Mizzou “White Privilege” Hunger Striker Jonathan Butler Is From A Family Worth $20 Million

University of Missouri hunger striker Jonathan Butler, who refused food so the institution’s President Tim Wolfe would resign, is yet another curious case of SJW economic and social privilege gone mad. Aside from his totally unfounded accusation that Wolfe’s car “bumped”/”hit” him, Butler literally comes from the 0.1%. His father, Eric L. Butler, earned an astonishing $8.4 million last year as a Union Pacific executive vice president for sales and marketing and his family is worth an estimated $20 million. On the back of this background, Butler junior has spent nearly a decade in higher education while poorer students, white, black and everything in between, have had to make their way in the real world.

Although Jonathan Butler was unable to hide his background (and how could he?), he has used his blackness to continue the narrative of the poor, oppressed African-American. “White privilege” and its corollaries have once again been stripped of any and all context, nuance, and reality. During his eight-day, attention-seeking hunger strike, this professional student probably gave no thought to the fact that his higher education dreams have been easier to fulfill than 99.5% of the white student body at his very own campus. He was only focused on ending so-called institutional racism at Mizzou, an accusation about as proven as the UVA rape hoax.

Why do very wealthy SJWs behave this way?

Poor oppressed Jessica.

To come to a conclusion, let’s look back at another sad episode in SJW history. This year, ROK proprietor Roosh was assaulted in the street by one very spoiled Montreal native named Jessica Lelièvre. Her cowardly attack on Roosh, knowing full well he would not and could not retaliate against a woman, represented the culmination of years of constant self-victimization via her participation in Concordia University “politics.” Almost every major campaign she has involved herself in has explicitly or implicitly emphasized purported male privilege, despite her hailing from a phenomenally wealthy family whose prosperity started, ironically, with her very old and very white great-grandfather Émile, a construction magnate.

Establishing your own corporation is usually very hard work. Even with the good fortune of being born to very wealthy parents, a descendant of that corporation’s founder, like Lelièvre’s father, who now runs the family business, doesn’t have the easiest job in the world managing such a sprawling business concern. Consciously or unconsciously, children of privilege like Jessica Lelièvre and Jonathan Butler (a son of a business executive but still analogous) see this and realize that they can make a name for themselves in faster ways while they’re much younger. Erupting in rage spirals about some manufactured crisis enables them to avoid the perceived drudgery of sustained work along a conventional career path.

Lying about being struck by a white man’s car

One of Tim Wolfe’s crimes was not getting out of his car so people like Jonathan Butler could beat him up for supporting imagined racism on campus.

It is not unusual for college and other SJWs, fixated on their microaggressions and triggers, to out themselves as liars either through video proof or similarly incontrovertible evidence. Not to be outdone by his ideological colleagues across American campuses, Jonathan Butler jumped (Or ran? Or gracefully gazelled?) his way into President Tim Wolfe’s car in order to claim he was hit by a racist white man. The video and some interesting commentary can be found here. Let’s hope his multimillionaire father’s pittance of an insurance policy covered the massive hurt to Jonathan’s ego.

What’s more is that Butler and his colleagues committed the crime of false imprisonment, aggressively surrounding Wolfe’s car so he could not move his car more than a few meters at a time. All this was left by the wayside in the media’s reporting, which gave no balance amidst the extreme acts of provocation and intimidation perpetrated by self-proclaimed civil rights activists. As a trinket to proper coverage, some mainstream outlets documented the Melissa Click threat against a journalist but still maintained their implicit or explicit support of the Mizzou bullies overall.

Question every SJW’s privilege

SJWs are irony-blind.

Are their parents millionaires? In the case of the United Kingdom especially, do they have connections in the nobility or high society? Did they get into university because of legacy or affirmative action, like Michelle Obama’s admission to Princeton due to her brother’s attendance and her race? And just because a SJW doesn’t have gargantuan privilege, their views are not suddenly valid. The privilege many of them have is simply another layer of icing on the cake to be exploited in undermining their pernicious campaigns.

Once again, SJW ideologies go hand-in-hand with self-delusion and mental illness. The narcissism exhibited by people like Jonathan Butler sows the seeds of their own heavy fall. Buttressed by his family’s largess, he will undoubtedly continue his trajectory of seeking the public spotlight. But amongst a growing body of Americans, his credibility will be forever tarnished.

That said, there are plenty more Jonathan Butlers yet to get their comeuppance.

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150 thoughts on “Mizzou “White Privilege” Hunger Striker Jonathan Butler Is From A Family Worth $20 Million”

  1. I really think we are raising generations filled with perpetual children (sort of the point of one of my earlier “playing dress-up” comments). That would seem to fit most of these narratives and cultural problems. They literally don’t know how to behave and their parents spoiled them completely rather than actually parenting.
    The two “examples” here have never had to accomplish anything in their lives, it has all been provided and the skin color had shit to do with it, their class was everything. So, perhaps the undeniable fact that though they have extravagantly wealthy parents, they themselves are worthless and could never “earn” anything, affects their psyche and makes them easier prey for those seeking to use them toward totalitarian and socialist ends.
    They know in the back of their minds that “daddy” will swoop in at the last second to bail them out of any trouble they get in, and so they shit-test that boundary constantly. Unsurprisingly, the same themes present in feminism and in Big Daddy Government. One part of me would hope that true adversity, though these folks will never ever face that, might make them better people, but it wouldn’t because they don’t know how to be self-sufficient adults, they don’t know how to improve themselves, feel any drive to do so since they already have more than they’ll ever need that they did nothing for, and really don’t know or believe in anything at all really.
    They are just wasted potential and that’s all they’ll ever be no matter how many headlines they “protest” their way into. The SJW of any type (feminist, socialist, elitist, racialist, etc.) will never amount to anything regardless of $ signs, they know it, we know it, and the world is learning it. So let them whine at the top of their lungs like the petulant child having an attention-seeking tantrum that they are until they are hoarse, it’s all they have and ignoring them is as simple as just walking away.

    1. The more you ignore them, the louder they scream and bolder their nonsense. They’ll violate laws and the system just tolerates it. They get to the point of extreme radical-ness and thousands get killed or injured just to seek attention.

      1. I think ignoring them would be a huge step in the right direction. Caving into their demands or even engaging them as though they are worthy of attempts at rational dialogue is encouraging these mentally ill people.

        1. I totally agree with your point. It’s like the moronic, vacuous Kardashian clan. If we fail to pay them the attention they so desperately crave, they will disappear. Hopefully.

  2. Prosperity creates the comfort which creates the arguments against the prosperity that created the comfort that allowed the arguments to form in the first place. There is great irony in SJWs using their iPhones to tweet about the evils of capitalism.

    1. most ppl who tweet about the evils of capitalism wouldnt last 3 seconds without capitalism

      1. I agree with you. The only problem is this is not capitalism anymore. This is where I really struggle with a lot of ideas..

      2. As I always say, let’s get back to the state of nature where only the strong survive and our problems will be solved.

        1. Well problem with that is that none of us really know if we are truly strong until that scenario unfolds. So it might backfire.

    2. It would do some serious good to send everyones kids to some third world hell for a couple years (like the mormons do) before they go to college.

  3. The feminist narrative and political correctness has gone so far. I was at a dinner party Friday, and having just read on the forums here that there was an International Men’s day on 11/19, I mentioned that at one point (can’t remember what in the conversation steered us in that direction) but the response was 100% snark and ridicule from about 4 different people, including white knights of course. (Oh, yeah, great, did they specifically single out WHITE men to be praised? Oh, yeah, that’s the LAST thing we need. Oh, give me a break! Yeah, as if we don’t celebrate that every OTHER day of the year!). I wanted to respond like fuck NO we don’t, and apparently people like you can’t even get behind anything positive about men for even ONE day.
    I don’t know what I was expecting. I suppose just some sort of base acknowledgement that men actually exist and have a positive role to play in society, instead of reacting like we are the cause of all the world’s problems and should be hunted down and exterminated. It was really eye opening, especially because everyone there was older. I’m sure millenials agree with this, but the fact that their parents do as well shows me this society is totally fucked.
    It’s really shocking and eye opening to accept that we are the enemy in America.

    1. I had a conversation with a Liberal the other Day, and He said “it’s the Old White Males trying to control the Internet”, I had to firstly point out that a Liberal Pushed Net Neutrality through to which he didn’t have a response, but it’s how he said Old White Males that got me thinking, the Man was White, but I don’t think he identifies as a white Male, or he’ll someday be an Old White Male, I think these types of People detach who they are so they can Conform to their Narratives Propaganda, why else would a Sane White Male claim Oppression while using terms Like “Old White Male.”

      1. As a resident of the PNW I can tell you that this is all too common. All I can come up with is they want to blame the something for their own failure.
        On the whole I only ever hear blame the white man/rich old white man etc… , from uber liberal women or failure at life 20-40 year white guys drowning in self pity.

      2. Someone said the other day, inside every liberal is a tyrant screaming to get out. The most profound thing I’ve heard in a while. They only like free speech when its their free speech.

      3. Here’s my logical response to that, which most people won’t consider. If they are white. “Is your grandpa an old white male? Does he control the world? Does he get some enormous benefit like a small portion of everyone else’s money to make him rich? Will you get that when your old? Even if the majority of rich people are old white males (which they aren’t necessarily) does that mean that old white men who aren’t rich are still really privelaged? Or are two men and two women of different races in the same economic classes in America more alike in their daily lives than say two black men or two white men, one very average and one phenomenally rich?”

    2. ” I wanted to respond like fuck NO we don’t, and apparently people like you can’t even get behind anything positive about men for even ONE day.”
      What did you respond with? I’m not trying to mess with you here or anything, but i’m curious.

      1. I think I just got some more food and walked away. We had just finished a discussion on race and Detroit, and neither of them believed me when I said although I’ve never visited, I hear Detroit has a physical 6 foot wall built in the 1940s meant to separate the blacks from the whites. They both told me I was wrong. Not that they hadn’t heard that before, but that there was no way that could be the case.
        I was having trouble accepting the cognitive dissonance, especially from the straight white male white knight, along with questioning myself on maybe getting the details wrong on Detroit (checked it later, I was correct). One of them was a college professor, the other a lawyer, and at least a decade or two older than me, not that any of that should be taken as a sign of intelligence. I’m not quite to the point yet where I will asshole up and put people in their place at a friend’s party, but a few more episodes like this and I’ll be there.

        1. Totally agree; these were strangers I met at a friend’s dinner party that night. Nevertheless, I often have to choose between having a minimal social life and going out with hard core blue pill betas. I have several friends who accept blips of redpill teaching in certain areas, but never the whole ideology.

        2. Oddly enough, this is part of the reason I’m going into finance. I’ve found that for whatever reason Wall Street attracts a lot of both actual alpha redpills and wannabe alpha, but still redpill, males.
          It takes a certain personality type to deliberately jump into a sharktank is the way I see it.

        3. You should start reading zerohedge if you don’t already. I studied finance and now am in a slightly different field, but I still love the hardcore cynicism and skepticism you will find on that site. Finance is definitely a MGTOW field.

        4. Better idea, read Martin Armstrong.
          Keep in mind that “zero hedge” really isn’t representative of how most finance people think. I’m more IB focused so it’s a different animal but it’s interesting to observe: most of those guys are very good at putting on a bluepill mask, but get them in a “safe” environment (like when I’m talking to other vets) and they’re very aware that the company will fuck you over to make a few extra bucks given the chance, and they have absolutely no loyalty to the firms.

        5. ” I’m not quite to the point yet where I will asshole up and put people
          in their place at a friend’s party, but a few more episodes like this
          and I’ll be there.”
          Glad to hear it. Everything in context of course. Don’t lose your job over your views (as i almost did) but by all means, don’t hold back your tongue when the situation calls for it.

    3. It’s amazing the amount of people who are blue pill addicts.
      I was speaking to a former Marine the other day – a guy who has been on several recent tours of the Middle East. He starts hitting me with “women get paid less,” “Men need to look for independent women,” etc. Needless to say, he had recently been dumped by some broad.
      You have to dissassociate yourself from these type of people. It can be a lonely road at times…finding others who share a different narrative.

    4. I always like to go completely the other way, classic agree and amplify. And they think just because they are 95% of the deaths, the work place and the military it means something-hint if you’re dead you don’t matter! I mean really what has been made in the world by a man that we couldn’t do without?

    5. We are the enemy in the entire west. All politicians save a few edge cases and most of the general population would prefer if we didn’t exist. Of course, if they had their way then they would be taken over by… ANY other country in a matter of months.

  4. My supervisor used to joke about hitting college students with his truck. When he was backing up to unload lumber they’d walk within 2 feet of the bumper.

    1. Back in the day I used to see these black gangsta type punks with the pants wore low exposing their Joe Boxers and wearing hoodies and gold chains. They’ll cross the street walking at a snail’s pace even when their light turned red and mine green, waiting for them to cross in my car. I just think to myself what a bunch of baffoons. They could’ve been easily run over and put into a hospital or even killed just so they could prove their point of pedestrians having the right of way. They have big daddy government protecting them and put me in jail if I violated that right. Yup, I would suffer some consequences, but not to the degree that shithead would.

        1. That would only make them stop in their track and obstruct your path like the guy from Tiananmen Square.
          At least that dude at Tiananmen Square did it for a just cause and was willing to die for it.

        2. Slowly creep forward beeping the horn. He’ll either move, get squished, or hop on your car.
          In any case, one benefit of the modern (well, post modern) age is the cell phone; one can report an individual for disturbing the peace and whatnot.
          I’ve noticed if the antagonistic-types are greeted with audacity, they tend to back off. However I (thankfully) have very little information on the “gangsta” demographic.

        3. “At least that dude at Tiananmen Square did it for a just cause and was willing to die for it.”
          You mean bringing SJW system in a country is a just cause?

        4. You don’t think what the students protested for wasn’t for a greater good? Do you believe they should keep an oppressive Communist regime?

        5. These “students” are just puppets of the United States used to weaken China and promote the Banksters/SJW system. Now these “students” live in Hong Kong and promote disobedience towards Mainland China.
          They are part of the puppets the US use all around the world to perform regime change. If you connect the dots, you will find ISIL and the current Ukrainian government among them.
          Stop buying in emotional propaganda and do the math, dude!

        6. Ok. I’m open to your point of view. Show me your source of information so I can be convinced what you claim is fact. I’m not doubting you, I want to be informed so I can make a judgment call.

        7. If you are genuinely interested, you will do your own research. Otherwise, you are just trying to win an argument.
          Personally, I see that the West has been continously under Islamist attack since 2001. In the meantime,the US have been interested in removing useful dictators like Saddam, Gaddafi or confronting Russia and China than fighting DAESH and ISIL.

        8. It was you that told me I was misinformed so I asked you to show me. I don’t know where to begin. If you refuse to provide leads to your thinking, then I’ll just assume you’re BS’ing and being a troll.

        9. Assume what you want, my friend.
          – I can’t seriously think that you are not smart enough just to find public knowledge information about the US training Al-Qaeda during the Soviet War in Afghanistan with the help of Saudi Arabia.
          – I can’t seriously think that you are not smart enough just to find public knowledge information about the US releasing Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi (current ISIS leader) 11 years ago.
          – I can’t seriously think that you are not smart enough to find it strange that Russia can kick ISIS’ ass in Syria after 2 months while the US never struck the terrorists’ oil field.
          – I can’t seriously think that you are not smart enough just to find it strange that the US had rather associate with theocratic Saudi Arabia than a secular Syria.
          – I can’t seriously think that you are not smart enough just to find it
          strange that the US had rather support Ukraine which relies on neo-nazi groups like Praviy sector against a reasonably multi-cultural country like Russia.
          Just explain to me how you could miss this non-classified information.

      1. The ‘slow walkers’ either don’t have cars or haven’t had their own transpo for a long time. They don’t care about the busy people going to work or driving errands. But if they see a car full of happy go lucky partiers with smoke billowing from the windows and music blasting, they’ll jump out of the way. I saw a car full of partiers stop once for a slow walker after he jumped out of their way. They parked their car in the middle of the road and whistled the walker over and asked him if he had any blunts or a lighter. They all blocked the road for five munites talking jive and then the walker got in the car and rode off with them.

  5. Jonathan Butler is simply the modern Engels. Every devout socialist I have met was always prodded up by family money. It’s an atheist way of baptism or pureification of past, and future, sins of having unearned wealth. They “champion” a failed ideology and care not of the consequences on those it supposedly helps. It makes them feel good about themselves and costs them nothing (it isn’t their wealth they are relinquishing) and the poor they keep down remain beholden to them.

    1. Say what you will of the Rockefellers, but they wouldn’t put up with this nonsense from their kids. As I like to put it, they were born with a silver spoon in their mouths, but also with a boulder strapped to their backs.

      1. “Say what you will of the Rockefellers, but they wouldn’t put up with
        this nonsense from their kids. As I like to put it, they were born with a
        silver spoon in their mouths, but also with a boulder strapped to their

        1. Did not seen that coming. I do recall reading a bio about John D Rockefeller, that was a while back. But he did make his kids earn their allowance, he made them keep ledgers, he kept his house on austerity mode, he made them work their way up. So to see the descendants involved in the women’s lib movement is quite shocking. Thanks for this gem.

    2. Engels at least had some kind of ideology, SJWs are just reactionary followers

      1. Engels was brought up in a strict protestant Prussian home who picked up on Hegalism and traveled alot on his father’s dime. I would consider him a historical SJW brat who followed other men’s “progressive” bullshit.

        1. “Thinkers” from Rimbaud to Nietzsche, to Goethe were SJWs living on their parents’ dime. Paris back in the day was like Brooklyn and filled with hipsters.

        2. Pol Pot studied in Paris in 1922. He went back to Cambodia to exterminate a quarter of the population based on the philosophy he picked up. Even old Noam Chomsky excused it as a necessary action.

    3. I agree. It’s hypocrisy at it’s finest with this man. He’s using his color to show how “beat down” he is but he fails to mention how his father has been using that system (setup by the old white men) to prop up his family (and their fortune). You just have to shake your head at this nonsense. Instead, he should be thanking people like this former President and show a little gratitude. Instead, he’s been milking college for a decade going nowhere with a worthless degree, hiding from the real working world and pulling this bullshit.
      Jonathan..just send him a thank you card for everything that he (and others) have done for your family and STFU.

      1. Is that not the life story of Obama? JB is a twink. No one would give a toss looking at him. His privledge gave him an opportunity to make his 15 minutes of fame. Ten years from you will read about him serving on a some democrat party platform or some “racialist” study group sponsered by government (tax payers). This shit writes itself.

  6. “because he can’t get a lucrative career and attention elsewhere”
    What are you talking about? This is his lucrative career. He’s joining the ranks of a burgeoning job category – Professional White-Hating Racist. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry that has more than a few millionaires. He could never hope to equal the success of his father, and this is the safe alternative to trying. But it’s by no means necessarily unrewarding financially.

    1. No KFC is loaded with trans fats. ‘Kentuckaay fraahd chikn’ is for killing off the whites. For blacks, the fast food solution is Popeye’s. Same fattening recipe, same artery jamming bubbly fry but with a little more jazz in the batter. Like this cajun queen:
      She’ll kick the KFC bucket for Popeye’s any day now.

        1. I guesstimate the sugarwalls are buried at least a good 8 indches down in there somewhere. A mandingo dick 8”+ might be lucky to hit it on a piece of dangling chicken popper fat. The photo is a bit ‘scaly’ or cloudy on the drumsticks or maybe it’s dried cum from all the missed shots. Ever try to hump a couch crack regularly? Yup. Bad for your back. That’s no doubt why you see all those mufuckers walking around looking like they got scoliosis. Looking like ducks walking. Yuup indeed

        1. Totally hit that…with a pickup truck, see if that thing that’s supposed to resemble an ass can absorb the impact

  7. Patty Hurst is another rich heir who was targeted and recruited by leftist radicals. In Hurst’s day (early 70’s), when she was busted for bank robbery, news stories broke how wealthy kids were being target for recruitment into radical groups. When you’re wealthy like Butler, you can’t pick your friends or associates very well. I’ve known some rich kids who mingle with a primary school class of less wealthy common folk. The progeny of the rich come across as very banal and untried yet comfortable. In early school years, they can share few wild stories with their classmates and seem to lack personality. The high point in the year for these kids might amount to getting braces for their teeth or having some elective medical procedure done. First gen wealthy offspring are overprotected and don’t learn conquest the hard way. They never learn it period. They’re easy suckers for the ‘bad kid’ excitement offered by campus radicals. The other elite radical kids are their closest link to the world, a world to which they have no direct link. They’re easy prey for being recruited into any sort of radical volunteerism. The best educated royalty often do nothing but ‘volunteer’ for the safest, easiest camera shoot silliness like picking the nits off of an endangered panda’s balls or visiting a shantytown with bodyguards and handing out snickers bars. An ivy league education well spent indeed. I doubt Butler could ever hold on to his family’s fortune much less grow it. He’d throw it away like an entitled woman. The sjw’s turned him into a WOMAN. His sjw chums recruited him for his buck$ and he could never really choose his friends from a broader, more realistic pool.They chose HIM and now he has to prove to them that he denounces his entitled wealthy family connections by starving himself.

  8. Hmmm. He grows up a child of privilege and has the huge affirmative action plus of being black yet he goes to a state school. That gives you an idea of his level of academic achievement. Look at the mouth breathers who get to riot and Princeton and Yale. He didn’t even make that cut.
    I would guess that picking out those frames was the most demanding intellectual exercise he has ever bothered to engage in.

    1. You obviously never hung around rich kids. A lot of rich parents are smart enough to see most private colleges as scams and instead send their kids to top state schools like CAL, or Penn. Though I doubt this kid is majoring in engineering or finance/accounting.

        1. Never said Mizzou was at that level. You said state school, which if I am not mistaken is a public school and includes Cal and Virginia (Just found out Penn is private).

  9. It’s fun watching Black students go to predominately white colleges and then deciding to complain about white people. Clearly this man could have attended an HBCU (Historically Black College/ University). Negroes like Jonathan Butler are only pro-Black when the white folks are around and so their “pro-Blackness” is dependent upon the presence of whiteness. This is not activism, it is co-dependency.

      1. Lately, Blackness has been defined as seeking approval from whites and this quest for approval has been disguised as militancy. Black folks only seem pro-Black when white people are around. This is a problem.

  10. Let him fuckin’ starve. My parents would always say, you’ll eat when you get hungry.

        1. Of course there is always the possibility of them suing the school if he dies. Or maybe you’re spot on, he dies, they’ll just adopt another son.

  11. this whole thing proves lincoln was right in never wanting to give blacks the vote and also wanting to send them back to africa

  12. These millennial fucks are like the Khmer Rouge. Will kill you for speech or a thoughtcrime. A couple of theories why these wealthy kids are SJW or professional advocates. Could be just plain ‘ol guilt and shame. Guilt for having money and the shame they feel for having it but not earning it. These kids know they are worthless POS in their souls. I think SJW’s and left wingers have literally a “protest fetish”. They get off , sexually, by protesting. Look at them when they are chanting or holding a sign they have an almost orgasmic “O” face look about them. It is like watching religious zealots dance with snakes or speaking in tongues.

    1. I might be a millennial and I can’t stand their stupidity on limiting free speech
      aka thoughtcrime.

    2. The rich want to keep their spot on the top of the ladder so they commit excessive bullying behavior to keep others down. The SJW behavior is mostly about lying and bullying innocents.

  13. Rich kids pretending to be poor and disenfranchised! It’s like a real life version of the movie Havoc, except no Anne Hathaway titties and Bijou Philips not getting gangbanged (or raped, per your criteria) by cholos.

  14. That picture of Jessica Lelièvre reminds me of that dude from the movie “Clockwork Orange”.

    1. What I would like to do when seeing someone on a hunger strike is to bring my portable propane gas grill and start cooking burgers and hot dogs nearby. The aroma will make their suffering even more dramatic.

        1. Martyrs in the sense of: You are killing them with your torturous ideas. And when they die, the living will point at you and the dead will be martyrs.

        2. The whole point of a hunger strike was they’re killing themselves. I’d offer them a burger to prevent it, to save them, yet they refused. And they have the gall to say I tortured them?? Say what? LOL!

      1. That has nothing to do with emotions. Quite the opposite. It has to do with psychological issues, helper syndrome and MISDIRECTED emotions.

        1. well consider this: there are numerous stories about immigrants going on a hunger strike to get their papers when they are refused entry or legalisation. They know that many politicians don’t want to be labelled as ‘heartless assholes/bitches’ and thus many of those politicians give in. In that sense it is some kind of emotional blackmail. But I agree that in other cases the ‘victim complex’ also plays a large role.

        2. Disgusting, these are the things that make my blood boil
          Maybe they can eat their smartphone if they’re hungry

    2. People should gather up a bunch of Big Macs and throw them at him while he’s on that hunger strike. What an idiot.

    3. it’s like children holding their breath until they get their way
      the problem is people who run universities tend to be soft-headed children themselves and easily give in to this kind of shit

    4. Most of these aren’t even real “hunger strikes.” They usually do “rolling” hunger strikes where participants alternate days on which they do not eat.
      It is why so many of these so-called “hunger strikes” can go on for years, even though a person will starve to death after 2 weeks without water and 6 weeks without food.

  15. Entitled, Privileged, and funded with Wealth they contributed nothing to accrue, but expect from Daddy Nonetheless . The SJW, Who Else?

    1. Jessica has posted letter of apology on the net disowning all her previous positions, and saying she is sub seeking experienced daddy dom.

  16. Black guys resembling white hipsters, right down to the thick glasses
    Or to use their own language:
    Activist culture is toxic and hurts minorities and needs to be called out

    1. Like those dumbasses who went hiking in Iraq, ended up in Iran. Let them die. Let natural selection do its thing.

  17. What this shows is how it not about race but straight up trouble making liberalism Racism, poverty etc. are just tools to be used as weapons against the productive.

  18. These SJW’s remind me of the rich bitch in the song ‘Common People.’ They think being poor is cool but never actually commit to being poor. It’s bloody weird.

  19. Ok so the swastika in feces turned out to be a lie. Whatever this story is with the car is probably a lie. What are the chances the hunger strike is a lie too? So outrageous lies + determination = unseating high level executives? What the fuck, people.

    1. That “swastika” was a Hindu symbol. Seen that photo and I asked my self how
      could they not tell the difference between the two.

  20. My son said he’ll trade his white privilege for half of the dindu’s bank account. My son is Force Recon. Somehow, I doubt that dindu would trade jobs.

  21. Jonathan Butler.. Don’t give up the hunger strike ! Stick to your gun. (pardon the expression) to the end ! The SJW need a martyr ! Become one ! Look at all the glory you will receive if you go the end !! Obama will declare a Jonhatan Butler day in USA in your memory !
    So DON”T GIVE UP ! Go right to the end.. We, are all behind you !

  22. The conspiracy theorist in me wonders if the people that get ahead in the system are required to sacrifice one of their children on the altar of “social justice” in order to maintain their position and “privilege”.

  23. I agree with the tactic of hungers strikes for feminists and SJWs. Most of them are obese and could really stand to lose a few pounds. I did a few water fasts in my day and found that I lost weight and kept it off since I exercised after it.
    All joking aside it doesn’t really matter to the Social Justice Weirdo crowd, narrative is 100x more important than facts. Just look at the UVA rape scandal, progressives should have seen that as a huge blow to their image. Instead they just brushed it off and found something else to have fake outrage about.

  24. let them starve to death…. no one will miss them. Ship them to Africa and force them to watch Africans starving and trying to survive… Lock these useful idiot libtards and spoiled SJW and throw them to lion’s den or ocean filled with sharks and lakes with piranhas. These sheltered idiots don’t know what hard life is. I blamed idiot parents for sheltering and creating such weak minded children.

    1. Can we toss the eating disorder anorexia moonbats? They need to see people who are starving and not for attention seeking reasons.

  25. As a black man. It is very telling when students wrote letters and protested nothing was done. It was only when the football players took a stand that made them sit up and take notice.
    People don’t listen until the black folks that are making them money do not play. If more athletes would follow suit a lot could be done. Thus the moment they messed with their money he (Wolfe) stepped down. Don’t get me wrong, he’ll get another job some were else.
    But talking, marching, and protesting isn’t going to impact as much as taking away the money. That is how the bus boycotts became successful not them just talking about it but taking money away from the company then they were heard.

    1. Yeah that’s great but you actually need to have a legitimate reason as to why you are taking action. From what I have read their lists of demands are communistic in nature and some downright laughable. Free education? A $30/hour minimum wage for campus employees? Just who is going to pay for this $30/hour minimum wage for this “free education”? Wolfe stepped down for no reason other than he didn’t want to deal with immature SJWs. Frankly, I don’t blame him as these people can never be satisfied and are incurably unhappy. They basically hate everything and everyone but most importantly they hate themselves.

  26. Can’t understand why people go on hunger strikes. There is literally nothing I care about enough to make me want to starve myself.

    1. I use to work in corrections and inmates would frequently pull this childish bullshit. It’s just an adult temper tantrum and needs to be ignored.

    2. I’m impressed at how effective hunger strikes are. I mean, eventually the problem solves itself if you ignore it long enough.

  27. I’d be curious to know exactly how this whole movement got rolling. Two unsubstantiated drive by slurrings and a feces swastika? Drawing pictures with scat is a symptom of extreme mental illness and typically ends with a one way ticket to a disturbed ward.
    The idea that there are so many children who have so much free time to participate in such circle jerks is mind boggling. I’d dare say that the majority of these children are from soft disciplines.

  28. I learned about this in the army. It’s the “good idea fairy”.
    It’s when people ( in the army it’s LT’s) have too much free time and start finding problems to fix. The real problem is they don’t realize when things are fine and they start looking for something they can freak out about like it’s actually important.
    Military example:
    – people are shooting at you. You take charge and try to keep people from dying.
    – all is well. The fairy comes along and tells you it would be great to have all your soldiers get on line and pick up loose trash around the base because that snicker wrapper is a threat to your very life.

  29. To be honest, I never understood why is hunger strike so powerful? I’m like, who gives a f*** if you eat or not.

  30. As the media saw it, he should have gotten out of his car and lit a bunch of candles while singing Taylor Swift songs with the crowd. He had NOTHING TO FEAR with all these college kids whipped to a fury froth over their perception of a situation. He should have just gotten out of his car cos they would never go Reginald Denny on him…

  31. all that money will not stop some racist asshole from killing him. good he knows what time it is

  32. White Privilege = Existing for merely being white in countries founded and populated by white people, laws established by white people, resources acquired by white people, infrastructure built by white people, and taxes paid by white people.
    Jonathan Butler is a puffed-up racist who needs to take his ass back to Africa if he hates whitey so much. Why isn’t anybody protesting “Black Privilege” in Africa and calling for a little more “diversity”, “multiculturalism”, “tolerance”, and “non-discrimination” on this continent?
    Mouthpiece media whores and Uncle Toms like Mr. Butler, who are usually wealthier than 99% of other working-class demographics (whites, Asians, Hispanics), aren’t looking for compassion, understanding, or to be left alone. It’s pretty clear what their agenda is, and they are only going to get even more insane about it.

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