8 Tips For Getting Laid More By Developing Your Sexual Presence

Learning game is rather like learning a musical instrument. Technique can be taught – body language, what to say, and how to lead. Core “talent” – which in this case translates as sexual presence – can’t. But it is the key element to attracting girls that you have in your arsenal.

When I see guys chatting up girls, it is almost always sexual presence, or intent, that is missing. So many times I’ve seen a man interacting with a woman, maybe saying something funny and making her laugh, but with no suggestion that he intends on – or is even capable of – ripping her clothes off and having sex with her. And yet this is exactly what he must do to be successful. The girl must sense immediately and without any question that he is a dominant, sexual man.

In both night game and daygame, the optimum state you can achieve is a kind of sexual trance, where you prowl around like a tiger eying its prey, ready to pounce. If you can get there then you will find that the importance of your “outer game” will diminish as girls are drawn to you on a primal level. If you’ve ever had the experience of making out with a girl in a club without even having spoken to her, or having sex within a few minutes of meeting, then it will have been because the degree of sexual presence you showed was sufficient to arouse her without any “pick-up” window-dressing.

So how do you become a ball of pent-up sexual energy? As I’ve said, this is difficult to teach as it needs to come from within. Every pick-up interaction is to some degree an expression of your inner-state at the time: every successful pick-up occurs when your sexual energy is potent and you have signaled this sufficiently to the girl.

This is easier for some guys than others. If you had a particularly conservative upbringing, and you are not comfortable with being sexual, then the curve is going to be steeper than for a former high school jock accustomed to getting blowjobs from co-eds after class. There are a few things that you can do to help get into the right state, however.

1.  Swagger

As with many things in life, if you adopt certain external behaviors, then your mind will quickly catch up. One of the most fundamental ways in which you can demonstrate that you are a sexual man is through your body and the way you move. The way you walk through a bar or nightclub is critical.

Ensure that your head is high and your shoulders back at all times. Relax your shoulders so that your arms are hanging down casually by your sides. Shake them so that they feel loose and free. Walk forward, rotating your torso from side-to-side from your lower back. Walk with your legs wide apart, and your crotch slightly angled forward, as though you are being led by your cock. Angle your head up so that you look down slightly on each girl you pass. Your aim is to take up as much room as you can with a cocky, cavalier attitude. Imagine you are John Wayne in a cowboy movie.

This may feel unnatural: you should exaggerate your movements at first, until they become second nature. A lot of game is akin to acting. Imagine that you are a cocky, alpha guy (if you’re not already) and move how that guy would move. Soon, it will be easy.

Girls have often commented on the way that I walk around as if I own the place. When I show sexual intent, therefore, I am congruent. It’s a simple trick and very easy to pull off.

 2. Lift

You will rarely read a manosphere blog or men’s self-improvement book without lifting weights being advocated somewhere. The reason I mention it here is because it will help you with your posture, but mainly because it will boost your testosterone, thus increasing your sexual potency.

There are other sources where you can find specific information about working out. In my experience, though, compound exercises or exercises that target bigger muscles like bench press, shoulder press, dead lifts and squats give me a kind of high, making me feel masculine and sexually powerful. This is exactly the mood you need to be in when you go out to meet women.

Try lifting weights right before you hit the club. I guarantee it will lift your mood, you will feel more on-point, and this will be apparent to the girls you target.


 3. Approach loads and loads of women

Once you’re out, approach as many women as you can. In fact, you should never stop approaching. Do daygame and night game. Sure, daygame may yield fewer solid leads, but the one thing it does do when practiced consistently is it ensures that you are on-point. Do you really think a guy who talks to one hundred women in the street in a month is going to have a problem approaching some stuck-up hottie in a bar?

More importantly, the more girls I hit on the more sexually potent I feel. Strangely, it doesn’t matter whether I get rejected or not. Even after a knock-back, I find myself feeling more in-state and more predatory than before. This communicates itself to the next girl I talk to.

Always be approaching. Look girls straight in the eye and allow your gaze to communicate your masculine sexual power. Be ruthless and unemotional. Negative reactions don’t matter. You’re not doing this to please people or to make friends. You’re doing it to get laid. If a girl is rude or bitchy or says “but it was nice to meet you,” simply turn your back on her and go on to the next. Keep grinding out the approaches and you will find the girls that are interested in you.

4. Watch strippers and porn and listen to hip-hop

Refute the tainted lessons of feminism. To be sexual with women you need to objectify them. You need to be able to visualize the cute girl in the woolly hat coming out of Whole Foods having a crazy, sweaty threesome with you.

The best way to do this? Expose yourself to material that presents girls as sex objects. Go to strip clubs (don’t buy dances though – hit on the girls instead). Watch porn – in moderation. I know I risk getting some heat for saying that from the no-fap brigade, so here’s a thought: watch it, but don’t jerk off while you’re doing so. This will help you get into the right mindset and remind you that girls are sexual creatures, while storing up desire that will spur you on when you’re out meeting real women.

Hip-hop music, with its unapologetically sexual lyrics, is also great for getting you in the mood.

You need to shift your perception of women so that you see them as 80% sexual and 20% wholesome, rather than the other way around. Do this, and you will find that your interactions with them are much more charged.

5. …but don’t fap (too much)

Don’t masturbate too much. If possible, try to keep it to a couple of times a week. You need to maintain the balance between being so horny that you come across as desperate and being sated, pale, and moon-eyed after a wanking marathon, too exhausted to approach anyone. This will vary from guy to guy: find a balance that is right for you.

6. Assume her sexual attraction to you

This is key. Go into every interaction with the assumption that she is into you. This will give you permission to be sexual from the outset.


7. Push it further than you think you can

A recent Heartiste post confirmed that in the land of cock and pussy, the currency of over-confidence is essential. Be sexual with her more quickly than you think you can get away with – that is, look at her commandingly, with deep eye contact; touch her, hold her hand and kiss her early on; and drop in suggestive comments.

Of course, it goes without saying that you should never do anything against a girl’s will. If she seems pissed off or upset then pull back immediately. My point is that it is your job as a man to show sexual intent and to lead the interaction in the right direction to your timetable.

8. Learn to deal with feelings of incongruity

For many of us, showing sexual intent and presenting ourselves as sexual beings can feel uncomfortable, especially if we are not used to it. After all, the feminine-primary culture we were brought up in encourages men to suppress their true masculine natures. You need to rebel against this, and initiate proper man-to-woman interactions with those girls you want to sleep with. Ignore any feelings that this behavior is somehow incongruent with your true self – it isn’t. It is merely incongruent with your conditioning. Men are sexual animals intended to behave sexually with women. Remember that, and act accordingly.

To find out more about how to develop a sexual presence and crush it with hot women click here

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184 thoughts on “8 Tips For Getting Laid More By Developing Your Sexual Presence”

  1. To quote Steve Stifler from ‘American Pie’. “I don’t know man, that sounds like a lot of work!”

      1. this is a great article…..
        at some point or another the little boy got a boner and his mother got embarrassed….. and the man learned that boners embarrass women….
        at some point or another the man learned that women need to be treated gently and non sexually, because they are ladies….
        instead… walk up to a girl you don’t know and imagine you have a huge hard on and she’s just about to get down on her knees and suck it for you. project it overtly…..
        imagine that she’s naked and you are about to grab her fanny lips and spread her wide open, while thrusting straight into her, imagine her naked titties bouncing and gentle moans of pleasure coming from her moist red lips….
        you can literally draw out a sexual response by projecting it…. women are very social creatures and mirror what the dominate person does…..

        1. Ray Wolf, please post this on the main page, make it the shortest yet one of the most important posts.
          The imprints we got as we were kids we carry with us.
          The first two paragraphs of yours, gold. Pure gold.
          One can say “what is so special about them”, I will say, “in that what it talks about is so obvious, so clear, yet so perfectly hidden from you, that even after you read that, you don’t get it, and maybe you never will”
          The second part of your post gets taken care of by itself, when one understands the first part. Automatically.
          I was told to treat little girls with respect and not (emotionally) hurt them, while the same teen girls were getting assbanged by their classmate while three other classmates were watching it from the closet and jerking off.
          Never judged the advice, never judged the reality, just in my young mind, formed the truth, that so if not hurting them isn’t working, but I was told that not hurting them is the way to go, but they get assfucked in what amounts to a school play, then the problem is me.
          When I woke up ten years later, and started my own plays, I was accused of “How did you turn into this monster”… By a caroussel rider…
          Walk with my boner mighty and high.

  2. I can say working out before going out does get me on point.I can’t listen to hip hop at all though unless Pit Bull counts as hip hop that’s as close as I’ll ever get to listening to hip hop.

    1. This obsession with hip hop is a younger generation thing, but not necessarily a younger person thing. Hell I remember when rap first hit mainstream in the 80’s (yes yes, I know it came from the 70’s, but nobody knew about it back then), when I was a teen/20 something, and thinking “God, this shit sucks hind tit!”. The only “rap” I can stomach comes from Kid Rock, and he basically stopped doing his “rap” ten years ago. Our standards have fallen so far artistically that rap is now seen as some kind of high art almost, which makes me shake my head in wonder.
      The death of art and music in the West is nearly complete. Who writes or reads real poetry any more, or writes fiction *for men* (outside of sci-fi)? Nobody. Who creates actual real art with real talent these days, you know, the kind that doesn’t involve shitting on a sidewalk and putting a bow on it and calling it “art”? Nobody. Quite an empty, vapid place culturally nowadays. And rap fits right in, in this artless world.
      I find that the music that gets me most into a sexual mood are some select pieces from Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra, Led Zepplin, classic delta Blues or even big band music (with lyrics) from the 1940’s. Most of that stuff is oozing with sexual overtones and undertones that, once you catch the nuance of the language they used, makes rap look like soulless grunting animals with very little sexual experience. Just my preference, to be certain.

      1. The value hip-hop holds for men is in mental priming.
        Rappers by necessity are possessed of irrational self-confidence. Pretty much every rapper thinks of himself, “I’m the man, I’m the best, I’m the boss,” etc.
        Even if the delivery is crude, it’s useful for getting psyched up.
        It’s worth mentioning that you’re probably familiar with only the dumbest of rappers who make the dumbest of music- because that’s what appeals to our dumbass public. There are some rappers out there who are evidently well-read and whose music is thoughtfully constructed, but when you make references that ignorant people can’t understand you won’t crack the Top 40.

        1. Different tastes for different folks I reckon’. I guess it’s the lack of , can’t find the right words, “anything else other than talking to a simple beat” that does it in for me. Reciting Hamlet to a rap beat would make me wince, though to be fair it would be on a higher level than the top 40 stuff, as you mention.
          I hear rap and can recognize a bit of talent to it that, given a bit of time and simple instruction, any man can master. I hear Chopin and I hear genius that only a few gifted men can ever accomplish.
          Didn’t hold these ideas about rap initially, I was at first simply struck by the utter lack of musicality when I heard it in the 80’s, but didn’t really flesh out my objections until later.
          But, as I said, taste is taste and not for me to question. I’m certain that most folks enamored with hip hop wouldn’t have the slightest bit of appreciation for Vivaldi.

        2. Just popping in to state that I dabble in Hip Hop production myself, I’m personally a huge fan, and “The Contest Between Harmony and Invention” is my RoK-browsing soundtrack at the moment.
          Different music for different moods, my friend.

        3. Personally, I’m a rap fan and I feel what you’re saying. Damn shame the rap industry now is filled with at least 80% bullshit, unlike the 90’s where the music was a whole lot better. I guarantee you, aint nobody dropping classics like this anymore.

        4. I also cannot stand rap, except for a few Eminem and 2 Live Crew songs which I only use to laugh at due to their absurdity. KRS-One (Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everybody) is a good example–a really bright insightful guy, writes some great lyrics, and is fascinating to hear in an interview. I saw him on Bill Maher’s show a few years ago and tried to listen to some of his songs which were just horrific. I simply cannot enjoy rap. But here is an excerpt from “You Must Learn”:
          Let me demonstrate the force of knowledge
          Knowledge reigned supreme
          The ignorant is ripped to smithereens
          What do you mean when you say I’m rebellious
          ‘Cause I don’t accept everything that you’re telling us
          What are you selling us the creator dwellin’ us
          I sit in your unknown class while you’re failing’ us
          I failed your class ’cause I ain’t with your reasoning
          You’re tryin’ make me you by seasoning
          Up my mind with see Jane run, see John walk in a hardcore New York
          It doesn’t exist no way, no how

      2. i just took up Loius L’Amour novels – holy crap those things ooze masculinity. I have never read any fiction that was so unabashedly male. The protagonists always fall for the senorita though…

        1. He wrote in a day and age when it was relatively safe to fall in love with a woman. Read in that context, he’s all good. Good choice, btw.
          Another great masculine author is Mickey Spillane, if you ever get a chance to read him, do.

      3. I get what the article is saying about hip hop, but it’s a degenerate anti-white African genre we could best do without.

    2. I usually am very shy and have pretty bad social anxiety. I lifted weights before a game night with my honor society yesterday. I had no problem starting conversations with people, even though it was only four other people. I felt like my anxiety was eradicated and people were mirin my pump really hard as I was walking around campus. Some black dudes were even commenting on my ass as I walked by lolwut. The heavy compound movements are the way to go!

        1. It was at my University. As I was walking to the game night event, I heard them commenting on it. Pretty awkward.

    3. I can’t listen to that hip hop crap either – I can listen to Sinatra and get charged ’cause booze & women were his 2 primary topics to sing about.

      1. Fucking A right Donnyboy, somebody else who gets it. If you can go out into the world feeling like Frank Motherfucking Sinatra then you will have women lining up around the block just for the chance that you might cast a glance their way.

        1. I love Frank. But he would get no play in the hood. Bitches ain’t looking for no Sinatra. They are looking for a thug to beat it up. Know your market. Rappers know theirs.

        2. No question. I’m not talking about men out scouting the hood, and I’m fairly certain that Troy’s comment was meant in a universal way. In a sense, you comment then applies to him as well as me, really.
          Besides, the hood and me, we don’t cross paths. No need to bother, nothing good comes of it for either of us.

  3. Porn is a work of fiction and all you see is what the producer or creator of the work wants to you to see and nothing more.
    If meeting women is a task done in real life, how will watching works of fiction help?

    1. The Virginian is a work of fiction, yet from it I can take lessons of calm stoicism winning out over hot headed emotionalism and lessons in masculine behavior.
      Some porn is amateur I hear, as well.
      EDIT: I say this not in defense of porn, just as a logical rebuttal to your statement. To be clear.

      1. You can, but anyone can write anything independent of how events peter out in real life. Fiction, above all else, is escapism from the ills of the “real world.”
        How many people who grew up watching 1980s-era cartoons and thought (as children) that “good *always* triumphs over evil?” Or how many thought that once you punch the bully (who is twice your size) once he’ll completely surrender and be your friend, or other such fantastical nonsense?
        While there’s definitely some kind of enjoyment to be derived from watching works of fiction, be they porn, classic TV series, classic writings, etc., we can’t let ourselves substitute a false reality created by an escapist work completely guide our actions in real life?

        1. The point, I think, was to get you into the mindset of making every woman into a sexual object. Porn can easily create this mindset, even if it’s a false perception, it does make approaching easier if you think every woman you talk to wants your cock in her mouth. It’s a confidence builder. I do NOT think he meant it as a reflection of how reality works.
          One could only wish that everytime you said “hi” to an HB 9 that she stripped and begged for you to insert your pole into her.

        2. Strip clubs do this as well. Its a great environment for practicing being sexual with women. Unless you’re like one of my friends who even gets dissed by strippers!

        3. For a man new to approaching, absolutely. It’s such an odd mindset for me to wrap my thoughts around, being afraid of approaching women. I lived out West for a stretch of my life, where walking up and talking to anybody is not only natural, it’s nearly universal and expected. People, men or women, will talk to you unbidden like you were their boon friend, even in the check out line in the grocery store. That and being brought up around rather…natural alpha dangerous biker types…kind of makes a person naturally fearless.
          I mean what’s to fear, that Princess Powderpuff makes bitch face? So fucking what? Laugh at her and move on with your life. Rejection by a woman is nothing to be concerned about, there’s 3+ billion more out there to choose from, and frankly if she’s a bitch face type she wasn’t worth your time to begin with.

        4. He was being a dick. He was focused on one particular blonde that he just had to have. He kept grabbing at her and she just brushed him off. I told him that there were plenty of girls in there and to leave her alone. He said “but I want that one!”
          I told him “dude, if you are getting dissed by strippers you have serious problems”.

        5. You know your friend is in a bad place if he’s developing oneitis for a fucking stripper. Damnations.

        6. I know right? I think he has hormonal issues. He’s lactose intolerant and has been drinking soy milk by the pint for years. All that estrogen. I have tried to make a man out of him (he’s quite a bit younger) but I had to admit defeat. Some guys can’t be saved.

        7. It can depend on the region. I lived in Atlanta and nobody ever talked to strangers. Bible belt Christian betas never approach girls to the point that girls dont even expect it. There is so much prejudice, that almost all relations come from social circle game. People from the city dont like country folk, southerners hate northerners, Christians hate non-Christians, etc.
          Im from Michigan and talking to strangers is no big deal.

      2. To be fair porn needs no defense. It has existed for millenia, is one of the most frequently viewed media but nobody watches it.

        1. I was cutting off the tangential argument that would arise “You’re defending porn!”, in order to keep the conversation focused specifically on the topic at hand.

        2. I’m neither defending nor criticizing porn. Although if feminists seek to ban porn, I’d support porn just on principle.

    2. Porn is fake. They take 30 days to produce a video and cut it down to 1.5 hours. Nobody expects real life to be like porn. If it gets you in the frame of mind to approach then use it, don’t use it if you don’t like it.

      1. “Nobody expects real life to be like porn”
        Especially when the average american female is a fugly, tatooed disease ridden sack of shit. Watching porn will set a man up for disappointment.

      1. Watching porn to learn how to pick up women is about as educational as watching “The China Syndrome” to learn about nuclear power.

        1. But again, the point isn’t to learn how to pick up women, rather, it’s to get you into the mindset that all women want your dick inside of them. They may not, but if you venture into the world with that thought in mind you’re going to develop a natural confidence and swagger.

    3. I too do not agree with number 4. Porn is unrealistic. If you want motivation then it is better to have fantasies with the women you meet in real life.

    4. It can help you to rewire your brain about women, if you have the misconception that women are not sexual. Pages and pages of innocent looking girls slutting it up can get you in the right mindset of “Im gonna fuck her tonight”.

    5. Feminists lose their shit over porn. That alone should make you reconsider your stupid position.

  4. This article is on point. I remember on at least 3 occasions making out with a girl just moments after meeting them. Confidence and more importantly Dominance is what always carries the day.

  5. Great go-to guide for men just getting into the manosphere.
    Imagine you are John Wayne in a cowboy movie.
    This is vital. If you instead imagine yourself as John Wayne in a war movie, you’ll find that jumping behind tables and chairs to take cover from enemies will in fact NOT land you a woman. Strange, I know, right?
    Girls have often commented on the way that I walk around as if I own
    the place. When I show sexual intent, therefore, I am congruent. It’s a
    simple trick and very easy to pull off.

    Outstanding observation. I’ve heard my wife relate to other women that the first thing she noticed about me was how I walked around as if I was in charge of everything/king of the world. Women notice this initially probably far higher than they even notice your “looks”. Confidence, especially supreme confidence, is a guaranteed panty wetter. A highly confident, in charge man who is overweight and not particularly attractive will attract women more than a limped over, chestless, wimpy “good looking” man.
    After all, the feminine-primary culture we were brought up in
    encourages men to suppress their true masculine natures. You need to
    rebel against this, and initiate proper man-to-woman interactions with
    those girls you want to sleep with. Ignore any feelings that this
    behavior is somehow incongruent with your true self – it isn’t. It is
    merely incongruent with your conditioning. Men are sexual animals
    intended to behave sexually with women. Remember that, and act

    Money right there men, pure newly minted money.

    1. Feminists and faggots completely undermine the average male with their incessant propaganda about male looks. The truth of the matter is that for straight women, male attitude is more important to mate selection than looks.

      1. Both I and my wife would agree 100%. She finds men attractive that most men scratch their heads at in disbelief. Telly Savalas, for example, especially in roles where he’s the in charge guy. Never heard a woman say he was sexy until she mentioned it one time when we were watching Kelly’s Heroes. Reason? Swagger, confidence, a take no shit, get things done, alpha-in-the-room attitude. This is from a woman who, looks and demeanor wise, is far better than any trashy “HB 9” guys find in clubs and are afraid to approach. Tell that to the average guy who thinks “only looks matter” and he’ll be gobsmacked.

        1. I’m rather inclined to almost agree with you. I have reservations though, since The Good, The Bad and the Ugly is so full of awesomeness that I’d be hard pressed to place Kelly’s Heroes above it. A dilemma, to be certain.
          What makes Kelly’s Heroes so fucking fantastic though is it’s sheer outright brazen capitalistic view of the world, unhidden and unapologetic, in a period of time when the whole world was sneering at free markets and saying violence was no good.

        2. I’m pretty sure my opinion is chock full of subjectivity due to so many good memories watching it with my dad and brother. Plus “capers” are my favorite genre. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is probably better in terms of production and story, up there with the best samurai films.

        3. If you want to see some badassery in action watch Warren Oates get down and dirty in Mexico in “Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia.” He even kills Kris Kristopherson!!!

  6. Yes, compound exercises at the Gym are game changers. I realized this when I introduced squatting and dead lifting to my training. I was so tired the first week, but after that I saw dramatic changes: more energy, more strength, more volume, better posture. Specially the dead lift is such a great exercise that I regret no having practised it before.

    1. If you’re happy with your progress with squats/deadlifts try adding box jumps and/or stairs on some off days. I weigh more than I’ve weighed in my life and I feel light as a feather since I added these functional movements that relate directly to my heaviest lifts.

    2. Definately. Also Bench press, military press, powercleans, All important. Forget the circuit training.

  7. Definitely one of the best articles I’ve read on here. Troy hits on the head with this advice. I couldn’t agree with #7 more… In order to get laid, you need to have a physical mindset and be a physical, sexual, person. This can be done by casually putting your arm around a girl, touching her shoulder when you’re laughing, etc. These sorts of little things will give a girl comfort with you physically (obviously, if you can tell she isn’t feeling it, ease off, but I’ve found that if a girl is willingly talking to you or on a date with you, she’s not going to freak out from you putting your arm around her…) to the extent that when you go further, it will feel far more natural. Combining this with a genuine confident vibe is killer.

  8. Be confident but don’t feel the need to deviate from your original personality to wow a bitch.. Also, quality trumps quantity

    1. Personality is fluid and self invented. If your personality is that of a reclusive nerd who lives on WoW then perhaps deviating from it might actually benefit you.

      1. Or just go after troll chics into that shit, and make sure your rolling at least a level 30 Orc Mage. Ha

    2. Sounds like poopytalk.
      You choose who you are.
      If I had stuck with my “original personality” I’d still be behaving as a toddler.

  9. ” 3. Approach loads and loads of women”
    ” Approach loads and loads of women who will have hardcore cunty attitudes and bitch face and will shoot you down”
    I suggest you read Roosh’s article about how women who dont know a man will be ruthlessly hateful to him.

    1. You must live in a pretty harsh place. Women around here in my stomping grounds are quite pleasant and amiable to being approached. Bitch face/hate filled are in the minority to be certain.

      1. Its rare that I get bitch face. The worst I get is usually “sorry I have to get to work”.

        1. I read comments here and sometime wonder where it is that these people live. My blue state experience is out of date to be certain, so I can only assume that it’s happening there around the big cities. Women here are perfectly easy to approach without fear of “bitch face” generally speaking. Hell, in Texas I practically have to wear a t-shirt that says “Just here for the groceries, no time to talk sweety, maybe later” on it.

      2. You are a lucky man. Roosh’s impressions are the same as mine and im sure most folks consider him objective.

        1. Maybe you’ve taken on Roosh’s mindset. The whole misery loves company thing. Where do you live?

        2. NYC and NJ area. I cited Roosh because though he may not have the final word on the state of affairs with today’s female, most will accept that he is most objective in his field reports.

    2. Obviously something seriously wrong with your approach. Instead of “eh yo bitch cum ‘ere!” Try “hi can you tell me where X is…?”

      1. “Just keep making excuses for not trying, dude. Your life will totally improve.”
        Just keep eating shit and thinking it’s caviar dude, you’ll totally figure it out.

        1. I know you’re making excuses because I can read.
          You seem to assume I’m wasting a lot of time chasing low-quality tail. This is untrue, and even if it were true, it wouldn’t change the fact that you’re making excuses and retarding your personal growth.
          I’m trying to help you son, and you’re looking really childish trying to protect your fragile little ego.

    3. Did you read number 6?? Start out low with girls who look approachable. Try indirect game and ask her a random question. Online approaching counts too.

      1. “Start out low with girls who look approachable”
        Here’s a news flash for ya, Buckwheat, none are approachable. But you’ll learn the hard way.

        1. I dont know where you live but there are hundreds of approachable girls here where I am. I approach girls all the time and I have never had a girl say “ew, get away from me” or anything cruel. Most of the time I just get a phone number and keep it moving.
          You have to change your attitude or youre going to make your life hell for no reason. Girls leave their house everyday hoping a guy starts a convo with them. I ride the train into the city to see friends and I try to talk to at least one chick every ride. They have all been responsive and engaging, even when no attraction is there. Your attitude will bring you rejection because they can sense your lack of confidence. Its not easy, thats why there are thousands of sites teaching guys how to do it.
          Go up to a girl and ask her what time it is. Tell her you like her boots/tattoo/book/phone/accent. Say anything, theyre just girls, dont psyche yourself out.

        2. No, you sound like you have no experience with women. I approach 5-10 girls a week, I dont need Roosh to tell me how women are because I actually talk to them. I get at least a pjone number 75% of the time. If youre saying that women just dont treat you well, that can be agreed upon; but to say that all girls everywhere are unapproachable and stuck up just isnt true. There are thousands of men approaching girls and getting laid right now while you make excuses for being too scared.
          If you insist on believing you have zero chance with any woman, become a MGTOW and STFU. Otherwise, I would advise you to get in the gym, get some self-confidence, stop beimg a coward and talk to some girls.

        3. “experience with women. I approach 5-10 girls a week, ”
          So the chicks you are approaching are over 35, fat, STD ridden with tattoos. Well somebody’s has to cater to these loser chicks to keep the man tax at bay.

  10. A simple but really effective tactic I’ve discovered in order to build that swagger / “I don’t care” presence, which I’ve never seen mentioned in the manosphere, is to chew gum. Just about anybody can pull off. Try not to chew like you’re coming down from meth or something, just do it casually like you felt like having some gum and nothing bothers you. You’ll get in to the right mindset, and you can alleviate some of the nervousness you might be feeling at the same time.

    1. Cigars also have a swagger generating effect. It is however offset by their smell, but if you can locate a fine cigar, this cuts down the smell factor considerably. Some even smell decent. Traditional pipes used to have the same effect, but it’s rare to find anybody doing them any longer. But yeah, smoking a stogie, especially in this PC world gone mad where any sign of non-conformity is shrieked at by harpies and mangines, gets the tingles generating as society has come to frame cigar smokers as bad boys and trouble makers (or very rich evil capitalist types), and we all know how women like them the bad boy evil trouble makers. Buahahahahahahaha!

      1. I’ll never give up a nice Va/Per situated in a fine briar. However, a quality cigar definitely has its moments. 😉

    2. This is counter-intuitive but I approached girls as if they would reject my advances and me not giving a fuck about that. It is liberating, relaxing and yielded results

  11. I do some of these. ‘swag’ I don’t really have, maybe in my own fucked up kinda way. Assume attraction is kind of hard for me and fapping once a week is still much, it should be not at all. I can tell a difference after 1 week 2 and so forth

  12. Dont show ANY fear to women at any time. It takes practice but all fear has to be eradicated from your being. Fear of rejection, losing your job, the tarantula in your room, the police, or whatever, just dont show it in front of her. Dont ever show fear of another man. They are instinctually repulsed by fear in men. We as men know that fear is a natural human emotion but it is unattractive to the second sex and women will reject you even if she likes certain qualities about you.
    Showing extreme confidence for extended periods does make me feel like a tool at times, but its how the game is played. I think it was Roosh that said we’re clowns dancing to their tune.

    1. So true my friend.
      And that fear is for them even more disgusting in any social gathering because females compare you with other males. Thay are strict teachers, we should learn to pass their tests.

      1. Its not disgusting, its in her nature to reject fear, nobody likes a coward. She knows that if a guy cant muster up the courage to come talk to her, he is probably not a going to have the courage to protect her or be aggressive.

  13. While I whole heartedly agree with #4. Porn, Strippers, etc.
    Stop using the term “objectification” to describe porn/male sexuality. Feminists invented that shit for Orwellian political reasons and you don’t need to parrot that ghost of a concept. Even serial killers don’t “objectify”. Serial killers like suffering and objects don’t suffer.

    1. But you aren’t really human….you are emotionally chaotic spinsters. MEN built civilization, men are logical and human. You are a woman who needs her drama and emotional fix from a dumbass badboy.

    2. Men would gladly stop practicing game the day when the majority of girls on the earth would abandon their bitchy “I’m a princess who deserve the best on earth because i have tits” attitude forever, when feminism would die completely and media will stop bullshitting girl’s brains by making them believe they are superior to men.
      We have a looong time to wait until this day.

    3. Game was not invented by asking women what they want in a man. It was invented by asking alpha males what they do to be successful with women. Men should NEVER get dating advice from a woman, because they always end up with men they say they don’t want.

        1. Old ugly lady, what tricks? The age of tricks ended in… 2004 i believe.
          The most efficient game is being natural. If a man is funny, he can grab your attention, make you smile, make you feel special. Then the chances are that he is either practicing “the Game” or human predator (Sociopath/Psychopath). If a man is not self-obsessed asshole and prefers to hear you and is interested in You, this is a red flagthat he is a Psychopath preying on you:
          Shallow, boring men filled with egos, they are actually safer for women. They are less likely to be sociopaths or PUAs.

        2. okay you didn’t need to start with an insult and being natural is just that, not ‘game’. and I wasn’t talking about who was safe and who wasn’t

        3. Of course that i will insult you. Next on the list, well currently “RSD Nation” is one of the biggest PUA companies out there. And guess what… they do and teach only “natural” approaches (saying hi, basic conversation etc).
          I am a born as sociopath, i have a natural tendency to harm people (women especially) and i just need to control human beings in order to feel happy, so my natural ability to manipulate others was not good. I wanted to be happy and manipulate and USE wimminz. Then, i saw “RSD Nation: The Blueprint Decoded”. It was mind opening.
          I learned that leaving the ego, adopting Natural approaches instead pick-up routines was more effective to get women.
          So, yeah. Being natural is helping to slay pussy. But this is part from the Game, dumb old bitch. Just imagine, a man who makes you feel like a special snowlake, a man who makes you to feel high from intense positive emotions, and this same man deep down looking you as a meat puppet. Priceless.

        4. Who is “we”? Slim 20 somethings aren’t onto anything other than my dick. Now I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt about yourself being on the look out, but who really cares. You are fat and old.

        5. You can’t seek help if you are in denial.
          Cold. Hard. Facts. You are way past the median marriage age (which in America is way too old ) and the BMI chart lists you as fat.

        6. Denise – don’t blame us, blame mother nature…..your prime was 16-24, obviously that has long passed you by. Noone gives a shit about older women, they are invisible.
          We are talking about gaming young, tight women not old hags.

    1. Women don’t drop their panties logically based on how nice and kind a guy is, but on emotion instead. Things like confidence, dominance, assertiveness, stoicness rather than compliments, kindness, and sympathy.

    2. “maybe you guys should stop trying to have ‘game’ and just talk to us like human beings?”
      Whereas most men consider women to be human beings, the men on these sites only consider us a set of holes to ejaculate into. This is why they obsess over sex so much, because their very own attitudes and actions create a huge blockade in their goal of getting laid, creating scarcity of [sexual] resources.
      If they’d just “talk to us like human beings”, then they couldn’t hold onto their delusion of superiority. I’ve never met a nice/good man who had any trouble getting what he wanted from women. But I meet LOADS of choads ‘n toads like the ones who populate Manosphere sites who constantly bitch how they just can’t get what they want (without providing something of value in return, such as having a personality, lol).

    1. “Lad, I don’t know where ye’ve been, but I see ye’ve won first prize.” – A True Scotsman

  14. Number 3 is very wrong. Don’t approach loads of women unless youre in college.
    All youre doing is adding to their entitled, bitchy attitude. You seriously need to control yourself and stop worrying about getting pussy all the time. Americunts aren’t worth it, at all.

    1. Your not approaching won’t change a fucking thing. Some men actually like having a steady supply of women to have sex with. Only way to do that is to steadily approach multiple women. Unless you’re rich and famous, of course.

  15. I always picture The Comedian from the movie The Watchmen. The character is a perfect example of an Alpha male. I remember watching this movie in my blue pill days and thinking “what an asshole!” Now I watch it and laugh. http://youtu.be/YX5672Bn3BY

    1. Dr. Manhattan was a great role model as well. I tried to find the clip of him and Silk Spectre on youtube but couldn’t. She comes in with some irrational bitching and in his calm voice just ignores her and calmly finishes what he is doing and then makes a couple of clones of his body where they go in and gang bang her in the next room while he continues doing his important shit lol.

  16. Women are attracted to your desire for them. The rest is a waste of everyone’s time. Good luck.

    1. Its not that simple. What about shit tests???? What about other stuff mainstream guys are not aware of???????

  17. Hiphop in this article is portrayed as being manly music. But if you want to combine something good. Do a workout with deathmetal, better than the drugaddict-music.

    1. Absolutely! A track from Malevolent Creation’s “The Ten Commandments” came on during a workout the other day and it put me in the zone!!! Illdisposed’s “Four Depressive Seasons” is perfect for crushing a workout too.

  18. More importantly, the more girls I hit on the more sexually potent I feel. Strangely, it doesn’t matter whether I get rejected or not. Even after a knock-back, I find myself feeling more in-state and more predatory than before.</I?
    I try to have a brief exchange with at least 2 new women a day. It doesn’t even have to be a conversation where I *CAN* be rejected. For example, after a workout class, I smiled and made a couple of comments to 2 girls in the class about what a great workout that was. One was very receptive, and replied back, the other just smiled and agreed. On the way out of the gym I told a girl walking by that I liked her bizarre t shirt, and she smiled and said thank you. These are beginning steps you should take everywhere and always because they a) make you feel more confident and potent and b) make approaching more natural. Then when you move to the next step of going for a longer conversation with a girl, it is an easy move, and there is no nervousness at all. The idea is to have a confident, cocky “I’m just saying this aloud because this is what I feel and I’m going to smile and share it with you and I don’t give a fuck if you agree or not” like when I said I enjoyed the gym workout.

  19. About the only thing more pathetic than fapping to porn, which I can imagine, is watching porn without fapping so as to get “in the zone” for taking home a similarly used-up piece of trash later on.
    If I may offer the humble suggestion: watch some classic cinema, or some good dancing – in both cases, with men who are real men – and watch how the guys and gals play off of each other. You’ll see that red pill truths were common knowledge amongst our great-grandfathers, but that various social conventions kept the women mysterious enough to be fun and alluring. People think that certain nods to modesty inhibit sexuality; in my experience, they do prevent the most obtuse incitements to mere lust, but they also afford a rich playground for truly fiery flirtation precisely by requiring subtlety and a respectable chase. Things are more exciting, when they are just below the surface and a bit taboo to simply utter bluntly. Our forebears had no illusions about the dangerous nature of woman, as these two classic scenes with Rita Hayworth will prove, but seduction still had a charge of real eroticism, rather than a simple promise of scratching the boringly predictable itch. I think a more healthy way of appreciating the capacity of women to be an object of erotic desire (rather than merely a receptacle for sexual urges), would be to watch such things as the following scenes, or some good dancers, etc., rather than to stare at porn. It will do the same, and better, for you, without reducing you to such a despicable spectacle.

        1. I don’t even know why a Lil Wayne song was in a ROK article to be honest, because he’s gay. There’s a photograph of him kissing Birdman, he wears female skinny jeans, and in his “Mercy” song he said the words “I suck dick”. Plus his Trukfit fashion line doesn’t look very masculine.
          I guess he wouldn’t be making $100 million a year right now if he’d admitted it from the start instead of making gangsta rap. I rate how he adapts and has multiple flows though. Although he makes some shit songs, like in “Ransom”, he TALKS the entire alphabet. Only like 1% of his songs are good.
          Look at this shit freestyle he did it’s a joke.

          Artists always create their best work when they are on psychotic or hallucinagenic drugs.

  20. Fuck hip hop.
    Listen to Soundgarden’s “Big Dumb Sex.” That will put you in the right mindset.

  21. Great article, I agree with everything but the 4th point.
    FIrst of all, watching pron is not something 99.9% of the male population has a problem with, it is the other way around. Most of them watch too much porn, jerk off all the time, and find the hormones go haywire, and they do not have the balls to even talk to a girl properly. Women are views as sexual objects in the west, that is without a doubt. In Middle East they cover up their women, but guess what happens when Arabs come to Western Countries… can they not game because they see women as wholesome? Not, the exact opposite happens, they game like crazy, because they have never seen women so sexually free. Watching porn all day can give you a wrong idea when it comes to gaming, getting a woman into bed is not about coming to fix the boiler and then seeing her naked next to the bed. Gaming involves determination and grit, porn does not teach that. Watching strippers, well I can imagine how gaming strippers can help game, since they are very keen, and would welcome you gaming them (as long as you get a lap dance at the end), so it can push your confidence and swagger up, but I just watching them can be counterproductive. It is like a chocolate which you want to eat, but can’t. Shit will just drive you mad and could turn get you to become more passive.
    Regarding rap, well that is just bull. First of all, it is entertainment, although most rappers do live that lifestyle (fuck whores, fuck bitches, do drugs, etc), when you listen to it, you still regard as that, just entertainment. You watch a movie about italian mafia, you do not become italian mafia. You are still that pussy holed up in your room and scared of looking at people twice, nevermind beating people for a living. To actually get confident like an italian mafia member, would involve you doing what they do everyday. Beating people, or whatever it is they do. Youy could model yourself on them, and do that everyday, and sonn enough you would become that, but it would involve you living that lifestyle.
    Regarding rappers, again, you could model yourself on them, and live a lifestyle similar, (so being the center of attention, gaming women, whatever else), however, for your average white man, that would be very weird. Rappers are very much “black”, a white person cannot model themselves without people calling you out on that shit, it could work, but it really just makes shit that much more difficult. Same as if you got a black person acting “white”. They would also get called out. So modeling yourself on rappers, listening to their music, is just a waste of time. You will never be congruent with it, it is like your grandad listening to rap. It is just fucking weird, and would only work if your grandad is somehow very hip. Probably he would be just an idiot, trying to fit in, and will look just silly. That is how basically most white men are listening to rap music. They are so far from that drug dealing, gut totting, bitch fucking lifestyle that it is just silly, weird, fucked up when your typical white teenager who is scared to talk to females listens to it. Fucking do something more congruent with your reality, and build from there.
    A white person rapping, acting like a rapper, would need to be much better than your average black person to get accepted, and to get into a girls pants, while if he just got a guitar, and learned a couple of easy songs, he would get guaranteed entry. That is why rap in general for white people should not even be discussed.

  22. So…don’t be conditioned, but here, follow all these rules of how you absolutely must and should act. Yep, that makes sense.

  23. “Hip-hop music, with its apologetically sexual lyrics, is also great for getting you in the mood.”
    I think you mean ‘unapologetically’.

  24. you people complain about how our society is going to hell in a handbasket, and then you encourage your readers to frequent strip clubs, watch porn, and look for other creative and intentional ways to corrupt their souls and purge their humanity, so that they start viewing 50% of the population as objects, rather than human beings. pathetic disgusting nastiness. two wrongs don’t make a right. turning and re-molding yourself into a nasty disgusting d****bag just because our world is full of nastiness, is just the dumbest advice ever. confidence with women is simply the same as confidence in yourself vis a vis all elements of society, that comes only with developing positively as a person spiritually, physically, mentally etc. ughhhhh…….

    1. Tell me again how long women have been fucking over men using their pussy as a weapon……

  25. All good, but not buying the part about hitting on strippers, at least not while they are on the job. Sounds like a suckers bet to waste time with that. They’re on the job to make money, not find dates.

    1. I don’t know, I had a stripper eye fucking me a couple days ago & gave me $300 worth of nude lap dance for $45 claiming I was sexy as hell. An act to get more $? Probably. Still thinking of going back without paying for a dance just to see if I can pull her number to verify if it was bullshit or not.

  26. I can’t imagine walking down the mall swinging my cock & my hips from side to side looking like a jackass…..

  27. Haha what an idiot this guy “to be sexual with women you have to objectify them”
    Not true in the slightest dude. Try having an emotional connection with a gal you are really into, it’ll super charge your sex life instead of it just being a jackhammer sesh with some broad on the third Long Island ice tea that you can tell your bros about

    1. Too bad women don’t know how to do that since they have no ideas what they really want or need due to feminism

        1. No basis? Whores sleeping around calling it “sexual empowerment” doesn’t ring a bell? Female double standard doesn’t count either right?
          There’s reality for ‘ya

        2. You realize you could use whores as a gender neutral term to refer to men too right? The issue I take with the vast majority of this website is that its rooted in sexual mores from the 1950’s that assumes women degrade themselves by having sex. Fuck that, frankly.

        3. Men who like sex??: The horror. If you can’t take the heat, then go back to jezebel & keep feeding yourself pretty little lies.

  28. Why doesn’t this website warn about the reality of stds? Anyone focused on getting laid in numbers will eventually (sooner rather than later) get at the very least genital herpes and various strains of hpv. Not a matter of if but when. If she gave her body to you that easily, its likely she was easy for other guys too. Which means she is very likely to have stds. Duh! Boys and girls if you value your health try to keep you sexual partner number down to 5 or under over a lifetime. Up to 10, if you really must, if you’re really unlucky in love. Reserve it for serious relationships. There is a very serious reason why monogamy is encouraged by society, and it has nothing to do with outdated morality.

  29. Approaching anything with a pair of tits just for the sake of approaching is pointless. To me, I have to be attracted enough to the girl to want to make the effort.

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