Drug Smuggler Turned Canadian MPP Cheri DiNovo Libelously Calls Roosh A Criminal

“I think that people recognize the criminal that he is and that’s why he’s hiding and evading and wouldn’t say where he actually spoke.”

– Actual criminal Cheri DiNovo, who used to smuggle LSD into Canada from the United States, ironically talking about (and defaming) Roosh, who has not been charged, let alone arrested for any crime in Canada.

Ontario provincial New Democratic Party (NDP) politician Cheri DiNovo, sensing the opportunity to ride his coattails, has been one of the few non-municipal politicians in Canada to attack Roosh V. She appeared at a “rape culture” demonstration on the weekend he delivered his successful Toronto lecture.

In addition to lambasting Roosh for being a “criminal”, she has avoided any discussion of her own criminal past smuggling drugs or the criminal incitement furthered by a litany of the SJWs whose cause of harassment and defamation she supports.

From Aurelie Nix’s false rape threat accusation to Jessica Lelièvre’s assault to Sara Parker-Toulson’s support of rape wishes on unborn children and calls to violence, DiNovo is awfully selective regarding the outrage and criticism she chooses to vent about.

We need to be analytical and explore why exactly, of all the provincial politicians in Ontario (or Quebec), she is the one appearing at SJW events. The answer concerns calculated attempts at increasing her own prominence, which has been severely lacking in recent years. This intersects with a basic need to distract any future attention away from her criminal antecedence.

DiNovo should have been jailed for years, like any male drug smuggler

Cheri DiNovo will talk about male privilege, heterosexual privilege and white privilege, but not about her privilege in not going to jail for the long time she deserved.

Cheri DiNovo may not have faced the formal justice she deserves (even as she demands “justice” against people for what actually amounts to thoughtcrimes), but she is nonetheless an admitted criminal. LSD was already criminalized for mere possession in multiple jurisdictions at the times she smuggled it across large tracts of North America into Canada. When her criminal history, an entirely relevant issue, has been raised previously by opponents, she shrilly and self-righteously cries “Gutter tactics!”

Resorting to explaining DiNovo’s actions through a childhood prism of her father’s death and stepmother’s suicide is disingenuous. By that standard, my grandparents should have been the biggest drug lords continental Europe has ever seen.

My very, very young grandfather’s experiences against Stuka dive-bombers during the German invasion, the removal of my grandparents’ neighbors and even relatives to internment and concentration camps, their own harassment at the hands of the Nazis, and the near-starvation they endured for years could be considered casually sufficient for them to have turned out as long-term criminals peddling life-ruining substances.

But they didn’t turn out that way. Nor did their children, who grew up in deprived post-war circumstances as worse as or far worse than DiNovo’s.

She gave unequivocal support to those doxxing, threatening or trying to incite mob violence

Cheri DiNovo was, in fact, incredibly silent about the violent threats and other threatening activity against Roosh. She supported Sara Parker-Toulson, who deliberately disseminated Roosh’s Montreal address in tandem with “Jennifer,” the drink-thrower who claims to be a feminist but has an uncanny knack for disappearing and appropriating female legal privilege after committing what Canadian law regards as an assault. DiNovo did not call out this unacceptable behavior, designed to incite others to attack Roosh or criminally falsely imprison him.

The end result was, thankfully, more benign. Yet it still resulted in damage that the property owner has had to fix. What good exactly was Sara Parker-Toulson trying to achieve by spreading someone’s address, in the context of a night where that person had already been assaulted, chased off by a menacing mob and falsely imprisoned.

DiNovo distinctly and utterly turned a blind eye to actions she would label criminal if against those whose beliefs she shares. This is a tacit endorsement of the violence and threats Roosh was subjected to.


By the time she appeared at the protest in Toronto to promote herself, the Ontario MPP had actively collaborated with a group committed to criminal and anti-social behavior. At no stage did she call out this hateful collection of people, even as she maliciously and slanderously called Roosh a criminal.

If you read the vandalism below, it is attempting to spell out “Roosh V Dickless,” a very charming allusion to violent genital mutilation against him. No condemnation, either for the vandalism itself or the threatening message, came from Cheri DiNovo or her representatives.

But should we be shocked? After all, this is a woman who surreptitiously and effectively smuggled hard drugs into Canada, helping to ruin lives in the process. She’s not smuggling drugs nowadays, she’s just smuggling the truth about miscreants like Sara Parker-Toulson, who desire serious violence against their opponents, out of sight.


The fundamental question: “What does she get by attacking Roosh?”

Grab the microphone and distract attention, Cheri.

Here we have an ex-drug smuggler who tries to hypocritically pontificate moral and other standards to other people. What matters is that DiNovo’s ambition clearly outstrips her current position within provincial Ontarian politics, relegated to the third-biggest (or plain smallest) represented party, in a layer of government Ontarians pay much less attention to than national politics.

An excellent demonstration of this chasm between this reality and her overall ambition is her hosting of the 3 Women radio program on CIUT 89.5 FM, where she holds “discussions” and “interviews” with a revolving door of two other female politicians or political figures every Tuesday.

DiNovo needs an outlet or, better yet, multiple outlets to give herself a bigger brand name recognition and platform, perhaps for a future tilt towards federal politics. This is where Roosh comes in.

Note that of the nearly two dozen other NDP members of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario (plus the NDP members of the federal legislature), none advocated against Roosh to anywhere near an iota of the extent that she did. And this is a leftwing party that depends greatly on contrived university-style protests against budget cuts, “sexism” and other issues.

Hypocrites abound in the SJW mobs

Check your privilege, Cheri DiNovo.

You have already seen the gargantuan family privilege of professional leftist complainers like Haley Yael Firkser and Jessica Lelièvre, the latter having also committed criminal assault. Now DiNovo joins the fray as a feminist SJW who has no place criticizing others for their actions, at least until she spends serious time incarcerated.

Roosh has committed no crime in Canada and the onus is on DiNovo to prove he has done anything wrong. Short of that, she has contributed nothing but to lie about and defame him, and sought the kind of respected public prominence that a former drug smuggler is never entitled to.

Read More: Matthew E. Duffy Urges The Making Of Criminal False Allegations To “Swat” Roosh

125 thoughts on “Drug Smuggler Turned Canadian MPP Cheri DiNovo Libelously Calls Roosh A Criminal”

  1. in a country where the ‘conservatives’ would be considered moderate-to-liberal anywhere else, the NDP represent the uber-nutcases on the far left. i feel bad for the reasonable-minded canadians… they’re stuck in wonderland.

    1. She accuses Rooshv of “hiding”. In her wonderland of a country where renowned drug smugglers are the ruling elite, it’s no wonder that sane people like Rooshv would have to hide, or at least walk on eggshells.

      1. The bitch can call it whatever she likes but the fact of the matter is when you’re in a hostile territory, you employ guerrilla tactics. It’s not cowardly. It’s not an admission of guilt. It’s simply how you survive. What would have happened to Roosh if he walked down the street with his arms up saying “Here I am”?

    2. Truth be told, the Conservatives would be considered moderate to liberal in America, various Muslim states and a few other places. By European standards, they would actually be considered conservative.

  2. Doesn’t surprise me that she claims Roosh a criminal. After all, according to these feminists, whatever a woman says is the truth like in a false rape accusation. Asking the accuser to present evidence of any accusation is labeled as a rape apologist.

  3. Hypocritical, white, female SJW privilege — the only one you DON’T have to check at the door.

  4. “I think that people recognize the criminal that he is and that’s why he’s hiding and evading and wouldn’t say where he actually spoke.” Cheri DiNovo
    Rooshv’s not a criminal. Cheri DiNovo is. Therefore she knows the criminal mentality, and what she’s saying is a reflection of her own experience. And it’s not only a past experience of the good old days in which she used to smuggle drugs. It’s also very much a present experience. Notice she accuses Rooshv of “hiding”, when she in fact is the one hiding behind the facade of a “do gooder SJW”, to deflect attention from her shameful past, or at least to make up for it in the eyes of the Canadians. Even today she is ashamed of what she used to do, and thus is desperate to prove her self a good person, while simultaneously deflecting the bad person image on someone else, just to be away from the “bad person spotlight” for a while. She’s been illuminated by the “bad person spotlight” for her lifetime, and now wants that spotlight to illuminate someone else, so that she can “hide” in the darkness, for a while. Ironically she accuses Rooshv of “hiding”.

    1. Spreading lies and defaming others in itself is the kind of behavior to expect from a criminal

  5. Her area is Parkdale, home of the Toronto rejects, mentally unstable & welfare leeches… This is why she is like that. How can you not be like if you are only around these kind of people every day.

    1. ,,How can you not be like if you are only around these kind of people every day. ,, – There*s wisdom here…

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  7. She appears a little deformed, almost vulture-like. How is what is shown in that picture a ‘great turnout’? Looks like Kevin Bacon and the world’s greasiest Costa Rican smoothie salesman, as well as a few prostitutes scouting for business.

    1. It’s strange how most of the unattractive women fall on the liberal/feminist side. I watched a youtube video yesterday where Roosh was talking about his Bang Ukraine book on a TV show. The woman who went after Roosh most vehemently was also the ugliest woman on the show. Many of the more attractive women stuck up for Roosh.

    2. I wonder how many people she coaxed with LSD to show up
      Since she’s an ugly old hag she couldn’t do it with charm

  8. “Roosh V Dickless”. That reads like the style of cause in his assault, harassment and defamation suit: Roosh against all the dickless feminists and manginas

    1. Of course no two things that they say ever make any sense together. How can someone be both dickless and a rapist? They throw words around without knowing or caring what they mean.

    1. I think Roosh should have been on top of it, legally, once things went all whacky in Montreal. Any media outlet publishing Dinovo’s comments about Roosh being a criminal should have been hit with a libel notice (ie. remove the reference or get your ass sued with bonus damages) immediately. And Dinovo herself should have been hit with a letter too.

  9. EVERYONE, please go to Google NOW, type in that bitch’s name, scroll down a bit and click the ROK article!

    1. I’m doing this via Google Canada, and I will do this for the rest (Jesssica, Sara, Aurelie) as well. I want these morons to see that their malfeasance and corrupt behavior carries a price. Right now, DiNovo is on page three.

        1. Done. I clicked on another article saying she “claims she was raped twice” in her 20s. Once a boyfriend had sex when she didn’t want to and once a guy held a knife to her and fondled her. Neither case was reported. If true (and we have no idea since they were never reported) it sounds like a classic case of projection onto Roosh. If not, it would be attention whoring to distract from her criminality.
          I don’t know about you, but if I have a knife at my throat, I’m calling the cops, even if I couldn’t identify the guy, just as a matter of principle…the cops need to know there is a violent man with a knife roaming the neighborhood. Besides, why would you NOT report a violent attack like that, sexual groping aside???? The boyfriend case might be a he said she said but a guy with a knife on your neck is not something to ignore.

        2. Given the recent reporting of false accusations made by SJWs, as well as DiNovo’s act of libel, it is completely appropriate to hold suspicions regarding the validity of her claims. We did go through this with the Mattress girl among others. Currently, there is a story of a “Black Lives Matter” activist pretending to be “bi-racial” when it appears that he is entirely white. In fact, his portrayal allowed him to apply for an “Oprah Scholarship” at an all Black male college. SJWs have an issue with honesty so it is fair to assume that DiNovo’s claims require fact checking. Here is the story I mentioned.

        3. Anyone remember when brave heroes were really heroic and brave?
          Nowadays it’s people that make terrible life choices and any rape victim

    2. Done. Also, link to the video where she admits to doing LSD and smuggling it from California:

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    3. Also, a future tip for these expose pieces:
      Try to call out the equalist for things their side cares about, like misogyny, racism, homophobia, and so forth. This paints targets on their backs for the media and other, more radical leftists to persecute them with. It doesn’t matter if some of them will see through this plot, because ideological purges are irresistible to the extreme left.
      And yes, you can find bigotry in anyone’s profile if you look/spin hard enough.

      1. “ideological purges are irresistible to the extreme left”
        This is absolutely true. Look at this recent thing about Feminists attacking “White Feminism”:

        It’s a more extreme group of feminists calling-out other feminists who aren’t checking their privilege quite enough for their liking.

      1. About an hour ago, she was on page 3 of the Google Canada search results. The last time I checked, she moved up to the second listing on page 2.

        1. It’s possible, with some sneaky programming, a few proxy servers and a web scraper, that this process could be automated.

      1. Yeah, to make it go up on the list so that more people will see it if they Google her.

  10. On the topic of this whole fiasco, at least the lone right-leaning news source here in Canada did a piece on Roosh, mocking the hypocritical SJW stance during all this. Ezra Levant was the only journalist to do an interview with him (it’s quite good), which you can find here:
    The Rebel is also home to that most fabled of rarities in one Lauren Southern, a young and attractive reporter from here in the SJW-thick territory of the West Coast who actually speaks out about what BS the whole feminist movement is and reports on its degeneracy. Many of you gents may have seen her stuff, as several of her videos mocking feminism have gone viral on youtube, like the “Why I Am Not a Feminist” one and others inflitrating slutwalks.
    Just throwing this plug in for The Rebel for my brothers in the Great White North as another source for redpill stuff to get out there. As others have noted as well, I’ve been seeing more and more of it filtering into the mainstream lately. We’re gaining momentum gentlemen.

      1. Thanks, hadn’t seen this one. But I saw this short piece by McInnes’ on the topic: http://www.therebel.media/roosh
        Man, what wild times we’re living in. I hope Roosh’s recent victories in Montreal and Toronto are stepping stones to breaking through this madness in a big way. And I hope his next world tour takes him out west.

      2. Good interview, but Roosh is wrong on one thing: women do NOT use “care or responsibility with their smartphones or cars.” They ignore routine maintenance on vehicles, and are constantly losing and replacing their phones, paying exhorbitant insurance rates for a policy they regularly use.

        1. True. My wife and I got iPhones at the exact same time. Two years later, mine’s still in great condition while her’s has a crack across the screen (top to bottom). Her phone has had that crack for about a year now.
          Also, I’m always the one reminding her we need to get the cars’ oil changed while she keeps putting it off.

        2. Women typically pay less for car insurance than men, but that is mostly because they don’t drive as far or as often as men. You might be right about the cell phones. I have lost count of how many females I have seen with cracked screens on their phones. My teenage niece walked out of class and left new iPhone behind and then returned to find it gone. Of course my brother in law goes out and buys her a new one.

  11. Doesn’t matter how much worse they are than the people they criticize SJWs always claim the high moral ground. As for her saying Roosh is a coward, that’s ridiculous, he’s a man who stands up for his beliefs no matter how unpopular or politically incorrect they are. He was threatened with violence, had lynch mobs after him, and had the media and politicians against him and was in enemy territory and still followed through with his lecture.

    1. The Toronto lecture went ahead with a bunch of cloak and dagger nonsense to avoid a physical confrontation and ensure that all of us would actually have the opportunity to get together. The SJW crowd would have lost the physical confrontation, but given the lop-sided media coverage they would have won the propaganda war by claiming victim status.
      To my mind, the meeting itself was far more important than the lecture. There was nothing ground-breaking in the lecture: 90% of what he said has been said before in one form or another. It was not a PUA seminar: he spent maybe 15 minutes on a few techniques (the “awesome band” and “three venue date” plus a few others). Personally, I wasn’t paying for pick-up advice, especially considering that it is largely inapplicable to dating in a second-tier Chinese city.
      The get together was the substance of the act. Roosh has commented that he didn’t do the world tour for the money. He could have published the lecture, along with some additional material, as a booklet and sold that online. The Canadian leg of the tour involved about a hundred guys signing up at 50 bucks a pop, so that is about $5000 US plus whatever he picked up in “gold” tickets for digital versions of all his books. Factor in the cost of airfare, hotel, restaurant meals, booking the venues, on-site security, body guards, car rentals, VIP booths at nightclubs, and a post-lecture dinner (it was 30 bucks Canadian but he was willing to let us pay what you want or even waive the cost completely). Then figure out how much time he had to spend in preparation, conducting interviews, dodging stalkers, getting assaulted with a beer and then getting away from an angry mob. The time, money and PITA factor don’t combine to make it a lucrative endeavor. Going ahead was an act of defiance against the Canadian feminist outrage machine.

      1. I understand the lecture was more an act of defiance against feminism and censorship, I have nothing but respect for Roosh for pulling it off.

  12. The best way to deal with there parasites is to sue them. Sue her and ruin her career. Best revenge.
    On her wiki page says that she is also a lesbian.
    At the time identified as bisexual and with a female lover, DiNovo was one of the few women who signed a document called “We Demand”, which was Canada’s first gay liberation manifesto.
    If this woman’s political career progresses further, she could become another Hilary. So sue the bitch!

    1. Best way to deal with them is to take one for the crew and make a violent example of her.

      1. That’s the wrong way. The right way is writing articles like the one above in order to expose the hypocrisies that constantly plague the far left.

        1. This needs to be put out there, but the main stream media won’t pick up on this when they are too busy supporting the SJWs or running interference to prevent the truth from coming out. It will be completely ignored by SJWs. However, a law suit is something they can’t ignore.

    1. How many men were raped by women on the LSD she smuggled into Canada? Since saying hello to someone now is defined as rape by their own standards.

  13. Cheri DiNovo…aren’t we really talking about a person who is the dirt bags of all the dirt bags.
    She was a drug user and a smuggler (across international borders), now a reformed politician (the worst kind of politician) who has found “God” and a white, middle aged (entitled) woman.
    A politician is nothing but a lawyer telling the people what they want to hear while living off of taxpayer money. This kind of politician has to be the worst…pointing out the worst in other people?
    There will be a special place in hell (not heaven) for her type.

    1. Yep, Eighth Circle, Bolge I: panderers (those who cater to or profit from the weaknesses or vices of others).
      She was a panderer in her old career, as she still is now; but at least then she was selling something that worked, not just snake oil and cant.

      1. You answered your own question.
        Bruce “i am crazy” Jenner would/could probably do very well over there.

    2. Maybe she was responsible for smuggling the opium known as “obama” into the US?
      Instead of getting you high…he gets you low…as in low IQ

  14. Lookah here! I searched Jessica’s Lelievre’s name on “Google Canada” and here is what popped up on the first page! It’s Miss DiNovo’s turn!

  15. What I dont fucking understand is why are woman in general so annoying when its men who created all the shit they enjoy today?…like they are seriously asking for men to throw fucking rocks at them in a big way.

    1. It’s their nature.. women get their way by complaining endlessly or accusing people of violating stigmas.

      1. And the prettier they are, the easier for them to get their way. The uglier, the less. That’s why these menopausal women scream the loudest.

      2. Yea but men fucking created this shit without us they would be eating shit for breakfast, they all need to really check there privilege big fucking time.

        1. They’d be living in grass huts without us. You’d think they could at least show some gratitude. Is that really too much to ask?

        2. I think it is too much to ask, us men are worthless and woman think that because they pushed us out of there rotten pussy’s that we owe them everything…like seriously that’s how they all think for some reason.

        3. We owe them??? Seriously? The only woman I came out of was my mother. Not these other stinking shrews.

        4. Well, at least that is how men are usually treated. We both can see that men are irreplaceable. It’s actually amazing that so many people can’t see that.

  16. a vapid death eater just look at the eyes in that face. Tells you everything you need to know. Dark, cold, heartless. Probably divorced 3 or more times.

  17. I could give 2 fucks about her drug smuggling, good for her for taking some initiative. Now, the fact that men caught doing the same thing would likely still be in jail, that gets me a little pissed off.
    But, more than anything, I find myself being most annoyed at the fact that she’s ugly as sin. Really, this entire article could have been summed up as “Ugly woman annoyed that Roosh gets lots of hot women to fuck him, tries to shame him and fails”. 🙂

    1. And if they got out they would be happy enough working as a grocery clerk otherwise they would be living on government hand outs and being demonized by his neighbors as a lazy good for nothing criminal hide your kids while this Cheri is given an education than waltzes around politician

  18. I don’t get these “CONSENT” protests. Do men in prison “consent” to being raped? We know there is more male rape than female rape in this country. What they are really talking about is girls who regret having sex with players, which has nothing to do with “consent”.
    Do people really think there is a big problem with guys going around forcing themselves on women? And if so, is educating these guys on how they should obtain consent first supposed to do anything about it? It’s utterly ridiculous.
    If there really was an outbreak of forcible rape against women, the proper response would be to train women to use pepper spray, stay in groups, not get too intoxicated, etc. When there is a serial killer on the loose, we don’t use education programs trying to get the killer to be nice and talk to his victims instead. The focus is on safety and defensive steps so that one doesn’t become a victim.

    1. It’s ironic that the feminists that protest the most against rape are the ones most least likely to be raped. I’m talking about the first definition of the word rape as it appears in the dictionary. Not the 50th one that the SJWs broadened it to.

    2. “Do people really think there is a big problem with guys going around forcing themselves on women?”
      Some people, yes, sadly, do believe this. They are grossly misinformed. As you correctly point out, the real rape “epidemic” is men raping other men in prison. Which most people give exactly 0 fucks about.
      Male on female rape is a very rare crime. It’s also a crime of violence and power, not of sex. We’re redefined male/female rape to “anytime the female regrets it in the morning” which, of course, has greatly pushed up the incidence. Call it whatever you want, a man “playing” a girl into bed is not the same thing as a man knocking teeth of another man in prison to orally rape him. We can call pointing a water gun at someone “attempted murder” if we want to, it’s not the same as having an AK-47 pointed at your head with some radical terrorists holding the weapon and recording the event. Even the end result is the same (you don’t get shot by the terrorists and return home, just like the guy who got blasted with the super-soaker), it’s not the same fucking crime. Anyone with a brain should be able to tell you that. And yet, here we are, date rape/morning after regret is lumped in the same category with the prisoner with the colostomy bag. Except, of course, even though everyone agrees that the prisoner was raped, nobody gives a shit. Jane crying rape after doing 21 shots of vodka on her birthday when she admits no recollection of the events incites a fucking riot.

      1. Um… If you have sex with someone who has had 21 shots of vodka, than yeah, you raped them. Having sex with incapacitated people is clearly wrong- whether they’re drunk, drugged, asleep, passed out, whatever.

        1. Would that apply to a woman having sex with a man who’s had 21 shots of vodka as well? You realize that you’re probably categorizing 50%+ of all college students as rapists, right (both men and women)?
          Thank you though, for making my point. If you really think sex after 21 shots is rape, you have no concept of what rape really is. If you’d like to develop a concept, I suggest you watch American History X for a reasonable view of what a real rape victim looks like.

        2. We still know right and wrong whilst intoxicated, alcohol just removes the care of the effect in the short term.

        3. Yes. Anyone who has sex with anyone who’s had 21 shots of hard alcohol is at the very least willfully blind to the very real possibility that that person is incapable of consenting to sexual relations.

        4. Then was raped all throughout my college career. Probably hundreds of times by lots of different women. Or is only women who can’t consent after 21 shots?
          Do you see the hypocrisy in what you’re saying yet?

      2. And the reason men rape other men is because men require sex, its beyond me why prisons don’t have mandatory girls/prostitutes who service the men to keep the prison safer and more calm absolutely insane to keep a man locked up without him being able to blow his load properly.

        1. ROFL, well, one reason is that a lot of men would get more action in prison than they did at home if there were mandatory prostitutes in the big house. 🙂

        2. You want to pay for that? (For people who would have no qualms with fucking you in the arse?)
          They can use their hand like everybody else if it gets that bad. Cost is free.

        3. I would say as ugly as female prisoners are prisons should be mixed. First of all prisons isn’t a resort it’s expensive and there should be no special acommodations for female prisoners they’re not there to be taken care of but to take their punishment.
          This will make women think twice about committing crimes such as disfiguring a person’s face with glass
          Also ever wonder why it’s the ugly women that go to jail while the hot ones get off scott free?

        4. Yeah just put female prisoners in there they are ugly and fat. The punishment is laying with a landwhale

        5. Yes why the fuck not?…the state pays for feminists so called equality laws and legislation, and since its easier for woman to get sex than men then I believe the state should pay for prostitutes for men so then men and woman are sexually equal.

        6. “The state” paying for it means *YOU* pay for it. Where do you think “the state” gets money from?
          You personally want to pay for some criminal fuckwit to have a good time in jail?
          Are you sure that you weren’t writing your post from the inside?

        7. No the jail part makes sense because it makes the inmates easier to handle and reduces violence inside the prison, but on the outside im trying to say that men and woman are not equal sexually, and since the state pays for all this feminist bullshit that keeps touting how equal men and woman are, well its only fair that men and woman are equal sexually as well, that is where state funded prostitution comes in.

      3. “Do people really think there is a big problem with guys going around forcing themselves on women?”
        It always depends on who the man is with women. Brad Pitt, the men in Magic Mike, etc….not a problem (they can force all they want). It’s always about women playing the victim under certain circumstances only.

    3. Too much common sense there, spicy.
      It’s only and always about the ‘one way’ rape (women being victims). The issue has nothing to do about equality and everything to do about female privilege, power and control.

    1. How does this work? Would Google not display custom results for everyone based on their internet habits and other collected information?
      Basically if you visit ROK often, results relating to ROK will show up higher no?
      (does everyone see the same internet?)

  19. Come to think of it, I think I got doxxed (or something similar) once at college. It was a frown-y face made out of some sort of spice outside my door. Damn kids.

  20. Typical hypocritical gender privileged cunt. The “do as i say don’t do as i do” hamster “logic” in motion.
    Why is it that the people who tend to yell the loudest about some perceived social malady (racism, sexism, etc) are usually the ones who demonstrate it the most?
    I’ll answer my own question. Because in our insane world, the criminals have taken over the government and are dictating to the law abiding masses what is and isn’t criminal. Thought crimes especially are considered objectionable, which is why our society is moving towards a “minority report” type social structure every day. This is done so as to take attention from off the legitimately criminal actions of those who make thought crime laws against those they disagree with or otherwise exploit them for unethical means ala cheri and Roosh.
    I dare say canada already has the framework for that model well in place and are adding more stories to it every day, whereas here in the US the progs are still building the support structure for it.
    On a related note, I got doxxed once myself. This cunt i dated put me on blast on that damn “don’t date him girl” website because i was dating someone else at the time. It’s not like we were in a relationship, she just got miffed because she sent me naked images of her (her idea not mine) and she sought payback. She could have asked me but she just assumed we were exclusive. I would have deleted the pics if she asked but instead she put me on blast…they didnt even have her face on them SMH.
    I didn’t mind the description she used so much “casanova, super smooth, charm the panties off of you” as i recall UNTIL i read the part where she said “he goes for men too”
    I remember saying out loud “YOU FUCKING LYING PIECE OF SHIT” while steam was coming out of my ears. Bad enough she doxxed me, she had to post slanderous bs about me too. Good thing she didn’t have my address, although she had my name and face.
    I realized how bad doxxing can be when a girl i ran into actually said “i didn’t know you liked guys” and another random girl actually turned me down because of what she read on there.
    Ever since then I’ve taken extra special measures to protect my identity from any girl i meet, online or in person.
    Don’t trust any of these aspiring whores. ALWAYS use a reasonable nickname (or don’t give them your last name at least) at first, until they pass your test on them.
    Booty seeker beware.

  21. Woman are seriously driving me fucking crazy men created this shit and its time we fucking take it all back, the more men ignore woman and treat them as second class shit houses the easier it is to game them hahaha.

  22. Cheri DiNovo can now no longer complain about “human trafficking”, since the same rationalizations she gives for smuggling drugs are the ones given by human traffickers for trafficking sex slaves.
    DiNovo is no different than a human trafficker.
    Game over.

  23. Lol @ the author’s incorrect use of ‘libelously’. Whatever her comments were, they were certainly not libelous. Libel is defamation written; slander is defamation spoken.

      1. “I think that people recognize the criminal that he is and that’s why he’s hiding and evading and wouldn’t say where he actually spoke,” she said.

        1. Calling someone a criminal when they have not been found guilty of ANY crime and allowing it to be printed by someone without a disclaimer is libel.

      2. She’s another typical troll…pick out the fly in the pile of shit; ignore the pile of shit.

      3. What are you talking about, she made the comments orally at a demonstration in Queen’s Park.
        “DiNovo attended a demonstration at Queen’s Park on Saturday where dozens gathered to protest the presence of Valizedeh in Toronto.
        “I think that people recognize the criminal that he is and that’s why he’s hiding and evading and wouldn’t say where he actually spoke,” she said.”

        1. If it’s taken down in print it’s considered libel, in case you weren’t aware. The person making it doesn’t have to be the one writing it.

        2. Anyone with meager detective skills should be suspicious of immediate accusations of someone that is hated by many especially right before he does a talk in enemy territory on a subject those people hate.
          I hear lots of lies made on Justin Bieber but there is so a large % of that chalked up as false claims because he’s famous and people don’t like it. You can smell the bullshit in the air.
          Let’s think logically. Roosh a speaker of the manosphere goes to a location where he would rreceive slander and his purpose is to rape a woman? Can you be anymore stupid?
          I can’t imagine a feminazi going to Saudi Arabia to give a speech so she can throw glasses of wine at the men there and fuck a goat. I wouldn’t believe it but since the scenario of a feminazi going to give talks in Saudi Arabia without protection is unlikely to happen I guess we can never know

  24. Yea well all I have ever wanted was to be respected by woman as a man, I never expected 3sums or group fucking like on porn but even just some genuine loving respectful hugs and kisses would be nice without expecting something like the so called SERIOUS relationships= lock you down take all your shit and fuck your life up…just some hugs and kissing would have been fine…but noooooo they want the fucking cake and to eat it too..pig flying fucking whores.

    1. It’s the reason I gave up on egalitarian thing. It’s just not possible. Most of them are just too irrational and selfish to handle it. There is no sense of honor, courage, or duty with most of them. I don’t like thinking that but what am I supposed to do? Believe some crazy ideology or my own eyes and ears?

  25. I wonder if those guys holding “consent” signs in the one photo will have the same experience in the coming years I had of a picture of me that showed I had gained about 20 pounds and was fat. I was abhorred that I had let myself go and lost that weight in six months. If I saw myself holding the sign I would do about the same but get game and stop being a white knight. How embarrassing to be a man holding such a sign behind an ugly woman talking to TV cameras.

    1. Yeah what Jason said, those “men” are queers. They have never known what it is to be a man. They are weak like the women they champion.

  26. Isn’t calling him “dickless” horribly transphobic or something? I, for one, am outraged.

  27. I used to have a logitech diNovo keyboard actually. Everything I wrote on it was lies. I tried to write to truthful things, but the diNovo keyboard turned it all into typos and lies, just like the lies this woman spits out. It looked good though, unlike the hypocritical feminist mafioso picured above

    1. exactly. Steve Jobs said taking LSD was “one of the most important things” in his life. (i never did btw. not my thing). obviously, it doesn’t change the fact that Cheri DiNovo is a lying hypocritical piece of shit.

  28. i don’t like her but I’ll have to admit that makes her pretty fucking badass

  29. Of all the femenists that I have known, the common trend seems to involve being a former (or current) drug abusing slut… looks like this Dinovo woman isn’t bucking that trend.
    The same seems to be true for mattress girl and *probably* most of the loud femenists making noise.

  30. Every Canadian who reads this site needs to make absolutely sure that the NDP does NOT end up as the winning party this October election. Do NOT vote NDP under any circumstance. Vote anything else! Preferably Conservative so that they can steamroll these NDP criminals.

  31. OK,type in her name along with drug smuggler in google, MSN, Yahoo, Bing she’ll be #1 :o)

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