3 Reasons Why Drake Gets So Much Hate

Aubrey Drake Graham is a popular and polarizing figure. Even though I don’t actually dislike much of his music, I recognize the flaws inherent to Drake the artist. To this end, I’m not surprised at the sheer amount of hate he attracts.

What particularly is it about Drake that attracts so much vitriol? There are a few things…

1. He Had It Easier Than He Lets On

Drake was well-off but occasionally tries to front as though he came up rough to fit in with the “street hip-hop” persona. Drake grew up in a nice part of Toronto with the Jewish side of his family and wanted for little, so this gets to people. We all know Drake never started from anything close to a legitimate “bottom,” and thus we get a little annoyed when he claims to have done so:

2. He’s Not As Hard As He Says He Is

Just as he has shown a tendency to try and claim he came up rougher than he has, Drake is also known to claim more toughness than we know he really possesses. He will occasionally speak in a manner designed to associate him with aggressive/violent behavior even though we know he’s got nothing to do with any of that and never has had anything to do with that in his life (which, again, was spent primarily in well-to-do Toronto suburbs). A prime example of this was seen in a particular verse of his hit single “Headlines”:

Tuck my napkin in my shirt, cause I’m just mobbin like that
You know good and well that you don’t want a problem like that
You gone make someone around me catch a body like that
No, don’t do it, please don’t do it
Cause one of us goes in, then we all go through it

In this verse Drake claims to be somewhat of a mobster while also threatening violence, implying that folks should want few problems with him because if they have them “someone will catch a body.” We all know Drake is not a mobster/gang kingpin capable of calling in murders. Then he talks about dealing with friends going to prison, another problem Drake is unlikely to have ever dealt with.

I liked Headlines quite a bit, but I see where people are coming from with this critique. It doesn’t seem genuine.

3. He Says Some Really Bitchmade Shit From Time To Time

Drake has dropped some very feminine lyrics from time to time. A prime example of this is heard in “No New Friends”:

The whole idea of the song is that Drake has his friends and doesn’t want to meet anyone new. This is reminiscent of the kind of thing a bunch of cliquey 6th grade girls might run around saying to their classmates in order to isolate girls they don’t like and/or make themselves feel more important than they are. Most men are open to meeting cool new people. Girls are the ones who tend to be associated with the kind of bitchy/cliquey behavior exhibited in the lyrics of “No New Friends”.


Again, I don’t think the song is that bad on the whole, but I concede that it had a feminine cliquish energy to it and understand the critiques. Charlagmagne the God sums up the issue very well in this video:

In summary, as I’ve been saying, I don’t dislike Drake. He makes a lot of good music, much of which has resonated with me on a personal level. Of course, I have noticed that my favorite songs of his (ex: Fear, Dreams Money Can Buy, Look What You’ve Done) aren’t his most popular, and that isn’t a coincidence. When it comes to his mainstream stuff, the immortal Big Ghost’s critique is just about on point:

Is Drizzy a salty cornball who can’t get a grip on his emotions n has a hard time lettin go of exes, coulda-beens and deceased female music artists he ain’t never even met and spends too much time reflectin on the hardships of his upper middle class childhood and tryin to lyrically ether anybody who ever knocked his juicebox over in the school lunchroom or broke his crayons? YES.


In his most popular songs, Drake plays to an image that sells and he’s very good at it. He plays like a tough guy by throwing out a few aggressive lines about “catching bodies” and all that (to appeal to the legions of wannabe suburban thugs out there with money to burn) and ups the softness/bitchmade talk a notch or two (to appeal to young western females, the world’s most powerful block of consumers). This earns him some enemies, but it earns him even more money.









I don’t like the game, but I respect a good player when I see one. Drake is a good player. That being said, the fact that engagement in this aforementioned game is so richly rewarded in our society today is an issue in and of itself. It tells us that ours is a society that prioritizes and rewards the feminization of men (as illustrated by the overly-emotional/cliquish behavior of Drake above and the increasing feminization of hip-hop in general) while also promoting inauthentic behavior.


On the other hand, the heavy backlash that Drake receives for his effeminate celebrity persona is almost heartening in a way. It shows that, despite the fact that our society has been hell-bent on shaming/eliminating masculinity and promoting fakeness, people are able to see through the acts. A very large number of men, despite the abundance of programming to the contrary, still reject the feminized, anti-masculine examples put before them and call out inauthentic behavior when they see it. In short, despite the best efforts of many powerful interests, a lot of men are still (for the most part) men. They resent the adoption of feminized behavior patterns by other men and don’t co-sign fakeness very quickly.








Given this reality, it is hoped that self-aware men concerned with self-improvement remain able to identify feminizing promotions when they see them and reject them without shame, choosing more masculine courses of action instead. The persistence of this society depends on it.

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118 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why Drake Gets So Much Hate”

  1. I would take his lifestyle over this bullshit I am having to do to try to get rich, but he is soft and should stick to the emo shit. I grew up with a lot of guys who became killers, got killed or had to do awful shit with no real choice in the matter and that ” catch a body” shit should not pass his lips. For the record I am soft hence no gangsta shit leaves my lips because I cannot back it up. However , he picked the right demographic to sell records to, ask LL Cool J , women buy that bullshit all day.

      1. Odd you are blaming the south. I guess fighting for states rights and liberty isnt a plus for you.

        1. What does that have to do with the decline of Hip-Hop?
          I don’t think I’ve ever heard a dirty south rapper talk about states’ rights.

    1. fuck off, its a lyric son, get over it.
      Its all about the target audience, alot of ppl who listen to that music want to hear that shit.

  2. If Drake and Taylor Swift ever date and break up, just turn off the radio. The songs they’ll put out will be unbearable.

    1. Maybe this is just what the music industry needs to hit rock bottom. It could only get better from there.

  3. Drake is a huge beta pussy, along with those other garbage clowns in his crew when compared to the Golden generation of Hip-Hop.

    1. hes so beta that he’s rolling in fucking millions while fucking any girl he pleases.
      fuck outta here, if anyones beta its the kid on a comment section trying to tear him down beacuse hes more successful than you.
      Why do you go make an album?

      1. You’re embarrassing yourself, stop typing clown. Your idol is a fraud, he wouldn’t have a career if it weren’t for Houston and DJ Screw. I’d actually make a Hip-Hop album, not radio garbage that retards like you think passes as Hip-Hop.

        1. lol my idol…
          nice try, I just laugh at all the jealous kids online joining the “Drake is gayyyy” brigade.

  4. no way that game would work if he was white. but white girls get off to stroking their own diversity feelings

      1. East Asia is a big consumer of Bieber stuff too. Drake may get a pass there, but there’s no way Tupac, Snoop, etc. would have made it out there.

  5. Drake the type of nigga to get his girlfriend’s name tattooed on his ass.
    But you can’t hate the guy after you hear his “Versace” verse.

  6. Hip-hop used to be about people coming from nothing and hustling to the top. Now it’s become a culture to promote swag and misconduct from privileged individuals. It says something about Western society when feminized pseudo rappers like Drake get to #1 on the charts with weak lyrical value as compared to the scene 5-10 years ago.
    People need to understand that because someone is making good money and has accumulated a large amount of popularity, it doesn’t mean they should be idolized or called the greatest. There still are pure artists with twice the value of this guy constantly coming out and the true connoisseurs of the craft will give them the credit they deserve.
    Drake is just a male version of Hannah Montana or Selena Gomez.

    1. Hip hop used to be alpha in the 80’s and 90’s. With rappers like KRS One, Public enemy, Wu Tang, Pac, Biggie, NWA, Dr Dre, Rakim, Snoop Doggy Dog, Eminem(Slim Shady LP, Marshall Matthers.
      NOW: Lil wayne, Soulja boy, Drake, Kanye West
      Hip Hop has sold its soul to feminism

      1. This is the normal cycle for new kinds of music. Blues, jazz, rock and roll, R&B all were raw and full of life and vigor when they first emerged, and gradually became taken over by inane lyrics about nothing. Compare Elvis Presley to the rock ballads of today, where screaming 20 something whine about being cheated on.
        The next one to go will be electronic music, which is still about lust and sex now, but will eventually go sell out like everything else.
        Then new forms of music will emerge – raw, and real. Then be subsumed and have their teeth taken away.
        Then something new will show up again.
        It’s the cycle.

      2. I would just clarify that raw music has little to do with class (personal struggle yes, but class alone doesn’t cut it). Rakim, in case you didn’t know, was solidly middle class with a jazz musician father and college professor mother, Tupac went to a gifted magnate high school in the Maryland suburbs (just like the Beastie Boys, Third Base, etc.). But their intellectual/middle class creds didn’t prevent them from being the raw artists they were.

      3. The comments are delusional. Drake is simply a talented artist period. People hate him because of his Disney looks and all kinds of misperceptions about his past which are mostly BS. As far as romanticizing how hard or real hiphop used to be – that is just a freaking joke it’s ridiculous. The phoniest rapper ever is the richest and a legend. Dr Dre was not hard or gangsta and has even admitted this. He doesn’t even write his own lyrics. The Beastie Boys were rich kids from Brooklyn. No one says hip hop died when these guys were introduced. Drake precieve Drake as a phony but when history is revisited people will realize he was actually the opposite – he was real. Unlike the 90% phony gangstas pretending to make hip hop. The people who hate Drake most are white kids from the suburbs

    2. I just don’t understand what’s so bad about feminization? What this article is saying, is that its a bad thing to be kind, caring, and treat women well. Wtf is the problem with THAT.
      And why us gender even such a big fucking deal, can’t people treat each other well regardless?

      1. There’s nothing wrong with feminization. I agree with your statement. There’s not a problem with treating people well!
        I agree with the article saying how he’s fraudulently exploiting rap and isn’t who he is coming off to be, but I would post the statement that most rappers aren’t really “about that life.” I think it’s mostly a persona people put on.
        The problem I have with this article is that they’re saying it’s not okay to be emotional, treat women well, and ridiculing Drake for who he is. Not everyone in the hip-hop industry is hard and made of acidic, internalized emotions. They are categorizing women in a box and not letting men in, when men do the same shit as women sometimes. Things aren’t gender specific anymore and I wish more people would realize this.

  7. Someone on RVF said something on the line that Drake wants to play beta and alpha at the same time, he wants to play alpha mob boss talking about murder money and whores but at the same time play the nice guy sensitive beta that understands women feelings.
    On a side note I remember an exchange he had with a Billionaire Tycoon who put him in his place to so long ago.
    He got owned to hard

  8. I fear more men will become like drake. Its a good thing, maybe women will think twice about matriarchy.

    1. I doubt that women will think harder about matriarchy. Most people will do whatever they can get away with, as long as it benefits (or they think that it benefits) them. This is why as young men, we should focus on the acquisition and/or maintenance of power for us and our “teams”.
      This is power in all forms, be it money, weaponry, superior looks, a better bill of health, enhanced knowledge, and any edge that you can get for yourself and your folk. Develop enough power so that you and your side can have the “halo effect”, and so that you can punish those that oppose you.

    2. Women don’t think about anything other than that which directly affects them.
      It’s simply their nature, of course — no better or worse than a cat’s tendency to cough up hairballs or dogs sniffing each other’s asses. Within the context of a healthy society that has its priorities straight, a woman’s nature doesn’t have to be so destructive to those around her.
      But, as a generation of men, we’ve ceded the steering wheel to the “fairer sex” while we repair to the backseat to play Dungeons & Dragons, whack off to a little YouPorn and log onto our Facebooks. And then, we’re shocked when we see that we’re about to smash into a tree at 75 m.p.h. because she’s too busy fixing her mascara to pay attention.
      Welcome to “progress.”

  9. This is part of why I don’t listen to most modern music. The media is really pushing a homo agenda too, especially onto Black men, it seems.

    1. Drake be the type of nigga who makes his girlfriend a sandwich, and one for her lover. Do you want a pickle too? We’re out of them, but I’ll go to the store! Oh, you guys are out of condoms? I’ll pick some up.

  10. There is a reason why NO musician, let me repeat that NO musician, I have ever met likes hip hop. It is because it is not music. It is garbage created by the music industry to market to minorities, low IQ people, and sympathetic whites like suburban white kids with no cultural identity. Poor, rural, and/or low IQ whites get something equally as horrible, modern country music.
    hip hop=liquor, pussy, bling
    modern country=beer, pussy, trucks
    get the similarities?
    Any guess as to runs the industry in both genres?

    1. Are you kidding? Hip Hop started out as an art form/way of life in African American poverty stricken areas, like a sub culture. Hip Hop is parallel to heavy metal- the different clothing style, slang, etc.
      Eventually it infiltrated the pop culture like Jazz, Blues, Rock. Thats when it began being feminized as Hip Hop was very masculine and was a threat to the 2nd wave feminism

      1. That’s true. Modern pop culture and Western pop music (which copies a lot from hip-hop/rap and is pretty much “Black music” without Black people, and this includes Kpop when it comes to copying) promotes this “anti-bullying” stuff, which is really a part of the agenda to feminize and make young men into brokebacks.

        1. anti bullying has nothing to do with “the agenda to femeniE men” anti bullying is just trying to make people more tolerant of each other. There is no agenda.

      2. There are no parallels between hip-hop and heavy metal. Heavy metal is a very bourgeois form of music…I’ve been a heavy metal fan for a good 25 years, I can’t think of any bands that pretended to be anything else. Can any other fans out there? Theres no minority criminal underclass associated with it either.

  11. You see hope for masculinity in those comments, I see a bunch of functionally illiterate drains on society.
    Much of black culture featured in rap is a parasitic feature of American welfare system so of course rap is all built around posturing, because *there is nothing else* for rappers or the narcissistic, insecure adolescents that waste their parents money propping up the ‘rap game.’
    The real issue is when black culture is held up as defining masculinity (most often in movies and the music industry, and regurgitated in this article, sadly) when it is largely based in ignorance, meaningless violence, bling and acquiring dumb, obese sluts.
    I prefer a masculinity that pursues excellence, prudence and appreciation for beauty- for example, music that isn’t shit.

  12. Drake the type of nigga who’d get into a 69 and ask, ‘How’d you want me to perform the square root, Princess?’

  13. What a shock the Jewish owned record industry would promote a half-Jewish rapper like Drake.
    Malcolm X had the liberal Jewish exploitation of blacks figured out fifty years ago. Unfortunately, most black people are too stupid to figure it out after all this time.

    1. Going to throw something else out there.
      One of my regular girls is down with Alicia Keys social circle.
      Keys is tied into elite circles in the Jewish controlled record industry.
      Most of her friends aren’t even black, they’re Jewish. Her husband is black, but that’s about it. She partied in Hawaii last week at a Jewish wedding.
      Also recently, she went to Israel to perform and pretty much brushed off her fans who were concerned she was giving carte blanche to Israel’s occupation of the West Bank, etc.
      What’s funny is that Israel itself is racist as fuck to black people. They hate people like Alicia Keys!
      Doesn’t matter. People like Keys and Drake are there to give Jewish elites a figleaf of authenticity to African Americans.
      Like I said, blacks are too stupid to figure it out, by and large. They still think their enemy is white Southerners…

      1. Jews pay blacks like Alicia Keys and Drake lots and lots of money and help their careers along.
        Alicia Keys and Drake party with Jews.
        Therefore, Jews are the enemy of blacks.
        Got it – makes perfect sense. Let’s get ready to ride on those evil Jews! We’ll show THEM to give black people money! Where’s Borat when you need him? HE knows what to do about the Jews!

        1. Wow. This is ridiculous, why don’t you consider people as people. Not groups. Not everybody is the same. Why are you trying to find an enemy?

      2. It’s true that the heads of these record companies claim to be Jewish, but they’re really Satanists. And they’re using these stupid black artists to brainwash the people who listen to their music by glamorizing violence, drugs, gangs, strippers, treating women badly, jail, drinking, etc. Think of how awesome the music was when we had Motown and how terrible the messages are now. It’s gone from amazing singing, dancing, and creative songwriting, to sh*t on a shingle.

    2. Man you’re on point. That’s why they took Malcommout because he was pointing the finger at elite Jewish/Khazar finance-
      The Worlds real enemy same deal with JFK.
      Check out

  14. Don’t be fooled guys
    Is Drake super soft? yes he is
    But Drake has dated and fucked some of the baddest bitches in the game i.e. Maliah the stripper, Rhiannia, Dez Bryant etc.
    Not playing devils advocate but Drake will say some simp ass shit then will say shit like this in his songs
    “Still don’t have time for bitches to be acting iffy”
    “And if you pillow talk with a girl that’s screwing you just know that she’ll tell another nigga when she thru with you”
    Drake reminds of John Mayer he’ll say some simp ass shit, but always has the baddest bitches on his resume. Think about it for a 2nd…..

  15. Drake is a part of the new crop of hip-hop ‘artists’ who are more cartoon character than actual person. ‘Drake’ the rapper doesn’t exist, he’s a phony character made up by music execs, and given to a guy named Aubrey with minor lyrical talent. That’s what has really turned me off to a lot of hip hop is how cartoon-ish a lot of these guys seem. The high schoolers buy the stuff though. Money talks…..

  16. Drake reminds me of those kids you grow up that are rich, or well off troublemakers. Like they’ll deal drugs, or get in trouble and show it off to look cool. They don’t deal because they need the money or get in trouble because they have a dysfunctional home life. They think they’re hard because they do these things. What they don’t realize is they’re not. Being hard comes from hardship and living day to day in a rough, and dangerous environment.
    Drake can never truly be hard, but he has had brushes with it because he chose to surround himself with hard people. Around the time he blew up in 2008-2009, he was robbed at gun point in Toronto. He lost four stacks and chain he got from Lil’ Wayne. He said a female companion set him up.
    People in the industry, whom I know, told me he was scared shit-less after that incident. They say he became paranoid after that time. Like a ho from Maury, all these people from the hood he thought he was cool with saw him as a meal ticket or an easy mark to extract resources from.
    In my personal experiences from living in the hood, I’ve seen rich white boys and kids from good families get screwed over by charismatic thugs. One guy I know (Let’s call him Perry) managed to borrow 4 G’s for a car from a white guy with a $500,000 trust fund. Perry also convinced a Guyanese kid to spend thousands on a month-long cocaine bender, and put it on his AMEX.
    When you’re successful like Drake, people will hate. Haters aren’t imaginary villains rappers create to bloat their egos. Haters are real people that resent Drake for now having his fame and fortune. Even people that come from the hood have the same problem. When Tracy Morgan got his first big check, he moved his family and parents out of their bronx apartment during the middle of the night into a gated community. So Drake does have a reason for having no new friends.

  17. Something not mentioned is his feminine voice. His music is a weird fusion of Rap and R&B. From a business perspective he’s smart because it appeals to a female audience through the sound and lyrics, leading to his ~$30 million net worth. Not worth being regarded an effeminate male worldwide, IMHO

  18. I knew drake was a fake-ass bitch. He was manufactured by the 2 niggers that fucked him up the ass.

  19. I’m from Toronto and Drake grew up in one of the richest neighbourhoods in the city–no question. My friend is from there, and his family grosses well over $600,000 per annum (just to give you a picture). I saw him last month in fact on my way to school riding in his Rolls Royce…that’s one of the reasons why people don’t like this guy. He’s a clown. To add insult to injury, I don’t know any gangsters who have a rabbi.

      1. You must have posters of drake on your wall, you creamy filled faggot. It’s hilarious how rejects like you think Drake is anything but mediocre.

        1. I’m an adult, I don’t put posters on my wall, that shits for kids.
          Call him mediocre all you want while he continues to rake in the cash. If he was mediocre he wouldn’t be rich.
          Keep flaming tho.

        2. There’s plenty of mediocre artists making millions, it’s the ongoing trend in popular music today. Keep listening to garbage, clown.

        3. I think you need to look up the definition of mediocre pal. Selling millions of records is literally the complete opposite of mediocre.

        4. 1 million albums sold and never is going to be considered a Hip-Hop classic ROFL. That album will be forgotten in less than 10 years

        5. You need to get your quality control up, I honestly don’t believe you know what a GOOD album is.

        6. I never said it was a classic. I’m just saying calling it mediocre is dumb because it obviously isn’t given it’s success.
          You know it’s OK to dislike something while still respecting the art form. I hate Justin Biebers music but I give the kid mad props because of how successful he is. I would never call his music “mediocre” because he’s a multi millionaire due to his music.
          It’s just a dumb thing to say.

  20. After listening through “real hip hop” from the “golden era” and nineties, I simply switched to electronic music as my main source of “musical satisfaction”.
    Hip-hop just became boring to me.
    On the other hand, electronic music like drum and bass/neurofunk, dubstep, trance and their sub-genres experienced a big boom especially during 2000’s and in fact, still do.Thanks to developing technology, now more than ever, I hear new and refreshing noises in electronic music.
    If I want to listen to some hip hop style music, I just listen to sap trap music.

  21. If you have any problems with mainstream music, then you have a problem with people who buy music. Like any other industry, the music business seeks to make a profit. Prince even said, “Art and business do not mix.” Drake’s underground material n when he was on the grind, was actually quite engaging. However, he started to exude homo-simpish behavior once he became major. My point is this, if you want better music, then pay for better music.

  22. There’s still real hip hop actually.
    It’s just mostly located in things like jams (for breaking), cypher parties, locking/waacking competitions etc.
    The feel of the funk is just way too strong for one to hold back, and as the bass and the break take hold, nearly everyone assumes one mind and the bodies dance in unison.
    Similarly raw rap and hip hop still exist, one of the best lyrically is Clear Soul Forces, Joey Bada$$ and Pro Era are pretty good, Pete Rock’s beats are always good, Typical Cats, Hieroglyphics etc.
    It’s not tooo well known, but it’s out there.

  23. Hitler called it in the 30’s the international Jew is the biggest threat to a nation. They deem themselves the chosen people of god and demand all other races serve them. Read there Talmud

  24. he is a no-talent jew, and has had useless jew jobs (child actor, musician) because the jew mafia runs those shitty industries. -lots to hate.

  25. I hate everything about today’s world. The only things I can tolerate is books because there’s still more than enough diversity in terms of subjects and characters and plot. Popular culture is Satanic, most popular musicians have sold their souls, and Obama is a fraud while also being called the Celebrity President. Now my hometown basketball team signed Drake as its global ambassador. What the fuck????

  26. Drake grew up mostly on Weston rd. – not rich / actually poor. Renting half-a-house in Forest Hill is not rich by any means. As far as “not as hard as he says he is” – that’s every rappers habit from Dr.Dre to Guru – check the history. People hate on Drake for these reasons: he’s light-skin, he looks like a GQ model, he’s Canadian and he’s the #1 rapper out. That’s it. They can’t stand it!

  27. You’re taking what he’s saying too literally.
    “There are way too many people here right now that I didnt know last year, who the fuck are yall”
    The way I see it – he’s careful about who he calls a “friend” because once you get to this level of fame and success there are constantly a bunch of leeches trying to get a piece of your pie.
    I understand what he means, people just hate because its cool to hate. Fuck all yall, drake is bomb.

  28. I love all Drake songs, so i don’t know why you guys are complaining about nothing just because he’s a rapper you dont like doesn’t mean you gotta talk like this, dont like it? Then just keep it to yourself.

  29. Drake the typa n!gga to pick up a hooker in GTA and be like ” Just hold on we’re going home.”

  30. i’m really surprised you guys don’t like drake. He is the kind of mysoginist asshat that you guys love, as evidenced by YG’s “who do you love”.

  31. This is completed bullshit. So what if he’s not from the hood? You don’t have to come from the hood to be a rapper. There are so many rappers nowadays that come from other backgrounds. What’s wrong with a guy being “feminine”? How come nobody complains when a woman is a little “masculine”, but when a guy is a little “feminine” people will lose their shit?

  32. funny, cuz in rap/hip-hop world probably 10% really went trough hard stuff in life lol every one of them claim that they are criminals, they kill, rape, beat you, smoke pot, show guns on clips…at the end, all of them are lying, that’s why i don’t get the hate against this dud.. i mean if you gonna hate him cuz he lies, you gotta hate them all

  33. all these people are saying ‘nigga’ which isn’t just offensive to drake but all people with dark skin!!. that’s just sick. and to see this whole page badmouthing drake……….ffs! its just rubbish I don’t see why you want to drag down an innocent person and by the way to some idiotic men out there you may say that drake is more like a girl but he’s not…….the quotes and stuff that u say is girly is actually quite good because he’s considering others unlike you lowlife self-centred fools. drake’s a rapper and he’s a good one too he is one ordinary man trying to live his life and then he gets you sick haters trying to bring him down and for what? nothing …exactly! you just sit there and critasize him cause you have nothing better to do. when someone sits at a computer and writes something horrible about someone else its because they have insecurities about themselves and just obviously like being rude and confidence breaking.

  34. Drake the type of person to act like he started from the “bottom”, but is actually from a rich jewish family.

  35. People hate drake because he is a light skinned black guy, getting tons of money, and tons of pussy. The end.
    People envy is success

  36. All the “drakes the type of nigga”.. Just proves chilvary is dead. .. Men dogg him out because he is a good guy… What kind of shit is that???

    He doesn’t even make REAL music! He makes that pablum kiddie bull$#!t he feeds to the kids, their soccer mommies who put up with it to keep them quiet, and the rest of the sheep who will blindly buy whatever iHateRadio tells them to.
    Drake is pure GARBAGE.

  38. Man i’m so GLAD you did this article. I was watching something on youtube and there is a Drake video and it occurred to me a 53 yr old school “cat” WHO THE FUCK is this fool and why is he so damn popular. I am not that “down” with a lot of rap but I know good shit when I hear it and the guy seem to have a hint of sweet tea in his tank. I remember (if that’s him) i use to go to movies and see a sprite commercial with a dud who look like him. I was so annoyed cuase if was so fucking awful and I thought watch AMERICA (Always celebrating stupid shit) make the guy a star. Anyway I just google and saw one of my favorite sites RETURN OF THE KINGS have this article. DAMN, THEN I WAS RIGHT. I knew nothing about his background NOTHING. I JUST KNEW HE IS FAKE AS VANILLA ICE.

  39. Dumbest article I’ve ever read. What is wrong w men being less macho and recognizing their emotional components? You sound like a trump supporter who secretly watches gay porn

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