Nerd Spent Hundreds Of Hours Coding To Avoid Learning Game

A couple weeks ago, Wired ran a story on an uncommon genius who hacked the OKCupid matching algorithms to get more dates and find his perfect girl. Though the original article was intended to be a quirky, endearing piece on the intersection of nerdiness and true love, we here at ROK like to dig a bit deeper into the psychological and societal underpinnings of these sexual marketplace corner cases.

On the plus side, this man is obviously a genius. Chris McKinlay recognized an inefficiency and created a highly technical solution to it that utilized his best skills, a method nobody else had conceived. We must give him some credit for his characteristically masculine ingenuity but. as you will see, it was clearly not an efficient course of action.

“He set up 12 fake OkCupid accounts and wrote a Python script to manage them. The script would search his target demographic (heterosexual and bisexual women between the ages of 25 and 45), visit their pages, and scrape their profiles for every scrap of available information: ethnicity, height, smoker or nonsmoker, astrological sign—“all that crap,” he says.

To find the survey answers, he had to do a bit of extra sleuthing. OkCupid lets users see the responses of others, but only to questions they’ve answered themselves. McKinlay set up his bots to simply answer each question randomly—he wasn’t using the dummy profiles to attract any of the women, so the answers didn’t matter—then scooped the women’s answers into a database.”

In short, McKinlay went full retard on deconstructing OKcupid, a site largely populated by sexually frustrated men and girls who are either fat, seeking attention instead of actual dating, or both. To cull the best of this crop of winners, he somehow cobbled together programming, statistical modeling, complex clustering algorithms, machine learning, and text mining, not to mention a workaround for beating the website’s security protocols just so he could meet some chicks. Come to think of it, Marge Simpson tried a similarly Rube Goldberg-seque approach at the police academy:

It’s important to note the depth and intricacy of this “solution” to the dating problem. It’s not as if the man took 30 minutes to bang out a JavaScript program hiding all fatties on OKCupid in a haze of stale coffee and Swedish Fish (which a friend of mine has actually done)—there was immense planning, labor, and agency that went into this project. In addition to the above machinations, his algorithm spit out which questions he should answer and how to rank them in importance, an inherently approval-seeking approach. There’s no sense of “I want to become better so that desirable people will be attracted to me,” but rather “How can I answer the questions that women want to hear about the most?” ROK readers know that the self-improvement journey aspect of game is itself as much of a reward as the increased attention from women, but McKinlay basically sat on his hands for almost a month while his creation told him what women wanted to hear. So, what sort of results did the computer yield?

“Now he just had to decide which cluster best suited him…he lingered over a cluster dominated by women in their mid-twenties who looked like indie types, musicians and artists. This was the golden cluster. The haystack in which he’d find his needle. Somewhere within, he’d find true love.”

Instead of McKinlay’s HalBeta 9000 spending its prodigious processing power to match him up with concert pianists and PhDs, it yielded a top cluster that was composed of slutty mid-20s artsy girls who would probably drop their panties for any decent-looking guy with a modicum of game and charm. After a handful of dates, the man begins to learn a bit about his matches:

By date 20, he noticed latent variables emerging. In the younger cluster, the women invariably had two or more tattoos and lived on the east side of Los Angeles. In the other, a disproportionate number owned midsize dogs that they adored.”

ROK readers will recognize these as two obvious slut tells. So, with all of this computing power at his disposal, what were McKinlay’s results translated into actual in-person interactions, the real world currency he so meticulously sought to mine?

“As summer drew to a close, he’d been on more than 55 dates, each one dutifully logged in a lab notebook. Only three had led to second dates; only one had led to a third.”

Since we must assume he wasn’t running the first date bang plan, a 5% second date rate can’t be considered anything besides an epic failure. This pitiful conversion rate could have been bested by a $30 investment in a few choice manosphere eBooks, a couple months of doing Starting Strength, and completion of the 100-approach challenge.

Then came the message from Christine Tien Wang, a 28-year-old artist and prison abolition activist. McKinlay had popped up in her search for 6-foot guys with blue eyes near UCLA, where she was pursuing her master’s in fine arts. They were a 91 percent match.

After PhD-level mathematical acrobatics, months of gathering matches, and an incredible EIGHTY EIGHT first dates, the former Chinese major ended up with… an Asian girl who was on the website looking for a tall white guys with blue eyes. They are currently engaged, despite being in a long distance relationship.


There are many lessons we can learn from the ballad of Chris McKinlay. First, we see that the logical thought, problem-solving ability, and ingenuity of being a man is nearly worthless in the quest to become attractive to women without the charm, charisma, and self-evaluation abilities to sell them correctly. Take note, smart guys: without game to back up your brainpower, you will be relegated to the dustbin of the sexual marketplace.

Second, the article highlights the value of intellectual curiosity and tolerance for uncomfortable situations. One might think that a genius of his level would be ravenous to learn about subjects outside of his narrowly-focused world (e.g. women and game), but rather than seeking out new sources of information to solve a novel problem, he chose to go further down the rabbit hole that he was already familiar with—“Hey, I don’t know how to get girls to like me. Better throw math at the problem!” When you see a man who would rather drive 500 miles in a familiar direction than walk around an unfamiliar block, you should avoid him.

Third, it is important to know one’s market. According to the shot in an article, he’s not a bad looking guy, and already presumably had experience with Asian girls and an in to their culture (the ability to speak Chinese). Rather than attempting to approach girls he found attractive and shared similar interests with, or girls of a type that had likely been attracted to him in the past, he was blindly hunting for the white whale of the perfect girl, which we know does not exist.

Fourth, we see another example of the vagaries of the online dating multiverse, which promotes a shopping mentality where girls are actively looking for reasons to ignore or disqualify reasonable men. If you’re a little quirky, or it comes out during date number one that you spent hundreds of hours trying to find girls on OKCupid, you’re going to get the swift boot. It shouldn’t be that difficult for a decent-looking, tall guy with a good job and some obvious gifts to get a date (and a second, and a third). But, alas, it is.

Perhaps the most important lesson here is that the currency of human desire cannot be negotiated on a computer screen or programmed into a script. While McKinlay’s method exposed him to his “objectively” best matches, basing any decision on what women say in a survey (rather than their actions) is a necessarily garbage in-garbage out process. We can match ourselves silly on OKCupid, but checking out a girl’s “mandatory” responses does not change the base, non-negotiable, hard-wired attraction triggers that we have come to rely upon. The reason we are so quick to draw a distinction between Keyboard Jockey and an actual player in the sexual marketplace is because the skills to attract women cannot be learned through solely academic means. Chris learned that lesson the hard way so that the rest of us may not have to.

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127 thoughts on “Nerd Spent Hundreds Of Hours Coding To Avoid Learning Game”

  1. I’d like your friends fattie blocking script.
    Does he have one for glasses that I can wear when I traveling in the midwest?

      1. Actually, that would be impressive, but it is just a signal that you are well-off and dedicate your life to weird objectives that only rich people have.

    1. All that work for one bang?
      When you learn pickup, you can use it again and again because it is a transferable skill. You use it your entire life, it’s like learning to drive. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

        1. and how is she in the sack ?
          “is she so hornay…. does she love you lang time” ?
          or is the only fish on the menu sweet and sour ?

      1. She’s better than fatass white women for sure. If I weren’t Black, I’d let her give me a handjob and play with my balls; hell, I’d say that she can do it to keep me out of prison. Unfortunately for me, I’m Black so I cannot get Asian girls.

        1. I was just kidding. Upon closer examination of the picture, it looks like she stinks. I wouldn’t even let her stroke the tip.
          I am Black though, because if I weren’t, I’d be banging [attractive] women in Taiwan rather than posting comments.

      2. As a man with confirmed yellow fever, allow me to rate:
        Not fat +++
        Clearly visible clavicle +
        No bra +
        Nice teeth +
        Hair length +
        Slovenly appearance —
        ABC (banana) —
        I like small tits but damn those look saggy —
        That weird forehead acne that seems to afflict Chinese girls more than any other ethnicity –
        Birkenstocks —
        Wearing socks with sandals —-
        Wearing color striped socks with sandals ———-
        (the only way that could be worse is if she were wearing striped toe-sox)
        6.5 if she puts on a dress. 6 without. Would bang, but probably not because she would have a turn-off American attitude. Honestly with Chinese women the make-or-break comes down to her family, are they insane or not. You don’t just marry a Chinese girl, you marry her whole family.

        1. Her tits are ok but she should wear a bra for support. Frankly guys, just about everybody looks like crap in a tshirt.
          Despite her slovenly attire she could rock the schoolgirl uniform if she wanted.

      3. I’d have to see her naked to make a full determination, as the baggy clothes could be hiding a half decent body, but the breasts don’t seem too promising. Still, if she had a hot ass and tiny waist and a dragon tattoo across her lower back, I’d doggy her!

        1. You all need to at least TRY to use your damn brains.
          Is she really that ugly or is it a result of a complete lack of fashion sense?
          Get her to dress up better, use some proper makeup, and work out a little bit and she could jump several notches in the looks chart.

  2. I’ll stick with my approach – less work, and the women I like come to me. I just pick and choose of those that present themselves. Of course, they don’t know they are there to share my bed – but hey, that’s why they show up even if they don’t know it. 🙂

  3. Shaming language like ‘nerd’ shouldn’t be used by a red pill-aware man. The subject of the article is a horrible blue piller, true, and probably even enters omega male territory with his behavior. But to brand mathematically-inclined men as ‘nerds’ is something you would expect from females. Logic (and by extension mathematics) is one of the male virtues and should never be subject to shaming by fellow men.

    1. Yeah, instead of treating him like the enemy, we should be treating him as a fallen brother, a cautionary example.
      Sadly, a lot of ‘manly men’ are disgusted by nerdy men. It’s hard to shake the stigma. They invite disgust by just about everyone in society. In an age where political correctness rules, brainy white men are, along with working-class whites, one of the few classes remaining that it is socially acceptable to hate.

      1. It is the one great weakness of ROK and the manosphere in general.
        So eager are its readers to get their dicks wet at the exclusion of all else, that they throw the baby out with the bathwater, dismissing all math/science/computer related as “for nerds”.
        And yet, in a world of crumbling economies, increasingly debased labor, and continuous replacement of the workforce by robots, the manosphere will learn the easy way or the hard way that it’s better to be a C# whiz with a bit of complimentary game, than a game master with little C# knowledge.

        1. “the manosphere will learn the easy way or the hard way that it’s better to be a C# whiz with a bit of complimentary game, than a game master with little C# knowledge.”
          Even in your proposed scenario, the man who is the game master with little C# knowledge will be drowning in the poon, no matter what job he possesses. Be careful not to allow this line of reasoning to become a rationalization for the neglect of your study and practice of game.
          I agree that we should respect logical/mathematical prowess, and I doubt many on this website would disagree. The nerds we are shaming, as I understand, are those who waste their lives playing video games at the expense of improving the important parts of theirselves and their lives.

        2. “the man who is the game master with little C# knowledge will be drowning in the poon, no matter what job he possesses”
          Oh sure, it’s all fun and games… until you seriously start wondering where the next meal is going to come from.
          Don’t think it can happen here? Guess again.
          And when it does happen, the C# whiz who’s still raking it in will start looking oddly appealing.
          The game master using his “charisma” to beg for change on the sidewalk? Not so much.

        3. Robots won’t be taking over the trade jobs any time in the near future, bro. Plenty of decent paying jobs will be around for the non-techie guy for many years to come. People are cheaper than robots, at least for the majority of our lifetimes they will be.
          Charisma and an intimate knowledge of interpersonal dynamics can easily place a guy in a good position in a tech economy. Programmers still need managers, CEO’s, idea guys, and salesmen to make sure their coding can be profitably used. Sure a few guys who can code can do those other things, but the vast majority won’t.

        4. Robots will eliminate a ton of jobs in the next 5-10 years. What exactly those jobs are is besides the point. Those displaced workers will move on to the next type of job that is most accessible to people with low IQ: trades, etc, further depressing the value of those professions. Tradesmen won’t escape the reverberations of the robotization of the the workforce, whether they’re directly affected or not.
          “Charisma and an intimate knowledge of interpersonal dynamics can easily place a guy in a good position in a tech economy”
          Bullshit, you watch too many movies.
          Look guys, you can BS your way into a girl’s pants, but you’re not going to BS your way into a position of real power in the real world where real money is involved, and in the off chance that you do, you won’t last long. Not unless you can provide real value, acquired through years of painstaking study and dedication to your craft. And this is doubly true in a future world where these positions are increasingly scarce and where competition for these positions is increasingly fierce. There comes a time when you cannot take shortcuts anymore. You have to provide actual value.
          There’s a reason why there are no unemployed software engineers, and why this will remain true for the foreseeable future. Acquiring the skillset to become a software engineer is hard as fuck. Few people have both the work ethic and the talent to get there.
          “Interpersonal dynamics” is community college 101 fluff that your little sister might take to get her degree in human resources. Enough with this womanly nonsense.

        5. There will be an end to crazy competition. Not everybody can become a software engineer, and even you can´t compete with the people from the East (Asia). They will give their lives to the machine. The only thing that the West is best yet is innovation and creation, but those jobs are really scarce, since you need a lot of capital to back you up. Once the Asians learn to innovate, is game over. That is why capitalism need to be supplanted by a more advanced system, because good jobs will be scarce if we continue in this path. My preferred successor system would be a free-market cooperative economy, based on small and smart companies composed by cooperative members, including the innovation “banks” that would profit from the loans they made to those companies. It is called “Free Market Socialism”, and is close to Libertarians in many facets except one: the capitalist owner.

        6. I don’t disagree with anything you say in principle. It’s true that we cannot all be software engineers, even if we all had the capacity and the willingness to do so.
          But that doesn’t change the fact that the much derided nerds/STEM males will survive the next few decades a lot more comfortably than those who’s greatest achievement in life is “good game”.
          It’s true, one day, the system will indeed have to change. But until then, to borrow from another saying, the world can stay irrational longer than your belly can stay full.

        7. I don´t know. STEM guys enslave themselves, they work a lot. Guys with charisma make contacts and work in cushy fashionable jobs. Do you see all those girls with stupid jobs in the advertising/marketing/coaching/entertainment/whatever industry? Their bosses are men.

        8. Yes, for now…
          As I said, we will see what kind of effect our deteriorating economy & workforce replacement technologies will have on useless make-work jobs over the next 5-10 years.
          Money talks, bullshit walks my friend. Make your bets, and I will make mine.
          Good luck.

        9. To anotheranon,
          Robot conspiracies aside, we aren’t shaming blue-pill men on this site. The “men” who are being shamed are those who neglect to improve themselves while devoting time and energy to short term enjoyment. Nerds are guys who sit around playing video games like WoW while watching anime and blow their cash going to comic con, not tech savvy and intelligent individuals who seek balanced self improvement. Nerd is a term that will and should stick around for a while because these behaviors should be shamed due to their voluntary nature.
          Knowing coding languages is a great skill for a subset of the world, but their will always be a wide variety of jobs available and plenty of earning potential for those without coding knowledge. Trade markets and tech markets will maintain equilibrium with management and other employment markets just as they are in equilibrium now. It’s basic economic fact that supply and demand are constantly adjusting and coding only takes a few years to learn.
          Personally, I’m going to train for the situation that we are in now and for the very near future. This reality puts a premium on robust health, a fit physique, great charisma, and phenomenal interpersonal skills. Maybe learning coding would be a good investment, but it’s still a tiny slice of the pie and energy should be invested elsewhere as well.
          Say what you want, but we don’t have the technology to produce robots for much else besides desk jobs or assembly line work. There will be great paying trade jobs for the rest of our lifetimes. People all over the world will gladly take the cleaner and easier jobs that require a degree so that they can pay other people to do hard work for them. I cannot see how you could reach the conclusion that those without coding skills will be struggling to put food on the table in 10 or even 20 years.
          Muscles, masculine virtue, and social skills will always get girls.

        10. calling trades a ‘low IQ’ occupation is ridiculous. Do you know shit about welding, fixing your own car, or hunting animals? What fucking good is your nerd-skill gonna do you when industrial civilization collapses? Nothing. Humanity is gearing up for the next great dark age. Wait and see.

        11. I wouldn’t be so confident that being a C# whiz will save your bacon. Big data sets of code will in the medium term allow for the possibility of creating coding algorithms.
          This will allow humans to simply specify what they want from a program without the need for a human to become involved. This is on the cards as we speak and is perfectly in the line with the history of automation which historically begins by reducing the need for one highly trained artisan and replaces him with computers or machines. At the minute, programmers are the highly skilled artisans….
          This will likely improve upon programmers because sadly, even they are humans and subject to the same constraints that give computers the advantage over in us many areas. For example, you need to eat, sleep and drink, this affects your mental concentration and productivity. You also need to memorize tasks in your head. Needless to say, a computer doesn’t suffer from these disadvantages.

        12. The problem with your scenario is that you expect that the man with game and a little programming won’t improve. Learning game means you have the drive to improve and all you KNOW is improvement.
          Taking that into account the person with mastered game and a little programming understands how people work and will put himself in a position where he can be interviewed, as a formality, into a great position.
          Who do you think makes more money: Programmer or Programmer’s supervisor? And who supervises the supervisor? I can think of many places where the work horse isn’t paid as well as the person handling the horse.
          Lastly the master gamer will move to a country where he will spend his money wisely and possibly work for himself or another group/company as he roams the streets of some foreign city where he can have fun, eat food, and meet women.
          Who do you think lives a better life style?

        13. This describes the ease of difficulties in making websites in the late 90s vs now where all you will need is WordPress and google search. Trades men are going to make bank one day.

        14. Well perhaps robots could someday take over all the work.
          That is if programmers had the common sense not to do what this Chris guy did to get laid.
          Strong AI could have been produced decades ago…. that is if programmers had a lick more common sense than the computers they program.

        15. And btw it’s cheap labor that’s THE problem not the obsolescence of 10 billion Giga neuron human brains and hands.

        16. I should clarify that the C# example was just that, an example. I meant to use it as a general placeholder for STEM related interests/education. I wasn’t trying to argue the merits of coding specifically (although it is and will continue to be a wonderful skill to have for the foreseeable future).
          With that said, you could present a similar argument as the one you’ve presented here for virtually any profession. The salient point is that by the time the nerdy STEM male is well and truly fucked (out of options) as a result of a scenario like the one you’ve presented here, everyone else will have been fucked for so long that it won’t matter. So it’s a moot point.

        17. I said that the trades are the type of job next most accessible by people with low IQ who’s jobs are most likely to be replaced by automation, not that trades are inherently low IQ jobs, or that knowing how to weld/fix your own car isn’t useful or even admirable.
          Maybe along with your welding class, you should consider a reading comprehension course.

        18. Whenever I see talk about working on their “charisma” or their “interpersonal skills”, I see someone who’s still trying to take shortcuts in life. Whether it’s with work or women, you don’t want to provide actual value, you just want to pretend that you do. Do a good enough job and who’s gonna notice, right?
          I’ve always found it remarkable how hard shysters work to avoid working.
          Hey man, do whatever works for you. All I’m saying is that certain trends in our world are beginning to conspire against your approach.

        19. Actually, I my trade earns me $150,000 a year with 70 days vacation. And it’s not being replaced by ‘robots’ anytime soon. I wonder how much your nerd job nets you?

        20. I think your analysis is completely wrong. Human technological progress is gonna be derailed by a global catastrophe of some kind be it economic, ecological, or nuclear war. All that aside, “charisma” and “interpersonal” skills go a LONG way in this world. Witness motivational speakers, authors, politicians, lawyers(ish), and in just about any field being able to get along with people and be well liked is going to propel you forward- not on it’s own but in conjuction with whatever other skills you have. You sound like a computer geek who is bitter about his place in the world… so you resent the “loser” with no degree and no tech skills who bangs the hot chick because he is in good shape and knows how to spit game. Game is a kind of ‘interpersonal skill’ – it’s an understanding of social dynamics and how to exploit them for your own benefit.

        21. You sound like a female, straight outta jizzabel, with your shaming language, e-dick measuring contests, and 3rd grade reading comprehension. You could not have been more inaccurate with your description.

        22. How is mastering a STEM field not self-improvement? Mastering a STEM field is much more challenging than mastering game. And it’s not even close.
          As for the rest of your post… Pure male rationalization hamster in action. Is everyone here still in college?
          Sure, you’re going to “supervise” genius programmers while you travel abroad, get rich, bang broads, and live by the beach. You’re going to get this position using your “people skills”, an arcane ability understood only by the chosen disciples of game, something those inept computer nerds could never possibly understand. Uh huh. Keep dreaming pal.
          As I explained previously, the world is trending in a certain direction, Mr. “Supervisor”, and you are going to find out the easy way or the hard way who is buttering who’s bread.

        23. The C# nerd with bundles of cash will never be attractive in america ( unless he is also a follower and implementor of RP and game ) unless big dad gov finally crumbles and money becomes an important part in mate selection.
          Money is literally a non issue in america these days when it comes to getting pussy. Game, charisma, RP knowledge, being buff… all that shit trumps money any day in current america. I know…. I make 200K a year at a nerd job and get further with women when I say I’m an unemployed ex artist. Only in america is a high income “nerdy” job an instant DLV.

        24. Although there’s a potential ban for dealing with sloots here, but that was before this reply started, so please forgive me mods.
          Oh? Where did I ever say mastering stem isn’t self improvement? The last paragraph was PURE NERD REVENGE PORN at best and the “mastering a STEM
          field is more challenging” part makes me laugh knowing we’re posting below such an AMAZING story.
          Eventually I will get sufficient at utilizing what little programming skills i have and people skills i
          have and be able to look into a mobile lifestyle provided I find employment that allows me to do so or the drive to get it done.
          I have that drive.
          You, miss penis envy, will remain seated at your cubicle/register like the obedient gov’t subsidized sloot you are and will take it on time every day you can, anyway you can (every where you can) and make it safely into the grave. This is why girls who believe their college
          degrees will save them are forever condemned to this notion that education, and not the will of men, makes the world go round. Hell… we invented college from our will lol.

        25. I’m certainly late to the thread, but I’m going to chime in anyway. I’m not certain why you’re bothering to argue with them. Anyone (such as the gentleman below this post, Cody Stark) who uses the term “exploit” to describe what he is attempting to achieve in life has already shown his entire hand, and it’s a pretty shoddy and limited one if he feels the need to exploit to get ahead in life or with women.
          Another point: It’s rare in this day and age to see a group of techies managed by someone who is not a former techie. It’s extremely easy to dupe a non-technical manager and difficult for many of them to understand the stakes involved concerning different technological approaches. Plus, it’s hard to respect someone who you have to spoon-feed before they can make a decision. Most CTOs, who are considered equally important as the CEO in most cases, are techies. And the smart CEOs are the ones who find the best CTO they can and listen to what that CTO has to say. The danger of a CEO putting his faith in the wrong person in this job threatens the entire company and can be hard to recover from. I have seen it firsthand.
          Further, many in this conversation have clearly not been exposed to true “nerds” and the mental flexibility that technological study engenders. These days, “nerds” often ARE the idea man and the entrepreneur. I suppose they’ve never heard of Silicon Valley. Instead, they seem to be picturing some stereotypical WoW gamer, socially illiterate, unwashed, hunched over a computer monitor in a dark, slovenly-kempt room. The average 4-year college-educated techie in the workforce does not even remotely fit that mold and is generally quite adept at “people skills.” They just may not bother with certain people who don’t appear to be worth their time. I say this as a member of both worlds; I am both a programmer/architect (for lack of a better term since most people have no idea what I do based on my title) and am working on my Ph.D. in English Literature. Additionally, I have often been accused of being a fairly astute observer of human nature and have an assortment of friends from a wide strata of society, so I do see this from both the specialist and layman’s perspectives.
          In any case, I admire your logical thinking, balanced approach, and lack of arrogance. Also, despite the fact that you’re on a site that comes across as a resting place for a number of rather threatened males who appear to claim reason and logic as the sole property of the male of the species (and I know many men who greatly overestimate their ability in that regard–you’ve run across a number of them in this comment section alone), which makes me suspect we don’t ultimately share the same values, I admire your gentility and strength of character.
          The mental muscles you have flexed in this conversation alone make you far more sexually desirable than any physical muscles the others claim to possess.
          And if that last comment and my handle didn’t already give me away, I’m female.
          So let the typical aspersions concerning my age, weight, level of femininity, and attractiveness commence. If it makes the men on this site feel better to think that these comments must necessarily come from some ancient, ugly, masculine, fat (insert uninventive reference to the female anatomy here), then so be it. But, if that truly IS what makes you feel better, I suggest you use your advanced logical skills to investigate that thought process and the underlying issues it may suggest.

        26. Well, okay, this comment is not so balanced. But you’re correct about Jezebel. Not so much about females. After all, it’s rather fruitless and limiting to reduce most things in our world into binaries, wouldn’t you say?

        27. if industrial civilization collapses it’ll be the engineers and the hacker who’ll know how to build it back up again.

        28. I do think that you are right that humanity is indeed going though a dark phase , but the indstrial civilization won´t collapse not in the degree many think,It´s just a crisis that will restructure the human condition.

        29. I dunno, I’d rather have money than “game”. Throwing money at a problem is easier than using social connections to fix it a LOT of the time (i.e. social connections to get food or access to events).

    2. A charismatic and masculine man who happens to do computer science is not a nerd. Chris McKinlay is a nerd. He wasted hours overintellectualizing his attempt to get laid but only got laid once. Nerds don’t just have a nerdy profession but also a nerdy personality.

      1. The guy is a weak beta for sure. But ‘nerd’ is stamped almost indiscriminately onto anyone who takes a liking in mathematics or STEM subjects in general, much like ‘creep’ is now slammed onto anyone who doesn’t immediately make a woman wet of desire. Women are running a little slander campaign in which no man should partake.

  4. “Take note, smart guys: without game to back up your brainpower, you will be relegated to the dustbin of the sexual marketplace.”
    This is true, and the general premise applies to a lot of other traits that are useful for men to acquire women. Obviously being physically fit, wealthy, or naturally good-looking will probably net you more female attention than intelligence, simply based on the ease of which one can outwardly advertise such things, but without game to back them up, the only women you are likely to acquire are those that want you, who are not necessarily the women you want. Even then, a lack of game can be a bigger hindrance than all your positive aspects combined, often making those things work against you, and blowing up a potential encounter with a certified DTF prospect. Not to mention how useful that mindset is, and how it plays into every interaction that follows the initial contact with a woman.
    The other thing this guy illustrates is the problem of guys dumping a shitload of effort into attributes (in this case the coding and whatnot) that women find attractive, but constantly putting off actually approaching women. Too many dudes are out there saying “I need to look like X first” or “I have to achieve Y” before they even consider engaging women, totally ignoring the fact that game and success with females is something you acquire in the same method as muscles and money, by working on it every day. Game isn’t something that just gets handed to you after marking a bunch of boxes on a check list.

  5. Enjoyed the article. So many lessons can be taken from this.
    At the end of the day, what did he accomplish for all of his effort? A nerdy girl, not even the cute kind, and a few articles written on the internet spinning his story as “cute” and unique.
    He’s actually limited himself. I think it is a very telling thing that he would put so much effort into finding a woman with far lower SMV.
    Honestly, he would have had better luck doing little more than walking around malls looking for moderately cute, nice girls working. A little bit of approach and conversation can go a long way if you try.

    1. well now he has a write up, he might have some lucrative contracts coming his way… but here we see the importance of game…. since if he’d ended up with a 19 year old blonde bisexual, whose pic made men around the world drool with envy and rush to buy books on C++ and java programming, those contracts would have been in the 6-7 figure territory… as it is… he’s just a.n.other $10 an hour asian coder, even though he’s white.

  6. What one can learn from this article – is that the day is not far off, when we would be actually plugged into a Matrix like world (like from the movies The Matrix, or much recently, the 2009 movie Gamer), to enjoy virtual sex with our minds with customized or mind controlled, virtual or human partners of our choice.
    Chris McKinlay actually attempted that. He programmed the script, but had he had the chance, he would have “programmed” his matches on OKCupid. But he was thwarted by the technology of our times, though this could be very much possible and achievable in the near future.
    Looks like we are heading to a “virtual”, machine controlled, apocalyptic future – more so in the dating world.
    It’s not far off when machinery would take over the world from us.

  7. Great writeup.
    To me, his biggest failure was not the hacking, but that he went on so many dates and never banged any of them except presumably this Asian girl. That’s like working for fifty different bosses for a week each and not earning any money. With the girls he’s chasing, he should be getting a 25-50% first date bang rate easily.
    It’s fine to do something you love (hacking) to get girls, instead of the more conventional paths (lifting and approaching). But he never got the girls! He just put in a ton of effort for a girl who is too busy for him!
    I have a strong feeling Wired would not be applauding him had he used his program to fuck dozens of girls. Then he’d be some creepy computer nerd gaming the system. Instead, beta male failure is idealized.

    1. “I have a strong feeling Wired would not be applauding him had he used his program to fuck dozens of girls. Then he’d be some creepy computer nerd gaming the system. Instead, beta male failure is idealized.”
      I hadn’t thought of that. You’re absolutely onto something here. Feminist-oriented media idealizes beta male failure. That’s worth an article in itself.

    2. Great insight there, on the idealization of beta failure (which also includes massive pedestalisation too in this case).

    3. Absolutely agree. Goddamn what a fucking loser this guy!!
      How many hours of work was into this little project? Only to go on 80 dates and I am going to assume he paid for both of them on each date. All this work and meticulous mathematical calculations to get ABSOLUTELY FUCKING ZERO PUSSY!!
      And now he is in a long distance relationship? LOL so it is possible he hasn’t even banged this chinese girl and they are engaged?? Future divorce rape case here people.
      Holy shit what a DUMBASS. He could’ve just went down to a local dive bar, got shit house drunk and started grab assing all the sluts and had astronomically better results that actually ended up with the ole in-out in-out.
      He could have been using his genius ability to break codes, solve equations, or do ANYTHING remotely more productive than trolling goddamn okstupid.
      I have no respect whatsoever for this fucking retard. You don’t need to to be a mathematical genius or statistician to blatantly see that girls are full blown cock gobblers and the most easy of lays these days.
      Maybe if this dipshit GOT OUT OF THE FUCKING HOUSE for once he could clearly see the obvious truth in front of him. But no he is just being used as a ready made bitch boy to reinforce to other fucking chumps that being a blue pill faggot loser is ok and maybe if you too had a genius level mathematical mind you could go on 80 sexless dates too!
      Give me a fucking break. Fuck this asshole faggot and fuck whatever stupid bitch ass magazine this came from. Once this chinese broad divorce rapes him I predict he still wont have any red pill inclination but will blame himself and his own “failures”. This is not someone to be admired or respected. This is someone to MOCK and hilariously LAUGH at.
      Another boy’s somewhat masculine cognitive ability completely fucking wasted because he is a blue pill virgin faggot worshipping at the goddess altar.

      1. Assuming he only got coffee for the 2 of them:
        $5 x 80 = $400
        In man hours he spent 7 hour days 6 days @ $10/hr if he worked full time at my job to prepare for this.
        He could have read RoK, got a gym membership, and a few books and some clothes with that much money and got ass for FREE! This article just convinced me to repair the left leg of my elliptical machine and buy a new shirt.

    4. I have to wonder how many guys did what this guy did and simply kept their mouths shut about it …
      Sometimes the effectiveness of a countermeasure lies in its indirect proportion to how many people know about it.
      It’s almost like Max Barry’s “Lexicon” — you profile and segment the targets, and then you use “word voodoo” on them …
      “Are you a dog person or a cat person?”
      Don’t answer that.

  8. The most important thing in life is to know what you want….
    Once you answer that question, it’s only a matter of time before you will have it…
    Now where can I find a billion dollars and three deaf mute bisexual nymphomaniacs, 16-19 years old with pornstar skills, D cups and gym fit bodies, cordon blue cooking abilities, who are experts in all kinds of massage ?

    1. You don’t want them deaf, man…even if they don’t talk, the screams in bed are terrifying and liable to get you in trouble with the police.

  9. > Then came the message from Christine Tien Wang, a 28-year-old artist and prison abolition activist. McKinlay had popped up in her search for 6-foot guys with blue eyes near UCLA
    Wait a minute! So after all his work, SHE contacted HIM? Doesn’t this mean all his work was a total waste of time?

  10. I’ve never had much luck on western dating sites, but Asian girls dig me and that works out well as I dig Asian girls. It doesn’t take too much to impress Filipinas as their men seem to be pretty pathetic scoundrels. It didn’t take long for me to find a sexy hottie who’s apparently fallen head over heels for me (that, or she’s an incredible actress…either way I really don’t care). Since she has a bankable skill I’m heading over to meet her and if she’s good in bed I’ll get her ass over here and get her working for me….er, I mean ‘us’. I’ll back her in starting a business in her field, as long as it’s 51/49. I told her that I don’t do 50/50, and she said, “That’s okay love, I want you to be in total control.”
    Cohabitation agreement in all relevant languages, cohabitation in an apartment not a house, shotgun agreement for a corporate buyout, and I don’t really see a problem in spending a few thousand to get her here. If it works it works; if it doesn’t it doesn’t. Lots more where she done came from! Millions. 😀

      1. In Canada there are three types of partner visas: spouse, common law partner, and conjugal partner. All I have to do is meet her a couple of times, fuck her silly, and we’re conjugal partners. As far as I know there is no law here limiting how many times you can sponsor somebody as an immigrant, and if there were a constitutional challenge might nullify such a law. There is a new law that sends her packing back to her home country if she leaves you within two years of arriving in Canada. I got relatively lucky once; I’ll give it another shot if she’s truly hot for me and good in bed. 😛

    1. Best of luck, sounds like you’ve done your research and will maximize your chances of success. A few grand for a potential long-term hottie is a good investment, especially if she has a skill to EARN back that money for you in a relatively short time frame. Well played so far, gent.

  11. I agree, this guy is truly a gameless wonder for putting such an extraordinary amount of time and effort into this project only to come out with a 4 who he’s not even physically seeing. I do think you’re a little harsh on him for using his talents to at get himself at least some of the way there, though–don’t forget that the man got 88 girls in 3 months to go on dates off the site, and you know that’s not because he has legendary, delicioustacos-esque online game. His problem is that he completely neglected everything you have to do after you get the girls off the site. What McKinlay’s experience demonstrates (as if we didn’t know already) is that there is no way to avoid learning game if you want to become successful with women–you can get all the dates in the world and they will all go nowhere.
    By the same token, though, the value of this guy’s approach if one does have game should not be underestimated. An accomplished player could absolutely clean up given the sheer number of dates this guy was able to arrange.

  12. To me he took the easy way out, all that brain power he has he could have used learning game, or learning to read body language and such. What a waste of potential.

  13. I don’t think he’s wasted his time per se. Okay he perhaps not ended with the girl he desired but naturally after those 88 date he should have built up natural game that goes hand in hand with confidence. Had he applied himself slightly differently he could had stopped using the internet and just go out to find women.

  14. ive always been a bit more cerebral than my peers, and i always wondered why my completely dumb peers got loads of pussy compared to me. then i realised that its more about game and confidence, and appearance does matter!
    I used to be 107kg, at that weight you get instantly friendzoned with a chick no matter what you do, so one day about last april, i decided that enough was enough, and i swallowed the red pill.
    I learned how to approach women, talk to them, etc. im currently at 86kg, which is still pretty chubby for my 171cm tall frame, and now i actually get a decent chance with women as compared to my life before. when i get to my goal of 80kg-75kg ill completely change my wardrobe and buy stuff that doesnt sag off me like when i was fat.
    i had one encounter with a girl about a week back, we had sex, just out of the blue because she felt like it, and because she made a proposition that if she let me inside her i would stop touching her (you know where guys) a day later she does a complete backflip towards me and says that i made her feel uncomfortable and powerless (you fucking enjoyed it)
    i felt some resentment towards women along my journey, how shallow, dumb, emotionally unstable, and backstabbing they can be, but these days i realised that i shouldnt hate them because its part of their nature, i shouldnt hate a bee for stinging me when i get too close to their hive.

  15. Is going on 88 OKC dates that much different than doing the 100 approach challenge? In either case you are interacting with a different woman and learning what works and doesn’t work.

    1. It is absolutely different because dating is not a Markov process — it matters how you got there. When you mine every interaction with girls from online dating, you are framed as a beggar and starting from a place of weakness. Some of us have enough game to dig out of the hole, but a newbie does not. Hence 88 dates with zero bangs.
      When you approach a woman, even on approach numero uno you are doing it from a place of power — you are the one who had the sack to start the interaction, and regardless of your vibe some girls are going to be drawn to this boldness, regardless of your “nerdiness” or “awkwardness.” Plus, you inevitably learn quite a bit about how to talk to girls, how they react to different subjects, and how to adjust your vibe over the course of 100 approaches, not to mention blunting your anxiety in the process. Copy/pasting the same message and going on 88 first dates can’t give you even 10% of that valuable perspective.

    2. There’s a reason they’re on those sites: They’re probably not normal girls. So you can look at it as non-normal 88 vs mixed bag of 100.

  16. Article is a little skewed… As I read it, he did this as part of his dissertation. It just so happened that the added benefit was the engagement.

  17. We need more article likes this. Unique, thought-provoking, and entertaining. Much better than the re-hashed drivel so many articles have been pouring out lately. Thank you.

  18. i can agree he blew it when it came to meeting and closing these women, he didnt have a game plan of HOW to enjoy the fruits of his labor.
    BUT…. the man new his strengths (logic, coding, finding weaknesses in systems) and his weaknesses (handling women, social interaction) and he used his strengths to lessen the effects of his weakness.
    and he probably has a terminal case of oneitis, so he probably set the whole thing up to expedite finding a wife. seeing what his goals are he did well. finding an ingenuitive way to use what he has to get what he wants. i applaud the guy. but would i wife up a broad i met on ok cupid and still hadnt banged? nope.
    i wouldnt go about it that way. because i have more efficient effective means to my ends. he did not. just a shame he didnt bed (m)any of those 55 women. if he had maybe he wouldnt be getting married.

  19. It never ceases to amaze me how far people will go to avoid self-improvement. It used to be the case that you worked to obtain (or pretend to possess) the currently socially desirable and traditionally sexually desirable attributes. Now it’s all about how EVERYONE should be loved “for who they are”. A natural alpha or a socially flexible individual may get away with that, but most humans need to improve themselves. It reminds me of the fat-acceptance chicks, or the hairy feminists. If you won’t try and be the best specimen of a man your genes allow and refuse to play along with general society and its expectations, then you simply can’t expect society and its women to flock to you with the goods.
    As a post-script, I would say that online scouting or even dating can work, but once you’ve touched base you need to meet in person pretty quickly. If you are honest about yourself, can scan her emails and profile page for warning signs, meet up as soon as she bites and leave as soon as you meet a problem girl (refuses to meet you, SIF, you get the idea), then you have a lay, a date or even a wife. If you don’t scout properly you get oneitis for a girl you’ve never seen and wind up on the next episode of Catfish. Also, keep away from OKCupid and POF. They are the internet’s equivalent to the reduced price aisle in a supermarket.

  20. Heh, you forgot to mention that he’ll probably earn plenty of money, by selling his guide on Amazon…
    It’s quite probable that most of it was just publicity stunt, because okcupid profile of his “fiancee ” is still active…

  21. I admire his ingenuity and problem solving skills-very much what a man does. He sinks himself by not improving self as the article states. he has no game and if his “engagement” is in fact real, he’ll fail every shit test thrown at him in this relationship. There’s no equation to figure out women-game is more art than science.

  22. Ah, for nerds/geeks ‘taking the red pill’ apparently means selling out and becoming a jock. It’s like a Greek tragedy. 😛

  23. He didn’t seem to have a plan once he LANDED the dates. The dates won’t matter if a geek shows up at all of them.

  24. I read this about a month ago, and a lot of those things stood out to me. That he got so few second dates didn’t speak well of the guy, and I also noticed the “slut tells”. Tattoos are an obvious indicator on numerous levels, and having a large dog indicates masculine energy in women(which correlates with more “slutty” behavior).
    I did notice that what he did seemed like a huge waste of effort. You know how I met my woman using the web? I know that the kind of girl I get along with the best(and that likes me the best) are religious, family focused women with good intelligence and a belief in traditional gender roles.
    Rather than write an Algorithm I just joined a dating website that catered to that market, wrote up my advertisement(profile), and created an auto-search to further narrow down my results.
    It took me about two weeks to find my match.

  25. self improvement is a fool’s errand. being a bisexual slightly effete sociopath will trump a nice shirt and a gym membership. being a scraggly indie faux musician will work more than being an actual musician….won’t dont care about the difference.

  26. Delete tinder, delete OKC, DO NOT pay for sex, and most of all STOP WATCHING PORN.
    These things are ok if you already have game, but for the novice, these things are deadly. They are “in addition to and not in place of.”
    The process of ego destruction by women is a necessary requisite to get comfortable with rejection which is then necessary to become comfortable with oneself and being which is then necessary to attract women.

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