How To Make Her Your Girlfriend

There comes a time in the life of even the most hardened player when he meets a girl that he likes and wants to spend time with exclusively. This can be for a variety of reasons. Many men go into game in the first place with the sole purpose of forming a relationship, realising that a life of spinning plates is neither advisable or particularly enjoyable after a brief period. Others enjoy playing the field, but then considerations such as their career or business become pressing, and time spent chasing girls seems a waste.

Others still, for better or worse, meet a girl that they feel meets their requirements in a partner, one of those rare “good girls” they don’t want to let go of. Finally, some get tired of the carousel and decide they want to step off for a while with a girl who is especially hot, or who gives great blowjobs.

Whatever your motive, if you want to make a particular girl your girlfriend you must consider the matter carefully and ensure that you go about it in the right way.

The Counterintuitive Truth About Relationships

hot girl

As with many aspects of game, the best method for getting into a relationship with a girl you like is counterintuitive. Many men, following poor advice from magazines, mainstream websites or worse, female friends, imagine that getting a girlfriend involves having “the conversation” — that is, sitting down and “telling her your feelings,” how much you like her and your plans for a happy future together.

Nothing could be less effective.

Here’s the truth — if you want to be with her in an exclusive way, she has to be the one to initiate things, not you.

Making Her Want You Long-Term


As many men on forums and in the comments sections of websites like ROK point out, women have many options these days, what with Tinder and social networking and so on, and they’re not afraid to take advantage of them. For you to stand out from the crowd and become the kind of guy she feels she’d like to hang on to, you need to demonstrate two attributes—that you are are a scarce resource and that you are a great provider of sex.

Why? Well, scarcity is a no-brainer and relates to game theory that is as old as the hills (or at least as old as Neil Strauss!). If you are too readily available then your value will drop in her eyes, and she’ll be on Tinder chasing the next aloof and mysterious fellow. And as for sex—well, sex really is the glue that binds modern relationships together, at least in the beginning. Remember, girls like to get down and dirty as much as we do. If you’re not giving her a great experience each and every time then she will be inclined to seek out someone else who will.

Maintaining Scarcity


So how do you remain a scarce resource in her world? It’s really just as simple as not being too available, either in person or digitally. Very simple rules to follow include not messaging her every day, and when you do, ensuring that the length of your texts does not exceed that of hers. Don’t be accessible every night of the week and never drop pre-existing plans to see her just because she’s free.

At all times you should strive to maintain an air of mystery and detachment. Be a man in demand who always has something else to do. When you operate like this it’s amazing how long women will stick around and how obsessed with you they will become.

Sex Comes Before Feelings


This isn’t a good sex guide so I don’t intend to get into a detailed explanation of how you should service your girl here, but bear in mind that each time you have sex with her you should imagine it’s the last and you must put in a suitably vigorous performance. Don’t be hold back on dirty talk and porn-like moves. Ideally you want her to feel like she’s getting something out of the ordinary from you that she won’t get from those beta-boy orbiters in her smartphone.

Remember: sex comes before feelings in relationships. Don’t make the mistake of thinking tender emotional appeals will sway her. Today’s women (and men) desire increasingly visceral and intense experiences in order to stay interested. Ensure that these are what you are delivering.

The Most Effective Way To Land a Girlfriend?


Now that you are appraised of the two most important aspects of landing a girlfriend you may be wondering how best to put them into practice. Well, the slightly perverse truth of the matter is that you are most likely to wind up with a regular girl when you are busy sleeping around.

It may sound crazy, but it’s true.

When you are having sex with a variety of women you will naturally display a noncommittal “distance” that is very hard to fake. Also, with sex as with everything else, practice makes perfect. Sleeping with a variety of women will help you pick up different techniques and will hone your skills.

It is only when you demonstrate scarcity and you are great in bed that girls will try to “pin you down” and make you their boyfriend. And a relationship will really only work if she has “shown hand” and pursued you, rather than the other way around. Don’t make the mistake of being the beta chump who expresses his feelings too early. You will only be punished for it down the line.

Consider carefully too whether you actually want to be in a relationship. If you do, is she really the right person? Relationships can be a massive pain in the ass and can significantly affect your freedom and autonomy, so don’t go into one lightly. In fact, if you are below the age of thirty, you are probably better off avoiding them altogether, at least until you have become experienced enough to truly know what you want.

Whatever you do though, bear in mind that—perhaps sadly—in a world where romance has been all but excised by societal shifts and technology, it is the committed player rather than the poetic sap who is most likely to be able to leverage a pleasurable medium to long-term relationship.

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177 thoughts on “How To Make Her Your Girlfriend”

        1. Well, it is run mostly by women these days, so that stands to reason.

        2. I recalled back in the day they would photo shoot the women nude and conceal their tattoos. Every now and then you would see a slight glimpse of a tattoo where they missed. They knew that men did not find tattoos attractive on women.

        3. I recall back in the day when the women didn’t *have* tattoos to airbrush out. I’m old, right?

    1. Shouldn’t your hand be deep in some horse’s ass doing your typical maintenance routine? Or is it your day off?

    2. If ROK was porn site it would actually make money.
      How to find a girlfriend that looks and acts like a porn star for you and no one else… that would be worth reading.

  1. Good article with sound advice, but should have been better proofread. Mistakes throughout. And you meant “apprised” not ” appraised.”

  2. Not sure the a picture of Hefner is a good idea. Ever read anything about what it’s like in the Mansion? He’s sad pathetic man who’s wasted his life and is deluded into thinking that he can beat father time.

    1. He’s wasted his life? Isn’t he an incredibly successful businessman? Surely his life could have been worse.

    2. Wasted his life by banging hundreds of hot models while getting paid for it…? He has earned his retirement.

  3. Very interesting notion Troy. I guess this could all fall under the category of being the prize.
    Here are some of my natural tendencies. I find a woman I find attractive and talk to them. Sometimes, they talk to me. I have a conversation with them to gauge how much I can or should care about them. If they seem suitable, I’ll ask for a date. If the date holds strong, I’ll push for some boundary to be broken. If she stays I’ll see how far I can push. My only balancing struggle is whether I’m burning things too quickly by pushing for sex.
    Once the sex hurdle is passed, the relations will continue in the hopes that there is another layer to the woman. By then, the woman has seen my sexual nature and desire to be around a great woman. This is always coupled with my lack of commitment as I don’t willingly commit. For me to commit a woman has to prove she has more to offer. I always shoot for an open relationship, and 100% of the time the woman will look to lock me down quick. I’ve had a few girlfriends in life and not a one of them I’ve asked to be my girlfriend. I just figured it was just my luck.

    1. Remember what Eddie said about making her say “ooooooooooh”. This is crucial. When they say this, you got them.

      “When I get a bitch, I got a bitch”

      -Pretty Tony.

      1. Exactly!! Used to be envious of those guys who can get women to squirt. Settled for seeing the whites of their eyes and having their bodies shake underneath me.
        Sometimes I even limit what I do, like eating a woman out. That one act has been a known kryptonite for every chick I thought cute enough to keep around.

        1. Breaks them. In spades. I’ve gotten soaked sheets, eagerness for threesomes, all previous claims of no orgasms are shot, gifts are bought, dates are paid for, and every holy exclamation available. Jesus. God Damn. Jesus Christ. Holy Shit. etc. Sometimes, I don’t even listen to the woman if she claims some things, like learning she was multi-orgasmic when she met me. It is exactly why, unless if the woman smells and looks great, I will only rarely if ever go under a lady’s skirt.

        2. LOL! I rarely do it myself, simply because I can’t stand the taste. Like Kool Keith said, the pussy needs to taste like strawberries, otherwise, forget it.

        3. I wouldn’t say guys know how to make a woman squirt, I think it’s more just that some women squirt and some don’t. I’ve had a few squirters, these girls just easily squirted from getting pounded. I didn’t do anything differently to make them squirt.

        4. Normally that’s me too but every so often I meet one and the pussy looks delectable. It can actually be hard to resist.

        5. So that’s the secret? In the last 10 years, everything and it’s mother has come around stating how this type of orgasm was the best a woman could get, how her body needs to relax to get her to squirt, and like every other thing with feminism, became some new thing to measure manhood by. I’ll keep that in the back of my head going forward because everything else makes no sense. And that whole, two finger come here motion to find the G spot is a whole other type of bullshit.

        6. I’ll say this. First of all, it sounds fucking messy. Only do it in her bed.
          Secondly, it doesn’t really matter. For women, sex is more than just an orgasm, its the way you get them there and most of them never complain if you never give them one. For a man, an orgasm is easy and cheap frankly and virtually any woman can give you one. Its more about the satisfaction of tagging that booty.

        7. well then my man, you got your own weapon there to break women, no need to figure out the squirting stuff

  4. Sound advice. This can be more difficult than it seems sometimes, especially you meet a 10. 10s can twist your mind six ways to Sunday and not knowing if you’re coming or going. I met one recently and it was virtually impossible to hide my feelings for her. She picked up on this and also happened to be a stone cold bitch. Beauty is a hell of a drug and can destroy your sense of perspective.
    That said, lessons were learned and I will never get caught like this again. As Troy suggests you want to be in the position of trying to avoid “the conversation” rather than trying to initiate it.

    1. Damn. Think I’m in the process of going through that now with this current girl I’m sort of seeing. Still managing to hold frame & staying true to the lessons here & the RooshV Forum. For now….Good reminder.

        1. 8-10 range women are keen at creating a “fucked if you do, fucked if you don’t” shit test matrix. If / when it gets to that point I default to turning off towards them. Hotness is never worth getting burned jumping through flaming hoops.

      1. Pick something wrong with her. Even a 10 has that one thing about them. Magnify it a thousand fold in your mind and always keep it in the forefront.
        If you can’t find that one thing then you caught the feels and fukked up.

  5. It was much easier back in the good ole 70s (even though i wasn’t quite born yet). Just serenade them with a piss-easy-to-play song from the Ramones

  6. This may work better if you’re a social butterfly than an autonomous individual. The woman feels more like she has a shot of taking over or at least being involved in your social life. You demonstrate a strong preference to being alone though, many will not pursue as deep down they know that’s something they just can’t compete with. Double edged sword though, the moment you let the girl into your social life as the butterfly, your armor starts cracking and you start losing face. You’ve subconsciously validated her as an equal, or something close to it.

  7. Control your thirst. Don’t give a woman too much. Just enough to keep her coming for more. When I was younger I would get googly over a girls looks and the fact that she let me fuck her. Looking back now I doubt either of us cared about the relationship outside of fucking.

  8. Great post. i got torched like this w/ this girl I met in Ecuador, on the flip side for the girls I didn’t give a damn about always came back.

    1. Even if. I had a twice a week cleaning lady (friday to prepare for the weekend and Monday to straighten up from it) for 100 bucks who does an awesome job and through my active lifestyle and interests in fitness have become a competent chef for my meal plan and have 3 or 4 deal good date night meals I can do with my eyes closed — never met a woman who didn’t nearly drop dead as I spoke to her while having a glass of wine and prepping and perfectly roasting a chicken. I can’t imagine why anyone who lived in an area where there were enough women to find a new one at least once a month would want to settle down short of the desire to have children.
      Here in NYC I can literally be with a different woman every week and never leave a 10 block radius and, more than likely, none of them will know each other.

      1. Those are my thoughts and experiences exactly here in Toronto as well. A girlfriend just makes no sense what so ever. All I ever see are betas getting pushed around by bossy girls who don’t offer anything but vagina. I would bet that 99% of the time that said beta is begging for sex, doing the chores, cooking the meals, walking the dog and working 9 hours a day! All in the hopes of getting laid. No thanks.

        1. I see this with the couples here as well.
          Thing is I’m not sure that these guys are even getting laid by their girlfriends. I have a buddy in my program where you can smell the insecurity coming off of him, and his girlfriend always looks kinda disappointed. I don’t want to live like that.
          I do see a fair share of ethnic couples that seem to have something decent going on. They most likely have recently moved to Toronto with family connections. But for native born Torontonians or anyone trying to make it on their own, having a girlfriend is a waste of effort.

        2. Isn’t seeing another man in such a sorry insecure state just so disappointing. All I can do is shake my head in disgust. I agree ethnic couples may still have good family values and traditions but in a few years they will be corrupted by western media/society.
          “Torontonians or anyone trying to make it on their own, having a girlfriend is a waste of effort.”
          Big Time!

        3. Just this afternoon a girl behind a restaurant counter was telling me how she moved into a lesbian neighbourhood and it’s great to see all the lesbian moms with their kids.
          I’ve come to accept that Toronto is the epitome of liberalism and it’s just no place for me to settle down… Eventually I’m going to have to move if I want anything like a traditional life.

        4. I’m from Toronto. You need to leave that cesspool if you want to find a traditional woman. We are very rare in that awful city.
          My husband snatched me up when we met there and moved us up north, where we can enjoy our traditional marriage
          and I could finally meet some like minded women. He never wanted to get married until we met and he was 36 when we tied the knot.

      2. If I lived in NYC, and wasn’t stuck here with a kid, I’d fully subscribe to that based purely on life-logistics. Bang on.. haha

        1. Yeah, I understand it isn’t feasible with the responsibility of a child or in a less population dense city. Ups and downs to both ways of life. A lot depends on the type of person you are. Id love to do the whole family, small town, lawn to mow kind of life. I envy people who have it. But I know myself, it wouldn’t work for me.

        1. I just fired a bitch who gives great head. Mainly because I couldn’t even trust her to piss on the fire at night. She can cook great and clean but she was a walking calamnity.

        2. Really! I don’t know man…Thats a little harsh lol! If she can cook, clean and give head, as a man I’d piss on the fire at night!

        3. Yeah but you can’t keep a woman like that around forever when you know you don’t want her long term. It just makes the inevitable break-up harder.

      1. Great if she gives good head, but will that continue 6-8-18 months into the relationship? Often not, despite your alphatude. Western women are simply peak slut, and peak selfishness. I don’t even bang the daylights out of every single prospect like it’s my last fuck anymore. And frankly IDGAF if that loses me a girl here and there. Why? Because 99% of them don’t deserve it. Hot, feminine, submissive, those are the ones who get the God dick. All the rest are cum dumpsters. I’ve got better ways to spend my finite heartbeats than proving to a women who doesn’t qualify, I should have been a porn star.

        1. I’ve had girls give me great head for years. Women love having a cock in their mouth. If they stop, I would imagine that’s a sign of a serious problem with the relationship.

  9. Good summary, especially for the western world. Don’t bother getting mad or frustrated at the current state of affairs, it is what it is. You didn’t create this situation. All you can do is adapt, and survive.

  10. difficulty accessing form the beta-boy orbiters in her life.
    There’s a form you can use to get sex?
    Things are getting way too bureaucratic.
    Making a woman your girlfriend:
    Test her sandwich making skills, if pass then:
    Qualify her blowjob and sexual skills in (and out of) bed, if pass then:
    Verify she has the strength to carry a beer from the fridge to your chair, if pass then:
    Dress her up in various outfits that are fitting and femine, if pass then:
    Test broom handling skills and cooking skills, if pass then:
    Ensure that the “back talk” vocal options are not present.
    If all pass, smack her on the ass and tell her “You’re good for now” and take her to the movies.

    1. Another way is to meet her mother or a few friends. If she displays the same tendencies as her mother and friends. Yeah.

      1. That’s actually true. She will more likely than not mirror her mother when it comes to personality and traits, even if she doesn’t seem to at the time you’re dating. Also take note of her mother and father’s relationship, because that *will* be how she tries to mold your relationship over time.

        1. “Also take note of her mother and father’s relationship..”
          That should be chipped in stone as one of the Commandments.

        2. I’ve often noticed that a girl, maybe youngest sibling in family, with older brothers, often they are the quintessential beta-provider husbands who mock alphaness in their facade, as Rockorbe states. Quite often their little sister, is a secretly mixed up hoe. Brothers are like her father, manly in some respects of providing, but total slaves to their wives. Thus, she expects you to naturally fall into that trap she set, while she continues with her hypergamous long game on you.
          A girl whose the middle, or oldest child in a family, is often a better prospect.. with the eldest being the best choice.

        3. One of the main factors I broke up with my ex. Father was a complete beta chump and mother ran the household. My ex would try to practice some of her mother’s manipulation techniques on me, luckily I saw them coming a mile away.

        4. Urgh. My parents split when I was 4 and my mother has a personality disorder. I have been through therapy for 6 years to get passed my childhood experience. I have nowt respect for her and her victim claiming ways my dad is also an entitled cynic. On paper I’m completely unsuitable to together men. I shudder when I see this kind of advice in regards to myself. But I agree it is good advice to men.

        5. As a rule of thumb, for a rapid assesment, its OK advice. To filter out everything but the best this way is fine, if you can pull the best women.
          But I do worry that people forget that it is just a guideline.
          If followed like a solid rule it would eliminate the kind of worthy women who are able to prove they can direct their own path in life and contribute to a better world through self improvement and example.
          And those who cant get the hottest women ought appreciate the ones who know how to make life happy and drama free.
          Im fairly sure the overcoming obstacles with intelligence gene is far more important for evolution or a happy marriage than simply dodging a mad mother gene, a gene it was resently confirmed on this site, that many of us guys have too.

        6. And I’m open to admitting that this is a primarily a personal concern, I think to myself – is this how others with the mind of the red pill set see me? Then I am reminded that we all have flaws to over come. I’m not out there trying to pull the ‘best quality men’ i’m not a 9 or 10. However, as someone concerned with all of this in a societal sense, I worry about the lack of individual judgement for others abilities you mention above. I have met others like myself who have strived and achieved success in terms of personal development against terrible beginnings and bad behaviour as a result. It’s really hard, the self sabotaging behaviour, entitlement and anti authoritarian behaviour (the limiting kind) of my family rears its ugly head often and I have to battle it. It gets easier of course.
          I have commented elsewhere that the guidelines promoted here are good and have been somewhat forgotten in recent times. I just worry about the pendulum shifting to the extreme of inflexibility. Virtue for me is the most important above all else. Thanks for your reply.

        7. It is… #5 Under the commandment ‘Honour thy Father and Mother.
          If she does not honour her parents, (become estranged) she certainly will not honour her husband.

      2. Bonus points if she has mostly sisters. Although in my experience, if they have brothers, you can tell too. The brothers will put a facade of manliness, like buying a Harley or a Kawasaki or getting tats or overdressing with their favorite NFL team, but then they bend over backwards for the women in their lives a tad too much. Conversely, they are also horrible with finances, so mommy has to constantly lend them money. The biggest one is if the girl has a twin sister. Monkey see monkey do.

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      3. Totally agree….you have to met the mother its an indication on what kind of woman this girl is going to grow up to be. Even appearance wise!

        1. Strangely appearances aren’t necessarily a given. You have to go across all the older women in her family to get a good idea. My wife doesn’t look a bit like her mother except for a very few superficial things that I’d have to point out to people for them to notice. She does however strongly resemble her aunts.

    2. Like the checklist.
      Whenever I hear about LTR (girlfriend or “wifing-up”) a girl I can’t help but recall the old Ray Stevens routine:
      “From now on I’m just going to go out every ten years, find a woman I hate, and buy her house!”

    3. Ensure that the “back talk” vocal options are not present.
      It’s ok if those are present, but only utilized when she craves a spanking.

    4. Girls who have no experience in bed are the best ones for a long term relationships and even marriage, the best thing for a man is being the first sexual mentor of a girl, because those memories will remain forever in her mind, the one who first explored her sexuality. Thats why many women fake inexperience and even lie about being virgins, they know the value the inexperienced woman has as LTR and/or marriage material. The woman I see expereinced in bed is the woman I will never take seriously and discard later.

      1. I agree! I wasn’t a virgin when I met my husband but I was far less experienced than the women he was used to.
        My husband is the only man I have ever allowed to cum in my mouth, the only man I ever tried anal with, the only man to give me a hickey and the only man whose cum I have swallowed. He also taught me new positions and loves to growl in my ear during sex about “being the first” to do these things to me.
        Men find innocence very special in a woman. It appeals to their masculine need to conquer. I have a very slutty cousin who has done EVERYTHING already, so she has nothing sexual to offer any man who is foolish enough to marry her.

      2. Pretty weird because as a woman, that doesn’t apply to me… If some women don’t say they have a lot of experience, it’s because they fear to be bad-perceived by motherfuckers like you.

    5. Sandwiches are for amateurs, GOJ. Any idiot can make a sandwich.
      A woman who is wife material can cook a three course meal.

      1. Agreed. Although in this late stage of the game most guys are just ecstatic to receive a sandwich!
        A 3 course meal would/should be treated with absolute suspicion.
        Ie; ‘What false expectation is she setting me up for?’. ‘What does she want in return?’ etc…

        1. When I made meals for my husband when we were dating, all I wanted in return was for him to keep treating me well. I also wanted the great sex to continue and a man needs to eat properly to have stamina.

    6. “Fitting and femine”? What is that like a spandex type outfit?
      Grammar nazis ftw.
      That part about no “back talk” vocals is fundamental.
      Also, no fucking nagging urges whatsoever.

      1. Lol!
        You say that Tina, as if the measure of a man’s worth is defined by pussy? LOL indeed!
        Female approval = Success! Got it.
        But I guess that’s what is really troubling you girls of late though…
        Increasingly Men are not caring whether you females approve or not (pussy power waning). And its driving you lot mad! Hence the ongoing shaming levelled at these Men for ‘stepping out of line’.
        These particular shaming tactics are quite telling because women must believe (seek to impose) thusly that male success is only defined through female approval. With the ultimate goal of a simple glance of disapproval being enough to alter the behaviour of any male in sight.
        You, Tina, can’t even come up with your own shaming tactics? You have to lend from the hive mind database of Gynocratic Shaming Protocols Or Techniques. GSPOT (in case you missed it)
        Well at least i’ve been original…
        However, these consistent female shaming lines and the frequency with which you and your sisters throw them about have now become cliché. And it only serves to prove that you women really are all the same!

        1. Preach! I will add that there are good women in this world but they are few and far between. They usually get snatched up by age 30 by a deserving Alpha provider.

        2. Unfortunately Bercel, these women have become exceptional…
          Women (like yourself) whom understand their true value to men behave accordingly and are able to command a premium well above their ‘sexually liberated’ sisters.
          Men form incredibly tight bonds with women who make them feel (sexually) special.
          I have heard it put very neatly like this…
          Understandably a woman would feel quite cheap if she later found out her ‘husband’ was desperately asking every girl in town to marry him. Imagine finding out that you are Girl #20 he asked to marry? How do you suppose this would this make a girl feel? Probably not all that special…
          Well this is exactly how a man feels upon learning how many dicks she has allowed inside her. It makes us feel cheap. Not all that special…
          But most young women simply do not care what men want and desire. Its all about their desires being met.
          So it is rather refreshing to come across a woman who understands and can well articulate this dynamic from a female point of view.
          Thankyou for being here.

        3. Aww thanks darling! I greatly appreciate your compliments.
          I will admit that I wasn’t a virgin when I married. However, I wasn’t giving away my body like it was a set of Mardi Gras beads. My husband taught me many sexual things and I know that made him feel quite privileged and masculine. It is interesting that my husband married the only black woman he ever dated. The white feminists he was used to demanded expensive dates yet balked at making him a sandwich. Everyone is so quick to denigrate black women but they forget that black women, who have the influence of a traditional culture in them make great wives. My family is from the Caribbean. When my mother comes to visit us, she judges me on how clean my home is, how well I have washed my husband’s clothes and how well fed my husband looks. I was raised to take care of a good man and be taken care of in return.
          I believe that a relationship is about give and take. Sadly, many women only think about what they can get from a man as opposed to what they can give him. I’m just happy that my husband took me out of the corporate world where I was miserable and stressed. I grew weary of the office politics and having to act aggressive when I just wanted to be receptively feminine. Women pressure each other to behave like men these days; I have had female coworkers sneer at me for taking my husband’s name and wearing my wedding set all the time. That is one reason we moved to a much smaller city where traditional values are celebrated.
          I’m going to add that modern men aren’t always the best partners either. I have seen too many men who expect a traditional woman but they do not want to step up as providers. That attitude does not command respect in a woman. If I’m expected to fry up the bacon, my man should be able to bring it home in the first place. There’s also a tendency among modern men to take advantage of sweet and innocent women using manipulative tactics.

        4. Thank you for your comment, i truly enjoy our exchange.
          To be honest Bercel I dont think it really matters to most men if the girl is the Snow White Virgin.
          But i do believe that women want/need to bond with one male through sex. And seemingly vice versa.
          It seems the more partners and sexual (mis)adventures a woman has reduces her capacity to bond with any male. This behaviour generates flighty, neurotic and bitter women. (Modern Feminist movement)
          Indeed, the quality of men today is not much better than the women. But i give men a small break because making ends meet, providing a stable home and carving out a meaninful existence on His wage alone is virtually impossible these days.
          This is by feminist design.
          A man used to be able/encouraged to build his castle and personal empire. A woman would be attracted (nest inspection) and assess the qualities of the man to determine if she should bond with him.
          Now it has been completely reversed! Young men need a partner so they can take out a mortgage together. (she helps build and maintain the nest – empire)
          So we invariably end up with a generation(s) of young men in their parents basements until their 30’s and sometimes beyond.
          It is quite ironic that feminism sought independence from men and what resulted was Man is now suddenly dependent on women (or parents). Coincidence?
          The average Joe cannot be independent because without her job income he simply cannot afford it. The labour market is so heavily diluted by women (who blow entirely too much of that wealth on frivolous rubbish) and it drives wages down. Simple economics.
          This is all so that women can have some pretense of freedom. (Cui Bono?)
          I hold young women more accountable because i firmly believe the madness can end tomorrow if young women begun demanding (rewarding) better quality men before satisfying their most base desires.
          Man will/has gone to extraordinary lengths for sex but only when the price is held universally high (patriarchy). It biologically forces men to be better men.
          It is often said that people vote for the politicians they deserve…
          In this case. Women are voting overwhelmingly for lack lustre candidates and appear hell bent on driving the price of sex to nothing.

        5. If a man’s income is high enough and the size of his family is small, he will be able to build an empire with a woman who is shrewd about money. My husband keeps me home but it helps that we will not be having children for health reasons. He’s an engineer. We do not have unnecessary items such as IPADs or expensive cable packages. My husband still spoils me and I have investments that continue to grow.
          If young women put a price on sex and made men work for it, the dating world would be a much better place. I wouldn’t sleep with my husband for months and he was used to having sex with women very quickly. This made him respect me a lot more.
          Feminism is truly about subjugating men and punishing traditional women. I have cut off some so-called friends who made awful remarks about my choice to stay home and take care of our household. Ironically, those types all work 14 hour days, rarely see their husbands and their homes are pigstys. Feminism has given women a raw deal; instead of just having one job of taking care of a household, women have to work outside the home and work within it.

  11. And yet another article by Troy Francis (“Mr. Tinder”) that tells us how to bow before the bitches. I bet you’re the kind of guy renting a Ferrari over the weekend just to look “sharp”.

  12. The one part of this article I can say works, from my own experience, is when you have multiple chicks you’re banging you will come off differently to all of them. I recently got a gf and it was the first time I got the “what are we?”. She has the body of a fitness model, so that along with other things caused me to agree. Regardless, part of the reason she was chasing me around was because there were two other chicks that were dtf every night of the week. If a chick ever gets the sense that she is your sole source of vaj she’s going to think she has the power and as we all know women only say they want the power.

  13. Do women still want relationships? More like FWB until they hit 30 and feel the need to tie down a beta provider. Sex in the City.

        1. Millennial females say they want relationship, but do they delete all those male “friends” in their smart phone?

        2. Of course not man, they keep those fuckers in their phone no matter if you tell them they need to go, or not. For me, if it’s not an automatic dousing of other males, then I fuck more than just one girl on the side. There’s a cost for bad behavior, enforce it.

    1. Some are not looking for a beta provider. Some are just tying down so they don’t look like they are socially inept and can’t get a guy. How they are perceived by their friends is more important than to have your own family.

        1. They say, “I don’t need no man,” yet they all want to get married. Why? Because they don’t want to seem like no man wants her so she settles for some schlep that she can’t stand.

  14. The best rule in a relationships is to have no permanent rules at all. You’ve got to constantly keep women on a roller coaster. One week you could be totally detached and during another you overwhelm her with attention. Then you disappear again when she least expects you to.
    The same goes for sex, especially for sex. One week you keep her on the dry, why not even a whole month and then one day you have a whole day session until she begs you to stop.
    Just keep surprising them and act as if you don’t care either way.

    1. Why is this good for you? Does it not make you somewhat schitzo as a personality? For the benefit of the youngster above, dont call what you describe a relationship.
      Strikes me this approach is feeble revenge for your past experiences and a failure to predict menstrual cycles.

  15. There’s some good advice in the above, and some that’s…less than good. But to emphasize the good part — which really is very good — it’s been said by many counselor types, half of them women, that the “game of love” is won by playing just a little slower than your partner. If she is troubled by how slowly things are progressing and feels a need to hurry things along, you’re in command — and the ultimate decisions will all be yours.

  16. I guess I’m going to get a lot of flak for saying this, but so be it. Isn’t the advice here a bit counterintuitive? I’m not saying Troy is right or wrong, but it just doesn’t make sense. If you have to keep actively playing the field and fucking other women while having a girlfriend, what’s the point of the girlfriend in the first place?

      1. It’s just somewhat frustrating to a younger guy like myself the dissonance that can be seen in articles here and on Roosh’s site. On the one hand there are articles saying to just play the field as long as possible with occasional medium-long term relationships like this one, and then you have articles like Roosh lately where he discusses finding a woman to have children with. I’m tired of all the beating around the bush. If there is no hope to have a stable environment to raise a family anymore, just say so and guys like me will prepare to adapt. But the articles that give some kind of hope cloud that judgment.

        1. Find a good woman to raise kids with. Have a mistress on the side so it keeps the wife in check.
          Society tries to shame men for having mistresses, but they don’t realize that men being committed completely to one woman makes the woman turn into a cunt.

        2. I understand your frustration but there is no easy answer. It sucks but there it is. Ultimately you have to decide what you want and take your chances based on the risks outlined here.

        3. That’s the latin america model for relationships. Explains why latin women are so violently jealous. Mexican male friend once explained it to me like this, you have your cathedral, and your chapel. lol

        4. Solutions like this are partly where the frustration/confusion stems from. I know we tend to excoriate beta males around here, but the fact of the matter is this: to keep society functioning we need beta males. The best way to keep betas happy is to give them the opportunity to find a good wife and pass on their genes. She may not be the prettiest, she may not be the most sexually enticing, but at least he has something to let off his sexual steam on at least a semi-regular basis. Here’s the problem I see with Troy’s advice. Let’s say you find a “good woman,” feminine, low or no notch count. According to Troy’s advice, you have to escalate immediately and have sex as soon as possible. Once again, I’m not saying he’s right or wrong. But by fucking this low notch count or virginal woman, you have set her one step closer to riding the cock carousel, and potentially deprived a beta male of his sexual outlet, possibly the only chance he has of one.

        5. Ah, but a truly decent woman won’t hang around places where PUA’s are bound to haunt, and will likely never be in danger of being approached by one.
          Somebody else once noted that “good women” in the past generally stayed “good” by not going places where there was temptation in the first place.

        6. I predict that should you decide to settle down and have children, that you’ll be just fine. Unlike the vast majority of men in this fucked up world these days.

        7. If you aren’t her first, some other joker will be. Whether or not she will be a carousel rider or not depends on HER and how you maintain your frame. She needs to understand YOU have options besides her.

        8. Too late for me. Didn’t learn what I know now until recently. Just need to teach it to my son so he doesn’t fall into the same trap.

        9. I’m not sure you would want to answer, so if it’s too personal just tell me to fuck off. Curious though, are you divorced, or something else? Not sure I understand what you mean by “too late for me”.

        10. I had an old friend (since deceased) teach me that when I was 18. He had no money and average looks, but always had women in toe.
          I quote, “the secret was to be seen with a woman in public where other women would see you. Could be just a female work colleauge with nothing going on. They are like cats. They all ignore you until you start petting one and then they all want attention.”

        11. Pmsl. I will look foward to a lifetime of Roosh’s wife hunting adventures!
          Jzak, I’m more than twice your age so I’ll explain the inconsistency for you.
          Your advisors have no authority on this matter beyond their knowledge that they ruined young girls while they were young, became bitter about the field playing because with their tricks they were pulling only sluts and fecktards. They claim it is women who are ruined from too much casual sex without realising they too are now old unlovable and on the turn, and have no means to find or keep the rare remaining unspoiled girls their own age.
          You are the hope for a stable environment. You are a young man with a world of young and relatively unsullied young ladies in it.
          There they are all lined up ready for you do you a) fuck them all. b) choose a select few and find your match before some asshole ruins her.
          option a), 10 years on. You and your mates are in a bar, scrapping over the only unicorn woman in there, somehow unspoiled and magically unlikely to laugh in your face at your cheesy 10 yr old lines.
          option b) 10 years on, You and your mates are not married yet, but you all had 2-5 girlfriends of 2-5 years duration, and there are plenty of un-ruined women your age to go around, you and your mates can now continue taking your time finding the right girl knowing there are always a few good ones nearby. And you dont have to agressivly fight over meagre scraps
          If you choose to eventually marry for love or a family, do not play the field more than you need to for practice, confidence, and to have a regular amount of carefree fun. Do not learn to manipulate people into bed, else you will forget how to be love-able. Do feel free to casually offer sex to anyone you like, and less casually offer a ‘forseeable future’ to anyone you might love. And your offers will be respected and frequently accepted. Do not listen to the locker room bragging. It is mostly untrue and badly thought out solutions to problems of our own making by people who failed to understand cause and effect.

        12. You’ve come across the main contradiction currently present in Return of Kings, namely, that it promotes traditional relationships in which both parties are loyal each other (with the man in his rightful place of control, of course), while also encouraging men to have multiple sexual partners. The justification for this is that modern women are already ruined, but the solution for this isn’t to help whores perpetuate their deviant behavior (and in unfortunate cases, their genes), but to inculcate men with manly values that will allow them to lead their wives, take care of their mothers, and train their daughters.
          Remember that feminism did not come about because women suddenly became stronger or smarter, but because men became weaker and stupider due to the spread of Marxist values. In the Communist Manifesto, Marx openly calls for the “community of women,” better known to the modern reader as “sexual liberation.” The intent of leftists is to turn women into whores so that the common man will not have a family to depend on; his only alternative will then be to rely on the [communist] establishment.
          Personally I feel ROK has been turning away from the destructive “society is doomed so screw to your heart’s content” mantra, seeing all the philosophical and analytical content lately, but every now and then there still appears an article that is redpill in form but leftist in essence.

        13. Or as our lugubrious Danish Prince would say.
          To be, or not to be, that is the question:
          Whether ’tis Nobler in the mind to suffer
          The Slings and Arrows of outrageous Fortune,
          Or to take Arms against a Sea of troubles,
          And by opposing end them: to die, to sleep
          No more; and by a sleep, to say we end
          The Heart-ache, and the thousand Natural shocks
          That Flesh is heir to?
          It’s such a difficult dilemma for you younger men to decide upon these days. You have to be so sure that she’s the right one, especially when you’ve a few nippers about the house.
          Before you make this leap, it’s essential that you know whether you either the type of man who can or cannot live contentedly outside of marriage. You have to know this, and most men generally know this by 35, you have to follow that arrow to where it goes, otherwise you’ll never to happy. But, critically if you’re the marrying kind, in that marriage is an integral part of who you are, never, never, ever let your women see these cards. To paraphrase what Philip K Dick said about the universe equally applies to women and especially those whom become the “other” half, that’s either a man’s greatest fortune or his greatest burden.

        14. Good comment. I’ve noticed that inherent contradiction on this site too. Are not the pick up artist, the bed end notcher, the flaccid fellatio sextesting sexbooty bubble latex rubber bummer not just different sides of the same soiled coin that rolls up and down both sides of the street here?

        15. Not divorced. Got married before learning the red pill. Never knew about it until it started going south. Still married though. Found this site and have been hooked since. Took the teachings and observed how it applies to my life and it’s dead on accurate. Didn’t realize the red flags before but can see them clearly. I thank you for the wisdom you’ve shared with us all. Hopefully I can do the same. Now I can teach my son when he hits puberty.

        16. I upvoted, even though I think Roosh explained it pretty well. The individual solution and collective solution are at odds.

        17. A stable relationship is by law hopeless. (women know this and don’t care) If you want children think like a fag and use a surrogate and have YOUR children and family. There is no magic pussy that with honor your commitment to her and have your children. By law they are hers and if you don’t supplicate or what ever she can kick you out of their lives. All of this game stuff is a work around for the nature of women in a society governed by the feminine imperative.

        18. J. Hue if not to forward I’d suggest that it’s not too late for you. I have a similar experience.
          It’s been a year now since I informed my wife that she didn’t respect me and I didn’t blame her since I hadn’t respected myself.
          Lifting, intermediate fasting, finance management, leadership, and if I dare say real sex followed.
          Since assuming the head of household my last year of marriage was probably the happiest in what has now been ten years.
          Tomorrow I’m taking her to Mexico with another couple where I will strut around during the day and bang the shit out of her at night.
          I’ve turned my marriage around and believe many can as well. Women want to be lead. Always remember that.

        19. Thank you. Things have improved since I took advice from here, but it’s still not where I would like it to be. My main focus is my kid. He deserves to have a home with a mom and dad. He’s happy, then I’ve done what I needed to do.
          I now can identify the shit tests and the manipulation tactics thanks to the folks here. It never ends. At least now I understand it’s innate and I need to deal with it. I know the way to diffuse an eruption from out of nowhere and can see the motive behind it.

        20. Nothing in life is guaranteed, young grasshopper. That’s just the way it is.
          The different points of view you see across different articles just reflect the following realities:
          1) Different men can desire different things.
          2) The same man can desire different things during different phases of his life.
          3) Currently western culture is stacked against the interests of men, so you have to think deeply about what will serve you best.
          This is clearly evident in Roosh’s writing as of late. After ploughing the field for over a decade, now that he’s maturing he’s obviously drawn to something more stable rather than an endless string of casual encounters of which he’s had plenty now. But that’s Roosh. What you desire right now may very well be different…or it may be the same.
          No one here will tell you that you *must* be a player all your life, just like no one will tell you that you *must* seek a stable girlfriend or wife. That’s for you to decide.
          As a general advice, I’d recommend you focus on becoming the best version of yourself first and foremost. Meanwhile seek fun interactions and relationships with women you enjoy, without putting pressure on yourself that anyone of them should be ‘the one’ at the moment. As you mature and learn more about relationships, your acquired experience will teach you what kind of person you click with or not, and you will know which qualities to seek for and which to stay away from IF you eventually want to have something long term with one woman.
          But I would advise you not to hurry to do that, at least until you are well into your thirties. Meanwhile focus on self improvement, building a solid career or business, becoming financially independent and creating a lifestyle of freedom and rich experiences.

        21. Not if the woman is properly dominated by her Alpha husband.
          I know that I can’t be a cunt because I am dependent on my husband in many ways. He will not hesitate to divorce me if I ever become a screeching harpy, get fat or leave the house dirty.

        22. *applause* Our marriage approved since my husband took me out of the corporate world and moved us out of Toronto.

        23. Exactly. This is why I stayed out of bars and clubs when I was single. When I told men that I didn’t like those types of places, they always went crazy with interest because they knew that I was a good girl.
          A decent woman isn’t going to frequent places where she can grind up on random men and drink like a fish.

        24. Great post. My husband received so much flak for not being married before age 30. He was nearly 40 when he married me and I was 28. My husband took the time to become the best version of himself so that he could find the best partner.

        25. She doesn’t shit test you for no reason. She’s doing it because you’re lacking somewhere.
          Women react, men act. Drill down into yourself and eliminate your shit habits, become the leader she craves and her behaviour will improve. Remember, it’s not her fault your marriage isn’t where it should be, it’s yours.

    1. No, he’s saying by not primarily being over-concerned with pursuing a woman for an LTR, and being of the “abundance mindset”, it will come together naturally.

  17. Lol this was written by a single guy or a guy that had to try wayyyyyy to hard for his girl. I met my soulmate on tinder, she asked me out, she came to me, hell she even brought weed on our first date. Yea guys there are unicorns out there and I found one, lol beta boys still think the man has to everything, alphas pull women just off confidence and quality alone

    1. this was written by a single guy or a guy that had to try wayyyyyy to hard for his girl
      How did you even come to fathom this idea? The author is very clearly not at all as you describe.
      Did you even read the whole thing? Or just not get it?

  18. R of U (Rooster University) semester pop quiz: List the similarities and differences between the two following pics:×200.jpg
    1). The dude in the top pic is a proficient gamer of pussy and the guy in the bottom pic (center in white 10 gal hat) isn’t playing any game. He’s in the battlefield for real and he seems to be neck deep in the real life pussy battle.
    2). . eeeh, girls at top are fine as shit but they appear to be ‘dry squatting’. Nothing coming out . . ”arrrgh (grunt)” . . Nope, not even a toy gremlin bauble charm. . Hey, I just figured out why the beanie baby craze was so big with ‘independent’ cubicle girls. They’d hang the forelorn shit on their rearview mirrors, ten more on their key fob. I bet those sexy bad ho’s with Hef all have a beanie or two tucked away somewhere. Who the hell invented the zero growth talisman known as the beanie baby anyway? Some guy wearing a beanie or something? Sheesh . .
    3). .

  19. This article is horse shit.
    Right up there with Cosmo… “Three moves that will drive him WILD in bed!”
    The bar for game advice on this site has gone down, down down. The idea of TRYING to get a girl to commit is retarded. Lay the pipe well, treat her like an underling, and she will WANT TO COMMIT. End of.

        1. I’m not trying to insult you. You’re being really dense. Read it again and if you still believe what you said you did then good luck to you. Au revoir.

      1. Fair enough. I just kinda skimmed it. But in that case how is it different than “How to get laid” or “Game 101”? The title is something betas would be attracted to.

        1. So someone who’s still plugged in the matrix could see the title thinking it’s the usual ‘buy her flowers and dinner’ shit, only to be introduced to some red pill principles. Anything wrong with that? 🙂

  20. “If you’re not giving her a great experience each and every time then she will be inclined to seek out someone else who will.” Sounds like advice on how to kiss ass. Sluts put that much of an emphasis on sex and how well you grind in and out of her. You people keep chasing the whores like puppy dogs looking for commitment but you never get it because you still have yet to learn the reality of how and why people who GENUINELY like someone and stay devoted to them do so.

    1. No such thing as a commitment from todays women. You knew that and wouldn’t have it any other way. Your comment screams out loud you are of no value in a committed relationship ( not one to waste time trying to wife)

      1. Okay, firstly I’m sure you’re old enough to know and I would hope have realised by now that this silly little hate game between men and women that you fuel with your negativity has no point. It is you men who handed the reigns over to silly little whores who ended up emasculating you and making you chase them with manipulative techniques all while ensuring you end up forever kissing ass to appease the goddesses and attain them! The first thing you should be thinking about is what sort of man would you be if you were chasing a girl, the attainment of whom depends on such factors. Following the advice in these articles will only get you whores and the modern basic bitch, in other words precisely the girl you don’t want. Don’t be the sour butt muncher who feels pity for himself because AWWW NO WOMAN WANTS TO COMMIT, THEY’RE NOT WIFEY MATERIAL. Take your head out of your ass and get rid of that self-pitying sniveling attitude of yours.

        1. If getting whores is all a man can get. Well that is all todays women have to offer. You just said so in your tirade

  21. I am not a Alpha man ! I am not a scumbag.. just a Beta man.. But I want from my girl friend that she can put her legs behind her ears ! otherwise, I’m looking further along in the field !

      1. Good on you & look for a nice Beta man .. Don’t pick an Alpha be choosy about a Delta, forget the Gamma boy !

        1. I already have a man, we’re in ltr, engaged and i’m pregnant. I have wondered how ‘alpha’ or ‘beta’ he is. He is certainly no simp. He is alpha enough for me.

        2. Good on you ! All the best in your future life…. Remember a relationship in a couple is take & give, but you have to think to give more than to take …….

  22. Troy, your article is an incredibly precise blow by blow account (no pun intended) of how my main girl has ended up bonding with me for over two years now, and is still as obsessed as ever. Haha.
    Indeed you have to be a man with options, who always has things going on, who’s not too available, and who gives them the best sex they ever had and dominates them like no one ever did. She won’t let me go even though she knows I still have flings on the side every now and then.
    As they say, they’d rather share someone they perceive as alpha (as long as they feel they are your ‘queen’), than have the undivided attention of a simp. Perfect article. 10/10

  23. Cool. Go give your sister Lauren Miller some of that support. What with hubby Seth Rogen being an omega cuck & all.

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  25. So one of my plates asked me if I would get some of my mom’s (RIP) recipes from my sister so she can “cook for me how [I] like.”
    “And what happened then? Well, in Whoville, they say, the Grinch’s small heart grew three sizes that day.”
    Naw, just kidding, my heart is still the same size, but that was some seriously tight Girl Game on her part, so I *will* be keeping her around. Along with my other plates.

  26. This website is so cute. Like the male version of Cosmo. Aw you guys, it’s not that hard. It’s all about chemistry and trust.
    If she trusts and finds you interesting, you’re set.

    1. You’re right, it’s about chemistry and trust. The problem is, if your too nice or needy, or don’t have other options, her “chemistry” for you won’t last. What makes a girl stay attracted to a guy is his “mystery” and “unavailability” while being fun to be around. She needs to feel like she has to chase him. If he has to chase her, she will lose attraction after a short period.

      1. Not true at all for myself. I can’t speak for the majority.
        The person I’ve liked most, dare I say loved, was a “non-player” which is what was really attractive about him. He liked to do his own thing, and was a really happy and confident guy.
        The “mystery” gets old, nobody now days has time to chase tail. The idea of competing for a guy’s attention immediately turns me off that person.

  27. Well, I can see that the author of this piece of bullshit is probably american. Fortunately, in France, it doesn’t work like that. A man can me natural and truly express his feelings to his girlfriend without that question of counting the number of words you write in textos so that they are not longer than the girlfriend’s one (lol), ridiculous ! if you want to seduce, it’s simple, you have to be a glamhead/hard-rocker/metalhead who looks like Nikki Sixx, Tom Keifer, Bret Michaels or Joey Tempest, or at least a gothic like Manson. If you’re not, move on !

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