How Can We Overcome The Adverse Effects Of Modern Culture?

Modern culture appears to be dominant and unstoppable. Leftist insanity is increasing, traditional institutions are collapsing and people with views contrary to the accepted norm are literally portrayed as monsters.

Furthermore, few seem to be aware of its affects, even though they are blindingly obvious to anyone with rational capabilities. The fact that the reasoned are so greatly outnumbered makes it very difficult to organise a cogent movement to tackle the problems at source, as they are simply laughed away and dismissed by the majority (95% +) who actually believe that the only threats to Western civilization are global warming and Muslims.

It is for this reason that those of us who do see what’s happening are confronted with a dilemma: do we simply enjoy the decline, laugh as the ship sinks and indulge in a bacchanalian frenzy; or perhaps retreat to the country somewhere and start a farm?

Rome became extremely decadent during its unceremonious decline.

In this article, we shall examine some of the inevitable affects of our culture and come up with rational ways to overcome them, without resorting to hedonism or escapism.

Knowledge And Understanding

The average person has a very limited knowledge of world affairs; this can be seen in economics. Our economies have the illusion of growth: they appear to be flourishing, giving us the freedom to reap in the benefits of technology, globalization and unrestrained liberalism. We become freer, more comfortable and prosperous.

We must not buy in to this delusion. This economy has only been made possible by creating and borrowing money at interest: every major economy is hundreds of billions, or even trillions in debt and can never pay this money back. The world of wealth and comfort we see around us is fake and illusory and it will inevitably collapse. The people themselves copy this behavior, maxing out their credit cards to buy accessories and racking up enormous student debts; they are economically illiterate.

We therefore have to renounce the attitude of the majority, which consists of acquiring a stable corporate job, buying a house, consuming corporate products and not worrying at all about the economy. We must instead embrace a more minimal, antifragile lifestyle: researching marcoeconomics, understanding debt and keeping up to date with global economic events.

A declining economy demands adaptability and innovation. Instead of putting faith in one stable, soul-destroying white-collar job with anti-male HR departments, it is more advisable to have a spread of viable options. For example we must remain open to a mixture of blue-collar jobs, entrepreneurial pursuits and possibly working abroad.

We can no longer afford to rely on the modern world to protect the individual from risk and economic ruin. As the system gets more fragile, we must become more aware of the dangers and expand our options to avoid the consequences of large-scale catastrophes such as the financial crash of 2008, which will inevitably become more frequent in the future.

Holding Strong Principles

It is all well and good to acknowledge the degeneracy of modern culture, but the knowledge is useless without strong moral principles to counter it. For example, we can rightly complain about the odious “I can do what I want, it’s my body” attitude, but to then become ill-disciplined and lazy is to simply partake in the same carelessness which we criticize.

A further example is the attitude towards the nuclear family. Although we can opt out of monogamy and reproduction if there are no incentives to engage in them, if we are to consider a family, traditional discipline needs to be adhered to. Failure to do so merely contributes to the destruction of the family unit we are experiencing today.

Neomasculinity is a very good example of a strong set of principles which can be followed to ensure an optimized lifestyle: they are time-tested, intelligent, and virtuous. It is only ethics such as these which will prevent society from going into unceremonious decline.

Not only are strong principles necessary to live healthily during this over-indulgent phase of history, but they will continue to be practiced long after this era has burned itself out. Those who get into virtuous habits will undoubtedly have the advantage over the others who have lived up until now without foresight or intelligence.

Maintaining A Positive Outlook

It is quite understandable to feel very pessimistic about the future and indignant about the fact that modern culture has sold us a pack of lies and delusions. But the way to look at our current phase of history is not the end of a line, but rather a natural stage of a cycle. Sir John Glubb describes the cyclical nature of history in his underrated work: “The Fate of Empires”. (Previously covered here at ROK)

It may feel sometimes that we are indeed “At Eternity’s Gate”

In this essay he estimates that an Empire lasts approximately ten generations, and that the life histories of them are all extremely similar. We are currently living in the final Age, “The Age of Decadence” which Glubb describes as:

“A moral and spiritual disease, resulting from too long a period of wealth and power, producing cynicism, decline of religion, pessimism and frivolity. The citizens of such a nation will no longer make an effort to save themselves, because they are not convinced that anything in life is worth saving.”

Although the majority may hold this negative outlook, we do not have to be the same. We can instead arm ourselves with knowledge, experience and strong principles to counteract the current trends of nihilism. The large following of ROK and other like-minded communities prove that there are substantial sections of the population who refuse to give into negativity and want to pursue positive lifestyles instead.

The Conclusion

Nihilism is a very easy option for the disillusioned man to take at our stage in history. Committing to nothing, amassing an ungodly notch count and feasting off a decaying civilization like a vulture certainly sounds very appealing and would surely yield a lot of temporary thrills.

If we are to live like that, we risk merely living a marginally more sophisticated, hedonistic lifestyle than those who are ignorant of society’s problems. It is almost not worth acquiring the knowledge about the state of modern culture in the first place if that is the attitude that we are going to take.

It is far more honorable, on the other hand, to invest time into understanding our situation, following strong principles and attempting to resolve society’s problems, rather than facilitating its collapse.  This positive attitude is inspiring, which is why more and more people are drawn to communities such as ROK and will continue to be so as modern culture continues to decline.

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145 thoughts on “How Can We Overcome The Adverse Effects Of Modern Culture?”

  1. I particularly liked this paragraph…
    “A declining economy demands adaptability and innovation. Instead of putting faith in one stable, soul-destroying white-collar job with anti-male HR departments, it is more advisable to have a spread of viable options. For example we must remain open to a mixture of blue-collar jobs, entrepreneurial pursuits and possibly working abroad.”
    I came to the same conclusions. My elders keep pressing me to go get that permanent white-collar job but I honestly prefer getting dirty at work and not having to put up with office politics.
    Blue-pill ideology is the mainstream now with almost no balancing red-pill ideas… And the most mind boggling thing about it is that blue-pillers see other blue-pillers fail at life yet still continue to think that they have the right idea.

    1. blue-pillers see other blue-pillers fail at life yet still continue to think that they have the right idea.

      recognizing failure is not enough. you need to identify the reason for the failure.
      failed as a nice guy? well, of course. you are not yet nice enough.

      1. Even identifying the reason is still not enough. One must also educate oneself on the correct path and change.


      1. Why should I “be valuable in the economy”? So I can pay taxes for shit-colored mexican anchor children to eat ‘free’ school lunch and receive Pell grants?
        So Obama can feed his fellow Kenyans?
        So CEOs can crash the economy, receive bail-outs, and give themselves millions in bonuses?
        Fuck all that.

        1. “Why should I “be valuable in the economy”?
          I hear what you’re saying, but I agree with Chris that one has to generate operational income in order to survive. I would say for me I have to make $$$$ but I certainly have lost ambition to shoot for being a millionaire when I see tax money being spent the way it is. But i still need to eat.

    3. I’ve never been overly tech savvy or really into business but I’ve realized there’s no job security anymore especially for men, and it’s not like the world is getting cheaper to live in. I’ve just gotten into network marketing and am looking at starting an online business possibly with a friend, you need to find alternative incomes unless you have a really high paying job which most people don’t.

      1. Take what you can, and give nothing back…
        Unless you happen to work for someone decent of course.

      2. What you are witnessing 1st hand is the slow death of the “free market.” We can run from the dialectic but we can’t hide.

    4. What is it that you do for a living in blue collar?
      I have a very unstable white collar job, but I’m still young enough to change into something more blue collar. The office politics are a bitch, man. You have to literally turn into a clown around co-workers in order to succeed. If I get laid off, these idiots are telling me to get a master’s degree (many of those that have it have been laid off and can’t get jobs either). Like you said, it’s mind boggling that people continue to see others fail and think that the stereotypical path is the right way (just get in more debt with a master’s so when you get laid off again, you’re right back at square one!)

      1. Yeah exactly.
        Nothing spectacular… I work in hospitality… Barback/Busboy/Server etc. I don’t love it but I don’t hate it, the tip money is nice though.
        There is definitely a scene where you have to fit in with the cool kids sometimes but it’s not as pussy-whipped as the white-collar environments I’ve been in. If you are reliable, bust your ass when necessary, and show up on time that’s the most they care about.

  2. A great way to overcome the adverse effects of modern culture is to laugh in the face of our feminist/SJW adversaries. Hugh Grant takes charge here with this great speech about how sick he is of female “empowerment”. You tell em Hughie.
    (This is also incredibly relevant with the recent spate of “kick ass” female movie characters which are ruining franchises like Mad Max and Terminator).

    1. +1
      “One does not kill by anger but by laughter.” – Friedrich Nietzsche
      This is why even comedians who are actually very liberal but just make a little “politically incorrect” joke get so heavily attacked by SJW immediately.

    2. Lol! That’s how i feel. Female empowerment! Here, there everywhere. Gee! I need to breathe!

      1. It’s been said on here before but Western women want to simultaneously portray themselves as strong and powerful capable of beating men at everything but at the same time want to portray themselves as poor innocent victims of the evil men. A conflicting narrative.

        1. I agree. If there were no men, there could be no victims..since everything wrong in the world comes from men.

        2. They seem to be confused. Whenever I hear this shit about “female empowerment”, it leaves a sour taste in my mouth. If the average woman is just as capable and smart as a man, then there isn’t any reason to give them special privileges in the name of empowerment. Look, women are not a minority, i.e they are not outnumbered by men, so what do they need empowerment for? They are roughly equal to men in numbers, have voting rights, and if they are intellectually physically equal to a man, then why do they need to be given privileges, like lowering of the standards and artificial quotas to thrust them into jobs, into which they can’t get by their own merit? And if despite all this unfair support, they can’t make it into these jobs, and can’t succeed, then it is a glaring, telltale sign that they are in fact inferior to men in every respect. But the society doesn’t want to accept this, so it rationalizes the poor performance of women by saying that men are holding them back (despite all the evidence to the contrary), and women are somehow oppressed. This is from where the oppressed woman theory comes from.
          And because the society wants to live in a delusion and doesn’t want to accept that women are physically and intellectually inferior to men, it keeps shouting that woman are just as strong as men. And they shout loudly, reciting it everywhere, hoping to drown the truth into the noise of lies. This is where the strong independent woman theory comes from.
          And both these theories run simultaneously in the society, contradicting each other. That’s why I said in the beginning of my comment that the society is confused. But of course, if you point out this everyone will call you a bigot, or a hateful idiot, and insult in a myriad of ways, without arguing like a well informed adult. I’ve been through this, and let me tell you this dude, it’s a difficult task to be a sane man in a world gone mad.

        3. I agree with everything you said, even before I discovered the red pill those conflicting narratives always annoyed me.

        4. In all fairness, let us not forget Marie Curie, Ayn Rand, Esthar Vilar etc. There ARE brilliant female scientists (I know one myself), psychologists, doctors etc. If they come close to the male GENIUS, however, is another question entirely. Can there be a female Einstein? I somewhat doubt it and as such would agree to female intellectual inferiority, but not as radical as others see it. A lot of people think that J.K. Rowling is a good author but if you scrutinize her work you’ll notice that she more or less just regurgitates the classics. She is in no way comparable to the genius of a Tolkien, H.P. Lovecraft or Allan Poe.

        5. Dan Brown, Micheal Cordy, Tom Sawyer, Charles Dickens and Shakespeare were/are some of the best, and I can’t come up with a female author of similar competence. But yes, I’m not entirely oblivious to female intellect. I myself, do respect these female scientists, but I respect them for the right reasons. That means I respect them for being a scientist and not for being a “female scientist”. This is something, people today don’t get.
          And I’ve met some really intelligent girls in my school time, but for every intelligent female I’ve met, there seem to be more intelligent males. So yes, while I appreciate and know that female intellect exists, I also accept the reality about it being in massively lesser numbers, and quantity that males, if we compare the two groups.

        6. I too somehow knew everything before I discovered the concept of Red Pill. I think, that it’s due to my family and parents. I feel blessed that I grew up in a traditional, Christian family, with both my parents, effectively playing the role of a man a wife. This made me see things in a very real, red pill manner, from an early age. Red pill to me was only like a light bulb, switched on that I always knew to be there. It was like, my ideology was there, but it had no name. Red pill/Neomasculinity gave it a name. That’s why I think, the traditional Christian family is very important for the development of children. Without it they don’t know what the complementary relationship between men and women looks like. I’ve read about many men, who grew up in a household with single mothers, or with their mothers dominating their emasculating dads. A lot of these guys struggle to see the truth about how the male/female relationship are meant to be. Many of these guys accept the red pill much later in life. I feel fortunate to see the light by the means of my family since childhood.

      1. “The Rewrite”. It’s pretty mediocre overall but there are pockets of brilliance like in this scene

    3. Female empowerment is nothing more than a way for big business like hollywood and the advertising industry to fleece women from their money. Pander all t.v shows and movies to women and they’ll buy it up.

  3. Leftist initiatives advance via a carefully thought out strategy of several parts:
    1. Propaganda;
    2. Coalition politics;
    3. The suppression of opposing viewpoints;
    4. The conflation of Leftist sentiment with moral superiority;
    5. The use of public institutions to weaken the confidence of opponents in their rights.
    These tactics are deployed through cultural institutions, as the article posits. Moreover, they work synergistically; each strengthens one or more of the others. It would appear that no counter-strategy that fails to address all five simultaneously has a chance of success.
    Yet there is an effective counter-strategy that addresses none of the five: the removal of ourselves and our economic support from those institutions that promote them.
    The open secret of Leftist political activism is that it’s made possible by vampirically exploiting the productivity of its adversaries. However, it rides on a knife edge of sustainability. If it were to lose 10% to 15 of its input, it would fail. Conservatives and traditionally-minded Americans can pull 10% to 15% out from under it by boycotting the relevant cultural institutions:
    — perverse popular entertainment: i.e., pop music, pop cinema, and the majority of television shows;
    — the main stream media;
    — to the extent possible, the public schools;
    — our “institutions of higher learning.”
    To this point, we have not marshaled the required resolve. Neither have there been a sufficient number of high-quality efforts to create conservative alternatives that the consuming public would find to its taste. I’ve tried. So have others. But we are as yet too few, and arguably not good enough: either too preachy or not yet entertaining enough.
    One thing seems certain: taking back the existing cultural institutions is beyond our powers.

    1. “I’ve tried. So have others. But we are as yet too few, and arguably not good enough: either too preachy or not yet entertaining enough.”
      the answer is more simple. our message is inherently end of the world prophecy style. the reality is if we are right, then the world is about to fall flat on its face in a doomsday apocalyptic manner. who wants to even think that? hell how many of us our doing anything? many readers here are wise but are we doing much more than feeding our own egos posting, fapping, working, and occasionally doing a girl?
      I may be wise….but I know I’ve done jack shit about it and I Doubt Im alone because quite frankly end of the world stuff is taxing, and I like virtually everyone else would rather watch a movie or play a video game instead.
      thats our problem.
      and lets be real…say the world ends tomorrow….how many of us enlightened red pillers would survive? Im going to guess a lot of us are still paycheck to paycheck or in other shitty situations.

      1. It’s even more simple than that in my opinion.
        There is no resolution to the problem of the left that does not involve war. We will suffer under this insanity until the people who see it for what it is decide they would rather kill and even die rather than live under it any longer.
        Personally, I have my doubts as to whether anyone is even capable of reaching that point anymore. Regardless, it’s going to end violently.

        1. “There is no resolution to the problem of the left that does not involve war. We will suffer under this insanity until the people who see it for what it is decide they would rather kill and even die rather than live under it any longer.”
          agreed….and really this is the biggest point and few notice it. even the most outspoken folks against the current collapsing society refuse to think the solution will be blood and war. the fact is until we are willing to die and kill for a better world, the world won’t improve. which is all kinds of hilarious irony given Americas founding.
          but yeah I think there are very very few who are willing to sign their own death warrants….and really that is what the founders did, signed their own death warrants….it takes a certain amount of balls to do that.
          “I have underestimated the resilience of the system myself. I know it will fail, but at this point I have no idea when. And in general I do agree with what you said.”
          this is what puzzles me the most….mathematically the system shouldve fallen already…yet it is still ticking. it’s why i call any predictions to the actual date of the fall BS because really according to the math it shouldve fallen already….hell it shouldve fallen years ago.

        2. No, people are getting to that mindset. I have begun studying history and politics intensely, and struggle through violent confrontation is a constant. Unfortunately, in this day and age, it would be difficult to amass a movement big enough to affect a change before it got snuffed out one way or another. Leaders get paid off, and the others are imprisoned or cut out of the pot and left to rot.
          What makes it even more complicated is that I don’t see the battle lines being very clear either. Some liberal causes ARE just, just as many conservative “causes” are not.
          Getting an ideological basis for a revolution together that enough people would buy into to be effective seems hopeless.
          I have gotten to the point that I would possibly fight and risk my life for something worthwhile, but I would never be a lone gunman, and racism or religious hegemony is not something I support either.
          I am thinking and/or waiting for something righteous to congeal, but I fail to see something worth that risk at this point.

        3. I have seen brief glimpses of anarchy last month when the Anglos in Arizona said “F you to Mohammed and hence the cartoons!! Picking off a muslim in Texas was of note!!

      2. I have underestimated the resilience of the system myself. I know it will fail, but at this point I have no idea when. And in general I do agree with what you said.

    2. Unfortunately, many of the people who would be creating conservative media alternatives went to the same schools and received the same substandard education as the leftists.

      1. Unfortunately, public schools today are a boneyard for SJW’s, fem-natzi’s, white knights, manginas and every other pathetic cro-mag!! Public schools are toast, hell the California schools are debating on how to implement transgender bathroom standards when only 0.0000001% of the population wants to be a Caitlin J. When the public schools fail, bad shit happens next stop ROME!!

    3. Leftism is parasitic by nature, it continues to grow at the expense of the host until it eventually kills that host. Little does it seem to realize that killing the host ensures it’s own imminent death…
      There is no need to pull productivity, all that needs to be done is to strangle the government by planning to minimize taxes. International tax competition is the biggest threat that any welfare state has, read some of the EU’s publications on “harmful tax competition” to see just how much the large welfare states of Europe fear it.
      In the case of the US, if you want to see just how bad the situation is then take a look at the number of expats renouncing their citizenship. The number of individuals doing this has increased exponentially in the last few years, a trend that has never occurred up until now.
      Capital will always flow to where it’s taxed the least, this is a game the leftists and their big government cannot win.

    4. 100% this. Western men are the Native Americans of the past. We have the ability to protect ourselves if we would just unite and follow a strategy, but the way it is now, we will copy the Native American’s mistakes and be picked apart, piece by piece, to slowly disappear all together on our gifted “reservations”.

      1. What’s pathetic is that even if women don’t mobilize a group to protect women beta males would do it at this rate

  4. I think our current economic ease is definitely a part of the problem. Good conditions seem to remove the necessity for a lot of our traditional values.
    Despite the occasional recession, America after WWII is a very prosperous nation compared to before the war; think of all the convenient and cheap food at your disposal, not to mention the consumer goods. With your stable corporate job and transferrable skills, you can afford to spend! spend! spend! and go into debt because you know that every two weeks money appears in your bank account. Now compare that with the lives of your grandfathers; mine had memories of his father using a donkey plow, and his family would be in financial danger if the cows got sick and died. This kind of life must certainly instill in you a sense of thrift. Without that kind of uncertainty, people reject that value because they love the addictive gratification of buying cheap crap from China.
    The nuclear family is in decline partly because of our ease. You can buy cheap bread and instant meals from the grocery store, so you no longer need a woman to spend hours at home cooking. With the welfare state, you no longer need a man to spend hours at work to buy that food.
    Another factor here is the decline of Christianity. Dalrock has done admirable work covering the feminization of Western Religion, and it was my experience exactly as a kid. There was never any place for men and boys; it all seemed geared towards mothers and 5 year old girls. Fourteen year old boys aren’t interested in crappy Jesus songs and arts & crafts, which was what my Catholic church was all about. They repelled males, and now you have millions who ignored or never received the values which govern things like the family.
    A period of economic privation would probably help. Once we no longer have that ease and the government safety net, people would have to rely on themselves and their families to survive. I’ve seen articles in the news about how economists are so disappointed that Americans are saving money from the price reduction in gas instead of spending it all. Its only a small thing, but I think it is a glimmer of hope that people are collectively coming to their senses.

  5. Culture? What culture? I’d hardly call the depraved pop culture an actual culture in the original sense of the term. Much like modern art, modern culture is just ugly. The music is just noise and the cities look more like ruins than actual dwellings.
    These modernists are all insane. Their egalitarian delusions have their experts showing the clay pottery of third world primitives as though it was Michaelangelo. Simple clay figures of fertility goddesses are put in the same category as Greco-Roman Sculptors who made giant lifelike figures of beauty and grace.
    I want to puke at what passes for literature. Simple prose and crass vulgar epithets are replacing Shakespeare and Homer in these insane asylums masquerading as schools. History classes have become grievance committees filled with third world peons who blame the White man for the poverty and crime of their homelands.
    They haven’t lowered standards they’ve abolished them. Anyone whose skin is dark enough can get a pass just for the hue of their skin. Billions are wasted trying to get retards to learn the basic while advanced course for the gifted are mercilessly cut. This will not end well. Focusing all your efforts on the lower caste will inevitably lead to the complete collapse of Civilization. Already many smart and able youngsters are denied further schooling to give fake degrees in grievance mongering to those who don’t even express an interest in education.
    This is a culture of degradation, based on the paradigm of victimology for the purposes of celebrating and rewarding failure. What kind of culture is this? Does failure need reward? How can reducing standards upraise anyone or anything? Without standards there are no winners. Without the rewards, hard work seems more and more useless every day!

    1. I’ve been trying to put this into words so eloquently, good job on that lol. Keep spreading the word, if we can save enough guys, eventually, we can all go somewhere where we will be self-sufficient, measures are already being taken into plan given the current social madness.

    2. “They haven’t lowered standards they’ve abolished them.” Exactly, this is exactly where the phrase “art cannot be defined” comes from, which inevatibly allows for abominations such as an empty picture frame to become defined as “art” simply because the “artist” has had some “thoughts and feelings” behind his “creation”.

    3. Agreed. But you have to take your reasoning further.
      When did this happen?
      How did it happen?
      Who is responsible for it?
      Who is “they”? – “leftists or “liberals” is not enough. Look more closely.
      Without these answers complaining is pointless.

      1. The atomic bomb happened. Everything was worth preserving that passed the vanguard’s test. There is no longer a vanguard, a litmus test for culture, there are no longer any standards, because it could all be blown away into nuclear holocaust. Bullshit is given equal consideration because preservation is no longer a consideration. Why strive for the heavens when hell is so readily available?

    4. And where are there many better sources of information and entertainment? There do need to be media for morons (most of whom are females absorbed in celebrity divorce and/or babies, makeup, sexy clothes, etc.) but where is the media for normal and superior persons?

    5. Exactly. And this is why nihilism is a good thing. If the culture is that rotten, then it’s best to let it die and decompose, so something fresh, new and vital can take its place. And who is the clown who put that picture of Obama there? Looks like it was photoshopped by a second grader with an extra chromosome. Gross.

    6. “I want to puke at what passes for literature. Simple prose and crass vulgar epithets are replacing Shakespeare and Homer in these insane asylums masquerading as schools”
      At UCLA it is now no longer required to read Shakespeare in order to major in English. Their english ciriculum changed in 2011. Seriously. One cannot make this shit up. How long until Shakespeare is outright banned from once-good universities libraries? Could happen – many lefties see Shakespeare as literature for the patriarchy.

    7. “Simple prose and crass vulgar epithets are replacing Shakespeare and Homer in these insane asylums masquerading as schools”
      So you’ve read Sandra Cisneros and Toni Morrison then.

  6. “Do we simply enjoy the decline, laugh as the ship sinks and indulge in a bacchanalian frenzy; or perhaps retreat to the country somewhere and start a farm?”
    I will “retire” in about twelve years. I should have three modest income streams at that time – state teacher’s retirement, Social Security, and a private 403b. All three are vulnerable to the whims of the State (for example, they could confiscate my 403b funds and pay me an annuity, or (even more likely) punish me for preparing for my own Golden Years by cutting my Federal- and State-funded retirements). But between the three I should have enough income to get by.
    But that’s not enough. As soon as I ship the last of the brood off to college I’ll decamp to my ten rural acres with the goal of being as self-sufficient as possible. That includes gardens and a large greenhouse and a small “lake house” (my lot backs up to a lovely little lake) designed specifically to be comfortable while off-grid (which is a frequent occurrence out there anyway) particularly in the winter. It’s inexpensive to live out there and I can put up that little house and other outbuildings with little or no borrowing, so there will be no debt to service.
    And once established there I can develop additional income streams, and keep that money off the books. I expect to grow far more food than I consume, so I’ll join the local farmer’s market. Right now (since I live in town with my daughter) I pay a brush-hog service to mow that rural acreage. You pay a lot for tractor services like that. It’s mostly retired guys making side money with their tractors, and as they fade from the market they’re not being replaced. It doesn’t bother me one bit to be a redneck; it’s good honest work and good money.
    And I will be pretty much set. The neighbors are honest and include a couple of cops, so property crime out there is non-existent. We’re far from any proposed highways (eminent domain) or metropolitan centers (Iraqi nukes) or major coastlines (earthquakes and tsunamis). We do get the occasional tornado (sarcasm on) and mild earthquake and the Yellowstone Caldera is uncomfortably close but no where is completely safe. I expect “retirement” to be a few days work a week (whether on the tractor or consulting in my current field) and will include plenty of reading and boating and fishing and biking and traveling and spoiling of grandchildren if and when they arrive. If I make it to my dad’s age today that will give me fifteen good years – and he (and mom) have managed to delay their stay at the Old Folks Home and still manage their own little hobby farm. If they can do it, so can I. And once free of state employment I will finally be able to openly mock the progressives and SJWs and enjoy that decline.

    1. “And once established there I can develop additional income streams, and keep that money off the books. I expect to…”
      Thats what the rural country people of russia expected to do just before the bolsheviks took power. Im all for life off the grid but the only way things are going to get better is taking back the nation and fighting.

  7. As I said in another post, the term Neo Masculinity could end up having very strong resonances with the gay/narcissistic body image of modern consumerist ideology. This would be a shame as masculinity is much more then a “pumped up” credo about a man’s physical prowess, which is important, but of this becomes the defining point, you’ll end up with a kitsch like statue that will be consumed for the fun of it, by feminists/consumerism and “gay culture” which are all cut from the same clothe. I think you should thread very wisely before using this term as it could negate the true meaning of what you’re endeavoring to develop here.

    1. There is a reason why men dominated society and dominated women. Now that females have free reign look at how they behave?

  8. I like this article (and Roosh’s original article on neomasculinity) but I think there needs to be a big, comprehensive article of PRACTICAL advice about this sort of thing. For example, we know a nuclear family is what society needs, but we also know that marriage can be legally/financially dangerous to a man. Are there practical, real-world steps that can be taken to mitigate that danger, or are we stuck wishing there were something better than hedonism?

    1. Well, there is always stoicism. I refuse to get worked up about an event that hasn’t even happened yet (signs showing or not) and that is for the most part outside of my control. Plus, if you’re like me (a newbie in the quest for self-improvement) you have enough to deal with already, you sure as hell don’t need no world saving on your plate as well.

      1. Yeah, I don’t pretend that I’m going to somehow turn society around, especially by myself. But I would eventually like some good, normal things for myself (wife, kids raised with traditional values, etc.). I don’t worry too much about it, but how to do it in the real world is something I think about sometimes.

    2. Actually just as a small, microscopic, cell is the unit of life, for the large body, traditional nuclear families are the units of a healthy, functional and prosperous society. Save the traditional Christian nuclear family, and you save the society. That’s what it boils down to.
      Look at America. It’s success, and greatness, spring from an era when it was a traditional Christian country, with traditional nuclear families, following Christianity. This great country has been spiraling downwards since the time, Christianity and the traditional nuclear family was attacked and destroyed. The “greatness” we see now, are just remnants from a bygone era. And if the remnants are so great, imagine, what actual greatness would have looked like, when the nuclear family was intact and was guided by Christian morals.
      A solution would, thus be, to bombard the society to traditional, and Christian teachings and values, and show them that women belong in the kitchen, and not in the office. It’s crucial to the survival of the nuclear family, the society, and the country. Moreover, it keeps both, men and women happy, as they are doing what they are supposed to do. Homosexuality acceptance also needs to be eradicated. It seems radical to achieve all this, but at least we can try. And no, none of it is oppressive to anyone. It’s how societies have been surviving and thriving since the dawn of civilizations. It’s a cultural system that has survived the test of time, for centuries. There’s no greater evidence required, then that this is probably the best way to live. All other social engineering experiments of feminism and cultural Marxism have failed, and thus, we will have to return to these time tested collection of values.

      1. Yeah, good luck with that, buddy. It’s way too late to reverse female emancipation. If anything, women are becoming even more dominant in the culture and society. Feminism is now the default mindset of almost every girl and woman growing up in the West even if they eschew the term “feminist.”

        1. You are correct dude. Without a collapse, a change seems impossible. Women will never voluntarily give their privileges for the betterment of the society, unless faced with a real danger. That’s why I said we can try, because, frankly, as I said, it seems to be impossible.

        2. My problem with traditionalist views is that women in the kitchen barely have anything to do. If the husband is the sole provider of the household, the woman essentially lives a parasitic lifestyle. I agree that the traditional way is better, however, we must not forget that technology has advanced and that household chores and child care is barely any work anymore. So the woman should at least partially take part in financing the household. Whether that is a part time office job or a business run from home is irrelevant (though the home business is imho better, we need more purely male spaces in society).

        3. In a way this theory is has weight. Consider this: The women’s liberation received a boost due o the fact that the modern technology made childbearing and housework less time consuming. It there would have been no technology, there wouldn’t be a women’s liberation.
          I’m all for women running a business from home, but their house and children must be their first priority. Unfortunately, it’s human instinct that they want more money, and so once a woman is doing a business from the confines of her home, there are chances that she will begin neglecting her house and children. She may also be encouraged by her husband, to do so, so that she may bring in more money. There’s also a chance, that her husband, may want her to wind up her business a bit, if he observes that she is neglecting her children, but she may not want to, and thus a conflict, may begin which is quite similar to what we see now in relationships.
          Then there’s the female logic, “Your money is mine. My money is mine”. She may not share the money with her husband, and demand a share of his money, or she may not tell him how much money she actually makes. Then there is the issue of female spending. It’s a fact that while men often tend to spend sensibly, women often tend to wast money on useless, things, like excessive clothes, over expensive accessories, cellphones, etc.
          These are some of the problems when women begin to earn, even from their homes. It may actually get miserable for a man, who may have previously thought, that the wife would share his financial burden, only to discover later that she doses not share her money with him, spends it mindlessly, and ignores their kids, him, and the house. So, the question again remains, as to what is the best course to take? Let women work from their homes, or let them live as parasitic entities, in the home in an era when the technology created by men makes housework and child rearing very easy, as compared to what is was in the past.

        4. Then send your ho out on the corner, you cuck
          What’s wrong with her cleaning, ironing clothes, laundry, shopping, decorating, fixing meals, working out, or maybe reading…., and loving all of it when not watching or teaching the kids

      2. Actually, it was when the functioning extended-family was destroyed, that the U.S. began to fail. Then came the destruction of the nuclear family. None of which, in my opinion, could have happened without feminism, the ‘faceplate’ of Marxism.

    3. Dave Ramsey said divorce rate is less than 10% for couples with similar views on faith and finance after 15 years of study.
      All you fags can’t hold it together. Meet a faith based women- orthodox, traditional catholic or other in church, study her family as her center of influence and off you go. Start making babies

      1. This made me laugh out loud, at the idiocy of these bunch of idiotic manginas and “strong women”. Fuck them!

    1. Nothing like seeing women built like 13 year old boys go topless. I would say the West is on it’s last legs.

  9. Today I had decided to take a break from training and just relax at home, indulge myself watching Kpop videos on youtube and playing videogames all day.
    Then I read this and I had to go run on the park.

  10. Personally, I’ll keep enjoying the decline.
    I’ve done my part. Got married, wasted my youth being married to a shrew. Got divorced and learned a very harsh lesson.
    Sure, we can all try and “do the right thing” by living by traditional values, but let’s face the facts – the likelihood of failure is ridiculously high.
    I was fortunate to have not had children during my marriage, so I was able to recover and now I’m living a comfortable existence.
    After all I’ve been through, why would I risk it all a second time?
    No. Women and society at large must be forced to learn harsh lessons themselves. Withdrawing from long term relation$hits, cohabitation, marriage and having children is the only way they’ll learn.
    My lineage stops here. I’d rather take this path than be destroyed again and live as a perpetual slave.

    1. Don’t give up hope, you could be an Abraham in a Third World nation, and have a greater legacy than your peers refusing to leave the West.

    2. ‘My lineage stops here.’
      i might be with you man… isn’t that sad though? our grandparents wouldn’t want our lineage to end (although our grandparents are all collectively spinning in their graves over 21st century society).
      but… there’s gotta be a way to game this system and win.
      let me try to hash this out and develop concrete goals for the future of our family’s name/genetic-line: 1) find God-fearing/traditional-minded woman (if she’s from overseas then develop the means to import her), 2) pre-nup coupled with red-pill approach to marriage, 3) children home-schooled and encouraged to study for degrees that equal jobs (including trades), 4) shelter your family from the leftist bullshit that surrounds us, 5) impart lasting-wisdom on family/offspring, 6) lead by example, 7) make sure family is taken care of financially if you pass away before children are independent (and they should be well on their way by their early 20’s).
      each of these steps will be hugely challenging; almost prohibitively challenging. but, maybe if i can summon the balls over the next couple of years, i’ll be up for the challenge.

    3. I’m with you bro, looking for Ted Gizinski’s shack in Montana to plonk down and hibernate!!!

    4. Someone needs to write an article about the book Tame a Shrew that was like an early handbook on some Red Pill knowledge

    5. Sad, shallow, short sighted.
      You let the Marxists win with that pathetic way of thinking.
      I’m raising warriors in mind body and spirit so a big F you to you.
      You failed as a man, don’t suck others into your wallow pit.

      1. I hope your “little warriors” get conscripted and die in a fire. Fucking arsehole.

  11. It’s been a while since last time I logged in. The article is enlightening and constructive, but I’m afraid that there’s no way out this time: the apocalypse is inevitable, the world needs a clean up, because a decadent world must end. And We, despised heterosexual men, must not go to rescue a decadent civilization who treate Us like crap, We must let this marxist world burn to ashes.

  12. Overcome the effects of adverse culture by learning that everyone who tells you not to advocate for your own kind, yourself and your family is not doing so out of moral obligation; they are doing it to take everything from you.
    Everyone seems to think being a high earning, egalitarian consumer is height of personal aspiration. Stop believing that the governing bodies of the world have (or should have) monopolies on what is considered socially acceptable, what is to be considered wealth and what is considered to be sane.

    1. The monetary/consumerist side is not real wealth. It is tender and can be liquidated at any time. Real wealth is SOCIAL CURRENCY and is worth more than the greenback in the end. Social currency is vital whether you are a survivalist, a bankster, a bishop, a pua, a farmer or ANY walk of free man. Forming bonds and trust within your tribe and pacts of trust with other tribes is real currency that withstands the crash of fiat currency.
      The card shuffler at the casino can do some pretty fancy shuffles of the deck and can do the same with stacks of $100’s. Your ‘game’ is your ability to ‘shuffle’ and do tricks with your social currency the same as a casino dealer does a fancy cut of a deck.
      And in times of armageddon, you can’t eat gold but social currency will save your life. Poor wage slaves will be the first casualties during any calamity as they have sacrificed all their time for fiat pay and during which time many years were wasted on paycheck to paycheck toil, and in the end many of them failed to elevate themselves socially. Even wealthy men have withered without social currency. Howard Hughes became recluse and lost all sociability. His accountants absconded with everything.

  13. 1. Stop apologizing.
    2. Laugh at the insanity of their bullshit in their fucking face.
    3. Jam them by being an inactive participant in a critical well timed moment. Let them fall into the hole they dug.
    4. Reduce your needs to what is actually valuable. They tell us we need, how to think, what to buy and how to look. They are simply perfecting ways to micro-bill the fuck out of us for shit we don’t need. Who the fuck are we? We have been programmed to consume since birth. If we don’t buy their shit they have no income. The 1% can’t live on your income even if multiplied by a thousand. They jump out of fucking windows for less than you experience in a year.
    5. Recognize corporations don’t give a shit about employees as humans, that is why they call it “human resources. Stop playing the game. You’ll never win. Learn to say “no.”
    6. Recognize culture is created with the intent to market to your fictitious needs, ego and insecurities. Prioritize your needs and cut the fat.
    7. Skull fuck the ideology of the cultural marxists. With strategically placed tact in order for them to question their ideology and instill self doubt.
    This appears to be the meaning of life in today’s world:
    The goal is to create a genderless society, indentured to debt, devoid of freedom, politically correct, physically beautiful and morally corrupt, heavily medicated consumers driven by radical religious idolatry perfecting more efficient ways to kill greater numbers of people while preserving real estate, keeping profits high and wages low, creating fictitious enemies to conquer in a black and white world while being overly entertained. We can look and feel great, being empty shells devoid of any semblance of humanity while we bury ourselves in post consumer waste. Bound to the mindless paradoxes created by a two-party system that’s the same under the surface. In order for the system to work, individuality cannot survive or it’ll destroy the group-think mentality and form an alternate reality and choice. We can’t have that.
    Reject it openly an unabashedly with no apologies. One day you may need to fight, even if you are beaten, you struggled and will be respected and feared. The majority of people are cowards with no control of their lives, they will only act when they see others do so. Skull fuck their bullshit ideology.
    Give evil nothing to oppose and it will disappear by itself. Lao Tzu

  14. The ‘enjoy the decliner’s’ can learn some warcraft from the new guard. It is WOMEN who sit fat in the recliner and watch the decline of a muleman as he toils for her. Enjoying a decline is femicunt. The new guard of men will wield shock and awe to the uninitiated and the ‘enjoy the decliner’s’ will be like ”wtf . . did I miss something?” Like missing orientation at a school. When the horns blow and the bells chime, the school is in. Red pill IS the orientation. A new guard of patriarchs will rise and the current sick wave of debauchery will be buried by a patriarchal order that will crack down on ‘Eve’ and make old school sharia look like a cake walk.

    1. ” When the horns blow and the bells chime, the school is in. Red pill IS the orientation. A new guard of patriarchs will rise and the current sick wave of debauchery will be buried by a patriarchal order that will crack down on ‘Eve’ and make old school sharia look like a cake walk”
      How many years before we see this happen? I’ve heard this same thing said for quite some time, to the tune of “very soon..” but I’d like to know aproximately what year in our lord we can expect some serious change happening.

  15. 1) DO NOT start a family with a modern woman in a feminized society under any circumstances. Surest path to ruin available.
    2) Very few people care. They’ll follow the norms and behaviors they see on their TV. Calling people “sheeple” is insulting to sheep. A sheep occasionally gets an independent thought in it’s head, hence the need for the sheepdog. For controlling the behavior of most humans, a sheepdog is redundant.
    3) The workplace is highly feminized and passive-aggressive behavior is the norm. Drives me nuts, even men are passive-aggressive now. It’s like dealing with a bunch of 7th grade girls.
    No way this gets better for a very long time, unfortunately. Expatriation looks better every day.

        1. No it’s not. I fly those jets for a living and I would seriously consider flying over there if I was childless to get out of this western shit.

      1. I don’t understand this, yet I hear it all the time. Where is “better”? Socialist crime -ridden South America? Muslim filled, socialist Europe? Communist China? Dead broke Japan? Canada and Australia are more socialist/liberal than the US and have their own financial and immigration issues. So, where is this “better” place everyone is moving to?

        1. yep. that was my question. Other than forming our own state or everyone migrating to a democratic and small population country so we could effectively control the laws, I’m not sure there is any option to “leave”.

        2. Etty Hillesum (who died in a concentration camp) wrote: “We can be well everywhere… if all we need is inside us”.
          Building the inside is enough for happiness, because you can’t find it outside, anywhere or with anybody or anything

  16. The western world’s populations are afflicted by a disease. I mean a physical disease caused by mineral imbalances and which causes psychological malady.
    This disease is caused by excessive sugar consumption, excessive levels of mercury, copper and fluoride accumulation in the body, among other things.
    To cure our societies, strict devotion to daily crossfit plus adherence to a strict low carb paleo diet across the board would go a long way. Read this for more detailed discussion.

    1. Finally, someone else! But it is also a lack of minerals in general, which Wilson talks in depth about.

  17. “..possibly working abroad.”
    Good luck with finding any opportunities. Unfortunately all economies and cultures are following America down the rabbit hole. The only cultures that are not are countries that either do not have an economy or are way too exotic, at least to exotic for me.

  18. Does a corporate job really have to be “soul crushing?”
    It’s just a job, not a life. Do what you need to do, do it well, then go home and live life outside of work.

  19. No sense Quixotically tilting at windmills. If you can’t fix a broken woman, what makes you think you can fix a broken nation?
    Start a new life in a new country – it’s the traditional course of action. Overwhelm Alaska with a flash mob of like-minded immigrants, and then patiently wait to secede when the time is right. Or join the Texas Nationalism Movement. Or emigrate to an Asian or Eastern European country with a relatively bright future and become a part of that future.

      1. Estonia and maybe Poland, I guess, but Asia is arguably preferable. There will be challenges wherever you go.

        1. Not so sure about Poland. Unfortunately it’s a country which is being corrupted on two fronts, financially and politically from the inside and culturally through external influence… Although it could be said that such is Poland’s history and always will be due to its location.
          I don’t know much about Estonia apart from the fact they have plenty of babes… do you have any more info about that place?

        1. The bloodlands never have a bright future due to geography. It’s only ever temporary at best.

  20. An article where the author rants about the economic illiteracy of the masses, but then goes on to demonstrate the very same thing. Just like the great majority of rants against either the intelligence or knowledge level of the great majority of humanity.
    Current levels of aggregate world prosperity are not an illusion, they are real. The fact that that prosperity exists proves that it can be created. It’s real, physical and tangible. Money, debt and other financial entities are not, they are just fictions we have collectively agreed on as the basis of our economic systems. Real, physical, tangible wealth is created through production, the imaginary financial entities are just used to decide what exactly an economy’s productive capacity will be used for and to determine who gets what.
    If a financial crash happens because of terminal debt or governments, corporations or individuals, it might well lead to a de facto decrease in total prosperity by pushing the economy into recession and leaving part of its productive capacity unused. If it does so, though, it just shows that fault lies with our economic system for not putting the existing physical, technical capacity for production to use.

  21. How to survive? Your own survival, once you take the pill is easy as long as you keep learning and extending your horizons (since the influence of modern culture is pervasive and the more you learn the more you find that stuff you were told is bs). The more difficult question is how to ensure your wife and kids survive and grow to become real men and women and in the end maybe bring back the civilization from the brink.
    What we do is two-fold: One part is negative – minimize gateways through which modern culture can influence the kids: no tv, no modern music, kindergartens and schools with like-minded values.
    The second part is positive – fill up the kids with real knowledge, with love and discipline, strong role models.
    It’s not easy but it can be done.

    1. public (and private at this point) schools = indoctrination in leftist bullshit. i think home-schooling is probably incredibly difficult to coordinate, but probably worth it long-term. then again, i went to public school and knew i was ‘learning’ bullshit for years (although it still took me all of my 20’s to shake my blue-pill mindset).

      1. Home school is rather easy now.
        The computer programs make it so. It’s grown ten fold in ten years.
        The biggest challenges were/are finding like minded kids and parents to get with, but even that is getting easier.
        I’ve done 3. They and I loved it. All are red pilled

  22. A lot to chew on. Getting trapped into modern culture (if you wanna call it that.) gets easy when gratifications are so easily obtainable and the message you get is that it’s the only way to exist. Centuries ago people took or left stuff, they had inner lives that were more important than current fads. The drive on big money to keeps itself relevant poisons our society with get-IT-quick ads and false idioms.
    Other countries have ACTUAL cultures. Ours isn’t really a culture at all because music, clothing, cars, houses, hair styles. . .etc, etc. are dictated to us by middle men who make money from advertising and coming up with “get-popular” schemes. What people took as cultural norms 5 years ago no longer exist.
    It used to be you could get rich by predicting what the new trends were going to be and designing clothing and that kind of thing. But now so much money is in a few hands, that they’re now DICTATING what the upcoming trends are going to be, and they have clothes, musicians, and all the rest already lined up to push on the public.
    The change has to start with individuals seeing this and refusing to participate.

  23. Please guys… you want to do something about all this, as the author said it starts by laying down the facts and getting good information out there.
    Go read this article, and then educate some of the women out there as to why the article is completely bullshit and this chick would make the worst possible choice for a relationship.

    1. “We would never become the boring, lame couple who lost its spark.
      Instead, we’d be the f*cking awesome couple who goes out on weekends and
      has a blast dancing on tables together.”
      False dichotomy. Sluts like her always think you can be either a whore and an exciting person, or a decent woman and boring.
      Women who are ladies in the streets and whores in the sheets exist, but she doesn’t want men to know this.

      1. totally agree. Say that on the thread below her article so we can start influencing other people’s opinions by pointing out the truth instead of her bs.

      2. But the real question is wither there exists anybody who is a whore in the streets and lady in the sheets?
        Jk, that wouldn’t even make sense…

    2. joke’s on her. a man can remain fertile late in life… a woman’s got the biological clock… enjoy your spinster life with your house filled with cats!

      1. Well, now they can too. I know many women that have their eggs frozen to have them artificially inseminated later in life when they are ready.

  24. One thing I think men can do is be very vocal to women about how they personally would never want a girl that was promiscuous, has a high count, or was non-traditional. Be loud and proud about it. That’s the way trends work. It’s not what the silent majority believe that people hear, its what the vocal minority is shouting. That’s what the feminists have done until now society believes that’s the way all people think… well we can’t be silent… we need to be loud, to allow other people who agree to speak and to silence those idiots who believe the feminist propaganda. If even 10% of we alpha males would start doing that, there would be women that would latch onto the movement because they thought we would like them for it and you would see it gain traction.

  25. I’m not sure what’s more depressing. That the once great Western World is collapsing faster (perhaps harder as well) than the Roman Empire of Old;
    Or that we here, on this comment section… May be the only ones whom see it.
    When the West eventually falls apart, either due to mass immigration (Islam, specifically), Civil War or simple violent, self destruction, I don’t want to be here.
    There has got to be some country left in the developed world that is at least somewhat sane…

    1. Russia comes to mind with their rejection of the gay movement.
      It’s not surprising that they and especially Putin are always portrayed as “eeebil” in our western media here (Austria).

    2. It’s not Islam (for example) that is causing the west to fall apart, that’s just a symptom. The corruption (and resource extraction) is being performed from within by an external virus that is now firmly embedded and doing it’s thing.
      When someone becomes sick looking, they are sick from the inside out, they don’t get sick because they started looking sick… (hope that makes sense).

  26. I’ve always wondered whither or not there were Romans that were like us; knowing what was about to happen. Were there Romans in the end days of the Roman Empire that spoke up? Where there Romans who said “We’re falling apart! Our culture! Our Morals! etc.” What about the British Empire? Anyone to speak up?
    I once read a quote, it said,
    “History repeats itself, because no one was paying attention the first time”.
    This quote stands the test of time, it would sadly, sadly seem…

    1. The (western) Roman Empire did not collapse because of a “failure of morals” or of cultural failure, the collapse happened because 1) Constant civil wars inside of the empire. 2) When the empire was (politically) separated into east a west during the 4th century, the west no longer had the backing of the more economically robust east as a tax base. The west just didn’t have the population density or economy to survive on it’s own.

      1. Google: Fall of Roman Empire and Joos
        Diodorus Siculus, a first century Greek historian promulgated:
        “This [usury] has for centuries caused great misery and poverty for Gentiles.” He also observed usury was a trade run by Jews who treated other people as enemies and inferiors. “It has brought strong condemnation of the Jews!”
        And, yet the Jews had great influence over Rome’s government. The populace hated the Jews. And the Jews, who were already well entrenched as moneylenders, bought more influence to ensure their monopoly over Rome.
        Roman Historian Tacitus stated this about the Jews and their peculiar behavior:
        “The customs of the Jews are base and abominable and owe their persistence to their depravity. Jews are extremely loyal to one another, always ready to show compassion, but towards every other people they feel only hate and enmity. As a race (the Jews are not a race, because they have mingled with the other races to the point that they are only a people, not a race), they are prone to lust; among themselves nothing is unlawful.”
        Jewry had a great hatred and disdain for Rome. Yet, they lived in the city of Rome itself and profited greatly from the Roman people and its economy. One would ask, how could a culture of people despise another with such enmity and yet desire to interact on a daily basis; to bring up one’s family in the midst of these “reviled” Roman people? Author Josef Kastein, in “History of the Jews,” p. 192 stated:
        “To the Jews, Rome constituted the quintessence of all that was odious and should be swept away from off the face of the earth. They hated Rome and her device, arma et leges, with an inhuman hatred. True, Rome had leges, laws, like the Jews. But in their very resemblance lay their difference; for the Roman laws were merely the practical application of the arma, the arms…but without the arms, the leges were empty formulae.”
        The moneychangers destroyed Rome from within by first monopolizing usury, monopolizing the precious mineral trade and then disproportionately magnifying the temporal businesses of prostitution (including pedophilia and homosexuality), and slavery. Constantine (306-337 AD) was the first Roman emperor to issue laws, which radically limited the rights of Jews as citizens of the Roman Empire, a privilege conferred upon them by Caracalla in 212 AD. The laws of Constantius (337-361 AD) recognized the Jewish domination of the slave trade and acted to greatly curtail it. A law of Theodosius II (408-410 AD), prohibited Jews from holding any advantageous office of honor in the Roman state. Always the impetus was buying influence concerning their trade. Harry J. Leon of the University of Texas quoted in his book, “Jews of Ancient Rome,” p.3:
        “We come now to the libel involving the gold, the Jewish gold. This is obviously why the present case is being tried close to the Aurelian Steps. It is because of this particular charge that you have sought out this location, Laelius (the prosecutor), and that mob (referring to the noisy crowd of Jews whom Laelius had assembled to create a commotion at the trial). You know how large a group they (the Jews) are, and how influential they are in politics. I will lower my voice and speak just loudly enough for the jury to hear me; for there are plenty of individuals to stir up those Jews against me and against every good Roman, and I don’t intend to make it any easier for them to do this.
        Since gold was regularly exported each year in the name of the Jews from Italy and all our provinces to Jerusalem, Flaccus issued an edict forbidding its exportation from Asia. Who is there, gentlemen of the jury, who cannot sincerely commend this action? The exportation of gold had been forbidden by the Senate on many previous occasions, and most strictly of all during my consulship.
        Further, that Flaccus was opposed to this barbarous Jewish superstition was proof of his strong character that he defended the Republic by frequently denying the aggressiveness of the Jewish mobs at political gatherings was an evidence of his high sense of responsibility.”
        Speech of Cicero, which is one of the few revelations of Jewish subversion that survived the burning of libraries. The great consul of Rome, Cicero, had to lower his voice to avoid stirring up the Jews. A Roman aristocrat, Flaccus, was removed from office and dragged back to Rome to face a false charge. Why? Because he had tried to enforce the Roman law banning the Jewish traffic in gold.
        The outcome of this trial was that Flaccus’ ban on the shipping of gold was removed. Thus the Jews won their objective, and Flaccus was lucky to escape with his life after he had opposed them. To the white gentile, greed has always been the Achilles heel that led to the downfall of his civilizations. Usury has been the opiate that has ruined the ingenuity of many of its civilizations. As this Jewish craft spread, the people increasingly suffered from the burdens of indebtedness.
        So troubling was the effects of usury that Lex Genucia outlawed usury in 342 BC. Nevertheless, ways of evading such legislation were found and by the last period of the Republic, usury was once again rife. Emperors like Julius Caesar and Justinian tried to limit the interest rate and control its devastating effects (Birnie, 1958).
        Entertainment was a way to temporarily set aside the burdens of indebtedness. It was a way to festively indulge in all the glory that Rome had to offer. Rome soon became drunk on hedonism. Collectively, entertainment helped disguise the collapsing of a great power. Spectator blood sports, brothels, carnivals, festivals, and parties substituted for everything that was wrong with Rome.
        Some Senate conservatives were concerned about the new extravagances. In 182 AD, the Senate passed a law regulating the size of parties. Partying continued to grow though. Circuses and public festivals for the poor were already being paid for by politicians to win plebeian approval. The introduction of a new feast in 173 AD; the celebration at Floralia, may have been modeled after the Greek festival of Aphrodite. The chief attraction at this new Roman festival was dances by prostitutes, dances that ended in a strip tease.
        Many Romans, however, considered this celebration terribly decadent. Today, the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro and Mardi Gras in New Orleans give an eerie resonance to the celebration at Floralia.
        Prostitution and thievery flourished. The old legal code of Rome, The Twelve Tables, served the plebs for centuries and was now rendered ineffective. There was no police force. The closest resemblance to a police force was neighbor watching out for his neighbor. The plaintiff could always summon the defendant in front of a magistrate.
        People from smaller communities, many of whom were poor, migrated to the big cities, especially to Rome. This compounded the level of crime and victimization.
        In Rome, feuds and bloodshed between families were numerous, with the rivals calling on friends and neighbors for assistance. Few Romans lived past the age of forty. The indigent were buried in common pits in the public cemetery on Esquiline Hill.
        But most Romans persisted in enjoying what they believed was the glory of Rome’s position in the world.
        Blood sports and the coliseum increasingly became a catharsis for the masses. The Christians, political prisoners, prisoners of war, anarchists, and common criminals were increasingly blamed for the ills of Roman society. As the taxes and indebtedness of the people rose, so did the call for blood. The unfortunate many were paraded into the arena before cheering crowds to be slaughtered.
        Citizen patriots themselves were increasingly at odds with the growing democracy as the moneychangers increasingly influenced the public policy. These condemned citizens were branded “anarchists,” as the aristocrat Faccus nearly was when he challenged the power of the Roman Jews. The plebeian masses were more concerned with blood sports, circuses, and receiving bread than understanding the ominous effects of the moneychangers and lawyers on Roman society.
        Rome became a multi-cultural state much like our own in the United States. Indeed, it was truly an international city. Foreigners of every nation resided and worked there. The Romans soon intermarried and had children with the many foreigners.
        This included concubines from the numerous slaves won through war. Rome had an extraordinary large slave population and was estimated to make up about two-thirds of its population at one time. One such slave from Syria, named Eunus encouraged as many as 60 thousand slaves to revolt in Sicily taking over several towns and defeating the first army sent against them by Rome. Slaves were acquired through failures to complete contracts under Law Merchant (see commercial law) or born to parents acquired by such means. This jurisdiction gave merchants an edge in some of their dealings. Contractors were held as insurance and expected to accept servitude as the price of failure in business. ”

    2. Romans knew too
      They introduced jagged edges on gold and silver. Why?
      Joos were literally shaving off the edges. The parallels are unreal.
      An expensive military presence overstretched, swarm of immigrants and bloated and inflated currency

  27. Two things come to mind: (1) the one-eyed man is king in a land of the blind; (2) Idiocracy.

  28. I’ve read some of the essays here, and the comments following them. I’m amazed that no one has stumbled upon the obvious. That us, our “free market” economic system is dying of its own internal contradictions. It’s the dialectic at work. Social and moral decline, housing and student loan bubbles, crony capitalism, the lack of good jobs with livable wages can all be traced to this. We are headed inexorably to a publicly-owned economic system. That’s the end product of the dialectic. Will that be perfect? No. But at least there’ll be full-employment and a plethora of positive rights that we at present don’t enjoy. And the moral and social decline we are suffering now will disappear in this new economic environment. This is the real “red pill.” Believers in the perpetual supremacy of capitalism are “blue pill.”

    1. there hasn’t been a free market in 50 years. Corporate govt protected crapitalism… but no free market.

    2. Fiat currency has an average life cycle of 43 years.
      We went off gold in 1972 per Milton Friedman

  29. There is not realistically a better option than to let a decomposition of the current mess unfold. Much like a forest fire clearing overgrowth, or detritivores cleaning the ground and opening up room for new life (or new culture), the old, malignant, and the dead have to pass away sometime. In theory the process could be accelerated, but that’s hardly palatable to anyone.

  30. Sorry but your article about thinking about the future for future generation in itself is like any other Blue Pill propaganda completely worthless to my goals and just another way to brainwash me to invest in something that will not help me.
    I’m living in the state of decay that’s as far as I agree and when I’m not alive things get better that’s supposed to make me happy why? The first answer in your mind is likely right and that answer is the most obvious one that what you want that is what you should go for
    I am not going to be tricked to invest for your children. I’m done with these propaganda about the greater good and think about the children

    1. I assume you have no kids?
      If so, I could see why this would not appeal to you because there is nothing greater than yourself to invest in.

    2. Then invest in porn, bachelor life and cat food as they’ll be your only loved ones, you self absorbed pr*ck…

  31. As one reads of the anticipated bankruptcy of Social Security and the underfunded pension plans across America, just remember, the ancient and still-true wisdom is that there is no great old age security than productive children who still love you.

    1. Amen. One must invest in tribe.
      I have 2 boys; a teen and almost a teen.
      Family is about the only thing a strong head can influence in a positive manner, and usually the only thing worth influencing.
      I’m currently taking care of a dying mother and a strong but aging father. I see how they are passing on their legacy to take care of us. In turn, I am making sure my boys will be set up… and it sure as hell isn’t investing in a college education, I can assure you.

  32. “It is quite understandable to feel very pessimistic about the future and indignant about the fact that modern culture has sold us a pack of lies and delusions. But the way to look at our current phase of history is not the end of a line, but rather a natural stage of a cycle.”
    It depends on where one is in their life. For those of us in our late forties and beyond, we will not be around when and if things get better – so it is the end for us, period.

  33. Great article! This jumps out at me:
    Overcome economic illiteracy
    “We must instead embrace a more minimal, antifragile lifestyle: researching marcoeconomics, understanding debt and keeping up to date with global economic events.”
    This is key. Increasingly the average voter doesn’t understand the consequences of debt on a personal or state/ national level.
    This combined with women and beta cucks voting in bad pro fag, abortion refugee polices, to name a few, combined with reckless spending destroying us as a society and financially as well.
    Clearly this the way the sate wants it to control us and buy votes with reckless spending.
    This can’t go on forver but the average voter is basically an economic dimwit that doesn’t understand this..

  34. A positive outlook doesn’t pay the bills. …..If the left doesn’t want to help themselves, they certainly are not going to get anything from me- let them live in slums and get gunned down; they deserve it.

  35. All you need to do is, look out for yourself. Everything else will come to you, in time (including women).

  36. “Modern culture appears to be dominant and unstoppable…”
    Keep one thing in mind. The reason it “appears” to be dominant is because those who control ALL of the media in this country, and most of the world, are the SAME bunch of people!! I personally believe, in actually speaking with many people, that this “appearance” too is an illusion. An illusion designed to make you and I think that those who support this so-called “modern culture” are in the majority, when they are NOT.

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