4 Situations You’ll See On “Walking Street” In Pattaya, Thailand

I’m on the road for the month of March, and after driving all over the United States since January I decided it was time for some relaxation outside The Matrix. So, I booked a cheap flight to Thailand, and hooked up with an awesome $15 a night room for a month.

When one visits Thailand, a pilgrimage to Walking Street is a must. Walking Street in Pattaya is like Bourbon Street in New Orleans, only better. Consider it nightlife without the Anglo cultural and sexual repression you’ll find in the West.

After some busy days riding all up and down the East Coast of the Gulf of Thailand on a Honda scooter, I made my way down to this infamous slice of paradise for some well-deserved rest and relaxation after driving around 3,000 miles a week to build up this year’s cash reserve.

One night as I was people watching I noticed several interesting situations going on which are pertinent to the themes we discuss in the manosphere. Here are four alternately interesting and hilarious situations I made mental bookmarks about as I saw them unfolding, so I could tell you about them.

4. White Man Accompanied By Land Whale

A land whale tried to swim away with her meal ticket before her newly awakened man slave traded her in

This poor bastard.

I saw the look in his eyes as this dude realized he made a huge (pun intended) mistake bringing along his hog for an Asian vacation, as he saw countless tight and taut Thai chicks in skimpy clothing walking by. He looked deeply troubled as the Anglo (or European, didn’t hear which language they used) hog pulled him around by the arm, perhaps because he wanted to stop and look at different bars and peruse the sexy ladies inhabiting them.

The hog looked quite worried about having wound up on Walking Street because she knew she was way out of her league. There’s fat, and then there’s sloppy fat. This chick was sloppy fat, but her man seemed to be at least average to fit in build.

This couple illustrates everything wrong with the relations between the sexes in America (or Europe). Man, works his ass off and finances a fabulous vacation with his beta bucks while the land hog lords over him like a domineering tyrant, steering dollars from his wallet into her mouth while cockblocking him from upgrading to the female companionship he deserves.

The timer on that relationship no doubt started that night, as along with the pain I also saw an awakening in that man’s eyes. He now no doubt knows he got a shitty deal and can do better than the hog.

3. Older White Man Being Pulled Around By Worried Wife

Nature provides the irony as women’s sexual power over men evaporates as they age

This one was hilarious to watch from the sidelines as I sipped Chang beer, and illustrates the fact older women intuitively know they can’t compete with younger women. It also proved the men age like wine and women age like milk theory correct once again.

This woman’s milk expired years ago. However, this decent looking older gentlemen would have had no trouble pulling some quality tail and his woman knew it deep down in her hamster brain. She was almost as worried as the hog.

It was as if this older couple had accidentally wandered into a parallel universe in which the constant manipulation and abuse of men Western women profit from was turned upside down, if only for the time a short walk takes.

The post-expiration date granny knew she was well over her credit line on Nature’s Credit Card and that her husband might have just figured out she’s not worth the high level of investment and low level of return she commands.

Owning an expired golden vagina meant nothing, the way it once did in her prime. She was totally powerless on Walking Street. Nature, it seems has a sense of humor about male-female relations after all.

2. The Gleeful, Single Middle-Aged White Man

This dude might as well have been Rico Suave as he partied on at the club

This dude was dancing it up solo at the bar we were in, and didn’t seem to give a fuck who was watching him. He was shaking hands and glad handing people as if he was a politician up for re-election. It’s as if his ex-bitch had just died or something, saving him from a round of frivorce rape.

There’s no doubt this man is getting laid on the regular, unlike the often miserable men back in the States who aren’t getting laid so often. He was the perfect illustration of the glee life as a runaway slave from the Anglobitch plantation brings.

One could feel the liberation this man knows, and there’s no doubt life inside the frigid borders of a sexless, decadent empire is no longer something he will be willing to accept.

The master pickup artist never needs to pay for premium tail, either. I regularly bang SMV 7-9 women in a place like this with minimum effort. It’s amazing how far a well-dressed man with a cocky, funny attitude can go in a place that doesn’t hate men as in the West.

That night, I met other expats from Norway, Scotland, and Russia. They also seemed unwilling to return to life as a beta male tax slave who is rewarded with scorn rather than respect for their sacrifices for society.

1. The Pursed Lips Anglobitch

Nothing like having your pussy power canceled out in your prime by taut Thai women

Knowing no men were going to be interested in her that night with premium Thai tail everywhere, an Anglobitch with pursed lips was walking around giving men (including me as I sat with a dime piece) evil eyes and dirty looks. Similar to the portlier women above, this thinner chick’s powers were also useless here as the cultural tightrope she and her sisters in the feminist claven keep men on sexually was thousands of miles of away.

She was a fish out of water. And it was delightful to watch.

I imagine her insulting the men from Europe and America who were there having a good time with the typical boilerplate angry feminists like to throw at men who have discovered a bigger, better deal than she could ever offer.

  • “Couldn’t get another woman so he had to come here.”
  • “Can’t handle a Strong, Independent Woman™.”
  • “A sexual pervert.” (For having normal male sexual desires, of course.)

As we all know, the truth is none of the above. Anglobitches don’t like runaway slaves from the Beta male plantation they’ve created. And Walking Street is brimming with runaway slaves from Western culture.

All the more reason to smile ear to ear as you look them in the eye, while pulling your exotic hottie just a little bit closer to you and giving her a big, wet kiss. Revenge is sweet.

My adventures in the Land of a Million Smiles are worth every penny. I’ve never felt more whole as an individual or happier inside since throwing off the chains of a Puritan culture and visiting cultures that aren’t so uptight and prudish.

Won’t you join me soon outside The Matrix?

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332 thoughts on “4 Situations You’ll See On “Walking Street” In Pattaya, Thailand”

  1. congratulations – I’m jealous.
    Do remember those panicky women dragging their beta bucks out of there – priceless

  2. The key takeaway is not that Thailand is some magical paradise. It’s that masculine women have good reason to fear femininity.
    When even a reasonably masculine man enters a field of feminine women, he finds his sexual market value skyrockets and the value of masculine women nosedives. This is the future that our mixed-up sexual market fears more than anything else. (The same is true for a reasonably feminine woman who leaves the pajama boys behind and finds a field of masculine men).
    Why must feminism not only destroy all it touches but spread to cover the earth? For the same reason Socialism has long been tied to Globalism – a functioning alternative more in line with nature is the mortal enemy of “progress.” While there are still feminine women and masculine men out there somewhere, masculine women and feminine men have right at no market value.

    1. This may come as a shock to you, but the girls he’s talking about are hookers. They are not swooning over you because they adore alpha males. They want your dollars and frankly couldn’t give a flying fuck if you had two heads a speech impediment and a pot belly. Mostly they are village girls – many not even Thais. If you want to fuck hookers Thailand is great, but don’t go all gooey about feminine women, and make fucking sure you wear a condom. Also avoid seafood as that can be even more risky than the fucking hookers.

      1. Basically it is a 16 hour flight to fuck homeless prostitites lol

        1. Its just so far from where we are…Im still kicking myself over how I never pulled together a getaway to Iceland…two times it fell thru, and this was right after the currency (Krona?) tanked in the wake of their banking meltdown

        2. 16 hours? that would be lucky.
          east coast is 2 flights – so I stay here.
          luckily plenty of Asian women near me…
          and they are not homeless they stay in your loom.

        3. yikes, that sounds terrible. The furthest I am willing to go is the Caribbean and only to island which were civilized by the French

        4. Iceland is on my short list for travel.

        5. The language is gorgeous, and with a background in old Saxon I can kinda sorta pick up a little of what she’s saying right out of the box.

        6. Same. Haven’t been down in a few years because I’ve been living la vida landlocked, but I used to dive the Florida Keys while in the Boy Scouts.
          Thinking about it, I probably have enough to qualify for a few of those side-certs. Plenty of night and boat dives in the list…

        7. Nice!
          I’ve done it sporadically since teenagehood, but its been a few years now. Never been to the tropics. Clearest water I’ve seen is 1000 Islands and lake Superior.

        8. Lake Michigan up in the UP is gorgeous too, it looks like it’s straight out of a fantasy film set in the Caribbean, except without sharks and you don’t smell like salt when you swim in it.

        9. I just kick myself for not getting qualified while in the Navy. Missed some great opportunities between the PI, Thailand and Australia. But flying and diving don’t really mix so …

        10. yea im with you on that. I couldn’t see myself taking a long flight, paying for the expensive air fair, and paying for a top notch hotel just to have sex with a village girl.

        11. Totally…
          I cut my teeth on wrecks around NY where there’s shit visibility, a usually shitty boat-ride involved and o yeah, maybe sharks (but probably not).
          I’ll take fresh water.

        12. I saw a guy get the bends from a short dive. Poor bastard didn’t listen and hopped on a plane too early.
          Hearing him scream, I’ll never make that mistake.

        13. So that’s really a real place then.
          I was POSITIVE it was a play on “Fuck It”…

        14. and the currency is “the dong”- Id be giggling too much to scuba dive

        15. I’m pretty sure white women aren’t traveling to the Caribbean to fuck a white dude…

        16. lol, maybe not in the slums. Where I go that is exactly what they are there for. The girls I like don’t bother with the help until after they marry.

        17. They say if you hit the right day, the kelp beds of SoCal are like flying through trees. Every time I’ve tried to go the visibility has been crap, so everyone votes to hit wreck alley instead.

        18. You better have an ice regulator and a dry suit. I choose never to dive in water less than 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

        19. Best coral reefs I have ever dived, with the most color and the most diverse sea life. Let me warn you that I was in Phuket for three days before someone told me it was not pronounced Fuk – et, but rather, Poo – ket.
          Someday I want to dive the Similan Islands off of Koh Lac, on the mainland of Thailand just North of Phuket. You have to do a live aboard to dive those islands is the only reason I haven’t done it yet.

        20. PADI but NAUI is accepted most places in Thailand. I prefer PADI because it is universally accepted.

        21. Nothing wrong with diving around sharks. They have no interest in eating you as they are stupid and only want familiar food. Since divers don’t look like anything they have eaten before, they leave you alone if you leave them alone.

        22. If you are interested in wreck diving let me recommend Caron Bay on the island of Palawan in the Philippines. Over 300 Japanese ships were sunk there during the battle of Leyte Gulf in WWII. Subic Bay is now open to divers and has practically virgin wrecks from the Spanish American, war in 1899, to WWII.

        23. Me too. I was the officer in charge of the tank charging stations on board, and had to personally approve the divers on board getting their tanks charged (for free). I later got qualified when I was doing civilian travel. I was on submarines so there weren’t the issues of diving and flying.
          To the non-divers out there you shouldn’t fly (due to reduced pressure in the airplane cabin) within 24 hours of diving. It can cause decompression sickness.

        24. I am old and fat, so I set the maximum conservative settings in my dive computer. It is one of the reasons I chose to buy a rig rather than rent equipment.

        25. Be sure to carry a dive knife if you dive in Kelp forests. It is easy to get tangled in that stuff.

        26. I’m a little of both, too. Bit of an air hog, so I’m usually running low before the nitrogen is significant!

        27. I’m an honorary submariner having been threatened with jail time for possible violations of the Atomic Energy Act of 1957 (or whatever the year was…) while working in OPNAV.

        28. Thanks, I’ve got one. They did go over disentanglement procedures in my NAUI class.

      2. Sean Fucking Downer has arrived to piss on our cornflakes — whore and seafood shaming as well. Thanks for the wake up call, bud.

        1. lol, I used to live in Thailand. As we waited to see if one of my Australian colleagues would come out of the coma he was in after a seafood banquet, a Thai friend said to me perhaps Westerners should avoid sea food in Thailand.
          It is also relatively easy to date Thai women who aren’t whores, but there are issues there too.

        2. I have traveled to Thailand many times. I don’t claim that it equates in any way to living there, but my impression is that I would not trust any Thai woman as far as I could throw an industrial freezer. That includes honest working girls and the good girls.

        3. Last time i was in pattaya around xmas last year and i had the worst food poisoning after i had undercooked squid from one of restaurants, vomiting blood and peeing thru my asshole.
          Dont eat seafood in sea, stick to western food.
          Author of the article forgot to say that these feminine women are hardcore prostitutes from isaan, most of them anyway.

      3. You are making the false assumption that most western women make. They think every guy with a good looking local is a monger, and the girl is a whore. That is just not true.
        I am married to a Filipina many years younger than me. We have been married for about 9 years. She was one of those village girls. I met her in her village after we were introduced online by my friends who were married to Filipinas. When we married she was a 25 year old religious virgin. She had never been anywhere unescorted by a male family member. That includes our two years of dating.
        I decided to marry her when I was talking to her online one day and she said she had to go to get her hair cut. At that time it was down to the middle of her back. I said I preferred it long. She asked if I wanted her to let it grow. When I said yes, she said, “OK”, and didn’t go to the hair cutting appointment. She has had two haircuts in all the years since. That is the difference between these feminine women and the women of the west, in a single nutshell.

  3. Inspirational stuff, young man. First, you ditch the corporate-slave life and drive truck, while banging strippers and hookers in the States (check; absolutely the best way to go there on all counts). Then, you bang hot, non-Western women elsewhere. You are a walking blueprint for how a modern, red-pill male should handle himself in today’s world…bravo, and I truly hope you keep these updates about your sojourns coming, as they are invaluable to anyone who wants to bust out of Loserville (not to mention the fact that they are also entertaining as hell)…

    1. Just did some quick research on truck driving, and holy hell should I have known this before I became an engineer (no regrets).
      You’re looking at about $30 to get licensed, assuming you get a permit before the final license. Training price can vary, but you’re looking at a few weeks of classes for around $1k.
      You can make as much as $3k/week, assuming any of these postings are accurate. Even if they’re not, $3k/month is about as low as I’ve seen.
      Kids, if you’re reading this and you’ve got no idea where to get your career, it’s better than being a barista. By orders of magnitude.

      1. Accumulate high-paying skills – that is the secret. Key questions: How long does it take to acquire a certain skill, how much does it cost, and how much can you make after you acquire it. Make a list, do the requisite homework, and figure it all out.
        Here’s are two great-paying gigs, for which there is high demand, and for which the upside growth potential is enormous. They take little or no education and a modest amount of money to get involved. All it takes is research, practice, and elbow grease.
        1) Real estate videographer (taking videos of listings real estate agents put on the market).
        The formula – Video Camera + Online Research + Practice + More Practice + Create a Brief Showcase of Your non-Paid Work Which You Accumulate While Practicing + Market Your Wares by Email Sales Pitch to Real Estate Agents = Success
        2) Real estate photographer (taking photos of listings real estate agents put on the market).
        The formula – Still Camera + Online Research + Practice + More Practice + Create a Brief Showcase of Your non-Paid Work Which You Accumulate While Practicing + Market Your Wares by Email Sales Pitch to Real Estate Agents = Success
        ***See my follow-up comment below, for more details about how to use sly email marketing techniques to soften real estate agents up for the kill.
        There are tons more of these. I’m sure many guys here can suggest some others.
        The idea is to acquire a few high-paying skills, with as little effort and cost as possible. Once you accumulate a few of these, you’ll stop worrying about money, because no matter what happens, you will also have a solid skill to fall back on, and a way to make money, even in the lean times.
        So get busy…get out of the college/corporate slavery mindset and set yourself free!

        1. Didn’t realize how valuable my nice camera could be. I’ve just had a hobby of taking nature shots, and I bought equipment to satisfy that hobby.
          Any tips on the kind of portfolio that would make someone like me attractive to real estate agents? I worry that taking pictures of random peoples’ houses would be frowned upon by some legal authorities…

        2. I would take exterior shots of homes for starters. Nice homes. You can do this without getting the police on your trail. But, if you know somebody in real estate, or in home construction, tell them that you are thinking about getting started in real estate photography – do they have a listing you can practice on, and take some photos?
          Now, by doing this, it’s a non-threatening sort of approach. You don’t want anything from the agent or builder, and they should be glad to help you out, especially if they already know you, as it’s no skin off their ass, and people generally like to help others if there is no money involved. Also, this establishes a connection and allows you to build rapport with them.
          Each home should have about 12 photos (for a typical MLS listing – Multiple Listing Service, which shows the homes for sale in any U.S. city or state on the Internet). So you pick out your first home, and shoot 12 photos – a coupe of exterior shots, and other shots, which highight the best-looking features and/or rooms of the house.
          After you get about five or six homes’ worth of photos, you can put them on a web page and show them to any agents who bite on your email marketing piece.
          By being competitive with your pricing (or, by dropping it below the industry average, which, admittedly, I don’t know much about but you can find out by calling some real estate photographers, telling them you are doing research for your nephew who is a real estate agent, and you want to know a general price range for their services – wink, wink), well, by then dropping your price a little, you will be much more likely to get some initial work, as real estate agents are cheap as fuck by nature.
          It might even be smart, in your initial email marketing piece, to ask the agent if it would be okay for you to send them a DIRECT LINK to your portfolio, in a follow-up email…and mention that you offer first-time customers a significant discount. (Don’t tell them the price yet.) Then, after they email back and tell you that they would like to look at your work, well, after you show them your work by sending them the direct link to your portfolio, you can THEN email them again, or call them again, and start pushing for a meeting, while THEN disclosing your discounted, extremely competitive pricing for first-time customers, and/or close a deal over the phone or by email, on that first gig for shooting home photos.
          Just thinking out loud here, and I hope this helps.
          Some video dudes get more than $1000 for a single video for a single listing. This involves learning how to edit video, shoot video, and title video, but as I said, the growth potential and upside potential is enormous. It’s much easier to get a still photography gig.
          Network, think of people you know who are real estate agents, or whom your friends know, or whom your family members know. Soft-sell these agents and ask them if you can practice shooting photos on one of their listings. This should shake out some business for you, on its own…
          I would wager a pretty hefty sum that if you asked a couple of agents if you could shoot one of their listings for practice, and if you know them already, or they are a friend of a friend, the agent will get curious about how good the photos look (as they will have an emotional investment in your success), and you will bag deals THAT way…
          A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step…you betcha.

        3. In the spirit of helping other fellows out, here are some ideas I’ve tossed around, myself:
          Custom paint for motorcyclists
          Startup cost around $1k – about $600 for a sturdy setup, $300 for paint and masking supplies (to keep your lines crisp), and $100 in materials you’ll ruin with bad paint jobs as you learn.
          Training: several excellent channels on YouTube (they’ll try to sell you paint, but you can get started without those expensive colors)
          Drawback: the really neat art – realistic fire, etc – takes a lot of practice to do right and usually needs a few more paints
          Startup cost: $0-$100k (depending on your materials and how much you blew on college).
          Drawback: flooded market for most common stuff, and niche stuff has fewer buyers
          Jack of all Trades Handyman
          Startup cost: $200 for common and useful tools.
          Training: fixing shit.
          Drawback: unless you get licensed as a contractor, all you can do is help with basic things and tell them when they need to hire a professional for legal reasons
          Web Developer
          Startup cost: $700 – $500 for a reliable computer, $200 for some basic programming texts and Mountain Dew (^_^)
          Training: study other websites’ sources, play with WordPress or other similar tools, learn to write at least basic php and css
          Drawback: lots of terrible designers out there trying to take the same jobs for less money – you need to network with local businesses for reliable work
          Spam Poster
          Startup cost: fRe3 with goo.gl.panc.4.kes link. YOu coulD be making $15 bajillion dollars right NOw with ONE simple trick!
          Drawback: literally have no soul or common sense

        4. Haha! God knows we need more spam posters…
          Good stuff there. Acquire skills, acquire more skills, market those skills, and keep working at it. It all leads to better ideas, better execution of those ideas, and bigger success…yeah!

        5. What we really need is to find a way to trick the mods into paying us to do what we’re already doing for free – shooting the shit and offering up our opinions and experiences.

        6. …or put together an e-book with about 50 such skills. Hey, that’s another way to make money (although I’ve never tried it).

        7. I have. Long story short, it’s a pretty slow stream unless you really commit to it.
          Still, I’ve self-published four non-fiction books of about 100 pages each, packed with information on programming and computer science. Not just everyone can say that.

        8. Excellent. Now all you need is way to market those books to your target audience…it’s basically money waiting to be made, if /when the time arises to pursue it with more intent…I admire that sort of perspicacity.

        9. My old university has a bit of word-of-mouth about two of them. From what I hear, my book on programming in C in the Linux environment is way better than the required texts and lectures from the class all the CS students have to take.
          But only the few really serious guys read them, and they don’t socialize much with the rank-and-file of the school.

        10. Still…for a “How to” e-book, it sounds like a winner. In conjunction with a slick Internet marketing ad, it just might bear fruit…well done.

        11. I lost focus and sort of stopped trying to sell it. I blame myself for every aspect of the project that could be considered failure.
          One of these days, though, when I move over to independent contracting, I expect I’ll rise again.

        12. A dream deferred is still a dream. Most people will tell you, “You can’t do that” or “It will never work”. And some of those guys will be right some of the time, if a guy doesn’t push through to paydirt. But where YOU wind up, is up to you and your heart and intent, and not the guys who say, “I told you so.” So fuck ’em. Succeed and make ’em eat it…best payback in the world.

        13. Time for a reminder from former pussy asthmatic, Teddy Roosevelt (emphasis mine):

          It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better.
          The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.

        14. I sure would have voted for Teddy had I been alive back then. Well. Fucking. Said.

        15. good post old uncle bob. That’s the key to having a satisfying work life. Have skills and knowledge that will always be in demand so you can always be your own boss. That’s what i plan on doing since i hate people telling me what to do.

        16. Glad it struck a chord with you. Fuck working for somebody else. And if you have to do it, do something like driving truck where your boss is light years away.
          If somebody tells you not to pursue your own thing, get them the hell out of your life. Aging is a big enough anchor around your neck, life is very short and you don’t need critics and naysayers in your life who try to make you as miserable as they are…go for it, take dead aim at whatever you desire, and you cannot fail no matter how it plays out.

        17. That is right up at the top of my quotable quotes file. In fact, it was taped to my son’s door for his inspiration–when folks around him were being defeatist…

        18. You do have to be realistic about things though. If you’re dream is to be an NBA star and you’re 5’1″ and couldn’t shoot a ball through a hoop if it was two feet high off the ground, you should probably reconsider your options.
          The advice I gave my son, for what it’s worth, is to figure out where he wants to be by his 40’s, then reverse engineer what kind of career that would require to achieve, and then pursue that line. 95% of people work in jobs that they come to hate anyway, so if you have a good plan going forward on being done working by your 40’s, then by the time you come to loathe it, you’re out.

        19. Reverse engineering should include talking to the folks doing the job you want to do. I went to a lot of air shows and talked to military pilots– recruiters couldn’t B.S. me. My son wants to be a game developer, was able to get him to a few Comic-Cons where he met some, got their contact info and he emails them for advice.

        20. That’s exactly correct. My son is setting up, on his own initiative, a few jobs in a neighboring county for summer, kind of paid type intern-ish, in the field he’s studying.

        21. If he hasn’t already, get him to download Unity and start doing online tutorials. Lots of open-source game dev software out there that is used to publish industry standard games.

        22. Does he yet have a focus? By which I mean, is he most interested in 3D modelling, backend work (most useful for online games), UI development…?
          Most people tend to look at game design like it’s all about drawing things on the screen to kill, but there’s a hell of a lot more to it than that. The sooner you pick a focus and determine if it’s for you, the easier it will be to get hired when the time comes.

        23. I graduated software in early 2000s
          plenty of young gamers found out the hard way. programming isn’t gaming…and dropped out.
          Important to see if he is into actual programming too

        24. is a drone good for this?
          seems almost mandatory these days – -homes, land, yachts, etc…
          and can take the shots initially to promote.

        25. Doesn’t have a focus. Wants to be the overall lead, right now he’s working on his computer engineering degree– he’s talked to folks who got into the gaming end with a variety of specialties. They thought any path which allowed him to work on a team would help give him the understanding necessary. Although, the lead for one of the Battlefield games recommended a liberal arts degree while doing computer stuff on the side. His stance was technical guys were easy to find, while idea/creative guys were harder to come up with. I’m hoping he teams up on one of the industry sponsored initiatives in his senior year (a couple of years away) for his senior project.

        26. At least for the video, it makes sense. I don’t know what kind of regulations there are on drones, so I don’t know how easy it is to fly low around houses, but if you can keep her steady and slow you can get some amazing angles on the exterior.

        27. He’s liked the couple of classes he’s had, and did do some programming on his own initiative in high school. Nothing intensive though.

        28. ok, I didn’t know he’d started – sounds positive.
          As Taignobias said there are many facets to this industry. Some have greater budgets than Hollywood Movies. And many areas to go into user interface/graphics/logic/script/score, etc, etc- and much competition…

        29. Ah, everybody wants to rule the world…
          I’ve heard some horror stories from kids who studied game design in school who spent years drawing grass and trees in industry, and that kind of pushed me away from game development altogether. From my lopsided and foggy perspective, though, I’d say if he can get into the technical programming aspect in any way he’s got the best shot at advancement.
          Creativity is oddly hard to find in entertainment these days, so perhaps the Battlefield guy had something there. But the least creative people I know majored in liberal arts, so it’s good he’s going the computer engineering route. An engineer who has the balls to walk up to the storyboard lead and suggest a clever creative change will go farther than another yes-man ripping off last year’s biggest success story.

        30. It was cool at Comic-Con how the developers were willing to talk to him and encourage him. Met the folks doing Battlefield Hardline, and the folks behind ‘Evolve’– they explained about the specialties, concept artists, converting to digital, then animators, background artists etc.
          Even met a legal secretary who became the marketing lead. They all emphasized how important networking was in the industry, one developer got his job via his professor who happened to have links to the company when it was looking for more folks. Legal secretary worked for the law firm they used, they found out she was into gaming and invited her to testing sessions…

        31. You remind me of this fun little indie game I played a while back: GameDev Tycoon.
          It costs something like $5 on Steam, but it does a pretty good job simulating (in a very basic way) the life of game development. Release too many similar games too fast and you’re punished; put the wrong skills on a team and your game will suck. Spend too much on a flop, and you’re done.
          Worth a pick up. Short, sweet, and surprisingly entertaining.

        32. Well- since he’s met folks who became leads and entered well before there were degrees/formal training in games, they’ve explained you can get into it from various paths. He figures if he goes computer engineering he can find jobs in other industries if gaming slows down, not hiring.

        33. [Insert obligatory reference to Zoe “Five Guys” Quinn here]
          In all seriousness, though, networking and taking risks is everything in every industry. IIRC, one of the leads for modern Legend of Zelda games got his current job because he was working on a little fishing simulator on the side and snuck it into a test copy of Ocarina of Time. The project lead loved it, and that’s why we have fishing minigames in Zelda today (and that guy has his nice promotion).

        34. Yeah, he’s going to apply for some internships around august for the next summer. He was too late to get any for this summer.

        35. He’s in good company. I wanted to work on games, but I went CE and landed a job at a Fortune 50 tech giant designing firmware for next-generation industrial systems.
          My dad wanted to make operating systems, took computer engineering, and now philosophically owns half of NASA’s computer systems (they run primarily code he devised or fixed).
          CE is the shit, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

        36. He got a lot of those kinds of stories, which helped emphasize that Dad hadn’t been BS’g him about the necessity for networking/meeting people.
          I’m glad he picked/got into the school he did, UCSC (Go Banana Slugs!), close to Silicon Valley with cooperative development projects with major industry players. For his senior project he can come up with his own idea and/or work on something industry is looking into. I’m pushing him towards an industry sponsored project for the networking opportunities…

        37. Only his first year, but they already had a lab messing around with robotic vehicles, autonomous operation. That may be a path for him in the future.

        38. There are computers everywhere. I know a guy who wrote firmware for pacemakers before working on aerospace software. Another guy designs aftermarket firmware for vehicle additions (mostly stereo stuff, but occasionally he works with fuel injectors and that sort of thing). A friend of mine did a senior design project creating a device to test the consistency of potato chips for Frito-Lay.
          So many paths, so little time.

        39. Also good, if you can stand the nausea. Those things mess me up something fierce, so I’ll just save myself for the holodeck.

        40. Drones are trendy. They are virtually worthless in my opinion, other than being a novelty act. You can get satisfactory overheads with Google Earth, for example. Most people are more concerned with what’s located nearby a property (shops, schools, etc.). And Google Maps can handle that – or an outboard website like WalkScore.
          Personally, I hate drone shots in videos. “Ooh, look at the cool overhead shot.” But some high-end agents like them. But they are definitely not a requirement, as only one agent I know uses them, and the rest stick with good ole still-camera photographs (or videos).
          Drone shots are typically for high-end properties or unusual properties only. So I wouldn’t let the fact that you might not have a drone get in the way, because most agents could care less about drone shots, as they don’t list high-end properties…

        41. I suspect that the real utility of the drones we have today in the civilian market is that they’re starting to trend towards actually carrying useful weight payloads. I don’t think we’ll ever get to a practical implementation of “doorside delivery” like they’re trying out now, but those kind of drones, if they have a good flight time, would be invaluable in bringing medical supplies or food to somebody way, way out in the boonies/outback.
          They use one at my daughter’s high school to film the band from above (it’s a 280 member band, and really good), and then take the footage and incorporate it with normal ground filming and it comes out pretty neat. Not sure that really justifies drones, but eh…
          I ain’t gonna lie, I have a couple of drones I play around with, but their utility is really limited as you note. They’re just toys I fart around with.

        42. the best advice. I always say that I wish that instead of asking me the standard “what do you want to be when you grow up” people asked “how do you want to live”

        43. One I started asking myself when I was a kid: “What do you want them to say at your funeral?”
          When all is said and done, and other people get to reflect on your life, what exactly will they say? “He lived in a cubicle, he never took a chance or got noticed by anyone, and he died in a house he was renting from a high-school dropout?”
          No, I decided long ago I wanted borderline strangers to say, “That man changed my life.” I want my children to say, “He taught me everything of value I ever learned.” I want my wife to say, “He left me his house and money, but I’d rather have him.” And I want them to mean it.
          How I live today will determine all of that.

        44. “What do you want them to say at your funeral?”

          As long as I can keep them all from meeting face to face before I die, then they can say anything that they want when I pass.

        45. I wonder how much those spam bots get paid to make those “I work from home and earn $9700 a month!” with the teenage chick as their avatar photo, posts.

        46. Thanks for taking the time to post this info Bob. I’m looking for ways to make some extra $$$ when I’m not working. Considering giving this a try.

        47. My father had the quote framed. After he passed, it was one of the few possessions I got to keep. It’s still on my wall today. So, you know, well done.

        48. “$300 for paint and masking supplies”. Yikes, what paints and clear are you using? Good stuff runs way more than that, if you want a balanced set of colors. Plus you will need a spray gun (two, one for primer/base and one for clear), air compressor, etc etc.

        49. It depends a great deal on the degree of work. For most motorcycles, you can get away with a Badger art setup, which saves you a good bit of money on compressor and equipment (so that’s nice).
          I redid my bike fairly simply with a base set of Auto Air that ran me I think about $70 – mostly primaries, black, and white. My next purchases, after I’ve developed a bit more experience and am ready to take on projects, will likely be some candies and maybe a metallic (if necessary for the job). Full disclosure, when factoring in cost of sandpaper and a spray can of 2k clear with the equipment I purchased a full repaint ran me about $500. I cut some corners, though, so I think $1000 is a more reasonable expectation.
          You are correct, though – you can spend WAY more than that on a setup, and as you get more and better clientele you’ll likely need to do just that. But if you’re putting stripes on a tank or Monster logos on an idiot kid’s helmet, you can get away with so much less.

        50. Poetic, goddamn though – “He left me his house and money, but I’d rather have him.” Is a fantastical echo you’d only hear coming out of old Hollywood 100 years ago.

        51. I’m guessing that they gross around $9700 a month, give or take.

        52. No need to wait for you to die these days, they take your house and money in a divorce rape.

        53. Are there google searches for these skills or training in this field? Can you write a list of benefits to the programming? With a good copywriter and media buyer, you could probably move a lot more than you realize.

        54. GOJ – I have a fellow ham radio operator that uses his drone professionally to inspect communications towers. The drone he uses cost over a grand, but he swears by it. It saves having to climb the tower and the inspection is recorded. In his case (as well as any other similar high risk application), that drone is a very useful tool.
          As far as “doorside delivery” goes, like Amazon is testing, I tend to agree with you. It will only work within a certain radius of the distribution center and certainly won’t work in high crime areas (heck, they’d probably steal the drone along with the payload in some urban areas). So I see it as a glitzy P.R. move, but the practical implementation will probably be very limited and at a premium cost.

        55. GOJ, the funny thing is I started out hating my career (Instrumentation & Controls) and after several decades don’t really mind it anymore. It pays very well and doesn’t involve very much physical labor at all. Even in my late 50s I still get unsolicited job offers regularly. I talked to one emissions monitoring equipment tech. that still travels all over the world and he’s in his 70’s. The company he works for can’t replace him. I try to tell young folks about this field, because there are so few of us and job opportunities abound. The problem is when I tell a kid I work on instruments I get responses like “I have this trombone that’s not working right…”

        56. No Maximus it’s not a fantastical echo. My wife packed up and moved 1100 miles away from friends and family into the backwoods of the Ozarks for me. She homeschooled our son for 12 years because that’s what I wanted. When I wanted sheep, chickens and rabbits she helped me put up fence, build hutches and coops and does the lion’s share of caring for all the critters. When I’ve suggested (with my life insurance) I’m worth more dead than alive, she has always said she’d rather have me than money. And I’m no angel. But she is a dedicated, hardworking, compassionate woman who makes sure she stays height weight proportional, keeps a neat house and takes care of my needs. I am a blessed man to be sure. Gals like her are still out there, just a bit harder to find these days. Here in the states, you need to look in the rural areas. There are still quite of few of her kind here in the Midwest.

        57. Glad to pass it along. Hell, I considered doing it myself but I design websites for real estate agents and that keeps me busy. (But still, an extra couple hundred for a partial day’s work…tempting. And $1000-plus for a short video…even more tempting.)

        58. FWIW – waaaaay back in the day, I painted several bikes using rattle cans. First was my own – pin-striped, multi-color kinda LSD look. Then did a co-worker’s custom Triumph – red metalflake w/gold pinstriping, Those both came out looking professionally done – far more than something a 19 – 20 yr-old did with rattle cans. Only mentioneing here as illustration there are inexpensive ways to get started and as long as one stays within the limitations imposed by the materials – it can work.

        59. I look forward to the day an armored Amazon drone gets fired upon by “vibrant urban youth,” activates its defense protocol to wipe out an entire neighborhood full of unarmed future blackstronauts, then politely drops that 1-hour delivery emergency order of toilet paper right on someone’s doorstep before flying home victoriously.

      2. I dont want to piss in your burrito bowl, but I assume these numbers are long-haul only? My friend was short-haul(and a Teamster) and that biz seems to have collapsed in the past 10 years- he got out just in time. Men in their 60s-70s have seen their pension checks slashed by as much as 70%

        1. Probably. I didn’t look into any of it too deeply, but they were all demanding you be 21 (US requirement for inter-state transport – at 18 you can drive intrastate).
          Still, there are way worse jobs out there that demand way more investment.

        2. “I dont want to piss in your burrito bowl”
          that alone has made coming to work worthwhile today….

        3. trying to keep consistent with the theme established down thread

      3. There are usually about 20 job postings at any one time here offering $60-70k+ for drivers.
        Their biggest selling point is “home weekends.” You spend five long days on the road sleeping in your cab next to your piss bottle, then get to go home to sleep in a proper bed a few days before you do it again.
        It’s not exactly an easy life. Assuming you even have a place to call home you even bother to pay for during the eight days a month you’re home. You either get a deal rooming with someone else or just stay at the $30/day flophouse.
        That said, it is damn good money until the fast food always on the road lifestyle breaks your body. A friend of mine is living that life now. It pays well because it has to, and they’ve not perfected self driving trucks yet.

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  4. Traveling to countries in SE Asia, South America, Eastern Europe, etc is certainly an eye opening experience. Aside from seeing incredible natural beauty and totally different lifestyles, the women act the way women should actually act. Western men take full advantage of this reality. In the Philippines you constantly see plain looking 50 year old men hooking up with hot late 20s-30 year old women.
    It’s damn near impossible to view American women the same way after you’ve been with truly feminine women. I love seeing Western women react to being around real competition for a change, seeing for perhaps the first time that their Cultural Marxist, feminist views have truly betrayed them. Do you think they learn anything or improve anything palpable about themselves from the experience? Of course not.

    1. I agree. This article is excellently written and pure hilarity to read. They can’t stop us from seeing what else is out there, so they desperately try to use shaming tactics to hide the fact that they can’t compete. It’s not women’s nature to see competition and improve themselves as a result. Globalism can be a wonderful thing; as well as diversity – in the context of the sexual marketplace. We’re all free agents.

  5. I finally have a reason to post the cheesiest video of all time

    1. This is veering way OT at record speed, but can’t let that go unanswered. I finally have a reason to post one of the funniest parodies of all time!

        1. Im hitting Chipotle for lunch now. I think Al referenced every meal and every ingredient in their meals in less than 4 minutes

        2. I always thought it hilarious that Weird Al managed to sneak his music into the official Transformers movie from 1986.
          I saw Weird Al in concert last year and it was honestly one of the best live acts I’ve ever seen. He did more than just play his hits.

        3. “I saw Weird Al in concert last year and it was honestly one of the best live acts I’ve ever seen.”
          Posts like this make me feel I dont know you anymore Clark

        4. Have I mentioned this before? Or you just don’t think red-pills and Weird Al should ever mix?

        5. Weird Al was at *Sturgis* last year. Sturgis(!). I had no idea that he had anything at all to contribute to biker culture, lol.

        6. I really couldn’t figure out what inspired the Buffalo Chip to bring him in.

    2. I swear to Korean Jesus, you, porcer and going sane are a window into the past! How obscure is this shit, lol!

  6. Every natural man should take at least one lifetime trip to Pattaya. It could be the wildest, most decadent (fun) place on earth. And yet, even the beer bar girls (lowest tier) can be feminine and fun. One minor drawback is that sometimes it is difficult to shake one of these lovely ladies once she has spent some time with you (they get clingy quick).

    1. this is true.
      These girls are like Geishas – -they know how to take care you.
      rule #1 – don’t fall in love.
      the amount of starry eyed men (myself included) have fallen in love with the first 1-5 women he sleeps with. And they have the objective to suck you in. if you go to a internet cafe you can see them txting their 10 exclusive boyfriends – and asking to send sponsorship money…
      rule #2
      let em know up front – short time only…that way they know and are totally fine. And don’t get possessive, and threaten to kill the competition, and cut your dick off.
      rule #2A – doctors are experienced in reattaching penises.
      rule #3 –
      when the inevitable older aggressive clinger grabs you. Immediately ask her the name of another cuter girl. works every time. And she will help get the girl. After one minute of polite conversation she owns you. lance that boil immediately. Works in western bars too…

      1. Neat thing about geishas – they spend pretty much their entire post-pubescent lives studying how to be the most feminine Japanese woman possible. They sign a contract with an “owner” of sorts at 15, and until they find a guy to buy her out they’re (at least theoretically) celibate servers of men.
        It’s a great gimmick we should emulate. The owner makes money off her service (she gets a cut, but she doesn’t usually get to do much with it until she’s married), the ladies attract extremely wealthy and attractive men (because no one else even has a shot – it’s essentially a whole dowry system), and any guy who has the dough can have a feminine woman serve him for a night.
        Everybody wins.

        1. I read that book – geisha – when I had a Japanese gf.
          Didn’t realize they were not prostitutes — just expert companions…
          And many Thai women are both – fun to play with inside and out.

      2. Let me add to that note about the doctors. Thailand leads the world in penis reattachments. Some doctors specialize in nothing else. The joke among Thai men is that they have to go home now or their wife will be feeding the ducks. This comes because, in light of penis reattachments, the women have started to feed the detached penis to the ducks; eliminating the possibility of reattachment.
        Let me also add that the myth of the submissive Asian woman is just that; a myth. Ask any man that owns one.

  7. An interesting report. I’ve no interest in ever seeing any part of Asia, but it is always fun to read first hand accounts

      1. Yeah absolutely. Not my taste but still always interesting to learn about new places

    1. The only thing in the east that intrigues me is the Great Wall of China, but that’s really not enough to compel me to travel to a communist shit hole and put up with government “escorts” ensuring I don’t get any pictures and all that other bullshit. Japan *might* be interesting only insofar as I’m a tall well built white guy, because the few native Japanese girls I’ve met who have come here (or to the U.K.) were absolutely shameless in grabbing my arms, shoulders and generally acting like they’ve just found a real life Thor (only, you know, sexier). Heh. But even that isn’t enough to motivate me to take a trip out there.

      1. yeah great wall is interesting, but we have the intertubes and can learn all we need to know without having our cokes pee peed in. Asian women are plain unattractive to me. for the couple out there that actually pull off looking hot, we are talking less than 1%, the rest of them are totally unfuckable really.

        1. To each their own. I know a guy who’s really into Korean and Japanese girls, and some of the girls he rates 8 I’d personally rate closer to 5.
          But girls I put up around 8 he calls 5, as well. Just no accounting for taste, I guess.

        2. yup. my subjective taste is in no way anything I would want to extrapolate as a larger truth….if ya gots the yellow fever than you should probably get to where they make ’em.

        3. yeah, getting them down my bannister is horrible.
          Nah, nothing particularly galls me. I just had one in rotation not too long ago. I just think that their physical features are not desirable and the Asian personality doesn’t tend to have the aggressiveness that I like,

        4. Not my “look” either really. I just needed an excuse to bring up the horizontal gash.

        5. I hear you. But, once you get with one, you “get it”. Personally I love Latinas, but Thai girls are second best just due to how the act around you and how submissive they are…love that shit. Every western man should experience it at least once.

        6. I’ve been with a Thai girl here. She was fine. Asians in general are simply not physically attractive to me. Also that bullshit subservient geisha routine makes me want to smack their teeth out. I’ve tried quite a sampling of the buffet of life, I find most of them are pretty much similar. I just hate Asian looks and attititude

      2. China blows. The Great Wall is overrated. Not worth the food poisoning, or the hordes of Chinese people staring at you as if you were some sort of zoo exhibit. Been there, done that, wish I’d never gotten the T-shirt.

        1. Wow, never heard a review like that before of it. It’s not on my list of “Must See!” but if I were to go to China on business or something, I’d take the trip out.

        2. If I were to take the time to see China, I would rather go to Tibet and look at the mountains. Not climb, I am too old for that, but just get to the base of those monsters.

        3. There are hotel rooms in China that come with a girl already in the room at no extra charge.

        4. Yeah, but I think forcing yourself on HoChang the Cleaning Lady is normally and legally frowned upon. Heh.

        5. You’re not older than me hoss, how can you be too old to climb up a mountain (or a good level 3 mountain path)?

      3. not enough to compel me to travel to a communist shit hole and put up with government “escorts” ensuring I don’t get any pictures
        Of course, the Great Wall is located in China and not North Korea, so this isn’t really an issue.

        1. I thought China did that still too?
          In any event, I’m not flying all the way to a place with language that I can’t even sound out from their convoluted alphabet, let alone understand, just to see an old wall. I’ll hit any Indo-European speaking nation any day of the week because using my “If I’m lost I can still passably communicate” theory makes sense there. If I get lost in China I just *know* that they’re not going to appreciate me walking around saying “Ching chong chang!” really loudly in order to make myself understood.

        2. No. You’re pretty much free to do as you please in China nowadays. I’ve come across government goons only once, when I tried to check in to a hotel in Beijing with a view of
          Tiananmen that was off limits to foreigners. That one they’re still a little sensitive about.

      4. Go see the Great Wall…if you are the least bit intrigued by it. Video cannot do it justice. I was surprised how well it is built on those jagged hills.
        I saw it in the 20th century only five years after China started letting in individual travelers. (Before you had to be in an officially approved tour group).
        No government monitors. I caught a bus from Tiananmen Square. It was a bus for local tourists with annoying stops at souvenir shops but I got to see it and experience it.
        There was a big ice patch in the middle of a section of the Wall so people were avoiding it by moving to the side and clinging to the hand rails.
        I got on the ice patch, squatted down, used my arms for propulsion and balance…and slid down that ice patch. Chinese tourists were busting up with laughter. (Today, it would have made a great viral video).
        If you want to go to “communist shit hole” come to California!

  8. Do any of you guys that have gone to Thailand have pics of these Thai women you always talk about? I’d love to visit Thailand for the fun, culture, experience….but I just don’t find Thai women attractive at all.

    1. a good website is pattaya addicts..
      lots of field reports and photos – some amazing hotties from great pickup artists, and some not so hot.
      but, something for everyone.
      Important issue with game even there – the action, and hottness are affected by stature and attitude. frame – and alphaness.
      And other indefinable qualities – hard to figure out. light skinned asian guys will do better than most

    2. imo looks wise Asian women are on the bottom of the scale and fucking third worlders is dumpster diving. Of course, taste is very much a subjective thing but if you don’t find thais attractive I am not sure why you would think Thailand is the place for you.

      1. I never said Thailand is the place for me. I’m with you, I feel like Thai women look like lil monkies and I do not find them attractive at all. I just said I would go to Thailand for the experience, the food, the culture….not for the women.
        I feel like American men that go to Thailand go there because they can’t attract women anywhere else. They all say “oh these Thai women are so feminine and loving” blah blah blah, but there’s really nothing physically attractive about them.
        The white men that I’ve seen that married a Thai or Cambodian woman do so because they just couldn’t do any better.

        1. Like lil monkies hahahahaha, good one. Same here, nothing attractive about them. The only upside is that they are very rarely obese. Besides that, they have nothing else to offer.
          And those guys saying “they are real feminine, traditional womenzzz” are completely retarded anyways. They deny one of the biggest facts of the red pill. AWALT.
          Another funny thing is that these are the men who are crying because they say western women just want men with much money, when it is a real fact with thai women. Those asian chicks don’t find that fat ugly, 60 year old guys are attractive, these women use western men literally (sjw cringe) as provider-cucks.

        2. Yeah, I thought it was a well known truism that Asian broads are *way* more centered on good finances, to the point that they can become outright dragon ladies if you don’t work yourself to death to improve the income in the family?

        3. Pssst. This fact could hurt the feelings of the blue-pill guys here, who wish to fulfill their beta-dreams in thailand.
          (Yes, thats very true. Not only the women themselves, but also the family members only care about money and status. Their whole family “honor” is based on it.)

        4. So I’ve heard. If you marry an Asian woman, you marry her family. Or something like that.
          Thanks, but no thanks. And honestly, I’m just not into Asian chicks, not even the “best” kind. I thought I was, once, with that chick who was on the first Wayne’s World, but turns out she’s half Spanish and I was responding to the Western looks combined with a bit of exotic.
          It’s all a matter of taste, I don’t begrudge guys who like Asian girls. But yeah, AWALT, so if she doesn’t have the same problems as a Western ho’, she’ll just have another set of problems to torment you with that are out of your realm of cultural experience.

        5. My brother was married twice to Japanese women. And yes, they ran the finances, that was the expectation- he worked, she managed.

        6. I also don’t like most asian girls looks. But I’ve realized for me, that I just don’t like the asian women ideal. Those pale skin, big anime eyes bullshit.. and they purposely make their bodies as slim as possible. Nothing bad with slim, but their slim reminds me too much of the body of a young boy..
          The few asian girls I thought that they are actually hot, are the ones who followed the western women ideal.
          See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4s6H4ku6ZY
          (better mute the video and skip to 0:53 .)

        7. I would like to be into asian girls, especially japanese girls that like costumes. But I just can’t. There have been a handful that have been attractive enough I would certainly bang, but for the most part they look like boys – no tits or hips.
          I get the draw of the exotic flavor, for me that’s light skinned brazillian women. But I still mostly go for curvy Blondes and red-heads.

        8. Well perhaps AWALT..but sure their upbringing makes them very different from Western women. For starters, they have learned fundamental respect. They do NOT ridicule you or tell you to fuck off when you hit on them. Sure AWALT but in the West, we see the WORST possible version of awalt, in Asia, the best.
          You can simply not compare them to the aggressive skanks of the West, it’s almost as being on another planet.

        9. Trust me the are very different. Most are poor and have been working hard since childhood. They have a very strict upbringing that teaches them respect and manners.
          There’s just no way you can compare them to the Paris Hilton wannabees of the West.

        10. Thailand is racially diverse, loads of different looks available. The Issan hookers (chimp) look in Pattaya and the other southern resorts is only a fraction of the looks available.
          It’s a bit like me claiming all western women look like land whales. It’s just not true.

        11. I agree AWALT,
          But the women out here are considerably cheaper and their service standards are far higher.
          They don’t actually want any white men, 20 year old buff white guys pay the same as us fat ugly 60 year old white guys.

        12. I have nothing to do with my Asian wife’s family. Mil visits for a week every 3 months, but that’s it.
          I do agree that there are a completely different set of problems to deal with ….. but none of those include denial or restriction of sex.

        13. And I wasn’t. But I do note that Dragon Lady is a thing for a reason, and some Asian broads can be *really* materialistic to the point of obsession.

        14. *Nothing* physically attractive? I’m no fan of asian poon (or faces) but you’d need to be a dead set cock-lover to not find at least their proportions attractive.

        15. perfectly stated. I actually love hitting on and teasing thai women. Trying to do the same with western women is *at best* a chore and at worst a prison sentence.

        16. They are very materialistic but I think for a good reason, other than wanting the new Gucci handbag to show their friends (like western skanks). Without money and security in a country like that you might find yourself in an extremely difficult situation.
          There’s no daddy government to bail you out. Probably the reason a mans value suddenly skyrockets as soon as he steps off the plane.

        17. Why did she have to destroy that beautiful soft skin with tats?
          That jet black hair and tan soft skin is lovely but I prefer Indos…better IMO facially.

        18. The white guys who usually fancy over Asian girls as “hot asian girl” are usually fugly by Asian standards.
          American men are used to dealing with loud mouthed, combative, and ball busting American women.
          So when they meet feminine SE Asian girls even though they may be average and mediocre looking, this will make her “hot” in the eyes of American men.

        19. what’s so attractive about their proportions? No ass, no thighs, no hips, no tits. just look like walking 5 ft tall ironing boards

        20. Ass, thighs, hips and tits. Just not as large and fat. I’m not into fat chicks at all… if you are, that’s good for you. I don ‘t judge other people for what they’re into (unless trolling).

        21. Do you consider Shakira fat? She’s only 4’11 but has amazing proportions. Why must you think I like fat chicks if I’m not attracted to these Thai women?

      2. Why are third worlders dumpster diving ? They might be poor but through hardship they have gained qualities that women in the west can never have. If anything someone like that might bring true quality to your life (yea yea last sentence was true blue pill but sometimes I just cant help myself)

        1. none of that shit matters to me. I like girls in designer heels who know how to sit properly, which fork to use and have a resting bitch face that would make most men impotent. We all have our tastes….yes, I am sure that the struggle of being a poor street urchin will gives these things some kind of character, but that isn’t what I want in a woman. I want a perfectly groomed and attired woman with perfect manners who likes to fuck, drink champagne and hunts stronger men because she intimidates weaker ones. Just my taste.

        2. The Korean I dated, and the Japanese and Chinese I know all consider Thais and Filipinos(among others of that ilk) to be the niggers of Asia.
          You can find the more cultured of your taste in Asian women, but you have to get out of the Asian ghetto to do it.

        3. I believe that is true and I would guess, though I don’t know, that the japs are at the top of that list. But looks and personality wise I simply am turned off by Asian girls. There are a couple here and there — always exceptions….but I would go out of my way not to fuck an Asian and will always chose a westerner over Asian pussy

      1. It doesn’t have to. Go to Tinypic or another image “short duration” hosting site (Google it) and upload a photo and they’ll provide a URL to link to on Disqus.

  9. is iBar still there?
    loved playing pool with 8s and 10s pro -dancers (coyote dancers?)

  10. Excellent article and very amusing to read. I hope to be there in November for 2 weeks.

  11. Love your work. Every time I get down about The West, you put up a piece that reminds me why I am building a 6 month cash reserve and hoping to make regular “escapes” for at least 1/2 the year for the rest of my life.

  12. “Won’t you join me soon outside The Matrix?”
    why not organizing the next ROK meeting there ?

  13. Anglo Anglo Anglo Anglo. Give us Saxons a break, it was the continental Germans and Scandinavians who really fleshed out and got collectivism to be trendy, and the Russians are their crowning achievement via the USSR, which leads us directly to the current day. Scandis are well known for being among the first to do the whole “empower women” thing, likely right after all of the Vikings sailed away. The English were the font of masculinity since they became a “thing” back around 600 A.D., and laid out some of the most sane forms of governance and progress the world has ever seen, bar none. Yes, Anglo countries are now suffering pretty badly under the yoke of feminism, but we’re at least showing signs of fighting back, unlike the stupid Scandis or Germans who just lay there and take it. Nationalism is waxing in the U.S., Australia erected some pretty tough anti-immigration polices and the actual English themselves have their Brexit. All is not lost, and we’re sure as hell doing a lot more about the current bad condition of the world than, say, France or Sweden or Germany.
    The West in general is in a pretty sorry state, laying it all at the feet of us Saxons is silly. We surely played a bad part in spreading this bullshit, but we are not the only guilty parties here.
    That all being said, I’m not sure I’ll ever get around to getting to Asia proper. I’ve nothing against them per se, it’s just never been a place in the world that has drawn my interest much. Glad to hear that there are some guys there having a great time though.

    1. I went to Phu Ket, Thailand on the government’s dime a couple decades ago. I do plan on returning some time. I just hope it will be as I remember it. Beautiful beaches, friendly people, and the best sea food I’ve ever had. (Although part of that may be just the contrast to the Navy cooking for the 5 months prior…)
      Itching to do some diving there as I wasn’t qualified at the time. Some guys were and took a two day trip and raved about it.

      1. Good on you.
        Seafood is another reason I have no desire to get over there, I’m just not fond of ocean fish or lobster. The closest I come is bass and maybe some boiled/steamed crawdads, and that just isn’t the same thing at all.

        1. I love me some gulf shrimp and trout, but I can get those off the Gulf of Mexico with little effort. Certainly not my reason numero uno to travel.

        2. the moment when you are very hungry and after the first bit you got your entire mouth full of fish bones.
          even the thought of it makes me angry.

      2. It has probably changed. I was there last year and found it crowded and westernized. It was almost boring in how familiar the stores and restaurants were.

      3. It’s got dirty and crowded. Try the Philippines, pretty young girls, clean beaches and good diving everywhere.

    2. “Russians are their crowning achievement via the USSR”
      The Bolsheviks were kind of scanty when it came to ethnic Russians. It was largely an ashkenazi phenomenon.

      1. That only holds water if a whole mess of people didn’t fight for the Reds against the White Army. It wasn’t ten Jews and a battering ram against the entire Czar’s forces, it was a whole hell of a lot of normal Russians.
        I do know and agree that Jews led that movement though, from a factual point of view historically.

  14. Funniest (truthful, no doubt) article I’ve read in a long time. I must go to Thailand one day just to watch if for no other reason!

  15. I always get disapproving stares from older white women when I walk around with my pretty Thai wife.

    1. You should see the looks I get when I’m out with my 18 year old Thai daughter ….. and she plays to the crowd with cuddles and sitting on my lap.

        1. I’m retired with a small pension. My life is spent mountain biking on trails through the Lanna jungle.

        2. I’m thinking if you go there with a big enough war chest, you don;t have to work. Maybe a little over $1M? Or even $500K?

    2. Same with my young Filipina wife. Have you been approached and called a pedophile? I have experienced this on several occasions.

    1. I predicted this a few years back, when I saw my first exploit. If it’s that easy to get information from people, I reasoned, surely our government is putting resources into doing just that.
      Sure enough, just three or four years ago it came out that an NSA-affiliated group (officially a criminal cell operating inside a clandestine operation – you decide) had mandated certain modifications to market hard drives that allows the drive to persistently store information for later retrieval, even if that information is deleted.
      Now, with this, I just have to shake my head and sigh. People mock me when I say our technology is fragile…

  16. I’ve seen video clips of tourists to Thailand on YouTube: I never understood why white men would bring their white gfs or wives with them.
    I mean you’re walking past one go go club / strip club after another with fucking sexy Thai girls dressed in bathing suits and heels … and you bring your wife? WTF???
    That would be like your wife taking you to the Caribbean and having you walk past the rent a rasta / beach boy places. WTF?

    1. its actually hilarious. Although I do feel pity for the men. they really are sad-sacks.
      Phuket is worse. Many family friendly hotels – close to Australia.
      and gogo girl bars nearby…and the whole fat-family walking down the street…

      1. I always wonder why those families even go to a “walking street”. Like why on earth would a husband take his wife and kids there. Mind….blown.

    2. I went with a ukrainian girlfriend, because we wanted to see it and I don’t find asians to be sexually attractive. (Although I do admit that there are a lot of very slim pretty girls in Thailand, just not my thing). Some of those thai girls are so slim they would make anyone look large.

    3. Probably because they respect their wedding vows and don’t want to jeopardise their marriage for some greasy fish-scented sow.

      1. I’m married,
        My wedding vows …. to protect and provide for her.
        Her wedding vows …. to serve me.
        Not everyone has a Christian wedding, with Christian wedding vows.

      2. ha! western women respecting their wedding vows…or implied social contract which is to stay good looking for her man. they need to put weight limits in them there wedding vows.

      3. Give me a break. In other words, you’re saying they’re being good little beta simps.
        The wives they bring with them are the low-tier ones, not the thin, fun, cool asian women.
        I see someone hasn’t been abroad much.

    4. Most guys don’t understand the situation out here. I didn’t when I first came out, was entirely gob smacked about the levels (and aggression) of the local pussy.
      Lots of guys on this forum call me a liar when I try to describe how it is. I think men have been denied sex for so long in the west, they just can’t believe anywhere else is different.

  17. While I still give the edge to Korean, Chinese, Japanese women in terms of looks, a lot of the Thai girls I see in tourism video clips on YouTube are gorgeous: pale skin, pretty faces etc.
    And all the bars / clubs look relatively empty. By comparison, every shitty club in nyc or any other american city is so packed you cant breathe and is overcrowded with men

    1. Usually my mates and I are the only customers in the place. In Thailand most bars only have 4-6 working girls. In the Philippines the bars have 20-40 working girls …….. and that gets really insane.

  18. Question: it seems Thailand has the opposite situation as the West. In the West, it seems the majority of men can’t get any female attention and are incel. It seems there is a lack of men for native women in Thailand? What accounts for this? I know they have a decent number of male to female transsexuals, but I don’t think that could drive the numbers so far in the favor of men … any insight?

      1. Check out video clips of Thai nightlife: the bars / clubs are fairly empty with a ton of single Thai girls standing around. Contrast this with pretty much every club or nightclub in the US which is a jam-packed sausage fest.

        1. Dude, you’re trolling again.
          I’m just going to do *smh* and leave it at that.

        2. It’s because the owners of the clubs want that the western males feel comfortable and spend as much money there, as possible.
          Local men get instantly denied at those clubs/bars, because they are broke as fuck, compared to the western males.

        3. Not trolling.
          Recently had occasion to travel through the Midwest to some very large public university campuses.
          It’s as I’ve said: packs of white dudes on campus, eating together, walking together no girls with them. All the Asians are coupled up holding hands, dining together.
          Now, unless you want to claim all these white dudes are slaying mad puss behind closed doors but are choosing to eat their meals in sad quiet isolation with their bros, I would have to say the gender dynamic in the West is horribly broken.

        4. No you didn’t, and no you didn’t, and you’re so full of shit that it’s coming out of your ears, home fries. You’re just playing games to justify your own self loathing and self pity and nothing more.
          Tell you what, next time you “travel through the Midwest” and are around OSU, drop me a line and we’ll get this whole willful blindness thing you have sorted properly.

        5. I was in Minnesota, drove the whole fucking way there. And yes, the campus life showed how messed up the gender dynamic in the West has become. The only mixed gender groups I saw were Asian: the Whites segregate or self-segregate: males and females do not walk together or dine together or workout together. Same thing I have see in NY, confirmed in Midwest as well.

        6. And last post on the thread to you.
          You didn’t travel anywhere, and you are making up shit hoping to make yourself feel the victim.
          Good day and happy trolling. Slainte mhor.

        7. Want me to to post some pics of my visit? Or some pics of the goodies I picked up at the Mall of America? If I was going to lie, I would make up a better story than I drove to Minnesota …

        8. Not trolling but people need to acknowledge how fucked up the situation is:
          Asian students: men and women eating at one of like two dozen noodle houses in the college town, men AND women
          White students: men and women dining separately, like it’s fucking Iran or Saudi Arabia. American cuisine? Chicken wings, chicken tenders. American common culture: cheering on the negro athletes

        9. No shit man, you live near Columbus huh? How do you feel about the rampant gaeity down there?

        10. Lots of men prefer an evening with the guys. The conversation is better. Men and women have different interests. It doesn’t mean they don’t have a relationship with a woman. Men with a pleasant home life often like to eat out with their circle of friends. Just as their lady might want to go for lunch and shopping with her girlfriends. It would drive a man mad to be obliged to join such an expedition.

        11. Wait, isn’t the gender ratio at a lot of US universities around 60+% women? If so, this doesn’t seem likely.

        12. These are prostitutes. Respectable Thai ladies do not go into bars …….. ever.

        13. Again, Thai men are not allowed into hooker bars as they cause trouble when they see their wife/gf working a customer.

        14. I also prefer an evening out with the guys ….. but it always ends up as an evening with hookers on our laps. This is SEA!

        15. Way too many gays in Cowflopolus, no question. They stay mainly in the city proper though, which is fine by me. I avoid German Village and Victorian Village if possible. At ComFest (community festival) however, I make it a point to walk around open carrying, with my cowboy hat on, just to piss the prancing little fuckers off, because it’s my right to do so and they can’t say shit. And I’m just like that. Heh.

        16. Just post the pics to shut him the fuck up.
          I don’t see why you’re being such a dick here Ghost. Did Waldemar upset you about something?

        17. Your Disqus avatar Mr Gable is from Cadiz, another great Buckeye son.

    1. Road Kill!
      The death rate for young Thai males is astronomical. Then you add to that the fact many Thai males just aren’t interested in women. Then add in Thai women expect money or gifts after sex.
      A heterosexual white male with a bit of cash to spend is just inundated with offers. At 60, I can’t go out in the evening without being hit on by women in their early 30s (or younger). It’s impossible to stay faithful to my wife, and she doesn’t even expect me to be faithful ………….
      Same in the Philippines, only the girls will be aged 18-25 …. Filipino bars won’t employ girls older than that.

      1. Also, Thai men are Racist as FOOK!! They don’t like dark skinned thai girls and these girls automatically gravitate towards white men. Almost like a big F-U to thai men. Funny, its the same dynamic/attitude that a lot of red pilled western men have in regards to white women. Grass is definitely greener on the other side.

    2. You guys fool yourself. They’re nice to strangers because it’s a quick way to get some money and feed their whole family. When you think about it, it’s fucked up.

  19. Not interested in Thailand but I do have a thing for Asian girls, especially Japanese and Korean.

    1. Dont know what Korean girls are like but I can confirm a lot of Japanese women are average in looks they dont seem to get fat is why they seem so much better – the other thing to watch out for Japanese women can be bat shit crazy.

      1. Yeah, middle ain’t awful.
        Pink maybe, with a six pack in me, and it was 2:30.
        God I’m bad. Heh.

        1. I’ll bar fine Miss Pink at mid-night, and she’ll be back in the bar for your sloppy seconds by 2am.

        2. Yeah, you’ll pay for her and I’ll pass. Thanks, but no thanks.

    1. I think many western blokes are blind to inter-asian differences and scales of beauty. They think they all look hot (even the ones Asians and people with finer eyes class as ugly). Just like how Asians think all white people look the same…
      It’s similar to how most slim young women look hot… compared to old/fat hags.

  20. “I got me papers in a Bordello…with some luckies and my I.D….My heart was pounding like a hammer…Thai, Thai, Thai, Thai, I am free!”

  21. I’m in Krabi now…going back to Pattaya on Saturday…not a moment too soon.

  22. you’re speaking my language 100%. Also a nice reminder that I should head back down south…only a one hour flight from here 🙂

    1. Still in CM then Yogi? … Smog is getting bad …. this morning I couldn’t cycle through the jungle, the whole mountainside was a roaring sheet of flame.

      1. yeah everyone talks about smoke season like its the worst thing in the world but it honestly doesn’t bother me. In fact, I love it because now all the effeminate “digital nomads” and backpackers are gonzo which makes CM about 100x better. Besides I have some farming to do..Passionfruit, custard apple, mangoes, papaya, cherry, lemons, bananas, etc… Just doesn’t get any better than that.

        1. I have mangoes and papaya …….. the bananas have stopped producing, plenty of new plants ….. no bananas. Maybe I should fertilize or cut them back.

        2. bananas love water but I’m sure you already know that. and yeah try cutting them back so they only have one or two “pups” on them at a time.

    1. Thanks for your insightful and highly illuminating commentary.

    2. It does indeed leave a bitter taste in your mouth when you realize(after reading this article) how far Western womanhood has fallen.

    3. What a bitter article type the western women are.
      There you go, fixed that for you.

  23. Back when I was in the Air Farce one of my superiors was married to this cute little Korean gal who couldn’t have been more than 4 1/2′ tall. She had his robe, slippers, newspaper and a drink waiting for him when he got home every day. He had a 1972 ‘Vette that was his pride and joy; NOBODY drove it but him. We were stateside and his wife got in tight with a bunch of the other Asian GI wives at the local ethnic grocery store. Pretty soon they helped her enroll in English lessons, got her a driver’s license and began “Americanizing” her. One day I met his ‘Vette on base and couldn’t see a driver! There she was peering out from under the steering wheel (she had to sit on a pillow to drive, LOL). I asked him about this. He got all forlorn looking and said he was going to have to take her back to Korea for retraining. I wonder how that worked for him…

  24. Great article. Please consider writing a followup, maybe in the form of a guide for a first time visitor to avoid getting fleeced.

    1. Pay after, don’e give em money for anything else …… sick buffalo, operation for mum, school fees, house, scooter, loan, sure fire business opportunity, restaurant, bar ……. unless you want to. They don’t love you, they are employees. AVOID drugs, the guy selling to you is also a police informant.
      If you meet a nice girl (aka skank with cover story) and really, really must have a relationship, don’t pay for anything up front. Get them to take out credit in their own name. Then they need you. Buy one a house for cash, and she’ll say thanks and goodbye. And remember, when you ain’t with them or can’t see them, they’re with another guy …… always …… and that includes my wife. Thai girls can’t keep their knickers on, no matter what they risk losing, which is a huge part of their appeal to us.
      As a really nice and attractive wealthy Thai lady (good looking rich French husband) once said to me, “I love my husband, if I want to fuck, and my husband is with me, I’ll fuck him, but he isn’t here and you are, and that hotel over there has nice rooms”

  25. Nothing I love more, I think, then reading about western bitches getting taking down quite a few notches.

  26. Why would a fat western female go to Thailand is beyond me.
    Who is going to give her any attention?
    All the western male are going to go for local Thai girls or foreign Russian or Ukrainian girls who are visiting.
    Local thai men are going to stick with their own kind.

    1. Thai men quite often go with white women …… the women have to pick up the bills though.

      1. Thai men are feminine and prefer much feminine and shy Thai girls over masculine white females.

        1. Thai men prefer a girl that will pay for everything.
          I’ve seen loads of Thai guys with woppers (white and Thai), if the girls paying for the booze they’re happy.
          In fact,
          I was sitting with a white pal of mine one evening, and a couple of Thai girls and a Thai guy waved us over to their table. We bought a tower of beer, and proceeded to drink it. My pal was shamelessly hitting on the Thai guys girlfriend. I was chatting to the guy and asked why he wasn’t upset by my mate feeling up his girlfriend. He said “As long as you’re buying the beer, and there’s plenty left in the tower, he can do what he likes with my girlfriend. Anyway I’ll still get to fuck her later when we get home.” My pal got her phone number, and also fucked her later.

        2. LMAO Well you fucked their women and their men didn’t even care lol. I mean it would be a typical male thing to be protective and territorial over their women.

  27. I dont fucking want strong and independent cunt…I want family orientated fertile woman who actually know how to please a man.

  28. I love the look on those white cunt’s faces when they understand that their pussy aint shit! Good job…CUNTS!

  29. We must agree most ladies in Pattaya are hookers. Been there thrice. Not a problem on a PUA website ?
    Judgment asides yes theses ladies are gorgeous and you will have a hard time adjusting back to life and quality of woman when you go back to the west after your 2 weeks holiday In the Disneyland for adult men

  30. There is another category in Eastern Asian you see who is between land whale and pursed lips: the lumberjack. This is a white woman, often blonde, who stomps around Asian cities looking like a lumberjack come into town to buy a new axe not happy with what she sees. Not morbidly obese but lacking in anything resembling feminine behavior or looks. She has wears a scowl to accompany her lumberjack clothes. Unfortunately, it is hard not to look at her because she is at least 50% larger than the Asian women and less feminine than the men. She is on the lookout for men noticing her and gives them an extra special scowl. I’ve always wanted to tell one of them that they needn’t worry about male attention. The only need I would ever have for them is if I need help moving my couch.

  31. You seem upset white girls dont want you. A slant eye 10 is a white girl 7. Fuck off with your miscegenation, Schlomo

  32. People who use prostitutes are schmucks of the highest order.
    Never pay for sex!

    1. Men always pay for sex, one way or the other – whether it is with their time, resources, or something else.

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