7 Reasons Why American Men No Longer Pursue Their Women

Baby boomers like to bash them for not “being man enough” to get married and have kids, but common sense will reveal that the “perks” and “benefits” of marriage in America have become less and less lucrative to the average hardworking man. Due to this, many men have stopped pursuing American women altogether. Here’s why:

1. False Rape Charges

Men aren’t stupid; they see what’s going on and are scared of being put behind bars over a silly allegation without evidence. Although they may not talk about it, men do not want to take a chance that jeopardizes their reputation, family, and not to mention hard-earned finances.

2. Low Quality Of Women

Take a good look around the states and you’ll soon go myopic as the hideous sight will cut your testosterone down to soy boy levels. You may not have sexual desire for a while due to the ugliness as it only encourages you to live like a celibate hermit.

3. They Won’t Ever Be Satisfied

It is impossible to satisfy an American woman, period. They are so spoiled and brainwashed by Disney and other media outlets that no man can please them. Even if you give them the world, they will seek the stars, so men have given up as it’s too much of a burden financially, emotionally, and physically.

4. They’re On Drugs

It amazes me how many girls in their early twenties are taking some over the counter medication for acne, depression, or what have you. In the past, previous girls I had slight interest in would reveal problems like Crohn’s disease, mental instability, hives, and weird things like they can’t eat kale and alike. I tried to get serious with one even after admitting her serious problem, but that insecurity kept ruining everything and I had to stop seeing her.

And it is hardly ever just one problem. Usually, they have a physical ailment or two which leads them to have mental problems. American women are just a wreck.

5. They’re Too Career-Minded

Too many are focused on competing and achieving financial success, and while that is fine, they take it to the extreme. By the time they reach their career goals, they’re no longer attractive. The stress takes a toll on their bodies, and it clearly shows early on, even as soon as twenty-three.

More college girls I see look much older, some looking in their thirties. I remember seeing one girl on the show Kitchen Nightmares who was twenty-five, but she looked like she was freaking fifty. The business career-oriented woman is just not attractive, and professional women are among the unhappiest.

6. Horrible Personalities

They play mind games, are control freaks, crave attention, have poor motherly qualities, and won’t cook.

7. Just All-Around Bad Vibes

Ever go to a place and just get an off feeling? Well, try this, go outside of America and explore the women and you’ll soon realize that dealing with foreign women is a more pleasant experience.

Once you come back and start dealing with American women again, something changes—you just don’t care anymore. The slutty faces, the entitlement, the demanding nature; it’s all just unattractive, and men instinctively are turned off because deep down their biological mechanisms are signaling that these women are not worthy of bearing their children.

Does this mean the end of fornication?

Far from it, instead men will become more selective of whom they spend their time and share intimacy with. As for American women, well, the common theme I’ve seen, whether it’s Muslim, Asian, or Caucasian men, is to simply use them for fun, and throw them out when finished.

I’ve known men of various races express this perspective to me either directly or indirectly as a joke. One Muslim guy told me flat out that the whites (gora) are only good for one thing, and it isn’t long-term commitment. He got a lot of girls, but later I found out that he married a young pretty Muslim girl, and the rest as they say is history.

For every action, there is a reaction. American women have become degenerates, and in response to that American men no longer want them anymore and instead have set their sights on better quality foreign women.

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  1. 8. They don’t want decent, hardworking, honest, intelligent guys until they are over 30, blown out, post wall sloots. Fook that! Over the hill “bad boys” can have ’em!

    1. When these women are done “having fun”, they’ll look to settle down with a guy with decent assets. That guy is not going to be me.

      1. Here’s how you do it. You pretend that you are going to give them assets. Then you pump and dump

      2. Nor me, Burton, but I’m older and my time has come and gone too. I’d be more concerned about the socialists in your Canada confiscating your assets.

        1. The socialist NDP isn’t very popular right now. I’m not too worried about the near future.

        2. ANTONIO
          That is pretty typical of a guy from the Rustbelt who has never been over the border in his life.
          No offense but you are a poster child of someone who was stuck in the rustbelt his entire life and has distorted perceptions of other countries.
          Nowhere is as poor and shitty in Canada as Kansas City or Detroit. Nowhere.
          There are no blacks in Canada or at least the unemployable ones the US so nowhere near as much of their tax money is going to subsidize a hopeless underclass in Canada.
          Also, the Chinese and Indians and Arabs in Canada would not move to a Socialist country. They are there because the economy is robust.
          You WANT to believe these things because you don’t want to face how completely fucked the average American guy like you (Or I, a rustbelt brother from a similar background) are.
          When you write that you have to drive 3 hours into the country just to get away from the corruption and filth of Kansas City and consider this a vacation I shake my head at my own memories.
          Canada is nowhere near as corrupt or sliding into the second world as vast swathes of the US interior.

        3. ZOLI
          That is pretty typical of what someone from the Rustbelt who did not have the disposable income to travel much would say.
          Why would the Asians and Indians and Arabs flood into Canada if it were socialist?

    2. Muslim isn’t a race, and Caucasian was last in your list.
      Don’t forget where you’re writing.

    3. I have basically stopped looking for LTR/serious relationships with American women, almost completely. It is a waste of time and effort.
      This is a major change for me, since my entire life, I have always preferred relationships vs ONS (One Night Stands). But I am at a point now that I cannot be seeking relationships with American women (or any Western European woman, for that matter) anymore. I am only doing mini-relationships (see what this is here: http://www.rooshv.com/the-rise-of-the-mini-relationship ).
      Why did I give up on even trying for LTRs anymore? Because it is a waste of time. I was looking for LTR to become serious and then eventually, if it is all working out well, to have a kid with that LTR girl. But to do so, she needs to be in her late 20s at the oldest.
      But our stupid society simply dictates that women should never ever date or marry a man more then 3-5 years older then she is. Her friends, her stupid magazines, her FB “friends”, her co-workers… they will all be bitchin’ to her about “omg, how can you date this old dude?!?!”. Not only that, it is feminist societal programming from day 1. I also do not want to spend time with her mindless friends anyway, so why go through the hassle??
      I am not in a hurry to have a kid right now anyway, so wehy bother with an LTR, when the quality of our women sucks so much lately? It is pointless. I adopted a whole new strategy last 2 weeks when I was out of town.
      One important thing I ask all of you: HOW MANY women do you personally know that are worthy of an LTR relationship with you (including all the expenses, time demands, commitment, etc you will have to spend on her??)?
      Also, how many of your friends have a “steady girlfriend” who say something like “she is NOT the kind of girl you marry!”?? My friends are at 100% status with the “she is not the kinda girl you marry” with their current American girls.
      This should tell you a lot about the condition of our women today. Guys are in LTR with some girl they KNOW she is not worth the paper she is printed on. *shrug*
      About the OP (which was excellent and very accurate, btw):
      1) Date rape false accusations: I have my entire home rigged with Arlo 1.0 wireless cameras (NO sound recording). They are expensive, but worth every dime you pay. I have them carefully placed and some are hidden/concealed (I have 8 cameras total in my 2 in bedroom, so every angle is carefully recorded). Never forget to put her on top at some point and roll your arms over your head, so the camera records her on top, no hands on her at all. This is critically important. Also, make sure she stays in bed when you leave to flush condom down toilet (very important) and that she leaves room while you are on bed (she is free to go). RoK has guides on this topic.
      I turn off the Arlo 1.0 cameras with cell app and then physically unplug from wall the camera base when I know I do not have any woman coming over because I love my privacy. But when ANY WOMAN not related to me comes over (or if I am trying to bring one over later), the cameras are all on, they are motion sensing cameras with 720p quality video and they have night vision. 🙂 Trust me the image is high quality and any jury will see everything they need to see on them cameras.
      I also have a voice-recording device in my car. I am in CO at this time, so here it is 1-party recording State. I can record whatever the hell I want and do not need any signs or notify the other person. In FL, it is 2-party recording State, so I need to have signs warning recording devices are on. For State list of 1-party vs 2-party recording:
      Keep all texts, record all calls (see State laws), and KEEP IT ALL STORED FOR LIFE. Back-up all files. Women CANNOT AND SHOULD NOT BE TRUSTED. Democrats are working 24/7 to remove all Statute of Limitation on rape accusations, so you can get Bill Cosby-ed later by some mentally insane woman from 20, 30, or 40 years before. Bitches now think they can withdraw consent after sober-sex the night before, so watch out. California, all sex is presumed [email protected] if woman calls cops. They have consent forms in CA that need all signatures and woman needs to be verbally asked for affirmative consent every 10 minutes of sex (I am NOT joking, look up “California yes means yes law”).
      If you live in California – LEAVE. Otherwise, enjoy prison or being shot by some Juan on the street. Only idiots or the very poor trapped there still live in that shithole State anyway.
      Keep in mind that it is almost impossible to defend yourself from past rape accusations unless you have solid evidence. Remember judge Roy Moore? Exactly… but now you have cameras, so you will record and keep all documentation, including all records for the rest of your life.
      2) Our women quality has plummeted faster then Obummer’s approval ratings. They are simply terrible mentally, personality-wise, and in looks. The hottest girls (9-10) are out of the question unless you are rich as hell, look like Leo DiCaprio, or you are super shredded.
      Sponsoring a 9-10 in America will be in the thousands. If I wanna go that route, I will leave USA and sponsor a girl for a few hundred bucks. No way I am spending that much on a woman here anyway.
      I hate to even see these Russian and Ukraine ads on RoK lately because I know there are cute girls there… And since I am NOT gonna gamble my life’s work and wealth on some woman I would have to marry to bring over to the USA, the most I can get is romp trips to EE…. *sigh*. This is a sad reality we have divorce-rape laws. I would be willing to import a woman, but under our current laws, there is no freakin’ way I am gonna take that chance. Depressing that there are quality woman in EE. Meanwhile here in USA, we have land whales, HillayCunts, and disgusting freak tattooed/facial pierced FemiNazi types. I just accept the reality and work hard to get 6-8 range and just have short-term “mini-relationships” until I move on.
      Sadly, I now realize there is 0% chance to meet an attractive girl younger then me to marry, so kid with LTR will have to do at some point in the future. For now, I am just chillin’ and going with flow. No reason to rush having a kid with some LTR now anyway…. and I would not even CONSIDER an LTR with any of the last 10 girls I mini-relationship with, much less having a kid with them!
      3) The issue is hypergamy AFTER marriage. Before marriage, I am all for women trying to get best guy they can for marriage (hypergamy). Problem is that hypergamy should end after marriage, but it does NOT!!! The woman knows divorce rape is fast, fun, lucrative, and easy, thanks to the “modern woman’s bible”, the book Eat Pray Love.
      You can give your bitch long orgasms, be a great guy, be financially stable, hold frame, run dread game occasionally, and all that…. But if SHE decides to cash out, you are screwed. Nothing you can do. The amount of work to keep your marriage intact and “fresh” will be massive. I know this because I was married 12 years, and my latye wife was wonderful woman. But that was a lot of work for me and she was great quality. We do not even have women today that have 1/2 her quality.

      1. I can sympathize with the sentiments expressed here, man. I’m a young guy and I try not to let these things depress me, but, it almost seems impossible to not let it put you down. Btw, are you on the RVF Forum? I’m currently in CO too and always to trying to meet other members.

      2. Your main complaint seems to be that women in the age group you prefer are far too young for you. That is unlikely to change as long as you continue to age. Have you considered mail order?

      3. Lie about your age. A lot of time it’s the perception. I m 31 but I can pass for younger. I’ll put it this way, I live in a college town and I can go to a campus party and would blend right in and not look out of place.
        So if I meet a 20 year old, I won’t tell her my real age. I’ll let her think I’m closer to her age, at least until after I slept with her. Because you’re right, it’s just ingrained in society that one should date/have sex within their age group. At least when you’re talking about heterosexual relationship where the man is the older partner and the girl is in her prime or close to it.
        So I’ll let a 20 year old think I’m 24 or 25 if that makes her feel comfortable. My policy is not to tell any girl under 25 my real age. 25, I play it by ear. 26 and over, generally it’s ok to state my real age up front.

    4. This story prints the truth, but need to be expanded to include ALL white women.
      White women are not only worthless, but dangerous to your liberty and assets.

    5. Fewer and fewer beta wallets walking around now. I can see the fear in the ladies eyes. They are looking and not seeing the plan b guy with cash. This won’t end well and I will enjoy the decline. Not my sperm, not my concern.

  2. Excellent! Whenever I get home from Brazil, I am able to focus on work and improving my financial situation because the women in Colorado Springs, have colored hair, tattoos, nose piercings, and act like they deserve a millionaire. I am able to bide my time now, and save for my next trip out of the country because it is so worth it! Great article, spot on!

  3. Don’t marry a native speaker of English and/or don’t marry in the Anglosphere
    #me neither
    (but, but, muh whyte babies! …ok dude, how many white babies are you responsible for?)

    1. Your comment is a little bit too out there, how do we go from not marrying in the Western World, to pretty much telling white men to forget having white children? These comments reek of disinfo or stupidity. B

      1. @BewareAllTheDisinfo
        Yep, they slip up every so often and reveal themselves.

    2. I imported a hot Latina and side stepped American women. The looks I get when they see my girl living in a big house while they still rent apartments in the ghetto is priceless.

      1. …and after that spicy takes you to the cleaners, she will move those white spanks in the house and party and fuc k studs, while collecting rent! You white guys don’t have a clue! Bring birches here on work visas, don’t marry a 3rd world seniors thinking that you got it made! **Sigh** White beta chumps are unlimited!

        1. Oh, you da man, eh? Go ahead and bang some used up, stretched out, white girls, and go on believing you’re on top of the world. But unless you got coin, serious coin, you won’t be keeping any hot, quality, non-slutty women.

  4. Right there…the SINGLE ARTICLE, too give to anyone who asks the question, “Where have the good men all gone to?”
    The singular best article to date on ROK.
    Im sending it to my kids so they can hear it from some one other than me.

    Gora is not a Muslim term, it is Hindi.
    And Gori is the female version.

    1. Urdu (Pakistani) language and Hindi are basically the same language, just different scripts.

    2. Not from the rust belt. That’s where you’re from as I assume you are Madman Martz, or whatever moniker you’ve now hidden behind. Been to Canada several times. Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia. Also, lived in socialist Denmark for awhile for a job as a metallurgist.

  6. I like sometimes to make unlikely predictions for the sake of it, here’s one for today:
    I expect in the near future a rather unholy alliance between hardcore white nationalists/ alt right types/etc and Western feminists with a common shared goal: making it harder for Western males to meet exotic women.
    Expect brutal police state-like laws barring visiting prostitutes in foreign countries and severe restrictions to joining foreign dating apps.
    To be honest I really hope I’m wrong

    1. Isn’t that what tradthots are? At least to some degree. They align right wing to push out competition and milk men for attention.

    2. Expect? They have been in league all along.
      White Trashionalism is just an extension of feminism.

    3. well in Sweden they banned surrogate mothers, so you are forced to breed with women there, and if you think you can hire a surrogate mother abroad you are wrong, you will be sent to jail the moment you enter Sweden and the child taken by the state to be programed as another Swedish cuck away from your patriarchal ideologies. From there with liberal logic it will be easy to change the law in 1984 doublethink way to ban travel to known sex tourism countries, with excuse of sexism, misogyny and white supremacy colonialism. Ignoring the actual Muslim colonist errh invaders. So the moment the find that you visited bangkok you will be put in jail with a charge of rape of other cultures, marrying outside Sweden will be illegal, so white having sex with non white will be cultural raping of women. no matter if she love you or if she consent or if she is married to you.

      1. DUNCAN
        Horseshit, those governments are stone dependent on prostitution and selling their women to foreigners as wives for their GDP which the New World Order cannot afford to mess with or the economy would be destabilized.
        My ass. Many people in the 1% are huge proponents of sex tourism-rich Swedes go to Russia and poor ones go to Philippines.
        More and more Asian countries are interdependent on some percentage of whites from Sweden or UK or America moving to Southeast Asia and marrying a local woman.
        Pattaya was a poor fishing village for example.
        Amsterdam, for that matter, is dependent upon prostitution to a degree.

        1. You are right but you assume Western globalists are rational human beings, I’m not so convinced of that: gynocracy has gone completely bonkers in many countries and I wouldn’t put it beyond them to actually promote economicaally and socially suicidal policies just to inflict damages upon rightwing (aka normal) Western males.

        2. A.J.
          Duterte would care about their demands to stop sex tourism in the Philippines?
          Hong Kong is really going to strip bankers married to Chinese businesswomen of citizenship or residency?
          Asian women themselves, who privately regard white women as big-pussied spoiled foolish daddy’s girls, would hardly go along with it.

      2. DUNCAN
        Bullshit, this works against globalism and all borders have come down.
        Foreign countries DEPEND on a certain number of sex tourists and retirees moving there.
        As we saw in Detroit, black and other minority crime in Sweden is going to reach such epidemic levels that the government will have no money in its budget to go after anyone for ideological reasons as roving cartels and gangs control the place like Detroit.
        30 years ago the local Detroit News used to make a huge deal of white criminals-Polish skinheads and Italians in Greektown who killed Hoffa-to distract the public from the real source of crime.
        No matter. Finally the situation became a state of pure anarchy and it no longer mattered.
        Sweden will get that way.

    4. A.J.
      1) White women have already gone to the extent of occasionally threatening Asian women. Of course they do not want to see an open-border sexual marketplace. But talk aside there is very little they can do.
      2) Remove the porn industry from California or prostitution from Philippines etc and you see a huge economic crash.
      3) Globalism runs antithetic to this. The world has no borders which is not a good thing for Sicily and San Diego but fortunate for us Western males who wish to live and do business overseas.
      4) If the U.S. could prevent movement of money and people than Detroit or other cities would still be propped up by miserable whites.

      1. “Globalism runs antithetic to this. The world has no borders which is not a good thing for Sicily and San Diego but fortunate for us Western males who wish to live and do business oversea”
        This is the truest of the true things I’ve read in the few months I spent on ROK.
        If it wasn’t for globalism right now I would be a bank peon in my native country bringing in a take-home pay of 30k euros a year and browning my nose into the fat ass of some shrieking Italian harpy who, back in 2006, literally screamed in my ears because I dared to turn down a 1800 euros a month job offer in the risk management department of the shitty local savings bank she still works for.
        Globalism sucks yes but it’s here to stay, learn to play the game to your advantage, White Man.

        1. A.J.
          Truest of the True
          Benefits of Globalism-
          1) The “Trashnationalists” and Negros etc. just lack the ability to travel or live overseas. I don’t have to look at them or be a victim of their desperation or criminal tendencies.
          2) I bank my savings and earnings in Hong Kong. I’m not paying taxes. My house is owned in my wife’s name . My cell is a burner. “Thought” police cannot control me and I only use e mail for business anyhow. Social media is for Gen Y dweebs.
          3) I have a daughter and I do not have to worry about some Amanda Knox type situation where there is a phonecall to tell me she is in prison because some Negro drug dealer on the fringes of her social circle raped and killed some other girl. My kids go to an Asian public school with little problems. Not the ones I grew up with in Detroit where many of the blacks in the school were in prison by age 16.
          4) Immigration is an issue if you cannot LEAVE and be an immigrant yourself. Thankfully, globalization allows most of us to do that.
          5) The elite does not give a shit about the middle class. Italy’s refugee crisis was spurred by the US war with Libya and Iraq that the elite of Europe/US colluded on. No matter to them. They are either living far from the entry ports or they have that second passport and the nice house in the NZ suburbs.

    5. A.J.
      “Sharkey’s Machine” Argument
      Remember that film about the two Italian brothers-Gassman a smooth pimp and hilarious twitchy old Henry Silva his mad trashcan addict brother-who end up in a war against a hick Georgia cop played by Burt Reynolds?
      At one point a street hooker says “we cost the taxpayer on the unemployment line but not on the street corner”.
      Reynolds busts the Italian with $1000 a night hookers like Domino (Who Reynolds fucks himself, naturally) because they are the inroad to a huge syndicate.
      But the street hookers. Nah, they’ll never be stamped out.
      So it goes with prostitution in Southeast Asia.

    6. A.J.
      “Brutal Police State Laws”
      That old Burt Reynolds film where the hick Atlanta cop goes after the two Italian brothers who are pimps pretty much sums up the futility of this alliance.
      SHARKEY’S MACHINE had some fair insights into the helplessness of interfering with supply demand.
      People mostly remember it now for MEMES on Silva’s hilarious performance as Victor’s whacked out junkie brother though.

      1. Well my fellow 74er if humans were so pragmatic and rational there would have never been a war in the whole of human history. What you say undoubtedly makes sense yes, but unfortunately sense, far from being common, is one of the scarcest commodities around.
        I really hope you are right though

        1. A.J.
          If you remember the film with Travolta about the Italian kid in Brooklyn those are the sort of whites-whether in America or Europe-who are toasted by globalization.
          They don’t have that high of an IQ and are not that well-educated and have dependents.
          Some of them, as Travolta’s circle were going to do, go one to be junkies or sluts.
          Yes, these folks are trashed by globalization. No question about it.

        2. A.J.
          COMMON SENSE
          Vittorio Gassman was thriving on a black-market commodity-pretty $1000 a night hookers.
          All of his hilarious trashcan addict brother Silva’s actions as the assassin were brought about by prostitution being illegal-the hooker getting shotgunned because the US Senator though he was in love with a prostitute who’d rather fuck a hick cop like Reynolds who was a genuine Alpha etc.
          That is the result of outlawing a commodity.
          Shit gets expensive and opportunists move in.

    7. You’re an idiot to think white nationalist males will negotiate anything besides a sandwich with feminists…

    Coming from a white who lived/worked in India (Goa, Kochi)
    If Gori sluts in Edison New Jersey want to run around with Desi lowlifes of whom the Muslims tend to be the criminal element that is their business. I want nothing to do with them so thank you for taking them off the white race’s hands.

    1. Are there still good psytrance parties with dreadlocked white sexy hippie chicks high on extasy in Goa?

      1. Some, but not as many. The Russians and African drug dealers have replaced them.

        1. But did you manage to pick up hippie girls at psytrance parties in Goa?
          If yes, what sort of Game did you run on them?

        2. shawn: ecounters with black men.
          I don’t know if you heard about the skinhead guy in Italy who went on a shooting rampage against Africans a few months ago.
          Apparently he said he wanted to avenge some 18 years old Italian chick wh was drugged up, gang-raped and offed by some African dealers in the same city.
          Her body pieces were found in a couple of luggages abandoned in the countryside, although some of her internal organs were missing and to this day they have not been retrieved (sold to some voodoo ring ? Devoured ? Who Knows).
          Well the ringleader of this group of fine gentleman is some Nigerian guy fresh off the boat (literally in this case) who already managed to sire a son with some Italian woman in her 30s.
          We’re doomed.

        3. A.J.
          In the US urban centers this is pretty common for white female junkies.
          Sooner or later they are gang-raped by Africans or Mestizos who just do not even want to bother sharing their crack or their heroin.
          And the average drug-dealing black will have sired 3 kids with women of any nationality whom he will never pay a cent even though he is making $1000 a day selling drugs or stealing cars or whatever.

        4. “Sooner or later they are gang-raped by Africans or Mestizos who just do not even want to bother sharing their crack or their heroin.”
          But they are quite ready to share her crack, though, if you know what I mean… 🙂

        5. “Bang them on the beach while they’re unconscious game.”
          That is the standard M.O. of Pakis and Pajeets, but this approach is strictly beneath a true White gentleman.
          I was rather thinking about running “macho right-winger Game” on white, backpacker-type newschool (aka. SJW) hippie girls with lowered standards due to their MDMA high…

        1. JOHN
          Your wife was actually fortunate because in all fairness encounters with black males DO go very wrong.
          I’ve known of a few in Detroit.

        2. What I fail to understand is why someone who visits Thailand would bang a Brit girl…
          The whole point of going to SE Asia to escape such awful women, he should’ve just mingled with the locals instead

  8. The end of marriage, yes. The end of fornication… Not by a long shot… The betas out there–the vast majority of men–are finally getting the hint that Western women are only good for pump & dump. They are are doing so, accordingly. Tom Leykis refers to this as, Poindexter’s Revenge.

  9. I’m a Baby Boomer and do not bash any young men. I think their plight is deplorable and that they should boycott the women of the west until sanity once again prevails. That will not happen any time soon, so I say to young men find your fun abroad, very bad pun intended.


      1. Can I assume that your pickup line of ‘All women are c*nts!’ hasn’t worked well?
        May I suggest ‘Good morning. My name is Toronto. I couldn’t help but notice that you have a gorgeous smile. Would you like to get coffee?’

    2. I’m a Baby Boomer too (60), and I don’t know exactly where the writer gets this “boomers tell young men to man up and marry, and pop out children”. I’d encourage young men to never marry in today’s culture (I never married, and I thank God daily for this). I’ve heard and read about plenty of agenda driven feminists and feminized evangelical pastors and laymen who espouse this, especially advocating for the marrying up of post wall wimmins and single mommies. Here’s a thought, enough men start pressuring legislatures to change these divorce laws where women can get lifetime alimony benefits. I guarantee there’d be alot less of these self-actualizing and solipsism shenanigans being pulled once these western women see their gravy train has dried up.

      1. #MeToo.
        Boomer advice, don’t marry or even bang white women, too dangerous.
        Save your money for fuck holidays in foreign countries, live alone and in your home country. I’ve always had more sex in two weeks of SEA, than I ever managed in six months of my home country. Prettier, cheaper and more attentive young women with higher sex skills as well.
        The worst problem being, it ruins you for your home country, and you always end up meeting one you’d like to keep.

      2. Yeah, it’s not true. My father (an early Boomer) told me to NEVER get married. Said if he had it to do over again, he would not have. I sure as hell listened and avoided that pitfall.

      3. ANTONIO
        Yeah but the unemployment rolls and welfare would pile up and the taxpayer would have to deal with that.

        1. ZOLI
          You sure make Kansas City out to be a none-to-desirable and then turn around and accuse someone of criticizing Detroit of attacking the values of Pilgrims.

  10. This article could also be about German womens.
    Best regards from the south west of Germany 😉

  11. So who is it to blame? The parents or society (Hollywood, Cosmo, shit girl friends, etc.)?
    As a parent you can only do so much where society is so pervasive on women being slutty. On the other hand, the parents (often the mother) are just as bad as the daughters.

    1. There is a reason they separate the girls from the fathers. Both parents actually, and BOTH genders.
      But, especially girls from dads…
      Dad’s know best – and they don’t want that. It’s a fucking hard struggle, and fought without knowledge or witnessing the events, and Trojan horse brainwashing…
      And even my conservative baby-mamma – is falling for the poz…

    2. I have no idea who to blame, but having lived through it all, can clearly state.
      In the United Kingdom, before 1970, everyone married the first virgin they entered, married her and expected to live the rest of their life with her, all children had two parents living as a married couple. After 2000, nobody married a virgin, everyone was divorced, hardly any children had two parents living as a married couple.
      So we had a 30 year time span where all the rules of love and marriage changed.
      What went wrong?

      1. +JD I would say it started with the Boomer women/feminist sexual revolution of the disco era and just before. Lots of ‘free love’ + YOLO attitude with women. Plus, lots of influence from the gays as they were screwing like rabbits up until a Anally Injected Death Sentence crashed their party.
        So then the American women of succeeding generations saw the Overton Window shift and ran with it…more subdued due to AIDs scare.
        In the late 80’s i was working internationally and i was gaming alot of American women. They, by far, were the easiest to bed..and the above explains it as this cultural revolution was mainly an American experience (now Western experience).
        America lead the way as it always has.

      2. john
        First, marriage was the only sanctioned sexual activity for women. Only hardened SOHO streetwalkers fucked outside of marriage.
        Second, birth control.
        Third, the economy allows single women to prosper. As late as 1970 a single woman either lived at home or with her family. No other option.

      3. Not sure about UK. but for US, I’d say that Vietnam War. Lots of dudes hid out in colleges/universities, receiving exposure to liberalism. Hardly anybody flunked out, since liberal profs. protested the war by refusing to give any grade lower than “C.”
        That & Civil Rights Act of 1964 (legitimized Black culture).

      4. also, TV.
        With a relatively cheap way to market to masses, big corps. poured $$$ into R&D. In turn, human desire underwent constant stimulation, wanting “bigger, better, faster.” Previously, religion had taught just the opposite, telling masses to channel their thirst into others: God/family/community.
        Now it’s like WTF? You want me waste my time with shit as antiquated as church, kids & recycling? LOL! that’s so basic. Transform me into a hologram NOW!

  12. Articles like this one are deceiving. The problem isn’t women themselves.
    Women are like children, you see. They see a boundry and try to push it further. It’s up to “us” men to control the norms of society, if you let women do it you’ll get feminism, higher taxes for the productive, massimmigration. A matriarchy. We don’t have to be tyrants, our only tools have to be words, a belt and maybe in the most extreme case a noose. For now we should keep it at words, yet there men already fail that by being accommodating to a gynocentric agenda. Just start to disagree for a month with the gaypandering LGBT agenda, the immigration of idiots, the attack on the family as the cornerstone of society. You should shame the obese for their gluttony, the greedy, the vain Tindersluts. And for the love of God, try to forget your lust for cheap women for a while, because that will free your mind and make you see things in perspective.

    1. Exactly this. Women are not property, but they are altogether not responsible for their own behavior. Hating them for doing shit like this is like hating a chimp for crashing the space shuttle. It might be cathartic for some cucks to hate feminists and the mentally ill, but is it changing anything? no.

      1. herb,
        Where I live women are property, they are the property of their father, then they become the property of their husband. If any other man dares to use them, their owner can sue that man for everything he owns.

    2. I agree on freeing mind frmlust for sluts as it is he single reason why sluts think they are on right track because they get attention and money.even a pro abortion whore has a man begging for sex from her. ROK should have no sex with sluts 3 month challenge if successful will have more impact in america than most things we can think of . as it stands man control their dick if they don’t deep it in sluts everything will go down their silly advertising jobs will be gone.
      As for shaming can’t be done without losing jobs can it?. The above recommendation seems the best.God was right on lust being one of the yen commandments I used to think it was useless but now I see its probably one of the most important commandments. Without lust divorce rap won’t exist as no one marries sluts, which will force most woman not be sluts to begin with.Without lust most woman will be unemployed unless if she is useful like a nurse preschools teacher and coffee maker cleaner. without list no man will fight for a slut and #back to the kitchen will happen naturally without any law. Truly list is the problem if man defeat lust then globalist have nothing they can do money won’t be enough for them to achieve their filthy agenda.

      1. How many people do you think visit this site? And of those, how many would do this?
        … Sorry, I thought I was dealing with someone in the real world.

        1. THE real world is lust is our biggest enemy more than the globalist regardless of people know it or not or that they dont care there lies the solution.


    1. Yeah, those small titties and largish unshapely ass were sure hot.

  13. im leaving to asia where women still have warmth. its time to forsake the white woman.

    1. good move.
      send daily pics of Issan Spinners.
      google “shark man pattaya”
      guy coined the phrase “NO wife happy life”

  14. White Trashionalists say white women should be worshipped no matter what they do.
    Then again, what do you expect from an ideology full of incel and faggot men?

      1. Getting laid, unlike you.
        White Trashionalists are usually gay or incels.
        They also have Negro IQs. That is why the definition of ‘wigger’ has been adjusted to be synonymous with White Nationalism.

        1. JIMMY
          He cannot reply, he is now busy jerking off to J-produced porn again.
          Once he has masturbated, he will get back on here and type about them on his sticky keyboard.
          You see it is not the only the J parasitism that traps white Nationalists like him but their own stupidity.

        2. The fact you’re getting laid with some ugly ass cunt-eyed Thai trans-whore doesn’t make you right.

        3. BILLY
          What makes you wrong-
          You cannot leave the house or city you were born in because you did not obtain a fluid skill set and have no disposable income.
          You watch Paks groom 12 year old girls on the streets of your lower-middle class white neighborhood.
          You would leave if you could.
          You jerk off to J produced porn.
          You worry about crime on the street from white trash or blacks.
          Your perception of reality is rooted in the cocaine-addled scribbles of some J screenwriter in a Hollywood condo somewhere.

        4. White Trashionalists are wiggers. Negro lovers aren’t very smart, be it a White pride wigger or a wigger that surounds himself with blacks. There’s a separation between genuine WNs like me and the confused/retarded middle ground White trash. I suppose you guys are smarter than the wigger type with negro IQ, nothing to be proud of. White Nationalists just want White Nations instead of rapefugees, which makes for a better world.

      1. Oh, it really pisses them off, because White Trashionalists represents the most underachieving whites on every level. It is an ideology that is 99% male, after all.

        1. As if women give an ideology credibility. Majority male is a good sign. We worship White women too much but there’s too few of them? You’re all emotion and zero logic.

    1. If the USA was still white traditionalist and “racist* we wouldn’t have these problems today. The equality diversity movements have led to this, pushed by people like you.

      1. False. White Trashionalism is a left-wing ideology.
        The only true right-wing ideology is small governments, free markets, and anti-misandry.
        White Trashionalists have Negro IQs.

        1. You couldn’t refute what I said so your only recourse is to fling more invective. You guys are always on here talking about the good days of the USA gone by when women were better. Those good days were when the USA was white traditional/ national and “racist.” So according to you the USA was more left wing back then. LOL

      2. The J’s biggest fears
        * People understanding the JQ
        * Ethnic nationalists that aren’t z10nists
        * Different non- J ethnic groups working together That could lead to understanding and being able to work together against their real enemy the J
        * Exposing ((their))) great lies

    2. Oh, here we go with the anti-white nationalist bullshit. Bro, white nationalists were the first people to call out leftist/feminist bullshit. there are no feminist white nationalists. MGTOW is for fags. White nationalists like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and every other great white man that has existed…are incels? LOL, Jimmy, go shove a black didlo in your ass and STFU. Problem with the west is that white men STOPPED being white nationalists.

  15. White women are the most horrible women when it comes to personality. Especially the Western white women.
    I always thought something was wrong with me, because I couldn’t connect with these white bitches. But it’s not me, it’s them. They are only useful as cum dumpsters.

  16. Their biggest lie is that walking away and
    going your own way won’t do anything.
    If that were true; Jtube wouldn’t be busy
    deleting all the main MGTOW channels
    They FEAR us walking away from it all.
    But it’s already reached critical mass.
    More and more men are realizing it.

    1. Are you kidding me…white bitches will just fuck black and brown people that they import in. What do you not get about “diversity” and “multiculturalism”?….and those guys are more than happy to fuck white girls no matter what. So MGTOW will accomplish shit. Just a bunch of dudes jacking off and fucking dolls. Essentially, MGTOW is just demoralized men who have already given up.

      1. Wes,
        White men provide all the money for women and government in the USA/EU.
        Without the contribution of white men the country and it’s services won’t survive.
        I don’t know why this is, but it is.

        1. JOHN
          I keep on talking about Detroit, but this is an example.
          Whites do not even have to leave the country. They move 40 miles away and a city just collapses-no taxes, no whites in local political offices, no whites to run the service sector.

        2. JOHN
          Let us look at our internal third worlds like Detroit where white women move along with kids, men, pets.
          At that point, the water goes bad like Flint and the locals have to go to a bottled water center just to get fresh water.
          That is pure Third World.
          Why? Because white males moved even 40 miles away.

        3. White males are life. Even average Americans know Mexican water is toxic. In White majority countries like Australia and NZ the tap water is exceptionally pure.

  17. It’s nothing to do with women. They are equal victims of the social programmers albeit only playing a different role.
    Money and sex are the North-South of our mental compass. By no coincidence, the people who make us obsess on money, are also behind sexual liberation and pornography.

  18. Im 20. I stopped pursuing women a few years ago. It is just not worth the effort for me. Lots of time wasted just trying to get a piece of pussy. The Majority of females i come into contact with, i find repulsive. Its not so much the way they look, but how they act. Fake and vacuous. Right now im focusing on my career, working my ass off gaining experience. The women can come later.

    1. And come they will because you’ll have a wealth to suck on to. So make sure your future woman does not send you back to square one.

    2. BOBBY
      Use prostitutes. You will quickly realize that all women have is three bodily passages. You will stop caring about the shallow shit they talk about or whatever.
      You will only want the ones who are fastest to screw.

    3. So what’s the plan, reach 45 with sufficiently accumulated wealth and try to find a late thirties broad to start a family with?
      Because contrary to a lot of ‘game’ big talkers 20 year old’s don’t want to start families with middle aged men. Unless ofcourse you have enough passive income planted in the west then move to some third world Asian backwater and settle with some gold digging breeder. Not much of a legacy to leave when your kids look nothing like you or your thousands of years of ancestry in my opinion.

      1. SASQUATCH
        You’re going to get a gold-digger either way if you wait to 45, but the Asian one will be less expensive to maintain.
        The only other option is to get a girl right out of high school who is only attracted to you for physical reasons and impregnate her.
        Which is fine, but the chances are you do not have the skill-set at that age to really provide your kids with much in the way of material comfort.
        White kids getting pummeled in shitty public schools because their parents had 5 kids at 21 and no money is an old story in Detroit or any rust-belt city.
        One kid ends up being a junkie because he blends in with the Mexicans who will tolerate his presence and starts smoking pot at 12, doing meth at 14 and a full-blown heroin addict at 18.
        Another kid is a mud shark who later just ends up being a prostitute and crack whore.
        One kid becomes a wigger and thug, goes to prison.
        This is not really keeping the white race on top.
        And whites have always been outnumbered by other races.

      2. Ukraine and Moldova are actually cheaper than SEA and third tier Russia about the same as SEA. Retire at 45 and quite possible to get a decent wife age 25-30 in those countries who wants children. Doesn’t matter if she had slut tendencies when younger. If she doesn’t behave after marriage, dump her and let her sink into poverty as a single mother. Alimony and child support both a joke in FSU, plus you can always go back where you came from or to another country and thus shirk any legal obligations entirely.

      3. My son looks exactly like me, even down to the red hair.
        All the locals assume the kid is English from my previous marriage.

  19. I’m going to leave it here: American men created American women.
    As a European, there is not that much difference between both.

      The difference would be that white Americans are from the tougher peasant stock of Europe and therefore Milwaukee Bavarian of the Trump mold are less likely to let a Negro pull THEIR pants down and sodomize THEM.

    2. Men and women are one organism. American male hatred of American women is self-hatred.
      I remember in the late 80s and all throughout the 90s that American women dressed orders of magnitude better than the men. They were more articulate, curious, interesting and likable. The men really were baseball cap man-boys, always in SHORTS and SNEAKERS, while the girls tried to be girls. Eventually the TV addicted SLOTH that is the MAN-BOY American male, who always wanted women who were “cool,” meaning who watched football, drank and vomited like sorority trash, created the modern women.
      My whole life American men complained that women were too “high maintenance,” whereas I saw it as appropriate and good that women did not behave like men and played games. American guys wanted their women’s coarseness, pornography, vulgarity, androgyny, and now they have it good and hard.
      The contemporary American women is an analog of the men. You hate them because you see yourselves in them. You don’t deserve better.

  20. First time commenter long time reader !!
    I’m so sick of hearing about you losers running to Asia to get layed . Can’t you see your the n!ggers of Asia! The only reason they treat you nice is to rub there hypergamy in the Asian men’s faces !!! Woman are women FFS

    1. Yeah, I am also tired of this Anime/Kpop Thai trannies are teh best, they are like sex robots and will fulfill all ur dreams, it’s not like they are normal egoistic human beings asking what’s in it for me?

    2. Here here, somebody had to say it. Fix white women, you can’t replace them with a lesser.

    3. Cheer up. None of these actually live in Asia, or even visit. Like the other comments of guys who come here to brag, they’re just living out pathetic fantasies.

      1. There are at least four regular posters living in SEA (including me). Despite being 60+, I have an Asian wife half my age and a 6 yo son. It isn’t that hard or expensive, so I’m not sure why you claim we are all fantasists.

        View post on imgur.com

        1. JOHN
          Many of these guys don’t have any initiative.
          They won’t go anywhere.

        2. john
          They would prefer to sit in the house they were born in and complain about J ws and then have another wank to J w porn and then get on here and complain some more about how the J ws are running their life and their neighborhood has gone downhills since Federal edicts built government-sponsored crackhouses down the road.
          …And then they have another wank to J wish porn.
          Once a week they go to some club and watch the same old slags dancing around the DJ or the Ecstasy dealer
          …and then they go home and have another stroke to J wish porn.
          Then they get on here and blame J ws in NYC and Hollywood who do not give a shit about them and have never spared a single thought to live outside Lower East Manhattan or Sacramento.

        3. JOHN
          1) These white blue-collar posters from the US Podunk and interior are actually living in places MORE remote from modern civilization than we are in Asia. The US is so vast that those in the interior are effectively living in second-world countries.
          2) To them the idea of travel is like someone getting on the Space Shuttle Colombia because they have little education beyond secondary school and do not own a passport.

        4. I am another one of the 60+ American men who live in Asia. Lot younger girlfriend who is cute, educated and shares many of my interests including that of her trying to please me. The plight of single men in the US is bleak for the vast majority of men in the US especially if you are over 50.
          I raised my son to see through the cultural Marxist bs and he hates it especially feminism. So mission and away I went. The problem with women in the US is way beyond my control so I prefer to live my remaining years outside that insane asylum. Things are only going to get worse and don’t have a chance of getting better unless there is a Mad Max style societal breakdown. By that time I will either be dead or too old to give a damn.

        5. More than that… I estimate about 30% of the “manosphere” either lives in Asia or has an Asian GF).

      2. STAN
        Unlike you who is probably a young blue-collar man for whom travel is prohibitively expensive and seems as “Fantastic” as the space shuttle many of us have lived our entire lives overseas.

      3. STAN
        Been overseas since I was 25-starting in Dubai.
        Not that it was glamorous but anything is better than the Negros and Cholos and trailer trash tweakers one has to endure if you are an average working middle-class white guy like me.

    4. I have no problem witn guys fucking asian or latina women as long as they don’t bring them back to a white nation. Non white women’s purpose is to serve the white man anyway.

      1. Back to front. White wonens purpose is to serve big black and brown dick. They do it for nothing. Asian and latina women take your desperado gringo dollars until theyre all gone. Now go jack off again, thats how youre going extinct.

    5. FARMER
      You couldn’t run away-you probably don’t own a passport and have never lived outside the city of your birthplace in your life. You lack the skill-set and adaptation ability as well as the inherent Rust belt street smarts it requires to navigate foreign countries.
      Instead you will sit around and complain that one group of aliens controls your mind through media manipulation while another comes across the border to turn your streets into addict-central.
      You will sit in your Podunk city jerking off to porn because there are no hookers and once or twice a month you will go to some local club or bar and watch the same old skanks you have known since high school on Ladies Night in the hopes that you can get them to come home with you.
      Your sexual experience is restricted to less than 10 girls.

      1. The website you are commenting on is return of the kings it’s where men help men be masculine again!!! Not run of the quieters to a country that you’re a foot taller then the men there so the woman make you feel special

    6. FARMER
      Better than hanging around seeing Muslim men rub their grooming of 12 year old white girls in your face.
      Overseas, and I have also lived in Dubai and India, you escape this bullshit.
      No need to complain about the “J” because I don’t GET cable television.

  21. Feminism has destroyed the majority of women’s mind. Marriage is too risky these days. I only pump and dump women.

  22. Hired a matchmaker. Zero second dates. I’m moderately attractive, graduated top of my class in school, make 120k a year. Own my own house. Have a creative side. Matchmaker says she’s bewildered when I tell her the format isn’t working. I tell her it’s because she doesn’t understand status seeking.
    Doing online dating, I can tell you that so many women are in it for attention. Send them a message targeted at them… ‘Wow I never got such a nice message!’ *crickets* the next day.

    1. So explain to me, if you are as you describe, how the matchmaker stays in business. I get the feeling you’re not telling everything about yourself.

      1. Well no he didn’t actually come out and tell us he’s stupid, though that’s obviously how the matchmaker stays in business. Who hires a matchmaker in this day and age other than fools? What does this fool want anyway? Sex? buy it. Love? Get a dog. Children? Want until he early retires and then move to EE or SEA. Validation as a sexually attractive man? Advertise himself as a well-off beta chump looking for marriage to post-wall sluts (though not in those exact words, if course) then wait for all the eager responses, then reject them all: sane tactic women use to feel validated as being sexually attractive. Never approach women, but encourage them to approach you, then always reject them. (As previously noted, to get sex, just buy it, preferably in Latin America, SEA or EE.)

  23. I have friends who want to marry twice divorced 48 year olds . That needs to stop . That desperation

      1. Mental Illness I meant.
        This is “Metal Illness” (which is good, of course )

  24. He is right when he says go overseas or date women who were born elsewhere, not America. Eastern European women have a lot to offer- they are gorgeous, freaks in bed, usually speak several languages, are well traveled, mature, usually not materialistic, do not play games and are very straightforward about what they want in a relationship.

    1. You’ve never been to EE. The women there are as bad as elsewhere. Difference is they have no power. False rape accusations are ignored by police. Abandon your wife and children because she refuses sxx and she gets almost nothing in the way of child support and alimony. No affirmative action jobs for women. Jobs in general poorly paid. Net result: women behave nicely to men with money who are willing to share that money with the woman.
      Whar that hell is wrong with this forum sw

    2. shit-posting welcome, god forbid I use the s x word or make intelligent statements regarding absence of cause r a p e accusations because then I have to use the r pe word.

    3. okay try again, EE women not special, but laws don’t pander to women in EE. Western men treated nicely because we have money. Best treatment reserved for western men who actually give cash to the women versus RVF “alphas” who taunt the women with displays of wealth but then don’t actually give them anything, similar to how women taunt men with displays of beauty but then don’t give up the pussy. Hope I didn’t say something politically incorrect to freak out the firum censorship software.

  25. It’s interesting white women are considered the wh0res to conquer and use like a toilet from every non-white male.
    I wonder if the (((media’s))) pedalstilization of the white female has morphed them into such a narcissistic disposable object.

      If this is true (They) do not buy it. Only white Anglo believe it.
      You will not see as many J or Italians or Irish-Catholics from the East Coast running around getting pregnant by black thugs.
      It is only an Anglo thing.

      1. ((They))) were not the targets of the assault obviously. Derp.
        I’ve seen plenty of Italian/Irish girls shlutting it up. The religious ones with solid family just have more of a chance to survive the onslaught. Anglo religion and family structure is p1ss weak.
        Ethnic religious families of old are heading the same way as the Anglo.
        I imagine even steadfast Muslims will be broken down over generations in this western de-humanizing, multicultural, consumerist, individualist (((utopia)).

    2. And Asians and brown skinned Latin American women are hyped as cum buckets for white men.

  26. #2 and #6 for sure, and also that most women have a kid by the time they are 24, so dating becomes and endless slog through a swamp littered with grumpy, frumpy, overweight singlemoms. Fuck I can hardly wait till somebody invents an affordable, durable sex robot.

    Cultural Contexts
    John Osborne was a fucking joke in UK. Rob Halford was MORE of a joke.
    No working class whites in Britain killed themselves or believed that John “Ozzy” Osborne was a satanic messenger. He was an ex-factory worker from Birmingham with a silly stage act involving rubber bats and fake blood.
    But the US whites just religiously believed that Rob Halford, a flaming homosexual, was the conduit to Satan.
    It is the same with US trends that drift across. Your average white American like me from Detroit or NYC is not going to listen to some Rap song and want to be a thug. We know that this is a fast route to prison or grave. But some white kid in Sheffield might.

  28. I’m an euro guy and murican girls are definitely way out there in terms of expectations and entitlement.
    The last one I met in Europe was fun to hang out with but turned out to be pill popping and alcoholic on the down low. She called her daddy in commiefornia to send her some gibs and I overheard her mother pussy whipping her father. Needless to say I stopped hanging out with her.
    Women anywhere developed world are cancer though full of expectations to lock down chad multimillionaire if they’re any decent looking.

  29. As a Russian, who lives in Germany, I can simply summarize it up: it doesn’t worth it. Why should I approach bitchy feminist Marta with huge chances not to only be rejected by also humiliated in front of her friends? Screw that shit.

  30. You’ve never been to EE. The women there are as bad as elsewhere. Difference is they have no power.

  31. False rpe accusations are ignored by police. Abandon your wife and children because she refuses sx and she gets almost nothing in the way of child support and alimony.

  32. No affirmative action jobs for women. Jobs in general poorly paid. Net result: women behave nicely to men with money who are willing to share that money with the woman.

  33. Madman max aka shawn constantly tries shaming guys for jerking off, but jerking off by far the best option for guys stuck in the feminist run countries. Best for those guys to make occasional pussy runs to a sexually safe country (Mexico, DR, Cuba, SEA, EE) since nothing but masturbation probably not psychologically healthy for young men. Wait until early retirement them move permanently to a sexually safe country, which are also the cheap cost of living countries, and then give up masturbation.
    ROK needs some articles discussing improved methods of masturbating: fleshlights [sic], sex dolls, tantric techniques to avoid organ and prolong the masturbation session, prostate massagers, etc.

  34. Most commenters here sound like really bitter losers.
    Between the ages of 36 and 41 I found and slammed more decent women than I ever imagined i could have by using basic game.
    I had no interest in wedding any of them but several would have made decent wives, especially the 26 year old personal trainer I was with for six months (Mormon girl; cooked, cleaned and fucjed like a Savage).
    If you are a boor, you’ll find boorish women I guess.
    Write out your bio, would YOU want to fuck someone like you?
    I’ll say it again: BE INTERESTING.
    Climb mountains, dance, kill and eat animals, get fit, ride motorcycles with your guy friends, travel, make some fucking money. Do any three of those and you’re there.
    I’m probably going to marry a girl soon so I’m resigning from my days of smashing bushes, but I’m retiring at the top of my game. If I’d started at 26 instead of 36 I can’t imagine how dangerous I’d have been.

  35. Haha I’ve heard Asian men and Muslim men call white women sport FUCKING .

    1. Just replace Asian men with Pakis and Muslim men with Arabs and you will have it right. White women aren’t doing too much with Chinese guys as of right now. The next Mandela Effect to open up might change that. So, who knows?

  36. Number 7 rings true for me. After dating a Russian for the past three years I just cannot bring myself to go after an American woman again. Hell just the different reactions you get when your girl sees you if she’s foreign versus if she’s American should really red pill guys.

  37. We already know what men provide. Ever had a date without the woman asking what you do for a living? Didn’t think so. I’ve had multiple conversations with chicks recently who blow up when I refuse to tell them what I do for a living (I don’t care what they do so I don’t ask).
    I am not my job. That’s how I pay rent. It is not my essence.
    On the other hand, what do women provide? I don’t know because they hardly ever offer anything besides their vagina. But I do know they’re mostly lunatics with too much mental/emotional baggage and insufferable personalities.
    I can’t speak for the world but fucking most American chicks is like sticking your dick in a minefield. And half the time the sex is boring anyway.
    I’m counting my lucky stars I’m clean with no bastard children. Even sex sometimes isn’t worth the risk and effort with these psycho broads. Women are becoming less desirable by the day.

  38. And I laugh particularly hard at single moms who have all these “rules” for dating them. I have zero interest and most look like fat pigs anyway. I’ll leave the human trash in the dumpster where it belongs.

  39. lol, the title of this article is American Men…yet so many are turning this into a White Man problem. I get it. Whites make up the majority of the population so proportionately, you guys feel it. But I’m a black man and I can tell you that the article resonates with me and other black brothers as well. A black Christian conservative? Ah, you lame. You’s a beta. You’s an Uncle Tom. You’s a hater. I’ve heard it all.
    But be careful. Just because I “no longer pursue” women, doesn’t mean I see myself as a victim. Do sailors and pilots consider themselves victims when a storm passes through? No. We weather it. We endure and eventually we reach our destination. I no longer pursue women, but I have faith that I’ll still find myself with one.
    The problem is speaking up to rectify the situation. As other commenters noted, Men have some responsibility for creating the circumstance we now face. Weak-kneed men who were too afraid of being labeled something to stand up against Feminazis. They’re too concerned with the profits of their companies to be bothered with the plight their own employees would eventually have to contend with. So they break their backs to show they’re hip, they’re not biased, they’re tolerant, they’re inclusive…all knowing that this is the trend and if you don’t get on board with it, you face accusations, possible boycotts and a dip in your sales.
    But even on that note, with current push to diversify the boardrooms…can we still blame men for that? Either way. Acknowledging what’s going on does bring a little comfort. Let’s you know you’re not insane, trapped in a world where out means in and down means up. Just weather the storm. Cultures happen in cycles. This crap will end soon.

    1. They weren’t weak in the knees at all…They went along with it, knowing it wouldn’t effect them, as they would be retiring and living on a beach soon enough…The baby boomer generation retiring from the boardroom in a few years isn’t going to feel compelled at fighting ‘diversity’ and political correctness’ because he’s on his way out and by the time he is out, women, gays, a few obese bearded liberal whites or Jews, Arabs, South Asians, will be the boardroom…Why risk your life savings on hiring a lawyer to fight someone’s false BS headed in your direction?

  40. #3. The best thing that will keep an American woman around is satisfying her sexually.
    Question is, why would you want to keep one around for very long anyway?
    Thing is that once women (as in most American women) have been through 15+ partners, you will always be measured (heh) in terms of her best f*ck, who could have been that French-Jamaican model.
    Young Jack Redrum used to bemoan this hard truth but as he learned how to make women orgasm with increasingly less effort, he realized even that does not guarantee loyalty….
    And so what? You should always be thinking of who the next new plate in your rotation should be.
    Nihilistic maybe, but I’ve been miserable in long term relationships too and the shallow constant string of short-term hookups will at least leave you with freedom and less anxiety.

  41. The lack of flirtatious feminine American women that I once saw a decade ago or more has almost vanished. Because there is nothing good to look forward to, my cum shot volume has been considerably reduced and my sex drive is in the negative. And its definitely not because I’m older. There is really NOTHING AVAILABLE OUT THEIR!! Before 2012, I would get winks and looks from hotties all the time. What happened to all these people?

  42. I’m a 47yr old man lucky enough to have picked up one of the very last of the man worshipping country girls 20yrs ago. She thinks the sun shines out my ass, calls herself Mrs (my last name) makes my breakfast and dinner and lives in terror of gaining an ounce of lard for fear I’ll no longer find her desirable. I call her pet names, remember birthdays and anniversaries and go down on her at least every other time we have sex. Her answer to me being attracted to other women is to up her game for several months.
    I have a high school aged son with this woman and know that there is no way in hell he will find a woman like mine in the current marketplace despite being tall, broad shoulders and having a nice Jeep, clothes, etc.
    He asked me what he should do after some trifling females put him through hell and I didn’t know what to tell him.
    If I was in the market for sex today I’d hire call girls and avoid trifling feminists, gold diggers and assorted nutcases at all costs.
    Should I send him to a brothel? Abroad to Asia to find a wife? Or help him develop an alter ego replete with a solid mack so he can pick up college girls on tinder anonymously?
    Sex and relationships shouldn’t be this complicated for a tall, athletic guy that girls chat up and stare at 24/7 but these girls his age are programmed for male misery right out of the gate judging from his last 3 relationships.

    1. Your son is in high school, so stop wondering why the girls who are after him suck. They’re in high school too. High school girls suck.

  43. Ah, no. Sorry. Foreign women are bullshit. I’ve experienced European, Middle Eastern and Asian women, IN THEIR HOME COUNTRIES… And they have an entirely different set of issues. No thank you.

  44. Ottawa, Ontario women are worse.
    They don’t call Ottawa “Fat City” for nothing. In addition, a lot of women in their 40s and 50’s are well past their “expiry date” BUT still expect to have their pussy placed on a pedestal and worshipped by men.

  45. The author is clearly a woman hating closet gay 😉 who is no looker himself no wonder he is single

  46. “Just All-Around Bad Vibes” pretty much sums things up for me, at least as far as our homegrown women are concerned. I could go on and on but why waste the time. Life is short and full of pitfalls so it’s best to avoid things that have become strangely toxic.

  47. I quit dating American women a decade ago. After traveling to Latin America and enjoy feminine slim attractive sexy women who love to please a man in bed, there is no comparison! American women simply cannot compete.

  48. “One Muslim guy told me flat out that the whites (gora) are only good for one thing, and it isn’t long-term commitment. He got a lot of girls, but later I found out that he married a young pretty Muslim girl”
    Where I live you have a few south Asian muslim lads that date white/black non muslim girls, but only marry muslim women, however, thinking about it now, just because she says she is a chaste virgin doesn’t mean she is.
    A lot of them go off to university and shag and then get their hymen tied back together and tell their husband they are a virgin. I often laugh to myself when many of my muslim friends tell each other that muslim girls are “pure” lol if only those poor ba***rds knew what I knew.
    Till then lads, AWALT.

  49. Pump and dump is the way to go with all western women. Luckily i’ve travelled extensively with work and had the opportunity to smash women on all the continents.
    Western liberal women are great. No effort required for a ONS, feminism is great for women behaving like men, which only makes getting them on their backs a lot lot easier.
    As far as LTRs go, only an idiot would consider that with a western brainwashed feminist.

  50. The problem with having daughters with women in the West means that the mother will be a slut – double digit amount of men whose phallus poked her guts, the slave black poking her guts the most… and that’s going to raise my white blond hair Aryan innocent pure daughter?!???!!??… Given the aforementioned facts it sends a chill down my spine to consider a white broad for a mother… the few white women who are not well fucked by non white men is getting lower year over year… In 2018, if that white girl lives in an urban area…. that’s a garbage bag… Where the body goes so too does the mind and that’s the bigger reason why you shouldn’t let 21st century white girls mother your daughters – you want your daughter to become what you have witness everyday if you live in a Western city. White women have embarrassesed us to the other civilized other men.. there choosing to dump there blood on the slaves… I’d rather mix with another civilized type…
    Look at porno- it’s all white girls… White girls seem to be sluts – there well known for this… maybe its due to no religion idk but its there… If I have a daughter she won’t be White I swear to god

  51. The problem with having daughters with women in the West means that the mother will be a with at leadt a double digit amount of men whose phallus poked her guts, the slave black poking her guts the most… and that’s going to raise my white blond hair Aryan innocent pure daughter?!?!??? Sends chills down my spine…oh how free women have scarred my soul…

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