What If Everything They Told You Is A Lie?

What to eat, what medicines to take, what scientific theories to believe in, what to think of men and women, what to think of the races, what to think of gay people, who to vote for, what to make of Russia. Your opinions on hundreds of topics have been shaped by journalists, scientific “experts,” pundits, and politicians who have cozy positions in the establishment hierarchy. We’re led to believe that the information they share with us is truthful and in our best interest, but what if they’ve been lying to us about this, that, and, well, everything else?

The first lie you encountered is probably the lie that men and women are equal. Through your dating experiences, you came to see clear differences in male and female behavior that show women are not the flawless, independent, and strong yet innocent angels that the establishment portrays them as, and that their true nature is quite destructive if not constrained by societal forces. You would be correct to assume that this is not the only lie you’ve been told.

Imagine you have had a wife of ten years. You just discovered that she lied to you about where she was and who she was with the night before. What is the most logical conclusion to follow after discovering her lie?

  • That this was the only time she has lied to you in ten years OR
  • That she has probably lied before, especially when concerning her nighttime activities, so more investigation is in order

Discovering a lie is almost always the tip of an iceberg that there have been additional lies which—at the minimum—relate to the initial lie. In your wife’s case, it is unlikely this is the first time she’s lying about what she’s doing at night.

Why they lie


The establishment’s lie about women is essential for them to push national laws and policies, including social welfare, sexual harassment laws, rape laws, Title IX, university funding to gender studies departments, and so on. This means that the lie is useful for those at the top to advance their specific agenda. Just like with the wife we caught in a lie, we can conclude that any “fact” the establishment has given us, which is used to shape national law and policy, is almost certainly a lie. In addition, any “fact” that allows corporate interests to gain extra billions of dollars in profit per year has also been a lie.

The wife lies because her marriage and well-being is at stake. The establishment shill lies because their trillion-dollar agendas are at stake. The scientist lies because his corporate sponsor has billions of dollars at stake. When you are given “facts” about an issue where there is an agenda or money on the line, you are almost certainly being lied to. You are being given a carefully constructed piece of information with the intention to allow the agenda to proceed or the money to flow. You must therefore either reject the “fact” or research the issue to come to the truth.

Here are just a few things where we are not getting truthful information from the establishment:

  • Political candidates
  • Food safety and nutrition (GMO and pesticide safety, etc)
  • Chemicals in hygiene products
  • Plastics and their estrogenic effects
  • Treatment for heart disease and cancer
  • Human happiness
  • Feminism
  • Mental health of gays and transsexuals
  • Theory of evolution
  • Benefits of the service economy and technology
  • Race
  • Tradition and religion
  • International trade
  • The Middle East and Russia
  • Black Lives Matter

Government and corporations need at least some consent from the public to push their policies, agendas, and products. Where does consent come from? Public opinion and beliefs. Where does public opinion and beliefs come from? The government and corporations, who also outright control or directly impact the universities and media. Round the wheel of human control we go.

They need you to believe in lies

Control Center CNN

While bludgeoning you over the head with a club and telling you to eat your GMO corn and soy may work in the short term, it’s an ineffective long-term method to get you to eat the product. Much better to wrap up the GMO poison in catchy advertising, pay famous people to promote your product, sponsor scientists to do studies where only the desired result is published, and lobby for laws that prevent you from even knowing you’re eating GMO corn. Most people cannot resist such a multi-front assault on their mind.

Recently, an examination of psychological studies show that most are complete bullshit. They cannot be replicated. That’s only psychology, you may be thinking, and more important matters like medical research are more rigorous. Wrong, medical research is just as bad. If you’re taking an expensive treatment for a serious disease, chances are you’re ingesting something that is no better than just drinking cough syrup. If you consider that a successful study will mean billions in profits for a single drug, I wouldn’t be shocked if you told me that 80% of published medical research is complete bunk. There’s just too much money at stake for them to depend on honestly alone.

Telling you to open up your veins for toxic medicine won’t work unless I have the “scientific studies” to “prove” its effective and safe. Much better to pay a dozen scientists with crushing mortgages and car payments to construct studies where my drug will perform well, and just shred the studies when it doesn’t.

Telling you to submit to women and to give up your legal rights when it comes to sexual assault wouldn’t be a smart way to push an agenda that weakens men and destroys the family unit. Much better to get “social scientists” to make up statistics on rape and wages, hire homely female journalists who resent beautiful women to publish mountains of garbage, have the media invent rape hoaxes that portray men as violent savages, and have politicians push “equality” laws that only benefit one group while marginalizing the other.

With every issue of significance, there are multi-layered efforts to shape your belief on the issue so you don’t resist when the final policy, agenda, or product is pushed. Since you were a child, your mind has been relentlessly hammered with lies on dozens of issues so that you go along with the charade to increase the power and wealth of select individuals who have grand plans and trillions of dollars at stake.

Because I’ve caught my wife in a lie not just once, but several times, I can no longer believe her. I should divorce her, but we can’t divorce an establishment that involves tens of thousands of useful idiots, from obese government bureaucrats to Marxist journalists, who are playing the game to get their own measly share of the pie while those powerful figures above them ensure that their lucrative interests are not compromised. If you’re forced to stay with a lying wife, what will you think when she comes home late tonight with alcohol on her breath saying that she had tea with a girlfriend? You’d think she was a cheating bitch, that’s what, and you can’t wait for the moment when you can throw her to the curb for good.

How we can arrive at truth


If the establishment is lying to us about everything that they have a major stake in, how can we arrive at the truth? By examining the opposite conclusion and see if it holds water. I did this with the theory of evolution and found, through my own research, that there are enough flaws in evolution to make me doubt the theory as the sole means for arriving at a new species, and that the adoption of this theory was an all-to-convenient way for the elites to destroy traditional societies that believed in God so that they can replace it with a rootless materialist society. While some parts of evolution may be true, I reject the theory as merely a useful tool to destroy tradition, and I refuse to give my consent to any policy, product, or medicine that uses it alone to arrive at its version of facts.

Once you accept that the establishment is lying to you, there will be an uncomfortable void within your mind. You crave facts and truthful knowledge, but no longer have any institution to trust. This opens the door to believing in unproved theories, some of which may be accurate but lack rigorous evidence. And this is the crisis of men today: the time and money it takes to arrive at the truth, and the lack of it in the establishment, means we will be unable to know the truth for most things. You have to merely feel gracious if you happen to arrive at ultimate truth on this topic or that, such as the true nature of women. Or you can just try asking your grandparents, for what they believed in likelier to be closer to actual truth than what we’re been brainwashed with today.

My “wife” has lied to me too many times. If she comes to me with a tall tale, I won’t believe it. Until truth-tellers are made out to be heroes in our society instead of being persecuted and attacked like they are now, it’s safe to disregard everything they say. Every study, every white paper, every media article is propaganda, meant to get me to agree to the plans they have in store for me, you, and our fellow man. They’ve lied to me for so long that not only will I not believe them, but I will look at the opposite of what they say and see if there’s evidence to prove that instead, until one day, I hope, I can finally divorce them for good.

This article was originally published on Roosh V.

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321 thoughts on “What If Everything They Told You Is A Lie?”

    1. If you are a thinking man, the interview I posted a link to just above will definitely change that.
      Some people make evolution their “golden calf” and refuse anything that might discredit it.

    2. I’m sure you can agree with the results of a society believing that humans are just animals like all the rest.we’re seeing it right now

  1. How is *everything* about the Middle East a lie? I could agree about Russia.

    1. because of the proxy wars between the west and russia/syria
      Consider what Tulsi Gabbard had to say about the US funding ISIS in the guise of ‘moderate rebels’. They’ve been lying for years, creating ‘grass-roots’ movements of dissent in order to effect ‘colour revolutions’, but ever since Obama and Ukraine / Syria they’ve gone full Hollywood, just making up whatever they want people to believe.
      Our intelligence services clearly never got to the lesson on verisimilitude when they did their creative writing for spies training course

      1. If it’s about the Syrian Civil War, then I could totally agree. Roosh should have made this clear.

        1. I’m not sure what Roosh’s focus was – everything I think.
          I think the point I was making is that the media in the last ten years or so has moved onto full-on fantasy fiction. I keep hearing they’re going to fake an alien invasion – that would probably be the only thing that I might go along with, just because I’m a sci-fi fan

      1. AND…it’s only the east to Europe, but to China, it’s the West! So it can be technically said to be The Not So Middle West!

    1. You lack an understanding of what the hypothesis of evolution is. Race is an intra-species (if there was ever a “change” in a common ancestor which I do not believe) change, thus not “evolution”. The hypothesis of evolution attempts to say one species can change into another species. There is zero proof for the hypothesis because none can exist. It is a flawed and political creature created to do just what Roosh said in this article- move people away from Christian traditions.

      1. I don’t know but Michelle Obama looks like the missing link between ape and human to me. More on the ape side to be honest.

      2. “The hypothesis of evolution attempts to say one species can change into another species. ”
        You have evidently never met an otherkin

      3. Technically speaking, a counter argument can be posited that macro evolution is nothing more than countless micro-evolutionary changes that, in time, make the species incompatible with the original species it came from.
        I have no dog in this fight, just noting that saying “micro works but macro doesn’t” is a bit of a logical error.

        1. Occam’s Razor. Could be just a bunch of cheese heads in positions of authority arguing about the aesthetics of stuffing ‘a’ and ‘i’ somewhere in ‘mcro’.

        2. Here’s a brief wiki summary from a book that challenges evolution from a biochemical standpoint:
          “Darwin’s Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution (1996; second edition 2006) is a book by Michael J. Behe, a professor of biochemistry at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania and a senior fellow of the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture. In the book Behe presents his notion of irreducible complexity and argues that its presence in many biochemical systems therefore indicates that they must be the result of intelligent design rather than evolutionary processes.”
          At 35:00 at the below link, James Perloff does a brief explanation on it.
          “A simple one cell bacterium. . . contains DNA information units that are the equivalent of 100 million pages of Encyclopedia Britannica” – Encyclopedia Britannica
          Breaking cells down further into thousands of proteins, and then the same with amino acids (creatine being my fav), the complexity gets even more daunting. Francis Crick, who co-discovered DNA, calculated the odds of getting a protein by chance in the ancient ocean (Darwinism). The odds were 1 in 10 to the 260th power. Apparently, this number is so big it is impossible to fit that many electrons in the known universe. Interesting stuff. Perloff talks about that @ 16:00.

      4. “It is a flawed and political creature created to do just what Roosh said in this article- move people away from Christian traditions.” We can make it backfire to Leftists by pointing out their double standart about how Evolution applies to all creatures on Earth but the vast “Humanity” and that race is just a social construct, when IQ gaps between different populations , different bone and skull structures , differences in brain mass and let alone behaviours are obvious.

        1. I’m a man looking for truth beyond the PC cloud of lies wherever that takes me. As just a thinking man with common sense, who also rejects evolution, I recognize there are distinct similarities between the skulls of the great apes and sub Saharan black Africans. They also geographically originate in the exact same place. How can that be a coincidence? Ancient Egyptians were very smart, curious people, and even Stalin took a crack at mixing white people with chimps. He even had female volunteers. Who’s to say people thousands of years ago weren’t trying to play God just like they are today and had a measure of success? Understanding all the flaws in the hypothesis of evolution, something like this seems more likely to me.

        2. This theory is mind-blowing . To think that hundreds of millions of subsaharian africans are result of human-ape interbreeding at some point in history. If God exists this is indeed the only possible explanation. Still a little bit too avantgarde for me. What would mongoloids be than ? Humans mixed with smth else ? Some other kind of ape maybe ? Do we assume caucasians are the “original humans” than ? Or maybe negroids are the “original humans” and us modern caucasians did interbreed with smth else ? Maybe we are the sinners. Anyway Humanity is just too diverse. We could assume that God made humans different, but it’s not just different. It is like a perfect hierarchy where the lighter a population’s skin tone is , the more advanced the population is. Brown skinned arabs are more advanced than black skinned negroids, but less advanced than white skinned europeans for example. This kind of racial pyramid seems more likely to be designed by evolution than God. I tend to think humans and apes shared a common ape-like ancestor and subsaharian africans are just closer that ancetors in a genetic line or “less evolved”. Damn I would love to hear GoJ’s opinion on this topic.
          I know this sounds racist as fuck but I’m just a man like you who wants to know the truth and that makes assumptions based on what I see and know.
          Too bad our modern cucked authorities and the globalist overlords will never allow the truth to be known.

        3. It’s a really loose hypothesis as opposed to a theory. Consider the following from Rushton’s “Race, Evolution, and Behavior”. Exact dates questionable IMO I think it is healthy to be somewhat skeptical about modern scientific dating techniques:
          “Fully modern homo sapiens emerged in Africa 200,000 years ago.
          100,000 years ago, a small group of Africans had a sudden urge to head north.”
          Since there is nothing new under the sun, this could be among the first cases of “white flight” known to history. Of course, the urge for exploration and colonization whites have, among other factors, would have also likely been involved. Continuing with Rushton:
          “This small group inhabited the rest of the world, with minimal contact with the rest of the Africans who stayed in Africa. 40,000 years ago, the Caucasoid race broke off from the Mongoloid race.”
          Another split. Again, white flight and segregation. Likely the first group that left Africa included some blacks. Add in a degree of race mixing with mostly whites, a small number of blacks, and 60,000 years (or whatever period of time) and you end up with “brown” or “yellow” people. We see the same thing play out today with a small number of whites race mixing with blacks/browns, creating brown people, and the majority of whites generally wanting to remain separate and among their own kind. Back to Rushton again:
          “This means the entire world outside of Africa is largely related,
          descended from one small tribe of perhaps a few hundred or a
          Since evolution is bunk, if humans truly are “largely related” there must be another explanation. Rushton again:
          This tribe was obviously already unique, in that it alone had the intrepidity and determination to head north and conquer the world.”
          Rushton has likely never studied the Bible, and definitely doesn’t believe in it, but a lot of his conclusions harmonize with what the Bible teaches:
          “. . . and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it; and rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over every living thing that moves on the earth.” – Gen 1
          This dominion mandate is what God gave to Adam. The Hebrew word Adam literally means (from Strong’s Concordance):
          120 ‘adam aw-dawm’ from 119; ruddy i.e. a human being (an individual or the species, mankind, etc.):–X another, + hypocrite, + common sort, X low, man (mean, of low degree), person.
          119 ‘adam aw-dam’ to show blood (in the face), i.e. flush or turn rosy:–be (dyed, made) red (ruddy).
          God creating Adam is an account of the creation of a “white” species/man/people. He also commanded “kind after kind”:
          “Then God said, “Let the earth bring forth living creatures after their kind: cattle and creeping things and beasts of the earth after their kind”; and it was so.” – Genesis 1
          The Bible is a chronicle of Adam and his descendants. Aside from being replete with commandments to stay segregated racially and abstain from race mixing, it is completely silent on the other races history. Whatever their origins, the idea that one race “evolved” from another is bunk. DNA’s entire purpose is to replicate itself.

  2. Mainstream (Fake News) Media, why must you disgrace real journalism and truth-seeking (Return of Kings) with your house of lies?

  3. “That she has probably lied before, especially when concerning her nighttime activities, so more investigation is in order”
    This one guy I used to work with talked a bit too much about his personal life. He divulged to me and a few others that he caught his wife messaging some guy on Facebook–a guy who, a year prior, she brought to their house. He had also caught her messaging the guy on other occasions. She swore up and down that all they had done was kiss. And he believed it.
    I bring this up because just the other day he posted a picture on Facebook of him and his family. He has four kids, and only two show any resemblance to him. It’s amazing the hamterization some men will do in order to maintain that image of a perfect little angel.
    More to the point of the article: the alphabet channels have been around so long and been the only source of information for so many people that they practice an extreme amount of cognitive dissonance to preserve their worldview. Accepting that what teachers, news channels, and politicians have said to you over the years are mostly lies upends most people’s worlds. That’s why they fight so hard to defend them, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

  4. Who is the “they”? Everyone lies. I don’t really look like John Wayne. The trick is to discern the bs from what is truth. Ask yourself if they have anything to gain from feeding you a line of crap. Most in the media does

    1. Ask yourself if they have anything to gain from feeding you a line of crap.

      This is very much part of the ancient principle of, “You shall not bear false witness”. There were fair and harsh civil penalties for people who willfully distorted truth to harm another person. The principle has been forgotten in the West and governments have made “laws” which allow them to bear false witness all they want without any penalty. The result is theft, murder, war, and every other evil that originates with the tongue.

      1. He was a nice looking guy. Still, that square jaw even then showed signs of what it would eventually become.

        1. He was born 14 pounds, and his mother was only 5’1″. It’s a miracle she lived.
          I visited his birthplace once, in Iowa. The crap we remember…

    1. You can lie for someone or against them. Is that really too difficult for you to understand?

      1. His persona is such that he can never admit error, and has never admitted error. He sees himself with flawless vision coming down from the Mount to deliver God’s truth to the unwashed masses. When he’s cornered by direct facts that contradict his statements he either throws out ad hominem and flees, or he puts you on Block.
        Debating him is an exercise in futility, unless you really feel like you need a good foil to use to improve your own rhetoric, honestly. I use him mostly for mockery these days, he has no other use.

        1. What would you do if I’m proven right about Trump in the future?
          When everyone here was scared shitless that Hilary might get elected I told you all to chill as Trump was the pre-selected one. Remember?

        2. What would I do? Nothing. I’m on record as not being particularly fond of him, and only wanting him for a SCOTUS pick that would, one hopes, be better than the awful choice we all knew Hillary would make.
          I was also saying Trump had it in the bag long before election night. You don’t have any special powers, and my observations were based on “on the ground” evidence, not speculating about mysterious lizard people or whatever the hell it is you consider “they” this week.
          In any event, my statement to 303summerwalk was accurate and I stand by it.
          Good day.

        3. ” … not speculating about mysterious lizard
          people or whatever the hell it is you consider “they” this week.”

        4. Somewhat entertaining to see you scrapping with him though. Though once in a while, like a broken clock getting it right twice a day, he makes a solid post.

  5. Most people don’t want to accept the fact that all they believe is lies. Their frail egos are too invested in the lies and their fat asses are too full with the toxic food.
    For most people living a lie is their entire philosophy for life. These are the average morons choking down the candy coated turd our faggot society shovels down their pie holes.
    Instead of resisting they say ” thank you may I have another?”

    1. People react with anger when confronted with the fact their grade school teacher lied to them. It’s like someone who fell for a Nigerian prince scam or something. As if we are responsible for believing what adults tell us when we’re kids.
      So the whole system marches on. The way it was designed to.

      1. But they have bought into and based their entire livlihoods on those lies. When viewed in that light, it makes perfect sense why these special snowflakes continue to double down. The cold hard fact is they dont want to face reality because their egos are fragile and as weak as their bench press.

    2. great article….. I think most people are too busy trying to get by in life to have much energy for changing the narrative.
      Let’s short circuit the whole shebang and get to the truth.
      1.) Crude oil is produced in the upper mantle of the earth and will never run out. There are huge almost never ending supplies of oil. Methane ( one of the most common molecules in the universe – Jupiter and Saturn are made of methane – on Titan it has a climate like earth only with liquid methane rainstorms ) – under pressure and heat without oxygen methane turns to octane – better known as gasoline. Abiotic oil is a FACT and has been known since the 70s, but squashed by oil companies. Absolute FACT.
      2.) Energy is in huge supply in the universe and can literally be created out of thin air by energy from the vacuum. Tesla already discovered all this in the late 1800s. Anti gravity engine, teleporter and all the good star trek technologies we were basically promised in the 1960-70s have been stolen from us.
      3.) We can only postulate on what the reason for that might be… certainly after all this time it can’t just be about money. Can you imagine the abundance and peace and wealth on earth if we had unlimited energy sources and flying saucer technology. The logical conclusion must be some alien race or crazed satanic cult is lauding over the earth and holding everything back. I can’t see many other reasons that makes any sense. The alien explanation is closest to the mark and that combined with a satanic cult amongst the ruling elite (useful idiots) that keeps them in check. It makes perfect sense.

  6. What I’ve always wondered is why people can place excessive trust in anyone who has lied to them consistently. Lefties say “Bush Lied, Children Died”, but that same lie originated with their beloved establishment. In the same vein, even though they’re among the first to say the educational establishment is a total failure, they treat any attempt to explore why and how it can be corrected as a personal assault.
    And we have all encountered the self-improvement paradox – the people who need it most resist it most.
    I believe it has to do with the inherent stupidity of humanity. We cannot retain and employ all the data that comes to us, so we create models of reality that our brains can handle. Without these models, we actually have nothing – this is a scary reality to face.
    When you expose the lies and the fact that they come from consistent liars, you are actually attacking a model of reality. Everyone who holds this model is threatened by the truth, because it tears down a whole section of things they know and rely on as reality.

    1. Good comment.

      I believe it has to do with the inherent stupidity of humanity. We
      cannot retain and employ all the data that comes to us, so we create
      models of reality. . .

      This is very much part of the ancient principle of idolatry. Idolatry is alive and well today, just much more sophisticated and much more harmful to human society due to our fancy new technology.

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    2. Agreed about the “models of reality,” but it is not we that create them. It is the media/finance/gov establishment. Those models of reality are no different from frames that we use in pickup. The culture war is a battle for frame control.
      People accept the lies because the accept the dominant frame. If any information contradicts the frame they are in, they discount it. It is the very essence of being blue pilled.

      1. At root, everyone creates their own models. Even when they are 99% in agreement, there is usually at least small variation between everyone’s models of reality.
        However, many people adapt into their own models those presented to them. It makes sense – if someone has spent lifetimes acquiring knowledge about the biology of frogs, their model of frogs should be superior to mine, so I will most likely adapt that model into my own collective model of reality. In the same way, though media may provide much of a person’s model of political reality, there will be subtle nuance between everyone because they have adapted the media model into their own “realities”.
        It is this personalization and internalization, critical to forming models of reality required for any kind of possible understanding, that makes it so hard to let go. Models become ingrained and integrated with other models, and destroying one threatens the rest.
        For this reason, I find that (at least in live interactions) it is easier to change a person by leading them toward the change than by attempting to blast their models apart. If they discover a flaw in their model or a hole in their understanding, they can become open to changes. Better still, if they can be made to create a model that contradicts their other models, they can change themselves without ever becoming defensive.

        1. You don’t need to change others; that’s blue pill thinking. People don’t really change, just their perspective. All of our perspectives change with time and experience.
          Later on, you may find yourself agreeing with ideas you vehemently oppose today.

      2. Yep, we accept the reality we are presented with. Few, very few are able to challenge it. Even the whole red pill thing is subject to the dominant frame. We are slaves to customs and conventions we had no part in creating.

    3. Well, some, perhaps most people, start believing that their map of the world is the world, instead of the scaled down framework it’s meant to be. Similar to looking at the finger pointing at the moon and believing that the finger is the moon.

      1. All life has a common ancestor. Simple forms progress into more advanced forms, diversify, compete, flourish, become extinct. If reality scares you that much go back to your padded room and straitjacket and drool all over yourself.

  7. I still have the same primary question: what does it matter. I have always assumed that if something was on tv that it was entertainment and not information. What if you found out everything “they” told you is a lie? I don’t know….you wake up in the morning and continue living your life as normal. As it turns out, it doesn’t matter.

    1. Right. If you are naturally a free thinker you should be skeptical by nature. I’ve never owned a TV in my life so I don’t really acknowledge mainstream “lies.”

      1. Right. And guess what, life goes on. We go to work, we have our fun, we do our things. If one day I woke up and someone told me that Howard Taft was really a space alien from mars well….cool story bruh….gotta run now

        1. yeah, but it’s the exec’s who decide whether the cat’s dead or alive, nothing to do with quantum mechanics

        2. Can you imagine opening a box and finding a dead cat and, presumably, a week or so of piss and shit?

        3. We had a cat whom we nicknamed “Tuna”. I don’t know why, it was stupid, I’ll state that right up front. When he died, the wife had him cremated and brought him home in a little tin with his real name on it. I took it and said “Hey, look, a can of tuna!”
          I don’t know why this is relevant, I just thought of it when you mentioned the dead cat in a box.

        4. as long as you didn’t have price albert in a can you should be fine.

        5. That’s another joke, along with Sweet Adeline, that an increasingly shrinking group of people will understand.

      1. Why the transmission? Why not the crankshaft of ideology, or the fuel injection of ideology? Why the transmission specifically?

    2. You can pretend it doesn’t matter, but shaping pubic opinion is immensely powerful even if you are not affected

      1. ideology is everything.
        Hollywood, the media, academia, are ideology factories before they are anything else, and that includes money-making operations

      2. I am sure it matters to some people, somewhere. But not to me and not to my goals. For instance, if you told me that there is no such country as Tibet, or that a Pear is actually a vegetable or that JFK was killed by Don Knotts it simply wouldn’t matter to me…not even a little. It would not change anything in my life. Is the news fake? sure. Is public opinion based on bullshit? yeah. So? What of it? I have important things to do. If this is your favorite tv show and you want to discuss it on reddit that’s fine, but it doesn’t matter to me and it has no impact on my life at current.
        This isn’t to say it has no impact at all…but I was born into a world. This world had its particular shit going on. I grew, educated myself, understood the world, thought through my desires and sought how to make them real in the world and with the framework I was given. It doesn’t matter if it is real or not real.
        To be blunt about it. The truth simply does not fucking matter.

        1. or that JFK was killed by Don Knotts it simply wouldn’t matter to me…not even a little.

          Oh come on, you know this would rivet your attention for at least a couple of days!

          The truth simply does not fucking matter.

          Your bank confiscates your entire bank account and your job decides to stop paying you, both violating contracts you had with them, which they agreed to, and then broke, which means that they lied.
          Now…does the truth matter enough to you that you take it to court and get redress, or do you shrug and walk away saying “Eh, the truth doesn’t fucking matter”? Truth and lies are the whole reason we attempt (albeit sometimes poorly) to have some sort of legal system in place.

        2. it would get my attention…of course! That doesn’t mean it matters. As for the rest, as long as you are of more value unmolested you will be unmolested. If someone puts a gun in my face and asks me for my wallet I will want him arrested too. Whether his name is Walter or Mack doesn’t. Further, that I was robbed only matters to me…it doesn’t actually matter. Plenty of stuff matters to me. How much should I tip my barber during Christmas season? Should I go to one party or another? Should I get a mini houndstooth check suit this year? Maybe instead of buying OTR shirts I should have them custom made…I might actually save money in the long run. When is the next song of ice and fire book coming out. Which bar will I go to on Saturday. All of this matters to me. The difference between matters to me and simply “matters” is a world apart.

        3. But truth is an individual valuation ultimately, so if things matter to you, then you recognize some kind of truth (“this is good, this is bad, to me”) right? An employer and bank grossly violating their contractual obligations to you, in effect lying, also matters to you obviously. So, in essence, from the most atomistic perspective, truth does matter…to you, at some level. And if it does to you, then others in their own atomistic view, also value truth to some degree, I’d assume.

        4. If I woke up tomorrow morning and the banks I keep money in basically threw up their shoulders and said “tough shit” that would be a problem. The reason still wouldn’t matter.

        5. Actually they would matter. If they broke a contract and simply kept your money while gloating, you could (and I suspect would) take legal recourse and seek redress. If they went out of business (as well as your employer), then yes, you’d be shit out of luck as you could *not* seek redress. So even here, the truth matters to an extent.

        6. The what and how matter. The why, not so much. To some extent I am gambling…we are all gambling…on the fact that the banks will be pragmatic. Me being well off, earning and spending is more valuable to the banks and the government and society in general than the one time pay out they get by fucking me over. But truth? Like some kind of objective truth. It is just a very intricate and large web of lies of which some are constant enough that we come to rely on them. If the blanket gets pulled out from under us we are fucked. The only way to safeguard is to be more valuable long term. But it is all one massive load of bullshit in the end. There is only one truth that matters and the moment you know it it won’t matter anymore…..

        7. I’d buy the newsreel off of eBay just so I could watch it over and over again, back to back with the Apple Dumpling Gang.

    3. Depends. Lies at the macro level affect things like the policies and laws you live under, as well as how cultural things proceed or degrade. They do affect you, sometimes meaningfully, sometimes not. If you’ve lived in a great bubble and not had anything really serious impact you, that’s great and good job. Sometimes those lies even improve things, like when NYC pretends that Stop and Frisk is Constitutional when it’s clearly not.
      But when some blue collar dude loses his job due to plant closings brought about by “free trade deals” that the media and government lied to everybody about, guaranteed that it matters to him and that he’s impacted.
      Most lies though, yeah, basically they mean nothing. As long as you as an individual can distill truth to the point where you’re comfortable, then ultimately all is well in the world.

      1. of course they do…but those huge macro lies…they are constant and that is the point. As long as the same lie persists then you can figure out its angles and manipulate it. Blue Collar guy lost his job because of a free trade deal that was pushed by the government and media. I don’t know how all that works, but I will say that things have come down that could very well have fucked me. The trick is not buying into things and being prepared for the next change of current. If blue collar guy was paying attention, by the time his plant closed down he would have been onto the next thing.

        1. The thing with blue collar guy, and you know this, is that he’s only marginally aware. I’m not making a case for him, I’m just noting that lies do affect people, sometimes woefully innocent due to stupidity people, like the lower end IQ types. Sometimes they even affect us upper IQ types, so in that case, you’re correct on paying attention.

        2. It is true. When the big boys play games at macro levels the little boys get fucked bad. It is a pity, but nothing new. In fact, it is the oldest game in town. It isn’t nice and it isn’t fair and a lot of the guys on top are total assholes who know full well what they are doing and simply don’t fucking care if Blue Collar Guy starves. Hell, they might laugh at it (not all, some are clueless and some it causes genuine conflict for).
          People starve in Africa, people get blown up in Israel and somewhere out there a blue collar guy is getting shafted by a large corporation. Am I supposed to care? Fuck, why not join the church and go help the poor disgusting stinky people of wherever the fuck. I don’t mean to sound callus, but it is hard enough getting right.
          In the meantime, it isn’t just one zero sum game going on. When some people get screwed over, others benefit from it. The world goes around and around. Dogs bark at cats, Mexican food runs through you and corporate titans fuck over average joes.
          It is better, I would say, to understand it and use it towards your advantage than to try to change it. This is simply the way the world is, always was and always will be.

        3. I’m not really arguing that you should care or not. What I’m stating is that the macro lie stuff does impact others in the world who likely are basically innocent victims, and to them, it does matter a lot. So the ultimate point of “lies do matter” is shown, even if not particular to your own life. The reason I did so is that your initial post is talking about “you” (the reader) and not about your own self personally.

        4. I get that, but innocent victims are part of the game. What can I say: don’t be an innocent victim.

        5. Which works great for people above a certain IQ. Not for all people. I do agree to keep your head on a swivel so that you don’t get screwed over.

      2. Lies at the macro level affect things like the policies and laws you live under, as well as how cultural things proceed or degrade. They do affect you, sometimes meaningfully, sometimes not.


  8. The problem here is that we are dealing with people who don’t believe in the truth, either as a concept or a reality. Thou shalt not lie is not a commandment that many progressives recognises as far as i am aware. indeed for some deception as a violation of the injuction to honesty may itself be a positive commandment (for instance within some parts of the Sabbatean tradition). In this modern ear this may manifest partly where truth is understood as that part of reality which you wish to change. Lying by this creed loses it’s stigma to the extent that is either a) transformative or b) necessary for transformation / political change.
    This type of thinking is also written into the idea of end justifies the means thinking, where there is a presumption that owning up to what is the case, what is really going on, or more prosaically the truth of the matter, would jeopardise the political project in question. This is why progressives like Saul Alinsky happily endorse lying through your teeth to achieve a political goal.
    With the language turn in philosophy though, things get more complicated still: since any kind of stable notion of truth and any kind of transparently referential use of language is called into question, lying and truth-telling are reduced to mere effects of language, and since the truth reflects the status quo and the status quo needs changing the value of truth and lying is flipped on its head.
    This type of thinking is reflected in phrases like ‘fake it till you make it’. From a progressive point of view this translates to lies being lies only until the become true. “Truth” becomes a creative process, and as with Foucault a function of power / discourse. This is one reason why they repeat their lies. The belief is that if you repeat lies frequently enough, abracadbra, those lies will become true. Another way of putting that, is that if you repeat ideology until it becomes completely unquestioned, and on a part with self-evident common-sense, then that will be the truth.
    There’s just one tiny flaw in the plan though. To quote Captain Blackadder, “it was bollocks”
    The lying shill media is simply exposed as the lying shill media that it’s always been. Lies that are repeated endlessly are still lies, and will forever be so.

    1. Let me translate what michael is implying here – we live in an inverted reality where wrong is right an ugly is beautiful. In other words they do not feel ashamed to lie and confuse, the consciously do so.

      1. well yes, but I’m also saying that the lying may their intention of creating a new world where that lie will be considered true. If truth is a function of power and control of the discourse, then there will come a certain point when they believe their lies will become as true as any other truth. The point is they don’t really believe in truth at all except as something in flux

        1. Once the 24/7 drones networks are up and running you can be made out to be a deviant or terrorist and executed remotely.
          That is the first big win against our guns for the government and it is almost upon us.
          If we find that innocent people are being executed en-mass then shit will hit the fan and there will be blood.
          It will not matter what you think is truth or lie if you cannot defend your ideals.

        2. Yeah, we’ll never be able to shoot at drones. They’ll have +4 magical shields!

        3. you can just imagine someone like Duterte gaining power in the west, but instead of drugees he’d have a hard-on for cleaning up the streets of ‘extremists’. Soon there’d be no dissenters left

        4. We have war abroad to keep our peace here. You’re a slave to a system to preserve your freedom. Not to mention these new “smart” t.v.’s….oh yeah ignorance is the populace’s only strength…maybe there’s always a bad guy. It can hardly be a coincidence that people knew how it’d be. Maybe the hand strong enough to gain and consolidate control would inevitably be big brother…

      2. oh you silly billys and your quint notion of objective truth in beauty and morals.

    2. As long as there remains people and a true freedom of thought/speech/information persists to call out these lies.

  9. Everything they told me was indeed a lie.
    I lost the first 38 years of my life because of this.
    Kind of ready to pick up an AK-47 to spread my opinion about it.

    1. Spread your seed instead and then you won’t lose the next 38 years of your life as well

      1. I think you may have just invented a new concept in advanced weaponry: an automatic weapon with intermittent rapid-fire bullet and man-seed capability. Obviously it would need to be target sensitive, to avoid being totally death-gay

        1. There was a similar strategic problem with the nude bomb too, I hear.

      1. It was poetic exaggeration. But more to the point, who the fuck is speaking about mass-shooting? Who in their right mind does a thing like that?
        What I am on about is a wish of shooting liberal-bolshevik traitors who, with their Cultural Marxist propaganda, like Feminism or Multikulturalism, fucked up our lives. Do you not think they would richly deserve it? And also I am ready to defend my Fatherland with arms against the migrant invasion.

  10. There’s the same danger in thinking that everything is a lie as there is in thinking that everything is the truth. The words “everything” and “nothing”, as well as “all” or “never” rarely ever work out well regarding humanity. If everything is the truth in your view then clearly you’re being taken to the cleaners by *somebody* if not many parties and are living sub-optimally even if you don’t realize it. If everything is a lie in your view than you live a life constantly paranoid and paralyzed from taking action since you can not trust any source at all, hell, even the way your mind processes reality isn’t 100% accurate (it can never observe the moment, but only the past, for example).
    As always, I go with an approach where I investigate things that directly impact me and make a determination based on my own studies as to whether what is being told to me is a lie or not. Additionally, I weigh how much that lie (or truth) impacts me directly which, most of the time, is very little, although there are some exceptions.

    1. That’s the opposite of me. I find that media lies impact me a bunch… which is exactly why the media tells them.
      I went to college under the rape culture lie. I date under the female promiscuity lie. I pay taxes under the progressive tax lie etc etc

      1. Were you falsely accused of rape?
        Did you date girls who fucking around on you? (I’ll admit, that’s quite possible) and if so, did it really affect your life in any meaningful long term manner?
        If you weren’t paying taxes under the progressive tax lie, you’d be paying it under some other pretense. I agree that it’s wrong and stupid, but the impact of taxation in the modern world will be the same no matter which lie is told, so singling it out as especially damaging doesn’t quite compute to me. Given my druthers I’d see the Income Tax eliminated entirely and replaced with nothing. But nobody ever gives me my druthers, not even one small little druther, ever.

        1. Don’t go full retard.
          The feminist tribunals meant I fucked way more off campus pussy than otherwise … Big difference between 15% flat tax to 40%to the Feds.
          It really matters

        2. Withhold the sneers please.
          The “feminist tribunal” then really didn’t impact you in any major life changing way, right?
          The income tax has been around forever, and it’s pretty straight forward about increasingly taking your income the more you make. The lie behind it really is irrelevant, we all know it’s bullshit, but the only income tax we’ve ever had *is* the so called progressive income tax. The flat tax that they’re trying to sell you will eliminate all loopholes and then, within a decade be cranked up to the hilt and you’ll be back to paying 40%. Guaranteed. My point is that taxation is going to happen, so singling it out as special and of extra damage because “lies” doesn’t really make a difference since there will never be a lie free income tax. You’ll reject lie A then buy lie B to get a flat tax and then in 2026 you’re back to the same shit that lie A gave you.

        3. It wasn’t a sneer. It’s a figure of speech. No offense was intended. I respect my elders

        4. I got 2 personal threats which would have gotten me kicked out of college…
          And 40% flat is your lie.

        5. Did they get you kicked out of college?
          I was using 40% because that’s what you used, I have no interest in what the actual number is or would be. What I’m stating is that all a flat tax will do is eliminate 100% of all loopholes and breaks, install a tax and then, given Congress’s clear history of always wanting more of our money, would be cranked up over time to the point that you’re stuck with the same problem. Maybe the value they use is 25% but without loopholes and write-offs the net effect of the tax is the same. Ultimately, this is what our government has always done, snagged the system against us. Yes, they’re lies, but anything else that they’ll concede to will also be based on lies.
          A better case was made with your rape example is basically all I’m saying, because that doesn’t necessarily have to either exist nor be replaced with something equally damaging.

      2. female promiscuity lie? Please explain because that sounds like society is telling us that females are promiscuous and you somehow believe that to be a lie.

        1. Come on. The lie is that female promiscuity is no big deal and simply equality Bla Bla Bla

        2. not sure what your emoji art means but if it means sexual variety, disposable income and a life I enjoy without having to hitch my wagon to the lives of others then it is correct.

        3. You aren’t real good at thinking is my guess. What does your asterisk mean oh wise one.

        4. A man who doesn’t want kid or a wife is rare, so that means certain comments of yours get qualified with a footnote. Thus the asterisk.

        5. Ah. Because you just had the asterisk and not the footnote it called to/
          Wanting a wife and kids is basically like girls wanting to be a Disney princess at this point

        6. Except I don’t know any Disney princesses, but I do know a few happily married men with good kids and a good wife.
          Sorry about your luck.

        7. My luck couldn’t be better. If a guy finds happiness in marriage all the better. I have friends like that. I consider myself further along in the evolutionary chain than anyone who looks around today and thinks they want to marry and procreate

    2. fair enough, and the points about paranoia are fair enough, but we’re 50 years on since Richard Hofstadter raised concerns about the paranoid concern in politics, and guess what it turns out that he was full of shit. The paranoia was more or less justified – in large part if not in whole. The task as you suggest becomes how to relate to that situation, without indeed losing one compass bearings. The situation might not be healthy exactly, but perhaps it’s healthier than when the majority of people just believed what they were told.

      1. I was meaning in more ways than political, but yes, you should pay attention. I just like to avoid going to the extremes such that any action becomes impossible or I’m running out to the woods and hiding. Nothing productive happens when I do that.

        1. yes, with too much paranoia you can get – amongst everything else associated with that condition – a degree of learned helplessness. You start to disbelieve everything to the point where reality can start to break down

        2. David Hume has a great line about this though I can’t remember exactly. In a nut shell he says that this winds up being like shopping for a fresh apple in the market using a magnifying glass

        3. Indeed, and I’ve seen some examples of this on forums and discussion boards actually.

        4. well there are two issues here. Doubting things we’ve previously taken for granted can be a damaging to one’s sense of trust in the world around us – that’s a question of mind management in the first instance, and when that isn’t done successfully mental health can suffer.
          The above does not mean it is better to trust than to trust, not least because it may be that a policy of less rather than more trust is indicated in a given set of circumstances.
          When you consider the circumstances for instance when Hofstadter was writing it’s also clear that he’s trying to pathologise a style of fundamental questioning of official truths in a way that was supportive of the status quo – a status quo which – if the conspiracy theorists are correct – may have killed Kennedy for instance.
          Without pronouncing on the issue (the issue still isn’t proven either way) it isn’t clear to me why a paranoid style in an age where the CIA pretty much ran the press (which was admitted) and mysterious assassinations of key public figures was becoming a regular occurrence was not perfectly legitimate.

        5. as a clinical condition yes. It can damage or destroy trust / relationships.
          But there’s a problem when one political group – effectively the establishment – is trying to indemnify against criticism by seeking to pathologise in advance anyone who might make such criticism

        6. But why trust? For peace of mind? I have peace of mind in questioning it all but not worrying about it

        7. ‘Trust’ is now recognised as one of the most important forms of social capital. It’s a glue of social life, as well economic life. You can get credit for instance because people trust you sufficiently. You might buy property in one country but not another because one inspires a higher level of trust than the other. When that starts to break down, because we discover we’ve been told a pack of lies, then that can be a bad thing. The whole system needs to flushed – of if you prefer the whole swamp needs to be drained. Then some degree of trust can start to be re-built. I would say however having a questioning, critical mind is a key component of such an enterprise. People lie. We have to work around that

        8. Well spoken. Or written… I have people I would trust with my life. Those small circles. No one outside of those groups would get the benefit of a doubt. As an inner city nyer it’s ingrained and through my experiences and observances it serves me well. There was a drunk white lady on the subway sitting next to me and we started to speak. She was apologizing about the situation that happened where the cops choked the big guy in Staten island. I told her I’ve been black my whole life, it’s nothing really new under the sun but she was just distraught. She said she viewed police as heroes and blah blah blah…then she started working with them…she said she is appalled by the things she’s heard and witnessed. Learning santa isn’t real can devastate a kid but we all have to grow up. Interpersonal trust is important but instructional trust is dangerous.

        9. yeah, moderating and reality-checking one’s expectations is the key thing, as well as as you ensuring you have healthy relationships with those around you – a secure base if you like.
          Hadn’t actually heard of that case in Staten Island to be honest. I’ll check it out.

        10. Wow. Well good for you that you hadn’t heard. It’s really no difference between that one and the other stories. This case is where the “I can’t breathe” thing came from. He was saying that while the cop held him in a sleeper hold…. I was waiting for a friend in Manhattan one day and this old black lady and I struck up a conversation. Truncating the story…she was pretty wise and told me a few things. 3 things to stay away from, rage, lust, and gossip. There’s more context to the story but that’s one of the gems. She was speaking more about one’s own emotional state but it’s a good sniff test. If while conversing with people they exhibit those 3 traits they aren’t people you should consider more than associates. Good way to secure that base

        11. I had heard about it, but wasn’t really paying attention I guess.
          That sounds like a wise old lady indeed. Her list reminds me of a buddhist axiom I heard about on a mindfulness CD once. The three things to beware of were anger (rage), lust (sexual or any incontinent desire) and delusion. Maybe gossip is as good though. In the latter you have the idea both of idle / destructive talk and of assertions that may be poorly evidenced. Not so far from fantasy perhaps.

    3. As I’ve told you before you’re just not digging deep enough. Nothing wrong with that if it works for you but then you must keep quiet on subjects that you haven’t studied enough.
      Like the latest one – quantum tunneling! lol

        1. You’re delving, as always, into topics that you don’t grasp.
          And I withdraw your troll-feed for the day.

        2. The real question we need to be asking here is what Alan Thicke’s death will have on us vis a vis our ability to take anything that comes our way.

        3. He would have been a perfect candidate for President in 2020 using your tried and true standards for electing a President.

        4. It is true…but now he will never show us that smile again.
          Meanwhile, his son looks so much like him that a Growing Pains movie would be eerie. I don’t think anyone will make it though because Kirk Cameron is a total fucking nutcase and would do something all craaaazzzzyyyy

        5. Kirk Cameron doesn’t have funny crazy, just annoying crazy. Boner was the real star on that show.

  11. I just had a nice memory of childhood. My friend Ricky’s mom (an off the boat Italian) called him in and demanded to know if he had taken some bonds. For those of you who remember the 80’s, most people had 50 or 100 dollar bearer bonds laying around in a box somewhere. Ricky didn’t take them (his older brother did). The thing about a bearer bond is that you were able to walk into a bank and demand cash for it if it was matured. It was a bearer instrument. No ID needed. Good as cash.
    Ricky’s Mom: You take-a da bons
    Ricky: no momma I didn’t!
    Ricky’s mom: Everyword that-a comma outta yo mouth is lies
    Ricky: that’s not true mamma

    1. What is the maturity on bearer bonds? Up to 30 years I guess? Im pretty sure they stopped issuing bearer bonds to us plebs back in the 80s

      1. I don’t know when they stopped issuing them, but Sterling Archer had a big ol’ bag full of them when he went to Monaco.

      2. Not sure how it works now. I know that back in the 80’s pretty much every kid would swipe a 20 or 50 dollar bond now and then.

        1. If you found 100k in bearer bonds that matured in 2005, could you still redeem them for the cash? Or is there only a small window where you could cash em in?

        2. No clue. Like I said, the most I knew about them was that when I was a kid most of my friends knew that their parents had them hidden somewhere. You would pay, I don’t know, like 5 dollars and get a thing that said, say, 50 dollars and then stick it in a box everytime you had a little extra cash and then your kids would swipe one or two (kids being my buds and I), buy a bunch of Cisco or Mad Dog with the cash and go get some girls drunk and let them have a little dick sucking practice.

        3. Ah Cisco. Tasted like a wine cooler, but it would make you set 6 or 7 cars on fire. and you wouldnt remember doing it.

  12. “They’ve lied to me for so long that not only will I not believe them, but I will look at the opposite of what they say and see if there’s evidence to prove that instead, until one day, I hope, I can finally divorce them for good.”
    Why I’m an atheist.

    1. Saying “I don’t know” can be a truthful statement.
      Saying “does not exist” is a definitive statement that requires proof. Since there can be no proof to back up that statement, then the statement itself is a lie on its face, by definition.
      So, atheism is as much of a lie as religion if you’re going to go down that rabbit hole, except that a truly religious person can say “I cannot prove, I rely simply on faith” and he has an out card, whereas, you do not. So really, atheism is n even bigger lie than theism since it makes a claim and has no realistic out as a way to avoid presenting evidence.
      Funny world, right?

        1. You really don’t want to go down this path with me, I’ll tan your hide rhetorically and logically. I know precisely what atheism is, no theism, ergo, no God(s). It is a definitive statement that there are no god(s). If it were not, it would be saying “There is a God(s), we simply reject his claims”. There is no middle ground here, do you believe that a/some God(s) exists or not?
          If you say “I don’t know” then you’re agnostic. If you make a positive (or negative) claim then that requires proof, and as it happens, we’re back to square one with my original post to you being accurate.

        2. ” It is a definitive statement that there are no god(s)” That’s anti-theism.
          “I know precisely what atheism is, no theism, ergo, no God(s.” – Well obviously you don’t.
          I am an agnostic atheist. I don’t know if a god exists, and I reject the claims that it/he/she does.
          A god could very well exist, but it has no been proven to, hence atheism.

        3. GOJ you are just like a woman with a broken arm, broken nose, two black eyes and bruised ribs….you just don’t listen.
          PS: Still sticking with apatheism.

        4. Oh please, that’s sophistry. You’re either agnostic, or you’re atheist, they are not one in the same or “mixable”.
          Saying I don’t know and suspending belief lacking proof, is agnosticism. So you’re agnostic. Atheism denies or disbelieves in a god/supreme being.
          What you said is akin to when some silly people say “I’m a communist capitalist”. It’s farcical.

        5. If George Zimmerman can be a white Hispanic, then Just some Guy can be an agnostic atheist. Quit being racist.

        6. Communist Capitalist? That’s the guy who made a fortune on those fucking Che shirts back in the 90’s.

        7. Do you not understand the difference between not believing in something and not knowing if (said) something is true?
          You can be an agnostic theist or a gnostic theist

        8. You clearly didn’t read the message(s) where I noted that I just caught on to your trolling. So, you’re dismissed. Hope your day gets better.

        9. I actually heard a prof in college try to slip that into a lesson plan. I openly laughed at him with mocking derision, and the next day canceled his class and went to a standby that had an opening (first week).

        10. You clearly haven’t read the message where I ADMITTED that I DID mention evolution. I just caught you on you’re trolling. You’re dismissed.

        11. He just dismissed me after I’d already dismissed him. He seems that type. After the boss fires him, he probably waits until he’s escorted out the door and then screams “Oh yeah?!? Well I quit!”

      1. I’m trying to find out what should be, myself. I’ve found, so far, that most everything I can remember of thinking that God could be involved with is explainable otherwise. I was working on my attic the other day, paranoid about falling through the ceiling with a misplaced knee. I broke no drywall, had just enough vent pipe, just enough screws, all the right tools, and I had cut enough boards for the carpentry job, except there was a need for an extra board which I somehow unknowingly had an extra. There was a running dialogue consisting mainly of me thanking Him for keeping me safe and well supplied, and I got it done in a 4 hour marathon.
        I can understand the idea of Him being otherwise explained away, maybe it is a test. If God were obviously there, it would be easy to know, not just believe. I know the sky looks blue in sunlight, there’s no belief required. The only hangup is that many Christians say they KNOW and have SEEN God. If this is true, then I am lacking. If this is not true, they are confused.
        The other thing I have thought about is where science ends. Ok, we have evolution. Nice idea. How did life start? How did the planet start? Where did all this stuff that makes up our universe come from? When did it come from? What’s outside of the universe? If there’s nothing outside of it, when did it appear? All this can be explained with the idea of an infinite God, but I doubt any of us will know in this lifetime.

  13. “I did this with the theory of evolution and found, through my own research, that there are enough flaws in evolution to make me doubt the theory as the sole means for arriving at a new species, and that the adoption of this theory was an all-to-convenient way for the elites to destroy traditional societies that believed in God so that they can replace it with a rootless materialist society.”
    Really Roosh?
    Evolution leads to a materialist society? Fuck off.

    1. Well, the evidence is on his side historically thus far. I’m not sure that “fuck off” really rebuts what he’s stated. By creating a logical framework that explicitly destroys religion, well, you’re left with a void. That void will then be filled by something else. In our case, it’s crass materialism. It could have been something else of course, like totalitarianism (the dark sky kind where it rains all the time and everybody wears black), but in this case, it did at least help lead to a no-morality materialistic world.

      1. Atheism does not have a dogma that says to be engage in “crass materialism”.
        There is correlation but not causation.

        1. This is in regards to evolution, not atheism. Many Catholics and even a decent part of Catholic dogma has no issue with evolution (same for Lutherans), so your “It’s either evolution or religion” stand is incorrect.
          I also noted “help lead to”, which doesn’t indicate a “necessarily” clause, but rather, indicates that removing religion creates a void which can and will be filled by something else.

        2. don’t bother with this one. This guy makes father of three seem rational. FO3 can be nutterbutters at times and often avoids arguments that prove him wrong, but just some guy is a real dimwit. Use your time as you will, but don’t say you weren’t warned.

        3. I never mentioned evolution.
          Atheism is the rejection of theistic claims. THAT DOES NOT MEAN THAT EVOLUTION IS TRUE.
          You’ve just made an argument from ignorance: “According to atheism, religion is false, therefore evolution is true.” Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

        4. I never mentioned evolution.

          He “never mentioned evolution”. Scrollbar up and we see:

          Evolution leads to a materialist society? Fuck off.

          Try to be consistent please.

        5. I just kinda sorta figured it out. Thanks for the heads up.

        6. I was quoting Roosh about how and evolution leads to materialistic society.
          You replied talking about how atheism cause “crass materialism” which is what I’m talking about.
          I did mentioned evolution, I’m denying that it (or atheism) leads to a materialistic society
          Evolution doesn’t necessarily destroy religion.

        1. I didn’t realize at first that he was trolling. He’s logically inconsistent and is increasingly dishonest with his rhetoric. Guess I shoulda looked before I leaped, heh.

        2. It can be good sparring for your debating/reasoning skills, until you realize he’s using neither.

        3. I used to think so….but when you are dealing someone who is actually a moron and combines ignorance and arrogance in one package it winds up just being annoying. It is like saying that me playing one on one basket ball with Michael Jordan will be good for him to hone his basketball skills.

  14. I’ve published papers with results that I really don’t believe can be reproduced. The only real sin in academia is saying this out loud.

  15. Anyone rejecting evolution outright is not properly infromed. Wallacism is a decent start. It points us generally in the right direction, and is roughly correct about some things.
    What is lacking is an explanation of mimicry or instant evolution as in the cases of the stickbug or the chameleon.

    1. What about the Karma Chameleon? I have heard that it comes and goes. It comes and goes.

        1. at BEST that dross might bring me a tingle of nostalgia, but it reminds me why I didn’t have a radio at al during that decade…

        2. ha. Most music, I think, is mostly nostalgia rock. Good memories make good music.

        3. Wait…so you reject Toto too? In fact, you reject toto de Toto? Heh

        4. Its funny – I love almost everything from the 60s, making me nostalgic for shit I don’t remember in the first place.

        5. Early 80’s were good. Then near mid to late 80’s with that rap shit turned me off and I turned to classic rock 70’s.

        6. Yup. No problem with that. In the 80’s our fags were flaming entertainers, didn’t want rights and knew they were freakshows. I’ve no problem with fags like that

        7. They were a side show and fun! Boy George was a great fag. He is just what our fags should be. No one in the 80’s was talking about the bs now. He was a sexual degenerate and a total flamer. Like Charles Nelson riley before him and any number of homos. I’m not going to say what a man sjouke do in his bedroom. I have no moral problem with homos. My problem is that they went from “we have the right not to be beaten simply for being a fag” to “straight men are evil” in like 2 generations

        8. “Yeah, Charles Nelson Reilly, he’s our man, can’t heal the sick with the touch of his hand. Can’t walk on water, can’t make wine flow. He’s just another greedy actor on the late, late show.
          I don’t piss, I don’t shit, I’m gettin’ no relief…people shake their heads in disbelief!”
          Can you name the song and artist?

        9. Forget the song title for now, but clues: Punk-ish band, from Philly area, IIRC. Name has to do with dairy and the eternal state of lacking metabolic processes.

        10. Close – it’s a Rickenbacker 4003S, they still make them. I don’t own one myself, unless I had about $1800 burning a hole in my pocket! I still get “GAS” for one once in a while.

        11. Nice! I played (didn’t on) an Ernie Ball musicman once. If bass was my thing I think I’d use that

        12. The Milkmen! Of course….
          So dumb of me. I have their classic “punk rock girl” on my current playlist too!

        13. yeah, kind of obscure, but couldn’t resist, given the Nelson-Reilly reference earlier, Ha! The “Big Lizard…” album one of my faves. Totally cranked that when I discovered it in early ’88 and my subsequent post-punk phase.

      1. That’s one subject I know nothing about – popular music. So I don’t get your joke, if there was one.

  16. Everything the goverments will do is not for you it is for them to survive….you are a meatshield and a taxable human resource. That is all.

  17. “Much better to pay a dozen scientists with crushing mortgages and car payments to construct studies where my drug will perform well, and just shred the studies when it doesn’t.”
    This is EXACTLY the case, especially in cancer and heart disease research.
    As I predicted well over a year ago, Roosh has come nearly full circle and is understanding what is behind the curtain and who pulls the puppet strings. He’s also understanding the scope of the problem: it encompasses nearly everything we’ve been told within mainstream educational / political / historical / economic / scientific / medical circles. Gender relations is only a small part of Red Pill understanding and very few men on this site, even the more clever ones who SHOULD have a better understanding, have a handle on the scope of the truth. They are still sleeping sheep and haven’t yet figured it out — and fear of cognitive dissonance will almost guarantee their ignorance for years to come.
    Naturally, Roosh is now an “anti-Semite” like many of us truth seekers. He’s also advocating my Theory of Opposites regarding understanding the truth when compared to the mainstream narrative. Well done Roosh!

    1. It’s plain to see that the MSM is crumbling apart but replicating it through the internet outlet is next to impossible.
      It might be possible to create a big enough hive mind amongst the people that would be directed at will to attract a big enough majority on the internet. But there is one factor immeasurable to any instrument and immune from all machinations that has the power to eliminate even the highest of Orders.
      Whereby previously spells were disseminated mainly through auditory and visual means by the television providing little option to the inductee, the internet with its inherent power of free congress wielding the WRITTEN WORD is an incredible force. The source of all Reckoning.

  18. Here’s a medical establishment lie…polio was eliminated by the vaccine. Watch this and learn how untrue this actually is…https://youtu.be/Twch-T-n8Ns
    TLDR: The allopathic medical establishment changed the way they diagnosed polio therefore eliminating the “epidemic” with a stroke of a pen. If you included acute flaccid paralysis (AFP) with the polio cases that exist today we would have the same “polio epidemic” that went on 60 years ago…not counting India which is suffering from AFP like diseases now (most likely because of the shitty vaccine they are using). But they don’t count AFP as polio anymore.
    Sister Kenny was another smoking gun for the allopathic crew. She actually cured polio victims, mostly ones that the establishment failed to cure and gave up on, and after they investigated her methods and she proved them all to be a bunch of dumb fucks, they tried to discredit her publicly.
    Question vaccine science my brothers. You don’t need to take part in the toxic experimental prophylactic that big brother wants to make mandatory for children AND adults!

    1. well let’s see…why have they only been discovered during the heyday of evolutionism in the 19th century ? 🙂

  19. The MSM is all lies now, the thing is, is that’s it’s about who can tell you the best lie and if you believe their bullshit or not.
    I’ll give you guys one way to spot fake news:
    When people quote “Anonymous Sources ” just proceed to laugh…

  20. Ballsy, killer, so-true article there Roosh. I felt your awakening thunder in it.
    To quote Bruce Willis’s character in “Die Hard” –
    “Welcome to the party, pal.”
    If they push it hard, it’s a lie. Doesn’t matter what it is. If most people believe it’s true, it’s a lie. Doesn’t matter what it is. A guy who realizes this can protect himself. A guy who doesn’t, can’t.
    And thus, the elite control the world. Because they control the three major input systems – the media, education, and religion. This is the true Holy Trinity of the material world. You can only understand something in mind, body and spirit. Knowledge is different. You can know the words to the Pledge of Allegiance, but not understand them. That’s how they get you. They tell you you’re smart, or you’re a good person, because you believe the bullshit that they force-feed you via their three major input systems.
    I forget the exact line in the film, but it was from “Midnight Express”. Oscar nominee, 1978, I think. (Too lazy to look it up at the moment.) The main character was thrown into prison for a life sentence, in Turkey, I think it was, for the unforgivable sin of trying to smuggle hashish out of the country. He was taking his exercise, with other prisoners, in this particular scene, and they were all walking in the same direction, around and around in circles.
    Finally, he started walking the other way, going against the grain, just to go against authority. Some old deranged dude comes up to him, and says something like, “You don’t want to be a bad machine! Walk the right away!”
    Yup, there are good machines, and there are bad machines. Which are you? If you pick either one, good or bad, you’re still a machine.
    As Roosh’s article insinuates, most of us are machines. We’ve been programmed our whole lives. Virtually everything we believe, is a lie.
    Until we realize that we are machines, we can’t stop being machines.
    And one of these days, more and more of you guys will understand this (which is different from knowing it). And that’s when the real fun will start.
    “Welcome to the party, pal…”

    1. “They tell you you’re smart, or you’re a good person, because you believe the bullshit that they force-feed you via their three major input systems.”
      That makes sense Bob. I remember throughout my ‘education’ being patted on the head for reproducing the ‘mantra’ well so to speak and shunned when I introduced critical thought to the curriculum.
      I see it a lot with higher educated types. Not to say these people are idiots and undeserving of merit but for many their very sense of ‘intelligence’ and ‘high standing’ is completely dependent on the lies.
      It would take a monumental ego reality check to overcome this and probably find themselves excommunicated from their social circle group think and possibly careers.

      1. “It would take a monumental ego reality check to overcome this and
        probably find themselves excommunicated from their social circle group
        think and possibly careers.”
        Not gonna happen. The indoctrination is final. Once you get that Ph.D. from the designated intelligence-bestowing, higher-education mindfucker – just like the Scarecrow did in “The Wizard of Oz” – it’s over. You’re really smart. Because they said you are. And they wouldn’t lie.

    2. Umm…the Bruce Willis quote you use is a lie. There was no party. The person he was referring to was not his pal. The person he was speaking to could not possibly hear him.
      Your statement, ‘If most people believe its true, its a lie.’ Can be shown to be a lie. There are many facts the majority believe are true that are true, so are you a liar for making that statement? I guess so. I’ll follow Roosh’s advice and not listen to liars,only to truth tellers.

    3. Its funny how you described us as machines. I think we are beautiful machines. I don’t think the ultimate key is realizing what we are. I think that’s the first step. I believe once people know that not only are they machines but that they have been programmed AND can change their own program at will we will see a different world.

    4. Indeed, only lies need to be pushed. Like right now, I’m freezing to death in Canada (-22 Celsius), yet the establishment is whining about the rebranded global warming. called climate change.

      1. They jumped the shark. Big-time. Everybody can see it now – well, some people. I got a little optimistic there.

  21. Turning off the media in all its forms helps to turn off the lies….
    When you turn off the media you have abundant free-time to try new things and have new hobbies…
    When you try new things and take on new hobbies you realize how much money that costs….
    When you realize how much things cost with your new free time you wonder where all your money goes….
    When you wonder where your money goes, you witness the amount of money government taxes you…
    After noticing all the money the government takes from you, you then wonder how its being put to use for you and your community’s betterment….
    After noticing the outright waste and mismanagement of your taxes you begin to question the legitimacy of the government……uh oh.
    This is why there is media, to keep you misinformed, distracted and dumb. The awakening is slowly happening…unplug your friends. This was a great article.

  22. When you get cancer, you will accept any number of “toxic medicines” into your bloodstream if a doctor you trust tells you to.
    Yes, yes, we get lied to by “them”, “they”, “the establishment”, “elites”. Hey man, you could define a lie as anything that isn’t an absolute, universal truth. Then everything would be a lie. Do you understand how difficult it is to establish what a fact is? Studies deal with that problem constantly. Sure, studies are wrong, that’s how science works. Most are wrong, a tiny few are good, knowledge creeps forward in the academic world and it takes years, sometimes decades to translate into something useful for the average person.
    You want to disbelieve evolutionary theory, yet you can’t even articulate what it is. I read the article you linked; what a laugh. You try to explain social phenomena with a biological theory on a minuscule time scale. Ah, but you believe. Rationalists don’t “believe” in theories, the truth doesn’t depend on belief.
    But I see you are only a rationalist in areas you feel comfortable with. Apply the same arguments you use against evolution against your actual faith in God and see the result. You won’t. Objective truth isn’t your goal,I guess.
    A bucket of water is more powerful than God. The ice bucket challenge did more to help alleviate disease than your God ever has.
    Guess I’d rather live in a modern, science based society than the ones based on the fairy tale of religion.
    Please stick to what you know. You had me with discussing game, men’s rights, and exploring female behavior. Stop with politics, economics, and hard core biology; not your area of expertise. You’re starting to lose me.

    1. Sorry to say gent, but science is dead and has been rotting for many DECADES now. The reason? There’s no such thing as unbiased observation / research. It’s all paid for, which negates the basic definition of scientific endeavors: unbiased observation and testing of theories towards establishing verifiable laws based on natural principles. All research is tainted by corporate / government / military entities for their economic gain (money) and ability to remain in control (power). True scientific research has not occurred, at least in the mainstream eye, since the WW2 era when the Nazis developed some incredible technology / products out of absolute necessity due to embargoes etc.
      As such, you’re not living in a modern, science-based world at all. You’re living in a very phony and contrived matrix of sorts, where literally everything promoted and endorsed by mainstream sources is a lie — and that includes the homosexual pederast known as Charles Darwin and his plagiarized and unscientific theory of evolution, which I wasted years on studying and parroting to gain my University parchment. That also includes the “greatest scientist of the 20th century” Albert Einstein, who was also a plagiarist, liar, racist, rabid Zionist, adulterer and pedophile. And to think I had a poster of him in my bedroom for about 10 years as a teenager… True story, albeit a sad one for sure.

        1. Of course I’m entitled to my opinion, gent, no need to state the obvious. How is my statement RACIST other than to call someone else racist??? How old are you?

  23. I feel the same way about government and legacy media as Roosh states in the last paragraph – whenever they announce or push something, I automatically assume the opposite is true.

  24. Be thankful for the dupes. If not for them it would be much harder to secure resources. Not everyone is a winner…..boo hoo. The only reason anyone really cares what the dupes think, is fear the profound ignorance will impact those allegedly not duped. Yet, the smart and strong will get theirs regardless how many run in the wrong direction. This blog wouldn’t exist if there was no opposite in need of foiling. Thank them, men that simply know where their dick goes are bloody enlightened hero sages now. They made everything so transparent binary, takes work to screw up. Can now read people’s minds with no supernatural power required. Can flick emotions like a switch. Can be loved or hated with a few words. It’s all very simple now. Why care what the dupes think, they don’t and are useful. We are all Dr.Green now.

  25. Its a hard thing to believe so many lies have been told to us. They were well crafted, long put into place lies, told by people in the highest positions. Nevertheless as Roosh says, they are lies and damned lies at that.

  26. People lie all the time if they believe they can get away with it and it’s for their own benefit.
    It’s actually quite fun when you can catch a lie and you know it but you let the liar play along and you dupe him by acting dumb and then at the end, you throw him a question that makes him stumble.
    Kind of like making a child stack up jango blocks and then at the last minute, you pull that bottom block and let it all tumble down.

  27. “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”
    Mark Twain..

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