The Roulette Nature Of Game

Assuming you do not have any glaring chinks in the armor and your game is up to par, the number one reason you are not getting traction with women has to do with something that is actually virtually out of your control: sexual availability.  If a woman is not sexually available it matters little what your market value is, your attractiveness, or the adeptness of your game.  If she is not available you’re not getting shit.

What is Sexual Availability

“Wait, come back! RSD swore to me this opener always works”

Sexual availability is just that:  when a woman is willing and ready to get intimate with a man, she will open her legs to him if he plays his cards right:  if she is not available sexually then she won’t be having sex with him; end of discussion.  Due to the volatile nature of women, there are myriads of different reasons as to why she is not in a sexually available state.

Sexually Compromised

Due to male thirst and the lopsided nature of the marketplace, a women’s pipeline is always full.  Since there is an enormous supply of eligible bachelors available to her, the large majority of women are sexually involved with at least one person (often times multiple).  This person could be a husband, a boyfriend, or just some fuck buddy she met on Tinder a week ago.  If a woman is satisfied with the person(s) she is having intimate relations with, there really is not much you can do but wait your turn in line.  No amount of game, wealth, or status is going to change this if her sexual needs are being met.

Fortunately, a woman’s sexual status is ever changing due to her fickle and hypergamous nature.  There have been countless times in my career in which I would meet a woman, we would hit it off, but since she was already sexually invested in someone else things would go nowhere; then out of the blue, in a matter of weeks once things inevitably fizzled out with her current squeeze she would reach out to me.  The key is to not waste too much time with a girl you sense is already sexually spell-bounded, or is not currently looking to add to the roster.  If you made a good enough impression, weren’t needy, and there was real attraction established, once she is back on the market she’ll seek you out.

Emotionally Unavailable

Women are easily unhinged and inherently emotional creatures. They change their minds as often as a person changes their clothes.  Don’t let a bitchy and dismissive woman throw you off your game.  A few years ago I met a cute gal at an after party.  I approached, introduced myself, and tried to establish rapport with the intent of getting her number.  She was low energy and almost seemed bothered by my advances; talking to her was like talking to a wall.  Since I was not getting a lot of traction I ejected.

Four weeks later I was out with a friend and his girlfriend.  His girlfriend mentioned to me that one of her attractive friends had inquired about me.  I asked to see pictures of her—to my surprise it was the disinterested bitch from the party.  I was baffled that she was asking about me considering how cold she was the night I met her.  When I told my friends how uninviting she was, they informed me that she had just broken up with her boyfriend whom she discovered was cheating on her, and was therefore in a deep state of despair.  Quite an eye-opening experience:  this woman was unresponsive to me because she was undergoing a difficult moment in her life, not because she was not attracted to me.

If you talk to as many women as I do, you’re going to encounter women who just don’t give you much to work with.  Oftentimes, it has nothing to do with you, but more to do with her.  She could be going through a breakup, just lost her job, dealing with a death in the family, and countless other reasons for her unapproachable disposition.  This segues to my final point…

Timing & Logistics

A lot of your success with women is going to be dependent on good timing and proper logistics.  You ever court a woman and everything just seems to fall into place with such minimal effort?  You then try to repeat the same formula with a new girl but it just doesn’t play out the same way.  This was because you were probably in the right place at the right time.

Sometimes the stars just don’t align properly.  Everyone has had that experience in which they’ve met a cute girl at the bar, sparks are flying, everything seems to be going according to plan, yet inexplicably they find themselves going home empty-handed at the end of the night.  Little did they know she had a plane to catch at 5:30 am, or it may have been that time of the month, and as a result, she could not go home with him; the reasons are infinite.

The most common obstacle that I’ve been faced with when trying to get a slut from the club to come home with me is trouncing her overprotective and jealous friends.  It is difficult to extract a woman you’ve just met that is having a “girls night out”.  Women place so much importance in the approval of friends.  It is unlikely she is going to go home with a man she just met due to the fear of being slut-shamed by her friends, even if in her heart she desires him.  Note: a good wingman or two can greatly increase the odds of success when approaching a group; most times it’s futile trying to single-handedly penetrate a group on your own.

Logistics are pretty straight-forward.  If you’re with a girl and not within good proximity to take her home it’s always going to be an uphill battle.  I have conflated sexual availability with timing and logistics because they are all intertwined.  If it’s not the right timing, or you don’t have the right logistics, you’re probably not going to get laid; thus making that woman you are in pursuit of sexually unavailable to you.


Experienced players and men who play the numbers game quickly realize that there is a small window of opportunity.  When the window is open you must strike while the iron is hot or risk not having that opportunity again.  While things such as sexual market value and game have a direct impact on the amount of success you will have, there are many things that are unfortunately out of your control.

Take solace in the fact that game success is largely contingent on timing and good fortune.  The women you court won’t always be primed for seduction, and very often than not it has little to do with you and mostly to do with her.  Your recourse should be to approach often and not give a shit about the outcome.  You mitigate the frustrations by staying on your grind and living a life of sexual abundance.  A good player can quickly determine which girls are ripe for the picking and which girls are just there to waste his time.

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  1. Anyone that tries to get laid in AmeriKa is a fool.
    Don’t you see what is happening here?
    Over 90% of all lawyers world wide live in the ZioUsa..
    If you have 50 bucks, (((they))) want it, and they will use these fembot cvnts to get it.
    Get out before the doors are slammed shut b/c if you cant see Soviet Russia style tyranny in the making, you are one blind retard.

    1. This article seems to be more or less all in regards to cold approaching. I would say with cold approaching pretty much everything in the article rings true though. The reason the dude was inquired about at all with the girl from the party was because of having established a social circle of somekind. ANY sort of social connection (club, group, school, work, etc.) you have in common with her will skyrocket you head over heels above any random guy she’s gunna meet on the street. Since girls roster is already filled up the only way to make it on her team list or even in a draft is to actully go to the home games and participate in the same game event she is in. Just bein a random rookie on the street asking the owner for a job will almost always fail. The article is right in the sense that even if your an allstar player she’s gunna care if you just randomly cold approach. She might, but your odds are way low.
      Cold approaching only really works if she has a bit of time on her hands to invest a few minutes to talk with you, if shes in any sort hurry its not gunna happen. This doesn’t mean you can’t snag a number or whatever, but you need to estalbish a bit of rapport and have a little time to talk with her or the whole thing is dead on arrival. The point is social circle game is really where its all at. Any sort of established social conneciton with the girl more or less puts you on her roster and gives you an ‘in’ you wouldn’t otherwise have.

      1. Exactly. While I still cold approach here and there; I have built up a decent enough social circle in which I can take a more passive approach to game. Although, I still think it is a good idea to stay sharp, and cold approach when you see a good opportunity. The odds definitely decrease if you don’t make decent enough impression like you stated in your post.

        1. I like the roster analogy you used because its so damn accurate. Unless your someone like Peyton Manning or Brett Favre no owner wants to talk to you randomly on the street. The owner is the ‘girl’ (hate to say it but thats how they view themselves – you can try to be the owner of your own team but goodluck rockstar) – regardless the owner doesn’t give two shits if you just run into him on the street,”talk to my agent, or not interested are gunna be his responses” – girls egos and solipsistic mindset is so hardened that THAT is EXACTLY how she views you. And the thirsty men only become enablers to this mindset as well. If all men tomorrow stopped asking out girls for a a week straight girls would loss their minds and have to start playing thefield. Speculation aside, the point is the inner circle (aka the team, the roster) only gets you in if you talk to one of the agents (her friends) or if you just happen to be a part of the same organization. But its no different than any other organization, the top dog always gets the pick of the litter. Guys on here and in manosphere (is that still even a term we use anymore) are always pretty wary of asking out hotties at work, which makes sense, and I know I read some stat 10 years ago that said something like ‘80% of relationships start at work’ – obviously you have to be cool as a cucumber if you think youre gunna get away with gaming a girl at work, but the fact remains that being a part of whatever organization (team) she’s with is essentially like already being on her roster is the whole point.
          While I’m very fond of cold approaching and still think its imperative for developing social skills (I try to cold approach everytime I go out even if not in the mood) social circle game I believe is historically the dominant way girls got matched and I believe it will also be the future of game. I think this 15-20 year social experiment with girls and cell-phones will come to a close simply because neither party really likes it and its exhausted its appeal. Something so lopsided can’t sustain itself in the long-term. Social media (as long as computers are around) will still drive some dates simply because its a ‘social’ aspect, but the use of phones and girls having their entire roster is too much for them, itlll collapse. It’s like the owner of a baseball or football team having every player from several seasons (at least two or three) constantly hounding the fuck out of you to get an appointment and talk with the fucking owner. I’m sure MANY girls feel they need secretaries and the reason they flake so much is simply cuse they are overwhelmed. If you had 80-120 girls expecting a date at some point you’de be thrilled, but you’de have to develop a system to weed through them, this system is their social circle, they naturally deem whoever to be in the ‘organization’ as already being on the ‘team’ and in the ‘roster’ – which means youre actively competing with 25-40 dudes on average. Now, keep in mind, I’m using an extreme version of the example here. I’m referring to 9’s and 10’s, who honestly have a different process altogether, but I assume it’s similar. Point is a legitimate 9 or 10 as at least 25-40 active men on the roster and she’s gotta pick the all-star, so I mean, she’s gunna make you your ass work for it unfortunately, that’s just how the cookie crumbles.
          But your story about this hardened bitch you talked too prolly only had 25-40 guys TOO PICK FROM – there’s a massive difference. I assume the girl you talked with was like a 5 (average). A 9 or 10 has 25-40 dudes who are basically are in direct competition, whereas a 5 has like 2-3 dudes in direct competition, but has 25-40 friends. Whereas the 9 or 10 basically any dude she auto-lumps into ‘friend’ category simply by her nature. Point being that a 5 has a weak bench, she has 2-3 (realistically maybe 1 or 2) guys she considers ‘all-stars’ who are in direct compeition to stay on the team and in the line up, but the 9 or 10 her bench is like the Yankees, she has every all-star in the game, the only way you get on her roster is by making her think you work for them already or you are in fact an ‘all-star’ (i.e. you’re an actual celebrity of some kind or semi-famous) – realistically not every man is gunna end up as an all-star, the best you can hope for is to make her think you’re on the same team and then to act like the all-star she’s expecting.
          The 5 (I’m assuming) you snagged liked that you approached the the ‘CEO’ (her – ha – in her head) and so a basic lesson you showcased was simply how acting like an all-star will get you on the roster pretty quick. Which we all readin ghere generally know as a common truth, the dilemma these girls have is the same CEO’s have; i.e. if your gunna hire someone how do you figure out whether the person is full of shit and you can trust with your organization or is just a fake. Generally speaking girls try to detect guys who are fake, but the fakeness also unwittingly plays into their ego to their determent. Long story short she loves that fact that she has a guy at least acting like an all-star talking with her making her think she is a CEO, when in reality there’s a lot of 4’s and 5’s and under who don’t have a roster at all and never get hit on and so any dude showing interest makes her think she can establish this ‘organization’ which the 9’s and 10’s are running circles around. Anyways solid read man. How would you rate that stuckup bitch?

        2. @Guest:
          The only reason you’re getting a lot of down-votes is because the word count is too high. Pearls among swine. You give low self-esteem betas too many raisins to, sanctimoniously, and with pomp and delusions of grandeur, pick-out.
          You should legit be a writer for ROK. This would be great, as an article.

    2. Slamming the doors shut isn’t that hard, by the way. The first step is to deny a passport to people with debts, the second step is to add them to a nationwide emigration blacklist. The third step is for The Wall to be built, ostensibly to keep Mexicans and Canadians out but in reality to force all outgoing human traffic through a checkpoint.
      This system is already in place in Dubai and it’s quite common for expats to spend time in prison because they ran out of money and we banned from leaving the country.
      Yes, better to leave now while you’re still able.

    3. They are definitely trying, but I think most western European countries and the UK are further along the walk to tyranny than the US. For the moment we’ve got Trump slowing it down, and we’ve still got tens of millions of Americans whom are against this kind of Tyranny, and most of those people are armed. And probably millions of those people would be willing to go down fighting if they tried to take the guns.
      Soviet style tyranny to the extent of what the Soviet Union did is not possible in an armed republic. They’ll have to be much more subtle until they get the guns.
      That said, if they do get the guns, it might be too late to get out for many people. Still, it reeks of cowardice to abandon your country before the battle is lost. I understand abandoning a battle to regroup and fight another way, or another day. But it sounds like you are suggesting good Americans that care should abandon their homeland because we have been loosing the culture and political war for the last several decades. We might have lost more battles than won, since maybe the late 1800’s, but it’s been such a slow war that we haven’t lost it yet, and more and more people are aware of what is going on.

  2. ” No amount of game, wealth, or status is going to change this if her sexual needs are being met.”
    “Due to male thirst and the lopsided nature of the marketplace, a women’s pipeline is always full.”
    Timing & Logistics ARE KEY!!
    Even though I OWN a Townhome, Drive a European car. Over 6 feet & got a slim but muscular built I gotta Work OVERTIME just to pull in a single mother who doesent match my looks, status or social skills or background. Its because that 5 or 6 has a Cock pipeline longer than Hugh Hefners & Thirsty Desperate Beta SIMPS Over Inflating her self worth & ego! When she logs Online she is a CELEBRITY! With Over 50k followers on IG for showing sum tits & ass. A 5 or 6 in this modern world is the Equivelent of being a Rich celebrity & then No matter How much better you are than her in the REAL WORLD. Supply & Demand over-rides logic.
    Therefore even though I love the Sunshine & the beaches of where I live I gotta eventually Sell My house & Move ELSEWHERE here My SMV is Higher! There are just to many Thirsty Beta Simps out here Destroying the Sexual Marketplace. That last article where the girl pulled damn near 200 men in NY on a Fake date put it spot on on where the sexual marketplace is. Its Not even possile for it to get any worse! If Anyone disputes that you need to READ THIS ARTICLE! This shows EXACTLY where the Sexual Marketplace is.
    My hopes in the future is to be mobile financially like Roosh where I can say just Fuk it! Keep My home in the States but able to move around freely because My income isnt tied anywhere.

    1. When you have been in the dating circuit for long enough, you start to notice a disturbing pattern in that the majority of women are painfully boring and unoriginal. Flip through a dating app and observe how many of them post the same types of photos:
      Filtered selfie with dog/cat ears/nose
      Travel pictures in front of a famous monument/landmark
      Professional modeling headshot
      Workout or Crossfit gym selfie
      Partying with “the girls” where you can’t tell which one is her (it’s usually the fat/hideous one)
      The list goes on and on. And don’t forget, when you finally land a date with one of these women, you will be driving the conversation 95% of the time… not only do most of them have little to talk about, but they believe it’s your job to keep them entertained. During that 5% of the time when they actually do have something to say, they will be the type with endless diarrhea of the mouth and NOT SHUT THE FUCK UP, trying hard to sell how amazing/unique they are.

    2. @God
      The western circuit is definitely not for the faint of heart. I also share similar sentiments. Hoping I can amass enough “fuck-you-money” and work remotely so that I can live a more nomadic life.

  3. This site censors or downvotes/restricts votes around many comments that mention the )ew.

    1. Agreed. It’s amazing the number of times my comments don’t register on this site when the J-tribe is mentioned, or Israhell, or anything along those lines. Who is censoring?

  4. jmolnoy
    Roosh is trying hard to stay out of prison.. He is in Europe and to even question the eleventy billion killed in muh holahoax is to go straight to jail.
    News Flash:
    To know who rules you, those are they that cant be criticized..
    Look at what happened to Robinson in the UK and realize how bad it is getting..
    In other words, use your fvkin head.

    1. Is Robinson not completely in love with I$rael, pleading his allegiance to that evil shit hole on numerous occasions??? In fact, Robinson isn’t even his real name… sound like a familiar strategy?

    1. and we were all supposed to be dead from aids by now said the “experts” in the 80’s..
      tptb have been trying to literally scare the fvk out of you for 50 years.

  5. Nice, but bogus article.
    Lots of cash and/or drugs will mitigate many problems.
    If you can’t manage that, some fame will do.

  6. This article summed up:
    Wait in line patiently for sloppy fortieth, until she’s finished giving BJs and getting pounded by her 40 deep pipeline.

  7. Yeah this sounds about right.
    The manosphere has documented (I may have missed a few) the following types of game personality/behaviour/strategy to up your SMV and success with females
    1. Non-threatening and makes them feel comfortable Nice-guy game
    2. Keep them amused-Clown game
    3. Hardworking, responsible striver Beta-Provider game
    4. Physically strong and quiet type, masculine Protector game
    5. Rich and ostentatious Money (duche) bag game
    6. Celebrity game
    7. Zero fucks giving bad boy Thug- game
    8. Sapiosexual Nerd-game
    The things is, all of these or combinations of them will work to different degrees depending on the environment, the age, SMV, social status, financial status, personality of the targeted THOTS. And, the THOTS that are amenable to any of these games will still play the hypergamy game in any of these 8 pussy tingling game axis.
    In short, no one single way, no one can master all of these ways and even if you did master some and catch pussy, you still will be hypergamy – raped when a you are outclassed in the chosen game. It is a crap shoot.

    1. Nick, what are you talking about? Mastering ‘nerd-game’? RoK and PUA forum theory threads from 2005, are not the same thing.
      Its impossible to be every woman’s perfect man, and you don’t want to be. The number one, numero uno quality that every hoe wants in her man is strength, both inside and out. Looks, money humour or whatever BS is a distant second so work on number 1 and then number 2.
      They may claim that they need a rich guy, but since when have women ever known what they want? What they’ll *never* date a short ugly ginger guy who puts the bitch in her place?
      I’ll try to break it down in a way you’ll understand but i’m not really sure I get what you’re talking about, it sounds as if you’ve 8 personalities you switch between when you need only 2; Alpha soft and Alpha hard.
      Soft is for nervous girls you approach, bringing the conversation back to Earth, rapport, showing ‘normalcy’.
      Hard is for attraction.
      Unless she’s a nervous wreck Hard should be used for 90% of any interaction.

    2. @Nick
      Choose a game style that is congruent with your personality; don’t be a beta: It’s a simple formula.

      1. Yeah it is simple- be alpha, be soft alpha, or hard alpha, take your pick and don-t be beta.
        I am not interested in game any such shit. I am just trying to examine WTF is wrong with the inter sexual relationship today. Answer: It is FUBAR, because of runaway hypergamy in a feminized and feminizing culture. Everything is crapshoot for most dudes because what is needed is just whatever the shit the bitches today think is hot on social media or may even depend on the ovulation period of a target THOT! – Yes, I have seen even that analyzed in order to game women! LOL.

  8. Am I the only guy on this site who doesn’t really care if someone I’m banging or “dating” so-called “cheats” on me? I don’t think I’ve been cucked in MANY years (since my teen years?), but it’s not something I think or care much about. It’d be different if I were married with children, I suppose, and was in danger of being divorce-raped, but that’s not my situation.
    I just don’t care enough about these sassy, petulant, delusion children in adult bodies (women) to worry if they’re f*cking or receiving money from anyone else. In fact, I’ve dared at least 3 “girlfriends” (that I can remember) to go out and get laid and try to find someone better than me — just take some photos for proof! I’m just not the jealous or possessive type anymore, and I generally look forward to breaking up with women and moving on to someone younger and less of a pain in the ass. As such, I’m always looking for a reason and the “civilian” women I bang pick up on this attitude.
    As an aside, when I lived in a resort town in northern Mexico and was living pretty “free”, I used Craigslist to cuck other guy’s girlfriends and wives. I ran an ad in the personals for a few years and frequently tagged these whores in hotels (and even a few times in my house), often with the guy watching and taking photos. But always with the husband’s or boyfriend’s permission. There is a fairly large community in the US that’s really into that. Strange, but true.

    1. In fact, cucking another guy’s woman with his full knowledge (such that there is no danger of payback or other negative repercussions) is the only completely FREE pussy I’ve ever got — even had some drinks bought for me!!
      Some real strange experiences for sure in those years (and great realizations of the true nature of women), but I’ve come to believe that’s the point in living life: having varied experiences and reflecting on them / learning from them — as long as everybody is consenting and no children are involved…

    2. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a guy in the wardrobe with a video camera once or twice. Still, don’t think I could perform to a good standard with another guy in the room.

      1. No, nobody ever tried to hide in closets. These “cuck” couples tend to be very upfront about everything. Most guys want to watch, some prefer to stay in the living room, none want to participate because their wives / girlfriends are the dominant ones and won’t let them. In these situations, I always popped a “blue pill” beforehand so the distraction of having a guy in the room wouldn’t kill my boner — true story!! I wish I could upload a few photos to show you…

    3. @Allister Collins
      I kind of get what you’re saying. Sad but true. Once you pipe down enough girls you start to see them as cardboard cut-outs. It’s sorta the equivalent of a woman who rides the cock carousel throughout her twenties. You become cynical and start to develop the “one thousand pussy stare”. You start to view women as disposal sex objects that are easily replaced.

      1. Yeah, sort of, but every once in a while I find a gal that I actually get a kick out of and don’t mind doing non-sexual things with too. I’m with such a chica now actually (and for the past 8 months), and although I’ve still banged some other young hotties (some pro, some non-pro) over this time frame — because it’s fun — I have far less motivation to do so lately because I’m getting regular sex that’s much better than average. Plus, if truth be told, this chica has been very loyal, respectful and absolutely loves my dog (much to his great pleasure…), so I’m not eager to give her the punt quite yet. And I also don’t want to increase the risk of hurting her feelings and devastating her with my “lifestyle” — bad karma and all that — so you can see that I’m not a total cynical psychopath yet.

    4. Allister,
      The thirsty always dream of the ‘faithful virgin’, some of us know better that all women are whores. Living in different cultures shows you the true face of women, and from that time on exclusivity ceases to matter. Bang them all, because that’s in their nature.

      1. Women have no intrinsic-men make her nature-if you want ‘faithful virgins’ you get men to agree socially to not fuck them or they get killed, there’s countries and societys (built and run by men) who have established this as the norm-the reaosn you have whitek nights is for this reason-white knights are the propagation of thousands of years where historically men knew not to fuck around with another guys girl or every guy would kill you-sure there’s some natural thirst and beta-ness involved, but it was through the societal hard wiring of not allowing everyman to fuck every girl that white knights came about in the first place-because men use to respect other men’s words as being equal to a bond and a hand written agreement-and so if you broke that bond you died-really that simple-there’s nothing natural about women sleeping with other men-only in the small small small percent of harems throughout history was this ever even conceptually achieved and accomplished-some rulers would be able to establish harems because they ruled entire countries-the vast majority of women were sold off to and or became brides to every other man-they’ve never had the freedom that they do today to give society the middle finger with no repercussions for sexual promiscuity in sight-women are like water and fill the cup they are put in-its the men or more properly the ‘rulers’ (lawmakers) of a society who determine a woman’s actions, and historically she’s never been allowed to bang anything and everything-the only reason women come off whorish is because they will and have historically had no other option but to bang any avaiable suitor, and so given the chance she will bang any suitor-if you want to stop that from happening than you need to stop the beta males allowing this-the ‘faithful virgin’ is a realistic goal simply because men are the ones who dictate what she will become, its really that simple-if you don’t want whores you kill the men who allow her to whore or you restructure your society in laws in such a way which doesnt allow her to do so-the white knigth use to be something men needed to establish this kind of order so that women wouldn’t whore-he would ‘protect’ her dignity from a roving ‘chad’ or thirsty beta-many men like yourself want to believe the conspiracy theory that AWALT (all women are like that)-that they all whore-like I said, the only reason they do nowadays is because betas like you enabler her to and have accepted defeat and have no moral standards-but the girls who are do so because they have no option(s) and are left with no other choice-men forget women want to fuck just like men do, not exactly the same way, but they still have the same desires-I’m not saying you lock her up with no where to go and take away the car keys (although thats step 1) what I am saying is its intristic to human nature to want sex-wanting sex doesn’t exclusvily imply bein a whore or a slut no more than wanting food make you a glutton or a drunk-to get around this you would simply establish arranged marriages, which is something the west really needs to jump on the boat with if they want to solve their sexual promiscuity crisis-most people don’t like the idea of being ‘arranged’ because most people are so ego driven and stuck up that whenever someone tells them what to do for the best of society or themselves they throw a hissy fit like a child, but generally speaking with how cataclysmic the divorce rate is these days clearly people don’t know how to pick for themselves and it would be the wiser option to establish arranged marriages at certain ages-regardless the point is women are like water and they form to the structure you put them in-right now you have a society allowing both men and women to whore out-if you don’t want this than change the structure, but claiming being a whroe is their natural state in nature is flawed-one main reason (among many) is for the simple fact that she has to bear a child for 9 months and raise and care for it the rest of her life-again if you had kids which I can’t imagine you do you would see that simple truth plain as day-before contraception became like candy she was almsot guarenteed to be pregnant by 20-even if she was a raging whore slut there’s 9 months right there where shes not putting out and at least a good decade where she’s not gunna go run over to the over town or village to fuck the neighbor-desire for sexual fetishes like promiscuity die once you have kids-the emphasis is so strongly tied to the child that you simply don’t fuck aorund wth fucking around-certaintly girls ‘whore’ out just as much as men do before they fuck and have kids, but to claim its her true nature is to not understand child rearing in the slightest and the very real fact that almost any sex she had would most certainty result in a kid.

        1. Long story short its easy to call girls ‘whores’ because historically she’s never had choice, she would have to fuck whatever was available to her-she wasn’t allowed to fuck whatever dude she wasn’t this idea never existd, such an idea was extremely taboo for most of history-women were by default the ‘property’ of men-she didn’t get to have a say in her courtship, if only very rarely was this allowed-the vast majority of human history hasn’t allowed women to fuck anyone they wanted-so what do they do when given the chance? They will bed virtually any dude who isn’t put off by that concept-most men don’t like this idea, its so imbedded in their psyche to not fuck her before a ‘relationship’ of somekind is established that they miss the gol post altogether, but to the girl her ‘relationship’ is based on her the notion that you bang her out, becaus ethis is more or less how she has been ‘breed’ by men to be, she hasn’t been raised and nurtured for thousands and thousands of years to choose what dude to bang out, she only knows that her ‘owner’ (husband) fucks her and the sexual act to her signals ownership (which it should)-in a little way every dude she has sex with claims a bit of ‘ownership’ over her psyche-the unfortunate aspect here is men becoming enablers to this issue and not marrying the women- women who aren’t ‘claimed’ by the man end up for lack of a better word dysfunctional – men want to own and claim women, but he is not psychologically chained to the sexual act in the same way she is-keep in mind she see’s whoever fucks her as her ‘owner’-when given the chance for promiscuity she has no boundaries because she doesn’t know any-to a man marriage is the bond, to a woman sex is, if you don’t establish clear structure and order with her than she goes off the rails not knowing who is her ‘owner’-if she’s a whore its almost always the father’s fault for not knowing how to control her and show her how she should direct her sexual interest and lead her in an upright way which has a bit of dignity-if she has no dignity its most certainly because her father had none as well-her whore-ish nature is simply the result of not being directed properly by society or her father-its not an intrinsic set of rules or default program setup-she doesn’t naturally seek out any mate-its quite the opposite actually-men will seek out any mate they can get-the tricky part about women is simply their indirect nature and how since everything is communicated indirectly its easy (VERY EASY) for men to lose their cool and think the worst (she must be cheating) when trust goes south-certainitly women have always been and always will be ‘sneaky’ and will sneak out their homes to fuck the local chad, but the fact remains that not every girl is intrinscially lieks this, she likes the ‘fantasy’ of this more so than the actual act because the fantasy gives her choice she’s never had-when given the actual choice what does she do? She either goes and fucks every guy that she can or she ‘plays’ with every guy she can-because again, the actual act of sex to her is not nearly as appealing to the woman-she’s not breed to go ot and fuck anything that moves-I’ve asked out a fuck ton of girls ok, and if girls were whores I should have an army of children right now, but I don’t and neither do A LOT of men-yes, I’m aware of the 80/20 rule which apparently says only the top 20% of chads fuck every girl or whatever, but realistically its just not happening, girls have been breed for so long to be FORCED to FETISH fucking someone she would NEVER get to fuck that the ‘game’ to them is FAR more appealing than the actual act-its as if humans were told about chocolate or some incredibly tasty food for thousands and thousands of years, and humans fantasized over this food for thousands and thousands of years, and THEN virtually overnight SUDDENLY OUT OF NO WHERE were allowed to eat this food that we’ve been told is the best food on EVER. This is sex for women. They taste it and either become addicted or they are like,”Oh, it was good, but the fetish and FANTASIZING about it is what I really love” – she loves the fetish more than the actual act, and I’m talkin even basic standard sex-girls are most promiscuous from 20-23 from a biological perspective this is their prime and when they’re most sexually active-if given the chance to taste the ‘best food ever’ after having only heard about it for thousands and thousands of years you most CERTAINTLY would taste it, but again, women aren’t naturally prone to whore it out-in the past they merely would do pretty much any guy simply because she would have no other choice-now that she’s given this option though she does go overboard with it (at first), but noticeably lot of women prefer the fetish of the sex act over the reality-I know maybe half a dozen actual chads, like top tier dudes, probably top 20% a few of them maybe top 2-3% of dudes in the west, these fuckin dudes know how it works ok, you can’t just fuck any random hoe out there, she won’t let you, unless she knows you from social circle its fuckin irrelevant what ‘%’ of guy you are-MANY girls, the vast majority, desire the ‘idea’ more than they do you the man-they’ve been breed to HAVE to think of sex as unobtainable because she would have no other choice and so she continues to do so-like I said, some do go off the rails and are total whores, but the vast vast majority get their taste young and either are taken off the market by a dude or they play men until they find some guy that matches her fantasy-I know dudes are fucking girls, but in reality its few and far between that men are fucking a girl THEY want-not to mention but most girls are so low key about sex that if it happens you’ll never know how many dicks she’s had- which is obviously unsettling, but in reality you have to consider the fact that she’s not getting pumped and dumped as often as I think men believe to be true even though the marketplace is overwhelmingly in her favor-she has her few rounds on the carousal but the vast majority prefer to string men along rather than fuk tons and tons of men on the side-it just doesn’t happen-most men think since they aren’t fucking him than she MUST be fucking some other dude-but in truth neither of you are having sex-there’s really only maybe 3 out of 10 girls who whore out nonstop-the other 75-80% of girls whore out in their prime years for a year or two and then drop out-they get their taste of the forbidden fruit and realize they like the fetish of thinking about it more-girls whore it out for a few years at most when given the chance but they go cold pretty quick if they don’t get what they want-nyways I would simply say with this longass rant is that I don’t see that many girls ‘whoring’ out-I see a lot of girls with boyfriends who are beta pussys that won’t marry her and are creating more corrupted sluts that me and every other guy have to weed through-those are the men other men need to be bitching about-these fuckin dudes who fuck bitches and don’t marry her and they room up for a few years together and then they break up and now I have to be the one to date her ass, fuck that-why couldnt that fag marry that bitch, no he’s gunna go and create a slut me and every other dude have to fuck, that fuckin loser needs to gain a sense of morality and dignity-those are the faggots that need articles written about on here, the fucks who don’t know how to marry that bitch so i don’t have to fuck your slut cuse she broke up with your dumb ass-anyways at the end of day when given ‘choice’ bitches will whore it up during their good years but it doesn’t last as long as men think- some guys I know think some of these 26 year old 6’s and 7’s are still putting out as much as when they were 20-233-they aint, no one is banging them unless she has some chump ass boyfriend shes not having sex-and LOTS of dudes DONT WANT TO BELIEVE THAT – many men can’t wrap their heads around the fact that she fucked a few guys (literally 2 or 3) and DOESNT FUCK ANY OTHER MEN – to the it seems impossible because they are so fuckin thirsty as motherfuckers that they think a ‘hot’ 7 and even some 8’s (although debateable) MUST be fucking! The sad truth is she isn’t – she ideoloizes the fetish of being desired so much that she opts out of the game waiting for prince charming becaus ebeta fag boy who lived with her for 3 years was an agnostic atheist faggot and didn’t believ in marriage and so now shes not fucking-some guys cant believe-they think “No way, shes hot and is getting hounded by dudes OF COURSE shes fucking” – the thirsty fucks can’t accept the fact that shes already married, married to her fetish of ‘mr. right’ who will ‘own’ her. She doesn’t want to be owned by every fuckin dude, its not in nature in the slightest-she whores out simply cuse she can and is so breed of being told to fuck ANYONE in the past that she still does and all the more so when not reeled in-unfortunately most men here just wanna get laid and don’t wanna be accomplice to her fantasy, but at the end of the day if you bang that bitch you better have a game plan with her-if that bitch is clearly young and a even a potential virgin you fucking her better have the end game of marrying her cuse I odn’t wanna have to deal with another young slut walkin the street-I’m sure roosh or some dude will say,”it doesn’t matter cuse a chad will fuck her anyways if you don’t so whats the point?” the point is a guy will kill that chad if he finds out-and thats why we have white knights. Anyways I don’t know the solution-I would simply advocate for more marriage or else society ends up just being one big fuck-fest that the guys at RSD wanna create. Cheers*

  9. people are reading this type of article with a secret hope. one day a guy will show up and tell them the truth : guys, unless you’re really good looking or have serious cash, your chance to get laid with a beautiful woman are slim, and your chance to start a healthy relationship are non-existant.
    The only good advice is to stop being thirsty.
    how do you become thirsty in the first place ? because you look to women. you’re checking their asses and body 24/7.
    read a fucking book. listen to a new album every week. go to nature. practice multiple sports, learn a new skill each year.. when you practice scuba diving in the ocean with beautiful sea creatures, sex is irrelevant.
    just give up and explore the world. your lives will end soon enough.

    1. I don’t know what you mean by “beautiful woman”. Call me beta or whatever but most women under 30 I see are somewhat attractive and I see them with all kinds of men. Sure the Chads and those with rich parents get more than their fair share but they’re still a small minority so they won’t hoard all the women wise enough to know that they cannot tie them.
      I don’t mean to sound abrasive but your comment is pretty obnoxiously unintelligent.
      Sure having sex with a ‘beautiful’ woman takes work OR a good stroke of luck (preferably while you’re young) but if you have a stroke of luck, it’s still easier to fuck a ‘beautiful’ woman than to get a degree, get jacked, learn dancing or martial arts, write a book, learn a new language or a bunch of other things that luck will never give to you. You cannot luck your way into any of those things but being in the right place at the right time (factoring in your age) can get any guy laid. Under average circumstances it’s tougher because the stars are not aligned and you have to aggressively show value and lead the interaction.

      1. “Sure having sex with a ‘beautiful’ woman takes work OR a good stroke of luck”
        Or $30-$50 when outside countries with welfare for single moms.

      2. @DepressedGuy1985 : you don’t get it : any average looking woman today behave as a model, because she have 20 chads validating her through dating apps and because she gets constant “help/service/smile” from beta orbits in every moment of her life..
        .. which is logic : the chad want a stream of babes to get his dick in a warm hole on a daily basis, besides, switching right in a dating app ain’t coast him shit. the Beta is nice to the girl in hope to get laid one day when she lowers her shield. While every guy is trying to maximise his chance to get laid the “invisible hand” si working against. they should themselves in the foot collectively and make the pussy price sky skyrocketing.
        unless men withdraw from this evil market, this logic won’t end. this game-unavailable-bananaivable path is not effective, it’s a huge waste of time and energy for crumbs.
        human body is very adaptable. if you stop looking at chicks, triggers/sexual scenes/ nasty girls, your body will focus on something else. the brain plasticity is real, you’ll have a different brain more suitable to your current sexless lifestyle.

        1. Thanks for your civil response, even if I truly don’t get it.
          I take it that you’re MGTOW? I would agree that you should not obsess about women more than you do already (which is different for everyone) but, at the same time, denying your own sexuality and needs is for teens going through puberty. It’s a cop-out that won’t lead to true happiness.
          A healthy equilibrium is better than any extreme. Once you’re done lifting, studying and working for the week, there’s nothing wrong with going to the local meat market bar (or whatever) and ‘wasting’ some time there doing openings and establishing connections especially if you’re in a slightly smaller town where a good word can travel.
          Even when I had zero game, zero self-esteem, a mediocre body and just sat there staring into my overpriced drink there were times (very few but still) when reasonably attractive girls opened and complimented me. Sure I blew it because of the things I mentioned above but the opportunities were presenting themselves even without me being active and I’m not a handsome guy. I’m simply jacked and better dressed today.
          Nowadays when I go out it’s still awkward to me because I’m on the autism spectrum but I have matured, learned skills and have a different approach where my inner game has me presenting myself differently; I used to do volunteering where we would patrol the streets looking for minors in hardship and in need of help. I basically transferred that same mentality to my clubbing (the only place where I meet women regularly) and made a conscious attempt to reframe it so I could get value, give value and find more purposes in venues reserved for the mating game.
          A life of nothing but toiling for a higher purpose and self-improvement is not an enjoyable one for most people.

      3. “Call me beta or whatever but most women under 30 I see are somewhat attractive”
        LOL! That’s not even possible in LA/MIA. Even there, 9/10 girls <30 = GROSS
        ***BETA ALERT***

    2. RandomGuy: get rid of the thirst by banging beautiful young women by paying them directly — P4P — in countries where it’s affordable, legal and socially accepted. Very simple. I’ve seen some of the most ridiculous looking trolls (men) having the time of their lives with cute young whores, and these guys are not millionaires. But, you’ve got to leave the US or Canada to do so.

      1. @Allister Collins : I hate using condoms, it feels nothing. I like kissing, oral sex on me (not on latex).. the emotional aspect, the body chemistry, smell, making love in a wet pussy (not watching the girl putting lub after a fake “turned on” acting scene), sleeping then waking up for another sex session..
        All this is impossible with whores. You pay 50$ to avoid investing emotionnally, that’s exactly what you get back from them. so for me sex with a whore and no sex at all are pretty much the same situation.
        other guys are happy with it. which is fine, but pretending it’s a solution for everyone is not true.

        1. “the emotional aspect, the body chemistry, smell, making love in a wet pussy (not watching the girl putting lub after a fake “turned on” acting scene), sleeping then waking up for another sex session.. ”
          This is something you do with girlfriends/wifes, not with One Night Stands, regardless if it is clubsluts or professional whores.
          I agree with you, but if you are very horny and need sex, hookers are a good thing. Not for me, because I 1) have a beautiful woman, 2) do not have a strong urge to have sex when I am not in a relationship.

    3. “people are reading this type of article with a secret hope. one day a guy will show up and tell them the truth : guys, unless you’re really good looking or have serious cash, your chance to get laid with a beautiful woman are slim, and your chance to start a healthy relationship are non-existant” – false beta mentality man

  10. Good Looking Loser goes on about this extensively. I don’t think he hit upon a single point that hasn’t been analyzed multiple times by him. It’s good advice and will help you develop a KISS mentality when it comes to women. If you can get em home in an hour, you probably could have done it in 30, if 30 then 15 and so on. Once you adopt that thought process you will see how only chumps take new girls out on fancy dates, or even dinner.

    1. This guys speaks the truth. Albeit I love dates as long as their spontaneous, cant be bothered setting one up.

  11. Heart says this dude won the game roulette!
    “We found this hotel, it was a place I knew well..”

    One of the great Alpha fux, Beta bux songs of all time.

  12. You guys kill me.
    I live in rural America. Nearest bars are 40+ miles away. Even then, here in the buckle of the Bible belt, pickings are extremely slim. A 5 or a 6 is not available, period. Only fat, unattractive girls are single and unattached. Even relatively attractive fat girls are considered prime. Church? Walmart? Dollar General? Tried it all.
    I’m considering selling the farm and relocating.

    1. But wait! Where are all the chaste, subservient, HB10’s that supposedly live out in the rural farm areas away from all the toxic big cities? A large contingent of the men on here would have you believe that’s the solution; that’s where all the quality girls are at.
      Sorry guys, there is no “poosy paradises”; just like there is no such thing as free lunch. Focus on making money, lifting weights, and developing charisma. Get cut and get butt(female)—stop making excuses and just adapt.

      1. “Sorry guys, there is no “poosy paradises””
        Not in the USA, but once you get away from welfare states, there’s a whole world full of available women.

        1. “poosy paradises”
          Try, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines for a start, no need to approach women, they approach you.

        2. nah, those girls have small tits, narrow hips and tiny (often flat) asses. Those physical characteristics also create a risk of your ending up in bed with trannies.
          another guy in this thread knows what’s up. want a poosy paradise? go to south america. always select women with big tits, wide hips and big butts. otherwise, you could be “trannied” there as well.

  13. I have no interest in learning game. I’m pretty happy with using a escort you pay the bitch to leave it’s time efficient. All the times i have had sex has been with escorts £100 to 350 is a small price to pay its cheaper than having a girlfriend.

    1. That’s cool I guess… I prefer to not pay for the cow when I can get the milk for free.

      1. No milk is ever free, unless you cuck another guy’s wife or girlfriend (as I mentioned above). If you actually crunch the numbers, your “bang-to-buck ratio” is much better when you’re with professional whores compared to married guys who eventually get divorced. In South America, SE Asia and many other areas it’s pretty easy to get your ratio under $50 all in for at least 30 minutes of sex with a youngish cutie. On the other hand, it’s quite easy to have a ratio of over $1,000 per bang as a divorced guy who had a bit of a frigid wife. Tiger Woods likely had a ratio approaching $100,000 per bang given his divorce settlement and all the time he was away from his wife.
        I cringe at paying 350 pounds or 500 dollars as some guys on this site mention, because I can jump in a taxi right now and be banging a 21-year-old cutie (7 face, 8 body) for an hour in her bed for $40 all in, including the taxi. That’s South America, gents.

        1. Case in point: a friend of mine was married for 6 years, got divorced, lost the house and has to pay for a couple kids. His estimated costs of buying his wife stuff for 6 years (various gifts, flowers, dinners, drinks, holidays), combined with overpaying for a big house they didn’t need, combined with what he lost in the divorce was estimated at $380,000 (doesn’t include costs of kids and other basics such as groceries, car payments, insurance etc.).
          The total number of times he banged his wife over 6 years of marriage and dating 15 months prior was estimated at about 260 times (much more in the beginning, much less in the end). As such, 380,000 / 260 = $1,461 per bang, which doesn’t include all the emotional / psychological grief he went through during that period.

        2. Plus, her skillz were probably not up to the level of a South American “companion”.
          Definitely not, towards the end.

        3. Allister,
          I can confirm your divorce bang Vs 3rd world bang costs as entirely accurate. When married after they’ve popped a couple of kids to secure your home, the sex is finished.
          Most women are fucking you for a house, once they have a house from you, they stop fucking you. If they don’t see a house being purchased, they stop fucking you.

        4. Another case in point: years ago when I was just getting started as a young professional associate, my boss (who was about 14 years senior to me) was noticing some of the chicks I was banging. At that stage in my life (prior to any P4P), I was on a tear with taking down good-looking women who were likely looking for a future provider.
          But from my point of view, my boss looked like he had it all: a great career, a cute red-headed wife who made GOOD money, 2 healthy kids, a new luxury SUV, and he was putting the final touches on a new McMansion on a hill with a view of the city. My boss was tall (played volleyball in university), boyishly handsome, dressed pretty well and was considered very sensitive / empathetic — classic yuppy metrosexual.
          During the course of talking discreetly about my notches, my boss admitted he hadn’t banged his wife in about 9 months… but thought it no big deal as both were busy with work, building a house and raising a young family. In fact, he often slept in his little daughter’s bed (with feet hanging over the edge) because the wife always invited the kids into her bed. He eventually admitted, while he contentedly sipped his SOY latte, that since she birthed their oldest son (who was about 6 years old) they had intercourse no more than a dozen times, although one of those times lead to another pregnancy and birth of their daughter. I just nodded at his admissions with my mouth agape, thinking this was a total nightmare.
          Sure enough, just as the new McMansion was completed, she told him she wanted a divorce and had no interest in any counseling — for it eventually came out she was banging a shorter, uglier, older, pot-bellied Architect who probably made a little more $$$ than my boss. And what unfolded over the next year while I still worked with him (prior to escaping to Mexico) was unbearable to watch. Complete devastation. Constant emotional breakdowns. Near financial ruin. What an awful final year that was working with him and dealing with the collateral damage.
          But, after the dust had settled, I calculated his ratio at about $4,000 per bang with this heartless redhead. What a price to pay for such a shitty ending. He eventually married a divorced single mom who had previously worked with us part-time as an independent contractor.

        5. “…as the new McMansion was completed, she wanted a divorce and…she was banging a shorter, uglier, older, pot-bellied Architect who probably made a little more $$$ than my boss…
          …I calculated his ratio at about $4,000 per bang with this heartless redhead…He eventually married a divorced single mom who had previously worked with us part-time as an independent contractor.”
          Did he lose that girl to a shorter, uglier, older, pot-bellied Architect, too?

        6. “I cringe at paying 350 pounds or 500 dollars,…because I can…be banging a 21-year-old cutie (7 face, 8 body) for an hour in her bed for $40 all in, including the taxi. That’s South America, gents.”
          How much for a 16-yr-old girl, sporting an 8 face & 9 body, with low mileage?

  14. @john dodds All I gotta do is Read ya comments to know Im doing the right thing by NEVER getting married… Not in the West anyways.. Oh yea I forgot & all my friends & family members too who got RAPED by their girl.
    @black british guy paying for pussy is NOT fun… Nothing makes ya confidence soar higher then meeting a girl on the street randomly & sleeping with her the SAME night! But if I was gonna pay I prefer strip clubs… I fucked a few hoes in the strip club. Going in the day time helps they do more for less.
    And yes there is a pussy paradise… But everyones Paradise is a little different & wont be the same for everyone. Its all about Logistics & finding a place or places where your SMV is Higher then where your at currently. Ive been to a few so I know for FACT!! I just dont live there

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