6 Reasons To Boycott Hollywood Forever

I used to love films. While other guys my age watched them for mindless fun, I viewed them as works of art that required scrutiny and attention to details for greater appreciation. I later even took a course on history of films in my university as an elective.

But now, my views on films as a whole have changed as I learned to see Hollywood for what it really is: a giant tumour to our culture and society. The next next time you decide to put yourself through another Hollywood production, consider these six points:

1. You’re wasting your money and time on trash


While the budgets have gone up, the quality of Hollywood films have gone down. Hollywood has produced many classics in the past that I still regard highly, but all the junk they release today are shallow and predictable because they have been designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

The problem is that Hollywood has become too successful. They mastered the art of money-making using the same cookie-cutter story arc of Good vs. Evil that usually features characters from comic books graphic novel masterpieces. And the business model is just too profitable for them to try and experiment creating different themes and styles. Their apparent lack of imagination is demonstrated by all the horrible remakes and revivals that make going to the movies a complete waste of money and time.


The only thing more pathetic than sports fans are movie fans.

In comparison, I am always amazed by how refreshingly original foreign films are. Foreign films do exactly what motion pictures are supposed to do by offering new perspectives and insights, by stirring up your creative force, and by reaching deep into your soul. If you insist on watching films, go for the oldies or watch quality foreign films. Leave the new Hollywood releases for the brainless sheeple to enjoy.

2. You’re financing bunch of degenerates


And guess where all the money you’re wasting is going to? To finance the lavish lifestyles of all the Hollywood degenerates, of course. While American peons are dishing out their hard-earned cash for the privilege of sitting in front of a flickering screen for couple of hours, Hollywood entertainers and producers are using that money to buy their next yacht, private island, and $18 million dress. Along with politicians and multi-billionaires, they have become the new royalty in today’s society where the wealth gap is at its greatest ever.

Did Jennifer Lawrence join the Harvey Weinstein club by serving all his sexual desires?

Also know that the people who you are financing are somewhere between prostitutes and politicians in terms of moral rectitude. Sex scandals, Scientology, Satanism, and drug abuses among the entertainers are already well known, but there are also widespread rumours of the casting couch, and rampant pedophilia.

And this is just what we know. Who knows what more debauchery lurks beneath their thin layer of superstar lives? Us commoners are simply expected to feign ignorance and come back for the sequels.

3. Hollywood is full of sanctimonious entertainers


DiCaprio likes to lecture us plebeians to mind our carbon footprint while flying around in his private jet.

Not content with getting high on money, fame, and drugs, our 21st century jesters feel the need to boost their egos with the moral superiority high. And while they say nothing about the bankrupt morality of their fellow actors, they barely hide their contempt for white men, traditional values, and Christianity. But not only that, they also love taking their precious leisure time to enlighten us lowly subjects with matters ranging from climate change and race issues to feminism.


Some uppity twat with a messiah complex teaching us ignorant neanderthals to do more for women.

These entertainers, with their superiority complex, believe that their fame make them qualified enough to lead us and solve the problems of the world. Can you imagine the horrible dark age we’d be ushered into if it weren’t for the guidance of these guardians of the universe? Neither can I.

4. They’re actively shoving social justice propaganda in your face



Among the things Hollywood likes to offer their guidance on are issues of social justice and feminism. Back in the day, totalitarian states spent their own money creating propaganda to brainwash the masses; today, people pay Hollywood to get voluntarily brainwashed by them. With girl-power trash like the new Mad Max and the new Star Wars films, Hollywood works hard in their social engineering program to erase men as masculine leaders while replacing them with macho female characters who could do it all without a man.

If you’re still not disgusted by Hollywood’s blatant support of social justice, try watching this condescending piece that propagates feminist lies of rape culture:

5. Their movies are filled with dangerously flawed messages regarding sex relations


In real life, if you do this to a woman to make her fall in love with you, she will call the police.

Even without the feminist agenda, Hollywood inseminates dangerously wrong ideas in regards to attracting women and developing relationships with them. Take, for example, the romantic film beloved by women: The Notebook. There’s a ridiculous scene where Ryan Gosling stalks Rachel McAdam and asks her out by threatening her with suicide. What kind of message is that sending to young and naive men who have never been taught how to court women?


Even animations that cater to family expose young boys with not-so-hidden messages about what male-female relationships are supposed to be like. I recently watched WALL-E and here’s a brief synopsis of what I’ve observed: WALL-E, the dusty, working-class robot, falls in love with EVE, a much more advanced robot that is highly intelligent, confident, strong, aggressive, sophisticated, pristine, and beautiful all in one (basically all that today’s young American women pretend to be but are not).

The timid and clumsy WALL-E grovels and follows EVE around, trying to get her attention in spite of how dismissive she is—she is too busy with her job to even acknowledge him. Long story short, EVE finally realizes how much of a nice-guy WALL-E is and rewards him with the affection that he had desperately sought. The message here is clear: be a supplicant male who worships woman regardless of how she treats you and she might eventually fall in love with you.

Yeah right.


Meanwhile, movies like Frozen teach girls that sisterly love is more important than anything greedy, duplicitous men and the nice guys have to offer. I can go on and on with examples from other films that feature weak male characters supporting strong and independent female characters. You have to pause and wonder just what kind of future Hollywood is paving for the upcoming generation.

Those who claim that movies are just movies and that entertainments don’t influence our minds don’t understand how mental conditioning works. Companies wouldn’t spend millions of dollars on 30-second ads if they didn’t have any effect on human thought and behaviour.

6. It’s turning people into passive slaves

Do you know where they use movies to keep people under control? Prisons.

A snippet from this article reveals:

In 1992, Newsweek reported, “Faced with severe overcrowding and limited budgets for rehabilitation and counseling, more and more prison officials are using TV to keep inmates quiet.” Joe Corpier, a convicted murderer, was quoted, “If there’s a good movie, it’s usually pretty quiet through the whole institution.” Both public and private-enterprise prisons have recognized that providing inmates with cable television can be a more economical method to keep them quiet and subdued than it would be to hire more guards.

Not only is Hollywood a money-making propaganda machine, but it also functions as the opium of choice for the masses. Every movie you watch induces low level alpha waves in your brain that makes you dull, passive, and suggestible. While under the influence, you are to forget about all the real-life issues and submit yourself before the behemoth who mesmerizes you with flashy images.


Why think for yourself when you can just watch some movies to pacify your mind and vent out your clever analysis on IMDB? Why stand up for yourself and fight against injustice when you can watch some superheros do it on screen? Why challenge yourself and bother accomplishing anything when you can do it vicariously through fake characters and fake situations while sitting on your ass?

Since the billionaire elites at the top can take care of all the world’s problems just like Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark, us worthless peasants are expected to shut up and continue slaving away for the system. We are to remain as complacent drones without a will of our own while believing that our overlords have our best interests in mind.



Are you getting the message yet?

Sometimes I feel as though Hollywood is openly mocking us with movies like The Matrix and Inception to show just how deeply we’re plugged in and dreaming, both unwilling and unable to wake up from their grasps, and not being able to tell what’s real and what’s not.

These days, I barely watch any films, and when I do, it’s almost never a Hollywood production. Whatever few decent films they throw at us once in a while is not enough to make me want to support their machine; I simply have far better uses for my time. And I think that many men today can do themselves a favor too by taking another, different kind of red pill.

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386 thoughts on “6 Reasons To Boycott Hollywood Forever”

  1. Speaking of entertainment and messages, MGTOW has gone viral around the world. Marriage is being boycotted at an all time high and men are refusing to deal with batshit insane women. Heck, even N Sync prophesied MGTOW in their song “Bye Bye Bye”- just listen to the lyrics and see the video- hilarious. Men really are getting fed up and going their own way.

    1. i’m very happily married to a sweet, traditional latina, but i would strongly advise most western men against marriage, even to foreign women. it’s a toughy because if you want to have kids, they should have a father and mother who live together, but there just isn’t a lot of marriage material out there. the best you can do is go for good christian girls, but even there there’s a lot of danger.

      1. “but there just isn’t a lot of marriage material out there. the best you can do is go for good christian girls, but even there there’s a lot of danger”
        The West is done with, period. Today its just about hookup culture to dump one’s load and thats it.

      2. Hello, here is a happily married man with a Malaysian Indian wife. Whilst I agree there aren’t many marriage material lasses out there, snagging a good girl won’t be an uphill task if us men mind our behaviors and keep our vices in check. A would be wife and mother won’t give you a second look if you indulge in mind numbing hedonism. So I strongly believe a stable marriage is between a virtuous husband and wife.If any of the spouse neglect their basic duties then all hell breaks lose.

        1. “If any of the spouse neglect their basic duties then all hell breaks lose”
          Respectfully thats too simplistic perspective, though I do not disagree with your specific assertion. Today a man has to factor in a culture and how easily influenced women are (foreign women are also influenced) what kind of status men have in said culture, and what kind of divorce laws, and whether or not are women are encouraged to divorce their husbands etc… The fact is today there are too many factors exist that are outside any man’s control, so simply ‘being a man and laying down the law with a female’ is not realistic.

        2. not sure whether or not i agree. i think finding a good wife is almost impossible in the west, and very difficult outside of it.
          as far as “mind-numbing hedonism” it depends what you mean. while i’ve never considered myself a great PUA or anything like that, i’ve been with more women than most guys. my wife was a churchgoing virgin when i met her. she’s never expressed any jealousy over my past with other women, indeed she seems honored that i chose her when i obviously could have continued travelling the world and sampling its women. i believe it’s crucial for a man to project the ability to attract women. whether or not he acts on that ability in a given situation is a different question.

        3. Its interesting how the more experienced the man is the more he values a less experienced female for marriage.

      3. But where do you find good christian girls if you’re in america? Are the girls inside the church any different from girls outside the church?

        1. texas maybe? i don’t know. i think latina girls who go to church are your best bet.

        2. I got my wife in Mississippi and there’s about 5-6 more of marrying age with more being trained up the right way. Strict, traditional Christianity is the only way I see to beat back the tide of indoctrination going on.

        3. i don’t know the south well, but i have the impression that it is the best place to find a good woman in the US. amen to what you said about christianity. my wife believes that god wanted us to marry and that adultery is a mortal sin. can’t imagine taking a chance on a woman who doesn’t see it that way and can go eat, pray, love on me at any time to the resounding praise of society at large.

      4. I happened to stumble upon a traditional, God-fearing Christian girl. She has long hair, and she loves to cook and sing.

    2. That video’s bollocks matey! A complete reversal of gender roles. They’ve got you fooled it’s MGTOW.

  2. Hypocrites, all of them. How many dicks has Jennifer Lawrence had to suck to be where she is now? I mean, we just have to search the web to find her naked and showing her tits. No class, no sophistication, no dignity.
    I commented about the Oscars in a previous post, and i recall that women for example, that won the Oscar for best costumes or whatever for Mad Max. Remember what she said? Essentially this: “Ho behave, because if you dont, Mad Max dying world is going to be real”. I remember thinking to myself: how many gallons of fuel did the cars spent during the shooting of Mad Max??? Did they worked on solar energy or other type of energy??? How did you get there, to the locations??? By bicycle???
    Dicaprio also had to lecture about it and, as you say, and rightly so, travels by private plain…
    People are getting tired of this preaching. As far as i am concerned, piracy is the best way to attack this morons: dont spent money, low their profits, kill their ego.

    1. Shhhh shut up you pleb! You are making way too much sense and logic in this one comment. We don’t want the masses to wake up to the bullshit that defines Hollyweird propaganda juggernaut!!!
      Anyway sarcasm aside, we can moan and whine all we want but the Hollywood degenerates will continue living a lavish lifestyle and keep shoving feel good SJW claptrap down our throats.
      You see, we may hurt their box office collections by a few million bucks, but trust me they will be unperturbed. For every red pilled, principled individual, there are ten more mindless creatures greedily lapping up Hollywood puke. They got the masses in a choke hold and I bet my top dollar it’s not going away anytime soon.
      So what is the alternative you ask? Well we must beat them at their own game. The tech savvy and aspiring script writers among us have to produce books, plays and movies that counter the incessant Leftist brainwash. It may sound like overkill but I honestly could’t see no other way. We can write pages of articles denouncing Hollywood and make snide, sarcastic comments in Disqus but that won’t make a dent in the enemy’s armor.

      1. I agree. Creating a counter culture is what can give the final blow to those idiots. But what studios would by a script against the norm nowadays?

    2. Hollywood doesnt care- the Russian and Chinese markets combined are bigger than the US, China is poised to overtake the US as their biggest market in the near future…

      1. Yeah, I heard about that. Like the other mega-corporations, the USA was the “starter wife.” They don’t care about the American audiences because the real money is made overseas. And foreigners love to see Hollywoods masquerade of our life here. A lot of people come to America and wonder why life here isn’t like it is in the movies they’ve seen.

    3. The funny thing is, I don’t believe that most people are annoyed or tired of the lavish life styles. I want my celebrities to be on private jets and having sex without emotion while snorting moon rock…it is the fucking preaching they people are tired of.
      No one, not for one moment, got tired of the image of Dean Martin in a private jet on his way to Acapulco, drunk at 8 am, banging a stewardess just to pass the time. They joked about it on the late night show with Carson. Not one single person got tired of it.,

      1. The thing is the preaching is to alleviate their guilt…as well as to cover their asses. Deep down George Clooney knows he takes part in an industry filled with waste, racism, sexism, greed, spite and hatred…but he figures if he says a few words about helping gay people or women in Afghanistan getting educated, then he can return to his private jets and yachts with a clear conscience.

        1. right….but it is the saying a few words that annoys me. I would be such a great celeb. I would be drinking and whoring and telling young starlets to lick my asshole on my private jet drinking champagne out of Styrofoam containers and throwing them into the rainforest. People would love me.

        2. Haha right. Fuck all the social issues. I just want to party, fuck, and snort blow!

        3. Then why did he marry a drag queen? He’s just as big a degenerate as the rest of them.

      2. Agreed it’s the hypocrisy and pontificating that people hate.
        I think people live vicariously through celebrities and accept they can’t have that lifestyle but they don’t want to be told by said persons to live their own lives piously.

    4. Cinema is a dying art form anyways…you can shoot studio quality video on a cell phone and distribute on YouTube…what we are seeing are the death spasms.

    5. Did we all notice that the latest Mad Max never won best picture despite collecting heaps of other awards.

    6. I could only make it 20 minutes into Mad Max, then I turned my television off. That movie was atrocious, and I found it boring(even though it was “constant action”). I stick to reading for entertainment these days.

        1. I assume you’ve seen the original 1979 Mad Max? Notice how messed up it is?

      1. Have you seen the original 1979 Mad Max movie, by the way?
        You won’t have to worry about any feminism or strong female characters in this movie.
        That’s for sure….

        1. No, I haven’t. I ill be sure to look into it. It wasn’t the strong female character that bothered me, it was the sheer boredom.

      2. You do realize that the publishing world is 100% dominated by women. By 100% I mean there may be a few men in the mix in the publishing houses, but they are very beaten down and toe the feminist line carefully if they know what is good for them.
        The excuse for this is that the readership is mostly women. It is a chicken and the egg issue. If you dominate the publishing companies so you only turn out femcentric dreck, only women will read it. Since only women are reading your books then you should make all your books femcentric dreck.

  3. And, above all, it’s becoming boring. Most TV series right now are just the same template applied over and over and over. The same story over and over and over, with:
    BADASS WHITE WOMAN: Caucasian white female badass.
    PURE HEARTED NON WHITE: Non white caucasian (usually black) male character pure hearted
    BADASS NON WHITE: Non white caucasian (usually black) male badass and sexually attractive.
    PATHETIC WHITE: White caucasian male who plays a secondary character and pathetic clown.
    PSYCHOPATIC WHITE: White caucasian male, psychopatic and/or violente main villain.
    You can find it in Star Wars:
    Badass white woman: Rey
    Pure Hearted Non White: Finn
    Badass Non White: Poe Dameron (well, hispanic)
    Pathetic White & Psychopatic White: Kylo Ren
    Jessica Jones:
    Badass white woman: Jessica Jones
    Pure Hearted Non White & Badass Non White: Luke Cage
    Pathetic White: the brother who lives in the same building
    Psychopatic White: Killgrave
    Badass white woman: Supergirl
    Pure Hearted Non White & Badass Non White: James Olsen
    Pathetic White: Winn Schott
    Psychopatic White: Maxwell Lord
    Badass white woman: Olivia Moore
    Pure Hearted Non White: Ravi Chakrabarti
    Badass Non White: Clive Babineaux
    Pathetic White: Major Lilywhite
    Psychopatic White: Blaine DeBeers
    And so on…

    1. I have to disagree on iZombie (and yes I love that series) mainly cuz
      A) Yes Ravi is South Asian but I define South Asian as Caucasian and thus, white
      B) Yes Major has had some screw ups but he’s fought Zombies off on his own, and has been forced to moonlight as a 1 man zombie extermination crew…hardly pathetic.

      1. I wouldn’t say Caucasian, but anyway, Rahul Kohli (Ravi) is an amazing actor with perfect comedy timing who could stand out by his own merits even without the PC bullshit. I couldn’t say the same about the one who plays Babineaux, though.

        1. Europeans, Russians, Scandanavians, Iranians, and those from the Indian sub-continent have all been traced by both DnA and linguistic connections to be descended from the same ‘uber’ race which spread from a homeland beleived to be in what is today northwestern Russia. This race is called the Indo-European race. Most of India is descended from this race save for the extreme south/Sri Lanka which is descended from the original Dravidian race which was pushed south as the Indo-European race entered the sub continent.

    2. Top TV Shows:
      Breaking Bad – White Male With His Own Twisted Moral Code
      The Sopranos – White Male With His Own Twisted Moral Code
      Dexter – White Male With His Own Twisted Moral Code
      The Shield – White Male With His Own Twisted Moral Code
      House of Cards – White Male With His Own Twisted Moral Code
      Mad Men – White Male With His Own Twisted Moral Code
      ^ Just a thought

      1. And on most films/TV, Morgan Freeman plays the “magical negro” who guides and comforts the main character like a steward on a plane.
        It’s ironic that the left can’t escape their paradigm that their whole Marxist-European worldview is at conflict with itself. As Chris Rock teased them, to their laughable discomfort, they can’t help but be hypocrites and bash moviegoers as racists while the Oscars were white and the best films they make rely opon white male leads.

      2. You can add DEADWOOD to that list… most underrated show of all time. Wish they gave it a proper burial, oh well.

    3. Add Castle. I don’t know how you guys digest the sanctimonious , unrealistic strong women crap which Hollywood/western entertainment spews out. I mean really, where were these strong independent women when cologne attacks happened? Or when Rotherham happened?

  4. “In real life, if you do this to a woman to make her fall in love with you, she will call the police.” (Pictured John Cusak holding up boom box)
    Indeed. That remark would also have been true even back in 1988 when “Say Anything” was released.
    Even Cameron Crowe, who is one of the better directors of the mainstream tends to miss the mark on most aspects of his film making.

  5. Agree with this. Hollywood and the MSM really are just pulpits from which to indoctrinate the masses in the religion of SJWism. Won’t be long before the actual pulpits become grounds for SJWs as well. However this isn’t all bad as it offers an opportunity for alternative forms of media to rise up.

  6. Leonardo DiCaprio rides a private jet? Fucking LOL! That’s gold to know. Fucking hypocrite.

    1. I used to live not to far from Leo.
      I would see him every Sunday in the same fruit store. No joke. Just buying some fruit.
      So, I am thinking: Victoria Secret models are just young dumb whores like any other. My inability to put my genitals inside of them doesn’t stem from a lack of anything other than access.
      With this in mind I used to try to talk to Leo. I figure, if I could become friends with him then he would be all “hey lolknee, I am going to a party, wanna come with”
      Once Leo got me in the door I would be waist deep in as many coked out, starving models as I could possibly want (plot spoiler: that is all of them).
      So I would say things in the fruit store like “plums look nice today” or “this place has the greatest fruit”
      Nothing doing, he was polite and dismissive.
      I really never knew anything about his politics. I assumed he was like Sinatra, just flying around on private Jets, banging impossibly hot women while ingesting every mind altering substance he could get his hands on and looking good doing it.
      I was not just fine with this…I thought it was great.
      After this article I googled. Christ he is a sanctimonious little cunt.
      I’d still go to parties with him though.

      1. Still hasnt been raked over the coals in a Hollywood-style divorce, give him credit for that

        1. Im imagining lolknee showing him how to choose the ripest avocados while hoping to be invited to an Eye Wide Shut Party haha.

  7. While the article alludes to this in passing, dropping cable/satellite TV is one way you can really hit Hollywood where it hurts. While most of us aren’t seeing as many movies as we used to, lots of people still have some form of pay TV.
    The costs of cable TV include money that goes to pay for channels you don’t even watch, such as Lifetime, Oxygen, OWN, WeTV, etc.

    1. Haven’t you guys ever heard of The Pirate Bay? Leonardo DiCaprio is a lying cheat, so why not cheat him back and steal his movie? By all the laws of nature, it’s justified.
      I still watch ALL that BS. Mad Max Feminist Road. Star Whores. Whatever. TV shows, too. I haven’t given them a cent for nigh a decade, but. Instead, I’m supporting white male hackers with an honest soul.
      Just make sure you hide your IP when you download – if you aren’t in Thailand like me!

      1. I’ve heard of it, sure.
        Problem is, I don’t care enough to see any of this crap to even be bothered to download and watch it. That’s how bad it is!
        I like your idea though. A lot of these leftist Hollywood hacks are all for “wealth redistribution” to “resolve income inequality.” I have no problem with starting with their own funds.

      2. Hmm.. didn’t Pirate Bay get shut down? And Isohunt? As for Torrentz, it’s hasn’t been canned yet, but many of the search results are “excluded due to a DMCA takedown notice”. Worse still, a lot of countries are starting to come down on individual downloaders like a ton of bricks. Not that I condone piracy, of course.
        But you’re missing the point, brother. Depriving these degenerates of income is only part of the battle. The other part of the battle is to not allow your mind to be filled with their poisonous agenda.

        1. They get taken down… but they’re run by WHITE men, so they’re always back online on some foreign server within days.
          I’m not sure I agree that boycotting a movie entirely is the right thing to do. It’s important not to financially support your rivals, but if you never see movies like Fury Road then how can you honestly critique it?
          I mean, it’s a common argument I throw in people’s face when they criticize books I read, like A Natural History of Rape, but they haven’t even read it themselves – they don’t know what they’re talking about. I don’t want to be a hypocrite.

        2. I am still using pirate bay. No prob. Haven’t log onto h33t in a while but habnt heard anything.
          Usually when they get knocked down they just resurface with new URL
          Kick ass is still here https://kat.cr/
          l337x is still up http://1337x.to/
          There are others but between prate bay and kick ass if you are looking for something and haven’t found it I would be shocked.

  8. Cancel your cable & Netflix subscriptions, go buy a vcr & spend your dollars on vhs tapes. All the good shit was produced in the 90’s & back anyway. Tons of nostalgia, great movies you never knew existed you’ll find perusing the shelves of secondhand stores like the good ol’ days of Blockbuster & Movie Gallery. You’ll save tons of money & be less likely to sit in front of the tv like a fat drone. I have lived by this code for years now & am much more productive because of it. You can always indulge in some Netflix every now & then at any girl’s house because they all have it.

    1. Plus you can go full AMerican Psycho and say “I have to return some video tapes”
      I live right near a VHS rental store. How they are still in business I can’t fucking imagine. I thought about getting a membership just so I can tell people I have to return video tapes.

      1. That’s crazy, man. There is one in my city, but you can’t rent the tapes, just the dvd’s. The tapes are for sale, but you can go to any Savers or Goodwill & find literally tons of tapes for about a buck a piece. And a used raincoat. And axes & chainsaws.

        1. It is crazy. I take pictures of it. I’m still unsure why it exists. I am assuming it is a front for al Queda, heroin or prostitutes

      2. Dude, where are you? I haven’t seen a movie rental place in ages, let alone an honest to God VHS video rental.

        1. I am in NYC. I think the owners own the building and are crazy rich. I never see anyone in there. Just the same two hippies.

      3. The fuck?! I met a guy who owns a video tape rental business in rural Montana, and couldn’t fucking believe it… But NYC? There’s no way they are paying the rent off that. Gotta be some money laundering thing.

    2. I loved having being able to tell people as a small kid about my collection of badass “action videos”.
      “Action DVDs? Action Blu-Rays? Action Streaming?” Fuck right off!

  9. Watch the truly incredible Japanese film ‘Ichi The Killer’ and ask yourself: ‘Could Hollywood make anything even remotely like it?’

  10. I highly recommend Peter Weir’s ‘Master and Commander – The Far Side of the World’, I had not seen it since it was released and watched it recently. Even If you have seen it, I recommend giving it another shot.
    It must be one of the most under recommended, masculine, genuinely fun adventure films of the last 20 years. Just a crew of men surviving and thriving as a unit.
    And even more satisfying is that there is no headstrong woman turning up half way through the plot, deploying estrogen and making them reassess their actions and thoughts.
    The further along we go on this timeline in the mediocre feminized capeshit film world of today, the better this films gets because it is really is a rare gem. In my opinion of course.

    1. Always thought this was a good film, always wondered why nobody else did. Now the answer is obvious. It goes against The Narrative.

      1. May check it out. Your cultural references generally do not disappoint. Boulevard Voltaire, F de Souche, Meridien-Zero are now part of my daily routine. I am enjoying the book, “Le moment est venu de dire ce que j’ai vu”.

        1. I saw the book on the shelves but did not have the time to read it. I will check it as De Villiers is one of the only ones left with balls in French politics.

        2. It lasts 4 hours but it’s worth it. The acting is great, the battle reconstitutions are incredible.
          Two French films you should also check out :
          “Capitaine Conan” : great movie with great depiction of soldiers from the proto-special forces, it is about a not very well known part of WWI : French army’s involvement on the eastern front (we helped our allies Serbia and Romania against bulgaria, if I remember well).
          “La 317e section” : this is on the Indochina war. Probably the most realistic war movie ever made. The director was a veteran of this conflict.
          Couldn’t find them in streaming so I give you the amazon links straight away.

        3. I have been trying to see Capitaine Conan for a while, can’t find it anywhere.
          La 317ème section is a masterpiece. I was very sad when Pierre Schoendorfer, a true Frenchman, passed away.
          Dien Bien Phu is also a big one. My grandfather served in Indo. A girl that I am banging who plays the violin played the main theme of the film for me. It was quite moving.
          L’Armée des Ombres (Army of Shadows) is also a great movie.

        4. Bvoltaire and fdesouche are my daily read too. Did u try egalite et réconciliation too ?

        5. I read it a year or so ago. I forget the dude’s name. Used to be close to Marine LePen I believe. But they had a disagreement or something I believe.

        6. I just bought both of the DVD’s. My wife says our downstairs player can play DVD’s from anywhere.

        7. You French ? I lived there 4 years. Have been looking to re-connect with aspects of French culture that interest me after 25 years. For some of the historical things, I can do that myself. I am mainly interested in the mystics such as Fabre o’Olivet historically. And I can find that myself.
          FOr contemporary modern things, I cannot do that myself very well. I was happy to find the things M de Charette recommended. Websites, thinkers. Movies. Order the Section 317 last night.
          I am no longer intersted in many of the things I liked while in France that were available. For example, I used to spend 2 hours a day reading Le Monde. I do not feel it is as reliable or trustworthy as it was in the 80’s. So I need new cultural sources.

        8. I personally like Le Pen, but that is a view from abroad. But it is good to see individuals less known abroad. I am enjoying reading the entire book LE MOMENT EST VENU DE DIRE CE QUE J’AI VU, but the chapter 10 alone made the purchase of the entire book worthwhile. ‘Cohn-Bendit le bourgeois’. Just read that this morning before work.
          As a former leftist, this is one more source forcing me to re-think my entire view of the world.

        9. I took the book from the shelf for a quick look. I jumped straight to the passage when he meets Putin on the Black Sea and they gauge and test each other. I need to get it

        10. yes i’m french. Glad you like some (rare) red pill aspects of french culture (before it’ll collapse), i can recommend you “the figaro” newspapers (especially the comments section on online articles, a lot of people share our pov about migrants, feminism etc.), “le monde” has gone leftist since a while it seems.
          Concerning egaliteetreconciliation’s leader Alain Soral, he’s a redpill equivalent of roosh. I began reading his website before I discovered ROK.
          Check also Eric Zemmour’s tv show “Zemmour et Naullau” , it is very interesting, this guy is a powerful red pill voice against leftist, feminism, gov manipulation, A lot of people like him very much.

        11. About social ingeniering, storyteller and Hollywood
          While i was running, i can’t stop thinking about the two last movies i’have seen days ago. “The revenant” with Dicaprio and the last Quentin Tarantino movie.
          Both of these two movies got “bad boys” as french men. Uf, what for ? In both cases, it seems that the storyteller, the guy who write with maybe a little advice of the producer want to focus on something.
          As Kendall Haven, storyteller explain in a video ” Your brain on story” you can see on the web ,breaking the neutral story net is the aim of a fiction. Kendall Haven is teaching at West Point. He explain the four mayor concepts from his “Story influence Teory”.
          Fiction must influence what should happen. So “bad boys” are french and are speaking french. Are they wanted to put on ours minds something ?
          About french influence.
          A bloke in the mansphere writing some redpills coments : “women want both chivalry and feminism.That is a mistake”. Yes. In an another way, two things created by french. Chivalry… and feminism by all Foucault ‘s and Derrida’s stuff, and all that ” deconstruction shit”. So blaming the french in the history of mankind could be a way to understand better how world and all the stuff works. French teory did a disaster in the humanities in the universities. Obviously.
          But to know who was the “big boss” who invited these french thinkers to participate on the lectures of 1966 in the Hopkins University will be a way to understand better how postmodernism and feminism began to create the stupids concepts we have now.

        12. Agree…
          That is exactly the sort of thing I am looking for. Thanks. Will check it out.
          It has been a long time since I found some things I wanted to read and listen to in French. Living the USA, it is hard to find things other than mainstream stuff in French. Recently, I have been listening and reading French as much as English.
          Reading the classics was great as a university student, but now I prefer to read about the contemporary world.

        13. hey, those sites they are part of my routine too.
          greetings from another french !

        14. Are you on about leonardo di caprio in django unchained ?? I can’t think of any french villain in “the hateful eight”

      2. You should check out Gods and Generals also, I especially loved the scene with the performance of the Bonnie Blue flag:

        Song comes at around 0:42

        1. I didn’t mind them, they were short enough. And since Chamberlain was depicted as an idealist, I expected that kind of speeches from him. The South is also rightly depicted, not demonized. This movie really was a pleasure for me.

        2. You would only say it’s rightly depicted if the only history you read on the Civil War is the one officially presented to you. Let me give an example, a lot of black soldiers fought for the South, did you see a single black soldier in the ranks of the South in this movie? I didn’t myself, though I might have missed something.

        3. Also though, to be fair, I don’t know whether there were black combatants at Gettysburg, I’m pretty sure the Southern army had black support however, as in servants etc. I was thinking more of Gods and Generals, and these two movies are kind of connected.

      3. If you enjoyed Gettysburg, I might suggest “Gods and Generals” (the prequel to Gettysburg).
        I would also recommend getting the books (Gods and Generals, The Killer Angels, The Last Full Measure, Rise to Rebellion, and The Glorious Cause), as they by the same authors (either Michael or Lee Shaara) of the books that inspired Gettysburg.
        Edit: on an unrelated note, I would also recommend Company 9 (you will need English subtitles if you don’t understand Russian).

        1. I will check these out. Thank you very much.
          I like the history of American Civil War. I always root for the Confederacy though…
          I watched Glory, too. The acting and soundtrack are really great.
          On WW2 I just ordered “A bridge too far” after watching the beginning online. It looks good too.
          I already saw Company 9. Kрутой фильм ! ( я изучаю русский язык 😉 )

    2. The Master and Commander book series is also tremendous and highly recommended. Even if you know nothing about naval warfare and the associated history, you will surely enjoy this series. I wish they had made a sequel to the first movie; Russell Crowe was great back then, but the movie we got was very, very good.

      1. be very afraid of russell crowe sequels.
        Did you see the script for the Gladiator sequel he and ridley scott were shopping around.
        It was so bad that NO ONE would make it. Not one person would take a sequel to a highly successful movie being promoted by an a list actor and a list director.
        How bad does the script have to be in order to make it so that not ONE single fucking studio rolled the dice.
        Maximus is sent back to earth by the gods and then takes some role in every single major war and battle from the time of Ancient Rome to present day (I think this would have included the most current Iraq invasion).
        He basically would have been a martial Forest Gump.

        1. Pretty sure there was a book series on that theme called “Casca the eternal warrior” — based on the Longinus myth.

        2. “Maximus is sent back to earth by the gods and then takes some role in
          every single major war and battle from the time of Ancient Rome to
          present day (I think this would have included the most current Iraq
          This is what the Wolverine prequel movie should have been like.

      2. I preferred the films. The novels were like most historical novels – packed full of spot-on historical detail but at the end of the day, just another thriller.

    3. The chemistry between Paul Bettany and Russell Crowe was something to behold.

    4. I love this movie. Ooh-rah.
      Hey think about this: Hollywood liberals tried to make a liberal movie about how racist and hateful conservatives are. But they actually accidentally made a movie about how modern liberals really want to genocide conservatives, conservatives who are noble and beautiful when compared to modern liberals. The modern liberals eradicate them all in an effort to build more military products, all in the name of “Progress.” And in the end the modern liberals win-and it’s a sad ending.
      It’s called: The Last Samurai.

    5. I am surprised the producers didn’t order a strong female character to be written in the script. This is what they basically to most movies.
      Basically there would be this female sailor on the boat, who take shit from no man and who beat men in fights, and she proves to be more intelligent than Russell Crow too.

    6. That’s because the women were written out of the movie…they’re in the books…all too often, I might add…of course, they WERE women in those days…not like, today, where there’s just a bunch of pass-a-
      rounds with attitude.

    7. Before I saw The Revenant, (an obviously great masculine film), I saw this. Both film’s, I’d say; are my most recent “favorites” out of all I’ve seen from both last year and the beginning of this year. Planning on reading Moby Dick as well as soon as I get through all of the other books I’m on..

      1. There’s a book by Nathaniel Philbrick which is a book about why Moby Dick is such a great book . Philbrick wrote the book about the whaling ship Essex which the later book Moby Dick was about ( and the movie Heart of the Sea…) Check it out….

        1. thanks for reminding me I forgot that book. Did you read it ?? I think the whale was white in that book too ??
          Moby dick is a great book. Them men lived their lives.

    8. I do agree it’s a great movie, but even so compared to the book it’s Hollywood feminized lol.

    9. I’m glad someone brought this up. MAC is one of my favorite movies of all time and Hollywood has still not made one to match it since it came out more than 10 years ago. It has all the elements of an epic adventure film without the idealism and unrealistic embellishments such as in Gladiator.

    10. Just stumbled onto this thread. Glad to see another fan of the Master and Commander movie out there.
      It might also be one of the only movies made in recent-ish history that has no female characters.
      Sadly Russell Crowe let us down by not creating a sequel, and Doctor Maturin went on to play a far lesser, opposing role in the Marvel comic book movies 🙁

        1. I think there was plenty of material for a sequel, as there are 20 & a portion books to the series. The 2003 movie also more or less invented its own plotline so material shouldn’t be a problem.
          If they were to add a modern “Furiosa” female character they’d have to invent one, like they did for The Hobbit, and that would really drag the new movie down.

    11. I enjoyed it and agree with you viewpoints. This is how it was in most such voyages of the day. Angelina jolie and kim kardashian were not missed.

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    13. i liked this film. especially the way, people call other people “mister”, even if it is adressed to a young boy working on the boat. This kind of respect is lacking nowadays.

    14. Definitely one of my favorite recent naval movies. Movies today are 99.99% garbage best avoided! I like old classics like Ben Hur and the Magificent Seven.

  11. Panem et Circenses
    “…the people have abdicated their duties; for the people who once upon a time handed out military command, high civil office, legions and so on, now restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things: bread and circuses”.
    Roman poet Juvenal, Satire X, 100AD.
    Funny how history repeats itself…

  12. In theory boycotting Hollywood should be as simple as deciding not to walk in dog shit. But heh some of its good shit. Eg breaking bad or boardwalk empire. Rather than boycott in Toto just don’t watch anything until you’ve checked it out first. Its like eating organic instead of stuff dripping in chemicals. And while they’re less corrupt than Hollywood in the main not all foreign films are good either. Besides noone should watch too much telly / film wherever it comes from

    1. I still have cable etc etc
      However, and I haven’t done this for any other principle other than I enjoy it, I have used h33t and pirate bay to torrent pretty much everything. I have 5 2TB external solid state drives filled with movies another 2TB drive with pretty much all the music ever made and another 2TB drive with every book ever written which is organized into a neat little program called Caliber.
      Mind you, I am functionally retarded when it comes to using my computer. SOmeone sat with me for about 10 minutes and I watched a few youtube videos and about a year later I had all the content in the fucking world, for free, well organized and available any time I want.
      If you want to make a moral stand against hollywood….just steal it

      1. Watched ‘The Revenant’ on my phone from the comfort of my bed the other day. Then I went & spent the $12 that I would have spent on the ticket on premium unleaded gasoline to burn trash in my backyard whilst roasting jumbo all-beef franks, just to spite Dicaprio. Oh, & because Ballpark Franks are delicious. True story.

        1. Good for the environment too! I’m sure Leo would’ve loved that (the overacting, moon-faced hypocritical cunt!).

      2. Good advice in principle. I do remember someone called Aaron Schwartz though (the reddit guy) who tried to do the same thing (for high minded reasons) for journals and books (with a view to sharing it) and the authorities drove him to suicide. The trade associations can be pretty nasty sometimes.

        1. I’ve never had any problem with trade associations and neither has anyone I’ve known. However, mine are all just for me. I never share online or anything. Just put them on my external hard drives and then move them to my phone or tablet or watch them on my tv as necessary.

        2. Yeah, its sharing they usually punish. They should really develop alternative business models: people will still buy if they like what they see.

        3. That is the thing that kills me about groups like the RIAA. You make a big deal about how creativity is your trade and how it isn’t right to take without paying for it…the big creative market…and they are still running their business the same way they did in 1985.
          If they aren’t creative enough to figure out how to make money on their product given the realities of the new world and its technology then they should just sit down and stfu

        4. They should. As an industry, whether its Hollywood or RIAA etc they seem to see the end user in adversarial terms. Most businesses would fold if they tried to dictate what their customers consumed and how without taking into account what they actually said they wanted. The industry seriously needs to lose some money and be jolted awake in the process

        5. On a smaller, but no analogous scale….when the smoking ban came to NYC business owners shit a brick about not having smoking in bars, clubs or a smoking section in restaurants. They complained something fierce about loss of revenue.
          What happened…now in NYC many, if not most, place have outdoor seating (with heat lamps for winter) and have added other amenities.
          It does nothing for me since I don’t smoke, but the truth of the matter is that the business evolved to the change in the world and didn’t sit there just demanding that the world not change from when the business did well.

        6. yeah, that happened back in 2007 in england. It actually was pretty bad for a lot of pubs, and I know quite a few ended up closing shop, but they were under pressure from the metrosexual coffee culture anyhow so it probably would’ve happened one way or another. I actually prefer it as I’m asthmatic and can’t tolerate smoke these days

        1. check out “no country for old men” if you haven’t seen it. it’s one of my all-time favorites, a savage, masculine film of the type you almost never see hollywood making anymore.

        2. check out Miller’s Crossing, Raising Arizona, and Hudsucker Proxy too.
          They havent made a great “Coen Bros”(writing and directing) movie since O Brother…

        3. Hudsucker Proxy was great. I never actually liked raising arizona that much – I still can’t see how the people who did Fargo could have produced that film. O Brother where art thou wasn’t bad

  13. A show which clearly displays how balless American men are, is “Better Call Saul.”
    This show exemplifies how castrated the men are in this show.
    1) The accountant in season 1 is a henpecked simp who allows his wife to boss him around and call all the shots, while he is a typical simp.
    2)The character of Jimmy seems to always pedestalise the character Kim while sacrificing his own happiness. Offered her a position at his company out of the kindness of his heart- she declines. Instead of forgetting her, he always tries to save her career, while allowing this self rightous sanctimonious character tell him how to live his life.
    3) The character of Mike. Always putting his ass on the line for his ball busting daughter in law who treats him like crap and is manipulating him for her own advantage.

  14. How can one distinguish a Hollywood made-movie from a ,,not” one ? I saw some Mel Gibson movies like Apocalypto, Passions of Christ and others, and I doubt they were made by Hollywood. Any ideas ?

  15. why wont those idiots remake something like The Maltese Falcon? I’m sure some cunt thinks she can step into Bogie’s shoes…or even better yet how about “Sorcerer” by William Freidkin? what a gaggle of bitches that can drive trucks full of nitro through the jungle is totally believable today.

      1. We could call it ‘Revolting Blob’ but then it could pass for a horror movie.

    1. “why wont those idiots remake something like The Maltese Falcon? ”
      Please don’t give them any ideas. The remakes always suck and are an insult to the original.

  16. Not to mention the role of Jews in Hollywood. They didn’t get into this business just to make money, but to have the power to control the gentiles’ dreams. . .

  17. The social justice nonsense has gotten so bad that eventually Hollywood won’t make film adaptions of English literature because the stories lack diversity. Otherwise we’ll see films set in the blacks’ ancestral home in the Scottish Highlands or something.

      1. it’s only the ‘first’ film…there will be sequels now for sure.

      2. In the comics, he breaks up with her following his cancer diagnosis. What kind of support are you going to get from a teenage prostitute anyway?

      3. I remember something similar happening in Kickass. In the comic, the girl labels him as a freak and creep and tells him off, going so far as to send him a picture of her boyfriends genitals.
        In the movie she falls madly in love with him, even though his actions in both movie and comic are the same.

  18. Last movie I bought is Fury with Brad Pitt. The only women you see in the movies with a speaking role are two German broads, one of which fucks one of the main character and the other who cooks dinner for Pitt’s tank crew. The rest of the women you see become prostitutes to get food and cigarettes. That’s a fair and accurate representation of the average woman’s role in a war.

  19. The social justice propaganda out of Hollywood goes way back. In the 1950’s Americans watched big-budget films about the wonders of race-mixing like Show Boat, South Pacific and Giant.
    I’ve wondered how American audiences interpreted the Ricky Ricardo character in I Love Lucy, however. TV shows in the 1950’s dared not show interracial relationships, so viewers must have seen Desi Arnaz as white enough not to trigger them. Perhaps that accounts for the fact that we have two Cubans running for President in 2016.

    1. Yeah, I kinda laugh at youngsters on here decrying how Star Wars has turned to feminism thanks to the new film. The 1970s trilogy had plenty of girl power. Princess Leia spent all three movies barking orders, looking angry and dressing like a man (except for that slave bikini), and the supreme leader of the Rebels in Return of the Jedi was that old woman in white robes whose name escapes me.

  20. Good to see the author mentioning “Satanism” in this piece. It is an “occult” science that overtaken our psyche world-wide.
    Our biggest enemy is not: Communism, Liberalism, Feminism. No, it is Satanism.
    Satanism = preservation of self above all others.
    How many of us are “Satanists” without even knowing? Many.
    Hollywood is just one branch of this multi-headed Satanic beast.
    Further research: Mark Passio (former satanist), Propaganda by Edward Bernays, The Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey.

    1. Funny you mention this as I just started reading “Hostage of the Devil” by Malachi Martin and the opening pages speak of what you posted. People turn themselves into “awaiting vacuums” that constantly look to sate their personal appetities.

      1. @John Galt – Had not heard of this book “Hostage of the Devil” by Malachi Martin but upon reading the introduction we see this:
        http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vatican/esp_vatican27a.htm#Preface to the New Edition:
        “Now, in America of the 1990s, there is little question of demonic Possession as. an entertainment. Among families everywhere and at every level of society, there is instead a justifiable fear. Most of all, this fear is for children. And in point of fact, there are few families not already affected in some way by Satanism. Even by ritualistic Satanism-formal ceremonies and rites organized and performed by individuals and groups in professed worship of Satan.”
        Some of these films are actual Satanic Rituals where you are indoctrinated into a spiritual war by watching images on the screen.
        Stanley Kubrick was a master of this as “2001: A Space Odyssey” was actually a 2.5 hour Kabbalah ritual.
        Even more obvious was “Eyes Wide Shut” in which the original version showed mind controlled sex slaves, paedophelia, and satanic ritual abuse.
        This is what got Kubrick killed and the version of EWS you see today was severely white-washed.

  21. I’m so triggered right now. I’m glad that other people see this. I’ve been witnessing a change in movies messages the past few years and something smelled fishy even before i discovered there even exists a manosphere and a redpill.
    I’ve stopped watching T.V. about 10 years ago except for when i go to sleep when i put it on auto-shutdown in 15 minutes and fall asleep before the time runs out. There’s brainwashing everywhere , everybody’s got an agenda now , a hidden message , a subliminal message even. You even can’t watch kids cartoons with your nephews and nieces without witnessing blatant brainwashing. What’s worst is that nobody that i know personally sees that , they just go along with the show like mindless idiots never thinking for themselves , letting themselves be spoon-fed by the powers-that-be.
    Fuck that , i feel liberated since i stopped watching the propaganda machine and i will remain like this , even if i don’t know the latest news or latest pop-star , i couldn’t care less.

    1. I got broadcast TV and I am very happy….no monthly cost and I just need my antenna attached.

    2. I was at the beach with my family last year, and my nephews and nieces were watching the Disney channel. Every single show portrayed the female characters as strong, and the male characters as weak (actually, most were gay, but not explicitly labeled gay).
      I warned my brother to shut it off and be more mindful about what his kids watched. But I don’t think he listened since they still watch that garbage whenever I visit.

    3. If you really want to get upset, watch an episode of Modern Family. I couldn’t fuckin believe what I was seeing. The show constantly tries to say that the two gay guys are just like a man and woman, that Al Bundy’s daughter (the blonde) is the man of the house while her husband is some overgrown clumsy idiot kid, and that Al Bundy, who is supposed to be the manliest dude on the show is accepting of his gay son and “partner.” The episode I saw yesterday was particularly bad – there was a scene where the two gay men had to explain to their Asian adopted daughter that they don’t know where their mother is and that the two dad’s will always be there for her and the kid was just like “ok” and everything is back to normal. Bullshit it’s going to be that easy for the kids with gay “parents.” All these adopted kids with gay “parents” will grow up to be fucked in the head. Fuck that show.

      1. Ex-gf tried showing me this show. Watched the first 10 minutes , closed it , said to her to never show to me this kind of shit ever again.

  22. The crazies are taking over everywhere, not just Hollywood. Duolingo used to be a great language-learning website, but unfortunately it is getting dumbed-down as of late and it is also rapidly becoming a cesspit for left-wing activism. They even prioritized German and Swedish courses for Arabic speakers at the expense of other requested and interesting languages from Europe, like Finnish or Icelandic. If you are interested in a great and free language-learning experience, make sure to join, do a few lessons, enter the forums and downvote to hell the following topic, apparently made by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees office based in Stockholm:
    Word of the Day: Help Refugees Integrate

  23. Before I begin, I do agree with Corey Savage’s assessment about how the film industry has changed.
    Some people will disagree with this positive opinion, but at least the big entrainment earners like George Clooney and Robert Downey Jr., don’t seem to mind paying their “union dues”, so other lesser actors, working in the SAME profession, can have access to a retirement savings plan, workers comp, collective bargaining, enforced SAFETY PROTOCOLS and unemployment insurance.
    So, in a way, the big earning actors are not quite as hypocritical as they may seem, to us regular folks, on the surface. In contrast, you don’t see big corporate executives, earning that same kind of money, WILLINGLY paying into their respective “guilds” so the “grunt workers” in the same industry can have access to a retirement savings plan, workers comp and unemployment insurance.
    BTW, did ANY of you know that there are MANY nursing homes, that ONLY accept retired SAG-AFTRA members, even including those members that never earned much? These facilities are almost entirely supported by movie studio donations and high paid actor contributions. It would seem to me that the “big earners” in Hollywood are MUCH more generous, in regard to supporting their lesser counterparts, whom are working in the same business; than the American private sector is, to its laborers.
    What other industry does this for their old, broken and disabled workers?
    None that I know of.
    The reality is that “actors” were smart and formed a “guild”, with power on par with the Bar Association, the National Board of Medical Examiners and the Federation of State Medical Boards (and actors did it long time ago when such was possible). In fact, I’d argue that “top actors” wages have likely kept up with inflation, unlike regular private sector workers whom have had no “guilds” backing them up with “collective bargaining” power. It is regular workers that are the “chumps” in this situation because they won’t work together like the directors, writers, actors, and motion picture support staff did, DECADES ago. These folks in “Hollywood” are now reaping the benefits of collective action, while other laborers, outside that industry, are on the road back to Indentured Servitude.
    Its an infinitely better deal than being a low level office drone, retail or fast food worker. The salaries of the those at the “very top” of the entertainment business support that structure financially and don’t seem to complain about doing so, in public. That behavior is the opposite of current private sector “business leaders” that are off-shoring jobs and bringing in low paid guest workers. We should be envying their foresight, not deriding it.

    1. Interesting post as usual.
      Is there a difference between a union and a guild?

  24. Yeastbusters only exists as a political tool. It’s all about getting women high on girl power in time to vote for Hillary Clinton.

    1. when theres something strange, and it dont smell good.
      who ya gonna call?

  25. Hollywood may be the opiate of the masses. Religion, meh, it’s more of the soy double shot mocha latte Frappucino of the masses.
    #2 I figure this to be true. Think about it. You have all of these attractive (not hot, you dirty pedos ;-))young actors and actresses being watched over creepy looking older dudes. Not to imply that ALL of them are actually going to do something bad, but it’s hard for that not to happen. Besides, these young actors want attention and fame so bad they don’t care, and neither do the parents. And I imagine this also happens in other fields, like with gymnasts and figure skaters.

  26. I just paused Hunger Games – the mockingvajayjay part 2 to come and say oh my god … the propaganda is big with this one. Empowered females everywhere , all in command , token black guy , more females , big females , shaved head females , love triangle drama between two betas and katniss.
    Oh and the 3 people that are white are either cluts , alcoholics or evil madmen. It’s so messed up i don’t think it’s worth to un-pause it.

    1. You can smell social engineering out of hollywood a mile away. I’ll never see that piece of shit movie. What grates my gears the most is that under such austere conditions women would not be all powerful warriors. Shave head or tattoos…those pussies would be cowering for shelter and running for their little lives. The irony here is too grotesque to process. It takes a very comfortable and abundant society to create conditions for feminism and ultimately for feminists to fantasize about being real “survivors”. Funny thing is such conditions existed for humans not too long ago and during those times of real want and need, where life expectancy might be around 30 years old, those people men and women would fantasize about what we have today. That said, here we are fantasizing about them and their world and even injecting our own pathetic ego’s into it as a ego prop and social engineering tool. And worse, women today think that just because they saw it on tv it must be real. So from skinny spaghetti arm waifs to out of breath land whales…they all think they’re just Navy SEALs. rey in shit wars captures this notion of retroactive feelings-based bad ass as she never went through any training with Yoda and just was already plug in bad ass…I just “think I can” and it shall be. Ha, just like bruce jenner thinking he’s a woman. Meanwhile, men that have actually gone through real survival situations and intense rites of passage (BUDS, Q course, Ft. Benning, Marine Boot) or a competitive sports program (wrestling, football, soccer) see what they have earned shit on by people that have earned nothing. They just act the part, turn on a tv, eat shitty food and engage in behavior and lifestyle that would ensure they could never pass a girl scout indoc let alone a real survival situation. But, hey, she’s go tattoos, so, that must mean she can kick anyone’s ass.

      1. I saw Hunger Games to see what the big deal was about…my feeling was too much ‘hunger’ not enough ‘games’ (plus she got knocked out for three days and taken care of by Pru, total sitting target…pissed me off) — A personal favorite of mine is the Steve Austin film “The Condemned” — now THAT film is way better than Hungry Games.

    2. omg did you see the sequel to 300? What a fucking joke. Lena Heady charging into battle in a dress with no armor and destroying soldier after soldier with one swing.
      The other main tough character. A woman, the “real” power behind Xerxes

      1. Yeah i did. It was a tough watch. The destroying of male image is everywhere , they want to make jokes out of us , buffoons. The power behind Xerxes was a woman and the power behind Leonidas was his wife. Wherever you turn your head you get the propaganda of ”behind every great man is an even greater woman”. It sometimes makes me sick.

        1. Indeed-if you believe that fucking bullshit you are a mental defective; whenever some idiot says that I respond with ‘Gee, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Kublai Khan, Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla and so many other what would be termed ‘great men’ (in their respective fields) would suggest otherwise’.

        2. Lady MacBeth is more accurate…nagging an otherwise balanced guy into becoming a tyrant.

      2. Didn’t see it. *shrug* ; That’s Hollywoods problem…they get a surprise hit they go into a panic to cash in

    3. You should read The Last Psychiatrist’s evisceration of Katniss as to why she is not an actual badass. I believe he has about two articles on the matter and he get very deep into it. I highly recommend it; I used to to shred to pieces idiots who think she is badass. Shame he stop writing, but I think he’s working on a book now.

    4. Wanna hit your head on a wall?
      Go watch a movie called “The Wall”.
      You’ll hate me for suggesting it. It’s based on a book that is considered feminist cannon.

  27. Here is a film “type” I cannot stand, the Black history themed drama. (ie. Red Tails). For the most part, these films suck. They usually contain the same tired story arc described in this article – Good (the Black people) versus Bad (the white folks). Every so often these films have the benevolent white character who comes among the Black people and is taken upon a life affirming transformation. Too often these kinds of films appear pre-occupied with telling the audience that Black people are perpetual victims and/ or that “they can do it too”. These films, which I will label as “Civil Rights Films”, are like films where feminist themes are rammed down the throats of the viewers. The Michelle Rodriguez character in SWAT comes to mind.

    1. All these movies blow…except mississippi burning….that one was good, but not quite as funny the second time

      1. I’m a Blaxploitation kinda guy at times. One of my all time favorites is “Three The Hard Way” with Jim Kelly, Richard Roundtree, and Jim Brown. The stunt coordinator for that film, Hal Needham, directed Smokey and The Bandit. They don’t make films like that anymore.

        1. I think the last good one of those they made was Eddie Murphy in a Vampire in Brooklyn. Not as great as the classics, but even the bottom of the list is still on the list.

        2. Black people went all wrong in entertainment. I remember a golden time when they would announce their name at the beginning of a song, were always “here to say” something and showed great courtesy in their concern that not only would they be punctual, but that they helped you to be punctual because they were always making sure you knew what time it was.

        3. Truth, brother! Black entertainment/culture before the ’90s was awesome, at least musically speaking. From jazz to gangsta rap in less than fifty years. What a shame.

    2. Okay, then let’s roll up our sleeves and brainstorm a bit, because I’ve heard other people say this, too. And by the way, instead of bitching about the Oscars, I think black actors and actresses need to listen in on this conversation and take notes. What is YOUR idea of a good black movie in 2016? Would it be like the private eye movies of the ’60s (Koffee, Shaft, etc.) or might it be a sci-fi, a horror film, an action movie, war movie, or drama?

      1. I liked “Straight outta Compton”. It’s realistic. Not so much “whitey putting us down”, more living in the hood. Shows what we already know, black on black violence is the major cause of death among blacks, not white kracka cops shooting known felons.
        Red Tails a Lucas fantasy about how awful whitey treats other races and how they triumph against adversity. Or da Gews and Nitzies……I think Senior Spielbergo wants to play WW2 over and over as he wasn’t there to save the day. Same with Tarantino, Bastards, Gew revenge, Jango, black takes out whitey slave owners.

        1. Red Tails was a George Lucas film, not a Spielberg film.
          And except for Saving Private Ryan, Schindler’s List, and Band of Brothers, I don’t remember that many WW2 Spielberg films (excepting for the first 3 Indiana Jones films)

        2. My mistake I’ll correct. 1941, Empire of the Sun, Pacific? Producer on Flags of our Fathers and Letters from Iow Jima. Ok its Japan but still part of the Axis. That makes 9.

      2. Sorry I took so long to get back to you. I like what you say about the Oscars. In my opinion, the bitching about the Oscars comes from a segment of the Black community that does not grasp the concept of “do for self” and “self help”. Instead of forming an institution that recognizes excellence on Black film, they constantly go, with hat in hand, and beg white people for recognition. Our entire political culture was formed off that approach.
        At any rate, my idea of a good Black film is to make such in which the ever present theme of Black helplessness and alleged racist oppression is virtually absent. A good film about Black identity is one where it exists free of definition of things that are not Black. This is the entire problem with much of Black cinema today, it constantly defines Black identity as something framed by racism and oppression. People get tired of that shit. In fact, the popularity of “Love Jones”, which was a chick flick, endures because the Black characters are largely defined by themselves and their interactions with other Black characters. “Love Jones” was a film about bohemian Black culture in Chicago; it was self absorbed and insular. Black films of any genre, in my opinion, should be framed in this fashion.
        I don’t think a particular film genre or type solves the problem. Instead, it’s about the way the characters are formed and how the story is framed. I don’t mind stories where the history of Black people enduring racism is an important feature. I do mind stories where this history becomes the story. At that point, the story assumes a role as a piece of propaganda. It’s for this reason I hated “12 Years A Slave” and will not watch “Roots”.

    3. Redtails could have been a good movie in the hands of someone other than George Lucas (the guy who gave the world Jar Jar Binks). Inspiring story and people (Benjamin O. Davis Jr. Is biopic material all by himself) but Lucas effed it all up with cheap assed CGI and awful, anachronistic dialog.

  28. Irvine Welsh recently revealed that he is working on a Trainspotting sequel. I bet there will be plenty of you go girlism, a sassy black chick and a faggot all coming together with a positive message.

  29. I thought Wall-E was based on a true story(from the future), where fat acceptance and technology turns every human into brainless fatties, and even the robots are beta males

  30. “Sometimes I feel as though Hollywood is openly mocking us with movies like The Matrix and Inception to show just how deeply we’re plugged in and dreaming, both unwilling and unable to wake up from their grasps, and not being able to tell what’s real and what’s not.”
    Dont be simplistic. All elite groups have their divisions. Few of them have good intentions and try to show the injustice while eluding censorship.

  31. Funny how you mention *The Matrix* since that is where we get our oft quoted Red Pill/Blue Pill meme.

      1. Does this mean it’s time for the Manosphere to finally rid itself of Matrix references then?

        1. maybe the Kratom ‘roided off their nuts…that’s my personal theory about ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner…Bruce did roids and the doc said “Yeah we need to chop your nuts off” and he said “Well if I’m losing the beans might as well toss away the frank as well!”

  32. J Laws phone got hacked. lol
    But this is what’s real… lots of women who aren’t in show biz sleaze around to advance their careers also. Its just what women do because they can. Society doesn’t reward men the same way.

    1. That’s because most studio bosses, producers and directors are heterosexual men. So they’re “alpha” to use RoK jargon.

        1. I guess if a dude wants to peddle his ass to get ahead in the work world, he’s limited to such fields as interior decorating, hair styling and fashion design!

        2. Clark Gable was a working lumber jack before he was “discovered”. He married a much older and wealthy woman with pull in the movie industry. After he got his start he divorced her and never looked back. So, yes men have screwed their way to the top. You just have to be maybe the top 1% to do it. For women of all SMVs it is the norm.

    1. Doesn’t work any more sorry. You shouldn’t have worn out the race card on useless trivial shit

      1. He’s right in this case. Look at the names associated with the industry, especially behind the camera. Reads like Schindler’s list!

  33. This article, albeit the poster child (like so many RoK articles) for tl;dr, and so boiling with anger and frustration (like so many RoK articles) that it is ulcer-inducing, neglects two salient points:
    The plight of the motion picture industry and the depravity, bloated budgets and sheer hackiness of it are indicative of late-stage capitalism and,
    Movies are now aimed at “young urban males” (the 75 IQ crowd) who somehow can scrape together the $10 plus for a ticket. Normal middle class folks like me and Mrs. Yoo wait for a flick to hit Netflix or in rare cases blu Ray

      1. That’s too much rebellion for the average American. Let him feel special for being on Netflix.

  34. This comment goes for readers here doubly because you should know better.

  35. “…and $18 million dress”
    nope the dress was only $100,000. the rest is jewelry. false alarm.

  36. Everything on TV seeks to destroy masculinity. Look at any commercial showing a family unit. The male is usually a stupid, worthless weakling while the mother is basically a superhero who takes care of everything.
    And who watches the most television? Women. Not only does this affect the minds of men who watch it, but it also reinforces women’s belief that they are superior to men and that men are good for nothing.
    I’ve heard so many women belittle their husbands and boyfriends with so much ease, even while he stands there taking it. “He can’t this, he can’t that, blah blah blah.” And then these guys don’t even stand up for themselves.

  37. Funny, I thought exactly the same thing when I saw WALL-E. Ever since I started reading RoK I can’t watch a movie and not see the agenda. These days, it is the same plot with all the movies. They don’t even bother writing a different script. You have the wise female hero who is threatened by an evil man who wants to steal her position of authority, and then she gets a white knight young man to turn and fight to defend her. Often, she has a young female apprentice who hooks up with the white knight and dominates him. You can see this same plot in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2, Mad Max, Star Wars, etc. I call this the “femscript.” It’s universal now for any Hollywood flick.
    I believe Satanism is indeed behind it, and that it extends well beyond Hollywood. I don’t know about secret signals and rituals. Maybe, maybe not. But there seems to be a coordinated effort among various world powers including Hollwyood to tear down positive Western culture. You also see the same anti-Christian, anti-mother, anti-father agenda in every Hollywood piece. It also pervades politics and academia.

    1. Hey Rick. I liked WALL-E and spotted the propaganda (making fun of the fat Americans, for example and consumerism with the Peter Gabriel hippie song at the end.)
      Even so, I found a different message in it. WALL-E was the hero. He’s the title character and the human survivors even know his name (“Oh no! Wall-E’s hurt!”) Men are the initiators of relationships, even on this forum via “game”. If it wasn’t for men, nothing happens. The captain of the ship rebelled. The fat passenger was the man who decided to notice Wall-E and life while the women, including the fat girl he flirted with, were just mindless consumers or workers.
      The fact that Wall-E was a better hero than EVA shows that even if women get expensive educations, and all the toys, they generally cannot be leaders like men. They play it safe. Wall-E found gold (literally) in the piles of garbage while all EVA could do was just scan around the same places like thousands of drones before her.
      Most men are Wall-E. Dirty, unelegant beta males that keep the world going.
      And the fact that the left could make a film that winds up showing this truth, while trying to say the opposite, illustrates how undeniable it is.

      1. I think you bring up some good points, and I generally liked the film as well. First thing, the intrinsic superiority of the female robot bugged me. The female was newer, smarter, and had better powers, though WALL-E’s prowess made him worthwhile. There is some theological backing for the female being “newer”, as Eve was created after Adam. But women are not intrinsically superior beings.
        The second thing that bugged me was that the female received the mission. WALL-E was just some guy she picked up along the way to help her out. Theologically, it should be the other way around. Eve was a help for Adam. He was the one with the mission. How many angels in the bible are female? WALL-E may be portrayed as a leader, but the film undercuts patriarchy.
        But other than that, its commentary on economics and society were interesting.

        1. The female robot was superior because she was a mac, of course. 🙂 As I said, the prowness of Wall-e and masculine bravery is what made it work. Wall-E showed that he could survive 800 years and build a monument to a lost civilization. Note that like many dystopian futures, a lot of assumptions are made. For example: Who developed all that new technology? If everyone is consuming (a good allegory for our current situation with women using their iphones but not knowing how they work), then who develops all these products? Why haven’t they destroyed their environment much like they did with Earth?
          I think men came out ahead. The Captain was the only one with a genuine curiosity (the others just did as they were told). The fat passenger man led the woman. Wall-E was the one who took risks. Women will sit in the beauty parlor (including EVA) and mindlessly rot away while it’s men who ask: WHY?
          And I saw this in real life. I know men who are janitors who raised families and did amazing things while I dated 30 something career women who were absolutely worthless. Look at the feminists. They have entire branches of universities that allow them to fritter away time and they just respew old feminist nonsense from the 1950’s bitter that their dream of feminist empowerment is dying. Because without men, they’re just mindless CONSUMERS. Get it?
          Now let’s admit something: Men love women. WAll-E loved EVA. I love my wife. Women don’t “have to” be superior. We love them for their beautiful bodies and they make babies. They have a place in life and that’s not bad. I may not be a great olympic athlete but that’s ok. I have a place in life. I don’t demand “equality” that may not be relevant or even needed. I don’t want to be an Olympic athlete training 16 hours a day to TRY to win a rare medal.

        2. Absolutely, men act and women react. This is also why feminists have to remake 80s movies instead of coming up with their own stories. It’s why inventors and leaders are men. It’s why enlightened men lifted the world out of the Dark Ages. I am not saying the robots should have been equal by any means. Equality is where the ship’s life of laziness and leisure got people. They were equally fat and meaningless. Equality is poison, and the film displayed that beautifully, except for their confused role for the female robot. WALL-E wanted to please EVA by standing out, and that is correct.
          I only bring up theology because Eva was obviously an Eve character. “Eva” means Eve in German. Their confusion of the Adam story serves to put down men and patriarchy. A correct mythology would have been EVA being sent to help WALL-E on his mission, with her powers complimenting instead of overpowering WALL-E, and WALL-E remaining as the divinely appointed leader. Fine points but I think still important. That’s my only point.

        3. I appreciate that. Some more fun points. The EVA character was your typical b*tch empowered career woman. She used her gun all the time for reasons that weren’t necessary and was overly defensive. She lacked creativity. Yeah, we could have had the man as the powerful Conan and the woman as sidekick, but there’s a need to make the story interesting as well. I liked that despite EVA/Eve being a mac, Wall-E was more innovative. He kept spare parts from other Wall-E’s (how gruesome is that, if you think about it? He basically cannibalized his fellow workers!)
          I don’t think that Wall-E either tried to “kiss” Eva’s butt like so many betas in the west. I think he was genuinely lonely. 800 years after all. He starved for culture and would have welcomed anyone (his best friend was a roach.) He was a “human” character much like many “end of the world” Omega-man scenarios (Omega man, GREAT film (Heston edition.) In the end, Eva saw that she had treated Wall-E terribly when seeing the video of him caring for her. This is more than most western women have done for the men in their lives (at least until they hit their wall and realize what they’ve done.)

        4. Excellent points. I think that capacity for creation and inventiveness is important to masculinity. Women of course are natural creators, but men use imaginative intellect and skill to sculpt the world around us in a more free way. And neither person’s creation means much without the other role there to fulfill it.

        5. Exactly zero angels in the Bible are women. God didn’t design them to wield power.
          1 Timothy 2:12 KJV
          “But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.”

    2. Satan wants to destroy patriarchal Christian values in America. So far, he’s winning.

  38. Movies, and by extension TV shows, used to be made to entertain.
    Now days it seems they are made more to indoctrinate than anything else.

  39. Most times the most creative and best part of the movie is the first minutes. That’s when everything is set up creatively. But then every movie degenerates into the formula used for everything. Pay attention and you’ll know exactly how it’s going to end within the first half hour. And The Martian? Really? That’s the third man-gets-stranded-on-mars picture that used the exact same solution as the guy finding an old booster rocket that shoots him into space to be scooped up by an orbiting ship. The fucking third. I couldn’t believe it. Does NASA have a protocol like that or something, like the first thing a proctologist does is stick his finger up your ass?

      1. Yeah at the time I thought it was amazing, but in retrospect it’s just 2+ hours of CGI and Sandra Bullock screaming.

  40. Everyone should turn their TV off and go find a real hobby! Makes me sick people throwing away their life on this shit

    1. “Now the heroes are a meth dealer (Breaking Bad), a sociopath who kills other killers (Dexter), and Satan himself (Lucifer).”
      – the day i first saw an ad for dexter was the day i turned off my tv.

  41. Hears a way to kill 2 birds . If these producers have to remake something , why not ” ZULU ” it starred Michael Cain and I believe it’s an early 60’s film . Can’t make a Zulu film without black people and they would have a chance for future nominations . It would solve the problem of not having enough black nominees it’s a pretty good classic . But there’d probably be some fucking controversy remaking a film like that

    1. The Zulus would have to win. Thus making it like every other Hollywood interpretation of history: TOTAL BULLSHIT

  42. Bring back the days of Dirty Harry and Die Hard when being a man wasn’t shat upon.

  43. Excellent article. I agree with all the points listed. I am an avid downloader so Hollywood rarely sees a penny from me. Still, a lot of the stuff I watch is still crap. There are a few exceptions though. As for foreign films, I recently watched “Suburra”, an Italian mob film. Well worth the watch.

  44. Great article. Red pillers will never fit in with most of society, will they? We will always stand out and be different from our families and co-workers. Hence why the meetups were such a great idea. Need to foster friendships with those who THINK.

    1. yeah especially that the term “red pill” came from Hollywood – right from the transgender creators of Matrix.

  45. Modern Hollywood is why channels that only show old shows and movies are so popular.

    1. Yep. I don’t watch much TV, but I’ll take 50+ year old reruns over 99.5% of the current shit.

    2. Yep. On broadcast there is Grit, and Heroes network, showing old TV shows and movies. Caught a good John Wayne flick the other night.
      The main networks will never grace my screen. All they show is trash and fake news.

  46. I recently saw Mad Max Fury Road. The whole movie was beautifully made and looked great. However for the first hour i couldnt figure out why they had called the movie Mad Max . It should have been called Furiousa Emasculation Group: SJW Edition. Even when Mad Max got his shit on often it was off camera. I kept on asking “WTF is Mad Max?” Then of course you had the White Knight White Knighting at the end.
    A better movie I have seen recently (there are better ones i am talking in the last year) is Creed. No political bullshit. No crass innuendo expecting to be pissed off. I also heard Revenant was good. But yes I agree just tired of hearing if Luke Skywalker is gay or not.

  47. the movie american sniper really opened my eyes to the bullshit. got all amped up to watch this war hero go to work and half the movie is this woman crying or yelling at him. i ended up falling asleep while my girlfriend said it was the most intense movie she’d seen in awhile. i watched some random 1 on 1 interview with chris kyle from cspan on youtube that cost a fraction of that hollywood production and i got way more out if it

  48. I watch a lot of films, and I fully get what this article suggests, but also have to say some corners of the cinema remain untainted by the baseline “Hollywood agenda.”
    For example, I thoroughly enjoy the films of Werner Herzog (documentaries and fiction, in particular the ones he made in the 1970s and 1980s). Especially anything with the unhinged, cock-diesel Klaus Kinski in it. His approach is super-intense and agitated — a borderline Type-A mental patient with a captivating machismo that was one-of-a-kind. Herzog, in conjunction with Kinski, embody a deeply masculine drive for conquest with old-school mannerisms that make no excuses whatsoever to the modern age. Famously reviled by women and SJWs for their Un-PCness. It’s just balls-out filmmaking. Nobody will ever make a Hollywood punching bag out of Herzog. The man does whatever he pleases and he possesses a singular vision.
    Like Alejandro Jodorowsky, this stuff’s not for everyone…but I highly recommend a little excursion through http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001348/?ref_=nv_sr_1 if you haven’t done so already — give Herzog a look!

      1. Some of Herzog’s newer pieces seem to suggest he may have been pulled into the “Hollywood vortex” since about 2000 or so, which is why I focused the recommendation on his earlier material. I couldn’t judge as to whether he finally drank the Kool-Aid or remained detached and ornery, having not seen anything recent of his. His latest work examines hate crimes in America and ecological destruction, so he may be slipping into the “sanctimony” and “social justice” zone that today’s article points out (#s 3 and 4 in the list)…
        BTW “Master and Commander” (regarding your post) is one of my faves as well. Curious — how do you feel about “There Will Be Blood”? It’s in my top 5 of all time.

        1. Yes of course, I wasn’t doubting what you said, Werner has made some great films and documentaries, he is one of my favorites.
          I am yet to see much of Jodorowsky’s stuff but there was a point in his Dune documentary (which could of been a great film) where he is passionately talking about creation, film and then talks about being slaves to this “shit, shit money” as he pulls a whole roll of cash out of his pocket, then sheepishly & ironically stuffs in back in.
          I was actually thinking of “There Will be Blood” at the same time as Master & Commander. It is in my top ten and gets better every time I see it. Close to perfect really.

        2. Now that was a quality analysis. Time well spent; the narrator’s conclusion in the final minute of the video was terrific. And his opening statement sums it up succinctly: “Austere, sober, basically humorless.” And in the best way imaginable.
          I remember walking out of the theater after “There Will Be Blood,” having seen “No Country For Old Men” a mere 6 days prior. I turned to my GF at the time and said “Is it possible I just saw two of the best movies of my entire life in the SAME week??” My head was spinning for days. I’m a big Cormac McCarthy fan (he wrote the screenplay/adaptation for “No Country…”) and just felt we’d hit a very special peak in great American cinema at that time. Both films felt like a complete departure from the steady stream of utter crap that was pouring out of Hollywood.

  49. I have so much disgust for all this horseshit I will only say this-fuck Hollywood. It should be turned into a smoking crater. If I could push the button and vaporise it and/or all its sick denizens who peddle this visual smut I would. It may sound like hyperbole but I am sick to death of their shamelessness and social engineering.

  50. I quit watching TV in 1981. I struggle to name a show since then other than the Simpsons. I admit a couple of times, I went back and got videoes for some cool stuff I missed. Like once around 1995 when I lived in Japan, I spent a week-end watching all the back Star Trek videoes with Captain Picard. And I liked THE BIG LEBOWSKI.
    But I never watch TV. Nothing I like. We have 3 TV’s in our house, but I have difficulty even turning any on. My wife watches a couple of shows to keep her English sharp as it is her second language.
    I will admit that I went to the Harry Potter movies and liked them. That’s about it. Too bad Hermione grew up to be such a radfem bitch. She was so cute as a little girl in the HP movies.

  51. I’ve been avoiding Hollywood movies for awhile ,I’ve been watching B movies or independent films ,most of them aren’t worth my time brothers.

      1. Man I wish that kids dad would see this comment. “Just so happens this year he wants to be a glory hole for Halloween”

    1. Dad looks totally gay, hardly surprising the kid wants to dress like a woman.
      And the kid has already noticed women get all the best stuff these days.
      If I were reincarnating in the west, I’d want to come back as a woman too.
      My 5 year old son chooses his own cartoons, on his own tablet, all violence and dinosaurs, not anything slightly girly, cute or fluffy. Hardly a moment in our house without him shooting, exploding or bombing. Same for building blocks, all spacecraft and weapons of war. No guidance from me, just a boys nature taking it’s course, and that nature is death and war. Outside in the road, he’s with all the other boys riding bicycles, fighting and whacking each other with sticks.

      1. Good times. I used to enjoy running others over on my bike which was a violent game we would play, hitting each other around the head as we were Ninja Turtles or we would imitate Hulk Hogan and making smoke bombs or blowing up things. What a halcyon era.

    2. I would slap this ‘father’ and tell them they were damaging their child. When I have my own I’ll make it a point they mock these freaks.

  52. I find the lack of imagination in mainstream Hollywood films very depressing – as though each film is a tick box exercise.
    1. Flawed hero. Check.
    2. Romantic interest. Check.
    3. Bad guys are really REALLY bad.
    4. Good guys always win.

  53. You want some real good shot to watch? ‘Berserk’ Japanese Manga and anime. The main character ‘Guts’ might be the most masculine, fucked up anti hero ever created. The story itself is incredible just as it is fucked up. Puts to shame any comic book or comic book movies we have in the U.S. I could only compare how crazy the actual story is to something like the bible, lol. On a serious note, Japan and Korea still believe in masculinity and their own nationalism.

    1. Agreed. Berserk is a fantastic read.
      The artwork is excellent as well and there is no pandering to the feminist agenda. The Japanese have been completely unaffected by the infection of feminist dogma.

    2. Fist of the North Star. Ok, the main character’s not an anti-hero, but he’s still cool.

  54. There’s still good stuff out there, even stuff with a leftist tint, but it’s the minority. I enjoyed Snowpiercer. Although they’re dated, Office Space, Idiocracy, and stuff by Mike Judge tends to be great but the exception proves the rule: The stuff that has a big budget and/or Oscar for most white-male-hating-film tends to require seeking it out.
    There’s also a case to be made, and I’m sound like my father here, that the best stuff has already been made and even if the pickin’s are relatively slim today, you can more than easily spend the rest of your movie watching days going to the archives. Go through the old Oscars before they were taken over by the commies (McCarthy was right!) You’ll have to get used to Black and White but it’s worth it.
    What I love about old cinematography is that it took work to get special effects done. Casts of thousands to make a grand scene while, today, that’s often CGId. The latest Star Wars sucked so bad because it was like Clone Wars: A derivative, CGI’d mess that few with any brains enjoyed. (And no, I didn’t pay to go see it!)
    Even an old TV show, like the Duke’s Of Hazzard, is fun to watch if only for the special effects. EVERY one of those old chargers had to be junked after taping so the producers had to keep an eye out for any still running and buy them on the spot.

  55. I liked Rise of the Guardians. Santa with swords may have distracted me from propaganda. Was there any?

  56. To take down a corporation, you stop giving them money!
    If i were to watch any movie, it’s by torrent only! FUCK HOLLYWOOD and their dysfunctional feminist/PC agenda!!!

  57. awesome points! exactly how I feel and more..
    I was once like you as well, where I appreciated well written story lines (that were interesting that is), the artfulness of it and so on..
    it is total filth.. the idea of watching any of their totally void of creativity , vomit inducing crap, turns my stomach. !! and it isn’t it interesting that one is hard pressed to find a good classic film to watch anymore – I gave up! it’s all well orchestrated propagandized BS for the dumb ass masses!
    I just hope though, that Angelina will get through her 100th cancer scare okay and Brad will get off the drugs or something ! @@

  58. I continue to selectively boycott liberals continuing to attack republicans whether in hollywood or not. I am so tired of the obstructionist way when our country and unity is more important for solving problems especially the ones that seem to plague liberal cities – crime, drugs, and economy not to mention national security. Hollywood needs to reexamine their phony promotion of freedom and get active in truly doing something about it. Just because you lead an alternative lifestyle does not give you the right to proclaim what’s right for the country.

    1. There’s pictures of her naked if you look for them. She even takes the dong up her ass. Just thought I’d share that with you.

        1. You’re welcome. There are also pictures of German Chancellor Angela Merkel nude when she was young at a nudist camp. She was butt ugly then too.

        2. Then I think we have an explanation of why the psycho is so intent on ruining Europe-it’s a grudge resulting from being the product of inferior genes and therefore in a fit of spite seeks to destroy those that rejected her flabby, ugly, ass. Freud would be having a field day with this I am sure.

  59. Usually when someone consumes entertainment products he seeks to relax for a while and be out of the clutter and bustle of the modern world, which was quite easy a few years ago.
    But now thanks to cultural Marxism and social engineering, one can not go to see a fucking movie without seeing some message about social justice or similar shit.
    In particular, my strategy consisted in being selective and avoiding certain types of movie. But now it’s like they’re everywhere.
    I took my nephew to see a children’s movie and … surprise, more social engineering

  60. They don’t get my cash, I download everything from torrent sites.
    Fighting against injustice? Not unless I can find a sniper rifle, block of C4 or even better a backpack nuke.

  61. The quality of films has also deteriorated because of America’s changing demographics. Hispanic Americans love going to the movies, but mainly to loud, vulgar, violent ones that their coarse minds can appreciate. They don’t flock to artsy movies based on sources like classic English novels.

  62. Haha. That was funny to watch Feldman, the bass player in an old band of mine is friends with him. I have no doubt everything he said was completely true.

    1. Is that a good thing? Kids are developing more when they are being rambunctious. Excessive tv is what is creating that anime culture discussed a couple days ago.

      1. No, but many parents use the television for that purpose, just as it is used in prisons.

  63. I came to the same conclusion years ago. Another thing I don’t like is that the scripts always seem to promote either degeneracy or that violence is the solution in solving central problem that the protagonist is forced to solve. I used to be a Star Wars and space fantasy fan but those two recent Star Wars and Gravity depicting the woman as the heroine while the man played backup support was the straw that broke the camels back for me even on those films. Won’t be returning.

  64. This is why I have no issue with people pirating the stuff they wish to see. Big Hollywood is so high and mighty about redistributing other people’s wealth; let them start with their own.

  65. 1. Ghostbusters! (the remake)
    2. Star Wars 6
    3. Star Trek (the reboot)
    4. The Day the Earth Stood Still (the remake)
    5. Gravity
    6. Django Unchained
    7. Machete
    8. Pulp Fiction
    9. After Earth (or all films of Shyamalan after the “I see dead people” flick)
    10.Saving Private Ryan (I could never understand the scenario of that film!)

    1. “Signs” was good.
      Pulp Fiction? Why is that one on your sh*t list?
      Yes, the Sam-yell Jackson character sucked (like all his characters) because he is an incredibly sh*tty actor.
      But the rest were great. Especially Willis & Keitel.

        1. Signs was the one with Mel Gibson, about the alien invasion.
          The “I see dead people” movie was the one with Bruce Willis and the little kid. I liked them both.

    2. Pulp Fiction and Saving Private Ryan were brilliant films the rest on your list is spot on.

  66. They promote social justice in everything but their hiring practices. The only A List black actors I can think of still working are Denzel Washington, Forest Whitaker and Morgan Freeman. Will Smith’s roles were almost all written for white men. The only time they will nominate a black actor or actress is after complaints about having white only actors and actresses nominated. And lets not even get into hiring any Latino or Asian actors and actresses. They will import white guys from Australia or Europe before that happens.

    1. Before we get into any discussion about the race of the actors or for that matter the race of the people involved in the industry you have to understand that Hollywood is Jewish. The movies are written by Jews, the producers, the actors, the directors, even the lower cast members who do key jobs that go unrecognized are Jewish. It’s a Jewish industry designed to present an anti white anti Christian agenda. Complaining about the lack of roles for blacks or Hispanics misses the point, this is designed to distract from the most glaring example of racism in the US, which Jewish racism against everybody who is not Jewish.

  67. Zootopia was a recent movie that was about “equality”. The secret meaning behind it was that the predators were “savages” and the prey were “innocent”. In the end it turned out the villain was a sheep, a form of prey.
    AKA Predators = Men Prey = Women

    1. I like pointing out to some of my SJW co-workers that carnivores are more intelligent the herbivores.

      1. Yup.
        Which is why any advanced species “up there in outer space” will be predators. Just like us.

    2. I dunno. The other obvious interpretation is that predators and prey can sing kumbaya together. The predators are not dangerous (anymore), it’s the prey that make them dangerous and frames them for crimes they didn’t commit. So for my interpretation, the movie was saying the sheep was like Mark Fuhrman.

      1. “Crimes they don’t commit”
        False Rape, Domestic Violence, Sexual Harassment
        It has to do with men being painted as “evil” today, when it’s all bullshit

  68. “In real life, if you do this to a woman to make her fall in love with you, she will call the police”
    Fuck yeah.
    That photo from the movie “Say Anything” of John Cusack holding up the classic ghetto blaster reminds me just how differently I see movies that I admired when I was younger. This was one of those stories that prosletyzed beta-simp oneitis and a plethora of other unhealthy influences for young men. Even back when that flick was made, a Lloyd Dobler of that era would never get with a Diane Cort if he displayed the type of behavior shown in the movie.
    Excellent article on how movies effectively feed bullshit into the psyche of men.

  69. In the 1890s, the head of the Patent Office said that his office should be closed because “Everything that can be invented has been invented.”
    I say, “Close down Hollywood! All the good films and TV shows that can be made have been made.”

  70. One good thing about media technology today: with things like digital movie cameras and related digital tools, the cost to make a non-mainstream movie has dropped considerably which is why we see many indie movies.
    Yes there are directors that make indie movies that have the same bullshit liberal messages, but there are indie flicks that are a good, realistic and believable plot and worth watching.
    Indie movies generally do get get co-created by a bunch of apes in suits.

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  72. The worst part is now that they know a lot of people get their entertainment and information from places like youtube “the elite” are now trying to shut that down so where do we go after they get their way at those sites.

    1. they already shut down the IMDB forums, so that we can’t talk about all the nutty propaganda coming out this year. We’re not supposed to discuss our indoctrination

  73. I’ve sworn to never good all those Sodomites a cent of my money ever again and will berate those I know who do. I’m 5 years strong and even before then was extremely reticent in parting with my money for such idiocy.

  74. How to boycott Hollywood?
    Download the ***Rip version of the movies and never pay for it.

  75. I just find it hilarious that the Jews in Hollywood have spent generations promoting nihilism in the white population, only to discover to their dismay that they have dulled our ability to feel moral outrage in response to their Holocaust propaganda.
    If anything, their systematic moral inversions just make the Nazis yawn-inducing now.

    1. For some reason your post made me think of “Saving Private Spielberg” as a movie that simultaneously brought graphic violence and anti-nazi/german sentiment to a new high. Then in playing a recent Wolfenstein game I noticed the only good Germans were Jews. For a minute I thought they were going to make ordinary ethnic Germans good guys but no, same tired old line since 1942. The rest were thouands of killable Nazis (and one drunk civvie.) It’s also the jew in this game that implores you not to kill anyone, in the midst of one of the highesy human body counts I’ve ever seen in a video game.

    2. That’s very deep. It never occurred to me but you are onto something profound. Add to that the way they throw around the terms ‘Nazi’ and ‘Hitler’ ad infinitum at even the most benign of things that goes against their worldview and you see how they’ve created apathy where they really should be striving to keep these as ‘secret weapons’ to shame or cow others into submission.

  76. I have a very select range of films I choose to watch from Hollywood, if any, at all. Most of them are pure degenerate trash, designed to force feed the masses into submission with their subliminal agenda. I remember a while back there was an article on Chuck Norris, and within that discussion thread, I and varying other red-pillers spoke about the love we had for those films of that time. I will still never tire of those films from the 80’s.
    Along with that, foreign films offer far better entertainment, without ramming politically correct tripe down our throats. The new wave of French extremism definitely comes to mind when thinking of what kind of foreign films are worth watching.

  77. Gave up on Hollywood and mainstream “entertainment” years ago.
    Why would I pay a group of millionaires to brainwash me?

  78. Try watching a movie with any flying content in it as not only a professional pilot but as a pilot that has a background in most all areas of aviation.
    They consistently screw up the most basic points. With that in mind I can only imagine how badly they screw up everything else I don’t know as much about.
    This means one thing. No American movie even comes close to portraying anything that resembles reality. However, I know so many people who worship their productions.
    I’ve gotten to where I look at people who make Hollywood a part of their lives as people who need to be woken up.

  79. I have a few questions regarding the article.
    1) People actually drive to theaters and pay money to watch a movie? Isn’t that outdated? I mean, why pay when you can watch it for free?
    2) People still watch the comic book shit being paraded as “entertainment”? Anybody with 2 brain cells to rub together should know that they MUST avoid these movies at all costs. Why? Because it’s not about entertainment anymore. It’s all about propaganda and making white men feel like trash while women and black men have all the answers. Any white man who watches that is a complete idiot and deserves the misery they get from the SJW’s, feminists, and black racists.
    3) Why aren’t more people boycotting Hollywood? It works, as you know. Look at what happened with the new Ghostbusters. It was a total flop. Why? Because people didn’t pay to watch that shit. Hell, I didn’t even watch it for free online. As the article stated, paying for a movie (which I can’t understand why someone would) funds those pedo’s and drug addicts lifestyles. Whenever you hand over your money at the ticket counter you are part of the evil. Karma is a bitch and it will find you.

  80. Joe Biden lecturing me on sexual assault? What kind of world am I living in?

  81. If I watch more than 10 minutes of tv a week , it’s a heavy week for me . There is nothing on it that captures my interest . Period ! Pure mindless drivel !

  82. Hollywood is social engineering that only white males can be heroes. I thought some of you liked that? You should be thanking and praising Hollywood for making every hero white even in movies involving communities that are of another ethnicity like Native Americans, the white man is the good guy. Hollywood worships the white man, the very main reason it makes no sense when someone thinks jews are behind the media. Anytime they have a jew on the big screen, he’s there for comic relief or in a comedy movie. Only serious jew movie is when it involved the Holocaust like Defiance.
    Don’t get me wrong white men have arguably accomplished the most and have been quite charitable but Hollywood over does it.
    It is interesting that jesters, gladiators (slaves) and other entertainers have gained the same status as the warrior or philosopher sects. I’m talking about the celebrities, singers and sports stars

  83. There is tons of movies where men sacrifice themselves for women but women never sacrifices herself for a man, maybe another woman but not a man. Though in older movies I think there were noble female characters. Women generally don’t sacrifice anything.

  84. Wholly agree, Hollywood is shit . Problem is they are now trying to takeover foreign films. Harvey Weinstein has taken over a major studio in Hong Kong and are now trying to inject their poison into Chinese culture

  85. Facing this same dilemma, I saved money by either getting free promotional movie passes from my contacts or waiting for it to be available on digital download. As for time, some movies might be worth it (for the eye candy if nothing else) but the rest are two hours of your life you will not get back.

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