Why You Should Avoid Women Who Complain About Their Health

Many years ago I earned my flight and ground instructor certificates, and one of the subjects I was required to study were the “Fundamentals of Instruction,” or FOI for short. The FOI is one of the many written examinations prospective instructors must pass in order to receive their credentials, and it’s based on the principles outlined in the FAA’s Aviation Instructor’s Handbook. It essentially boils down to a synopsis of basic psychology, proper teaching techniques, and understanding how people learn and absorb information.

One of the focal points covered in the FOI were the “Levels of Learning,” and what they entail are the steps one must go through in order to achieve a certain level of mastery over of a particular subject or theme. They are the following:

1. Rote

2. Understanding

3. Application

4. Correlation

Rote is the level of learning most people have about a given subject, especially when the subject is uninteresting or has very little relevance in the real world. How one might approach an extraneous college course that is compulsory for fulfilling a degree requirement is a good example: a person studies some nugatory information, makes a half-assed attempt to devote it to memory, regurgitates it for an exam, and then quickly forgets about it once its utility has been exhausted.

Understanding is what happens when you combine fascinating subject matter with giving a shit. You can see the information being presented in the rote stage has some merit to it, and therefore a concerted effort will be made to extract as much knowledge from the material as practicable. Pieces start coming together, things begin to “click,” and a clearer picture begins to emerge at this stage.

Application is when you get your feet wet and put your new found knowledge into practical use. You implement the prescribed theories and principles, try things out, and experiment. You take the useful components that apply to you and what you want to accomplish, and you discard the non-essential bits that do little or nothing to aid you in your goals.

Correlation is when an advanced level of comprehension is attained—everything comes into focus and you truly “get it.” And not only do you “get it,” but you understand how the knowledge procured has both mobility and relevance in closely related spheres. You have a clear grasp of the “big picture” at this final stage. However, it’s important to note that correlation must be continually built upon and expanded. One should never operate under the misapprehension that they know it all.

How it could save your life


The reason I bring all of this up is because the majority of men reading this red flag series will fall into one of two categories: those who have plenty of application with minimal understanding, and those who have plenty of understanding but little to no application.

The men who have dated a lot or have previous long term relationships know firsthand what happens when one has no understanding of female nature. These men know the feeling of pain; they know the feeling of agony and confusion one experiences if they aren’t discerning when it comes to choosing a decent mate. They are fully aware of how a woman can make a man pay dearly if he allows ignorance or idealism to obscure reality.

These men will gain the most from this series: they will have moments of clarity when things that were previously obfuscated by inexperience (or denial) become crystal clear through reading. Understanding and correlation will be acquired by these men simply from exposure to the information being presented.

It’s the second group of men that concerns me the most. These men—by and large—have their heads screwed on straight and have a great deal of rudimentary knowledge when it comes to females and their idiosyncrasies. Perhaps these men are shy or still working on self improvement to get their confidence up to snuff before getting their feet wet in the dating world. Regardless, they’ve done a lot of reading and possess a firm understanding of how things operate with women from a theoretical standpoint—they just don’t interact with women to apply any of it.

Once you do finally decide to step out into the world and begin applying what you’ve learned, you will have many “Aha!” moments when things instantly come together upon your exposure to them. And what I’m trying my damnedest to emphasize here is that once those moments of exposure come to fruition—and they will, I assure you—that you don’t fucking shrug them off, ever.

The introductory article to the Red Flag Master List series discussed rape and domestic violence. This piece will focus on a red flag that correlates with those two major deal-breakers, but isn’t quite so alarming (in the short term, anyway). If you catch wind of a woman trying to pull this particular shit-move on you, then you should anticipate the possibility of bigger issues arising in the future. With that said, let’s get on with it.

Hypochondria Or Valetudinarianism


Hypochondria, for those unfamiliar with the term, is basically when somebody blows their medical problems out of proportion. A headache is turned into an inoperable malignant brain tumor; a slightly stubbed toe becomes a compound metatarsal fracture requiring immediate reconstructive surgery; and a case of diarrhea somehow morphs into catastrophic internal organ failure—it’s all bullshit.

These are extreme examples, but you should always have an open ear for crap like, “My back hurts,” “I suffer from migraines,” or, “I was in a bad accident when I was a kid.” When you’re assessing this sort of thing in person, it’s important to pay attention to how a woman presents these issues to you: listen to her voice and watch if she makes sad, puppy dog-like eyes whenever the subject comes up—she’s fishing for empathy and gauging your susceptibility to guilt trips.

You can always tell when women are pity pandering and looking for attention by their tone and facial expressions. They will often combine exaggerated demonstrations of pain with whiny, almost baby-like voices. In other words, they act like children do when they have a “boo-boo.” It’s also crucial to take note if a woman goes to the doctor on a routine basis for innocuous issues or misses a lot of work.

People who live with chronic pain or illness mention it matter-of-factly, not in a petulant, faggoty way. They are accustomed to feeling like crap and have come to grips with their afflictions—it’s just a fact of life and they are used to it. They don’t try to make a show or spectacle out of it because it’s serious business, not show business.

Breaking It Down

You’re probably wondering: Why do women do this and why is it such a big deal? Well, garnering attention and sympathy from unsuspecting men are the primary reasons. But playing the hypochondria card as a way to weasel out of pulling their weight in a relationship setting is also a major factor. These losers will use their bullshit medical excuses to get out of doing the cooking, the cleaning, going out on dates, having sex—you name it.

In short: they’re lazy fucks who don’t want to exert themselves, and they’ll find any excuse in the book to get out of performing their duties.


Calling in sick is the best way to stay at home and get out of work, and calling in sick at home is the best way to get out of doing work there, too. If a woman shows signs of hypochondria early in your interactions, then you can expect this behavior to intensify as your relationship progresses. In other words: I hope you enjoy doing all of the chores, making all of the money, and jerking off in your “man cave” you poor no-life-having motherfucker, because that’s exactly what you have to look forward to.

And God help you if impregnate one of these flunkies because she will raise your children to be exactly like her: a bunch of whimpering, useless little turds. Every time your son’s nose dispenses a single droplet of snot she’ll be hauling the poor little son of a bitch off to the emergency room; then on to a pediatrician; then on to an ear, nose, and throat specialist; then on to a pediatric ear, nose, and throat specialist; and then on to CVS or Walgreens to get 13 fucking prescriptions filled to treat a bunch of shit he doesn’t even have. This hypochondria garbage always rubs off on the kids—always.

The children created by these women suffer greatly: they grow up thinking there’s something wrong with them, when in reality they’re perfectly normal, healthy kids. These women will also make you and your wallet suffer greatly with all of the doctor’s office visits, copayments, and pharmaceutical related expenses—even if you have good medical insurance (men living in countries with decent socialized medicine programs needn’t worry much here, I assume).

But the worst part of all is how these women seem to do everything in their power to turn their sons into wimpy little faggots. I don’t know about you guys, but I would hate to have to beat the faggot out of my own son just because I did a poor job choosing his mother.


Oh walk it off you pussy.

Hypochondria can also be used as a soft gold digger tactic. Why pay your bills or spend your own money on food and entertainment when you can get a man to do it by playing the sick card? Women will generally pull this crap after having sex with you for the first time, then start dropping subtle hints about their “medical issues” and corresponding financial difficulties.

This is their sneaky way of attempting to extract cash from you when meeting up in the future: they rope you in with sex, then start the guilt tripping and manipulation. It could be for gas money, rent money, cell phone bills, electric bills—it doesn’t matter. They just want some sort of remuneration for letting you fuck them.

You should really be on the look out for this if you were able to bone a chick without spending too much money on her in the beginning. She might feel as if she didn’t “get enough” for giving you access to her beat-up pussy. If you’ve been seeing some broad for less than a month and she starts complaining about money problems while missing a lot work due to some mysterious illness—then it won’t be long for she asks you to “help her out.” You should “help her out” by telling her to go fuck herself.

A Flaking Mechanism

Many women will use hypochondria as a go-to excuse for flaking on you. “I don’t feel good,” or, “My ‘condition’ has really been bothering me lately,” said the whiny, mellow dramatic dipshit broad. However, all of these medical problems and malingering demonstrations will miraculously melt away when something “fun” or “cool” pops up—and that’s exactly how you catch them/call them out on their little charade (this only applies if you’ve been seen a woman a few times).


You: “Come over this afternoon, I have something fun in mind.”

Girl: “I don’t know… I’m really not feeling good… my Terminal Cancerous Brain AIDS has really been acting up today.”

You: “No problem… I was just thinking about flying us to the coast in my buddy’s plane, checking us into a suite at the Hilton, and then having dinner at a Michelin starred restaurant with a great view. I know someone else who will want to go, so it’s no big deal at all. You really should get some rest—hope you feel better soon.”

Girl: “Uh, but, ummm, I’m sure I’ll be feeling better later today. I just need to take some medicine. What time should I come over and should I pack a small bag? And what’s this someone else shit you’re talking about?

Gotcha, bitch.

And that’s all you have to do, gentlemen. Throw out the opportunity to do something fun and exciting—and free for her, of course—then just sit back and watch all of these medical problems disappear faster than a Dubai dookie whore’s dignity.

You’ll feel like one of those con artist television evangelists when he says “Praise Jesus!” and then some prick magically hops out of a wheelchair and starts doing cartwheels and somersaults. “It’s a miracle, I tell you!” Nah, it’s just some good-for-nothing woman doing what she does best—being good for nothing.

An Encounter With A Real Life Hypochondriac


Once upon a time, yours truly here briefly dated a strong-and-independent woman who said she couldn’t suck my dick because she had Temporomandibular Joint Disorder of the jaw, or TMJ for short. Apparently, TMJ causes jaw pain, limited range of motion of the mandible, and clicking and popping when chewing. All I know is that blowjobs were off the table with this chick, and, needless to say, I wasn’t too impressed when she broke the news to me. We were out having a few drinks when she told me this, and my WWO (Wallet Won’t Open) Syndrome and my FTIL (Fuck This I’m Leaving) Disorder almost kicked in right there at the bar.

Now, I know some of you are probably thinking: “What’s the big deal, A.V. Yader? Getting your dick sucked by a typical strong-and-independent woman is like calling a customer service help desk and having some fucker named Sandeep in Bangalore troubleshoot your problem: after about 45 minutes of fumbling around, trying different things, exercising extreme patience and getting no results—you end up taking matters into your own hands, saying ‘fuck it’ and finishing the job yourself.”

And you would be right, I certainly don’t expect the typical strong-and-independent woman to be capable of sucking the skeleton out of a Gaboon viper, but here’s the bottom line: a woman’s mouth does four things….

1) Eats: which costs a man his money.

2) Drinks: which costs a man his money.

3) Talks: which costs a man his time and his sanity.

4) Sucks Dick: the reason a man puts up with all of the God damn eating, drinking, and talking.

If a woman is going to use a man for numbers one, two, and three—then her ass better be enthusiastic about number four as well (unless she’s a virgin or highly inexperienced). A woman who says, “I don’t do that,” when it comes to giving head is the equivalent of a man who says, “I don’t do that,” when it comes to having a fucking job and going to work. So bear that in mind the next time you interact with some slut who says she doesn’t suck dick—she’s a bum.

And that’s exactly what I was thinking as I was sitting there sipping on my Manhattan: “This bitch is a bum.” But hey—I’m a gentleman, and I did the gentlemanly thing to do in this situation: I made fun of her, and her useless piece of shit jaw. It was done in a humorous, light-hearted way, of course; but in a way that also let her know that, despite joking, I was actually skeptical of her “TMJ” claim and didn’t totally believe her.

My derision tactics had the desired effect: it made her feel insecure. This resulted in her emphatically assuring me that she would “make it up to me” when we got back to my place. We had already slept together once before, and it wasn’t too bad, so I was interested to see what she had in mind.

Come to find out, “making it up to me” consisted of her acting like a fucking weirdo and mewling out a series of frightening, high-pitched moaning (I guess they were moaning) noises while we engaged in some fairly vanilla sex. To this day, I still have no idea what the hell that was all about or what she was thinking. I didn’t know whether to cum or wheel the bitch out of my house on a dolly with a biter mask and straight jacket. She sounded a lot like the owl from the movie My Cousin Vinny.

Now, despite all of this, she and her behavior reinforced a valuable lesson, and it’s a lesson that you guys should learn as well: whenever a woman says she’s going to “make it up to you,” prepare to be pretty disappointed. Women are good at “making shit up” (stories, lies, etc.), they’re not good “making shit up to you” (favors, anal, and so on). Anyways, back to the story…

So a couple of days after we’d slept together that last time, this woman told me about how she and her donkey-faced work colleagues all chowed down on a huge bag of jerky at the office one day. “Oh my God, Jacky brought in this amazing bag of turkey jerky today. It was so good and amazing. Have you ever had it before? I mean, I ended up eating almost the whole amazing bag by myself! Hehehe…” Welcome to conversations with American chicks.

I appreciated the fact that she was an annoying idiot, though, because did me a huge favor by divulging that information—she exposed herself as a liar. It obviously goes without saying that if this broad had the jaw strength to stuff her face with some chewy-ass turkey jerky, then she certainly had the jaw strength to stuff her face with my cock. “I don’t wanna,” she said. “My jaw hurts,” she said. Ha, and who says women aren’t funny? That bitch was hilarious—I even told her so when I ditched her lying ass.

This story does have a happy ending, though. Quite a bit of time has passed since Miss Lockjaw and I had our brief little tryst, so it should come as no surprise that she went on to find herself a good man and is now happily married. I imagine that she and her husband have a very loving, trusting, and affectionate marriage. A marriage built on mutual respect and equality; one of true love that will stand the test of time.

There is little doubt that they’re both very happy, and her husband must consider himself to be a very lucky man. In fact, do you know what her doting, wonderful husband is probably doing right now? Not getting his dick sucked—that’s exactly what that fucking loser is doing.

Exit Strategy

Suitability for a long-term relationship is non-existent—you’re going to be responsible for anything and everything, and, worst of all, she will have the moral high ground on you because “she’s sick.” It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t give you sex or help you out in any way, shape, or form—“it” is always your fault, no matter what.

So, if you accumulate any mutual friends during a relationship with this type of woman, you can expect to lose them when you break up. She will tell everybody about how you’re such a terrible person because you left her when she was “ill,” thus leaving you looking like a total scumbag. If it ever comes to that, then you’ll just have to take the loss when it comes to those friendships.

These women are the path to misery, and they’re most likely hiding bigger issues. Rape fables, domestic abuse claims, and hypochondria all come from the same mentally ill place—they’re the same shit, just a different bull. And it’s for this reason that you should save any text correspondence between you and any woman who exhibits this type of behavior.

Always make sure that you have documented proof showing that, for the time you two were together, she was your cock’s biggest cheerleader. A woman of this nature could be building her way up to rape claim status, and you just might be her first target if you piss her off or make her “feel” bad. This is correlation, gentlemen—please take it seriously.

In Closing

Medical issues aren’t anything to joke about—real or imagined. If a woman reveals any major issues in the beginning that turn out to be true, then that gives you a tough choice to make. If your goal is to find a woman for the long term and have children, then you must take her medical history into serious consideration. Genetics are real, and you should want to maximize your chances of producing the healthiest offspring possible. There are no guarantees in life, but stacking the deck in your favor by choosing a woman who takes care of herself and has a clean bill of health is, without question, the wisest decision you can make.

A sickly woman won’t be able to care for your kids in a way that is ideal—she will be too busy with her own problems to truly focus on anyone else, with your needs as a man being very low, to non-existent, on her list of priorities. One of the most miserable situations I can imagine would be coming home to a house full of unhealthy people who need constant care and attention. It would be heartbreaking, as well as terribly burdensome.

It’s unfortunate, because you can’t help the way you are born. But as I’ve said before: a woman’s problems are her problems; they are not your cross to bear. It doesn’t make you a dick for ditching a woman who has issues, it makes you smart. You should be smart in the beginning, and let your heart come into the picture after you’ve done your due diligence.

Most guys do it backwards: they fall in love, then they start thinking. And that’s precisely why so many men fuck up their lives. Don’t fuck up your life: memorize, understand, apply, and correlate—it’s the best way to keep yourself covered and out of trouble.

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148 thoughts on “Why You Should Avoid Women Who Complain About Their Health”

  1. You mean all women? Hypochondria (or malingering, more accurately) is a standard-issue shit test that all men will face from women in a relationship (hypochondriacs really think they’re sick; malingerers are just faking for a variety of reasons).
    In his recent book, John Cleese called it “tyranny through weakness.” I’m paraphrasing, but he basically said, “you have wants, but she has NEEDS. You may WANT to sleep with the window open, but she HAS to have it closed or you’re exacerbating her imaginary health condition.”
    Here’s my patented technique for nipping it in the bud: doctor. Next time she tries to flake on something or bully you using her “health problems,” get your coat and keys, and say, “come on, I’m taking you to the doctor.” Call her bluff. Tell her you’re worried about her frequent health complaints. Tell her that her multiple seemingly unrelated symptoms (headache, stomach ache, etc.) indicate a serious problem and you think she should get some bloodwork done. Tell her you’re willing to take her to every specialist in town if need be. And this’ll be the last you ever hear of it.*
    * ASSUMING this is the standard-issue shit test. If she has the ACTUAL mental problem of hypochondria – which most of them don’t, it’s only malingering – then she’ll get off on doctors’ appointments.

        1. True hypochondria is insanity – it’s also pretty rare. What you’re inevitably going to encounter is malingering – a mere shit test.

        2. And again, it’s a sick way to live. Doesn’t matter how common it is, I would never put up with someone like that.

        3. If you want to train a girl not to fuck with you like that, he has a point. If she does it more than once then dump her.

    1. The doctor will understand the situation and play on her side. After all he is paid for this…

      1. This is why you pick a doctor who is on your side and then have him play along. Never fight when you might lose, rig it.

      2. Only the nice respectable mothers. She can be any kind of medically entitled bitch as long as she is doing her duty. This is the sad truth. They only get sympathy for problems that appear real, ill children or husbands, genuine poverty despite true hard work.
        The young ones are labelled and feel disposessed, and then act out. The older ones fall into a codependency trap so they can ‘deserve’ help they needed a long time before.
        In the meantime, with single parent families and the original kind default assumption that the lady was abandoned, the doctor does what he can to prevent further damage, while the single mothers get through life using their childs ADD medication, and there you have it, another vicious circle.

    2. Can you recommend Cleese’s book? I saw him interviewed recently about a new comedy act he’s doing and I believe he said he’s doing it because his cunt of an ex-wife needs the alimony. haha. He’s hilarious, so I’m sure it’s good. But does it touch on redpill issues much?

      1. It doesn’t touch much on red pill issues beyond how they played out in his home as a kid. His mom was a real nut, apparently, and his dad was the stable parent who was stuck with her too.
        It’s mostly an amusing account of his life from childhood to the genesis of Python. It was a fun read and I’d recommend it.

        1. “Families and how to survive them” was a pretty awesome book. Id recommend that for anyone dealing with WTF mothers.

  2. Great article. It informed me and had me laughing the whole time . Your way with words on point

  3. How about men just avoid dating and relationships altogether? As time has progressed, women have been afforded more entitlements and special privelages than ever before. They will will get a free pass on so many aspects in life that by default, men will be the loser. Look at the family courts- women will get everything most of the time such as the house, the cars, the savings, the properties, ailmony and child support. Or how about the education system and employment sector- women will always be given preferential treatment in relation to getting admission to courses and job opportunities. Whereas men, will be treated like second class citizens and will be mandated to attend anti rape and diversity training courses, where they are treated like sexual predators and rapists.
    All of this correlates with the fact that women are getting always going to get the bigger end of the stick since they are now the majority in society while the world turns into a gynocentric matriarchy. The more power she gets, the more entitled she becomes with herself. There are so many articles and websites, devoted to explaining the deceiving and back stabbing nature of a woman, that it has become more problematic to even go out on a date. I’m serious. The amount of cautions and procedures that a man has to go through just to ensure his safety such as having recorded devices, considering vasectomies, avoiding women with personality disorders, passing all the shit tests, drama and mindgames, and taking other forms of protections, has made the dating scene altogether, an absolute drag and waste of time, money and energy.
    The results are now showing as well- men are boycotting marriage at an all time
    high, refusing to have families, no longer attending colleges etc. While it is
    in our nature to want women, it is no doubt that the kind which we are seeing
    in our society, has also led to the deterioration of our health. It does not surprise me that men are now completely obsessed with porn and masterbation, that they have become more detached from the very premise of dating and relationships.
    There are other alternative ways of finding happiness in this life. Reading books, spending time with friends and the other simple things in life, can without a doubt, help to improve the overall quality of your life. But if you still seek to venture out into the dating field, then don’t be suprised as to what you will come across.

    1. Most men don’t seem to have the strength for chastity.
      Most men are not even aware of their consciousness.
      Basically, they’re getting through life like animals : one dopamine rush after the other.
      I’m not bashing proper family men though.

      1. I am like a dog with a bone today and appropriating your comment for proof of my opinion, please forgive me…
        Testosterone and dopamine are well linked. Fathers experience a small reduction in testosterone that presents itself as a desire to nurture his offspring and avoid risk taking behaviours, except in emergencies. Having successfully reproduced, the organism does not need to be quite so competitive and thus the drives drop to a manageble level which sets the standard for society as a man who has career and family and no mental imbalance.
        Modern technology exercises and requires only the effective use of this dopamine part of the brain. Never before have average men been expected to perform consistently at this level of technical skill and competitiveness without the complementary comfort of a cuddle from a nice buxom lady and the bright eyed admiration of his son.
        Astoundingly it is the intoverts who are best at this work because they never had such a huge dependence on dopamine in the first place. They and the few women in my line of work, and the young family men are bloody solid workers.
        The younger guys with something still to prove, are where the inefficiency lies. This I agree with, but are you going to dismiss the youth as easily as the men?
        It is not ‘most men’. It is young and insecure people who cannot control themselves in an increasingly loveless world.
        Men have a harder time in the changing society because the society was formed around the basis of a balanced family and practical reality of men being available for technical work. They really never had to have a conciousness, they had projects leaders and family and they knew their place. Now that is all gone. Bosses are psychos and women are mental, you have to pretend to like the company of asshats at work and the young don’t know theyre born (this is Not new)… in truth, they can effect changes bigger than their tiny minds can comprehend and all they fecking do is banter and try to win fights like children who do not know the meaning of interdependence or cooperation.
        But ask my wife and sister. They will tell you there is no modern gender difference in dickism.
        It’s not most men, or mostly men. It is youth and hormones and culture, across the board. This is why you like the proper (mature) men, but the young ones, as well as the women who seek them out, drama queens.
        My plea is that we remember there is the possibility of future maturity in these people. That it will take an entire generation. That we must treat those women and men in their 40s as people with living memory of wiser times and those under 30 as capable of change and growth.
        Granted the buffer generation who grew up exposed to freely availble porn and were expected to exemplify 80s cocaine fuelled professionalism are broken, and so are the women they fucked. But their children will rebel with a better modern take on family life and we can start now with small steps look after our own society without blaming “the others” or sounding like we need an adult to step in and fix it for us.
        In short, it is time humanity grew up.

    2. Recording a bang session to cover my ass in case a girl cashes in the “I was raped” golden ticket? That sounds absurd for a piece of pussy. That turning to prostitution might be a safer bet is..well, it’s sad beyond words, but that is the state of things today.
      Mom asks me when I’ll settle down with a nice girl. I’m not sure if she doesn’t realize how shitty things have gotten, or she just wants grandkids and doesn’t really care about the results on my end. I told her I’d marry and settle down when….wait for it….commercials quit poking fun at men. While this isn’t insulting to me personally, it’s still pretty indicative of the type of environment we face. I’ve always been convinced it’s just one giant psy-op to slowly emasculate men and take away their power. If that’s how America wants to view men then it’s only right that we play the role and not take on our collective duty of being Mr. Breadwinner since we have been deemed incompetent as a whole. (Even if the commercials stopped, I doubt I’d commit to anyone, this was just used as an example to illuminate some points for dear ol’ mom).
      My mom was actually pretty taken aback by this, but it demonstrates something I saw in another ROK article/comment section: Women don’t realize or care about how shitty a matriarchal society is for men until it affects the woman herself– aka mom doesn’t get grandkids because of a hostile, anti-male legal and social environment.

      1. Or until her own son gets falsely accused of rape. While she still believes a woman’s word is gold, except when that woman accuses her son.

  4. Not only informative and good advice, but also funny, can’t wait for the next installment.
    These same warning signs from the article can also indicate Munchausen syndrome and as it can also present as “Munchausen syndrome by proxy” (aka: through her children, the extreme being poisoning, injuring, or killing them for the attention it brings her), another reason to avoid this type of woman at all costs.
    With the marked increase of narcissism and BPD in modern women, I am operating on the assumption that all women suffer this malady to some degree by default.

    1. Imagine being some beta doctor back in the day and some cunt comes to you with kids that have obviously been abused intentionally…must have been an eye opener.

    2. I think I responded to one of Roosh’s ‘clown game’ articles way back saying ”everyone is basically a clown, it’s just . . . some are better than others”.
      With women now, I think you can say the same. All are crazy, just some are crazier than others. You can’t gague a woman’s true fitness after the mind warp system has lobotamized her though. Head pills tar over her mind further as well. The best way to look at a woman is to observe how she’s weathered the tests of life. If she grew up rough with a non existant mother to teach her, but taught herself to sew and cook and tend to siblings, then she’s strong stock and strong in a good way. If she flaked and broke down over some little pothole in the road of life, then as a woman, she’s mentally a weak piece of shit. I knew a mother of an only child once who never could stop complaining and bellowing about how hard it is to raise a single child. She’d try to convince others how difficult child rearing is even though she had a very nice house and solid breadwinner hubby. I caught her trying to get others to validate her position. It’s like she was flapping her arms trying to rile the whole fucking village to gather round her in agreement that the whole village needs to clammor and fuss to raise someone elses child. I called the stupid bitch out on the spot. She sounded like hillary from hell trying to sell some ‘it takes a village’ crap to the folks. Turns out she really was broken. Now she talks out all the shit in her youth that broke her but she doesn’t try to drag others into moaning sympathetically with her.

    3. There is a marked increase across the board.
      If one denys that problem in yourself, or arbitrary groups you identify with, then you are also a narc.
      In 10 years time half the young lads on here will have fallen into their own trap and there will be a corresponding increase in some new labelled diagnosis for millenial male drama victims and you fuel a new round of sex wars that sound just like the old classics.

  5. Loving this series so far! This is a great addition to an article you released a while ago about women who are messy being sluts. If all of your works get booked together, you should call it The Hor-Fax. I can already see some of the testimonials you’ll hear in reply.
    Errant reader: She said she can’t give me head? Send me the whore facts!! Looks like she had two videos on three porn sites and one pending with her getting what I do believe is a ‘train’ run on her. Thank you whore facts for helping me see the light! Now I’m dating her quiet, younger, hotter younger sister who does give great head.

    1. Hor-fax would be great to have. It’s so hard to reveal the truth about a woman’s after market value. Her family is often ignorant of her escapades and her co eds and best friends often get the sugar coated truth. Ask the jocks, pua’s, celebrities, gamers and 10%’ers for a more accurate rundown of what deeds she’s partaken in. It could be something like wiki where facts are submitted. You’d have to rely on the integrity and truthfullness of the contributors. Still, a hymen going ”POP” is the best indicator. A bit past puberty it fractures on its own, a sign that she’d better high tail it to the chapel while any wise man would still believe her. She’ll either get picked up by a garbage collector or she’ll have to sucker in a beta man child if she waits.

  6. AV Yader you need to compile your best articles into an e-book and add an additional half dozen which are exclusive to the book and not ROK etc.
    People will buy that shit man. Your one funny Mo’ Fo’

    1. I’ll keep that in mind, Hubert. Perhaps after the red flag series is complete I’ll put a book together. We’ll see.
      I’m glad you think so highly of my writing, and I appreciate the high praise.

  7. Somewhat related to this type of mental disorder is when she goes on and on about growing up poor. She tried to draw your sympathy and have you pay for everything including shit from her relatives. Avoid.

    1. An army buddy was suckered into this. It’s hard to imagine how his life would have turned out of he hadn’t been with the woman. He actually came home from an 18 month deployment in debt.

      1. As a former Soldier who witnessed this multiple times, it’s hard to feel bad for these guys because the signals are clear as day.

        1. The above two posts need to be expanded upon, would make for a great article(or just get Redonkulas to write it up for us)

        2. As a sailor, I saw it multiple times as well (often from Phillipinas), guys come back from deployment and wife is living with another guy, none of the bills paid, bank accounts empty, and all the credit cards maxed out….
          Met one guy who kept nude pictures of his ex under his desk calendar, just to show folks as he told his story. Kind of a happy ending from his perspective– he married his ex’s divorce lawyer. The lawyer felt guilty about what went on, realized he’d been taken and asked him out.

  8. This… “Most guys do it backwards: they fall in love, then they start thinking. And that’s precisely why so many men fuck up their lives. Don’t fuck up your life: memorize, understand, apply, and correlate—it’s the best way to keep yourself covered and out of trouble.”
    I fell victim to this as a young’in and dated a girl with “issues”. She was off her rocker one night and I was sick of it. She took advantage of my kindness as a young sucker but I caught on… I wanted revenge. I wanted her to pay so I plotted.
    One night she was off to coo coo land so I did what I had to make sure she was safe. I called 911 and had an ambulance take her off of my hands for the night. She could not refuse them. It was glorious.
    Why you ask?
    She was hauled off to the hospital for the night costing her thousands. Since it was all in her name she was responsible for the bill. I was out of the relationship by the time billing caught up to her. And when it did this negro was on the lam.
    The best part so far is this happened 10 years ago and she is still complaining about that bill. I seldom if ever talk to her. I bump in to her rarely simply because we run in a similar circle and I get the story.

    1. This is a risky confession my brother! If the cops get access to this computer they might charge you for fraud.Otherwise, fucking brilliant.

      1. It happened so long ago I am pretty safe. And thank you for your concern my brother. It is through our stories that we tell each other we learn.

      2. Nothing fraudulent, if they came and she required their services then that’s the end of the story.
        Wish I read this about two years ago. Had a crazy chick on my hands who flipped out more than a few times after getting wasted. I ended up using it as entertainment and having a good laugh at her expense towards the end of the relationship
        (after coming to the conclusion that hoes aren’t worth saving from themselves).
        Of course the sex was great.

        1. She was a magnificent freak mine was. Fun for sure… She was my reward for having more cum than gray matter.

      3. How is what he did fraudulent. If someone cuts themselves they are an obvious danger to themselves and others

        1. His actions led to a loss of money for his ex. If she pursues a lawsuit, his comment can be used as a statement of fact showing his true intentions. To make matters even worse, he bragged about it on the internet, and to make matters even worse, he bragged on a “misogynistic” website.
          However, it is very unlikely she would come into contact with this comment let alone prove it was him.

        2. His “true” intentions are irrelevant . She was cutting herself he was supposed to call 911.

      1. When I met her it was winter so she always had long sleeves on, I could not see the cutting scars. Then when we had sex it was always night because I worked and get home after dark… She was a cutter.
        So one night she flipped and threatened to cut herself and did a shallow cut so she was bleeding. I called 911 saying she was a threat to herself. By the time they arrived she had tried the mouth full of pills as well. So they get there see a little drop of blood and a pile of pills.
        Off to the hospital she went. For the entire night. Tests and counseling and this and that=$$$$

        1. wow, taking advantage of a mentally ill, low self-esteemed, vulnerable woman. how proud of yourself you must be. you make me sick.

        2. Yes, that is exactly what I did.
          She was controlling, manipulative, angry and a user.
          She flat out lied about things. She tried causing rifts between myself and any of my friends. I had a few dance partners (I used to teach swing) and she tried chasing them away.
          A family friend whom had a kid (a female) was chased away.
          She took advantage of my goodhearted nature and used it. She tried hitting me several times simply because I would not drop my friends. Once she went after me for visiting my mother.
          So no, she was not low self-esteem. No she was not vulnerable. No she was not weak. She was a user. After I dumped her after trying to help her for several months all of my friends came back to me. My dance partners. My family friends etc… I was even back to babysitting some of my female friends kids. If I were such a monster those things would not have happened.
          You are simply angry I am a man and I got away from a low value worthless girl. You are upset knowing a man actually won. You are angry because I used the system you perverts put in to place and I came out on top.
          Go crawl back in to the abyss from whence you came.

        3. And there you are taking advantage of men whom apparently always have undersized penises when you don’t like what they say or joke about by insulting them little miss pillar of virtue.
          How about both taking a look at your own irrational and juvenile behaviour and facing the fact that something is very wrong with our current culture when men have to defend their own masculine space to shaming bitches like you?
          If you don’t like what you read here take responsibility for your choices and go find another site more suited to your misandric perspective.

        4. Surprised she wasn’t held for 96 hours. I read somewhere that was standard for a psych evaluation.

    2. You called the white suits on her likely for the first time in her life. There are young crazy chicks that spend their adolescent years in a revolving door of head pills and school semesters spent at ‘Shadylawn’. Pharmaco never cures them especially when they’re living with an equally crazy single mom. Some cultures that avoid or don’t have access to free head shrink meds simply go about their lives working their culture around the woman going ballistic. Those cultures could use red pill and need to amend and refine their custom law pertaining to dealing with the she beast. Much human potential is lost and many bridges never built when the wylie bitches begin rattling their sabres.

      1. I honestly think it was the first time yes. It was classic to see her sad sad face get hauled off.

      1. She bounced to a few other guys using her victim-hood to get what she wants. One was a neighbor she met in a new place she moved in to.She drove him nuts of course. And then another guy with whom she moved in to but they “had problems” after she leeched on to him. The rest I did not know them so I can not comment.

        1. Pay attention to a couple things..
          A messy car and such. People that crave a little order in life will have a an empty water bottle or a few convenience left overs at the most but a big mess and clothes and such… Walk away.
          Second, ask how long she has had her best friend or friends. I do not consider any close for at least 6-7 months and to reach that vaunted best friend stage takes at least 1.5 years or even longer.

  9. yours truly here briefly dated a strong-and-independent woman who said she couldn’t suck my dick

    I dated a woman like this once. She also insisted on champagne and chocolate gateau with every meal.
    She got bounced like a basketball.

  10. Any woman who plays on sympathy and feigning weakness of any type (physical, emotional, mental, etc.) should be avoided at all costs, but I would recommend you tell her why when you split.
    “You know, you’re always (tired, depressed, ill, suicidal) and I think our relationship is too trying for you. I need a woman who can keep up with me. Good luck finding a good doctor.”
    One of my counselees is a young man who knocked up a drug addict and married her out of pity. He is currently in hell and she has him bankrupt and by the short hairs.

    1. One of my counselees is a young man who knocked up a drug addict and married her out of pity. He is currently in hell and she has him bankrupt and by the short hairs.
      No good deed goes unpunished.

    2. Thats an awesome response. If you drop the snide well wishes about the doctor and switch it to an honest suggestion about seeking the solution to her tiredness, she then has no possibility of demonising you after it is over.

  11. It was a great article and rings true from my experience. Also, a great response to women who say they won’t suck your dick because they have TMJ is to simply mention your GF from 3 years ago had TMJ and did it all the time because she knew you liked it.
    If that doesn’t cure her, nothing will.

  12. I can’t imagine being with someone like that. Why the hell would I?
    The Spartans killed unhealthy babies. They wanted strong healthy people, and it worked. That’s my approach to my eventual family. A healthy woman with at least some semblance of sanity and no major issues that will end up dragging me or my kids down, or nothing.

    1. Yeah, the Spartan practice of killing weak babies can in itself be considered cruel, but one can’t argue with the basic premise.

  13. If a woman won’t agree to perform a sexual desire in a Relationship it’s time she Leaves…Nothing is worst for a Man’s pride and ego than to put up with a relationship where a woman won’t submit sexually to the Man in the way the Man desire’s.

    1. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you modern young man. His pride ego and will are more important than anything else.
      Will everyone stop dating the easily malleable mentally ill women and then complaining that women who wont submit to their will are hurting their feelings when it doesnt work out for them.
      Leaving her is best for both of you. Maturity will solve this issue.

      1. I’m not getting your point, but let me clarify mine, if a Man wants a Blow job and a woman won’t give the Man a Blow Job, then it’s time he leaves the woman and finds a woman who will give him a Blow Job, there is no reason to go through life with a woman who won’t perform a sexual act (Blow job, anal etc etc) that a Man want’s, the Man should tell the woman things aren’t working out and the Man should find a woman who has similar sexual interests.
        If you don’t think Men should date women, (“Will everyone stop dating the easily malleable mentally ill women”) are you advocating Homosexuality?

        1. There was no mention of homosexuality, but if you choose that route I will not be judging you.
          I have no issues at all with your clarified point. This I fully agree with.

  14. Addendum: these symptoms are a by-product of the fear and toxicity of modern culture when there are many uncertainties and big Pharma and CDC can play off these scares on people who are easily susceptible to anxiety, turning more profit for all the more visits. Had a family member who was like this, a guy, and he didn’t get over hypochondriasis until therapy and better life choices. Women do fabricate it up all the time though as a convenience for them, but the debilitating wimpiness that is hypochondria is real in some people, its neurological, and for the most part, a waste of time trying to treat, better off slapping some sense into these people with cold hard reality and tell them to man up.
    AV Yader’s right though, avoid these hags like bad milk, you can sell their odorous reek from miles away. Better yet would be to call out all people who are like this as mental nut-cases lol but that might bring some heat down on you.

  15. A very important article, and one that every man should read.
    I have been through this scenario too many times to count, and the writer is dead on with this. My last one was with an ex who suffered from constant stomach issues. Needless to say, her stomach pain was caused by stupidity as opposed to any gastrointestinal ailment.

  16. “…then just sit back and watch all of these medical problems disappear faster than a Dubai dookie whore’s dignity.”
    Hemingway could not have said it better.

  17. This also involves a girl’s family or friends. My favorite: me saying “Let’s have Chinese buffet”, but which she follows with “We can’t, my twin sister has an at risk pregnancy” even though apparently not risky enough to actually make a road trip instead of you know, staying home and rest. And even though it was my last day before deploying, I still had to pay the tab to an expensive steakhouse. But again, pregnancy not risky enough to keep her from attempting to wolf down 1/4 pound steak, which, any man knows by know, fails to do so.
    Addendum. Turns out the at risk pregnancy was no bullshit after all. She and the baby almost died due to labor complications. And the kid ended up using a nebulizer for the first few years of his life. Did I mention the mom was over 25 by that point? Oh well.

  18. and the biggest bullshit malady ever “fibromyalgia”. Just a woman saying the word makes me puke.

    1. There has to be a term for everything with these broads, otherwise it’s not a “real thing” y’see?
      The power of a name is great. Shit, look at homophobia, transphobia, ect…

    2. That’s the latest thing. I’m old enough to know what the previous ones were:
      1980s: exhaustion syndrome (also called “yuppie syndrome”). This had some truth to it because you can be run down, but there was no diagnosis for it. Once some articles came out about it, every woman complained about having it. It was basically an indirect way of saying “marry me so I can quit my job and get fat”.
      1990s: Lupus. I need not say any more
      2000s: Fibromyalgia.
      2010s: Fibromyalgia, gluten intolerance.
      I predict that the next thing is going to be general “toxicity”. There would be some truth to that, because if you eat mainstream shit from the supermarket you will be full of chemicals, but with women, it’ll be taken to the max. For example, it’s not that hard to go to a farmer’s market and get produce that was more naturally produced, but women “suffering from toxicity” will be demanding fair trade imported from a Buddhist camp all natural no-hippies-got-upset-in-the-making-of-it “super foods”. Imagine “organic artichoke chips” or something like that, 10 bucks for an 8 oz. bag. If you say “Hey, how about some stuff that is just plain non-GMO and has no preservatives?” that will not be good enough and you will be deemed a horrible man for not recognizing Her Needs.
      I actually know a woman like that who eats stuff like that and the man who used to live with her and share an account lived paycheck to paycheck. But when he left her and went to live alone, he went on spending sprees for his own needs (tools, car parts, gun stuff, beer, new clothes, etc.) and STILL had money in the bank!

        1. Women die all the time from real things like cancer diagnosed too late because doctors initially dismiss them as hypocondriacs.
          What needs to change is fewer time wasters and complainers, then doctors will not be able to make assumptions about gender health based on observations about gender communication.
          And if someone has lupus but goes to a doctor saying ‘ooh I dont know I ache all over’ with vague whiney symptoms, they are likely to be dismissed for having vague-whiney-itis.

      1. The super priced stuff is made to order just for the women shoppers like the diamond/jewelry market. I never saw a dude buying a $10 bag of chips except maybe at the movie theater concession stand. ”Let’s all go to the lobby” yeah and scope out the eye candy. How can those young candy ass chicks look so butter smooth and china doll flawless while eating all that junk food? How young girls can subsist on the dead food crap and still retain their looks and health is beyond me. They’re on borrowed time. Their genes and their youth are wrecked in short order by the gmo crap. They need taken while they’re still young. It is known that ancient Roman girls were renouned and known for their striking beauty. They believed eating rabbit ‘rarebit’, a food gamier that venecin, enhanced beauty. Wild gamey food certainly does that. I recommend it over processed crap. I have plenty of light tail and game in my back yard. I should try eating only game for awhile. A few girls have actually liked my deer jerkey and I never told them what it was.

      2. The funny thing is that you mention non-GMO, when that is just bullshit made up to sell women chemically forged non-food. Every 10 dollar bag of chemicals I have ever seen had ‘non-GMO’ slapped on it. Just eat the enlarged apple, changed DNA bases in the apple get chopped up by DNases in the stomach same as anything else.

    3. About 80% of fibro people are women and most have depression. Pile of bullshit condition. Get off your fat ass and move.

      1. Yup. Just looked it up. It just another variation on sympom clusters caused by stress and bad diet and lack of exercise.
        I knew a man at university who had ME once, nice chap not complaining, just kinda worn-out, but that was the diagnosis of the day at the time.
        Now its aquired ADD or Adrenal Insufficiency, which in my day at teacher training I described as “clinically fecking knackered”
        I dont understand why peope need a label for these things when the labels are constantly changing and none of them point to the solution. The solution being the wisest words ever spoken by a doctor “stop complaining, drink water, sleep regularly, get exercise, quit smoking and eat your fecking greens”

        1. It’s always the symptoms/condition/ disease du jour. If you told people drinking water causes diabetes they would believe you.
          What’s ME?

        2. Lol. Dont even remember. I believe it is basically some kind of executive stress for men with no reason to be stressed.

    4. could be something as simple as a magnesium deficiency (something like 80% of Americans do not get enough).

  19. Weeding out hypochondriacs is important, but really *any* woman that complains frequently is gone from my life. I don’t know or care whether it’s a simple shit test, they want my pity, they have an inability to deal with problems and frustrations in life, or are just eternal pessimists. I do not want any part of it. I dated a girl once who constantly complained about what an awful job she had and how terrible her bosses were and how she got denied for this promotion. And I just thought, a) no shit they didn’t promote you. All you do is whine and complain and b) why the hell do you work there if it’s that awful? We broke up soon thereafter because I was so sick of hearing about her problems that weren’t really problems.
    Every man must learn to give zero fucks. I’d recommend a few lessons from Walder Frey (apologies the asshole who uploaded it makes you watch it on youtube.com).

  20. Fun article, well written.
    I wonder if I would have the balls to call a chick out on that bullshit without being absolutely certain. Guess I have to learn it.

    1. Just assume you’re right and go from there. You’ll appear like an asshole which she likes anyway.

    2. I find most of lifes problems involve people watching until they are certain and then leaping in with “I knew it all along”.
      If it were me, Id tell em nice and calmly early on what their behaviour ‘looks like’ and ask them to clarify their true purpose.
      A few relatively innocent ones on their early ventures into madness will be stunned and think on it and be able to improve their communication and problem solving attitude and advance their path to maturity.
      The ones who are too late to salvage anything from, will go all ‘how dare you’ on your ass, which is when you can jog on guilt free.

  21. This is what I like about ROK: straight from Hegelian Dialectic to helen don’t lick dick.

    1. It’s amazing how women can talk nonstop for hours, but when it comes to sucking dick: ‘I have jaw problems….’

      1. maybe encourage them to think of it in terms of information-sharing, but don’t emphasise the DNA element

      2. and I’m sure you return the favour to your loving partner? probably not, considering the fact you’re a sexist arsehole. a woman saying she can’t means she can’t/ doesn’t want to and if you were a nice person (which you’re obviously not) you would respect that. and women should stop talking and suck your dick right? God, I’m sad I have to grow up in a world full of people like you. I’m so sorry us girls have opinions, it must be so hard for you and your tiny dick.

        1. Hahahahahaha.
          Keep trolling. Please. Read ALL the articles. Maybe you’ll learn how to be a decent woman.

        2. How did you go from reading a humorous yet truthful response to an article based on the realities of westernised females taking everything and giving nothing in return within modern relationships, to he must have a small dick and I need to insult him for that? Or rather how does a man having a sense of humour you don’t like correlate with having an undersized penis? Please explain I’d love to hear it.

        3. ha, if it’s that small then it wouldn’t be an issue for her jaw. your thick rimmed glasses are very original btw..you would really stand out among others females (of another species)

        4. Excellent debating style you have there Eden – assuming he has a tiny dick as a means of diminishing his arguement. I don’t like your views – can I suggest you have a big flappy cunt? See, not nice.

        5. wow resorting to my looks to insult me? how original. I wear glasses because I have to, and to be honest, I don’t give a fuck what you think of me and my appearance, because I like it.

        6. yes I have to live up to the stupid standards on this website and be a ‘decent’ woman for you. I’ll go read them now.

        7. This isn’t a sense of humour he has. He’s insulting a woman because she didn’t want to suck his dick. And if we’re talking about things that don’t relate to this article, maybe you should read the original comment, because I don’t think someone’s sex life has anything to do with hypochondriacs.
          Also, this isn’t the ‘reality of westernised females’, this is stereotyping women to make them seem like we’re all weak, feeble humans who have to pretend to be ill to get attention. Sorry to disappoint your fragile, male ego, but we’re not like that.

        8. excuse me but did you only read the last two words of my comment? I didn’t diminish his argument with my insult, I wrote a whole paragraph about how his view was ridiculous, then paired an insult with an insult. He’s saying that his girlfriend had to pretend to be ill to get out of sucking his dick. I don’t think I’m the villain here.

        9. Why are you even trying here? There’s nothing you can say that will make these guys hate women any less

    1. That’s the truth.
      I have observed that whiny troublesome women, their back, their knees, blah blah blah, are all in some contest that nobody talks about. It appears to be a contest of who can burn the least calories in life, like they win a prize in the afterlife.

  22. Also avoid women that are mysophobes (germ freaks). Although women who are wouldn’t be in the dating scene. How would she kiss a guy (exchange saliva) or have sex?

    1. The germ freak girls are basically neurotic. The dumb ones don’t know what microbes are but have simple paranoia or phobia about cooties. Their neurosis can also manifest in other areas but ‘clean freakism’ is simple neurosis. An equally neurotic girl could just as well be a human porta potty or some slut with neurotic commitment issues who tongues assholes on the first ‘date’. ‘Shit licker’ girls are ignorant of microbes the same. I”ve known clean freak girls who really just didn’t like to be touched. God forbid they ever become mothers. They’re the kind of moms who wince at touching their own child. A regular force fed dick sandwich wouldn’t cure the worst nerve bags but it would shift their neurosis elsewhere.

  23. “Come to find out, “making it up to me” consisted of her acting like a fucking weirdo and mewling out a series of frightening, high-pitched moaning (I guess they were moaning) noises while we engaged in some fairly vanilla sex.”
    Fucking hilarious.

  24. I’ve dealt with various iterations of this with women and truly, never again. “My hips are so sore, can you get me a heating pad, and…?” Nah, eat a bag of Oxycontins, bitch and see what happens instead. “Could you go to Walgreen’s and pick up my scripts? I have a migraine and it hurts so bad”. Sure, and on the way back to you I will sub out those scripts for Anthrax, enjoy eating that shit and nice knowing you! Seriously, these women are dreadful and will fuck up your life and fuck you over royally more than most without batting an eyelash

    1. will fuck up your life and fuck you over royally more than most without batting an eyelash
      All of them will do that when they turn on you. No exception. All of them.

    1. More like fifteen years ago for me. This information just wasn’t out there before or maybe I’m just an idiot for putting up with it.

  25. Kudos Mr Yader. You do your part to make this a quality site. ”’a Dubai dookie whore’s dignity”’ . . . I’m breathless. If your words were truffles, I’d be fat.

  26. After all these years I’ve contracted WWO Syndrome and FTIL Disorder. Thank you AV….I’ve was diagnosed with PFE (Paying for Everything) and KAFS (Kissing Ass For Sex) for many years but my symptoms have changed…..TFFT (Thank Fuck For That)…..

  27. Fucking migraines. You mean a bad headache?? Gee, I wander if your diet of Starfucks coffee shakes, cheap booze and cronuts has anything to do with that?
    Also, TMJ is such a lame excuse. The wife has TMJ. Bad too, I hear her jaw pop when we sleep. Still does not prevent her from her wifely duties at all…

    1. Be careful of the other end of the spectrum with organic everything that YOU have to purchase.

      1. It said Avoid women who are hypochondriacs. Not comolain about health problems.
        Maybe didn’t want to upset people who has a real serious health issue who are at the doctors constantly?

        1. That makes sense. Some people use real problems as an excuse to not try.
          Others genuinely need the community support of occasional interest to get through a single but extended health problem.
          I saw Heidi on TV yesterday. That Clara was some spoiled bitch until Heidi’s wisdom and tough love got her off her ass.

  28. Well to avoid anyone with the Health Problems Attention Seeking Syndrome. Over 30 yrs. in nursing has found me cornered at many a social function with a bitch/bastard who doesn’t realize that I am not interested in their rectal problems. Good article.

  29. “She might feel as if she didn’t “get enough” for giving you access to her beat-up pussy.”
    Too funny. Many of these women act as if they are giving you a mountain of gold when giving you access to that beat up pussy with many miles on it. I always laugh at women when they start in with any line trying to sell me on why they are the best and what they have to offer (over other women). The best thing you can do (and watch) is a couple of women getting catty over the man in the room. You see the dance, you hear the slight comments they make (at each other) to disqualify each other…it’s hilarious.
    Younger men need to watch (and listen) women go at it with each other. Don’t ever believe what they tell you (as a man) because you’re usually looking at the actions when it comes to you. But what is said between women is vicious and it’s the truth (most of the time). It’s one woman trying to make the other one look bad (disqualify) for the catch (man) in the room.
    The point of the article is spot on. Any woman who has health issues should be avoided (real or not). Don’t put up with any of it….bottom line.

  30. Why the hell wasnt this article written about 3 years ago, would have save me a lot of frustration. well in hindsight i only found this website about a year ago, but still. Just got out of a fucking roller coaster of a relationship with a girl that this article describes to a f**king T.

    1. Well, dopey you! These are lessons men ought to have figured out by about the third grade. There there is you.

  31. I have a friend who became a Dr and married his then GF who was diagnosed with lupus. She cant do many things a normal woman can including having babies. On top of that she became obese. I just cannot understand this form of masochism these men indulge into. Perhaps they are also mentally ill.

  32. Too many modern woman spend their prime years fluttering from one bubble to the next; the natural world and all of its purpose and truth kept safely at bay.
    The vacuous affairs of these modern women leave them unlearned and wanting of something they have neither the capacity to articulate nor achieve.
    The truth of their position, purpose, and power have been excised by the blunt instruments of equalism, feminism, and progressivisim.
    Now there are only empty spaces that leave them reciting from the litany of illnesses, psychic wounds, and existential infections that they wear like medals upon their empty chests, evidence of their time on the front lines of life.
    They need to fill the void. Psychotropics, yoga, fad diets, pets, club drugs (wine for the over 30), and social media are all meant to quell the symptoms of these many illnesses of their own manufacture.
    Were these women led to believe in their natural gifts, the beauty and power of the feminine, and the harsh realities of the life that reside beyond the intricate layers of protections – those sets and scenes that allow them to play the entire cast of characters upon the well-lit stage of solipsism, they would have no need to grasp for aches and pains.
    The pains would be real but so would the beauty and the wisdom and everything else that comes friction in the natural world. And that is the real tragedy; within the embrace of their victimhood, the distractions of their decadent lives, the suffering is not entirely faux, but the beauty is almost entirely faux.
    Women have been indoctrinated into the victim culture. Once they begin suckling its saccharine sweet nectar they can know no other reality. Instead of exercising their strength and unique beauty they adopt the ugliness and passive-aggressive tactics that are a mainstay of those poison ideologies.
    As an aside, I find it telling that women will trumpet her good health (however accidental), in her efforts to establish value as a mate (however fickle) but will then fall upon all matters of illness when grasping for power. This end-run of weaponized victim status is all too common.
    Also interesting is the low bar of what is “healthy”. How “I am healthy” should be the only summation of her sexual choices I concern myself with. As in, not having a STD is some paramount status of “healthy” and healthy should be all that matters of her past.
    Not that long ago, a plate who had assured me of her “health” in that regard sure enough came back several months later to tell me she had the Herps. Her vag doc apparently didn’t test for that last time (or ever?). It meant that she could no longer frame her past choices as a “healthy” outcome is all that matters kind of way. I would have LOL’ed if not for the $80 I had to shed to retest my own status.

  33. Don’t help the bitch, just abandon her, if we go by that logic we say fuck you to 90% of the world now.

  34. This would be like correlating deadbeat piece of shit men to all of you. You simply cannot judge the many by the few.
    Some women enjoy helping work in the yard, house, cooking, cleaning. Hell I even work on my own car and love to give blowjobs, nothing get me wetter.
    It’s sad you’ve had bad experiences but we all have! I assure you there is no gender bias in shitty people and relationships. Some men pull many of these tricks too.

  35. “sucking the skeleton out of a Gaboon viper”
    Oh man, I can’t WAIT to use this line. Great article

  36. Its amusing Rats wont mate with another Rat if one detects the other has an illness and yet there are plenty of men silly enough to shack up and ruin their lives with these crazy women (and theres plenty of crazy women out there these days.)

  37. Man I am glad to see you posting articles here again. The dry spell lasted too long.
    The ‘sick’ card is utilized by male co-workers too. Naturally, the healthier you are the more work that gets piled on you. And when you’re sick everybody seems disappointed. Yet those fuckers are sick at least once every two weeks and it’s accepted as normal.
    The part about thinking before falling in love is true…
    Approaching has never been a weakness of my game.
    It’s thinking, “If the condom doesn’t work and I get her pregnant, would I want her to be the mother of my child?”
    Most of the time the answer is NO.
    A.V. Yader, I like what you write a helluva lot.

  38. I had a broad play the “Fibro-Myalgia” card once, not for long, but I guess she plays it on someone else now. No defining disease, just general, sex-denial justifying skeletal pain syndrome. I am an insensitive bastard.

  39. Strong Warning: RUN, do not walk from any female who claims “fibro-mialgia” or “chronic fatigue” or “leaky gut” (ewww). They be crazy, lazy, deranged.

  40. Oh man, this is another hilarious piece from our resident pilot. I totally cracked up at the four things a woman’s mouth is good for. And this gold gem: “I didn’t know whether to cum or wheel the bitch out of my house on a dolly with a biter mask and straight jacket.”
    Keep up the good work man!

  41. I have little to add. Perfect article. TMJ is a real thing, but you were right. She outed herself as a bullshit artist with the jerky.

  42. Sharp Article. good stuff. Gents would be well advised to infect themselves with MWOTH syndrome…my way or the highway. It just aint worth the hassle dealing with unruly females and those who pull that ‘conveniently ill’ garbage.

  43. Absolutely agree. Never ever start a relationship with a girl who has serious medical issues. These things usually get worse over the years, and you’ll spend your whole life caring for a sick person. Better avoid it alltogether and find a healthy woman instead.

  44. So fucking true.. This reminds me when I nicely asked the girl from next door to kiss me after knocking on her door. The bitch banged the door in my face and wouldn’t even let me talk to her. You think that was bad? Well you thought wrong! She went on and told the other girl who lives with us in our shared apartment. The other bitch went to tell my neighbors and I bet they said it like I meant to rape them!
    Next day everyone was looking at me as if I was a child molester for a crime I didn’t commit. All I wanted is just a kiss and a massive attack is what I get for being nice. Good thing to mention, this incident led me to this website just to learn the nature of their game and how their twisted mind work.

  45. Well that basically rules out pretty much all females doesn’t it? It’s a very rare one that doesn’t have some multitude of health issues both real and imagined.

  46. “And God help you if impregnate one of these flunkies because she will raise your children to be exactly like her: a bunch of whimpering, useless little turds”
    “If you’ve been seeing some broad for less than a month and she starts complaining about money problems while missing a lot work due to some mysterious illness—then it won’t be long for she asks you to “help her out.” You should “help her out” by telling her to go fuck herself.”
    “There are no guarantees in life, but stacking the deck in your favor by choosing a woman who takes care of herself and has a clean bill of health is, without question, the wisest decision you can make.”
    Brilliant stuff

  47. Some of the authors here write really well. Nicely done article, and thought-provoking.
    Seems right, too. The female friends of mine who live abroad or in the rural USA are far, far, far, far less likely to be constantly worrying about health issues than urban or suburban American women. To me, it’s a red flag to be on an early date with a woman, then see that her medicine cabinet is chock full of drugs, especially psych drugs like Prozac, Adderol, etc. In my experience that correlates with someone who is seriously messed up.
    Lots of people live perfectly good lives without taking a prescription med more than a couple/few times a year.

  48. Very good article. In particular the first part. Identifying the difference between men who learned by being burned and men who are booked up but lacking in experience.

  49. Women have used “Medical and Female” issues to scam through life for a couple of generations now, and the Medical Community has been complicit in it. I don’t know how many women I’ve run into over the years who got out of work by complaining about medical issues to their bosses. Even their female bosses would excuse because of the need to maintain the herd. A few years ago, when there was that insurance and medical cost crises going on, the doctors came out and admitted that women don’t need the yearly pelvic and breast exams. But then women’s groups, afraid that they’d lose their precious edge on society, protested. It’s part of Female Game to hold their health over society and use it to game the system. When have you heard about men taking weeks off work every year simply because they’re men and have head colds?

  50. most important if you’re dating, make sure you find out what the woman really wants from you
    then never give it to them

  51. I know girls shouldnt comment here buut I am not hostile person I am just curious, if a girl wants to pay for her things and earn everything so the guy does not feel like your using him I am sure many of you would think shes “strong and independent” rather than considerate which then makes me wonder what is riight for you then?

    1. You’re right, girls shouldn’t comment here. Therefore, sit the fuck down or fuck off entirely.

      1. I am sorry! I am leaving ok, sorry for thinking you were actually opionated people who were capable of explaining your views to outsiders. Now I see your no different than those feminist and sjw who blindly bash anyone who does not seem to be approving of their ideology. We are just hating each other irrationally and that hurts so much oh dear 🙁

  52. I’m in a relationship with one of these crazy bats now. This article is brilliant I laughed through the whole thing, and let me tell you, you nailed it,… this is totally her!!
    I’m plotting my Escape as we speak. It’s just so hard to leave because the sex is so good …and her tubes have been tied LOL!

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