Taking The Red Pill Is One Of The Hardest Things A Man Can Do

Chances are if you’re reading this, you’re going through, or have already gone through, a major change in your life. You’re clearly not happy with something, but maybe it’s hard to quantify exactly what that something is. Frankly, this is the most aggravating thing about the entire process of unplugging. Nothing has turned out how it was supposed to. Hopefully, you’ve now realized that you’re not quite alone in this big and vast world.

Now comes the hardest part, one that many are unable to ever move past: acceptance.

It will be the hardest thing you have ever done in your life, hands-down. Learning to come to terms with everything that you once knew, that has now been shattered, will break you down in ways you cannot even fathom. Many men don’t make it out on the other side. Those who do are rewarded greatly. Those who do not are left behind in perpetual angst. They know the truth, are able to grasp straws of it, but cannot take action. They have to live the rest of their life in a constant state of regret.

Regret is the worst thing in the world. You will take it to your grave and it will bury you like dirt. However, having the knowledge to fix your life and not doing it every single day will destroy you. You will have no soul left to take to the grave.

Childhood Got It Wrong

I went to school when I was a small child, and I behaved myself. I didn’t pull girls pigtails, I didn’t break stuff, and I got good grades. I’ll always remember how all the girls loved me because I was so nice. My mom always tells the story about how when I was in first grade, and got invited to a girl’s birthday party. There were about twenty girls and I was the only boy. Man, if I could go back in time, I would go punch six-year-old me in the face and tell him to start pulling those pigtails. Six-year-old me was naive and had an excuse. 25-year-old me doesn’t have that convenience anymore.

It’s important to really sit down and hammer out everything that you’ve potentially been lied to in your life. Everything is not what it appears, and there is a reason masculinity has become so pathetic in the Western culture. Men have been biologically programmed for thousands of years to desire a high amount of sex, to make decisions, to fight, and to build. Everything that makes the masculine.

The problem is that in the last fifty or so years, we’ve had a cultural shift of thinking. Unfortunately, people get culture and hardwired biology mixed up. You simply cannot undo thousands of years of biological programming with fifty years of cultural programming. In today’s world, men are being told to be sensitive (not fight), be nice (results in no sex), to work for someone else (not building), and to defer to your woman in every possible case (not decisive).

Yes, don’t you dare do something without her permission. You know what I’m talking about. Most of you reading it have “those friends”—unable to get up to take a piss without his wife’s permission.

Women Are Mixed Up, Too

And rather than being angry at them for going for the bad boys, for rejecting you, and generally making your life tough—you need to let go of that anger. You must feel a bit of empathy for them. You have to understand that they are just confused about the current cultural predicament as you are. To blame them for these faults in a torment of misogyny will not get you where you want. It won’t get you more sex, it won’t get you a relationship, and you’ll only become worse over time. Remember what I said about not having any soul left.

You see, women have been programmed for thousands of years, too. While men were programmed to want sex, make decisions, fight, and build—women were programmed to nurture. To stay at home. To raise babies. To maintain a hearth for her family. Everything that makes the feminine.

Now women are told that not only can they have it all, but they’re expected to do it all, too! They’re supposed to go to college, get a career in an office job, then find the love of her life and have babies (but after she’s lived a full youth). On top of it, they’re told they need to be just as analytical as men in the fields of engineering and science, they’re told that they should be decisive, and that they should fight and build things, too.

The result is a torment of their souls, too. Sure, there are exceptions to this. There are women who truly do want to be lawyers and doctors working 80 hour weeks. However, these are outliers. The vast majority of women seem to hate their boring office jobs at no cost. They don’t get the same satisfaction from work that men do. Men tend to build, and then women tend to nurture what has already been built.

Use a house as a prime example. The majority of construction workers in the world are going to be men. When a home is built, it’s a man who puts it all up. It’s the woman who then nurtures the home and makes it great. And a home needs that feminine touch, only that type of woman can provide it. Don’t kid yourself into thinking you can do it all, either. Men build, women nurture.

Let Go

It’s a natural tendency to get really angry at women, the world (even though it’s very different in other places), and even your fellow men for a while, when you realize the truth. You become upset at the way that women naturally respond to a powerful man. Then there’s the reality—you’re not that powerful man. At the same time, it’s probably been women your whole life telling you indirectly not to be that powerful man. Be a nice guy and the right girl will pick you—right.

It’s absolutely terrifying knowing that you have your entire destiny in your own control now, which is why many men have such a hard time getting over the mountain. They’re facing the real world reality and can’t handle it. Like I said, they die full of regret. It’s a scary thing, having all the tools but no real idea where to start or how to use them. It’s far easier to retreat back into the “normal” and just live the life you’ve been programmed to live. Most can’t handle it. And it’s fair, because it’s the entire worldview that’s been instilled within you since birth being flipped upside down.

However, the only way you can build a new world is to just let go.

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216 thoughts on “Taking The Red Pill Is One Of The Hardest Things A Man Can Do”

  1. Fear is the great enemy. We have lived according to a false understanding of reality, and we fear the world that we might know if we should reject the falsehoods. More importantly, we fear rejection that comes from living according to a different worldview.
    I, myself, possessed this fear. To a degree, I still do – I fear my own understanding of how stupid the human mind is, and how easily it may be manipulated, because I fear the burden of responsibility that comes with such power. But those fears I have overcome – fear of rejection, fear of understanding, fear of reality – seem trivial now.
    Break through to the other side. It is terrifying, as walking a tightrope without a net, but those of us who have come through now see that the tightrope was wide, solid ground.

    1. ” I fear my own understanding of how stupid the human mind is, and how easily it may be manipulated, because I fear the burden of responsibility that comes with such power”
      Indeed – I’ve learned so much in the past two years observing the activities going on in Europe.
      “Break through to the other side. It is terrifying, as walking a tightrope without a net, but those of us who have come through now see that the tightrope was wide, solid ground.”
      True. The only disconcerting thing is the realization that most men still are blue pilled as fuck – which means many bad things can go bad for us.

      1. The red-pill used to just be about figuring out how to get a woman to swallow your cum… Somehow it’s become about saving ourselves from NWO rule and civil war… It almost seems too absurd to be true…

        1. “The red-pill used to just be about figuring out how to get a woman to swallow your cum… Somehow it’s become about saving ourselves from NWO rule and civil war… It almost seems too absurd to be true..”
          Exactly – the analyzing of the contemporary female psyche led us to the causative factors of feminism which led to discovering a whole fuck load of things that go way deeper.

        2. The truest of truths can be interpolated to solve many problems, like any sound scientific formula.

        3. indeed ! Probably 99% of people here swallowed the red pill when trying to figure how to get laid more often and, bit per bit, this pua-like attitude morphed into something more political, more vast. I think this is one of the last steps of redpilling;
          1st manning up by putting women down their pedestal
          2nd reinvent one’s life and give it a true masculine positive direction, and bed all women one can do.
          3rd become aware of how the world is really ruled, by (((who))) and why
          4th resistance against all soros’s suckers, NWO and all those motherfuckers.
          5th transmit the knowledge to the future generations
          Feel free to complete or suggest changes to the list..

        4. There is no way to save one from the coming civil war. My hope is to be dead of old age before it arrives. So far it is a close call.

        5. oh yeah…Red Pill is political philosophy as well… Conservative women use the term “red pill ” now. Can save your life taking the “red pill” imo..

        6. Well, you kept out of your list the actual fucking of women after taking the Red Pill.
          I would add that to the list. It is important.

        7. Why is it fucked that the West is facing existential threat because of psychotic bureaucrats? And that half the population thinks that’s fine?
          It certainly is interesting and all but iunno man… I’d rather be doing something else.

        8. Modern marketing (1930s, but nothing has really changed) is to create an obligation of men to women. It works to sell crap and it works for political power.

    2. Actually you were always walking the tightrope. The difference is that before you were walking it blindfolded. Now you have taken off the blindfold, which makes it scarier, but also makes it easier to walk. Before you kept falling and everyone told you, forget it, you didn’t fall, its all in your mind, you are not on a tightrope and you never were. Now you know you are on a tightrope.

      1. As far as interacting with women goes it’s like finally being given the rule book to the game that you almost always used to lose. Sure, you’d have some success here and there but it was almost always out of sheer blind luck. Eventually interest in playing the game became non-existent. Now that we have the rule book there seems to be one of two choices: either go MGTOW or play the game knowing deep down that there’s no real fulfilling payoff.

        1. The way I have read it put is that once we know the system men respond in one of these ways:
          1) Denial (the majority of men remain blue pilled)
          2) Use the system to get laid (PUA)
          3) Try to change the system to make it more fair to men (MRA)
          4) Try to leave the system (MGTOW)

        2. I’m monk mode MGTOW right now, hitting the gym hard doing the 5×5, and working on me. I’ve gone through the anger phase and since my attitude has become DGAF I notice more attention coming my way. Funny how that works. I plan to make some gains in the gym, which helps with self confidence, then use my red pill knowledge to make up for those wasted nice guy years.

  2. The Red pill is bitter, but the Blue one erase all sweets in life. Until there’s nothing left.
    “Each man is a King at Home, as long it is his own house. A roof and two goats is better then somebody’s palace” Odin.

  3. “unable to get up to take a piss without his wife’s permission.”
    many make their men sit to pee

    1. My first apartment, I had a room mate, whenever anyone brought a girl over, we would tell her that in this house, the toilet seat stays UP. Most complied.

        1. nope, like eating cherries, the batches that you break your teeth are the ones that most are pitted. If none of them are pitted, you expect it. Same way here, if you expect the seat to be up, no problem.

        2. Right? I never understood the controversy of the toilet seat’s attitude. That’s why it’s hinged in the first place. Besides, who sits somewhere without looking?!?!?

        3. Just as I was taught as a lad. Make it a policy to always keep your gun loaded, then you know every time you pick it up that it is loaded, and treat it accordingly.

  4. At some point it’s worth objectively evaluating whether you keeping close ties to an old friend is accomplishing anything, or if you aren’t having trouble letting go for sentimental reasons.
    If he’s given to following the female, then you likely aren’t making a meaningful impact in his life as a friend and you should look closely at if he isn’t softening you up somewhat.
    Remember him as he was, not as what he has become and leave him to fight his way back up (or sink) because you aren’t allowing him to regain anything for himself otherwise. It’s the best way I know to truly honor that friendship.

    1. There was this one fellow I knew since kindergarten. Came out as a tranny. Whiny N arrogant facebook posts. Was tolerant until it started posting about buttplugs on Facebook. Haven’t talked since.

      1. As in our dealings with women, our attention is too valuable a commodity (it’s in limited quantity and something they crave); it’s good that you didn’t waste yours on this thing.

        1. Actually, it is thanks to analyzing it that it validated my theory of deviant sexual development (the catalyst being Bechdel’s “Fun Home”) in addition to being a springboard to developing my principles of physiognomy.
          But personal attention? Nah.

    2. “Remember him as he was, not as what he has become and leave him to fight his way back up (or sink) because you aren’t allowing him to regain anything for himself otherwise. It’s the best way I know to truly honor that friendship”
      These are some excellent words, good sir. I still am in touch with a few friends from high school who today are total liberal / socialist retreads. But I choose to, as you point out, remember fondly the good old days of youth and the times we enjoyed hanging out, drinking beer, and going to the movies. It’s really the best route to take, because in the final anslysis, at the end of our lives consists of memories and we shouldn’t let war compromise this.

    3. I have a very good friend like this. I predict he is going to get worked over. Man, I don’t like his wife.

      1. terrible when you watch it happen right before your eyes. You can’t say anything. You just can’t. I was the best man at an old buddies wedding last year and I spent 75% of our time at the bachelor party detailing to him exactly how his wife was going to make his life miserable and telling him that if he just doesn’t go through with it he will lose some deposits and some people will be pissed, but at least it ends there. He didn’t listen and I am watching as everything I said is happening.

        1. Yeah, first time I met his wife I wasn’t a fan – hitting the wall three year older than him “feminist.” Now attention whores the children on facebook all the time. Worst was when my wife and I had planned a visit months ahead, bought plane tix, etc. and she planned for them to go away that weekend (claiming she forgot) so friend could only hang out for a day. Ugh.

        2. That is a best man’s oft-forgotten duty.
          Fuk it, Like Archie said: “you can lead a horse to water, but don’t look in his mouth”

        3. Same, only I turned down the best man role and explained I wouldn’t attend the wedding. She was a party girl, had hit on some of his friends behind his back (who turned her down). A lot of hearthache/drama that he could have avoided…

        4. am having a dark thought of a wedding gift of 5 metres of rope in case it gets unbearable.. Oh well good I seem to manage to avoid those situations and get out of them if they arise

        5. I was fresh out of the army and was invited to a wedding as a guest of the bride (who I once fucked) and was seated at the reception at a table of guests of about my age. I haphazardly asked, “how soon do you think they will be divorced?” A male guest took offense and lambasted me about the brash comment. I smiled and told him, “I give it 2 years.”
          I was wrong. It took 4.
          As I have gotten older I realize most people marry for the wrong reasons or simply because they have no idea what the institution of marriage requires each person to contribute in order it to be sanctified and thus solid and sound. Those who do will be wandering the desert their whole lives.

        6. Ha. Amazing.
          Meanwhile, how odd is it to be at a wedding when you know you piped out the bride and made her call you daddy.
          Whenever that happens I always give a little extra in the gift

        7. I’ve been to a few of those. Fuck. The only ex GF I was ever on good terms with wanted my blessing (her dad died of cancer when she was young) when she got engaged.

        8. Wow that’s tough. After giving her a blessing you should have….er….baptized her

        9. Yep. I remember that feeling: just a sense of dread, like you were going to the gallows. That’s your body’s way of telling you to fucking run and you can bet I’m glad I backed out (perhaps I was a bastard or a shit or whatever shaming language people like to use but so what)

    4. My best friend has been married for about 35 years. His kids have all grown up and moved on. This guy used to have the biggest balls in the world. There was nothing he wouldn’t try, nothing he couldn’t achieve, and he’d go through a brick wall to reach his goals. Nobody could tell him what to do, and nobody ever tried (he was 6’3″, and 220 pounds of pure muscle).
      But now…now he’s completely pussy-whipped. I heard him whining on the phone a few months ago about how his wife made him fold towels in a very precise manner. Heh. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I tried to coax him into getting back to his old mindset, but after a few months of patiently trying, I gave up. He’s the walking dead and doesn’t realize it. A sad state of affairs. But sometimes you just have to let people go…

      1. It amazes me how simple courtesy or preferences for something like how a towel is folded becomes a point of contention in a relationship. There’s a whole bunch of underlying bad juju if there is an emotional response to folding a towel. My wife asked me to make sure the big spoons and the small spoons were separately sorted in the drawer. Literally just a 3 second fix. No big deal. No drama. I asked her to fold my handkerchiefs and not dry certain clothes differently. Same result. If it turns into a fight, you are doing something wrong.

        1. But then there’s the –
          her-you didn’t clean it right.
          him- It’s clean, correct?
          her- Well, yeah but you didn’t do it the way I do it.
          him- No, but I achieved the goal, so what is the problem?
          her- Well, that’s just not the way to do it.
          Him- well I guess this is your job now.
          Kind of a guy thing that if someone complains about the way you do things, you turn it over to them.
          ever hear of Moose Turd Pie?

        2. Yup, women have been pulling that for quite awhile now. Any repair work is like that. I messed up early on dating in making her a fancy meal. My dad will won’t make anything past toast or Mac and Cheese.
          I suppose the Moose Turd Pie is the passive aggressive way to get out of something. If there is a cleanup day, I will find something in the garage to work on, or if I do decide to help clean, EVERYONE helps clean until it is done.

        3. I explained early on- you can ask me to get something done, I will do it. you want to dictate the how it gets done- you do it. I don’t need a manager or overseer.
          If you have a factual basis for the why, I’ll listen and incorporate if it makes sense. But if my way achieves the goal, leave me to it. I cite Gen. George Patton, Jr:
          “Don’t tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results.”

        4. If you find a rubber in her scat, and it isn’t yours, you know it is best to move on.

        5. A lot of trifling little problems can be solved with “If it’s that important to you, it’s your job”

      2. Sounds like a good reason for the woman to have an affair. He didn’t fold the towels right. The wife’s girlfriends will be telling her that she deserves someone who will make her happy by folding the towels the right way.

    5. Its not always necessary to dump male friends who are blue pill, unless they are always in your face bringing you down. The majority of the male population in america is blue pill.

      1. It can be or become necessary. That’s a decision for each man to make. Evaluating a situation is always a good idea.
        In saying “leave him” here I mean the same as the more common vernacular “let him” only leave is grammatically correct in this instance, I believe (such as: “leave him to his work”, could be wrong).
        The main thing is to stay focused on you, that his situation isn’t causing you to waffle and that you can accept that it is on him to help himself not on you to coddle him.

        1. Sometimes men go in different directions with their lives. I see buddie I grew up with married with daughter, and he strikes me as blue pill even feminized by the experience. Its like he got tired of fighting it and just went passive with his home life. I still see glimmers of his old self sometimes.

      2. dude good luck even getting blue pill men to even want to be friends with you.. most of them wouldnt want to associate with somebody who is a “misogynist” and believes women shouldnt even have the right to vote lol

    6. I’ve been slowly drifting away from my best friend of over 20 years. There was no conversation or anything, I’ve just pretty much quit talking to him. He pretends to lead this perfect life with his wife, while I know that he gave her his balls long ago. The last couple of times I saw him, it was obvious he was so far up his wife’s ass that he was pretty much dead to the world.
      It’s eery to see a guy you grew up with, who slayed ass like a champion, and who has a ton of talent and success become some emasculated little bitch because a 5′ tall blonde has his dick in a ringer.

      1. This resembles my experience. It was the flaking that did it. Eventually our group of four became three, (oddly the other one that got hitched is still the same as always, but then he took charge in the relationship with his wife from the time they started dating back in school).
        It wasn’t that there was some moment when anyone said out loud: let’s not invite him anymore, and I doubt he intentionally stopped calling to see what was up. Conversations had turned to: “my wife said…well, my wife likes…well, my wife and I…” long before that point, not to mention she had lied about being pregnant by him three times in four months and we’d told him to drop her if he didn’t want her. He made his bed.
        Personally, I looked at the situation and let it go, none of us were responsible for him no matter how concerned we might have been.

        1. Sounds just like my friend. I was recently at a big sporting event and messaged him after: “Did you watch the game?”
          His response: “No. I was out to dinner with my lovely wife.”
          Fucking A. Just say, “No, didn’t get a chance.” I think she reads his texts, because it’s not the first time he’s sent me some sappy bullshit like that. Even my girlfriend cringed when I showed it to her. He got caught sexting some chick back when they were engaged. After that, he pretty much chopped his balls off to keep her from breaking up with him.
          That’s actually the saddest part. Before he got caught, things were still good, we were still very close friends. After that, he hasn’t been the same. He does everything she says like a good dog. It’s been a slow burn over 2 years to get to this point. To illustrate how estranged we’ve gotten, I just found out over a Facebook post that he’s having a kid–didn’t even get a text.

        2. Which isn’t going to work for him well, as not having friends is going to lower her regard for him. And eliminate a support network in the event she ends it in the future.
          Being divorced and friendless is tough.

  5. Wasn’t that hard for me. When I stumbled upon this site I was stoked that I wasn’t the only one who was thinking this stuff.

    1. my case too.
      Felt very happy to discover that i was not the only one to think relationship between women and men were shitty, and the cultural dogma was bullshit

    2. No problem for me either. I saw the truth and it adds up. Getting angry at the world? Yeah I did that. It doesn’t work so if you can skip that step please do so.

      1. I feel you 100%. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. And then don’t hate the game, learn game 🙂

    3. It was validation for what I had been told by my dad as long as I could remember. Woke me up to the fact that I wasn’t crazy for wanting to live up to what he taught me. Now I’m more red pill than he is 🙂

    4. Problem for me was not getting redpilled until my mid 30’s. The wasted years, living life a total beta, still bothers me immensely. I find solace though in my ability to red pill my children to not make the same mistakes.

      1. EXACTLY the same here! You are not alone.
        I was a beta incel as a young man, and I became Red Pilled in my late 30s.
        I always felt that something is wrong with the world, but the world convinced me that I was the problem and I am alone. And now I feel as if my Red Pill-self was always there under the surface, waiting to get un-chained and ready to go…
        My anger-phase is already over, and I thank God that I am still not too old to get something out of my life that would make living it worthwile.
        When I will look back on my life from my deathbed, I will not mourn for my wasted young years, but sure as fuck I would mourn if I did not act based on my new Red Pill knowledge and lost these years, too!
        I am still kind of sad for my youth being wasted, but I accept the fact and I moved on. I realised my time is limited, and I do not waste that limited resource of mine on feeling sorry for or being angry with myself. But sure as fuck, when I will have a son, I will not allow him to go through the same suffering as I went through unneccessarily. I will give him Red Pill advise starting from day one, period.
        Cheers to you, fellow late 30s ex-beta male, I wish you good luck in everything, and I wish you happy hunting!!!

        1. Another one here. No girlfriend, lots of missed oportunities, only porn and an eventual prostitute.
          I have been swallowing this pill since 30 years old and I am 34 now. I am still in the self destruction phase but at least a lot of my anger has calmed down and I am exercisiing. I still have ways to go.
          Thanks to all of you for sharing your experiences.

        2. Keep on fighting, brother!
          We have nothing to lose but everything to gain, and there is a world out there waiting to be plundered!
          Porn and prostitutes, lots of missed oportunities? Same here, exactly the same. Looks like we discovered the Red Pill at about the same time in history. Aren’t you my long-lost twin brother? My wake-up call came at age 35, and I am 39 now. I wish it came 5 years earlier.
          So fret not: no matter the past, you still have enough time, and your wake-up call came at the best possible moment. My first success with women after I started the self-improvement path, came at the end of the third year. And boy, did I make mistakes at age 36 the likes of any adolescent 16 years old boy would be embarrassed about… lots. From these I learned what I know today, I just wish I learned them at the normal age of 16.
          One eye-opener for me was the Elliot Rodgers shooting. When you totally understand a mass-shooter, and in your secret heart of hearts you approve, when you could identify with him and his motives, while it baffles the world, well, that is some moment, when you should ask if your life is going to the right direction… Well, I was THAT angry.
          From that anger in 4 years I have reached inner peace with a knowing smirk on my face. Red Pill and self-improvement has this great effects. I was a smack addict for long. Heroin does a good job to numb the pain of life so you do not care about sex or loneliness. This shit I quit, which was – is – the hardest thing ever. To keep inner peace, I practice yoga (I went for the girls the first time I went to yoga-class, but I noticed it is good for body and soul) and that lead me to ear-acupuncture, which also has wonderful effect on your soul. And I go to psytrance parties to dance and to pick up women. I go to the gym, I took up boxing, and looking for employment in my profession. Life is great. Even the greying sides of my hair is a blessing in disguise as far as younger women are concerned.
          Basically, that is it. I accepted my past and my fate, the world and people. There is money to be made, there are young girls to fuck, and the world works as it works. No time to feel sorry for myself.
          But my inner peace only goes so far. If there ever comes a counter-revolution when we put to the wall all the Cultural Marxists pushing the anti-Male agenda, Feminism and such which destroyed our lives, yours and mine, then I will happily join the firing squad.

      2. I understand where you’re coming from. I had luck on my side in that I was 23 and an avid internet surfer

      3. Better late than never. I was fortunate to have parents that are conservative, successful, traditional marriage, no bullshit so I was already preprogrammed for RP thought

  6. Well said Kyle. It certainly resonates with my experiences as well.

    The result is a torment of their souls, too

    Absolutely correct. It’s the path of least resistance to blame women for all problems without seeing that they are also casualties to this gender war. Most of the guys here (excluding the MGTOW’s) would like to see women happy in their natural role as virtuous homemaker and wife. The problem is that women are much more prone to remain in denial; playing it ‘safe’ for fear of being excluded from the herd.
    What they need is a strong male voice to guide her out. Most of the women I have talked to about red pill concepts, deep down, want to be saved from their programming and are waiting for a guy they can respect enough to submit to.

  7. “Acceptance”? FUCK NO. To acknowledge the truth is a far greater option. Acceptance? No. I do not accept. I fight it to the death. You cannot fight what you cannot acknowledge. Perhaps that’s the proper word you were looking for.

  8. Married for 7 years. Wife had a string of bad, abusive relationships. I was determined to be the best thing in her life. To be the kind of man I was raised to believe women wanted a man to be. Pretty much the way Kyle summed it up. Seven years later I find out she was starting to run around. Ended the marriage there and then. Finito. Once the anger and sadness subsided, I began to ask myself what went wrong. Once I started looking around, nothing, absolutely nothing, was what I was raised to believe it was.Yes, it was an embittering discovery my friends. That led me to the red pill. I swallowed it and haven’t looked back. Be at peace if you’ve screwed up. Most of us have to learn through our own mistakes, not someone else’s. Just don’t keep making the same mistakes repeatedly, like I did. I reached a point where I got tired of being stupid. I just regret it took so long. But don’t let it get you down. Keep moving forward.

    1. good points and true – we all go thru it.
      And next guy will be told you were one of the “bad, abusive relationships.”

    2. When asked what is the first thing I would do with a time machine I always reply, I’d go back to my teenaged self and forcibly remove my head from my ass. There is no going back even a second, unless Einstein is right, but that is not possible yet.

      1. Problem is if I tried to give any advice to a younger version of me, he would just tell me to go fuck myself.

      2. to hell with that…go back and help counter the original womens equality movement and keep this craziness from happening to begin with.

    3. no,the problem is women are protected when they cheat now. adultery used to be a capital crime. even after that was ended,a woman would have gotten the shit beat out of her for cheating,and it would have been considered acceptable. good luck with that flying today. nowadays,youre considered “abusive/controlling” just because you tell her shes not allowed to go out with her “guy friends”.

      1. I think the starting of serious slut-shaming of all the stray women we encounter in our own lives is the best starting point if we wish to change the status quo on the long run.
        If we wait for the whole of society and the legal administration to catch up with our thinking and wishes before we start to restore good morals and ethics in our lives, that would be a long, loooong wait…
        Let us all hold an International Slut-Shaming Day tomorrow!
        And every day after that, for all eternity…

        1. problem is they tend to call that “hate speech” nowadays… plus some captain save-a-ho will jump to her defense.

        2. When accused with “hate speech”, laugh. Or perhaps agree & amplify. Or, as final solution if you want, show them what REAL hate speech is, and that you are indeed capable to do it.
          A bit of a scuffle, put up or shut up style, with white knights is a masculine endeavour, and it seldom if ever will go that way that they call you out on your bluff.
          Thing is, we are waging a Cultural War here.
          We are on the offensive now.
          We must punch forward to victory, because we only have the 4 years of breathing space of Trump presidency.
          The enemy will come back with a vengeance if we do not keep on winning.

    4. The best thing is with MGTOW growing larger and as more guys take the red pill and become aware of Divorce Inc.’s marriage scam, her SMV is null and void to guys unplugged. You got the better deal. Her road leads to another divorce and poverty.

  9. What is completely tragic is it isn’t just a one time event. We are lied to each and every day, sometimes by people who you normally agree with. Even on this site, there is a clear split between the traditionalists like myself, the players, and the MGTOW who don’t want anything whatsoever to do with women.
    Be careful to not be one of those boasting of their individualism in their lemming like march to the sea. It can happen again.

    1. Similarly, “going red pill” is not a one time event either. Its more like quitting smoking, where you fight day after day until you just feel better and you cant believe how you once were.

      1. After 14 years of marriage, I still catch myself doing more of the household chores than I should, defending stupidity, and other blue pilled behavior from time to time. It is like you said and quitting smoking.

        1. The thing that I find stupid about men doing household chores is the fact that in some cases their wives /GF’s either don’t work at all or just on a part time basis and these women expect their husbands to come and shoulder “their fair share” after a 40-50 hour week.

        2. I quit smoking 40 years ago. People ask me how long it takes for the cravings to completely disappear. I say I will let them know when it happens. But I know better than to start it up again. So, yup, it is just like quitting smoking.

        3. I like to cook. I also like things made the way I want them. So, I cook. Other than that my wife does everything else. I get up from the table and she cleans up, does the dishes, and washes the pots and pans. She has a cleaning fetish, with which I don’t interfere.

        4. I know what you mean. 19 years now, and I still have cravings. It gets easier with time, but I would still light one up if the wrong situation presented itself.

        1. In a post-blue-pill world we will need some gruesome pics of what will happen to you if you adopt that mindset

  10. “When a man starts to learn, he is never clear about his objectives. His purpose is faulty; his intent is vague. He hopes for rewards that will never materialize, for he knows nothing of the hardships of learning. He slowly begins to learn… bit by bit at first, then in big chunks. And his thoughts soon clash. What he learns is never what he pictured, or imagined, and so he begins to be afraid. Learning is never what one expects. Every step of learning is a new task, and the fear the man is experiencing begins to mount mercilessly, unyieldingly. His purpose becomes a battlefield.
    “And thus he has stumbled upon the first of his natural enemies: Fear! A terrible enemy… treacherous, and difficult to overcome. It remains concealed at every turn of the way, prowling… waiting. And if the man, terrified in its presence, runs away, his enemy will have put an end to his quest.”
    – From “The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge”, by Carlos Castaneda

    1. Fear is a weird thing. I’ll relate a short story from several years back.
      I had been out flying my plane all day, and come nightfall storms had moved into the area between me and home. I was on my way back home, flying in the dark and dodging the worst of the summer thunderstorms. Turbulence was quite bad, enough that even though I was strapped down pretty tight in my seat I was still hitting my head on the ceiling.
      After a couple hours of zigzagging isolated storm cells I was finally on approach to home base. The winds were a direct crosswind, gusting like mad and turbulent as all fuck. To make matters worse my bladder was also now full and every wave of turbulence was now slamming my bladder into the seat belt. Trying not to do a pee dance while controlling the rudder pedals is quite a feat.
      I was pretty calm throughout the entirety of this flight, the only thing I could think about really was taking that piss after landing. I finally get the thing planted on the runway, and with the nasty gusts had to keep flying it to the parking spot as one wrong control move while taxiing could mean being flipped over on the tarmac.
      Anyway all goes well, I get the bird hangared, I go take my heavenly piss then head for the bar to treat my nearly exhausted self to some medicine.
      Halfway through my first drink at the bar this absolute drop dead gorgeous brunette walks in, I almost get instant oneitis. Then all this weird shit bubbling up with it, like fear of rejection etc. I pulled myself out of that in thinking to myself: wtf man you just flew through some nasty shit, by yourself, was entirely calm about it and lived… and you’re getting all worked up over a girl? Stop being a pussy. LOL
      That memory has served me well over the years any time I get a whiff of wherever that fear thing comes from. I reflect back on that moment and tell myself to stop being a pussy you’ve gone through much much worse with better frame LOL

      1. Awesome story. Great parallel to Castaneda’s passage. Some guys let fear defeat them on all fronts. But you didn’t. Good for you, man.

  11. The hardest part of red pill is actually staying and holding one’s ground. After all, it’s easy to pack up and leave, like feminists going to Canada, or MRAs going to Thailand, or big business going to China, or Mexicans coming to the U.S. illegally, and so on and so on. It’s another thing to stay back and defend what’s yours.

    1. Part of the red pill is realizing that none of it is yours. So there is no need to fight over what is not, and never was, yours. Society is now, and always has been, for women. That made sense at one time, but is now totally dysfunctional. You can’t save the civilization, and the civilization doesn’t want to be saved. Accept that and you will be on the path to peace.

  12. You basically have to tough up, take initiative in everything you do. Its a wake up call and man, you can come up with really dark thoughts and attitude towards people and world. I changed a lot after immigration to Canada. Lost contact with many of my “friends”. I despise betas, sjws, feminists and whole leftist bullshit. I also came to not trust people right away anymore. They have to fucking earn it or deal with being treat like shit, nothing. Pretty much no more Mr Nice Guy that I was before. There is a lot more to that. Overall I think it did good to me. There is no way back.

  13. Well, being nice doesn’t mean being a pussy. Boys who pull girls’ pigtails are not more masculine, they are just immature, nasty brats who deserve spanking. Men who fuck lots of girls are just sluts not worthy to have children with. Getting laid with such a guy is equal to becoming a single mommy by choice. Your red pill is ANOTHER lie. Jesus, you people LOOOOOVE to deceive yourselves. Of course lies are everywhere, you are just falling in love with another one. Men must…, women must… We should… Like: Fight, kill and die for your country – because that’s what real men should do. Work hard and earn money to buy lots of things to show off. Breed. Consume. Obey. Be a brainless conformist. Enjoy.
    That’s no real goodness. That’s no real wisdom. And that’s not a way to be free and happy. You have this great philosopher Thoreau who told you that one should listen to one’s own drummer. Go one’s own way. That would be the REAL red pill.
    But you would have to accept solitude, condescending smirks, maybe real contempt. And you are to weak for that. Instead you prefer to seek “brotherhood” and “masculinity”, because that would provide you with a supportive group of other brainless conformists. And you dare to call it red pill! Funny. You’ll never stop deceiving yourselves.

    1. “ …whatever nonsense spoiled and useless Western White Women are throwing their hysterical jags about this week.. everyone is their potential target, for no other reason than that undiagnosed hysterics need someone to SHRIEK at everyday or the snakes inside their heads will eat all their brains.” – Ace of Spades
      It is apparent that your intellectual capacity has already been degraded to the point you are incapable of engaging in rational discourse. Please complete the following template and consider it a response to your post.
      yes and we are all 40 yr old
      {replace with number aligning with your
      stereotype. Examples: 18 yr old would convey immature and uneducated kids on moms’ computers. 40 alludes to the movie and an inability to appeal to or deal with women socially}
      {choose an adjective best conveying either
      a graphic depiction, or your smug self-righteousness. Examples: lazy,
      hopelessly, obscenely, pitifully, grotesquely}
      fat losers, with tiny
      {or replace with an adjective in compliance
      with your stereotype. Examples: pathetic, malformed, miniscule, microscopic}
      {or replace with a crude vernacular term if you believe it better communicates your sense of contempt. Examples: dick, junk, wiener, love wand, joystick, love muscle}
      who live in our mothers’ basements,
      {choose an alternate location if preferable. Examples: decrepit trailer park, prison, a couch in our sister’s home, a bondo riddled 72 Chevrolet van adorned with a mural of naked women cavorting on a beach}
      and have not showered/bathed or brushed our teeth for
      {May replace 3 days with a period of time of your choosing best conveying your notion of our inability to deal with things as basic as our own hygiene as well as a fundamental lack of awareness and self-respect. Examples: week,
      3 days.
      {Feel free to insert an adverb if it assists in better conforming the image to the stereotype you’ve created. Examples: bitterly, excessively, compulsively, dejectedly, mournfully, ineptly, dispiritedly..}
      masturbating all day while playing video games and watching
      { here you may want to insert an adjective capturing your desired portrayal of
      the community by choosing a material or genre type either indicating degeneracy or hopelessly unattainable fantasy. Examples: tentacle, monster, anime, heroic, cartoon}
      porn. Eating cheetos,
      {can be replaced with an alternate food, but should connect/support the previous fat reference and the sartorial despoilment reference below. Examples: Hostess powdered mini-doughnuts, jelly and/or glazed donuts, Doritos.}
      while wearing oversized sweat pants and thread bare Star Wars ‘The Force Awakens’ shirts
      {may adjust wardrobe in keeping with scorn, contempt, or condescension implicit in your post, including a t-shirt themed with the Society Of the Perpetually Offended’s (SOPO) buggaboo of the moment. Examples: a violent video game, a game portraying idealized men and women, a
      Victoria’s Secret Model, a conservative or libertarian figure, a firearm
      company, a libertarian or conservative or accomplished woman with an opinion contrary to the SOPO hive mind. Examples: Ann Coulter, Camille Paglia, Christina Hoff Sommers, Ayn Rand etc.}
      littered and stained with the crumbs and smears from our constant
      {feel free to choose an adverb better conveying your vitriol}
      An example to assist you:
      yes and we are all 50 yr old virgin, pitifully fat losers with tiny wieners, who live in our mothers’ basements, and have not showered/bathed or brushed our teeth for a week. Bitterly masturbating all day while playing video games and watching Overwatch based porn. Eating cheetos in our
      skid-marked underwear and thread bare Star Wars ‘The Force Awakens’ shirts littered and stained with the crumbs and smears from our incessant
      Hopefullly, this will assist in calming the snakes and allowing you a moment’s respite from their depredations.

        1. Hat tip to Lolknee, he made an offhand response to a troll, I thought it worth having a template so they can at least make their insults entertaining. Also a hint for them to punch up their game a bit given no sane person takes insults on the internet seriously.

    2. Your post sounds like an unwarranted, autistic sounding outburst against something you neither understand nor agree with.
      I probably shouldn’t say “autistic”, those guys are marginally better at structuring rebuttals.

      1. Sister? Tomek, is that you? :))))
        Just kidding. Please, no preaching. The truth is not always pleasant. Manosphere guys don’t respect women, otherwise they wouldn’t treat them as meat. So I say “fucking”, not “making love”.

        1. Who would respect a woman speaking so harshly? Often it is not what we say, it’s how we say it. This is feminine wisdom.

        2. I am not asking for your respect, just as you can’t expect me to respect you. Respect have to be earned. But if you show DISrespect by treating women like meat, then DISrespect is what you’ll earn.

        3. Karolina, you say, “manoshpere guys don’t respect women.” Yet you come to these same men with this vulgar, aggressive post. What response do you expect? How we engage with others is always our choice and our responsibility. The other person’s actions shouldn’t force your behavior. Self direction and equanimity.

        4. If I see a post on ROK like “where to find sluts” or something like that, It’s hard not to judge. When I see a “Red pill theory” being another ideology, I judge as well. Maybe I’m just a judgmental bitch. Whatever. I love ideas. I hate ideologies. That’s why I am so bitter when I see people falling for yet another one.

        5. I like ideas too. Exploring new ideas with a judgmental mind doesn’t work well in my experience.
          Your “red pill theory” is a fair enough thought, but even the most reasonable argument can be lost on a poorly chosen delivery.
          Anyway, this is a man’s site. You and I and any other female who might wander through are semi-tolerated guests. That alone is reason for good behavior, no? If nothing else, don’t prove their point.

        6. Woman are incapable of understanding the red pill. Until you have seen a woman say… “I can’t do this”; and goes out of her way to find a drug dealer for your nice guy replacement. You don’t know nothing.. Absolutely fucking nothing. In fact, you know less than fucking nothing.

        7. I agree. I’m unable to fully understand your situation. Nothing I know can completely cross this gulf between man and woman. I’m more convinced of this now than I was previously. Thanks ROK!
          I have seen women toss aside nice men for drug dealers and that type. It was enlightening.

        8. If something is published, it will most likely be judged. If the author expects only positive response, he has every right to ban me.
          We are all more or less solipsistic but we should at least TRY to find the truth. Observing the world and listening to others may help.

        9. The “truth” is the discovery of how biologically woman make choices and use men to achieve their “nest”. The red pill is making sure that men don’t fall for this female shit with a clit and put themselves first. People are biologically driven to “relate”; how it goes down is the discussion.

        10. “men don’t fall for this female shit with a clit and put themselves first.”
          This is mgtow? It’s an understandable response given the present situation, but sad, I think. It seems defeatist. Or is this eternal gaming? That seems counterproductive, but, again, I see the argument. The discussion, I hope, will eventually lead to additional strategies and options.
          I can’t confine my understanding of you, me, how we relate, or the aforementioned gulf to no more than unavoidable, irredeemable biology. That’s too masculine a perspective for me.

        11. Weak men put woman first and woman test men for this weakness… Its simple -women biologically detest weak men. Defeat or not defeat isn’t relevant. You can’t teach a woman this because your based on emotion and not logic. its like telling a man to not want to stick it in when he sees a naked gal.

        12. Begin with the understanding that not everyone here is MGTOW, or MRA, or PUA or any of those easily organizational labels, we’re not a herd. Many are even adamantly opposed to those things. We do not all agree on everything. Authors and commenters alike get argued with and even razzed. The thing that unifies us, if anything, is our masculine nature.
          We are geared to be problem solvers, so we attempt to analyze the world around us and determine what works and not and how to deal with it. We’ve mostly all come to the realization that much of what has been impressed upon us socially is not to our benefit, why it came to be, and how we might disrupt and eliminate such influence. We see that men need elders to act as mentors, and contemporaries to bounce ideas off of. Many of us believe entirely in personal responsibility. I personally have a policy not to directly demean another man’s personal choices unless it directly hinders or effects mine.
          Some people on here are humorous, some are intense, some don’t particularly like each other, but it’s not about feelings; if we are grown men we can handle a little tough talk. There’s no “guidebook” or over-arching ideology to direct us and keep us in line (the ideologies then play along apolitical/political lines, particular ideas held by each person, biology, religion, nationalism, etc. It may be hard to understand but there is no particular leader or definable “group” here which is difficult for those used to needing to prop up their identity through that concept).
          We are simply intentionally choosing to be men, in which our masculinity is inherit, and setting our own standards. If that means bagging as many girls as possible for that individual fine, if that means marrying and raising kids fine, if that means showing an interest in every article topic or none fine. We are each left to the consequences we have wrought. If there are disagreements it isn’t immediately a negative as it will require us to consider what is put forward, even if it is subsequently rejected.
          That’s pretty long and nowhere near everything, and largely my own take, but it’s a starting point.

        13. Why would eternal gaming be counterproductive? I use game on my wife, to keep her where I want her.
          The core point of the manosphere is to understand the nature of women and men, and to break free of the conditioning that men are force fed growing up. What one decides to do with the knowledge, which path one chooses to tread, is an individual choice.

        14. “You can’t teach a woman this because your based on emotion and not logic.” haha Jollyjoker, you say that like it’s bad thing! Women are emotion based, sure. I don’t consider that a fault necessarily, though it can be. Maybe it depends on the quality of the emotion? An unfettered or poorly trained intellect can be dangerous as well. I am capable of some reason though, just as you feel emotions, despite being logic based, yes? Sometimes men and woman arrive at the same conclusion by different means. ie reason and intuition
          But tell me what you mean by “put woman first”?

        15. Yes, I’ve noticed the, forgive me, diversity of opinion here. It’s impressive. I hope you are able to maintain the lack of group think. Becoming, as Karolina suggested, an ideology, easily controllable, a pawn of manipulative cultural forces, a dead idea – that’s the danger.

        16. Apologies, I’ve used the wrong term, or understood it incorrectly. I mean to say those who remain intentionally single, men who reject emotional attachments, keeping strictly to one night stands or very short term involvements. Woman are evil, just use them for sex, etc
          Yes, I understand “gaming’ your wife, and if done to refine her and for the benefit of the relationship and family unit, “gaming” seems maybe a poor choice of words but ultimately a good thing. Women can and should do the same provided their intent is unselfish. Men are easily manipulated, and most often by immoral women with self centered intentions, so a counter force is needed.
          “The core point of the manosphere is to understand the nature of women and men, and to break free of the conditioning that men are force fed growing up” Excellent. Save yourselves, please! I don’t fear this. Many more women have given me reason to fear them than have men and I don’t like what I see happening to you. Women are indirectly harmed by that conditioning, so all the better for everyone if some men reject it. I agree with Kyle that women are also force fed a detrimental to all conditioning. I’ve seen and experienced this. It’s a mess all around.

        17. “Its simple -women biologically detest weak men”
          That’s true. Detest is maybe a strong word, but .. yes. We might disagree on what defines a strong man. Even among women you would find some disagreement.

        18. Type of house, car, how hard you work-to make the american dream, number of kids; raising kids. A lot of males let the other half do the choosing because society says so…… Its permeated throughout society. Look at marriage vows- love ,honor cherish? Those words and woman saying them do not belong in the same sentence. Woman have no idea of honor – its about them and only them. Its a bullshit line to bait unsuspecting males into signing the deal……..Your bringing up a whole generation that believe this shit. The red pill is – enough of your shit. And yes, emotion is a bad thing – those words in the vows- those are agreements. Not – how do i feel today. I can gain weight like a hog and get fat because I can? I can be a financial disaster because I feel I can? I know woman like that…Screw that shit and the woman who think that way.

        19. “Type of house …” Oh, ok. Yes, why do so many men relinquish control like this? Women seem to demand it, maybe as a misdirected urge for self determination, then complain the men are awol when they receive it.
          I’m Russian Eastern Orthodox. There are no wedding vows in our marriage ceremony because marriage is a Holy Sacrament sanctified by God. We face the altar, the priest, not each other. I’m sure you catch the significance. Romantic/sexual love is not the motivation or the goal. The divorce rate among practicing Orthodox has been estimated to be less than 10%. I’m 25, I’ve seen a lot of friends married the last few years. Your wedding ceremonies are trite at best, sometimes straight up self serving nonsense, and I can think of maybe one which seemed to have any hope of success. Most of the grooms seem ill prepared, some looked like they wanted to run, and the brides were lost in a Disney Princess fantasy. I don’t know how you can redeem marriage until you accept that it is neither a mere legal contract nor a fanciful, self indulgent celebration of temporal “love.”
          I know woman like that too, I’m sorry. They’re like children. The emotions you are describing are unrefined, and absolutely those are a bad thing. You recognize when a man is employing faulty logic, yes? When his reasoning is unskilled and untrained? The same applies to emotion. The heart must be refined just as the intellect. I like Kierkegaard’s Works of Love here.
          Those are welcome thoughts, jollyjoker. Thank you. 🙂 Most of the complaints I read here seem fair enough to me. It’s a matter of addressing them, collectively and individually, that I wonder about. I suppose “enough of your sh*t” is the first step.

        20. Not all men are easily manipulated by women, but too many are unfortunately, which is what we are trying to change.
          But yeah you are correct in that women end up being harmed by the conditioning of boys and men now, many men I know would never step up and protect a girl even if she was assaulted right in front of him. That’s just terrible to me, and it’s terrible to society as well.
          I want things to go back to normal, which means married couples being stable and having children raised properly.

        21. Many men my age are. Older men are probably less so though. I hope you can change it!
          Women have shot themselves in the foot, no doubt.
          I want that too. I think more people do than are willing to admit. I don’t know how. There’s so much damage and mistrust on both sides.

        22. for me the healing process if you will has to start at home, and I doubt that women would go along. So I think we will end up with a war, probably in Europe, nothing seems to want to even try to stop it

        1. Nope. You’ve not shown yourself worthy of elevation to discourse or debate. I won’t reward that behavior with anything more than mockery.
          Next time try building up some credibility and use a little civility, then you might get somewhere.

        2. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you. I was just unforgivably honest and sincere. There’s nothing to talk about, you think you found the Holy Graal of masculinity and forged another sweet ideology. How can a sane person respond to that?

        3. So you’re saying women don’t really want alpha fucks / beta bucks? Women should be judged by what they do not what they say.

        4. SJW are incapable of understanding red pill. Its like trying to translate latin for a blind person.

        5. If this site is for men only, and only for those who aspire to become Alphas, then there’s almost nothing I could learn from it. I already said what I think and if you don’t like it, prove I’m wrong.

        6. Its not possible to prove you wrong because your not based on logic. Your a woman – therefore, based on emotion. its your own actions that are the proof…..No one on this site can tell you anything because what you say isn’t what you react to.
          Also, your partner might not be an alpha; but your not happy either – that is easy to see by your vitriol. Did you know 66% of married people that are “in righteousness” would rather read a book that f their partners.
          Not too many people are missing anything.The ones that are fucking everything in sight- at least they have a vision..although they might not be sure of what they want.

        7. This is why I kept it to simple mockery, there was nothing within the post which was a correct premise from which to stage a discussion and the obvious vitriol was a red flag. Assigned motive, making presumptions, erroneous supposition and low likelihood of ever being able to get it across, just not worth it.
          I’d be more likely in the future to have a serious conversation with this “shura” than ever make an attempt to do more than ignore this other one who basically burst into a men’s lodge where no one knew her and started screaming irrationally. I should have just stuck with ignore.

        8. My reaction as well.- Ok, got it,you think we’re all horrible, try and find a more entertaining way to say it

        9. Since you don’t care to judge what I write but rather who I am, I already know you are not a reasonable creature. But that was obvious from the very beginning. Both you and I are led by emotions but I don’t fall for any ideology and at least TRY to find the right way to live my life.
          No, I am not happy but not because of my partner. In fact he’s one of the few good things that happened to me. Those who are interested only in mating with random women can’t have even that.

  14. As many have already mentioned…. I think for most us already here, it was a pretty easy transition. We were already taking steps to remove ourselves (not to mention, our thought processes) from the hive mind.
    I think this article was more so geared towards friends of ours still entrenched in the system. We all have them… the friends we KNOW are blue pill. It’ll be like squeezing blood from a rock to get them to accept this way of thinking… but most hard things in life are worth doing.
    The sooner the better, too. If only so they’ll get over the “damnit I hate the world, all women are shit” phase that so many of us seem to pass through. It’s not until we understand “oh, I was the shitty one… and now that I’m improving, wow things are just falling into place” that they’re able to let go of the embarrassment/bitterness and move forward as men comfortable with themselves.

    1. An even more important question is if your wife is blue pilled, how to you get her to see the light? (Not my problem, but what would you do?)

      1. History shows that merit can be neglected for the time being but never completely oppressed. Just call her demand the bluff that it is.

  15. I’m just fucking happy that I discovered the red pill years ago as a 18 year old, not as 48 year old haha.

    1. You have no idea how lucky you are. You can thank the internet more than anything else. We now know that the big lie, that it is just you, is false. We know that most men experience most of the same problems dealing with society and women (same thing really). Ignorance is no longer excusable.

    2. Good for you man. I wish I had at 18. I’m 49 and discovered the red pill after getting frivorced in 2011. I was basically a case study in blue pill Beta, god forgive me. I won’t say that I’m an Alpha now, but I found the points in this RoK article to be spot on: http://www.returnofkings.com/54303/3-unintended-consequences-of-taking-the-red-pill. I’ve got myself a nice, truly religious, Southern girl now. Good cook, deferential to me, and appreciates my perverted imagination…she even loads mags for me at the range. My life has improved exponentially since recovering from blue pill marital hell.

    3. lol – Be very thankful for the internet and thank writers like Rollo. I grew up in the 80’s. Between liberals, religion …I came out as a blue piller. I made choices like a blue piller. Dated like a blue piller; and for the trifecta- married like a blue piller……You didn’t have a chance. You just think you have to be a certain way and it really isn’t questioned.
      …… I don’t think it would have made a difference if I learned of the red pill when I was younger. I probably would have discounted the value. I still got a ton of tail in college and after college. Maybe I was naturally red pill and then blue pill ..who knows. ………Anyway, I wasn’t setup financially until my early 30’s so I wasn’t happy anyway.
      …. If I was red pill sooner; I may have married differently but – if she turns on ya; it still doesn’t mean you are any more equipped to deal with a divorce or any associated financial reality. Also, you can say- don’t get married but you still have to acquire a kid somehow if you want that personal aspect in your life.I wanted a kid more than a marriage.
      The reality also is there are not that many gals -(at least in my gen) that are worth anything besides MGTOW anyway. Most are boring. When you do engage; its ongoing game stress for 15 minutes of glory! seriously is that worth it. If you think some 25 year old gal isn’t going to size you up for a house and your wallet. . think again. Its just how it is. Never met a gal yet that didn’t want a giant fukn house/vehicle and all the trimmings. You will likely play that game even though internally you know that you don’t want to take on that debt.
      In some ways, the red pill kills you a little because you know it can’t be any other way. The real madness is even if you walk away; in the end as a human you want a connection. You can’t kill that drive. I would pay for a pill to kill that aspect permanently.

    4. I discovered the red pill in late 2015. I’m currently a freshman in high school. I feel like I have been given a gift that nobody else has.

      1. Good for you. Now use it, and don’t let discouragement tear you down, use it instead to build a better you upon.

    5. You lucky bastard!!!
      I discovered it in my late 30s. (Still not too late, thank God…)
      Now, you say 10 Hail Marys thanking God for giving you this gift of life at age 18!
      And good luck, and happy hunting!

    6. I grew up around it, it just seemed natural. I didn’t discover the vocabulary and “movement” that sprang up around what I used to consider “normal, traditional life” until a few years ago though.

  16. If you have parents that wish you to have a wife, children and some kind of stable job then you will eventually someday unfortunately understand the red pill. Sorry Mom, the world has changed.

  17. The hardest part of taking the pill was realizing that I would not be able to get a woman to love me like I thought they would. I was raised in a terrible home devoid of love from a single mother who had her brain damaged by drugs. Finally realized that chasing a woman’s affections was ruining my dating life. Happily single for a few years but I still crave the affection of a loving woman.

    1. All of it. The piercings, tats, and signage are intended to proclaim loudly “I don’t give a shit!”
      Which means that she does give a shit.

  18. What everyone here should know is that there are usually many red pills a man has to discover. Most of us are here because of a bad breakup or bad luck with women. But as time goes on you’ll take the red pill for human interaction, for jobs, for fitness, etc. And each red pill you take will also lead to frustration as you try and deal with the loss of some more of your “innocence”.
    In the end, though, it’s all worth it. The lack of cognitive dissonance in your life will be a sweet relief. And the journey will also make you stronger so you can deal with stress and doubt better.
    tldr: Tradition was the norm for millennia because it worked. The social engineering experiment that is feminism and the modern world is doing nothing but removing us from our natural biology and making us miserable.

  19. I laugh when I think about how I was a child.
    I was a little asshole. A brilliant one though that would get excellent grades but otherwise would fight authority at every turn, get into fights routinely and pulled no punches. I was the kind where I wouldn’t bother anybody but if anybody trifled with me I would destroy them with great relish and on occasion would show a real sadistic streak.
    Good times.

  20. It was hard for me to let go, it still is in all honesty. It just seems like an empty void that I cannot explain to anyone. My friends think im crazy because some of them are cucked out and cant leave the house without asking their wife, fiance or girlfriend permission. My dad’s sexual prime was in basically late 70s to early 90s, so its not like he can really relate to the current climate and what guys like us are going through just to meet a decent woman.
    I made mistakes for years that I own and wish I could go back and do it over again. I sometimes replay the shit tests in my head and laugh at how I responded to them. It never occurred to me that the world was so different than how I was raised. I was raised to be nice and find the best in everyone. Which is an admirable way to raise someone, just not an admirable way to raise a man.
    I feel stronger now though. Its been about a year since I began “unplugging”. It is still difficult but I have an understanding of my contribution to the problem, but also understanding that women are pretty messed up nowadays. I think by constantly working on myself and bettering my lot in life, I will at least find comfort in what I bring to the table.

    1. Keep in mind, (1) you’re awake now and (2) don’t beat yourself over past mistakes. We’ve all been there. Forgive yourself and move forward.
      I would recommend a fellow red piller (Turd Flining Monkey) who covers some of what you posted above. Particullary his podcast, “she’ll never love you.”

      1. Yeah definitely. Pretty good video. I came to this conclusion when I ended my relationship with my ex about 3 years ago. I noticed our relationship changing and she didnt “love me” like she used to. For about a year we tried making it work again and I came to the conclusion that my value to her was down the drain and would never come back, no matter what I did. I am in better shape now, I am almost done with college and I have more goals than I’ve ever had in my life and a lot of projects. Still it doesn’t matter, because she doesn’t value me anymore.
        The reason we split initially was because she was getting really into religion again. Which is fine, I even said it was great and I would go with her, but I wouldn’t be a member of her church and sellout my beliefs to take on and believe in hers. Her sect of Christianity is one of those mega church type religions and I absolutely despise everything about it. But I still did what I had to do to make her happy. It just wasn’t what SHE needed to love me. Which at the end of the day pretty much proves this video correct, there is nothing that will make them “love” us.
        Also the video talked about resisting the urge of your own sex drive. I’ve basically been on a dry spell for 2 years (the first year was REALLY difficult, its one of the reasons as to why im here lol) and the 3rd year begins at the end of this month. Anyway, it has been a lot easier to focus that energy on other things and its not as bad as I used to think it was. I never thought in my wildest dreams it would ever be like this and like I said in my comment, most people cannot relate…

        1. Focus on yourself (self-improvement) and goals (career, money) and the women will come later. Plenty of men here can attest to that. I am guessing you live in the US, so you will have to let go of some concepts you internalized (eg. women are equal to you, you’re priviledged, etc..).
          I cannot comment regarding the religion aspect, but if she is attending one of those sects that allow gays or women priests you are better off with out her.

  21. To all ROK writers and readers. Please do an article on Boris Nemtsov.
    I just want my message to spread. Please do not ban my username.

  22. Yes, I agree that you have to let go. But the idea that women are confused to is a bit to far fetched for me. They readily threw us under the bus! don’t deny that because if you do you’re straight back in the danger zone. Generally i agree that acceptance leads to a much fuller adaptation of the red pill. I say be aware of what you are dealing with in women in order to mitigate vulnerability. I cannot help but think blurring that line and stating that women have had it as bad is a very dangerous thing to do.

    1. I think he means that women are fucked up IN PART due to Feminist social programming. You should not hate women for that, because it is the responsibility of Culutural Marxists.
      It also means that you must understand the true female nature, and act accordingly, knowing that with masculinity you will conquer that.
      In essence: do not hate women, but smash Cultural Marxism!

      1. Feminist social programming is definitely part of it, it certainly seeks to amplify very unstable elements within the female psyche. I don’t think that many men hate women but rather they realise mate selection is very limited and of inferior quality. The author makes good points but I think that he does somewhat absolve women of their agency. We as men don’t hate women but we can’t stop them from hating themselves. Which is what Cultural Marxism promotes.
        Women will double down on their delusions rather than face the truth and that is what makes them dangerous (especially from a legal perspective). Men get entangled in this and suffer greatly as a result. Masculinity can only flourish if men impose rigourous boundaries upon feminine imperatives. Surely that would mean holding them to account with masculine standards where womens ignorance is not a defence? Women made the investment they pick up the tab.

        1. I have to agree with you, because essentially we are talking about the same thing; we are just using different words.
          The way I see it: we do not fight women’s true nature, we fight Feminism!
          With our (true) masculinity, we must dominate and we must contain women’s nature.
          It is our sacred and simple masculine duty, and deep down it is expected from us, no matter how much women may deny this basic fact.
          If I wanted to make light of it, I would say Feminism is the ultimate shit-test the previous few generations of Western men failed, and it is our turn now not to fail. It is our turn now to call them out on their bullshit, and to pass the same shit-test with flying colours… But unfortunately reality is much more serious than that.
          We must eradicate Feminism off the face of the Earth! We must give no quarter to Feminism! No quarter to Feminist ideology and no quarter to the Feminist people themselves!
          We must eradicate all forms of Cultural Marxism, and the very people who promote Cultural Marxist ideas! Against them, we must become the full-on “Fascists” they are always crowing about being afraid of. We must validate their worst fears, and then some!
          We must smash Cultural Marxism, period!

        2. Tell it like its brother! Absolutely. They will clearly never respect us – so the only option we have left is to make them fear us.

    2. like said jesus to jehova. father forgive them because they do not know what they are doing.
      these women are tools used to advence the plan of the elites, once they will have reached their goal ( borderless country and automatons working in the stead of people) they will drop them like they dropped men. and this time no one gonna save them, they are condamned.

      1. “father forgive them because they do not know what they are doing.” For the life of me I cannot understand why so many men refuse to hold women to account, their ignorance is not a defence! They invested in cultural marxist ideology in order to promote feminine imperatives at male expense – they are completely cognisant of what they have done.

  23. Great red pill image…don’t mind if I borrow it? But also a great little piece on the pain of re-entry. Many guys just go back in to denial but once you’ve taken a look either you deal with it or go under.

  24. That part about childhood hits close to home. Back even in elementary school, when all the other boys were pulling girls by pigtails and misbehaving, I was the nice guy. I had a girl-friend in my class who was also my crush. She always said she hated all those dumb boys and she would always hang out with me. I thought I was going into the right direction. Couldn’t have been more wrong. Shit, I was a naive child.

  25. I always thought something was wrong and never fit into the way things worked. I was not red pill back then because I didn’t get it I still thought I was crazy at some level (surrounded by pussy beggars).
    Once I started to go online it all changed. The whole world is different now it all makes sense (these people are out of their fucking minds). Life is enjoyable fun, good.
    I know whats wrong.
    I have a plan.
    The plan is working.

  26. The eternal question about “real men” crap. In this world there is no way to be “the man”. They are talking about power, alfas, beta males. Were are not wolfs or dogs. So what happen with real powerful men in the human society? Owners of social media, banks, corporations, political leaders. They are not strong steroid men, they are not fighters. That kind of “real men” need to work for real powerful men. Fat, short, with glasses. So you want the truth? Yeah, truth could be painful. Generals, officers, corporation owners and billionaires with no relation with men like “The rock”, just as bosses. Because that men are like clowns, they live selling themselves as actors, martial arts instructors, just like a circus. So that’s the real red pill. Welcome to human reality, very very far of dogs social reality.

  27. This false dichotomy of so called “acceptance” and “non-acceptance” is a fucking lie and a falsehood perpetrated onto your intellect by establishment types.
    I am the fucking king. I am the fucking man and nobody is fucking better than me. What’s so hard to accept about that?
    Stop with the bullshit programming and start with the self-esteem advocacy.

  28. I swallowed the red pill. I think it was around like two months. Something changed. My outlook changed. I realized a lot. I looked at women differently. I don’t be the nice guy with them anymore. If they do crazy shit they do, I usually walk away or disconnect. I’ve realized I’ve probably been a beta for way too long, and that I’ve been controlled by my family for way too long. It’s made me realize I need to take more responsibility. Question everything…and ultimately, don’t trust so naively.

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