Understanding The Remembered Rape Syndrome

Yet another remembered-rape story appeared in the Washington Post on Dec 18th. Headlined “It Should Never Be Too Late to Tell Your Story of Rape,” it was written by Abigail Hauslohner, one of the paper’s own reporters.

Hauslohner claimed that almost a decade and a half ago, as a teen, she was raped by a young man she’d considered a close friend:

I went to visit my friend — I’ll call him “X” — at his college campus. I saw X as a goofy but caring, older-brother type; we’d overlapped in high school and had a platonic and confiding sort of friendship. I never found him attractive.

When X went to college, he joined a fraternity and promised to take me to a real college party. My parents, who were fairly strict and usually would not have let me spend a weekend visiting a boy on a college campus, let me go because X was a friend. I packed my coolest top — a bright pink, sleeveless turtleneck sweater — a pair of Guess jeans and a new necklace that I loved.

The party was hosted by X’s fraternity. I remember walking into a relatively empty house and settling in nervously on a couch. Most of the people in the room were guys, and I was eager to seem cool. X asked if I wanted a drink; I said sure. He brought me a big plastic cup full of red punch.

The rest of that night I remember in flashes of images and sound. I can’t remember anything between sitting on the couch and drinking from that cup, and then being propped up in the back seat of a car that wasn’t X’s, with someone else driving someplace. I think I lost consciousness somewhere between the couch and the car.

Then I was lying on X’s bed in his dorm room, and he was on top of me, kissing me and fondling my breasts.

I felt like a block of lead, melded to the bed. My vision was blurred, and the room was dim. I seemed to have no control of my body, as X struggled to remove my jeans and then my shirt, my head lolling to one side and then my body falling back onto the mattress.
I remember suddenly feeling pain between my legs and saying “No,” as loudly as I could, my voice hoarse, my lungs heavy. “No, no, no,” I said again and again. But I couldn’t move. I couldn’t even sit up. Eventually the pain disappeared.

I don’t know what time it was when I woke up the next morning. My head felt like it was in the clutches of a vise, and a wave of nausea swept over me . . .

n the 48 hours after I was raped, I moved about my house — and even went to a friend’s home to socialize — in a dazed state of denial. The R-word was there, dangling in my mind, like a nightmare that lingers after waking. But I couldn’t bring myself to say it out loud . . .

As a staff reporter for the Post, Hauslohner would appear to have a credibility that most other women in this genre have lacked. I’m sure she drew a lot of sympathy from readers. But as I see it, she fits into the hysterical pattern even better than Bill Cosby’s accusers.

Just to start with, there is the less-than-convincing account of how she got from sitting on a couch at a frat party to lying powerless in her friend’s bed. Hauslohner apparently wants us to think that she was drugged, but fails to state that directly, and the rest of her account isn’t really consistent with a “date rape drugging” involving Rohypnol or ketamine. Studies suggest that such drugs are almost never used in alleged date rape cases anyway, alcohol being the usual judgment-impairing culprit.

And if Hauslohner went to a party and merely drank more than she could handle—as she half-acknowledges by writing that she wanted to seem cool to the college men—her account looks very “edited.” She “remembers” saying no to sex and being penetrated anyway, but somehow can recall little else in the hours leading up to that point, except that she was incapacitated to the point of being helpless—and presumably (though implausibly) had to be carried and “propped up” everywhere.

I wonder what X and his frat brothers would say about Hauslohner’s behavior that night. Certainly her account is what you’d expect—light on the details, and totally lacking in corroborative evidence (even friends she saw the next day would have noted nothing amiss, she admits)—of a woman who merely got drunk, impaired her judgment, and later regretted the things she did while so impaired.

The conservative pundit (and Stanford Law grad) Heather MacDonald wrote a great piece on “The Campus Rape Myth” several years ago, which ought to be required reading now that the subject is back on the front burner. Among other things she noted:

Campus rape ideology holds that inebriation strips women of responsibility for their actions but preserves male responsibility not only for their own actions but for their partners’ as well. Thus do men again become the guardians of female well-being.

The traumatic memory

What struck me even more about Hauslohner’s story was something she wrote at the start of her article:

. . . it wasn’t until I completed an intensive course of therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder in October that I was able to finally confront pain I’ve been carrying with me for 14 years. I had gone to see a PTSD therapist to seek relief from what I’ve witnessed and experienced as a Middle East and war correspondent, to deal with the fear that had taken over my dreams and had begun to affect my work. I wanted to be able to react calmly to loud noises — instead of sensing an explosion every time a door slammed or a car backfired.

I don’t know the details of Hauslohner’s “intensive course of therapy.” But the fact that she has been seeing a therapist and has been diagnosed with PTSD is at least consistent with the hypothesis that her memories are mutable.

Many of the hysterical syndromes that have arisen throughout history, especially recent history (e.g. multiple personality disorder), have had to do ostensibly with “traumatic memories”—typically of rape or some other form of sexual abuse by men. As Sigmund Freud and his colleague Josef Breuer wrote in 1891, “the hysteric suffers mainly from reminiscences.”

Few therapists want to use the term “hysteria” these days, because of its negative connotations. But whether they call it PTSD or something else, they still tend to believe that the patient’s otherwise-inexplicable symptoms—anxieties, neuroses, personality shifts, vague aches and pains—are manifestations of a traumatic event in the past that has never been sufficiently acknowledged.

Thus, in the therapy setting, the patient is likely to be encouraged to transform any painful memory or even a hint of one into a “memory” of a full-blown trauma that can “explain” her symptoms and hopefully resolve them by being brought out into the open.

Until recently, therapists had what they thought was an amazingly easy tool for finding such traumatic memories: they used hypnosis to guide the patient back through her past and thereby “recover” the memories she had suppressed. By the mid 1990s it was clear that this technique was simply generating false memories, and it was largely abandoned.

However, it remains easy, in practice, for a therapist even inadvertently to coach a patient into turning the hazy memory of drunken, later-regretted sex—a “trauma” complicated by the patient’s own complicity and guilt—into a more detailed but essentially false memory of outright rape, in which the patient was powerless and thus not at fault.

The purpose of “rape memories”

What I think most people fail to understand about these new rape “memories” is that they are meant principally to have a therapeutic effect for the women involved. That therapeutic effect may also be enhanced for those women who publicize their stories via the media, join support groups, etc.—because the resulting positive, sympathetic feedback helps to validate and solidify the new memories.

But one thing the history of hysteria tells us loudly and clearly is that we shouldn’t take these new therapeutic “memories” as necessarily true historical accounts, nor should we be quick to take them out of the therapy context and put them into a media or a legal context.

In the multiple personality disorder hysteria of the 1980s and 1990s, the use of false sex-abuse memories to bring widely publicized criminal charges (against innocent people) typically was initiated by naïve therapists, not by the patients themselves—probably because the patients knew at some level that their therapy-induced memories were false.

PTSD appears to have become part of this “traumatic memories” tradition. It definitely appears to be a modern, culture-bound invention—not an ancient disorder that the medical profession has recently rediscovered. And although PTSD first became well known in modern times as a shell-shock condition suffered by male soldiers, and even now many PTSD claimants are male war veterans, the disorder (as you would expect of a hysterical syndrome) has come to be dominated by women, mostly women in ordinary civilian life.

Women’s claimed reasons for getting a PTSD diagnosis include rape and childhood sexual abuse—as was the case for the multiple personality disorder epidemic—but also relatively common and mild events such as giving birth. And since there is no objective clinical test that can rule PTSD in or out, and patients in search of a PTSD diagnosis can easily shop around until they find an obliging therapist, there has been nothing to stop PTSD from becoming epidemic.

As Hauslohner’s account shows, that epidemic has infected even journalists in the mainstream media—which I guess is another reason, if one were needed, to take remembered-rape claims in the MSM with a big pinch of salt.

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  1. A rape story being told in a newspaper and not in a court under oath with accompanying evidence being presented.
    *garbage can*

    1. and it gets worse when the story is actually being told by one of these “journalists”. Yes, news is now entertainment (no news required).
      The very reason why I stopped watching or reading that shit.

    2. With these rape stories, it’s what’s left out that says more than what’s left in.
      Three rather significant left-outs:
      (1) The guy’s name. Because when you name real people they can sue you for defamation.
      (2) Any direct assertion of being drugged. Because she would’ve been challenged by pharmacologists asking exactly what drug has that effect on the human body. You are left to *assume* by implication that she was drugged because the assertion of a single drink is immediately followed by an allegation of remembering only specific images and sounds, but she never actually says she was.
      (3) Specific detail on all subjects. Good fiction writers know that if you want to make your story more convincing, you give a couple of specific, colourful details on some items and then can get away with vagueness on others since the reader’s imagination fills up the rest. Thus the close detail of “Guess jeans”, the “big plastic cup” with “red punch”. But the rest of the account is pretty light on details, which is not terribly consistent with how actual memory works or with non-fiction generally.

      1. Female romance novel writers of the pulp paperbacks follow a pattern or template for their themes. From book to book the artist rendering of the white knight prince on the cover changes and the town in the story changes but the core theme follows the same cliff note guidelines. The descriptives are the same with ‘volcanoes erupting’ being mentioned in every book. So they really aren’t voluminous writers of substance but of a worn out and overtold and repeated story.
        The repeating ‘rape’ tale fills courthouse basement shelves like the pulp paperback romance books fill the box of throw away ‘free’ books at the entrance to a public library. There’s so much of the shit they won’t waste shelf space on it. The ‘rape’ tale now fills at least a chapter in current women’s study college textbooks and many women students have now been versed in the story structure of ‘rape tale’ telling that even a local community college flunkie could regurgitate a personalized and polished ‘rape tale’ ready for the publisher (or sjw/local schmuck prosecutor/media spotlight).

      2. Yep, and look for the details to be even less in the future after the UVA story was outed as BS.

    3. Yup. This is similar to when SJWs claim Bush/Cheney “tortured” people. They aren’t in a court of law, with a neutral jury, with evidence subject to cross examination. The trashing of the Bybee Memos also wouldn’t apply, since they offer a legal argument as to why what occurred wasn’t torture. Whatever their strength, SJWs hand-waving them away certainly won’t work in a functioning court of law.
      SJWs really think that every judge and jury they will have against them will be people who’ve already decided the guilt. They desire the Moscow Show Trials all over again.

    1. These rape stories are designed to keep Hillary in check and advanced by supporters of Elizabeth Warren.

        1. Feminists will take whatever means they can, lying being one of their go-to strategies.
          And why not? The media protects them. Even when it’s as blatant as Dunham or the UVA lie, they are taken every bit as seriously the next time. Rolling Stone could publish another gang-rape story tomorrow and feminists everywhere would wet themselves in full support of it as truth down from heaven above.
          They can just throw twenty rape stories out into the media and see which ones stick.
          Normally when caught lying a person loses credibility. Not feminists; because patriarchy!!

        2. So sorry, YellowJacket. I had assumed you were on the other side. I would have treated you with much more warmth had I knows you were one of the good guys.

        3. No apologies needed! I agree completely on your Hillary and Warren comments, I was just expanding to say they are after us (men) as well.
          Six years ago, anyone who didn’t like Dear Leader was a racist. Two years from now, as you’ve implied, anyone who doesn’t vote for Squaw Warren will be not just an anti-Native-American racist but sexist.
          It she goes lesbian she’ll be a leftist goddess — triple intersectional minority.

    1. Women like this (and they are a majority) take pride in these ‘woe is me’ rape tales, as if being the helpless victim is supposed to be a badge of honor…yet they also want men to ‘respect them as equals’. Sorry honey, but no equal of mine would dress in a pink sleeveless sweater and spend the night trying to impress a bunch of frat-boys. Nor would an equal of mine ‘get raped’ then wait until it was convenient for their dying career to confess it…to the general public.
      This just in: 80% of women are hysterical idiots

  2. “flashes of images and sound…I can’t remember anything…with someone else driving someplace… suddenly feeling pain between my legs…I seemed to have no control of my body”
    Another alien abduction covered up by FBI brainwashers posing as therapists.

  3. whats with all these ptsds being loosely diagnosed. like ive met guys whom grew up in somalia iraq afghanistan during the war and other poor nations and they behave normally.cant say they have ptsd.

    1. One of my friends from school was a rifleman who did 3 tours of Iraq an he’s a completely normal dude. I’m not denying PTSD exists but like clinical depression it’s vastly over diagnosed or has people claiming they have it to further their victim status.

    2. For the most part, PTSD is a condition that affects limp-wristed suburbanites who have been coddled their entire lives, after something mildly difficult blocks their road to happiness

  4. nah dude it was me- i raped her as part of a feminist initiative that funds campus rapes in order to keep the statistics up. i got 2 free tickets to lena dunham’s annual bush shaving and my very own midget blowjob slave in return.

  5. I think a better diagnosis would be Munchausen Syndrome, a disorder where someone fakes or exaggerates an illness in order to get attention and sympathy. Curiously enough, it affects mostly women.
    While the disorder originally applied to feigning medical illness, it’s not a huge leap to assume people with Munchausen Syndrome will also feign victimhood.
    If you think about it, Munchausen Syndrome describes Leftism in general on a wide variety of issues from Ferguson to Global Warming.

  6. I read the WaPo story.
    1) If this was 17 y/o high school girl, why did her parents give her permission to spend that night or weekend at a college frat house? What kind of parents do that? I’ve heard of high school seniors who have applied and been admitted to college who spend a few days on campus, in order to get a better feel for the college if they are trying to decide to enroll there. But they are required to bunk in a campus dorm room and are shadowed by designated and screened campus tour guide of the same gender that’s been appointed by the admissions office.
    2) if she was under 18 just the fact that she had sex under the influence of alcohol would have been enough to make a compelling police report, even if no date rape drug had been detected. why not file a report? just the providing of the alcohol to minor would have got the frat suspended.

  7. Are you a psychologist? Psychiatrist? No? Stick to writing.
    You know nothing of PTSD or mental illness.

    1. Presumably neither do you, so shut the fuck up. Memory does not get more accurate with time, it degrades. Let’s leave aside the selfishness of the woman that if indeed she *was* raped, she has let a rapist run around the community unapprehended for a good 15 years or so.

      1. Am I claiming to be? This is such garbage. Lame writers masquerading as psychologists on the internet.

        1. Of whom you are Exhibit A, so again, shut the fuck up.
          I like that you have no response to the journalist’s selfishness.

  8. This shit is fucking pathetic. Is this some shit we all have to look forward to dealing with? Some decade or so later a jilted ex comes out of the woodwork crying wolf?

  9. I said it before and I’ll say it again. I just assume all these stories are fake. If it is “he said’ “she said” I believe him. If it is “she said” “he doesn’t get a chance to reply” I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Regret is not rape.

  10. craving attention/ extracting money = the remembered rape syndrome. A blue chip investment for the aging female.

  11. I have PSTD, I was run over by a truck when I was 20.
    The actual event and years of recovery were stressful and very painful. But that is not post traumatic , it’s current traumatic.
    My point is , PSTD is something you get diagnosed years after the event and trauma are gone , because it’s not until then do you realize that you have not gotten over the stressful events.
    You never get diagnosed with PSTD until it’s evident that the emotional healing has failed to occur . and the events are long over.
    The notion she had a stressful event , then went right into a PSTD diagnosis is non-sense.
    All her stories are lies.

    1. Just out of curiosity, do you think that the fact that America considering PTSD to be an actual thing and the total decline of society, victory of third wave feminism and the fact that we haven’t come out on top on any military actions is a coincidence?
      Wall Street Journal had an article yesterday about Professional Cuddling services.
      This whole country, with small and scattered exceptions, is one huge vagina.

      1. Yep. Feminizing a nation is the surest way to destroy it. Another decade or two, we’ll be invaded by a masculine nation, and these feminists will find out what ‘rape culture’ really is.
        And, horrible though it is to say, they’ll deserve every inch of it

        1. Yep, and those responsible for feminizing America will be totally confused about what is going on when the invaders cut their throats with glee. “Why are you doing this, I’m on your side…”
          Same playbook as the idiots who think the Hitlers of the world could be stopped by having a heart-to-heart and a good cry.

        2. It’s ironic that by creating a safe, secure nation where the weak can thrive, we have made it possible for the weak to rise to power and destroy it all

  12. Her story sounds like attention whoring to me. Rape is a horrible crime for actual victims but rape hape hysteria has got so ridiculous I automatically believe any college rape is false, I used to think women didn’t didn’t lie about rape. Being raped has now become a badge of honour amongst college feminists as part of their who can play the bigger victim mindset so most of them make it up.

  13. “It Should Never Be Too Late To Tell Your Story Of Rape”.
    It isn’t. That’s why they have this thing called the fiction aisle of the bookstore, as opposed to the non-fiction section. There’s a reason we chide little kids when they make up “stories”.

  14. It’s just like the Cosby incident. Somehow, none of the women were courageous enough to say anything until one of them broke the ice, then its a parade of women lining up to claim victim incentives.
    What does this tell you about the nature of rape accusation? Women have used raped, and other alleged slights to their bodies (abortion, breast feeding etc) as an instrument of moral leverage to get what they want. Whatever real issue that may lie underneath is obscured by their crying wolf.

    1. More than thirty women have accused him of rape, and there’s a supposed sex tape of him raping an 18 yr old floating around (my guess in limbo)… and yet none of them have substantial evidence to backup their claims of an event that may or may not have happened.

      1. I noticed the same thing. I have yet to even see a picture of Cosby with one of these women. And no one is asking for one. Of course, the “journalists” are all like the ones profiled above – believers.

      2. From what I can tell Cosby is being targeted coz he’s a black conservative who told the black community to stop being professional victims an has red pill views on life an politics.

    1. This ‘club’ probably doesn’t have much in the way of catering to homo sexuals. The world wide web is a huge place, I hope you find what you are looking for. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Peace, love and harmony.

    2. We’re quite aware that you enjoy dehumanizing men, toots. But this club ain’t for you.

      1. But I match all the requirements! I have an unwarranted sense of arrogance and I’m threatened by change. (I’m also a man, the best kind of human).

        1. And there’s the second line of defence: hide one’s own homophobia by accusing others of being gay.

        2. You caught me. I’m a homophobe. I shouldn’t have brought my anti-gay views to such a haven of open-minded, warm and accepting people such as MRA’s.

        3. You’re right….men are arrogant and full of themselves, while women are so humble and inclined to treating all men with respect. Women are not full of themselves at all, nor do they spend most of their time obsessing over their life and body; such women obviously deserve to be leaders of the free world, and of society in general. Nothing like slut presidents and hateful feminist ideologues to make a country prosper….like America has, these last fifty years. Great job, wimminz!
          The only change we dislike around here is the destructive kind, fueled by misinformation and marxist agendas.

        4. We are not MRA’s here, dipshit. We are simply men, discussing topics that concern us directly…yet you think you have the moral obligation to come and troll us for our free expression of thought. I don’t go to feminist websites and troll them…but then again, feminist websites are so blatantly full of shit it would be a useless endeavor.
          I have no doubt you are either a hysterical female or a pale, skinny nerd desperate for some pussy. Either way, you are out of your element here. If you must stick around because your THAT much of a loser, at least keep in mind this is not an MRA site, but a place for discussion and self-improvement

  15. Hey, I have mommy issues too! And my first girlfriend broke my heart by fucking my best friend so I’ve decided to dehumanize their entire gender too! I want to join your club

    1. I’m not sure what’s more troubling about this troll, your generalisation or the fact a woman being unfaithful to her partner is so common you’re prepared to stereotype it and defend it in one convenient package.

  16. If she didn’t say anything about it for fourteen years, it didn’t happen, and I don’t give a shit about her even if it did. Even if I believed her retarded story, she has allowed a violent felon to walk free, raping who knows how many other women. She deserves nothing but scorn.

    1. True dat. Who needs compassion and kindness when you can have idiocy and ill-informed hatred?

      1. Yes, she desreves compassion for something that didn’t happen. Please go fuck yourself.

      2. “Idiocy and ill-informed hatred” largely describes second and third wave feminism in a nutshell. “Compassion and kindness” is how men across the world responded to it. Now we have divorce rates so high marriage is actually a countercultural thing to do, and divorce payments slanted heavily in favour of the independent, don’t-need-no-man woman.
        So you’ll forgive us if we stop bending over and taking it up the arse from women.

        1. Too right mate, women have it so easy, when are white males finally going to catch a break? We’ve had it so tough ever since slavery was abolished.

        2. Women do have it easy. Try the documentary “Self Made Man”, and you’ll see a woman who did try out a man’s role for a while and came away concluding she was the recipient of immense privilege compared with men.
          As to the race trolling issue: you are free to feel undeserved guilt for your ancestors’ attempts to provide you with a good world to live in. But it’s undeserved guilt and you need to stop crying “Woe unto thee O West Africa” for a past that is deader than your intellect.

        3. MA don’t feed the troll. I’ve been reading your posts for a while. You are better than that.

        4. What these race-baiting trolls don’t realize–or care about–is that every creed and color of human on the planet was at one time a slave. There were more slaves in ancient Rome than there were Roman citizens, yet you don’t hear modern frenchmen bitching about their oppressed ancestors or demanding Italy pay them fuckin reparations.
          This may be un-PC, but any modern black american complaining about ‘race’ is welcome to go and join the descendents of his forebears in west africa. I’m sure they’ve got it great over there

        5. Actually, the Jews used to be slaves too. In Egypt, according to the biblical narratives. They don’t go everywhere crying “Woe is me”.

        6. When western companies get out of Africa, I’ll be the first one to pack my things and go. For the time being, I’ll keep defending my race.

        7. I hear ya about the western companies, but there’s nothing black americans need to defend themselves from in the USA

        8. The vast majority of them are in jail, homeless or – at best – work shitty jobs. Except for the happy few, America is no country for Black men.

        9. I feel like a lot of that has to do with culture though; yes, we have a (half) black president, but most of the portrayals we see of black men in popular culture is through music videos and gangsta shows/movies (and sports, but since black men dominate all the best sports, I don’t see any inherent racism). These are not exactly lifestyles that lead to healthy admiration by young people; very few kids in the projects will go on to become rappers/sports stars/actors. Bill Cosby tried to talk about the irresponsible way famous black men represented black culture, and was ostracized for it.
          The best way to defend young black men from a life of shitty work or prison is by setting a good example, and somehow showing that a healthy lifestyle is cool

        10. I think we are just not meant to live with you. We need to find a reasonable way to get back to Africa and cut ties with the White man.

        11. Sadly, you may be right. It would be great if all people could just get along, but I don’t see racial harmony being realized anywhere in the near future…especially when most of those pushing for it are progressive morons

        12. People can have good relations when everybody live in his environment. White men are welcome to visit Africa but not to install their business because that’s de facto colonization.

        13. It could work, but only if the people of each segregated nation or continent were able to throw down potential conquerors before they raised an army and invaded their neighbors. Such a future was made impossible when the portuguese first started bringing africans to the new world as slaves, though; we are a mixed population now, and it doesn’t seem likely that will change.

        14. MA, I’ve searched for that documentary and can’t find it. There are a few with that name on IMDB but I’m not sure any of them are the right one.
          Do you have a link or the name of the person who made the documentary or anything? Sounds really interesting and I’d love to check it out.

        15. I don’t think it will change in our lifetime but there is still hope for the generations to come.

      1. I don’t think you understand me good fellow. I’m in support of the degradation and dehumanization of the female gender. I thought that was obvious.

  17. Unfortunately, as the number of false accusations appears to have become exponentially more numerous the willingness for individuals to believe future accusations also appears to be diminishing. Given that this appears to be another “repressed memory” it is unlikely that this particular woman described in the article was raped (hopefully not). In this case, her claim appears very suspicious.
    In terms of convicting an individual for the crime of rape evidence should always be required and not mere accusations. Ignoring that will, and has, opened the door to significant abuse of such a privilege.

  18. We have all heard of the story of the boy who cried wolf. A valuable lesson for bull shitters. That’s it.

  19. Someone’s memory of an event is the worst and least reliable evidence you can have in a court case, which is ironic considering the law has long held that eyewitness testimony is the most reliable (especially since forensics was non-existent for most of history) .
    Another irony is that people tend to become more sure of what they saw the further down the road they remember it. This is because a narrative becomes calcified in their mind, and their contrived memories fit that narrative. So rape accusers years later tend to have memories where they are sweet innocent flowers who either “wake up being raped” or else have wild S&M fantasy rapes a la UVA.
    When a judge allows a full cross of an eyewitness, you can see their testimony completely fall apart. A good cross can make a witness seem delirious or confused or far too sure of themselves.
    An excellent demonstration of all this is the film “My Cousin Vinny.” Vinny is defending two dudes (one a cousin) accused of murdering a guy as part of a robbery. The prosecution has a couple eyewitnesses who are sure it was the defendants, and these witnesses aren’t lying or nutcases, they really observed the incident in part and do honestly believe the boys are guilty.
    One guy claims he saw the whole thing happen while he completely cooked his morning grits. Vinny demonstrates to him and the whole court that it was impossible for him to see it like he remembers, because grits take 30-40 minutes to cook, but the robbery happened in 3-4 minutes. The dude on the stand actually realizes his memory isn’t reliable and actually admits his possible mistake (an admission which rarely happens).
    My Cousin Vinny is, secretly, one of the best movies about the law, because it’s depiction of everyone is rather honest and fair (no one is a big evil, not even the judge) and the cross-examination and case in general are good demonstrations of how to defend a criminal case.

  20. Does this story meet the standard of evidence to put X and his buddies in prison? No, though it might have if she’d gone to the police right away. But it does meet the standard of evidence for not letting your daughter go to parties with unrelated young men.
    It’s not like she has to go to college. Nothing she learns or does there will make her a better wife or mother; a man would do better to marry an 18-year-old virgin with good SAT scores and no debt. A century ago most people joined the workforce after eighth grade, and they were better educated than today’s high school graduates.

    1. The system seems to be setting up tribunals to persecute male frat boys here. Many frats are traditionally business majors. With them out of the way, stigmatized, incarcerated or stripped of a clean record, the door is opened for the bitch wave to swamp the market applying for the positions which promise advancement. BOSS LADIES taking over boardrooms is their goal. Women with CLITERECTOMIES sure wouldn’t be vieing for such ill gotten gains, and ‘chopped’ men looking for reciprocal approval should resist giving ‘thumbs up’ or saying ”go girl go” to them. That shouldn’t be too hard to NOT do.
      Stop giving ‘thumbs up’ to female grads and scholars whenever you encounter them. Instead give the ‘thumbs up’ to the barefoot pregnant tit feeding traditional mom. Save the ”go girl go” FOR HER. Tell her ”THAT’S WOMANLY”. Give her five bucks and tell her to go home and tell her master to KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. Keep pounding out FINE FRESH PROGENY for our GREAT GREEN REPUBLIC. It is our duty to complement the good loyal mamas and their men especially. Spread the love. When what you spread is golden, it becomes infinately fine and coats the earth. 🙂

    2. Au contraire, I applaud all the women not related to me getting MBAs and taking over the business world. Let them work 80-hour weeks while I, my wife, and our six children enjoy free housing, food, and health care at their expense. If they have any money after paying all the taxes they voted for, they can buy something nice for their cats.

      1. SIX! You got her down greased and gliding. Good job man. I don’t have to preach to the choir here but you’re half way there with her. Twelve and she’s untouchable by the feminist bitch system. When she gets to twelve THEN she’s carved her place and her lot.
        Ever seen the mom on 19 kids and counting show? Anyone think she could be brainwashed into divorce raping her hubby or cuckolding a few more by the garbage man or neighbor kid that delivers the paper? NEVER. She’d likely pull a shotgun on any anti family SJW’s that come around.
        Human females will still go all out and risk death to defend their young, especially the mom with the pussy that’s been beat to valhalla and back. She’s got nothing to lose and albeit glory to gain.

        1. Honestly we just had our fourth, and the wife’s approaching 40. We’re not total moochers, but the kids have been on Medicaid since conception. The point being, if feminist women aspire to a life of work, and student debt locks them into that choice, the rest of us can aspire to a life of leisure.

        2. Those women give it all up. They give their souls away to wear the pants. It is beyond wage slavery for them and the number of alpha males incarcerated results in many matches never made and many western families that never were.
          I worked once under a female boss but NEVER AGAIN. She would from time to time require an innocent worker to sacrifice or rip to shreads figuratively, much like mezo american or Egyptian priestesses would call for a lottery or roster of folks to gore in the temple.
          Keeping a woman barefoot and pregnant is the closest panacea in the west for keeping the hellfire that dwells in our other half at bay. Feet binding prevents running but doesn’t significantly aid in baby making and care. Keeping her ass stuffed like a turkey works good enough in Texas though.

        3. The fact you consider marriage slavery to a fat man demonstrates both your immaturity and your unsuitability for marriage in general. Or do you think your boss is going to give you more cuddles than a husband would?

        4. It seems men are more emotionally driven than women. Or at least you are. Why do I need cuddles? Lol. Cuddles won’t pay the bills.

        5. Again evidence of your immaturity and unsuitability. You provide all the argument necessary for this site to exist.

        6. It’s that stereotype of yours, that women should be feminine/gentle/loving, that is going to lead to a bad time.
          And I apologize that I find my hospital position much more rewarding than picking up some mans socks.
          Women don’t need men 😉 So now you actually have to have some personalities to attract us! But most women in my profession aren’t interested.

        7. “It’s that stereotype of yours, that women should be feminine/gentle/loving, that is going to lead to a bad time.”
          Your proposed alternative is guaranteed to fail as a going concern, so I doubt it.
          Find your “hospital position” — picking up patients’ shit — more rewarding all you like. When your uterus starts tingling around 35-40 from lack of use, you’ll remember this site and your “don’t need no man” attitude. And not fondly, I can assure you.

        8. Perhaps if I was forced to go to school. But I wasn’t. It was my own decision. As such I will take ownership of my decision. Self-actualization is a beautiful thing. The boys who live in their parents basement should try it.

        9. Supposedly “empowered, self-actualized” women never take ownership of their decisions. Not really. Ultimately they still come crawling back whining to society about their own poor decisions and expect men to fix it for them.

        10. Haha the men I know wouldn’t even know how to find their way out of a cardboard box. Men on here too. All whine and no substance.
          Don’t get all moody because women don’t want to be with you. It’s your fault after all. Well your ancestors. And we always pay for our ancestors mistakes 😉

        11. Accusation of no substance from a woman who thinks a job cleaning shit up off patients’ arses is anything her ancestors would have been proud to see her doing.

        12. aren’t you so cool and modern. Of course, pretending you’re empowered will not warm you on cold, lonely nights, nor clear the cobwebs from you barren womb when you realize your entire life has been an empty charade

        13. lol. The men YOU know may not be able to find their way out of a cardboard box, but every woman since the dawn of time has been nothing more than a baby machine, and will continue to be so…biology dictates it, and no amount of ‘playing grown-up’ will change that. How’s it feel to be boring, useless, and extremely COMMON?

  21. For some reason the detail in the article that she “asked X to pull over so she could vomit on the way home” sounds awfully familiar from somewhere, though I can’t place where. My memory being fallible, I could be wrong, but I seem to remember that detail has been used in at least one or two other rape accusations of this kind – anyone else twig to that?

  22. The prevalence of a “disease” ie PTSD is directly correlated to the amount of disability money you can get for it. Thank you lawyers….

  23. She probably had remembered a false memory and using that to further her victim status. She just wants attention.

    1. Her ‘journalistic career’ is probably losing steam, and she needed to up her game in order to continue playing big-girl

  24. I’m coming to the realisation that these “rape memories” are a very similar set of emotions running through the hamster wheel as “buyers remorse”. Feelings of guilt, low self esteem, victimhood, all the usual shit when one comes away from the car showroom after the salesman has sold you a lemon. Bunch of Kuntz…..

    1. I recently took my wife to court over child custody and child support. I won, but in the process, she and her feminazi female attorney claimed that I should pay her VW Touareg payment because the purchase was made prior to her losing custody and child support. There’s buyers remorse for ya !

      1. Been there, last LTR paid for her car which, after we broke up, she sold and went off around the worlds on the proceeds…. needless to say I paid off any outstanding debts I owed to her…. hope you didn’t have to pay…..

        1. no, I fought it with a decent attorney. My son, 12 years old, wants nothing do with her, that’s the power I yield over her. In Texas, at age 12, the child can decide which parent he or she wants to live with.

        2. Without knowing you or the parameters of your case I still feel confident in saying that your sons decision played a massive role in the legal decision. Your words and explanations probably meant absolutely jack shit and if your son wasn’t such a brave and honest young man you would have likely lost everything. Good for that young man… truly… he will never realize it at this moment but he likely saved his own life and future due to his courage.
          Crazy to think about it coming from that angle, isn’t it?

        3. yes….but when I see him becoming a confident teenager in sports and in school, I am glad he made the right choice. You are spot on BTW.

        4. Well I am not yet a Father so I am certainly ignorant to that bond in terms of having a son but I could only imagine how proud you are in that regard. My Mother once told me that my Father couldn’t have been more proud in watching, just as you said, me grow in sports and as a man. Thankfully for them they never dealt with what you endured with the ex so I’m sure your pride transcends most in that your son stepped up to the plate, as such a young man, and assured himself the best possible outcome. Not many young people, boys or girls, can do that. Especially in the case of two people they love.
          We men don’t often (and rightfully so in my eyes) become verbally complimentary en masse and it is more so an unwritten or unspoken pride and, type of nod, between Father to son which let’s the son know that the Father sees his legacy in good order with the knowledge his son will continue the line forward that our Father’s taught us. Point being, his decision and courage spoke volumes, even if not spoken between you two personally, on the path you yourself set before him to take up the mantle for.

  25. I think she is “putting herself out there” so some Captain-Save-A-Ho will feel sorry for her, give her a $10K diamond ring, and promise to make her happy. This is a feminazis dating ritual technique.

  26. She never found him attractive. That’s why when she had drunk sex with him it was rape. If she had drunk sex with a guy she did find attractive, it wouldn’t be rape. Really it should be called ‘Remembered sex with unattractive guy’ syndrome.

  27. Looks like frivorce for women that couldn’t get a sucker to marry them. Pick a guy from the past and say rape. And one more thing, Is it a college thing for white girls to obsess over fraternities? Every rape abuse story has some drunk ass bitch hanging around waiting for some guy to rape them and then all they can remember is clearly saying no and the pain of the assault.
    The fraternities must be very selective of who they allow in to party with them. In fact I would let a woman you were not already sexually involved with in the building just for this rape charge shit

  28. I doubt a drugged, drunk 17 year-old American girl would feel any ‘pain between the legs’ when a man enters her. Unless she was america’s only 17 year old virgin, and she wasn’t as drunk as she claims, that is

  29. This story is bullshit.
    A girl who is not attracted to a guy wouldnt do THIS ” I packed my coolest top — a bright pink, sleeveless turtleneck sweater.
    This is a clear sign she WAS attracted to this guy and this was her move.
    Then she got drunk (she could have refused the drink, girls do that a lot in the presence of beta males they do not want to have sex with).
    what could be seen as a sign she wanted him to take action so she could be free of responsibility for the sex. Again this is common girld strategy – the smart, intelligent ones do this for lays and also if they want a baby.
    Now to the term rage. In my world rape is something violent, when the physical strength of a stranger is used to enforce rape on a girl who fights.
    Not a female he has known for ages, who dressed hot to impress him, wanted a drink from him and came to his place. In such a scenario, sex is to be expected.

  30. The irony is that a lot of credible and un-corrupted research (e.g., done outside the realm of ideology) has been done on human memory. The research indicates that our memory is constantly under “re-construction.” Which simply means that our memories cannot be trusted. They are refreshed in our memory banks with all sorts of events, experiences, and sometimes even manipulation.
    Defense attorneys often use experts in the memory field to explain why eye-witnesses to a crime contradict each other. Why people remember things that are completely different from what video surveillance shows.
    Journalists and others would like to present themselves as the intellectuals. But the reality is that they are incredibly ignorant of how malleable they and their memories are.

    1. Court systems have known for literally centuries how fallible human memory really is. Consider the stereotypical way Hollywood has a witness identify an accused perpetrator, by asking the witness if he’s present in court. No reputable court still allows this to happen simply because long experience shows us that the circumstances compel the witness to identify the accused whether he actually did the crime or not. Eyewitness identification is similarly problematic: look up something called a “Domican warning”, or a “Turnbull warning”, which is basically a very long warning a judge is requiredto give to a jury whenever they are asked to convict an accused based off a single eyewitness identification of a stranger. In short: eyewitness ID tends to be the absolute worst form of reliable evidence.
      This can still occur even with multiple witnesses identifying the accused. Look up the case of Adolf Beck, in 1876-77, where four women identified Beck as being the man who defrauded them even though he was imprisoned at the time the crimes were said to have happened.

  31. Cunts actually believe that good, solid, masculine men who spent years being rejected in the SMP should jump at the chance to settle down with women who spent their best years getting enthusiastically rammed by drug addicts, bikers, gym rats, and assorted troglodytes. It’s madness. They are basically children who can’t think more than one day into the future.

  32. I would be willing to wager that more than half of us on this site had some form of abuse growing up ranging from sexual to mental (which is the most common). As ridiculous as that may sound on its face, I assure you that the numbers are staggering in terms of boys who were mentally/emotionally abused while being brought up. I am not talking about being punished here and there for fucking up but in a year after year bombardment by one parent or the other (or just one if parents were split).
    Point being, if these women think it is okay to pull this rabbit out of a dead hat, I would be interested to see how they would react if the utter legions of men began to tell their “stories”. The difference is that men are much more logical and very rarely (unless faggeted out by the “it’s cool to suck cock” generation) do crap to gain sympathy. We are much more focused on moving forward, running over asshats and ascending our lives. That said, one of these days the men of whom I mentioned earlier should break out the stories to counter these, very typically, bullshit laden “feel bad for me, LOVE ME!” fuck fests that these, constantly, ugly and used up gutter skanks fart out.
    And while we’re at it…. let’s see if we can convince HBO to air a show called “Boys”. I already have the show idea set…. it would be interesting to see how Lena “Sparetire” Ugadyke would react to the limelight getting away from her despicable show that only helps create the new age women who are that rare combo of nut gutter, unintelligent and incredibly hard on the eyes. Ah well…. a man can hope…. well… not really.

  33. Sex crimes are defined by State. If you want to know look it up under your rights and responsibilities as a citizen. It clearly state what sexual assault is.

  34. Rape story epidemics are women’s fallacious bluff in trying to make themselves seem desirable, we all know rapists don’t rape fuggo’s or women of a certain age. … heh, how odd, that not a single young hottie has even claimed to me to have ever been groped or whatever, not to mention raped, odd … since all real cases of rape as brought to you by Sweden show that across the board of virtually only young hotties who get raped.
    If you’re a rapist and you’re gonna do it anyway, why go for fatties or post-wall, or freakshow women, makes no sense at all, it happens to the same rate as that homeless men get robbed in front of jewelers.
    But why do women pretend because they perceive it would inflate their desirability, women thing that if they can make the men around her believe someone will risk life in jail among the least of the consequences for a piece of her, then that must mean she’s someone worth going for, women make this mistake because they project their own mating strategy onto men (pre-selection) which of course does not work the same way, if a man was to illicit out of women the urge to physically escalate with a guy against his will it will trigger her pre-selection hamster, easy to understand taking into account that for women searching for alpha’s is like how cops search a field for a murder weapon, in a comb-like manner, and when one cop yells “i got something” all come rushing to the spot, that’s why pre-selection is a thing, a man swarmed by other women is basically like that group of cops in the field who “found something”

  35. The effects of PTSD are quite real. The cause is now understood to be the inability to move a traumatic life event into your personal narrative. Some do this more easily and naturally than others, generally based on their emotional intelligence and skills. The therapy involves integrating an event into a coherent life story wether you are a soldier or a college girl. This coherent life story is now yours but it has no more objective reality based weight than any other story we tell ourselves. Ideally the narrative you end up with absolves both you and others if blame and even “teaches” you something, thereby framing your personal life story in retrospect and going forward,

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