17 Reasons Why Ukrainian Girls Are Overrated

I continue to hear that Ukrainian girls are the best of the best for beauty, femininity, family-oriented mentality, and traditional beliefs, or that the streets of Ukraine are flooded with supermodels, all of whom have the sole desire in life to start a family at 20 years old with an old, ugly, fat guy who simply treats them well and is a good man.

Of course in a country of over 40 million people, there will be girls who do have some of the qualities listed above, but for the most part Ukrainian girls are rather overrated for a variety of reasons. This can lead men to have tremendous disappointment when they experience Ukraine in person and get a harsh reality check. Why are they overrated? Let’s begin.

1. Their beauty has a short lifespan

Obviously the photo below is exaggerated, but even the most beautiful Ukrainian girls have a short shelf life with their looks. Around the age of 23 is the peak of these girls’ attractiveness. 24-26 year old girls can still be attractive, but it’s heading downhill around this point. For example, even some 30 year old girls there can look good simply by staying slim, maintaining their long hair, and wearing the right outfits, but there’s definitely a marked difference from an averagely hot 23 year old to even the hottest 30 year old.

2. They don’t have curves

Most Ukrainian girls have very slim bodies with little to no curves. It’s rare to see one with great tits and ass. Every now and then I would see girls who had really amazing asses, but I wasn’t always sure that they weren’t implants since those girls always had lip injections and boobjobs as well. Personally, even though I like the slim model type of build, it got a bit old after a while, making me miss the nicer tits and asses of girls in other nearby countries.

3. They have bad teeth and skin

The majority of the time their teeth are varying shades of gray or yellow, and sometimes you’ll notice visible decay on random spots. The best teeth I’d seen were those of a successful orthodontist, but even then her teeth weren’t truly white.

Their bad skin can be a variety of things from acne to random scars. They generally do a decent job of disguising it with makeup, to their credit, but the number of girls I’d seen in the past year wearing little to no makeup was surprising compared to the year before.

Some girls would have random scars that were largely unidentifiable as to how they happened, in case you wanted to play a game of “guess the trauma.” Stabbed? Bitten by an animal with a misshapen jaw and jacked-up teeth? Fell from a roof and plummeted through some tree branches, before finally landing on a pile of rocks? I was always wrong with my guesses. Usually they were remnants of an accident or botched surgery.

Side note: try not to need a doctor in Ukraine. Seriously.

4. Many have the “mail order bride” look

Personally I don’t care about this one, but if what others think of you and your girl matters to you, and you’re planning on taking them out of Ukraine to a Western country (more on this below), be aware that many of them have that “mail order bride” look. Some of it can be remedied with a change in wardrobe to fit her new surroundings, but they’ll probably still maintain the “cold Soviet look” in their faces that most Ukrainian girls tend to have.

5. They don’t have personality

Some Ukrainian girls can actually be funny, warm, and interesting, although it generally takes a while for them to open up and display their full personality. For the most part, there’s a lot of quietness, lack of engagement in conversations, inability to understand a lot of jokes or even light teasing, which all leads to a big learning curve when dating them.

If you have a fun and clown-game type of personality, which can be rewarded in the West, you won’t like interacting with Ukrainian girls. Some men won’t care and may prefer this, some may find it boring and unstimulating, and some may get frustrated at their non-responsiveness most of the time.

6. They are not feminine if they have a career

In Ukraine, I’ve dated a wide range of career women from doctors to lawyers to corporate women. When I was new to the country, I thought the career women there would still retain all of their femininity because “it’s Ukraine.” Nope.

They all exhibited lower femininity in their demeanor than the women who either don’t work at all, or who have more basic jobs like a cashier or working in a call center. They aren’t nearly as bad as Western women, but it makes me wonder if it will quickly get worse over time.

Females aren’t designed to be career women by nature. It should be no surprise that even in Ukraine they begin to lose touch with their feminine side by choosing that path. Even the ones who wore feminine clothing and maintained their long hair had demeanor that was noticeably less feminine when compared to the non-career women.

7. They are getting lazy with their appearance

The sheer volume of girls wearing flats in the city center of the capital, even on warm sunny days during weekends, was astonishing. I asked a few why they were wearing flats instead of heels, and they all answered the same…“it’s more comfortable.” These were single girls who supposedly wanted a man in their lives, but cared more about comfort. I’ve even seen girls in flip flops walking on Khreshchatyk Street, but thank goodness that was a rare sighting.

Other than the lack of high heels, short sexy dresses weren’t in abundance either. And a lot of times when I’d see a girl wearing a sexy feminine dress, she’d pair it with unflattering flats. I believe this trend is here to stay, but I hope it doesn’t quickly worsen.

8. They are attention-whoring more than ever

The usual suspects are in the lineup: Tinder, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Many even use Whatsapp and Viber for the sole purpose of amassing an orbiter collection instead of actually going on dates. There’s no need to go in depth on this one since the negative effects are pretty widely known on how girls change when they become more entrenched in these things.

9. They are getting more tattoos

Tattoos seemed to be on the rise from just a year ago. Younger girls especially were keen to getting them, from tiny finger tattoos to large scroll tattoos on their torsos. Most of the time the tattoos weren’t even creative. It seemed like the girls would just be mimicking garbage they’d see on Instagram “models.” They’d would say the tattoos are cool and lots of their friends are getting them. Not a good sign.

10. They are becoming more accepting of degenerate lifestyles

Don’t get me wrong: Ukraine is still rather broadly unapproving of homosexuality. It’s not like there are half-naked gays dancing in the streets in tutus while waving inflatable dicks, but considering a few of the relatively recent occurrences like calling the Friendship of Nations Arch the “Arch of Diversity” and painting it in rainbow colors, along with gay pride parades like the one earlier this year in Kiev, the trend is clear.

Sometimes while I was out on dates, I’d see gay men on dates. The guys were always touchy-feely with each other and didn’t seem concerned about how others viewed them in public. Girls I was with would express that they’re happy for them and how everyone should live in harmony. If I stated that I didn’t like it, the girls would get upset and try to school me on how I should be more open-minded and accepting of such a beautiful thing as gay men in love. A couple of times they insulted me by saying I’m homophobic and that there’s something wrong with me. So much for having traditional beliefs.

11. They never stop testing you

Ukrainian girls shit test you almost constantly to see if you’re a strong man or if you’re a sucker they can control. Out of all the women in all the countries I’ve encountered, Ukrainians have been the worst (Russians weren’t too far behind).

I usually don’t mind shit tests since it can be fun to overcome them if done properly, but sometimes these girls can be really annoying. A Ukrainian man once told me, “Ukrainian girls need a good smack now and then to keep them in check”. While I don’t condone hitting a girl, this example shows that even the local Ukrainian men who are used to being strong around their girls still believe it has to be taken to that extreme with many of them.

Another local man said, “Ukrainian girls are like springs. As long as you keep it compressed, everything is fine. If you loosen your grip too much, the spring flies out of control and causes a lot of damage.”

12. They are calculating and manipulative

Everything is a transaction in their minds. Even the sweetest girls there can flip like a switch if an opportunity arises to gain a financial advantage. It can be fairly manageable if you have tight game, don’t do cheap dates, don’t spend much on them, and don’t act like a provider or sponsor, but it does get old and annoying pretty quickly.

In my previous article I listed some specific scams to watch out for, but this calculating mindset goes beyond just isolated scammer tricks. It’s a state of mind that all of them seem to have to varying degrees, and will eventually rear it’s ugly head.

13. They see foreigners as walking wallets

Even the nicest girls who truly like you will still have you stereotyped as a rich foreigner. If you are the type to want a woman to love you for you, and not care at all about your money, Ukraine isn’t the right place. This is true for pretty much all age points.

Now I’m not saying they’re all gold diggers. There are girls in Ukraine who want love. But you are a foreigner. It’s possible for her to fall in love with you for who you are inside, but the improvement in her financial situation as an escape from “the hell that is Ukraine” will always be somewhere in her mind when she looks at you. Some men may want to use this as part of their gaming strategy to imply financial gain, but it’s much better to play it cool and act normal rather than rich.

14. They give you a low return on your investment

Frustrated? Annoyed? Likely both.

One date. Two dates. Three dates. Four dates… wait, what? Didn’t Bang Ukraine say the girls understand that the third date means sex? Yes, the girls absolutely know that the third date and beyond means sex, but that doesn’t mean it’ll necessarily happen just because she goes on those third and fourth dates.

As a matter of fact, her knowing that those dates mean sex allows her to mentally prepare even more to NOT have sex beforehand, effectively countering the “it just happened” scenario that you (should have) set up for the date.

They can be quite crafty at avoiding sex to attempt to extract more from you. Sometimes they’ll even use the “I’m not ready this time, but next time we’ll have sex” line when they know they’ve pushed you to your limit with multiple dates and extreme LMR (last-minute resistance). Once they say that and leave, there will rarely be a “next time.”

Some tactics were so common that it was almost like there’s a Don’t Bang Ukraine book that a Ukrainian girl wrote as a manual to maximize their resource extraction from foreign men and give them little to nothing in return.

This low ROI issue is very real. Some of you unfamiliar with these girls might say, “They’re traditional girls and it’s normal to wait much longer for sex,” but as I said, the problem is that there’s no guarantee that they’ll bang you if you continue to go on many dates and waste your time and money. Even getting heated during a date isn’t always a foolproof guarantee. Many Ukrainian girls seem to have superhuman control over their minds and vaginas even when they’re genuinely horny.

15. The hottest Ukrainian girls do not want you

They usually prefer either a high value Ukrainian man or a sponsor, but more likely both. These girls aren’t dumb. They know their value. It’s theoretically possible to bang a 9 or 10, but if you think you’re going to go to Ukraine and spit your awesome game and be rolling in 10s, think again.

The very first time I went to Kiev, I banged a 9 on the second date. Before that, in Lviv, I banged a 9 in less than two hours of meeting her. At the time, since my game and logistics were solid, I thought I could repeat that indefinitely. I thought Ukraine was a breeze and would always be that easy. In retrospect, both girls were a combination of game, timing, and luck.

After spending more time in Ukraine later on, I realized it’s frustratingly difficult to get with the 9s and 10s, especially those who weren’t the groupie types. Even the 9 and 10 groupies can be hard most of the time since they interact with a lot with foreigners who make things worse by showering them with gifts and attention. I’m not saying it can’t be done, but it can be quite laborious. 8s have been getting increasingly difficult as well, often requiring much more work and a higher tolerance for bullshit to get the bang.

16. You can’t take them to a Western country

Firstly, some tough love: God help you if you’re stupid enough to want to marry one of these girls and take them back to a Western country like USA. These women will destroy you. I don’t care how solid your relationship game is. You’re not a natural. If you were a natural, you wouldn’t even be on sites like this. You wouldn’t have ever tried to learn game. Ukrainian girls are born naturals. And they’ve had many, many years of practice perfecting their game beyond even a natural status.

If you take her out of Ukraine, she can and likely will crush you. It may not happen in the first month, first year, or even a couple of years, but the clock will begin ticking the day you take her to her new Western world. Ukrainian girls I’ve known who were permanently living in USA actually brag about how they’ve completely destroyed the man who brought her out of her shithole and gave her a new life.

They were not only proud that they took him for everything he had and left him an utter shell of his former self, but they seemed to tell their stories with a glimmer of joy. You can say all women are like that, but these girls can take it to a different level. And to squash the increasing trend of girls telling foreign men that they like Ukraine, don’t believe them. They’re just trying to make you think that they’re different from the other girls there. Trust me, they all want to get the hell out of Ukraine, especially to go to USA. If you find a marriage-worthy Ukrainian girl and you’re sure you can handle her, your best bet is to live in Ukraine and preferably have her parents in the same city.

17. Ukraine is not a pleasant country to live in

One of the biggest reasons Ukrainian girls are overrated is because they’re from Ukraine. Ukraine isn’t a wonderful country. There’s turmoil, suffering, corruption, and scamming that’s been a part of the country for a very long time. I won’t get into the politics of it, or into the psychological analysis as to why, but these things don’t bode well for a girl’s overall mental state over the long haul.

This article isn’t meant to simply trash the country and its girls, but rather to clarify myths and misconceptions surrounding them, to better prepare men for what they may encounter if they choose to go there. Although Ukraine isn’t a poosy paradise, and the girls do have lots of flaws, there are many beautiful women there who are lay-worthy, plenty who are girlfriend-worthy for mini relationships, and some who are wife-worthy with the caveat stated earlier. Just don’t expect to waltz into some kind of fantasyland of supermodels with them fawning all over you just because you’re the pimp that you are.

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201 thoughts on “17 Reasons Why Ukrainian Girls Are Overrated”

  1. One Ukrainian girl(mid 20tys) I have worked with in Germany seduced one of the higher ups in the company(German guy), he had a wife and children – even though I don’t know how their marriage went, it was still cringe worthy to see a 20yo with a 40yo – and she did have a Ukrainian boy friend at the time too. I left the company soon after so I can’t tell how that ended up but from your article I can imagine how it could.
    She was very nice and all but no matter how nice a woman pretends to be(or even is) she will always destroy a man’s life.

    1. Othmar – a 45year old man banging 18-20 year old women is perfectly normal.
      It is our wicked and leftish society that makes it look weird for the more naive members (the majority) of said society.
      Why is it normal? Because men need time to build wealth, fame and become experienced enough to handle the hottest girls without insecurities. Few men have this experience before they reach mid 30s.
      Hell even 60 year old successful men (think oligarchs) who have 1-2 sugar babes are perfectly normal and well in-line with mother nature.
      For both you and Roosh i want to add one last advice: NO woman has the power to destroy a mans life.
      BUT if you give her the opportunity to do so, it is a terrible sign of weakness and I am not the slightest bit surprised if she uses her chances and then mocks the poor lamer who did allow it to happen.
      There is nothing a woman respects more than strength.

        1. Perhaps.
          But strong or weak makes no matter as long as they keep f*cking for money, I’m their huckleberry…

        1. No, if a 40 year old man marries a 20 year old woman, then he will be 60+ years old by the time his daughter is 20, and is ready to marry her own 40 year old man.
          It is called Patriarchy. It is the Worldwide Traditional practice (though generally it is better for 20 year old women to marry 30 year old men than 40 year olds).
          The patriarch Jacob was 40, when he went looking for a wife (presumably around 47 when he married Leah and Rachel). Rachel and Leah probably weren’t more than 20 (if that), at the time.
          Read the Bible bro. God is God, and patriarchy is His created order.

      1. Nice oldcel cope. As if 20 something men don’t slay like nobody’s business. Chad the 6’4 jock with a square jaw isn’t waiting till 45 to have his high SMV. He is deflowering virgins in High School and betabux copers are getting his leftovers.
        Just lol @ you thinking guys in their 20s can’t outslay you. Copenhagen awaits.

    2. Go to Spain. Very varied women, very feminine, nice voluptuous bodies, good attitude.
      And the weather’s not bad.

        1. Depends where you go. Barcelona has lots of green haired tattoo chicks. Seville is crawling with elegant well dressed ladies with long beautiful hair.

        1. Exactly. Spain as a model for women is a fucking joke. I lived there for a long time and women there suck…even more than American women in some respects. The women there are very cliquish, loads of cock blockers, never alone, VERY LOUD AND AGGRESSIVE, and yes, lots and lots and lots of homos in public. I have traveled around the world and never saw so much PDA as in Spain…they make Greenwich Village look like Puritan Salem. Spain sucks for anything related to conservative values.

    3. “…it was still cringe worthy to see a 20yo with a 40yo”
      why? because you’re jealous?

      1. ROOT
        Yes, I have used prostitutes. About 300 times.
        I don’t think that it is worse than anything else you can do.

        1. No, no, you misunderstood me, fucking a prostitute is fine with me. I meant the 100$ for the 9 in Dubai. I mean, isn’t Dubai an expensive place? Would be like a 9 in the States taking 15$ for an hour.

        2. ROOT
          Dubai has expensive areas but in general most people live in rather rundown areas and $100 is big deal to slav.
          Mind you this was 15 years ago and its probably $200 now.
          I’m a German who looked like Wahlberg in his slimmer days. Not a Chad but not ugly and the typical muscular Alpine German build.
          So they might want more now.

        1. You’d be surprised what Russian or Polish nurses would do back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s in Dubai (When I was there).
          They’d suck your penis for $50. I’m sure there is human trafficking and this is sick but most of the Slavic women (From Ukraine and Poland and Bulgaria) were mostly low-paid white collar women. Nurses, X-ray technicians making very little money.
          In those days $100 a night was huge money.
          Since nobody knows one another overseas and this was before social media when nobody was going to know what you did on your holiday a great many Eastern European women were doing anything and everything in Dubai for $50 or $100.
          Many were 8’s or 9’s but the economy has changed now and who knows.
          Also I was a strapping German American alpine type. Not a Chad but some of the women were somewhat excited.
          We have this stereotype that prostitutes hate what they are doing and are pimped. It is not true. Some women get genuine sexual excitement from prostitution acts. At least enough for their vagina to lubricate.
          Biologically-speaking women would naturally be aroused by prostitution to some degree because females evolved to trade sex for meat etc at the dawn of time. This is probably why women can orgasm during rapes where as a male who is disgusted by a woman cannot get arousal. To some degree female arousal is adaptive and this is probably a result of evolving to be aroused in order to copulate for favors, food, protection etc.
          This instinct kicks in for many women who prostitute themselves.
          In Dubai in 1999 when modernization kicked in it was simultaneous to the fall of the Iron Curtain so there was push-pull factor. Your average Slav woman could make $100-$200 a night and this was huge money in those days for a Slav.

        2. They are not at all rare and more common than Rumanians/Bulgarians (who are mostly Gypsies). Most prostitutes in Germany are East-European, followed by South-East Europeans (Rumanians/Bulgarians, whether real or Gypsy) and then Asian and locals (Germans) about equal. Price depends on the looks. 100€ for a 6. Below 100€ for 3-5s. 150-200€ for a 7. An 8 would be, I guess, 3-500€ these days. That is intercourse etc. No major price difference between she visiting you and you visiting her imho. A blowjob is less: 50€ for a 6 in a brothel. 20€ for a 5 on the streets. Rumor goes sometimes it goes as low as 5€. If thats true, its a 2-3 crack whore with HIV.

        3. Bro I live in Germany and I hit the brothels every now and then. They are loaded with Romanian and Bulgarian women , many gypsies among them but you can find white women too. I NEVER came across a Russian or Ukrainian woman there though. I guess they work for high class escort agencies or smth. Also you Americans have some funny ideas about the prices and you seem to be paying way too much for your damn hookers. A standart 20 min sex with blowjob included costs 30 € in a brothel. Or you can get a full day ticket for 100 € and fuck up to 8 women if you want and have time. Some drinks and food are included and some of these clubs have saunas and pools. Also these are clean places with no aids. Whether the hooker is a 5 , 6 or 7 it doesnt matter. They are all there and all cost the same. You just have to wait more in line for a 7 or 8 sometimes as everybody wants to fuck them.

        4. Guts
          Yes, I know there are brothels with flat rates. Afaik only 5s, +-1, work there but I’m not talking from experience here. I also think it’s mostly a Gypsy-thing.
          Let’s look at some whores
          http://www.berlinintim.de is the biggest webpages for whores in Berlin, Germany. I dont wanna browse around there for long, just clicked on these:
          Works in a brothel, not visiting. She’s a little punky/trashy, but I’d rate her a 6 or a 7. A 7 on the pic where she spreads her legs. German. She costs 100€/h as you can see.
          East-European (Polnish), I rate her a low 6. 100€/h.
          East-European, I rate her a high 5 or a 6. 100€/h
          German, face not visible; 120€/h
          East-European, rate her a good 6, 100€/h
          I do remember a whore costing like 4-500€ there. But, granted, she was a known porn star and at least an 8.
          Berlin does seem to have more Germans and less East-Europeans than e.g. Munich. Reason is simple, the economic situation. Unemployment rate is like 4-5 times higher in Berlin.
          East-European (Czech), I give her an 8 (face maybe 7), no price stated.

        5. A Ukrainian Russian once told me that I couldn’t afford her. I laughed in her face!

        6. MM
          “Some women get genuine sexual excitement from prostitution acts. At least enough for their vagina to lubricate.”
          I’ve found this to be a false statement, and don’t believe that a ‘wet pussy’ is actually a sign of a woman’s level of excitement. I’ve lived with a woman who despised me and never had an orgasm, but was wet the moment I touched her. I’ve also lived with a nymphomaniac who demanded I do it 5x a day, and had an orgasm every time, but was as dry as the Sahara. It appears to me that the ‘lubrication levels’ are merely a biological side effect completely separate to any feelings of excitement a woman may have. Some people sweat a lot, it doesn’t mean they are hotter than anyone else.
          Do prostitutes enjoy sex? Some do (I would guesstimate 30% are doing it for the sex), the nympho I was living with turned to prostitution because it was the only way she could get the amount of sex she craved. As she once said to me, “I want 5 orgasms a day, if guys want to give me money as well, that’s perfect”

    1. Bullshit, a 9 in Dubai is getting 1000’s from thirst rich dudes, or she is getting a shit taken on her chest. A 9 in Dubai is there for a reason, they are not there to work for less money than they can get in western nations, that is fucking ridiculous.

      1. Exactly, Dubai is not a cheap place to live and it is filled with stinkingly filthy rich Arabs who are more than happy to poor mountains of cash on slutty western women.
        They’re not there for the budget Thailand sex adventure types.

      2. I can confirm this. Dubai is an incredibly expensive and modern place compared to the pre-industrialised wasteland that it was 15 or 20 years ago. The most common prostitutes there are Philippinos and an average one will cost you around $150 for an hour. White prostitutes are a lot more expensive and a lot more rarer. In fact I would wager that you’ll only find Ukrainian and Russian 9s in Dubai in the penthouses and yachts of Emirati men and rich expatriates, so good luck having access to them LOL.
        If you want hot prostitutes, go on holiday to Mexico and the Philippines.
        Times have changed since 2000.

        1. I would also like to add, don’t bother going to Dubai for a holiday. I find it fake and soulless, and there are tens of thousands of slaves building skyscrapers there everyday in the blistering heat with no real safety regulations.
          Exploring the European wilderness on a motorbike or island hopping in Thailand is much more rewarding, IMO.

    2. Bullshit. In this day and age of social media no 9 would sell herself for a pathetic $100, especially in Dubai. A 9 is literally divine-tier. 1% of the female population.
      A 21-year-old 6 costs $100 USD in Poland these days, for fuck’s sake. Stop talking out of your ass.
      You get tourists who visit roksa.pl, see nothing but 8s and 9s for 150zl, think it’s legit and start talking out of their ass. When in fact 95% of those ads are fake and aimed at all the chumps out there. Who instead of admitting that at the end of the day they got scammed by some whore and her pimp, will try to save face and tell all his friends how he went Rocco on some 18 yo 9. Just LOL.

      1. Hahaha…$30. That’s great!
        As I have told you many times in the past, that would get me 6 minutes with the Chinese girls and maybe 4 minutes at the upscale Korean AMP here in NYC. The Koreans are hotter than the Chinese though. So they’re worth the extra $100/hr. And the Korean Amps are much cleaner & classier too. The Chinese place does give a free glass of Jack Daniels though. They don’t even ask anymore. They know I like it straight, no ice.

        1. It just isn’t true, Filipino women can match any other women in the world. Especially playing the small and childlike game. I think you need a bit more experience of Asian women, before you state any preferences.

        2. @John Dodds
          The two girls in your pictures are nice. The upper one is a 7-8 in my books and the lower one is a straight 7, maybe 7.5 tops.
          This is exactly what Guts meant – a aryan 10 is the real top of the crop.
          The girl at 15. in the article is a 9.5 as a point of reference.
          I understand that different men have different tastes; as in your 10 may be my 7 because you have a particular like for asians, just as I have a particular like for white girls brown or blonde with big boobs. Think Heidi Klum in her prime or Cindy Crawford in her prime. Thats a 10.

      2. Id say 8s tbh.
        Ukraine is the quality
        Philipines is notching up 5 s n 6s.
        But just cuz they are more outgoing dont mean they arent sneaky n see u as a wallet lile a Ukraine girl

  2. ROK is always talking about nationalities, but its more a matter of race. The nordic (germanic) race is beautiful, I find, and some intermixings of it. However, Ukraine has a lower ratio of nordic blood than (West-)Russia let alone Sweden, Norway, Iceland. Of course, Scandinavian girls are both, emotionally cold and SJWs. Just talking about looks here.
    East-Europe has alot of East-Baltic blood, which I personally find only mediocre attractive. Their looks also fades with age faster than of other European races.
    Unattractive east-baltic females:

    View post on imgur.com

    Somewhat attractive east-baltic female:

    View post on imgur.com

    Attractive east-baltic females:

    View post on imgur.com

    Rather attractive east-baltic & nordic intermixing (aka west-baltic):

    View post on imgur.com

    Attractive east-baltic & nordic intermixing (aka west-baltic):
    East-baltic men:
    Comparison of nordic (Central and North European), east-baltic (East-European), alpine (south-German, Swiss, North-Italian), mediterranean (like Italian), dinaric (south-east European, like Crotian, Romanian) race men:

        1. “Detected”? How old are you? 12? I was writing about nothing else but races. So yes, it’s about races, genius. And what is a racialist? Is that the newest SJW slang? Noticed that I didn’t value or devalue any race, even appreciated “intermixing” and besides that wrote about personal preferences. Guess that doesn’t count as “racism” even to a SJW so you guys make up some new BS like “racialism”. Yes, there are genetic differences, genius. Thats why Blacks and Whites, Blondes and Brunettes look different and pass on their traits to their children. And yes, where an intermixing has not yet occured, these differences can be classified, whatever you call this classifications. Non-SJW anthropologist do indeed use the category of race.
          What was that about “troll”? What is the definition of a troll? Provocing speech, immature slang (“troll of the day”, “detected”, “fob off”), calling of names. Who is the troll? You are the troll.

      1. shes not attractive at all
        scientifically prove i dont have better taste than you and i dont understand everything better than you, or suicide is mandatory.

    1. Slavic women are way hotter than Nordic ones. Random pics like those prove nothing. I even find Southern European women (especially from the Balkans region ) hotter than the Nordic ones. What turns me down the most about Germanic women is that most of them seem naturally more masculine than the women elsewhere in Europe.

      1. Anything you think and believe is questionable opinion, not fact. Everything else is delusion.
        All evaluations (such as of beauty) are perceptions and opinions, not facts.
        Beauty isnt a fact, beauty is an opinion. FACT!!!

        1. Sort of. Except for the fact that across all racial and ethnic spectra, beauty can be tiered. Every man, given unlimited access, would turn away Klum in her prime for the hottest sub-Saharan today. The joke about black men wanting a hot white woman — well duh, we all do. It’s OK to admit that some people are less attractive than others. It’s no one’s fault so why fight it?

      2. Germanic genes are not Nerdic genes. Germans are not Scandos. Germans are not Nordics really. Faelids, Alpines, Atlantids, Norics (Dinaricized Nord Atlantids) are more common than Scandinavian phenos.
        People need to stop lumping Germans in with Scandinavians. IMO in terms of women, Scandinavian women are more feminine BUT German women will give you slayer sons.

        1. Ok, you dont like Germans. But in fact, the word Germanic = Nordic in anthropology. Of course there is a second meaning of the word “Nordic”, as in Nordic = Scandinavian, so Nordic = North-Germanic. The second usage only refers to the culture not to race.
          Historically: North-Germanic tribes (like Anglos), West-Germanic Tribes (like Saxons, Franks, Alemans, Bajuwars) and East-Germanic Tribes (like Goths, Vandals) had, obviously, the same gods (Odin, Thor, Feya etc.), same habits, were writing with runes, had same looks, same language (different dialects though). Genetically, mainly haplotype I and secondarily haplotype R1a on the Y-chromosome are associated with the Germanic race, or Nordic race as it is more common in the Anglosphere since end of WW2 to call it. The English (the Anglo-Saxon part at least) are Nordic-Germanic in origin, the Germans are Nordic-Germanic (the north and east at least, and of course parts everywhere else, but not the majority there) in origin, the Dutch, the Danish etc.
          Do no mix up the word German with Germanic. Germany is a nation state. Not even all German speakers are members of that nation state, as the Swiss, Austrian, Luxembourgians, Lichtensteinians are all German speakers and ethnically “German”, but not citizens of the German nation state. Germanic, on the other hand, means either, certain shared cultural elements, a certain race (in definition equal to Nordic, often even called Nordic-Germanic), or descendent of the germanic tribes at the times of Caesar. As stated, the English (those with Anglo-Saxon roots, which is about everyone) are Germanics, but they are not German. So all Americans with English, Anglo-Saxon roots, are Germanics, but obviously not German.
          Slayer sons: Do you know many Scandinavians and Germans? Germans of Nordic race more often have a smaller (= more feminine) chin than Scandinavians and are less emotionally cold/distanced, in my experience.

      3. It took you several sentences to point out that beauty is subjective. Stunning intellect.

  3. Good job. I would say accurate from my experience. Forget about it if you want to interact with a girl with a sense of humor. Cold as ice generally. And yes, the corporate ones are basically just poorer clones of Western women.

  4. Went out and about with a half-Russian-Ukrainian girl with 3 kids from 2 different men. Husband #1 was her age, tried to bang her sis. #2 was some 50 yr old guy who replaced her with a slick asian after 5 years even though they had a kid. She was pretty messed up over it. She got mad because I told her she was stinky and she went from talking about marriage and sex to wanting to be friends… good thing, too. Her oldest daughter was getting into highschool, and well… You don’t know whether to laugh or cry, but that’s not a situation I lament breaking free of. Fun fact, her sister was hot hot hot, and messed up by the west, drugs, tats, hair color, even though the whole family was foby.

    1. “She got mad because I told her she was stinky and she went from talking about marriage and sex to wanting to be friends…” lol some diplomatic skills here

  5. Disagree regarding curves. Ukrainians are curvier than Russians, for instance. Perhaps, still generally behind some Latinas. As a Russian man,I can testify this.
    Good point on smartness. Ukrainian/Russian girl are natural manipulators. They are much smarter than North American fatties, and are likely to successfully fool you. This is a huge part of Russian/Ukrainian matriarchal culture.

    1. Most Eastern European women (except maybe for Czechs) are flat-chested and with no ass…

      1. In my experience, many are able to have good enough tits, but most have flat asses. Also, most of them have straighter waists and hips.

      2. I’ll take B cups, long dark hair and slim legs/butt over big boobs that will end up dribbling all over the floor when she is 60.

  6. It is good to see a realistic article on Ukranian women here on ROK.
    There is one thing the author only barely touched upon and I assume many US readers who have not been to Eastern Europe do not understand. Ukrainian may look “White” but they do not have the civility of an average White American or Western European.
    Ukraine (like virtually all countries of Eater Europe) is an extremely poor, corrupt and violent.
    I am serious: I have been to countries in Asia and even Africa that have higher living standards and less crime and corruption than Ukraine.
    Most Ukrainian girls are desperate to get out of the hellhole that is Ukraine. If you are a Western visitor to the Ukraine you are their ticket out of that hellhole- nothing more, nothing less.
    Honestly, if you insist on sleeping with White women, the average NYC or LA White girl might be a safer and (on a long term) more affordable option…

    1. I agree with your point Frank.
      If I were foreigner to Ukrainian women, I wouldn’t risk marrying her to bring to me country. This can be a huge trap

  7. Beauty doesnt matter to me at IF all the rest sucks.
    So Why the fuck traveling to Ukraine??

      1. You italians still dont speak english.
        Guess what, I am italian. But I speak english, better than you.

    1. That is why you need Machiavellian cunning to counter the real or potential cunning from others, like attractive girls.
      The best girls to date in a way are actually in the West and Northeast Asia because they rarely want your money. Sure there are gold diggers and girls have a penchant for social and financial status, but they care more about how you look, dress, act, behavior, social value, and personality. A girl in Tokyo doesn’t want your money; you would even splits 50/50 in terms of finding a love hotel where you smash her thin and apple-ish ass from beyond while flexing your muscles in the mirror, Patrick Bateman-style.
      As for poorer places you could present yourself as a catch and make her think that she has a chance of coming with you, or that you will live at the most expensive places in her third-world country (Philippines, Indonesia, Ukraine etc) but by then you have already left and are now smirking inside your cozy first-world apartment.

      1. @ WA
        I would NEVER split 50/50 on a hotel, dinner or anything else. It would be an affront to me. But then, I have a very old way of thinking. Might even be early onset dementia…

    2. “She is with your because of your money”
      And thats pretty cool. The whole “love me for who i am” is brainfuck for simple minds. Worthless feel-good new-age bullshit.
      What matters is that she is hot and you can fuck her whenever you want.
      If that works out well, that she has your children (plural) and is devoting her life not to your career but to help yours while taking care of the family.
      If she does it because you are such an amazing person or because you are the guy who bought her first car is only a concern of fearful weaklings.
      It is important that she understands you are the one who can take away all this nice stuff if the above aggreement is no longer working for you.
      To ensure this, you must not expose yourself to greedy goverments and its laws.
      If you do your give away too much power and your women will lose respect for you.

      1. If you have a lot of money and/or power, a woman will think she loves you because of “you”. I dont think they are really aware of their true thought process.

  8. “1. Their beauty has a short lifespan”
    This is the case with white women in general but even more so with Slavic women. They indeed can be very good looking but come with two caveats: very short shelf life and cold personalities. Roughly speaking Europe can be divided into three groups looks and personality wise:
    1. Germanic (Scandinavia, Benelux, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Northern France, UK)
    2. Slavic (Eastern Europa)
    3. Mediterranean (Spain, Greece, Southern France and Italy)
    The more South you go the friendlier and more easy going the people get. The more North you go to more attractive the people get. Therefor it should be no surprise that the most generally attractive women in Europa come from France and countries that are both Slavic and Mediterranean/South Slavic (i.e. the Balkans: Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia).

    1. Woah, Balkans attractive?? I mean the top girls are surely okay, but “most attractive”, Balkans? Besides the rare exceptions that exist everywhere in the world, I would rank them the LOWEST of attractiveness of all Europeans. But I guess that’s subjective. And have you ever looked at the males? They look like Muslims. Bosniaks are in fact Muslims. Have fun with your son looking like a Muslim if you get her pregnant.

      1. No I did not take men into consideration…obviously. I was referring to general attractiveness: looks + personality. Swedish girls might be more physically attractive in general compared to Serbian women, but Serbian women are generally more traditional, loyal and passionate.

        1. I agree about traditional and passionate. Especially passionate. As Roosh says correctly, women change if they come to the west. They wont lose their passion, but traditionalism? If I hear “Serbian woman/girl”, I always think about the one I knew a few years back. Horrible slut, horrible bitch, treacherous as hell, not very attractive (maybe a 6, could be a 5) who thought she was a 9.

      2. Southern italians look like arabs and muslims. I live there and they know. Tye western man’s ignorance and delusion regarding southern europe is outstanding. Southern europe is factually the toilet of the west. Anyone denying this is a delusional fucktard. Soutyern europe has no respect for anything nordic. Theyre the lowest of the lowest.

  9. Some Sicilian women are hot. Spanish women are hot. I would have sex with Penelope Cruz before many German women.
    German and Nordic looks get really harsh later on in life. The women’s perfect strong bone structure gets really mannish later and German/Nordic women all look like Nick Nolte.

    1. I think the big problem for Germanic/Nordic/Anglo women is their lack of feminine grace more than anything. I think this makes them look uglier than they should be. It seems like every huWhite woman I meet is an alcoholic feminist career-bitch, and Mediterranean women do themselves a huge disservice when they try to emulate nihilist Anglo pop-culture.

      1. Nordic culture is superior, moron. Its not racism, its having proper standards. Youmight disagree, doesnt mean youre right. Its your opinion. Nordic culture is superior is a legit opinion possibly correct, and something a lot of people take for granted.

      2. Nordic aesthetics are superior, fact. Think otherwise? your solipsistic mistake.

    2. Nobody ages worse than sicilian women. And theyre shit, short and hairy. Mediterranean isnt perfect, retarded morons. You have no taste.
      Mediterranean is swarthy and inferior factually. Anyone disagreeing is a retard/
      nordic people age much better, morons. Fact.

      1. 22 year sicilicans are pretty hot, perhaps not as hot at 44, but who cares, Im not going to bang any 44 year old girl

    3. Ugly Germanic, Med., Slav women look manish. The ugly Germanic is not swarthy, but still looks manish with a big jaw. The ugliest Slavs and Med had the short, squaty, dark hair, and mustache thing going. Anyone else notice the ugly Slav/Med. overlap? I found it interesting as my hot Meds. and Slavs don’t overlap.

  10. The complaints in regards to looks are accurate but should be expected when you are talking about a country where even doctors and lawyers only make a few thousand dollars each year. They can’t afford the medical care, clothes, make-up, etc. that all but the most genetically gifted need to in order to obtain and preserve attractiveness. Although the flat asses may be a genetic/racial trait rather than environmental.

  11. Getting ridiculous how covered with tattoos many girls are, might be worse than in USA since American skanks still like to think they are cute

  12. Hahaha.. you guys who wast s time and money goog there could have bought a decent whore in north America for $400 .. men who think he unicorns are in EE are delusional

    1. EE women are relatively prudent while at home, because of social shaming, but let her travel abroad and she will have 10 dicks in her in no time – and unless you are some rich stud she will cheat on you even faster.

      1. Rich studs work too much and may be worth more divorced or dead. She’ll have 10 guys for dick and one for the $.

    1. @MM
      Been doing this for 32 years here in NY and never once been “busted”. The girls, sure it can happen, but still not that common. LE mostly bothers streetwalkers and to a lesser extent AMPs, and to an even lesser extent American agencies & indies. LE mostly just tells the clients to leave, though. I have heard of this ridiculous “john school” but I think that is mostly for guys caught with their pants down in cars with street hookers.

  13. Why would you go to Ukraine to chase love only? I would go to visit and check it out but not to chase women! It’s the stupidest thing to do.

    1. Apparently that’s what this site and its audience are about. Chasing pussy. Theyre obsessed…just go check Roosh V’s latest new years call stream on youtube. And listen to the psychopathy of the callers. Roosh hides it better, due to a bit of a better IQ.

    2. Ukraine is actually a hell of a lot of fun for a tourist. Great food, way better than Russia. Kiev and Odessa and fun cities, the southern coast is okay…. Your dollar goes a long way in Ukraine. I like the countryside as well, small little villages and the like.

  14. In these retarded articles — no matter how much, I admit, they might contain some actual facts — they still lie on a false and disturbing premise that you are all too solipsistic and sex-starved, I would say socially retarded enough to even realize that they make you look so moronic as to make feminism something that it is right to endorse. Yes, you guys justify feminism — without you, feminism would be completely unnecessary, so unnecessary no woman would proclaim to be a feminist today. Instead, your mentality makes feminism necessary as women must be protected from the assaults of those who think they exist for their own pleasure, an obviously narcissistic and autistic mindset.
    YOU ACTUALLY THINK WOMEN EXIST AS OBJECTS FOR YOUR PLEASURE. YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE THAT THEY ARE NOT, AND DON’T WANT THEM TO BE HUMAN BEINGS. You have and show zero human respect for anything with a vagina. You fail to put yourself in their shows and see how they might not enjoy that. A lot, probably the vast majority of the ROK and Roosh audience, as proved on Roosh’s new years call stream, are disturbed autists who simply don’t have social skills. And why don’t they? Because they emotional intelligence and empathy. And why this? Because it’s an illness called autism.
    An autist will and must be alone and practice the art of masturbation. No matter how much you try, women won’t want you and that is normal and right.
    If you have no empathy, if you fail to put yourself in the other’s shoes, if you unashamedly declare tyat to you women are nothing but objects of pleasure and you dont give a shit or not believe in any other aspect they could possibly have, aka human aspect…you unshamedly declare women shouod be slaves in the kitchen and that is their biolpgy and purpose of life.
    Well, that is just another symptom of your core illness, which is INCAPACITY TO ADAPT TO CHANGING CONDITIONS, aka traditionalism…TRADITUONALISM IS FUCKING RETARDED, AND IF YOU DON’T GET IT, IT’S BECAUSE YOU ARE RETARDED.
    TRADITIONALISM IS BEING STUCK IN THE PAST, IN CONDITIONS THAT AREN’T REAL ANYMORE. TRADITIONALISM IS LACK OF ADAPTIVITY, STUBBORNESS, narcissism (you believing your ideas are holy and indisputable, factually delusional), narrow mindedness…That’s what the prototype alt-retard is, an autistic sociopath.
    Modernity and modern culture, and modern women aren’t perfect either, absolutely. But the alt-retard is extreme. Talking about women without even considering them for anything but bodies for your pleasure, is psychopathic and most of society knows it. And you lack the insight to be ashamed of talking about women as nothing but objects for your pleasure. You want all women to be nothing but whores. You want a woman to fucking love you and marry you because you need a whore.
    That’s not how reciprocity and life work.
    A woman must be this, and that. What do YOU offer to the woman? You only focus on going to the gym, dressing sharp and having ‘game’. And a woman should want you for these reasons.
    That would be like a man wanting a woman just because she has nice hair and make up.
    This is all superficial fucktardedness for fucktards. This site is a bizarre and offensive mix of high philosophy with that fucktardedness.
    I enjoy the philosophical articles, albeit they tend to offer simplistic solutions: nationalism, traditionalism.
    Those are failures and destined to keep failing and it’s obvious for anyone with good sense.
    As for left or right…yes, leftards are a thing. But then you have the rightards as well and many of them are here.
    You are not the light, you are not the truth. And that’s a fact. I abandon you and encourage anyone here reading this with good sense to realize that yes, this site is often fucking retarded for the reasons I mentioned. And if you still think nationalism, traditionalism and banging women is the solution…YOU ARE A FUCKTARD and I want you to die. Also I dont give a fuck what you think, you are not right in the head. Alt-right might mean alternative TO what is right, aka psychopathy. Not that what is right lies all on the left. Obviously, justice and right lies center-top. Bye.

      Men exist as objects for the womens pleasure and women exist as objects for the mens pleasure. After the pleasure, in the natural state at least, pregnancy results. That is why sexes exist. For no other purpose whatsoever. There is no humanity without sexuality. Even the celebate Catholic priest is the product of sex.
      “You have and show zero human respect for anything with a vagina.”
      Thats true for a lot of ppl here but not for all. Don’t generalize.
      “And if you still think nationalism, traditionalism and banging women is the solution…”
      Solution? Depends for what “problem”, I guess?

      1. Psychopathic.
        Anyone who doesnt cringe at the word ‘nationalism’ is a psychopath according to most people…and reality. You lose.
        And the sexes thing you say is just psychopathic. We get it, you are sex-starved. I told you why: autism. An autist cannot expect normotypical people to be attracted to hom.
        Nationalism are autists. Nationalism is the political choice of the autistic brain.
        Traditionalism is the choice of anti-urban ignorant rednecks with zero social experience. How dare you use the internet? Provincial people are inferior and their contributions to the rest of the world are worthless.

      2. “There is no humanity without sexuality”
        lol false, a man who never has sex is way more human than one who thinks about sex obsessively, aka a beast.

    2. Chill out a little – and I am definitely feeling some white knighting vibes there. I think that most of the writers/readers are neither autistic nor narcissists, but realists, although sometimes over-cynical. They abide by the law, want a woman with a pleasant personality, but they also know that most women want specific looks, confidence, social status and so on. That is the truth. That is adapting. Only after being screened for those things personal chemistry and some degree of kindness matter.
      Traditionalism, or rather traditional socieities, were adaptive and they worked from an evolutionary AND social cohesion perspective, while the current ones are less well-functioning since it leads to massive amounts of divorces, neuroticism/depression, MGTOW, self-inflicting ugliness, obesity and illegal immigration that the governments do not bother to fix. It is thus sound to want something largely different, and part of that is to look into the wisdoms of the past. Traditional ethics are actually called non-cognitive skills these days, like diligence, industriousness, punctuality, kindness, responsibility, justice and so on. That is pretty much Platonic, Aristotelian and Christian virtues/ethics with contemporary nomenclature.
      Actually I have an article that shows what some girls want and how to adapt to that (if a man wants to do that). Don’t know when it is coming up but look within 3-4 days or so. In the meantime, check out this one: http://www.returnofkings.com/129438/how-to-adjust-when-moving-from-hedonistic-pua-to-long-term-lover
      Perhaps that is why my pretty and sweet GF likes me so much, because I mix a little bit of narcissistic alpha traits with being kind, warm and doing interesting, or at least pleasant things together.

      1. Shut the fuck up, I am not reading your nonsense. What I said is FACTUAL COMMON SENSE, if you disgaree YOU ARE WRING AND YOU ARE TARDED. period.
        Reality and truh are what I, I and never you believe it is. Retard.
        Nothing you think os the truh, therefore I dont give a shit about it. Fuck off. You are nothing and thats fact, you believe otherwise thus you are wrong.
        Until you think you have value, YOU WILL BE WRONG.
        REALITY IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS, retard! everything you think is mistake, retard!
        I listen to actual smart people, not you retarded ROKer.
        you are retards, period.

      2. Oh you admit being narcissistic.
        ‘alpha’…YOU ARE WORTHLESS, FUCKING IDIOT. You are marcissistic aka delusional.
        I LIVE IN THE REALITY THAT YOU ARE WORTHLESS AND INFERIOR, retard. I dont listen to a narcissistic therefore delusional ficktard who thinks he has value when he doesnt.
        YOU DO NOT POSSESS VALUE. you are inferior to anything. period.
        problem of the world is narcissism…narcissism is BAD, fucking idiot, a narcissist is INFERIOR, fucking retard. An inferior who deludes himself he is not inferior.
        You are inferior, you lose. Bye.

      3. The writers are fine, the fucking worthless fuck is you and most commenters here.
        The writers at least write and get payed for doing so. Youre just a fucking narcissistic retard by your own admission.
        YOU are autistic, not the writers.

      4. Traditionalism is retarded, period. You lose, you believe things that are wrong.

      5. You retard write your shit after I said this:
        “if you still think nationalism, traditionalism and banging women is the solution…YOU ARE A FUCKTARD and I want you to die. Also I dont give a fuck what you think, you are not right in the head.”
        I abide by MY thoughts, not yours, retard! Piss the fuck off, retards who wastes his time speaking to people who are right when he isn’t. You retard can never agree with someone who isnt as retarded as you are.

      6. Lol the retard thinks his thoughts are reality and one who states it is tarded. LOL. Complete lack of logic and realism, retard.

      7. Wanted to post this on your retarded worthless site, didnt let me, so posting it here:
        “Oh…one of those retarded blogs by a self-proclaimed narcissist who thinks he’s alpha (which is narcissism and delusion of course) and puts philosophy and ‘fitness’ in the same sentence.
        Factual loser…everything else is your delusion.”
        Fucktard you are. Denying it makes it more true, retard. You lose factually, die.

      8. Lol the narcissist thinks I’d be interested in his articles!
        Just anothee fucktarded alt-right traditionalist clowntard. Almost everyone takes this for granted, thus you certainly lose socially, and realistically.
        No shame, because you are a narcissist and thinks it’s cool and not tarded. It’s tarded, instead. You are a failure, retard. Fact, not insult.
        No humility = retard.
        Americans are retards.

      9. The ‘over-cynicism’ is the only correct thing on this site, retard.
        You are a delusional retard who lacks realistic cynicism. When one sees a fucktard like you, anyone with any common sense gets cynical because people like you are hopeless, because narcissism. A NARCISSIST DOESNT THINK HE HAS A PROBLEM, ANDA NARCISSIST ISNT CURABLE, by factual definition. And its your case.
        You are a fucking retard and a narcissist…THERE IS NO SOLUTION. you will forever think you have value while you do not.

      10. “that is why my pretty and sweet GF likes me so much”
        oh yeah, because its impossible that you are making her up, retarded narc salesman who thinks im not smarter than him, or that she is NOT pretty or that pretty is subjective and not absolute, retard, and of course its impossible that she is just using you and doesnt give a shit about you and youre just a fucktard, the mangina and delusional white-knight who thinks she cares.
        Keep being non-cynical, aka delusional. That will make you be wrong, and people who are wrong are what I and reality consider worthless retards.

      11. Also, you retard believe having a gf is a testament of coolness.
        I have had plenty of gf, retards. IT DOESNT PROVE ANYTHING, RETARD. You are a low-class failed salesman and clown who expects me to believe that you ‘having a gf who likes me so much’ in your words thus not necessarely reality, means shit.
        Im not one of those retards, and most people arent. Here on ROK you find some of these fucktards who thinks narcissism is cool. And that is why the world is hopeless.
        Whoever isnt hopeless, is retarded.

    3. You demand respect…What do western (and most) women do that is worthy of the slightest respect ? Everything you do a man can do 10 times better..except making babies, and that you wont do anymore. “.forget about respect “bro”

  15. “short shelf life”…its enough to underline this. The epitome of objectification of a human being. It’s psychopathic, whether we’re talking of men or women. You’re idiots, period. Case solved.
    IN LIFE, YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE. You give fucking shit, you get fucking shit. You are failures.

    1. “IN LIFE, YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE. You give fucking shit, you get fucking shit. You are failures.” You are talking about the welfare and affirmative action feminists right? Because I don’t see large crowds of men gathering around wearing penises on their head demanding more free shit from the government, and also complaining about how oppressed they are living in a first world nation that already gives them tons of free shit.

    2. Women give men “fucking shit”………so men will pump and dump them and give them “fucking shit”
      Like your mom.

    1. Western people are the only ones who are HUMAN, negro or asian fucktard.

    2. Your right to some degree, but other nations have their own problems, and feminism is just growing in those nations too….lol…even Saudi Arabia is letting women drive now, and other shit.

    3. Since when are western women overrated? To be overrated means that the majority of people rate them high. Most people on here know that they suck. That’s one of the reasons we’re here.

  16. I saw some dressed up hot hot hot girls in Lwow (Lviv) at the opera, but they are probably whores. I will stick to my Polish bride who takes care of me.
    My $.02? Avoid Ukraine, learn Polish and move to Lublin….THREE major universities there and affordable as well.

    1. Why are you telling people to move to Poland? It’s funny, why would you want to tell other men, “Hey, My country’s women are good, so why don’t all you foreigners move here and fuck them all”…lol. Also, since I live in feminist central, I can assure you that Men are really stupid when it comes to women they consider “theirs”. The fact is a country could be one of the sluttiest and worse places for marriage and yet the men there will still be like “our women aren’t like that”…”how dare a man say he had to defend himself from our immaculate women by punch her before she tried to stab him”…”my daughter is a good girl, she will do fine at a sorority, she isn’t like those other girls, she even gave me a kiss and said she would be good”…”Muh”. It is a big behavioral problem that men in general have with women, constantly defending and somewhat “bragging” about women like that, and it is a big reason feminism is able to creep into countries and take over. I have heard polish women are very easy, and they tend to travel to other European countries for sex. Be proud, but don’t “soft white knight” your women, and for God Sake don’t tell foreigners to come to take them, lol.

  17. I am from Ukraine myself and I am a fan of your web, but I have to disagre with you on this article. My mother has lot of Ukranian girl friends and they are loyal to their husbands. Only time when Ukranian women leave their husbands, when those guys mess up and want to cheat or when man is 50 and his wife is 20 also doesn’t work out. Also yes, Americanized Russian and Ukrainian girls that was born here or came here at young age are Americanized stuck up attention whores. I am in Slavic community I know how things go there.

    1. I know a Russian-Ukrainian women, Ukrainian from the part that is now anexed by Russia, who is indeed extreemly loyal and exceedingly nice. Even tho she lives in the west since 8 years.

    2. No offense but it sounds like you yourself don’t have personal experience with Ukrainian women. You said you’re from there but used your mom’s friends as examples. Ukrainian girls are exactly like the article said.

    3. “when man is 50 and his wife is 20 also doesn’t work out. ” – Yes i see, he is clearly too young for her. Maybe she can bring her hot sister to make up for it.

  18. A friend of mine has an uncle who wifed up one of these Ukrainian serfs(very successful, educated dude). She cheated on him with his next door neighbor. After moving in together( with the neighbor) she calls homeboy back, begging for forgiveness, supplicating him for release from the bondage of her new relationship. I guess she convinced him the only way out was to whack the dude, which he did, and now of course he is in prison. She walked away with millions.
    I have a Ukrainian national that works for me personally. She is absolute black pole smoking gutter trash- an opportunistic infection if you will. One thing is for sure, they age like milk and 30 is NOT a good year.

  19. Maybe they are that way because men like you travel to their country and shower them with attention. Ukraine should close their borders to sex tourism as best as possible.

    1. I know, they guys need to put their western women in their place and don’t touch my Ukrainian women. The bigger cities like Kyiv, Lviv, and Odessa has been destroyed by western horny men. At least I know towns in Ukraine where the girls haven’t been damaged by western men.

    1. I date one in Dubai after I go down in her, my dick will be like fuck this I will never ever go in there! She was an 8, and cabin crew so theoretically good quality

  20. The 30 year old looks like a Russian Babushka. 50, not 30.
    Everything you have said also applies to Russian girls, and probably all the girls from the former USSR; as they will all have the same super materialistic outlook.
    As with Russian girls, it sounds as though Ukrainian girls are cheaper to rent than to own. Why buy the cow when you can rent the services?

  21. If you want to make one of these EE women your wife but you don’t like the cold weather there, I think the best thing to do would be to marry her in the EE and then fly to South America and make a home there where there won’t be any competition for a new sponsor.
    Then you can live in luxury with your beautiful, white wife and not have to worry about her filing for divorce and taking half of what you’ve got.

    1. They’re not stupid. They want to go to America because of the benefits over heir existing circumstances. Why would they leave their shitty country for another shitty country in South America?

  22. Fucktardedness of the right and game,
    Finally, someone who makes sense on this site! Makes me want to weep with joy!
    These morons here won’t understand what you have so correctly elucidated about the necessity of feminism and how only sticks-in-the-mud who can’t cope with the shift in power balance bray on and on about “traditionalism” . I am sure half the men on this site had fathers who hit their mothers, forced themselves upon her only to still have her cook, clean and slave away for him all her life while still sleeping around like alley cats, and are now shocked that they can’t have the same.
    The other half must be the opposite; men who come from well-adjusted families with both parents being respectful of each other and treating each other as INDIVIDUALS with their own desires, thoughts and personalities (which is how it should be) and these men feel cheated of the grandiose fantasy world in their heads of sleeping around till their 40s and then settling down with a hot 19-year old who will cook, clean, sew for them and raise their kids in exchange for what? Their balding pates, beer bellies, saggy scrotums, still-five figure incomes and what Roosh calls a “pleasant, middle class lifestyle, with even dog and car ownership”
    And oh yeah, these “Kings” will still ogle other women and hit on teenagers once the unlucky hot 19-year old they bagged as a wife hits what they call ‘The Wall’ even if she has been a 100% good wife and mother.
    Also, you are totally on point about Roosh being able to hide his psychosis better because of a higher IQ. I would not be even 1% surprised if this site turns out to actually have been conceived as a covert method of indoctrinating western men into converting to Islam, slowly and steadily, but surely.
    The Afghan people once revered the Taliban to the point that they thought of them as Messiahs. Look what happened soon after the Russians left.
    You dorks will realise how good the “traditional” days are when 5-10 years later, you are tied naked to a lightpost, stoned and then gutted for attempting “game” on the 18-year old daughter of one of the many Mullahs who will soon take over the West. ENJOY!

  23. “The hottest ones are not into you” 100% true. Ukrainian men are very sexy. Married one myself. Very masculine. Tall handsome. Everything you expect in an alpha male and more. That’s why the good chaste beautiful grounded Ukrainian women who want a family aren’t into you. Managed to convince my Muslim family to accept him, was totally worth it. Girls in his family would prefer a guy who returned from the Azov battalion and then made it the business world to some silly foreign boy who has never seen much of life.

    1. MARIAM
      I lived in Oman and Dubai for 10 years and judging from your both your first and last names you are an actual Arab woman (Omani, Yemeni or UAE).

    2. What ? Most males in ex-USSR countries are female slaves. We live in matriarchy since USSR

  24. We only need articles covering other countries women because our native countrys’ women have become significantly less worthy of attention.
    It is quite ugly seeing these childish, deranged, whore/mangina trolls smearing venomous, sophistic, fanatical comments here, after valuable advice and comments, to Red Pill men on how to manage the sad current reality of ‘voting’, ‘education’, ‘work’, consumerism, and internet narcisism degenerated females.
    I’m finding this site valuable, to bitter Red Pill, to emerge from years of effectively Black Pill MGTOW and brain damaging (((porn))), with hopefully decreasing periods of bitter Black Pill. Prostitutes are looking an attractive initial option compared to other women, because at least there is an honest trade with them.

  25. All Ukrainian girls I have met in Asia who largely seemed to work as models (mind you none of them were above 7) were rude as fuck towards me.
    I’m a good looking white guy with some slavic features and they either flat out ignore my attempts to make chit chat and just talk to each other or give me some one liner to disengage me.
    White girls can be quite nasty but they’re never as hostile as Ukrainians.

    1. I’m Russian living in Moscow. And I completely agree that Slavic women are rude and also cold ugly bitches. I’ll only date Asian and white, mulatto, black latina women

  26. As a dude that’s spent over a year in both Kyiv & Odessa I’d like to just contribute here as my specialty is Ukrainian chicks
    First, good tips, but not every Ukrainian broad is a scam artist. No more so than a Mid-30’s washed-up Yankee broad.
    To add to it:
    1.) do not entertain women that openly state they hate their own country. This is a bad sign. If a woman has said she is interested in living in UK, Germany, USA ect. Then she will bail on you the first chance she gets. She will also become a “strong independent working girl”
    The ones you want are the patriotic women. It’s sexy when a woman loves her own country. There is an important correlation there. If she is loyal to her country, she is loyal to her man
    2.) don’t bother with chicks in clubs. Despite what many think, this is a waste of time, energy & money. The girls in clubs usually don’t speak English (because they don’t need to, they’re already getting the best local dudes) you guys also touched on the noise & language barriers.
    I assure you all, I have put this to the test, these women go to the clubs simply to dance with each other. I pick up dozens of girls day gaming but never in clubs
    Clubs are where you take your own girlfriend & her friends out to have a good time. Good to dance for the courtship
    3.) don’t be an unpaid English teacher. This is the most frustrating thing I encounter… A chick that is using you for only English practice & nothing more. This is incredibly hard to screen out. Almost impossible. Once I flat-out asked a girl. “Is this just English practice or are you interested?” Her response, “how will I know I like you unless we go out”… She got me there. Hard to screen out, happens often
    4.) touch. Holding hands can be awkward on a 1st date, so I like to do the elbow lock. You’re exchanging energy & relieving tension between you two. This will pay dividends later
    5.) never invite her over to your home until after you have done heavy making out or 3rd/4th date. In USA, you can do 1st dates at home for wine, tv, movies ect. But in ukraine, a home invitation is sex. I learned this the very hard way after going to work & telling some young Ukrainian chicks about my inviting girls over, only to get nasty text messages in return. The girls I work with filled me in nicely. Culture…
    6.) how to respond to a Ukrainian girls’ cross examination
    -Q: why are you in Ukraine?
    A: Ukraine is a very affordable country for me. I love the Black Sea, the rich history & the traditional mindset. I have some Ukrainian friends here from my hometown as well. Also, I am part Ukrainian. Ukraine seems nice, I want to be here for some time, but not forever probably
    Q: why are you still single?
    A: I live in a really small resort town in Colorado half the year, so there are not many dating options there
    Q: what do you think of Ukrainian girls?
    A: they seem nice. I think they’re some of the finest girlfriends, wives & mothers in the world. Hard to find nurturing women in these modern times.
    (Tip: Praise character over beauty. But if you must praise looks, compliment her hair or shoes, that never fails)
    Q: have you ever been in love?
    A: I am not so sure. It would be great to meet someone I have absolute devotion for…truth is, I have had my heart broken before
    Q: have you ever had a Ukrainian girlfriend?
    A: no. I’ve gone on several dates, but never a girlfriend. I’m open to this idea, though
    Important note: I’ve put this whole “my mother is of Ukrainian descent” line through a battery of tests, basically a focus group, it scores with flying colors. Often generating a big smile
    Ukrainian girls take a lot of comfort knowing the Yankee guy sitting across from her was brought up under the wing of a Ukrainian woman
    Keep in mind also that EVERY Ukrainian woman has a dream of having 1 child. So if you’re perusing these women, they dream of a child.
    Compare that to Yankee women where 50% hope to never get pregnant
    7.) be aggressive. Ukraine is not a hook-up culture but a great place to find a feminine/nurturing girlfriend.
    If you like a girl, call her or message her on the Viber app after 2 days. (Not like 5 days in USA)
    Ukrainian women know there are many cute girls in Ukraine. She will think you have 20 girls in your phone & you have moved on from her. You need to show you’re interested & have your finger on the pulse of the situation
    In USA, you need to Ignore women & treat them like shit. In Ukraine you need to be persistent & show respect. It’s Oppositesville
    8.) mix clown game with stoicism. Ukrainian women believe most American guys that are in Ukraine are losers. So it’s important to have a good back story & say you’re of a Ukrainian blood line
    Find a subtle way to Show her you would have no trouble meeting other women.
    9.) the hottest women in Ukraine speak little to no English. Why? Because they don’t need to, that’s why.
    Either learn Russian or thank God for google translate. Last summer I was in Kyiv. I was 32. I had a 19 yo girlfriend that spoke no English. We communicated from my poor Russian, google translate, touch & eye contact. Lots of silence but so much sexy energy
    10.) just tell the truth. Ukrainian women are human lie detectors. Ukrainian men have created a culture of cheating. So These women are far more mentally developed at age 20 than your standard issue Western woman. They are extremely perceptive & will get to the bottom of everything. Once you lie, they will never trust you again. So just tell the truth & be open. Of course, don’t disclose your life story on the 1st date, but if you’re trying to find a relationship partner, it would be good to be honest to see if there is any level ground for long term relations.
    11.) eye contact is the linchpin in Ukraine. If you’re walking down the street & a girl looks you in the eye, she is single & you need to turn around & talk to her

    I hope my notes will help. It’s a wild ride ✌🏻

  27. great article – i never understood this obsession with the eastern block, a bunch of pan head Borises living in latin american style poverty and corruption with shit geography, bad food and a freezing cold climate.
    the iron curtain was there for a reason and it would have been better left intact.

  28. Over half your reasons can describe any women from any country….
    Make sure your “Ukrainian” woman is Ukrainian….not ethnic Russian…
    Understand that your Ukrainian woman grew up in a communist country, and they more than likely aren’t independent and will rely/depend on someone to do most everything for them…expect the gov’t to give them sh1t….
    It is up to YOU to evaluate and determine if the Ukrainian woman is the right person for you, you need to know going in that they are looking to escape “poverty”, men who are drunken fools, and men that do not want to work that hard more than likely…..
    My Ukrainian woman is Ukrainian, was dependent to start but is now independent and a conservative, and we have been happily married for 15 years. I have met many “Ukrainian” women through my wife, most of them are ethnic Russians and you don’t want one…they just want to leave the eastern block and will destroy you no don’t! So in conclusion it is up to you to determine if you get destroyed or find a good one…

  29. Why do people always post comments like AWALT and “this describes all women in all countries” in articles like this one?
    the article is specific on Ukraine chicks bc lots of guys think its an exception to AWALT

  30. I’m Russian living in Moscow and I will never date Slavic women. I hate them. They’re rude cold career oriented bitches. I’ll only date Asian and Latina women (white, mulatto, black)

  31. I’m originaly from Ukraine and I agree with pretty much everything in this article. I never understood all the praises they receive.

  32. Women are a real pain in the ass. Just fuck them and leave them, when they are out of bed they only cause trouble, and every woman in the world is like this. Enjoy them, use them but dont let them use you.

  33. Not impressed by FSU women from Ukraine and Russia- they suck in bed and very money hungry and do not age well. They come from shitholes with bad food and bad weather. I much prefer my latinas from South America and the Caribbean. At least the weather is warm, beaches nice, food cheap and tasty and women are great in bed. Plus Spanish is way easier to speak and more pleasant than Russian. Plus guys that travel overseas to a third world toilet just for pussy or a wife are fucking morons that deserve to get scammed. Look at the fuckhead Jorge from 90 day Visa who actually married Anfisa a porn star cam girl. He got fucked over and still is blind to it. For example:

    Any man who watches this and still insists on dating a FSU woman is a moron unless he is darn careful and can speak Russian and know folks there. I think that these guys Chad and Mike sum up the folly in a series of hilarious video commentary:

    Come on guys, we all know escorts are the best and safest bet for lowest cost of access to young poon! Think about it, women are a depreciating asset and bad value for the money. Just keep using whores it is less than dating and marriage. Plus I can 90 and bone a 19 year old Ukraine or Russian whore for $200 for a hour or so.

    1. Totally agree ! I’m Russian and will never fuck any Slavic cold bitch ! Latinas and Asians only !

  34. This article is full of stupid generalizations, come on, “their beauty starts to deteriorate after 25 or 26″…really?….I have live in many countries around the world for long periods of time and I can tell for certain that you can find good and bad women in every corner in the planet. when you start a relationship with a woman, a man needs to ask and find out if she has the same goals and aspirations. Do not expect to find a good wife in a woman just because you went to a foreign country, Ukraine is not the exception…nothing is worst that “assuming”…assuming will get you in trouble most of the time…if a man is looking for a woman that wants to be married and create a family then find out, for God’s sake, if that woman wants the same thing than you, it needs to be clear before anything happens.

  35. You mean, a woman isn’t just a support unit for a pussy ?
    My big brother lied to me.
    Well, I’m past 60, retired, and lived in Odessa and very many
    other places since med school and I’ve met good & bad women
    in every country, but am partial to many Asians. I found their
    general lack of nice butts are made up for with their devotion
    to satisfy they’re man, from Thai & Filipino to Korean & Japanese.

  36. I think it’s way more difficult to seduce really high-quality Eastern European women these days as the age of globalization has brought forth a multitude of changes that have somehow helped with mutating the poor, helpless EE girl to a quite knowledgeable “modern” woman in terms of access to information, travel, news etc. These countries, albeit still poor, are no longer the hellholes or the 90s when a Western passport and a few dollars could literally make the difference between life and death. Ukrainian women can take a low-cost flight to Paris or London nowadays, have internet and have most likely also become jaded with the young US/Western dude who comes to “bang for free” (a favorite expression of mine from a Russian friend). They’re simply tired of offering their hotness and femiminity just to get f*cked by a random guy looking for adventure. Most of the hot ones gravitate towards “careers” because they know that better knowledge of English or another language gives them better access to rich, older men who want to settle down. These chicks have also become aware of how hot they are in comparison with horrible English, American or German fat feminists and are banking on it. They’ve learned the game and are staying away from players. If you want to get a high quality Ukrainian woman you gotta wine and dine her well…feminism isn’t yet established in EE and women do expect old school chivalry- flowers, gifts, going out , especially from a guy who earns more per month than her family in 6. I agree with the article’s observations but there are underlying factors.

      1. He’s referring to the man-hating third-wave variety. Yours is more controlling, ours is toxic and vicious.

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