New German Law Allows Women To See The Salaries Of Their Male Coworkers


One of my friends, who is currently living in Berlin, works as a software programmer for a multinational corporation. He was telling me how his females colleagues can now request to know how much he earns, but he is not allowed to know the wages of his female peers.

Since 2017, the cultural Marxists and toxic feminists in Germany have had another victory over Western civilization and “evil patriarchy”. Businesses with more than 200 workers are now required to report the salary of any male upon request by a women.

Elder women protesting for “better” wages with a sign that states: “same work, same wage “

Germany’s New Transparency of Pay Act

This is all part of the New Transparency Pay Act which states:

The Act expressly states that it aims to promote and enforce the equal pay principle, meaning that equal pay must be granted for equal or comparable work and that direct or indirect wage discrimination based on gender is prohibited.

Seems fair? Well it doesn’t stop there…

The law entitles individual employees (women) to request the median monthly salary of employees (men) of the opposite sex within their comparison group (i.e. those employees who do similar work to them. This applies to companies with regularly more than 200 employees and can be first exercised six months after the Act came into force.

We are the big sisters now little boy!

German SJWs and left-wing politicians claim this law will help deliver more “equality between genders”. But I wonder if another law is really necessary for it. European Union already has several laws guaranteeing equal wages between different genders and races. Is another one really necessary? Wont it just increase envy, misogyny and racism phenomenon that is already rapidly increasing in Europe? 

With this law, it’s quite possible that envy and hatred between coworkers of opposite sexes might increase just by the simple fact of females gossiping and suspecting about their male coworkers having a better salary than them. 

Even with this law, women still are not happy. They are complaining that the law is not enough. They claim: “It’s still not hard enough on men” or “It’s too soft” if compared to Iceland’s harsh gender equality laws, which impose fines on businesses that don’t give equal pay between genders.


Isn’t this law misandry? Where is the Justitia omnibus? Why can women have the right to know the wages of men inside their corporation while men can’t know theirs?

While at first sight this law might look like a good thing, in the long term it will probably be another blow to Western democracy. Instead of men and women working together to build a better Germany, they will only keep tearing it down due to hatred between each other.

Left-wing activists in Germany will never be happy with the “progress” they acheive. Feminists will keep pushing for more radical gender “equality” laws until they reach a point that only women will be allowed to have higher salaries than their male colleagues.

I can find a husband give a good childhood to my children and at the same time be a bigshot CEO, but because I live in a misogynist society the patriarchy tries to tell me its impossible!!! Yeah… right “grlll power”

Indian woman cop

Never in the history of humankind women have had as many options as today. They can opt between living like a man and rely on themselves or to find a provider and never do any work at all besides household chores. And yet they still claim “they have less options in life than men…”

Western women want to believe that it’s quite possible for them to have a demanding career like an executive or CEO of a big multinational and still find time to find their prince and raise healthy children, but the truth is its not they will have to pick one.

Most women who try will end up stressed and depressed. They’ll watch as their marriage goes downhill and their children grow up and rebel against their moms and families due to the lack of attention that is given to them. Most children that grow up with absent or not-so-present parents end up being failures with psychological issues like low self esteem. They end up as troubled teenagers that succumb to drugs, peer pressure, and crime. Is this the kind of “prominent citizens” that those working moms want to deliver to society?

Remember those days? No misandry and toxic feminism! Both sexes would use their best talents to build a better society instead of complaining about gender differences. The 50s were the golden era of Western civilization

Western women want to believe that they can have a loving husband waiting for them at their hand and feet, have a family, raise healthy children, and somehow still have time and energy to be the CEO or some type of top executive at a Fortune 500 company making big bucks and spending 40 hours per week dedicated to their work. In short, they want to take male privileges for them, without any of the male obligations/responsibilities that comes with it. 

It wont take too long before more harsh laws that fine or punish corporations for not paying women equally start appearing in the United States and Latin American countries. Politicians there love to model their laws after European ones, especially laws that comply with the globalists’ political agenda and cater towards minorities and feminists. After all, where do left-wing politicians get their votes from?

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81 thoughts on “New German Law Allows Women To See The Salaries Of Their Male Coworkers”

  1. White men need to re-tribalize ASAP….that is it, that is the only way to stop all this shit. All these hippies dreams of having a libertarian society of faggot individuals, pretending things are not getting as bad as they are, running away, just minding your own business….IT IS NOT GOING TO WORK. WOMEN, WEAK ASS WOMEN, are conquering the “amazing individual” man…pathetic. The first step is to get men to wake up to these basic facts.

    1. >WOMEN, WEAK ASS WOMEN, are conquering the “amazing individual” man…pathetic.
      More like j*ws enabling toxic groups like women, 3rd world savages, hedge funds run by their j*wbros etc. to destroy western countries once and for all so they can be kangz of the brown masses.

      1. @ShouldveGassedEmAll…Jews have definitely played a part…but what makes Jews so powerful, and so capable of doing this? Oh shit, they are highly tribal. Oh, and the Jews couldn’t have done all this without help from pathetic white people, and/or the complacency of white men who have this “muh, it don’t affect me so I am not going to worry about it..muh we just need the gold standard” attitude.

        1. “ONLY Jews could have done this…”
          That’s being deliberately stupid. An evil-twin Chuck Norris could have done all this while giving Africans Aids. Think bigger, darling.

        1. Jews had been slowly usurping white/non white societies centuries before but yes 1945 was a massive victory for them and accelerated their growth to complete power and dominance with a perfect cover of victimhood and whiteguilt psyop to prevent criticism and create laws to make them untouchable.

    2. Men need to opt out of working.
      Let the women pay the taxes to support men in the home or on welfare.
      The alternative is for men to ignore women and families and just earn enough money to feed and look after themselves.
      Let all the entitled women go it alone, support and feed themselves and buy their own houses.

      1. JOHN
        That’s what I do and that is what most black men do except that they father children out of wedlock and jaded white expats simply leave the country.
        Apart from serving for 1 year in the national guard I’ve done sweet fuck all for my county.
        I have not paid taxes in 20 years nor can my salary be taxed because what work I have done overseas I do not report.
        I have never held a mortgage on a house.
        I have never had a Western wife or any biological children of my own.
        I have fucked white women left and right but that is the extent of my relationship with white women.
        I have watched Bush and Obama come and go and the US more or less go down the shitter but I sat out the Iraq War, 9-11 and everything else overseas.
        I saw my grandmother’s house sold for peanuts.
        I feel a twinge of victory.
        I’ve done nothing for my country except briefly serve in peacetime-which was a joke in the 90’s.
        I pulled a fast one.

      2. @Dodds, that is true, but it will only work if all men do it together, like form a HUGE strike or something. If men don’t do it in a cohesive and tribalistic way than the only thing that will happen is more imports from Asia and colored people from the south will come in to replace you. Then most white men will just live in a ditch. “The alternative is for men to ignore women and families and just earn enough money to feed and look after themselves.” NO, That is not the answer.
        So let me get this straight, you just said “Men need to opt out of working” and then literally two sentences later you say “..just earn enough money to feed and look after themselves”. I guess you want all us white boys to bunk up together and work at McDonalds for the rest of our lives? Kind of hard to earn enough money for retirement and healthcare that way, or retire in a southeastern Asian country and pay for hookers like yourself. Oh, I guess what we are suppose to do is keep our “better” jobs and just win through capitulation…just work, keep your head down, bow to your female superiors, and surrender the country to colored people and women. Libertarianism = Cowards. White dudes cannot all run away like you John, nor should they. Even though your story might be different, running from your country is the definition of cowardice. Cowardice: a trait wherein fear and excessive self-concern override doing or saying what is right, good, and of help to others or oneself in a time of need.

        1. WES
          “Running Away”
          The week I left the US and Phoenix I settled all my business from the safety of London-
          To the son of the pawn store owner who hounded me via e mail about the gears of the bike I sold I said “Fuck off you damn Beastie Boy, they kill people like you in Dubai and I would laugh if you came here at what happened to you!”
          “Fuck off you stupid dirty Mestizo Indian” I told my former apartment manager because my idiot college roommate stained the floor with bong water…
          “Fuck you dyke” I told the landlady.
          “Fuck off porch monkey I’m not coming back” I told the magistrate who sent tickets regarding a traffic penalty.
          I never felt better in my life Wes knowing I would not be seeing Mestizos, J’s, Hood Rats or Feminazis (PC had not caught on in Europe then).
          Satisfied that I was well out of it, I took a ferry to Amsterdam and fucked hookers and smoked a joint to celebrate.
          Dubai was wonderful because there are no J’s and television is restricted so porn and Hollywood garbage is not rammed down your throat.
          The one time I encountered an American WAS A CHOLO MARINE. He was a Marine Embassy Guard shit bag and gave me dirty looks I suppose because I was making more money (We were both in our 20’s). One day he was off duty and just sitting on the steps of a building in his black Marine Issue sweats, hair long for a Marine and one greasy lock hanging over his forehead, and gave me a staring crazy look as I drove past grinning like Richard Ramirez…I remembered Phoenix and was glad I had not run into him there. And I remembered why I loved being overseas away from the Cholos and Hood Rats and white trash.
          I’d also say RUNNING is hard. You have to have your act together. Lot’s of people talk about it but few people do it and in the case of blacks they lack the initiative even to leave a city after it collapses in shit. Not many people can do it unless they are committed.
          Here’s one last thing, Wes. The US seemed to get worse after Bush was elected. It just declined. I went back in 2007 for one week and 40 year old people were doing the fast food jobs that 15 year old kids had done when I lived there in the 1990’s. More white people were homeless, even women. It just seemed, well, more third world.

        2. WES
          I like your comments but most people the reason more males don’t do it is because they have no initiative and get stuck by dependents and mortgages etc.

        3. @Wes
          Dude, you’re right, but we can’t all do it together. You see Wes, we are supposed to apply the principals of “game” in every single facet of our lives my good man. That requires stealth dominance, which is achieved by standing a certain way and making eye contact. Without overtly saying anything un-PC you can rule while your fellows walk around in confusion. Coming together is “beta” you see, individual sexiness (childless sexiness to be specific) will rule the day. Hahahahahaha!

        4. I admire your enthusiasm for fighting but keep in mind whose country it really is. My “home” country USA betrayed my people and culture with Brown vs. Board of Education (1954) and the Immigration Act of 1965. It never was my country if it declared war on White Christians literally decades before I was a glint in the milkman’s eye. Therefore, any conservative white under age 50 was essentially born in enemy territory. No reason not fight of course, I have been doing so my whole life and will continue, but there’s something to be said for regrouping in a less hostile environment or even permanent resettlement. The 4 years I ran away from the US quite literally saved my life, defined me and have convinced me of the need to destroy multiculturalism. It’s possible to fight that way – I will be taking a lot of money and resources when I leave here for good, not just cuz I can but also to starve the beast. And when the collapse comes I want my sons to return and pillage like Cortez’s conquistadors but I don’t intend to live long. Nothing wrong with escaping. Only fighting in the West would be a strategic blunder. Hell, 1/3 of US troops fighting King George were German mercenaries and the French navy allowed the revolution to happen in the first place. Attack from more than 1 side

        5. Healthcare is a red herring, why not just die when your time comes, the way they used to do it. I certainly don’t want to live forever, in fact I’ve already had enough time.
          Most of the world don’t have any health care, and they get by just fine.

      3. Absolutely right John Dodds. Have a job or business, earn your money and do what you want with it and ignore the fucking women until they get back in line. Let them pretend they are men until they finally get sick of wine and cats for company.

        1. SIMON
          I spent my whole life overseas and I do not regret it.
          Came back to Detroit to sell my grandmother’s house and in the years that I was away the property declined to zero.

      4. This is a pipeline dream because people are driven by survival.Basically everyone thinks of their individual needs rather than the collective needs and this is why this will never happen because every man will be like “I have bills to pay, I need food….. what if it all fails and I become unemployed

    3. Shaming and gas-lighting are the worlds most powerful weapons right now. Amazing how well it works. Side note: the average American has no idea Germany is like this, lmfao. I have a German cousin and talking about Muslim immigration is a really touchy subject. The short of it (as you all know); “shut up and obey whitey.” He’s fully brainwashed and guilt ridden (testicles have been removed).

      1. Oops forgot the comma hahaha “shut up and obey, whitey.” That changes things quite a bit. Haha

    1. THIRD
      To be honest the Europeans that valued that system of government in Western Europe remained and the rest of them went off to Oz or the United States.

      1. MADMAN MARZ
        What is your stance on kitchen appliances…..perhaps you could compare and contrast black vs stainless as a color choice for stoves and refrigerators….?

        1. I would rather live next door to Bill Cosby if I could afford to than Leatherface and his family in stark hillbilly poverty, if you are implying that I am mindlessly racist.
          Whites with an IQ more than 10 points below 100 will do stupid shit too.
          One thing about Jews is that on a civic level they are too intelligent to be danger or a nuisance because their IQ is 112 +.

        2. Neither since I cannot stand to live in America because it is full of SJW Leftist feminist ass wipe Western women and I live in Asia where everything is plastic…
          Small price to pay considering young white women like you cannot live overseas like men because the bubble you exist is created by white men.

        3. Kitchen appliances,
          It doesn’t matter what colour they are, as long as they get the job done.
          If God didn’t think a woman’s place is in the kitchen, why did he load them up with milk and eggs?

    2. No that’s what decades of Frankfort school J ideology has done to europeans. It’s a total disaster or a total victory depending on which side you are.

  2. To be fair, we should do a comparison on spending not earning. But since women do about 80% of all spendings and corporations are happy that will not happen soon.

  3. Not that I agree with this law in any way (it’s atrocious), but it doesn’t look like it is limited to only women getting to see men’s wages, rather that both genders get to view the wages of the opposite sex.

  4. ‘equality of genders’ gtfoh
    last fri i was supposed to meet this girl for a date (hadnt met yet). she asked if her friend can tag along. i said no problem. i thought, “hey, maybe a possible threesome.”
    when i got there, it wasnt just her and her friend.. it was her friend’s date (also hadnt met yet) also. so now i was blindsided by a blind double, which usually never goes well
    we all drank at the first venue (i bought a round, the other guy bought a round) and decided to go to a local bar/club. $5 cover for women, $10 for men.
    the friend’s date buys us a round of drinks. we sip.. sip..
    after 2 min my date says to me “yeah, we’re gonna go. my friend’s bored.” just like that the two girls leave. after we paid the cover, after we bought the drinks.
    that would never happen in reverse.
    women of the 21st century ooze of entitlement. they get everything they want. and then they bitch about being the victim. and they can get away with it for these reasons:
    1. we want their pussies and we will never stop wanting their pussies
    2. they’re women. meaning, women are by definition NOT honorable and we dont expect it out of them. so they can continue to spout the “we have our own agency / we are oppressed” paradox and no one blinks twice b/c its coming from the mouth of a woman.
    3. on the fliip siide, we are men. meaning by definition we are expected to be honorable and suck it up. so while we understand the inanity of women’s “we have our own agency / we are oppressed” mentality, we do little about it bc we continue to suck it up.
    i didnt express #2 and #3 exactly as i have it in my mind, but i believe these two points are the very reason women are able to get away w the shit they get away with while still claiming they’re oppressed. moreover, i believe its b/c our natures and expecations differ so greatly that the chasm will only widen between a woman’s purported “agency” (eg govt granting them power like allowing to see men’s salaries but not the other way around) and her equally purported “oppression” (eg the fallacious notion of the wage gap in the first place). it makes me sick

    1. You would have been better off either getting a good hooker or just rubbing one out to some good internet porn. You could have then just had a nice beer and some hot wings while streaming some Netflix. That would be way better than the date you just described.

    2. Hebetian you seem on the younger side and that’s ok. You got burned. Everyone gets burned. Tom Leykis made of living off of getting burned and sharing what he learned. There’s a reason grown men aren’t as fascinated by women as young men are.
      You went wrong by not running the date. YOU, need to control it. There’s never going to be a 3 some if you let her bring a friend. You allowed yourself and the other guy to pay for drinks. Whenever you let a woman run a date or anything it will go in the shutter 100% of the time. It might go well if you’ve already been getting that pussy on tap for a few months.
      Live and learn.

      1. Yep, bringing a friend = freeloaders.
        When they say “can I bring a friend” agree to meet them, then don’t turn up.

  5. The women are winning the battle of the so called sexes because they have the whole state working with them. Just about every government in Europe including here in the UK are pandering for their needs. Every newspaper and magazine is pushing the fake gender pay gap. All TV pushes women are a victims of something (What ever happens to be fashionable for that day) its THE WHITE HETROSEXUAL MALE VERSUS THE WORLD no wonder we are losing. Faceborg/JEWTUBE are currently closing down every site that does not pursue the leftist agender the other day they even banned 2 black women because they support TRUMP. The whole western world is at war against the straight white male we will be given no quarter they want a broken society to get this you have to weaken the white man which is what is happening. I can see no way out. Everybody keep saying that men should wake up really and do what?????? Could anyone explain to me what are you supposed to do and how do you take on the state and all its apparatus (MSM/TV/PAPERS/MAGAZINES/RADIO/POLITICANS) the whole operating infrastructure of the whole state. This is what you are up against tell me how to take that lot on.

  6. I really thought German were more “conservative” with jobs and company process.. I thought this law (debate about it here in France a month ago) will be a French one.
    “if it’s working, don’t fix it”. Hell nein! just unbelievable. can we imagine the opposite ? a male voting law allowing them to checkout their female colleagues salaries ? fucking revolution right away !
    corporations will be a negative place for us in the future.. a good reason to start your own little business. Problem is, Germany still need big structures to sustain it’s developpement in areas like chemistery and engineering. may be in the future these companies will be 100% female workers doing shity/uncreative jobs and reports while all the engineering work will be done by external male contractors.

  7. Germany is just trying to compete with their northern neighbor Sweden as to who can cuck and emasculate their nation the most (and the fastest).

  8. ‘Both sexes would use their best talents to build a better society instead of complaining about gender differences. The 50s were the golden era of Western civilization.’
    The debate has, long ago; moved on from such nostalgic delusion.
    Quite apart from being the decade that gave you ‘the swinging sixties’, the 1950s had a divorce rate (in America) of between 20% and 25%.
    See graph that covers marriage and divorce rates from 1860 to 2010 on 4 minutes.

  9. The reason there are women complaining about not being able to do as much as men is that, by nature, they are less active or in other words, have less agency. Have you ever noticed when you are extremely tired due to sleep deprivation or great hunger, that tasks which used to seem doable, now appear to be incredibly burdensome? That’s what testosterone does to our brain chemistry, it makes us more active and driven. Women can have more career options (or protections for their current career) objectively, and still feel that it is too hard, or that they shouldn’t have to try so hard, etc.

  10. I worked as a supervisor at a mid-sized company in the NE for about two years in the 2000’s. Part of my job was HR which including hiring, performance reviews, and compensation reviews. I also had to sign off on biweekly payroll for my department so I knew what everyone made.
    Women in my department tended to make more then men who had more years of service and more experience. It wasn’t a lot. Usually about less then 5% but apparently it was a command that came down from on high that women with little to no experience were to make the same as a man who could have an advanced degree and many years at the job.
    I would raise this issue when it came time for annual compensation reviews. I would note that on average women with the same title and position, less experience, and less education were making more then similarly situated men. It was routinely brushed off as “compensation levels are linked to retention rates that are necessary to keep women and minorities on staff”. I never made a huge stink of it because I needed the job but one time noted in a meeting that gender discrimination and pay discrimination regardless of the actual gender was illegal and that explaining it away as “retention” might be a compelling reason but in of itself was not enough to provide legal justification. You might as well of thought that I said “women don’t belong in the workplace” because the female VP and just about every female manager at the table reacted violently to my statement. It was nasty.
    I ended up just walking out of the meeting and immediately filed a whistleblower complaint to protect my behind. That resulted in an investigation by some outside lawyer and protected my job in the short term, but I knew my time was limited. Found something else about six months later and left with a week’s notice. On my last day I was offered a severance package as long as I signed a pretty extensive release. I declined not needing the money (would have been nice though).
    In most large companies women are paid MORE then men even though they have less experience. Women are window dressing and depending on the company revenue stream are needed to secure contracts due to quotas. They also get the benefit of discriminatory vacation practices such as paid maternity leave that is not available to men, even if the man is the primary child care provider.
    Anyone who complains that women don’t make as much as men has never seen the actual numbers, benefit practices, company policies, etc. They are most likely just parroting what the mainstream media tells them to say.

    1. Also, if you have worked with females before one might notice that they are not as good at their jobs as lead on to be. It is more noticeable in jobs that have mostly females. It does not matter if they have been there a day or for twenty years.
      You look around and see how things are, there are lots of deficiencies that slow work down then compare that to the employee population, work environment, and community as a whole, and you will notice that this all these processes and results kind of suck.
      It really has to do with Ararat’s point that women are just slower and they don’t have the physical agency (including mental work related stamina) that a man can have. All these females do is hone in on tiny little details that show little worth to the goals as a whole and talk about how to get something accomplished without hurting each others feelings.
      No, really. I went to this continuing education class (I was the only guy) and all these chicks did was how to put away the food when the class was over without actually putting it away but that’s not the only time noticing these things.
      The only reason why companies and governments hire women (even for desk jobs) must be that they will work for less (including benefits and lowing the bar for everyone) and they probably receive some kind of subsidy or tax write off so they can stay in stay in business rather then going bust from the 2008 meltdown (thanks to women who are not capable of having a healthy relationship running the government).
      I like the insight of the video but lets remember that we don’t feel good either when we cant provide food on our families table. Does not mean to be a beta (marry a hoe) but we don’t like it because it hurts our purpose in life that we should all be striving to achieve.

  11. This is stuckin foopid. Men work harder, stay longer and are absent less – which is rewarded with a higher salary. But that means nothing now.
    Men should do what it takes to get fired and collect unemployment . Now, the women can have the entire workplace all to themselves. If all women work there then, hey, it’s gotta be fair now, right?
    Just don’t call the men when it’s time to clear clogged sewer pipes, weld girders or defend the border. This is a sh!thole in training.

  12. Damn, if this story is true, German men truly have nothing to loose. You’re backed into a corner. It only goes to hell in a handbasket from here. Forget everything boys. Drop out. MGTOW with a long term plan. Quit working for the man, survive on the least you can, work out, practice with…. well I don’t want to get the German equivalent of secret service looking into me, so you can guess what else you need to practice with. There’s only one way out of this one for you boys. It’s a sad state, especially the UK and Germany. Good luck and may God be with you.

  13. Women make MUCH more than men when adjusted for actual productivity.
    Talk to most women about why someone might want to be an entrepreneur if they already have a corporate job.
    You will quickly become astonished that we gave women the right to vote.

  14. Again, in any conversation, probe women to see if they understand the connection between output generated for a business vs. compensation for the employee. Even simpler, probe women about why an employer would even seek to hire someone in the first place.

  15. German whores should be honest. They want to know mens’ salaries because they want the richest guy to divorce rape.

  16. Time to implement Operation Clam Slam. Fully agree with all who advocate pulling out of this male meatgrinder as its a lose-lose for any swingin dick. If your job is tolerable, make as much as poss. until you cant take it no more cuz once you bail, the funds run out quick. In the mean time create a small side service you can fall back on to float yer boat. Avoid any contract at this point. Rent a guest house for cash. Resell items on craigslist if you have to. (I made 100 bucks a day flipping bikes in ’09)
    Learn a skill that people need, cuz its a fine line between goin on strike & bein homeless. just some thoughts

  17. Does not matter. Corporatism and the actual working/employment models will be dying soon. Actually, I welcome everything that these women do accelerate the transformation of this corporate nightmare. And you should too. The model is outdated, and needs to evolve. These feminists are making sure it’s gonna die even quicker.
    Big companies will downsize, Amazon style. Most interesting jobs will also become home based (at least part time home based). Robot will take soul killing jobs. IA will take most of the intermediary jobs, with a home based human or 2, to check the output.
    Feminists are usually late on the party. They fight the old fight, and their priorities are misaligned on the modern paradox. They are the ones flooding the universities, whereas the universities are dying out and the loan bubble is expanding. They are the one rushing for a career, while it means nothing since the 50s. They are now trying to invest every domain of corporate world, while the whole is about to collapse under its own weight…
    Good riddance.

  18. If woman really get paid less for the same “work” then why would a company hire a man? If I could pay someone 77 percent to do the same job I’d hire only woman!… Oh but wait… woman suck at “work”.

  19. i always thought german men to be attractive…However when i hear stories like these i feel there is a huge gap between fantasy and reality..What propaganda can do to an otherwise intelligent group of people…sheeshhhh

    1. All the best Germans were killed.
      They were outnumbered against a three headed hydra and a world of jooish slave states by a ratio of 10-15.
      “After” the war, they were executed and slaugthered, and put to starve in open air fields without food or water. This continued until 1949-1950. Then the new jooish satanic treatment started; psychological warfare, indoctrination, mental torture, still until today.
      You can say only the cowards survived the war, but even they are the best people and race in the world.

  20. I played by the new Western/NWO rules, and for way too long. I humored the hysterical feminists and their lopsided demands/insecurities of the 21st century, knowing full well it was about to jam a giant stick in our spokes. They are blind to that which they are not qualified for. They insist its theirs anyway. I even believed in a few of them, and tried to share the power when they seemed worthy. I gave it my best effort. I TRIED to get along with everyone. Mistake. Ready to re-tribalize. The best and only way. Never allow one gender to dominate another gender’s realm according to nature’s law, or we will be thrust into retrograde. Oh, and fuck peace…there is no such thing, and there never will be.

  21. The german male politician who involved in the regulation process should better ostracize and mutilate their own genitals. Shameful.
    Why not they assign a governmental body to audit any company against any kind of request from the female workers? I sincerely believe it is rather honorable if the male politicians fight for that middle ground. Shameful.

  22. No biggie. If Germany is as leftoid as the newsbits suggest, just have your gender re-classed as female and demand to know why you can’t be told what your “female” peers make for the sake of equality.

    1. It doesnt matter. Its still made to give more empowerment to women over men. Just because the politicians wrote this law in a fancy way that covers up and makes it look fair to both genders doesnt mean it is. I bet males who try to use this law to find out about women who have higher salaries than then will be ostracized and humiliated by the German feminist leftist mainstream media and German law.

      1. Perhaps, but that is not a good reason to make inaccurate claims about it. The truth will set you free, right?

    2. Cultural Marxism has really done a number on your people…
      Your guys are already too cucked by the mainstream media and communist Merkel to see how this law will just keep promoting feminists to do a witch hunt against men in Corporations in Germany.

  23. The article suggests that this legislation only gives women the right to know men’s salaries, but not the other way around. This is NOT true. The law applies to men and women equally.
    It is a stupid law, of course, but that is no reason to make outlandish and misleading claims about it. Let us stick to the truth – that is what neomasculinity is supposed to be about, after all.

  24. Personally I don’t think its such a bad thing that pay information is known by all staff, but what I hate about this new German legislation is that its sexual discrimination as it only benefits women…but then I read comment from another poster and checked up and this law is not just for women. More fake news.
    My first thoughts were that this is not going to go down well with some firms, and then I saw the key word ‘salary’. In the finance sector there is huge variations in pay and much of it is due to bonuses, which can be over a million a year for those higher up on the job rungs. Companies will easily side step any potential disclosure issues regarding pay imbalances by just not disclosing bonuses, or stock options, or fringe benefit expense payments, or associated entity payments, etc, or will give a key employee a new job title and argue that he/she is not at the equivalent level as the person enquiring, so no info given.

  25. Wages of peers in businesses with more than 200 workers? Come on! In Finland, you can check anyone’s yearly tax records for free (you will find out salary income and capital income).
    This Nordic tradition dates back to the 1800s. Yet incredibly the gender wage gap is still at 19% in Finland (allegedly)…
    The problem with all Iceland/Germany-style legislation is the definition of “equal positions”, “equal or comparable work”. What is comparable? If two people are both programmers, they should have identical salaries? Or maybe only if they both use the same programming language?

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