“Don Jon” Is A Blue Pill Disaster

Ever since I heard a movie about pickup was coming to theaters, I have waited patiently to snag it from BitTorrent and see what the fuss was about. Unfortunately, I was greeted with a clicheed Hollwood pile of dogshit that was anything but Red Pill.

The movie follows a horribly miscast Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Jon, a man who runs the town hard and pulls beautiful women frequently despite his addiction to masturbating to internet porn, which he finds to be more satisfying than actual women.

The first clue that this film was written by manginas was its portrayal of pickup process, which was roughly: “Guy sees incredibly hot girl” —> A miracle happens —> “Guy is dancing with/banging girl.” The smashcuts of him fornicating with 9s and 10s is the kind of just-so story that someone without the faintest clue of pickup (e.g. a beta male or a woman) would posit as feasible. He’s reasonably good-looking and has some muscles, so OF COURSE dimes are throwing themselves at him. He can’t miss.

During his club dalliances, Don Jon finally meets “the one,” a dolled-up Jersey version of Scarlett Johansson. She’s obviously an incredibly attractive woman (though many of the women he’s shown pumping-and-dumping are on the same level), but as soon as he begins his courtship of her he makes all of the rookie mistakes: he tries to change his behavior, forsakes going out with his friends, and scoffs at the idea of getting some strange. We all know the pull a new hottie can have on a man, but a player who has been in the trenches is not so easily snared, and also knows not to cut off his relationships with important people in his life just because of some new ass. When they finally have sex it is middling, so Jon continues his internet porn habit.

An obviously disappointing aspect was that the female characters in the film could do no wrong—it shows early on that Johannson’s character is addicted to the fake emotional rush of romantic comedies, yet the movie does nothing to explore the parallelism of her reliance on this artificial stimulation. Once again, it is only the man’s behavior that is maladaptive, despite the fact that it is an outgrowth of his girlfriend being sorely deficient in fulfilling his sexual needs.

There were occasional bits of Red Pill wisdom sprinkled throughout the movie, but they were taken to farcical and illogical conclusions. For example, Jon’s girlfriend openly mocks him for being less of a man for cleaning his own apartment rather than paying someone else to do it. We know that women often don’t respect men who do the housework, but castigating him for sweeping his apartment floor was a reductio ad absurdum example of this principle.

Though the entirety of this movie was saccharine Hollywood pablum, the ending of the movie was the worst part. Throughout the movie, we see an aged Julianne Moore skulking around the main character, the same way an orbiter will follow around a cute girl for a chance at currying favor. After being dumped by his girlfriend for his masturbation habits, he caves in and sleeps with Moore in a moment of weakness. Jon smokes pot with her and bangs her in a car, and all of a sudden he is smitten.

Over a short time, Jon becomes infatuated with skeletor — I mean, Julianne Moore’s character. He begins a relationship with her and the movie just sort of…ends. Yes, just your typical young-player-hangs-up-his-boots-to-settle-down-with-grandmother story, despite no common life situation or any significant bond that is built between them.

This screenplay came off like a bad book report on what people think the player lifestyle is like, epitomized by its romanticization of giving up the lifestyle to court post-wall women (obviously while in their “sexual peak”). I saw nothing redeeming about the movie, barely even entertaining in its cringeworthiness. Save your time and go see one of these films that will teach you something.

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127 thoughts on ““Don Jon” Is A Blue Pill Disaster”

    1. “Nothing wrong with letting the girls know that you’re money, and you wanna party.”

  1. Joseph Gordon Levitt could hardly be miscast: he wrote and directed it.
    It’s not a super red-pill movie, true, and the ending is forced, but it’s not so ignorant. Yes he tries to change his behavior for Scarlett’s character: which she openly states she’s trying to do! She would never stop trying to “change” him so they were doomed. (Maybe I also found it funnier than most that Levitt has someone as gorgeous as her speak in that awful Snooki voice).
    Levitt himself doesn’t claim much for Don Jon, he says the metajoke of the movie for him was a guy who CAN get laid but prefers wacking it to porn.

    1. “Joseph Gordon Levitt could hardly be miscast: he wrote and directed it.” Yes he can. Because he’s a Jew playing a Catholic Italian with no real understanding of the culture except that he wants to mock and shame it. Reverse the religions and you get prejudice and a call from the Anti-Defamation League. Jews need to keep out of other people’s business when it comes to religion.

      1. I agreed with you before, and I’m doing it again. Anti-Catholicism is alive and well in the movies as in most of the U.S. The trouble is that Catholics (mostly Italians and Irish) threaten pretty much most of mangina-dom because their culture is, by nature and nurture, Alpha.

        1. We Catholics don’t fuck around when it comes to putting our women in their place!
          Yo Adrian!

  2. The movie is a comedy and satirical. Clearly you were so focused on being alpha that missed that part.

    1. Indeed. Personally I am too busy singing Klingon operas and stalking my ex wife on Facebook to actually bother watching anything as base as a cinema release film.

  3. I actually found the movie pretty good, and very realistic too. Jon does everything the red pill websites (including this one) teach men to do. Works out, dresses well, has his own place, has the right attitude. He leads a player lifestyle most people dream of, pulling hot girls easily. I think it’s normal that at some point he gets bored with one night stands with 7s and 8s and wants something special (like Roosh, see this post http://www.rooshv.com/anna-epilogue)…
    Only thing I didn’t like was the ending, where he enters a relationship with a 50-year old woman.

    1. I believe it’s implied that the relationship is not really built to last, it’s just a mutually beneficial fling on which he finds emotional sex and she finds youthful hope.

      1. If you like driving movies, I highly recommend “Vanishing Point”. Kowalski is the man.

        1. Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry. Gone in 60 Seconds. The original, not the gay-ass Nick Cage remake.

        2. The soundtrack is pretty great too. Definitely required viewing if you’re into carsploitation flicks.

        3. Roller Ball the original and Thief; James Caan! best fucking scene when he proposes to her in the restaurant; classic!
          Gritty Chicago scenes from the 70’s; he even hangs out at the Green Mill (great Jazz Club) I know all those streets –

    1. Next time you’re watching it, imagine Ryan Gosling is actually autistic. The movie goes from a drama to a comedy.

    2. Isn’t that the film about the guy who does all this shit, including die, for some random ho? And isn’t he a male feminist?

  4. Lol good you pirated it so that you didn’t reward the purveyors of such crap.
    Joseph Gordon Levitt’s persona across movies is not quite as lame as Michael Cera’s, but it’s worse. Nobody deludes themselves into thinking they’ll get amazing ass by being a dork like Cera, but plenty of herbs and dweebs will take Levitt to be an instructive role model.

    1. You’d be surprised how a good proportion of attractive women would say Yes to someone “cute” and “sweet” and “dorky”. Women who can pull macho alpha dudes don’t macho alpha dudes ALL THE TIME. But yeah, if you are an average to below average women who can’t pull macho alpha dudes, then yes, your priority would be for macho alpha dudes.

    2. I’ve always pegged him as being gay, I bet he comes out in the next few years. Here we have another “Barney”, a gay dude trying to act like a man.

  5. If anyone wants to learn something in the movies about “game” and male/female dynamics.. watch Gone With The Wind. Age old and still plays out today. Rhett Butler is everything you need to know about how to look at , talk to and treat women.
    Ashley was totally in love with Scarlet, brought her flowers, professed undying love for her, wanted to marry her…. and he was the one that got SLAPPED. Yes. Actually slapped. I believe it’s known as a “bitch-slap” now. Classic.
    The only thing that’s changed over the years is what they are wearing.

    1. My favourite Clark Gable quote is “If I had been with as many women as people say I would never have had time to go fishing”.

      1. Mine is: “No, I don’t think I will kiss you, although you need kissing, badly. That’s what’s wrong with you. You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how.” Epic.

        1. No. Scarlett believed herself in love with Ashley, and realized her real affection for Rhett only at the end of the book – too late. Hence the quote: “What will I do without you?” “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” Re. your quote – not Clark Gable, but Margaret Mitchell, the author. Do your homework.

        2. Please. Lay down before you hurt yourself.
          Scarlet is just like EVERY woman who SAYS she “hates jerks” and THINKS she wants a “nice guy”. LYING to herself for most of her life.
          And just like EVERY woman who pretends to hate “jerks”, they have NO CLUE about their own attraction mechanism. My Fair Lady is EXACTLY the same — where only at the very end does she end up going back to the misogynist asshole Professor Higgins who mistreated her, whom she pretended she hated – HATED WITH ALL HER PASSION – while telling handsome young “nice guy” Freddie (who brought her flowers and waited outside her door) to GET LOST.
          • Mr and Mrs Smith
          • Sam and Diane from Cheers
          • Gone with the Wind
          • Han Solo and Princess Leia
          • Shrek and Fiona
          The story is always always the same. Classic. Timeless. Sexy.
          Do YOUR homework.

        3. Yup. Not every woman wants an asshole in her life (most do) but every woman who states that she hates jerks is giving away the fact that such men turn her into a quivering mess.

        4. Women GIVE the recipe away! Whatever a woman says she can’t stand… BE that guy, and she will fall flat on her back with her legs in the air faster than she can drop a bunch of flowers.

        5. Does it? That’s just your imagination. This is a website. It doesn’t “smell”. What you are smelling is your own bullshit. Better open a window.

        6. Oh I see. What part of an in depth analysis of Gone With The Wind (and other films) “smells of involuntary celibacy”? Are you insane? Please indicate what part lead you to that conclusion. Anytime you’re ready.

        7. Funny. And you’re most likely a very well put together individual. Now, do you think there is any possibility we could both be WRONG?

    2. Captain Rhett Butler is the alpha. Watch learn from him gentlemen….watch and learn.

      1. Hey, Great Film by the way “Derzu Uzala” own it, watched it many times…

    3. Uh, no. Rhett is a beta. Thanks the point of the movie, that’s what drives the plot—his weakness as a man. He has a chip on his shoulder about Scarlett’s love for Ashley—which is all phony anyway. That weakness leads to Scarlett shutting him out. The tragedy of the South was that it didn’t have truly manly men, when it counted. And here we are.

    4. Hmm, it was Scarlett chasing Ashley and Rhett chasing Scarlett (for a long time), wasn’t it?

  6. You obviously did not understand the movie at all.
    It’s not a movie about picking up girls, it’s a satire depicting the unrealistic expectations of our society. To be even more clear on that, so everyone gets it: he expects that what he sees in his porns to be a realistic sex life, and she expects that every relationship will be like the one she sees in her rom-coms.
    Let me know if you need more clarification on that. LOL.

    1. Yes but its still a blue pill disaster.
      Because men are supposed to be dominant. Their needs (even if they are a little fanciful) are supposed to be met.

    2. Speaking personally my sex life has pretty much always been the same as a porn movie.

      1. Double penetration in the same orifice is gay. Why is this shit in straight porn!? Fuck that has pissed me off since the 80s!

    3. Back in the day even small children knew that Tom & Jerry was not real, knew the difference between media depictions and real life.
      Does the movie examine why now people of voting age are so detached from reality that they take fiction for reality, or would that, perhaps, be hitting a little too close to home for the producers?

      1. Coming from a group of men who actually think that women still emulate Sex and the City. The show has been off the air for over ten years, dudes! Find a new show to blame all your problems on ffs.

        1. “. . .men who actually think that women still emulate Sex and the City.”
          I wouldn’t know. I’ve never seen it and don’t know why I would.
          I take my impressions for the behaviour of people from the way people behave.

        2. Sex and the City is a metaphor for anything blue pill related. Also, TV series are just a fragment of all the mindfucking bullshit modern media feeds us. If you don’t understand that mechanism I’d check in with a neurosurgeon to remove that dysfunctional brain of mine.

    4. Really? Because I saw it as a movie about how Jewish filmmakers found yet another way to degrade Italians. Apparently Dice Clay, “Jersey Shore” and all the Mob movies weren’t enough. Had it been Italians making Jews seem like religious fools in a film, it would have never been allowed in theaters.
      Besides being a Blue Pill fantasy, the filmmakers know NOTHING about Catholicism, except their apparent need to degrade it. The left talks a lot about bigotry. This film is a good example of it.

      1. Italians, Jews, what difference does it make. Not like you are talking about white people.

        1. Most northern Italians are white. Southern Italians are mostly mesopotamian and turks.

      2. Stop with the anti-semitism, already. Its Hollywood. Are Francis Ford Coppolla and Pacino sell outs?

  7. Scarlet is so overrated, seriously she is 5’3.
    ANY real life models would outshine her on the street…

      1. Raspy (from smoking too much) voices don’t bother me. Part of my Jewish girl fetish, I guess.

        1. Natalie Portman is my J-girl!
          I bet she’ll squirm and squirt for my gentile tongue!
          Gilda Radner is a close 2nd. 😀

    1. I disagree. She has a certain something about her.
      I wouldn’t poke her though. From what I’ve heard she is well dirty.

      1. Yes, she has herpes like quite a lot of Hollywood stars. If you will Google it you will know who else is infected.
        But despite her having “masculine” voice I would shag her over one night stand and let everyone know, but herpes is no go for me.

        1. I’d strap up and hit her like the dirty little whore that she is…..and then CRB my way out the door when I’m done.

    2. Yes, there is something slighly Picassso about her face. It isn’t exactly symmetrical or proportional, but still hangs together pretty well. So she can be considered pretty with an edge or unconvetionally pretty. A lot of models these days are like that – unlike the 80s era where more conventional beauty was demanded for modelling work. The celebration of beauty was in its rarity. But when you get a surfeit of convetional beauty like in the modelling work – unconvetionally pretty stands out.

    3. “Scarlet is so overrated, seriously she is 5’3”
      The fuck? She’s what an inch? off the standard U.S female adult height you nimrod.
      You’re either an “elbows too pointy” nerdling or a pissed off high T level gargantua chick I’m betting.

    4. The “bloom” is off the rose, at this point. She peaked at VickyChristinaBarcelona.

  8. Girls making fun of you cleaning your own place is just a shit test that can easily turn into fun foreplay. It happened twice to me, and both cases ended with her on her hands and knees, scrubbing my floor naked and being spanked when she missed a spot. Girls love doing house work for you, wearing nothing or just some skimpy lingerie, so don’t let an opportunity like that go to waste. Watching a girl slaving away in your kitchen, wearing nothing but an apron, while you sit at the kitchen table with a glass of whiskey is one of the joys in life that every man should experience at some point.

    1. Been there done that! I call it “Naked Day” (for my girl that is)…
      I love it when they cook me dinner with only high-heels on.
      life is Good!

        1. Fuck you Dick Herpes!
          Yo mamma so ugly she went into a haunted house and came out with an application

    2. …another stunning example of manly efficiency: gets ass, gets clean floors, gets drink on. Thats a tri-fecta!

    3. Shit testing is all fun and games if the hoe actually knows me personally, but I don’t appreciate random broads feeling entitled to shit-test me at any given moment. At some point I’m gonna lose my shit and smack that bitch into oblivion.

  9. I was waiting for this movie to end up eveserated here.
    And I cringe every time I see some fluff piece try to call Moore anything close to attractive.

    1. Agreed, that woman was never attractive. Not even in Boggy Nights – and that was a movie in which she probably looked her best on screen.

  10. i think the mangina writers were trying to make the point that it’s the woman’s job to clean house/ apartment, but since Hollywood’s too politically correct to portray red pill reality, they made the scene about him hiring a maid instead of him telling the bitch to clean up his apartment because it’s her job to do so.
    Also, this movie is basically revenge porn for manginas. The manginas who wrote this script are basically sending the message to “players” that they’ll end up with a wrinkly old hag if they continue down the path of being dominant and having the balls to stand up to bitch behavior when their needs aren’t being met.
    Also, Joseph Gorden Levitt is a limp-dicked embarrassment to all red-blooded men.

  11. That movie was an utter disappointment. Cut out the porn bits and you’ll be left with 30 minutes of actuall film.

  12. A guy knows or learns game (even if inaccurately portrayed) and ends up turning into a beta with a granny? Sounds like 40-Year-Old Virgin and What Women Want.
    What’s it with Hollywood’s urge to tame men and hook them up with older post-Wall women anyway?
    If you want to see a better red-pill movie, check out the classic Russian New Year’s movie Ironia Sud’by, ili s Liogkim Parom. The woman throws sh!t test after sh!t test at the man, and he blows them all away, or at least 80% of the time. Granted, she’s in her 30s, but he’s nearly 40, so at least he’s still older than she is.

    1. That’s actually true. I was very surprised by the fact, considering that the main character looks like he would be a beta, but somehow manages to be really alpha.
      Remind me again of some of the shit tests, I didn’t pay much attention to them when I watched the movie?

      1. One good example is Ippolit’s photograph, although probably any time Nadia got all pissy and temperamental at Zhenya would qualify. And Ippolit’s jealous reaction to Zhenya’s intrusion was a further useful lesson about how being a jealous beta can hurt you — Nadia shit-tested him too a few times, and he always seemed to fail.

    2. I just saw a move called The Proposal, where Ryan Reynolds (33 at the time) is supposed to be marrying Sandra Bullock (45 at the time), and his family is very happy with her. It’s insane. Marrying her would mean he wouldn’t be able to have children, and the (very well off) family would be OK with this? It’s ridiculous. I suppose they might have been trying to pass Sandra Bullock off as being younger, since she is still in good shape, and still has smooth skin, but she’s clearly much older than him any way you cut it

      1. Saw it; Reynolds is a bit of an Alpha in the film an puts the bitch through her paces though – lame but has its moments of Red Pill.

  13. I think Joseph Gordon Levitt wrote and directed that shit fest. I kind of wanted to see it. So glad I read this review first. My god that ending of a potentially happily ever after with a post wall women instead of a quick scary fuck.

  14. “Bad Book Report”. I’ll be stealing that statement for my own usage. I’m not going to cite it; I’d rather whip in on folks as original wisdom. I hope you don’t mind.

  15. That’s very disappointing to hear. The DVD cover made it sound like it would be a solid examination of what’s wrong with basing romantic life on either porn or Hollywood, but to hear that it is a simple artificial “cautionary tale for players” is kind of upsetting. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a good actor. But a pity that he’s starting to show his vaginal tendencies.

  16. It’s amazing how far Hollywood will go to preserve the egos of sexually obsolescent 40+ women.
    Your synopsis of Don Jon reminded me of Roger Dodger. Though RD did have some redeeming qualities.

    1. What was wrong with Roger Dodger? Other than the scene where the guy goes to the womens party he wasn’t invited to, all butthurt.

      1. the main issue i have with rodger dodger is that park scene where he gets desperate seeing that only his nephew is appreciated by the two chicks. he is THIS close to begging them for sex at that point, which is out of character for a guy who – up to that point – was sold to us as a cynical detached asshole who can’t be bothered to care about poon. i cringe everytime i see that scene, but overall it’s one of the better movies for men.

  17. I thought the movie was OK. Its hollywood, it is all garbage what do you expect. Download uTorrent. PeerBlock and then go and snarf it off the Pirate Bay. None of this crap coming out of Hollywood is worth paying a cent for.

  18. Sounds gay as fuck. Is this like an anti-porn movie or something? I ain’t wasting my time watching it.

  19. Agreed. It’s was kind of funny up to skelator. Although maybe Scarlett’s ass was just some sort of voodoo trick on my better judgement.

  20. The movie is a tale of masculine submission and growing female political hegemony in the West. Jon has to choose between two evils, and ultimately decided on ignorance over servitude. The lesser of the two, I’m not sure which. Where was his third option? He should have hooked up with a porn star in the end, imo.

  21. Gordon-Levitt wrote and directed this piece of crap. That’s why he was as miscast as a Jersey Italian as Henry Winkler was as Fonzi. The criticisms of Hollywood Jews and their caricature of Italians and Catholicism rings true.

  22. Glad you saw it and saved me the trouble; I saw a preview in the theatre last year and thought it might be good, but something told me it’d probably end up being very blue-pill. I could just imagine them putting in some scene where he cried like a little pussy and begged his wonderful dreamgirl to take him back, or something equally stomach-churning.

  23. “Guy sees incredibly hot girl” —> A miracle happens —> “Guy is dancing with/banging girl.”
    That was funny

  24. This WAS, at the end of the day, a “chick flick”, no why the surprise? You simply cannot expect much from mainstream hollywood films. They almost crucified Spike Lee for “She’s Gotta have It”, and he has been blue pill ever since.

  25. I had the terrific misfortune of seeing this dog turd of a film. Without checking reviews, I went in here expecting a story about a guy who gets ass, and I dunno, then goes driving and watches porn or whatever.
    This movie is such complete ass, first off, there’s nothing wrong with this guy’s life! He goes boozing, does his job, has his friends around, all good stuff! Some obvious poetic license in that the guy is kind of a douche but somehow always rolls up 10’s, but still remotely possible since, as every scientist knows, 2 feet of wood makes a bartender 2-points hotter.
    This crap about porn being “bad”, well, anything 5 times a day might be excessive. But not as nice as banging an actual chick? True, but actual chicks, especially in the Land of the Free, are a tremendous pain in the fucking ass! This guy just seems to have figured out early that American women are damn-near obsolete! As demonstrated by the slag in this fucking film!
    So what, he hooks up with this cooz, that alienates his friends, and pretty much fucks around with every aspect of his life…and this is meant to be a step up? Fuck that!
    Then she blows him off and the happily-ever-after is him ending up with a blown-out post menopausal slag with a whole newstand’s worth of issues. Dowhatnow?
    If you believe for one fucking second that getting high after your community college class and banging a 40-something ginger-widow-or-whatever in her vintage jeep and then going back to her cougar lair is better than being a bartender with regular access to booze and prime women, then you deserve to sit through this movie.
    I mean who’s going to be happier in 10 years?! Bartender guy or Cougar caretaker? Tell you who it won’t be, the 30-something guy who hangs himself after his now-50+ cougar get a hysterectomy and starts playing bridge, that’s who!
    Fuck this movie and fuck every necktie’d asshole who signed off on making this dick-noose of a bad fairy tale.

  26. If this is Who’s The Boss meets 3rd Rock From the Sun, I’m in! Do Alyssa Milano and Kristen Johnson do a hardcore lez scene?

  27. Thing is, I’m not surprised this movie was made. It was only a matter of time before geeks and betas got tired of making movies where they got the girl (e.g. most John Hughes movies from the ’80s, Ruby Sparks, Birthday Girl (a Nicole Kidman flick that played on beta mail order bride fantasies). That’s become old hat. Now they want to make satires about practitioners of game. They don’t understand how it works, because it’s not based on logic or science in the strictest sense. It’s like putting a kangaroo in an oldsmobile and expecting it to drive to the store and pick up a pack of cigars. Of COURSE they’re gonna make a movie that not only satirizes something they don’t understand, but one that also doesn’t even flesh out exactly what it is they’re satirizing in the first place (because, once again, they don’t have a clue of what it is). They just stare at the whole concept of game/seduction like that guy from the first “Alien” movie was staring at that xenomorph egg just before the facehugger got him. Completely clueless. Worse yet, the ending the author described is actually a veiled attempt to take a stab at game by consigning an “alpha” guy to a fate that’s generally reserved for betas. Unless a guy learns game or at the very least some good street sense, he’s gonna end up either with a land whale, a chick with six kids by seven different dudes, a hard “3,” or a woman old enough to be his mother. Just look at most congressmen. They make good money, some of them are wealthy, but they rested on their laurels, thought money and MBA and/or law degrees were aphrodisiacs, and said “to hell with Game, I got this.” That’s why EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM have wives that look like the crypt keeper. Tell me I’m wrong. “Gone with the Wind” is a good “Game” movie for starters, but I think we need something more modern. Hell, why doesn’t someone just make a movie about real Game to school the uninitiated?

      1. Good point. His fellow brethren in the Rich Old Bastards Club should take notes and step their games up.

  28. The reason the film ended as so was to cater to 30 something woman who are realizing there options are close to zero and to make them feel better in the fantasy that a young stud (like myself) is going to settle for a used and abused, wasted, wrecked, cum dump ex whore like in this film.

  29. Actually liked the flick. Dude had a couple things going for him and banged chicks easily. All this talk about whats Alpha and and whats not in the manoshere is getting to be to much. An Alpha is just a dude that does whatever the fuck he wants. He has enough balls to not care what others think. Gordin-Levitt fell off the wagon when he started fronting for his family and Scarlett Johanson. But he picked back up and decided at that moment fucking an old dead-looking bitch was what made him happy. Fuck we’re all human beings. We like different shit at different points in our lives. Alpha is doing what makes you happy and not letting others control you. This movie is Red Pill.

  30. Pedophiles, gays, weirdos, junkies, and wackos write scripts for Hollywood movies. Hollywood is a dying disease and should be avoided at all costs. The quicker we kill it, the better.

  31. The media talks about how great Moore looks for her age and Moore credits her great skin to the use of SPF since she was in her teens. For her age she barely has any wrinkles but she looks old nonetheless, proving once again that facial lines are only part of the story.
    For a woman age is linked to glow. Once the glow is gone nothing can get it back. Skin care may prevent further wrinkling but the damage is already done. Can’t do shit about an old looking face.

  32. “he tries to change his behavior”
    You should always truy to change your behaviour, always seek improvement, never “be yourself”.

  33. You entirely missed the point of the story. The movie is not at all about how to pick up girls or even the player lifestyle. It’s about how pornography distorts one’s view of sex. And though somewhat subtle, it’s very critical of Johannsen’s character’s addiction to cheap romcoms. It destroys their relationship as much as his porn addiction, as though hollywood movies are porn for women. She is shown as being vain, selfish, and out of touch with reality. No man could ever be able live up to her standards, and Jon eventually criticizes her for the “I asked you to do one thing” cliche.
    But you are right about Johannsen’s mediocre looks. Easily the ugliest woman in the movie. And although the cougar was fairly good looking, I doubt Jon would have settled for her.
    This is one of the few truly terrible articles on ROK. Normally a great site, but this article is a swing and a miss.

  34. The star and director, Joseph Gordon-Levitt (note the hyphen-name),
    raised by a mangina NPR director and a feminist has long been a
    Hollywood beta. He “came out” as a “feminist” not too long ago, and the
    JizzyBellies celebrated him as a “real man” for doing so. He also did
    the beta bait -manic-pixie-dream-girl crap movie 500 Days of Summer.
    He appears to be on an SJW-inspired, one-mangina mission to attack anything more masculine than Bruce Vilanch at a Magic Mike screening.

  35. The movie was focused on Jon’s issues (with objectifying/idealising women with porn) but I think it pretty obviously showed that the opposite fantasy (romance comedies objectify/idealise men) are wrong too. Barbara came off as a total bitch who couldn’t see her own wrongdoing. Jon realised what he was doing and ended up having a meaningful relationship with someone who he didn’t want to use and who didn’t want to use him. Barbara got dumped basically. Seems pretty legit.

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