Swedish Feminists Campaign For Fatties In Clothing Ads

Gudrun Schyman, former leader of the Left Party and current leader of the Feminist Initiative party, is looking for new and innovative ways to be a buzzkill. No, she’s not going to put 100,000 Swedish Kronas (over $12,000) on fire again because of an alleged pay-gap between men and women. This time, she’s out to put an end to clothing companies using healthy and attractive women in public advertisements.

In an article posted to the Swedish newspaper Metro, Schyman points out how the problem is not just how women are being objectified in ads, but also the fact that the women are “extremely skinny,” and therefore upsetting the feminist masses. She’s also upset that transsexuals and disabled people are not displayed in these ads sufficiently.

Look, I’m all for free speech, but if we’re going to start seeing ads of transsexual midgets posing in bikinis filling the streets I just might start singing a different tune.


They want to replace this with chubby, disabled transsexuals?

While the Feminist Initiative party is not really significant when looking at recent poll results, they certainly get the media spotlight even though they only managed to scrape together just over 3% of the votes in the election last year. Unfortunately, these opinions are not exclusive to this minor party.

The Social Democratic Party, which is the largest party in Sweden, and the Green Party were in unison before the election in 2014 that they too want to ban sexist ads. The Swedish Women’s Lobby, an organization founded on the initiative of the Swedish Government, also want to prohibit such advertisements. These progressive parties and organizations don’t shy away from criticizing and shaming Christian conservatives, but this time Schyman actually gives credit to Rome for taking action by banning sexist ads earlier this year.

While we can all easily see how this is an obvious case of limiting free speech, is it not also a case of limiting the freedom of the women working as models by destroying their livelihood? Schyman seems to only be concerned with the feelings of the unattractive women who feel like they’re oppressed because weighing 300 pounds is not what society deems attractive, and even if that was the case, they would probably complain about being objectified.

Why does she favor women in the second category? My guess is that the demographics of her followers are not fit – they’re fat. Schyman and her ilk only seem to be concerned with the feelings of the unattractive women who are provoked by a public display of a fit, feminine woman with the audacity to promote beauty.


Your body is not a temple, it’s a run-down Detroit house.

The Swedish advertisement researcher Nina Åkestam was quoted by Schyman in the article about her personal experience with seeing fit women wearing bikinis in public advertisements: “The first thing that happens is that I pull in my stomach. It happens automatically, by reflex. (…) Why did I eat that yogurt this morning, why did I slow down my pace at the end of my run?”.

These reactions are identical to that of motivation. You see something that sparks an emotional response that makes you want to work to improve yourself, whether it’s seeing an exotic car that reinforces your motivation to work on your financial situation, or seeing a shredded guy at the gym making you work even harder to attain similar results.

If you recognize that your lifestyle isn’t working and start questioning it, that should be regarded as positive, as it can be the first step toward progress. However, it seems like these progressives ironically don’t want to be bothered with the concept of progress and would much rather be comfortable leading a life of gluttony and escapism by banning things that hurt their feelings.

Economic implications

Coming soon to a magazine cover near you!

Coming soon to a magazine cover near you!

If we’d take a look at what economic impact a ruling like this would have on the Swedish clothing giant H&M, it would be nothing short of a disaster. The H&M stock is the most traded on the Swedish stock exchange, and H&M currently has over 130,000 employees and almost 7,000 of these work in Sweden.

Most of these employees are women, which means this is yet another case of feminists screwing things up not just for men if they decide to destroy this industry. If H&M would become known as the company featuring disfigured buttergolems in their bikini clothing line because of government regulations, no one would want to buy clothes from them anymore. The only option for H&M is to move to a different country, which would basically be economic suicide by the Swedish government.

One interesting thing to note is that Veronica Palm from the Social Democratic Party pointed out that nine out of ten young women saw something wrong with their bodies while looking at these advertisements and felt like they had to change something about their appearance.

God forbid that girls receive a spark of inspiration and motivation to improve themselves – let’s instead further the degeneracy of young women by applauding hamplanets such as Lena Dunham, Meghan Trainor, or Tess Holliday! When you try to encourage a positive change for women not just aesthetically but also in terms of health, it’s offensive and should be outright banned.

Upholding individuals who have let themselves go and live unhealthy lives is recognized as a noble and virtuous act. What I find most compelling about the manosphere is without question the focus on personal growth, and it’s ironic how feminists and the manosphere are such polar opposites in this instance. To be fair though, feminists do promote women who have had their fair share of growth as well.

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155 thoughts on “Swedish Feminists Campaign For Fatties In Clothing Ads”

      1. Indeed, they’re all ugly useless cunts. They literally produce nothing for society except shrill cries loudly and often.

      2. They look hideous and so are the fatties that the Swedish feminists want in their clothing ads.

    1. Backpfeifengesicht. One of those wonderful German words everyone should know.

  1. When the SHTF I will have no sympathy for what will happen to these people.

  2. God help us all
    As if the people I see though the day, are not ugly enough, now we have this push so they will not even try to change.
    Why in the world would they put such an incompetent person (Gudrun Schyman ) in charge of anything?
    Am I correct in understanding that as leader of her party, that one of her jobs is to raise money so it can support candidates in elections, but instead she burns large sums of said money?
    For what purpose, to raise money so she has more money to burn?
    Conservatives and Libertarians usually accuse progressives of buring money with how they spend it in the government budget, but here we literally have a person taking a match to it!

  3. Gudrun sounds like a name you would give to a mythological monster.

    1. Gudrun was actually the Norse goddess of the hearth and home.
      Ironic, because this woman radiates pure frigidity and nothing resembling nurturing.

  4. Sweden is a lost cause and should only be mentioned in the context of a cautionary tale for those who believe feminism, cultural marxism and “diversity” are a good thing.

    1. Yupp……….. Sweden is becoming a shit-hole of a third world country !
      But. I don’t have any sympathy for the assholes Swedes ! They’ve got. What they deserve !

  5. When you “equalize” everything to the point where winning is the same as losing the winners will leave for a place where they can be triumphant again. Then you will be left with a nation of losers and you will rot in the hole you dug that has become your grave.

    1. You just won a trophy with that there comment. Now I want mine too just for showing up!

    2. i know how to destroy the hellish system of meritocracy one and for all. forbid everybody to work, fuck, eat or make friends. i guarantee there will be no more inequality.

    3. That is the nature of the Socialism, and has been for the past century: Disincentivize the productive, reward the losers, and silence anyone who has a problem with it.

    4. Agree…it’s called lowering the bar. I’ve seen this happen over the past few decades. We’re handing out trophies to everyone and we’re telling everyone that they are special (at a young age) no matter if you work hard or you’re flat out lazy.
      The mindset, today, by many young people in the work force is that they deserve a higher pay “just because”….like growing up (special). Women are even worse because they have feminists (like this one, corporations and politicians) pandering to them say “want to be fat…it’s ok”.
      No, it’s not. You look bad and you feel bad…it’s not ok…it’s fucked up.

      1. I believe they’re trying to lower the bar enough til we regress as a society to Bonobos swinging from trees in a matriarch feminist Disneyland.
        They want us all castrated, docile and blissful.

      2. Did you know they now have graduation ceremonies for preschools and kindergarten classes? I shit you not!
        Then again, given a lot of the fucked-up families a lot of American kids are born into nowadays, I suppose that’s the only “graduation” they’ll ever have, so might as well!

        1. Yep…I think that started back in the 90s (not sure) but it is fucked up.
          Low bar….low standards.

      3. I agree completely.
        Its disgusting. Especially to a girl like myself, who consistently makes sure I stay fit and healthy despite all the stresses and excuses I could make.
        Do you know why I choose to do this?
        Because im young and beautiful and want to stay as such for as long as possible SO I FIND A GOOD MATE AND AM ABLE TO PRODUCE HEALTHY OFFSPRING…and because it feels good to look good.
        But read what I just said…im made fun of often or given dismissive “youre just young right now” replies by my fellow women who claim to support “any choice a woman makes”.
        I mean…Ive literally been called a bully for saying its wrong to teach our children that all body types are “beautiful” and “equal” because we are effectively killing our children and promoting poor health and disease. What kind of madness is this? And the media and gvernment seems to be OK with this?
        Girls like me are somehow the enemy because my goal in life is to have a beautiful family one day I can nurture and a husband I can make proud IN RETURN for his unyielding love support and protection and vice versa. HOW IS THIS A BAD THING? I dont want to waste my youth rotting away in some cold office or doing manual labor.
        Im a 22 year old mexican woman and its pretty traditional for a daughter to live with her parents or close to them until shes married. And it’s a perfectly wonderful and respected honor and job to have children and take care of your husband.
        And staying attractive and fit goes along with all of that.
        When did this madness start and why?
        Why arent I a hero for actually taking care of the body Im going to spend my life in? Why can I only be a hero if im gay or fat or good at manipulation or I write a blog about some percieved attack or conspiracy to “keep me down” when in reality it would be my own fault if I was failing.
        Idk…it just seems unfair and dangerous. I wish feminists really did have man and woman’s best interest at heart but its things like this that makes me think otherwise.

        1. I don’t know and it’s a shame that others are following our lead. This country is falling apart when Americans start embracing these mental patience as heros. Many are looking to leave the country in search of a woman who doesn’t follow this lifestyle. It’s sad to see a once proud nation fall down..but is has. Keep doing what you’re doing.

        2. As intelligent as alot of men are on here, I’ve seen time and time again that most men are completely whipped for some shrewish pudgy feminist who makes him ashamed of everything that makes him a man. Why do they do this? I cant figure it out. Our fathers and brothers and mates are male, we should be lifting them up, making them proud, working together. I love an intelligent, strong, not brainwashed man who will take the lead, because I freely admit im ignorant on things like politics and I was taught that a man provides, a woman supports and nurtures and my good, the LEAST we can do is at least keep ourselves fit. Yall are the ones that go to war during a draft. I wish more men thought like you but sadly that isn’t the case. Women are ruining their future prospects. Why, I dont know.

  6. As I said before in a previous post, Sweden is the equivalent of Mordor in the Feminist controlled world. It can’t be saved. The main battleground that should be fought is in the U.S.A because American culture influences a great part of the world and it is here that the feminazi hordes must be absolutely opposed.

    1. The fat acceptance movement started in the USA. Average weight for american females in 1950 was 125 lbs, now 160 lbs. If women were required to accurately disclose their weight on dating sites, probably 2/3 females would delete their profiles.

      1. More like 95%. 2/3 American women are overweight but the 1/3 that isn’t doesn’t need online dating because a normal weight is a rare and sought after commodity in the US of 2015.

        1. “‘We will come’, said Imrahil; and they parted with courteous words.
          ‘That is a fair lord and a great captain of men,’ said Legolas. ‘If Gondor has such men still in these days of fading, great must have been its glory in the days of its rising.’
          ‘And doubtless the good stone-work is the older and was wrought in the first building,’ said Gimli. ‘It is ever so with the things that Men begin: there is a frost in Spring, or a blight in Summer, and they fail of their promise.’
          ‘Yet seldom do they fail of their seed,’ said Legolas. ‘And that will lie in the dust and rot to spring up again in times and places unlooked-for. The deeds of Men will outlast us, Gimli.’
          ‘And yet come to naught in the end but might-have-beens, I guess,’ said the Dwarf.
          ‘To that the Elves know not the answer,’ said Legolas.””― The Return of the King, “The Last Debate”

      1. The evil itself doesn’t COME FROM Sweden (the way it did from Mordor).. so I would say Sweden is more like Saruman, the wizard who switched sides and voluntarily accepted the dark side as his future. America as Gondor seems about right. But the version of Gondor where the king is still under that spell, not the one where he’s fighting back.

    2. you got it all wrong. a trans midget from teletubbie land must bring the ONE BRA back to sweden and burn it in the fires of the volcano egalasmus.
      one bra to rule them all, one bra to find them,
      one bra to squeeze them and in the darkness bind them.
      oh wait, was that the feminist version?

      1. Haha…I can imagine some feminist shit director making her own version of LOTR using your scenario now. It’ll be called Lord of the Bra

        1. Heston was cool .The guy goes from Ben Hur /Moses to Planet of the Apes and Soylent Green and Omega Man…Wild.

        2. The only good “Apes” movie. You cannot top that ending.
          “Take your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty ape!”

        1. A red pill movie. In what other movie does a guy get himself a hot chick who shuts the fuck up the entire movie long?

        2. NO no believe me.. I have seen them all.. it’s just been a while. I’m a big fan of good sci fi / alternate history fiction. Also the makeup for the time was quite impressive, doing all those realistic looking ape costumes pre-CGI.

        3. “A red pill movie. In what other movie does a guy get himself a hot chick who shuts the fuck up the entire movie long?”
          lol now that you mention it….
          though that is one thing that bugs me….nowhere in the first 5 movies do they ever explain why humans magically go mute.
          “NO no believe me.. I have seen them all.. it’s just been a while. I’m a big fan of good sci fi / alternate history fiction. Also the makeup for the time was quite impressive, doing all those realistic looking ape costumes pre-CGI.”
          yea the ape costumes are definitely the best in the first movie. as far as alternate history sci fi movies, this is really one of the best even after all these years….really the whole 5 originals are all quite great. even now the ape costumes hold up pretty well.

        4. I guess they figured that humans had reverted to a mere animal existence and were mute like chimps are now. Btw, did they explain how chimps learned to talk? I think they did a cop out on that one too in the third movie.

        5. no the apes learning to talk is explained. the humans going mute never is though. the apes learn to talk through time traveling shenanigans. the apes from the first and second movie travel back in time to the humans era of the people from the first movie. those apes in movie 3 have a child that can talk, said child is Caesar and all it takes is one ape that can talk to have ape talking children.
          so basically because the humans time traveled, they opened up the possibility for the apes to travel back in time and take over the world.
          and when I say mute…the humans couldnt even grunt. vocal cords are completely dead.

        6. The time travel stuff… kind of what I meant by cop out. I mean that shit makes no sense!

        7. as far as time travel plots go, this is one of the better ones. one pretty straight forward paradox. you are right though, time travel plots can usually be a giant mess.

    1. Some justice in the world at least. Though I suspect just like a turd that refuses to flush….she’ll be back.

    2. And according to that article she LOST the sex discrimination lawsuit against her former employer. Hallelujah!
      Anyone who hires her now for anything other than retail sales is insane and deserves whatever is coming to them. Although, she will probably be vetted by feminist HR depts. so I’m sure she will slip through the cracks somewhere.

        1. Some large corporation’s HR department staffed by all feminists.. Maybe ebay or facebook or why not make her the CEO of instagram… a “billion dollar company” with zero sales.

        2. in germany we have a saying “jemanden in den arsch kriechen” which literally translates as “crawl into somebody’s ass”. the meaning is akin to kissing ass. i didn’t realize this wasn’t an english saying when i wrote that comment.
          instagram could surely make some money. offer photo books or something like that.

    3. Yes. I noted the blabbering on CNN and the Daily Beast. Both yapped on about gender discrimination while not making a peep about her previous lawsuit.

      1. News reports that only focus on the victim and turn a blind eye to the victim’s character? That isn’t the MSM I know and love.

        1. Not to mention the guy who had cancer and Pao terminated him.
          Matt Forney has an article on his website about Pao’s resignation. I’m sure it will be soon posted on RoK.

  7. This is a culturally sensitive issue. Fat feminist trolls are an important part of swedish culture and tradition and its natural that they should want to promote a more realistic standard of beauty so that swedish women who look similar will feel comfortable about their bodies. Its important for such swedish women that they don’t have to see triggering images of the more traditional kind of “attractive”.

      1. Which one’s granny? Actually I think its one of those “before and after” makeover pics. Amazing what a bit of lip gloss can do?

  8. After practicing Parkour for three years and working to improve my physical fitness, I simply cannot take people seriously if they are content with being out of shape. I know many traceurs who are incredibly fit and agile, far more than I, and it just drives me to keep working; not hate on them because they’re better than me. It’s getting to the point where I look down on people who don’t exercise. I’d better be careful I don’t turn in to a huge jerk.
    I must ask the Lord not to let the feminists succeed in making bikini models ugly and fat. I’d have nightmares and have to sleep with the light on 🙁

    1. Parkour for life bro. If you need a spot to sleep/ train in Boston… get at me.

      1. This is too cool. I was just in Boston for ADAPT level 1 and American Rendezvous. Maybe I saw you. Hell, maybe I met you. Thanks for the offer!

    2. Don’t worry. NOBODY will buy the product of the companies that decided to follow this trend. I recall some magazine in Germany tried to put only “real people” in their covers… and almost went bankrupt.

  9. G. Schyman is the feminist politician who tried to introduce the ‘man tax’. Yes, literally.

    1. The only reason prostitution comes up on the feminists radar is because if it were legalized, these harpies would lose power over their beta chump husbands and the already plummeting numbers of men playing the marriage game would sink even quicker. Feminists don’t like legalized prostitution because it doesn’t fit with their life plan of marrying some beta loser and then cleaning him out in divorce court in a year or two so that she can rinse and repeat with some other idiot.
      When a feminist claims that they’re against prostitution to “protect women” from “male violence”, she’s lying through her teeth. No feminist anywhere cares about the prostitutes themselves, nor do they lift a finger to genuinely help them. Feminists only want to see the continued outlawing of the oldest profession so that men have fewer options on the table when it comes to sex. The irony of this, however, is that feminism itself has produced more whores freely offering up their holes than ever before under the pretense of being “independent” and “empowered”.

      1. We have here in Ireland a group of wannabe nuns called “Ruhama” who start kicking and screaming anytime the suggestion of rights for prostitutes comes up. There is no way no how they will even entertain the thought that some women go into the profession voluntarily. All prostitutes are trafficked period. The idea that they may be enjoying themselves (some do), making money or doing it to feed their families or to lift themselves out of poverty is irrelevant.
        The organization is run by a lesbian man-hater and fake ex-prostitute who would have been a nun a generation ago. Their real (unspoken) fear is that fugly Irish women would have to compete with real women from East Europe and other places where they still have some dignity left.

  10. Don’t worry guys, within 50 years or so Sweden is going to become a Muslim country, due to the liberals letting in so many immigrants. Then they’ll take the powers away from women and put them back in the kitchen.

    1. The US will become Mexico long before Sweden becomes Muslim. Don’t believe these stupid articles you read here that are cherry picked. This female has a 3% following (the fugly 3) Most of that stuff you hear is either bullshit or exaggerated.Don’t be fooled about Swedish men either. Just because you live in a loud mouth braggart country don’t believe that these civilised soft spoken men are harmless. Negroes in the US make this same mistake about white people until they push too much and get wiped out by guys in the 3 stooges haircuts.And just remember that that Norwegian set some bombs and plugged a 100 people like it was nothing.
      Ever wonder why white people were and even now are able to control the world? Never believe that that educated and sophisticated civilised looking White man is a pussy because he’ll kill you before you can blink you eye if pushed too far.

      1. Hello Steve. Polish friends told me that Swedish criminals have a nickname for Swedes (men and women both): “Kittens” because they are so easy to rob and steal from. We were watching “Lilyhammer” from Netflix a few weeks ago and laughing our heads off (granted, this is about Norway but same difference): The men are portrayed as wimps. The older generation of Scandanavians are portrayed as tougher but young men since the 70’s seem to be a bunch of momma’s boys (so to speak considering their Matriarchal nations.)

  11. Well, I got nothing more to say about this once great country. This is just Sweden being Sweden and doing swedish stuff. She will probably be successful because hell will freeze over before their men grow some balls and put an end to the femitard bullshit. Actually I think that’s impossible by now.

    1. I was debating (insulting) a progressive Swedish guy on twitter this week. I was struck by the fact that he seemed to feel nationalistic pride in the fact that his country was uber feminist-progressive. Flip that so those same males start to feel shame / embarrassment and things might start to change a bit.

  12. It’s already in effect, see Swedish “model” Erika Elfwencrona (damn difficult to find an un-photoshopped picture, btw.)
    Brings a whole new meaning to “Swedish meatball.”

        1. I am completely confident about that lol – but your comment could be interpreted more than one way. Granny’s a different story though

        2. i like to offer some ambiguity. you know, like when you are about to get into a fight, you expose your throat and heighten your chin as a sign of arrogance, even when it makes you vulnerable. meaning: i don’t fear your attack, motherfucker.

        3. “i don’t fear your attack, motherfucker.”
          bit of plausible deniability never hurt!

        4. what are they gonna do? say my mother gives me a boner? that stuff is just noise. like that stupid black lesbian commenter asking me “r u angry”. emotional bullshit, who cares.

        5. Well there you go. I thought I knew everybody in the stupid black lesbian community

      1. Sorry dudes, but I think she’s hot. (Even if I wish the feminists would shut the hell up).
        But Erika looks real good. No problems with that.

    1. That’s considered “average” in america now. American women wouldn’t say she is “fat”.

    2. The shitter is that if she lost, say, 50 or so pounds she could be quite attractive. Such a shame, letting herself indulge in unhealthy habits and balloon out like that.

      1. Yeah, the face is nice, and she doesn’t look big boned (see the arms). She could have been quite hot.

      2. It’s genetic. Look at her thighs they’re like tree trunks. The distribution of fat on a female’s body is all genetic. They can lose weight and still have thick thighs.

    3. And even though she is fat notice how there is a strategically placed “thing” over most of her gut holding it in. Even the photographers knew what was disgusting.

    4. She’s too damn fat to be a model. Even as a man I don’t want to see fat old guys with pot bellies advertising the clothes that I buy. Most men who buy clothes don’t look like the skinny boys or muscle men who model them but do you hear them complain about getting low ‘self esteem’ ? lol

  13. ‘Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies.
    The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. They may be more likely to go to Heaven yet at the same time likelier to make a Hell of earth.’.
    CS Lewis

    1. Of all trannies, a tranny exercised only for the good of its narcicism may be the most destructive.

  14. At some point they are going to make it a requirement to date fatty girls at least 15 days out of the year. You know equality.

  15. Telling women they can improve themselves is now sexism, feminists just want a generation of women with no responsibility or accountability.

  16. There already are clothing ads with large women. They are the plus size. Granted the women are not 65 BMI. Compared to the obese women, even the plus size models would be offensive.

    1. Plus size models don’t look like the blubber bellies who buy the clothes. They are just hefty girls and probably wear the smallest plus size.

      1. Aye, back in the day they would have grown up as the thick, but not fat, farm wife. No shame in that, if they actually are of that kind of skeletal build.

        1. That’s what I meant. Even the models for the fat girl clothes don’t look like the real tubs of lard who will buy the clothes. They mostly look like Anna Nicole Smith when she go a bit chunky.Even those customers don’t want to see tubs of lard that look like themselves so isn’t that sort of the same thing as normal weight girls looking at good looking slim body models? Just at a higher weight level.

  17. “Look, I’m all for free speech, but if we’re going to start seeing ads of transsexual midgets posing in bikinis filling the streets I just might start singing a different tune.”
    and on this day the first amendment officially ran its course

  18. I’d like to see how advertising womens bikini’s using a transsexual model with the “wedding tackle” struggling to stay “tucked in” is going to help any womens lot in life.

  19. With all this shit I hear from Sweden I wonder what that place will look like in a few years

  20. Nobody wants to see fat pigs on an H&M advertisement.
    More to the point, these ads are directed at women not men, so to call them “sexist” is bizarre.

    1. Nobody wants to see fat pigs on an H&M advertisement.
      Unless….they are advertising bacon. Then yeah, that would be fine. Otherwise though, as I doubt that’s their line of business, I agree.

      1. That reminds me. I need to call my local farm to get some naturally reared bacon. Man food.

  21. And the lefties are banning advertisements that portray men as goofballs and idiots? Oh wait, that would be equality rather than “equality”.

  22. 9 out of 10 females look at the pics and feel something is wrong with them? Good. Females should always be kept on the defensive and on their toes. Funny thing is that when I see some well built young man I don’t even give a damn.I guess the females subconsciously know that their looks are the only thing going for them.
    And if they’re going to have fat girls then we demand fat guys. That’s right girls, you’re going to have to look at pot bellied men in the magazines and they’ll be fat Chippendales dancers.
    No more muscular boytoys to look at but older and much fatter and flabbier men lol

  23. Fat acceptance is simply the transition of Marxist class warfare into the realm of physical fitness.

  24. Feminism is nothing more then a way for unattractive/ugly women to get society to pay attention to them. Rush Limbaugh was right on that as early as the 90’s.

  25. The last time I looked at the front page of the Metro “free” newspaper, it had a story about how Swedish men abuse small dogs.
    It makes Huffington Post look like a Redpill forum.

  26. What will these crazy bitches say next? Stay tune, for a next episode in Women-that-are-allowed-to-talk.
    Seriously, just let it run wild.

  27. Swedish women used to be some of the best looking in Europe. When I first went there in the early 00’s I was damn impressed with how they looked. They were also more friendly than anglocunts.
    Obviously things have changed and that’s a shame.

  28. *&$%
    Here’s why you’re a moron. Putin doesn’t care about the Russian economy. He cares about the “Putin Economy,” which is about lining his accounts with billions of dollars. He is the head of the
    Russian Maffia. Obama did not hurt Putin. He hurt the Russian citizens that Putin could care less about
    ——-..– http://www.WorldCareersProviders/ supertakecent/cold/marketing…

  29. Just a thought: Do you notice how the girl on the H&M Commercial has absolutely no hips? The model industry is run by gays, and they demand women with bodies like young boys, and put on a pair of tits to cover up.

    1. The narrow hipped women have risk and tremendous trouble reproducing. The industry is effectively promoting ‘sterility’ or more population control bullshit in other words. Our young girls should instead be playing with barbies that have ‘ghetto booties’, but big tits as well. And burkas to boot. I can’t wait to see the ‘burka’ barbie.

  30. I don’t know about Sweden but there are specialty clothes for fat and skinny people. They are just presented tactfully in ads because, likely, most such people would rather be more average or “normal”.
    Is this really a way of propagandizing against self-improvement?

  31. I could not stop laughing when I saw the babe with the cake. Where does Roosh get his pictures ?

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