How The “The Big Bang Theory” And Other Mainstream Sitcoms Lie To Men

I used to be a fan of The Big Bang Theory. Pre-red pill, it was one of those shows I used to binge watch, along with Friends or Seinfeld. Since I hadn’t watched it in a few years, I was taken quite unawares when I heard that actress Kaley Cuoco was getting divorced. To whom, I wondered, had our dear Penny tied the knot in real life? Curious, I looked up the man in question, and immediately had to stifle a bout of laughter. Here he is –


Ok stop. Lets stop right here. I’m declaring it. Its official.

Neomasculine ideas about male-female relationships are correct.

Like a woman suspicious of a charming man’s real personality, I’ve sought to shit test neomasculinity at every opportunity. Like many recovering betas, I still wake up in the mornings finding it hard to believe I – prince Charming incarnate, have not yet found my Rapunzel to rescue.

But every now and then, something comes along that stabs that doubting angel in the heart and throws him overboard. The whole premise of the Big Bang Theory – indeed, a story at the root of most modern sitcoms, is that nice guys can still get the girl.

We are meant to believe that Leonard Hoffstadder, the sniveling, 5’7”, supremely geeky, but still possessing a heart-of-gold protagonist of the show can end up with bombshell Penny, played of course by real life hottie Kaley Cuoco. We even found out a few years ago that the two co-stars briefly dated, seeding hopes that real life could imitate art.

Unfortunately, despite filling our heads with so many hopes and dreams, sitcoms are still fiction, and can be dramatically overshadowed by real life. Kaley’s apparently soon to be ex-husband – Ryan Sweeting, is a man about as far from Leonard as we can possibly imagine.

For starters, he’s a muscle-bound 6-foot-5, putting him in the literal top 1% of all men. He’s an internationally famous tennis star and has a savage, bearded look that hasn’t been out of fashion in about twenty thousand years.

The distinction could not be clearer:













Rarely have we ever seen a more pure demonstration. Here we have a hot but aging actress, pushing thirty, who abandons any pretense that, like her character, she actually has a thing for nerdy guys, and instead follows her gina tingles heart and goes for the 6’5” international tennis star.

Clearly aware of the onrushing wall, Cuoco married Sweeting shortly after her 28th birthday and after just three months of dating. Oddly enough, I actually started penning this article before the recent news Cuoco is getting separated, but when there were already rumours circulating of Sweeting’s infidelity. Obviously Sweeting, only 28 himself, started wondering why he should restrict himself to only one woman when he could easily rack up notches in the wild.

Other Examples

Quietly smirking at all this, I found myself wondering, what about other actors and actresses we’ve seen playing similar relationships? Whatever happened to the old Leonard and Penny – Ross and Rachael off Friends?

Well, David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston are still both successful actors, but their personal lives have wildly diverged since 2005. After dating a string of singers and actresses, Schwimmer settled down with British artist Zoe Buchman – eighteen years his junior – and his since had a kid.


Ross! Ross! Ross!

Aniston has also been through a string of relationships, the list reading like a “Who’s Who?” of Hollywood actors in steadily descending order of fame.

After being divorced from Brad Pitt in 2005, she bounced around for a few years before settling with semi-famous (and two years her junior) Justin Theroux earlier this year.

Having once proclaimed “I’ve never in my life said I didn’t want to have children. I did and I do and I will… I would never give up that experience for a career” Aniston may finally be getting a move on. Recent news reports are that she is now pregnant with twins. At 46 years of age, it only took her 13 years (and a round of IVF) longer than her sitcom character, or 20 years if she hadn’t broken up with Ross the first goddamned time.

So best of luck to her, but I do wonder if she regrets waiting so long that, by the time her kids graduate high school, she’ll be eligible for Medicare?


Happy Endings

I can already hear a few people asking – so aside from the general Schadenfreude, what’s your point Thomas? Isn’t this just pointless sitcoms and celebrity gossip?

Except these shows are more than just harmless entertainment. Whether you think its part of some wide ranging conspiracy or not, millions of people are indoctrinated in the lessons these shows portray. Every second episode of Friends drilled messages into our heads like “only horrible people judge one another!” or “girls are cute for failing to control their emotions, but guys are assholes!”





The worst part is that these shows seem to lose touch with reality more and more as time goes on. Leonard and Penny is just Ross and Rachael on steroids. At least Friends had plotlines like Rachael falling into the arms of alpha male “Paolo” while leaving Ross alone and bewildered, but The Big Bang Theory seems to read more and more like a feminist textbook over time. It leaves me wondering what the next generation of sitcoms will feature.

Perhaps we’ll watch a show about a Victoria’s Secret Model who grows frustrated with her life and all the tall, hot studs that keep hitting on her. Instead she falls in love with “little Timmy”– a crippled, autistic boy, blind in one eye, who lives across the hall, but is also a world famous Starcraft player and the biggest white knight this side of Prince Charming.

Good luck Timmy.

Taylor Timmy

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386 thoughts on “How The “The Big Bang Theory” And Other Mainstream Sitcoms Lie To Men”

  1. Never liked the big bang theory mainly because I never thought it was funny. The majority of men on tv are just defective women. What world do women live in? Fantasy.

  2. “only horrible people judge one another!” < I find that to be absolutely infuriating. I hate when people say that shit. How the fuck does one get through life w/o judging others? Weak people justifying their failures while ironically judging people.

    1. It’s a reliable tell you’re dealing with a moron when that belief is espoused.

    2. Yes. I find that many, today, can not simply deal with others when that other has an opinion. People can’t seem to let other people have an opinion and then let it alone. I don’t care if someone has their opinion (it’s their right to have one). People are too fragile (in the U.S., at least). There used to be a time when you can have an opinion and others would be fine with it. Today, it’s hurt feelings if you have an opposing view or opinion.
      You really shouldn’t give a shit about someone’s opinion (especially if you don’t know or respect the person). Don’t let words hurt you, be a grown up. It’s simple.

    3. The problem with that line of thought is the assumption that we are the victims of other’s opinions or judgement. When we react negatively to something someone says, our mind also complicit in it as well.
      People have weak minds, aren’t willing to walk away, and/or are afraid of conflict. Shit, I’ve been guilty of it too.

  3. It’s a beta white knight fantasy. More fantasy in BBT than anything that happened in the LOTR or Hobbit flicks. On the one hand, more of these betas around and the more easy twenty-somethings for me to enjoy, but on the other hand absolutely devastating for whatever is left of Western Culture. Still looking for a unicorn, they are out there and I met one when I was just way too young to get married. Hopefully I’ll find another and settle down. Banging vapid sluts got old when I hit twenty-five and was out of the fresh college slut scene. Twenty-five to thirty year old women are just so spent out and gross it’s off putting.

        1. The best scenes are where a 90 lb woman is beating up a 250 lb guy and throwing him around like a rag doll.

        2. I argue with my beta friends all the time that the lowest ranked UFC fighter in the sport would beat the living hell out of Rhonda Rousey. These guys have bought into the men and women are equal they believe physically they are the same. Shame on the them.

        3. There’s a video on Youtube of Rhonda sparring with some Dutch guy (don’t remember his name). She looks like she’s trying and he ain’t. At one point she tries to put him in some kind of lock and he just lifts her off the ground.

        4. i’d love to see that fight, but there’s nothing in it for the guy. if he wins, he beat up a girl. if he loses, he got beat up by a girl. neither looks very good.

        5. There is a tranny (Fox) in the women’s circuit, and he beats the daylights out of his female opponents. Rousey wisely refuses to fight him.

    1. ” I met one when I was just way too young to get married.”
      Unless you were under 18, you were not too young to get married.

      1. I was 17, was doing one year of seminary because I had zero clue what I wanted to do in life. Even if I was 18, young people can’t afford to marry young anymore, especially in the insanely inflated real estate market I live in.

        1. You could have lived with either set of parents til you got on your feet as a couple.

        2. Why would you get married if you can’t even afford to leave your parents house? That would be embarrassing.

        3. Agreed. An ex of mine married some beta schlub after me and they were broke and in love. They moved into her parent’s home and stayed with them for a year or so. While she was married to said guy, I ran across her again. She invited me over to her house to talk about it around midnight one night. I took the virginity so I guess I got permanent seeding. Currently she has a daughter with husband number two who is white, ripped and an army boy. He is about her height so let’s see how long this lasts.

        4. There are some cultures where you (the son) never leave your parents house for it would be undutiful to do so. You bring your wife to live with you in the joint-family, ancestral home and together you take of your aging parents and usher in the new generation. We don’t have the level of family values and responsibility in the West anymore, but its still not shameful to live with parents , study, work and be married until you can save money to get your own place.

        5. I just don’t see how getting married and living with your parents could be considered responsible.

        6. In those cultures the son takes over the running of the family and the ancestral estate as his parents age. If a son does not do so but leaves to set up his own independent “nuclear family” in another town, its considered a negative. In our Western culture we have a different view but I still there is no shame in a young couple who want to marry early living with parents until they can get on their own two feet. Otherwise you have them waiting til they finish college and getting established in careers and in that time they grow apart and end up in the promiscuous dating scene and regretting they lost their one true love because of being too ashamed to marry young and live with parents for a few years.

        7. You need to present yourself as a man. A man does not live with his parents. This is emasculating and your woman will not respect you. I have seen this go very badly in practice.
          If you cannot afford your own place you cannot afford to get married. Most women know this intrinsically, which is why they judge you by your means.

        8. In many cultures when a man moves out from his parents home its seen as just the opposite – he is shirking his MANLY responsibilities of taking over the parental home and family for living a life of a selfish, childish freer life. Anyway, our American “culture” is currently different on this matter (perhaps we need to change?) but I have still some young Americans who wanted to marry early but could not afford their own place yet live with parents for a few years, stack their money and help their parents/in-laws in their home, and it worked out fine. I’m always for anything that increases family bonds. America needs it.

        9. It’s more predominant in Asian families. Individualism is a great defining trait of American culture but sometimes we do it to a fault to the point that relying on your family for anything is frowned upon.
          Rent is really fucking high in coastal cities and sometimes kids need to move back in with their parents to re-plan and execute their life plan. Especially if they done goofed in college with some bad planning.
          Traditionally, family was supposed to be your support system not something you try your hardest to get away from.

        10. Which cultures are those? What if there is more than one child (man)? Are all of these new families supposed to squeeze in to the now small family home?
          Yeah I know about people who get married and stay at home and it puts a strain on them. In my view, a man builds his own home. Its humiliating to be a grown man and living with your parents. Furthermore, marrying before you can afford it seems foolish to me.

        11. Its the norm throughout South Asia. And if there is more than one son and enough room in the house, yes they all live together. Its called the multi-generational, joint-family system. Free babysitting and the elders are looked after too.

        1. Not sure I fully understand you but I think you need to be at least 40 before you consider marriage. By then you will know the ways of women and how to judge them. You will also be in a position to incorporation wealth protection in the event of a divorce (i.e. portable assets, assets held overseas, second language, second passport etc.). Make it so that divorcing you is an unattractive proposition.
          Thanks for the tip on the documentary.
          Hey, ever seen Casino?

        2. 40 is way too old if you’re going to have kids. They are a huge energy sync and by the time that you really, really need the energy (teens) you’ll be approaching 60. Not saying marry at 18 of course, but late 20’s isn’t a bad option, again if you’re planning on kids.

        3. My Dad had all his kids in his forties and still has plenty of energy. All the other 80 year olds on his block are terrified of him. A couple of years ago he had a fist fight with some mid-twenties nut on his front doorstep. My Dad won.
          Its not the age its the preparation. As Mike Tyson found out when he fought Lennox.

        4. I’m not convinced its a rule. A man mid to late 40s should be capable of handling kids.

        5. Of course he is capable of handling kids in his 40’s. When he’s approaching 60 more often than not he’d likely rather be focusing on something else. Grandfathers are in their 60’s traditionally, not fathers (with exceptions, as always). Grandpa gets to hand the kids back to the parents after an evening or weekend babysitting.
          A teen, if you raise him right, is going to be very active and needing a lot of your support (at least until he gets his driver’s license). It’s not a walk in the park.

        6. I’ll check out Casino. Thanks.
          I’d say marrying young, without real experience and insight in the cultural wasteland we have sets young men up to be an easily discarded “income stream” after a divorce. You know that magically moment after the first magical moment in a woman’s life where you are paying support for a child you can’t see and she rides the carousel to her next victim.

        7. A teenage boy without a father around is a disaster in the making.
          A mother can only do so much.

        8. Quite right. I mention Casino because in it, Robert de Niro trusts his wife. It ends badly.
          Yes indeed about divorce. Which is why I advise marrying late.

        9. I’m sure it isn’t but its all predictable. If a man makes a decision to have children in his forties he is also making a decision to helping a young adult in his sixties. A wise man prepares himself accordingly. But this also applies to a man in his twenties or thirties having kids. Preparation for the future is always necessary.

    2. “It’s a beta white knight fantasy. More fantasy in BBT than anything that happened in the LOTR or Hobbit flicks.”
      well said. good luck finding that unicorn. not many of them left in the US. i’d try EE or latin america if i were you.

      1. If I brought her back though, would she not turn into the selfish and bitter feminist I went abroad to avoid. I really feel like there is no escaping this damaged culture, that it will still screw men over no matter where they go to get wives.

        1. Some will, some won’t. It’d be best to run a targeted simulation in similar environments abroad, a behavioral challenge if you will, before endearing yourself on that level in the US. Or have a planned obsolescence in mind. I.e., if she shows poor marks in X,Y,Z once here, dump her in X mount of time.

        2. It isn’t so simple. My husband (Australian born) was writing to me in the CCCP for 5 years but when we did marry and I came back to Australia, I divorced him in less than three months. He thought I was a traditional peasant girl but I wasn’t going to play that role.

        3. Why would he ‘think’ that about you if you two were writing for 5 years? WHY WOULD HE MAKE THAT ASSUMPTION?

        4. there’s a good chance she would. this very thing happened to me when i foolishly brought my blond-haired, blue eyed ex over to the US from ukraine. granted, i think part of the problem with that i was very beta and blue pill at the time and had no idea how to manage an eastern slavic woman (as an aside, your average latina is going to be easier to manage than your average EE girl, in my opinion). i would go for a girl who is very religious and hopefully a virgin when you meet her. not easy to find, but possible in latin america. i would also move to her country where (hopefully) women are still shamed for disloyal, slutty behavior. but yeah, there are absolutely no guarantees, any marriage can blow up in your face. i would not recommend marriage unless you really, really want kids and you get lucky and find that unicorn.

        5. problem with that is that you have like three months to marry if you bring her to the US on a K-1 visa. i’m not sure what happens if the marriage breaks up before she qualifies for permanent residency (two years after marriage, IIRC). my ex held out for her permanent green card and is still kicking around my city. ran into her randomly with current guy a few times last year, actually.

        6. Well he really should have picked that up in the previous FIVE years.You really should have discussed expectations. I find it strange that he was that taken by surprise unless you lead him on a bit and then when married + got some financial security + Aussie citizenship,you decided to set some new ground rules for the relationship.
          Your side will be – ‘he was looking for a submissive peasant girl’
          His side will be – ‘I got used as a stepping stone & kickstarter fund to a new life for her in a first world country.’ Hopefully the OZ govt doesn’t fall for it.

      2. I disagree. BBT is a fantasy in the West. In other cultures, if you have good job you can marry a hottie even if you arephysically averadge.
        btw, actor Kunal Nayar (Raj) is marriedto Miss Universe contestant Neha Kapur.

        1. Glad you pointed this out as there is something important to share on this, she is Indian! There is a major cultural difference between what is seen as alpha by ethnic women and what is seen as alpha by white women. In a liberal environment all white women have a high likelihood of leaving their men for their money. This stems back to a deeper problem of a lack of culture and heritage.

        2. Exactly. I would also add that girls like Kaley Cuoco are NOT wife material. They have a huge notch count of alpha males (including Super man Henry Calvill). You can never keep a bitch like that in check.

        3. For my generation of men (30+), there is no way out since the whole is either westernized or under fanatism, that includes EE, Latin America SEA and even stable African countries.
          However, I think 20+ guys will have it great in the next decades “thanks” to the crisis, the threat of Islam(ism), the neo-cold war, etc.

        4. i dunno. i found a unicorn (traditional, feminine, virgin until she met me) in central america. they aren’t easy to find even here, but way easier than in first-world hell hole english-speaking countries. i found another apparent unicorn years ago in ukraine but managed to screw that up by being too beta. you have to day game or meet them through mutual acquaintances, and go for the shy, bookish girls, or the ones who go to church. if she’s religious (a plus in my opinion) you might be waiting a while for sex. still, it can be done, and if you want to raise a family, it’s worth it.

        5. I found a unicorn in Kazakhstan a few years ago and I am pretty sure there were plenty of them in the Baltics and Russia when I was there. The problem is thatyou can’t bring her back in the West because she will be cut from her culture. Then, SJW will corrupt her.

        6. Technically, Aryan are Iranian and Afghan. Most light-skinned Indians (like Kunal) are a mix of dark-skinned Indians (Tamil, etc.) and Aryans.

        7. that’s why i’m seriously trying to setting down in central ameirca with my wife. i’m hoping i’ll somehow be able to keep her more or less like she is if we have to settle in the US, but yeah, i do worry about it.

        8. Personally, I think the West is already on the path back to traditionalism while Latin America and EE are on the back to SJWsm. This move should take 10-20 years but still moving to Latin America is not a viable solution.

        9. Be careful what you wish for. Traditionalism is a response to crises and deep societal issues. We’ll get back to there because we heading towards hard times.

        10. Finding a virgin is definitely preferred. Just look at how a teenage girl treats her first boyfriend (with adoration).
          I looked at a picture of a young Queen Elizabeth with Phillip and she’s looking at him like he’s some kind of superhero. That’s what I want.

        11. “Ethnic” women? So White isn’t an ethnicity? You mean non-White women.
          “In a liberal environment all white women have a high likelihood of leaving their men for their money”
          When leftist race deniers learn some red pill talking points, we get this. And of course, Black women, Mestizo women, Turkish women, Arab women etc in the west would be so different. Hah, no. They are more leftist and therefore more feminist than anyone. ESPECIALLY Indian women, who are among the ugliest out there, are prone to become bitter feminists when they live in the West.

        12. it’s beautiful, what i have with my wife. i’m very grateful for it. no guarantees though, even with virgins. i’ve deflowered two other virgins. one told me straight up that she wanted to sleep with a lot of other guys before she got married. the other one got curious after we got married and slept with a lot of other guys (i largely blame myself for being very beta and not understanding game at all at the time). to me, the big difference between my wife and the other two is her devout christianity. she does not buy into the sex-in-the-city notion that a woman should build up a decent notch count before she gets married, and she’s committed to the marriage because she sees it as a commitment before god. i think good christian girls, probably from non-western countries, are your best bet. you might have to wait a few months for sex though, if you meet one.

        13. She sees marriage as a commitment before God? Good lord, she’s definitely not from the West.
          Makes me wonder if there are still any good girls still in the South or the Bible Belt.
          If you don’t mind me asking, just how much game did you have to run in her?

        14. much less game than required with a western woman. that’s what i always liked about slavic women and latinas. in EE and latin america, if you’re looking for an LTR, you kind of let her know you’re interested and she let’s you know. it’s much more straightforward.
          i don’t have any experience in the deep south, but i do like texas women a lot. they seem a cut above most american women, the closest we get to russian women in the US.

    3. I’ll tell you something else that is fantasy. This habit of showing men turning down hot pussy. That never happened ever, but they depict it on TV. Also, guys turning down blowjobs… never happens.

      1. I’ve turned down a couple women in the past. I have standards man. I’m not going to swim in a skanky ass pool even with a wet suit. Sometimes you got to.
        When you have choices you can afford to.

    4. That’s why I swore off MMO’s and RPG’s in general. I’d rather level up in life than in a world that doesn’t exist.

    1. Agreed, it is just a fame thing. Most interviews I am surprised how ugly they look. The crew must have to work hard to make her look pretty all the time.

    2. Same here. Especially Kaley. Nice body when she was just out of her teens (imagine!) but that ‘formerly hot blond sorority girl’ type face has become my least favorite female prototype. I wish her the best of luck.

      1. She looks so momish. But divorced cunty momish. That extra lower cheek fat will look shitty when it sags more, and concrete her bitter look to the core.

      2. Indeed. More male than female (which means the 21st century American male is all over it).

      3. Look at Miley Cyrus. Even she was a cute kid as Hannah Montana….and NOW?!?! Ugly face, ugly body, nasty and repulsive personality….and she’s only 22.
        Not even a professional make up crew could make her attractive.

    3. Mila is a dog without several inches of professionally applied makeup. As are I’d say 60-75% of women in America over the age of 25.
      A few of us around the office joke around about what you wake up next to the following morning after a girl’s fake parts and face paint have been removed. I have to say, the women in our office are downright scary without their paint on.

    4. Yeah agreed.
      I don’t know why the author of this article describes Kaley Cuoco as “hot” or a “bombshell.” she is nothing of the sort. She is a pudgy, bitchy, average looking blonde.. nothing special by any means, and a well discerning man could tell she’s the type who will hit the wall hard.. gain weight and just loose whatever semblence of hotness she has when she was in her early 20s. Now you can see her already hitting the wall.. especially with that god-awful short haircut of hers.
      In the real world, someone like Leonard isn’t all that far from her SMV. She might a point or two higher.. but not that much.. and her SMV is rapidly declining. In the previous social order, someone like her would have been smart to marry young to a beta male who was below her SMV but it would equal out in time. Now she’s divorced, 30, and hitting the wall.. and yet somehow we are led to believe she is too good for a high achieving beta male and decent looking guy like Leonard. This should tell you something about how skewed in favour of women the current sexual market is and how desperate so many decent looking men like Leonard are. It’s pathetic.
      I have other issues with the Big Bang Theory.. The idea that Howard could land a cutie like the woman he found is just not believable. First, hot women like here are just rare in the very demanding scientific field. And the few of them w ho are there have so many thirsty beta males around them, that they have the pick of the litter. In the real world, she would be fucking some hot guy outside of her field, or the hottest guy she can land at her workplace. Someone like Howard would have zero chance.
      The only semblence of reality in the big bang theory is the constant reminder of an indian male’s i.e, raj, low SMV in the West. I haven’t watched the show for the last few years because I just got sick of all the blue pill crap on it but I remember how the running joke was how raj couldn’t get a girlfriend even if his life depended on it. This is completely accurate. Even a slightly nerdy if decent looking Indian guy like raj has no hope of finding a decent looking girl. Indian girls in the west have a far higher SMV than Indian guys, and in the show I remember raj’s sister managed to get Leonard as her bf very easily.. even as raj remained single. This is the reality for indian males in the west unfortunately. Most white/Caucasian women are incredibly racist in their sexual preferences and will only fuck other white guys. That leaves only other Indian women for Indian guys.. and those Indian women have a lot more options and are usually spreading their legs big time for white guys.

      1. …agreed hv…but as a whole most hot white women are incredibly racist in their sexual and status perception preferences against any non-white guy—not just Indian guys.. and most Indian women, too, are incredibly racist in their sexual preferences against any non-white or non-indian guys—rarely do either set of women (white or Indian) shag outside their race…need a real life example? Check out a real-world scenario at

      2. Most sitcoms are retarted (I use that unPC term with care because I think it applies). I remember I liked them when I was a teenager and later when I saw them, I thought to myself how emotionally and psychologically undeveloped I was. They’re like Barney and Teletubbies for adults.
        A few are great. Seinfeld was amazing. I also liked Frasier but it got corny a lot of the time. Even Sex and the City, though most would gag here, had an amusing aspect to it in that it portrayed the morally bankrupt urban hip woman as they were in all their glory (so it seemed) but without them realizing it.
        Sitcoms are full of lies for the emotionally retarded. One is that a waitress (or in the case of Sex and the City, a part-time writer) would have a nice apartment on their own and a circle of affluent friends and serious lovers. I see pretty waitresses all the time but they’re married so they don’t rely upon that as their sole source of income. Or they might live at home with her parents.
        A waitress scoring a geek, even a moderately attractive one as featured on the show, is not unrealistic at all. Geeks tend to earn good money and are reliable and a real score for a smart waitress. The dumb ones usually wind up messing up their lives (squeeze out a few kids by early 30’s) and only the most dumb of beta males, including geeks, would chase after them.

    5. Given her current look I don’t either (but she is attractive). That short hair cut drops her appeal to me, but I suspect it will only be an experiment for one season. I saw a couple of shows from season 1 recently and I had new appreciation for her sex appeal. I reckon season 1 KC is a honey. She also had more of a naive, sweet, bit of a bimbo girliness to her. You would be rapped if a season 1 single Kaley moved in to your next door apt.

      1. my wife (she is not from a western country) has vowed never to cut her hair short. god willing, she will keep this promise.

      2. Yeah, but after she dumps loverboy, it’ll take a long time to grow it back. She’ll have to settle for someone she doesn’t quite like.

    1. It shows (her actions) that the ‘model’ is correct. She ran through her highest SMV years dating (riding the carousel) and then settled down near 30. She was cheated on by a man that she chose to marry (his SMV is on the rise). I see (and hear) this happening, time and time, again and I can’t say I feel sorry for any of them. They picked the man (in the end) so what can you really say (or feel) for them.
      Now, she may have to ride the carousel, again, for a few years. She’ll probably end up with a beta provider.

      1. How could it last though/? This guy, in his best years, probably made $100-$200k a yr; she makes millions a year. Just another example of how women cant marry down- it never works out.

        1. I agree that women can’t marry down but I also believe that money can be a non-factor in many of these relationships. The point that I got from the article was that she stars on a TV show that pushes the narrative of the nice guy (or nerd) getting a hot girl. In real life, though, she follows the “model” to a T of hooking up with a man that has a higher SMV (or at least the same)…his is on the rise (still), hers in on the decline. Too many like her lose it after they hit 30, it’s all downhill.
          She knows this fact and she’ll probably bounce to a beta provider after this guy or she’ll hook up with another similar one only to go through it again. I shake my head every time I hear this shit because the model (regarding women) is too true – even though they still push the feminist imperative.

        2. It’s like how Emma Watson was spitting that foolishness with her “he for she bullshit”. And then she dates an alpha stud rugby player.

      2. I don’t know, though. Is Ryan Sweeting really alpha? He only ranked 64 on the tennis circuit, wasn’t bringing in any money, and is now seeking spousal support from Cuoco. Plus, the “insiders” are now saying that he had a substance abuse problem that he couldn’t kick.
        I know guys don’t wanna be relegated to beta provider status, but you’ve gotta bring home the bacon to be king of the castle. You’ve also gotta have a strong sense of direction and exude strong leadership qualities. It’s the only way the woman will follow. You can ask Jessica Alba’s soon-to-be ex husband about that. Look at dudes in the trailer parks and in the inner city. The reason they have dump trucks for wives and GFs is because most of the time they don’t have enough money or status to either a) upgrade to better options or b) persuade their current wives/GFs to lose weight, put on makeup, etc. They’re just as bad as the weak beta providers who have money, but no authoritative demeanor and no backbone. Meanwhile, the local drug dealer and the high-powered cutthroat corporate exec can pull certified 10s because they have money, status, AND balls.
        I don’t think Cuoco was trying to tame an alpha, and I don’t necessarily think that she fell for a beta, either. I think she just wanted a wedding with all the pomp and circumstance appurtenant thereto. It’s the same reason Kim K. got married. All women who are about to plow through the wall want to live the dream at least once in their lives. You could’ve literally inserted any guy into that scenario and Cuoco would’ve been cool, provided he was white and athletic. Now that the hoopla’s over, she’s ready to leave the party.
        You’re right about her riding the carousel again, and now that she’s single, she can sling her wares at any simp producer, writer, or agent who’s holding down a sweet movie role. Don’t be surprised if she comes out the gate with 10-12 new movies in the next 18 months. I don’t think she’ll end up with a beta provider, though. She’ll just do the Mariah and bounce from one rich dude to another for the next 20 years or until her looks fade completely, whichever comes sooner.

        1. He ranked 64 in his profession – that’s better than about six billion people do in their profession.

        2. I get what you’re saying, but I’m just crunching the numbers, and rank and net worth are proportionate to one another. Sweeting’s net worth is about $2 million. But then you have Novak Djokovic, who currently ranks #1, and he’s worth $120 million. I’m just saying that it seems like a chick like Kaley Cuoco, who’s worth $30 million, would hitch her wagon to a guy whose net worth was higher than hers. That’s what Kim K. did with Kanye (her $85 million versus his $145 million). I’m just saying. Game can certainly trump cash alone in some instances, but money’s always a factor to some degree.

        3. Agree with some of the stuff your saying here.
          We all know that women (when they hit that age) will take anything to be married, start the kid thing, etc…(you only need to look at Jennifer Lopez for that example). I think it’s the obvious hypocrisy in it all (and they all aren’t even aware of it). The point or message in this article is the one (narrative) that Hollywood tries to push on us – even the nerds get a hot girl in the end (too many shows and movies on this one). It just doesn’t add up but many people watch, they buy into it believing that a guy just needs to be a good, decent guy and then when it all doesn’t work that way they wonder why that guy ended up shooting up a school, going off the deep end , etc…. It’s a dangerous narrative (plus irresponsible) and I don’t think many producers stop to think (or care) about how this can effect society, overall. It’s pretty sad as well because you’ll have women preaching this bullshit of wanting “a nice, good man” but in the end they keeping going back to that same well (until it’s time – the age hits – and they want the American dream). At that point, they’ll take anyone who can provide it (be Alpha or Beta).

        4. Excellent points. The funny thing is, though, every now and then, even in a vast cinematic sea of blue pill detritus, kernels of red pill wisdom will sneak in. Look at “The Last American Virgin” and the last ten minutes of “Wet Hot American Summer.” But that all gets negated when you have movies like “Hall Pass,” “Just Go With It,” and “Crazy Stupid Love,” where the directors dip their toes in the crimson waters, only to scurry back to the bed and snuggle under a mountain of azure blankets like post-pubescent Linuses.
          Sci-Fi is the latest offender nowadays. Look at the last few Stargate shows. Both “Atlantis” and “Universe” not only showed nerds scoring, but also beating out alphas, which is virtually impossible in the real world. I think Roddenberry had it right, though. In nearly every iteration of “Star Trek,” the main alpha guy got the girls, and the geeks (Geordi in TNG, Harry Kim in ‘Voyager,’ and Malcolm Reed in ‘Enterprise’) were left out in the cold.
          The only thing I’d slightly disagree with is when you say the producers aren’t aware of the narrative they’re pushing. They know. They think it’s what their audience wants to see. They think it betters society by giving people hope, and they probably even think it’ll change people’s thoughts on relationships and attraction on a subconscious level. What they actually don’t understand is that when something like ‘gina tingles and alpha fux/beta bux is ingrained in a society as pervasively as it is here, no amount of low-key tv/movie propaganda is gonna change that. Only a full, conscious 180-degree turnaround in societal mores, spearheaded by that society’s leaders, will do that. Today’s producers can best serve Western society by hammering home red-pill truths at every opportunity. The problem is getting them to see that that’s what they should be doing.

        5. I’m a realist. I know that it’s all about money, first, so yes in a way these producers do know what they are pushing (like a drug dealer) to make the dollars. The sad fact is that people are so willing to push this degenerate idea of thinking (and way of life) for the almighty dollar. It’s a short term gain (in money, sales) but for the long haul it’s going to be a disaster.

    2. I think she had to get it for two reasons. One, because she was getting a “real” job; and two, because she was hitting the wall, had her epiphany abouLeonard and no longer had to be attractive to hot guys.

      1. I’ve read that the show makers were basically “talked to” about her character not being a Grrl Pwrrrr Career Grrrrl and that it was wrong that she sometimes looked bad (in a philosophical sense) on the show, so they had to write her character to evolve into Princess Grrrrl Pwrrrrr.
        No idea if it’s true since I don’t watch television per se, but that’s what I read.

        1. I used to laugh when Sheldon shamelessly slut shamed her. But they want her to be some kind of role model?
          It’s like really? That’s who you want to aspire to be, some girl who rode 30 dicks?

        2. Take comfort in the fact that the Old Media is dying and is even now gasping in its death throes. Their ability to shape and mold minds is diminishing every single day, and not in a trivial sense. Once everybody has cut the cable, or enough have that critical mass has been reached from a cultural influence level, we’ll see some serious shifts in our culture in a positive sense.

    3. Some girls can pull it off successfully but not too short. However, girls with round faces should keep their hair nice and long.

    4. I used to like chicks with short hair, the ones with the right facial structure that could pull it off without looking like a bulldyke.
      And then feminists ruined it all.
      Girls with round faces should not have short hair; it’s not flattering at all.

  4. Reality is that the shorter male has the role in hollywood as comedian. Only about once in a generation do women consider shorter male in alpha role, tom cruise or justin bieber come to mind.
    Cuoco is an average white girl with a boob job (6.5), another sports groupie who got used for pump and dump. Even the lesser known pro athletes can bang several sports groupies like her every month if they want.

  5. Actresses are no prize, really. They tend to get passed around are are more performance driven and less feminine.

  6. Aniston expected to have kids with Pitt but he cheated on her and dumped her for Jolie.
    “We are meant to believe that Leonard Hoffstadder, the sniveling, 5’7”, supremely geeky, but still possessing a heart-of-gold protagonist of the show can end up with bombshell Penny, played of course by real life hottie Kaley Cuoco.”
    No we are NOT meant to believe that and nobody actually does. Assortive mating is the natural order of the universe, not asymmetrical pairing.

  7. A few days ago an anti-pedophilia article went up on this site and today we get this, along with a picture of a boy child?…
    “Perhaps we’ll watch a show about a Victoria’s Secret Model who grows frustrated with her life and all the tall, hot studs that keep hitting on her. Instead she falls in love with “little Timmy”– a crippled,
    autistic boy, blind in one eye, who lives across the hall, but is also a
    world famous Starcraft player and the biggest white knight this side of
    Prince Charming”
    Please try to be consistent, and genuinely anti-pedophila.

    1. A photo to match his proposed storyline was probably damn hard to find. I was kinda surprised at “little Timmy”, too, but I didn’t take it as being pro-boy-rape.

  8. Taking the red-pill just means you’re not so easily buying into the bullshit society is feeding you anymore. It doesn’t mean things are gonna get easier though.
    Taking the red-pill is a challenge… A nut up or shut up kind of situation.

    1. The red pill is two things:
      1. A revelation of the popular fiction.
      2. An objective measurement of your standing in reality.
      You can take those two ingredients and use them to your advantage (and betterment), or you can cry about them. Either way, everybody has to make the leap. Clearing the gap or smashing into the ground is entirely up to you.

      1. I would say the red pill is understanding human instincts and why they exists, and understanding why the media hide those facts and demonize our instincts. Which fits nicely with your two points, though.

    2. My little girlfriend started pulling shit on me that I recognize from years past, but didn’t completely recognize without certain red pill wisdom that I have picked up this year.
      You are right, it does not make things easier, but you can call them on their bullshit and then manage the relationship a bit better. In the end it is better to know what is going on rather than being an ignorant cork in the water.

        1. How much does it cost to replace a seatbelt? Wont last much longer…

        2. That would be a good option for these forthcoming sexbots. Different trim levels just like a car

        3. My girlfriend has a little brother, so there is no issue there. She shows up for a date dressed like a schoolgirl (sort of 26 going on 16) which created some enjoyably awkward moments as it looked like I was dating someone a third of my age.

        4. It’s a funny demotivator. But really – if a guy takes the time to find and upload a picture and everything, why not also take the time to check so the spelling isn’t at a third-grade level? Just look through it once, for God’s sake. The lack of quality these days.

        5. Haha didn’t notice the spelling mistake in the photo because I was too busy staring at the bewbs.
          You are proof that betas and fags are needed for a healthy and balanced society.

    3. Sometimes, I wish I could take the blue pill and go back to the matrix again. Sometimes…

      1. The only thing I miss is not being suspicious of girls…
        The politics, the hypocrisy, the depressing economy, the occasional isolation, the restlessness, etc., is all manageable and intellectually stimulating enough for me to be okay with.
        What bothers me is the schism between men and women.

        1. There are women who are not sluts. You don’t find them in bars. Duh! They are still female, but they have some standards. Be masculine to win them and masculine to keep them. It can be done and it’s worth it.
          But damn, it CAN be depressing! What is seen cannot be unseen.

        2. I ended up 10,000 kilometers from home and the girls here are different and yet the same. They are not raging thundersluts into bars and branch-swinging and such but they are still women and do all the same crazy shit to try and manipulate you and drive you crazy, even when you know precisely what they are doing.

        3. Just accept women for what they are. You are not obligated to seduce every girl you meet, and you can’t expect to hold on to every girl you seduce. Just relax and enjoy people as they are, not as you wish them to be. You don’t have to respect someone to have affection for her.

        4. As a friend once said, “If they didn’t have a pussy, there’d be a bounty on ’em!”

        5. Ever been to Beijing? I lived there for 6 months and the nightlife was superior to cities like NYC, if nightlife is your sort of thing.

        6. I hung out with a friend for a few weekends and did the whole tourist thing for four days but otherwise didn’t experience Beijing. I spent a number of weekends and a few weeks solid in Shanghai – in the company of some fine ladies from time to time – and loved the nightlife as well as the atmosphere (figuratively, the literal atmosphere is terrible just like Beijing). Xiamen had a great vibe but I was only there for a few days.
          I spent a year in Changzhou and two years in Jinan, which are second tier cities. I’m flying to Shenzhen tomorrow and will spend 9 months or so there. Everyone has told me how great that will be.

        7. I have been in Colombia for four months now and it’s just amazing how much different my relationships with women down here are as opposed to in my hometown. I don’t feel like I have to use game here. I don’t feel like I have to dissect every interaction with women and figure out what I did wrong and how I can improve my chances for the future. That being said, these women are not without flaws either. But I feel like their problems are far easier to reconcile than with North American women. Down here I can pull women of such a quality that wouldn’t even notice me back at home. As for having stimulating worldly conversations though, there’s still a void. There’s still very few people I’ve found capable of talking about more than the usual daily distractions (football, TV, pop music, etc.)

        8. Reading more of these daily and I too notice the schism between men and women! To me it’s reminiscent of when my parents moved and I transferred to another junior high school. It seems like people are just feeling people out!!

        9. I think that’s one of the burdens of being a thinking man.
          Hopefully in your travels you’ll come across someone who is as nuts as you are heh.
          I’m happy to hear that women are better abroad though. Gives me hope.

        10. “Better abroad”
          Yeah, better for sure, but some guys come down here looking for a “traditional wife” which is a terrible mistake. These girls are nothing like your Grandma. I think many manosphere dwellers imagine some sort of 1950s style courting when they think of foreign women. It is sure as hell nothing like that, and I am not sure that can be replicated anywhere in the modern world. But they are a hell of a lot more fun than what I am used to back at home, and that’s all that really matters. Beats the opportunity cost.

        11. A good number of the women-hating types here would be incapable of maintaining any relationship with any woman at any point beyond the 19th century.

        12. Toronto women are absolutely horrible. I’ve been elsewhere and there’s something about Toronto that really smacks of a quiet, simmering hostility towards anything but either raw materialism or idealism. Basically every woman there has a little bit of ghomeshi protester with a dash of gold digger. Canadian women in small towns etc though ? Pretty solid… Healthy, fun, unpretentious and generally suspicious of the feminist flavoured authoritarianism of that black hole Toronto.

        13. Toronto women are enough to make a man become a misogynist… or else just give up on life…

      2. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
        No way I could go back and take the blue pill. Have to fight it off and deprogram.

        1. Christianity is the origin of the weepy please-forgive-me-I’m-such-a-bad-sinner-I’m-sorry doctrine, the blue pill. The denial and demonization of instincts created by evolution. “The first shall be the last and the last shall be the first!” “If someone strikes you you should turn the other cheek to get struck again, then you are GOOD! Being strong enough to fight back is BAD! So your weakness is not pathetic, it’s actually moral superiority.” From there it was an easy step for Marx to make a secular version and use guilt tripping to attack European society, flatter the weak and shame the strong.

        2. Look at the Germans man, they’re afraid to be proud of being German. That’s white guilt to the extreme.

        3. Think you’re taking the Bible a little out of context there, friend. The whole turning the other cheek thing was regarding trivial things; people mocking your faith is a great example! If someone were to actually attack me or my family, you can damn well bet I won’t be turning the other cheek and I don’t know another Christian who wouldn’t do the same. What’s more red pill than brushing off petty verbal insults? Is it red pill to get your knickers in a knot every time someone hurls a generic copy-paste insult your way? I think we both know the answer. THAT is the true meaning behind turning the other cheek.
          As for the whole weepy, please forgive me topic: I’m not called to answer to anyone on this Earth. God is the only individual I need to answer to. You won’t see me groveling to anyone else. Next time, try not getting your information solely from the people who HATE Christianity. Both sides of the story, buddy.

    4. It is like tending a garden.
      You need to maintain it.
      You need to weed out the blue,
      You need to water the red.
      The only difference is, unlike normal grass, the red pill truth does a lot of this maintenance on its own.
      More important than aiding the red pill is not to obstruct its autonomous functioning.
      Now that I think of it, the red pill is actually more like the weed in the garden of lies. Unless ignored or actively burnt, once its seeds are sown, the truth will pop out somewhere in your mind.

    5. Yup, it’s not easy. Neo puked and nearly had a mental breakdown when he unplugged from the Matrix. It’s not for everyone.

    6. Oh yeah, totally. The hard part for the Men’s Movement, Neo-Masculinity, whatever you want to call it, is that the changes you have to make in yourself aren’t easy. Like a fat chick with an eating disorder told me: It’s all around you, food in commercials, social events planned around food, etc. And all the while you’re trying to change internally and society pushes you to keep eating.
      The same with the Red Pill. Recently I was with a group a guys, all of us divorced, all our exes acted the same way, we all agreed about false societal concepts, but did any of them REALLY swallow the implications and reality in front of them about changing their views on life and themselves? No. if you talked about the Red Pill to them they’d think you were nuts.

      1. In that sense it can be isolating sometimes.
        So many of my RedPill views I take for granted at this point. Sometimes when I think I’m talking common sense people stare at me like I just said the sky is falling. Then I realize that people really aren’t on that same wavelength… And I end up scratching my head wondering “So how do you think the world works then???”
        I would honestly be open to discussing worldviews and being corrected where I’m wrong. But if I start presenting my RedPill views, I will receive far worse than mere criticism.
        Really seems to me like most people would rather just go back to watching Everybody Hates Raymond.

        1. Same here Clark. The Red Pill can be jolting to the uninitiated…we must be VERY circumspect. I’ve been of this mindset a long time & have gotten quite comfortable with it. The danger there is that every so often I’ll speak unguardedly & the looks I’ll get! And I live in the live & let live Deep South USA…I can only imagine how close you must have to hold your views in Toronto.

        2. For real. The Red Pill isn’t just about our relationships with women, it goes way farther than that. It involves seeing everything/everyone around you in a different light. You treat people with more respect, but then you demand that too. And a lot of people with dependent or needy personalities don’t understand it. You’re not rejecting them- You’re just not engaging in co-dependent behavior. For instance. You stop eating at the gangs favorite restaurant because you realize something about it that goes against your sense of self-worth or principles. You don’t call your buddy at the same time every week to talk inanely about nonsense because you’ve discovered a self-fulfilling pastime. Etc.
          So when you try to explain to them about reality and how you’re integrating your value system with eyes open instead of being a zombie, they can’t understand. It’s sad and can be isolating, but part of masculinity is going your own way because it’s best for you. We NEED society, but we also can’t be in a herd.

        3. I went out to a bonfire like this last night just to see some old friends.
          I chill with these people every few months and it was strange how different my views have become from theirs. I just don’t care about gossip anymore… or sex jokes… or being ironic…
          It was nice to catch up with them but something was waaaaay off. I don’t watch television anymore so I couldn’t relate to them on that level at all. They were trashing the conservative party but wouldn’t engage in any discussion or debate about them. It was just all empty blue-pill nonsense (and in bad taste) to keep the girls from feeling “upset”.
          The only one who seemed to get me was the youngest girl of the group. She could tell I just didn’t care… She could read the fuck bitches get money right off my face…

        4. When people are presented with a concept or idea that undermines a world view that forms the basis of their identity (SJW’s for example) and self worth they react on a level deeper than conscious thought. Since they themselves know that they built these walls to protect themselves from their own inability to deal with their own failures, insecurities and just the shit of knowingly living a lie anything at all that challenges those walls is pushed away. They live in fear.

    7. “It doesn’t mean things are gonna get easier though”
      Indeed in fact it gets more difficult. One’s entire way of seeing the world is turned upside down, like suddenly being transported to an alien planet, despite the fact that one’s environment is exactly the same. Yeah being unplugged means one can free themselves from societal bs, but then he has to come to some kind of resolve and a reason to get out of bed each day, knowing the decline is in full swing.

  9. GLAD I do not watch TV. The last season I watched TV, EIGHT IS ENOUGH and THREE’S COMPANY were the big shows.
    Been 35 years. I can hardly name a show in the past 35 yeARS other than the Simpsons. Which I used to like. And after hearing a lot about STAR TREK;NEXT GENERATIION, once living in Japan in the 90’s, I went to a video shop in Japan during a TYPHOON and binged watched all the old Captain Picard.shows which were very cool.
    That is my experience with TV.

    1. There are great shows on HBO and, maybe, Showtime in the meantime. They saved television shows altogether, in my opinion, because prime-time network TV is simply unwatchable for anyone with a life and/or an IQ above 80 IMO.

  10. I love seeing the BBT get shit. It’s my go-to for blue pill bashing.
    My favourite example: Howard has an opportunity to go to space. He decides to take it because it’s his dream. Girlfriend gives him shit for not asking her opinion first. So he includes her in the decision making. She says no, as if her word is law.
    He accepts her power and says “whyyy nooooooottt?” She gives him some bullshit excuse for why she’s allowed to crush his dreams. Later, she’s over his place and says “I don’t want to be the one stopping you from living your dreams”. So she goes behind his back to his mother, who gives him some fresh shit.
    It takes a drunken discussion with 2 other girls for her to even entertain the idea that she’s in the wrong and that she’s being a total raging cunt.
    The patriarchy at work, ladies and gentlemen.

    1. To be honest, I think that’s pretty red pill. Likely unintentional, but red pill nonetheless because it shows the true nature of women.
      Penny-Leonard is another great example. She spent the first few seasons riding the carousel while Leonard pined away for her. She has dumped him several times for not giving enough tingles, only to come back when the new cock dried up. Now, she’s approaching the wall, and she’s snagged Leonard as a hapless provider.
      The red pill is written all over this show if people would open their eyes to see it. But most won’t because you’re being conditioned to think about this stuff the blue pill way (i.e. Penny’s slutty antics are hilarious, and Loenard is a good guy – who gets used up sloppy 100ths pussy as his reward).

      1. Solid point. Chuck Lorre did make Two and A Half Men, after all. Perhaps he’s more red pill than we thought.
        However, as you said people don’t think that way. They don’t think at all. They just want and whine and covet what they see on tv. It’s automatically a good thing if it works out on screen, which makes them want it in real life. Then they get it, which eventually leads them here.

  11. As a cryonicist I don’t have to watch BBT: I know real guys through cryonics like those fictional male characters. On the few occasions I’ve sampled it while channel surfing, I have even understood the geek references, like the time Sheldon performs a Fermi calculation in his head on how many men the slut waitress character has put out for in her life so far.

  12. It’s almost as though females (who direct every cultural, legal, political) decision are simply trying to drive the wedge between ‘nice guys’ and ‘bad boys’ even further. Maybe simply so it’s easier for them to navigate things. It’s simply more convenient and it saves them time, like a smart phone. In one glance, you know if a guy is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ ie unattractive or attractive. This is getting so SHALLOW. This is as shallow as female birds in the wild choosing mates based on some stripe on the males’ wings (tattoos). All of this ‘nice guy gets the girl’ in entertainment is just the beta bait. Any guy who falls for it has been screened out. It’s fucking stupid and it’s no way to spend your life…trying to navigate such nonsense. Lives are wasted in the pursuit of this stupid shit. Just get some cash and a passport and go live the male imperative. It’s not to be found in any Anglo country.

  13. Tingles rule the day in today’s mating game gentleman. Educate your friends and families. Spread the Red (pill that is, not communism!). Watch TV shows such as BBT only for a good laugh and to study the propaganda.
    At least a year back or so, a guy named “Tom” used to have some excellent posts (in the comments section) here at ROK. On the topic of tingles, he once left the following satirical article. Click to enlarge, and enjoy!

    1. Good points. Use this as a ‘training tool’ to spot these types of shows (and movies). They are plenty and they are out there so keep on your toes. I wouldn’t necessarily take too much of it in (i.e. spend time watching it) but used it to guide you along in ‘what not to do’. It’s all about what a woman does…not what she says (ignore). The medium is the message.

      1. Exactly.
        I have a TV, but no cable or Directv. Cut it out of my life about 5 years ago. I go out to the bar occasionally to catch sporting events. I’ve never been into following celebrity life, but we can use the fact that paparazzi and the general public are obsessed with these people to gather information. Compare the TV show “couples” with the real world couples. And possibly use blue pill TV shows as a “what not to do” guide for our less enlightened friends.
        After all, many people’s attention spans are very poor, so getting them to actually read books and articles may be difficult. But, sitting them down to watch TV over a couple of beers while explaining the propaganda could be helpful to our cause.

        1. Yes. People following the lives of other people…that’s a waste of time (especially celebrities). People need to get a grip (and a life) and get out, live life. I’m telling (advising) younger people on a regular basis to shut off their phone for a few hours a day (starting) to avoid distractions.
          There is nothing on that phone that can’t be dealt with later. Take back your life…is the advice.

        1. I think there is a lot to learn here on how not to be a certain way (good tool for younger men starting out).

    2. Funny article! You said it was satire but the first couple of points sounded like real advice!
      Sad. Sad. Sad.

      1. I know, right? When I posted it I debated whether I should use the word “satire”… I also should have specified that it wasn’t an ROK article but a picture that he left in the comments section of an ROK article… The whole article and “website” seem to be one giant meme, if you will. If you look at the other stuff in that image outside of the actual article, it is quite funny. They even included a picture of Roosh at the top!

  14. Someone should write an article about *Two and a Half Men*. It received a ton of hate over the years for having pedestrian humor, predictable jokes, and an obnoxious laugh track that goes off ever other second. And all those things are true. But it was very red pill. I wonder if the hate it received is not due to the fact that it’s a dumb show but because it’s thoroughly un-feminist.

    1. Not only was “Two and a Half Men” funny and clever, but if you didn’t like the humor you could always enjoy the parade of hot female guests stars, each one better than the next. “Seinfeld” did this too — I think they cast female guest stars just so the actors could date them. Inspiring.

    2. Two and a Half Men lost it when they decided to get Charlie engaged and p-whipped. I sometimes watch the re-runs unless it’s a Chelese episode.

  15. TV skews to a female audience by a considerable margin. The only stuff that skews male is sports, and some of Fox’s sunday night comedy lineup.
    Everything else on network TV skews heavily female. This is intentional since the 80’s, as females make most household consumer purchases and are heavily involved in car purchases. Men just aren’t tuning in to these shows in large numbers, because these shows are not intended for a male audience.
    TV by the numbers has the breakdown for most shows and its hilarious how skewed they are. The below link is 5 years old, but check out the skew!

  16. FWIW: I thought the underlying theme of BBT was dated when it started: if the nerd chases the beautiful woman for long enough he will attain her and she will think he’s the best boyfriend she could ever have. Then there was an episode where Leonard gives a speech to young people how about cool people fizzle out after high school whereas it’s the nerds and geeks who clean up later in life despite real world evidence to the contrary. Sheesh!

    1. The cool guys with intelligence and ambition go to college, start businesses, enter lucrative careers and still “clean up” on the best women. And they already have a tremendous head start over the nerds in sexual experience.

    2. Eh, I don’t think that last part is entirely untrue. Engineers and computer programmers make some pretty good money. Not executive level most of the time, but they do a hell of a lot better than your standard wrench turner.

  17. Big Bang Theory airs in 2007.
    “Nerd” culture becomes acceptable and is presented as hip, popular, and trendy.
    2008-2015 This show gets famous and you get an epidemic of “Ehmagehrd I’m a gurl gamer you guize, hurr durr I’m being hurassed!”

  18. “real life hottie Kaley Cuoco”
    Who thinks this chick is a “hottie”?
    I guess in a world where Gisele Bunchen is considered attractive…

  19. Women like bad boys and tries to turn him into someone she hates and despises. Makes absolute sense to me if you think female logic.

    1. Sometimes I think deep down modern women are disappointed that we haven’t told them to go fuck themselves yet.

      1. They love you for it. Of course, they’ll run out and revenge-fuck 5 guys afterwards anyways, but then they still want you, if not the most, close to the most, unless one of those revenge fucks was John Holmes. This is my experience and assumption combined.

  20. Never liked this show. I see it as a bunch of mangina Beta male orbiters putting that halfway decent blonde girl (or anything else with a wet hole) up on a pedestal, from what little I’ve seen of the show. That and the “Blossom” chick being some sort of faux sex symbol, Strong Independent Woman™ type. Seems like the same old canned humor that’s been around for decades. Sex joke after sex joke.
    I’ve got better things to do than get emotionally wrapped up in such dreck. With boys today being brought up on such shows, it’s no wonder most of them are geldings being cucked out of existence.

    1. It’s that old joke: “Why do the critics all love Elvis Costello? Because they all look like him.”
      Difference here is Costello has more balls than that entire cast put together.

  21. This is complete apex fallacy nonsense. Guess what? 99.999% of guys who will read this are not fucking tennis pros or movie stars.

  22. If you think that “alpha” and “blue pill” are a contradiction in terms, then I have two words for you: Ned Fucking Stark.

  23. Mayim Bialik’s character seems plausible to me. I met nerdy, really smart Jewish girls like her character at Washington University in St. Louis in the late 1970’s. Some of them would even talk to me, despite my obvious Anglo-Scots-Irish goyishness.

    1. They actually have a sense of humor and could appreciate your intelligence, (not to mention it was the 70’s when there was some residue of education left over in the population).
      Then it’s just a matter of your being able to earn enough money in the long run…

  24. Apparently the SyFy Channel has an adaptation of The Expanse novels ready to broadcast starting in December. I haven’t read the novels, but I suspect the TV version will follow the feminist and diversity propaganda formulas, with white men assuming subordinate roles somehow.

    1. The novels are excellent. There is a strong female character but she’s not big on combat since she grew up in low-g.

    2. Given the total destruction wrought upon The Hobbit by Hollywood, I put nothing past them any longer.

  25. Cuoco is not that attractive. I guess it depends on your taste. She has a bitchy truck driver face and resembles an IHOP waitress. And while Sweeting was a good junior player, his pro career is nothing to get excited about – highest ranking was 64. Current ranking is 1,145. He has never gotten past the second round of a grand slam tennis tournament and has won exactly one title since turning pro.

  26. This article reads so Beta. Leave your pop culture behind and get your own life, dude er, Mr. Hobbes, whatever your name is.
    Plus, sorry to break the news, but Kaley Cuoco isn’t hot at all.
    Finally, referring to David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston as successful actors is a painful insult to the profession.

    1. What a troll! Did you cut and paste the link to your comment to all your friends, making them green with envy to see your avatar “in print”?
      At least Tom is actually putting himself and his thoughts out there for the world to see. All I see you producing is envy-laden snark.
      So when can we expect your next offering to RoK? Or was it rejected by the editors for vacuousness?

        1. Gee, you spent enough time watching it to know WHO those two actors were and that they weren’t successful.
          Actually, I would have been happy with a comment that actually made a contribution.

        2. Just as your whining does. 🙂
          Unfortunately, it’s impossible not to know who those two are despite having avoided all forms of “entertainment” they’ve “contributed” towards. This, due to the media hype accompanying them every step of their lives. Clearly, the paparazzi live from such wonderfully inquiring minds as your own.

        3. And yet you knew more about them than I did!
          People steeped in pop culture look so funny when they affect a superior attitude from everyone else! Like we believe them in their posturing. LOL!!
          You’re not fooling anyone.

        4. Ah, okay. Yeah, I’m steeped in pop culture as I live in Europe, an ocean away from contrarians like yourself and their favorite TV shows.
          You are a fitting reminder of the unhappy souls I gladly left behind.

        5. The funny thing about Europeans, and I’m basing this on my own observations from having lived lived there for several years and traveled extensively, is how desperately (and pathetically) they seek to imitate American culture.
          And yes, you left us happy contrarians to live among the elites. But most of the positive feelings you feel about European society is the result of not being directly connected to their day to day socio-political Matrix. Like the Chinese evangelist visiting England at the beginning of WWII, who observed how detached he felt while observing their war preparstiond, yet when he got home to china, how frantic he became doing those same preparations with his neighbors.
          Yes, you left us behind. But you are not as much a part of European society as you would like to believe.
          But it can be a positive feeling, to be a man without a country.

        6. Well, 10+ years, one wife and two children later, I just might be in a position to take issue with your latest strange, unrelated assessment, independent of the confusing Chinaman reference.
          Whereas I do know where you’re coming from with the American culture admiration, my argument is similar to yours in pointing out that you fail(ed) to recognize how superficial the interest actually is. Scratch beneath the surface and you’ll realize that some people are actually drawing off your American “coolness” to win points with their friends. They won’t actually want you around in the long run if they don’t really like you. The other fact is that a good deal of American media is high-quality (if you filter out the commercial crap) and vastly superior (especially TV programs nowadays thanks to HBO, et. al., but much less so for movies IMO). Of course, American media has to be good to keep American adults at home instead of on the streets protesting at their being screwed over at every turn in the new millennium.
          Your organized white people are sitting their even fatter selves on the sofa as the rod gets twisted further up their collective asses.
          How you can refer to Europeans as elites is beyond me given that the clear, dominating economic power in the world is the U.S. which, despite its enormous economic advantages and power base following WWII, is being run into the ground by the very people you claim are organized.
          Europeans drive like maniacs (against each other) on the streets, but they do stick together, within their nations in particular and, especially in their communities. They have a sense of local pride that they invest in like no others. It is their only significant advantage over the North Americans. What qualifies as a huge corruption controversy in Germany, favorable loan conditions being offered to the (honorable, not even powerful) President for a house purchase, would be a drop of piss in the vast reservoirs of corruption evident in the U.S.: a politician openly selling a political position a la Blagojevich? Jesus! That’s not to even mention all the gay-bashing faggots littering the U.S. Congress.
          What a scattered reply from me. That’s part of the reason it took so long to get back. Are you capable of providing a cohesive argument by ceasing to desperately wave your shotgun around trying to establish fringe (at best) premises of an argument?
          Probably not, because your position is untenable. There is nothing (fucking) organized about white men in 21st Century America.
          Regardless, it is kinda interesting to discuss Europe with someone who claims to have been here for a time.

        7. OK. I am TOTALLY confused by the multiple references to being “organized”? I looked back over my comments and unless I’m punch drunk I never mentioned anything about white men or ” organized ” or politics or quality of entertainment.
          I think you’ve confused me with someone else.
          My initial objection was to your snarky comment about the article. I would have preferred to have read an intelligent and cogent criticism of the actual content of the article, perhaps demonstrating your premise that pop culture was all the Evil things you say it is and THEREFORE the article was not of value. But to just trash the article with a generic and contentless insult which cannot be countered – or learned from – because it is saying nothing specific, I always feel is unfair to the author who took at least some pains to produce something to be read and considered by his readers. I do not believe any RoK writer sets out to write vacuous excrement.
          I thought your comment was disrespectful.
          However, your further response gives me hope to believe that that is not your default attitude toward RoK articles. At least I hope not.
          Good day to you, sir. Be well.

        8. Argh. My bad! That’s the trouble with trying to pick up a conversation after having been ill.
          I was indeed responding to a different comment from one of the many RoK racists claiming that whites in the U.S. qualify as organized. So it goes.
          Btw I indeed only know enough about Jennifer Aniston & co. to maintain my despite toward them. Then again, it’s not really the actors’ fault directly. The popularity of that show is a pet peeve of mine. I’ll have to grant you one thing, part of my despite derives from ignorant Germans being programmed to think the show is good, so your point about blind worship of American culture is well-taken.
          My original point about the article, disrespectful as it may have been communicated, was that it stoops so deep in the muck of pop culture that it is clear the author is greatly taken in by pop culture just as he renounces it. That is deserving of no respect whatsoever.
          Deleting my earlier comment in 10… 9… 8…

        9. Thank you for the clarification. Please don’t delete your comment. It will make everything else sound like nonsense.
          I feel about Seinfeld as you feel about Friends. Or the same way about both. A bunch of whiney New York Jews in New York. Nasty. Was that also the setup for Friends? I never watched one episode of that show. Seinfeld maybe four?
          Since I no longer have cable I have to consciously choose the shows I watch and while there seem to be many interesting ones being made, I just don’t “veg” in front of the tube anymore. But the shows I do like I watch all of. Like TBBT. but I have never watched a single episode of Two and a Half Men, also produced by Chuck Lorre. It seems too nasty and slimy to me.
          I wish there was more science culture in the show. I wish Amy had remained the gyno-Sheldon. Making her a near-lesbian for Penny was downright icky-producing!
          The show has jumped the shark. Thought so last year but definitely this season. You can only keep 35 year old men emotionally 23 for so long.
          I appreciate snark as much as the next guy, but I reserve it for other commentors. I try to make helpful, specific comments to the articles themselves even if I think some are crap.
          Be well.

        10. >> Doh! Too late (regarding the article) <<
          Cheers, Tom. I know essentially nothing about Two-and-a-Half Men. Regarding Friends and Seinfeld, I can only say that Seinfeld was highly original and often funny, whereas I always found Friends grating, whiny and stupid. I forced myself to watch a few snippets (surely due to outside influence) and rejected it for good when they took a joke essentially one-to-one from Seinfeld. I was simply aghast but basically expecting it.
          Now that I recall the grating of those actors, I have to assign a good deal of the blame to them, too, without a doubt. Boy did/do they suck! I would even go so far as to blame them for transitioning the 90210 whiny spoiled-kid voice to the rest of the country and population at large.
          That fucking whiny privileged voice of girls in the States is intolerable for me when I hear it from outside the U.S. or when I am visiting. Blah!
          Those voices are also so out of place on Planet Earth. I surely hope that the absurdity of the (slutty, spoiled-brat) ideas coming out of America has gone over the top and will no longer hold such sway over the rest of the West (beyond the UK anyway).
          Take care!

    2. Even if you don’t give a fuck about pop culture, it’s still important to pay attention to what the general masses are absorbing on a daily basis.

      1. Perhaps, but not at the cost of significant time. It’s not like I never indulge, mind you, but I rejected that Friends show at the beginning when it was obvious that the writing cheaply copied over humor from the actually original Seinfeld show. Of course, this says nothing of the (youthful) character interaction referred in this article, which indeed might offer some insight to those interested (and lacking distinguishing cynicism).

        1. Definitely don’t invest significant time into it. I just mean pay attention to the trends, characters, and narratives that are being pumped out into the media that the masses are absorbing.

    1. Should I point out the irony of your chosen icon in your profile?

  27. porn producers also do lie to men. I’ve yet to meet a single pizza delivery guy who ever had an orgy with customers 🙁

    1. As a Las Vegas cab driver, I was once offered a blow job from a hooker at a convention in exchange for my receipt book (for tax purposes, she said). I told her, “You know, I read about something like this in Penthouse once. It sounded a lot sexier in Penthouse.” I turned her down.
      And the nearly naked women who have come to the door in their negligee or with their bathrobes open and their boobs hanging to take their pizza from me were, unfortunately, all overweight cougars!
      A fellow driver delivered pizza to a house full of prostitutes in nighties and teddies once. Their pimp had gone to get change and would be right back. they said. He sat on the couch with one on each side and a couple more sitting in chairs. They talked and teased with him until their pimp got back but nothing more came of it. He did get a $35 tip from the pimp, though.

  28. The red pill is a blessing. A ladder from society-imposed mediocrity to a realistic cold-blooded,but improved, vision of ourselves and reality.
    Ok, the package comes with a lot of things not easy to go through (you loose friends, you loose a lot of illusions about men/women/society/political, sometimes you can loose courage/motivation when you see the long path to go in order to improve mentally and physically).
    But at least, changes induced by this transition from blue to red are like a salvation for most of us (who will argue against it ?) Becoming red pill is like a sort of social darwinism. Not because for ourselves but, because it will propagate as soon you’ll have children. Don’t forget it. Seems that we are the first self-made red pill generation. It’s our duty to maintain and spread it.

  29. basically The Bang Bang Theory is an excellent red pill show of WHAT NOT TO DO.

  30. Unlike 99% of everyone else posting on this, I’m going to admit that I actually watch TBBT. And I’m going to open myself up to shaming and insults by saying I like the show.
    I disagree with several points made in the article. but let’s all try to remember, it’s just a T.V. show. It’s not real life and isn’t supposed to be. It’s supposed to be funny and humor is all about subverting expectations. Twisting stereotypes.
    Yes, the show is blue pill but it’s blue pill against the background of a red pill reality which everyone knows, and that’s what makes it funny. The whole premise of the show, Leonard chasing Penny, is funny because it’s ridiculous AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT! The audience. Their friends. Even they know it’s unbelievable. It’s the show’s running gag. Sheldon and Howard especially take every opportunity to remind Leonard that his relationship cannot succeed. The entire cast regularly mocks Leonard, either for his endless Pining for Penny when he doesn’t have her, or for his fantasy that they can live happily ever after. No one ever spares his feelings.
    When Billy Bob Thornton made his appearance as the aspie urologist to the stars, he asked point blank how Leonard got Penny. Leonard said it was by “just being myself”. Sheldon instantly contradicted him and said, “No, let me tell you how he did it. Implacable, relentless badgering.” Which the doctor then decides to try on Penny. Or Amy. Or Bernadette. Whoever touches him the longest. It was funny.
    On other shows Sheldon has pointed out that all their friends have wagers on when they are going to break up and how bad it will be.
    Far from being delusional about the True Love Wins meme, most of the time the show is downright cynical about it. We know Leonard is soooo deluded by his love of love and romance and we know Penny is soooooo desperate to grab her betaboy provider before she hits the wall! And everyone also knows that Penny doesn’t love Leonard at all and so True Love MUST fail.
    Strangely enough, the most believable relationship on the show is between Sheldon and Amy. In fact, Sheldon has turned out to be the AMOG. He knows exactly what he wants out of his life and pursues it with single-minded focus and has no qualms about using the others to get what he wants. He runs his relationship with Amy with an iron fist and only makes concessions to her when he gets something he wants in return. When she says she’d be happier if he’d say romantic things to her, like Leonard does to Penny, he reminds her of the relationship test they took. “Listen, we scored an 8.2 out of 10. You’re happy.” He tells her what she should feel and if she tried to deny it he wouldn’t believe her.
    Sheldon never surrenders his frame. Not to his mother. Not to his best friend. Not to his girlfriend.
    I was watching TBBT when I first took the red pill and watching those pathetic betaboys try to land women was college coursework exposing blue pill delusion. Does it contain, endorse and promote the lies and illusions of our pop culture? Absolutely. But no more than nearly all fiction does. Nothing on television is real. That’s what makes it entertaining.

    1. In the early years there was a parade of big dudes coming by to rail the shit out of Penny while the nerds pouted. That was pretty realistic.

      1. And so pathetic.
        Or how about the time Sheldon and Amy used statistical analysis to determine the number of cocks she’d ridden? “Cultural norms are subjective. Penny, do you see yourself as a slut?” Ha! Slapped by the truth.
        “Penny, you’re familiar with trading sexual favors for money. Explain it to Leonard.” “Sheldon, I do not…” “It’s a compliment. Learn to recognize them.” Red Pill Truth.

  31. Funny, I never liked Friends, Big Bang or any of that bullshit. Did my head in because it was so fake. One thing you haven’t touched on is the awful humour. The shit just wasn’t funny. It was too obvious and the actors were not even comedians.
    But yeah, fantasy is only part of it. The other part is the Gay Agenda.

    1. I never liked those show too.imo, they were the trojan for leftist agenda, gay acceptation, blue pill indoctrination,friendzoning and soft slutification, grrrl power and all that shit we complain about.
      And all people i know who watched that shit have become a bunch of blue pill loosers. Scary.

  32. Despite that I hate terms like “cougar” or “milf” I would still do Jennifer Aniston.
    At least on that photo shown here it shows that she might still have some care for her body and I got raging hardon from those nipples.
    Still I can imagine that her body would not be as tight as body of around 20s Russian’s chick.

  33. The media is infested with gynocentrism and does reflect the state of western culture. Shows like HIMYM are simply depressing due to the pathetic state of conventional masculinity. Big Bang Theory are in the same class though I find Sheldon Cooper character most liberated. Occasionally I watch 2 Broke Girl and do enjoy it but I’m not exactly sure why. I suspect that is simply intellectual curiosity or I enjoy observing hilariously miserable products of feminism.
    I pride myself on ignorance of celebrities. If they don’t know me, I don’t need to know them. There is so much more to life than watching TV…

  34. The last time American comedy was worth watching was in the days of Laurel and Hardy and Sargeant Bilko. As for “Friends” or “Big Bang”, all I can say is you have my deepest sympathy.

  35. I think you missed a big point here: The so-called Beta male, little Johnny Galecki, had Kaley Cuoco IN HER PRIME when she was hot! Mr. 6’5″ got to marry her after her expiration date had clearly passed and she got a haircut like a military dude. And who knows how many guys she’d been with by then? Clearly enough to make her a wack-job. Anyway, then he got publicly dumped. Your larger point still stands, but in this case Johnny is the clear winner.

  36. Why would a “nerdy” man want a brash extrovert bimbo type woman in the first place? I am a bookish intellectual type of man and a blonde haired loud mouthed bimbo has no appeal.

  37. The next step from “Big Bang Theory” is a shitcom called “Baby Daddy”. It’s the old Selleck/Guttenburg film “Three Men and a Baby” with added noisy, bossy women.

  38. I cant deal with these modern sitcoms(other than Sillicon Valley, it is quite funny).
    For the guys who still have cable, check out Cozi and AntennaTV- all sitcoms from the 50s-80s.
    I stumbled across a gem from the 60s- “My Mom, the Car”. The plot of the episode was a man divorcing his wife because she couldnt cook and he was losing weight!

    1. I grew up on Nick at Night watching all the old 60’s shows (Car 54, Green Acres, Munsters, Adam’s Family, Dragnet) and love them. Twilight Zone is hands down the greatest television show ever made. I just ordered the complete Man From UNCLE boxset. Can’t wait to start nerding out on it.

      1. Great taste, man.
        Green Acres was *my* show, hands down. Funny shit. Twilight Zone was a close second.

  39. Man, I don’t know. I see the point you’re trying to make, but the entire premise of Leonard on that show reminds me of those teen movies from the 90’s: “the ugly girl” is really just a hot actress with glasses and messed up hair. The guy who plays Leonard is good looking enough in real life. I’m sure you’ve got a few nerdier guys in the world watching “The Big Bang Theory” and thinking, “I could get a girl like Penny!” But they’re the minority.
    Now, the blonde girl that’s with Howard? That’s horseshit, lol…

  40. The only version of Penny that Leonard could ever realistically shack up with was when she got hooked on an MMORPG and became a slob that spent all day and night playing, had cheeto’s in her hair, and burped and farted regardless of who was around. There’s your dream girl, Leonard.

  41. Seinfeld was wonderfully red-pill. He dumped a different hot chick every week for no reason. I loved it when he decided to break-up with one chick because she wanted him to stop imitating her stomach sounds. One great episode had Jerry actually developing human feelings and being confused by them.

  42. I wouldnt say that guy is ‘muscle bound’. Infact, he looks a little awkward. The lame tattoos arent helping either lol.

      1. Yea. Im more muscular, and Im considered small at my gym.
        I wouldve thought someone who is a professional athlete would be in better shape than some engineer… Guess not lol.

    1. This dude is skinny as fuck for 6’5″. As a professional athlete he should be focusing more on strength and conditioning instead of starting relationships with this wretch. When the Williams sisters have more muscle than you it’s time to take a look at your world ranking and think about what you’re doing wrong.

  43. Haven’t seen this and never will. The other day someone remarked, as little kids were playing nearby, that these kids will not grow up with TV. Answer: they won’t and not a day goes by that there isn’t an article discussing the dwindling ratings of media across the board. That gives me a lot of confidence about the future because up until now media was controlled by five corporations, which made for the presentation of a uniformed “worldview”. And this “worldview is all things politically correct – from embellished heroin addicted actresses beating on USC Fullbacks to 45% of characters being homosexual. This PC propaganda can only exist if the media is in a centralized state, in effect, keeping the drumbeat. The future that is more or less here today is flipping the centralized model of media (where, for instance, we all had to watch shows like “the big bang theory” because we just didn’t have a sufficient number of alternatives) to a hyper individualized media where we have endless options and the ability to personalize exactly what we want to see. Consider how delicate the narrative is. In the not so distant past, if a special interest group had a political objective they could go to the major networks and have it type-casted into a show or an entire show created (will and grace). Today, they can still do that, but who’s watching? Also, note the distinct lack of quality in both acting and content across the board. This is only helping the masses further reject tradition media for the new one. And, moreover, in terms of ease of use and convenience, the old media can never compete. Roku is the first iteration of this and as sure as the sun comes up you will see more..and more and more. Until you’re tv is as personalized as your iTunes. From that, you may still have your lemmings and sycophants, just like always but scores of others in huge numbers will be liberated and new “worldviews” will come into being.

    1. I wouldnt be so confident about it. Instead of watching tv, they are watching a neverending stream of Jackass- like content and taking dick and tit vids and sending them to one another via their cellphones.
      Not exactly progress here.

      1. As long as they’re not watching modern family or greys anatomy where the social engineering is layered thick as a shit cake then we’re making progress. Its about splintering the media into millions of little pieces so that organized and complex propaganda/social engineering cannot be effectively deployed.

  44. No self-respecting man worth his salt should watch any of the degenerate drivel on Der Talmudvision these days. Forcing gays into just about every single narrative for no good reason that does nothing to advance the story is both stupid and pathetic at the same time. Not to mention the other delusional and warped platitudes they spew that middle America sadly allows themselves to be brainwashed by in a non-passive manner. There are still plenty of good film narratives (albeit 99.9% being independent or foreign) that are very much red pill and masculine that come out regularly and are night and day better indoctrination for men to partake in.

    1. Funny you said this. The Fox show “Empire” lost over 3 millions viewers after the start of their second season. This was after the airing of the second episode featuring a man on man kiss. People don’t want the PC liberal agenda shoved down their throat. I hope the execs at Fox take notice and remove that story line from their program.

      1. Saw that article on Drudge, if you look at the comment section, its all about the pc bullshit being pushed.

      2. I heard. And I’m sure it had nothing to do with advancing the story at all, it was purely done to fill the gay quota in that show’s script. Absolutely fucking pathetic!

  45. Never understood the success of this sitcom.
    The actor’s faces are so ugly. How can a bunch of geek and losers could be an interesting show to watch ? BTW, when will we see a red pill sitcom ?

    1. Right? All I gathered from that show was “Hey guess what, nerd reference!” “Did I tell you about nerd reference?” “Today I did nerd reference!” “Have I re-re-reminded you about nerd reference yet?” Fucking obnoxious and piss-poorly written, straight-up! Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, for a man to indulge himself in, much less ever aspire to! The male characters on there are about as manginasaurus as they get!

  46. He looks like a refugee and she’s rank.
    The only reason that anyone would think any of these people attractive is that their minds have been skewed and knocked off-balance by mass media. The author of this article must be very young. It’s obvious his basic aesthetic compass has failed to normalize after unplugging.

    1. If you’re telling me(assuming you’re a male) that you wouldn’t fuck 1st or 2nd season Penny, you are a flat out liar. If she can’t get your dick up, I question whether you like women at all.

  47. Good gravy, did she get haggard fast! The pseudo-Miley Ray Cyrus haircut (and if she’s trying to ride Miley’s coattails, God fucking help her!) is seriously the final nail in the coffin!

  48. he’s an internationally famous tennis star
    Never heard of him until he married her and I follow tennis.

    1. If she had married Nadal or Federer, or Djokovic, or Murray, ok, understandable. And I’m only saying that because I’m ignorant about tennis and those are the names that pop up a lot. Makes me assume they’re the alphas of the tennis world. So I suppose this guy is more like a beta. Also, he looks like a douche.

      1. So he’s a star because of that? Top 10 is a star, not the top 65. He’s certainly achieved a lot to be a professional, but he’s not a star.

  49. This Thomas Hobbes dude sure gets excited about “tall, hot studs” and “alpha males”. You think there is something he is trying to tell us?

  50. while most of this rings true in a way, the idea that Kaley Cuoco is anything more than a 6 is outrageous (and the 6 includes the money from syndication from that god awful show). I can tell from one glance that her pussy looks like Walter Matheau’s face when he is eating a lemon….or, if you insist on having it geeked up, like the Witch King of Angmar fucked her with his spiked flail.

    1. Eh, with long hair and in her younger photos she’d be a decent 7. Thin, long hair, nice skin, nice build, and her face doesn’t cause my eyebrows to do that whole “Annoyed James Bond” type of thing. Today though, from the modern shots, she’s clearly degraded, and once the Marine Boot Camp hair cut took hold, well, 6 is being kind.

      1. fair play. I will give her a 7 at her absolute prime. However, there is no way her vadge doesn’t look like the blown out end of a practical jokers cigar (thank you family guy) at this point. I mean, she has the dead eyes of a woman who has seen more cocks than a urinal. And I don’t even think it is miles of cock, I know her type…she loves to have that shit beat up. She probably looks as if she has been sitting naked in hot gravel.
        Add to that the GI Jane look, sense of entitlement and the fact that she ran through the wall like wiley coyote, I put her squarely in the “only bang if escape route includes never speaking again” category

        1. I understand what you are saying, but I honesty believe it’s a trap ala mils kunnis and the rest of the 4’s out there who through the magic of computers look way hotter than they are

        2. I don’t know. I think she’s upper tier. I don’t really do the 1-10 thing. Upper, mid, lower tier. Now she’s obviously tanked and she’s not even 30! I hope she’s been saving, because the way her looks are falling off, she’s not getting any work once BBT is over.

        3. I had to go look it up and damn! She was definitely the definition of “average Becky”.

        4. I wouldn’t be *that* unkind, keep in mind that she’s come out against feminism before in a very real way (although predictably was forced to recant “or else” by the Establishment).

        5. I guess that’s why they make all different types of girls…to appeal to our subjective tastes. I, for one, always get a long better with guys who have different opinions on women than me. It makes life that much easier.

        6. I didn’t know about that. However, there are so many different layers of bullshit to what any celeb (even minor) says that I pretty much tune it all out. Focusing solely on looks and the obvious way she will beg men to run a wrecking ball through her genitals I stand by my judgments.

        7. It wasn’t really exoneration for what she’s become, and she did “apologize” so that kind of takes any credibility away from her. Just noting that at one time, she was actually critical in a real way against feminism. But as usual the toxic environment of Hollywood sucked that blood right out of her, like it does with nearly all women who come into direct contact with it.

        8. I disagree. At the beginning, or at least in the first two episodes, she was an 8. But yeah, she’s done. Not since Britney and Christina have I seen a particular woman’s beauty decline in that manner. So sad. Oh well. I will always have the Baby One More Time video to comfort me.

  51. This show always made me cringe a bit as well. Watching the stereotype of the good-natured geek win the hot girl got old along time ago because we all know that shit ain’t true. It’s annoying to me that Hollywood thinks they can brainwash us with this garbage; if we watch enough sitcoms you see the same beta formula everywhere.
    And yes, Kaley Cuoco gets irritating to watch on the show because of the snarky, bitchy faces and comments she always makes. In real life she would never get with Leonard, his nerdy supplicating is cringeworthy as well. The only thing missing from the show to make the fem brainwash complete is their discussion about allowing Penny to peg him to open him up to new experiences.

  52. Is it just me, or do both of those guys look a little scrawny?
    Ultimately, I think that Kaley Cuoco is still marrying up. I never thought she was terribly attractive, but once that show took off she seemed to feel perfectly comfortable gaining 20 lbs and getting increasingly less feminine with her hairstyles.
    Even with her fame, I’d rank her a 7 or 8. If she was waitress like her character, I’d give her a 6 at most.

    1. Yes he’s scrawny as hell, looks like a tortured waif that never even looked at a barbell in his life. When I saw the phrase “muscle-bound 6 foot 5” I wasn’t expecting to see a photo of a skinny-fat weasel that could pass as a Russell Brand look-alike if he put a wig and shades on. Gimme a fucking break, as a professional athlete that trains FOR A LIVING, this level of fitness is atrocious. I see 45 year old beta dads at my gym that look better than this ock. Not to hate too much on him, he did realize what a hag Cuoco is and got wise. Props.

      1. OP sounds confused. Definitely not “muscle bound”. Most pro tennis players aren’t ripped or jacked that way. Too much muscle will slow them down. They require cat-like reflexes to return 150 mph serves. Still women stalk them, even the ones who don’t get on TV. They have sports groupies that follow them on tour. Unlimited opportunity to bang white girls who rank around 6.5, want pic for facebook to show their girlfriends. Women know they are banging other groupies, and that actually makes them even more desirable, reinforces their alpha status. When they aren’t able to qualify for tournaments anymore they’ll get job giving lessons at the country club, banging milfs whose beta husbands pay their $150/hr tennis lesson fee.
        Correct about 45 y/o male who works out and looks 30. They can bang a real life local waitress who looks like Kaley Cuoco who has become over-rated.

    2. Makeup and camera work also matters. Look at Jennifer Anniston without makeup. Yikes!

  53. Who the hell told you Americans to get real life lessons from sitcoms? And why the fuck did you believe them?!

  54. I watch the show and I know its fantasy, the nerd does not get a chic like Penny in real life unless he has millions. I know because I was like Leonard back in the day. I would fall for the Penny and might date them for time but always got dumped for the jerk. It took trial and error to realize that only when I acted the jerk myself did I get any attention from the Penny’s. Years later and married and still acting the jerk with my wife from time to time I have looked back on the woulda coulda shit from time to time. And when I run into one of the Penny’s from the past they either have grown large have health issues, divorced playing single mom or never married and play foster mom to cats.
    The Penny’s did me favor in the long run by dumping me.

  55. It’s a simple conditioning device of feminism and the feminine imperative for all those waiting desperate Betas to finally be happy, when the women require a Beta Bucks who wives them up. They have given their best years to the Alpha Fucks and have tried to pin down the elusive Super Alpha. Since that failed in most instances those waiting nerds must be convinced that they are prime picks and that women have “matured”.

  56. Yet another reminder where to draw the lines of fantasy and reality. In fact, I appreciate the knowledge and purity of the information given here.
    American TV lies, beta dies.

  57. I threw n the towel with BBT when I saw the episode of when Howard’s wife told him he would have to raise the kids because she wants to have a life. That’s straight-up brainwashing!

    1. If she wants to reverse roles so he can stay home and slack around, screw it. After all, if women want to experience male roles and actually knowing what it feels like to actually earn the daily bread, let them. After all, if women feel entitled to walk around in their pjs all day, why can’t we?

  58. For us red-pill men, nothing could help us more in our personal success than all the blue pill propaganda. I remember someone suggesting Charlie Munger keep his investing advice more secret. He said, the secret has been out for 50 years! And so it is with red pill wisdom, except maybe its more like 10,000 years.

  59. Who gives a fuck what the big bang theory is doing. Just raise a strong son and this shit will fade to black like metallica, the problem we have is that there’s a generation of men raised by women who are fucking up the Feng Shui.
    This article makes you look weak, because this is weak shit.
    For the fucken record.

  60. Yeah and some guy who looks like Peter Griffin could never “wife up” a hottie like Lois. And don’t get me started on Herman and Lily Munster!

  61. “Penny” is tanking fast as far as looks go. All that time outdoors, laying on the beach has taken its toll on Ms. Cuoco. She’s still good-looking, but you can see the difference from a few short years ago when she was in her early-mid 20’s. Either way, I’ve never truly believed in changing who you are to cater to women. If you’re a nerd, then damnitt, play that position. As people have stated, confidence and a little arrogance and being out-going can take you a long way. If only 6’5” dudes got pussy, there would be a lot less people on this planet. Not everyone is going to end up with a “Penny”. You might have to settle for the brunette duff with the big nose.

  62. “many women won’t even consider a man who is not 3-4″ taller than herself.”
    You many women in the WEST.
    In developping country, women focus on status and personnal accomplishment. And Since Kunal is the biggest foreign-based Indian celebrity.

      1. She was 34 when she married him (he was 31) so already post-wall. I don’t think Henry Calvill would have chipped in so this geeky guy was still a good catch.
        Besides, she said she didn’t plan to have children. A woman who is really attracted to a man want to bear his kids… basic biology.

        1. So do you think she was higher in SMV than her hubby when they married or vice versa?

        2. Don’t take this manosphere jargon too seriously. “SMV” has nothing to do with it.
          IT’s easy for a hot chicjk to find an alpha for a fling. However, most alphas prefer to settle for 6 or 7 who are easier to keep in check. At least that’s what I witnessed in the real world.
          As a result, hot girls who rode the carousel have a hard time finding a an alpha willing to marry then once they hit the wall.
          Then most of these girls settle for a beta with a good job. The poor bastard thinks he hit the jackpot and takes humiliation after humiliation.
          I think this guy feels bad in the inside but he doesn’t want to lose his aging barbie doll.

        3. So alpha males and alpha females employ the same mating strategy then? Both are willing to have their fun with each other while they are young but neither wants to put up with each other once they’re ready to settle down so they both find marriage partners who though not as hot and exciting, are at least easier to live with long term. I knew it!

        4. It depends but from what what I observed what happened it’s relatively true.
          My advice to younger guys: go for girls who are slightly lower value than you so you will have the upper hand.

        5. I’ve dated women lower than me in areas like looks and social skills (and other areas)and haven’t found them easier to deal with than anyone else.

        6. A man’s value is very loosely based in looks or social skills. It’s based on the power he projects.
          Personally, My facial features are averadge. However, I’ve been working out a lot and practicing combat sports for a while. As aresult I’ve have a very easy time with 6 and 7.

        7. OK so by “go for girls who are slightly lower value than you so you will have the upper hand.” you mean to go for girls who project less power than I do? Anyway, I’ve dated women with less power, less looks, less money, less social skills, less everything and I still have not found them easier to deal with than anyone else.

        8. Actually, I was trying not to hurt feelings. If a women doesn’t naturally submit to you, it means that she sees you as weak.

        9. My “feewings” are not easily hurt, bro. There’s nothing to “submit” to. I don’t make demands of grown adults. If people have difficult personalities, which it appears not a small percentage of women and men do, I simply don’t deal with them for very long. I move on to mature, happy, laid back people like myself.

  63. I’m still a fan, but even I have to admit, The Big Bang Theory is slowing down a lot lately. I guess it has to do with too much focus on Penny and Leonard. Oh well. At least I can always watch reruns of Sheldon slut shaming Penny. Pure TV gold there. Like when Sheldon, by using the power of mathematics, determines that Penny has had 31.5 male sexual partners, rounded to 32. Also, “Penny, to your mind, are you a slut?” “NO, NO……no!?”

  64. This article reminds me of something Bill Burr said on watching romantic comedies with his wife and I’m paraphrasing here: “I don’t care anymore it’s all the same; the nerd ends up fucking the cheerleader.”
    I learned early in high school the nerd doesn’t fuck the cheerleader, the alpha does. The smart, weak wimp should not be celebrated, but rather the strong, masculine intellectual who has put in physical and intellectual sweat to be where he is.
    Fuck the wimps on “Big Bang Theory,” and all hail Tony Stark.

    1. And the darkest of all secrets is that there are “Alpha’s” that are not only physically the best but also very smart if not the smartest too. Hey, life isn’t fair. But a guy like, oh, Nate Fick, could run a perfect Marine Physical Fitness Test, its challenging believe me, and be a graduate of Dartmouth and both Harvard MBA and Kennedy School of Business. Oh and he was a Force Reconnaissance Platoon commander. But, we’d rather have our sons today NOT look up to the likes of Nate, after all, he’s white, heterosexual and male so whatever I just said before is actually illegitimate because he really didn’t earn it. No, lets have them emulate the weak and even the stupid, because, these are the true champions.

      1. Fick was the only officer who seemed to have his head on straight, well, according to Generation Kill at least.
        I feel like the “everyone in the military is dumb” is such a tired old trope. Protecting the country and fighting foreign enemies is serious business and takes physical and mental sweat.
        I met Jack Murphy who was a former Ranger and Special Forces and a graduate of Colombia. Dude’s the editor of a news blog run by former vets and his analysis of foreign policy is spot on. He has also snuck into Iraqi Kurdistan more than once to actually cover just what the hell is going on with ISIS.
        Also, one of my professors in college was former Special Forces, has a PhD, and has worked on Wall Street.
        If those aren’t examples of winning at life, then I don’t know what is. I am in complete agreement that these are the kinds of men this country’s sons should be looking up to.

        1. Good comment. Generation Kill was accurate only as it pertains to Fick (I was in his TBS Class). But, I knew some of the other officers and the portrayal was criminal. You can’t become a Force Recon Company commander let alone platoon command let alone rifleman being a retard, as “Encino Man” was shown to be. You can’t period! Encino man would have been kicked out long ago and probably kicked out of OCS. Shit, Marine OCS has a ~ 70% attrition rate as it is.

        2. “Encino Man” and “Captain America” had to have been played up for laughs. But after having listened to quite a few podcasts from SOFREP, the news blog run by former spec ops and vets, it seems that shit birds do find their way into spec ops and the like.
          Jack, the former Ranger and SF I mentioned, left SF in disgust after 6 years due to the bureaucracy and ass kissing that went on. I was surprised that even Special Forces isn’t safe from that kind of crap.
          Usually, culture should weed out the shit birds and blue falcons but at this point, I don’t know…

        3. Generation Kill was about Recon, not Force Recon. Big difference.
          I was in a regular Marine Infantry Battalion in ’91. Marine Offiers quality was all over the scale. I had officers that dumb – Captains, Majors, even the battalion EO who got fired after the battle – our Ops Officer literally got the whole battalion lost in Kuwait during a battle despite having GPS – we absolutely had no idea if the tanks ahead of us were T-62’s or M60A3’s. Also had some brilliant rock-star officers.
          That was the most realistic show about war ever.

        4. Whoa, I know better not to get into this. Point taken. Its good to have another Marine, especially a Grunt around. This probably won’t come as a surprise but there are a lot of Marines at ROK. I concede your point and have worked for and with some blockhead officers. That aside, a man like Nate Fick is what our sons need to be seeing. Shoot, in the 80’s we had the A-Team…Hannibal was the man.

        5. No prob – I agree. I got my son out of public school, he’s now a freshman at a military high school. The Dean is a full-bird Colonel and former Army brigade commander, the Bandmaster is a crazy Brit Royal Marine, his algebra teacher is a retired fighter jock, etc…
          My son has mixed feelings about the place, but I love it. He does like the fact that after class he can hang out with the Rifle Club – try that at public school.

        6. That’s fucking awesome! Just the kind of place I want my sons to go. As it is, I want them to go to k-8 at my Parish.

      2. You mean, weak and stupid like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs? I mean, you have valid points. Yet, thanks in no small part to these two, we wouldn’t have this conversation in the first place even if they aren’t the only ones contributing to our modern technologies. Conversely, we can blame Jobs for society in general, not just chicks, becoming asocial, egotistical narcissist dumbasses thanks to his infernal machine the IPhone, but that’s another conversation for another time.

        1. I don’t think Jobs and Gates are weak and stupid, minus their politics I think both are great examples for men and boys to look up too. Shoot, both, if I’m not mistaken, are drop outs, at least Gates is. They didn’t get to where they are by being like the kids in “big bang theory”. Jobs is notorious for being an asshole as a boss….not a pushover in the least.

        2. If anything, Jobs shows us to that even if he didn’t look like it, he was a veritable alpha male in his own unique way. After all, it’s not the dog in the fight, it’s the fight in the dog. As for Gates, true, he came from money, but he didn’t dwell on it. If anything, he might have used it to his full advantage to get ahead. As for the Big Bang Theory nerds, I slightly disagree. The only one that shows a trace of alpha maleness is, surprisingly, Sheldon. Sure, he is a nonfunctional adult and a momma’s boy. However, he is pretty smart and bright, has a strong determined winner’s attitude, knows how to control and manipulate others around him, shows an aversion to clingy long term romantic relationships that Leonard is a sucker for, and even when it is implied that he is nonreligious, he still shows a sense of morality and decency that he inherited from his loving yet somewhat fanatical mom, which by the way, he also calls out when she turns into a veritable Jezebel. But most importantly, as I stated in an earlier comment, his slut shaming of Penny is a stroke of genius, especially considering how “feminist” media has made a point to shame slut shamers. In fact he is the only one to have the balls to call out Penny on her bullshit. So when the show ends. I will watch reruns of those moments. Only Sheldon alone will be remembered.

    2. You can thank “Revenge of the Nerds”, the quintessential 80’s jock-v-nerd flick, for that one. However, in that movie the nerds beat the jocks thru a combination of brains, guts and chutzpah — the very essence of alphadom. *SPOILER* Example, the nerds get rejected by every frat in the college, except the tri-lambdas — the African American frat — who only accept them coz of a loophole in the bylaws. Then later when the nerds are about to have their asses beat by the entire football team, they call in their tri-lam brothers 😉
      Cheerleader: “My God, you were incredible!”
      Nerd: “You see, jocks think only about sports. But us nerds, all we think about is sex.”
      But somewhere along the line, the nancyboys in Burbank did away with that winning formula, instead having the “hero nerd” using his “caring” and “sensitive” side will make the cheerleaders frothy. Riiight….

  65. This is probably going to fall on deaf ears, but anyway. It’s not about Leonard being nerdy or not ‘tall’ enough. I, as a woman, actually had a bit of a crush on him in the first few seasons because he seemed to really care about his friends, was generous with his time and seemed like a good-hearted guy.
    The put off is that he’s insecure, always doubting himself and doubting Penny for fancying him. Confidence is sexy, and that applies to both genders. If someone gives you the feeling that they are so grateful for having you while you could do so much better than them, well, that’s not attractive. I’m attracted to a man who knows his own worth and that he’s enough, with or without a woman. He doesn’t have to be the tallest guy on the planet or have a six-pack. As a woman (and as a man too, I think) you want to feel like you are in an equal relationship with a partner who has his/her own life, passions and goals. You don’t have to babysit them or be responsible for their self-worth. That’s just not healthy.

    1. That’s the female rationalization for letting down the ‘nice guy’ to get pumped and dumped by alpha cock. Which is later followed by the female complaint that there aren’t any nice guys who respect them.

    2. I really, really have no desire to be in an “equal” relationship, thanks. A relationship where both parties acknowledge that they have strengths and weaknesses that compliment each other, on the other hand, is quite fine.

  66. I always smelled a rat with The Big Bang Theory. It worked as four nerds, making self-deprecating jokes and geeking out on science.
    But the minute they brought up the topic of mating/reproduction, it became unbelievable.

  67. These shows are full of shit, that’s probably in-part what gets them their audience. But honestly, only an idiot would take these stories as fact whole-sale. Once you have even a little bit of life experience, it becomes clear that they’re fantasy.
    But the funny thing is that there aren’t equivalents of these shows for unattractive women. Despite being told their entire lives that personality is what matters, unattractive women still fail to get many guys interested in relationships with them. You would think that there would be in audience for shows like this with them is the protagonists, then.

  68. Perhaps we’ll watch a show about a Victoria’s Secret Model who grows
    frustrated with her life and all the tall, hot studs that keep hitting
    on her.

    That reminds me of a movie: The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human. It is a movie where the geeky-looking geek goes to a night club and picks up Jenny, a grade-A hottie played by … a 27-year-old Carmen Electra.
    How to explain that? Jenny’s best friend (Lucy Liu) wants to know why she doesn’t get a hot guy. A manly guy. You know, someone in her league. Carmen Electra then lists her exes who cheated on her and hit her. The Sweet Nice Guy is what she wants now, because he is so nice and special, while men with muscles are bastards. Exactly what the herbivores want to hear, so they don’t have to make an effort to stop being herbivores.
    (The voice-over is done by a homosexual, David Hyde Pierce, the woman’s best friend is an Asian and the man’s best friend is a Black co-worker in the office. In case there was any doubt this was a Hollywood production.)[email protected]@._V1_SY317_CR1,0,214,317_AL_.jpg

  69. For a short guy, Tom Cruise is very alpha. He’s an interesting character.
    Nicole Kidman used to be something; now…

  70. Culture definitely plays a big part but not having ridden the carousel helps too.
    Doesnt hurt that male aristocrats were groomed to be alphas from birth.
    Also mad props to Phillip for staying alpha and married to the Queen. The woman is monarch of a country and she still says that Phillip is her rock.

  71. Mike Cernovich was telling a story about how when he was living in LA he was invited to some rich people dinner with Sheryl Sandberg, Mark Zuckerberg, and others.
    What stood out to him was just how beta Zuckerberg and some of the other guys came off and how they had NO presence.
    It really is glaring though. All that money and power and they couldn’t snag some hot ass?
    Mike was right about that scarcity vs. growth mindset stuff.

  72. In “the Way of Men,” which I recommend to every red pill man, Jack Donovan states that being good at being a man and being a good man are two completely different things. The former is purely concerned with masculinity (which really is amoral) and the latter concerns morality and what is good for civilization.
    And regarding the boner test, why would any man bang let along wife up someone who he’s not even attracted to?
    When I was younger I’d feel sorry for chicks who had the hots for me but I wasn’t attracted to. A much older Latina woman I worked with told me that I shouldn’t give a shit because if the roles were reversed she wouldn’t even waste a brain cell on pity.
    Good luck on your journey man.

  73. This article is a bit unfair to the show. Penny (Cuoco) had many alpha lovers and she did say that she settle for Leonard. I don’t think that BBT was a “fantasy” at its beginning. It was like revenge of the nerds revisited.

  74. Urgh, I can’t stand Ross — the quintessential pathetic, sniveling thirsty beta. In fact there wasn’t a single testicle in the entire cast of Friends (although Joey comes close on occasion). Seriously, if I accidentally catch a few seconds of that show while channel surfing, I have to go wash the simp off.
    As for BBT.. the only saving grace was Sheldon, who existed on a plane so far above as mere mortals that his celebacy bordered on the sublime.
    Eg. One episode some chick was spending the night in Sheldon’s apartment. She practically threw herself at him, saying she’d like to “go to bed”.. in response, Sheldon put on his Incredible Hulk gloves and yelled “Goodnight, puny human!” and slammed the door in her face 😉
    But then, true to form, the geek chick was introduced… and that was the end of that fucking show. Cunts >:(

  75. “Perhaps we’ll watch a show about a Victoria’s Secret Model who grows frustrated with her life and all the tall, hot studs that keep hitting on her. Instead she falls in love with “little Timmy”– a crippled, autistic boy, blind in one eye, who lives across the hall, but is also a world famous Starcraft player and the biggest white knight this side of Prince Charming.”
    Well done Timmah!!
    Classic dude!

  76. I disagree that Big Bang Theory is as misleading as you say. Penny for example is a hard drinking bitch of a girl with a notch count that Casanova would be proud to have, and has settled for the reliable nerd-next-door as the wall approaches. In the beginning of the series, she was a much hotter blonde, much more feminine, and much nicer to everyone, and she dated 6’4 manly men (with low brainpower), bringing several back to her place onscreen. This is all to be expected as per the AF/BB paradigm. And did you see how totally unimpressed she was during the wedding scene? That was not a woman in love with the man she was marrying, it was a sad female clutching at the only ring being offered to her withering fingers.
    Similarly, Bernadette is a screechy boring woman who nags and nags and nags enough to remind her whipped husband of his dead mother. She’s decent to look at, but her voice would send small dogs running in pain, hence her poor options and settling for the creepy jewish engineer of nobody’s dreams.
    Raj is always alone because he’s the ultimate poster boy for the beta of the century, literally scaring away all the women he comes close to with his big romantic gestures.
    Finally, Amy can’t stop going after Sheldon despite his almost zero interest in her. A literal ZFG guy at the beginning of their relationship, he made her pine for him in a pathetic puppy dog kind of way.
    Now this is all consistent with how women are to guys like this, though I do not doubt for a minute that the message the show’s writers are TRYING to send is that nice nerds get the girl. Hilariously, the truth shines through if your eyes are open enough to find it. Oh one more tidbit. Penny did actually date leanard in real life during their early season. You know, back when he was a pretty big tv star with an in with the creator of the show and she was one of a horde of bubbly blondes that nobody ever heard of. I wonder why that ended shortly after she became established? heh.

    1. My wife likes the show. I laugh when the truth inadvertently comes out. Like when Leonard was dating the hot Indian chick and all of a sudden Penny was interested again.

  77. Sheldon is alpha as fuck though. The show still has redeeming qualities. When women watch aimee falling and chasing sheldon, while Sheldon does what he wants and when he wants it, it trains their brains that a scientist can be an alpha.

  78. I don’t think the first season was lying about anything. It was just about pure fun without any hidden agenda.
    However, once it got popular, the SJW took over and that’s when it started “lying”. But even then, youi can see that Penny settled for Leonard when she felt the wall approaching.

  79. I’ve always hated Big Bang. PhD level college physicists are not roommates in crappy apartments or living with Mom. They don’t fall in love with deadbeat waitress/actress wannabee’s. They are not scared to talk to women. They bang lots of these girls. If they are interested in marriage, they go find a “nice girl” they can bring home to mother.

    1. I worked at CERN for five year.
      I have a PhD in Physics.
      I was living in a crappy appartment with roommates during that time, Geneva is very expensive.
      I did not have sex even once during 5 years of my stay at CERN, just like most of my unmarried co-workers.
      Big Bang Theory is incredibly optimistic.

  80. I watched this show for one episode just to see what all the hype was about.
    I wasn’t impressed.
    A collection of misfit sociopaths with solipsist tendencies and intellectually related narcissist issues should be the LAST consideration on anyone’s “people to emulate” list, more so when one of the cast members is a confirmed penis puffer.
    The show isn’t funny and only a hipster doofus libtard would consider it jocular.

  81. I hardly watch TV these days; awful acting, awful material, lousy stories, all GARBAGE.

      1. Well there is the Weather Channel but for your statement well I know to be quite true. I spend more time in front of my computer than I do TV and that is only to watch documentaries mostly. The only channel with anything worth watching in regards to movies is Hallmark especially during Christmas (most their stuff is made in Canada like the Murdoch Mysteries) beyond that is well Garbage all made in Hollywood by Liberals. Hollywood produces nothing but politically correct trash these days.

  82. What the gloss over on the Aniston’s miracle pregnancy at 46 is that less than 1% of women can succeed at that age. Also there are strong rumors Aniston froze her eggs when she was younger. If that’s true, she might’ve gotten pregnant using eggs from her youth which wouldn’t be the same kind of miracle as a “46-year-old” women getting pregnant.
    But they believed the “fantasy” of IVF. They believed gossip articles of how Celion Dion did it after only 6 IVFS! What normal person could afford 6 rounds of that?
    And you have to shoot yourself in your own thigh and stomach with injects every day until they have bruises. Plus IVF, even when it works, has a higher rate of miscarriage and stillbirth. Many of the treatments cause severe mood swings and heavy weight gain.
    The media wants to pain this feminist fantasy that women can have it all.
    No, they can’t. Men are not bound by biological clocks like women are.
    As for the rest of this article, I agree. Big Bang is getting worse with every season. Now in Season 9, they have Sheldon Cooper, the guy never interested in women, running around like a dog trying to “win back Amy Farah Fowler”.
    The show’s creators have said, “Amy will date other men this season”. Notice that Amy is going to be allowed to date others to “explore her own happiness” while Sheldon is expected to just pine for her and wonder how he can change to make Amy happy.
    It’s disgusting. He was shown as an asexual character. But no, they had to turn him into the other nerds and make him “pine for women”. I liked that he was asexual and disinterested in being like the others.
    Season 9 will feature the only character willing to call Penny a “moocher” through season 1-5 become “Amy’s beta”.
    I thought the SWJS liked featuring people of differing sexual orientations. So why ruin a perfectly good “asexual” character? What, asexuality can’t be represented in media?

    1. Why asexuality can’t be represented in media?
      I think it could be that they, SJWs, are ‘afraid’, in some level, that might give some men the idea to go MGTOW, so they want/need any male character chasing after the women. If my thinking on this is correct, you will see that after a while Sheldon is going to get rewarded by ‘getting’ (she’ll put out for him) with Amy and even married in a future episode without improving himself in any manner.
      (Just as a side note, I have only seen a few short clips of the show and can’t stand the show. I think the ‘problem’ I have with the humor is that I deal or have dealt with people that act like some of this, so when this stupidity is around me, I can’t find it funny on TV. Unfortunately, when this does happen, I can’t just cut off the people doing this stuff because there is another connection that it would mess up that I do need, like for work or social circles.)
      I have noticed recently, that some, what I would call ‘militant feminists’, are concerned about men going MGTOW. While they hate, with passion, PUA, people like Roosh and MRAs, the real terror are the MGTOW.
      PUA and MRA, while the SJW hates, are still engaged with women, giving them attention, and there is the possibility of getting resources and validation.
      But MGTOWs, there is nothing the SJW can do with them. MGTOWs are an end game that a SJW can not counter or come up with a strategy to cope with. Even though some of SJW go on about what a bunch of losers MGTOWs are and can’t get with anyone, I think the real motivation is that SJWs want, even need, them to get back in the game and keep trying with women. It also helps their objectives by driving up the supply of men that are still in the game and I view this as a shaming attempt by the SJWs to keep the MGTOWs ‘on the plantation’. I do not see this working and from what I can tell, once a guy goes completely MGTOW and off the plantation, they never come back and are gone forever. Even time a man goes completely MGTOW, another SJW is doomed to working well into her 70s to support herself. (Of course, the simple solution of not driving men to MGTOW, just ‘can’t’ be done, even though that would fix the problem for her, which we all know here is typical female irrational handling of a problem.)
      The problem that I think some SJW are starting to realize with MGTOWs, is that by driving a number of men off of the field to MGTOW, the supply of men available to be taken advantage of by women is dropping and going lower, meaning some women, even now, are going to be stuck working full time for the rest of their lives if they hope to have a reasonable standard of living.
      While some of the younger SJW can still have a kid, to get all of the government aid that single mother’s get, the SJW that is over 40 and can’t have kids, is now stuck working at least until 62.5, the early retirement age.

      1. I agree that Sheldon being an asexual is threatening to many SJWs. A man who doesn’t need women at all. Not for sex. Not for company. Not for status.
        This is the stuff of nightmares.
        So they had to ruin Sheldon.
        There is a fantasy that a man can never be happy without a woman. It’s seen in social media, books, and everywhere.
        I believe it’s one of the reason the “lone warrior” character is disappearing from fiction. The days of the Outlaw who lived for himself is not seen as much in fiction. Can’t have people believing in self-reliance. The message now is you need people. You need a group to feel complete.
        Have you checked your facebook friends’ list? Only a few? Wow, you are worthless. You need at least 300 to be worthwhile. How can your accomplisments matter if it doesn7t get sufficient approval from the “right” people?
        It never makes sense to me why Amy Farah Fowler’s character (in Big Bang Theory) complains about Sheldon because he doesn’t sexually desire her.
        I thought most womens’ supremecist were always bellyaching about men only looking at their tits.
        Sheldon is only with her for her mind and accomplishments and she whines, “He doesn’t want my body ~~ only my mind.”
        Cry me a river, sister.
        So clearly the feminist message of Big Bang is that it’s wrong for a man to only want your mind and not to “tap” that. Withholding sex from Sheldon would be seen as a reward by him, not a punishment. Amy simply has no seductive power over him.

  83. I dunno. I’ve seen some nerdy hot chicks with some nerdy dudes. Granted, they were the alpha nerdy dudes (king of the nerds so to speak). It’s a rare anomaly, but it happens.

  84. T.V. is largely what the News Media has been for years. . . A tool to expound false social norms. There’s no money to be made in bucking established concepts or trying to start new ones. Comedy is seen in nerdy guys getting the girls in interesting and unique ways. But it’s accepted by the audience as just that: Comedy based on unlikely outcomes. Money’s at the root of our society now, and nobody who has a job in selling something to the public is going to risk trying to push the reality, which is Red Pill.

  85. Reminds me of The Office, even though it is an amazing series and with a lot of red pill moments, funny as hell, it has one blue pill bullshit, like the very nice but decent looking Jim having all sorts of girlfriends out of nowhere (seriously the girls simply like him because they writers felt like it) and ending up with the lovable Pam which friendzoned him for years, this is why I can’t take fiction anymore, its so filled with these stupid moments so alien to reality that it bothers me.

  86. Yeah I used to watch BBT alot, now I don’t watch it that much anymore because of the blue pill myths it perpetuates.

  87. Can you imagine being married to a girl on the verge of menopause who suddenly announces she is pregnant with twins…? Game over.

  88. You forgot to address the fact that Kaley Cuoco actually dated Johnny Galecki (i.e. Leonard Hofstadter) when the show first started.

  89. hmmm I disagree. In russia Ive met plenty of men who would make leonard hofstedter look like Brad Pitt in comparison. and they were dating beautiful women much younger then them. these guys did not have much money but the girls were clinging to them because they hoped to get married and start pumping out kids before 30. same in other EE its not all hopeless you know.

  90. I could never stand Big Bang Theory. The time I nearly died from being electrocuted was funnier than the average episode.

  91. Wow you have a real hang up about age. Men try their best to convince women that they are old ugly and fat so well lower our standards and go out with you. Thats why men have to work so hard at making money because you dont really have any other qualities. Women are always great. Men are so dull and boring.

  92. That last bit about Timmy being a world-famous Starcraft player… that… actually could be a successful sitcom; Nerds are so desperate and hungry , they’d just be happy that Starcraft was even mentioned.
    So yeah, not an unlikely prediction.
    Anyway on the article, yes, it has always been a myth that the nice guy, the nerdy gets the girl. Unfortunately a lot of guys these days have been socialized into believing such nonsense.

  93. Excellent piece. I’d like to see more articles exploring this. You’ve touched on something that extends not only to the warping of notions about women, but also the warping of our collective reality in general. There are many other areas in which tv has hijacked our minds.

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