HBO’s “Girls” Heralds The Cultural Decline Of American Women

Imagine a masterful artist painting a picture of something horribly ugly, perhaps a nude Oprah, or two Chihuahuas fucking. No matter how well executed the painting, it would be difficult to look at because of the ugliness of the subject matter. That analogy sums up the HBO television show “Girls.” While the show perceptively portrays the millennial generation and the modern Western woman, it is painful to see in its full repulsiveness. If I ever again feel the need to explain why I hate American females, I will tell them to watch the first two episodes of this show.

To faithfully observe the once great country of America descends into complete cultural and economic oblivion, I have dutifully resolved to watch this show. It created a buzz when it first aired in Spring 2012 because of the “gritty” writing, as well as garnering praise from some feminists because it showed women “making mistakes without judgement.” Apparently the overwhelming shabbiness of the characters’ personalities and decisions was lost on them. Other feminists panned the show for its focus on sex, but methinks they doth protest too much; I suspect they were uncomfortable with the accurate picture it rendered of the their perverse philosophy’s logical conclusion.

Lena Dunham, who wrote the show and stars as the main character says she “reveres Sex and the City as much as anyone of my generation” and it shows through her character’s actions. “Girls” is very insightful and relevant; it could well be used as a case study when future historians dissect America’s collapse. The red pill man will find himself nodding with [Jack’s] complete lack of surprise as “Girls” delivers situation after situation to perfectly illustrate what he already knew from the manosphere.


The Premise

“Girls” follows the lives of four women in their twenties in New York City, “busy trying to become who they are.” They are well described as girls in some ways, as they lack maturity, but in other ways it falls short. While they have the negative attributes we associate with young children, like selfishness and emotional volatility, they have none of the innocence that can be so endearing.


The show’s protagonist is Hannah, a neurotic, self-loathing, twenty five year old who aspires to be a writer. Although she claims to be working on a series of “personal essays” for a book, she has only written a few pages in the several years since she graduated college. Confused about what she wants to do with her life, she exists off the allowance her parents give her while initially refusing to take a service job that would be beneath her.

In the first episode, her parents cut her off financially. The entitled Hannah throws a tantrum, but her parents hold firm. If only that was realistic! Most of today’s “helicopter” parents wouldn’t dream of doing that. Hannah is conscious of being overweight, even though her BFF tries to persuade her otherwise in the insincere manner that girls use to reassure each other. She is covered with ugly tattoos of illustrations from children’s books. When her boyfriend asks about them, she says that she got them in high school because she gained weight and “felt out of control of her body.” Fat acceptance is a theme in the show, with many shots of Hannah’s body, and scenes of the girls consuming high calorie snacks as a form of therapy or for no reason at all.

Hannah’s love interest is Adam, who has a funny looking face, a weird way of talking, and strange mannerisms in general with strange sexual tastes to match. Despite all of this, Adam is an excellent example of how game so often trumps any other factor. He doesn’t ask Hannah about her problems, and ignores her for weeks following a fuck session. He takes whatever he wants from Hannah sexually, with the result that Hannah can’t get enough of him. Of course Adam uses Hannah, but she selfishly objectifies him as well. His game is so good that I wondered why he even bothered with the very homely Hannah, but I assume he’s one of those players who values quantity above quality.

In one episode, Hannah receives a late night dick picture text from him, and then a quick follow up text that reads, “sorry that wasn’t for you.” Clearly he has a harem, and Hannah is just one of many. In a twist that is improbable but not impossible, he becomes more beta towards the end of the first season as he commits to the ugly and annoying Hannah. Predictably, Hannah starts to lose interest in him.



Hanna lives with her best friend Marnie in Brooklyn. Despite ostensibly being BFFs, they are contemptuous of each other behind each others backs. She has a textbook beta boyfriend named Charlie whom she (needless to say) despises. Marnie dumps Charlie, but then becomes obsessed with him when he gets a new, more pleasant girlfriend. Now that Charlie has “hand” over her, he becomes tantalizingly close to being an alpha, but can’t quite realize his potential. A guy like Charlie is a prime candidate for either finding his way to the manosphere and going on to better things or organically maturing into alphadom.



Shoshanna is a Jewish American Princess who is high strung and shy. Her part in the show is small, serving mainly as comic relief. She is determined to lose her virginity but is thwarted by her awkwardness and naïveté. Shoshanna wants to be a slut, but hasn’t figured out how just yet, as of the first season.



Jessa is a British girl and is Shoshanna’s cousin. She’s traveling the world at random (that piece of information should have your slut sensor going crazy) and is staying in New York City temporarily. In one outburst, she says that she wants to have many biracial children by a variety of men. She is supposed to be a seductress, but ends up as the most repulsive character.

Early on, she finds she is pregnant by a fellow traveller from Europe, and schedules an appointment for an abortion. She misses the appointment because she is busy banging a random boy who wanders into the bar where she is getting her pre-abortion White Russian. At one point, a former lover shows up in New York City and declares his love for her. She takes him back to the apartment she shares with Shoshanna and lets him have sex with her from behind as she hangs out the window screaming. As soon as they finish, she scorns him and he slinks off in shame. “I cannot be smote! I am unsmotable!” she exclaims to Shoshanna afterwards. Seeing her strut around the streets of New York with her muffin top looking for the next sexual adventure is sickening, but entirely realistic.


There are broader themes in the show that apply to the millennial generation, like dealing with self absorption, narcissism, and the overall shabbiness of so many of my peers. One cringes at their pettiness as they deal with their first world problems. The observer of America’s latter days will find all of this interesting as well, but the exposé of feminism’s false promises are where the show truly excels (whether these astute observations of feminism’s outcomes, the millennial generation, etc. are intentional I am unsure). The characters crave authenticity, but they are already authentic pieces of shit.

There were times my stomach churned as I watched the first season of “Girls,” much as it does during my travels through the American wastelands. The truth is often painful to see, and this show tells it incisively. I encourage red pill men who take an active interest in fighting feminism to watch the first two or three episodes of this show. Anything more than that would be too painful, as it reflects American reality all too well. During Jessa’s surprise wedding, Shoshanna blurts out, “Everyone is a dumb whore!” Truer words were never spoken.

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171 thoughts on “HBO’s “Girls” Heralds The Cultural Decline Of American Women”

  1. I remember several months ago there was an article on the Huffington Post that was claiming the star of this show, Dunham, was actually one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood because science said so. They compared her to women like Scarlett Johanson and Jessica Biel saying she was more beautiful than they were due to the symmetry of her features.
    It was jaw-droppingly stupid. She’s not even average, much less beautiful on that level. I have to admit that I have been kind of morbidly curious about this show since then though. Still haven’t checked it out. Don’t know if having my curiosity satisfied is worth the pain.

    1. I could prove the real truth scientifically. Line up 500 men for a large sample size. Stand both subjects naked in front of them. Tell them they can bang Dunham and receive $100 for their troubles, or pay $200 to bang Johanson. How do you think the ledger will look?

      1. That picture sent me screaming “HOLY MOTHER OF PERIL” for about 20 second straight before closing the tab. *shudder*

      2. I’d say a 3. She’s compounding her natural unattractiveness with the unfeminine short hair, dumpy clothing, ugly tattoos and “I don’t give a shit what men think is attractive” attitude.

    2. Yes, she and her lookalike Elana Kagan of the Supreme Court are going to usurp Kate Upton on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

      1. Dude, don’t even joke about that. With Kagan on the court all someone has to do is file the lawsuit, and then the world becomes a much less beautiful place.

    3. It was jaw-droppingly stupid

      Because it was Huffington Post. Aptly named too, they must always be high on some shit.

      1. I can’t imagine any drug good enough to make me write that stupid article. But then I don’t do drugs. Suddenly I’m very happy I just said no.

  2. Oh, these young “writers” of intense personal experiences.
    Conrad had spent a life at sea before he started writing his novels. Shipwreck on the Congo. Typhoons in the South China Sea, and all that.

    1. Not to mention Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway, Dashiell Hammett and other novelists who had action-oriented lives before and during their writing careers.

    2. Now now, for all you know, the writer of the show might have spent years garnering experience as a washed up slut.

    3. Exactly. The idea that anyone–let alone a couple of fat girls–has enough life experience by age 25 to be the object of a television show is the height of narcissism.

      1. Her career cannot last. All of her writing is based on the suppossed real life experiences of ‘normal’ young ladies but she hasn’t been normal in years. She is rich and famous. So her quirky average American girl angle was dead before it started. How can you try to represent a sector of society you were never apart of? Her parents were rich artists. She isn’t even that fat so her whole oor me I’m fat angle is not working. She could loose weight easy and look totally normal. She is not the kind of fat that leaves you with loose skin or scars. In a year she will have had her skinny make over.

  3. sounds like its just a knock-off of sex and the city except instead of being about aging horsefaced cougars its about fat girls.

    1. The cons of history repeating itself. Except for ‘cougars’ being replaced by fat girls just shows you for much we have ‘progressed’. I wonder whats next

      1. don’t worry the huge financial depression that is coming will surely bang this lot of strumpets to rights….
        every generation of entitled bitches (eg. 1920s) soon found themselves scrubbing floors for minimum wage just so they could eat….
        one of the best indicators of the financial bubble we are in, is the social mind frame of young women…
        notice by the late 30s the women dressed down in a major way… and were back seeking more stable arrangements….

        1. once a woman literally snatches a man and marries him, the show is over and the weight and her real self comes out.
          ever notice how 50+ years old women at work look and act manly? they don’t try to be feminine anymore.
          whenever I miss my ex-gf, I think of her horrific mother to remind myself what I am avoiding in the long run…

        2. Not me; I married Russian. She still fits in her slinky little dresses from the 2000s, but unfortunately and ultimately western society corrupted her and her charming little streak of independence became an intolerable calamity of bitchiness.

      2. The ultimate in these shows where women have hilariously improbable sex lives has already been reached ages ago by golden girls. its a sitcom about a bunch of old ladies living together but they still get hit on by tons of rich powerful men despite being on the wrong side of 80.
        I don’t see how anyone could top that. maybe fat senior citizens?

    2. At least the cougars from sex and the city had succesful careers and were actually thinner and healthier than most urban women under 30.

      1. And I’d fuck Kim Cattrall’s character…actually, scratch that, I’d fuck Kim Cattrall full stop. These “Girls” are foul. Snarky hipsters with an entitlement attitude.

      2. Exactly. The GenX sluts held their own in so many more ways than these entitled children. Still, ball-busting whores I’d never marry, but I’d only bang maybe one of those ‘Girls’ and even then only with sportscenter on a loop.
        I see these thick 20-somethings invading my city on the regular. Doughy, agitated, nervous, loud, aggressive, and entirely unproductive. And Yoga.
        Yet they still prance around as if their vaginas will carry them to the paradise of a 1% zip code and SAHM *option*. They should really just do a regular ‘where are they now’ regarding their “Sex and the City” watching older sisters who are belly up at the JW Marriott bar every other night still slinging the same well-tread vagina but getting less and less action. Their anger at not landing their Mr. Big is palpable. Goes good with bourbon.

    3. In many ways, it’s actually a bio-hazardous knockoff; a pure reflection of the contemporary American female. Here’s the top comment from a post on ‘hoJane’. The top comment had over a hundred votes.
      ‘I’m really sorry this happened to you. I had a similar experience last week at the health center on campus (allegedly radical, sex positive, super feminist college, mind you) when I went in for STI testing, and although I was adamant I had used protection with all my partners since my last testing, I had a hard time immediately recalling the number of partners I’ve had over the last year. the nurse said, “if you can’t even remember how many partners you’ve had, how can you remember whether or not you used protection each time?” it was super disrespectful and saddening, and I filed a complaint. I really wish health professionals were better at providing nonjudgmental supportive care for sexual health.’
      Feminism wants a “nonjudgmental supportive” radical, sex positive, non-“disrespectful”, and non-“saddening” world. HBO’s ‘Girls’ is giving it to them.
      That’s our future; is that what we want? Are these our future wives? Sorry, not for me.

      1. Disrespectful and saddening? She can not seriously be serious. Hope for humanity, fading.

      2. She kind of has a point. When I was in the Army and decided to get tested after a drunken bareback marathon in Mexico I got a high five from the PA not scorn.

        1. But if they asked you the same exact question she claims “offended” her, would you get offended or would you see it as the doctor doing his job?

        2. Yes I would feel insulted. To me it does come off as judgmental. If you’re getting tested that data doesn’t even mater unless you’re part of a study. It’s also the way she asked the question, it came out as if you’re such a whore how do you even remember if you use condoms or not?
          I have no idea how many women I’ve slept with in the last 5 months. I also only use condoms if the girl is adamant about it. Even though I live in Thailand and the HIV rate is much higher than the states. I know my risks and if a doctor started in on me about what I should or shouldn’t be doing I would be rather irate. I’m an adult and can make my own descions and much like this girl would prefer if people did their jobs without judgment or implying I’m incompetent.

        3. > I would feel insulted. To me it does come off as judgmental.
          > I also only use condoms if the girl is adamant about it. Even though I live in Thailand and the HIV rate is much higher than the states.
          Me being JUDGMENTAL: You have very poor judgment.
          Men should be held to different standards than women for the same reasons men have no use for Obamacare’s maternity coverage: men are men, women are women; apples are apples, oranges are oranges.

        4. Since I don’t fuck men, “lady boys”, (same thing in my opinion) or live up north in the Chiang Rai area HIV is not much of an issue. Either way your opinion of me means fuck all. I’m not scared or ashamed to do what I want.
          As far as the men vs women bit, I don’t see why women should be embarrassed for being sexual. Having lived in quite a few different countries, I find the sex much better where women arn’t made to feel shity for having it. You sound like you might really enjoy Saudi Arabia where it’s totally cool to treat women different from men…

        5. Yes I would feel insulted. To me it does come off as judgmental.

          That’s your fault for being thin-skinned.

          I have no idea how many women I’ve slept with in the last 5 months. I also only use condoms if the girl is adamant about it.

          AAaaand that’s your fault for being irresponsible and ironically-lacking self-awareness, as this would be why you’d get asked such a question in the first place.

        6. Not at all thin skinned. You mistake my thinking people shouldn’t judge other people for me getting my feelings hurt. Perhaps you also readily accept disrespect from others, I don’t.
          I also have to laugh it the irresponsible part. I’ve looked at all the data and assessed my sexual habits to be well within my risk tolerance. If I wasn’t scared to drive down the road and look for bombs in Iraq, the thought that I should be afraid to raw dog a Thai girl is complete joke.
          I guess you don’t think when you pay for a service that you should receive it without having to hear someone’s personal opinion on your personal business. If I pay for an STI test I’m not paying to hear anything other than yes you have something or you’re clean. My sexual activities have no bearing on the results of the test once I’m there taking it. If every time I went to a bar, the bartender lectured me in the virtues of temprence or the damage that alcohol cause to my organs, I wouldn’t return to that bar.

        7. “You sound like you might really enjoy Saudi Arabia where it’s totally cool to treat women different from men…”

        8. You think we shouldn’t judge other people? How exactly do you think we enforce standards of behavior without judgment? This is almost as dumb as your earlier assertion that its wrong to treat men and women differently. There’s good reasons for doing both and if you bothered to think about the long term societal implications you’d realize this.

        9. docs nowadays are over worked, he want’s her in and out as quick as a mc donalds customer, simples.
          who is being judgemental? maybe he had a bad day, maybe his wife left, maybe he is over worked

        10. ITS NOT “JUDGEMENT” ASSHOLE. WHY ARE YOU SO MORONIC THAT YOU DON’T KEEP TRACK OF SEX PARTNERS. It doesn’t matter if its 1 or 1,000,000. Only the stupidest of the stupid don’t keep track. What I’m talking about is the morning after committing to memory who the woman/women were and holding onto to it for future reference.
          How someone so foolish could get by in third world Asia is unfathomable. Don’t go adventuring. You clearly do not have the mind for anything that requires quick thinking or …..thinking.

      3. They are only “sex positive” when it comes to female sex (and gay male sex). They are sex negative, oppressive, superstitious, conservative, bigoted, closed, uptight and judgemental when it comes to straight male sex.

  4. Falstaff,
    I would suggest not writing shit like “methinks they doth”. WTF? It sounds like some trendy yelp review by a foodie. I liked the article but that line is painful to read.

      1. Ok so I’m a bitch. “Methinks” paraphrasing Shakespeare was just a tad ridiculous and cheapened the article.

    1. Nice- way to stand up and proudly parade your ignorance.
      But it’s ok, isn’t it? Because you’re ‘alpha’….

  5. Good thing I’ve never seen the show, or else I’d throw my tv against the wall. This is the best america can do? This is what a new generation of females are watching, and thinking that its ok to act like this? No no no no…

    1. Oh shut the fuck up, you are literally worse then every man on this site.
      You’re literally so desperate for male attention you actively shame other women to do it.
      Get in therapy

        1. This site is infested with betas when “haha that’s a good one” gets 27 (and counting) upvotes just because a chick said it. Turning into

      1. While it may be site policy not to allow female or queer posters, if they sneak comments in here and there, it ain’t no big deal to me. But on the other hand, I’ve tried to post a couple of things at Jezebel and they refused my opinion, so fuck them.

        1. Ashley is cool. Now if we could just get her to convert about 250,000 other girls to be just like

        2. we need to let reform red pill girls into our clan so we can rebuild this nation, busting one nut at a time…

        3. Pedestalizing women is a fool’s (Beta’s) game. No woman is cool, but some women are more tolerable than others.

        4. This is a weird website and I never knew it existed. I see you’re all trying to push back against feminism by acting like you hate women. I agree that things aren’t so hot for men right now (desk jobs instead of physical work, etc), but this era that feminism ushered in also hurts women by forcing women to act unwomanly (compete with men, give up child-bearing and child-rearing for jobs, have sex freely and act like it has no emotional consequences, etc.). If you look you will see that the economy also pushed women into the workforce to boost America’s productivity to the detriment of our family structures.
          I think you are right that our society is suffering in ways related to the trampling of masculinity, but this “Girls” show points out how the art of being a woman is lost too. You deceive yourself if you think that hating women is your solution. Like yin and yang, the sexes are different, but the proper balance of the two is perfection. Men need to be real, true men; and women need to be real, true women. Whatever way society is trending, that balance can be achieved between two people. That’s something to shoot for because you can have that and no matter when or where you live, no one can take it away. If you think that being manly means not having a solid relationship with a woman, you are reducing the power of a man and the divine unity that comes from both, and I’m not just talking about sex. Some of you talk about creating nations of children by passing on your DNA. It’s a shame to reduce yourself to that; by not raising a child, you’re not really fathering anything. If being a true man is important to you, you have to pass that on to your children along with your other values. Passing on DNA and having a single mom raise your child is the surest way to a pathetic culture like the one we could be headed toward. You guys have half of the solution, but if you cut down women, you lose your other half. (For those curious, I am a 32 year old woman with a brain and a heart in addition to the other parts men seem to like. I am married with two children–boy and girl.)

        5. sometimes men and women hate the same things. why can’t that be a point of bonding, ya’ll. it has nothing to do with feminism or masculanism(?). It’s just suuuch an annoying show. Just let it be a Pilgrim/Native Thanksgiving moment. dang.

    2. You can imagine how surprised I was upon finding out lena dunham wasn’t some old hag, but 26. A measly three years older than me. She just has the 2nd most unlikeable personality ever (1st would go to Sarah Silverman), and she’s covered head to toe in retarded tattoos and has a face you just want to punch.

        1. Exactly. All she knows how to do is string shock sentences together. Chris Rock can cuss as an artform.

        2. Glad to see others who think Silverman isn’t funny. AWFUL. Beyond unfunny. She gets work based upon her looks, nothing else.

        1. Ah, well, now you understand how I felt. Except you were a lot nicer with her age than I was…

      1. I would to the Silverman. Lena Dunham…. arghhhh. And she appears naked in lots of episodes.

    3. No, Ashley, the characters are all, but maybe one, portrayed in a very negative and critical light. The viewers are don’t see the characters asrole models, unless they really are demented.

    1. She is sexual without having much in the way of secondary sex characteristics, and she plays up her juvenile aspects. Think about that. It’s really rather creepy–whose attention is she seeking? Pedophiles’?

  6. It seems that HBO has become very, very feminized. Look at Game of Thrones, where Daenyrs Targaryen plays the ultimate cocktease. Maybe she’s worse for not admitting it though.

  7. Good overview. An ex tried to get me to watch Girls and I bailed out after 10 minutes. Too much whining too many hipster. Totally unwatchable my anyone with a least normal testosterone levels. Thanks for taking one for the team, brother!

  8. Awesome post. The show “Girls” is a great example of the current state of Western women. Another show that guys in the Manosphere should watch (if they can stomach it.) is “The Girl’s Guide to Depravity.” It’s basically a show and book that shows women how to be sluts and still be able to look themselves in the mirror the next morning. The males in that show are some of the biggest blue-pill “Ken” dolls in the world.

    1. You people are not good with critical cinematic analysis.
      There’s hardly another show, if not mad men, so critical of its own characters around. I don’t know where you saw a “guide” to anything in there.

  9. No discussion of this show can be complete without acknowledging:
    1. The plot follows “the player gets played” screenwriting trope to a T and then repeats itself over and over again with new characters. Every relationship with every female follows this outline.
    2. The male characters, despite being way more interesting than the femail leads, aren’t consistent, they will act way out of character from what was previously established when the plot asks them to.
    3. The show devolved into cartoonish female wish fantasy/fufillment in the second season.
    There is probably a good show or movie to be made about “delusional, ordinary, Womenmove to New York to live the Sex and the City lifestyle but encounter reality,” but this isn’t it.

  10. I just came here to say Lena Dunham is a disgusting pig and I apologize on behalf of my generation for her curse.

    1. Pigs are quite charming creatures with high levels of intelligence, so your comment is an insult to our porcine friends.

  11. Christ, look at the size of Lena Dunham’s ass in that picture. You can tell it’s enormous SITTING DOWN FROM THE FRONT.

  12. I couldn’t agree more. I first heard of the show in my media class this year and grew curious. This is exactly the way I interpreted it to be–an example of how to never behave. Especially in Hannah’s case, as I find solace in writing. I watched the first season for cheap entertainment and analysis. I came to many of the same conclusions, particularly with Adam as well. It sickens me to know that there is probably a small following that idolizes the characters.

    1. None who watches the show idolizes the characters. They are meant to be critical, they have been written to be critical.

  13. With shows like this, who really gives a fuck if we get nuked?
    “When the world ends I can breathe a sigh of relief. There will be so much to look forward to.”

  14. watched a Xmas movie on a family channel and couldn’t stand the commercials ALL depicting men as dumb down and women as the smart ones.
    every single commercial was like that except for when a mother holds her baby boy and treats him with RESPECT.
    Even teenage boys were depicted as animals, George Orwell’s Animal Farm came to mind.

  15. I read the book: “The Cultural Devastation of American Women — The Strange and Frightening Decline of the American Female” – by Nancy Levant (former feminist)
    Marched into a Borders some time around 2008, looked the sales girl in the eye and asked for it by name. Imagine the expression on her face. “That’s the title?” she asks….
    ME: “Yes that’s the title. “THE. CULTURAL. DEVASTATION. OF. AMERICAN. WOMEN. — THE. STRANGE. AND. FRIGHTENING. DECLINE. OF. THE. AMERICAN. FEMALE” – BY NANCY. LEVANT. L-E-V-A-N-T . (repeating it clearly, slower and louder so she and others could hear it)….. It’s about the modern female and how much they suck at motherhood, being wives etc. You can read the review on Amazon. I had seen it on the shelf displayed at Borders in Hollywood…. but suddenly noticed that book stores stopped carrying it! Can you help with that? YA. DEVASTATION IS SPELLED D-E-V-A ……. ”
    ….. just KILLING her with kindness and a SUPER-friendly tone.
    She’s fucking ready to reach across the counter and punch me in the face. Just like female ROK readers want to reach across the internet. Because off a BOOK TITLE which also happens to be written by a WOMAN. The rage, fire and brimstone is shooting from her eyes while trying to look for this book.
    SHE: “It’s OK sweetheart. I’ll get it from Amazon. Thanks.”
    Borders closed. That useless salesgirl became unemployed. And that’s just the beginning of it. Enjoy the Decline, gentlemen.

    1. People in bookstores spend their time being asked about tomes on holocaust revisionism, on top of that, they are well aware that reading a book doesn’t mean embracing its message. She was probably just annoyed that the client she couldn’t understand before now started screaming the title of the book like a crazy person.

      1. Yeah. She was “probably……”.
        That’s how a woman lives with herself. Making up dumb shit in her head and thinking it’s “probably” true…. while not being interested in reality.
        I already said I was super kind and polite to her… and that’s actually what infuriated her.
        Since you read “screaming” in my above comment and hear “screaming like a crazy person” in your head…. then you might want to turn the volume down a notch. Because your “probably” is just a bullshit belief system with no basis in reality.
        Have a nice day.

        1. People use capital letters in internet text to signify screaming. I don’t know in what different ways that could be read. I find it very difficult to believe that someone who works in a bookstore would get outraged for a (pretty mild) title of a book, it’s not realistic. Oh, well,maybe it is in America.

        2. No.. people don’t use caps for “screaming”….
          they use caps for EMPHASIS.
          The “screaming” is purely imagined in your own head.
          And it’s not an “american” thing. Typed words are only 7% of communication. The other 93% is tone-of-voice and body language – which is not present here.
          That means —>> unless someone is a brilliant writer, they have a 93% chance of not coming across as intended in a written paragraph.
          Every “tone” from typed words you read is 93% of YOUR OWN INTERPRETATION. I could just as likely have typed in all caps with a great big SMILE on my face. So now you can see how your “probably” doesn’t really amount to much.
          For example, you can THINK I’m a crazy asshole.
          While I can THINK you’re a really nice and sane person.
          But there is a 93% chance BOTH OF US ARE WRONG.
          I’m not even American.

        3. By American thing, I meant someone who works in a bookstore getting outraged for a book title, they tend to be oversensitive about politics and look down on even getting informed about a topic one doesn’t agree with. But it’s just not a bookstore thing.
          There’s codes and that’s (the capital letters) one of them, so that writing just came across as the tale of a person screaming with a psycho-nice tone, but I’m indeed 7% nice. Which is a lot on the internet.

        4. I’m not. I’m 100% insane asshole. Take it from me. Because any woman who isn’t pleased with me and doesn’t approve is 100% insignificant.

  16. Oh man, so funny yet so true. Perfect summation of the fat, lazy, feminist slut that america produces today. How did I not think of this before?

  17. I never watched that show… and after reading your description, never will. Thanks for saving my time Falstaff.

  18. I couldnt even get past the first paragraph before falling asleep. Cant imagine how boring the show must be. American females are boring and one-dimensional enough as it is arent they?

    1. That’s funny to me. Hypocritical types that whine about “men are boring.” But when you try to engage with them they give boring one-word answers to everything you say.

  19. As a guy, the show is pretty damn boring to watch, but it does have it’s interesting moments. I never looked at it in this manner though.

  20. The fact that a woman like Dunham thinks she is a prize is a sign of how bad things have gotten. She is a 4 at best and that’s on a good day. If all i had access to were girls like her i wouldn’t bother dating. Her boyfriend is around 2-3 SMV points above her too, which greatly annoys me.
    i haven’t seen the show but i’ve seen her film ‘Tiny Furniture’ and it was fucking awful. Can’t believe how acclaimed it was, even by accomplished directors like Paul Schrader.
    as for Sarah Silverman, yes she is annoying but she isn’t hot, nowhere near it. She just isn’t as ugly as other female comedians and has a nice body.

    1. “She is a 4 at best.”
      That’s very diplomatic of you.
      She repulses me, and even more so since that cringeworthy Obama ad, though Julie Borowski did a great parody of it.

    2. Girl’s ugly. Girl’s also good at her job and considered so by people who have the intellectual stature to comment about the state of the arts. It happens: deal.

  21. The show is satirical, it mocks those who view life in NY through the prism of Sex and the City. It is great viewing, especially how it portrays society as declining and yet there are men who want to help them. Yet these very same men they attack. They prefer absolute servitude over a life of fulfilment. Hilarious. It should be mandatory viewing for young males how ironic that the lesson is aimed at females(many who the message goes straight over their head).

    1. The show is not satirical, if something is “ironic”, since Dunham and rich friends are spoiled hipsters.

      1. Irony falls under the umbrella of being satirical of which ‘girls’ demonstrably demonstrates. After watching the first season i was hooked. Look at the subject content. Hannah finds out her first lover was gay. Her current BF wants to humiliate her sexually. She accused her boss of being sexist when she could have easily milked the situation instead she tried to sleep with him. He rejects her.All the characters are constantly forced into introspection. Marnie has a loving boyfriend yet creams herself over a random guy who wants to ruff her up. Yet when her ex gets with a hot girl who loves him for being such an amazing guy she breaks down. The show really forces the characters to evaluate what they want and invariably the characters would rather choose the liberal arts message of being an independent female, yet ironically still demand money from others and thus follow their path of perdition . If this is not satirising the world of the political correctness then there is very little if anything that can make said claim.

        1. Are you going to subject yourself to see Dunham naked in almost every episode of season 2 just to watch something that you consider to be satirical? I still don´t agree with you on that point. Myself, I prefer to watch something more poignant about female self-delusion, like HBO´s “Enlightened”.

        2. Pablo all jokes aside, you can only comment on the cultural wasteland when you have walked naked in it- when you have drunk from its poisoned chalice-when it has stripped you of dignity. I will subject myself to that torture if it helps me undermine the pseudo intellectualism that society has embraced. Many will be content to live in their ivory towers but the true enlightened will martyr themselves that society will return to the path of righteousness.

        3. Fuck off, fucking twot
          have some self respect – smash your TV with a fucking brick, before you watch garbage like that
          are you sure you are a man?

        4. Throwing a brick at an inanimate object that i would need to repurchase would satisfy my manhood? You sir, must be an intellectual.

        5. Such wanton destruction of property is usually characterised by the self entitlement of Marxists or those with a mental defect or scorned females. I’m glad to know that I have the ability to change the channel rather than throw bricks at the tv.

        6. Sorry im not the person you referenced. I am but a humble servant to those who want the return of the fisherking.

        7. No, he not man, true man only raw meat, national beer and sport, true man not watch social commentary cinematography. That’s for pussiffied intellectuals..

  22. Russia also has a similar show,and its tenfold more revolting and eye opening than “Girls”.It’s called “Краткий курс счастливой жизни” (“A short course into a happy life”).Shows what the real life of a russian woman really is: constant f*ng,low morals and so on.
    Don’t think that it’s only the USA.All the world is in cultural decline.

    1. Actually, by this description alone, it sounds like a marvelous show, if it really manages to portray things so realistically. This article should be a reason to buy a tv, if anything.

  23. modern american woman
    great at: solipsism, inconsistency, drinking, herpes
    terrible at: cooking, being a mother, cleaning the damn house
    why men are still giddy to buy a bag of shit with diamonds and a mortgage is wtf

    1. Being a good parent is very important for those who choose to be one, but are we seriously still having a debate about people’s cooking and – for the hammer of Thor – cleaning abilities? There are beautiful machines who do these things for us, now, it’s not even a debate, it’s just nostalgia of something you haven’t experienced, if not through mad men.

  24. I want to share with you guys some fun I had in OKC. Normal near 40 “girl”, I suggest nicely to her to take her third photo out and change it for another, because she looks fat on it. Her answer:
    “That’s why I started to contact men there, because I am about to go for
    the winter. You missed out on meeting an awesome woman by being such a
    dick. And by the way, I get at least 10 messages a day, so I don’t see
    the need to change anything. Also, I swim professionally, so I am hardly
    fat. But I guess you will missed out on finding out how great my body
    is as well. Sucks for you!”
    Mind you, this woman is 38 years old. The hamster never ever rests. Ever.

    1. Would you have reacted nicely to a similar advice? “Honey, you should really change your picture because it highlights that receding hairline”?

      1. I am bald. I don´t know what hair means for American women. My photos show me in Thailand and the Caribbean. Which, of course, is in purpose. Rational people take into account suggestions. I would think about the suggestion, if this person is correct or not, think if I agree that the assessment made goes with what I think a woman should value in my profile and then change it or not.
        We don´t have hamsters, we have brains.

        1. It was a general you and hair to women may be considered the equivalent of weight to men: very important.
          Some of us, who really like those cuter rats, have both.

      1. Why illegal? According to which law? The identity of said woman was not revealed, and for all you know I could invented the whole thing.

  25. all these girls in that show are DELUSIONAL and I don’t understand how they can have boyfriends who put up with their crap… they should be lucky to even get laid by a hobo..

  26. The show “Girls” is a great example of feminist/liberal self-loathing. Lena Dunham is a real liberal feminist with a show about how pathetic and unlikable liberal feminists are. Talk about a poor self-image. The whole show is a projection of everything she hates about herself and her generation.

    1. So exploring though art the contradictions of the society you live in and your own (sub)culture is bad now?

  27. Sounds like its a sex & the city without the cash or designer labels. Women’s empowerment for civilians.

  28. This show is crap! Sluts and idiots. Who would date them? Let alone fuck them? Cancel this garbage.

  29. This show is crap! Who wants to fuck these sluts and idiots? Is this what men have to date? Sad, very pathetic indeed.

    1. A work of art is not a dating sate: you don’t have to want to fuck a character in order to enjoy a narration.

      1. For a female to be interesting she has to be intelligent and witty or she needs to be hot. The three above and mix and match but these girls are barely 7s and on is barely a 5. None of these girls are interesting/witty, even if they manage to be witty it will be entirely by accident. When women these days aren’t hot nor interesting what do you expect us to do with a narration that focuses on women? Hell even hot girls aren’t that hot anymore, since a used pussy isn’t what any man wants.

        1. That’s true for a guy as well,but we’re talking about storytelling here, a cinematic kind of television, on not people you chat with at a bar.
          You have a strange idea of how fiction, or art in general, works: these women are witty by accident because someone wrote them to be like that, it’s character trait.
          Aside from the fact that you have distributed your high school numbers weirdly (the english hot one is as pretty as the jewish vergin, now? come on), I could list you a number of works of art that are very well done, compelling and amazing social commentaries without the women portrayed in them being either attractive nor witty, from the Inferno, to Joan of Arch (the movie), or if you want to stay modern, boys don’t cry. Anyways, lots of them.
          But it seems like you are so attached to your internet philosophy that it has made you unable to distinguish between “compelling characters that in all their realism ,ugliness and narcissism make for good storytelling and social commentary” and “bitches I’d bang, brah, even if, brah, someone has banged them before so that makes it less fun because I think sexual partners work like chewing gum”
          I’d advise to dwell in some italian neorealism, especially focusing on the ugliness and lack of funny lines of maybe the greatest actress of all times (during possibly the greatest cinematic period of history): Anna Magnani.

  30. I’m glad for articles like this. My own parents keep giving me shit for not marrying or even bothering with girlfriends, anymore. I can just point them to trash like Girls.
    I hate to say that cliche of, “Parents just don’t understand,” but it’s never been truer. The most selfish and entitled generation, the Baby Boomers, just fail to understand, or take responsibility for what they created. We’re the divorce generation. The latchkey kid generation. The Ritalin generation.
    We wanted parents, but what we got were pills and daycare.
    Girls is a great example of what that created.

    1. You have no idea of what sociocultural class that show is portraying. Hint: no way they would give their children ritalin, they’d send them to therapy at 5.

  31. Most White girls are really stupid. Black women own what they are doing when it comes to promiscuity and don’t use words like feminism or liberation. That is how many White, college girls act. The show is accurate. The girls are so damn annoying. It is the anthem of White girls everywhere. What oppressions do they have that they haven’t brought on themselves. I hate that show. I couldn’t care less about sex. Unless you are trying to have a baby sex for a woman is gross and painful. These girls pretending to like it is the only accurate thing about the show. Most girls hate it they are just lying and that aspect comes through on the show pretty well. The awkwardness and fighting against nature by pretending you like it. Biologically sex for a woman is not even meant to be pleasureable. Men are meant to wander biologically. All male mammals do. Why try to fight that? Like it shouldn’t be a surprise that a guy is an asshole. Why do women act so damn surprised on that show? On the show their sex lives are so disgusting and pathetic. I just want to be really smart, rich and have an amazing career and a cottage and a cat. Maybe adopt some kids from some poor country. Bring them to America and give them TV and cartoons. I am a girl…i’m not ‘allowed’ to post on this site. haha.

  32. Totally. Much representative . So North American women. Any race, education level, or socio-economic background. All spoild. Good article.

  33. Wow, this red pill super macho alpha dude really liked “girls”.
    The hot girl with the muffin top was pregnant with a baby to muff her up, btw.

  34. As a girl in her twenties I have to admit, that I watch this show. But the fact that these women are so incredibly annoying is ALL TRUE. I hope dunham’s point is to show us that, because if she believes her character and the others are supposed to be endearing, she’s dead WRONG. I like to watch it because it’s so amazing the things these girls get away with.

  35. This shit should not be confounded with “American” or “white” culture.
    This turdy show is 100% JEWISH (in-)culture. Don’t believe me? Just go meet _any_ jewess and draw your own conclusions. They are doing their best to spread their vile ways to draw everybody down to their repulsive level.
    A good tip: ditch your TV.

  36. I agree with Falstaff. this is a HORRIBLE show, and I really hope for the sake of women in the U.S. this is an exaggerated, cartoonish version of life imitating art. I’m a woman in my late 30’s and can not fathom behaving like this even in my 20’s……….

  37. “Cannot be SMITTEN. I am UNSMITEABLE.” Learn grammar, you dumb bint!
    I pride myself on never having seen a single episode. Reviews like these let me revel in ill will. 😉
    Oh, and if you want to regain control over your body, wouldn’t going on a damn diet be the most logical option?
    I think the best way to understand this show’s creator would be to pick up a copy of Mordecai Richler’s underappreciated satire “The Incomparable Atuk.” Read it, compare it to Dunham, and weep for our society.

  38. Leah Dunham would have been an extra 15 years ago or more. Hollywood, much like America, is a shell of what it used to be culturally. Look at the music of the 90’s and 80’s and compare it to today. Not even close. The same goes with movies and television – it’s over, folks. The fact that this pro-fat-pro-slut show like ‘Girls’ has not even reached 1.5 million viewers but is heralded as the next great thing is enough to dismiss it completely. What a joke Hollywood has become.

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