Billions Of Egos Dance For Your Attention

I wake up every day around noon. Instead of leaving bed, like many normal people have to do, I grab a book and lay under the covers. I read twenty pages of a work that took some man hundreds of hours to complete, and possibly thousands if you account for the expertise he had to develop in order to write it. Why did he write the book? For money? For fame? Just to share knowledge out of good will?

A man writes a book because he thinks he possess something that other people don’t possess. His labor comes from a position of superiority, however righteous, that is verified in physical form once the book is complete and achieves positive reviews and sales. A man’s ego toiled and strained himself to complete a book that brings me entertainment and knowledge, and I thank his ego for that, for wanting to prove that he could provide value to the world.

I make a cup of coffee and then sit at my desk. I check Twitter first, and am greeted by a backlog of tweets from individuals who are desperate for followers and retweets, who are competing with millions of others to be heard in the sea of social media. I appreciate their futile efforts, one that has measly rewards, and quickly update myself on the news, which includes checking Google News to see what will be the lies of the day, written by journalists who hope to transform their liberal degrees into soft power by massaging their egalitarianism into a palliative narrative. Behold how hard they work for your attention! All for my clicks, for the chance to affect my perception of reality.

As the world grows in population, the heights to which people strain themselves to be noticed and to feel special borders on the insane. Women sell their vaginas to perform in porn, men spend over 12 hours a day in front of a computer screen to break a story 30 seconds before someone else, and leftists rush to destroy their own country through displays of virtual signalling in a pathetic attempt to prove to others that they are as moral as Jesus. The persistent need to be superior is played constantly around the world, as egos battle it out for fame, money, recognition, and pats on the back that increasingly aren’t even physical but existing as pixels on little screens.

“Great article!”
“Sharp comment!”
“You predicted this!”
“Good job!”

The ego is stroked, it feels good, and then quickly that sensation fades and you are back into the grind, with a new idea to craft the perfect selfie that hides your flaws or an expertly crafted tweet that is sure to be spread far, all to prove that you’re a somebody, that you’re special, and as I relish how so many egos are fighting for my attention, I realize that I am no different from them. The web sites I’ve constructed, the books I’ve written, the thousands of articles I’ve published to mold the world into my version of “correct” reality points to an ego that must be in the top 1% of all egos, that is so massive in took the outrage of the entire world to finally check it.

Other egos dance for me and I respond by sitting in front of my laptop for several hours a day, writing articles such as this one, to dance right back. Your comments, praise, and shares give me moments of euphoria, no matter how fleeting, and I will do a jig for you to notice me as you do a jig for me to notice you. We all want to feel like we’re special, that we have accomplished something more than billions of other humans who crowd this planet, and yet we never quite make it to being that somebody, or else there would be a point where we get up and yell That’s it, I’m done! Our ego won’t allow that. So we continue to preen for others, produce for others, compete with others, and after years of doing this, of decades to dancing this jig, a question may force itself to the surface, despite your best attempts to bury it, a question that comes from the deepest of your being as you’re hungover from yet another ego high. The question of what exactly are we living for.

This article was originally published on Roosh V.

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90 thoughts on “Billions Of Egos Dance For Your Attention”

  1. Oh, wow, I got exactly the same thoughts a couple of weeks ago. The more people we are and the less borders/more connectivity there is, the more difficult is to “be someone”. Think about this: every time a child dies in Iceland, it is a national tragedy (300k people), meanwhile, in Beta Male India, children are dying and shitting in the streets every day and nobody (Indians) gives a damn.

    1. Good point. Maybe the small town is starting to sound better for a man over 35 or so

      1. But the problem is that the 24/7 internet smartphone connectivity has come to stay.

      2. I live in a small town. It can get boring at times in some ways and you definitely have to make your own fun. It’s vastly superior when raising a family to the city life. I’d say why but a full comparison would equal an essay. I’ll just say that if I were to live in an American city again with my family of 6, I’d have require an income of around half a million dollars. That’s what it would take to make the city as nice as the country. Plus, fishing honestly never gets boring as long as something is at least biting.

        1. In the turd world, you expect your kids to die more frequently than not, so they don’t form the same kind of bonds that a 1st world family with two children might.

        2. OMG ! Not expected this from you @Better. As I became your fan long back, I can’t reply to you in the “right tone” !! Anyway, Good Day.

        3. Well, it’s a reality. All those stray kids on the street, nobody cares about them. That’s what happens when there is so much population, individual lives become worthless.

        4. OMG ! Another blow to me !! But I am helpless ! Can’t reply even though I can !
          Have a great weekend.

      1. Yeah, we understood it. White people are evil racists. Got your message, Shlomo.

  2. Roosh, take up a hands on hobby. Carpentry, leather working, wrangling, something to get you from out in front of the computer, where you’re a nobody and just a guy learning a trade. Go fishing. Learn to hunt game. Take up model aircraft. Something “not here”
    This online thing all the time is not healthy. I post a lot because I work from home in a job that pays shocking amounts of money for literally 1% effort. You don’t. Get out. Walk some paths in parks, meet some genuine folks, no expectations. Take a few trips to the mountains man. Get something besides “this”.
    Hell, come back to Ohio and (given that I have no more dying grandmothers left) we can hang out, I’ve done the same with other folks from here. You’re too good to succumb to despair.

    1. You’re from Ohio? Isn’t there some community college there with a buckeye as its mascot?

      1. The largest university in these united States? Turns out, yeah.

        1. Yeah, they fucked up the post season last year, big time. Like embarrassing big time.

    2. Sage Advice – as always, Brother GOJ!
      While sites like this are instrumental in bringing like-minded individuals together, it’s imperative to detach from the online community and pursue other endeavors for personal enrichment. My business has a strong online presence and requires a certain amount of computer time throughout the day, but the very moment I can break from my desk, I’m outta here.
      Hands-on hobbies, anything physical for that matter, are far more healthy than staring into a computer screen for hours on end. For me, no amount of clicks or upvotes will ever compare to the thrill of laying down the perfect coat of paint on a ’65 Chevelle, or when that Big Block fires up for the very first time. Even the more simple things like detailing your cars, walking the dogs or even cutting the lawn – I’m totally at peace – with tremendous clarity.
      Finding those breaks and those moments are priceless!

      1. Sounds like we’re on the same page here. Pulling apart my V-twin in winter and making stuff right and then reassembling, and the roar when it fires up, is satisfying down to the soul.

        1. Absolutely – the sound is musical. I’ve always loved the smell of new parts and paint heating up for the first time also – it never gets old.

    3. Yeah that’s one of the things that come to mind about “e-fame”. I can’t help but wonder “Who are we when the power is shut off?”

      1. When you meet others offline in real life it can be startling sometimes, and sometimes, confirms what you think.

    4. Amen. A man needs to have a craft that demands some level of physicality or some sort of response to his masculine wiring from time to time.

      1. I always find working on the car, fixing appliances, bicycle, lawn mowers and anything mechanical enjoyable, even if at times it frustrates me when I can’t seem to get the thing working. I just research it deeper and eventually complete it. Taking things apart for the fuck of it, seeing how the mechanisms all function together and then putting it back together and functions as intended gives me satisfaction.
        I got my 10 year old son into building plastic model car kits and he enjoys it. It teaches him to
        1) follow directions
        2) focus on a task
        3) accomplish a goal
        4) patience
        And most importantly
        5) gets him off using electronics

        1. Reminds me of my Dad’s approach when I was a kid. Your son is lucky to have you.

        1. I’am freelancing from the internet, finishing simple jobs that requires from you desktop computer or alternatively laptop and just internet service accessibility and so I couldn’t be happier… Half a year have passed by when i started out this and also i profited until now altogether 36 thousand dollars… Basically i gain around 80 dollars each hour and work for 3 to 4 h on a regular basis.And impressive thing about this task is that you can make a decision when to work on your own as well as for how long and you get money at the end of every week.>>>>

    5. Well said, balance in life is critical. Guys who focus their life on gaming will not do as well as those who do find it as a hobby and have a life of their own. The priest who does it 100% will find himself glancing at the choir boys. The computer geek who is the best at Mine Craft has become a loser elsewhere.,,,,,
      Excelling at something does not mean a 100% focus all the time, it means when you do it, you do it 100%. Have a life.

  3. Sleep til noon? Lucky fuck, here lately the sun rises on me while headed to work and is out of sight by the time I get back and I will probably have to work until lunch on the day of my funeral. i feel like the guy on the doughnut commercial.
    The only attention I get is when I fuck something up. It’s great being me.

    1. I haven’t slept till noon in 15 years. What time do you go to bed? 4am? That’s okay if you are busting skanks all night and partying I guess

  4. Are you sure that the pursuit of success is endless? Always at the finale of my preferred future, I encounter a simple but pleasant word: maintenance. There is nothing left to do other than to keep the children healthy, the marriage pleasant, and the house replete. Which, personally, is a perfect life in itself.

  5. Bloggers like roosh had a big impact on the manosphere, which impacted the last election a lot. Changing the world is stressful to think about, but can you change just one or two lives for the better? Absolutely. Just like any other religion or self help movement, some will totally misunderstand. Others won’t even notice. But some will be changed for the better.
    Four years ago, Some of these writings gave me the kick in the pants i needed to start traveling and studying other languages without fear. It’s been one of the best decisions of my life.

    1. Yeah, it’s funny how this site went from giving advice on how to pick up vaginas and lifestyle changes to discussing global politics and philosophy

      1. What we call the red-pill is really a deep understanding of human nature, essentially a form of psychology. It kinda snowballs, it’s almost inevitable.

      2. Guess not as funny as how the females (especially in the ever Pampering West !!) “just wanted equality” and then went up to “walking bare chested”, “slut walks”, “right to abortion”, “lowered standards for govt. & corporate jobs”, etc. etc. etc. !!
        PS: Equality !? in what sense !? on what basis !? in which context !? on what condition !? at what time !? and on what day !? OMG !!

  6. Courage, my captain.
    You, too, are greatly valued, brother.
    The Roosh abides….

    1. btw…
      …maybe time to pick one for keeps, buddy.
      per Thievery Corporation: the heart is a lonely hunter.

  7. I’ve been considered too insane for some of my writings, nevertheless, a book is on its way, and I will say that I’ve been inspired by guys like you Roosh, salu to those who aren’t afraid of telling it like it is.

  8. Hey, Roosh. I’m reading Thomas Merton’s No Man Is an Island, and reading your article makes me happy I am. I can’t recommend it enough. Good health to you, Roosh!

    1. No Man Is an Island, except the Isle of Man 😛 *rimshot* (Apologies, I couldn’t resist).

  9. Everyone on here is either hunched over a computer or squinting at the teeny keyboard on a smartphone. Being indoors on computer at length is bad for the back and posture. I know I get all crusty when I’m hunched for too long. You need something to do physically and driving while on your smartphone is hazardous. The exercise ‘deskbike’ rigamajig setup is good for the circulation while keeping the hands free for typing:
    Night time working lacks sunlight and vitamin K levels drop. Ambient lighting with the finest gold halogen grow lights effectively provides sunlight:×169.png
    And you can eat some juicy indoor tomottoes while you work:×300.jpg

    1. While the deskbike is practical, it looks gay as shit!
      An even better idea is to get off your ass and workout. That way you get exercise, develop good posture and get quality nutrition. There are no shortcuts to fitness.

      1. what if my workout is only 4-5 hours away? I can not workout constantly. 24/7

  10. Start a family? Something else will be wanting your attention then.. Might break the monotony of it all and you’d be doing your bit for the birthrate in the West

      1. No ! What you (the West and especially MEN) needs to do is STOP exaggerating, STOP giving undue credit and STOP pampering females. Make them accountable for their actions, let them face the consequences, let them get similar punishments/sentences like MEN, STOP giving them freebies from the Tax Payers Money (they are independent, strong and empowered ! and they can help themselves !!).
        Let them know that they are NOT celestial beings; they are humans with 9 orifices !! No freebies, No pampering, No Tax Payers Money being wasted on them; Hurrah ! they will IMMEDIATELY get married and start popping out kids !!

    1. Yep. Family prevents you from writting, but at the same time from a cynical and ego-centred perception of the world.

  11. As an “amateur writer” I can honestly say that I don’t write of any of above mentioned motives. I neither think I own something other people don’t have, nor I desire my work will be appreciated materially once in the future. Of course I would prefer positive reactions and feedback rather than negative (which doesn’t mean I can’t cope with critical reviews), but who wouldn’t?
    As for the motives… When I create something (usually a short story), there is always some emotional urge behind it, so I just want to get out of myself this feeling… nothing less, nothing more. So, if i got a positive feedback, I feel well not because I think I am somehow superior (f.i., because I can give some kind of advise to the readers). I am happy because it seems like someone else understands me, probably because he/she went through the same or similare experience. Of course, people can have various motives for writing, but I don’t think that EVERYBODY is doing it for the purposes mentioned in the article.
    Sorry for my imperfect English. Reading articles and comments and posting my own comments from time to time is the way I learn the language.

    1. Writing short stories sounds groovy. There’s no better way to learn the language than by writing it. Package and market the short stories or put them up for free like an artist, whatever your goal is.
      I don’t write for pleasure that much, but for exercise. I hadn’t written much 10 or so years ago when this crazy bitch tried to divorce rape me. So did I prepare legally? Hell no. I sat down and started writing a manifesto. Looking back re reading it, it was sloppy and long, full of power points and unedited mini speeches, but I stood in court against the bitch and opened my mouth and out came a can of self defense and indictment of the system and her sorry free legal aid jew attorney thought “Who the fuck is this guy?” Neither he nor the court prick judge wanted to deal with me one-on-one. The crazy bitch flaked and split town and I could write her off then, but it taught me a valuable lesson on writing – that putting your thoughts down in writing improves your speech and increases your ability to shoot down an adversary in debate quickly when you’ve written and then re-read, corrected and honed your bullet lines.
      Most of my thinking is red pill like it is with anyone with a natural and healthy mind. But too few people bother to write their thoughts down. When it comes time to speak up, they’re delayed in finding the zinger words to correlate their ideas and leanings and to be able to walk around loaded with oratory ammo.
      Detractors and brainwashed idiots are everywhere casually acting as minders who police political correctness onto everyone, barking with rote memorized ideas and buzzwords from marxist schooling. They need met with a bigger, more dominant dog bark. The average red pill person needs his case of words ready to clobber the roving shitlibs.
      With philosophical supporters or ‘friendlies’, sometimes I’ll just spit some line that I’ve had polished for years and red pill sympathied people who speak plain and simple but who don’t verbalize much complexity will be instant admirers.
      Still I’ve never written a short story for pleasure, but I’ve written a bit just shooting from the hip. Casual convo flows naturally, but if you’re making a cause for action or stirring up the pot, it helps tremendously to have your ideas on paper before you speak lines verbally.
      Also I recommend strenuous physical workouts while brainstorming/writing, as with the adjustable resistance pedal ‘deskbike’:
      I may attempt a short story on daygame where I fuck three hot women on lunch break in the bushes (a feat I’ve never done). Then I’ll see if it helps to naturally commence moves and spit lines attempting the same scenario in real life with maybe 33% success. Writing is powerful stuff.

      1. Actually, my short stories etc. are written in my mother tongue (= czech). I lack self-confidence to write in other language or translate the text (to English; which I can speak the best now, but still not well). But yes, there is no better way how to learn a language. Besides, I feel like I am a different person, when I speak/think/write in other language. Sometimes is easier to express some thought or emotion in English than in czech (to find a word which corelates best), but usually it works other way around. English definitely helps me to simplify things that seems to be much too complicated in czech.
        And this blog really helps me to optain a new vocabulary (like butterface or asscrack, ROFL)!!! Please, go on!
        Writing “for exercise” sounds familiar to me. It reminds me of the phenomenon I call “a fantasy dialogue”. I often imagine some fictitious situations in my mind like “what he/she would probably say” and “what would I answer”. I use it in a similar way as you used that “manifesto” in the time of your divorce – as a tool for a flawless argumentation. Doesn’t function 100%, but still… (unfortunatelly, I doubt it would be of any significant help in czech court, because our legal system is based on different principles than common law is… nevermind).

        1. Writing is a form of expression. And with any type of expression it is an Art once you reach a certain level. Be it dancing, painting, sculpting, etc. Anything can become an Art. Even Game. Symbols are a much more pronounced form of communication and expression. A picture truly is worth a thousand words.
          When I sit down to write or type, the goal is to portray something that’s nothing through words, as accurately as possible. Giving form to that which is formless. A feeling. A thought. Making physical that which does not exist. The act of creation is satisfying enough in and of itself.
          One can never be able to accurately express the formless with words or symbols. That would be like an absolute definition of love. Impossible. But the more knowledge, experience and excellence one employs in that task, the closer and closer one gets to portraying that original nothingness. A cathartic transcendence of oneself. An Epiphany.
          Ask Michaelangelo how he felt about his David a few years after the fact. I’m sure he would be left feeling…. unfulfilled.

  12. Well, i thought of something to share with you guys:
    1. My soviet/mossad infiltrated government wants to build ,,The Largest Mosque in Europe” in my country’s capital.
    2. Over 500.000, read that again 500.000 anualy, Eastern European Women are taken into slavery by the j-mafia and used as whores and slaves for sale throughout the Globe.
    3. The same gov. wants to make the turkish launguage and the gypsy language official state language.
    4. Our Churches are being attacked constantly and Pro-Homo propaganda has invaded public TV.
    My country is being destroyed !
    And there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it………
    You think you got it bad ?

        1. Than the gypsy language makes sence :-).
          Still… I don’t understand, why you mention “mossad” infiltration… Do Jewish really have a significat influence on the romanian politic scene?

        2. every police they pass is kosher…pro-gays, pro-feminits, pro-migrants, pro-minorities, against natives. That is Khabalish – Khazarian directive.

        3. 🙂 At first, it seems like you are from Belarus or Ukraine. I haven’t ever heard about significant Romani minority in those countries, so I was confused. But I know there is a large Romani minority in Romania and this is why it makes sence to me now :-).
          I am not a republican. I somewhat do care about politics, but I restrain from discussing it openly (for many reasons).

  13. This article remind me so much the thinking of Martin Eden in the book Martin Eden by Jack London. When he get all the fame he was ready to throw it away because he realised how vague it was.

    1. Wondering about the purpose if life isn’t feminine, just deep. Women don’t wonder about shit like that

    1. I have been doing that routine for about 6 months now. Have to get up at 4:30 to get to work on time, But, I have notice an increase of energy.

  14. The sin of pride vs the virtue of humility is what is at play here. All sins enslave you to themselves and pride, the ego, is no different. Pride is requiring recognition for your works where humility is doing work for the sake of its righteousness in and of itself. Here you can see how pride enslaves you; your choices are dictated by the whims of recognition, and how humility sets you free; your choices are dictated by your concious and thus rightly ordered.
    We all suffer from sin (disconnectedness from God) so I write this not to scold but to perhaps educate anyone who feels trapped by the same story of this article. Only through God are we set free and rightly ordered. Thus to defeat pride we must subjugate ourselves to God. It seems contradictory, but it is like a Chinese finger trap. Once you truely humble yourselves before God, a feat I still struggle to do, will you be free of the the addiction known as pride and the all consuming necessity to obtain recognition for something you should be doing simply because it’s the right thing to do.

  15. Dear Snowflake,
    Set your alarm clock for 7 am every morning. Have your pornography of choice ready the night before. At no later than 7:20 am masturbate and then do 30-40 minutes of callisthenics . Take a shower and then have a light breakfast. Find a reason to leave the house before 10:00 am and speak to other human beings. Get home around lunch time when you would normally be awakening from your lazy docile wasteful slumber and you will already be feeling the benefits of a lighter ball sack, exercise, fresh air, contact with other humans and increased physical productivity. In the afternoon after a lunch of 600 calories or less you may want to do some cardio and masturbate once more. Just do something ffs. Having a webpage and a few sycophantic followers is no excuse for being an egotistical deadbeat.

  16. Enough critical thinking eventually leads to Christianity. It’s true, watch the movie “The Case for Christ” or read the book. Your points are all valid, but it’s nice to get back into the positive mindset again. Make sure you’re getting enough vitamin D, zinc, and other vitamins while also waking up early and doing some intermittent fasting.

  17. Memory is what we live for. There is nothing more consistent than memory.

  18. “The persistent need to be PERCEIVED AS BEING superior…”. FIFY.
    I’ve been saying it for many, many years, the root of all evil is insecurity. Hitler, Stalin, Barack Obama, Hillary, your asshole boss – anyone who is driven to appear superior to everyone else – is deeply insecure. They spend every waking moment terrified that someone will find out that they aren’t as smart and talented as they pretend to be.
    Almost all Leftists are insecure. Most of them were the kids that nobody liked in school – the misfits, the dorks, the dweebs who spent their Saturday nights alone in their bedrooms. They were the ones who were bullied. Hence their obsession with bullying. Now that they’re out of school, they’re terrified that someone will find out that they are a loser and be sent back into “exile”.
    A byproduct of that bullying/insecurity is an unending rage at the “unfairness” of it all (sound familiar?). Everything should be “fair” in their eyes, because they perceive their childhoods as being unfair because they didn’t have a social life (“Social” Justice, anyone?). Nobody wanted to hang out with them because they were either unable to master basic social skills or they were just nasty human beings.
    Rosie O’Donnell, Michael Moore, Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi…just regress these people in your mind back to their school days and you’ll see what I mean: These are the kids who were either picked on, hated or ignored. It explains almost ALL of the Leftists out there.

  19. The ego is the reason why so many westerners are depressed. I don’t see much ego in the East!
    I got rid of mine years ago after reading ‘A new Earth’ by Eckhart Tolled.

  20. My sister just had her 5th book published. It amazed me when I read it and she told me how she did it. I am smart, but not sure I could ever create a nonfiction narrative that was interesting, accurate and made sense. To those who blog and write longer articles, to poets and authors, thank you, from your humble reader.

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