3 Reasons Why Christian Parents Are Raising Slutty Girls And Beta Males

I grew up in the Church of England (aka Anglicanism), a church that, among other heresies, permits female ordination and gay marriage. This is perhaps unsurprising given the Church’s speckled past; King Henry VIII’s sinful polygamy caused England’s 1534 split with the Church of Rome.

Because it’s [insert current year]! God will understand.

The creeping influence of secular leftism has not only penetrated the Anglican Church. In response to Donald Trump’s moderate immigration stance, Pope Francis condemned Christians who turn away refugees, and likened refugee-holding centres to ‘concentration camps.’ This, of course, is a straw man: no moral person, Christian or otherwise, argues for turning away legitimate asylum seekers.

While these developments are troubling, they occur because, at their core, Christian parents produce beta boys and slutty girls who do not mimic Christ’s image. Until I swallowed the red pill, I was very much in the former category. I have, thankfully, renounced the Church of England, while maintaining my Christian faith.

Before I enumerate the reasons that Christian families create such poisonous qualities in their offspring, I start with a disclaimer for men: in no way should this prevent you from marrying a proper Christian girl. However, you need to know how to sort the sheep from the wolves – a skill that only game bestows.

1. Biblical monogamy is misinterpreted

In St. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, verse 5:35, it is written,

Husbands love your wives, as Christ also loved the church.

This verse has frequently been interpreted to mean that, in effect, husbands should bend over backwards to please their nagging wives – Jesus, after all, died for us ungrateful sinners! Thus many a Christian man becomes slave to his spouse, licking the ground she treads upon.

However, St. Paul’s advice to women, in Ephesians 5:22, is conveniently ignored:

Let women be subject to their husbands, as to the Lord.

Harken to a better time.

In other words, women are not natural leaders in the household, and should always be subservient to their husbands. They should always strive to respect, adore, and obey their men.

Husbands should, of course, love their wives, but the Biblical meaning of ‘love’ has been diluted by cheap romantic literature and Hollywood fairytales. In Christian theology, to ‘love’ is to ‘will the good of the other.’ Thus, loving someone means sometimes exerting a strong guiding hand, steering that person away from harm, even if that person does not appreciate it at the time.

For instance, I know of a Christian guy who allowed his wife to go clubbing with her girlfriends. As any red pilled man knows, this means she is getting bored of her marriage, and is seeking outside excitement (i.e. sex with an alpha). Clearly, both wife and husband were not living according to St. Paul’s Biblical dictates. Allowing your wife to walk around unguided is tantamount to Adam’s original sin: allowing Eve to wander around the Garden of Eden, stumbling upon the luring Serpent.

2. Forgiveness excuses promiscuity

Young women, like men, have high sex drives. The difference is that sex, for women, is easy to procure, especially if a girl lives in a city.

Many conservative girls, brought up in a religious household, have a job or schooling that takes her into the big city from which she derives sex, drugs, and SJW brainwashing. That old joke about Catholic schoolgirls – that their repressed sex drive finds abundant outlets after high school – rings true. My supremely devout Catholic friend raised a daughter who now has feminist tattoos defiling her otherwise beautiful body.

A typical Catholic schoolgirl

The girls always excuse their behaviour by saying something to the effect of, “Oh, it’s alright, God will forgive me later!”

While Christ’s forgiveness is supreme, and we often stumble in our Christian journey, such forgiveness does not imply permissiveness. St. Paul repeatedly asks us to turn away from sin, so that we might strengthen our relationship with Jesus. As his letter to the Romans reminds us,

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Sin is not to be sought, and while I myself have been guilty of falling back into a pattern of sin, I have recognized and taken steps to remedy my path.

3. Christians praise beta behavior

If sex is easy for women to procure, it is hard for men. We have to hunt; in other words, to learn game. I know Christian men who claim that they are ‘waiting until marriage,’ but it really is not their choice – no quality girl would voluntarily sleep with them. They excuse their lazy behaviour by claiming that they are leaving it in God’s hands.

And they are enabled in this attitude by bad Christian pastors, many of whom are beta boys themselves. Take, for instance, this video from LifeTeen, a Catholic youth ministry:

I cringed, to say the least. The advice is: be intentional, become her friend, don’t text her, get to know her, etc. Although some of this advice is good (“Be okay with rejection”), the rest is laughable. Once we understand girls’ true nature: they prefer ambiguity to intention, will never have sex with friend-zoned guys, and favour text-messaging to other modes of communication.

Sadly, this advice, and worse, is representative across Christian denominations. Such repressing of a male’s core sexual instincts is detrimental to Christian men, who often find themselves marrying a slut who has tired of the cock carousel.


Let’s use our churches as mosques – ‘cuz tolerance!

Is it any wonder, then, that our churches have become so cuckolded? We, as Christians, are raising beta boys and loose women. Such creatures are natural prey to SJWs and liberals, who only seek to defile and destroy Christianity.

While I do not subscribe to all of alt-Christianity’s tenets, ROK contributor Damian Michael is correct: Jesus Christ was a masculine man. He was fully God, but also fully human, and therefore 100% man. We, as a Church, should seek to reflect Christ’s godliness and humanity in our lives. To do otherwise is the Devil’s influence, and contrary to natural and godly law. 

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484 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why Christian Parents Are Raising Slutty Girls And Beta Males”

  1. I’m seeing a lot of early middle aged hipster leftist types hijacking churches with some neo feel good malleable Christianity.
    I bet a lot of these types were radical atheist douchebags in their college (Marxist programming facilities) years and now they’re a little older long for some sense of spirituality to fill an empty void in their life.
    They will try out different religions like their sampling different beverages at Starbucks dabbling in Hinduism, Buddhism and even flirting with Islam but they will all just be too damn hard and disciplined.
    No they will be joining the latest trendy McChristianity franchise church that excuses their bullshit and gives them a sense of identity and community whilst still preserving the altar of diversity/multiculturalism and white self hate that took that from them in the first place.
    But most importantly, this new Christianity is (((chosen one))) approved and endorsed.

    1. It’s easily visible, watch for the churches with skinny jean-wearing congregations and rainbow flags.

    2. What’s even worse is quite a few these types are really running with it and becoming leaders within these McChurches.

    3. The foxes run the hen house.
      I’ve seen people go into seminary strong in faith and conviction, and leave as Marxist used-car salesmen.
      I’ve seen churches lose their entire congregations under the “leadership” of preachers who teach works over faith, Social Justice over Scripture, and “feeling good” over being good.

      1. Gotta have works with faith, a lot of churches preach all faith and no works. They go hand in hand.

        1. James, the brother of Jesus, was right. I don’t know why this is a problem for Christians, given what the man closest to the extensible founder of their religion said about it.

        2. I think it’s because they think he came to create a new religion when he didn’t. He simply walked out the Torah as an example for us to follow. Most Christians don’t want to have to work for anything and leave it all to faith and grace.

      2. Priests in the USA don’t preach about hell very much anymore…they should, it scares the SHIT out of me, I DO NOT want to go to hell.

      3. There’s definitely something wrong, When an arsonist burned my house and business at 2 in the morning I barely got out with just a pair of shorts. I would have thought that christians would have been fighting over helping one waylaid by thieves, as that is what JC said when asked ‘how do I inherit eternal life. But the only time you can find a ‘christian’ is when there’s some gays to stone.

    4. “But most importantly, this new Christianity is (((chosen one))) approved and endorsed”
      If people actually read the Gospels they will see that Jesus Christ fought tooth and nail against Talmundic(((Pharisee))) Tyranny his whole life. To call this form of heresy “Christianity” is the highest form of blasphemy

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    5. Yeah I’ve met some that dabble in Buddhism, which is nothing if not comical. Acesticism simply DOES NOT WORK with Western degenracy and toxicity. At all. Ever.
      Don’t even get me started on the trendy Aum tattoos these spandex-clab never been fat “fitness enthusiast” girls sport to play up some pathetic attempt at Hinduism because they love yoga/wearing yoga pants 24 hours. Want REAL yoga, check out how Ordo Templi Orientis and Thelema do it.

      1. Don’t promote Crowleyism over here. Thelema and OTO are damned to hell. But yea, definitely agree on the stupid vapid cunt sluts and their tattoos

        1. I’m not promoting anything; I’m simply saying one version of yoga is superior to the other and chimes in on the art’s true meaning.

    6. “I bet a lot of these types were radical atheist douchebags in their
      college (Marxist programming facilities) years and now they’re a little
      older long for some sense of spirituality to fill an empty void in their
      Not quite that timeline. Here is what’s happening.
      A lot of these shitlibs are in fact raised by bible-thumper types. I’m referring to the always-bellicose constantly judging EVERYTHING on the spot, with no reflection or thought, of being “of the Lord” or not. These people will go find an equally weak-minded mate at the local church and then have kids and raise them in hell.
      These kids grow up hating their parents and all things God-related.
      But, having been raised by, and having the genes of, two weak-minded parents, they too are weak minded and need something to bend the knee to.
      Hence their religious zeal for social justice and state power (when it leans left).
      They even have an end-time prophecy of their own: “Climate change”.
      For such a person to set foot in a church, it’s probably out of revenge. But since they are cut from the same cloth from that which they hate, they will, in many ways, change what the church blathers on about, but not what it does nor how it operates. That is, a “Christcuck” church and a fully-converged socjus shitlib church are hardly discernable beyond perhaps the gaytranshandicappedminority minister they install.

      1. Saw many examples of this in my high school years. Clueless religious zealots incapable of critical thinking force their children to yield to their impossible standards, creating bitter burnouts and “goth” theater kids. In my opinion, churches should do more to take responsibility for these parents after noting a pattern. They’re usually just low quality people who found their way into a church and nobody ever confronted them. Just my two cents.

        1. That’s a crock.
          All the people I have known with kids, it was always the libs, who used no discipline or values, no church, whose kids turned into nightmares
          Of my relatives, two of my sister’s raised their kids lib, and what they got were junkies, slutty single moms, and angry, feminist lesbians. Another girl from high school did exactly the same
          Her daughter is a fat, slovenly slut, the son a fat druggie. And I am not talking kinda bad. Full blown purple hair pietvin

        2. I have no doubt shitlibs produce those kids. I’m saying that I have witnessed clueless, overzealous Christian parents turn out idiots too. Not because of Christianity being bad, but because the parent were low-end people who failed to wield Christianity effectively in raising their kids. Thus creating the aforementioned bitter weirdos I witnessed in school.

    7. The hipster churchians’ motto is “Love Jesus , hate religion”. I often see post- carousel sluts , who are now “good church girls” , post this shit in social media.

    8. Everyone knows trannies are mentally ill and thus should be treated as such.
      This is the easy fight.
      Now try to fight against homossexuality itself, in all its forms. You will encounter far many resistence, as aceptance of homossexuality driven by individualism has become common even among ourselves.
      We must not condone any kind of homossexual behavior, as homossexuality is degenerate in itself.

    9. “I’m seeing a lot of early middle aged hipster leftist types hijacking churches with some neo feel good malleable Christianity.”
      This is Gosford Anglican Church 101. If you dare to, Google some of the messages Father Rod Bower puts up in their church signs- but make sure you’ve got a bucket at your side first….

    10. Traditional Christianity was NOT Jew friendly. (((They’ve))) managed to twist it beyond repair.

    11. “Non-denominational” church. That’s your first clue. The inmates where I work ALWAYS change religion every time the wind blows. On Passover they are Jewish, during Ramadan they are Muslim, it’s just hilarious. They go to church on Sunday so they can meet up and finger each other in the pews and pass drugs. Most of them on the outside will knife you in a heartbeat. Don’t you think you should have found God/Allah/Buddah BEFORE you murdered a dime store clerk for $25?

    12. They should convert to a religion which fits their ideology better: Satanism.

    13. How soon people forget that before SJWs you psychotic pieces of shit where the problem facing western society. Alt righters and puas and such seem to believe you assholes are friends now. You are not you are still monsters you are still a fucking sickness to society,you are just to pathetic and have too little power these days to have any real effect on it currently We leave you be these days because SJWs are a bigger threat. However this friend of my enemy is my friend is a bullshit needs to be seen as the garbage it is.enemies of my enemies are still my fucking enemies and you can all kill each other off.

  2. if anyone is interested, there are some fascinating interviews of Father Malachi Martin by Art Bell on the web. He was a Vatican insider, left the church right before Vatican II. He wrote, in 1970, that the church as he knew it would be pretty much dead by the year 2000…
    on a lighter note:
    man tries to deposit $1million bill in a bank

  3. Christian guy saying he is “waiting for marriage”: ultimate example of male hamsterring on overdrive .

      1. You hadn’t heard of that one? It was pretty popular on forums a couple of years back, before the male hamsters of the Reddit-esque virgin-TOWs took the stage.

  4. Christianity by its very insistence on “turning the cheek” instills a Beta credo into men. It still puzzles me never the less, how pagan Europe adopted this credo so quickly, especially the likes of the Normans who were a fearsome clan, but, adopted the piety and self-doubt of the Roman church so quickly.
    The Slavs are a notable exception in ignoring the influence of Rome.

    1. The Normans, aka Vikings, were a very imitative lot. They adapted to other cultures like nobody’s business. For example, when they took a look at Ireland and thought “Wow, that looks pretty, let’s invade and set it on fire” they landed, ended up establishing quite a few major Irish cities, dropped Norse, adopted Gaelic and became “more Irish than the Irish”. Same for the Normans, who got to France, set shit on fire and then figured that they’d stake a claim to some land. This led to intermarriage among the resident Franks and Celts, and lickety split, Norse was dropped and the customs and language of France were adopted. They just seem naturally cut out to come in and rape their way to genetic dominance while melting into the culture and language. A strange strategy but one that seemed to have worked. Adopting Christianity then seems like a no brainer, although there was pretty open resistance for a long time, and this is where we to this day get the Mjolnir pendant/necklace that you can still find people wearing now and again.

      1. Still, how often I believe that we’ve lost a treasury of myths and lore from the British Isles as a result of the Roman conquest with its official religion of Christianity was a great tragedy. The virtual occlusion of the ancient, rich and local polytheism of Hibernian is a spiritual void that many still feel to this day.

        1. Yes, I agree completely. The Celtic mythologies were really decimated. We know some stories and god names, but nowhere near the level of richness and detail that we still know the Norse, Greek, Slavic and Roman mythologies. While it’s easy to reconstruct the hierarchies and roles, a lot of the deep story telling was destroyed utterly.

        2. Especially in the Gaelic world where the tradition and folklore was passed on orally and not through any written form. It was further compounded by the fact that the medieval church in Ireland for example was forbidden to record in Latin any of the surrounding “peasant” folklore. It was only finally recorded for the first time in any systematic manner by the remnants of the Anglo-Irish gentry, like Yeats et al, in the 19th century, when unfortunately most of the folklore had died along with the huge decline in native Irish speakers since the famine in 1845.

        3. and then only after it was too late did such things become fashionable for the English…

        4. Say what you will about the Germanics, but they did yeoman’s work to ensure that their culture didn’t get absorbed entirely into the Roman Church. Charlemagne even commissioned men to go out and collect peasant folklore and stories in order to record them for posterity (across the Germanic world, as he was a Frankish and Germanic king), since at the even that time the “old gods” were still whispered about in the home. Also helpful was Aelfred the Great and his insistence on utilizing native Saxon instead of Latin for stories, texts, religion and folklore. Throw in the Poetic Edda in Iceland, and it’s a slam dunk on nearly 100% preservation of old Norse/Germanic culture. We owe them a huge debt.

        5. True, the Irish abandoned their native language at an earlier enough stage. After about the 16th century it was only spoken along the western half of the Island, and it kept diminishing, almost continuously, for every century after that. Also, Ireland was a conquered Nation, so there was no local “Irish” King who’d support the preservation of the tradition during these times.

        6. I wouldn’t say “abandoned” as much as I might say “beaten out of them by the English” though.

        7. It’s still spoken there though. Scotland too. Unfortunately it’s more uncommon than common though.

        8. Some things are hard to kill. Not for lack of trying though – Irish was outlawed for a while!

        9. Yeah, they tried that shit in Scotland too. Unfortunately it had some measure of success. For a while anyway.

        10. No, I don’t agree. That’s a bit of a cliche. Other countries occupied by the British held onto their language to this day (the Welsh for example), besides, generally under occupation the native culture often becomes stronger and not weaker.
          The English rule in Ireland was marked more by indifference rather than any type of brutal dictatorial rule of the local population, so I don’t buy “the beaten out of them” mantra, which is a false caricature of events.

        11. The penal laws then? Indifferent to local culture were they? And Irish as a language was outlawed.

        12. That’s not the point. I’m saying that the British invaders from the 12th century onward, were not there to sing kum by ya and be equals. They had come to colonize.
          In many ways, the conquest of Ireland served as a dry run for British colonial adventure all over the globe.

        13. The English rule in Ireland was marked more by indifference rather than
          any type of brutal dictatorial rule of the local population, so I don’t
          buy “the beaten out of them” mantra, which is a false caricature of

          Tell that to the Irish…or to Henry VIII or Cromwell…

        14. I’m French Canadian with an Irish great grandmother. I can say they tried the same thing here but with less success: too much afraid we would go to the states and bring them along with us… They manage to massacre the métis ( French-Indian mixed) and submit them. Not much french speaking over there in a few generation. Slowly we are disappearing, not sure we will see the end of the century at this pace…
          Feminism was the finale blow, What’s the point of trying to survive when your wives do not make babies ? Instead we get migrants, not a chance they would vote for the separation and anyway what country is free anymore ?

      2. The Normans, aka Vikings, were a very imitative lot. They adapted to other cultures like nobody’s business. For example, when they took a look at Ireland and thought “Wow, that looks pretty, let’s invade and set it on fire” they landed, ended up establishing quite a few major Irish cities, dropped Norse, adopted Gaelic and became “more Irish than the Irish”. Same for the Normans, who got to France, set shit on fire and then figured that they’d stake a claim to some land.

        I think this phenomenon had to do more with the little fact that our Norse predecessors lacked a high culture to speak of, akin to the Mongols in Asia or the Huns. They might have been brawny and very brave but faced with cultures they reckoned were far more advanced in many fields and had things like writing (yeah they had runes but very few of them knew about them, far fewer among them than learned people amongst the Romans and other conquered romanized peoples), better metal casting techniques, etc. they decided to adopt what was useful and in the end it resulted in them leaving their ancient ways, akin to how the Mongols abandoned their ways to become Chinese. Just my 2cts.

    2. I always saw “turning the other cheek” as being severely misinterpreted. The way I think it should be read is that this is how one handles minor disputes among spiritual brothers. Don’t let it blow up into something royally stupid.
      When it comes to self-defense though, Jesus commands us directly to be armed, as He instructed His disciples during the Last Supper (Luke 22, particularly verses 35-37). But these weapons were to be used solely for defensive purposes, as Jesus corrected His disciple who attacked a slave for no reason.
      Another related read:

      The Golden Rule Works

    3. Turning the cheek doesn’t mean what it’s literal translation infers in our culture.
      The answer is simple. Roman soldiers tended to be right-handed. When they struck an equal with a fist, it came from the right and made contact with the left side of the face. When they struck an inferior person, they swung with the back of their right hand making contact with the right cheek. In a Mediterranean culture that made clear distinctions between classes, Roman soldiers backhanded their subjects to make a point. Jews were second-class. No one thought twice about the rectitude of treating lesser people with less respect.
      Turning the other cheek means to defy your enemy, not to submit. Removing their supposed superiority when they’re forced to confront you as an equal.

      1. Could also be interpreted then as an act of pride and arrogance rather than an act of defiance.

        1. The historical context is quite clear. Early Jews were treated as sub-humans by the occupying Roman soldiers. This was one of the few means of defiance they had without violent reprisal. Once this is understood, there is little room for further misinterpretation.

        2. Exactly. It’s a pity that our modern education doesn’t teach classic greek and Latin anymore, I am pretty sure these “misunderstandings” would be far less common if ewe were able to read the great works of yore in their original languages, not through translations.

      2. 40 And if any man will sue thee at the law, and take away thy coat, let him have thy cloke also.
        41 And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain.
        And in Luke:
        30 Give to every man that asketh of thee; and of him that taketh away thy goods ask them not again.
        31 And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.
        How is this defying?

        1. I believe the end of that text was along the lines of, So you can heap burning coals upon his head.

    4. Initially those pagans were converted by force. I don’t think it was cucked in the beginning.

      1. Very true. The Christians at the time weren’t what you’d call “tolerant” in the sense we think of it. Sacred grove and a holy oak? Chop that shit down and torture anybody who gets in the way!

        1. How they reconciled or made sense of it is a mystery to me, by haven’t read the Bibke in full.
          What I don’t like about modern Roman Catholicism is they’ve taken the “Roman” out of it.

        2. Interesting way to put it, and I think you’re on the money with that one. Where is the Virtus in the modern Church (and, most notably, the Church of Rome)?

        3. What remains is the architecture, aesthetic, and respect for hierarchy of spiritual authority. But I think the spirit, or Virtus as you put it, is missing.
          Not to mention the papacy has lost quite a bit of its legitimacy.
          Also, as I currently understand it Jesus considered himself King of Israel, but citizen of Rome.

        4. “King of Israel, but citizen of Rome.”
          Could that be a hint of the desirable separation of church and state?

        5. Do not think that I came to send peace upon earth: I came not to send peace, but the sword.

          Enough said.

        6. I would say the rot started a long time ago but to make a long story short it was hijacked in the 60s to the point that is not catholic anymore since 1958…

      2. yo clark, I figgered out what dick bicycle means(a bike made of dicks) but no clue on ice bracelet

        1. cum on her wrist after jerking a dude off is what I figured
          dick bicycle is more straightforward 😛

        2. makes sense. a man’s love goo is ice cold.
          she came out with miley at that benefit doing ‘Dont Dream Its Over” by Crowded House, then does that song afterwards…the folks in charge are def fukking with us at this point

        3. Thank goodness or the Left would have no base to get out and exploit.

        4. and the bar for literacy is pretty low, i think its being able to read a menu?

        5. The KJV Bible is a standard for sixth-grade literacy. How many Christians have I heard say, “It’s too hard to read?”
          Trump brilliantly exploited this common lack of English literacy through use of small, popular words. Few know this.

        6. As long as you can order two Big Macs with Super SIze Fries, you’re literate enough for corporate America.

        7. theyve been dumbing down the rhetoric for a century. I read a transcript of one of Teddy Roosevelt’s State of the Union addresses, it would be incomprehensible faeg talk for most americans today

        8. Write out the words represented by the following acronyms:
          1) LOL
          2) LMAO
          3) BRB
          Congratulations, you are now a high school graduate.

        9. Jesus. Sadly, it doesn’t surprise me. I can see why they are big on pushing math out of the curriculum. If you understand math, you can figure out their scams…

        10. I used to think “hillbilly talk” was dumb, until I discovered that most of the unusual lingo is, in fact, classical English.
          “Confab” was always my favorite one. Not until this year did I know that “confabulation” was a real word with the exact meaning implied by the Beverly Hillbillies.

        11. a suny college will no longer require ACT or SAT scores to gain entry…its the state “arts” school, but still….slippery slope

        12. This is supposed to be a religious discussion and y’all are talking about handjobs…….you’re going to hell.

        13. Well, we as a society are apparently just dandy with some of our members turning their kids into genderless, sterile mystery meat kids in spite of all fact and biology. So why the fuck would we need to actually think or ration in college?

        14. No, you get it just by magic if you are Latino or some other diverse minority.

        15. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a religious discussion not eventually involve the subject of handjobs.

        16. Yeah but you don’t want eternal hellfire burning Russell the love muscle forever.

        17. Yes, that is exactly correct, most of it is very good and standard England English from a few centuries back. In many ways, Americans have hewn closer to England English than the English have, especially after their push to Franco-fy English from the late 18th through late 19th centuries. In many ways we use a more traditional and in some ways more Saxon English than England does now, which I think is *really cool*.

        18. What?!, is it really true? Who would’ve thought that could be possible? But which American English?

    5. I’ve come to interpret the verse “turn the other cheek” to mean more like, don’t be a whiny bitch pussy in response to petty insults. I certainly don’t think “turn the other cheek” means don’t act in self defense when violently attacked. I really believe Jesus, being a manly man, meant to tell us to let the infantile juvenile imbecilic snark and snide of our enemies roll off of us like water off a duck’s back. Like I’m doing now in response to your assholiness in accusing me of being a believer in a Beta credo. See what I did there?

      1. Yup, reacting to every slight against you is in essence, allowing yourself to be controlled by others. This happens a lot when your wife is pulling your chain to get an emotional rise out of you.

        1. As my dad taught me long ago, “Emotions are like a ring in your nose. If you let someone snap their lead onto it, they’ll take you wherever they want to go.”
          (If you’ve ever seen a bull at a livestock show, they have these rings in their noses. You can see half-ton beasts lead docilely as lambs by small children).

        2. It would be nice if women put those hoop earrings through their noses (not really)

  5. Regarding point 2, many people often forget that while Jesus will forgive one’s sins so that one can get to heaven, that forgiveness doesn’t undo the physical and earthly consequences of that sin.

    1. A story of King David to illustrate the point (from 2 Samuel 12):

      11 Thus saith the Lord, Behold, I will raise up evil against thee out of thine own house, and I will take thy wives before thine eyes, and give them unto thy neighbour, and he shall lie with thy wives in the sight of this sun.
      12 For thou didst it secretly: but I will do this thing before all Israel, and before the sun.
      13 And David said unto Nathan, I have sinned against the Lord. And Nathan said unto David, The Lord also hath put away thy sin; thou shalt not die.
      14 Howbeit, because by this deed thou hast given great occasion to the enemies of the Lord to blaspheme, the child also that is born unto thee shall surely die.

    2. God struck down David’s sinless newborn son because of David’s sin of murdering Uriah to get Bathsheba. So He does punish to the 3rd and 4th generations.

      1. To me that’s also a lesson as a parent to be prudent and to abide by God’s teachings on proper conduct (i.e., obey the law, support myself and my family, be responsible for my actions). I do not want my children to suffer for my bad behavior.

        1. Christians condone the murder of children not surprising. How soon people forget that before SJWs you psychotic pieces of shit where the problem facing western society. Alt righters and puas and such seem to believe you assholes are friends now. You are not you are still monsters you are still a fucking sickness to society,you are just to pathetic and have too little power these days to have any real effect on it in the current socity. We leave you be these days because SJWs are a bigger threat. However this friend of my enemy is my friend is a bullshit needs to be seen as the garbage it is.enemies of my enemies are still my fucking enemies and you can all kill each other off.

      2. He meted out the full punishment to David as he promised, as well. David did not die (immediately or in the spiritual sense), but his sons made war against him and his wives cheated on him publicly.

      3. I used to think punishing descendants for their ancestors’ sins made God a scumbag. It seemed very unfair to me. Then I thought about it. To use a couple of secular examples:
        A child with an absent father and a crack whore mother will probably grow up to be a hood rat or crack whore.
        A baby whose mother smoked like a chimney and drank like a fish throughout her pregnancy will be plagued by lifelong health problems.
        Is it fair that children in situations like these should pay the price of their parents’ bad decisions? No, but alas the world is not fair. When God said that one’s descendants will be punished for your sins down many generations, it wasn’t a threat; it was a warning.

        1. Christions condoneing the murder of children not surprizeing. How soon people forget that before SJWs you psychotic pieces of shit where the problem facing western society. Alt righters and puas and such seem to believe you assholes are friends now. You are not you are still monsters you are still a fucking sickness to society,you are just to pathetic and have too little power these days to have any real effect on it in the current socity. We leave you be these days because SJWs are a bigger threat. However this friend of my enemy is my friend is a bullshit needs to be seen as the garbage it is.enemies of my enemies are still my fucking enemies and you can all kill each other off.

        2. For Zeus’s sake, if you’re going to spam the comments section at least meet a basic level of literacy. Allow me to correct your (spelling) errors:
          “Christians condoning the murder of children is not surprising. How soon people forget that before SJWs you psychotic pieces of shit were the problem facing Western society. Alt-Righters, PUAs and such seem to believe you arseholes are friends now. You are not; you are still monsters. You are still a fucking sickness to society; you are just too pathetic and have too little power these days to have any real effect on it. We leave you be these days because SJWs are a bigger threat.
          However, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” is bullshit. It needs to be seen as the garbage it is. The enemies of my enemies are still my fucking enemies and you can all kill each other off.”
          There, that’s much better, isn’t it? I’m still not entirely sure what your point is (Christians are almost as bad as SJWs?), but at least now an attempt at decipherment can begin.
          PS: If you truly wish to fight the good fight against Cruel Christianity, Biblical literacy will be of immense assistance. If, for example, your Bible-Thumping opponent claims to oppose abortion on religious grounds, quoting Psalm 137:9 will win you the debate.

    3. Also forgiveness is only granted if you are TRUELY SORRY. People think aslong as they repent eventually they can go out and do it again and all will be forgiven.

      1. Exactly. Real repentance is something I feel like very few understand. God knows what lurks within men’s hearts. Simply saying it with your mouth and not meaning it with your heart/spirit isn’t enough. Then when someone pulls of a half-assed attempt and noticed no discernible differences in their lives they give up.
        I also feel not all are called to salvation in this age, only certain individuals.

  6. Agreed on the comment about Ephesians 5. Cherry picked scriptures can be used to convey erroneous meaning throughout the Bible. This is just one example. Husband and wife both have important roles. Any harmonious relationship has an alpha and a beta, the pilot and his wingman, the boss and employee, the husband and wife, etc.
    22 Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.
    23 For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body.
    24 Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing.
    25 Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it;
    26 That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word,
    27 That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.
    28 So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. He that loveth his wife loveth himself.
    29 For no man ever yet hated his own flesh; but nourisheth and cherisheth it, even as the Lord the church:
    30 For we are members of his body, of his flesh, and of his bones.
    31 For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh.
    32 This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the church.
    33 Nevertheless let every one of you in particular so love his wife even as himself; and the wife see that she reverence her husband.

    1. Read this one to the missus while we were still engaged- establishing the terms to be followed. She’s a bit headstrong but she agreed to the terms. Still smooth sailing two years on. If men lead, their women will follow.

      1. LOL, at “two years on” Dude, you’re still in the early honeymoon stage. Give it 5 or more years and get back to me. In case you think I don’t know what I’m talking about, try 19+ years and counting.

        1. The first one lasted nine years. If stuff was going to go south, it would have happened by now (or there would be multiple red flags). Thanks for playing, jerk face.

        2. Hold up! You are supposed to be a “red-pilled” man, divorced once, then got married again!?
          Carry on. You are beyond help.

        3. Correct- not much room for improvement with Wife 2.0: beautiful, virgin on our wedding night, 15 years younger than me, sustains me as the head of the household, excellent with money, and has just the right touch with my children.
          Go on, though- tell me more about the joys of older women. It sounds like you have a fair amount of experience in making the best of a bad situation.

        4. So called Red Pill Men like you self prove my point that we hold each other back far more then feminists do and female behavior is just a symptom.
          We attack feminists yet they know when to close ranks and support one another unlike so called red pilled men like yourself that are always quick to insult, brag, and throw your brother under the bus at the first wiff of pu$$y.
          Isn’t being Humble one of traits of a good Christian? Maybe you were out scoring with jail bait and missed that Sunday School lesson.

        5. Funny, your comments sound just like the other guy- almost like you’re reading off the same script. None of which has anything to do with me. Paid JIDF provocateur detected.

        6. You are being an obnoxious asshole. However, that does not make you wrong. I have been married 4 times. Each time the eventual end to the marriage was certain, and detectable within months of the wedding. Often within weeks or days. Of course, as soon as the “I do”s are said it is too late.

        7. I found my 27 year younger, 25 year old, virgin bride in a small village in the Philippines.

        8. Obnoxious? I think my replies were rather proportionate to the weapons-grade condescension leveled at me. Especially from presumptive random internet strangers whom I’ve never seen commenting here before.
          The red flags take time to appear- but they always do appear. My brother likened his first wife’s craziness to a pent-up fart: it may not always manifest itself in polite company, but when it DOES come out it’s a doozy.

        9. The LDS church. This is not to say that ALDSWALT- just that I found her there. Her parents raised her right.

        10. Nothing to tell, older women suck! Love’em or not. I’m just surprised you decided to make a great situation worse by marrying her.
          The state is now the head of your house. 90 percent of your work now is making sure she never gives them a reason to step in.

        11. No one on this blog would agree that feminists support eachother better than men.
          If two dudes are disagreeing about how many ex wives is optimum, they can duke it out and be beer buddies tomorrow.
          Its women who are vindictive and try to ruin eachothers marriages, get eachother fired, etc.

        12. Really? They close ranks where it counts: Government, Corporations, Universities basically the pillers of power in our society and men allowed this to happen.
          When ROK members or another related group can organize Slut Walk size rallies/marches then get back to me.

        13. But neither of this dudes would brag how “Alpha” they are on the internet. Alpha in the manosphere sense is different then Alpha in the societal sense.

        14. Nope he was just pointing out that why would a true Alpha marry?
          Kind of like a dairy farmer buying a gallon of milk.

    2. I used to be a high quality commenter like you, until I took a ban hammer to the head. Now, all I can do is shitpost.

      1. I’ve been banned from Jezebel, XO Jane, and Love Stinks (recently readmitted there). Does that count for anything?

        1. Getting banned from those sites is not hard, but the most important question is: Why the fuck were you on those sites in the first place?!?!?!

        2. It’s fun, the worst are the white knights. The other women are your basic feminist hamster.

    3. This means that not only are we to be the leaders of our wives and families, we are also responsible for their outcomes. If course, if one ultimately chooses their path, then that’s their choice. But if degeneracy results from our lack of guidance, then we’ll be the ones answering to the Lord.

    4. I once heard someone claim that the Bible never instructs wives to love their husbands, best I can tell that’s accurate, the man said that was because God never expects from His creatures that which they are incapable of…Red Pill knowledge!

      1. Correct, submission, reverence, and obedience are all that’s required scripturally from a wife.

        1. YOu understand you christian peices of garbage are as bad as the muslims you hate correct? You where torturing and burning women for looking at you wrong way before muslims where stoning them. You are all fucking sickness. All your organizations need to fall.

      2. The Bible DOES command women to love their husbands.
        Titus 2:4 “That they may teach the young women to be sober,TO LOVE THEIR HUSBANDS, to love their children,”

      3. We’re called to do that which is difficult but necessary, women to submit and men to love, because overcoming our lower selves leads to salvation. If it was easy, it wouldnt be asked. “Straight is the gate and narrow the way ….

  7. A few things Christian Men need to learn:
    – “Meek” does not mean “Weak” – it’s keeping your power under control
    – Your body is a “temple to the Lord” – keep it strong, feed it well, no graffiti
    – “The sins of the fathers will be visited on your children” – they’ll live out the consequences of your failures to be a man
    – Men are the heads of the household, in practical and religious matters
    – Women are every bit as evil as men – Delilah and Jezebel were married to otherwise pretty good men, but look at how that turned out
    – “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it” – if your kids are colossal fuckups, it’s at least partly because you failed
    – “Be prepared in season and out of season” – a man will be called on to defend his faith and actions

  8. I was raised a southern baptist however if most catholic school girls looked like that, I should have converted.
    The old baptists from back in the day were a lot different than the pastel polo and pleated khaki wearing pretty boys with side parted hair members are today. Something just ain’t right about having drums and electric guitars to sing hippy songs in church.

    1. I’ve been calling them “concerts” since my old church introduced that crap when I was a kid. I knew the band members – they think they’re rock stars. I watched the congregants – they clapped and waved their lighters (got in trouble for lighters, but they were waved all the same) like it was the second coming of Styx.
      Not at all like a congregation singing hymns and spiritual songs in harmony.

      1. Quite.
        I suffered the antics of one of these Quasi-Protestant meagachurches for a relative. Big-screen tvs, amps, drum kits……
        They paraded these kids up front and had them read prepared answers to questions about their ‘bible studies’. All canned responses trying to defend biblical litetalism and fealty to this particular brand of ‘church’. All defensive in tone.
        Throughout the proceedings I didn’t hear any of the following words:

        1. My dad and I used to play a game where we charted the most popular words in “Christian Rock” songs. Sure, among the top words were “I”, “We”, “Me”, and “My”, but the most popular word is…

        2. That’s very interesting actually. All those words are all inwardly in reference, which contradicts what Christ’s message was all about – a continual outwardly love towards everyone…

        3. None of you christians know what the fuck love mercy or forgiveness is. How soon people forget that before SJWs you psychotic pieces of shit where the problem facing western society. Alt righters and puas and such seem to believe you assholes are friends now. You are not you are still monsters you are still a fucking sickness to society,you are just to pathetic and have too little power these days to have any real effect on it currently We leave you be these days because SJWs are a bigger threat. However this friend of my enemy is my friend is a bullshit needs to be seen as the garbage it is.enemies of my enemies are still my fucking enemies and you can all kill each other off.

        4. Bullshit you Christians are all about bringing people low,hating people judging and attacking that which your fucking book of fairy tales disagrees with. How soon people forget that before SJWs you psychotic pieces of shit where the problem facing western society. Alt righters and puas and such seem to believe you assholes are friends now. You are not you are still monsters you are still a fucking sickness to society,you are just to pathetic and have too little power these days to have any real effect on it currently We leave you be these days because SJWs are a bigger threat. However this friend of my enemy is my friend is a bullshit needs to be seen as the garbage it is.enemies of my enemies are still my fucking enemies and you can all kill each other off.

      2. The old folks around home never would have put up with that.
        Most any sort of white trash activities ( tattoos/drug use etc) would have gotten someone banned from polite society in those days.

    2. “Something just ain’t right about have drums and electric guitars to sing hippy songs in church.”

    3. It’s better than having music that sounds like a funeral dirge during what is supposed to be a celebration.
      But if I’m attending church based on the music, I’m there for the wrong reasons.

    4. I spent a good deal of my adult life in the south. I always enjoyed watching the congregants go into the Baptist Churches (southern of course). The young women were always dressed way sluttier than they had been the night before at the disco.

      1. A feeble attempt at trolling.
        40 years ago they didn’t show up at church improperly dressed. Men didn’t either.

  9. Where is ROK’s resident monk when we need him? Aurelias Moner was his name right?

        1. You’re not alone. I may not always agree with what he says (particularly on the primacy of the Church of Rome), but he was clear, deliberate, and wise.

    1. Guess he realized the inherent contradiction in a monk posting on a site that’s mostly about getting poon.

      1. Oh get over this shit, dude. We have lots of PUA types come here and sneer at us about how it’s hardly about getting poon at all and that we focus way too much on religion, politics and other esoteric comments. If you’re going to snark here, at least walk in the door educated enough to not come off us utterly ignorant, s’il vous plait.

      1. Yep. Great role model. They should have named the reboot, “Conan the Librarian.”

        1. She’s a role model for cougars.
          “Just do whatever your woman wants and you’ll be fine.” WTF kind of drugs is he on?

        2. she is well preserved for her age, but she is about to turn 50….i bet she opened some doors for him out in lalawood

        3. If that’s the case at least he didn’t have to go to the homo casting couch…

        1. Actually, if you look at the Dolthraki from Game of Thrones, you are basically looking at the Cimmerians. Sort of a Norse-plus-Mongol thing going on.

      1. He ain’t no Cimmerian, brother. There’s a reason why his movie flopped, and why the only role he is known for is the one where the supposed “alpha” character let’s himself ruled by Daenerys Cuntborn.

      1. This sort of behavior would be understandable IF it worked with women. But it has the opposite effect.

    1. Well that explains why he does nothing but shitty movies. Sincerely, what a loser.
      He’d piss over himself if he sat near Sean Connery.

      1. His T levels would almost certainly rise by shaking Connery’s hand. Man, do I want to watch “From Russia with Love” right now…

      2. Here’s a quote of his from IMDB, which puts what you said into perspective:
        “I was 19 and folding T-shirts in a surf shop. And I got chosen out of
        1,300 people to play a leading role on ‘Baywatch Hawaii’. I didn’t even
        know how to act. It took me five years to get an agent after [that]. No
        one would take me seriously after ‘Baywatch’. I lived in the shadow of
        that for a long time.”
        Dumber than a box of shit sandwiches…

        1. Wow, he goes from Baywatch Hawaii to Aquaman. And he still acts like a guy folding t-shirts in a surf shop.

        2. Yeah. Hollywood undoubtedly loves what he has going on upstairs (not much). Here’s another quote of his:
          “I’m kind of ADD in that sense where if I start liking something, I’ll just learn it to the absolute max.”
          Uh…what in the fuck did he just say there…

        3. You remember that scene from Bull Durham when Kevin Costner is teaching the new meat how to do interviews? “Just glad to be here,” “doing it for my team,” “one game at a time,” etc. This sounds like someone gave him a bunch of those kinds of quotes but he’s so stupid he mixed two or three of them up into one mishmash.

        4. I think you are dead-on there…
          More of his IMDB quotes (none of which is longer than 10 words, for the most part):
          I got called ‘pretty boy’ my whole life.
          I was born in Hawaii, but I was raised in Iowa.
          I grew up with artists.
          I grew up rock climbing.
          I’m a huge art buff.
          I’m not a barbarian.

        5. “I’m not a real person, I’m an actor playing Jason Mamoa. Let me read you these lines that my publicist wrote for me about myself. My favor color is pink because I support breast cancer. I hate Trump. Racism is bad. Women are better than men. I support trans-everything.”

        6. Exactamundo. So much for Hollywood being on the level. “Let’s cast a beta idiot as Conan, Shlomo – we need to get the impressionable goyim to start acting more like we want them to act.” – Random Hollywood {{{Director}}}

        7. I used to want to be an actor until I saw that they have to be “always on.” One slip of the publicity mask can ruin a career, and the privacy-invading cultists (aka “paparazzi”) are everywhere.
          That sounds like a circle of hell.

        8. I think all of these big-name actors and actresses say these types of things as part and parcel of their contracts. They act all the time, 24/7.

        9. Oh I have no doubt. A lot of them probably have “character” clauses like some athletes do.

        10. I wonder how many cocks Mel Gibson had to suck to get back into Hollywood again. I mean, he must have had to suck a literal (hitler) mountain of cocks.

        11. Yessir. And if they are really good at it, or at least convincing enough in the eyes of their higher-ups, they go on to be politicians. The ranks of which are always comprised of actors, especially at the highest levels. It all boils down to, “We’re going to give you this. In return, you’re going to say this and do that. Sign here. Welcome aboard. Don’t fuck up or we’ll bury your ass. Now GTFO.”

        12. Yup. The game is rigged, man. And you look at all the shit they are doing to Google, YouTube, etc…. they are just rigging it even more.

        13. Absolutely my friend. They are pulling up all the ladders and battening down the hatches. They are pulling out all the stops. They are making their end-game play. They are squeezing the sheeple harder and harder. And the band plays on…

        14. I’m surprised some idiot thought it was a good idea to leak that engineer’s internal memo. The only people who think he’s wrong are already lost, and everyone else seems to be saying, “It sounds well-reasoned and balanced. Why don’t you reply to his points?”

        15. You should check out Mister Metokur on YouTube if you haven’t before. He has a couple of videos where he breaks down how even the chans have been co-opted.

        16. But they are doubling down. They are redoubling their efforts. There are going to hire a big bunch of diversity just to prove how goodthink they are.

        17. Everything notable on the Internet is co-opted. If it’s popular, it’s because the elite want it to be popular. If you are making real waves, and you are not agency-approved, your domain will be yanked and the site will disappear. If you get cute and try to come back via another domain, you’ll disappear.
          Nowadays, the search engines are being scrubbed so hard they are starting to look like lie-braries. So it goes.

        18. And I will laugh as other providers swoop in to take business from the increasing flaws and failures of Google’s development teams.

        19. I hear that. Just the way Metokur breaks down how it happened… these guys brought in to be the “saviors” during the 4chan vs. GG shit to create 8chan, these other guys stepping in to help out when the chans kept being getting in trouble with their hosting services and shit. It was all about the money and control. They want all the chan traffic, and want to let them play their little chan games (while they watch), but all the while, they are controlling the narrative and selling all the info they can get about you out the back door.

        20. I don’t think that’s entirely true. We struck a real blow against this with our Meme Wars. They literally had no idea how to deal with that, due to the viral nature of the interwebs. And there is no way to stop it conceivable either, since meme generation is an individual thing and once an image is out, it’s out there forever.

        21. A lot of what we are seeing happening with YouTube, Twitter and other platforms are strategies being put into place specifically to combat the type of shit that happened with the Meme Wars. The leftists and the authoritarians saw what was done and how it was done, and they are working overtime to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Lot’s of YouTubers are pointing this shit out.

        22. The reply has been to attempt to silence, and so far it has worked as well as can be hoped (for them). Their danger is that, in bending so far over to control the narrative, they’re destroying the functionality of their services and driving users away.
          This will not end well for them.

        23. Domain name – $10.00
          Off shore web hosting – $80/yr
          Video hosting software – free
          Badda bing. “They” are impotent, they just don’t know it yet.

        24. I was talking about websites and domains. Not memes or photos. I agree with you on this point, for sure. But let me extrapolate on the meme/photograph/image thing here. There was this doctor who cured cancer back in the day. Dr. Royal Raymond Rife. There was a a photograph of the headline of the main San Diego newspaper (1930s edition, I think) and it was on the Interwebs for years. “Rife Cures Cancer”, the headline screamed.
          I used to have a copy of that image. But the photo of that headline is gone now, it seems. It was taken out of the public libraries long ago, and now it is impossible to find (for me, anyway), on the Interwebs. We’ll see more and more of that happening as time progresses. But admittedly, memes and images and photos and such, passed from one person to the next, are impossible to fight…

        25. Most of the hosting for such sites has bandwidth limits that make scale like unto YouTube difficult. Much easier to set up an alternative Patreon or Twitter, where the same bandwidth can serve more people more content.

        26. That’s a cousin. But there was another one that read, “Rife Cures Cancer” – the paper stated he flat-out cured it. That sucker is gone now…or maybe I dreamed it after watching too much TV and reading too many MSM articles.

        27. Dunno, never heard about it until now. I think it’s a little bit of a stretch to claim he cured it based on what little I’m reading right now, more like he invented radiation therapy perhaps? Sometimes headlines in those days were a little…optimistic, heh.

        28. But if you do something politically that Patreon doesn’t like, you get your account pulled. Just ask Lauren Southern. Do something that Twitter doesn’t like and old Jack has an arsenal of different tools to use against you. He can ensure that none of your tweets get seen by anyone. Or maybe he just hides the tweets with certain keywords. Or maybe he just delays your tweets from showing up for 24 hours so you can’t speak on important topics as they happen.

        29. Twitter just had to report that they had 0 new users in the past quarter. I don’t see them surviving that much longer, and it’s all their faults.
          So very glad I don’t invest in social media.

        30. I see your point, and I understand it. It is true that anyone can step off the YouTube train and build their own bicycle. But that’s exactly what it would be: stepping off a train to ride a bicycle. It will still get you there, but it will take you a helluva lot longer and a lot more work. Meanwhile, all the people shaming you and shouting you down for your viewpoint are at the front on the train on the train’s megaphone.

        31. I’ve researched the dude heavily over the years. Basically, a consortium of scientists came to his lab, and they brought late-stage cancer patients with them (I think many of the scientists were from USC, University of Southern California). I believe it was around 20 patients or so that were the guinea pigs (too lazy to look it up). He cured like 14 of them within a day or so, and he cured the others after a couple of additional weeks of therapy. The scientists got excited, they talked about it and spread the word, the newspapers picked it up, and they ran with it. Then the FDA came down hard on Rife. His lab was burned down. He died broke and an alcoholic. Which is a very similar tale, when it comes to any of the myriad people who have found a cure for cancer, and had the naivete to go public with it…

        32. I think we’re making ourselves victims here honestly. They shout, but who gives a fuck? And I’m not wont to be shamed by the likes of a Leftist due to their core degenerate nature to begin with. The viewpoint I see more and more in public is right wing. The right needs to shake off this victim role we’ve had to assume since the 1960’s. We’re winning, we need to start acting like it.

        33. Sounds interesting, I’ll continue to read about him.

        34. GoJ, we’re on the same page. I agree we can’t fall back on the defensive, but we also have to open our eyes and see that the left is ramping up its game. They are specifically targeting the tactics that helped Trump get elected in advance of the upcoming elections. They are actively working to silence the voices and restrict the platforms that have brought us success in the past.
          Pointing that out and saying that we have to do something about it is not playing the victim, its the smart, pro-active thing to do.
          I’m just saying “Hey, they are doing everything they can to take our old stash of weapons away, we have to do something about that or we’ll show up to the next fight just in time to realize that we are unarmed.”

        35. you forgot “Dont forget to check out my movie Justice League- in theatres soon!”

        36. Wilhelm Reich’s books were burned here in the USA and in Germany. The word “orgone” was forbidden to be utilized by scientists, basically, by law.
          Reich’s orgone therapy cured cancer. He was crazy as a shithouse rat in a lot of ways, but he was laser-beam brilliant as well. “The Cancer Biopathy” is the title of his book on the subject.
          Rene Caisse came up with a cure, too; she was a nurse in Canada. I think she got her cure from a Native North American. Same deal, she had a high success rate with her “Essiac tea” which was what she called it. (Caisse spelled backwards.) Doctors came sniffing around, and being a nurse she thought they would embrace her therapy and praise her…but the opposite happened.
          For anybody who is interested, here’s a good resource on the cancer racket (from a website hosted in Tonga –
          Here’s some interesting info on the Cancer Act of 1939 –

        37. Sounds like a very easy 1st Amendment case to win.

        38. You think the cancer institutes and heart institutes would keep making money if they managed to actually prevent and cure those diseases?
          A few eggs and plenty of saturated fat have been clinically demonstrated to severely reduce risk of medical mortality factors, along with Alzheimer’s and a handful of other common issues. It’s been known for centuries, and scientifically verified for at least a century, but where’s the money in that?

        39. never heard of this….there are ads for a product which reinvigorated a previous president’s immune system…he live another 15 years…

        40. Sounds like I’m on the path to immortality then.
          My health is like 20 year old college quarterback level and I’m almost 50. Verified by a doctor a few weeks ago. Eggs and saturated fat are a big part of my diet and have been since….well as long as I can remember. If bread crosses my lips it’s once every 5 years, max.

        41. The sooner the superhero buzz dies, the better. I’m getting sick of listening to my colleagues(adults btw) talk about them.

        42. Most people fail to realize that noodles and the like were traditionally festival foods, eaten on special occasions. Breads were usually fermented products (fermentation improves the nutritional value of most sprouted foods like beans and grains).
          Look to Okinawa for longevity. They have one of the longest life expectancies of any region of the world, and they subsist primarily on fish, pork, and vegetable matter (kelp and seaweed, primarily, with no soy to speak of).

        43. They were so cool back in the 90’s and early 00’s. I can still take pleasure in watching Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League, and Teen Titans.
          This new stuff has all the flash with none of the story, all the pizazz with none of the character, all the pomp with none of the philosophy.

        44. Good on you…but if you should ever be diagnosed as having the Big C, I hope you will run screaming from the doctors and check out other avenues of treatment…

        45. Some forms of cancer can be killed by a ketogenic diet – they subsist entirely on glucose and are unable to survive in its absence.
          I’d generally stay as far from chemo as possible – it’s basically dosing yourself with near-fatal levels of poison in the hopes of killing some of the cells. Sometimes better options are unavailable, but it’s bad medicine.

        46. Agreed. I especially like the Sam Reimi Spiderman trilogy. Just good stories with none of the political agenda pushed in the current ones(Spiderman Homecoming was filled with social justice).

        47. I figured it would be. I don’t know exactly what did it for me, but something about the new SpiderJew and his fat Asian sidekick said to me, “This will be horrible.”

        48. something came across the news ticker for me this morning: moderate to heavy drinking can lower your chances of getting Alzheimer’s…low to moderate, maybe, just maybe…but heavy drinkers?

        49. What’s interesting is that moderate-to-heavy drinkers have a lower all-cause mortality rate than non-drinkers. The reason is, as yet, unknown, but they seem to live a good, long while if they don’t do anything particularly stupid (like driving drunk and swerving into oncoming traffic).
          Granny’s “medicine” is starting to look like legitimate medicine.

        50. There’s a scene in the movie where Peter wants to enter the Washington Monument and the lead chick(the ugly one that appears in the trailers) says she doesn’t want to enter because it was “built by slaves”. They don’t even care to be subtle anymore because the simps that watch this kind of horseshit are eating it like cake. Glad I didn’t bother watching it. Too bad for my colleague, though lol.

        51. Ghost, you will also find that he invented an optical microscope that performed at levels near that of an electron microscope. IIRC there is one surviving example at the Smithsonian.

        52. There are numerous studies linking atherosclerosis and heart disease to vitamin C deficiency. Why then are doctors prescribing toxic statin drugs that have been proven to have virtually no beneficial effects all the while destroying our health? Could it be money? Plus the added benefit of making even more money from the side effects? This whole sordid mess we call “health care” disgusts me.

        53. Most of the people I know that have cancer are obese. I try to talk to them about cutting out the sodas, cake, cookies, bread and other simple carbs and they don’t want to hear it.
          I am almost fifty-eight, 5’11” and 185 lbs.with a 32″ waist, so it’s not like a flabby fat boy is trying to give them health and fitness advice. They know that I practice what I preach but will not do what it takes to literally (Hitler) save their own lives. What I gather is they would rather live on insulin shots, statins and BP meds than to exercise a little self control. It is very difficult for me to pity one of them when they land in the hospital.

        54. How fascinating. How have I NOT heard about this man until just today?

        55. Probably because his work was discredited by the mainstream and suppressed. Think about what the big three did to Preston Tucker and all he wanted to do was build a better, safer car. He was offering a technological leap in auto design. But after they ruined him the other car makers were able to dole out that technology in pieces for the next forty years. Big pharma and allopathic medicine have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo and always have had.

        56. They burned Reich’s books and papers, and he died in jail too. Isn’t this country great?

        57. Also interesting is the Sister Kenny Polio treatment. With the ways things are going, we may need that knowledge again.

        58. I was actually discussing this topic with a friend in a grocery store once. Talking about processed foods and their effects on health and the likelihood of cancer. A woman turned to us and told us that she was a cancer survivor and it didn’t matter what you ate because you could get cancer no matter what. She was morbidly obese….

        59. I am not surprised. I have a good friend who is more than a hundred pounds overweight. He has all these different health problems and I have tried to talk to him about it. But he will not cut out the junk food, the sugar or the grain based foods. He just keeps going to the doctor for more tests and more pills. He was complaining to me how whenever he eats now that he feels full almost immediately…so they’re doing more tests! I didn’t say it, but I was thinking “Dude, that is your body telling you to stop eating!” His doctor should tell him that. He is retired in his mid-sixties and leads a very sedentary lifestyle, but eats enough to make a young active man fat. I expect the call any day now that he has cancer or had a heart attack. People like the land whale in the grocery store and my friend are in complete denial. Obesity goes hand in glove with diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, joint problems and, yes, cancer. But they will not acknowledge that it is their own “hand-to-mouth” disease causing their health issues. It’s very hard for me to fell any sympathy for them.

    2. Whoa. Watch it looking up quotes from that guy. I’m pretty sure if I continued -I- would start losing IQ. 😀

  10. Regarding ‘God will forgive me later’.
    What if he doesn’t? John the Baptist exhorted the people to Repent, and so did Jesus. Repentence means to experience a change in your thought process, not simply to ‘feel bad’.
    If repentence was simply feeling bad, everyone would repent as soon as the earthly consequences of their bad actions outweighed the pleasurable short-term consequences.
    Jesus knows what true repentence is, and maybe he will forgive if the person finds it. But ‘God will forgive me later’ sounds more like a dog returning to their vomit and not like someone who values what God did for them.

    1. As our bodies rebel against the Spirit, we will sin. The noble pursuit of non-sin is worthwhile, and this is our calling (“The Spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak,” and also “Who shall free me from this body of death?”).
      A Christian should not WANT to sin, for it violates conscience and makes mockery of our faith.

  11. Admittedly I’ve oscillated between Christianity and Paganism for a couple of years. I’ve had an experience in the last couple of weeks which has led me to re-explore (once again – I wish I’d just settle on a belief stance and be done with it!) Christianity. Fortunately, I’m linked to a traditional minded, conservative Church of England Church, half an hour away, so pain to get to, but I have little other options.
    My question to the OP and others.
    Where can I find a decent Christian Community style church?
    RC – I distrust the Pope immensely and there is a genuine lack of fraternity from the congregations, but at least it is traditionally conservative.
    C of E – Infected with loads of random, bizarre beliefs and practises, and constant infighting. Though gets the community and brotherhood element right, most of the time, in my opinion.
    Eastern Orthodox – None in my area.
    Other Protestant Groups – So hit and miss on teachings, beliefs and practises. Absolute lottery.
    Advice would be appreciated. I get incredibly discourage, frustrated and just about ready to pack it all in at the weakness of men who attend church. I genuinely worry when I’m the most masculine man in the room.

    1. Find Christians. There is no other way this can be done.
      I’ve found Christians in the strangest places. The Methodist church is filled with all manner of corruption, but some Methodist congregations and pastors are definitely Christian. The Roman Catholic church has its many flaws, but I’ve met Priests who are definitely Christian.
      Your best bets, as a rule, are the LCMS (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod) and the Presbyterian Church in America. If they do not preach the Word in truth and love, seek Him elsewhere.
      (And, if you’re interested, check out firstonlinechurchofamerica.org.)

      1. I’m in the UK, but generally your advice is appreciated as an overall strategy. I’m in a good position with this Church I’m linked to, but when I’m being weak I need the community of Christians nearby.
        I’ll get hunting!

    2. What passes for “Catholic” these days is not what you are looking for. I don’t know about congregations, but I would encourage you to read about the history of Christianity and if you can get your hands on them, books written by the early Christian fathers (Didache, etc.). Without a clear understanding of what being a Christian means, you will not be able to make a conscious decision. Just my 2 cts. A good place to learn a bit about traditional Christianity and check for references is this: http://www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com and they are sedevacantists (think no one is occupying the seat of Rome at this moment).

  12. Forget Christianity, its a foreign desert religion no different than Islam. If the West is to return to any sort of glory it must embrace it’s original spirituality. Hail Odin!

    1. Odin ain’t shit. Jesus is the real King of the Ring. Jesus would come flying off the top rope and clothesline Odin into next week. Then he’d hit him with a swinging neckbreaker for the 1,2,3.

        1. Revelations is just one long promo for the true Heavyweight Champion of the World: the main man, the ayatollah of rock and rolla, Jesus H. Christ.

        2. It’s originally from the Road Warrior movie, but Jericho stole it for awhile, like he steals everything else.

    2. I met an Odin worshipper once.
      At least 300 pounds of flab and he assured me he talked to Odin every day.
      Granted, I admit the Protestants aren’t a whole lot better. 😉 😉

  13. I would argue for keeping out legitimate asylum seekers. Even putting aside all the negatives of inviting turd worlders into the west, doing so is counter productive to the turd world country they are trying to leave. The first people to abandon a country are the smartest and most able. If you allow them to leave for better countries then you strip
    a terrible place of the only people who might ever change it. If instead you wall off a nightmarish dictatorship, then such people will eventually reach a critical mass and change things for the better, which will benefit everyone in that country for generations, instead of taking the best and brightest out and leaving the rest of the turders in hopeless squalor. A moral person would want to help the greater good this way, rather than short sightedly stripping the cream out of the nightmare and leaving the rest to suffer.

  14. True fundamental Christianity has been forced underground. The other problem is our secularized Marxist society that enables and even encourages degenerate behavior, so it really doesn’t matter how true you are to God’s word or how strict you are in your punishments, because without that needed societal discipline, you will inevitably have terrible children.
    My advice is to not have any daughters if possible, and if you have a son, then get him to lift as early as possible.

    1. Girl or boy is a roll of the genetic dice. Unless you’re into sex-based abortion like the Chinese. As for the last part of your comment, it reeks of dude-bro-ism (“you lift, duuude?”).

      1. I was mostly joking about that part since we obviously can’t control what gender our kids are, at least not naturally, but I wouldn’t advocate for anything else.
        As for the last part, so what? Better my son becomes a dude bro than some soy ingesting cuck.

        1. That’s a good point. Except for the “cuck” part. That’s alt.right slang and should be avoided.

        2. Just saying that people lose credibility outside alt.right circles when they use words like “cuck.” It’s like that Pepe the frog thing. It’s a turnoff

        3. Fuck that. Don’t let the leftists language police you. Don’t let the “tolerant” left tell you want memes you can and can’t use. Pepe is fucking awesome. The only thing bad about the alt-right is all the damn white supremacist fucks.

        4. Nothing wrong with the Alt Right, just a little misguided on some things like religion and female nature.

        5. The alt.right without white supremacists would be like Cultural Marxism without SJWs. Who would be left?

        6. We can speak as we choose. Don’t deign to dictate our language. Lots of alt right post here just like lots of non-alt right. We speak as we wish.

        7. Before the alt-right became the alt-right, it was just a growing movement of people who were personally well right of everything going on in politics and media. It was just people sick of having the PC agenda shoved in our face on every episode of every TV show, and tired of our hypocrite politicians campaigning to stay right and then immediately going left after the election.
          Richard Spencer and his gang of alt-whiters were the first to really recognize the movement and give it a name. Once they made it about white nationalism and white supremacy, they effectively neutered it, which is why it is declining now.
          But for the vast majority of people who originally made up that thought movement, it was never really that much about whiteness, it was just a push back against the control the left was seeking to force us all into. It wasn’t that people “hated” gays, it was just that they were sick of gays being fucking everywhere, half-naked and shoving their gayness in our faces. It wasn’t that they hated blacks, it was just they were sick of skin color or diversity being more important than merit, or law, or facts or reality.

  15. Where’d they find that dorky muhfugga in the first pic? And that’s no Catholic schoolgirl. He’s right about the CoE though. Thomas More was da man!

      1. In bible study, we always used to laugh about this one.
        Job 3:2. “He said”

    1. It’s absurd to think that a rational, sentient man shouldn’t use his critical judgment in apprising the behavior of others? Judge not…those who’d bring a curse unto your house, surely not?

    2. Taken in its proper context, that means with what judgment you judge so shall you be judged. So contrary to the intent of the secularists who like to throw that in our faces, it means we must exercise judgment fairly and righteously. It does not mean we are not to judge.

  16. The picture of the imams or whatever they are in church- those old southern baptists would have only put up with that long enough to get their shotgun out of the truck.

  17. >>> “Oh, it’s alright, God will forgive me later!”
    Sadly… this stems from the core of Christian theology. That Christ (God) died for our sins. That someone else took on the sins of humanity that wiped the slate clean, thus… drum roll… we are already saved.
    This… was the initial, and still as can be seen from the quote, understanding of what Christ did for Man. It frustrated Paul (I believe) because he (or the Church) had to then “clarify” that yes… you are “saved” but there is still judgement, so don’t go a sinnin. It was a HUGE problem in the very first days and weeks of Christianity. Many pagans thought that by becoming Christian, all past sins were forgiven and all current ones as well!!!
    That is all I will say as I know it may bring huge criticism on my head. I am sympathetic to Christianity and support Christians who are true followers of Christ. That said, there are some serious logical conundrums with how Christianity is formulated and those problems are why it is in the state it is in.

    1. It’s a very human thing to do – to cling to what benefits us and discard what does not. Jesus said many things that many so-called Christians do not like:
      “Anyone who would follow me must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me.”
      “If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and
      wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life
      also, he cannot be my disciple.”
      “Be perfect, therefore, as your Heavenly Father is perfect.”
      The salvation comes with strings attached – you are no longer your own. You are raised from the dead not to return to the pit, but to serve the Lord.
      It is easy to hear, “You are forgiven your sins,” but far harder to hear, “Now go and sin no more.”

    2. But, if I was a pagan, surely I’d ask why this Christ-Man decided to die for my sins? In the pagan world most of my sins would not have been sins anyway. It was only Christianity and especially the Judaic element that defined such things as cursing for example as “Sins”. Cursing was very well understood as a normal and natural element of the pagan world, but, it was never a sin to do so in this world. In fact, the concept of sin was largely alien to the pagan pre-Christian world.

      1. Cursing is not a sin. Using the Lord’s name in vain is a sin. So you’re still perfectly sin free if you throw out frequent references to fucking, shitting and getting handjobs. No sin at all. But use the Lord’s name in a way that is fruitless, and you’re gonna hang.

        1. Yes, but you can curse the interference of the Gods in the pagan world. You can curse against the trickery Loki for example or the tom-foolery of Pan playing havoc with elements during the lambing season. In Christianity, Jehovah will bring pestilence, fire and brimstone for cursing Him. Jehovah is very prickly and sensitive in comparison to the old pagan pantheon of the nature Gods etc.

        2. That’s because not only are you invoking His name, you are openly cursing Him. That’s not the same as telling some faggot walking down the road to fuck off.

        3. I like the pagan idea of being able to curse your own Gods. It makes them more familiar, colorful and human.

        4. From what I know of mythologies though, sure you could curse Odin, but then he’d influence battle against you or come down and turn your kid into a bush. Eh, in any event, I was just noting the distinction between using vulgar language and using the Lord’s name in vain.

        5. Fallen humans are diks, but if we overcome all of our shortcomings (through Christ), and we will be heirs of God.
          Romans 8:
          16 The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God:
          17 And if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ; if so be that we suffer with him, that we may be also glorified together.

        6. Buddha was just a human and those who follow him shall find redemption. Do you not think it’s a rather large claim for anyone who’s in the flesh to make i.e I am the son of God. What would your reaction be to someone who walked up to and said this?

        7. Its an extraordinary claim, and no, I doubt I’d believe anyone who did so. I’d be the guy shoving my hand into the spear wound after he rose from the dead.
          But to worship, one doesn’t worship the man Jesus in and of himself but rather the man as one facet of the Trinity which is far more than human.

        8. If He could heal the sick, cast out demons, raise the dead I would probably tend to give Him at least a fair hearing..

        9. The historical Jesus like the Buddha was probably a akin to a hybrid between a sage and a shaman. Both could probably cast out demons, but, I suspect in very different ways. Raise the dead….well, I’m not too sure about this, but, again I’d imagine the Buddha would cryptically say something like “How can I raise the dead if we too are dead”

        10. But the Bible is against unwholesome talk which includes dirty jokes and a lot of other stuff “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.”
          ‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭4:29‬ ‭NIV‬‬

        11. Exactly, and hence not much reason to strive for excellence…maybe that’s why the Northern pagans were still living in thatched barns while the Romans went on and became not only an empire but accumulated knowledge and outdid themselves every generation…just saying.

        12. I think you mean Nirvana and Nirvana doesn’t mean redemption and it’s not even a close concept.
          In Budhism YOU are the one that must acquire salvation following the steps left by Budha, he will not try to save you, you must achieve “salvation” by yourself and “salvation” means escaping from the cycle of death and rebirth at the end of multiple reincarnations. And in Hinduism Budha is just one more avatar…

        13. Jesus was NOTHING like Bhudda. At all. Jesus truly was the son of God and he knew it and told others about it. All religions are NOT the same, nor equal nor approximately similar.

      2. The pagans also asked (and rightly) why the Christian worships three gods in one. Arianism was a real Christian movement as it appealed far more to intelligence (pagan as it was) than the intellectual gymnastics that followed with the crushing of the Arian heresy.
        That said, I do believe Christianity is what gave The West its first true patriarchy. As you say, it finally laid out sins… in the sense that committing them was not only an offense to God, but also to the community in removing it from God’s grace.
        Without Christianity and God, The West is finished.

        1. The pagans also asked (and rightly) why the Christian worships three
          gods in one. Arianism was a real Christian movement as it appealed far
          more to intelligence (pagan as it was) than the intellectual gymnastics
          that followed with the crushing of the Arian heresy.

          There was no need for intellectual gymnastics since the cannon supports the Trinity dogma. As I have told others in order to negate Holy Trinity Dogma in a coherent way you have to invalidate the cannon or part of it. Otherwise the one performing mental gymnastics around the issue is you.

    3. I agree. The way I see it, is we are saved through faith, but faith and works are really two sides of the same coin. As we live a clean life, work to help out our neighbor, etc. we build faith, which is a spiritual manifestation of change we build within us through our works. Our works, is a physical manifestation of what we do as a result of the faith we have. So, like a muscle, as we work our faith and it leads to action on our part, we build more faith.
      Simply raising your hands and saying “I believe” may be a start, but it will not create the faith necessary for Christ to work that change in your heart that you need for salvation.

      1. See the letter of James– faith without works is dead, and Christ’s account of the judgment which indicates choosing condemnation through our sins of omission vice sins of commission. His parable of the sower of seed, some will sprout and die….

        1. I have been told historically it was the reformation over-reacting to the Catholic church’s emphasis on faith/works being integrated. It was interpreted as Catholicism teaching we could earn salvation through works given overemphasizing works, which is completely false theologically. Hence, an emphasis on faith without acknowledging that true faith will motivate actions- love for our neighbor etc.

        2. Protestantism tends to ignore this (too Catholic sounding) and focuses on unearned grace.

    4. The deathbed conversion:
      I’ll live recklessly until the moment I accept Jesus and die saved.
      The Armageddon cult:
      The world is heading toward armageddon. I’ll sit on my ass and wait for Jesus to come back and fix everything rather than actually take responsibility for my actions here and now.

  18. I see christians girls that end up exactly as described in this article.
    in regards to guys most churches tell guys that if he wants a girls with a nice body and ling hair (listening to our biological drive) they are told that they are driven by lust and vanity. That how christian guys are shunned and turn beta overtime., While the alpha male knows what girl he wants.
    also when it comes to “christian datingA” I don’t take any advice from it at all since I am aware about game thanks to ROK.

    1. I love reading “Christian dating” posts. Invariably written by those not getting any action (not even saying sex – attention in general) advising other men on how to fail.
      It’s like taking “Christian marriage” advice from people with failed marriages. And, let it be known, just about every book on the subject in your Christian bookstore is authored by either a cuckolded man or a thrice-divorced woman.

      1. you know what is more frustrating? is that christians guys are seeing these “Bad boys” getting all the girls while they followed all the advice from mom, pastor and ‘christian way of dating” and booommm!!!!! nothing at all.

        1. Mom, pastor, and christian way of dating seem to have forgotten about human nature and want to do it in a textbook fantasy style. I couldn’t imagine my mom telling my sister to dress like a slut and let it hang out for attention, nor could I imagine my dad telling me to treat women like trash, even though it is what got them success.

  19. Years ago, I dated a girl whose father was a pastor, and prior to that she had only “courted” one other guy. She was saving herself for marriage too.
    Within three months, I’d taken her virginity, and within a year we’d had anal sex and were experimenting with BDSM.

    1. Not gonna praise you (it was her virginity to give, but I suspect she sold it too cheap), but you do paint a poignant picture.
      The sluttiest “Christians” I ever knew were daughters of pastors. Their convictions held up only as long as there were no sexual prospects. Many of them are now indistinguishable from any other SJW woman.

      1. Curious, I am not in a typical Protestant religion, but do women like this really have faith? Seems like a slap in our Saviors face to engage in such behavior in order for premeditated repentance. Any Mormon that I knew that would do this would drop out of church as soon as they move away from their parent’s place.

        1. By their fruits, I question whether they were ever among the elect. Yes, some of them still go to a church, but not a church which preaches the Word.

        2. Not to talk bad about other religions, but It just seems like there is a stark difference in the numbers of men and women that do this in the bulk of Christianity compared to our church. I am trying to figure out what the difference is. Missionary service emphasized? Temple attendance? Regular interviews with bishop? A lay ministry? (everyone gets a responsibility)

        3. Lay ministry is tremendously valuable. It says that WE are the Church, not a building or a board of elders.
          I think it’s primarily that the Mormons actually go to their sources for guidance and wisdom. Most “Christians” have had the same brand-new Bible for decades, never opened.

        4. Jim, in my experience many hardcore churchians’ children are raised under such sheltered and repressed conditions that they have no natural defense mechanisms against the world when they come of age and leave home. They also have a sense of new found freedom coupled with a rebellious burning desire to taste forbidden fruit. I have even seen it with homeschoolers. It seldom ends well.
          A strict upbringing and strong faith are no guarantee. Many of us have rebellious souls that require a lot of time, effort and prayer to get under control. I always envied men who seemed to exercise their faith and raise their families with ease.
          When I expressed my admiration for one of my Amish friends’ lifestyle and family, he looked me in the eye and said “I have all the same passions that you do.” And even they let their teenagers have their period of “Rumspringa” and decide on their own if they want to join the church. Some don’t. But most do, which is a strong testimony to their upbringing.

        5. I think you are right on the lay ministry. I just moved into a new congregation. I have been asked to teach the Elder’s quorum (adult younger men), and am now in Young Men (assistant Scoutmaster). My son is in the Deacon quorum (12–13 boys) presidency. My wife is in the Relief Society (welfare aid). We all spend 1-2 hours in our calling. Bishop, Scoutmaster or RS president can spent 10-20 hours/week. As much work as there is to do within the borders of a congregation, I don’t see how it all could be relegated to a single pastor, even if they were working full time.
          Seminary (High school age classes, lay clergy) and Institute (college age classes, professional church sponsored clergy) is very valuable, IMO. Those years between 15 and 30 are critical, and the church dumps lots of money for those kids. When I was going to a state college, I always spent time at the Institute, there were 3-4 activities every week, classes and friends to hang out with in a decent environment. Most kids don’t get that.

        6. Yeah, I am a little worried about my oldest and 4th kids. There are some parents that are very strong in their faith and still have all their kids go wayward. We all have our free choice, but it is hard to let go when you suspect they are not going where you want them to.

        7. I wonder if the modern use of phrases like “get involved” make some difference in promoting lay ministry. It’s not “getting involved with the church” – it’s “service” or “teaching”.
          Every member of every church should be doing something. Some are given to teaching – let them teach. Some are given to healing – let them heal. Some are given to service – let them serve. This is absent in many churches (though, thankfully, at one time my family church had a pastor whose response to suggestions was, “Here are the keys. Make it so.”).

        8. I think most people will give an hour or two per week if they know it is appreciated. My dad, never set foot in any church, was more than happy to volunteer long hours for community events and projects. People like to know they are useful.

        9. Too many kids are simply participating in the church activities due to parental expectations. They’re (fill in Christian denomination here) because their parents are. They’ve never taken on the faith as their own. A huge difference in being (XXXX) because my parents believe it and I am (XXXXX) because I believe it.

        10. I think it is because often they are tepid in their presentation of the faith, and water it down so as not to appear harsh or judgmental. Which has the opposite of the intended affect- why would the child believe something which you seem hesitant or almost apologetic/embarrassed about?

      2. As far as the family of a pastor, they pay a high price for their father’s work. Starting with the pastor’s wife, she has to have the perfect family, while playing the part of being paupers because they are judged as no other families. She also has to be mindful as there are other women that would enjoy landing her husband in their bed. As far as the pastor, a lot of people have confided their sins to him. Some of them out of embarrassment will turn on him and attempt to destroy him. His children will witness a lot of this, so I hope you can understand what they go through. For those of you involved in a church, do pray for the protection of your pastor and his family, and support them, as the devil doesn’t want a strong, Godly man leading your church.

    2. Of course you realize that by now, to her you are a nothing more than a long forgotten ride on the carousel, right?

      1. No. He is the Alpha she will masturbate to in the bubble bath while BetaBux is loading the dishwasher and putting the kids down for bed.
        You should check out Alpha Widows.

        1. Could be, but could also be she’s had so many piles of alpha cocks they all tend to blend together – 1000 cock stare and all.

        2. Yeah…that’s true, but not if he was the first. If he was the first, then all the others are just replacements in her mind.

  20. Pastors mislead young men when they preach that atheists have wild sex lives, when it clearly doesn’t work that way for a lot of male atheists.
    What happens when a sexually unattractive Christian man abandons belief in god because he thinks his apostasy will improve his sex life? He just becomes a sexually unattractive male atheist, probably like the one who tried to pick up Rebecca Watson, the Canadian YouTuber who calls herself the SkepChick, at an atheist conference a few years ago. Watson went online afterwards to complain about this still unnamed neckbeard, and she started a flame war about the sexual harassment of women at gatherings of freethinkers.
    So much for generations of propaganda from both sides about the wonders of atheists’ sexual freedom.
    BTW, from looking at videos of Watson, I have to wonder about Canadians’ access to orthodontists, because she clearly needs some work on straightening her teeth.

    1. I once knew a guy like that. Unattractive contrarian who thought himself the smartest man in any room, converted to Atheism primarily to show how smart he was.
      Lots of girlfriends, each bitchier and more abusive than the last. Probably still a virgin, unless he managed some pity sex somewhere along the way.
      Many such cases.

    2. What is so outrageous about that incident is that it wasn’t an unindentified neckbeard. If I am not mistaken, it was Richard Dawkins and he only asked her out for coffee to further discuss some ideas she was talking about in the conference that he agreed with.
      So the Grand Poobah of Atheism asks her for coffee so he can talk to her about her ideas he liked. Mr Big offers to buy coffee for a chance for her to talk about herself, and she still passes it up and throws him under the bus. That was the beginning of Dawkins’ UnLeftening.

      1. The incident was known as “Elevatorgate.”
        Prof. Dawkins wasn’t directly involved, but he decided to interject his own opinion into the matter by penning what was a very brilliant response, the “Dear Muslima” letter:

        Dear Muslima,
        Stop whining, will you. Yes, yes, I know you had your genitals mutilated with a razor blade, and… yawn… don’t tell me yet again, I know you aren’t allowed to drive a car, and you can’t leave the house without a male relative, and your husband is allowed to beat you, and you’ll be stoned to death if you commit adultery. But stop whining, will you. Think of the suffering your poor American sisters have to put up with. Only this week I heard of one, she calls herself Skep”chick”, and do you know what happened to her? A man in a hotel elevator invited her back to his room for coffee. I am not exaggerating. He really did. He invited her back to his room for coffee. Of course she said no, and of course he didn’t lay a finger on her, but even so… And you, Muslima, think you have misogyny to complain about! For goodness sake grow up, or at least grow a thicker skin.

        Many atheists shitted bricks over this, accusing Dawkins of being sexist and misogynistic, even though he made the absolute correct point here. Three years later he cucked himself and apologized for writing the letter.

      2. Not Michael Shermer, though? He has a reputation for sexually harassing women at these kind of conferences.

        1. You’re right. I knew Dawkins was involved somehow, I just couldn’t remember to what extent.

  21. Many of the things you discuss are the reasons I stopped attending church. Its become too leftist for me and the founding principles have become too diluted.
    Even the Pope is starting to sound like he is an SJW.
    I will return to the Church when they return to the True teachings of God and stop compromising to please the current political fads.

      1. On Catholic radio(!) I heard a priest saying we should oppose Pope Francis, it is canon law that we have a right to do so. Wow!

        1. My community supports the church, but not the jesuit currently running it. There is a lot of rumbling behind closed doors and Rome is far away.

  22. Watch “The Last Kingdom” not for the main character (Uthred, a whiny beta) but for Alfred the Great.
    The series really shows how strong, Alpha-male Anglo-Saxon Christianity works, and how Alfred defeated the pagan Vikings so badly that their leader Guuthrum converted to Christ.
    “Some must feel the Power of God before they can feel His mercy.”
    -Father Beocca

    1. Aelfred the Great is by far my favorite English king (as in real English, Saxon). Our entire culture owes so much to the great man.

    2. Saxon England died in 1066. What, we can only imagine, could have been if William (Who should have lost) was defeated on that fateful October morning? The English were naturally stronger, but, the Normans were more cunning and canny tacticians.

      1. Plus England had spent decades beating back the Horde and were exhausted in many ways. William’s victory was almost entirely by luck and circumstance.

        1. ….he was brave.
          He made his own luck, as we say.
          Still, not our true Monarchs.

      2. Harold the Briton was recovering his army after defeating Harald the Viking (if I remember right).

  23. The standards of the Church are always the standards of women.
    Women have taken great care to ensure that their lobby, the clergy, are always men. First, because the female image might be damaged if they represented their own interests – men might think them calculating – and second, because they know men rate feminine intelligence rather low, which is why they can only influence a man’s emotions. Advice from another man, and one respected from childhood, is much more likely to be listened to and taken. Although this advice always benefits women (a priest will advise a man to stay with a woman he doesn’t love or support children he never wanted) it does not reflect hostility on the part of this holy lobby toward “normal” men, but is a direct consequence of that lobby’s financial dependence on women.

  24. “He leaps down from his heavenly throne. He comes as a mighty warrior against sin and error, but he comes, too, to preach and teach love, with sweetness and kindness” – William of Saint-Thierry

  25. What i always found interesting is that the CofE allowed women to become vicars in 1992, and the BBC television show ‘The vicar of Dibly’ (Comedy about a female vicar in a small English village) was aired in 1994. Doesn’t take long for the BBC to churn out the propaganda.

    1. Dawn French, who played the female Vicar of course, has met with actual female Vicars who said ‘Your program was wonderful in gaining us acceptance.’

  26. I always have some mixed feelings about ROK pushing for traditional Christianity. Yes, Christianity, was indeed a powerful force in shaping western culture. But let’s not forget that every Abrahamic religion has at its core the irrational belief in a supernatural god. I think men can create and have a code of ethics that is moral, not feminized, pro masculinity etc without having to embrace irrationality.
    Having said that, I’d much rather live in a Christian culture than under fucking Sharia law or something! That much is true.

      1. Who do you mean specifically by “the atheists”? Track record about what, exactly? And how did you interpret my comment as comparing the actions of groups of people? I was talking about philosophical systems here.
        At any rate, sorry, but I’m not a collectivist. I see only individuals, not categories. Every individual stands on his own merit, and is responsible for his and only his actions and consequences. (One main reason why, for instance, I totally reject a monstrous notion such as ‘original sin’). I’ve certainly known many people who happen to be atheists who do have an outstanding track record in life. I could say the same of other people I know which happen to be Christians. But that wasn’t the point at all. 🙂

        1. Who do you mean specifically by “the atheists”? Track record about
          what, exactly? And how did you interpret my comment as comparing the
          actions of groups of people? I was talking about philosophical systems

          From the instigators of the French Revolution to the leaders of every damned communist revolution, to our very secular governments (secular being just a fancy word to avoid declaring themselves atheist or something else).
          It’s not about you but about the flawed concept of a “secular” morality. Your very sense of morals is something you acquired by living in a post-Christian society where the remnants of the old morality are still present in many people,(not for long though, a generation and two and we will be in an unknown territory). Had you been raised in Carthage, Rome, China or Lebanon, your sense of morality would’ve been very different even if you had become an atheist in those societies. At the end of the day, without an external power imposing rules (authoritarian government, an agreed upon concept of God or what is correct, etc.), right or wrong are just a question of taste.

  27. The only tolerance men should be learning is tolerance to pain, hunger and thirst.

  28. “Oh, it’s alright, God will forgive me later!”
    … which is known as the sin of presumption, and conveys a complete lack of remorse for offending God.

  29. Would anyone here like to share their thoughts on the meaning of ‘fornication’? When I was young I was under the impression that a fornicator was the cheater making some other man’s adulterous wife. Latter I was informed that it is ALL sex outside the bonds of marriage. Then latter someone told me that it had to do with abstaining from temple prostitutes & thereby the appearance of idolatry. Any thoughts?

    1. According to Merriam Webster:
      Consensual sexual intercourse between two persons not married to each other
      In legal use there is a difference between adultery and fornication. Adultery is only used when at least one of the parties involved (either male or female) is married, whereas fornication may be used to describe two people who are unmarried (to each other or anyone else) engaging in consensual sexual intercourse
      According to the Roman Catholic Church catechism, given they have written doctrine and definitions you can look up:
      2353 Fornication is carnal union between an unmarried man and an unmarried woman. It
      is gravely contrary to the dignity of persons and of human sexuality which is naturally ordered to the good of spouses and the generation and education of children. Moreover, it is a grave scandal when there is corruption of the young.
      Other religions/Christian denominations may have variations on the definition but the above were the easiest to look up.

      1. Thanks. So it is sex outside of marriage bonds. I suppose I could’ve looked it up but it just occurred to me as this site is largely devoted to fornication tips while also encouraging men to avoid marriage to women on whom these tips work well. Seems a bit contradictory at the very least…but I get it; I’m there too.

        1. Again- just two sources, there are probably variations dependent on different religions. Note, the dictionary definition seems to include adultery while the legal definition doesn’t. I pulled the Catholic once since they have their catechism on-line and searchable.
          Don’t think of this community as homogeneous. It has folks from widely disparate backgrounds and viewpoints. Hence, the comments section can be fairly interesting given some give and take.
          Different groups have different aims and goals. Many men want to understand women in pursuit of a lasting stable LTR/marriage. Others, to find women with the common purpose of short term sexual relationships.

  30. Tell something new. Everyone knows trannies are mentally ill and thus should be treated as such.
    This is the easy fight.
    Now try to fight against homossexuality itself, in all its forms. You will encounter far many resistence, as aceptance of homossexuality driven by individualism has become common even among ourselves.
    We must not condone any kind of homossexual behavior, as homossexuality is degenerate in itself.

  31. OMG. You might be right. I was a whore, and I know it’s because I just assumed God would forgive me. You know I remember reading that Scripture where Jesus stood up for the whore, so I was like, “I want to grow up to be just like her.”
    SO why do men think it’s ok to be whores? I mean like the guy who wrote that story? The third thing is about being a whore, like how men can be whores… Jesus never stood up for a male whore.

  32. Grow a beard like Roosh, wear a turban, then hit up a Unitarian “church” as a Moooslim. See how much action you will get. No, I haven’t tried this one.

  33. “God will forgive me.” Yes, He will up to a certain point. But He does not spare you from the consequences of sin, even if forgiven. Maybe following Borat’s advice of wearing a vial of Gypsy tears will spare her from the plague of AIDS.

  34. OK the Catholic “Bro” guy was indeed nauseating.
    And his advice was mostly crap to top it off. 🙂
    I had a recent run-in with two supposedly “Christian” Americans. They were quite interesting from an… anthropological standpoint. 🙂
    Consider their attributes:
    *-Can’t cook. At all.
    *-Can’t clean.
    *-Messy (rooms look like a tornado hit them)
    *-No hobbies, aside from “Facebook Challenges”.
    *-Didn’t read.
    *-Couldn’t hold a conversation.
    *-Had atrocious table manners.
    *-Thought makeup means sticking your face in the jar.
    *-Thought perfume means cheap foul smelling stuff you bathe in.
    *-Thin for American standards maybe, but didn’t hold a candle to Italian women.
    *-Neither were athletic.
    *-Thought “dressing nice” meant butt-hugger shorts and tank tops. (Usually it was sweats!)
    *-Both tattooed. (Guess they didn’t read Leviticus.)
    *-Walked in heels like drunk sailors. (And oh what a picture they made with their horrid “fashion” and heels!!)
    *-Stomped around the room… for some reason. (Must be related to the heels thing!)
    It’s like they were walking dead! They’re not even human. And of course they only had one real use and even that was limited. 😀
    So yes, I can see why American men just aren’t marrying the “good girls” anymore. 😀

  35. Has anybody heard of Malachi Martin? He was an Irish Catholic priest/exorcist who claimed that satanic cults (Jewish Frankists) had infiltrated the ranks of the Catholic church hence all the pedophilia. The article is correct but I believe it has more to do with the collapse of Christianity in society as a result of abandoning tradition for modernity.

      1. Thanks for the resource – It is a troubling topic I must admit. Until 1964, The Catholic church was the gatekeeper of tradition, at the very least it kept the illusions of modernity in check. It would make sense for it to be a battleground.

  36. The reason I left American Christianity is because as a single man I was required to be sexually pure, while women were allowed to date and marry non-Christians and men that pressured them into pre-marital sex. These churches need to have support groups for all the women that married bad boy non-Christians.
    The only requirement for women is that they hold out for price(diamond ring, fairy tale wedding) and prepayment before sex. Basically it is a sex for a man’s soul brothel. If you make the rules slut friendly, you end up with a lot of sluts.
    When the bible was written, women got married in their teens. They didn’t wait until they “establish their careers” before getting married. The whole sexually purity thing makes no sense if you take on worldly materialistic and feminist values and wait till your 30 to get married. A Christian woman over 22 saving herself for marriage is a joke, she would be married already if she wasn’t so worldly.

    1. The fallacy propagated by modern churches, with regard to what you said, does indeed put the onus on men to be sexually pure. I posed this question as an 8th grader-in 1986 mind you-to my parochial school teachers (in our laughingly-called sex ed curricula): If we have to wait until our 30s, and married, to be sexually active, why bother at all? Why not just go whole-hog and take vows of celibacy?

    2. Who would marry a broad that has more rides on the cock carousel than an actual merry go round horse?
      Oops, that is all that todays society has to offer. that should be incentive enough no to get married into over used damage goods that won’t be worth a shit to raise children. Who is going to teach morality if the parents cannot, and the church cannot, because none can SET THE EXAMPLE. I know, the State will, and is doing so under the careful guidance of Progressive cultural Marxism……and look at what the kids turn out to be like (see todays kids being taught transgender and sex and deviant sex in PRESCHOOL now. What and who is their examples going to be. Those that sinned least often, as there is none that have not sinned at all? Teaching by the lesser of two evils…..

  37. Its simple.
    Male only clergy.
    Found a faker denomination thats neck deep in SJW causes, bet you its not male only clergy.
    1) the Bible forbids female clergy,
    2) the only females that want to be clergy are lesbian/feminists
    These two facts insure that any female clergy allowing denominations:
    1) don’t follow the Bible,
    2) will be destroyed by toxic SJW ideology.
    *the next meet up needs to happen in an Eastern Orthodox Church…

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  39. Ouch! That video was cringe worthy to say the least. So apparently young Christian men are still being fed the same pack of lies that will doom them to utter failure with women. And did that guy actually say “the friend zone doesn’t exist”?

    1. What does that tell you when organized religion adopt cultural Marxism? Yeah, we are on total crash glide path. This is gonna leave a mark.

  40. “I have, thankfully, renounced the Church of England, while maintaining my Christian faith”
    Me too. I’m from the States but I too have renounced, as a general rule, organized church – what was once good religious institutions have become mere cults – including female pastors, and openly supporting progressive ideologies that conflict with what the bible stands for.

  41. Christians mostly practice churchianity. If churches wanted to increase their numbers of members, the best thing they could do is marry off the males and females early has possible and encourage them to have children backed up by a church community support network. But no, they would rather bitch about public schools and such instead of stepping up to the plate and doing something about it. Besides they would have to give up that big house and nice Suburban for wifie to drive around in.

  42. All you red pill ROK jacked alphas may not need the church but the church needs you. As evidenced by the cringe worthy Catholic Bro Code video.

  43. Goto27a

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  44. I always go back to this example: take a look at Jenna Presley’s (not her real name) current pastor husband. For those who don’t know and God bless you if you don’t; Presley is a former porn actress. She used to get reamed out by random dudes and swallow their loads on camera.
    Her husband is the epitome of beta cuck using the LORD’s holy name to satiate his past wanton sexual depraved desires. But now it’s packaged as “I saved her through Jesus”.
    While I urge all to accept the blood of the Masiach; for men this does not mean wife up old sluts or reforms sluts. Be encouraging of their conversion and all, but do NOT associate with them beyond that. The Bible saids one is not to “save” their romantic partner. Red pill truth still lives on in biblical truth.

  45. That said, Catholics are not Christian, the RCC hijacked Christianity under Constantine. The Pope is not a “holy man” and is antichrist, priests will not inherit the kingdom of God unless the give up Catholicism and are saved by Jesus Christ, through Christ alone. Same for the nuns and majority of Catholics.

    1. You really need to read the writings of the early Christians and what they believed. I recommend you start with ‘Faith of the Early Fathers’, translated and edited by Jurgens.

  46. Jesus was not only a masculine man who chose to take up a manly profession (according to legend, a carpenter), but he also surrounded himself with masculine men such as Peter, the fisherman.
    I think He was especially appealing to soldiers, such as the centurion whose daughter he raised. The first Roman I know of to be converted to Chrisitanity was also a centurion. Pontius Pilate himself seemed to talk with him in an almost equal fashion (not like a high Roman official would speak with a typical Hebrew) and it is clear from Scripture that he did not want to have this guy executed. I’m sure this was calculated since Pilate did not want a popular uprising on his hands, but it’s hard not to see that Pilate seems almost to take a liking to Him–as if in different circumstances the two might have stuff to talk about.
    Even while on the cross the soldiers offered him the sponge soaked in wine vinegar…at least one account I’ve read suggested this might have been an act to honor rather than mock Him since that wine was especially made for the Roman army.
    Many of the effete and feminine seemed to have little tolerance for His wisdom, hence the “eye of the needle” rich man who was told to give up his worldly possessions but just scurried away disappointed.

  47. The churches of england and scotland exist to be weak and castrated churches.
    They are a beaten wife with no teeth who has learnt that as soon as she’s finished handing over the sandwich she better get down there and start sucking.
    That is the purpose of the anglican faith.
    So we don’t have to put up with the fucking papists.

  48. They also forget Proverbs 21:9 “Better to live on a corner of the roof than share a house with a quarrelsome wife.” This would suggest separation and divorce are preferable to a marriage filled with conflict

  49. The modern Protestant church is a white knight factory that makes sex off-limits and therefore encourages it’s fetishization

  50. Anyone hesitate to actually watch the Catholic bro code video? I finally caved and holy shit…how do these men go around the world without being severely beaten and killed??

  51. Finding a Christian church of any sort where the head pastor is not a beta cuck is very, very difficult. In fact, that may be understating it, as I don’t really know any examples of pastors who aren’t beta cucks.

  52. My Lutheran Synod is still old-school, no gay marriage or women pastors or rock bands, but many aren’t.

  53. Beta cuck pastors/priests have always problems with normal males, there are always quarrelings, unnecessairy discussions on every little topic. This is what I watched in different communities in denominations.

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