Don’t Ever Take Advice From A Dating Website

Mmm…that woman in the picture above sure looks like a fun time. eHarmony has an article titled “15 Reasons to Date a Single Mom.” I think there’s something unique about it compared to most articles of its kind. This isn’t written from the dogs at Jezebel who likely believe in their ideology. No, this is by a company with a financial interest in people getting together. Should you take their advice and say “I do,” or at least get an apartment together, then they’ve won. And if such advice should cause you to get divorced again, then they’ve gained another client. And if you should spend a couple years paying for their website without finding anything, then even better. It is in a dating website’s financial best interest for the product to fail.

The interesting thing about this article is that every single point is 100% false. Not just sort-of-true-maybe-if-there’s-the-right-chemistry-and-time-of-life. No, their stereotype of unwed mothers is like saying that black people listen to country music or that men find comfort through watching Eat, Pray, Love. If you hate long articles, basically eHarmony says that unwed mothers are great because they’re willing to settle for a lazy man-child. They are really playing to their clientele.

The article begins with, “That cute single mom might be the future Mrs. You.” This isn’t even one of their points; it is just the introduction, and already they are lying to you. Obviously, unwed mothers tend to be older, and a woman’s beauty begins to degrade circa 25 years old. But even if she is an 18-year-old with a prom “accident,” pregnancy does things to a woman’s body. Her stomach of course is deformed, but more than that, the constant stress of unwed mothering takes a toll on her face.

Humans aren’t designed to raise children alone, and doing the job of two people will wear you down. I remember seeing a teenage picture of my (now unwed) mother and thinking that she was my aunt because the woman in that picture was actually pretty. Furthermore, an unwed mother knows that her best bet at marrying a “good guy” is to find a reformed drug felon, meaning that the greatly limited dating market has further stressed her out. So maybe some unwed mothers are hot, but they certainly aren’t cute, if that makes sense.

1. She’s no wimp. Single moms are tough and independent.

The idea of an independent woman is a myth to begin with, and even if it’s not, unwed mothers are not independent. If they were, they wouldn’t be trying to find a man, and they wouldn’t be on government assistance. Also, you only need one tough and independent person in the relationship. Imagine the hell of two people with strong personalities and different life-philosophies trying to live as one. Ladies, unless you want a weak and needy man, it is against your best interest to be tough and independent. Also, I find it telling that they describe unwed mothers in masculine terms.

2. She’s already a great mom. (And weren’t you looking for someone who would be a great mother? Look no further!)

Notice they put the word “great” in front of “mom,” because they themselves know that those two words don’t naturally imply each other. There are some unwed mothers who put their kids first in their life, but that only means the man will always be number two. This point is at best a tautology and at worst a misapplied false assumption. There are plenty of unwed mothers who make poor life choices, hence why they’re unwed.

3. She’s incredibly patient, but doesn’t have a lot of tolerance for bad behavior. She’ll be good for you.

So patient that she decided to wait until marriage before breeding? So patient that she stuck it out in a difficult marriage? So patient that she actually does “have a lot of tolerance for bad behavior”? Because I want to be a little bad, at least by a woman’s standards. I like smoking, going to bars, and watching South Park. Why should I compromise my life for your kid?

4. She doesn’t play games. She doesn’t have time to just fool around. She takes her relationships seriously.

I could pretty much type verbatim what I wrote for point three.

5. She’ll only keep you around if the relationship is a good thing for both her and her kids. You won’t have to guess if she’s into you.

I like the if-statement here. Glad to know she likes me for my natural charisma. And it’s true for most girls that “you won’t have to guess if she’s into you.” If a girl replies to all your texts immediately, does anything to accommodate you, and has been dating you for several months, then she’s into you. Really, the best way to tell if a girl likes you, whether you’re dating her or not, is to make a joke about the two of you getting engaged and see if she plays along.

6. Single moms are easy to pamper. (They don’t get breaks very often. Hint, hint.)

Okay, I’m not quite sure what this one means. I think I’ve got a guess though. This means that she’s easy to satisfy. Like, you don’t have to put out a lot of effort? This one might actually be true, at least for some of them. If an unwed mother understands the huge disaster she’s made of her life, she’ll take what she can get. The operative words there are “if” and “understand,” and since society wants unwed mothers to believe that they can do no wrong, she probably won’t ever have this epiphany. So I still stand by my claim of the article’s complete falsity.

7. She’s loyal — and is fiercely protective of her little brood.

And will she be more loyal to me than to the little bastard? If she is so loyal, why is she unwed? Oh right, right, because all divorces happen because the husband beat his wife, got in his truck, and moved to Wyoming. My bad.

8. She can articulate what she wants and needs from a relationship.

I highly doubt she’ll say, “What I really want is a man whom I don’t completely hate and who has a high-enough-paying job to sustain a normal life. He should also be the same race as the father so that people don’t think I’m a tart.” Kids, despite what you’ve been told all your life, you need more than chemistry—whatever that means—to make a relationship work.

9. Single moms are both practical and fun. There’s no room for diva behavior.

Aren’t practical and fun mutually exclusive terms? Like, you can be both, but not at the same time. Fine dining is fun, but eating Swanson frozen dinners is practical Also, why are unwed moms by default fun? I get the practical part at least in theory, but why would a grass widow be fun? Oh, because she’s easy. A woman’s body is priceless in the sense that banging is free. Why do poor people breed so much? Because they can’t afford cable. So never mind. This list is only 93% false.

10. She’s no longer a party girl, but a fun night out is still very welcome.

I think an “lol” would be in order if I were that kind of man. eHarmony has admitted that unwed mothers used to be party girls (i.e. whores) and still miss that lifestyle. I know this is controversial here on ROK, but point ten is also false. My mother went to the wedding bed a virgin, and when my father left her, she decided to never date again. My mother is anything but a party girl, and she’s certainly not fun in any sense of the word. Although this is a small minority case study, it still is the exception to eHarmony’s assumption. Point ten still stands (as being completely false).

11. She’s selfless. Single moms put others’ needs before their own.

Selfless people are rarely divorced. Also, completely selfless people don’t exist. But even if they do, and even if someone who has consistently made bad life choices is one of them, which “others” is eHarmony speaking about? Will her bastard get more priority than her fancy new husband? The competition is supposed to end at the altar, hence the whole concept of life-commitment.

12. Moms make the best lasagna and give the best back rubs.

If by “make” you mean put Stouffer’s in the oven. And no, Chianti’s on 4th street makes the best lasagna, and Chardonnay at Dick’s Leisure Club gives the best back rubs. As an aside point, isn’t this rather anti-feminist? Is eHarmony telling me that real women are good in the kitchen? Of course eHarmony is. A dating website is trying to make money, and they’ll push whatever ideology necessary. They’re not idiots.

13. You’ll get to take part in adventures to amusement parks, the zoo and the park. Bonus: You’ll have an excuse to play with toys.

First off, amusement parks suck, but even if they didn’t, plenty of adults go without children. Second, only retards like the zoo. And finally, going to the park is not an adventure or anything that could be confused as fun. As for playing with toys, I’ll admit that this might be fun for some males, but I try to move forward with my life and engage in adult pursuits. I find it a little insulting that eHarmony thinks I’d like to play with a Barbie doll or watch Star Wars. Yes, I just said that.

14. She’s adaptable. She knows that life doesn’t always go as planned and has learned how to make the best of it.

To quote the great western philosopher Jagger, “Cash your dreams before they slip away.” You’ve got to get the best you can, and that heroin-addict-turned-pastor is looking pretty hot right now. Maybe they can get matching neck tattoos. Damn it, that puts the list at only 86% false. Looking pretty credible.

15. Single moms can do it all, but are super-appreciative of a helping hand. Woo her with kindness and acts of service.

They can “do it all” except hold onto a man, apparently. And while a woman might appreciate favors from you, nothing makes her nether regions dry up like a habitually servile man.

These idiots who harp on men to marry unwed mothers never tell the one thing that would most convince us to buy their product: What does an unwed mother offer you that a childless woman (or perhaps a wed mother) can’t? This is a basic principle of marketing. What benefit does your product have that none of the others do? Well, she’s cheap, at least until you marry her. Maybe children are fun, but most co-eds can shit out a couple kids just as easily. Perhaps these websites should say, “Do you want kids but hate babies? Then marry an unwed mother!”

The eHarmony article ends with “Why else should one date a single mom?” Leftists accuse ROK of hating marginalized women, and so in the interest of human goodwill, I’d like to ask my readers the same question. Let’s help the ladies out. In addition to avoiding an infant screaming in the dead of night, why else should a man date an unwed mother? I want to be convinced.

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323 thoughts on “Don’t Ever Take Advice From A Dating Website”

    1. Can you refute any of his points?
      My sympathies for your position, but from a masculine perspective none of these points are erroneous. While I admit there are gallant exceptions, getting involved in a LTR with a single mom is not usually in a man’s best interest. He’s never going to enjoy a prominent place in her life, her independence undermines his ability to lead and provide, and (I think everyone can admit) often single-motherhood is accompanied by other behaviors that serve as red flags for a good LTR.
      The Red Pill is about observable truths, not pretty lies. That’s what makes it valuable. Single moms can overcome the stigma and find good guys, but knowing and understanding what you are up against (as opposed to accepting the “single moms are hot!” propaganda from dating sites) is going to be key to that. And understanding what a man wants in a LTR – a wife, not a “partner” who tells him what to do all the time – is going to help you position yourself better, if that’s your goal.

      1. very few men even get past the point when I tell them I am a single mom. it gets to the point that I don’t even want to tell them right away…LTRs are just a dream really

        1. So you are old, fat and a single mom and yet you expect an ltr? Feminism has killed your common sense. Write hate mail to N.O.W.

        2. “I don’t understand, all I’m asking for is a nice, 6’+, professional that looks like a GQ model. eHarmony said I shouldn’t settle cause I’m special. Sure I do NOTHING to make myself appealing to men but I have a vagina so this isn’t fair.”

        3. My take on it is you have to work really hard to be attractive – not just in a physical sense, but you have to be very psychologically attractive. You have to be really nice. This is because you have forfeited your main bargaining chip: Providing children. So you have to overcome that.
          Most single moms I have met aren’t nice. In fact, most are even less nice (not to mention, obviously, less physically attractive) than young childless women! They seem to be out to get for themselves a piece of the man pie; they want to be pedestalized; they want to be treated as something special. They are even more irritating than young, childless women, who at least have optimism working in their favor.
          Once I stopped expecting them to be nice, and simply humored them, we seemed to get along better. Of course, what’s in it for me? Sexual novelty, that’s about it. So the relationships don’t last very long. I believe the guttural term is “pump and dump”.

        4. well I work really hard on my appearance and I try to be especially nice but still it’s really hard to get even a second date 🙁 but thank you for a really nice reply

        5. Despite the harsh comments here, I really am sympathetic. Part of the problem is that most single moms are so self-sufficient that it’s difficult for a man to see himself as part of her equation in more than a financial (and occasionally sexual) way. Distinguishing yourself from your competitors and doing some creative self-marketing can do wonders . . . but most single-moms just aren’t dedicated enough to the idea of a LTR to do what’s necessary to get there. They depend on luck and thirstiness, often wind up disappointed and discouraged, and give up the pursuit of a LTR in favor of Fate, Kismet, Karma (or more dating sites).
          And the fact remains: when it comes to a LTR, what do you bring to the table? If it’s something that will enrich a particular man’s life, you have a fighting chance. If it’s just more problems and headaches, then he might linger for the benefits, but slink off when things get hard. Being a “good girlfriend” doesn’t necessarily translate into being a “good wife”, and we all know it. But those single moms who are committed to attaining a beneficial LTR and are willing to work for it, bringing value to the relationship, usually persevere until they get one.

        6. maybe that’s it, I don’t bring enough other things to the table to make him want more than a one night thing

        7. I’ve got a series on my blog (theredpillroom.blogspot) called “Wife Tests”, an ongoing series about how a man should consider any woman’s wife potential. Read them and see how you stack up, what you might want to focus improvements on, etc. Also, your profile might suck. Most women’s do. Paying careful attention to it (and long-lost magic such as feminine allure) certainly helps your chances. Unfortunately, feminism has successfully degraded the pursuit of the former “wifely skills” in women for the last five decades. But if more women paid attention to things feminist consider “gender stereotypes” they’d have a far better shot in the SMP.

        8. I tried to give the following advice to a single mom, and she reacted like I had just told her the sky was a pretty shade of green:
          Don’t go on dates, at least not ones that he initiates. The very concept is rooted in you selling your sexuality. Turn it upside down. Invite him to whatever fun activity you think he might like. While the two of you are there, feed him. Get him drinks. Take care of him. Get him to fuck you afterward.
          The bottom line is, when you were a potential candidate for providing him with kids, you were the one gambling with the one big bargaining chip you have. Now, however, you are interested in a long term relationship, and he is indifferent. The dynamic is inverted, and if you can get that, you’ll get somewhere.
          If you don’t, I promise you much wheel-spinning. I can’t tell you how many single moms wallow in passivity, wondering why he hasn’t asked them on a second date.
          Me, I don’t do dates at all. We do cheap, simple stuff, and before long they can’t resist doing a booty call, and then it’s all wrapped up. They rarely bother even trying to be nice to me. The few that actually are nice, I begin to entertain the idea of spending more time with them. Most are too focused on what they want get to think about what they can give.

        9. I can’t argue with this advice. None of the single-mom brides I know sat back and waited for Mr. Right to come along. They went out, found him, then lured them into their web with such fiendishly devilish tactics as baking, being aggressively domestic, and humping him like dockside whores, all the while making the appeal of a LTR so strong it seemed like a foolish thing not to do.
          They sold themselves, in other words. In the marketing sense.

        10. I would say, instead, that you can either invite him to ask you out, or keep it casual-with-understanding (“it’s not really a date, but there might be sex involved if I can get you alone”). One friend of mind invited the guy she had set her cap for over to sample her brother’s homebrew . . . hilarity ensued (so did some lusty fumbling and a wedding ten months later).
          You can’t depend on formal dating structure. You have to be aggressive. And sneaky. And worthwhile.

        11. Men don’t get aroused over a resume. Indeed, you can’t negotiate desire . . . but you can encourage it, if you know where it lives. The women’s profiles that tend to do best are the ones that downplay their careers and professional accomplishments and play up their domestic and social skills and abilities.

        12. I was a single parent for a long time (widower). As soon as any and all women heard that I was a full time 100% parent to 4 children I never saw them again. In fact all communication stopped immediately with no explanation. And the bulk of these were single mothers. So, where will you find sympathy? It is in the dictionary between shit and syphilis.

        13. Widower here too. But my experience was exactly the opposite. I wonder what the difference was or is.

        14. “Where’s my Captain Save-a-‘ho? The feminists said that there would be a Captain Save-‘ho when I hit thirty and left the Cock Carousel or got tired of working my dead-end, low-paying job, so where is he? SOME man has to pay my bills and my student loan debts, take care of my thugspawn, and be my ATM, mule, and workhorse! I was promised a Captain Save-a-‘ho! I WANT MY CAPTAIN SAVE-A-‘HO! NOW!!”

        15. “…Most are too focused on what they want get to think about what they can give.”
          Which shows that they are selfish, shallow, and narcissistic to their core — which also shows that they are BAADDD risks for anything beyond a superficial ‘relationship’.
          It’s quite ironic how women only want serious relationships when they have nothing to offer, and are quite toxic besides.

        16. You end up raising her and her kids anyway and neglecting your own if they have it their way.

    2. You got it hard enough from whichever man you opened your legs to, without really knowing his character, and without knowing his long term plans, or otherwise making a good man’s life so unbearable that despite his best intentions, and plans for a family, he had no choice but bail out.
      In other words, you fucked up. Your responsibility.
      Get used to it.
      Nah. Correction:
      Get used. Forget contraception. Repeat. Complain.
      Not fooling anyone.
      Men don’t pay brand new price for 2nd hand. Bye.

        1. Don’t take it personally. When I see an female dating profile and the words ‘single mother’ all I see is a number, a statistic. Society at large made it that way so I don’t care. Not my fault.
          Basically you just have to work flat out against that bias, to keep a good man interested enough in you as a person + be sexually desirable + good LTR potential and NO further red flags.

        2. Yeah dude, no replying.
          I know I did, but in my defense I was thinking that what I had to say might be amusing or enlightening to the general population here.
          You will notice I didn’t reply to her “so I’m supposed to ask men on dates” question, because it was typical moronic baiting. I was completely clear in what I wrote that she should do the asking. She was following up with it just to tease the dialogue along. I almost fell for it.
          This behavior is part of why this needs to be a male space. Men don’t do moronic followup questions like that. It’s much better when it’s fast-paced, funny, hard hitting than when it degenerates into one-line bullshit like OMG or I’m sorry or Ouch!

        3. While your posts have been entertaining, If you are going to tell someone else the no replying gig, then you should stick to it yourself. Regardless of the excuse

        4. You’re right, no defense. I shouldn’t have replied at all.
          It’s a good lesson. Roosh was right. You start having dialogue with women and the discourse degenerates. It’s sad but there is a fundamental flavor to the interaction that is wrong. It’s irritating.
          I should have shared my witticisms and profundities with the general community, not with her directly.

    3. Explain why you’re more desirable than some other woman who hasn’t fucked up her life yet?

        1. Please note my other comment that I was a single parent. Explain why you and your other single mother cohort can overtly state that they don’t want to date a man with children, but feel that men should date them. Double standard much?

        2. Your idea of “attractive” is obviously self defined, or you’d be getting beyond 1st date. You’re more like average in appearance than you want to acknowledge, and you bring legal obligations and hips wide from squeezing out kids.

        3. That’s a place to start. But you’re in competition with a whole lot of other women who also are attractive, have big boobs, and who feel they are good in bed. In fact, while those are desirable in a wife, they are pretty much standard for most women.
          The SMP has an abundance of women with vaginas and a can-do attitude. Why are you MORE desirable? That’s the question you have to answer.

        4. Agreed. Good in bed… what does that mean. 50% of the humans on the planet have a vagina, and her’s has already squeezed out a couple of bowling balls. What does she bring to the relationship?

        5. no attractive is what gets me 1st date, being a single mom is what doesn’t get me 2nd date?

        6. “Sexual Market Place”. MMP is “Marital Market Place”. It’s the term sociologists use (and the Manosphere has adopted) for the transactional nature of human relationships.

        7. Then it sounds as if you have a lot of work to do. Depending on Fate, Kismet, or Karma for True Love is a losing game. If you don’t have anything else to offer, then you need to do some research, discover what you need to cultivate, and then apply yourself steadfastly to the pursuit. That, alone, would set you apart from most of your competitors.

        8. Did you expect “Happily Ever After” to come free in the bottom of a box of cereal?
          Yes, it’s a lot of work. And after you do that work and get married, if you can manage to get a man to that point these days, (surprise!) it’s STILL a lot of work. That’s the point: heterosexual relationships are, by definition, a LOT OF WORK. It’s work to get into them, work to maintain them, and work to get out of them.
          Why do you think so many dudes are just dropping out of the dating/mating/marriage scene altogether? Because women don’t want to put in the work anymore (in general they don’t believe they should have to – they “deserve” a great LTR, therefore they should have one) and when facing that kind of obstacle, and then the serious issues men contend with once they DO bite the bullet and have a LTR the results are disastrous.
          Of course you’re reluctant to do a lot of work. It’s time consuming, energy-exhausting, and exposes your psyche to all sorts of unpleasant realities that you’ve spent years trying not to face. It’s brutal, it’s bruising, and it batters your senses of self-worth and self-respect. Worse, there are no guarantees of success.
          But when the day comes that you and a competitor are both interested in the same dude, one of you will have done more of the hard work than the other. The question will be which of you chose to do it, and which of you decided it was too much trouble.

  1. Ouch. Never trust a pig selling barbecue.
    Your observations are spot-on. Single moms are okay to date, but the penalty they incur make them poorly suited for LTRs. There are, of course, exceptions. But for the average dude single moms are a port in a storm, not a romantic destination.
    And if she’s that independent . . . why the hell does she need you?

    1. Some excellent dialogue in this comments section!
      I even tried to do a blended family with a single mom. That REALLY sucked.
      Since then I’ve been much happier.
      Still, if you think the single moms are bad, wait till you get to know the ones that pass peak childbearing age and are childless. My god, they’re like blowup dolls. Their souls are wastelands. Just wastelands.

    2. “And if she’s that independent . . . why the hell does she need you?”
      Good question.
      Also — I’ve always said that IF the womyn who use dating websites WERE truly like their personal descriptions…WHY are they using dating websites?

  2. I knew this was going to be a great article from the first sentence, ‘Mmm…that woman in the picture above sure looks like a fun time.’. You nailed it though, I have a strict no kids policy anyway

  3. Blair, this article is solid.
    Let’s be honest here – most single mothers are bad mothers. That’s usually the reason they’re single.
    But more to the point, they make terrible girlfriends. Most men don’t want to raise another man’s bastards. Why the hell should you? You get all the burdens of being a father, with none of the satisfaction of raising your own kids. And her kids will probably hate you.
    Single mothers are like vampires – they’re looking for someone to bleed dry. Leave them on the shelf where they belong.

  4. Online Dating should be used by men for its entertainment value only. You could have a long conversation about women, dating, relationships, etc…Then turn the entire conversation upside down and inside out when relating it to the online stuff. Many women use online dating to supplement their face book “likes” status. They get messages from men they would never be approached by in the real world, ignore them or lead them on, and then even worse carry that fake validation into the real world. Use online dating for entertainment and some pump and dumps only. Never take dating from advice from any female, let alone online.

    1. You got that right. My laughter to hookup ratio is a million to one.
      But it gets pathetic after a while. I think the humor drained out of it when clearly fat disgusting blob women started calling themselves “average”. I don’t date liars.

      1. Slender = Possibly OK.
        Athletic = Little sloppy
        Average = Obese
        BBW/Few extra pounds = Needs a pulley to get out of bed or a chair.

    2. Touche. Online dating has become a blessing and a curse. Its a blessing because I literally just sit back and fuck women that message me now. Almost no effort required. Its a curse because all of these busted, nasty ass women now have big heads and egos, thinking they are hot shit because desperate horny men use them as a last ditch effort.

    1. Naw. They make the best booty calls. “I’m stressed come fuck me” is said by no other female demographic.

      1. Beautiful observation.
        They make awesome FWBs. You can show up unshaven, smelly, drunk, and they still want you to fuck them.
        I’ve flat out told them I’m fucking other women and they don’t seem to mind.

        1. They are great for “long distance” threesomes, that is pump two in the same day with no shower in between.

        2. HAHAHA! Fuck that’s funny. Right you are.
          I used to feel cocky about one in the morning, one in the afternoon, but not that long ago, got my shortest time interval thus far: Just under one hour. No shit, I looked at the clock as #1 got up, and as soon as she left, called #2, and within one hour she was over and my dick was inside her. I was frankly impressed I was able to get it up; the sheer sleaziness of it got me going.
          Shower? Never even considered it. Why take the edge off?

        3. I swear on my honor it’s the god’s truth. It was like 57 minutes.
          Funny you should ask, yeah, Marlboro Reds, only occasionally, and I have two very awesome brimmed hats. They aren’t cowboy shit, though, more gunslinger stuff like what Tuco or Blondie wore.

      2. Beautiful observation.
        They make awesome FWBs. You can show up unshaven, smelly, drunk, and they still want you to fuck them.
        I’ve flat out told them I’m fucking other women and they don’t seem to mind.

      3. Truth… I use to “data mine” back in the day -specifically- targeting the scarily large majority of unwed mothers there. If you have even an iota of game about you and aren’t half bad looking you can, if you so chose, bang a different chick every night of the week almost effortlessly.

    2. My mother was all of these. I thank god That the man I call my Dad kicked her ass to the curb and raised us kids (that were still around) right. She would go to “work” at 8 am and home at 3 am at a bar whose hours were noon-10pm. Nearly every other unwed mother I’ve run across is desperate for money and dick, pawning their kid(s) off on who ever still has pity on them. They don’t bother to try to get a job they just want some poor sap to screw and hand over his paycheck.

      1. They don’t bother to try to get a job they just want some poor sap to screw over and hand over his paycheck.
        There, FIFY.

    3. 16. Not able to make sane, rational decision, i.e. taking birth control, getting an education and having a job BEFORE getting knocked-up.

    1. yes, about the only good reasons are:
      1.) She’ll learn to take it in the ass more easily after the pain of childbirth.
      2.) Swallowing your cum will be no big deal after dealing with diapers and baby vomit.
      3.) She’s probably been single a while and pathetic beta orbiters don’t get into her pants so if you do, she’ll bang like a champion.

    1. Read it. Took a month to get over the dirty feeling of knowing the truth. Never actually enjoyed not having sex for that long.

    2. That woman deserves a Nobel Price! Shamefully, they gave one to the leftist cunt Elfriede Jelinek.

  5. There is absolutely no real man who would visit e-harmony. E-harmony is a refuge for obese women, single mothers, women past 35, beta males (and I mean super-betas not just your average run of the mill beta) and fat guys who are too lazy to hit the gym or pavement. All in all, e-harmony is a huge net asset to women, because it’s the Amazon of shopping for well-monied beta males who’ll save Ms. Modern American woman after Mr. ex-felon Tyrone or Biker Brock fucked her, used her and left her with a few bastards during her prime (alpha fucks years, roughly 16-31). In fact if were an unscrupulous divorce lawyer (as most of them are), I’d probably just peruse through e-harmony for a database of future clients. Ahh, America in the 21st Century. If it weren’t so funny I’d die of misery. At this point, I feel like I’m living in the Twilight Zone. Telling educated doctors and Ph.Ds in their primes to marry used cum-dumpsters with bastard spawn. I mean who really wins in the end, the doctor or hell’s angel?

    1. I used Eharmony for a while. It was good, in a way, for learning game. It has a heavy emphasis on questions with multiple choice answers, and your game education comes from picking the most interesting or stimulating of the choices.
      Also, many of the questions have a write-in option. Generally pick that option and pen your own mysterious, flippant, arrogant answer.
      I actually don’t mind single mothers, but I am not at a place in my life where I am looking for something real. I kind of like the psychological challenge of how messed up they are.
      And, boy, are they ever messed up: Nothing fucks with a female brain like losing her pair bond, or trying to raise a kid without one. It is the ultimate denigration of feminine value. They are the most valueless creatures, and they look at their married mother friends and it stings like a motherfucker every time they do.
      In fact, they’ll even undermine their happily married friends’ marriages. Misery loves company.
      “My Friend Of Misery”
      You just stood there screaming
      Fearing no one was listening to you
      They say the empty can rattles the most
      The sound of your voice must soothe you
      Hearing only what you want to hear
      And knowing only what you’ve heard
      You you’re smothered in tragedy
      You’re out to save the world

      1. They also fuck up their children royally which, in turn, leads the children to have misguided principles when they grow up.

        1. The cycle will cease when women start to realize that if they do not proceed with their life choices, relationships and breeding choices wisely, no one will be there to catch them. They cannot live life as “oh well, got my kids under my belt, always another dummy male to have me” When they realize this they will be more respectable and empathetic of their lives. In order to make women realize this men must stop treating these types as relationship material in any way whatsoever.

        2. Precisely. Americunts need consequences for their actions. If they can be former party sluts that are divorced with kids and still be encouraged to keep looking for Mr. Right while taking their government provided Prozac then nothing will change.

        3. One single mom told me she didn’t need me, because there were plenty of men who wanted to be a dad to her kids.
          I just shook my head sadly.

        4. Yes. Its “men” enabling this. Always have a decent supply of orbiters on your phone. Say “OK”, shake head, walk out, drive to next box.

        5. There will be no consequences for them anytime soon. The State is making sure that all the consequences fall on men.
          Are you familiar with the Yes means Yes law that just passed in CA? It is unbelievably Orwellian.
          This law is being experimented with on college campuses first before it’s forced onto the general public. Things will get worse for men before they get better. This new law is a fine example of that. We are truly living in strange times.

        6. Yeah I know. It basically means men are guilty until proven innocent anytime some Americunt has a whim of accusing him of anything.

        7. Sadly this once-great country has an electoral voting majority made up of takers like these coupled with far too many guilty whitey males. As long as these people are allowed to make leadership decisions we’ll see even more of our tax money be used to subsidize the lifestyles of “strong, independent” women like these.

        8. Sadly, there are a lot of American beta males who’d be the stand-in father of some bastard that’s not his, even to the point of paying child support. Why? Because when desperation for pussy meets desperation for money, you quickly find a match. These people may not be the most desirable out of the human species, but desperation has a humbling effect like no other. When one is starving, all of sudden rats and roaches start looking delectable.

        9. I know; it’s such a sadly easy game to play. I quit doing it because I started to feel guilty about how the kids felt. It wasn’t their fault, after all. So I generally avoid the kids.

        10. Feminism has tried to hamster-away the brutal realities of the SMP and MMP. An entire generation of women are learning, to their horror, that they were horribly lied to.

        11. Yeah right, I’m buying her a house, and paying for her bastards college education, while she stays home and gains weight and watches daytime TV.

        12. I’ve come to realize that no matter how old a women gets or out of shape there will always be some chump who will do anything for the vagina. As she gets older, or more unattractive, the amount of suitors may decrease, but there will always be at least one.

        13. I don’t believe they are learning as we may want to believe. They haven’t faced any consequences as of yet, so there doing pretty good, riding high. The grave train is still rolling.

        14. The cities, states and federal governments of western countries are all on the verge of bankruptcy. This will end when all of America/Canada/Western Europe is Detroit. The purpose of Yes means Yes is to make all the fake rape accusations stick by placing reverse onus on men. Apply that standard to any other groups and you can see just how vile the law is.

        15. Not only repeats, it exponentially gets worse cementing these inbred behaviors deeper in the psyche of the kids. There’s not one daughter of a single mother I know that isn’t already totally head-fucked. And sons of these mothers – mind you kids of either gender are child support gold mines – are ultra-beta, and we will depend on them to lead this nation into the abyss. People underestimate the damage the “cycle” is doing.

        16. “Honey, mommy just likes to fark dudes other than your dad.” Damn those heartless mothers for doing that to their kids and the fathers of them.

        17. Agreed, I deter everyone to ascribe to the thinking that implosion on women is around the corner. It’s not. Since it’s legislated, and we all know how slow the legal process is, and to add to that, the government in general, IF there was a big sway against entitlements, it will take at least a full decade to even begin to see a minor shift. I predict that in our lifetimes, towards our death beds, we MIGHT see some change.

        18. “And sons of these mothers – mind you kids of either gender are child support gold mines – are ultra-beta, and we will depend on them to lead this nation into the abyss.”
          Fuck, you’ve got one leading the United States right now. How’s Barry, er, Barack, whose father basically had nothing to do with him past age four or so, doing right now?

        19. I’d say keep a little optimism. In time of war even someone as principled and respectful of legal precedent as Abraham Lincoln shafted habeas corpus in a heartbeat. In times of economic crisis in particular, the bullshit tends to stop real quick.

        20. You never know man, I mean the legal aspect of something like marijuana is slow, but people decided they wanted it and now its illegal, but its pointless to do anything about it. When men start refusing to get married and women stop getting jobs just because they have pussies, it won’t much matter what the laws say.

        21. I agree with you, but as you see, a solid recession did nothing to stop it, and may have actually helped propel the bullshit during the snap back of the last 3 years.

        22. Poor thing. Drink some fluid, take a rest, get your levels back up. Don’t want to dehydrate yourself.

        23. I use to work in corrections at an all male facility. The cycle does repeat because the breeders (both men and women) continue to have children and are completely incapable of taking care of them and understanding the damage done. Looking out the window at visiting hours was just sad – fat, ugly women bringing their kid(s) to see daddy. Ground zero granny would also be there making sure the toxic cycle continues.

        24. An entire generation of women are learning, to their horror, that they were horribly lied to.”
          But they STILL want to believe the lies, they don’t want to have to pay the consequences for their actions, and they still want to blame ALL men for the problems which they have made.

      2. Good stuff SS, so damn true. I have in the past dated 2 single mom’s with children, never again Because MILF’s are overrated. I am 43 and I know as someone in New Jersey with a lower income my options are limited but I would rather date and decent looking single woman then an attractive one with children. More Kids = more insanity…

    2. Don’t be so negative. You have to fight fire with fire.
      We have to open up a new ‘dating’ website ourselves. Stick in a few feel-good female-oriented articles at first so that women get the legit vibe. Then run articles about the benefits of dating out-of-shape unemployed men who are soft and gentle. (How hard can it be? If they can actually convince people that SINGLE FUCKING MOMS are good dating prospects, surely this is incredibly easy). Voila – all the single moms and fat feminists pair off with the losers of society, leaving the quality women for us. Oh, and it will also keep the loser betas off of facebook and twitter, so that they stop ruining everyone’s game. Win-win.

    3. Kinda generous with those “alpha fucks” years. I’d shave at least 6 off that number…and that’s if shes not a drinker.

    4. Agreed, when I was 42, I tried E-harm for 2 months and quit after one women told me she doesn’t date players like me. Here I thought I was a Beta kind of guy, who knew… Who wins in the end? I guess the man who fathered the child after all his DNA survives and even Cuckooed another foolish beta male to raise his bastard.

    5. Sorry about your bad E-harmony experience. Hopefully you’re scoring all the gems in the real world.

  6. I have to say I’ve been sucked in a few times by these sights.The hot women on there for the most part are attention whores or menatally handicapped.

  7. Imagine the hell of two people with strong personalities and different life-philosophies trying to live as one. Ladies, unless you want a weak and needy man, it is against your best interest to be tough and independent.

    These relationships often don’t work even if the man and the woman share the same world view, because you know the “tough and independent” woman will have her own ideas about the “right” way to interpret it.
    I can see some merit in cynically using a religious belief you don’t have to bring up girls into religiously submissive wife material. Atheist men who want to find women unspoiled by feminism should look to the ones in strict, conservative patriarchal churches for dating prospects, provided you can pretend to share these women’s beliefs.

    1. Male Atheists suck. They are a religion, but don’t get anything from it. Seriously every atheist woman I ever met was more like a satanic whore.

    2. Be careful. Women in strict, conservative churches are either there by choice or fear. The ones who choose to be there are alright prospects if that is what you are looking for. (Personally, I’ve only ever run across fat harpies who groom younger males in the church into beta providers) The ones there by fear, either fear of family or god himself, are ticking time bombs. They have never dealt with or had to reconcile the real world and feminism. A good catholic girl loses her fear and she’s liable to be using her rosary as anal beads with her new fling.

        1. I worry this will turn into a semantics debate, but my point was that girls/women who are members of a church because of fear, e.g. they fear being disowned by their family or they are overly sheltered and have been indoctrinated early on to fear people outside the church, are likely to go off the deep end and onto the carousel if they lose that fear.
          Would you keep a fearful dog as a pet? A fearful dog is likely to snap and attack or run away. Fear is bad, regardless of the sex, gender or species.

        2. In my experience feminism appears to have consistently instructed women to become and remain extremely fearful in their interactions with men, labeling the latter as physically, psychologically, and/or emotionally abusive. Men are labeled as rapists and pedophiles. In my opinion, this has made many women unnecessarily fearful when in the presence of a man.
          In other respects, and ironically so, men in the popular media are painted as blundering buffoons and would likely remain clueless without female guidance. It is a political ideology loaded with seemingly endless contradictions.

        3. While that may be true of the early waves of feminism (which I think were good social movements), modern feminism is about lack of personal-responsibility and marxism/socialism to elevate women.

        4. Alright, I see that. I think maybe we have different definitions of “fearful.” Fear of negative consequences of your actions is different than fear of retribution for leaving the church. Maybe this is more a discussion of a point on a line/graph versus a binary categorization.

        5. It’s also utterly discouraged the development of feminine skills (other than purely sexual) that prepare a woman for a realistic LTR with a man. But warmth, receptivity, and other once-valued feminine graces were denigrated into “gender stereotypes” for so long, only a few girls have the brains to figure out that domesticity trumps elasticity in the MMP.

        6. Nope.
          Men as abusive, rapists etc.. is directed at men to make us shameful and timid and marketed to women as men suck and are evil. If women actually feared us they wouldn’t be marching dressed like whores at slutwalk.

        7. We are just going to agree to disagree. I wouldn’t keep a fearful dog around so I’m sure as shit not going to keep a fearful woman around. A lot men today confuse fear with respect and obedience. They are totally different.

        8. Just look at any given commercial at any given time of day…the husband or boyfriend of every commercial is a huge chump, nerdy looking fuck, and the wife/girlfriend is always dominant. What a joke.

        9. Trust me. I don’t conflate the 3 words. So understand that when I say feminism makes women fearless, disrespectful and disobedient towards males…
          I know what I’m talking about.

        10. Just like real life for most people. Atleast we are all smart enough not to fall for their blue pill bullshit.

    3. Unfortunately even in the church you have to be very careful.
      I won’t go into too much detail here, but Dalrock’s blog is pretty good and has exposed a lot of examples of “good Christian women” who are just as hamstering and audacious in their warped thinking.
      And also the examples of church faculty and even the Catholic forums encouraging the beta bux mentality and no real accountability for women even in the church.

  8. The idea of an independent woman is a myth to begin with, and even if it’s not, unwed mothers are not independent. If they were, they wouldn’t be trying to find a man, and they wouldn’t be on government assistance.

    You should especially avoid women who tell you how much they love to travel. That signals:
    1. They don’t know how to handle money, and they probably want access to your money to pay off their student loans, credit card balances and other debts, and then they plan to dip further into your pockets to finance more travel that they can’t afford themselves.
    2. They lack emotional maturity and they need entertainment all the time.
    3. They’ve probably engaged in sex tourism.

        1. Haw, I was waiting for someone to catch that.
          Yeah, when anal is regularly on the menu, it’s not a problem. If anything nasty ever manifests, all you have to do is wipe it on her thigh or ass. She’ll get the message. Next time, she’ll be clean as a whistle.
          And if she refuses you anal, refuse to fuck her at all. Do NOT under any circumstances go back to her vag. Not because of bacteria (like I give a shit about that) but because she’s controlling how you fuck. That’s definitely not the tone you want to set.

      1. So this is what I’ve been missing while being a boyfriend. SHIAT!! Sounds like pussy paradise.

        1. It all depends.
          If you’re looking for someone to give you kids, and your gut tells you that your girlfriend would be a good mother, then you are absolutely not wasting your time. The years I spent getting ready to have kids were great.
          Or if you have a girlfriend that makes you feel good, special, nurtured, supported, then no, you’re not wasting your time.
          But if you are suffering with emotional, physical, or financial abuse from a typical single mom, then absolutely. Get some distance.
          In other words, don’t hand over the keys to your LTR kingdom without making sure you are getting something really amazing in return – and a steady supply of sex absolutely ain’t a good return. You can easily get that through casual dating.

        2. Solid advice. My keys were taken. They were offered back but I finally saw that I’d be driving a Beetle instead of a Charger. So after tossing them out I’ve started to live the life of a Maverick. Getting pussy hasn’t been real difficult. Going the monogamous route, heck if I know when that’ll happen.
          There is one thing that I’m curious about. When I was a boyfriend, I found myself not doing debased shit, because I wanted to treat the lady with class and other stuff. When they became exes I’d always treat them like whores and we’d have fun until I didn’t want to. Now out of curiosity, do you think that kindness is something that helps or hurts long term relations? In case after a hundred or so women, I say something like I’ll choose you.

        3. It’s so easy if you think of women like children. Kindness is good. It can’t all be prickles and danger. But only do it on an intermittent basis. You give kids ice cream all the time, and they lose respect for you. Give it to them once in a while, and they think you’re the greatest dad ever.

        4. Oh that portion I get. Al Bundy was a solid red pill teacher, even in a beta frame. The question is do you think it possible to give your lady the whore treatment while not being repulsed or can you only make her the trophy who slowly robs you of the joy of sex a new mistress would provide?

        5. Interesting question. Personally, I like treating women like whores – that is, whores that I am pimp for – and I’m not disgusted by it at all. I view it as getting them to tap into their animalistic sexual nature. Once they know they can be a complete slut around you, the possible sexual adventures are mind boggling. I can still be romantically involved with them, though, because it’s compartmentalized.
          What I do have disgust for, though, are the single moms that insist that their slut days are behind them and they are good girls now. To me, that’s less than useless. I can’t for a second be a simpering little boyfriend when she fucked and sucked her way across this great country of ours.

        6. That makes sense. I guess then the only thing is to remove the lie of good girl. Got to say that BPD girlfriend would have had me scared straight. Even now, I’d give no fucks as long as she isn’t looking to burn me. Don’t play those games with my health.
          All girls seem to be varying degrees of slutty. Either they privatize it to the one person they are with or public companies looking for stockholders. But this next level ish? I wish I knew sooner cause it seems no fucks are given when it comes to practicality and women. Definitely a good thing to know.

        7. Yes, remove the lie. All women are whores, ranging from wearing makeup in order to get attention to selling their sexuality directly. If you acknowledge it, you can manage it, and reap benefits from it.
          If you’re afraid of their animalistic whore nature, you’ll fall prey to it.
          If you deny its existence, that makes you a beta chump.
          If you suppress it, you actually can get somewhere. This worked well for the judeo-christian disciples for a very long time. However, I think the genie is pretty much out of that bottle for good.
          Whatever you do, don’t become one of their tricks, their johns. Don’t smile at them because they are pretty. Don’t seek their approval. And, as is well established in the manosphere, don’t buy them stuff – drinks, whatever. You can do that much later, when you have them under your control.
          This is why single moms are so pathetic. They are trying to make you into one of their johns. But they have nothing worth buying! What is more sickening than an ugly whore demanding market rates for her pussy?

    1. Just watch out for HIV and HEP-C: anal is primarily how they are contracted. And they are BOTH still incurable.

  9. A single mother, is like having your way with a bargain pin pussy, old, unwanted and used.

  10. I have had a single mom slam piece for 5 years now. Greatest set up ever, fish sticks and netflix followed by anal once a week. I have never had to invest a dime, she just wants the company.and the release. Would never date her!

      1. If she makes you a nice steak, eat that knowing she wants more. Stay with the fish sticks!

    1. LOL well put. I’m basically in the same situation. I made it clear I’m into it only for the mutual good times and will have no other role in her life. It’s a pretty good arrangement.

  11. Who can better afford to pay $30+ a month to a dating site ? A hard bodied 18 year old making $6 an hour or a single mom collecting thousands in alimony? These sites are full of fatties, tattoed girls and single moms. Nevertheless, I love using them for foreign meetings and like occasionally browsing to find introductions to girls that I would never come across locally in my day to day life. I have only used the free sites, but I have friends who used to get lots of bangs off match.

    1. Don’t kid yourself. Even at 18, the hardbody knows how to exploit that and doesn’t pay for shit.

  12. This had to be written by a woman or a total pussy. “She’ll only keep you around if the relationship is a good thing for both her and her kids.” So, if I’m lucky, SHE’LL decide to keep ME around. Uh, yeah… “You’ll get to take part in adventures to amusement parks, the zoo and the park. Bonus: You’ll have an excuse to play with toys.” Yay! I’ll GET TO take part in HER shitty world!! And since we as men just fucking love to play with toys but just can’t admit it because we’re complete pussies, now we can! Under the guise that it’s the kids!! Fuck yes!! Hard to believe there’s guys that are total fucking pussies enough to buy this bullshit.

    1. Maybe they’re referring that you’ll get to play with her sex toys? Being a single mother, I’m sure she’ll have quite the collection of them for those lonely sad nights.

    2. Abso-fucking-lutely. A single mom (with some other alpha’s bastard or worse a beta’s kid from her previous marriage) ‘deciding to keep me around if…’, and I’m the ‘lucky’ one in that scenario. Haha, yeah, she’d be lucky if I took 20 minutes out of my day after we’ve finished having sex, to even get her little bastard a gmo laden happy meal. I have no vested interest in betaising myself and ‘manning’ up for a little bastard that’s not mine. The best advice a man could give a boy with a single whore mom is that ‘hey, kid your mom only serves one purpose in my life, and if you’re lucky one day to progress into real manhood, you’ll understand and do the same’.

    3. It was written by some marketing dude specifically for their highest-paying audience. What they’re selling is essentially entertainment – female fantasy contextual SMV porn, and more importantly hope. It’s no secret that these sites are beta killing grounds, and the marketing departments have to go around their ass to sell the sexy potential to the men and the relationship potential to the women . . . and women are by far the better customers. A corporate spinster will gladly shell out the monthly subscription as a low-cost testament that she’s “dating”, even if she’s never met a dude from the service in her life. By having her profile active and paying for the privilege it convinces her and her circle that she’s on the market (even if the market she’s on is the near end of the bell curve).
      So it has to sell the one to the other: the sexually desperate men to the emotionally desperate woman. As long as they get their fee, they don’t care what you do with the information, really, they just need to keep hope alive.
      Brilliant marketing, actually. The Blue Pill AFC will eat this up.

    4. “So, if I’m lucky, SHE’LL decide to keep ME around. ”
      Disgraceful that a “man” would fall for this. Fuck just single mothers, fuck that in regards to girls that havent had kids at all yet. They are the lucky ones if we choose to be with them. Enough.

    5. Of course it was written by a woman, for a female audience. Forget that it is addressed to men, it pushes all the womanly-buttons. The Internet, as I have said is social media and shopping, who do you think that is for?

    6. the amusement parks, zoos and toys line was the funniest/stupidest to me.
      amusement parks suck, the rides are cool but hour long lines kill them. they also tend to have a similar clientele as your local walmart.
      zoos and toys, now. what grown man likes zoos and fucking toys of all things? maybe some long haired loser living at home playing video games all day, DEFINITELY not me though

    7. “She’s only keep you around ..”
      You said it bro. Shows clearly how to them a man is only an appliance, a slave, or a dog or kitten at best.

    8. Agree…written by a woman. I’m wondering if all of those “strong and independent” women are crashing e-harmony’s site to comment on that article. It talks about a woman “cooking a meal and back rubs”…for a guy? Shouldn’t feminists be up in arms about that statement?
      List that on ROK and we would hit 30K comments from those angry women. Put it on e-harmony (as a promotion) and it’s fine.
      Fucking hilarious.

      1. That’s the point: explain why it’s an unfair stereotype. Considering the accumulated lore, it seems like a perfectly fair stereotype. Or at least a good practical rule-of-thumb.

        1. There’s enough competition in that end of the market to ensure a fair amount of sexual success without a lot of complicating social expectation.
          The fact is, you’re not all easy. But enough of you are to make it a pretty apt observation. And those single moms who aren’t fairly easy don’t survive long in the marketplace. As your overall sexual capital declines, access is one of the few variables still in your control.
          I’ve known a few single moms in their 40s who managed to finally get married to decent guys. None of them did it without a herculean amount of sex before the fact.

        2. Jesus. You just demonstrate typical female solipsism. It’s not all about YOU YOU YOU. Do you know nothing about data and statistics?

        3. And you’ve just demonstrated why men refuse to debate issues such as these with women in the public domain – you think about everything purely from your perspective, not the bigger social picture and then personalise anything that contradicts you specifically. extend that kind of approach to personal relationships and you get why men are jack of women.

      2. I guess jobless, drunk guys not making good boyfriends/husbands is an unfair stereotype too. Keep whining about it like a baby that doesn’t change the truth.

        1. No replying to women. Site rules.
          One reason not to is you’ll get sucked into an infinite vortex of emotionally arousing back and forth. Keep it male.

    1. OK here’s a tip from Captain Beta Chump right here:
      I married a single mom. It was a nightmare.
      I actually worked to get all her kids under one roof – something she was incapable of accomplishing on her own, and her ex was evidently a no bullshit sort of fellow but I managed to work out some deals with him.
      And when I accomplished that, I was flatly told that her kids are not priority number 1 and that I am second fiddle.
      Now any sane man does not expect a woman to dump or downgrade her kids for his sake, so I didn’t pay that much mind.
      So… having established my second class to her priorities status:
      – she got fat
      – she stopped having sex with me
      – she stopped even sleeping in the same room with me
      – she spoiled her kids rotten and I was informed there was nothing I could do about that
      – would not talk to me about anything, ever. Some guys got to argue, all I got was an Easter Island monument. I hear fellows talk about “she said” or some argument. Ha! They were lucky. I was a like a ghost.
      – I was persona non-grata in my own home where she and her kids were some kind of big happy family and I was the shlub who paid the rent that nobody talked to. I spent my holidays and my birthdays alone in my room with a bottle of rum or in my garage curled up under the car I was supposed to be restoring wondering how I got into this mess.
      – while she shopped food for her and her kids and I had to use a credit card for gas to get to work and back and had no food and nearly lived on coffee and to save on gas I would spend a couple days a week at a friend’s place, who was not required to feed me, meaning for roughly 2 days a week I did not eat save for some candy canes I found in my desk – yes I was THAT BROKE because she didn’t work and her aspergian wonders didn’t work either.
      I was driven by starvation to leave her ass, and I just did. I walked out 12 grand in debt and 50 pounds underweight.
      Never again. Single mothers are dead to me.

      1. Thanks for sharing that…
        I don’t think its that things just don’t work out with a woman that makes a man go RedPill… but the realization that once you’ve served some particular purpose for her, she goes completely cold towards you.

        1. Another 7 years would pass after leaving her before I discovered an “organized” red pill. I always had a mix of red pill and beta thinking, extreme ends. There were some things I just could not put up with.
          Hence the dilemma. I could not be entirely subjugated and stood my ground on certain areas, and suffered greatly for that, for lamenting “why do I have to be an asshole?” and also suffering for having to put up with my “punishment” (a fat cunt bitch of a wife who acted like she hated me all of the time). So I only got halfway out the door.
          I never really discovered the red pill. I grew one out of survival.

      2. My God!! And I thought I saw suffering. Almost makes me happy to have only seen cum stained sheets. Jesus Christ. Nothing like sleeping with the enemy to give you the cold demeanor of a war veteran. Thankfully you’re out and amongst folks who talk sense and can relate.

        1. Cum stained sheets, hahaha … the cum COULD be yours, but wait a minute, she had different sheets on the bed last time …
          That’s why all my fitted sheets are white.
          I’m just waiting for one of those watershed moments, when I slip my dick inside and her pussy is wet. Suspiciously wet. TOO DAMNED WET! And she’s telling me she was working late …

        2. I don’t even want to remember if I got that treatment. Pretty alright over all with things ending all things considered. You don’t realize how sad monogamy can be until you are single and meet a “happy” guy promoting being in a relationship while his lady is “away”. Whether that is few hours drive, another state or another country, it is the most depressing thing ever. I want to say, you sir, have placed you dick on layaway and call it love while she fucks and sucks by the buckets and calls to say I love you. Swallowing the red has beaten away those blues.

        3. My BPD girlfriend wrung the absolute last of my naivete out of me when she told me she cheated on her husband and PURPOSEFULLY WENT BACK TO HIM WITH CUM IN HER PUSSY!
          Yes, you read that right. She went back to hubby with her affair’s cum in her cunt and crawled into bed and got hubby to fuck her. No fucking joke.
          One married (bitch? cunt? skank? slut?) – after I came inside her, she bragged to me how she was going to keep my cum in as long as possible, even after going home to her husband.
          This is no joke. This is real. I would not make this up.

        4. Oh man that’s harsh.
          I know of one incident where a fellow was doing LTR with a slut who was fucking an “enemy” (not in trying to kill each other terms though) of his. Anyway his enemy knew who he was fucking but this poor fellow did not.
          Well let’s just say he ended up eating her out AFTER getting fucked by his enemy so at a party that night they get into an argument and the enemy says “So, how did my dick taste?”
          Oh the look on that poor fellow’s face – he learned a thing about sluts though. Were that me I would have spent a week gargling a case of Listerine.

        5. Sweet Jesus.
          We absolutely have got to put together these stories in a Blue Pill Destruction blog.

        6. I think I got one that beats all. Was in the USMC, dude I knew was telling me a story about some fat slut who had a de facto train run on her. Fucked 4 guys the same night at a party, no condoms. She got eaten out by the fifth guy who didn’t know what happened.
          The lesson here, kids: Never go down on a slut.

      3. I feel your pain, oh god I feel your pain. I got super lucky and didn’t marry, so I got out easier, but still the whole thing was a debacle that cost me around $50K and several years of my life. Plus, like you, I holed up by myself with alcohol. Fortunately I stuck with beer, light beer even (don’t hate on me plz; I simply prefer it), though I did like to combine it with Ativan and Ambien. This led to amusing incidents at parties, but that’s another story. Mostly it was just pathetic; I sat by the firepit by myself and for amusement pissed in the yard.
        Single mothers are fine as long as you keep them at arm’s length. There are exceptions, to be sure, but in general they are the offal, the refuse, of the mating game beast.

      4. As bad as that sounds, and yea, that’s bad, dudes all around get it even worse. You had the damn sense to leave. Many will not. 2 of my old friends got taken out of life in this scenario. They’re pulling 60 hr weeks and getting financially behind. One’s live-in bitch+kids just told him he wasn’t doing enough to keep her from having to work, and he needs to step it up. Of course, his dumb ass knocked her up too, so now he’s fucked for life.

      5. Jesus……
        Mine was well on the way to where yours was.
        But I kicked the bitch out cause I got fed up with her shit…..

  13. I’m totally open to dating single moms, but only if the bastard is a hot 18 year old girl.

  14. Single moms are just the worst. I met someone I was interested in a few years ago, but then I noticed that on her Facebook profile she had a picture of that Patton Oswalt-looking meme baby giving a thumbs up, with the text “21 and never pregnant” and her own commentary that was like “I made it!” That was a huge red flag. She wasn’t a single mom, but she almost treated it like luck that she wasn’t. What a terrible and wrongheaded attitude, but I doubt she is the only childless girl in that mindset.

    1. I’m sure if someone had to readjust a man living in 1914 to 2014, scrolling through comments such as those would be ‘great’ shock-therapy to inculcate him into how much western women have changed. The marital and filial duties for men have stayed the same (now mostly the territory of beta males) but women have changed completely. Something must give, but who knows in which direction it will go.

      1. I’m a single dad, and every single mom I’ve fucked has been a total pain in the ass. I believe it’s because a woman’s mind will never operate in a lean manner, and rarely efficient with daily organization. This translates into family function of course. Even girls that have no kids, I don’t want to try to be part of my kid’s life, that muddies shit up too much and ruins my limited time. But single mom’s love that shit. I see chumps playing single mom’s kids just to entwine themselves into their lives to lock down their cougars.

  15. “Single moms are easy to pamper. (They don’t get breaks very often. Hint, hint.)
    Okay, I’m not quite sure what this one means. I think I’ve got a guess though. This means that she’s easy to satisfy. Like, you don’t have to put out a lot of effort? This one might actually be true, at least for some of them. If an unwed mother understands the huge disaster she’s made of her life, she’ll take what she can get. The operative words there are “if” and “understand,” and since society wants unwed mothers to believe that they can do no wrong, she probably won’t ever have this epiphany. So I still stand by my claim of the article’s complete falsity.”
    Let me translate:
    OK what this means is you pamper the single mom by “giving her a break”. Meaning: Be a beta bitch and stay home with her kids while she does a “girls night out” and grinds an alpha on the dance floor while you are home changing diapers and wearing pastels.

    1. I had a friend that dated a single mom before, and he actually did babysit the kid on some nights while she would go out to the club with her friends. He finally realized later how pathetic that was

      1. Yeah, that’s a deal-breaker. If a single mom can’t respect you as a man, then “equal partner” means “unpaid babysitting” all too often.

    2. Ditto. You should be happy to pamper her, only to have her lose respect for your androgynous ways.
      No thanks.

    1. We’re all doing our part. This is, actually, a key battleground for anti-feminism. When feminism gets in the way of the feminine imperative, feminism tends to lose in the long run. In other words, women want to get married more than women want high-profile careers, and feminism works against them on that.

      1. I will try to find the link but there was a recent Dutch study that found that women who were in traditional relationships ie men worked and women took care of the kids were much more happy than single , childless women. Was very scientific. Study was done in a liberal country ie Netherlands. The sisterhood went apeshit about the results

        1. Doesnt matter; this aint the 70s, you need two incomes to stay afloat, forget getting ahead anymore.
          Ive had a half dozen career gals, after a few drinks, tell me “work is kicking my ass, I wish I could stay home and raise a family”. All pretty, early 30s. Hell a few made a lot more than I did. fast forward 6 yrs, all late 30s-early 40s, making great money still, only one got married with kids(She still needs to work).

        2. “work is kicking my ass, I wish I could stay home and raise a family”
          Tough luck for them. They were “strong”, “independent”, and “didn’t need a man”. Their choice.
          Women only show interest in marrying and having a family when they have nothing to offer, and they are tired of the carousel and/or their ‘oh, so pwecious’ “career” (aka, “I’m tired of having to work for a living”).
          They made their beds, now they need to lie in them.

        3. Please post the source, I would love to have it as fodder when feminists try to troll me.

        4. I got it from CH ( chateau heartiste) post. Dutch university study… Will try and find the link. Women had degrees and everything but preferred to be at home doing traditional (gasp!!) activities like raising kids while the hubs made the $$$ . The sisterhood went apeshit at the results…

      2. “In other words, women want to get married more than women want high-profile careers, and feminism works against them on that.”
        I don’t know about that, man.

        1. Enough of them do to screw up feminism’s ideal of corporate glory. There’s a reason that intelligent, insightful women leave the workforce in favor of marriage and children. They’re intelligent and insightful.

        2. Yeah but what happens when they get divorced? How else is a 50 year old woman going to get her daily validation?

    2. My favorite is, “What’s next, 15 reasons to buy a used car that’s been in an accident?”

  16. eharmony isn’t for casual dating:
    1) it requires users to complete 10 long pages of personality self assessment.
    2) it then selects who you can and can’t communicate with on the site based on what you submit.
    MILFs are different topic. They are everywhere, all dating sites, facebook, hook-up apps like tindr, everywhere. US has over 50% divorce rate, average marriage lasting 7 years. MILFs might be half the dating pool now, maybe more if you’re over 30.
    You need to get her to disclose up front before you agree to meet for coffee, how many kids she has, what are their ages, are they with her or her ex, does she need to get a babysitter to go out, is there a custody agreement in place that locks her into 25 mile radius of the ex. If she goes into avoidance pattern and won’t disclose before meeting, that’s a red warning flag.
    Be prepared for her pics to out of date, from back before she had kids, thinner body and happier face.

  17. I used to work with the woman who by your own admission had 4 different kids from 4 different men. It’s pretty fucking clear she needs to close her fucking legs.
    if I ended up dating an unwed mother, I’d most likely have a kid with her, and then I would never see her ever again. Or the kids for that matter. this enabling bullshit on eHarmony’s part just makes matters worse. In their conquest for marketing and subscription money, they fucked up society even worse.
    we need to round up all the marketers and have them shot simultaneously.

    1. I know a woman with four children by four different men as well. Some people collect stamps, others collect semen.

  18. Any man who is actually retarded enough to want to marry a single mother doesn’t need to go through the hassle of E-harmony, all he has to do is visit his local black ghetto.

  19. 90% of the chicks of POF and OkCupid over 25 have kids. Only an Omega male would even consider settling down with a chick with another man’s seed. Single mother’s were put on this Earth for easy bangs nothing more nothing less….

  20. Single mothers stay single. Fuck no more. You are Uncle Sam’s concubines. The carousel/family court wasteland is shameful.

    1. First thing I ask a woman “any kids?”.
      If she says no, then she can stick around…otherwise, beat it.

      1. Are you ACTUALLY saying that you trust a modern skank to tell you the truth? I HOPE that you’re using other sources to verify whatever they say.
        Remember that feminism has shown what unrepentant liars and hypocrites women are — so DON’T TRUST THEM!
        There are plenty of men who have, that have lived to regret it.

  21. I always chuckle at the articles that appear on yahoo. “ on yahoo” or something is what they call it. I’d laugh even harder if they allowed comments, which they don’t. I wonder why?

  22. I spent time on a couple of popular dating sites last year and the only women who approached me were single mothers, all of whom were overweight and borderline illiterate.
    I’m not raising some deadbeat dad’s squawling little monsters.

    1. Its pathetic. I get daily messages from the same types man. Single mothers, busted as all get out.

  23. Single mothers should receive a tubal ligation after the birth of their first child. If that child is a daughter, she receives an IUD until she has proved she has sufficiently overcome the statistics.

    1. Yea, the I don’t fuck single mom’s who are still impregnable. Nothing says “yes Sir” like a hysterectomy.

      1. Women with hysterectomies or those past their fertile age really are the sluttiest of all. My cousin’s wife, who falls into that category, has tried to fuck me a couple times. Such a disgusting, immoral whore.

  24. Can’t we just leave it at “don’t date single moms, ever”. Sticking it to them point for point seems kind of harsh. We can just ignore them… don’t kick ’em if the’re down.

    1. It’s not about kicking them down (since this site isn’t marketed to them). It’s about preventative maintenance for a guy considering it.

  25. Purest, cookie-cutter bullshit. Here’s a piece titled “Why Dating a Successful Woman is Important to Your Success”. The similarities of tone and theme are overwhelming.
    And another titled “8 Things Men Must Realize And Understand About A Career-Oriented Woman”:
    Same old same old. These uber-women are so smart, so wise, so together. If men had any sense they would be lining up for the chance to help check off the empty boxes in these women’s lives and be the wind beneath their wings.

    1. Yep, it doesn’t matter how “successful” these women are (or seem to be) in life…they still need you. Don’t let society or women tell you otherwise.
      Women need men.

  26. Ive always been the guy to say “never say never”…but seriously stay the fuck away from an LTR at all cost with these women.
    Which woman do you want to LTR more?
    The single mom that lives with or close to her parents who will dump off the kid on a regular basis to hang with you and get fucked. The woman who pushes responsibility on others? Im sure she will be just as dedicated to your kid one day!
    Or the single mom that you cant do anything spontaneous with ever. Cause nothing is more routine than planning out getting sitters and figuring out what lame shit you can do every other weekend.
    Both of these options are lame as fuck. As a man I feel sickened on a biological dna level with the thought of raising another mans kid.
    And remember…”my kid is my world”. The man will never be priorty number one. And she will always know whats best for her kid. And the more you try to help, the more beta and unattractive you become. By you showing her that a beta will provide she will always be willing to bail with her kid with the next beta that comes along.
    There really is no winning situation here. The sad thing is women are choosing this lifestyle now and the media promotes this. Women today literally think to themselves what will get me more likes and followers…a kid or a dog? Ill do kid this time!

    1. Women ‘choose’ that lifestyle because society has written the laws that incentivize them to do so. Divorced mom gets the house, gets support payments, throws up the online profile, sucks a different cock every month for the next 10 years “looking for love”. Its a free ride until that kid turns 18 and the support payments stop. Being divorced mom is a career.

      1. It’s really that simple. And obvious. I just applied your chain of events to women I know, mentally scanning, and can think of half a dozen off the bat following this plan. Funny too, 2 of them have kids that are almost 18 and they’re both bitching about having to get a job, etc..

      2. Agree. It’s one of the “equalities” that women don’t want to talk about (our laws and our court system)…because they have gained so much.
        Men are constantly taking a beating in court (i.e. divorce, child support, etc..).

        1. In Australia there’s a support group called ‘Dads In Distress’ (, that supports men who have lost their children in separations and are possibly spiraling down towards depression and suicide.
          I think this needs to be a thing the world over, since a man’s emotions are always completely trivialised by women, society and the legal system.

        2. The bad thing is that it’s not just a man’s emotions that are always completely trivialised by women, society and the legal system — it’s EVERYTHING about being a man that is denigrated and trivialised.

    2. If “her kid was her world,” she would have made it work out with the father. She is her world, no one but her own selfish ass self.

  27. why date a single mom? well because my tax money already goes to her children, that should be enough. why should i have to suffer more than that?

  28. Single mothers are easy…especially the ones who fashion themselves dating online. Thats not always a good thing.
    I dont see that on EHarmony’s list.

  29. “6. Single moms are easy to pamper. (They don’t get breaks very often. Hint, hint.)”
    Surprised you missed this, it means that the solitary female parent is easy to pamper – just babysit her brat while she goes to the club and maybe gets another one in the oven when the janitor bends her over in the restroom at the bar. Good times! [not]

  30. In the old days, some cultures encouraged men and women to play around before the wedding to see if the woman could get pregnant. And when she did, a rushed wedding followed.
    And if for some reason either her husband died or abandoned her and left her with a kid. Such women were marketed as good for remarriage because you had proof that they could bear children.
    There was a fear among men of marrying a woman who wouldn’t be able to have a child. For some families it would be a disaster if no heirs were produced. So some “available mothers” were marketed as “see she works!”

      1. No. The Japanese employed this. At times in European history it was used. There were encouraged “secret liasons” between certain couples who the families were planning on marrying, but one family wanted to be absolutely certain the woman could have a kid. Once she was pregnant a rushed wedding was performed and her condition “hidden”.
        Heck, even in Game of Thrones (which is based a lot on medieval history) Tywin Lannister barters his daughter, Cersei, to remarry into another house. Although she is older, he mentions in the TV series that she is proven to be fertile by the fact that she bore three children.
        He uses the fact that she had kids as a selling point and proof of her fertility.

  31. eHarmony I’ve got a shorter and more realistic article for you:
    “Reason why I wouldn’t date a single mother”
    1. She is a single mother
    Take that sumbitch to print!

  32. Thanks for the warning. Too many desperate women had been approaching me this past summer, to the point I personally opted out.
    That “Yes Means Yes” FALSE RAPE ACCUSATION LAW sealed the deal for me.

  33. Single mothers are of course a no go if you are looking for something long term and your own family. Raise someone else’s family? No fuckin way.
    Some of them can be great for some casual fun though, as long as you follow some rules:
    – Never meet her kids.
    – Never meet her parents or other members of her extended family.
    – Depending on how your social circles intersect or not, it’s better not to even meet her close friends.
    – Never help her with stuff around her home.
    – Never pay for anything that is not directly related to your time together (like drinks and food for when you are together).
    – Fuck her like a total depraved whore and keep her coming back for more 🙂
    Basically you’re seeing her just for the satisfaction, and that needs to be 100% clear.

  34. “Only retards like the zoo.”
    Hey, I like the zoo!
    Wait, is that why I had to ride the special bus?

  35. When I was still looking for a mate – that is, before I asked God to take the burden from me and I came to my senses – I frequented Christian Mingle, because Christians are strongly encouraged by Scripture not to be “unevenly yoked” with non-believers. The only women I seemed to attract were single moms looking for a baby daddy. I never wanted kids of my own (which severely limited my choices), and I sure as hell wasn’t gonna raise someone else’s.
    It’s a good thing you can browse profiles for free on CM, because I would’ve pissed away a lot of money for nothing.

    1. It’s tough out there for believers. The single moms are attached to Churchanity like parasites, hoping to find some nice beta who’s stupid to wife them up.
      They played the harlot and spread their legs, now let them suffer the consequences. The Lord will forgive them if they earnestly believe on him and repent, but that does not mean any single Christian man should marry them or be involved with them.
      If your church is being taken over by these types, it’s time to leave for a more fundamentalist one.

  36. Single moms?? Help raise some other guy’s kid! watch cartoons! Round up toys for a miserable trip to parks and playgrounds! Trip to the bar? HELL NO! Spend your money on happy meals!
    It seems counter-intuitive, but why chase young tight hotties when you can score ten minutes of exhausted sex with that blown out mommy-box?
    Fuck ALL that. Women wanted to play in the big leagues, congrats, you’re in, no more free passes for the ladies, we’re gonna go off your resume. And sigle mommy’s hi-lights?:
    -The kid is obviously second-fiddle to mommy’s dating fun, any man dating her can expect the same back-seat before long, god forbid you have a kid with her.
    -The list of degrading shit mommy must already be comfortable with to pitch herself as viable in a market saturated with young, drunk, liberated American whores is fucking frightening.
    -Mr Man’s cash-to-goodtime ratio just went to hell; dinners now include feeding some bastard and “going out” no longer involves anything after dark.
    …the ONLY possible merit of spending ANY time around a single mom would be under an assumed name and with the understanding that the very disease-free sex would be painful, degrading, and a very singular event….and hell, its not so much that you’re banging mommy, its that you’re NOT out there working something worthwhile!

    1. The list of degrading shit mommy must already be comfortable with to pitch herself as viable in a market saturated with young, drunk, liberated American whores is fucking frightening.


  37. maybe I’m just lazy, but I don’t even see the point of having sex with them either. It’s depressing being around people that basically failed at life. I guess unlike a lot of guys, sex does actually mean something to me. And I sure as hell won’t be wasting it by masturbating into a single-mom-slut-whore. I’ve only done it a couple times, and I never will again.
    I have, however led them on, because I’m absolutely fascinated and astounded at how high they rate their pathetic lives. I’m sure it’s an act, but the effort with which they try to convince everyone that their stupid decisions are not only normal, but healthy, is truly fascinating.
    Guys, don’t even see them for sex. Honestly, either chastity or masturbation is 1000X better IMHO.

    1. I’m absolutely fascinated and astounded at how high they rate their pathetic lives. I’m sure it’s an act, but the effort with which they try to convince everyone that their stupid decisions are not only normal, but healthy, is truly fascinating.

      Hear, hear. Single mothers try to act like they are highly desirable. They aren’t fooling anyone. No decent man wants to spend his hard-earned paycheck on her ungrateful bastard spawn as it screams, “you can’t tell me what to do, you’re not my father!” Nor have to deal with baby daddy still coming around. Fuck that. No thank you. Dating single mothers is scrapping the bottom of the barrel. The more kids she has the thicker the barrel scum.

    2. “but the effort with which they try to convince everyone that their stupid decisions are not only normal, but healthy, is truly fascinating.”
      I find that fascinating as well, honestly. It’s just bizarre to watch.

  38. I personally like dating single moms (preferably with children who are not infants or toddlers). I’m not usually looking for a serious relationship, just great sex. Because they are busy with child care or custody, it gives me more time to date other women as well. Once they push for more serious commitment, then its time to depart, and find a replacement 😉

    1. Because they are busy with child care or custody, it gives me more time to date other women as well.


  39. Lolz you don’t *date* single mothers, you fuck them.
    And when it comes to getting laid, single mothers > single non-mothers.

      1. Why do you think that is?
        Hint: It is not a mere coincidence. Not limited to the ‘net.
        You being a woman, maybe you can connect the dots when you listen to your fellow single moms’ saucy gossip?
        Let us know about your findings…

        1. Yep and they’re open about it too. Its like they’re trying to make up for lack of passion with their ex. And the reality that they’re a commodity with a expiration date, if not already past due.

  40. Sometimes dating websites can provide incredibly useful info. Take one of the co-founders of OKCupid, Christian Rudder. His book “Who We are (when we think no one’s looking)” compiled data from OKCupid and statistically proved that a woman peaks out at 21. He proves this through the actions (yes actions, not socially acceptable answers) of over 20 million men of nearly every age group. Women over their mid 20’s have practically no social value on a dating website. Keep in mind, OKCupid’s clientèle is amongst the most liberal of the liberal by Rudder’s own admission.

    1. It just means okc is dominated by young people. Probably because its a free site, and that attracts people with minimal disposable income. Free sites are a big question mark to begin with. Anybody can set up multiple fake profiles and spam the hell out of other users, so user data is going to be questionable. I do respect they way the founders made a ton a money from a junky business model.

      1. Wrong. The data was separated by the age of users and their search preferences, it wasn’t based on what the 20 million users as a group thought was attractive, and the results were not based on any questions or surveys that they answered (this is where the “spam” comes into play). Anyways, why would you pay to be on a dating site when the free websites have a larger talent pool? Of the 20 million men every age group from 18 to 60+ preferred a woman no older than 22. Probably the cleanest data ever compiled on the subject.

  41. I’m not going to say never date a single mom, but this list is full of wishful thinking and “things that might be true but it really depends on the individual”. And it doesn’t say anything about how to navigate the minefield that comes with being a stepdad — You can’t just assume that’s going to work out well!
    EHarmony used to be run by evangelical types who had a dash of common sense. It also used to be strictly for heterosexual matchmaking but the gay “civil rights” crowd threatened to shut it down and the original owners sold it off. The new owners wrecked whatever might have been useful.

  42. I will fuck a single mom, I will take her out to cheap places a few times. I will never commit to her. She has shown she is a whore and or a frivorced skank who ruined a good man’s life and stole his kids. I’ve used online dating alot as its easy and I’m busy. It’s a good thing but I filter out single mom’s so they don’t show in my matches. I know her game. She wants a wallet and she wants a simp to raise her kid. . These sites know alot of their users are fat women and single mom’s, hence all the articles written by dating sites telling people to date fat single mom’s. .

  43. The answer:
    “why else should a man date an unwed mother?”
    -> Because he can get hotter pussy.
    His game and passive value would get him regular 6s.
    If he dates single moms he might get 7s to 7.5 all else beeing equal.
    If he is after ONS/Bump’n dump this might be a good deal for the man.
    Same is true if he is into open relationships – single moms may be happy to see you once a week, while other women might want more attention/sex.

  44. “What benefit does your product have that none of the others do? ”
    That’s really what this boils down to.
    You can get the same exact benefits out of a single woman who has never had a child. Single women with no children can be independent. They can be patient. We can go to the zoo if we want. They can appreciate some basic pampering and they can be extremely loyal. Oddly, some of them can even make lasagna (although women in general knowing how to cook is becoming rarer every year).
    Not only that you get some additional benefits like being with someone who is capable of exercising some forethought and common sense and didn’t get knocked up by some guy she didn’t want to stay with. Someone who has the ability to think ahead and manage their life to some degree. They’re not saying, “Hey, I completely screwed up, but I appreciate a helping hand even though I’m independent. Wanna help me raise someone else’s kid?”
    I’m sure a lot of them are nice people, but when it comes to selecting a lifelong mate, they are at a huge disadvantage to the single women with no children and there is no way around that fact, no matter how many neat little lists people make to bolster the single moms’ attractiveness.

    1. There might be a benefit if the man wasn’t able to have kids of his own, and actually wanted a package set. Also some men might be willing if the woman was a widow, not obviously damaged goods. But those conditions seem to be rare in today’s dating world. Mostly its divorced moms, most who initiated the divorce for reasons they’ll never fully explain, you’re only going to get their side of the story, and you’ll always be the replacement husband / father.

  45. In my experience, single moms are easy. They will game you and you wonder why, because they aren’t up front about it and regardless will say that they need dick on the regular (if you want it), which is true. They wouldn’t have gotten knocked up had they not been insatiably dick-hungry. My friend’s step-sister was a HUGE slut in high school. Basically had a threesome with two guys while a bunch of others watched. Of course she couldn’t make it through college without a bun in that oven.

    1. Depends. Are we talking about the glorious three films which aired between 1977 and 1987, or the clusterfuck of CG shit on silver and small screen created since?

  46. While I’m trying not to lament my past with my comment…where the hell were articles like this when I was 27 years old? This should be required reading for any Western man ages 18 and on, regardless of race and social status.

  47. Look i don’t want to be rude….but why? Why date a single mom?
    Ask yourself these questions.
    1) Have you worked hard to get where you are?
    2) Did anyone really help you? Other than giving you advice?
    3) Are you under 50?
    4) Does your free time matter to you?
    5) Does your money matter to you?
    Look I’m not going to say all single moms are damaged goods but…..look i was raised in a lower middle class home and i’m eternally greatful for my stepfather for marrying my mom and accepting us….but times were different then. Now we have done what 15+ years in a dead economy? Who has the liquidity to take care of themselves as well as another kid? I know i don’t.

  48. I don’t date single moms and I never will. I knew not to do this even before hearing the warnings against it. I can only imagine the poor desperate chumps that chase a woman who’s still got someone else’s DNA trailing her everywhere.

  49. Don’t forget the danger of falling in love with her children. That becomes an added chip in her arsenal. Every case I’ve seen where a guy hooked up with a single mom and ended up genuinely wanting to be a loving dad to the kids, the mom used it to make his life a nightmare. You get well-trained, docile female behavior when you openly despise the kids. The women then searches for White Knights and Manginas for shoulders to cry on and leaves her bullshit away from the home. If you openly love the kids, she’ll be fucking strangers in no time, and torturing you with mind games.
    Single moms are without men for a reason. Don’t become another cardboard cutout male victim to their insanity.
    Maybe the pussy would be worth it, but don’t consider anything long term. To be an asshole to children just to have a decent relationship with their mom makes you a monster.

  50. I have a simple good reason anyone could understand because you are raising some other mans child for him and if you marry you gain legal responsibility to care for the child via child support till it’s 18 or out of college and if you divorce you still will be forced to pay for it. that’s why you don’t date/marry a single mother it’s the reason no one married my grandmother after her husband died.

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