How I Tried To Turn A Ho Into A Housewife

Last week I talked about the miserable marriage I endured for seven years before pulling the ripcord and getting the fuck out of dodge after finally having tolerated enough bullshit.

That said, I figured I’d just rip off the band-aid and get the rest of my embarrassment over with by regaling you with the third and final chapter of my “ROK Origins, Sharpe Edition” series.

This particular story can be summed up by one succinct phrase:

…you can’t turn a ho into a housewife…

-Dr. Dre

Truer words were never spoken and like many men here, I had to learn this the hard way.

Dr. Dre was ahead of his time back then

Now gentlemen I’m going to warn you—this story is going to make you cringe as my beta-fied hind brain is on display at practically every turn. I was an omega-level simp at the very lowest level and my thirst is almost too pathetic to be real but I can assure you that every word of this tale is true.

Hang on to your hats…

“Aye Papi”


True story

The day after my wife and I had physically separated (she moved back to her parents house) I felt like a new man. The world was my oyster again as I had now shaken myself free of my ungrateful wife, and was certain it wouldn’t take me long to find a snowflake who loved me for me and appreciated me for the loving, swell, generous man I was!

Being a call center supervisor certainly presented me with plenty of opportunities to step out on my wife over the years. I’d flirt with a girl or two every now and then but I never took it any further, and used my sorry example of a marriage as an excuse not to explore the side chick option.

The simple truth was that I just didn’t have the game or the balls to engage in infidelity on any level. Looking back at all the chances I had, I could kick myself for not cheating to fulfill my needs that weren’t being met, but I digress.

I was now a free man ready, willing, and able to commingle with the girls who had been shooting me IOIs since before I could remember. There was one girl in particular I had flirted with on and off who seemed ripe for the picking.

“Carla” was a fiery Puerto Rican girl with hot body, an ass like a Georgia peach, and a pretty face who made my boner stand at attention every time I saw her. Never seen not wearing skin tight jeans that accentuated her unbelievable ass, she always turned heads at the office.

Carla had a boyfriend whom she lived with, but her choice in dress and flirtatious temperament made it clear she was on the market and willing to sell her assets to the highest bidder.

SOLD! to the thirsty simp!

Again, with the benefit of hindsight I now know she zeroed in on me for two reasons: a) she knew I offered more in the way of provisioning because of my position as a supervisor, and b) that she was attracted to my authority.

My dumb ass thought she liked me because of my charm and winning personality…

The day she found out Darcy and I were separated she immediately turned up the heat, and I was all too happy to drink in the rays. She’d bring me home cooked lunches on days we worked together, update the sales board for me (back then we used a whiteboard and dry erase markers), and even took my calls while I was away from my desk, cementing her place as my own personal hot secretary.

After a couple of weeks she started calling me “Papi” which placed me completely under her spell. When a beautiful Latina looks you in the eye and calls you “Papi” you are powerless against its effects. The only antidote to this is the red pill, but as you’ll soon see, I had none to speak of.

Funny thing is that after months of flirtation, dates, meals, etc. I still hadn’t slept with her. I was certainly going to get my opportunity soon right?

To the rescue!

The more time I spent with Carla, the more I learned about her “desperate situation.” Each date she’d tell me more and more about how her boyfriend was threatening to kick her out and that when and if he did she would have “no place to go.”

At first, I didn’t take the bait—but not because I had learned the lesson administered by my soon-to-be ex wife. I was still thinking that saving women was the key to getting into their panties.

Even though I’d worked with Carla for over a year I really didn’t know her that well and that was the reason for my apprehension and not that I had just come out of a marriage that started much the same way.

But Carla knew exactly how to kill that apprehension and trigger that oh-so-useful male provider instinct by upping the ante:

One Monday morning, Carla was absent from work. She hadn’t called or texted since Saturday night so I was on edge wondering if another man had her attention now.

Finally, around lunch time I get a frantic call from her. She tearfully tells me her boyfriend kicked her out on Sunday, threw all of her and her son’s stuff out on the lawn and that she was at her sister’s place.

I told her I was relieved that she at least had a place to stay. But Carla turned up the heat just a few more degrees by telling me that her sister’s boyfriend told her she could only stay for a week and after that he’d take her to a shelter…

…and that was all I needed to hear. I got her sister’s address, told my boss I was taking the rest of the day off, jumped in my car, and raced over to rescue my fair maiden with my cape flapping in the wind.

I was so excited about how lucky I was to get a second chance to rescue a woman it was pathetic. I was actually thinking to myself “I’m gonna do it right this time” on my way over to get her.

After all was said and done, I had rented her a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house with a fenced in back yard for her dog near downtown. I paid the deposit and first month’s rent, turned on her electric and cable, all in my name. I even rented a U-Haul and moved her shit into her new place (with the help of her sister’s boyfriend).

Carla was outwardly grateful and for the first month or so things were great. Though I never spent the night I was over there pretty much all the time. Her kid seemed happy to finally have his own room (they routinely bounced from place to place) and her dog was as happy as a pig in the mud being able to run around freely for once in her life.

But I still hadn’t fucked her and was beginning to wonder why. I’d done everything “right” to that point so what was the problem?

Little did I know that getting pulled over would soon give me the answers I was looking for.

My week behind bars

One night in early February I’d just left Carla’s place and was headed home for the night. It snowed earlier in the day but even though the roads had been cleared there was a black ice warning on the news so I figured I’d better take it slow.

About half way home I noticed that a cop was tailgating me. Having been pulled over plenty of times I knew preemptive traffic stop behavior when I saw it, so I reached into my glove department to grab my registration and insurance. Sure enough the blue lights came on a few seconds later.

My license, registration, and insurance all checked out but I had an outstanding warrant for my arrest. The officer was a young guy and was actually pretty cool about the whole thing. Before he slapped the cuffs on he let me smoke a couple cigarettes while we waited on a buddy of mine to come get my car, who he allowed me to call to avoid having it impounded.

I could have bonded myself out rather easily—except for the fact that I had just paid Carla’s rent, electricity, and cable and didn’t have enough in my account to hire a bondsman. My next direct deposit wouldn’t hit for another few days and as result I spent a week in jail.

My boss and I were cool so I still had my job when I got out. I took care of my legal situation quickly and easily and in the end, the only collateral damage was monetary. The whole thing certainly took a chunk out of my finances, but it was over with and that was worth the financial body blow.

Carla was happy to see me out (of course she was) and eventually told me she wanted me to spend the night. I happily agreed thinking I was finally going to fuck her. All of my “hard work” was finally going to pay off. I slid off my clothes, climbed into her bed…

…and smelled cologne—a man’s cologne. I jumped up and turned on the lights and asked her who’s cologne it was and she said it was “a friend’s.”

A raucous argument ensued that woke both her son and her dog and when the smoke cleared I wasn’t any closer to solving the “mystery” as I was when I climbed into bed with her. She denied fucking whoever this dude was but I knew otherwise.

As bad as this was, believe it or not, it gets worse…

As I was getting dressed to leave she actually has the gall to say to me “Donovan, I think it’s a good idea for you to stay away for a little while” and I agreed. This woman had just kicked me out of a house I was paying for and I stood there and allowed her to do so—in front of her son no less.

But when I told her I would continue paying her rent and bills because I was “a man of my word” I as good as handed her my balls. It wasn’t until her sister told me the truth about what was happening from the beginning did I grab my Y-chromosome and cut her ass off, and even then I was hesitant because I was still holding out hope that she’d eventually come around.

According to her sister, the father of Carla’s youngest son (whom she had custody of) had been released from prison a few months back and she’d started fucking him behind her live-in boyfriend’s back. Her boyfriend got wind of it and told her to end it. Carla said she did but kept fucking the baby daddy anyway, and when her boyfriend learned she hadn’t kept her promise he finally kicked her out.

Carla wanted to move out for a while but didn’t have the money to get a place but couldn’t leave her son’s father alone. She knew she’d eventually get caught and kicked to the curb that’s where I came in.

Her sister told me that Carla was “definitely interested” in me but when her baby daddy got out of prison, she “realized she was still in love with him.” She said Carla “struggled to find balance” and decide whom she wanted to be with and that when I exploded at her for having him over while I was in jail it “turned her off.”

I wanted to believe Carla’s sister, but the writing on the wall was so bright and clear even I couldn’t ignore what her end game was: she needed a place for her and her baby daddy and needed a beta bucks to fund her domicile for her and her alpha fucks.

Suckering a simp like me to foot the bill for her residence while getting pounded by an ex-con every night at said residence is just about as close to satisfying both sides of the feminine imperative as it gets. To her credit, she damn near pulled it off. If I hadn’t smelled his cologne on the sheets I may very well have been her beta bucks for quite a while longer.

Fortunately my team had a great 3rd quarter, so I was able to use my bonus to sock away some cash for another rainy (or snowy) day and buy my books for Paralegal school which would be stating in the fall.

Most importantly I finally realized that rescuing damsels in distress was a fool’s errand. I was definitely still a beta but I was probably closer to a shade of purple at this point so I still had a long way to go before seeing red.

And as luck would have it, Amy would nudge me in the right direction not much more than a year later.

As usual…

…Carla had a shitload of red flags:

1. She was raised in a foster home: We’re all privy to the horror stories told about the goings on in foster homes from neglect, poor treatment, abuse, and so forth and the permanent damage it inflicts on children. Carla was a foster child since the age of 6 and unfortunately for her, she became a statistic. She was emancipated at age 11.

2. She was sexually abused by her uncle as a child: This was the reason she was in foster care in the first place. Carla didn’t tell me about the abuse—her older sister did, and then her oldest sister confirmed it. The oldest sister also told me that she, Carla, and their other sister were all sexually molested and raped as young girls. The middle sister denies she was ever molested but her hyperdrive promiscuity and deplorable choice in men betray her denials.

3. She had four kids but custody of only one of them: Carla was either a genetic freak, started having kids early, or both because her body did not reflect four pregnancies carried to term. According to her older sister someone called Child Protective Services because Carla was being severely physically abusive to one of them out in the open. Apparently this wasn’t the first time she’d been reported for such things and this incident was the last straw. As a side note, her four children were fathered by three men.

4. She had a neck tattoo: This story wouldn’t be complete if she didn’t have a tattoo of some sort and this one was of the neck variety. The tatt was the first letter of each of her kids’ names in Old English. I can’t blame her for wanting to do something to remember her children (who she was rarely allowed to see) but the placement was a bad choice.

Super slut tell

5. No relationship with her father: Her father was an alcoholic and was never around. Unfortunately this left the door wide open for his brother to have his way with his daughter.

6. Three sisters, one mother, three fathers: Yep, each sister has a different father. It should come as no surprise that they all hate their mother with a passion. Sluts raise sluts and this situation was no different.

Tying it all together

So there you have it. All three of my most embarrassing escapades with the opposite sex. When I think back on all of those stories I can see my slow, but steady progression toward neomasculinity.

It took Darcy and Carla to get the “ho into a housewife” concept through my skull because when I got with Amy I had no intent on rescuing her and my actions reflected as much. As a result, I didn’t come across as thirsty and bedding her was fairly easy (though her sluttiness certainly played a role).

Amy taught me the value of bona-fide slut tells. What I learned from her, Darcy and Carla carried over into over into my three week relationship with the low quality Latina I got with after I came west. I immediately recognized her attempt at playing the “damsel in distress,” picked up on her slut tells, and dropped her like a bad habit.

When I found she was already out with another dude the night I dumped her I searched “Why do girls get over breakups so easily?” and the rest is history.

I’m glad I walked through the fire

It’s easy to be an armchair QB and say things like “I’d have seen trouble a mile away” or “I wouldn’t have gone near that chick” and if that’s really the case, good for you. You’re one of the lucky ones who are impervious to female allure who is blessed with natural red pill knowledge, or were fortunate enough to have it taught or shown to you from a young age.

For the rest of us pussy is powerful thing—especially to extreme manginas like myself who had no knowledge of game, how slutty and nefarious women really are, or how to effectively deal with it and use it to one’s advantage.

Few of us get to the point of knowing a woman’s true nature without having experienced it firsthand. Darcy, Amy, and Carla showed me up close and personal that red pill truth is real. I had to learn these lessons as opposed to being taught.

That education paid immediate dividends as I was able to quickly diagnose and dispose of that low quality female I hooked up with when I came west. Not three months later she got knocked up by a dude she worked with and her life is now in a tailspin.

That dude could have been me, but neomasculine awareness combined with real life experience kept me from another train wreck with a female.

Most men out there will not be granted nine lives like I seemed to have been given by the red pill gods. I never take for granted how fortunate I am to have emerged from these missteps largely unscathed.

But I hope my stories encourage a few fence sitters to give the matrix of feminism the finger and avoid these pitfalls. If you don’t, your life can and will go sideways in a hurry.

Until next time gents.

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400 thoughts on “How I Tried To Turn A Ho Into A Housewife”

  1. The outstanding warrant piqued my interest, are there any other articles to expand on this?
    Also, neck tattoos

    1. When she heard he was arrested it probably made her p**** tingle.
      As for outstanding arrest warrants, they can happen to anyone. I was in a small town and got a ticket for a meter back in the late 99 before the police networked their database everywhere. Did not see the ticket so thought everything was ok. 2008 i was going home from work and I get pulled over and a cop say I have a warrant for my arrest.

  2. Self-revelations such as this must be very painful…which makes it all the more important, even mandatory, that they be properly appreciated.
    May God bless and keep you, Donovan Sharpe.

  3. Thanks for sharing the final chapter of your horror story – hopefully writing it all out has been cathartic in a way; and the kindest thing that we I say about the ‘save a ho’ mentality is that I think it’s programmed at a deep level into men (this is certainly true for me) and is a noble character trait if you don’t let yourself be exploited.
    Some people might think that they are safe from this kind of behaviour because of this girl’s low socioeconomic status – but I have first hand experience of a posh well educated girl chasing after an ex-con while I was her emotional tampon waiting for another chance to fuck her (I messed up my one and only chance).
    Basically, if you give them too much without expecting anything in return, they won’t respect you. I guess the same is true across most relationships.

    1. With the very rare exception of a woman worthy of more, a 2 to 1 ratio of “giving” seems to work. Every two nice things (to you, not her) she does, do one for her. There’s posts out there that explore the ratio more throughly if you are interested.

  4. I’m confused as to why you have an outstanding arrest warrant? Perhaps I missed something. This is like reverse-deus ex machina.

      1. Maybe he wants to know if he is wasting his time reading articles and taking advice from a thuggish, gangsta nigga?

  5. No matter how well off and level-headed you are you can’t compete with an ex-con with tattoos, muscles and herpes.
    He’s always gonna be the BULL that ruins her before you get the sloppy seconds and the chance to pay for all her mistakes.
    Good article BTW. I hope you learned your lesson.

  6. This is not a story of encouragement. It is a warning and an embarrassment. An articulate fool.

  7. I have my story too : I tried very hard to pull a single mother from a “visible minority” out of the mud about 15 years ago. The results? It almost cost me my career, my personal finance and my health.
    I came to this conclusion : “Il n’y a que dans les contes de fées qu’une mendiante peut se transformer en princesse.”
    I’ll translate it as accurately as possible in English : “The only place where you can turn a pauper into a princess is in a fairy tale.”
    A more accurate English translation is welcome!

        1. (Observes Tom polishing one. Wonders how much wax or industrial polish he is using. Is he using WD-40 as well?!) Dude, that turd doesn’t have moving parts like a bicycle chain or carabiner. Come on! Say, are you gonna cryo-freeze that turd for the future or something? 😛 😀

        2. no need to use wd-40, as it is a fatty turd. the freezing is not about preservation, it is about getting that shit hard enough to be able to even out the surface through friction without having it stick to your instruments and instantly deform through internal fluid dynamics.

        3. This is the first paragraph in the history of mankind where the words ‘internal fluid dynamics’, ‘preservation’ & ‘turd’ are actually part of a coherent discussion. LMAO Tom !

      1. Tu devrais peut-être utiliser un langage moins cru pour communiquer ton opinion, quoi que c’est toujours plus facile d’agir comme tu le fais sous le couvert de l’anonymat.
        La dame concernée était autochtone.

      2. Attention à ton langage mon chum, tu pourrais te faire accuser de racisme. Il est trop facile pour les pleureuses de nous attaquer en utilisant ce genre d’argument, alors ne les alimente pas.
        L’ex concernée était autochtone, en région éloignée.

  8. I honestly find it hard to believe this story is real. It just seems made up to make a point.
    Who would ever do this??? I just can’t see it. Such a woman was despicable from the start. A woman who has kids is not relationship material. Period.

    1. It’s much, much more common than you would think. And take it from someone who knows that “papi” well, as I speak spanish…

        1. It means daddy. And the ” aye” part if it’s referred to a “yes” it’s that, a simple Si.
          But maybe, he meant to say “Ay”, without the e, and that means something like an “ouch” an exclamation of pleasure or pain.
          So: “Aye papi” it’s Yes daddy.
          “Ay papi” ouch daddy.
          Regardless of the meaning, in the lips of a woman you can conjure up both of them in all the wild ways you want…

    2. Yeah, I don’t really see what this has to do with someone’s perspective on women. It just seems like poor judgement from a very unintelligent person, or someone with poor social skills who hasn’t developed any perceptions about human behaviour. This girl wasn’t a feminist, so the concluding sentence demonstrates he didn’t learn anything from the situation. The author is just an idiot.

      1. He might have been an idiot then. A real idiot doesn’t learn from their mistakes. I commend him on his opening up and teaching from experience. Donovan is probably my favorite columnist from ROK. You don’t need to have feminist radar to spot a red flag. He just happened to fall for the allure of a superiorly sexier girl in a latina. Very easy to do.

        1. I commend him for opening up, but if you draw the wrong lessons from your experience then what you have to teach isn’t valuable.

    3. A woman who has kids is not relationship material. Period.

      Yes, it is obvious, now, especially after seeing how bad it is.
      But how many guys here were brought up with, or indoctrinated in school with, the idea that we are supposed to “man up” and help out damsels in distress, no matter how much they had purposefully chosen to fuck up their own lives?
      Lessons like these are treasures we must pass onto our sons. At the very least they won’t have to unlearn the crap the rest of us had to unlearn.

    4. I’ve seen this sort of thing happen. Seems legit enough. And i’m glad the author shared.

    5. I’ve seen the same story played out several times in my own life and in others. I think just about every man personally knows of this kind of raw deal from having it done to them or somebody they know.

  9. “…You’re one of the lucky ones who are impervious to female allure who is blessed with natural red pill knowledge, or were fortunate enough to have it taught or shown to you from a young age…”
    Most likely, that “natural red pill knowledge” is picked up by eavesdropping/spying on an older sister. Something to consider in this age of the only child…

    1. How would you eavesdrop on an older sister if you’re an only child?
      Never take advice from a woman regarding relationships, especially from your own mother. No disrespect to mothers, but what most mothers teach their boys is a travesty.

        1. Maybe she was trying to make you less attractive to women to protect you from the evil that women do to men?

        2. that sounds so stupid it could actually have been her intent. she said that my protruded chest made me look frightened. then she showed me some guy with a hunchback walking on the street and said: look, that is normal!
          i guess it was a projection. when my mother feels sad, she sees sadness in me. why not the same with fear?
          also, women probably can not wrap their head around the fact that sympathy is not attraction. obviously, a harmless hunchback beta who is not the least threatening is sympathetic, indeed. that is, the weakness makes him familiar.

        3. I’ve always been puzzled why a woman marries a man, then does all the stupid shit to make him into someone she can’t stand by manipulation and shaming him. My theory is this (as fucked up as it sounds):
          A woman marries a man for his resources, not because she loves him and desire him. Other women want the same resources thus guy has. She uses her pussy to hook him to her. He puts that ring on her, she’s set as far as her needs go. She doesn’t want to lose that. So she destroys the guy’s self esteem and confidence so other women find him unattractive including herself. He then has no other female options so he puts her on a pedestal and never leaves. Only she will leave when another better beta simp comes along that she can hook with her pussy and repeat the cycle. While the hubby goes to work bringing home the money, she’s doing the ex convict who would never marry her or provide for her.
          Someone please prove me wrong.

        4. then again, i wonder if it applies to any kind of man. destroying someone’s self-esteem somehow precludes that that self-esteem was – to a certain degree – fabricated in the first place.
          is it really all men suffering from this or is it only the men who came into the world in a fucked up way and were not able to handle its realities? is the disillusioned male really a majority or do most people simply not care? are we fighting a war of men or a war of weak men who seek out damaged women in the first place? i am, by now, not unwilling to admit that i am damaged to a certain degree and i often see – or imagine to see – men who do not seem to have those petty problems that we in the manosphere have.
          compare it to lifting. a baby would feel crushed and overwhelmed if it had to lift 100 lbs. it would think life is unfair. but a somewhat fit normal man will handle it with ease.
          but let us assume that you are right. why is it so hard to believe? it is only the losers who complain about the game. it is the losers who accuse the winners of cruelty. but to the winners, their whining seems pathetic. i guess the lesson of my rambling would be: rather be the winner and pity the losers than being the loser and pitying yourself.

        5. the logic probably goes something like: if i was not scared, i would not have to prove my strength.
          then again, if i have strength, why would i hide it?
          it is funny how you can interpret almost any kind of action in a good or bad way.
          did you win? bravo! success!
          but you only won because you were afraid to lose. bummer!

        6. I don’t know if women subconsciously or consciously know that they must conceal their deception under the guise of love to keep the men fooled so they can extract their resources. When the man gets angered by his woman’s behavior, she instantly becomes sweet and loving in order to lasso him back in to continue this deception. She has to in order not to lose that free meal/protection. She doesn’t marry for love, it’s for her own survival. The man is the host to this parasite.

        7. ultimately, yes. then again, is she aware of it? or is that simply the consequence of watching her emotions play out?
          i assert that the most giving love is always selfish. but while a noble love may truly give without expecting anything back, a woman’s love – whether mother or whore – only pretends to be of that kind.
          if one acts out of anger over a woman’s nature, her sweetness will lure one back in. the decision to leave her must not be emotional, because she controls the emotions through her behavior. it must be a choice of wisdom, not to want to tolerate the moments of misery for the sake of the sweetness that alternates them.

        8. My tenative rebuttal would be along the lines of “women are told by culture that they can and should accept the best (Greater) beta as a project or consolation for the shortage of Alphas. And often enough they may believe that they are “improving” him through refinement (often employing nagging and/or withdrawal) to be the Alpha they desire.”
          But that is a philosophical rebuttal, in the grit of life your observation holds true for many a married…divorced man.

      1. Gonna have to agree with you. I was told to be less assertive & bold with girls when in my late teens. And not to string them along because they were all God’s snowflakes. Took me to my mid twenties to get an epiphany & have my ‘what the fuck’ wake up period. I have the Manosphere to thank recently in my thirties for really driving home the true nature of this lie.

    2. as one that had 3 older sisters and a mother….Im not sure you can learn anything from older sisters other than women are simply put, batshit crazy.
      I have one sister(we’ll ball her B)who gets it, yet she hilariously enough is the dominate alpha male of the four and in her marriage….though I think she is alpha only because she has to be or shit simply would not get done. the husband is truly a great guy, he really is, but beta to the core. but she hates feminism, knows you have the let the guy take charge, and embraces girls acting like girls and certainly has an old school mentality to her. not to say she is perfect…..but shes by the far the wisest and ironically most feminine and alpha of the bunch. its strange. she in many ways is the modern problem….she wants to be a housewife, and submissive, BUT if she was shit simply would not get done.
      B will then blast sister A because she would get hung up on guys forever, and wouldnt date because she always had to come in and wow everyone with her big brain. B knowing you must let the guys take charge, saw this as stupid and her and A fought over this among many other things. A in proving she lacks any street smarts, she is a devout christian that marries a devout atheist from an online relationship 3000 miles away from each other and is now divorced.
      both B and A admit sister C was a walking slut. she is the picture perfect poster child of girl hitting the wall and marrying in her 30s….to her credit she has retained her looks quite well even in her 40s. she wouldve made a fantastic mother had her wild years been tamed instead of being a mother of 1 and regretting it daily. Cougar hitting the wall, spitting out one child, and regretting not having more….she fits it to letter. I admit with this one…..she has grown up a lot, possibly too late, but still she has easily grown up the most.
      A also has one child and somewhat regrets that….but she is the poster of mental disorders and single motherhood ruining the one child.
      Mom was the quiet docile one, born from in the 40s, from an era long gone. men were gentlemen, women were ladies. the way i hear it she fit this role till the probably 90s and early 2000s when my old man had his first heart attack….I dont think he could tame the beast anymore, and feminism was running strong, and mom stopped being the docile creature. the two would start fighting like cats and dogs. with Dad too tired to deal with it anymore….too old, too tired, has had 2 or 3 heart attacks and still lives…..the beast could not be tamed forever.
      GOne is the old man, who married the girl….which girl thought he was everything she could ever hate…..he was southern(moms father was a southerner that left them), he was mormon(mom was catholic and catholics thought mormons were evil), it was the 60s and mom was a filthy half breed so dads family hated her, gone is the man that made her wait 4 weeks for the first date…..gone is the man that took her an hour out into the country to meet with the mormon missionaries and convert her…..yes the man who truly had natural game, did whatever the fuck he wanted, dragged the pretty along whether she wanted it or not,…..that man is now old and tired…..he just cannot do it anymore.
      you can learn much from your family and women in it….but learn this. they are batshit insane.
      of course….looking at my folks era compared to mine and my sisters….my folks never asked is this a two income household, are we going to have children, are you on the pill, etc. and you can see in whatever advice mom might give, it is stuck in an era that has long passed… held the door open for her, had manners, waited for sex till the honeymoon, and these things were never up for debate. they just were. so while mom may romanticize her marriage, and she has every right to do so, the reality is today if I got married I would have to ask:
      are you going to work too?
      is opening the door for you sexist?
      are you on the pill?
      you had sex before?
      questions….mom and dad just didnt even have to ask.
      sadly….this father I described….I did not see. they had me in their 40s, so he was tired and old, and mom had taken over the house by then.

  10. The way you’ve shared your stories on here are a real service to many men (young and old) and I just wanted to tell you how much I respect you for putting yourself out there like that. I’m sure it can’t be easy to write them. I have no doubt that today you are much wiser, healthier, and happier having gone through the ringer and figured out the true nature of women so that you’ll never have to go through anything like this ever again. Much respect.
    My one other quick thought from these stories – for me a big common thread between them was the fact the most damaged women you were involved with were single mothers. I’m in my mid-30’s and I make it an absolute rule to never, EVER get involved with a single mother in any way shape or form. I don’t just mean dating, I mean any kind of hooking up whatsoever. I run my own small business and I’m very hesitant to even accept a single mother as a client as it usually becomes a major headache in dealing with them and/or collecting payment for my services.
    I’m probably preaching to the choir here, but please – just say no to single mothers. ALWAYS.

  11. I met a girl (who did not have custody of her son and kept a hip flask in her purse) who asked me to pay for her car after it was impounded (for unpaid parking tickets). She said that since I was fucking her it was my job to pay (her words).
    I suggested she call the bank for an overdraft.
    It turned out her credit was so bad she couldn’t even get a bank account.
    I can attest to the power of pussy though. While my senses hadn’t completely left me (and I was fucking her) I still gave her way more leeway than I should have.

    1. I would’ve laughed in her face if she said I have to pay to get her car from the pound because I was fucking her. LOL! At least she was honest and revealed she was a whore!

    2. When you’re out of the game such behaviour appears utterly ridiculous…
      The real test of strength is when you’re getting what you think is the best sex you’ve ever had with a girl that Truly turns you on.
      I think the ancients had it pretty much right when they wrote of sirens by the waters and magical spells.

      1. Up to that point, she was the best sex I had ever had. Some 10, 11 years younger than me, perfect body. She melted my brain.

      1. I bent her over my bed and banged her til she bled, then I dropped her off home with that look on her face.
        She only lived five minutes away it was cool.

        1. I just remembered something else. First time I banged her (when I brought her home from the club) the condom broke and I rinsed out her insides. I walked her to the pharmacy, made her buy a Morning After Pill and watched her swallow it.
          Her pussy did fry my brain but I still had half my wits about me.

    3. “I can attest to the power of pussy though. ”
      Amen to that. It’s a weapon they wield pretty effectively.
      If more boys were raised by Alpha Fathers this shit wouldn’t be even half as effective against us, but because more and more boys are being raised by incompetent females or total cunts, they end up being at the mercy of females who have no qualms about exploiting a male to the best of their vaginal ability. These males lack the preparation they need from Alpha Fathers to prepare them for the kind of stealth predatory tactics of user, abuser, refuser and confuser type females. They get exploited and screwed over as a consequential effect.
      I was one such example.
      Unfortunately, there are guys who ended up worse off than myself or anyone else here. If the beta guy doesn’t come across the red pill and finally snaps, or he only embraces part of it and rejects the rest because he’s so used to behaving like a female, chances are good he will either end up a meninist loser, go on a shooting spree or turn into a total homo to compensate for his hatred or jealousy of females.
      Those guys are probably too far gone to save, but the rest can still be redeemed, if they just realize there are sites like this out there.

      1. ” end up being at the mercy of females who have no qualms about exploiting a male to the best of their vaginal ability. ”
        Are we talking of Hillary here?

      2. Power it starts with P like pussy
        She knows she’s got it,she doesn’t worry,does she?
        Spendin’ your cash,leavin’ you in the trash
        While your little head’s thinkin’,they’re gone in a dash
        They got it,know it,that’s why they show it
        The power of sex,if man could overthrow it
        He’d be king in a day,no way.We get rich,hard,give it away
        We’re weak and as we speak,the girls are hawkin’
        Sizin’ me up straight out as I’m talkin’
        But you gotta have control if you want the gold
        I don’t wanta be alone like Stallone
        So I keep my mind thinkin’ ’bout the green
        And stop dwellin’ on the in-between
        I got the power

        – Ice T “Power”, 1988

        1. Nice. I see your Ice-T and raise you Dr Dre.
          “To the store, to get me a 4-0
          Snoop Doggy Dogg paged, that must mean more hoes
          So I head down the street to Long Beach
          Just so I could meet, a freak
          To lick me from my head to my feet
          And I’m here, now I’m ready to be done up
          Nothin’ but homies around so I puts my gun up
          Bitches on my nuts like clothes
          But I’m from the pound and we don’t love them hoes
          How could you trust a hoe? (Why?)
          ‘Cause a hoe’s a trick
          I don’t love them tricks (Why?)
          ‘Cause a trick’s a bitch
          And my dick’s constantly in her mouth
          And turnin’ them trick ass hoes the fuck out, now”
          -Dr Dre “Bitches ain’t shit” 1992

        2. I’m all in! Ice Cube baby!

          I ain’t the one, the one to get played like a pooh butt
          See I’m from the street, so I know what’s up
          On these silly games that’s played by the women
          I’m only happy when I’m goin up in em
          But you know, I’m a menace to society
          But girls in biker shorts are so fly to me
          So I step to em, with aggression
          Listen to the kid, and learn a lesson today
          See they think we narrow minded
          Cause they got a cute face, and big-behinded
          So I walk over and say “How ya doin?”
          See I’m only down for screwin, but you know
          ya gotta play it off cool
          Cause if they catch you slippin, you’ll get schooled
          And they’ll get you for your money, son
          Next thing you know you’re gettin their hair and they nails done
          Fool, and they’ll let you show em off
          But when it comes to sex, they got a bad cough
          Or a headache, it’s all give and no take
          Run out of money, and watch your heart break
          They’ll drop you like a bad habit
          cause a brother with money yo, they gotta have it
          Messin with me though, they gets none
          You can’t juice Ice Cube girl, cause I ain’t the one

          – NWA “I Ain’t Tha One!” – 1988

        3. Ok, now you gon make me break out DMX on you 😀
          “Listen boo, you’s a bitch, you been a bitch you know how niggas do
          run up in a bitch, fuck her well
          and the bitch will call them bitches
          but then in a week or 2, fucking all them bitches
          A nigga gotta fall back and take a breather
          shawty suck a mean dick but in the morning
          gotta leave her, wasn’t trying to deceive her
          I just wanted my dick suck
          cute as a motherfucker
          and she got a big butt
          now I’m like, what do I do from here
          cause she’s acting like she ain’t trying go nowhere
          ain’t really trying to get attached to this shit
          shit its friday, I just want some ass in the bitch
          can’t be mad at me, I’m just doing what niggas do
          got kids by him, she wanna be the niggas boo? what? really?
          oh you think it’s like that, ok! I’ll be right back”
          I ain’t never been a sucker for love
          so if it come down to you and me you know
          I don’t give a fuck, hit the next bitch like wassup
          cause at the end of the day
          you ain’t never been nothing but a nut
          I ain’t never been a sucker for love
          so if it come down to you and me you know
          I don’t give a fuck, hit the next bitch like wassup
          cause at the end of the day
          you ain’t never been nothing but a nut
          It was summer time, I was in the slumps
          seen that bitch from a far, I was like wassup
          remember me? I was that kid
          it was him and me, you just did what you did
          how you expect me to respect you
          when I know a police file of other niggas that you gave your sex to
          i ain’t never been a sucker so if you think so
          you got the wrong motherfucker
          what’s my name? ah ah, bitch! what’s my name?
          you know who the fuck it is
          I’m a real nigga, that’s about my biz
          DMX- “Sucka 4 Love” -2012

  12. You dodged another bullet 😮
    The “I know He/she’s damaged, but i think i can save him/her, she depends on me” is often the mindset of victims of psychopaths, be careful.

  13. Don’t feel too bad Don. Most of us had to learn the hard way. Anyone making fun of you over this is a total douche and doesn’t deserve to be on here.
    The point one should take from this article is that you learned your proverbial lesson. No matter how long and how hard it took you to understand what not to do, at least you finally understood it, which is more than i can say for all the current mangina scum and white knight useful idiots out there.
    For all you young guys visiting this site, PAY ATTENTION! THIS WILL HAPPEN TO YOU IF YOU’RE NOT CAREFUL (Don’s example and my own)
    I was a pretty pathetic simp myself during my early 20’s. I dated plenty but didn’t sleep with anyone until i was 27, thanks to me saving myself for Marriage and because of my Mother’s emasculating parenting.
    Once i got my first piece of ass, the sky was the limit. I learned game to make the wait time between every piece of ass after that less and less. My insatiable appetite combined with my good looks helped to make up for all the wasted years through the best of my ability.
    Even still, i was a beta because i would be the kind of white knight trying to save the damsel in distress on many an occasion. I always seemed to attract “broken home” types who were looking for a knight in shining armor. Years later (in my early 30’s) my experience and wisdom finally made me realize they were (subconsciously at least) just looking for someone to screw over as badly as they’ve been screwed over. Misery as they say, loves company. It was at that point that i finally came to understand what it means to be an Alpha, and what it means to ingest the red pill. It was also at that point that i found myself isolated and alone, as friends and family seemed to take the new me as unpleasant. My coworkers also noticed a change as i purposely stopped being as pleasant and as outgoing thanks to me being sick of all the bs sexual harassment nonsense and corporate feminism i had come across in the corporate arena. It wasn’t long before i came across ROK after feeling persecuted by the feminist trash at my work office. Everything after that is pretty much academic.
    I used to think that, If i could go back in time i would kick the ass of the old me until i beat the weakness out of him. That was before i came to terms with my past, and stopped being so angry at it. I’ve made peace with it, and took steps to better myself to keep myself from ever having to go back to that horribly anorchous state of mind again. The current me was forged from the ashes of a pathetic beta simp white knight useful idiot who finally learned his lesson from all the manipulative cunts he came across.
    The old me is dead and gone, long live the new me!
    Anyway, here are the 5 worst crimes i committed against myself, at my worst:
    1: I once gave $2,000 to help out a girl i liked (and who was flirting with me) at work because she was struggling. (she ended up rejecting me anyway)
    2: A couple of times i sent a few girls i met from other countries money, maybe a $100 or so each time (they sent me nude pics but i was still a simp)
    3: I once gave $500 to this one girl i was dating and bought her groceries, totaling over a $100 (she ended up being on the down low) She was very attractive but a total cunt, so if i had to do it all over again i’d have kept the money and avoided her like the plague. The sex wasn’t even that great…i swear, her vag fluid tasted like castor oil.
    4: I once paid a girl’s electric bill ($270 and she was in another state) paid another girl’s phone bill ($200) and paid yet another cell bill ($150 and for another girl in another state) The first two said they’d pay me back…they never did. The third had a kid and she said she needed it because the Father had stopped sending child support. After awhile we just grew apart, thanks to her flakiness.
    I banged the second and the third sent me pics. The first was a total user cunt who didn’t do anything to deserve my help.
    5: Letting my domineering ex stay with me, since she was having financial troubles. I put one condition on her: “don’t bring any guys to my house since we were in a relationship and that would be f’d up” and sure enough, she did just that. I asked her to leave right after but because she had been at my place for more than a “guest” period the law considered her as living at my place and i would have had to go through a lawyer to get her evicted. I simply took the day off, waited until she left one day and came back to change the locks. I left her a note saying she could come back for her stuff once i put it out near the trash dump the next day.
    She did show up to claim it, and with the same guy no less.
    Come to think of it, # 5 had a happy ending at least. That was also the last time i let any female screw me over ever again 🙂

    1. Your early 20’s sound similar to mine. Only started questioning my chump behavior after I was 25 or so. Too much of Mum influence regarding how women were special snowflakes whose hearts I shouldn’t be breaking. Only I was the one getting flaked on & paying for shit etc. Like everyone else here, I finally woke the hell up. Took me awhile of course (after my last LTR) & occasionally even now I do catch myself almost falling into Blue pill habits. The key thing is it’s easier now in my thirties to not make those mistakes.
      Thanks for sharing.

      1. i am part of a facebook group of movie makers. i find it fascinating that nobody seems to be able to empathize with themselves. men who look like they have all the problems in the world to talk about make a movie about the sufferings of a beautiful girl who is not accepted for her sympathetic smile. or about a little girl who wants to be an astronaut. on the other hand, hot 10 girls make movies about sad lonely men who go to a prostitute, but are shocked and in panic by the fact that she goes about sleeping with them – because men only want to talk! bwahaha!
        you know, there is a point about not being emotional. but it is another thing to be so detached from your own emotions that you can only care about other people. or the other gender, even. and i am not entirely free from this. what a fucked up codependent world.

        1. What you describe about the movie makers having problems but still making a movie about a sad female reminded me of a time when my dad said every man deep down wants to be a hero to women. It’s a natural instinct ingrained in men, I still find myself feeling sorry for some women when my problems are often worse than theirs, this is despite the fact I’ve swallowed the red pill. Fortunately I eventually learnt like many men on here that being a white knight doesn’t actually pay off in modern society.

        2. interesting. in recent times, this may have been one of the things that has been the hardest to swallow for me. this disgusting wish to do her good despite all the pain it may cause me.
          i am still not sure whether this is biological or whether it is a mindset. if it is ingrained through culture, it may feel “deep inside”.
          the next step in analyzing this will probably be to see how it manifests itself in everyday life and then abstracting it.

        3. I think it’s biological for the most part but culture either magnifies it or suppresses it, but that’s for smarter people than me to figure out. The white knight instinct is very strong though.

        4. Yeah, self-respect and love comes first. If you don’t have that you’re not capable of giving it to someone else. But then it has to be based on rationality.

        5. No, it doesn’t pay off. Maybe in the old days, and hopefully things’ll change and it will in the future.
          A big part of the MRM is men regaining masculinity. And helping a woman (or anyone) in need is part of that. And the MRM is pointing out that women take advantage of that trait in men. And while it’s good to help someone out, it’s better for you and society overall when serial women “victims” are left to fix their own problems.
          When women realize that men no longer give them the “pussy pass” or fall for their manipulations, they’ll give up the games they play and become more capable of holding sincere, healthy relationships.

        6. A lot of people compensate for personal issues/perceptions by doing things they think reflect self-respect or self-love. Actually these are over reactions based on emotionalism or anger. It’s not real and becomes self-defeatist. Like, walking off a job because your boss insults you isn’t “self-respect.” It’s an angery move and now you have to get another one fast. Which puts you in a financial bind. Self respect is more like you have an account of yourself/position in life and accept your self-worth. Then also accept that some assholes behavior isn’t going to affect your life. And if the job sucks for other reasons then start looking for another one and move when it’s convenient.
          Does that make sense?

        7. i think what you just said is that you should not mistake pride for self-respect. but all in all it seems a bit vague or like you are trying to tie too many concepts into it.
          the part about self-respect to have an account of oneself in life. it sounds good, but i would lie if i said that i know what you mean.

        8. This is known as Cradle Power. A branch of power that women control. The females raise the boys to be hero’s, adventurer’s and risk takers. A mother lavishes her praise on her young boys from an early age to fulfill this role. In essence rewarding the behavior with love and validation. This affords her (the mother and females) protection and safety. This is where the Hero instinct comes from. It’s not nature, it’s nurture. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. See Anatomy of Female Power. Excellent book. These are the author’s ideas, not my own.

        9. Most mothers I meet want to raise their boys to be complete manginas not heroes or risk takers. What you describe I think used to happen when females relied on males for protection, now women have society government and laws protecting them instead so they don’t find raising boys that way to be necessary.

        10. “so detached from your own emotions that you can only care about other people. or the other gender, even.”
          Sex, not gender. You never engage the enemy using their terms, because you will have already conceded the moral high ground and defensible terrain and all but lost the battle already.

        11. I don’t care much about which words I use semantically, but yeah, I usually use “sex” these days. It just is a nicer and more elegant word in my eyes.
          This comment is about a year old, though. 🙂

        12. That isn’t true at all, and single mother’s sons prove this with low ambition and low risk taking lives. It is the father which has to wrestle the son away from the comfort of the mother and push him to take risks. That, in essence is patriarchy and how it is maintained.
          Women and mothers do not have that survival instinct to train sons to be protectors, and nowhere can it be shown that they do. Yet everyone with a father can give countless examples of fathers promoting risk taking – often to the despair of the mother, who wants everything to be overly safe and cautious (mothers are absolute killjoys when it comes to sons taking risks).
          I suggest you learn to think for yourself, and not just repeat shit you have read.

      2. “Too much of Mum influence regarding how women were special snowflakes whose hearts I shouldn’t be breaking.”
        Cosign. It didn’t help any that my Mother also did this, in addition to raising me as her own personal white knight she could exploit at any time.
        I could write a book here on the crap she put me through, but i don’t want it to sound like a pity party. I actually mentioned more about her a few months ago here and i said my peace about her there. (she passed away a few years ago)
        Just to sum it up, she was the Mother from “Carrie.”
        Glad you woke up and earlier than i did. Make sure to spread your enlightenment message to all the on the fence males you encounter.
        Wisdom if not shared only becomes as valuable as a hundred dollar bill sitting underneath a pile of shit inside the biggest landfill on earth.

        1. It’s too bad the mangina judges and politicians who’ve mucked up our society haven’t realized that while the common feminazi mantra of “your daddy ain’t shit” may sound catchy and trendy, the fact is, a lot of mamas aren’t doing such a bang-up job, either. Of course, these cases vary by degrees. On one hand, you have the type of mothers who are like Adam Sandler’s mom in “The Waterboy,” who smother their children because the kid’s dad walked out on them years ago. These types of women are either genuinely too naïve to know that they’re damaging their sons, or are too damaged themselves from past crappy relationships to know that they’re projecting their hurt feelings onto their children. On the other hand, you’ve got truly evil, demented, diabolical women. The kind of women who, rather than teaching their daughters how to cook for and get along with their husbands and boyfriends, instead teach them how to fake a pregnancy, cry rape, or take incriminating photos to mail to the wife in case the simp stops buying them things. You’ve got the women who, to get revenge on the guys who left them, either abuse their sons or dress them up in dresses or otherwise effeminize them to turn them gay (which is just another form of abuse). But what are the odds of getting Dr. Phil, Dr. Drew, Dr. Oz, or any other pseudo-science sock puppet to address any of that? I think I hear crickets chirping…

        2. On the whole, my mother is great. But she also raised me to believe women were special snowflakes. I think that’s actually to be expected from most women if the man doesn’t put her in check. And as great as my dad is, he never did check her in this regard and tended to cede “moral authority” to her, rather than taking me aside and saying, “Son, here’s a red pill…”
          My low point came when a chick I was dating got batshit pissed at me because I “lost her sock”. At 3am I found myself inside my apartment complexes garbage dumpster, meticulously digging through everyone’s foul kitchen and bathroom refuse, getting myself soaked in nasty garbage juice, hoping to find this sock “to make everything better…”

        3. Their spontaneous emo-inspired insanity causes them to prioritize as “life threatening” the most stupid of things, such as the sock in your example.
          I’ve had to go through that myself. A girl i dated once blew up at me because i used a larger tupperware than usual to store her cut up watermelon in. I looked at her in wonder and said “why don’t you just get the smaller one instead of blowing up?” she blew up even more after that. Go figure.
          And yeah, my Mother put that whole “special snowflake” view in me as well. Not coincidentally, my Father was nowhere in the picture.

        4. We all must learn, the “hard way” or the “WTF way”. be lucky you found out early and escaped.

        5. Unbelievable! Digging through waste?! For a sock?!? What’s wrong with you?

        6. Jeezus. I’ve been there. She’s shit testing for a fight. Or for whatever you will do. “WHAT will quickly make her forget about the sock?” should be going through your arsenal. I’ve done stupid clown games to divert her stupid thoughts, but that takes energy from you to spring some creative dufus clown shit especially at 3am on a work night. She’s taxing you for energy like a bloodsucking vampire shit test.
          What to do – – throw the confetti from your paper shredder into the bathtub and light it on fire. Turn on shower to a trickle to control burn. Close sliding shower doors and wait for smoke detector. Much smoke produced. Quickly order her outside in her robe and when she’s far away from door, snag her robe and accidentally throw over balcony. She’ll have to run 100 ft or more buck nakee back to apt and she’ll forget about sock.
          With exhaust fans running and windows open, smack her ass cheek hard with a few Clark Gable backhands and forehands, spreadening the left cheek to the left and the right one likewise. Then plonk it pink center. Drain a nut and then return to rest. Then prompt her or invite her under the comforter in the chilly air and say “sock my ass”

        1. Yeah I find it interesting that even when from a good foreign patriarical culture once in the West they require careful manamgent or they’ll turn into one of these evel white c***s I cast off decades ago..
          Back on topic you can’t turn a ho into housewife…

        2. Husband of a foreign wife here. Wife was a 25 year old virgin from a religious (Catholic) and patriarchal culture. We’ve been married 8 years in the US and yes, it takes careful management. All her friends are immigrants, and almost 100% from her home country. I consistently reinforce the fact that American western women are the scum of the earth, and doomed to miserable lives. This is fairly easy as you merely point out the multiple examples of miserable white women she sees every day and explain why they got those results. I got her a TV channel which broadcast shows from her home country, and that is the only TV she watches. I have had to work hard to repair the damage she has endured from contact with my sisters (6 of them). However, I can take only a small fraction of the credit. Her mother is a strong independent traditional patriarchal woman that teaches her daughter to be a good wife. Early on my wife complained to her mother that she was expected to do maid’s work. She had always had servants (no save a damsel here) while she was growing up. Her mother’s response was, “You are married now. Roll up your sleeves, get off your ass, and get to work.” Before the wedding her advice to my wife was, “If you don’t drain his balls, a woman down the street will.” The big problem with western women today is their mothers never taught them any of this.

        3. Good to hear.
          Watch the foreign TV found my wifes cahnnells from there are wife with faggots on talk shows and stupid beta male actors.
          Always good to make fag jokes and mock these programs when the relatives are over. We all get a good laugh but it serves the puprose of re-inforcing the fact that this is just TV rubbish and not rerality.
          More of a subliminal re-inforcment strategy but very worthwhile.

      3. Same age here, 25. I’m 26 now. Mid 20s seems like a common time for men to wake up.

        1. The best part about this is you’ll discover that your best years are ahead of you. The average Western female hits her peak here & begins her downward spiral while (not all obviously, just the ones who coasted on the undeserved fruits of their youth) the determined & resilient man starts his climb past the mountain of perceived limitations.

      4. Man lots of you guys have mom issues! I was raised by a single mom FEMINIST CHRISTIAN aka the highest chance of becoming the most beta of cucks and I didn’t do an 8th the shit you guys did. I am not trying to be a dick but I think you guys might want some personal responsibility

        1. Yeah, you want an achievement cookie?
          It’s called being accountable to one’s history. Making unfound comparisons in your statement reeks of gamma male-ism. We know how we started. If we didn’t take charge we’d still be in blue pill oblivion. Keep progressing on your path.

    2. I asked her to leave right after but because she had been at my place for more than a “guest” period the law considered her as living at my place and i would have had to go through a lawyer to get her evicted.

      what a fucked up law.
      my mother and grandmother own(ed) a house in czech. wanted to sell it. people came and said that they would pay rent until they can afford to buy it, which would be as soon as they can sell their old house. my mother agreed and is receiving a miniscule rent. they made a contract which said that after two years, they would lose the automatic right to buy the house.
      meanwhile, the guys completely renovated the house. broke through walls and made the thing basically look like a beautiful catalogue interior. still have not bought it.
      i always tell my mother that they should kick them out if it is still possible. but they are stupid. they just think that because they agreed upon it, there is no way they can be betrayed. stupid bitches. behind every visible word in a contract, there is probably a book with laws that regulate that damn shit.
      i bet you that my mother, by now, probably could not get rid of those leeches even if she wanted to. luckily, it is not my problem.

      1. It is a screwed up law. The guest period depends on the state, but generally it’s 2 weeks. After that, your “guest” becomes your roommate regardless if they give a dime or not.
        A lawyer would have cost me several hundred dollars (if not more) because eviction proceedings when done by a tenant can take months. F that. I wasn’t going to go through all that. My ex threatened to sue but i called her bluff. She never did.
        Sorry to hear about your Mom’s situation. She doesn’t sound very bright but like you said it’s not your problem, and hopefully it never will be.

    3. Confirmed. Any time I’ve given a slut something for nothing, the result was the same as if I’d just burned the gift in a dumpster. Always get yours first. They must choose, your team or team cuntflakes. Make them commit or take a walk.
      Stay strong brothers. Enjoy the decline.

    4. ” It was at that point that i finally came to understand what it means to be an Alpha, and what it means to ingest the red pill. It was also at that point that i found myself isolated and alone”,
      That’s the Purple Pill Limbo Phase, it’s when you Realize after taking the Red Pill as a Man you can never go back to your former way of thinking, but there is hint of blue pill still trying to live and it wants to take you back to the way things were when your eyes were closed, Purple Pill limbo can be a very confusing and depressing time as the changes a Man goes through may bring unwanted side-affects as you described, but once you’ve finally broke though and fully Embrace the Red Pill, there is no Want or Need to go Back.

      1. Well said. It reminds me of the saying, “you can never go home again.” It’s true.

        1. I came across “John Galt” in the Atlas Shrugged book by Ayn Rand. Did you folks name you after him??

      2. Indeed. Ingesting it is one thing, having it become a permanent part of your mind body and soul is another.
        There was yet more evolution to be made but at that point i became aware of the most important truth available.
        Like with neo from the Matrix, it didn’t mean i was done growing, it just meant i was done not knowing the most important part.
        And yes…i’ve never looked back, hence my ” I’ve made peace with it, and took steps to better myself to keep myself from ever having to go back to that horribly anorchous state of mind again.” remark 🙂

    5. I went through the same gut wrenching phases.. Almost threw up a couple of times while digesting the RP. Damn hard medicine to take, it turns you inside out. In my AFC days I never gave girls money or pay for their crap, but other than that I recognize all you’re saying. The loneliness that follows after you realize how fucked up things are.. but then there’s a period of peace, something happens and you don’t care anymore and you start looking at people in a totally different light…
      Every morning I walk into the office, and I look around at them huddled behind the hundreds of monitors on that floor.. Drones.. I think. Just look at them… they have no idea. I look at the books, personal things (stuffed animals, etc) on their desks and I think again.. They have no idea. I can’t talk to people like I used to anymore. I can’t relate anymore, and I can’t fake it either. I prefer to be quiet and mind my own business.

      1. You said it. People have no idea.
        I can’t even smile at lame jokes in the workplace anymore. I just curl my mouth into this big tight-lipped mockery of a true smile while I think “That might be hilarious if I was 10 years old,” or “Why the fuck am I sitting in an office and more importantly why did I go into huge debt for a degree in order to pursue a job that I don’t even find fulfilling?”

    6. Are females from broken homes ever ok to get with? are they ever able to redeem themselves? help themselves?

      1. It depends. Yes. Yes.
        It’s hard to find one that isn’t batshit crazy but not impossible.
        My current Lady was raised by her Dad because her Mom is a total basketcase. He raised her almost like the boy he never had (she was a tomboy when she was younger as a result) so she tends to react strongly against weakness. This is why she doesn’t like mangina males although she tends to speak strongly like a dude herself thanks to that subconscious feminist indoctrination. I’ve had to wean her off of that through some real effort but it’s not easy. She is like my pet project in that regard. She is attractive otherwise i wouldn’t bother.
        Just to give you more perspective, she is 13 years my junior. She cooks and buys me stuff. I do the same, when i feel she deserves it.

        1. Interesting, thanks for sharing. I am a trainee therapist and part of the reason I became one was because I am from a broken home. I asked the question because I would give people advice to avoid those from broken homes overall because most don’t recover, however it does sound harsh reading it on sites such this one, because I am speaking from the perspective of a female who has had to do lots and lots of work to repair myself of the damage done. Your girl sounds similar to myself as my parents both damaged goods themselves, I ended up in foster care, father got custody aged 8. My partner is 10 years older than me. I have had years and years of therapy. I do feel like his project sometimes as well. I met a former heroin addict once who spent time telling me how hard he was working to stay clean and he wanted to date me. My gut was telling me that he wasn’t fully recovered and months later I saw him a club mashed out of his face on some other drug. I guess it is about assessing what your worth and matching it with someone of equal value, as much as I am a woman of course I want someone of higher value. I got lucky, my man is of higher value, but I try my best to make it worth his while.

        2. Oh i should mention she has NO KIDS. That part is especially important and it echoes what you mentioned earlier.
          It has been my experience that females with children have some serious head issues regardless of how stable they consider themselves to be. This is because they have self diagnosed themselves as “capable’ when objective evidence may indicate otherwise. Mostly every female i ever dated that had progeny also had some concomitant head issues. You and i seem to be in accordance in that respect.
          What i told you before may seem harsh, but it’s the unfiltered truth. Men will tell you that they have to train their females to become better just as Women will tell you that they’ve had to train their males to become better. This is because it’s rare for two people to come across each other and sync up perfectly. If this was true more people would be together and Married than not. What tends to happen is person A with a quality factor of say, 7 will meet person B with a quality factor of 3 or so, and person A will either justify it by saying “they are worth it” while person B may simply be with that person for comfort, convenience, or simply because they want to exploit them for as long and hard as possible.
          I’ve noticed most Women tend to say ” i never settle” which is total nonsense. We as human beings settle all the time. We settle in our choice of foods (i didn’t feel like cooking, so instead i’ll go get food as an example) and we settle in our choice of current mate, we just make excuses for ourselves in order to make it seem justified.
          The trick of course is to not settle to such a degree that you end up being with a total soul sucking loser who is like an anchor around your feet. This is true for Men just as much as it is for Women.
          Even if that Man is a QF of 6 to your 7 (speaking hypothetically here) he is close enough that you can reasonably lower your standard because he really is worth it. He just needs some help and guidance from you in order to meet your expectations. (assuming of course your expectations are reasonable) If he is perfect in every other way but has a bad habit of crying like a girl (for example) then you will want to wean him off of that so it won’t seem like you’re dating a girl in a boy’s body. You would only do so if the benefits outweighed the risks/negatives, which brings me to my next point.
          I like to consider dating the equivalent of playing the market. While i have been burned from time to time with a bad tip or so, i have made a legitimate profit on seldom occasions because a general rule of principle i adhere to when approaching NASDAQ trades is:
          -recognizing the potential for worth before everyone else does-
          Meaning, if there is at least some partial attractiveness to that stock that no one else has noticed because it still carries some risk, i will take a risk and acquire a few “test” shares of it. It doesn’t always pay off but when it does others will notice (thanks to some public recognition) and buy shares themselves which tends to raise the price up and nets me a tidy profit.
          This is no less true for dating. Your Man investing in you despite your QF being slightly lower is an investment he has made likely because despite the calculated risk there is genuine potential there for increased value later on. This is true for myself and my Lady. I see the value in her just as shes sees it in me. I see her QF as being lower than mine but not by much. The subconscious feminist factor is a reason for that, yet i see enough potential in her that i can reasonably “settle” on her in order to bolster that potential and help make her truly great.
          She likewise may see the same in me (lower QF) and that’s fine. She may also see me as a higher QF but i won’t assume she does. We all have our own personally derived measures of “quality” and they are not invalidated simply because another disagrees.
          QF’s are not something you should share with another person because they are your own personally developed litmus test for gauging the potential worth of any relationship by guesstimating what the other person can offer to it. It would be the equivalent of an employer sharing the guidelines by which they tend to hire future employees. The process itself would become meaningless, as all future applicants adjust to meet the company’s stated expectations.
          Since you have been honest enough to share your perception of yourself as a lower QF (since he is a higher QF) that tells me you are worth the investment. If i was your fellow i would be pleased. I mean no offense in my remark by the way. You seem to understand that a person shouldn’t try to seek someone “just like them” because that would mean they are seeking someone with the same QF as them, which is not just unlikely, it is unwise. If someone was of equal value to you, and you know you have faults, why would you want to be with someone with the same level of faults as you? Every person should aspire to be with someone with less faults, weaknesses, issues, baggage etc than them. We want to be with people greater than ourselves, otherwise we would be better off dealing with our own QF shortcomings alone.
          Every Man should have a higher QF than his Woman, in order to truly be considered an Alpha. Every Woman should be as close to his QF as possible in order to truly be considered a potential Wife. In reality this is not always possible. Our current reality inspires most of us to tend to settle for those with less QF than us, which is not always bad. It becomes bad when we settle on people with a QF way less than ours by involving ourselves romantically with people who are users, abusers, refusers and confusers or total sociopaths. Settling is one thing, settling so much that you end up selling out your own QF is another. Dating a loser (which would have happened had you dated that drug user) ends up lowering your QF and makes you practically a loser yourself, which will likely carry over into your next relationship because the negativity involved in a bad relationship tends to have cumulative psychological repercussions. The more low QFs you date or end up with, the more likely you are to have a low QF as a result. It’s an ugly process, but one which likely explains these Mothers who started out with good intentions but ended up with especially bad judgement and concomitant parenting skills. That’s my theory on them anyway.
          As i said earlier i would like to think that my Lady sees me as having a higher QF herself but as Man i can’t make the assumption that she does, otherwise complacency would set in and i would unintentionally lower my QF which would have the corresponding effect of having us end up so incompatible that there would be more risk than benefit to being with me on her end.
          I realize i probably wrote a soliloquy here but i thank you for reading it nonetheless 🙂

        3. No, this response was very insightful, I particularly like your quote ‘-recognizing the potential for worth before everyone else does-‘ – I’ll take that away. Many thanks for answering my question.

        4. Sounds a lot like my girl. Raised by dad. Hard but outgoing personality. Cooks for me all the time, constant gifts. Just gotta amp my alpha around her .

      2. If their broken home was caused by a bat crazy mother, then they often turn out okay, so long as they had a good father. If they have father issues they are unredeemable.

    7. I hope you’re not real. I also hope that everyone who feels your pain replying to you is not real. If so, you’re all idiots. Giving someone, men and women alike, money on a loan basis this day in age. Nevermind this “hoe into a house wife” (by the way, you’re not black…cracker) bullshit, learn some basic rules of keeping your finances in check. Geeezzzzz

      1. Lol nice try feminist. Your freshly created troll account doesn’t fool anyone here. Get lost and take your bullshit with you.

    8. Oh gosh, I think I was really lucky being fucked over by my first GF that hard.
      I was in a relationship with her from age 17 to 20 (we both had our first sex together) and then she broke up with me because of some crackhead tattooed skater chad. Then with 21 I started seeing her again ‘as best friends’ and while we were eating cake she told me how much she enjoyed getting fucked in the ass by Chad and that his cum tasted delicious. Then she went on comparing our dick size and stuff like that.
      She pretty much cucked the shit out of me.
      The same year I found Pickup and layed some girls via lovoo (those days 2 years ago when here in germany Online Game just started and it was actually pretty good in the small towns..miss those times…god damn, if I imagine this type of early online game combined with the game I have know…I would crush so much pussy…would pretty much be hole-o-caust for their pussies (another shoa) ).
      Then with 22 thanks to god and some member from germany’s biggest pickup community I found returnofkings, therationalmale and reddit/redpill.
      I finally internalized the redpill instead of just faking the upper layer like Pick Up Artists do (they never get to the real problems – feminism, cultural marxism, mass media brainwashing and all the other stuff). After a while and with over 1000 posts on germany’s biggest Pickup community I got banned for being utterly sexist and a hateful misogynist. That was combined with the breakup from my first girlfriend the best thing that ever happened to me.
      Now I am fully redpilled with 23 and leaving the liberal college campus with a Bachelor degree in half a year.
      I think my life will probably evolve like that of Roosh.
      I will be a scientist for some years but the moment I can earn enough money with my writing I will resign and fuck the shit out of east asia (I got german-fatty-arrogant-blue-haired-feminist induced yellow fever).

      1. You’re early and you will make up for that in East Asia! I remember just after landing in Japan, the first girl was already waiting at the hotel and my friend and I banged the shit out of her. Having seen most of different countries in SEA last year, you will definitely find your taste in all those varieties. Good luck!

        1. “My friend and I banged the shit out of her.”
          Threeseomes should always be 2 women/1 man. Not the other way around. Lol what a Phaggot!!!!

  14. “Being a call center supervisor…” Woah, clear the way – Mr. Hotshot Executive is on the prowl. You got played like a little bitch because you are one. Who just jumps in and offers to pay someone’s rent in an attempt to sleep with them? You’re PATHETIC, dude.

    1. A freshly created troll account, no doubt operated by some feminist cunt looking to get a few shots in at the real Men on here.
      Get lost, you simp.

      1. It must the be Montreal cadre. They’re still pissed and don’t have any outlet of their own to express themselves other than ROK, Roosh’s World Tour, and, for a little while, CTV and CBC (their fifteen minutes expired at 12:01 Sunday Morning).

    2. You created a troll account to come here and troll, but you just spewed stuff to the author that a good and honest friend would actually say to a man who has that kind of story to tell.
      Yes, he would be told he was being a little thirsty beta bitch.
      Yes, he would be told be was being pathetic.
      You see, little cunt, the world of men is different. Tell a man who is being a pathetic little bitch that he’s being a pathetic little bitch when he needs to hear it actually helps him. Most men who have fucked up in such manner as described in the article will even say they were being pathetic little beta bitches.
      It’s because a man can recover from it, as he has the agency and the ability to get over it, pick himself up, and move on with an actual lesson learned and improve himself and his life.
      It’s very unlike most women who simply avoid the truths about their own miserable selves, hiding from it in a sea of reality TV, anti-depressants, and tubs of ice cream interspersed with bottles of merlot. On all that crap, laziness and drugs, women get fat and are even unable to notice how fat they are getting. That’s we when we see a fat woman we know “here is someone who cannot look in a mirror and thing ‘my god what am I doing to myself!’ ” and we write her fat ass off as a total brainless slug who is useless in all aspects of life. The kind of woman who Joe Immortan would just use a cow to make mothers milk for his soldiers while keeping the pretty ones aside for reproduction.
      Anyway, I hope your 2 minute hate made you feel better.

    3. Yawn. Go back to your ‘rich girl playing as a oppressed feminist male privilege decrying slave owner’. Have fun watching Roosh & his Apocalypse Horsemen outmaneuver & out think & out fight the lot of you like the little spoiled children you really are.

        1. If white knighting was a crime the FBI would have put me on their 10 most wanted list 10 times.

  15. You are the come-back kid. That’s some fucking recovery you made. Congrats on getting your shit together.

  16. I got lucky as you did. Almost ended up in a fucked up marriage with a “strong” woman, and it was my fault. I was a thirsty doormat.

  17. One of my golden rules (might be an import from a Roissy Maxim) is if you haven’t banged the chick by the third date you are never going to bang the chick. (Sometimes I might flex this rule to allow for a fourth date depending on the circumstances but never more then four). No sex by date three – walk away.

      1. The thing is most women are consciously aware of this rule. I have had more then one woman remark “I knew that I was going to sleep with you when I agreed to the third date…”

  18. Jesus H Fucking Christ.
    I could almost have had a fugue and wrote this myself. My story is so similar that there must be a book out there that we don’t know about, a manual for hoes and how to scam men. I’d say the latina in this article read the same book as some of the hoes I’ve dealt with.
    Fortunately for me, having a career outsourced from under me made me too broke to be captain save-a-hoe but if I had the money I would have pulled the same retarded mistakes.
    Holy fucking cow.
    See if there were gentlemen’s clubs again, men could share these stories and be on the lookout. THIS is why the cuntocracy seeks to crush them every time they appear. This is why they exist underground.

    1. if i ever become a respected martial artist, i will open up a gym where i put the silhouette of a girl on the door, with the annotation: we must stay outside.

      1. I think what we need is a “Red Flag Manual” to list the actual red flags to look for. I pulled a combined Save-a-hoe maneuver with a single mom AND cougar with mental issues 10 years ago (all in one woman). She had more red flags than a Mayday parade and that entire parade marched over me. Shit, even her sisters were fucked up. The least fucked up sibling was a squat-bodied man-hating mustached feminist for fuck’s sake.
        If only this website was around 10 or more years ago I would have been spared from such despair, despair that to this day has diminished my health even though said despair (the cause of it) was removed from my life 7 years ago. I’m still recovering from it.
        We must send Roosh back in time.

        1. if we had a time machine at our disposal, we could eliminate the leaders of feminism before they were born. then again, who knows if i had ever been born if feminism had not existed? my mother may have concluded that the world does not need another fatherless fuckup. gratitude can make you appreciate weird things.

        2. “We must send Roosh back in time.”
          This reminds me of something.
          As narrated by Sarah Connor at the beginning of T2:
          “The supercuntuser which cuntrolled the machines, VAJYNET, sent two sperminators back through time. Their mission: to destroy the leader of the neomasculine resistance, Roosh V, my son. The first sperminator was programmed to strike at me when i wasn’t butch and before Roosh was born. It failed. The second was set to strike at Roosh himself when he was still a child. As before, the resistance was able to send a lone warrior, a protector for Roosh.
          It was just a question of which one of them would reach him first”
          Sperminator 2: judgement day. It’s not just a movie, it’s reality.

        3. Agreed-we need to pull all these bits from around the blogs and compile one big list. I run across them all the time throughout the sphere. Let’s get is started brothas!:
          1) Previously engaged multiple times
          2) kids by different men
          3) history of sexual abuse
          4) any job in the adult industry(stripper, nude modeling..)
          5) still waiting tables as a career over the age of 30
          6) Multiple plastic surgeries
          7) On permanent psych meds

        4. The “Red Flag Manual” is a brilliant idea, it should be required reading for every boy when he hits puberty. He must reread the book every year there after, until he dies or his dick stops working.

        5. 8) was commited to a mental health facility at any time.
          9) has kids from previous marriage(s) but no custody
          10) claims to have been raped or claims one of the bastard kids is a result of rape.
          11) claims to have been stalked by ex boyfriends
          12) tattoos and piercings
          13) raised by a single mother

        6. Red Flag Manual a brilliant idea indeed.
          14) has Asperger’s Syndrome
          15) does not wear perfume

        7. You would have to go back to the 60’s before the flower child movement started. Take out a ton of those hippie communes, feminist and socialist leaders, and other radical groups.

        8. 19) Bad hygiene
          20) Identifies as a feminist
          21) Uses words like “cis-gendered” or “pansexual”
          22) Short hair
          23) Can’t cook or clean
          24) Hates gender roles

        9. A book like this would be vilified and condemned by the media even though it will help men. Anything that benefits men is considered bad by them.

        10. It amazing how long it takes the “cold, hard hearted, pragmatic, analytical” sex to recover from the emotional abuse of the “soft, sensitive, compassionate, nurturing” sex.

        11. too old, too fat, too many flags?
          Ugh, That’d be 99% of women sir
          In the book “the predatory female”
          The 1% unicorn female can literally demand any price she wants
          think about it, If 1 in 50 men are millionaires, There is always one millionaire in every neighboorhood or every 50th house is worth close to a million or so
          and there is only 1 in 100 unicorns, if you are super-optimistic, than that leaves 2 manginas bidding on 1 unicorn, and a 80% divorce and lose half at least chance of one of the manginas getting burned
          And then essentially the woman finding another mangina and ruining the second manginas life with 80% odds, So essentially
          for every unicorn at least2 -4 manginas are ruined conservatively
          i like the quote of philosopher “soren kierkegaard” In regards to choice: he said
          Do it, or do not do it, You’ll regret both.

        12. Actually you need to go back in time (to the 80s) and listen to:
          NWA: “I Ain’t the One”, “One Less Bitch”
          Ice T: “Power”, “You Played Yourself”
          Public Enemy: “Sophisticated Bitch”
          Geto Boys: “I’m Not a Gentleman”, “Gangsta of Love”, “Let a Ho Be a Ho”
          Slick Rick: “Treat Her Like a Prostitute”
          Anything by 2Live Crew.
          And loads more. The knowledge is out there, you need only reach out and take it.

        13. Agreed. When i saw the commercial with the game of thrones girl playing the part of Sarah Connor saying “come with me if you want to live” i cringed. I knew that the Terminator franchise was just another casualty of the feminist cinematic indoctrination initiative, along with Mad Max and the upcoming Ghostbusters movie.
          The movie barely made twice it own costs involved, which qualifies it as a bomb since a T franchise installment comes with high expectations and the budget for the movie doesn’t include everything involved in promoting it, from advertising (big chunk) deals with businesses (like fast food franchises) and so forth. It should have made at least 3 to 4 times (465 to 620 million) its own cost in order to meet expectations and to truly turn a legitimate profit.
          The same thing happened with Mad Max Fury Road, although the mainstream press doesn’t want to admit it because it would mean admitting ROK’s article about it had an effect. MMFR barely made over twice its original cost (only 55 million or so more than the slightly more expensive Terminator movie) and yet reading the reviews you’d think it made over a billion dollars. Expectations were high with it as well because it was a new MM installment in over 30 years, and having it only make a little under 250 percent of its gross cost in revenue is a disappointment to the Hollywood execs.
          Given this, it’s no wonder the feminist quisling George Miller is now rethinking putting out a movie based on Furiosa, and is likely going to return to MM roots and give us a REAL Mad Max movie featuring Mad Max…hopefully.

        14. mmfr was quite okay for my taste, i enjoyed it for the cool action.
          the new t is just ridiculous. that trailer sequence you mentioned had the same effect on me. i hoped the trailer was a bit exaggerated, but the movie itself is just a big fucking slapstick comedy. haha, the man wants to fuck her. haha, she is totally disgusted by him. haha, she beats him.
          and then they stand there before going into the time machine and he wimpily tells her how much he loves her and how he will protect her. i literally laughed out loudly in the cinema. so fucking pathetic. and the worst part is that she actually acts overwhelmed by his emotions, making a potential movie viewer believe that a real hero has to become all wimpy to impress a lady. haha, comical. and i can even imagine a woman fancying to narcissistically see herself in that noble position of approving of his affections. only that in real life, she would do not much more than approve of it.
          although, by now, i wonder if it is even necessary for them to consciously incorporate propaganda. self-irony directed against masculinity for instance seems like such a common thing today that it almost makes you look like a freak to question it. i mean: come on, man, be a sport about it!

        15. I’m glad i didn’t see that P.o.s terminator movie. I remember getting into a mini debate with this particularly ball-less sack of estrogen on facebook. He loved the part that you and i condemned…sickening. Even with my remarks he couldn’t get it in his head that it was indoctrinating him. Smh.
          Anyway they are sticking to their feminist guns and making a sequel to TG. I hope they get even more burned next time.
          Now by contrast i thought Jurassic World was good; far better than the feminist crap in TG and MMFR however you could still perceive a slight feminist moment in one scene.
          The part where the girl saves the guy’s life because he can’t knock off a little mini dinosaur seemed far fetched, especially given that he’s tamed Velociprators like a BOSS and he outsmarted a genetically engineered megadinosaur. I guess they had to throw in one moment where a girl feels “empowered” to save a guy, because as we all know heroes have to be both male and female nowadays, otherwise they can’t exist.
          Can someone tell me how many female heroes were involved in the 911 rescue operation? It always fails my memory lol

        16. well, telling somebody he is being indoctrinated is useless. it fires up all kinds of defense mechanisms, for example against conspiracy theorists. you first have to convince somebody that feminism is bad before you can use a term like “propaganda”, because it is tainted with a bad judgment. sheep logic: if it advocates something good, it is not propaganda.
          i was not particularly fervid about feminism myself two years ago. back then, i had just started out with the red pill and became interested in capitalism. well. you gotta do the logic first. if something does not seem like a real enemy to you, it seems silly to fight it – even if it is a bit annoying.
          jurassic world i enjoyed very much. wrote an article about it. that scene where she saves him bothered me a little, but realistically even the strongest guy can not always and in every situation come out on top. if we consider those dinosaurs real, we must acknowledge that they probably had quite some strength and in it being a direct fight, it is also a unique situation compared to those you cited. i do not remember the scene well enough to say whether the dinosaur looked particularly strong, but from my little experience in bjj and thai clinch i can safely say that you have to really be in a position to know whether it is hard to get out of it. those mma clinches, for instance, always looked so harmless to me on tv, but in reality, it somehow works anyway.

        17. True, i would have just called it quits but this munt (male cunt) called me out on a friend’s thread for my remark about TG’s feminist propaganda. He had to be corrected, even if it went over his feeble mind.
          Agreed on your remark about JW. I’m not saying a female can’t save a guys’ life of course, i’m just saying it felt like token feminism inserted in order to appease the Americunts.
          I’m pleased you accepted the red pill perspective in totality. (thumbs up)

        18. logically, i have fully accepted it. but there’s still parts in my subconscious that need convincing. sometimes i feel like my emotional body and me are not the same person. that fucking organism just needs to be persuaded into every little thing.

        19. That “parts in my subconscious” you are referring to is called estrogen. We all have trace amounts of estrogen in our systems; they exist to supplement important biological functions as well as to facilitate emotional aesthetics. It’s a fact that we can’t change, proving the adage that “Women, can’t live with em, can’t live without em” is true, since our own bodies make this a proverbial fact.

        20. Just do what i do: have your red Y chromosome seek out and bitchslap your blue X chromosome (and all the emotional chaos it likes to stir up in you) into unconsciousness.
          It works for me 😀

        21. So i finally saw that “Terminator Genisys” movie and it sucked even worse than i expected. The horror!

      2. 27) practices witchcraft or believes in the occult
        28)student debt loans, credit card debt, or any kind of debt.
        29)has a degree in social sciences such as psychology, social/gender studies, theater and any other useless liberal degree.
        30)history of drug use
        31)heavy alcohol drinker
        32) club/bar slut
        I think the list needs to explain how each problem affects the women and how us as men can use this to our advantage to either fuck them and scram or just evade the bitch.

        1. 33) sees sadness in your neutral face.
          34) wants to fix you.
          35) tells you about how she is fixing her two boyfriends.
          36) tells you about how she needs to get her life together, thus limiting her regular circle of lovers to 6 people.
          37) tells you about how she fixed her ex.
          38) has ex who tells you how he fixed her.
          39) 37 & 38 with the same person.
          40) feels intelligent and sad because she sees that people follow regular lifestyles which she finds boring and pointless.
          41) will let you wank off while calling her and listen to your depiction of your fantasies with her, tell you about her beautiful breasts, but then claim that she was never interested in you and you only annoy her.
          42) calls sex “fucking up”, as in “yesterday, my ex and i fucked up again”.
          43) needs consoling after fucking up.

    2. On a good note there arent as many strip clubs because the jig is up. Men now are hip to how misandric strippers are. Shure we know they’re not going home with us but its pretty well known that strippers really dont like men and have a deep resentment towards men. Since then, guys can stay home and watch some webcam slut do everything in the book for practically free.Almost every attention whore has a web cam now showing their shit to the world since attention is the only validation they crave. The gravy train is over bitches!!

      1. Stippers? Talk to a cop some time. Most of those girls are drug addicts who owe the dope man money. Of course they hate men.

        1. I have dated two strippers in the past. One was a degenerate that wanted us and her underage daughter to jump into a pile and after I told her it was over, she was a stalker and wanted to beat any other woman she saw me with to a pulp. The Second one was attracted to me because I used the lovable Uncle tract.She thought that it was sexy for a man to be her Uncle and I just went with it. I thought of the whole incident as an adventure, never got emotionally involved and found out how they scheme. They want you to buy them stuff, Bigger titties, cars, but if you do it they think that you are a chump or patsey and as soon as the price sticker is off, you are gone. Hard to get and your best Clint Eastwood is the way to go. If you are interested. But the only reward is pussy. And psychosis…

      2. I’ve dated dancers in the past. They are jaded beyond belief in the vast majority of cases if they have danced 6+ mo. They end up seeing all men, as the often lonely, desperate men that pay them for 2 min of human contact. The men lust after them so much that it “burns out the switch” so to speak.

    3. There should be clubs for guys (only) to just hang out, socialize and swap important stories such as these. unfortunately, they are either underground, religious (masons), or have a gay agenda. dunno if there are any straight, normal, open, non religious men’s only groups or clubs? do you guys know?

      1. I have heard that a long time ago there were some but women have infiltrated that. Not sure if there are any left.

        1. Well I am considering starting one. It will be a private membership only club. Similar to freemasonry but more modern of course and focused on men’s issues, economics, business, pick up, training, travel and so forth. Weekly meeting and social event. we can call it.. whatever… just don’t talk about it. That’s Rule No 1, and 2 and 3..

        2. No More Mister Nice Guy Club. If you really start it, let me know and I’ll do your image and branding work!

  19. Amazing story. If Donovan can recover from the affliction he suffered from any man can recover.

  20. I dated a hot Latina 3 years ago. The story was she was married to this butt ugly Mexican dude in her 1st marriage, two kids from him, and then she switched to only dating Anglo-Saxons and married some pudgy Mormon and had 2 kids with him. Both men were losers and mistreated her horribly. The Mormon allegedly walked away with a large chunk of change from an inheritance daddy left her, who also molested her as a teenager. I was a beta-simp back then and bought her flowers and all that stupid shit. Besides daddy she said she only slept with her ex husbands. She was a good girl, not a whore she assured me. Turns out she was and still is married to the Mormon and she is nothing but a dirty cock riding whore. She currently is on a swingers website looking for cock to ride. She is 46 and Mexican. She lists herself as 30 and Caucasian. She states she wants White cocks to ride between 30 and 40. A friend who knows her pointed out the truth to me. I wasted a little time and money on her back then. I’m out a couple of dinners and some flowers. She did me a favor and lead me to the Red pill reality.

    1. Glad you caught whiff of her quiffeage before it hypnotized you into sexual slavery.

  21. Holy shit I’m so glad i learned this shit or at least caught wind of it at an early age.
    I remember getting a text at 2 in the morning from a girl I was going to school with who i thought had a thing for me. It said, “hey you should come over ;)” So naturally wanting to get my dick wet i hurried the fuck on over. I get there and she greets me at the door and we walk downstairs and sure as shit theres another fucking dude sitting on the couch in there with a pissed off look on his face. So i sit down and she puts in a movie (it was some dumb fucking soccer movie) so right about now I’m about to just get up and bail because fuck this. As I’m thinking this she gets up to go make some food (of course the dumb slut didn’t offer us any) and i look over at the guy sitting there and say “I think we should step outside and have a few words” and get up and walk out the back door to her patio. The guy follows me out and gets all puffed out like were about to fight and i just like “ok, we both know why were here. We both thought we were guna be fucking this girl tonight. She never said anything about me coming over did she?” He said no. So i smile and say “yep, this cunt played us, neither of us are going to get any so I’m bailing and if you don’t want to waste the next 2 hours watching that shitty movie and listening to this bitch talk then you’ll do the same”. He looked at me a little confused and then said “yeah i think you’re right” and we just walked through the backyard gate to our cars and drove off. Then she blew up my phone all pissed off that we left.

    1. Holy handjob, that bitch had some cojones to try and pull something like that.
      Glad you two didn’t play into that bs and took the truly Manly approach to it.
      My props to you good sir!

      1. If she wanted a three way she’d have put on 9 1/2 weeks or PornHub.
        Only thing worse than a soccer movie would have been a rom
        Com. 😷

        1. You put on a boring movie. That’s how it works. You get bored and start fucking instead.
          (Add wine into the mix)

      2. Except that was the 3rd time she pulled shit like that with me without putting out.
        The 1st time was trying to get me to bring her food which like an idiot I did (not before eating half of it though)
        the 2nd time she called me at midnight asking for a ride somewhere. I told her i’d be right there and then went back to sleep.

        1. I don’t get it.
          What did you she invite you over for then? She didn’t ask you to bring anything… just for you to come over, right? So what do you think she wanted if not a 3way with this other dude?

        2. From my experience they seem like clear invitations (at least considering the circumstances, you should always assume they are).
          Bring food = feed me cock at my place.
          Give me a lift (especially at midnight) = let me ride you and then you can drop me off (so I can meet up with my actual/other boyfriend. *Slut*).
          Next time just straight out say “what’s in it for me?” If there really is nothing in it for you then ditch the bitch permanently. If she gives you playful attitude/shit tests in response then you can push and poke all the way.

        3. She was a huge tease though, she was one of those girls who only called you when they wanted something as long as it was something other than sex.

        4. She wanted to play them off against each other for her own amusement hoping that theyd fight

    2. Could have also spit roasted the chick. Highly likely that might be what she really wanted. That’s why she got two guys over who didn’t really know each other (nothing to lose) at 2 in the morning.

    3. I’m honestly surprised that the guy left with you …. majority of guys would have probably pretended to leave and then came back hoping to get some.

  22. I dated a fucking psychotic, controlling, manipulating, demeaning slut for almost 2 years. I did everything for that latina bitch. Now she’s married to some sad sack of shit and has a baby who looks like it was born prematurely due to her cocaine and alcohol habits. She’s a narcissistic slut and I guarantee you she’s fucked around on that poor loser.

  23. I think Dre said ” But you can’t make a ho a housewife.” Ludacris said ” you can’t turn a ho into a house wife”.

  24. Thanks for Sharing, Donovan. Your story proves that there is hope for all those men who are still plugged in.

  25. My guess is Donovan’s notch count at the time was not sufficiently high enough to have provided him with the built-in psychological force field necessary to prevent him from overlooking the fact that this skag was a seasoned Grifter Whore.
    general rule: if a woman has a face that is 8+, and a perfect ass, there is a 95% + change she will be:
    A. Grifter
    B. Whore
    C. Grifter-Whore in waiting, aka Dormant Grifter Whore
    Therefore – pump and dump or spin some plates
    GF or Wife-up a Grifter whore, and you will enter the Labyrinth. You are luck to have escaped, dude.
    By the way, anyone seen that Unicorn yet ?

  26. Latin women are sexy and great lays but generally very whorish. It’s best just to pump and dump them-never enter relationships with them or god forbid marry one. They are masters at using feminine manipulation-modern day Delilahs. Oh and use protection being that they’re skanks and incredibly fertile.

    1. I’ve had some experience with Latinas. Out here in flyover Colorado, there are shitloads of them, and they tend to run hotter than the average WASP bitch. I like that most of them like to do their nails, wear makeup, do their hair up, and wear clothes that show their T&A
      18 pump and dumps
      2 LTRs
      3 FWBs
      They were all incredible in the sack except for one. Almost all of them were manipulative and highly cunning. One of the ex-GFs was half Argentinian half Italian. One of the finest pieces of ass I’ve ever creased, but she was full blown NPD/BPD, Vampire Bat Shit Crazy. Took me about a year to fully figure it out, but the ass was that good. She liked her red wine, and Threw batteries at my head once while drunk, and that was it for me.

  27. Great advice. I appreciate these stories of past beta behavour. We all have ours. Yes its rooted in being brought up by a single mother. On another note we men need to always re evaluate our relationships, especially long term ones. The girl your with is USUALLY always reevaluating her SMV. She’s always thinking of yours too. Due to the hypergamic nature of women.They are always going to want to find a better deal depending on what she thinks she brings to the table. She might love you to death and do anything in bed to satisfy you but its only as good as she feels about you in that moment. She might hate you the next day because she got hit on by a guy that looks like he’s a better option. NEVER fully invest your emotions in a woman. ALWAYS be ready and willing to handle reality if shit goes south.
    If a chick is fucked up and has kids and shitty credit with no options except she is HOT, she will take the first white knight save a ho that approaches her as long as it means a roof over her head and kids. As with cars and women Always beware if something looks to good to be true.Most women are fucked up and damaged. If she has much value, you might have to work for it a little unless you really have your shit togther with carear and with game.Do your homework on a potential relationship. Ask them why so and so happened. Google them,check social network info. Do what you can to avoid a nightmare relationship rife with drug problems, baby daddies, addiction to douchebag ex cons. No ones perfect but at least ask some questions and try to look past the hot piece of ass and find out why they’re a hot mess.

    1. “They are always going to want to find a better deal depending on what
      she thinks she brings to the table. She might love you to death and do
      anything in bed to satisfy you but its only as good as she feels about
      you in that moment. She might hate you the next day because she got hit
      on by a guy that looks like he’s a better option. NEVER fully invest
      your emotions in a woman. ALWAYS be ready and willing to handle reality
      if shit goes south.”
      THIS ^

  28. WOW. I read the Amy and Darcy stories and thought geez this guy is a double loser. Now I’m LMFAO thinking “third time’s a charm!!” Yup. a THIRD single mom tattooed mental case. L-O-S-E-R! Thumbs down me all you want but these articles are providing me with the cheap entertainment and laughs I need for a day. How pathetic that you can’t find a NORMAL woman. Of COURSE you’re bitter and writing articles about “all” women in the western world are sluts and gold diggers; a decent woman with no bastard kids and no mental health conditions won’t date you.

    1. Are you married Ms L?
      He related a personal story of his past, and mentioned several times how pathetic he had been, and put out there for the public to read, ridicule and comment. It is an example for other young men so they can avoid the pitfalls at his expense. I doubt most commenters here are able to be that candid.

      1. I will be married next year 🙂 Yes, I’ve had relationships that have not worked out but none of my exes were drug addicts, had out of wedlock kids, or had mental illnesses or other serious red flags. Had this author had one train wreck, I would say yes he made a mistake. But the fact that he admits to having dated THREE train wreck women tells me something is off about HIS judgment in picking women. Admit it: something is wrong when he’s dated THREE trashy single mom drug addicts

        1. Would you say (some, of course) women are prone to lie about their off-colored past? Would they attempt to decieve others as to who they are in order for them to be seen in a more positive light?
          Hindsight is great. Especially if you are not emotionally involved during the process.

        2. John, I would strongly advise you to take anything this woman says with a grain of salt. She’s “snowflaking” and you’re responding like someone who is unfamiliar with a woman’s true nature….which is fine, we’ve all been there (myself included obviously) but believe what she says at your peril.

    2. It’s easier for any of us to look back and laugh at him. What I think is lost Ms. L, the FI, and white knights is this:
      Men are constantly being told that her past shouldn’t affect your future with her. We’re taught as Betas that holding her past against makes us “judgmental” and “harsh” and her “mistakes are all behind her” and “she’s a good person” and “tattoos are a form of self expression”.
      Donovan shares with us so that we learn and relate to our own beta pasts.
      The “Dream of the Blue Pill” is strong and those of us in the various stages of unplugging need to hear stories like this so we don’t backslide.
      I applaud you, Donovan! Keep sharing and thank you for what you do.

      1. And anyone who told you that is a moron. If I met a man who had illegitimate kids, a history of drug use, served time in jail etc, I would RUN AWAY and get out of that relationship ASAP. I’m human and far from perfect but compared to “Amy” “Darcy” and “Carla”, my girl posse and I look like angels and saints next to these whores. The lesson to take away is this: there ARE good women out there, you just have to use your head on your shoulders and not think with your dick.

        1. “..there ARE good women out there, you just have to use your head on your shoulders and not think with your dick.”
          How did you meet your boyfriend Ms L? Will you be taking your husband’s name when you marry next year?

        2. you are not welcome here….plz go back to jezebel.
          we’ll find our ” good women”.
          or we will put girls like you on a rotation system.
          one for cooking,other one for cleaning and all of them for sex.

        3. Are you a site monitor? No, you’re NOT so kindly fuck off. You aren’t threatening me. I hate jezebel and am not a feminist but it doesn’t mean that I have to applaud some idiot who chose THREE fucked up women to have relationships with. Girls like me don’t go out with losers like the betas who are on this site that women like myself laugh at. I am laughing my ass off as I write this.

        4. “Girls like me don’t go out with losers like the betas who are on this site…”
          Describe what kind of girl you believe yourself to be. Keep in mind you are supposedly engaged but yet find yourself posting here at the “beta male site”.
          You and your (supposed) man deserve each other.

        5. Yes, I will proudly take his last name when we marry 🙂 We met through mutual friends from his workplace. One of my friends from college is married to one of his buddies from work. When I was hosting a dinner party, they asked if they could bring “a friend”. I said “I’m already cooking for 10 people, so sure an 11th? always room for one more”. When you hang out with the right people who are not trashy, you attract like minded people. My advice to you? Make friends with men who are married to good quality women. Their wives will happily introduce you to their single friends.

        6. “My advice to you?”
          I’m happily married, but thanks.
          “Make friends with men who are married to good quality women. Their wives will happily introduce you to their single friends.”
          Sound advice.

        7. this is my cheap entertainment for the day. i believe myself and my friends to all be normal, not crazy, no tattoos, no illegitimate kids, job holding, educated young women who do not seek to exploit people nor to be exploited. i am not a feminist nor an MRA; what good does pitting one gender against the other do?? part of being an adult is owning up to bad choices and clearly, someone is making bad choices if he chose three bad women. yes, people lie about their pasts but that is why people need to spend more time getting to know one another and less time drinking smoking and socializing.

        8. “i believe myself and my friends to all be normal”
          You would need to define “normal.” It’s subjective as the people here are coming from different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.
          “yes, people lie about their pasts but that is why people need to spend more time getting to know one another ..”
          The author of the article “owned up” and wouldn’t you say people shouldn’t lie? Moral and religious principles aside, it would save a lot of time. Especially in the department of getting to “know one another,”
          It reminds of the old joke, “the only thing men and women have in commen, is that the seek the company of men.”

        9. An exercise. Drawing them out and letting them talk usually affirms the points often mentioned here.

        10. Those morons you speak of happen to be women everywhere so I agree with you on that.
          In my personal case, I thought she was a good girl. She had a job. Was BFF with one my closest friends from high school.
          I wrote letters. I wooed her. I waited for sex like a good boy. And finally she called and admitted that our mutual friend threatened to disown her unless she told me. so she finally confessed that she’d been banging some guy I knew (and his twin brother) the entire time. I knew them and they’d been having a laugh at my expense every time they came to her apartment to screw. Apparently, they liked reading letters aloud while they took turns with her.
          This was after she told me she was in love with me.

        11. Further she was a total prude and completely demure the entire time. I never knew.

        12. I am sorry to hear about your negative experience. She sounds horrid. We’ve all had bad relationship experiences but eventually, everyone meets their soulmate match if they’re open to it. I don’ t believe in rules like “must get married by 30 or else”. May you find your match soon.

        13. Thank you for your sympathy. Looking back, like the author, all the signs were there. Single mother without custody? Check. tramp stamp? Check. Incredibly flakey? Check. Tons of guy friends? Check.
          Perhaps you’re fiancé is a natural alpha and perhaps you never dated a blue pill beta.
          We were the nice guys. The ones who were told that if we were patient and nice and supportive and understanding and vulnerable, the women would
          see that we were good guys on the inside and love us unconditionally. (the dream of the blue pill)
          Unplugging from the matrix tells us that the dream is all a lie and that while quality women do exist – they are rare (unicorns) and most likely already off the market.
          And more than likely, that quality woman (with the checkered past) you think you’ve found and you think you love is just using you for money/security/entertainment/ego validation while she takes in the ass from the bartender at El Torito on Taco Tuesday and hides it from you.
          Donovan’s stories teach the lessons he learned so maybe the next guy can avoid what happened to him.
          Good luck in your marriage.

        14. Nobody wants your advice. Quit lying about being engaged because if you were you wouldn’t be trolling websites.
          P.S. You’d better start using condoms with your fuck buddy before he puts another baby in you.

    3. So ‘normal woman’ – (ex) slut with five retarded mulatto children from five different dads who won’t put out?

  29. You can also take a path to becoming more alpha by befriending other alphas. If you see a guy with a hot piece, then have no thirst for his woman. Ask him ”Is she broke” or compliment him saying ”you got the game down bro”. Swap stories about how you both tame and control a woman. Like complementing a fine car at a car show, assure him you’re not intending to ‘steal his car’. Betadom creates a widespread ghetto of thirst and thievery. If you’re without woman, describe to him some prospects you have your eye on and you’d be surprised at the advice or angle that comes off the top of the head of someone who’s on top their own game.
    A lot of game is specific and unique to the player. The best game is self taught by the practitioner himself. It is a journey of self. Naturals sometimes don’t share their game secrets because to them it’s natural, ‘the way’ they take for granted. Beta cucks have similarly adopted ‘the way’ of cowering and pedestalizing and suffer the thirst as a result of being overlorded by female figures and by being hammered and stunted by disciplinarian education early on. Natural alphas will keep beta sidekicks and friends for other purposes but surprisingly the natural’s growth also spurs when you probe them to put into words their successful ways. In that way, a struggling beta can actually help a natural alpha to advance a little. Naturals are sometimes clammy or without words when accompanying a smaller beta who isn’t taking initiative and independently growing. Naturals often have a number of sidekick friends but they don’t divulge to them the wisdom that they’ve never put into words or edited into a sermon.
    The studied and scholarly gamers who weren’t natural in the beginning though have quite a journey recorded and are the ones who speak and can teach the most.

  30. Women always try to “betatize” the men they arent sleeping with this isn’t new

  31. Every man needs to come across a woman like this. Once you break free from your fantasy and accept reailty for what it is, there’s no going back. Take advantage of your failures. Even If you don’t have game, money or status, etc, there’s always room to improve. More men need to realize women are on a time clock. As for us, we get better over time.

  32. A woman with a kid or multiple kids should never be an option. No matter how much of a loser the father of her kid/kids is, in the back of her mind she wants to be with him.

  33. Awesome story. Incredibly beta and stupid but the truth is, you ripped the band-aid off fast instead slowly and agonizing. Although most stories aren’t so bad, I’ve lived decades and many relationships going from beta to alpha. Effectively, you just took the fast track graduation in the school of hard knocks. Cheers!

  34. As a newly-minted Red Piller, stories like this simply validate my decision to leave my hellish marriage and take charge of my life. Oh how I wish I would have discovered this philosophy before making the worst decision of my life. I had to learn the lessons talked about on this site the hard way. The VERY hard way.
    Thanks for sharing your story Donovan. My ex was twice divorced, separated from husband number three at the time we met, had three children by three different men (none of whom she ever married, by the way) and shit-tested me hard (not that I knew what it was at the time anyways so of course I failed them with flying colors) on a constant basis. She had lots of “guy friends” whom she texted and Facebooked with constantly, constantly sought out validation, assurance and attention from men and had plenty of manginas and white knights lining up to give these to her. She was constantly on her phone and would even take it with her to the bathroom, and took lots of selfies (and I suspect she was sending them to her “guy friends” during our entire relationship). I don’t believe she ever cheated, but it was only a matter of time.
    She was and had been on antidepressants for years, but refused to seek out any serious help. She had lots of tattoos and plastic surgery, and actually claimed the plastic surgery was for her “self esteem” and nothing more. She constantly bitched about her weight and body and wanted even more plastic surgery in the future. On the other hand, she forbid me from working out because she said I was doing It to get attention from women, and she wasn’t into physical looks anyways. She also made me dress how she wanted me to dress and cut my hair the way she wanted it cut.
    In exchange for putting up with this behavior, I was constantly put down, insulted, accused of lying and talking to other women, gradually isolated from family and friends and had to quit my job (after leaving a great job to “try and save things” between us) because I was actually scared I was going to be seriously injured or killed on the job one day because of the mental stress and distractions she was inflicting. I was completely under her control.
    We went to counseling, but through her manipulation of the situation she made herself look like the victim and as a result I had to sit and listen to how all of her behavior was actually my fault, because she didn’t feel “secure” and “loved” and “safe” and how her behavior was really her way of telling me she needed me and blah blah blah bullshit.
    I finally came to the realization nothing would change, and I had two choices: either stay and put up with horseshit and being ruled over for the rest of my life, cheated on eventually and generally humiliated and emasculated, or bite the bullet and leave. I packed everything I could fit in my truck and left for home. I look back and see this was the beginning of my Red Pill awakening, even though I had no clue what the Red Pill was and had never even heard of it at the time.
    I’m a lot better now, I have my great job back, financially I’m back on track, I am physically and mentally much healthier (I’ve dropped almost all the weight I gained during the relationship and I’m back to being in shape) and most of all I will never allow anyone to shit all over me the way she did and use me ever again. I’ve decided life is about me and my wants, desires and goals.

    1. I’ve been there, I’m still waiting for the money situation to get better. Unfortunately we don’t believe the truth until it happens us. Looking back I always say to myself what was I thinking.

    2. That’s insane levels of controlling shit. I’ve heard some Asian women have cultures where the women are very loyal but also insanely posessive and accompany the man everywhere, eyeballing everyone he interacts with like they have a ‘whip mother’ complex. The loyalty is always nice but the OCD accompaniment becomes clostrophobic. Plus they age roughly the same as olive ashki jew women, kind of like crinkley crustaceans.
      And here’s something REALLY funny. On the other far end of the spectrum, C&W (country western) predominantly white kicker and redneck culture has some fat chicks (really fat) who commonly try to keep some broken man the same posessive way, like they’re keeping a negro slave (clean, fed, like the way you pick the nits and bugs off a prize show animal at the 4H(honey boo boo’s sugar bear)) only these guys are white simps having their haircuts and dress dictated by some domineering roll of lard. The hicks also have their sexy bad sex pistol chicks too but NONE are caught dead wearing a dress. The bitches ALL wear pants (wranglers) and nut kicking boots. Their whole culture has become a beta mule theme park of equalitarian ‘line dancing’ and white knighting so thick that you can barely hop across a C&W club dance floor without stepping in white knight shit.
      As for that controlling bitch you fled from, best of luck to you man. If it were me, I would have pulled the rug from under her before I left, making sure her sorry ass was on the street. WHY? Well because it is eco friendly to put toxic waste in its place. See, she’ll only do the same to the next guy and probably did the same to her ex’s. Keep the landscape clean and eco friendly for the next guy. We all watch out for each other and pitch in to put litter in its place.

    3. Damn a good backhand would have fixed that thing temporarily. That could be prison time in the west. The west is infested wall to wall with bitch enablers to the point where the stupidest dingbat can control or take down the brightest and most successful man through intimidation. Just threatening to call out the white knight pigs on the man keeps many western men constrained beyond belief and unable to control their women. Men’s hands are tied and the system spends enormous resources acting as ‘relationship police’. Entire big buildings full of socialist service cubicle workers devote millions of (woman)hours into micro managing the family unit. REALLY there should not exist any part of government that polices the family or the private home. That’s NOT what our country is about. That’s NOT what it stands for. But many femboob graduates believe that it IS government’s job to boss and curtail the patriarchal rule in all domestic settings.
      The ho’s are the last pick of leftover women and require a reset every 5 min just like an ADHD child. Used women can’t be kept monogamous without horse whipping and we ALL know that. They’ve long ago lost their grace and they threw their virginity in the garbage can at the get go. If you settle for a dumb wild animal that requires horse whipping, you’ll eventually realize that it would be much more worth the effort to learn game and bag a true blue virgin.
      Virgins unfortunately tend to be treacherously young these days by statute since feminists want the females deflowered early by same age immature peers. Females learn to game and control young guys by their balls and that’s the fembitch plan, to train women how to make the booty call and then discard of the male like the preying mantis. In the bitch rule feminized countries, the bitchsystem may have to get its smacking down before the west makes any upturn. We’re in a nosedive and simple Newtonian laws can pinpoint the moment that the west crashes demographically and fireballs. Native westerners are bound by the bitchsystem laws and are prohibited from controlling their females. It’s all by design. Females in cultures where they recieve ‘stoning’ as punishment for being a ho get weeded out somewhat. The dingbat ho’s we wife up in the west are the bottom of the barrel but in the strictest patriarchal cultures only the most intelligent or knaiving and devious women can run their deceptive hypergamous control game. All women have the ‘bitch-ho’ in them to some degree more or less, but in the west the hypergamy has been loosed from Pandora’s box by the bitchsystem of enablers. On top of that, the Pandora’s box has been tumped over and flung into a blower fan and shit-blown across the land from sea to shining sea.

  35. her biggest red flag was :She was puerto rican!Boricuas bring nothing but Drama and manipulation they are good for a fuck and fuckbuddy type relationship not getting in the feelz with them.their curves,honey complexion and silky black hair is a mouse trap!watch out!I know its hard to resist too..but hit and quit and then drive off in the whip lool

  36. I am firmly convinced that male humans are hard-wired, through thousands of years of evolution, to be the provider/hero to women for what were obvious reasons in the not-so-distant past, with trying to ensure a family lineage/genetic heritage being preeminent. Sure, the culture indoctrinates boys and young men into save-a-ho syndrome on overddrive, but the impulse is probably ingrained in most men to varying degrees. It’s not our fault that womens’ true natures are inherently contra to mens’ better angels. With that in mind (to the author), great series of stories, thank you for sharing and the excellent writing, you are definitely not alone in having experienced these life-changing wake up calls in your path to red pill awareness courtesy of these useless, scandalous whores. It is their nature, so it is kind of pointless to resent it after having had enough experience.

    1. The author had a series of what sounds like the extreme end shit cases of women to handle. The lord handed him descendingly worse women each time and from them he learned from the worst of cunts, like increasing deadweights to become physically ripped, he becomes more mentally ‘ripped’ in dealing with women. Let’s hope the lord is done dealing him the worst but we know women get far worse and even homicidal like in ‘basic instinct’ with the meat cleaver. I’m sure Donovan senses the lord’s game by now and will prepare. He’s now mentally ripped on the subject and is like a guru. A simple church upbringing and old fashioned properly kept women to choose from wouldn’t produce the guru mindset. In this day of war against feminism, the gurus rise and answer the call.

  37. You are a brave man for posting this. We have all been there but are hesitant to bear our souls like you have. Great article.

    1. I do it to let our readers know that ROK contributors aren’t all natural born Casanovas. We’ve gone through the same bullshit as everyone else to get to where we are as men.

  38. What I usually notice is men get a bad rap for using women, but women are the true Bad ones. Not all but most

  39. Someone here mentioned how we no longer have true “gentlemens clubs” like we used to. Instead the very idea has been turned on its head to be a place where men flaunt their enslavement to pussy. Having driven a cab in Vegas I saw it every damn day. AND I made a lot of money off the simps, too!
    But a true gentlemens club as a place where men get together to spend hours away from the whimpering and whining of their females, to occasionally share struggles and triumphs with like-minded men (but not too much! We’re not women, after all.), sounds pretty nice. And such would be a good place to bring our sons as well. But we have no such spaces anymore. The manginas have made them illegal.
    But then it occurred to me, what about masculine-focused organizations as a substitute? Organizations women would never want to be a part of? What kind of organization might that be?
    Well, I recently moved to the Southwest and there is an organization on called, “Oathkeeper.” NOT Promiskeepers. Oathkeepers. It is open to veterans and pretty much any man who’s ever taken an oath to protect this country and the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. They have been blacklisted by the Southern Poverty Law Center, so that right there tells me they are doing something right! Also, they are being attacked as white supremacist even though I can find nothing on their website about such things. I thought of them today because they have showed up in Ferguson, MO because of the threats of violence and so far I don’t see them doing anything untoward. Like the militia groups that showed up at Cliven Bundy’s ranch in Southeastern Nevada. Not because Bundy’s position is unassailable, but because the government was using that situation to trigger another Ruby Ridge or Waco and they kept it from happening.
    Anyway, does anyone know more about this group? It’s never occurred to me before to hook up with such a group in order to share neomasculine and red pill ideas.
    Just a thought.

  40. Are all neck tattoos an automatic slut tell? I’ve met two women with Chinese characters tattooed on their necks. One had them down the side of her neck (maybe both sides I can’t remember) and the other had them on the back of her neck.

    1. Yes. All neck tattoos are an automatic slut tell. There are quality women out there with a small tattoo here or there but a neck tattoo is quite literally telling everyone she’s a slut. There are zero exceptions.

      1. Even a small tattoo in a discrete location, to me, tells me she’s been around. She might discover Jesus and be born again and all that shit, but don’t let that fool you. No tattoos does not mean she’s an angel either. A tattoo on a girl is the modern day Scarlet Letter.

        1. Discrete location? It’s there to be viewed and if clothes need to be removed to do so then it’ll be happening all the time 😉

        2. Yup. Not only that, but just remember she had to have removed her clothes just to let the tattoo artist draw it there. She got that ink for “free”.

        3. But tattoos are commonplace now, everyone’s tatted, im even tatted, i know if a woman has tattoo/piercings in sexual places, its an obvious statement but what if she’s just an artistic person who happens to like tattoos?

        4. Have you ever met a girl like that who is artistic with tattoos and is not a party girl? Maybe they’re out there, but I’ve never met one.

        5. yeah, my tattoo artist, tattoos are very mainstream now, before it hindered careers but now, especially in the urban culture, everyone’s tattooed

  41. It is critical to have fathers or uncles who tell the truth about how to handle situations so that you are not taken advantage of. It is sad to watch young men out there who do not have any knowledge.

  42. wow thank you for this and to this website and manosphere.
    My mindset is slowly but surely shifting from my nice guy, beta faggot attitude.
    I am 22 years old and have never even kissed a girl so that tell you about how big of a beta I am. But i am working on self improvement and game and red pill ideology and by the end of this year, I will hopefully have made out with a girl.

    1. That is the best thing you could’ve done was to recognize your faults and correct them. Now go out there and practice and conquer.

    2. You’re on to it bro. You do know why men can run faster than girls don’t you? ‘Cause we got a STICK SHIFT and TWO BALL BEARINGS. So grab your sticks men, choke that baby and get in the race. All you swingin’ dicks RIIISE UUP! THIS IS OUR DAY!!

  43. I have to admit I have been through those events myself and after I read this a slight burning sensation of anger starts coming up. It’s hard to not do the right thing for women but most just do not care how nice you are instead how much they can take away from us.
    I guess Life is a hard teacher! But still I’m glad you came out of there okay and have learned from it.
    Sometimes we have to go through the fire in order to understand about things.
    Great post Donovan!

  44. That was pretty much all of my teens, I think we as men realize red flags regardless if we have read up on them or not, but in our blue pill delusions we think we can change the girl or we decide we can work with it. Its sad we have to give it an official label but when you think about it, it’s really just cold logic. That’s the “red pill”. Anyways good story.

  45. I unconsciously learned the truth early on but it took my several years to put the pieces together and draw the right conclusion. I still managed to bang quite a lot of girls and today I’m way above 100 different girls.
    The point is that even in that case you can still get mind fucked. I worked with a girl and even though I knew exactly what she was doing and even though she knew that I knew (you get the point) I still fell in love with her. To make it even more embarrassing half the place knew how I felt. She managed to severely fuck up my game and make me keep texting her and showing her attention. A female friend even told me:” But you’re on the hook?!? You?!?” Even with my more than 15 years of experience I couldn’t get her out of my head for almost a year. Extremely few men are totally immune.

    1. That’s when you keep gaming and have plates spinning. It’ll help take your mind off of her.

      1. I did keep up my game when she was not around but I changed around her and I saw it and felt it and I even knew it in the moment but I had no game when we were out and she was around. She loved staying close to me when we went out getting pretty much all my attention which was a big deal because of my reputation. Luckily I never bought her drinks or anything but my humiliation was still massive.
        I still find it hard to accept that when I rationally knew I still needed almost a year to snap out of it. At first I was intrigued because I couldn’t understand how she was able to do it so I became curious. Finally I had no choice but to accept defeat and cut my loses.
        Have you been in a situation like that?

        1. Have I been in a situation like that? Absolutely. Our lizard brain just goes kaput and melt. The testosterone fog obscure our judgment.
          Thank you for sharing your experience. It takes courage for someone to express his failures openly as an example so others do not make the same mistakes.

  46. Good God. As if you force-fed yourself blue pills by the bushel.
    That moment of clarity…just thank god no lasting damage has taken place in your life.

  47. Fuck you’ve been through quite the wringer, thanks for sharing, and glad to hear you came out on top. I was lucky enough to have a hard as nails red pill father who pushed me in the right direction at a young age but nonetheless still learnt some lessons the hard way.

  48. So let me get this straight, there was Darcy, Carla and Amy or was it Darcy, Amy and Carla. For those of you able to keep score, please read about Andrew Stern.
    Thank you for sharing your story.

  49. Every man’s masculinity is getting snuffed out and put into a deep dark cage in the recesses of his conscience. Even when I was blue pill I never understood about the “You don’t treat a lady that way.” And the dumb brainwashed idea of what it means to be a man (staying by his word and other shit). There is an importance of acting by your word but it’s the word that is in your interests so staying by your word is faithfully staying by your interests.

  50. There is a way to turn a ho into a housewife, but sadly, you need to be a king to do it. What I mean is that you’re going to have to do things that are going to probably put you in prison, so you need to be someone of such stature that someone putting you in prison is going to be very hard because you got money and power.
    What you have to do is take the ho out of her entire environment, away from any friends or family. She’s now at the very bottom of the pecking order, and there is nothing she can do about it. If she complains, she’s going to get a beating, or no food, or both. I remember reading in the classic James Bond novel From Russia With Love that one of the characters, the head of British Intelligence in Turkey, Karem Bey, had a father who would literally kidnap a girl he favored and chain her to the kitchen table, naked, and fed table scraps like a dog until she learned to behave herself and utterly submit to his authority. Now, I’m not suggesting that this is a good idea for American/Western men to do, but when the collapse happens, perhaps it’s something to keep in mind.
    By taking her out of her network of friends and family, and in a place where she must adapt her behavior to survive, she will eventually conform. Especially to a man who is judicious with delivering pleasure and punishment, and punishment need not ever be violent, but a man can’t just be willing to give pleasure until the woman in his life earns it. If she doesn’t earn it, over time, she will come to treat her man like a chump, because he is. In order for her to earn it, he must give her clear expectations to measure up to. Clean the house, cook the meals, have sex when he wants it, are all good, clear expectations. If she doesn’t measure up, then he must punish her by denying her affection and compliments, and then tell her to go clean the house or whatever in order to correct the situation. But to a ho, you have to take her away from any source of aid and solace, because that’s partly what makes a ho a ho.
    Women derive their expectations from men in their lives. Men get their expectations from other men. That’s how civilizations are built and work.

    1. Dude, that sounds remarkably similar to the plot of “Black Snake Moan.”
      The Lol’s start at the 1:40+ mark 😀

    2. The biggest mistake that man made was to give the state a monopoly on violence. How does one keep his house in order if the state can bear down on him based upon a woman’s lies?

    3. Thing is just, if you have enough power and status to do and get away with something like that, your SMV is probably high enough that you won’t need to. You should have your pick of the women, your biggest issue being hoes masquerading as housewife material.

    4. This is rightfully the featured comment. Properly controlling your woman has been effectively outlawed for the peasants just like criminalizing weapons ownership is aimed primarily at the masses. Outlawing peasant ownership of swords in ancient times is the same as outlawing and restricting firearms today. Outlawing the father’s paternal control over his women and children breaks the traditional family and facilitates the most un-natural plantation-like system of ‘state husbandry’. It’s all about changing the order of free humanity on this planet into all people, men and women alike being kept like stabled animals, people stabled like breeding mares and work mules both equally domesticated and broken as service beasts on a huge human plantation farm. That is the definition loosely of ‘STATE HUSBANDRY’.

  51. That night you had the argument with her, your damn lucky she didn’t call the cops, accuse you of assaulting her, and get a protective order against you. oh it would have been really easy for her to do it. Plenty of evil chicks out there would have done it. you dodged a bullet buddy.

  52. Most people make these mistakes generally decent people, I have a friend who tried to date and get serious with a “ho” the second time I met her I knew there was something wrong he took six months before it ended and that was only after she got into a fight with her sister in a bar. He asked me afterwards how I knew she was trouble – he met her on a dating site, she was older than him by 6 years – Redflags 1/ Older woman with nothing to show for her age and yet she hadn’t been divorced, she hadn’t been bankrupt or she hadn’t been a long term traveller. 2/ she constantly bitched about her “ex” who dumped her 3/ she had a sexually transmitted disease – genital herpes who she blamed her “ex” for giving to her 4/ she regularly bragged to him about the number of sex partners she had – see redflag three 5/ She was irresponsible – he owned a number of investment properties and thought if he purchased another with her it would help to get her a head financially, they purchased a house that needed renovating the minute the hard yard started she took off on a holiday he was left to do everything himself. 6/ She was a “maniac depressive” – enough said. This site has posted a number of red flag stories but great sex gets in the way of common sense.

    1. why did your friend get involved with such a specimen? STDs, no income, irresponsibility, countless sexual partners? did this woman hold a gun to his head or he willingly fell into her cleavage, to then complain about it? come on people, are you that stupid or just pretending?
      Did this chick also have a ‘peach ass’ and good tits like the ‘ho’ described in the article? Perhaps that made up for your friend’s problems?

      1. He met her from a online dating site, she was reasonably attractive so he gave her a chance and he claimed she gave the best head (lmao – true). My guess he was to busy enjoying the sex he couldn’t see past “the act” and when he finally did he actually asked me how I knew so quickly I just pointed out what I posted on this site.

        1. I’m surprised that a male would adopt this attitude, and happy to see there’s signs of it.
          That’s exactly what i also believe- one must see beyond the physical qualities of a woman/man, beyond the attractiveness, to make ANY serious investment in the relationship, whether it’s financial, emotional or time-related. I absolutely agree that sexual compatibility is one of the most important aspects of a relationship, no doubt, and ‘giving head’ and all that is naturally to be enjoyed by everyone out there.
          However, investing his precious time with a woman who was low quality and made no effort to fix it, own up to it, but rather appeared to be bragging about it speaks volumes about your friend.
          All strippers have perfect bodies, gorgeous tits and perky asses.All prostitutes are masters of sex and blowjobs……but you don’t see men lining up to wife them up or take them home. Your friend seems to be extremely ignorant from the social, inter-human perspective, and you should knock some sense into him.

  53. More to the point, Western men are indoctrinated and enslaved at a young age. You cannot give away the lesson of the misery that we have went through because Mothers, teachers and media have already poisoned the minds of young men. Look at what they are doing as early as kindergarten. Doping young boys and feminizing them. Furthermore they are pushing a gay agenda teaching elementary kids that letting other boys touch you is natural. Feminist have made self defense a felonious act of hate. There is only one solution to this because there is no way back.

  54. The best words of wisdom I got that helped me snap out of the save a ho tribe was from an old Marine Vietnam Combat Veteran I worked a couple jobs with. He said often “They are all whores”. At the time I thought that was the most vulgar and derogatory thing I had ever heard. Then one day he added even your sweet dear Grandmother is a whore. He was trying to wake me up.
    Unknown to me in this small town I lived in with my at the time wife and Children my soon to be ex was a whore. You know how you realize you are not the only one ever. Then you realize about every guy in town had a turn and paid for it in one way or another. Yet if she goes to your home town with you and finds out you were talking to one woman you used to date it is D Day.
    We are slaves and once you accept that you are free. Never take a woman you have no intention of keeping to your primary residence. She will take it from you if she gets a chance.
    I am an advocate of legalized prostitution. It would at least be honest work for them. The reason many political women are so against legalized prostitution is because they have a monopoly and do not want competition…
    All women are whores !!!

    1. that is why it is called the red pill….the ugly truth..
      95% of them aren’t worth it.
      and women being herd creatures…..the remaining 5% are going to the dark side as well (in today’s atmosphere of “you go girl”).
      PUMP n DUMP is the way to go.

      1. haha i think it was another older guy that said to me “all women are whores, you just haven’t found her price yet”

  55. Just to get it out of the way, that story was as crazy as you said and more Sharp!! During the second read through, my head started to really process what you said because, shit, no one has it that bad! But you did. DAYUM!!!!
    Now that I got out of my system, if I collected all the facts from my own story, I’m sure my mangina tale could put yours to shame. Years with a partner. Half the time we weren’t even in the same country. And also used monogamy to avoid sleeping with quality women, because a “good guy” is faithful. Such bull, but I wanted to believe that. Unlike many here, I was born red. It crafted my thoughts from birth. As a counter, at every turn I saw the blue and after awhile wanted to believe in it. And as painful as it was I kept going back to red.
    All things considered, you came out on top and then some. Donovan, great chronicling of your history. Hopefully, newly minted ROK readers looking to make the switch from mangina-dom realize as bad as it seems, learning the truth, while painful, can bring rewards trumping anything they’ve experienced thus far.
    Salute Don!

  56. It requires real balls to take such a brutally honest look at yourself and your past foul-ups. I don’t know you, but I am proud of you for doing so. Press on.

  57. The media has always promoted white knight behavior even
    before the movie “Jerry Maguire”. I
    recall an old western where a cowboy protects a widow and her son, priming
    young boys to believe that when they become men it is noble to take responsibility
    for single mothers and their kids. White
    Knight behavior is a false religion ingrained into many boys at a young age.

    1. I agree. We should definitely do away with white knighting. We can help eachother without some dude getting tricked into taking full responsibility- and we can help those single parents help themselves.
      I think programs to help them directly, though necessary, won’t be effective enough, so attacking the root of the problem would be better. To start with, better sex ed and access to contraceptives so people don’t land in that situation involuntarily, then a better quality of accessible education, including uni, so people can get better jobs to support their kids.
      Teaching people, especially kids, about gender equality [not in terms of feminism -which might have started out ok but went bad later-, but in terms of egalitarianism] would also, in time, do away with forcing men into provider roles.
      Doing away with not only ‘white knighting’ but also the notion that all single parents are mothers would help solve a related issue- fathers having a significant disadvantage when child custody is discussed.

      1. You have some assumptions that I think are misguided. Regarding sex ed and contraceptives, I highly doubt anyone is so stupid as to not realize that intercourse sans contraception may result in a baby. Despite this, men and women have children out of wedlock at alarmingly high rates–70% for the black community. Waving the talisman of more accessible contraception and sex ed is not going to change this number.
        There may be a divide here among men regarding being a provider. I am a traditionalist so I have no problem being the provider for my family. That said, this results in more traditional gender roles. My wife is not “leaning in,” but she is happy.
        I think some men have been burned in divorce so they prefer the egalitarian model where both husband and wife (or more commonly now, bf and gf) work.

  58. Maybe if you guys didn’t let yourselves be used by a few women you wouldn’t have such a terrible opinion of them as a whole. Seriously? Tying girls naked to the table seem a viable option to you?
    It’s basic empathy- how would you feel if your friends, brothers, or yourself were cut off from all resources and expected to degrade themselves and obey unconditionally? Granted, some women do that, too, and they’re terrible people.
    But how about we just try to treat eachother like human beings- and when someone sees us as something we’re not [an object to be used as a source of money/whatever or a commodity], walk away from the situation, WITHOUT proclaiming that person’s entire group as horrible/inferior?
    I once identified as feminist, and I’m against ‘feminazis’- aka women who understood feminism as ‘turning the tables’ on men and taking the upper hand instead of making the playing field level, which I do think is necessary: because sometimes men are at a disadvantage, sometimes women are. But I can’t get behind anything of what you’re saying here despite caring deeply about men as well as women.
    I realise that the chances that any of you take this seriously are low as hell, I just wish you’d come across a more level-headed way of making things fair for guys before finding… whatever this is. Honestly, if you follow this lifestyle, chances are you’ll miss out on a good number of good, equal relationships you could’ve had with women and even other men [“It was also at that point that i found myself isolated and alone, as friends and family seemed to take the new me as unpleasant.” OF COURSE they did, even though I can almost guarantee that not every member in your family is a radfem. Just goes to show that this MIGHT not be the best approach to solving your problems and men’s problems as a whole].

    1. You’re making a lot of assumptions and it doesn’t seem like you really understand these men’s experiences or the patterns which are commonly observed and discussed here.

      1. Most experiences and patterns discussed here always revolve around the same model- hot girl (just like that ‘Emily’ or ‘Emma’ girl who ‘ruined his life’ in the next article), sweet sexy ass, great tits, hot sex.
        Ignore the tattoos, needle in the arm, lack of income, a house or living with the family, no family at all but children out of wedlock. It looks like a slut, it quacks like a slut, it walks like a slut straight from the gate, yet he ‘falls for her’. In reality, the man shows complete lack of control towards his instincts and sexual arousal, and starts throwing away precious reserves of cash, his time, his emotions, sometimes even his freedom and job, his livelihood, because of a woman who is attractive and nothing else.
        The character of a woman, her abilities to fond a bond with a man, to be and stay loyal, to create a nurturing environment for a relationship and later on, for a family, her caring for her partner and perhaps later on a husband do not reside in her ass cheeks or her tits. Particularly if the said ass has been pumped by at least 50 men before the said man and everything ended up in various kids.
        I guess this is the ‘pattern’ you refer to.
        The guy knowingly enters into serious relationships with such low-quality women that no man in his right mind would even touch with a pole, let alone set them up in a nice little house and pay their bills, and then complains that they’re sluts and he’s a wonderful character and a great man and look what women do to good men.
        Why don’t you guys marry prostitutes picked up from the streets, the attractive ones? Or strippers, the really bendy ones with big perky tits? I heard that the bigger the tits and the bendier the back, the lengthier the marriage and stronger the loyalty. So they say!!

        1. You got most of it right (until you got silly
          ) except when I referred to patterns, I was referring to female patterns across the whole spectrum of women, not just the low quality ones.
          This is where many men make their biggest mistake, believing that some women are more special than others because their outward appearance/act is different compared to “low quality” women.
          Obviously there are many variables in people and relationships, that’s why this website focuses on teaching men to keep their own life under control and to watch out for being blind sided. Because in reality, many men end up in bad situations because they *unknowingly* entered into them due to lack of knowledge or inexperience.
          So this is all about studying and learning from other people’s mistakes and triumphs then correlating that with your own experiences to get the bigger picture.
          Is there anything particularly wrong with that?

        2. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, and I completely agree with you.
          However, and this is a big however. I have noticed two things, one- that for a man to be so completely blindsided and get in a relationship from which he extricates himself too late, when big damage has been made, the situation always includes a very low quality woman, and two- that this pattern is very common on this website.
          Don’t get me wrong, i love RotK, i read it with pleasure as all articles are well written and convey a glimpse into a 100% ‘manly’ view. Nevertheless, almost all men who write (and some who comment) have been involved with low-quality women pretty much in terms of about 90% of the experiences they describe.
          I have yet to read an article about a girlfriend/wife with an education, a good family background, a ‘clean’ woman who never used drugs, never was a dropout, without kids, tattoos or ex-con previous boyfriends. I have yet to read that one of the authors here writes about how ill-treated and disrespected he was by a medical student, a concert pianist, a university lecturer, etc.
          So you see, not all women are like that- criminal records, etc., just like not all men are alike. There’s good and bad in everyone and having a two-parent home and a university degree doesn’t guarantee anything, much less to some who believe women should not get educated as it encourages early promiscuity, etc. I have a different opinion on that matter, but I digress.
          I fail to see any other variables in the stories presented by the authors, particularly the really bad ones. If it was the fault of being ‘inexperienced’, then all single mothers would be married and not single. Not all men make such bad decisions, to then pride themselves to being rational people who are more controlled, disciplined and organized than women are.

        3. U must be forgetting the times we live in “good girls ain’t no fun, bad girls aint no good” so men have an massive conundrum to deal with, especially with women being sold this materialistic dream by the media, making them forget the oldschool values u speak of…

        4. ” I have yet to read that one of the authors here writes about how ill-treated and disrespected he was by a medical student, a concert pianist, a university lecturer, etc.”
          You haven’t read enough. Try A.V. Yader’s article about being with an independent, professional woman. She was a medical doctor no less. High quality by your definition. Still a girl with the soul of a jackal. Class — which you seem to be arguing — makes a woman no better.
          “So you see, not all women are like that- criminal records, etc., just like not all men are alike. There’s good and bad in everyone and having a two-parent home and a university degree doesn’t guarantee anything, much less to some who believe women should not get educated as it encourages early promiscuity, etc.”
          Moral relativity is not an answer to the majority of women being narcissistic arseholes. The argument of NAWALT is the same as always: claiming that because there’s one needle in a haystack that the haystack is composed of needles and not straw.

        5. Goes both ways, you can’t turn a ho into a housewife and you can’t turn a hunky jerk into a decent husband and father. The “Captain Save-a-Ho” complex and the “Girls Love Bad Boys” complex are different-sexed versions of the same thing. But in the minds of ROKers, women are at fault and men are the victims in both cases.

        6. I haven’t written any articles here, but I could name dozens of “high quality women” that end up doing the same thing – mostly in their midlife after 15-25 years of marriage. One recent example – the pastor that married my wife and I 10 years ago – probably the nicest person I’ve ever met – came home from work one day to find his wife of 20 years had deserted him and their 3 kids ages 6-15 to go be with her high school sweetheart. There is a reason 70% of divorces are initiated by women (and probably half of the ones that men initiate are because the woman is batshit crazy)

  59. Bro. I’m all for airing your dirty laundry but you should have taken that one to the grave!

  60. Here’s what pisses me off to no end. So, after a man goes out in the world and fights and works and gets stressed out in order to earn a living he then comes home and instead of relaxing and feeling safe in his own home, he has to do all these things all over again in order to keep the whore in check. Otherwise he’s either getting cockloaded or ripped to shreds in the divorce court just because the cunt “is not happy”. What the fuck is this shit?

    1. he should have looked at other traits other than ass and tits before giving away his cash, his care, trust and concern. If he invested in a piece of meat instead of in a normal person/woman, then he got what he deserved. The chick duped him and then waved goodbye before even showing him her pussy. Smart ho, that ho. it wasn’t her fault, she was doing what she knew, with what she had. it was his fault for taking care of a broken woman only because of her physical aspect. That’s the most petulant and ignorant thing men do, and then complain that ALL women are bitchy sluts.

    2. Oh trust me, if you go home and relax and she needs to be recon’d with because of whatever bs, you ignore, get your down time in and she will be so ripe for your attention, less effort is needed to get her back on track.

  61. Dear god. Sounds like you got three complete and utter losers in a row. Just awful.

  62. While I would agree that foster is a red flag, it is rather insulting to see as you quite obviously have never seen or interacted with the foster system. Foster is a red flag because the kids were raised in a bad home – giving them a good one later doesn’t fix the issues. I have 3 foster siblings, and 3 adopted after being fostered. Raised in the same way I was. Do they act the same? No. Because 3 of the 6 have what is called RAD. Reactive attachment disorder. They were never able to form attachments as an infant and toddler, and thus they lack empathy now. 2 of the others are just low IQ, but were brought out before they could completely lose their sense of empathy. The last is simply special, as he’s deaf, blind, and has cerebral palsy.
    While it is a red flag, it’s not often because of the foster home, but rather the mom and family that raised the kids before they were put into the system. It’s easy to disregard how much of an impact our infant and toddler years have, but they form much of the core person then. You also forget genetics – foster families are fighting a battle against genetics and prior bad parenting.
    Just put the blame where it lies. Foster families get a bad rep, because it’s assumed that genetics and infant years play no part. Feminists would love for you to believe that just giving them some love would work out and they’ll be all fine, but we all know that is a pile of crap. It’s not nearly as simple as that. Not to mention, many of them that come in and out are very messed up psychologically – I distinctly remember a girl that was in my family’s house for nearly a year who was a pathological liar and a schizo – she would say my family was awful just to get sympathy from others. That’s also common (very similar to “I was victimized! Give me attention!”).
    Just gotta set the record straight here.

    1. Hear! Hear!
      As a former foster parent, group home supervisor and uncle to a fos-dopt nephew I second everything you said and said so well!
      It doesn’t matter how loving or giving or caring a foster parent is if the child was irreparably damaged before they got them. Which is why people who get onto foster care because they think their love can change the world learn very quickly that children do not give love, they take it. As they should! The real unsung heroes are the ones who continue to love and serve even though they will never have a movie made about them because their foster children will never play pro football or write a symphony or solve a math proof. The best you can hope for and work for is that they become productive LAW-ABIDING citizens.
      P.S. My nephew didn’t make that low bar unfortunately.

      1. Yep, when you foster/adopt an abused child, you aren’t getting a blank slate, you’re getting a slate full of dings and scratches and ghost marks from old writing that can’t be erased completely. Not saying it isn’t a worthwhile endeavor, just know what you’re getting into.

    2. Good point, I’m a fos-dopt myself and even though I was removed from my abusive biological family at only 8 months old, I wonder how much of my current personality defects could relate back to my infancy. I’m a reasonably well-adjusted individual (so my chiropractor says) with no mental illness but I do have my “issues” (don’t we all nowadays, yes I’ll admit, especially women). I had a strange situation with my adoptive family also however, so the background is pretty muddy in my case.

    3. The fact that your bleeding heart, inverted morality having, virtue signalling biological parents subjected you to being raised around these headcases was abusive towards you

  63. Extremely important article: it narrates a kind of abuse most men could easily fall for- and probably already have in one context or another; yet the men do not have a context or description of what happened to them but oftentimes just a vague feeling that they were duped. This results in the less socially astute men as knowing to stay away from women- yet not necessarily being able to articulate the reason(s) why.
    I am saving the link to this article-for my own edification-and to cite in forums later.

  64. I think most of us found our way here only after deep emotional wounds were inflicted upon us by wicked females. They’d likely be burned at the stake for their behavior if this was the 19th century.

  65. What the article narrates is again a fallacy ranked as absolute truth, from the wrong perspective. You’re putting the cart in front of the horse and expect it to run smoothly.
    One- it isn’t difficult to realize that, horror of horrors, one CAN’T turn a ho into a housewife. Just like a woman can’t turn an ex-con with tattoos, a drinking problem and multiple women on speed dial into a responsible citizen, provider for his family, a good father and loyal husband.
    This isn’t about that ‘girl’ (if the story is even real) being a flagpost for all women in the world, my friend. This is about her being damaged and rotten as a human being. Not everyone is like that, not all women come from foster care, sexual abuse, multiple children with multiple men, tattoos and criminal records.
    However- and this is strongly related to a comment I left on the Charlize Theron-Sean Penn article, which was strongly disagreed with and thrown verbal tomatoes at- why did you pick THIS particular woman?
    Was it her personality that attracted you? Her vivaciousness, her wonderful sense of humor, her empathy with the others, her kindness and sweetness overall? Was it her intelligence, her ability to discuss anything that you guys might have liked to, her ability to relate to common interests, her love of fun activities together? Was it her nurturing and homemaking, her strong family bonds, her desire to form her own family with you, her loyalty as a person first and woman second, her delicious cooking, the way she took care of you by rewarding you for your hard work and the help you extended her?
    In reality, what the author of this article was ‘blinded by’ and ‘tricked with’ and ‘duped by’ was…..Georgia peach ass, big tits, sexy body, and ‘aye papi’. Dearest, if you choose to invest your hard-earned cash with an ‘aye papy’ sexy little perky ass, and consider that her firm butt cheeks make her a good person, worthy of your investment, and then the receiver of your care, trust, protection, and all that, then my friend you deserved everything you got, and more. I hope that looking at that ass and those tattoos gave you enough satisfaction to make up for your loss and the arrest.
    Imagine if this article was written by a woman. ‘I met my sexy Latino during his parole….he was the sexiest, most dominant and sweet-talking man I had ever seen in my entire life. His tattoos and his muscles, oh sweet goodness!! I didn’t see the red flags….criminal record, no place to go, several children with several women…he told me he cared about me and that he loved me but he never proposed…yet i foot the bills until he went away with his latest baby mama….oh my God. ALL men are disgusting pigs who’d just use a good woman in favor of a slut. ALL men are criminals and convicts, stay away from them! Look what they do!!!’
    The response would be laughter at best. Isn’t this kind of naive, utterly socially ignorant thinking that men here always accuse women of?
    I left a comment on the Charlize -Sean Penn article stating that unfortunately, all men would rather date and get involved an invest in low-quality women such as the case described in the present article, rather than giving the time of the day to a woman who’s ‘fat’ (larger than the average let’s say), but who has other qualities to make up for it- kindness, nurture, love, loyalty, sweetness, etc. Most men said that it wasn’t true, that ALL men would rather date ‘below their standards’ rather than ending up with washed-off sluts and then complaining that, horror of horrors, the woman was a slut indeed.
    Well……I guess this article just proved my point.

    1. “The response would be laughter at best.”
      Nope. The response in a decent number of cases, from women who heard it, would be “Ohhhh … that’s so saaaaaad … he should’ve treated you riiiiight … still it’s all part of your personal joouuuurrrrrnneeeeyyy.” The comments section in Jezebel makes for entertaining if depressing reading along these lines.
      “all men would rather date and get involved an invest in low-quality women such as the case described in the present article, rather than giving the time of the day to a woman who’s ‘fat’ (larger than the average let’s say), but who has other qualities to make up for it- kindness, nurture, love, loyalty, sweetness, etc.”
      Newsflash, honey: most women who are ‘fat’, ‘plus size’, ‘larger than average’, or ‘rubenesque’ do not have kindness, nurturing, love, loyalty, or sweetness in sufficient degree to make up for it. By and large (so to speak) the fat on the outside reflects an ugliness, mental illness, or brokenness on the inside.
      From whatever source that ugliness or brokenness comes is not the point: in today’s egalitarian world — a world feminism demanded — a woman has no right to demand a man support her or wait around while she deals with her issues and becomes a functional person capable of forming a relationship.
      By and large, it’s the women who manage to keep their weight in check to BMI who have their shit together and who are kind, nurturing, loving, loyal, and sweet: because they respect themselves sufficiently to then be capable of giving the same respect to others.
      What you’re really arguing here is to try and argue that if a woman looks after herself and doesn’t weigh two tons that there must be something wrong with her. It’s pretty transparent. You might want to think about that before making stupid faces about guys who generalise about women.

    2. I somewhat agree, I think a lot of the things red pillers say about women primarily apply to HOT women, i.e. young, slim, conventionally pretty. And being sexy does come with a certain power, especially for females, and so girls who have always been beautiful have a tendency to become at least a little bit spoiled, in much the same way rich kids do (which is not to say that sweet-tempered rich/pretty people or poor/ugly bitches/a-holes don’t exist).
      Such hotties make up probably less than 10% of all females, but those of us in the other 90% aren’t taken into consideration because to men (or at least to red pill men) we are unbangable and therefore invisible. It’s like how guys are always talking about betas getting friendzoned and taken advantage of by hot girls, but in our case the lower tier (in terms of physical attractiveness, not necessarily personality or moral quality) beta females are simply ignored altogether by the alpha guys.
      The point is, for guys and girls both, if you really want a partner with a good personality and morals who will be a good lifelong mate and parent of your children, you might have to start using something other than the boner/tingle test to make your selection. I’m not saying date someone who makes you want to puke at the sight of them, but maybe get to know some people around the 5 mark and see if maybe good things come in plain packages sometimes.

  66. I sincerely appreciate this guys candour and honesty, his writing is also solid however…
    “I can’t blame her for wanting to do something to remember her children (who she was rarely allowed to see) but the placement was a bad choice.”
    Still a bit blue maybe ?

  67. Well, the damaged sees that didn’t fall in fertile ground. Many,note damsel in distress, but men we must Know that this story has many other directions it could go..
    Although, a kind heart and favor for the opposite sex gains simp status, a king shall reveal fault in the kingdom.
    Many centuries have passed, but a story such as this makes clear the instincts protruding signs and symptoms.
    The whore the deep wounds of pains never corrected and the woman begins as the.beguiler of the very hiss in the snake. Consequently, the show must go on, yet we have insight to note, will that same hoe save that king the same way?
    Truly, great story with lessons of jackyourslacks and keep it pimpn…..

  68. Call center .. PR SM.. jail .. neck tattoo.. kicked out by her BF…
    Man you’re a loser..

  69. Maybe I misread, or was over-reading between nonexistent lines, but why did you spend the week in jail? Why were the cops tailing you, and how were the charges relevant (to the story), other than shortage of available bail funds?
    Did the woman and her cologne-sheet-smelling man factor into this backstory?

  70. Blue Pill Propaganda – Women turn to prostitution because men are not taught to not sexualize women and because our sexist society doesn’t give women economic opportunities.
    Red Pill Truth – Women are hoes cause it is their nature to get something in exchange for sex and it’s very easy money.

  71. You poor bastard, but things could have been worse. The main thing is learning from the experience rather than keep repeating the same mistakes like many do stuck in the rut. Good on ya for recognizing the problem and tackling it rather than crying woe is me and white knighting another harpy.

  72. The flip side is, Carla got better at being a ho. Next time she won’t make the cologne mistake.
    You can look at it a few different ways. If you just ghosted on her the second you smelled the cologne, she would never know why and consequently never improved her deceit. Effectively paying it forward to the next victim.
    Or with the knowledge that she is indeed a ho, treat her as such. Withdrawal all resources, time money etc. Begin all future interactions with a transactional mindset. Get yours too.
    Or option c, cut the drama out your life.

    1. So is Donovan another black superman or just another white guy with outstanding warrants for his arrest …

  73. I remember when I was a simp. If I could just go back and hit my old self in the face…

    1. If that was around 08′ or so, do me a favor. Find me and give me a few whacks too!

      1. Its impossible to go back anyway, once you know the true nature of woman…its life changing.

  74. I would love to read how you ultimately told her to kick rocks! Also I would’ve had to bang at least once just off of general principle.

  75. “update the sales board for me (back then we used a whiteboard and dry erase markers)” don’t know why but read this line and just burst out laughing

  76. This story is a prime example of how men are inferior to women. Not only are you weak and whipped, but you’re crying about it publicly. How attractive.

  77. Oh man. I cringed hard at the description of the house you rented for her…that doesn’t sound cheap. Honestly you probably could still have been banging her, regardless of live-in BF and ex-con baby daddy, with just a small amount of properly-applied Game. Better to learn late than never I suppose.

  78. ‘Donovan is a sexist son of a bitch who objectifies women by keeping them on their toes, their backs, and their knees where they belong.’
    With such attitude you can’t attract except hoz..

  79. Its ok, I’m glad you learned Some men never learn but we have to walk through that fire. As I’ve gotten olden I actually make women work for my time and attention . Like ROK taught me you think it works one when in reality it the total opposite. I know that I can enhance a woman life if I chose to accept her.

  80. man, i ve got friends like you… providing for Single Moms! i sent them some Tom Leykis broadcasts to “educate” them!

  81. You paid a woman’s way literally when she wasn’t even sexually and romantically involved with you. That was the only red flag I needed to know. I mean this in the nicest way possible but that’s pretty desperate behavior, which is going to attract opportunistic women. It’s stupid these days for any man to pay for a woman’s stuff and to provide for a woman without some kind of commitment. Honestly what can you expect when a woman constantly flirts and maintains casual contact with you, but doesn’t allow you sexual access and then you start paying her rent? You were providing for a woman who wasn’t even your girlfriend!

    1. i won’t even open doors for women, elderly with walkers or canes, yes. young women, fuk ’em.

        1. It means I do not give women a break or favor for anything. They have to use their own time and effort to achieve acts on their own. If one of them gets in a fight on a street, they can get themselves out of it, as well as jail if they get arrested(money)If they have a flat tire on the side of the road, they can use there hard earned money to call a tow truck(money). I’ve never seen a young woman stop to help an elderly person(time=money). I’m sure it has happened, but I haven’t been witness to it.

        2. People don’t really stop and help each other in any shape or form these days. Common decency has left most people.

      1. I do that just hoping to piss one off. Either they will hate a guy for doing such a thing, or hate the fact that they don’t have the kind of guy that will do that.

    2. It’s pretty stupid in any age for a man to pay a woman’s way without any commitment. In the past this was in the form of a marriage contract, and he was legally obliged to take care of her. But these days, relationships and male/female dynamics have become so casual, idiots will fork over their hard earned cash for a whiff of pussy. On the flipside, men are no longer stringently required, or even necessary, to take care of a woman in today’s world, so many don’t bother. It’s a lose-lose all round.

    1. No. Kushner is an alpha. Possibly the low-key type that Vox Day calls “sigma”. There’s no way in h*ll he could have pulled Ivanka and made her convert if he was beta. (Also, it turns out that Kushner got Bannon hired… with an h.)

      1. I was somewhat being sarcastic. He’s a good looking guy with money and he has power . That’s how he pulled a 9. Try game on ivanka on without $ and looks and she would laugh at all of us

  82. My boys will not be raised ignorant of the true nature of relationships and women. What they do with that knowledge will be up to them. I hope they choose red

  83. If the bitch doesn’t learn to shut her mouth during the dating ritual, fuck da bitch!

  84. I’m confused by the thrust of your article.
    You were hoping/expecting sex in return for providing her shelter, i.e. money. That’s the very definition of a ho. That’s what you wanted according to your article… not a housewife but a ho.
    But you were disappointed that’s not what you got? She didn’t live up to her end of the arrangement sure, but this has nothing to do with making her into a housewife.

  85. One cannot turn a ho into a housewife. Even Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal (the real Sam “Ace” Rothstein) failed in this endeavor.

    1. Some never get a chance to read stuff like this that would save them from those succubii from hell

    2. You can settle for this, or they can publish ten more articles crying about “antifa”.

  86. This is a microcosm of Western Civ. All I know is that the sex and marriage lives of most of my uncles and older male cousins are utter disasters. Donovan Sharpe’s experience with that Puerto Rican skank is about typical.

  87. – Implying that cheating is fine as long as you’re dissatisfied with your wife.
    Haven’t you heard the words you said at the altar?
    If morals and vows are important on any level, the writer of this article does not have any idea.
    Does wifes can be nightmares? Yes.
    Does marriage can suck? Yes.
    Does younger pussies are better than your wife’s? Yes.
    Yet, nothing justifies cheating.
    You make a oath in marriage, if you can’t keep the oath don’t make the oath in first place. If you think oaths are not important, you’re not a man, you’re a honorless boy, as the principle of male honor begins at his word.
    Maybe it is not your fault that your marriage ended on divorce, but you should NEVER regret the fact that you never cheated on your woman, even if she cheated on you. Your woman stained her honor, why would you do the same and degrade to her level?
    Morals is what builts a healthy home. The nature of women, whatever it may be, doesn’t justify any lack of honor, as WE’RE the ones who keep the morals. If the morals of men aren’t high, neighther will be of anyone else.
    Correct your beliefs before blaming women, you cucks.

  88. The problem is, so many people correlate slutty behavior outside the bedroom (cheating) with slutty behavior inside the bedroom (kinkiness and horniness), the fact of the matter is there is no correlation at all, or even an inverse correlation.
    You can take the sluttiest girl you known in high school and see when she is at in her 30’s, and you will see she will be getting less sex than the religious prude who decides to wait until marriage. For a woman, horniness is related to trust, attraction, and attention. If you can’t give a girl that, she will become frigid. Kinkiness is related to attraction and trust. They get as much sex as they want (from you). If if is infrequent, either she is cheating, has medical issues, or is longing for other dick but refrains because of religious conviction. Time to dial in your game.
    The slut will have problems with trust (she sees you as the cheating type she is) and attraction (she is able to compare you with the 1000 young Chads that have been idealized in her mind). You may be able to give her the attention, but she will see it as beta behavior.
    Conversely, the “prude” will trust you more, find you more attractive, and will want your attention. You are in a position for a much more satisfying sex life. Although, it does take time to have her let go of her prudish hangups and explore her kinky side (all women have them)

  89. First red flag for me is that she was a spic with a kid. Growing up in a (((diverse))) area I know what that means. Most I would have done is gone on a date, let her blow me in the bathroom then leave as she pays for her own drinks. Oh and it would need to be at a place within walking distance or validates parking.

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