be jailed. They are clearly ruining the world and making the rest of us suffer. DOWN WITH THE IDIOTS! it’s a choice, you know, to be so ignorant, uneducated, and incapable of complex thought. The internet is basically free; it would be so easy to improve yourself. It would only take a few hours a week and some self-discipline. You should get on that.

  75. Hi, I am not a fat chick. However, you get a 0 out of 10. Would not f*^k. I really hope that your giant ego really does crush you and that you die alone, and fat.

  76. I just lost a few brain cells reading this garbage. All the shit going on in the world and you’re worried about fat people. Get your priorities right.

  77. That was singley the most disgusting article that I have ever read. People like the author of this article are the reason I am ashamed to be a human being. Where is this guy’s sense of decency?

  78. You are scum. Complete and total scum. People like you cause wars, famine, genocide and pain. It is because of someone like you millions of Jews died. People like you killed in Rwanda or the Balkans. I mourn for your loss of humanity. I feel sick to my stomach reading your blog. If you really believe what you say, you are an inhuman monster, a danger to society. You should be segregated, and contained, like a sick and dangerous wild animal. SO long as people like you exist, humanity will continue to tear itself apart, squander its natural resources and destroy its home. If you had the slightest, tiniest humanity within you the shame you should feel should devastate you to the core. Sadly this will never happen.

  79. What a disgusting and psychotic website. Edward Thatch seriously needs mental help along with anyone who finds this website to be entertaining. You people are shameful excuses for human beings.

  80. I love uneducated neanderthals. My favorite thing is when they become so frustrated with their lack of basic interpersonal skills that they feel that the only option left open to them is to vent their primordial rage over the Internet so that like-minded rage filled individuals from around the world can connect over their ludicrous, completely unfounded angst fest. However, I’d like to point out that there are, in fact, other options open to you which I’ve heard might be as helpful. CHECK YOURSELF INTO AN ASYLUM. I’m usually not so commanding, but, as you pointed out in your article, it’s only for the best to pressure someone into doing something they might not want to do. It’s for the betterment of future generations to lock away people who would harm our children. And you, sir, should be placed somewhere where this pent-up anger and frustration which causes you to write such informative literature as this can never see the daylight. It shocks me that despite the fact that your head is quite obviously stuck rather far up your ass, you’ve noticed that people have different body types. Props to you, for making one correct observation! Now you can say that you’ve done one useful thing with your life before following your own advice and removing yourself from the gene pool forever by locking yourself away in order to protect our children. I would nominate you for a Darwin Award!

  81. You and those like you are so full of yourself and your hate of women who are plus sized. We are not bad mothers nor are our children bad or fat. Yes it’s true you will get some who are but that goes for women of all shapes and sizes. You should never shame or bully anyone child or grown up. Why would you want to tear someone down? How would you like it if we as women treated you the same way you treat us. You are a small minded man who has no clue what to do with a real woman. All your hate and toxic waste you spew is a way to cover up for your tiny penis and your lack of sexual knowledge. When you learn how to see beyond your ugly soul and personality and start acting more like a real man and less like a asshole you will die old and alone.

  82. Oh yes, because fat is the worst thing that a person can be. Vapid, rude, evil, cruel, sociopathic, insane, murderous, unfeeling, uncaring, lacking in empathy, lacking in sympathy, ignorant, narrow-minded, stupid, and unwilling to learn are all much better qualities than someone who is fat, right?
    If this is what some people, I have lost faith in humanity.

  83. WTF is this shit? Bullying someone for ANY reason is a mark of your own insecurity and limited intelligence. This is what’s wrong with the world now, one person thinking they are better than the next based on something as superficial as appearance, I do so wait for you sir to ever talk down to my daugther,mother,wife,sister,friend, aunt, or grandmother because she doesn’t “float your boat”, I would show you a dedication to misery one would ever think possible only in the biblical sense.

  84. Can I just add how ridiculous it is that people are attempting to cite this article to back up their arguments in the comments? As if it was based in any sort of fact, and not simply a probably psychopathic individual’s opinion. And they actually believe that their arguments hold water… Human beings astound once again.

  85. So i’m not fat and never will be, for the books. I’m also gonna go out on a limb and say that this article was written by a fat loser virgin who blames his mom because he can’t take responsibility for his own unhealthy lifestyle.

    1. Thanks for the link. Neatly demonstrates what Thatch and co. have said for a long time. When it comes to fat men, fat women are horrified and won’t touch them with a barge pole, but demand that fit men treat them like special (bloated) Disney Princesses. The difference is, we don’t make excuses for those guys the way you do for distaff land whales.
      One other point, where’s the link on that site to the original survey? How can we check the bona fides of the research with no provenance? Bit sloppy all round (oh yes, and bear in mind that British women are significantly more obese than the men and American women are in a whole different league of lard).

  86. Yeah, it may be a choice… but so is smoking, drinking, and doing drugs… eating unhealthy is partly psychological and it takes a lot of motivation to overcome it. Doing these things suggested in this article will most likely make an obese woman feel horrible about herself and more depressed magnifying the problem. It will not produce the motivation to better herself. You can’t bully someone into changing their lifestyle.

  87. @Edward Thatch (Author of writing) Unless you are male model material and hung descent don’t play the compare game. Because reading this piece of writing had me thinking about “what does the writer look like?” He can write such horrible things and get away with it. Haven’t you heard that people who talk down about others tend to have the most problems. I am assuming your a single male with your pimply face and back, man boobs , a foreign fuck with a small penis. Having these other problematic males boost your ego. Sounds like you got it made. Your probably gonna delete this after I post this because your a prick so enjoy your miserable life.. YOU SHOULD BE SHAMED!!!!

  88. A great example of free speech. You can say what you like however you should also be aware of the consequences and that concequence is looking like a Dick.

  89. You’re all disgusting fucknuts. You deserve to be shot several times. It’ll happen soon enough! When you treat people badly, you will get what you deserve. Let’s hope it’s very soon!

  90. I’m a big girl and I have NO problems in getting a man… Fine azz men at that… Everyday I’m turning down men so go tell ur fat azz momma she’s so fat she cannt date fckin stupid bigot prick…

    1. I can 100% say they fall under one of these sections a) a fat fetishist (a mental health issue for sure) b) a douche or c) totally desperate. Men with standards don’t go for fatties.

  91. “Tell me how fat chicks aren’t among the worst human beings on the planet. Look me straight in my god-given eyeball and tell me with a straight face how these seacows aren’t a threat to our society and our way of life.” Pretty sure you and everyone else that fat shames women and children are the worst human beings on the planet. And if i could tell you that to your face i would and then i would slap your face and kick you right in nut sack.

  92. This is highly offensive. I am disappointed that article ‘writers’ such as Edward Thatch have a platform to share such idiotic thoughts with his readers. This article does not take into account forms of depressive emotional eating, or the fact that these overweight women have probably been parented by an overweight parent themselves, so why now do we decide that THIS particular woman should be thrown in prison? If anything, the child is deprived of their parent and is more hard-done-by than before.
    I agree with the notion that better habits and examples need to be set for children in terms of dieting and healthy lifestyle, but that is it. I find this entire article to be incredibly ignorant of the bigger issues surrounding obesity and eating disorders, and completely focused on the betterment of women’s physical appearance under the guise of doing “it for the chrrrldren.”
    Not to mention that, especially today, there are a lot more men in parenting roles than before – what of their obesity? Are they exempt from the so-called ‘bad parenting’ that comes with obesity? Should we throw the in prison too, or are you really convinced that women are the only influential parents in the household? If so, I fear for your parenting skills. If anything, your ignorance accounts for a lot more negativity in a childs life than a mother who has trouble with her dietary habits.
    One last thing – that fat chick that lost all that weight? You DID embarrass her buddy. She’s just a hell of a lot more polite than you to say so.

  93. I’ve read the article and was really impressed with the writer’s thorough understanding of hereditary risk factors. Luckily for me, I’m thin (BMI 19) so I guess it’s okay for me to post here.
    Like I said – loved those ideas, I think they’re great. The problem is I think it’s wrong to just point our arrows towards fat chicks. There are a lot of other conditions that have a hereditary basis and I think we should treat women (and men) with these conditions the same way the article suggest we treat fat people. here is my partial list:
    1. Cancer: many types of cancer have a strong hereditary basis. I suggest we all treat people with cancer just as suggested in the article. It would be best if we could be really mean to kids and young people with cancer – if we could make them feel like trash they might not get married or have kids and that way we may have prevented a tragedy!
    2. Eating disorders – well, we covered fat chicks but what about the really skinny ones? Anorexia is vastly hereditary, and I don’t think we’re making enough effort there. If we’re talking lowered quality of life – 25% of women dealing with anorexia are actually going to die, not to mention its association to depression and other illnesses. Since we can’t really tell for sure, I say whenever you see a woman looking a bit bony, you make her feel bad just in case. Best way to do that – tell her she’s fat. If she’s really anorexic you’d make her starve herself some more and if she won’t die at least maybe she’ll mess up her fertility for good.
    3. Autism – there’s a known hereditary factor for autism. The problem is not with the low functional autistic – they probably won’t have children anyway. BUT there are highly functional autistic people out there, like those with Asperger syndrome or others. We have the same problem here – sometimes we can’t really tell who’s autistic and who’s just being weird so I say we just be mean to everyone that’s not mainstream because you really can’t tell.
    4. Sickle-cell anemia – Well, that’s an easy one. Sickle-cell anemia is most common in Afro-Americans because of their roots in Africa. Sickle-cell anemia causes unbelievable pain and the need for constant medical attention. Racism IS bad, but now we should go back to being mean to black people for all the right reasons!
    5. Tay-Sachs, Gaucher’s disease and some other lysosomal storage diseases – a group of hereditary diseases which can be deadly at an early age or require continuous medical treatment. They’re most common at Caucasians, mainly East-Europeans and mainly Jewish East-Europeans. Antisemitism – now with a medical twist!
    I know I didn’t cover even half of it, but I have some studying to do (I’m a med student – I should go study so I can come up with some more preposterous suggestions to post here). Maybe someone else can continue this wonderful work we’ve started here!

  94. LOLZ at this article though, though I only fat shame chicks, if they’re fat and doing the same to me.

  95. “Of course, you need to be ready to run like the wind because some fat chicks are “healthy” and run half-marathons like twice per year lozlzolzolzlzolzlzlzozllzollolzozlzlzol.”
    Dude, have you ever been at the finish line of an Ironman triathlon? I have and I saw quite a lot of fat chicks and fat guys finishing, hours ahead of my uber fit older brother (granted he’d just turned 19). It was shocking and amazing. It makes you think that maybe you should be careful who you “shame” cause you never know, they could fuck you up.

  96. Who hurt you Edward? Were you picked on as a kid by a bigger woman? Did your gf or bf leave you for a bigger woman? Why are you so insecure that you have to come online and pick on other people?
    Your acting like a bully and you should probably see a therapist before you reach serial killer status. There’s obviously something wrong with you and you’re reaching out for love. It’s ok, it’s not your fault…it’s not your fault…it’s not your fault

  97. This dude is a sick FUCK. Misogynistic, fat shaming piece of shit. What makes him think that his flaming obsession is somehow acceptable; that his particular bigotry is somehow wholesome and righteous? This is absolutely nothing more than the pitiful rantings of a child who thinks that the world should be arranged to his liking. I notice he has no problem with heavy MEN, just ‘fat chicks.’ Yeah, he are so DEEP, I can see why you think his puerile suggestions should be adopted by the mainstream. The number of ridiculous assumptions he makes about why fat happens, and what it means for those who are overweight, are just… If the blurb at the bottom is correct, I can think of no more fitting demise than to be ‘crushed’ under the weight of his ego. I hope when he meets his 72 virgins, they are all in excess of 300 lbs. Rest in pieces, dipshit.

  98. Would the author of this chauvinistic article say the same thing about fat men? Seriously, guys reading this site must have small dick complexes. I can’t believe how anachronistic you guys are.

  99. is this site run by sociopathic 12 year olds ‘Seriously though, if your wife is fat, you suck at life’ smh

  100. I say save the Fatties! Fatties are really good at blow jobs. Fatties know that they cannot rely on their looks to get and keep a man. I’m surprised this article didn’t raise this issue, Maybe the author actually had limited experience with fatties?

  101. “If this article pisses you off because your wife is fat, then hahahahah…… hahaahah… lozlzollzozlzlzozolzolMcRiblulzlolzoizlzklzlzzl.” Now that’s some funny shit right there.

  102. This is psychotic. Your own subjective disappointments do not cover every single person on this earth, you delusional fucker.

  103. On the way people look, I think obese people can be attractive, but only their face (if they’re attractively all) and I think the cap for an attractive body is a couple of pounds over weight (mostly muscle) and it has to be curves, not rolls.
    But if you say that, your insensitive, and an arsehole for having an opinion that you can’t change! No one gets pissy if you at you think skinny girls are bags of bones, and real men like curve.
    It’s especially stupid that:
    A) most people saying that are obese, not curvy.
    B) people have differing opinions on attractive.
    C) most people who say these things go on about feminism, but they say shit like “meat is for the man and bones are for the dog” as if women are pieces of fucking meat, and they exists to please men. It’s bullshit.

    1. First, attraction isn’t a great measure of a person’s worth, plus it’s entirely subjective and socially constructed anyway. I don’t think you’re any more of an asshole than someone who upholds another body type.
      a. Curvy is incredibly subjective and I dislike it intensely as a word. But body descriptors do tend towards subjective.
      b. Agreed.
      c. No one who says that, to me, is a feminist. I say what I said at the start of this comment, not bullshit putting down one body type and measuring ourselves on what others might find attractive. However, obviously, most people are fatter than the ideal promoted in media, so from a utilitarian perspective, it’s better than skinny praising.

  104. 1. If you were injecting (your own) children with something that a. kept them alive and b. slightly affected their potential appearance, I doubt most people would lynch you. You ignore that so much of the problem comes from how people treat those who do not fit societies idea of health or beauty.
    2. Trust me, those fat women don’t want to talk to you, or date you, or even for you to exist, if they have any shred of self respect left against people like you who want to destroy it.
    3. Losing weight is not always healthy, you can often lose weight through illness or depression. And whilst that women might appear to care about what you think, most women care about their mental health more than some sexists boner.
    4. I trust you’re as passionate about health with smoking, especially seeing as second hand smoking kills, whereas second hand eating isn’t even a thing.

  105. Timely article. Do I smell another fat shaming week coming just in time for spring? How about it Rooshie.

  106. I once witnessed a good friend give his wife a Planet Fitness membership for Christmas. Even bought her the shirt! Certainly one way to send a hint.
    Just one of many lessons in being a Man I have learned from him.

  107. Don’t call her fat, you oppressive bastards! The SJW term is “unconventionally attractive.” Land whal-, uh, big-boned girls have feelings, too!

  108. “Remind fat chicks that they are (or will become) shitty mothers.” That assumes that they will be mothers at all. Approximately 25% of this generation won’t be having children. Presumably that figure includes the fat ones.

  109. I’m a fatty. I hate it. No I don’t eat junk food. I have gastroparesis . So e people with it gain weight sine do not. I demand that my whole family eats healthy the same way I do and have done. The problem I have is lazy people that see nothing wrong with being fat.. my son just qualified for a special iOS contract my two teen girls are asked all the time what sports they play. Why? Because I refuse to allow them to think it’s OK to eat crap and be lazy. I’ve had 9 internal surgeries they cut my vague nerve that caused the gastroparesis. My hips are uneven and it hurts like hell to work out. I still lift weights I still walk up and down the stairs about 30 mins a day. Any parent male or female teach g their kids it’s OK to eat a days worth of calories in one meal and not exercising IS committing abuse. I know I get looks as if I must eat like the fat cows but I all I can do is keep eating well and exercising and try to teach my kids what I taught others when I was working g at the gym.

  110. I am a fat chick and I totally agree with you. You are speaking the truth. I look in the mirror and see nothing but disgust. This huge belly that hangs halway down my thighs. Big floppy arms that have “arm cleavage” I will say that I am not filthy. I bath myself with no problem of reaching everywhere. Hell, I haven’t seen my cooch in years. Even though I’m big I do dress very nicely and don’t have to use much make up. Guys hit on me all. the. time. I’m 46 and have been in 3 relationships, current one has been 11 years, first one for 16 years, and one for 4 years. The 11 and 4 were with very athletic sexy and hot guys. I get jealous. They could eat more than I do. I have a foot deformity which makes it very painful to walk. And really have just givin up. But I completely agree with you and respect your way of thinking and having the guts to put that shit out here. If I could I’d send a pic of me. I am totally not embarrassed. I am fat. And there’s no way of hiding it.

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