It Shouldn’t Take A Crisis, But It Does

It was darn well near an annual event I would have to suffer “female hysterics” during my 20’s.  Be it a suicide threat, a screaming, inconsolable girl on the interstate, or an attention-whore slapping me and then dramatically exiting a night club, at least once a year some 20-something girl I was courting would throw a tantrum for the slightest and most fabricated of reasons.

Oddly enough, this abruptly ended once I entered my 30’s.

My tactics didn’t change.  The type of girls I dated didn’t change.  My venues didn’t change.  But the veritable spoiled brat suburbanite princess screaming at the top of her lungs and threatening suicide because I didn’t offer to buy her a soda, oddly vanished from my dating experiences.

The reasons why are bi-fold.

One, these little girls realized once men hit their 30’s, they were never going to fall for female hysterics again.  Temper-tantrums and female hysterics were very short term strategies, with shelf-lives only as long as it took men to figure out what BS they were.  So girls would deploy this strategy on a naive and unsuspecting 23 year old who didn’t know any better and would foolishly ask “what did I do wrong,” but would never try it against a 31 year old who had the wisdom to say, “dat bitch be crazy.”

Two, these girls grew up.

But what is interesting is the second reason – these girls grew up.  And it is this second point where a lesson lies.

Understand, for the most part, American and western women are the most spoiled, entitled group of people in the economic history of the world.

This is not opinion.

This is not hyperbole.

This is not bitterness.

It is fact.

From the day they are born into the 1st world lottery of the planet they have their daddies taking care of “their precious little girl.”  Daddy’s girl is then treated to a 17 year K-College experience where academia, media, society, and boys bend over backwards to adorn them with praise, adulation, and money.  An additional 3-5 years of praise is granted by graduate school, affirmative action, government, and the entertainment industry serving and fulfilling every one of their financial, educational and psychological needs.  So by the time they are 30 they have never suffered genuine strife, never really had to try, never had any challenge, and have had the entire world paying money to have the honor and privilege to kiss their ass.  The result is a woman whose entire focus in life is herself.  She is incapable of sympathy, empathy, selflessness and altruism, and consequently is also incapable of marriage.

That is until the “crisis.”

Understand when I say “crisis” I’m not talking so much about “the wall” or “biological clock,” but rather an event in life where


and for the first time

women force themselves into a position where they are no longer the center of their lives. And because of this they now HAVE to consider others, they HAVE to take responsibility and HAVE to suffer the consequences of their decisions.  And it is here where they have their “crisis.”

The crisis can take any number of forms.  Daddy confesses he’s bankrupt and has been borrowing money to maintain a lifestyle he can’t afford and thus Lil’ Princess has to pay for her own convertible Cabriolet.  Princess graduates from grad school, but can’t find a job and now has to figure out how to pay back all those student loans.  Sweetie Pie marries the wrong guy and in three years gets divorced.  Or, the most common one, Cupcake has a child.  Whatever form the crisis takes, the spoiled little suburbanite princess goes from a picturesque world of the Daddy-Government complex bailing her out, with academia and media ensuring her ego and career are intact, as she sips “Flirtini’s” as desperate boys cover the tab, to a divorced single mom, with poor career prospects, and severe financial issues within a matter of ohhh…3-6 years.

5 years ago she and her girlfriends were getting guys to buy them martini’s at Sex and the City night at the night club.

Now her 3 year old daughter has strep.

5 years ago she and her boyfriend were enjoying a nice dinner together.

Now she has to hit him up for child support.

5 years ago she was the assistant, vice, director of the public school’s diversity program.

Now she’s looking for a job with her “masters in education” because budget cuts eliminated worthless positions and programs.

In short the former elite princess, who was on top of the social, economic, and sexual world, are now suffering her first dose of reality and it is such a devastating blow, it destroys the insufferable princess and replaces it with a genuine woman capable of empathy, care, compassion, selflessness, and altruism.  She actually becomes a tolerable, humble, honest, approachable and enjoyable person, one who is on time, responsible, and is thus capable of marriage.

But oh, the irony.  The harsh and cruel irony.

For, in order for a woman to “convert” from the spoiled brat American princess, she needs to suffer her “crisis.”  And in order to suffer her crisis, she more or less needs to make a mistake.  But in making that mistake she by default takes on baggage.  Baggage, that more often than not, mutually excludes her from being a viable candidate for courting or marriage.

For example, my millionaire pilot friend faces this exact and very binary quandary.  He’s 42.  He’s in shape.  He’s a millionaire and he’s a pilot.  He is every girl’s dream come true.  He has absolutely no problem finding hot little 20 somethings to date, but when out with them they are insufferable.  They are not interesting.  They have not suffered strife in their lives.  And they are completely self-absorbed.  He then opts for 30+ women.  Thankfully they are more mature, reliable, interesting and nice, but the only reason they are nice is because they have gone through their crisis and by default they have deal-breaking baggage.

Another man’s child.

A divorce.

A criminal record.

Psychological damage.

Financial problems


They may be nice, but they are now officially damaged goods.  They too are also not marriage material.

This behooves the question then, “can a woman be marriage material without having to go through some sort of crisis that results in the commensurate baggage that would ironically 86 any marriage potential?” and the answer is sadly “no.”

In the olden days, “yes,” where a wise father would have sat his daughter down and explained to her just how lucky she would be to have a pilot, millionaire, husband, let alone a reliable accountant who pulled in $50,000/year.  But, no, not today.  The two today are a mutually exclusive event.  You cannot find a sane woman who has gained that sanity through strife without the mandatory baggage that comes with said strife.  The “best” hope you can have is a girl who was brought up under poverty, appreciates hard work and discipline, is a self-supporting woman, and who also physically bloomed later in life.  In this “ideal” condition you have a woman who learned her lessons while still young, didn’t manage to bring another man’s child into the world for you to pay for, had humility beat into her because she was the “ugly duckling,” and thus when she “blooms” you have the best of both worlds.  Unfortunately, such women account for less than 1% of the population, and to my knowledge are theoretical because I have never personally seen such a woman.  Thus, in short, you are forced into that dichotomy – baggageless women who are insufferable or women who have suffered their crisis, are compatible with marriage, but are necessarily damaged goods.

All the more reason when you do find the rare marriage-worthy girl, you appreciate her.

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86 thoughts on “It Shouldn’t Take A Crisis, But It Does”

  1. so true.. im 23 and have noticed looking at some of my moms friends back in the day they where as good as pussy could get.. went and partyed off of unworthy men trying to please such a pretty princess who had a wild side.. dumb cunts are all single mothers today fat, pethedic, snobish, rude, selfish, dumb, insecure, fuck em all

  2. “The result is a woman whose entire focus in life is herself. She is incapable of sympathy, empathy, selflessness and altruism, and consequently is also incapable of marriage.”
    I have seen it before. A good test would be to voice a contrary general stance on women. And if you get some variation of NAWALT, that is a woman who is hoping for a 2nd chance in life.
    I believe the conundrum to this is the cycle will continue because women are not in the position as of yet to where they pass down their “lessons learned” to the next generation.
    Because enough men are still “saving” these hoes from their fate. It may not be a happily ever after ending, but its not the worst possible ending. If they were completely rejected for marriage in large enough numbers we will begin to see more articles from women shifting towards the female role in relationship failures. There is a bit of a shift now, but not enough to wake up the masses.
    Don’t save them.

  3. “The “best” hope you can have is a girl who was brought up under poverty, appreciates hard work and discipline, is a self-supporting woman, and who also physically bloomed later”
    Givrn just how bad America and the West has become I would say the “best” would be by going foriegn, to relocate, not get involed with FW in the USA, here good parental upbringing is determinng her behavior and not shitty popular culture.

    1. Great advice. I did that in 1970’s Brazil with a Carioca of pure German heritage. She is the hardest worker I’ve ever known and helped me in all my endeavors. She weighs what she did in 1974 and her blond curly hair is still the coolest “do” around. She’s always up for any adventure, yet is satisfied with a financially conservative life style. I can’t imagine having had such a good companion from the set of neurotics, drunks and drama queens that I dated/fucked in the U.S. before I went to Brazil.

      1. Sounds like you did pretty good, because Brazil is changing fast. I would wager that the majority of Brazilian women in the 1970’s were pretty damned sweet.

        1. You can still do well, if you avoid the Piranhas of Sao Paulo and Rio. My wife’s from Bahia, a half-indio, grew up dirt poor, but yeah, she says that Brazil of today is quite different in the 10+ years since she lived there.

  4. Reminds me of this real cool down to earth chick I met at work who was an early 30-something. I wouldn’t date at work, but she was pretty awesome except:
    1. 3 kids
    2. extremely abusive ex (therefore divorced)
    3. drug/alcohol history
    4. criminal record
    She was a skilled and competent nurse, attractive lady, cool to talk to, and cared for others, BUT HOLY FUCK THATS A LOT OF BAGGAGE.

    1. Plus it’s hard to really know a chick until after you start bending her over a sink and start fucking her. Superficial interactions can be very misleading.

    2. Feminists throw the word “abuse” around without qualifying it. For them, “abuse” could mean violence, aloofness, shouting, not handing over the credit card, not being a pushover, being “mean”, forgetting birthdays… it’s all the same to them.
      What do you mean by “extremely abusive ex”? If a woman who has a “drug/alcohol history”, a “criminal record”, and three kids with an “extremely abusive ex”… lays out a trail of white knight bait, the least you can do is have evidence of physical abuse or it didn’t happen.
      So, was it physical abuse or was it “abuse”?
      We all know women are expert liars so please, let’s stop using that word without qualifying it. Real, physical abuse is beneath us and should not be tolerated; the rest is bs. And not qualifying the word can destroy other men’s lives.

  5. Cliff notes:
    “AWALT, so GYOW.”
    The smartest thing a woman could do is lock down a decent man at a very young age pre-wall(TM) and pre-crisis before said man knows what’s up. He then could play the willing dupe when the crisis inevitably hits and act as an effective cushoning during
    wall(TM) impact.
    But alas………
    Cappy-your 42 year old friend will either settle(big time) or give up entirely. He is searching for something that doesn’t exist. What to do? The only concrete benefit in knowing female nature and how she/it operates in an end stage capitalist society is that the red flags are quite easy to spot.
    And they are legion…

  6. I’ve found there’s a lot of poverty in the rich neighborhood and a lot of richness in the poor neighborhood. I think poverty often makes nobler women (and men.)
    This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while through all my travels. It’s also the reason I can’t stand being around not only American women, but a lot of American guys, too. There’s no humanity left in them. Everything is a put down, an insult, a sarcastic statement. American culture as it is has become very nihilistic – it believes in nothing and respects nothing except the dollar and the latest material posessions.
    Some of the unhappiest people I know are the wealthiest people. Psychologists studying happiness have shown that there is a big difference in the happiness of someone who makes $5,000 and someone who makes $50,000 a year. But after that, people are not more happy OR are often less happy when they make more money that that, even those that make $5 million a year.
    Our society forces competitive behavior and often brings out the worst in people. In poorer places, you don’t compete as much as you cooperate. That definitely makes a difference in women – and men – in my opinion.

    1. It’s true. Poverty exposes a person to harsh reality. Once exposed, the person realizes how juvenile it is to whine about lack of empathy, “bigotry” and various feelings.

      1. Wow! Thanks for posting this. It’s sad how the things he’s talking about have only gotten worse in the past 50 years.

    2. ^^^Spot on. Great insight. I was listening to a psychologist on YouTube who used Stoic philosophy as a way to treat mental illness. He used the term “hedonistic adaptation” to describe why people who are rich are so unhappy. It’s the ever spiraling desire for “more” ( usually material things, women etc..) that makes these rich folks miserable. If you have one Ferrari you want 3. If you have one house you want 5…On and on… The Stoics and Buddhists are on to something..

  7. I have had a few women “flip out” on me. Then afterwards they act stunned and docile, like they got an electro-shock to the brain or something.

      1. Remain calm. Don’t let her pull you into a domestic. She may try to get you to take a swing at her. Leave if you have to. Otherwise, talk to her in a low, manly, reassuring voice. When she cools out a little bit, speak to her like she is an adult and it’s no big deal. Gently change the subject to get her to forget the stupid chain of complaints that caused her outburst in the first place. Then allow her to find comfort in your thick, muscular arms and act like it never happened. The dramatic mood swings may make her very horny.

        1. The best part about the cold reality of Game is the light at the end of the tunnel from advice like this, specifically the last sentence.

        2. I’ve never been able to connect the dots before now. For all of their irrationality, you have to love how perfectly it works in our favor most of the time when we keep our cool.

  8. “In short the former elite princess, who was on top of the social,
    economic, and sexual world, is now suffering her first dose of reality
    and it is such a devastating blow, it destroys the insufferable princess
    and replaces it with a genuine woman capable of empathy, care,
    compassion, selflessness, and altruism. She actually becomes a
    tolerable, humble, honest, approachable and enjoyable person, one who is
    on time, responsible, and is thus capable of marriage.”
    She becomes a cleaning lady?

    1. That is one of many things I love about feminist cleaning ladies, they get their money, you get a clean house, and they leave after without another word.
      If only they were not fat old ladies, and instead hot chicks with skimpy french cleaning outfits with easy access as they are vacuuming without talking back….that might be hells trap of smelling heaven before being tortured forever?

  9. I have also had a few co-workers melt down on me in the cubicled halls of Encorpera. Implicit in female co-worker dynamics is the threat that they will have a meltdown and summon the authorities on you.
    And another thing that bugs me is their haughty hair-dos. The latest outrage sweeping the West are those infernal “bun” style dos with the hair pulled back and twisted into a wad which sits on their head like a crown. Every woman sporting one walks like she has a stick up her ass and is touring the Royal compound.

  10. I have an ex who fits all the qualifiers you described below, appreciates hard worm, grew up poor, full stable, ugly duckling, sweet, feminine. She glittered brilliantly but she was not gold, and part of the reason it was so easy to swallow an entire pack of red pills. Always be on your guard with women, especially the ones with immaculate backgrounds and humble beginnings.

  11. In my engineering class I had this 20 year old girl who had finished calculus three, and had the body of a goddess. The thirty year old foreign women in my class kept muttering under her breath “how easy she has it, I hate her.”
    We were driving once, and got on the issue of my ex-gf’s bull shit in family court. I told her to knock it off, and she looked at me puzzled as she has never been spoken to like that. I told her what I would do in her shoes.
    1. You will never be as hot as you are now, this is a fact of human biology. Trade your look sand knowledge in for an equal man now while you can. What you are now is marriage bait. Use it while you can. Marry, and be faithful to an slightly older man (say 28-32), and have two babies in the next four years. You can get a guy who will be well off, and will love you if you treat him right. He will pay for the next steps in the hopes that you will contribute your finances. Make sure the pre-nup is fair, and sign it!
    2. While having babies, stay fit, and continue towards your engineering degree, and then through a masters until your kids are in the final stages of day care ages.
    3. You are now around 26, have two degrees, are an attractive women, who is a three for one tax special to any corporation that is hiring. You have had your kids, and will be able to work normal hours. Get that job, and start bringing in that pay check. You and your husband start building real estate, college funds, and investment portfolios.
    4. Around this time, he is educated, and able to start his own business, and you can now return the favor for him to discover and improve himself. Help him get his business off the ground.
    5. Start your own business on the side. STAY MARRIED and don’t cheat. Now you both have businesses, are college educated, and your kids colleges are paid for.
    6. Kick them out the house to learn the practical side of the lessons you taught them, and as both of you are in your late forties, buy cruise ship tours, and travel. Go and have fun with grand kids, and great grand kids as you are both young enough, and well off enough to manage your brood and take care of one another through old age.
    She gave me a look of a computer that did not compute. She will be one of those angry women who wasted her youth, and are viciously attacking her ex.
    I hate stupidity, women are stupid. Any questions?

    1. You might have lacked the emotional communication that a less rationally skilled person understands. You had ought to learn that. Don’t be satisfied merely with being right, try to be tactful too. Women are better at being tactful, I think, but they are less correct than men.

      1. I know you are right, but who listens to us when we are tactful?
        Thats right, nobody. It is not until we basically run their own psyche’s face in their own bull shit that they start to take us seriously.
        So I did. I run her BS through. She took me seriously when she talked to me, but always had a quizzical look after that. I was cool with that, her bull shit was beneath me.

    2. Better yet, move out of the US and have your kids receive top college education at the taxpayers´ expense. Why spend 120-200 USDk when similar offers are free around the world?

      1. Sadly, this is very true, for now. I think the financial apocalypse will spare no country as every one of them seems hell bent on an inflationary model for their respective consumerist economies.
        Greece is a text book example. If your colleges are not improving the job market, then their students will become life long students off the government dole. When a nation starts providing that for non citizens, well, it goes without saying.
        In my home town we have a dynamic community college that is almost becoming a university, why? Because it equips its community with well educated, AND TRAINED, future employees! This has led them to become well known as a future employee pipeline of prospective recruits worthy of their paychecks.
        Countries like Greece and others are merely full of bloated communist thinking professors who merely desire the benefits tenure comes with. They could care less if their students are piss poor future applicants.
        Sometimes, you get what you pay for. It may be better to pay 40-80k of your own cash and get a degree in engineering, then getting a free degree in writing or feminist studies. Just saying.

        1. Hard science degrees are also free in a lot of places. University of Buenos Aires is highly regarded, its graduates work around the world, and is free for locals and immigrants alike (Medicine/Dentistry is just full of people form everywhere).
          Greece is not a good example, since it was almost purposely destroyed by Goldman Sachs, hardly a leftist institution. Also, read about what the strong flows of capital did to Spain, again, the responsible was not “Government Spending” but a directed lack of regulation to create a bubble. And no, not all countries will be hard hit with the crisis. In Latin America we depend more on Chinese health, and who say that the Chinese are not building an autonomous economy which could become independent of the production of cheap American goods? Also, we have lots of untapped natural resources, including oil, lithium, gas, and more.

    3. Your advice is pointless unless you’re the man hitting on her and telling her how life could be. Plus college even for engineers can be pretty pointless. She should probably marry a successful early 30’s man and have kids. Than not work till there is free time than start that side business that isn’t going to take much start up money if she has free time because if you want to raise kids right these days you should probably home school them.
      Lesson is no unless you’re the man seducing her with this life no point in just advising her about it. In one ear out the other and a waste of your time unless you enjoy speaking to the wall.

      1. You may be right. Like I commented above, merely Research and Development. I am trying something new, I call it “platonic shock therapy” from an alpha who does not care, and knows how it works.. Maybe curiosity kills this cat (me), maybe not. Maybe, it is a pointless exorcize. But I have not heard anyone try this, so I did, and will be interesting to see if she took my advice by the fall!

    4. “I hate stupidity, women are stupid.” That one’s going in my quote book. That one simple statement says enough to fill volumes.
      “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” -Albert Einstein

    5. As good as this sound to everyone of us (men) it’s logical nonsense to them. Appealing to reason doesnt make women wet.
      I’ve done that with a couple of friends in their late 20’s and even preparing some girls under 20 to face it.
      The first group is too harmed to be recovered, the later doesn’t want to settle because they have time.
      A better approach is to game the ones you like and forget about the others. I have no mercy or compassion for the carousel riders in the late 20’s.

      1. Man, I am just trying to help some unknown brother out by recognizing one woman, whose twenty and able to do calculus, to get himself someone smart enough to handle her business and not become a bitch.
        Don’t fault me for trying, I am doing the Good Lord’s Work! Trying to see what works, and what doesn’t without sullying myself since I am married. She is not a love interest, merely a guinea pig. I tooled plenty like her in my time. Trying to figure out how to come at it from the other side, and I am not promising I will succeed. Merely some RnD.

  12. Roosh, you speak the truth and its a shame that women have been in a trance for several decades. I can’t be bothered to help women like I did in the past, because women have caused me many problems in working life due to their narcissistic attitudes. On another note, I see guys taking women out for dates, where the guy who can’t be bothered to work uses his dole (welfare) money to buy starbucks expensive cakes for the girl. The women are to blame as they encourage all this behaviour, and they are just as bad. I’m headed elsewhere and I’m pretty sure that most folk here will be sent down as finances become tougher in future.
    I don’t see the point in marriage and I don’t see the point in society –
    your close family, friends and community are all that matter. Not some
    thing called society where you work and pay for random freeloaders
    (including most women, as they do not produce).

    1. The problem here is not the UK, but you. You don’t know how to select and screen your woman carefully enough.
      I am getting so sick about people from the US / UK complaining about how bad the state of affairs are in their country, whether it be regarding game, women, or general affairs. It’s like you expect everything to be handed to you on a platter. I mean you don’t even have to do much to get a decent girl in any of these countries, yet people bitch like there’s no tomorrow. If you put more time into your game and self development and less time on whining, I’m sure you’d have better results. I have had no problem finding quality ass in the UK and most of the time they have been decent girls.
      It is easy to sit on a forum and whine about how things are so hopeless, but if you got off your ass, traveled a bit, and opened your eyes, you would see that there are opportunities wherever you go. I am having a great time in the UK and have only been here 8 months. Open your eyes, get out more and screen better, and you will find good quality in the UK as well.

      1. I disagree wholeheartedly, but perhaps I have either a lower tolerance for BS or a more stringent standard in determining sex rank. Of course, you can screen out the obvious chaff amidst the wheat, but the disparity in quality is also an artifact of increased self-awareness. What we seek in an ideal mate is based on our needs and desires at the moment, as well as certain immutable standards and a willingness of where to compromise when an individual falls short.
        The principal complaint of the thinking man isn’t just that we can’t find our ideal, but rather that even taking a dip in the talent pool is revealing more about ourselves than about them- we find ourselves unsatisfied, not because of our self-awareness, but because of their terrible lack of the same, which is, in the end, the root cause of so much idiocy on the part of so many women.
        Of course there are opportunities everywhere, but familiarity isn’t supposed to breed contempt, and its a shame that the ideals we seek arent to be found in our hometowns. Anyone with half a brain can see that the entire MGTOW movement isn’t being inspired by a desire to stay in mom’s basement forever, but in legitimate despair.
        Where I will agree with you is in getting out there. The shotgun method works well for playing the numbers game and meeting the odd higher-quality human being. Seeking out a non-westerner helps, too.

        1. >> The problem here is not the UK, but you. You don’t know how to select and screen your woman carefully enough.
          Next you’ll be telling us that if we just up our game and screen carefully enough, we can grow coffee in the UK or the Contiguous USA.
          We’ll let YOU spend your life screening for the 1-per-10-billion decent tolerable females in the UK.

      2. If you’re saying that most people on RooshV and ROK and in general who complain about shitty women are whining and making it up, and that there are tons of decent women, then you need to raise your standards.

        1. Well, in his defense, there are a lot of second-lifers who are living out their fantasy manhood here, but I don’t necessarily view that as terrible- emulation being a good first step towards incorporation when it comes to behavior. I resent the woman haters here more than the guys who are struggling- they stifle debate and learning for all of us.

        2. Attacking the person with ‘framing words’ does not make an argument. Your reply is meaningless. If you want respect you have to earn it. I’m done with this.

  13. I disagree cappy. Women can be marriageable without going through a crisis. But those women only come from fathers who don’t coddle them.

    1. I think his point was that, if they’re halfway decent looking, society itself steps in anyway and converts them into insufferable monsters.
      One thing which Cappy failed to mention is that a crisis doesn’t always mold a woman into something tolerable. My lack of Game might be to blame, but man, the girls with the most baggage were often the worst.

      1. Excellent points. The first is one of the main reasons why I chose not to have children years ago, and I stand by my initial decision. If I had had children, try as I might, I’m sure it would have been a losing battle because of the infectious influence of pop culture et al. No one person can combat that and shield the kids from it entirely.

  14. Nice piece. I think it was Oscar Wilde who said something like “childbirth humbles women.” True then, true now. This is my neg for self-centered women. Feel free to use it:
    Her: Blah, blah, blah…so I told him where he could go…blah blah…
    Me: That’s so funny — you’re so heartless. It’s like you have no feelings sometimes.
    Her: What do you mean I’m heartless?
    Me: Well, it’s like you just don’t process how others feel.
    Her: That makes me sound terrible.
    Me: Well, from your stories I thought you wanted to be that way.
    Her: (Sinking into seat.) No, I didn’t.

    1. In short, you made her feel shame, which is a fate worse than death for some women. 😉

    2. I like that line of thinking, but it only twists the knife so much. Will think about it and get back to you. Nice line of thought.
      I’m thinking you would start with something in your first response to heighten your eventual set up? Though it is very good, I suspect it could dig deeper, perhaps gain a feminine convert for the next guy.

  15. One of the hymns sung every Friday night in Jewish homes is “Eshet Chayil,” the woman of valor, which begins with “An accomplished woman, who can find? Her value is far beyond pearls.”
    This shit has been known since King David. The sad thing is that it is even worse now than in his day. Personally I suggest a religious woman, assuming you can stomach the religious part.

  16. One of the hymns sung every Friday night in Jewish homes is “Eshet Chayil,” the woman of valor, which begins with “An accomplished woman, who can find? Her value is far beyond pearls.”
    This shit has been known since King David. The sad thing is that it is even worse now than in his day. Personally I suggest a religious woman, assuming you can stomach the religious part.

  17. The more I read from those who have tread this path prior to me, the more I’m convinced that I need to exit the country as soon as I grind enough approaches to get halfway decent Game.
    This is a depressing article, but useful as hell.

  18. The more I read from those who have tread this path prior to me, the more I’m convinced that I need to exit the country as soon as I grind enough approaches to get halfway decent Game.
    This is a depressing article, but useful as hell.

  19. This is very true, but the one thing i disagree with is this; –
    ” She actually becomes a tolerable, humble, honest, approachable and enjoyable person, one who is on time, responsible, and is thus capable of marriage. ”
    Sorry to tell you, “NO, THEY DON’T “!!… If anything they become intolerably negative, selfish, very bitter, nasty attitude, distrustful and man-haters. They become very resentful of the fact they can’t find some loser to marry them and the fact the don’t get the much attention from men because of their fading looks and youth.
    Of course they never do the self examination necessary to see where they went wrong and all the BS which was sold to them by feminist and the “you go girlish” media. They are women after all, so they rather play the victim and blame everyone and everything else, Especially men for felling to “man up” and marry them.

    1. The fems never got me. I was too busy being alienated from extreme lack of understanding what the hell was going on. Let alone psycho cant.

  20. Women put themselves in this situation when they decided being marriageable was not only old fashioned, but “oppressive.” Far too many of them don’t give a flip what men are looking for until it’s too late. Meanwhile, men still try to be the type women approve of from early teen years on up. It used to mean being an upstanding stable guy in society, now it means having game (until the 30s hit).
    Also, Cpt Capitalism wrote “Enjoy the Decline” and “Worthless”? Had no idea when I bought those books.

  21. There are plenty of mid-late 20s girls who aren’t self-involved and nice, sweet, cook, etc, and plenty of early 30s girls without drugs, kids, financial problems, literate, will cook – some who want kids and others who don’t. Maybe not in your town, but there are plenty out there.

    1. Exactly. Even early twenties.But then some of these readers come and soak up an article on how to pick up girls at a vegas pool party and wonder why they can’t pick up quality, non-superficial women. Or they never leave their little town and sit behind a computer and make assumptions and bitch all day because it’s easier than putting in the effort of finding out how things actually are themselves.
      I just don’t get it – there is quality ass out there, but yet people seem to be making excuses for why they’re not getting it instead of just getting it. I’m hoping that my mind will be opened a little more by reading other people’s comments and future articles. The general vibe I seem to get a lot on this site is a despondent one. I love a lot of the articles and comments too, but this “the end is nigh” attitude is getting a bit much. Hopefully I’m missing something and it’s my own ignorance that is limiting my understanding.

      1. This is some fucking nonsense you’re peddling, Brock.
        The article itself clearly states that it’s talking about over-privileged, over-credentialed, over-monied *college graduate* women.
        The men “bitching” (as you put it) on ROK are meeting these women:
        * at bookstores, grocery stores, and parks
        * at friends’ birthday parties, at group dinners, and at church
        * at coffee shops, bars, and restaurants
        * on OKCupid (hipster ‘alterna-girls’), Tinder (preppy college girls), and PoF (lower-class ghetto women).
        So where exactly should the men on ROK be meeting these magical women whose behavior was not influenced by television, magazines, friends, and their parents?

    2. No sir – there are not. Not in any major city you’d care to name, not in the midwest, SouthEast, North, Pacific NorthWest or anywhere else. I don’t know where you live but it must be outside the United States in which case you are correct – there are plenty. All women are legally enforceably spoiled from the moment they are born to young adulthood.
      If you wife up the undamaged young ones they are still crazy and will treat you like garbage. If its the older ones they are also insane but cover it better because they have too as they are trying to lock you down as their new baby-daddy, just sign here and enjoy 18 yeas of child support for a kid not yours.

    3. Are they ready to settle down and be wives and mothers? Usually the answer is ‘no.’ They are still looking for that thing that will make them ‘happy.’

      1. I’m not sure what part of ‘some who want kids and some who don’t’ was unclear, but your assertion that the answer is ‘no,’ seems a little spurious. You don’t need me to tell you the 33-yr old is more likely to want to settle down than the 26-yr old.

  22. Find your women in South America, South East Asia or Africa. Those women are not spoiled. Problem solved..

    1. Africa??
      No, they might not be spoiled but when the sun goes down you can only see the whites of their eyes and the shape of their heads is perfect for carrying goods on top of it for miles!
      I’ll take a more spoiled westerner who knows how to look good, smell good and fuck good any day over a smelly 3rd worlder that is used to pissing and shitting in a hole in the ground next to their shack all of their lives.

  23. This is why you spank your children.
    People learn most effectively through pain, like all animals. It’s the way our brains are wired. A mild spanking (or my favorite, based on scientific research, a sudden and immediate thump on the outer ear with a finger) implants valuable lessons on stupid actions avoidance.
    That’s why the people of our times need crises. They’ve had sheltered and protected lives with childhoods where the parents wouldn’t think of “abusing” their children with violence. So they have lessons that they haven’t learned until they screw up and get real adult-strength pain.

  24. Hard to disagree with much of the above. Two caveats only:
    1) it applies to both women and men. How many sub-30 men have I met who couldn’t tell the difference between an edible and a poisonous mushroom, who would prefer 12 hours marathons on family size pizzas and their XBox/PS2 joypads instead of 2 hours engaging in any real sport, or who are happy to help their parents with the spare cash from their summer jobs? I let you guess the figure. The current generation of Western youngster is spoiled rotten, mostly clueless and feels amazingly entitled to the best in life despite pouring minimal or no effort.
    2) it mostly applies to US and first-world country women. Emerging countries are packed with daughters and sons who had a traditional upbringing from a family of (very) modest means, if not outright destitute, yet perfectly capable to instil the right values. They will have learned early in life that quality education is a privilege earned via evening and weekend jobs, scholarships and sacrifices. Most probably, they will have shunned the liberal arts route altogether and jumped on a STEM degree which would be their first platform for socio-economic improvement. They will have learned to hate the Princess and love Cinderella, as they themselves will have been bumped off most chances to get involved with the “in” kids, the cool guys, the beautiful people. Pain, isolation and ostracism will have taught them to judge people by their value, not the price of what they possess.
    And most importantly, they will tend to choose partners who resemble them and their value system. For people who match the above description at least in part, the “crisis” will have been about real pain, not useless psycho-drama, real sacrifices rather than a simple frustrated sense of entitlement. The crisis will have involved most of their families and will have spanned countless years, only to be soothed when they are finally able to afford a more comfortable lifestyle alsmot entirely by means of their intelligence and hard work, perhaps a little cynicism.
    Those people do exist, my friends. They’re only a ticket away from our bastions of social and moral decay. We know what we are talking about.

      Man, that young boy is going to grow up strong if he listens to his gran’pappy.

  25. You’re better off with young, the crisis girl will just be more bitter for her crisis and none the wiser. Kind of how the leftists or going to scream for more socialism as the solution after any of their political/economic policies fail.

  26. Great article. I married one of those 1-in-a-hundred girls, who was 26, beautiful but not spoiled. Became that way because her dad was a tough bastard who struggled from poverty, and then raised his daughter to respect money. Also she was raised overseas in a country where people were dirt poor, and didn’t go to college, and didn’t want a career, wanted to be a wife and mother. Cooks dinner every night because she believes it’s good for the family (and I get verbally slapped if I even dare to suggest otherwise).
    Even 20 years ago this was a rare find, and I grabbed her quick.
    What are the odds of finding an American girl with these attributes now? 1 in a thousand maybe. I’m so glad I don’t have to date anymore. Or more precisely, if I was dating in today’s world I’d just forget marriage completely and focus on game.

  27. the trick is this, with women of any age: recognize them for what they are, refuse to take them seriously and seek to dominate them. This can be done by maintaining a total aloofness and by not treating them too well. This might save you getting saddled with one that already has kids. Never treat them as equals or even strictly as sane humans. It seems harsh, and doesn’t mean you can’t love them, but the only way to harness their wild irrationality is to literally slap on a bridle

  28. Very rational thinking, CC. But come clean: If you met such a woman, would you consider marrying her?

  29. “In this “ideal” condition you have a woman who learned her lessons while still young, didn’t manage to bring another man’s child into the world for you to pay for, had humility beat into her because she was the “ugly duckling,” and thus when she “blooms” you have the best of both worlds. Unfortunately, such women account for less than 1% of the population, and to my knowledge are theoretical because I have never personally seen such a woman. ”
    Believe it. Im one.( its odd to even me ) but, Im also a biological freak ( ADHD female ).
    Fairy tales Do come true ( and I read the uncensored ones- and lived them. )
    This being said, even Swan Queens know that they have much, much hard work ahead. For everyone’s good.

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