An Introduction To Dominican Girls

The Dominican Republic is a popular place for foreigners, and one of the main reasons is that the women here are attractive and feminine. They are superior in every way to women in Western countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. The best part of all is that they are open to dating foreigners, and some even prefer foreigners.

But before you travel over here to meet your Dominican beauty, it’s good to gather some background information and learn the best strategies for attracting them.

What They Look Like

It’s difficult to describe what a typical Dominican girl looks like because they come in all different shapes and colors. There’s a lot of variety here which is a good thing because you will be sure to find something you like. There are black girls, white girls, and everything in between. But one thing they all have in common is that they have great bodies.

Their bodies develop at an early age and they usually have curves—either a small subtle curve or a much larger curve for thicker girls. They also love to show off their bodies by wearing tight clothing out in public. The only negative aspect of their looks is that most of them don’t have pretty faces.

Dominican Model

How They Act

Of course every girl is different, but in general Dominican girls are fun, outgoing, and social. They are family oriented and spend a lot of time with their friends. They are somewhat superficial, as they really care about what others think of them. This is good in some ways, such as that they always dress up when leaving the house. You would never see them wearing sweat pants and flip flops like women from Western countries.

Status is important to them and they want others to know that their life is fun and exciting. This is why they take so many pictures and are constantly changing their social media profile pictures.

This country is somewhat racist and you can generally tell someone’s class by their skin color and also by where they hang out. The upper-class girls have lighter skin. They speak more English but they are also more stuck-up than the lower-class girls.

What They Want in a Man

Most girls are looking for a relationship. They want a guy to to provide for them and to give them attention. Age isn’t really important, as long as you aren’t ugly or completely out of shape. Money talks here. Having a nice place, a nice car, and getting bottle service in clubs makes a huge difference. Most girls prefer guys who are at least conversational in Spanish since most girls don’t speak any English at all aside from the upper-class girls.

And although they won’t admit it, Dominican girls like bad boys. A tigre, as they call it here. They can’t help but be attracted to an alpha male who may or may not be a criminal. So called “beta males” will not have as much dating success here and will probably be taken advantage of. If you are an alpha male with money then this could be the perfect country for you.

Finding The Right One

There are a lot of quality girls here, but it can be difficult to find one with the total package: looks, personality, brains, and loyalty. Perhaps the most difficult quality to get is loyalty. Attractive girls here have a lot of dating options and they have a lot of guys messaging them on Whatsapp. Cheating is common here, so you have to keep a close eye on your girl—especially at first when you are still getting to know each other.

One particular girl to avoid is the “chapiadora.” This is Dominican slang for a gold-digger, but it’s a little more than that. A chapiadora is a women who tries her hardest to extract money from guys and it doesn’t matter how old these guys are.

Chapiadoras are usually easy to spot—they can be seen wearing provocative clothing, heavy makeup, and hair extensions. And usually they are with an older guy. After living here for a while you can spot these women from a mile away. But when you first arrive you have to be careful. The music video below sums up the life of a “chapi.”

It’s also inconvenient that there are so many single moms here. Sometimes it seems like half the girls here are single moms- no exaggeration. However there are fewer single moms in the upper-class neighborhoods. It’s best to avoid dating these single moms because they will constantly ask you for money to give to their kids.

Where To Meet Dominican Girls

This is the question that guys always ask: what’s the best place to meet Dominican women? The short answer is that it’s best to meet them while living your day to day life. The nightlife scene here is not a great option for picking up women.


I always think it’s best that you don’t go out of your way in order to meet girls. If you do, then it seems like you are trying too hard, and that can cause a girl to lose attraction for you. It’s best to just meet girls by going through your daily routine. Do you go to the gym? Well there are a lot of fit girls in the gym. Need to go to the mall and buy something? There are a lot of single girls shopping in the mall. Just go over and say hello.

It may seem difficult to go and talk to a complete stranger without the use of alcohol, but it can be fun and it gets easier with practice. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, and the girls here will be receptive to your approach. If they like you then you can get their number or go on an “instant date” with them. If they aren’t interested, they will politely excuse themselves.

It’s important to note that you have an advantage as a foreigner. Girls will be curious about you, and most of them won’t be shy in expressing interest. They will look at you and hold eye contact and some will even hiss at you. Make sure to take advantage of these opportunities by going over and making conversation. If you don’t act on it then you will spend the rest of the day thinking about what could have been.

Social Circle

After you’ve been living here a while then you’re going to meet people—both friends and acquaintances. This could be from playing basketball at the park or from going to the same restaurant and getting to know the staff. Regardless, the locals will try to set you up and it doesn’t matter with whom- it could be their sister, cousin, or even their mother. But most likely it will be their cousin because they all have a lot of cousins. So if you’re social, then you will get dates by not even trying.


Surprisingly, the nightlife is not very good here and it’s especially not very good for meeting girls. This is because single girls rarely go out by themselves. They usually go with guys so you will see a lot of mixed groups out at night. However there are a few good nightlife venues in Santo Domingo that are more western style.

Dominican Girl at Lounge

Online Options

If you’re open to online dating then it can be very effective here. In Santo Domingo there are a lot of girls with online dating profiles so you would not run out of girls to message. The negative aspect of online dating is that it’s tedious and it can discourage you from talking to girls in real life. There are also a lot of poor girls who go on online dating sites in order to meet a foreigner to provide for them. The positive aspect of online dating is that it can lead to a lot of dates. The top online dating site here is Dominican Cupid.


Overall the girls here are nice, but they shouldn’t be the only reason you visit. You certainly have to be careful with some of these girls, especially when you first arrive and are unfamiliar with the culture. Before you arrive, you should study up on Spanish because it will certainly be helpful.

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235 thoughts on “An Introduction To Dominican Girls”

  1. Soooooo…there are tons of single moms there, and they all want rich, tall, low-life bad boys so they can mooch off them and somehow elevate their social status? Why bother going to the DR when that’s exactly the same kind of females we have here in the United States?

        1. Yeah Bob! Going to bat for your obese oneitis’ honor. (Dominicans are in the West, friend.) But back to these Western girls you’re standing up for…gazelles aren’t they? Just herds upon herds of lean, lithe, graceful waif-like bundles are pure softness and estrogen. Rock on Bob! Anglo women are the best! Herds of them everywhere you look, like gazelles, I say! Healthy girls everywhere!

        2. Dominican Republic is not in the “West” numbbuts. The West refers to modern developed countries, not merely countries geographically located in a vague area in the Western portion of the globe. If it was, most of Europe wouldn’t be Western!
          Plenty of ugly, fat girls in the Carribean and South America friend. And personality wise, they’re not much. I’ve been there, I know.

        3. The West refers to a lot of things. It’s a debateable topic. The DR is a Spanish culture which comes from Western Europe from way back where the original terms East and West came from. Eh? What? What? Can’t hear you?
          Sounds like you dindu much on your trips to South America. Too bad.

        4. I’ll reply here to your last comment to me. Yes, you did mention South America in your post about the DR. Go find a clue. Maybe I can sell you one.

        5. So my post about South America was about the DR? I thought if it was a post about South America then it was a post about South America. Your whole trunks-filling snit about my post is because you were so eager to show off your knowledge of the DR. So eager that you couldn’t even hold off on commenting about a post that WASN’T EVEN ABOUT THE D.R. You’re a mess. Get a library card. Start over, Bob. Your first attempt at developing a mind dindu you any good.

        6. You know what? You’re right. I am so unintelligent and I should have known that your irrelevant comment about a completely different country and culture (within a thread about the DR) was relevant. I’ll do what English Bob did and ignore your superior “intelligence”.

        7. errr if that’s the west…then technically the globe is the west. But you can’t call japan the west can you champ? It’s all geographic my friend. Not demographic.

        8. two things here: 1 according to your reasoning, my first point in my previous post is valid. 2: if you’re not gonna tell me why I’m wrong, saying “do some reading” isn’t a plausible answer and it shows that you have no education on t his topic since you’re too lazy to even give remote references. Effectively, you are not a person I would consider knowledgeable enough to consider your train of thought.

        9. One thing here. I don’t give a shit what you think of me. Besides you have no idea what my qualifications are to speak on the subject, but I am also not the kind of man to brag pointlessly on the Internet.
          As for why you’re wrong, I’ve already spelled it out in earlier posts. I’m not going back over old ground on what is an asinine and simple topic. No serious person would argue that a third world country forms part of “The West”.

        10. but they would though and they have. But its a good thing you don’t care what others think of you because you are piss poor at arguing.

    1. If they are single moms they have already received their injection of “Bad Boy Alpha” genetic material because they couldn’t keep their legs crossed…any Yank that hooks up with them is a beta sampling sloppy seconds, no matter how good the sex might be. 😉

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      2. what does sloppy seconds matter if you find her hot, and the sex is good? They’re all human by the end of the day. SOMEONE had to have sex with your wife first and it probably wasn’t you.

    2. Yeah I find it difficult to square the idea that they are superior to Western women and yet half of them are single mothers. That sounds worse!
      Given the way that they behave and how easy they are to pick up, they sound like a bunch of sluts. Hell the author even says cheating is a problem. They sound really ghetto (which is what I have heard about DR). I would steer clear, personally.

      1. My thoughts exactly. If this was an article promoting the positives of DR girls over western girls it fails miserably.
        Single mothers, ugly faces, gold digging and infidelity?
        I’ll stick with my down south US city and all the pretty white women. At least they can understand me when I’m putting them in their place.

      2. As a Dominican who lived there pretty much my whole life I can tell you this is all Bullshit a lot of them are single mothers because Dominican men are not very good and they normally would cheat or leave for the newest girl he can find. Most of Dominican women are actually very hard working and don’t just want a rich men most of the women are very pretty and were not sluts or easy like you said so get your facts stray.

    3. There are LOADS of women there. Plenty of good ones too. You do have to be smart about it to meet them.

    4. Exactly. I went to Punta Cana for vacation once. On the way home I stopped at the airport bar. Girl was cute so I flirted for about 5 minutes. She was already inviting herself to come stay with me and telling me to friend her on facebook.
      I will bet any sum of money in the world that she had 2 kids.

    5. I dunno…… when a woman calls me “papi” I am more inclined to listen, rather than be called “asshole”, “MF”, “wallet with a dick” and “loser”. Although, I tend to hear this right before they want me to give them a long night of loving… funny.
      But single mom’s in America, seldom look like the photos of above.

    6. Same type of women but different situation. They are allways looking for American boys to be wild with. Just bring plenty of money.

  2. This article is atrociously written. Too many items to point out to even begin…
    These types of articles strike me as clickbait filler. Designed merely to get the natives restless.
    The bottom line when it comes to relationships in this world is that you should do what makes you happy, and never try to mold yourself into some pre-designed cookie cutter type shape that you think women of will find attractive.
    Be yourself and make yourself happy. Companionship will follow as a byproduct of that attitude and lifestyle.

  3. Call me cynical but at this point I put all women in the same category. If you want a “bad boy” by all means go get em. Just don’t bitch when shit goes south. Most women just want a guy to entertain petty needs. Once you become that guy get ready for a life of dysfunction.

    1. It’s too bad how influential our own piece of shit media is around the world. I lived in South America years ago and the women didn’t fall for the ‘bad boy’ meme much at all. I’m sure drug dealers had their bitches but most girls were so up to their necks with bad boys (urban South America is like that) that being a decent man who reads was the new ‘bad boy’ for them. One important note is that South American badboys really are bad. They really do kill, beat and rape. They’re not just soft poser/idiots from Duluth who spent time in a tattoo parlor one afternoon. Badboys in North America are really just Halloween costume wearers 365 days a year. So girls can have fun with that.
      But the media has taken over. Now the badboy nonsense is entrenched worldwide. Sad.

        1. The topic of discussion is Dominican women. With that being the case, what relevance does South American women have to do with it?

        2. The topic of my discussion is how our American cultural memes get spread around the world through media and how frustrating that is. In this case it was the fetishizing of ‘bad boys.’ I cited my time in South America as an example of a place that had a different cultural regard for ‘bad boys’ at the time I lived there. Pretty simple. I’m not sure why you’re taking issue with it.

        3. You were attempting to correct or “educate” englishbob about his saying that the DR is not a western culture, by using inaccurate information and mentioning South America as your basis. You kept mentioning South America as if it was relevant. I just chose the most recent irrelevant post to try to enlighten you. The West refers to those industrialized nations and those under their control, that subscribe to similar values as the US, UK, etc. Also, the DR is NOT a Spanish culture. It is a combined culture primarily of Spain, Africa, and India. I was merely correcting your pseudo intellectual comments

        4. You’re completely lost. Please don’t stop posting. Hilarious. You’re so far up your own ass with your knowledge of the DR that you can’t even think straight. My comments to Bob were totally unrelated to my comments about our toxic media’s effect on other cultures. Maybe that will help. Also, Hi English Bob. How are you doing? The Ol’ double handles internet war tactic, eh?

  4. I heard there are great tax advantages for americans living in puerto rico, and you aren’t required to give up your american passport. The women are banging, winner miss universe 5 times. Anybody have a field report there?

    1. I lived in PR a couple of decades ago and if I remember correctly you didn’t pay US income tax but had to pay an equivalent amount to the PR government. I lived in central San Juan in El Condado. The Girls were stunning and the people were nice and friendly and liked Americanos. You’ll need to speak Spanish with the girls as most did not speak English. Fortunately I speak Spanish fluently and got the best notch count there in my entire life. This was a couple of decades ago and unfortunately I hear that the island has been overrun with drug crime.

    2. I just know both PR and DR are kind of sub states of the US. One area code to reach DR +1(809)..hawaii is +1(808) +1(810) is Michigan. PR is +1(787) and +1(939).PR has representatives in legislature in the US, that don’t vote. Its an odd situation.

      1. Most americans are unaware that the US took over the island of Hispanola to enforce collection of debts and ruled for decades. The people of the island remember even if we do not. The fact that the two islands, PR and Hispanola (including Haiti), have the same country code as the US is because the phone system was put in place while we ruled it. It is interesting that the Clinton Foundation has a huge interest in the phone system in Haiti these days.
        In the case of PR, are you guys unaware that PR is a US territory? Citizens of PR are US citizens and have US passsports.

    3. Haven’t been since I was like 13 but met a latino guy who just moved here to the states from PR and he said it was getting out of control with crime and other problems. Basically PR is broke just like the USA is broke, but PR doesn’t have the ability to borrow money the way the USA can. So it’s a sign of things to come… That said it’s worth visiting I think.

      1. PR is in the process of getting laws changed in DC so they can declare bankruptcy and renegotiate their debt. I am not aware of the crime statistics.
        When I was in DR the joke was, “How do you get 6 Dominicans into a shoe box? Tell them it is going to Puerto Rico.”

  5. So, sluts with ugly faces who dress like hookers and who are dragging around illegitimate children? I think I’ll pass.

    1. Yes. This is my impression of DR chicks in general. If you want that, why not go next door to Haiti. Greater quantity at lower prices.

  6. The chapiadora is usually with the older guy, not only For the money , but she probably does’nt have to put up with fucking him that much !

  7. Sugar daddy honey traps. Useless around the house, can’t cook, wash and iron, too bothered by their appearance, no way Jose.

  8. Nah, I’ll stick with Mexican girls. Or if I feel a need to go Caribbean, I’m gonna wait for Cuba to open up so I can go to Havana and have a shot at Cubanitas. Of course before those hypocrite Republicans change their minds about Cuba and gobble up everything.

    1. cuba will probably be amazing and terrifying when it totally opens up, kind of like russia in the 1990s.

      1. Ironically, communism has the ability that I can’t explain to keep their hot women hot and wholesome, just by keeping them away from the evils of capitalism. Go figure! Can’t also wait for North Korea to open up too.

        1. North Korean women will be the most utterly sexless women in world history when/if it ‘opens up’. Not to mention that the cock-blocking and social shaming directed at any NK woman for being with a honky will be on levels that you can’t even imagine. You say ‘Can’t wait,’. I wouldn’t waste one brain cell on ‘waiting’ for North Korean women.

        2. I suppose you’re right. Then again, there’s probably more than enough NK refugees to go around.

        3. I seen a few female soldiers at Kim Fatty’s parades…they are hot enough…plus they will be easily impressed : electricity, running water, indoor toilet, etc.

        4. They’re definitely hot as far as face and body but the mentality will be extremely sexless, shamed and unnatural. It hardly matters, It’s never happening in our lifetime.

        5. I was stationed at Osan Air Base, Korea what a f’d up place. Some of the chicks are hot, not the brightest either. The ones I met outside the whorehouses and bars wanted to marry a GI and were great at domestic chores and willing to learn about sexual gymnastics. Pumped and dumped and came home single.

      2. oh it’ll be a freaking tsunami. Hot latin women racing to the internet to find men with a job, car & his own place so that they can trade their vagina for a green card…they will put Russian, Philippino & Thai women to shame.

        1. Better get used to the idea if you marry a Cuban, you’re going to have to move to Miami. Every Cuban eventually moves there.

    2. When Cuba opens a little more, it’s going to be a bonanza. Thin beautiful women in a Latin Country with low crime with a low cost of living. Rich gringos will have their pick of the litter. Good cigars too.

      1. For three months. But oh…what a glorious three months those will be…
        Had a few Latinas in my day, cute and fun but not really my cup of tea. That said, compared to what we have left in the “developed” world, they’re like the gold standard, outside of rural Russian broads.

        1. I was married to a Latina at one time. All I can say is that you can’t say you have been in a relationship with a latina unless you have had your life threatened at knife point. I speak from experience. The level of psycho is off the charts.

    3. Mexican girls are amazing.. too bad their country is only slightly safer than visiting Iraq.

      1. It’s improving, but still shaky in some places, like my family’s home state of Chihuahua.Wouldn’t go to Sinaloa though. That place is swarming with El Chapo’s acolytes. Too bad. That place is ladies heaven.

    4. Over 100,000 Americans are estimated to visit Cuba every year now. And Canadians, Europeans, etc. visit all the time. Yes, there is an impact of Americans not visiting in greater numbers due to the embargo, but if you want to go, just go, through a second country like Cancun. And go as soon as possible, because America is gonna fucking destroy that country, put KFCs and Starbucks on every corner and make it just as shitty as possible.

    1. It has electrolytes! They’re what plants crave!!!!!

  9. Alpha who may or may not be a criminal, Tigres?… seriously? maybe I’m just not into the whole pick up artist thing anymore, but I’ve come to a point where if the chick is not going to accept me for me, and I have to transform myself into her Fantasy and put all this trivial effort and time Transforming myself into her specific fantasy and then transform myself again for the next woman, just an endless cycle of transformations to appease random women? No, no thanks, I guess as I’ve gotten older I’ve learned to not sell myself for random encounters of pleasure. A Man is in control of the courting ritual when he can act like himself and attract a Mate, the female is in control of the courting ritual when the Male has to transform his identity to simp for her approval, if it’s meant to be , great , if not, next prospect . How does the “Mad Men” meme go?….

    1. Wait wait wait….
      I thought “yup” was a female?

      1. “Nope”. But i’ll give it to you that in some areas it’s a little Emotional…Nice one BTW

    2. You wouldn’t have to be continuously “transforming” if you actually took the initiative to grow as a man through daily self-improvement (e.g. working out, reading, languages, hobbies/skills etc.). Grow up. Stop being a pussy and actually try to improve instead of complaining.

      1. Far ahead of you “ElHombre” , since you can’t see my point and you probably simp for female approval, you should take your own advice.

        1. I guess what I meant to say in my Paragraph above, is that if a Man has to Transform himself into “Mystery” (the PUA) or make radical changes just so he can get pussy, then he’s focusing way to hard on that and he’s forgetting that there is more to being a Man than wasting his time on pretending to be Tigres.

    3. On point. I’m Dominican and let me tell you, Tigres are beta males in alpha male disguises. They are scared and insecure men who cannot be trusted. My experience with women in DR has always been great because when you act like a man they respect you. But if you are ignorant and weak some will take advantage of you. Basically be ahead of the game because a lot of them are clever and smart. In DR you will learn quickly to be a survivor so if you are a REAL survivor not a fake, women will follow and respect you.

      1. That’s precisely what I mean too, it’s usually the wanna-be bad ass’s that can be seen from a Mile away.

  10. BTW, this is Francisca Lachapelle, winner of a beauty pageant on Univision and current morning show host on Despierta America from the DR. Good body but questionable face and flat personality.
    Personally I like her cohost Ana Patricia Gamez and weather girl Ximena Cordova more.

    1. she looks like the common dominican women, she seems to have lighter skin color but still the same manly facial features with shitty personality.

  11. Meh.
    Sounds like the same shit as in the USA but with brown skin. Big fucking deal.
    I’m also curious: how come when blacks mate with other-than-black they call the kid black, but if whites mate with other than white, they never call the kid white?
    Fuck it. Never mind. Sexbots are the future.

      1. Its funny Dominicans are deeply offended if you call them black(they are genetically 80% black). It made national news when the president/dictator of Venezuela called Halle Barry(a Dominican) Black.

      1. so, a man’s son is a different race than he because the mom is a different race? Then, I’ll start my own race.

        1. Unless his dad is a different race. Basically if either parent is non-white, he’s upheld as the ultimate minority.

        2. Then I hereby pick up that ridiculous gauntlet and declare the foundation of a new race, defined by its descent from me.

        3. Theoretically, you could argue this happens every time a couple has children. Even so, mine is the Master Race.

        4. Well, according to the media he is black. Sometimes the word “Asian” pops up. It’s hard to say most of the time, the media seems to be pretty consistently inconsistent.

        5. He ran into problems with the “Black Community” when he said he was equal parts black and Thai. Nope, they told him, you’re the first black golfing star, now get over it.

        6. It bothers me that I have to live in a world where this kind of shit means something to roving hordes of dunderheads.

    1. Nah its not the US, the girls know how to dress and seduce, but very cash oriented. Then there is just dealing with all the stupid shit that goes on in DR(was hauled into a boat at gunpoint for doing some speargun fishing, had to have technicians come 14 times just to get slow internet).

      1. In the DR you will get held up at gunpoint for just standing in the backyard of your house.

    2. The sad thing is, I got really excited reading this article. Mainly because of the obesity problem in America. How desperate we have gotten for quality women….

  12. My first experience with a dominican girl was in austin tx. I pipelined some dates via online before my flight and landed there. I texted to confirm at the airport and she seemed a little flaky so my return text conveyed I had other options. It must have worked because She responded she would meet me and came to my hotel later that night. She had an absolutely ridiculous ass.
    After drinks we went to my hotel room where she proceeded to give me the best bj I’m ever had eagerly swallowing. “welcome to Texas” She wouldn’t bang that night, but two nights later she came back and I banged her every which way from behind to take advantage of that ass. Oh yeah, Dominican girls got the body and booty.

  13. I’m disappointed in ROK for running such an article. If you are a PUA or John then the Dominican Republic is for you. Or you need quantity over quality… These women tend to mature younger but age poorly. That body will blow up and good luck getting domestic functions performed long term… I’ll pass

    1. 90% of articles about “game” on ROK are like this. The ones from 2012 and 2013 are much better and a lot less manginarish.

  14. Conservative WASP, slender good girls are way better in every way than foreign slutty looking baby makers. And a lot smarter and honest too!

        1. Foreigner love is awesome. Not into bobby brown but I do believe European women to be much more “loving” than 80% of American WASPs.

        2. Funny I hear the opposite. No to foreigners (long-term). Euro feminists loving – ha.
          Southern (GA) Conserv women vs Northern Feminists are like on 2 different planets.

        3. You’d be surprised. It gets cold in the north and you don’t have to bleach your roof. I love the seasons and crisp air.

        4. Agreed. I live in Houston (from Arkansas), Southern women are much more conservative, well mannered, traditional, and have a grace few northern women have.

        5. So true! They are much more feminine and less harsh. But there are pockets of them in the south along with hipster types. Sad

        6. Snow is a romantic endeavor or exercise in chivalry. either/or. Southern women are of better mannerism certainly. But they have many omega’s and beta’s versus the northern version of southern hospitality

        7. And much cuter and happier, so it seems.
          What’s that- Omega…? I know of Beta – like passive types, right.

        8. Omega is that double passive type. Passive to a passive character. I’m a handsome dimpled nerd who loves to sing and build things. 100% scotch irish

        9. Cool – I guess a certain level of passive is best. Scotch Irish? All I know about them is from my Presbyterian upbringing. I loved the bagpipes with the Organ. It brought tears to my eyes- a beautiful, powerful music.

        10. But you don’t want passive. Passive entails that someone is dominant. I’d gamble and say you want the alpha and not the beta or omega

        11. I’m sorry. You always have the best insights GOJ. I didn’t know what a skraeling was before you posted it.

        12. Yeah I like a take charge male but no “player” or jerk. Maybe in between but no effeminate types at all.

        13. I hate it! Even many straight guys talk gay. I dated jocks in school and they were just right. Some Rednecks are too dumb. Masculinity needs to return!

        14. You need a renaissance man. And by need i mean should desire. Men in general should be able to slot right into any process in this automated age. Are you so skilled that a machine can’t do a better job? Welders, Plumbers and machinists are your probable best bets

        15. Yeah so those professions don’t seem like they could be replaced with robots. Or builders & custom type professions.

        16. If you are commenting here and cogniscent of your responses I am amazed. Every building is custom type. The south has lots of cinder block structures in my opinion. why have windows if you drape them?

        17. Yes of course unless you are turned off by tennis playing, petite,108lbs, moderate curves, 5’5 blondish brown longish hair, big blue eyed feminine styling girls. Foreign girls seem to be the topic of discussion here. I’m saying keep the dating in-country. Say No to illegal girl dating.
          But what’s that got to do with custom building or other similar trades that can’t be done with robots.

        18. Women got what they asked for many decades ago, turns out it wasn’t such a hot idea, and everyone, both men and women suffer for it. To be fair, men went along with it. Its worse for you, because generally any Alpha man is going to be a player because he has so little competition.

        19. I’ve met some charming southern girls, but I’ve never met women who ticked every box as much as some foreign women I’ve known. Its just hard to compete with someone who from a young age was taught all the best of the feminine arts. The same can be said of some cultures for men-Italians are famous for making women a little crazy. They are my competition 😉

        20. What feminine arts? Things need to come natural. I’m not for how-to stuff. I have been lucky being my authentic self. I am very into EQ and phonies are easy to detect.

        21. I know and once I find out he’s sleeping with someone else (a slut) because I won’t, I say bye. And he pursues me more, but my trust is gone. People have to learn self-restraint and the beauty of sexual tension that comes from playful, intelligent like flirting long-term – that is much better. But sluts will throw themselves at the hot guys. So whatcha gonna do if you insist on long-term….

        22. Snap out of it! AWALT! Keep that in mind.
          You’re mesmerized by that avatar of a young blond cartoon character and she’s playing that Jedi mind trick on you.

        23. As you say people have to have restraint to have your type of long term relationship. Of course the more you have to offer usually the more you can ask of your partner. Unfortunately if you look at statistics, the men who have the most faithful gfs, are also the ones most likely to cheat(think tiger woods). So you are swimming full against the current,looking for the alpha who only has eyes for you. Oddly I’ve never been particularly faithful, and in my life I’ve only had two women break up with me(and it wasn’t over infidelity), so my experience is that as long as women are pretty happy, they tend ignore everything else.
          I think the problem is we are more genetically programmed for instant gratification and sexual promiscuity(look at any of our animal relatives-bonobos have matriarchy are super double slutty polyamory even incestuous, chimps, more patriarchy, yet warring and super slutty-gorillas, harems, but fidelity within those harems. I’ve traveled far and wide, and infidelity is an issue everywhere. The only happy people seem to be the ones who ignore it(marriage is for the kids, sex is for fun). I think its important to be realistic about the chances and methods of getting what you want and adjusting your mind to that reality. If the odds of success are 3% I probably have unrealistic expectations.

        24. Holy crap, stop it already. She’s probably a 30 something fatso playing all cute and sexy online.

        25. That natural stuff is American BS. We are all trained one way or another, whether we like it or not(Eat your peas, sit up straight, don’t talk back!). Imagine me going into a job interview wearing pajamas and not bringing a resume, because I liked to be “natural”. I would naturally be shown the door. So you are willing to do more for a job than for a lover? Sounds like you care more for your job. For some reason when it comes to love people say “be natural” then when it comes to every thing else from war to work to baseball, theories and methods abound. But its American..we put work above love, and this is one thing I’ve had to change in myself. In Latin America, its a very important concept to know how to “conquistar”. I find that women there tend to know exactly what men like, and are very willing to give it to them. Sounds like the formula for a great business, know your customers, please them, and you get back what you want in return. I’ve always focused on understanding women, and I’m amazed that as I get older, the quality of women I date has gone up not down(I had both more money and more muscles when I was younger).
          Feminine arts..flirting, knowing how to dress, how to move, to make any moment enjoyable. To say things to him that he has never heard before. Once I had been traveling on a hot bus all day and a latin girl was inviting me over. I protested that I was all sweaty. She told me gently come, if you are dirty, I’ll clean you, and if you are clean…I’ll make you dirty!
          So you want revenge on a boyfriend who cheats on you? Imagine the cruelty if you fuck him better than any woman ever has before..and now whenever he is with another woman he can only think of you.

        26. I’m always good for the really obscure historical reference. Makes me the life of the party. Or so I pretend.

        27. But don’t assume just because someone was not trained in how to be feminine, that they are devoid of those characteristics. I know I’m very naturally feminine or ladylike because ever since I was a child people have told me so. It’s intuitive and I’m a big EQ person. So sex appeal can be more subtle yet very powerful to those who are also intuitive and prefer more sensual sensitive people. I prefer honest natural subtle flirtation or emotion than something that seems forced or contrived.
          And that’s what keeps the male suitors coming back more than just sex “skills”. Also they prefer someone who has less experience with very very few people. It all goes together.
          But yes nurturing loving Latina women are prob much better than most of the aggressive, feminist hook-up women in the US.

        28. Sounds like you appeal to the guys around you. The big question for you is have you been getting the men you want? …and if not why not?

        29. Not mine. Why would I be jealous. I actually agreed with some of your fellow commenters in the end.
          It’s all about what assets a female is bringin’ and what she’s able to attract without having to bring the slut factor into it.

        30. Idk, mostly, but I have to think about long term as well. I already broke off one engagement by not giving it enough thought. I can get bored easily. I hope that goes away soon as your lifestyle would never be for me. Eek sorry 🙂

        31. Eh, I dunno, JennK. I’ve lived my whole life in South Florida and Central Florida. The women in the area I live and work in are so incredibly trashy that I write blogs about my experiences here called Life in a White Trash Mecca. Now, many of these young women are transplants from up North or the Upper Midwest. But every October, I head to North Georgia for a fall vacation to get away from the scummy women I deal with daily. Yes, the women up there in GA are so, so much nicer than any females anywhere in Central Florida, but here’s the rub: 100% of them are married and have kids. So, yes, the thought of meeting a “conservative WASP, slender good girl” is what so many men yearn for, but it’s wholly impossible because these Southern girls are all married at 18, have kids, and won’t cheat on their goofy-looking husbands. Ergo, all these American men who are looking abroad.

        32. Oh goodness! I love Destin and Seaside in Fl- just love it! I can see there is a lot of white trash in the South, and prob the ones marrying at age 18 too. But I’m surprised at that in maybe Alpharetta etc. Those southerners marrying right after high school prob will get southern fat from what I’ve seen. So maybe you saved yourself from that since it seems to be a big no no for people on this site. Overweight people are all over the south and it’s a shame- big diabetes and food stamp takers.

        33. Ha not even close to fat/ugly in my world. Only fat ugly people assume others are. Raise your standards. And no way I’m here to PU you guys at all; I’m here to push American girls over illegals.

    1. So your selling points are that you don’t want to make babies and you want to compete with men intellectually?
      Yeah….not so much.

        1. I just did. I married a conservative German (spoiler alert: anglo-saxons are Germanic) chick. She pumped out babies, is honest and doesn’t need a degree to be a good woman. Who knew?
          Appreciate the “slender” though.

        2. Cool. I’m mostly Swedish ancestry
          but have German ancestry too! You’re lucky! Babies are great and I want them. But not all of these foreign babies coming here illegally or sluts trying to latch onto men who are upset with American women.

        3. So talk to your sisters and tell them to stop being fat and feminist.
          Ta da.

        4. I despise feminists and they hate me. I don’t hang out with them. Fat people are all over the world- Men too- whatcha gonna do. It’s an epidemic. No fitness and no self-restraint to put down the fork. It’s best to just have a slender gene pool in your family!

        5. Im convinced it has a large component in bad policing of the chemicals in our food and water as well. I’ve seen first hand immigrants come here and within a few years they are fat as Americans. I’ve been focusing on studying toxin elimination, and I’m getting abs that I never had when I was exercising 2hrs/ day.

        6. Cool. You are into it. I go to Prarie Life but mostly for dance aerobics. I like Chipotle and Mediterranean style cooking. Southern cooking is fine in moderation.

        7. Now I’m curious, would you mind sharing your toxin elimination wisdom?
          I’ve always had problems with my belly, it’s not fat but still a visible belly and I don’t know how to really get rid of it. Low carb, high fat doesn’t work at all.

        8. The whole theory is a little complicated, but I believe our toxin elimination system evolved in fish in the ocean, where changing PH is as simple as gulping a little sea water(if you don’t believe you are like a fish, look up an image of a fishes internal organs and see how many organs you recognize). Anyways one surprising thing is that changing your urinary PH completely changes the profile of what your kidneys eliminate. This is very well established for drugs( but it actually makes a difference on many things, like proteins, heavy metals, fluoride(15x increase in excretion vs low PH), adrenaline(30-40% reduction in excretion). Low urinary PH seems to possibly be kind of lower metabolism recharge mode. You were trying a ketogenic diet? Check your ketone level when you increase your urinary PH, no two week wait needed.
          The liver is a different problem altogether, look up the term “enterohepatic recirculation” and you’ll understand what I mean. I believe that fish poop while they gulp water and excercise, and that this is when they squeeze the gall bladder hard and push out toxins(toxins are stored in fat and exercising releases them as well). Enterohepatic recirculation avoided. This is why jogging and coffee(which has an exercise like effect) make you feel the need to go to the bathroom. Our half-assed method is excercise increasing bile flow and fiber carries some toxins out but at a very low level. Enterohepatic recirculation in full effect. Many things increase toxin and fat elimination, Iodide, selenium(starts to chisel out six pack) niacin, activated charcoal(traps toxins) oil pulling

        9. salt is fairly neutral, generally you are looking for alkalinity. The ocean is mainly basic because of bicarbonate and phosphate.

        1. Yes and prefer the petite cute, blond, blue-eyed sweet natured flirty type. With a nice Christian background for the right values- kindness, honesty, work ethic.
          But these guys have similar backgrounds, minus the feminine appearance, so I’m sure Latina males, for instance, prefer Latina women etc.
          It has a lot to do with the culture you feel most comfortable with. Lots of choices nowadays. 🙂

        2. For reference, I’m a white professional male and prefer Latinas over the typical white American woman. That does not mean I would rule out say Slavic women, however on the whole I have been treated far better, and enjoyed life much more, with Latinas than with American ones. In many cases (not all) they are more beautiful than an equivalent woman here.
          It is NOT the case that typically only Latino men are attracted to Latinas women.
          As you are a woman, you cannot see things from the perspective of a man. Additionally, you never have to go through the struggles a man does and pay the price he does just trying to meet reasonable women.
          Blonde, slender, conservative/Christian women are fairly rare and even when found and available, today’s American woman often has a sense of entitlement that quickly puts them outside of any commitment of a serious nature. I like blondes too; however I accept that any I meet are generally not very personable /have issues. The others are already taken or damaged goods.
          Foreign women are often much more appreciative of good men, and American men have a good reputation with them for a good reason.

        3. Yes that makes perfect sense now. All ethnicities seem to become entitled in varying ways once they become entrenched in American ways. It’s sad. I am too much of a people pleaser to feel entitled as I came from a divorced family at age 15. My father was an alcoholic womanizer and it made a big impression on me. I got a great education, but had to work hard while attending. I have a nicely paying but somewhat boring job now. Latina women are prob more nurturing and people pleasing than most of the liberal, aggressive, mannish style women- that’s for sure. And that’s what matters the most in life and happiness. 🙂

        4. caribean women are the worst if you looking for a partner to settle down with. You are better off with european/asian women.

    2. Not necessarily. Also, the odds of finding a good foreign woman are far greater than a “WASP.”

    3. There’s no such thing…anymore. (3, 2, 1, Countdown till she says *she’s* such a girl)

      1. But I am. Plenty of them in Northern/Central Ga, Williamson County Tn, Mountain Brook AL, Tx, and parts of Northern Fl, etc.
        Get out of the big northern cities where Feminists have taken over. Look up the sororities in Unv of Ga, Unv of Al. & Vanderbilt. These type of girls are out of college now, but look and act the same. Sorority girl, smart, kind women. And guess what? Quality men seek them out for marriage. 🙂

  15. So they are light skinned African-Americans with a couple of little bastards in tow. Is the author really that desperate for female companionship. I will stick with European-American women.

    1. Most of them are not light skinned, on average. But in many cases they have good bodies (and in some cases great). More so than European/Caucasian women. They’re pretty cool women generally, too, like dancing, etc.

  16. I wouldn’t recommend going beyond a one night stand with dominican women. Not only are they loud but they tend to look like a man as they age.

    1. they tend to look like a man as they age
      What woman doesn’t?
      The nice thing about aging as a man is that you look more and more like Sean Connery.
      The bad thing about aging as a woman is that you look more and more like Sean Connery.

      1. I’d like to order a custom piece of leather work from you. A “gentle-leader” for working dogs done in premium leather

      2. you are partially right, but dominican women are already kind of manly when they are young, I can picture them being very masculine when they hit their late 30’s..who wants that?

  17. The Dominican republic is a third world shit hole, if you want to meet 3rd world women just go to hati or some place in Africa

    1. No, it’s not a “shit hole.” You’re exaggerating. I’ve been there. Knew a girl in Santiago, and now one or two in Santo Domingo.
      Just different in small ways from other latin countries, but plenty of good things. Not a big deal for anyone who has travelled. It has problems but it’s not that bad.

      1. okay? when I was in the army I knew a NCO from the DR and he said that it was a third world shit hole similar to parts of Africa. I’m inclined to believe him because despite being so far away there’s a lot of boat people from there in Florida

        1. He’s wrong, and if you read any travel stories /blogs you could easily tell right away it’s not. The Dr is very similar to others latin countries plus has a high amount of tourism. Hardly “3rd world”. All countries like that have areas that are very poor and lack modern infrastructures, sanitation, etc however generally speaking it’s fine.
          The beaches are beautiful and the women are pretty cool and laid back &nice..
          Whenever someone tells you something like that, don’t be too keen on believing everything they tell you, especially those who haven’t seen much of the world. You’re depriving yourself of great experiences.
          Just like people I meet who say Colombia is “too dangerous”, which is silly.

        2. And you’ve been there when? I have been there and to several other countries, including areas far worse. If it was so terrible, there would not be Americans, Swedes, etc living there and enjoying it.
          Clearly you cannot accept that it could actually be OK. That kind of small-mindednes is going to limit you in life. If you aren’t willing to learn and grow, not much point to you being here.
          There are always nay-sayers who parrot the opinions of others but aren’t willing to find out for themselves.
          Oh well.

        3. its a shitty country dude, and domincan women are terrible besides being a one night sex partner.

        4. most latin countries are shit holes in some cities. the barrio is the worst part and most dangerous (in my experience).

        5. so a guy who spent a lot of his life there, doesn’t know much about the DR? wow that takes a level of arrogance that’s hard to imagine, even for an anonymous person on the internet saying you know more about a country than a person who grew up there is astounding.

        6. you idiot, obviously there are a few good areas in Togo and the DR, that’s why I mentioned it as a similar country. Both have a few good areas where foreigners like to hangout, but most of the country is shit. You don’t have to go to an area to know what it’s like there. Ive never been to Somalia but I kinda know it’s not that great. If you haven’t been to Somalia, I’d recommend seeing the statue of the mad mullah. Don’t forget to wear a cross necklaces 🙂

        7. Have no idea what you’re talking about.
          Facts are facts, I’m not going to debate the opinion of a 3rd party/hearsay. The DR is okay, otherwise I and other people wouldn’t consider going back.
          I don’t do drama. Not going to argue with you.

        8. One thing I have learned the hard way in life is to not accept the opinion of others 100%. If you aren’t willing to accept the possibility of new doors being opened, you are depriving yourself, and it’s a shame.
          And I’m not alone.

  18. Not only are there Cahpiadoras but Aviones (hoes) and Pharmacias(silicone boobs and butts)! lol
    Still though there are a few Dominican women that take care of their men. I happen to be married to one and she takes care of me. One of the few women that if you treat them right they will do anything for you.
    Great post! QUE LO QUE!!!

  19. Dominican girls often will talk somewhat saintly but are usually pretty slutty. Slim girls are often ignored..yet would be considered smoking hot in Western Countries(Example below). Santiago has a very different culture, whiter girls, and cheaper to stay.

    1. Never been to DR but I’ve dated some hot Latinas in LA and SA and it seems the thin ones do seem to get kind of overlooked. I went for them, because they are such a shocking change from the landwhales of America but I think ideally the curvy ones with great ass and boobs are best.

  20. “If you are an alpha male with money then this could be the perfect country for you.”
    How is this different from ANYwhere else as well???

    1. There are lots of places where money, and no game with get you nothing. I remember giving my boss who was a millionaire advice about women, and to watch out for gold-diggers. He exclaims “I can’t even get a gold digger!”

  21. No matter how beautiful the girls, I find the fashion of the dudes with their chains, weird gestures etc. just way too bizzarre.
    No matter how beautiful, I just could not bring myself to have sex with a girl who had a history of being with dudes who dress like the ones in that video.
    I do not like that culture.

    1. Yes, but often the women don’t like those kinds of guys, or at least get tired of them. Hence one more reason for their attraction to gringos.

  22. Hello ROK, I missed old you! This is why I stayed in the first place.
    Stop catering to 93 yo fart who flood the lonely hearts of the local paper and teach em game. More articles like this.

  23. My wife is Dominican and excellent – I could not be happier.
    That being said, proceed with caution. There are always sharks swimming in the water, and the fool who dives in head first without checking is likely to get bitten.

  24. Latinas are sexy but in my experience they generally aren’t too interesting. Plus I’ve heard that each generation is sluttier than the last.
    They used to have a good reputation among men for their warmth and raw sensuality. Those days are coming to an end I’d imagine

  25. this video clip is as disguting as all the reggaeton videos. All showing a bunch of bitches and ugly guys with money and a so-called good style. Fucking pathetic.

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  27. Dominican chick don’t fuck with White Boys AT ALL. Your best bet is to learn how to dance bachata and quit being a pussy

  28. Superior to Western women? Why? Because they entertain your little dicks? The only point that this article entices is their bodies. And 99% of women & girls in DR are MADE – i.e. they have a TON of plastic surgery. They advertise the “Brazilian Butt Lift” and Breast implants on T.V. like it’s a McDonald’s commercial. You literally see the surgery being done in the ads. 45% of these women die on the table because it’s not by a board certified surgeon and countless other surgery’s are botched.
    The highest level of education a Dominican woman has is equivalent to about about 3rd-4th grade in the U.S. (and that’s terrible considering our own education system).
    Furthermore your discussion about the race issue in the Dominican Republic is really disgusting. “Pick the lighter skin women because they are higher in status”. I bet your ancestors owned a few slaves buddy.
    Perhaps your should actually travel to D.R. instead of skimming through Drake lyrics.

    1. The stupidity and ignorance behind this post is astonishing (to say the least).
      First of all, where are you getting this info? Because I’m actually a Dominican living in The Dominican Republic, and I can tell you that the vast majority of these women, don’t have the money for a plastic surgery. Many have a great body, but a not so pretty face. You’re pulling that 99% out of your ass.
      45% of the women dying on surgery? Are you kidding me? Just another statement straight out of your ass.
      Finally, did you even know that we have universities here? Most of the young girls go to college (even if they don’t finish). We have many, many men and women that have finished college and have a degree. Get your facts right son. And for your information, the oldest university in America is here. So, 3rd-4th grade my ass. I bet you have less education than many of these girls.
      Most of the girls have light skin. Most Dominicans are light brown. Most are not white, but light. Although, there are many white girls as well. And yes, most white girls happen to be from the upper class. That’s just a fact (not racism).
      The fact of the matter is, that if you guys come here looking for women, chances are that you are going to find a “chapiadora” or “cuero”, known as “gold diggers” in the states. Foreigners don’t usually get the best women we have. Foreigners usually get trash women that are looking for money. And yes, they tend to be darker in color, and some of them have plastic surgery when they have the money.
      Also guys, Francisca Lachapel is not very pretty, but she has great charisma and a great body. I don’t really like her, but I really do like Amelia Vega, remember her? Yep, she won Miss Universe in 2003. What does that tell you? That we have very beautiful women. You just won’t meet them, because they are not the usual gold diggers that foreigners can have. Gold diggers are in every country.
      If you really want to meet a fine Dominican girl, it must be in college or in the job.

  29. Superior to Western women? Why? Because they entertain your little dicks? And 99% of women & girls in DR are MADE – i.e. they have a TON of plastic surgery. They advertise the “Brazilian Butt Lift” and Breast implants on T.V. like it’s a McDonald’s commercial.
    The highest level of education a Dominican woman has is equivalent to about about 3rd-4th grade.
    Furthermore your discussion about the race issue in the Dominican Republic is really disgusting. “Pick the lighter skin women because they are higher in status”. I bet your ancestors owned a few slaves buddy.
    Perhaps your should actually travel to D.R. instead of skimming through Drake lyrics.

  30. Superior to Western women? Why? Because they entertain your little dicks? And 99% of women & girls in DR are MADE – i.e. they have a TON of plastic surgery. They advertise the “Brazilian Butt Lift” and Breast implants on T.V. like it’s a McDonald’s commercial.
    The highest level of education a Dominican woman has is equivalent to about about 3rd-4th grade.
    Furthermore your discussion about the race issue in the Dominican Republic is really disgusting. “Pick the lighter skin women because they are higher in status”. I bet your ancestors owned a few slaves buddy.
    Perhaps your should actually travel to D.R. instead of skimming through Drake lyrics.

  31. Lol, all those pictures are not the kind of Dominican beauties you look
    for in the Dominican Republic. I was born and raised there for 20 years.
    It’s full of sluts and girls that will have sex with you just for
    buying some cheap champagne bottles at a club.. Real hot Dominican
    beauties are found in high class private parties or very expensive rare
    parties that you wouldn’t believe exist in DR (Honestly it would be very
    hard for someone who is not very deep inside
    the high Dominican community to end up in one of these..) . Besides
    that, in the streets you might find a couple of 8’s and 7’s but
    basically unless you know some known dude or girl to smooth your way
    into society, forget about it. (Unless of course you’ve got some sick
    game and elegance).
    Oh and single hot moms, the true hotties
    wont go for some “low-life bad boy” you better bring some quality to the
    table or forget about it. (Elegance, manners, looks, and of course,
    About setting you up with their cousin, sister, even their mother. Men you’ve been hanging out with some low low life dudes.
    I agree with some points, but I disagree with most, I think you should acquire some more experience and re-write this article.
    hanging out with bar or restaurant owners, they will guide you into the
    best parties and you will see yourself in a very crazy but amazing
    social circle where business, family and beautiful ladies is all that
    matters. At least that’s my personal experience.
    I consider this article misguiding.

  32. I’d like to add that when I was there in 2014-2015, the online dating scene was blooming with leads. I can confirm DominicanCupid, but there is a site that is even better there and free. Also, the girl in the first picture does not look Dominican at all. Dominicanas tend to be darker, but there are a lot of mixed race and some white girls. Here is a write up of my experience as a gringo in The Dominican . I loved it there! I think my advice with online dating there will give people some valuable insights on how to be successful.

  33. as soon as he said they have ugly faces but great bodies, I could already tell he was a white chauvinistic misogynist. At least, that’s definetely how he would sound to other women. Come on bro, can’t just appreciate them entirely? Gotta pick them apart by body parts and social class? I thought ALL dominican women were awesome, not just the upperclass ones?

  34. Take a trip to Sosua, DR for a week and date as many of the beauties walking on the streets as you want. Just bring plenty of money and exchange it for Pesos.

  35. As a Dominican who lived there pretty much my whole it bothers me that people actually believe this. First of all your describing the gold diggers who would go for anyone who has money, not the actual Dominican women most of us actually are hardworking and yes theres a lot of single mothers but it’s because most of Dominican men are cheaters who would leave as soon as you get pregnant or as soon as they find someone else. They are actually very pretty and were not “sluts” like some of you idiots are saying.

  36. This is BS straight up. And who really believes that some tacky music video illustrates real life. Especially that “Chapi Chapi” whatever?

  37. I am currently living there now for over a year. I grew up in Florida. The authors article is spot on. Yes there are some girls like that in the states BUT ALOT HARDER TO PICK UP.
    And these women definitely have more curves than most countries I’ve visited. To find a keeper I definitely don’t suggest it because intellectually wise, there’s nothing there and they pretty much have at least 2 kids from different dads by the age of 22.
    Bottom line: if you are looking for some hot girls with real voluptuous bodies and natural that are easier to pick up this the country to do it in.

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